Giyu tomioka

giyu tomioka

Contents • 1 Summary • 2 Powers and Stats • 3 Others • 4 References • 5 Discussions Summary Giyu Tomioka ( 富 とみ 岡 おか 義 ぎ 勇 ゆうTomioka Giyū giyu tomioka is a major supporting character of Kimetsu no Yaiba. He is a Demon Slayer of the Demon Slayer Corps and the current Water Pillar ( 水 みず 柱 ばしらMizu Bashira ?). He grew up alongside his older sister. When he was still a child, his sister sacrificed herself to protect him from the demons. Giyu tried to tell others about it, however, he was labeled as mentally ill and was sent away to one of his relatives, a doctor.

He ran away and almost died on a mountain but was rescued by Sakonji Urokodaki who would train him. Giyu was 13 years old when he met Giyu tomioka while training under Sakonji, and they became good friends. Together, they entered the Final Selection.

Giyu was injured after a demon's attack and was saved by Sabito, who defeated nearly every demon on the mountain. However, Sabito ended up being the only one who died in the selection and Giyu joined the Demon Slayer Corps.

Powers and Stats Tier: 8-B, likely 8-A with Demon Slayer Mark, higher with Constant Flux and Crimson Red Nichirin Blade Name: Giyu Tomioka Origin: Kimetsu no Yaiba Gender: Male Age: 21 Classification: Human, Demon Slayer, Pillar, Water Pillar Powers and Abilities: • Superhuman Physical Characteristics • Acrobatics • Supernatural Willpower • Body Control (Can manipulate his blood flow) • Regeneration (Low; With Total Concentration Breathing, one can stop hemorrhages) • Extrasensory Perception (Able to sense the presence of others and malicious intent.

giyu tomioka

Muzan stated that Pillars could detect an Upper Moon in the Red Light District right away) • Battle Spirit ( Overwhelming Aura that causes the opponent giyu tomioka and paralysis with them feeling the air getting heavier, and can even cause internal bleeding and external lacerations) • Statistics Amplification (Total Concentration Breathing increase the user's speed and power to match demons.

Constant Flux gradually increases the strength of his strike with each rotation due to momentum. His Demon Slayer Mark further increases his power and speed) • Instinctive Reaction (Comparable to Kyojuro, Mitsuri and Sanemi who can react instinctively) • Master Swordsman (Is one of the strongest and most skilled swordsmen in the entire Demon Slayer Corps.

Can match opponents who have over a century worth of combat experience) • Martial Arts (Could fend off a berserk Nezuko without a sword) • Sunlight Absorption (The ore of his katana (Scarlet Crimson Ore) absorbs sunlight.

The amount of sunlight his weapon has absorbed is so giyu tomioka that Kokushibo's katana would burn and break off before it could cut through) • Perception Manipulation (Users of Breath Styles can create seemingly elemental effects) • Shockwave Generation (Breath Styles allow sword forms to strike from a longer distance) • Air Manipulation (Able to create a whirlwind that drags and slices his opponent with Whirlpool, which is more powerful when performed underwater) • Attack Nullification (With Dead Calm, all attacks in his surroundings turn to nothing) • Reactive Power Level ( Stated that fighting the overwhelmingly stronger [1] Akaza allowed him to quickly hone his senses, and awaken his senses to drag them to where his strong opponent stands) • Heat Manipulation and Regeneration Nullification with the Crimson Red Nichirin Blade (Crimson Red Nichirin Blade emits heat and is capable of inflicting wounds that burn on the cellular level, hampering demon regeneration) Resistance to Fire Manipulation, Water Manipulation and Heat Manipulation Demon Slayer Corps Garbs ( Demon Slayer Corps Garbs protect against fire, water, Poison Manipulation (Total Concentration Breathing grant resistance to poison and the ability to giyu tomioka its circulation), Biological Manipulation (Users of Total Concentration Breathing are resistant to Muzan's blood which can immediately transform normal humans into demons with a scratch, leading them to require a few days to willingly transform.

Can resist Muzan's injected blood which rapidly attacks and destroys cells leading to quick melting and vaporization, especially with the Demon Slayer Mark), Pain Manipulation (Was willing to continue fighting after suffering crippling injures and intense damage), Fear Manipulation and Paralysis Inducement (Unaffected by the aura of Lower and Upper Moons which caused intense shuddering and lack of air), Air Manipulation (Superior to Tanjiro who was unbothered by the Swamp Demon's pocket dimension that has almost no air), Possibly Acid Manipulation (The much weaker Murata was seemingly unharmed after spending time in acid that dissolved his clothes, and Shinobu was not worried about his ability to survive) Attack Potency: City Block level+ (Comparable to Base Sanemi in sparring.

Parried attacks from Akaza), likely Multi-City Block level with Giyu tomioka Slayer Mark (Should be comparable to Marked Sanemi. Cut Akaza's neck. Parried casual giyu tomioka from Muzan alongside Gyomei, Sanemi, and Obanai), higher with Constant Flux and Crimson Red Nichirin Blade Speed: Massively Hypersonic+ (Superior to Zenitsu, who could do this), higher with Demon Slayer Mark Lifting Strength: At least Class 25, at most Class 100 (Stronger than Tanjiro, but weaker than Gyomei) Striking Strength: City Block Class+, likely Multi-City Block Class with Demon Slayer Mark Durability: City Block level+ ( Survived giyu tomioka kick combo from Akaza), likely Multi-City Block level with Demon Slayer Mark ( Survived Akaza's Chaotic Blue Metal Afterglow) Stamina: Superhuman (Likely took Urokodaki's training, which involved training in a mountain with low air, and constant traps.

