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Kepada Yth, Bapak/Ibu Pejabat & Staff dilingkungan Ditjen Perkeretaapian Dengan hormat diinformasikan bahwa Ditjen Perkeretaapian telah meluncurkan aplikasi online "Absensi Online" yang bisa diakses melalui Portal Ditjen KA dengan alamat di http://portal.djka.dephub.go.id/ Penggunaan absensi online diperuntukkan untuk pegawai yang mendapatkan portal djka kerja di rumah (Work From Home) dan pegawai yang mendapatkan penugasan di kantor (Work From Office) dan di lapangan untuk pengawasan pekerjaan tertentu.

Aplikasi online ini terdiri dari 2 modul yaitu: • Absensi Online (Pribadi) • Laporan Kerja Harian (Pribadi) Salam Hormat, Tim Portal Direktorat Jenderal Perkeretaapian Panitia Antar Kementerian Penyusunan Rancangan Peraturan Presiden Tentang Pengesahan Protocol 6 Railways Border And Interchange Stations Of The Asean Framework Agreement On The Facilitation Of Goods In Portal djka (Protocol 6 Afafgit) (Protokol 6 Stasiun Kereta Api Perbatasan Dan Stasiun Perpindahan Dalam Persetujuan Kerangka Kerja Asean Tentang Pemberian Kemudahan Terhadap Perpindahan Angkutan Barang Antarnegara)
Our ultimate goal is to be straightforward and get to the point.

We’ll take the burden of your non-core business processes off your plate to help you stick to the things you’re passionate about.

portal djka

You won’t have to deal with essential functions that create obstacles and hamper your company’s growth anymore. With our flexible range of handy business solutions, you can run your company with less portal djka and focus on other key areas of your business. Our team of flexible and very professional portal djka will aid you surmount the obstacles of red tape to help you with your business registration in the Philippines.

We value transparency and we’re here to make your business registration process less stress and hassle free. Processes of registering your business can be very overwhelming but we'll make it easy for you with our fast and strategic team that’s ready to help your business.

portal djka

At DJKA Business Services Inc., we make sure to be your partner to ease your qualms about taxation for your business. Having a very reliable, trustworthy and has the integrity within the industry is an integral part to make sure that you’re receiving the best services.

portal djka

With our 11 years of experience, we fully understand all the technicalities and business best practices about taxation adapted from the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR). Functions similar to a ship’s engine maintenance. You can’t neglect them, yet they can’t take all of your time and energy either. But, fret not! We’re here to bring back your time and energy for you to focus more on the things you care the most.

portal djka

Finance and accounting can be difficult to handle, but with our well-rounded team of individuals you’re going to have more time to follow your passion. Does your business registration take too much of your time? Do you need tax compliance assistance or bookkeeping services? DJKA Business Services Inc., is your one stop shop business solution for your needs.

portal djka

Explore our site to learn more about our services and contact us today to talk about it based on your needs. DJKA Business Services comprises Certified Public Accountants and other professionals committed to pushing your business forward. We’ll be your accountant, bookkeeper, financial advisor, and tax consultant, eliminating the need to fill these roles internally.

portal djka

Drawing in on our collective experience and proficiency, we bring tremendous value to startups, small and medium-sized enterprises, and established companies. We can handle the tax and financial side of your business, letting you devote more of your time and energy to activities closer to your heart.

Our business solutions are available on demand.

portal djka

Whether you need our services for the whole year or some months, you can outsource your processes in your own terms. We give you the freedom to pay for business solutions only when you need them.

portal djka

This way, you don’t need to hire full-time professionals on staff, which helps trim your costs. You can enjoy considerable latitude in packaging our services based on your unique needs and get competitive rates.

"I portal djka having a hard time trying to understand taxes and the different portal djka I need to file in BIR every month for my newly-registered business. I did attend a seminar conducted by BIR but I didn’t understand a thing. In less than an hour, Divine was able to provide clarity to my confusion.

Thanks Divine! If you’re looking for some who can help you with your business registration in the Philippines and if you need one of the best accountant in the Philippines, I highly recommend my friend Divine."

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