As part of his interview with "60 Minutes" on Sunday, former Secretary Mark Esper explained that every few weeks, there were illogical proposals coming out of Donald Trump's White House he, along with other high-level officials, would have to a stop to.

He described it as a kind of barrage of "crazy', which he would fight back. At various times during the — certainly the last year of the administration, you know, folks in White House are proposing to take military action against Venezuela. To strike Iran. At one point, somebody proposed we blockade Cuba," said Esper. "These ideas would happen — it seemed, every few weeks. Something like this would come up and we'd have to swat 'em down." In one case, Esper described the conversation he had with Trump about bombing the drug cartels.

Trump claimed, "No one would know it was us." "And I just thought it was fanciful, right? Because, of course, it would be us. was reluctant tell this story. I think-- I-- I thought, people won't believe this," Esper continued. "That they'll think I'm just making it up and folks in-- in-- in Trump's orbit will-- will dispute it. And then I was having dinner after the election in 2020 with a fellow Cabinet member. And he said to me, he goes, 'You know, remember that time when President Trump suggested you shoot missiles into Mexico?' And I said to him, 'You heard that?' He goes, "Oh, yeah.

I couldn't believe it. And I couldn't believe how well you and talked him down from that.' And at that moment, I knew I gotta write the story.

Because at least have one witness who will verify that this really did happen." It's "important to our country, it's important to the republic, the American people that they understand what was going on in this very consequential period. The last year of the Trump administration.

And to tell the story about things we prevented. Really bad things. Dangerous that have taken the country in-- in a dark direction." Esper never came forward at the time that any of this happened. Even after he was fired and the Senate was addressing impeachment, Esper didn't come forward. It was only in his book that he spoke out about some of the stories.

See a clip of the interview below: One of the Joint Chiefs of Staff researched 25th Amendment after 2020 meeting with Trump In a statement disputing former Secretary of Defense Mark Esper, former President Donald Trump claimed that he was the one running the U.S military, not Esper. Esper's forthcoming book details his encounters with the former president when it came to local and international defense.

Among the allegations from Esper is that Trump wanted to bomb Mexico to handle the drug cartels. He also wanted to send millions of soldiers into the streets for the Black Lives Matter protests and to enact the Insurrection Act.

However, according to Trump, Esper was so "weak" and "because of it, I had to run the military." The former president also bragged that he spent $2.5 trillion on the U.S. military and "created the Space Force." Trump went on to say that Esper was a "stiff" and a "yes man." Known for creating nicknames for people like "Lyin' Ted" and "Little Marco," Trump tries to make his nickname for Esper, "Yesper," stick. "I fired (sic) because he was a RINO incapable of leading, and I had to run the military myself," Trump said again when asked about Esper calling Mark Meadows saying the reason he was being fired was that he wasn't sufficiently loyal to Trump.

Trump goes on to answer questions about whether he considered enacting the Insurrection Act by saying that he never did. He didn't answer whether he wanted to. See Trump's full statement below: Ahead of the public release of Mark Esper's book, "60 Minutes" did an interview with the former Secretary of Defense.

As part of the interview, co-host Norah O'Donnell reached out to former President Donald Trump for comment, and the replies went into detail contrasting Esper's account.

It was the final question that was the most interesting. Esper has said that Trump to ask why he couldn't bomb Mexico to deal with the drug " Is supposed to be a bad thing," the president's namesake Donald Trump Jr. tweeted this week when the news broke. While Trump is eager to lend his comments about any topic, on this one, he was mum.

"No comment," the president said. Another issue Trump took with Esper's comments was his accusation that Trump wanted to deploy 10,000 troops into Washington, D.C.

to respond to the Black Lives Matter protests. "Wrong. I wanted to send at least 10,000 troops for January 6, because I knew many people were coming to Washington that day to protest the corrupt Presidential Election (sic) of 2020," Trump claimed. This contrasts with all testimony given under oath to the House Select Committee investigating Jan. 6. For that reason, the Washington Post gave it "four Pinocchios." "But it turns out a Vanity Fair reporter was embedded with acting defense secretary Christopher Miller and his top aides during the period leading up to the insurrection," the fact-check explained.

"That real-time access provided a different version than the account offered by Trump and his former chief of staff." "We’re, 'We’re going to provide any National Guard support that the District requests,'" Miller said, according to the Vanity report. [Trump] goes, 'You’re going to need 10,000 people.' No, I’m not talking bullsh-. He said that. And we’re like, 'Maybe.