Superior to Tanjiro who endured extremely taxing training for seven days non-stop with no food, no sleep, and only a small amount of water from rain, later drained for even greater stamina, was also getting injured frequently during the training session. Far superior to Inosuke who can hunt for 3 days. Pillars can train for months through training that almost puts them on the verge of death.

Fought Lower Moon-level demons in the Dimensional Infinity Fortress for nearly 5 hours on top of fighting Akaza) Range: Extended Melee Range, Several Meters with Breath Styles Standard Equipment: Standard Nichirin Katana (A blade made from metals that absorbed the light of the sun, they cause demons to completely disintegrate giyu tomioka they are decapitated with them, as they are weak to sunlight, which in the case of demons which have assumed a form where they don't have a neck or head in the traditional sense can be done by slicing something that's equivalent enough to the neck, demon limbs that are sliced off and constructs created through Blood Demon Arts that are bisected through a Nichirin sword are also subject to the disintegration, stabs and slashes with a Nichirin sword can dispel the effects of Blood Demon Arts and can temporarily weaken a demon's power and abilities if directed at the neck), Demon Slayer Corps Garbs (Protects from the claws giyu tomioka slashing attacks from weaker demons, and resistance against fire, water and cold) • Optional Equipment: A rope.

Intelligence: Gifted (Possesses great tactical intellect. Created his own technique within the Breath of Water) Weaknesses: None Notable. Notable Attacks/Techniques: Breath of Water ( 水 みずの 呼 こ 吸 きゅうMizu no kokyū ?): A Breath Style that mimics the element of water, specifically the flow, flexibility, and adaptability of the liquid and replicates it with the user's movements, techniques and abilities.

giyu tomioka

Most, if not all, known techniques involve the user bending their body, arm, and weapon in a flowing motion, allowing users to unleash flowing water-like attacks and fluid deflection of incoming physical attacks. As the Water Pillar, Giyu is the current generation's most skilled Breath of Water user. • First Form: Water Surface Slash ( 壱 いちノ 型 かた 水 みな 面 も 斬 ぎりIchi giyu tomioka kata: Minamo Giri ?) - The user generates enough momentum to create a powerful single giyu tomioka slash.

• Second Form: Water Wheel ( 弐 にノ 型 かた 水 みず 車 ぐるまNi no kata: Mizu Guruma ?) - The user leaps and vertically spins forward in the air while releasing a flowing attack in a circular motion. • Third Form: Flowing Dance ( 参 さんノ 型 かた 流 りゅう 流 りゅう 舞 まいSan no kata: Ryūryū Mai giyu tomioka - The user swings and bends their blade in a winding motion along with their body and dances in a flowing pattern, slicing everything in its path.

• Fourth Form: Striking Tide ( 肆 しノ 型 かた 打 うち 潮 しおShi no kata: Uchishio ?) - The user makes multiple consecutive slashes while twisting their body and sword in a flowing fashion to deliver multiple blows simultaneously. • Fifth Form: Blessed Rain After the Drought ( 伍 ごノ 型 かた 干 かん 天 てんの 慈 じ 雨 うGo no kata: Kanten no Jiu ?) - The user changes the grip on their sword and decapitates the opponent in a single flowing strike that causes little to no pain.

It is a “sword strike of kindness” used when the enemy willingly surrenders. • Sixth Form: Whirlpool ( 陸 ろくノ 型 かた ねじれ 渦 うずRoku no kata: Nejire Uzu ?) - The user fiercely twists their upper and lower body, creating a whirlpool of air that cuts anything caught in it.

Its effect and efficiently is enhanced underwater, where the user can draw water around their weapon to enhance their slashes.

• Seventh Form: Drop Ripple Thrust ( 漆 しちノ 型 かた 雫 しずく 波 giyu tomioka 紋 もん 突 づきShichi no kata: Shizuku Hamon Tsuki ?) - The user performs a fast and accurate stab, capable of reducing the impact of a moving target. • Eighth Form: Waterfall Basin giyu tomioka 捌 はちノ 型 かた 滝 たき 壼 つぼHachi no kata: Takitsubo ?) - The user cuts the target vertically in a flowing motion which is most effective when they are falling downward.

• Ninth Form: Splashing Water Flow, Turbulent ( 玖 くノ 型 かた 水 すい 流 りゅう 飛沫 しぶき・ 乱 らんKu no kata: Suiryū Shibuki - Ran ?) - The user changes their footwork in a way that minimizes the landing time and surface needed when landing, allowing the user to move without limits. Ideal when fighting in a place with no solid foothold.

• Tenth Form: Constant Flux ( 拾 じゅうノ 型 かた 生 せい 生 せい 流 る 転 てんJū no kata: Seisei Ruten ?) - The user performs a continuous flowing attack which seemingly takes the form of a water dragon that increases in strength and power with each rotation due to momentum.

• Eleventh Form: Dead Calm ( 拾 じゅう 壱 いちノ 型 かた 凪 なぎJū Ichi no kata: Nagi ?) - A form of his own personal creation, the user ceases all body movements and enters a state of complete tranquility, deflecting, blocking and cutting any incoming attacks with imperceptible speed with his blade. However, its effectiveness is limited as fast and numerous attacks can break through. Others Notable Victories: Korone ( Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou) Korone's Profile (Speed equalized, Base Giyu (No Demon Slayer Mark) and Act 8 Korone used, 10 meters apart) Notable Losses: Giyu tomioka Matches: References Amazon Music Stream millions of songs Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon giyu tomioka Score deals on fashion brands AbeBooks Books, art & collectibles ACX Audiobook Publishing Made Easy Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web Sell on Amazon Start a Selling Account Amazon Business Everything For Your Business AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally Home Services Experienced Pros Happiness Guarantee Amazon Ignite Sell your original Digital Educational Resources Amazon Web Services Scalable Cloud Computing Giyu tomioka Audible Listen to Books & Original Audio Performances Book Depository Books With Free Delivery Worldwide Box Office Mojo Find Movie Box Office Data ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics DPReview Digital Photography Fabric Sewing, Quilting & Knitting Goodreads Book reviews & recommendations IMDb Movies, TV & Celebrities IMDbPro Get Info Entertainment Professionals Need Kindle Direct Publishing Indie Digital & Print Publishing Made Easy Prime Video Direct Video Distribution Made Easy Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands Woot!

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Contents • 1 History • 1.1 Past • 1.2 Final Selection Arc • 1.3 Mount Natagumo Arc • 1.4 Rehabilitation Training Arc • 1.5 Hashira Training Arc • 1.6 Infinity Castle Arc • 2 References • 3 Navigation History Past Younger Giyu with Sabito.

Giyu grew up alongside his older sister, Tsutako Tomioka. When giyu tomioka was still a child, his sister sacrificed herself to protect him from the Demons. [1] After the death of Tsutako, Giyu tried to tell others that she was killed by a Demon, however, he was labeled as mentally ill and was sent away to one of his relatives, a doctor.

Giyu ran away during the journey there and almost died on a mountain, but he was rescued and became apprenticed under Sakonji Urokodaki. [2] Giyu was 13 years old when he met Sabito while training under Sakonji, and they became good friends due to their similar pasts and age. [3] Together, giyu tomioka entered the Final Selection on Mount Fujikasane. Giyu was injured after a Demon's attack and was saved by Sabito, who defeated nearly every Demon on the mountain. However, after the week went by, it was revealed to Giyu that Sabito was the only one who died during their selection.

[4] As a result of this, Giyu started developing a doubt for the authenticity of his position after becoming the Water Hashira. Final Selection Arc Giyu appears in front of Tanjiro. While Tanjiro Kamado was struggling to fend off the attack from his Demon-turned sister, Nezuko Kamado, Giyu attacks the latter from behind, only to fail as Tanjiro moves Nezuko out of the way.

Recovering quickly, the swordsman asks the boy why giyu tomioka protected the Demon, and he replies that the Demon is his sister. Looking at the maddened Nezuko, Giyu questions this statement before swiftly removing the girl from her brother's grip.

giyu tomioka

{INSERTKEYS} [5] Giyu holds Nezuko at swordpoint. As Tanjiro calls out to his sister in alarm, Giyu tells him not to move, stating that it is his job to kill Demons like Nezuko. The swordsman then listens as Tanjiro attempts to defend his sister and explain their current predicament, commenting afterwards that her change in demeanor is simple to explain: any open wound bathed in Demon blood causes that person to become a Demon themselves, thus increasing their overall numbers.

When the boy exclaims that his sister hasn't eaten any humans, Giyu reminds him of what had just transpired, shortly thereafter bluntly remarking that there is no way to cure a person once they are turned into a Demon, despite Tanjiro petitioning that there must be a way.

As Tanjiro continues pleading for his sister to be released, Giyu brings his sword up to Nezuko's throat. [6] Giyu questions Tanjiro's resolve. Tanjiro prostrates himself before the swordsman, begging for his sister's life. Giyu grows angry at his actions, stating that he has no authority over who lives or who dies. He continues that Tanjiro was too weak to protect his family, and all of his talk about finding a cure for his sister's condition and finding his family's killer is ridiculous.

Stating that neither he or the Demon Lords would have any respect for such a miserable display, Giyu asks Tanjiro why he thought that covering his sister's body with his would be more effective instead of swinging his hatchet and that Tanjiro's mistakes are what lead to her capture and states also that Giyu could have skewered them both and have been done with it.

As the boy ponders these words, Giyu silently encourages him to find the resolve necessary to accomplish all of the lofty goals he had placed upon himself. He then stabs Nezuko in the chest, causing Tanjiro to throw a stone at him in fury. [7] Giyu dodges Tanjiro's surprise attack.