But you know, someone’s going to have to ask for it.'" The number Trump threw out was part of his hyperbolic estimations like "there's going to be a million people." See the full statement below: Conservative commentator Tammy Bruce struggled to justify her anti-choice beliefs and attacks on protesters. fSpeaking to the Fox network on Sunday, Bruce first claimed that Sen.

Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) was trying to scare people just as she (Bruce) did as a pro-choice activist in the 80s. According to Bruch, women's health was scary back then because abortion was illegal and there was no birth control. "Well, you know, those were comments I was making in the 80s, when my activism began 35 years ago," said Bruce. "Things have changed, thank you very much.

But, they're desperate for the misery and the victimhood that existed, in fact, these kinds things were unclear.

When there was no birth control — when abortion was illegal.

But this is the kind of thing that manipulates people emotionally. So, shame on her." Hormonal birth control has been available since 1953, though a previous version used for a time in 1951. Women didn't have safe access to abortion prior to 1973.

Ironically, Bruch talks about emotional manipulation when the right uses posters with bloody fetuses they say have been terminated. They lie about when a fetus actually has a heartbeat, and most recently, they have tried to downplay the additional laws Republicans are seeking to pass in states banning access to women's health.

Louisiana, for example, passed a bill out of committee that would make termination illegal at all stages of, including embryos, which would make IVF illegal as well as IUDs. It would not only illegal, but it would also be considered a homicide, and they would put women in prison.

Bradley Pierce, an attorney of the Foundation to Abolish Abortion, explained to local Fox9, "The pro-life movement has said a fetus is a person from the moment of conception.

This acts on that belief to protect people before they’re born with the same laws that protect them after they’re born." IVF is a procedure for couples that have a hard time giving birth. It takes eggs from one donor and sperm from the other and fertilizes the egg in the lab.

Some of those are discarded if previous embryos work. An Arizona Republican running against Sen. Mark Kelly (D-AZ), Blake Masters, said that ending Roe isn't enough.

He also wants to see the courts eliminate contraception entirely, the Arizona Mirror reported Friday. Bruce went on to say that those standing outside the Supreme Court and elsewhere protesting, "those aren't protesters, those are bullies and thugs.

I love protests. I'm a community organizer," the radio continued. "What's going on with a group like what we're seeing outside the churches and the homes of the justices, is like Antifa." The video beside her, while she was talking, showed peaceful people standing around holding signs.

Other footage showed people walking calmly with signs. The peaceful protests have been a contrast to the violent attacks on the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.

See Bruce in the video below: tammy bruce flub Progressives have speculated about so-called "NeverTrumpers" Republicans at the Lincoln Project who left the GOP, particularly after a blistering 2021 New York Times report. One major beef that folks have with Steve Schmidt has been his role in a campaign that led to the rise of Sarah Palin. But in a scorched-earth Twitter thread on, Schmidt went from his tell-all posts about Meghan McCain to telling the full story about how Palin was brought to the John McCain campaign in

While Schmidt accepted full responsibility for his role, he noted that a lot of what was decided was ultimately McCain's. Schmidt explained that after Meghan McCain called him "a pedophile," there were no longer going to be any secrets.

He also name-checked man responsible for the vetting of Palin and specifically cited the lies that Palin told the campaign. Calling it "the dumbest decision of my life," Schmidt began the thread. He named Rick Davis, who was a named partner in Paul Manafort's lobbying firm for almost a decade. McCain refused to allow Manafort the job of managing his campaign in 2008. to a 2018 report from The Atlantic, however, Manafort tried to work through Davis, who was on the campaign and scored at least $1 million for Manafort for a kind of fundraising software that the staff "hated." "The entire VP process, like everything else, was a mismanaged clusterf*ck," Schmidt recalled.

"It was the domain of the man I layered, Manaforts business partner and Yanukovych/ Deripaska adviser Davis." Ultimately, Davis had every campaign responsibility removed from him except vetting the vice-presidential options.

After a "disastrous" meeting in Aspen and the disorganization of the campaign, Schmidt admitted that he said the following: "What about looking at Palin. She is the most popular Governor in America." He explained he didn't know much about her that she'd have to be "thoroughly vetted" just as Mitt Romney and Tim Pawlenty were.

"Rick said he would get the job done. The rest is history," wrote Schmidt. "John McCain walked into a room alone and picked Sarah Palin. I wasn’t there. He was the 72-year-old Senior Senator from Arizona and the presumptive nominee for President. He wasn’t my ward and he wasn’t in a conservatorship. He had agency control.

His decision was idiotic, reckless and historic." He recalled Palin rolling up to McCain's property in Sedona, Arizona. McCain assumed that Schmidt and Davis were going to be part of the conversation with her, but Schmidt said that it should be just the two of them.

"I said it was his first Presidential decision and that he alone had to make the decision if she was qualified to take the Oath of Office," he wrote. "They went off and met alone. No one will ever have any knowledge about the inanities and nonsense that took place in the room that day." He noted he's taken the heat for "14 years over this stupidity." But reality of the decision is that it was McCain's. Had he known then what he learned after the RNC convention in Minneapolis, he said he would have himself to the bumper of the car to stop it.

He recalled that Palin outright lied to him and the others in the campaign about her political beliefs and philosophy. "We focused primarily on her views around evolution.

She lied and told us that her dad was a science teacher and she rejected creationism," he wrote. "This was a big thing to a bunch of us. It was simple really, if you believed that people and dinosaurs lived together go. It was called the [Mark] Salter principle. We talked about the realities of the campaign and asked her if she would agree to abide by a structure if asked to serve.

She looked me in the eye and said yes to everything and broke every promise." He noted that he refused to advocate for a specific candidate. He highlighted the downsides of all options. McCain was the one who said, "f*ck it, let's do it." He also posted a video from the film "Game Changers," where Woody Harrelson played Schmidt. noted that watching it at the time was wild and that it was almost word for word. The video shows Harrelson unleashing on the Palin character, played by Julianne

"Please. She is an absolutely degenerate liar," Schmidt said of Palin. "Pathological. Unfit. Unwell. She’s a quitter and a buffoon who has no business ever holding a position of public trust, ever. Not even as a crossing guard.

Nothing." See the clip below: Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake spoke to OAN while at Mar-a-Lago over the weekend to explain that there are men who trauma about the women in their lives having an abortion.

After Politico leaked Justice Samuel Alito's decision about overturning Roe v. Wade, the conversation about medical privacy and choice has reignited across the country.

For the leading Republican candidate for Arizona's governor, she wanted to men who "let" their girlfriends get an abortion. Lake explained that "later on down the line" these men can't stop but thinkin'" of what that baby would have grown up to be. But Planned Parenthood never tells you that," she said, wagging her finger. Fox8 reported that the banning of abortion has reignited a conversation about child support for men like the ones Lake is talking about.

For example, one Amendment suggested under the Florida abortion ban would mandate child support from fathers begin at 15 weeks. Many state laws will declare "personhood" for a fetus or embryo, it would have the same rights as an existing individual. Since that includes child support, there could be lawsuits to ensure that child support also begins at the point the state law declares the fetus or embryo a "person." See Lake in the video below: Kari Lake explains traumatized men "let their girlfriends" get an abortion "If abortions aren't safe then you aren't either," one message painted on the building read.

Anti-police graffiti was also scrawled on the building. "What you're going to see here is a direct threat against us," Wisconsin Family Action President Julaine Appling said.

"Imagine if somebody had been in the office when this happened. They would have been hurt." Appling suggested that the attack is related to reports that the Supreme Court will overturn federal abortion rights. "This is the local manifestation of the anger and the lack of tolerance from the pro-abortion people toward those of us who are pro-life," she insisted. Appling claimed that police had found evidence of at one Molotov cocktail at the location of the fire.

Police said that the Molotov cocktail failed to ignite and it appears that the fire was started as a response. According to a report from CNN legal analyst Joan Biskupic, the leak of a first draft Supreme Court opinion that indicates the conservative-leaning court has every intention of dismantling the 50-year-old court decision that legalized abortion, is just one sign the Chief Justice John Roberts' grip on the court is slipping.

With multiple reports stating Roberts has been working behind the scenes to save a portion of the Roe v Wade, or at least to tone down Justice Samuel Alito's inflammatory rhetoric, Biskupic claimed that Roberts is facing his biggest challenge since taking over as the 17th chief justice back in 2005.

According to journalist and Supreme Court biographer, Roberts is "enveloped in as he faces the multiple tasks of shepherding the abortion ruling to the point where it will be officially announced, while at same time ferreting out who leaked the first draft.

According to the CNN report: ". the sheer release of a draft opinion by Justice Samuel Alito reflects a failure to protect the court as an institution. Never before has a full draft opinion been publicly revealed.