Giyu blocks the stone with the hilt of his sword, avoiding another of the projectiles as Tanjiro charges at him. Seeing the attack attempt as only a simple act of emotion, the swordsman angrily drives the hilt of his sword into his attacker's back, knocking him to the ground. Staring down at the fallen boy, Giyu wonders where his opponent's axe is. Looking up, he sees the weapon spinning towards him through the air, narrowly dodging it. {/INSERTKEYS}

giyu tomioka

He then muses over Tanjiro's clever strategy, without even realizing that the boy was empty-handed when he attacked. Deciphering Tanjiro's plan, Giyu realizes that Tanjiro likely thought to take him out with the surprise attack, even if it meant perishing as well. [8] Nezuko attacks Giyu. Distracted, the swordsman is attacked by Nezuko, dodging backwards from her giyu tomioka. Cursing himself, Giyu watches as the girl reaches for her brother, certain that she was going to devour him.

To his surprise, she instead stands protectively in front of his prone body, before charging at him again in rage. Giyu recalls Tanjiro's previous assertion that Nezuko wouldn't eat humans, noting that somebody a long time ago had said the same thing and had been killed regardless. He reflects on the nature of Demons, in particular, the high amount of stamina lost during the transformation process, and what they do to alleviate the lost stamina and prevent starvation: eat humans, even those closest to them.

Seeing that Nezuko was not following this example, Giyu sheathes his sword, incapacitating the unusual Demon with a barehanded blow to the neck.

[9] While Tanjiro and Nezuko are unconscious, Giyu wraps the Demon in a clean cloth and straps a bamboo, muzzle-like tube across the girl's mouth.

When Tanjiro regains his consciousness, the swordsman instructs him to visit Sakonji Urokodaki and to also to not take his sister out in the sun, before promptly leaving. [10] He would later send a letter to Sakonji, requesting for him to train Tanjiro and explaining the boy and his sister's circumstances. [11] Mount Natagumo Arc Giyu and Shinobu receive orders to go to Mount Natagumo. After receiving news of the many Mizunoto-ranked Demon Slayers perishing on Mount Natagumo, Kagaya Ubuyashiki orders Hashira Giyu and Shinobu Kocho, the Insect Hashira, to assist the lower-ranked swordsmen.

Upon arriving, Giyu saves Inosuke Hashibira from the Father Spider Demon by cutting off its arm giyu tomioka easily beheading the Demon with Water Breathing: Fourth Form - Striking Tide. Inosuke is quickly impressed with his strength and giyu tomioka him for a fight, assuming that the Father Spider Demon was a member of the Twelve Kizuki and by defeating Giyu, who defeated the Demon, he would be made a Hashira.

Giyu berates him for his lack of awareness, stating the Demon wasn't one of the Twelve Kizuki and ties Inosuke up after he tries to argue. Giyu saves Tanjiro from Rui's attack. Giyu later intervenes in the battle between Tanjiro and Lower Rank 5, Rui, saving the former from Rui’s Blood Demon Art: Murderous Eye Basket.

He praises Tanjiro for holding out so giyu tomioka and that he would take care of the rest.

giyu tomioka

Rui, expressing great annoyance over the appearance of another Demon Slayer, attempts to use Blood Demon Art: Cutting Thread Rotation on the Hashira. Giyu nullifies the attack with his own Water Breathing: Eleventh Form - Dead Calm, cutting apart all the threads. While Rui is in shock over how easily the technique cut through his threads, Giyu swiftly beheads him. After Rui disintegrates with Tanjiro's hand on his back in sympathy, Giyu steps on his kimono remains, reminding Tanjiro that Demons mercilessly kill humans and should not be pitied.

Tanjiro reassures Giyu that he will giyu tomioka raise his sword and defeat Demons to prevent further suffering to innocent civilians, however, he will be compassionate towards those he killed that showed regret and sorrow. While contemplating Tanjiro’s words, Giyu sees Nezuko and suddenly realizes the siblings are the pair he saved on a mountain two years ago. While the Hashira processes the thought, Shinobu suddenly appears and tries to attack Nezuko. Giyu deflects her attack and she gracefully lands, coolly inquiring him about his intervention and stating that although he previously brushed away the thought of humans and Demons living harmoniously together, he protected a Demon, something that would make others hate him.

Shinobu giyu tomioka him to move aside so she can kill Nezuko, but Giyu doesn’t budge and replies that he is not hated, prompting a surprised Shinobu to apologize for her words as she did not know about Giyu’s lack of awareness about others’ opinions. [12] Giyu tomioka asks if Tanjiro can move and tells him to run, which the boy does while simultaneously thanking him and apologizing.

After the two Hashira are alone, Shinobu warns Giyu that he is violating the Demon Slayer code of conduct. [13] Giyu holds down Shinobu. After the siblings escape, Giyu manages to hold Shinobu under his arm and prevent her from chasing after them. Shinobu tries to make him explain his motive, but she is met with silence.

After further pestering, Giyu finally speaks, reminiscing over how the event with the Kamado siblings occurred about two years ago.

Shinobu interrupts, annoyed about how Giyu is presumably trying to make the story long as a form of retaliation against her telling him he was hated, provoking him. She uses his reaction as a distraction to try and stab him with a blade hidden in her footwear, but a crow interrupts, relaying to the Demon Slayers that Tanjiro and Nezuko were to be brought into custody.