And in this situation, the magnitude of the contents has shaken the country as people on both sides face the possibility that women may no longer have a right to end a pregnancy in its early RELATED: 'Intellectually bankrupt': Alito's Roe v Wade opinion trashed by constitutional scholar "Roberts, 67, has rarely been in a defensive posture. his youth in Indiana, prep school, then Harvard and prestigious judicial clerkships, through his service the Reagan administration, Roberts was a first-in-his-class achiever," Biskupic wrote before adding, "But at this moment, with a privacy landmark before the justices and an unprecedented leak, the usually steady Roberts is enveloped in chaos." The CNN journalist claimed that, as the court has become more conservative, with the assistance of now-Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, Roberts' influence over his fellow conservatives has waned, often putting him in opposition to them.

"He has increasingly been relegated to dissent. Last year, when the new five let a Texas abortion ban after roughly six weeks of pregnancy take effect, he protested with his three liberal colleagues," she wrote.

"Under the usual court schedule, Roberts would have about eight more weeks to try to turn the case around." "His suggested middle ground appeared elusive at the start. Now, with Alito's drafted decimation of Roe, any compromise may be insurmountable," she warned. You can read more here. In a column for MSNBC, a former FBI Counter-Intelligence official wrote that an inspector general report that showed that intelligence reports submitted when Donald Trump was were manipulated to make him look better should be for alarm -- particularly i f he stands any chance of being

In his column, Frank Figliuzzi noted the April 26th watchdog report that stated, "President Donald Trump’s DHS diluted and delayed a 2020 intelligence report that told of Russia’s plans to aid Trump’s re-election with propaganda casting doubts on candidate Joe Biden’s should set off alarms. Writing, ".the OIG investigated whether then acting Secretary Chad Wolf and his leadership team properly handled the drafting, approval and dissemination a report revealing that Russia’s government had a propaganda strategy to denigrate candidate Biden’s health.

The report found that their treatment the intelligence and analysis report was anything but proper under the standards of the intelligence community," the ex-FBI man added, "The OIG’s report confirmed what we already knew." Figliuzzi suggested there may be more to come, but more importantly, what has now been confirmed provides a window into what to expect if Trump regains the Oval Office.

RELATED: long history of siding with Putin against Ukraine memorialized in brutal story The ". OIG report gives us insight into the ghost of the Trump administration’s past. But it offers a picture of what a Trump present have looked like had he won the election, and foretells what a future Trump administration would look like – particularly regarding Russia, the U.S.

intelligence community and the battle for Ukraine," he suggested. In particular, he speculated that, if Trump was still in office now that Russian President Vladimir Putin has invaded Ukraine, Americans might now be subjected to misinformation about how the war is going for the Russian strongman the former president counts as an ally.

Add to that, wrote that it's not beyond the realm of possibilities that Trump would share U.S. intel with Putin. "We can’t discount that possibility. He’s disclosed highly classified intelligence to the Russians, at the expense of an ally, before," he wrote before adding, "Would a new Trump administration honor such improvements to the intelligence process?

Would they even read the OIG findings? More than likely, we’d be faced with an even greater contrast between the Biden and the Trump approaches to intelligence." You can read more here.

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) claimed not to know much about Republican Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA) and Matt Gaetz (FL) campaigning with them.

The National Journal's Josh Kraushaar spoke to Hawley about his vision of the Republican Party at a campaign stop for Ohio Senate candidate J.D. Vance, where Greene and Gaetz also “There is a consistent pattern of protest on both sides against the status quo," Hawley opined. “You can’t talk about economics without talking about culture.

A lot of these blue-collar voters—one of the reasons cohere as a class is their cultural values are under threat.” Kraushaar asked Hawley how campaigning with Greene and Gaetz would bring more blue-collar voters into the party.

“I don’t really want to answer that question, to be honest with you," Hawley replied. "And it’s nothing against those folks, but I can’t say that I’ve followed them.” During an appearance on MSNBC's "The Sunday Show," former Republican campaign consultant Tara Setmayer expressed her disgust with embattled Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) over tweets he made attacking pro-choice women reacting to news Roe v Wade will likely be overturned.

MSNBC host Jonathan Capehart put up the tweet from the Florida lawmaker, who is under investigation for possible sex trafficking, where Gaetz proclaimed, "How many of the women rallying against overturning Roe are over-educated, under-loved millennials who sadly return from protests to a lonely microwave dinner with their cats, and no bumble matches?" Setmayer said that it is people like Gaetz who drove her from the party.

"Matt Gaetz, of all people, should shut the hell up, okay?" she began. "This is a guy who is under investigation for sex trafficking underage girls, so he needs to really stop." "But this is indicative of the people are given a platform in today's Republican Party. This is part of the reason why I left the party," she continued. "This amount of performative extremism, this hypocrisy, this idea of rigid morality, this neo-fascist theology, and religious audacity here that is so extreme that it feels authoritarian.

It is an attack on human rights in this country and not just for women. We're seeing the attacks on voting rights, we're seeing the attacks on basic human decency and fundamental aspects of our democracy and individual freedom." "This is the antithesis to what's liberalism is, classic liberalism, this is illiberalism," she added as host Capehart let her go on., "People like Matt, people like some of these governors who are the veneer of states' rights to hide behind the cruelty of overturning Roe v.

Wade after 50 years of precedent, they're hiding behind states' rights just like they did in the civil rights movement. Just like they did in the Civil War days when Black people didn't have rights." "Republicans need to decide," she told the panel. "They are pro-life when it comes to this issue but they're not pro-life when it comes to basic medical care and behavior to protect life when it came to Covid.

We have 1 million people dead in this country because of the irresponsibility of the Republicans and [Donald] Trump and that MAGA group trying to say 'it's my body, don't tell me what to do, I don't have to wear a mask.

Don't tell me what to do about getting a vaccination to protect other people.'" "But here they are, with this idea of abortion and putting that burden on women to make an anguishing decision in their lives," she elaborated. "It is up to them, it is between them and their doctor.

It shouldn't be between these politicians who are using this as a performative political expedient issue. It's disgusting." Watch below: 05 08 2022 42 10 Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) argued on Sunday that it was important for pro-choice Republicans to speak up a leaked ruling indicated the Supreme Court will overturn federal abortion rights. During an interview on Face the Nation, host Margaret Brennan noted that Mace had spoken out about abortion rights because she was a victim of rape.

"You said that it took you 25 years talk about your attack and that you only shared it with your mother and one of your good friends," Brennan observed. "So I wonder what you think about some of these restrictions in states that would require rape victims to provide police reports in order to obtain an abortion." experience as a state lawmaker, I know that South Carolina's fetal heartbeat bill would not have passed without exceptions for rape, incest and life of the mother," Mace insisted.

"And I told that story. I thought it was a really important story that's often missed and not told because women are afraid." Mace revealed that she is often attacked on social media for speaking about her rape. "And one of the things that I think that's missing in this conversation is that, when you have it, when Ohio did their fetal heartbeat bill, there was a 10-year-old girl that had been found to be pregnant that was raped repeatedly by her father," she recalled.

"And so, I know it's part of the Republican Party platform. The vast majority of Republicans support exceptions for rape and incest and life of the mother." She added: "And it's important for some of us to step forward and tell those stories that are often missed in all of this." The Associated Press reported over the weekend that many conservative states are looking to eliminate exceptions for rape and incest if the Supreme Court allows them to outlaw abortion.

Watch the video below from CBS. GOP Rep. Nancy Mace says \u201cthe vast majority of Republicans\u201d do support abortion exemptions for rape and incest.

\u201cIt\u2019s important for some of us to step forward and tell those stories are often missed.\ — Face The Nation (@Face The Nation) 1652024027 During a panel discussion on CNN's "State of the Union," CNN contributor Bakari Sellers confronted a conservative activist after she blithely attempted to dismiss concerns about an upcoming Supreme Court ruling that appears will overturn Roe v Wade after almost fifty years and could lead to other rulings being gutted.

With host Jake Tapper moderating, Carrie Severino of the Judicial Crisis Network, a dark money group credited with helping Republicans pack the courts with far-right lawyers, claimed the leaked draft opinion from Justice Samuel Alito is the right call because abortion is not mentioned in the Constitution.

That led the panel consisting of two liberals and two conservatives to talk over each other before Sellers and Severino over. "If Americans want to pass a constitutional amendment, that's Severino insisted. "But there are a lot of states like California and New that are doing the opposite. Maybe more protections than Roe provided. The American people will be able to decide how to balance this." "Respectfully that comes with a certain privilege," Sellers interjected.

" Because the Constitution doesn't discuss a lot of things. The Constitution doesn't discuss me being fully human, a full part of this country.