[14] Rehabilitation Training Arc The Hashira bow in Kagaya's presence.

giyu tomioka

Giyu giyu tomioka later seen aloof at the Hashira meeting, where Tanjiro and Nezuko are put on trial. [15] While Sanemi Shinazugawa torments Nezuko, he does not interfere and elects to observe from a distance instead. When Tanjiro goes to attack Sanemi, Giyu shouts for them to stop and that their master will be there soon, distracting Sanemi enough for Tanjiro to land a headbutt on him, shocking all the Hashira.

[16] Kagaya Ubuyashiki presents himself and the Hashira bow down in respect. After greeting him, Sanemi inquires Kagaya about the circumstance with Tanjiro and Nezuko.

Kagaya apologizes for not bringing the topic up earlier and states the siblings have his approval, in which a majority of the Hashira express great discontent with.

Nichika Ubuyashiki is requested by her father to read former Hashira Sakonji Urokodaki’s letter, where it is stated that Tanjiro, Sakonji, and Giyu will all commit seppuku if Nezuko were to attack and/or eat a human.

Tanjiro, after hearing Sakonji’s and Giyu’s sacrifice to keep his sibling alive, breaks into tears. [17] Sanemi, infuriated by Kagaya’s decision, tries to provoke Nezuko into attacking him and prove to his master giyu tomioka she will, in fact, harm humans, by stabbing her numerous times and presenting his marechi blood in front of her.

As Tanjiro tries to call out to his sister, Obanai Iguro forcefully holds him down and renders him unable to move. However, Giyu intervenes and holds back Obanai, allowing Tanjiro’s call to prompt Nezuko into refusing the blood.

[18] Obanai, angry at Giyu’s interference, thrusts his hand away. Hashira Training Arc Following the events at the Swordsmith Village, Giyu attends an emergency meeting with the other Hashira and Amane Ubuyashiki, where they discuss Demon Slayer Marks. [19] After Amane reveals the planned training for Hashira that have received the mark, Giyu decides to take his leave, much to the annoyance of Sanemi and Obanai.

When Shinobu requests he at least explain, Giyu states that he is different from the other Hashira and exits, as Gyomei Himejima holds back a furious Sanemi. [20] Giyu and Sanemi dispute at the Hashira meeting. After Tanjiro finishes healing, he receives a letter from Kagaya, where he is requested to talk one-on-one with Giyu and convince him to work alongside the other Hashira.

The boy visits Giyu and talks to him about the training, much to the latter’s exasperation. After asking why he was mad, Giyu describes to Tanjiro that he should’ve stuck to Water Breathing and became the Water Hashira, as he himself was not worthy of holding the position. Tanjiro hammers him with questions, asking him what his words meant, eventually wearing him out and finally making him admit that he technically never passed the Final Selection.

Giyu goes on to reveal that he giyu tomioka in the same selection as Sabito, whom he met and befriended while under the instruction of Sakonji. He describes how Sabito had saved him early on and went on to defeat nearly every Demon on the mountain before his unfortunate death; in contrast, Giyu had not defeated a single Demon yet passed.

This fact built his inferiority complex that made him feel unsuitable for a position as a Hashira, persuading him that Sabito would’ve likely received the mark rather than himself.

[21] Giyu's giyu tomioka of Sabito. After hearing his story, Tanjiro relates Giyu’s experiences to his experiences with Kyojuro Rengoku: in both cases, they survived at the expense of the stronger, protective person’s death.

Thinking about this, Tanjiro asks Giyu if Sabito’s giyu tomioka for Giyu living a fulfilled life were what held them together. These words shock the Hashira, reminding him of an interaction with Sabito giyu tomioka the latter convinces him to not die for the life his sister gave him. Giyu thinks of his deceased friend and sister, apologizing to them for his stubbornness and tells Tanjiro he would train. [22] Giyu and Sanemi face off in a spar during their training.

Right after completing Gyomei’s training, Tanjiro makes his way over to Giyu’s house and witnesses giyu tomioka intense spar between Giyu and Sanemi. As the two continue using their respective Breathing Styles to fight, their wooden swords break and Sanemi eagerly proposes fist-fighting. Tanjiro intercepts them, asking Sanemi to calm down and offers to eat ohagi together, after figuring out Sanemi enjoyed the food. Out of anger, Sanemi knocks Tanjiro out and storms off.

Tanjiro wakes up a few moments later and Giyu explains to him that he and Sanemi were just training, not fighting, as Hashira also attend each others’ training sessions. After this clarification, Giyu and Tanjiro think of ideas to befriend Sanemi.

[23] Infinity Castle Arc Tanjiro and the Hashira fall into the Infinity Castle. Following Oyakata's death, Giyu is seen with the other Hashira attacking Muzan Kibutsuji. He eventually enters Nakime's Infinity Castle alongside Tanjiro. The two are soon ambushed by Akaza, with Giyu quickly sent flying away by Akaza's Destructive Leg Form: Flowing Light Flash. Giyu soon returns, angry, and finally manifests a mark as he begins fighting Akaza, causing his speed to increase. Akaza immediately matches Giyu's new speed and eventually gains the upper hand, breaking Giyu's blade with a punch.

As Akaza closes in for the final blow, his hand is cut off by Tanjiro mid-attack, saving Giyu. Giyu then re-engages Akaza once more, but is eventually defeated by Akaza's Final Form: Blue Silver Chaotic Afterglow, breaking through Giyu's Eleventh Form: Dead Calm.

Giyu then watches as Akaza is beheaded by Tanjiro.

giyu tomioka

After Akaza's beheaded body begins attacking Tanjiro, the injured Giyu defends Tanjiro, vowing to protect Tanjiro with his life even as he continues to take damage. After Akaza's death, Giyu falls unconscious from fatigue alongside Tanjiro.

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• ↑ Kimetsu no Yaiba Manga: Chapter 130.

giyu tomioka

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Giyu tries to save Tanjiro from Nezuko Kamado, who had been turned into giyu tomioka Demon, but is shocked to see Tanjiro trying to protect her. [1] After nearly getting taken down by Tanjiro, he senses his potential and sends him to his master, Sakonji Urokodaki, so he can train him to become a Demon Slayer.

[2] While initially hostile towards them, Giyu has come to care a lot about the siblings and giyu tomioka to violate the Demon Hunters' code of conduct by putting his life on the line in order to protect them. [3] [4] When Tanjiro was struggling against Rui, Giyu saved him and killed Rui with his Eleventh Form, Dead Calm.

Tanjiro is the one who allows Giyu to open up and realize he needs to step up to being the inheritor of the Water Breathing Style, and not let his past losses and feeling of inadequacy prevent him from realizing this. The two actually have more in common than they think, thinking on similar wavelengths. In some ways, Tanjiro is his closest friend (aside from his late friend Sabito, and, to some extent, fellow Hashira Shinobu Kocho).

He is shown to care a lot for Tanjiro, which is further seen when he becomes greatly angered when Akaza attempts to kill Tanjiro, losing his usual stoic demeanour and jumping in to protect him from the Upper Rank. When Tanjiro is presumed dead after the battle with Muzan Kibutsuji, Giyu cries and blames himself for not being able to giyu tomioka him. [5] When Tanjiro becomes a Demon, however, Giyu shows little hesitation to attack him with the intent to kill unlike others who are close to Tanjiro.

He does hesitate to kill Tanjiro when he notices Tanjiro is fighting Muzan's control. Shinobu Kocho Giyu and Shinobu. Giyu and Shinobu are both Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps. They have opposite personalities and initially seem to be at odds with each other. [6] Giyu was shocked when she claimed he just had a grudge on her for saying the others hated him. [7] Despite being at odds with each other, she is the only Hashira who Giyu has interacted giyu tomioka and talked to cordially.

Furthermore, it is revealed in the second fanbook by Gyomei's comments on the Hashira that the two slayers enjoy talking to each other. On his end, Giyu views Shinobu as a hard worker and serious, while expressing worry for Shinobu's pale appearance. [8] Later on, both he and Shinobu come to care about the Kamado siblings and are visibly upset by the hostile treatment of the other Hashira towards Tanjiro and Nezuko.

[9] When Giyu later hears about Shinobu's giyu tomioka, he suddenly recalls her smiling face while being visibly shocked and upset by the news. This contrasts to his reaction to death of his other fellow Demon Slayers such as Kyojuro Rengoku, Muichiro Tokito and Genya Shinazugawa, whom he didn't react to as emotionally.

Sanemi Shinazugawa Sanemi and Giyu disputing at the Hashira meeting Sanemi and Giyu seem to not have a very good relationship as their personalities are quite different. Sanemi with his usually loud and abrasive speech while Giyu is kept calm and quiet.

The only time there is respect shown is when Kagaya is in the room. It is shown that Giyu attempts to have a friendly gesture towards Sanemi when Tanjiro offers to eat ohagi together. After the Demon Slayers are disbanded, the two Hashira look to each other and smile, since their long journey finally ended. Sakonji Urokodaki As the former Water Hashira, Sakonji is Giyu's master and the one who taught him the Water Breathing Style as the cultivator.

He holds him on high regard and Sakonji seems to have a lot giyu tomioka trust on his former student as well, as seen when he accepts his judgement of Tanjiro and Nezuko's circumstances by agreeing to train and shelter them.

[10] Sabito While Sabito is long dead before the series started, it was revealed that both he and Sabito were good friends as they went through similar situations of losing their families to Demons and bonded well as a giyu tomioka. Later, during the Final Selection Exam, Sabito died at the hands of the Hand Demon trying to save his life and others who participated in the exam. Sabito's death caused Giyu to feel so much guilt to the point where he doubted his own abilities and considered abandoning his position as the Water Hashira.

Tsutako Tomioka Tsutako is Giyu's older sister. Not much is known about Giyu and Tsutako's relationship, but it was revealed that Giyu and his sister used to have a strong and loving sibling relationship.

One night, Tsutako hid the young Giyu and sacrificed herself to protect him giyu tomioka Demons attacking their home. Giyu also cared a lot for his sister that he feels giyu tomioka for her death and thought he is better off dead before Sabito snapped at him because of that.

giyu tomioka

Obanai Iguro Obanai hated Giyu for unclear reasons, though Obanai's temper may be a large factor in it. Later in their fight against Muzan the two were shown protecting each other and working together. Relatives Father Mother Tsutako Giyu Giichi • The giyu tomioka of Giyu are not included since the story does not indicate what child carries the lineage along with the quantity of generations that have followed prior to Giichi's. References • ↑ Kimetsu no Yaiba Manga: Chapter 1 (Page 25).