The Constitution doesn't discuss a lot of things." "The amended Constitution does," Severino shot back. "There's a certain privilege that goes along with this theory that the Constitution protects all of us and we should leave it alone," continued.

"What [co-panelist] Hilary [Rosen] is talking about is so true; Black and Brown women, poor people who live in Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas are not going to have access to quality health care. White women who have the ability and means to travel across state lines will." "Abortions are not going to disappear. Abortions are going to less safe, and that's dangerous," he added. Watch below: CNN 05 08 2022 09 50 27 Latest News • Police Are Investigating A Fire And Vandalism At An Anti-Abortion Group's Office • The Same Security Company For Dave Chappelle’s Show Also Oversaw The Deadly Astroworld And Route 91 Festivals • Jill Biden Made A Surprise To Ukraine To Meet With Their First Lady • Police Are Investigating The Deaths Of Three American Tourists At A Resort In The Bahamas • The Language We Use When We Write About Abortion Utilizamos cookies, próprios e de, que o reconhecem e identificam como um usuário único, para garantir a melhor experiência de navegação, personalizar e anúncios, e melhorar o desempenho do nosso site e serviços.

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Ao continuar com a navegação em nosso site, você aceita o uso de cookies. David Mack Police Are Investigating A Fire And Vandalism At An Anti-Abortion Group's Office The damaged office belongs to Wisconsin Family Action, a group opposed to abortion rights and marriage equality, other issues. David Mack The Same Security Company For Dave Chappelle’s Show Also Oversaw The Deadly Astroworld And Route 91 Festivals “How do you give the security of the Super Bowl to the company that ran security for the event that had the biggest mass shooting in modern US history?” Brianna Sacks Jill Biden A Surprise Visit To Ukraine To Meet With Their First Lady Olena Zelenska not been seen in public since Russia's invasion of Ukraine began in February.

David Mack Police Are Investigating The Of Three American Tourists At A Resort In The Bahamas The bodies of two men and one woman were found in villas at the Sandals resort on Great Exuma Island.

Steffi Cao The Language We Use When We Write About Abortion With the potential overturning of Roe v. Wade, how we talk about reproductive rights is more important than ever. Sarah Schweppe A Man Suspected Of Killing His Wife Still Won A Republican Primary Despite being in the county jail since March, Andrew Wilhoite secured 60 votes in a local election for a township board seat.

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Some have been speaking out all week about the Supreme Court news, and many are standing up for a pregnant person’s right to choose.

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Leyla Mohammed Olivia Rodrigo Paused Her Concert To Speak Out In Favor Of Rights "I hope we can raise our voices to protect our right to have a safe abortion," Rodrigo told fans at Sour tour concert in Washington, DC.

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Will it shock nations that are denying the severity of COVID-19 into action? Peter Aldhous Amber Heard Described The First Time Johnny Depp Allegedly Hit Her As She Testified About The Abusive Amber Heard testified that Johnny Depp performed a "cavity search" on her and slapped her in multiple incidents.

Paige Skinner A Third Oath Keeper Has Agreed to Cooperate with Prosecutors In The Seditious Conspiracy Case William Todd Wilson was the first Oath Keeper to breach the Capitol building, prosecutors claim.

Ken Bensinger This Is What It's Like To Leave Behind A Life Sentence In Prison And Start Over “I basically went from in a fishbowl, which is the prison yard, to swimming in an ocean.” Pia Peterson A Viral TikTok Suggesting That Sydney Sweeney Was Sexually Harassed On The Met Gala Red Carpet May Have Misheard A “Catcall” "Sydney Sweeney deserved better that night, and all women deserve better when it comes to being harassed point-blank," the TikToker said.

Update: This has been updated to reflect that the video may have been misheard as “show us those boobs” rather than “show us those moves.” Ikran Dahir His Wife Was Found Dead At The Foot Of A Staircase. The Has Debated His Guilt Ever Since. HBO Max’s The Staircase takes a predictable trip down the rabbit hole of the Michael Peterson trial.

(Contains spoilers.) Alessa Dominguez An Armed Man Has Been Booked Suspicion Of Assault After He Attacked Dave Chappelle A 23-year-old man was booked on assault with a deadly weapon after authorities say he tackled the comedian onstage while carrying a knife and a replica handgun.

Brianna Sacks A Hairstylist Broke Down What Went Wrong With Kim Kardashian’s “Botched” Met Gala Hair After Photos Exposed The Actual Color Now that everybody has got over the dress, let’s talk about the hair. Stephanie Soteriou
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