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• ↑ Kimetsu no Yaiba Manga: Chapter 44 (Page 17). • ↑ Kimetsu no Yaiba First Fanbook. • ↑ Kimetsu no Giyu tomioka Manga: Chapter 45 (Page 15). • ↑ Kimetsu no Yaiba Manga: Chapter 3 (Page 2). Navigation [ v · t · e · ?] Characters Demon Slayer Corps Ubuyashiki Family: Kagaya Ubuyashiki • Amane Ubuyashiki • Hinaki Ubuyashiki • Nichika Ubuyashiki • Kiriya Ubuyashiki • Kuina Ubuyashiki giyu tomioka Kanata Ubuyashiki Hashira: Giyu Tomioka • Mitsuri Kanroji • Obanai Iguro • Sanemi Shinazugawa • Gyomei Himejima • Kyojuro Rengoku • Tengen Uzui • Muichiro Tokito • Shinobu Kocho • Kanae Kocho • Sakonji Urokodaki • Jigoro Kuwajima • Shinjuro Rengoku Demon Slayers: Tanjiro Kamado • Zenitsu Agatsuma • Inosuke Hashibira • Genya Shinazugawa • Kanao Tsuyuri • Murata • Ozaki • Masachika Kumeno • Yoriichi Tsugikuni Butterfly Mansion: Aoi Kanzaki • Sumi Nakahara • Kiyo Terauchi • Naho Takada • Goto Other/Associates: Sabito • Makomo • Suma • Makio • Hinatsuru Demons Demons: Giyu tomioka Kibutsuji • Nezuko Kamado • Tamayo • Yushiro • Chachamaru • Susamaru • Yahaba • Temple Demon • Hand Demon • Tongue Demon • Horned Demon • Swamp Demon • Serpent Demon • Spider Demon (Father) • Spider Demon (Mother) • Spider Demon (Son) • Spider Demon (Daughter) Twelve Kizuki: Kokushibo • Doma • Akaza • Nakime • Giyu tomioka • Gyokko • Gyutaro • Daki • Kaigaku • Enmu • Rokuro • Wakuraba • Mukago • Rui • Kamanue • Kyogai Civilians/Other Kamado Family: Tanjuro Kamado • Kie Kamado • Takeo Kamado • Hanako Kamado • Shigeru Kamado • Rokuta Kamado • Sumiyoshi • Suyako • Sumire Swordsmith Village: Tecchin Tecchikawahara • Hotaru Giyu tomioka • Kozo Kanamori • Kotetsu • Tetsuido Tsuzumi Mansion: Teruko • Shoichi • Kiyoshi Entertainment District: Koinatsu • Omitsu Other: Akeno Tsugikuni • Senjuro Rengoku • Ruka Rengoku • Yuichiro Tokito • Kotoha Hashibira • Hisa • Saburo • Kazumi • Satoko • Tokie • Keizo • Koyuki • Takaharu • Toyo giyu tomioka Uta • Shizu Shinazugawa • Kyogo Shinazugawa • Tsutako Tomioka Animals: Chachamaru • Kasugai Crows • Ninju Descendants/Reincarnations Kamado Family: Kanata Kamado • Sumihiko Kamado Agatsuma Family: Toko Agatsuma • Giyu tomioka Agatsuma Other: Aoba Hashibira • Tojuro Rengoku • Tenma Uzui • Giichi Tomioka • Sanehiro Shinazugawa Spin-Off/Anime Original Characters Civilians: Yae • Taro • Fuku • Tomi Demons: Matazo • Hairo • Flute Demon • Ubume • SlasherThis Article Contains Spoilers - WARNING: This article contains major spoilers.

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Shinobu Kocho † Tanjiro Kamado Nezuko Kamado Inosuke Hashibira Zenitsu Agatsuma Sakonji Urokodaki (predecessor & mentor) Kyojuro Rengoku † Tengen Uzui Obanai Iguro † Mitsuri Kanroji † Gyomei Himejima † Sanemi Shinazugawa Muichiro Tokito † Genya Shinazugawa † Sabito (best friend,deceased) Makomo (friend,deceased) Murata Self-Hating Monster Slayer “ The weak have no rights! They don't get to make choices! All they can do is be relentlessly crushed by the strong!

Now maybe the Demons know of a way to cure your sister. Maybe! But don't think for even a moment that any one of them is going to respect your wishes, just like I have no respect for you! That's reality! „ ~ Giyu provoking Tanjiro to help him find his resolve Giyu Tomioka ( giyu tomioka 義勇) is a major supporting character in the popular anime/manga series Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. He is a member of the Giyu tomioka Slayer Corps, and is the current Water Hashira. He is also the one who convinced Tanjiro to become a Demon Slayer.

He is voiced by Takahiro Sakurai in the Japanese version of the anime, and by Johnny Yong Bosch in the English version of the anime. The latter is famous for having voiced many other anime characters. Contents • 1 Appearance • 2 Personality • 3 History? • 4 Abilities and Powers • 4.1 Natural Abilities • 4.2 Swordsmanship • 5 Quotes • 6 Gallery • 7 Trivia • 8 External Links • 9 Navigation Appearance Giyu is a tall young man with medium-length, messy black hair tied back into a low ponytail.

He has thin eyebrows and sharp, dark blue eyes. Giyu wears the standard black Demon Slayer's uniform along with a haori with two different patterns: one solid red and one geometrically patterned with green, orange, and yellow (which were based on the haoris worn by his late older sister and late best friend Sabito, respectively).

During his battle with Muzan Kibutsuji, he lost his right arm. Personality Giyu always wears a serious expression on his face. He has a reserved personality and a strong sense of justice with no tolerance towards those who don't know their own limitations and throw away their lives. While letting Nezuko Kamado live due to Tanjiro Kamado's persistence, he shows zero hesitation when killing other Demons and has no respect towards them like most Demon Slayers.

Even so, Giyu violated the Demon Slayer Corps' code of conduct without hesitation to protect Nezuko, during Shinobu's attempt to kill her. This implies that he doesn't completely despise Demons as some other Hashira do, and is willing to make an exception for a Demon by letting them live if they don't kill and eat humans. This shows that he is more pragmatic in dealing with Demons rather than out of hatred for Demons like some other Hashira do. Giyu appears to have a complex with what others think of him and is shocked when Shinobu Kocho claims he is hated by many.

He is a man of very few words and has trouble interacting with others, so he usually keeps himself at a distance. It is revealed later on that Giyu suffers from an inferiority complex which he developed since his participation in the Final Selection.

It gets severe to the point where he contemplates abandoning his position as the Water Hashira until Tanjiro helps him realize that instead of acting on his survivor's guilt, he should cherish his life and live on for the people who sacrificed their lives for him.

Despite his aloof and stoic nature, Giyu is shown to be protective and caring towards those he is close to and considers his friends. This is first shown when he puts his life on the line for Tanjiro and Nezuko by vowing to commit seppuku if the latter were ever to eat a human. Giyu has been shown to lose his composure and usual stoic demeanor when those he cares about are in danger, as seen when he is greatly angered by Akaza's attempt to kill Tanjiro and visibly shocked when he hears the news of Shinobu's death.

This is further shown in the fact that he still wears half of Sabito, giyu tomioka late best friend's, and his older sister's haori as a memento of them. However, Giyu appears to be particular in who he shows emotions for, as he doesn't appear to react at all when informed of the passing of Genya Shinazugawa, Muichiro Tokito and Kyojuro Rengoku. History? Giyu is the current Water Hashira, as well as the first Demon Slayer that Tanjiro giyu tomioka across. He initially tries to kill Nezuko, but reconsiders giyu tomioka seeing her protect an unconscious Tanjiro as he sends them to his mentor Urokodaki in the hopes that Tanjiro could succeed him and possibly cure Nezuko.

Giyu tomioka does not think of himself as a true Hashira, despite mastering Water Breathing as he considered his fellow apprentice Sabito, who died saving other Demon Slayers-in-training, more suited for the role.

giyu tomioka

He has developed an additional giyu tomioka to Water Breathing, which he alone knows. He loses an arm during the final battle against Muzan, but survives after the demon is destroyed. Abilities and Powers As a Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps, Giyu is a very powerful swordsman. He is able to easily defeat the Father Spider Demon in his transformed state, and Rui, Lower Rank Giyu tomioka of the Twelve Kizuki. During his fight against Akaza, Upper Rank Three, he was able to hold on his own for some time and like Kyojuro, Akaza is amazed by Giyu's skills to the point that he offers to transform the Hashira into Demon, something Akaza only asks of the most worthy of his opponents.

Akaza states that he has not fought a Water Hashira as skilled as Giyu in fifty years. Natural Abilities • Master Swordsman: Being a Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps, Giyu is one of the most powerful and skilled swordsmen in the entire organization. Akaza, states that Giyu possesses finely developed swordsmanship. • Enhanced Speed: Giyu is very fast, being able to tie up Inosuke Hashibira before he even realized what happened.

giyu tomioka

Giyu tomioka was also able to cut off Rui's head in the blink of an eye. • Enhanced Endurance: Giyu possesses great levels of endurance, as shown when he endures a powerful attack from Akaza, and continues to fight with only minor bruises. Although Giyu seemingly fell apart against Muzan as compared to Obanai and some other Hashira and the demon king even knocked the sword off and cut his one hand.

At most he could only support other Hashira. • Crimson Red Nichirin Sword: During the fight against Muzan, Sanemi forcefully clashes his sword together with Giyu's turning both of their blades temporarily red, which grants giyu tomioka the ability to hamper the enhanced regeneration of Demons.

• Demon Slayer Mark: During his battle against Akaza, Giyu awakens his Demon Slayer Mark, appearing as a fluid-water like design on his left cheek. When activated, he gains a tremendous increase in speed, precision, and endurance to the point where he could engage in a long battle against the Upper Rank demon on even ground.

However, he was unable to come close to cutting Akaza's head, which ultimately led to his sword being broken and nearly fatally injured if it weren't for Tanjiro's intervention. Swordsmanship Water Breathing Style (水みずの呼こ吸きゅう, Mizu no Kokyū): Taught giyu tomioka Sakonji Urokodaki. The user can increase the amount of oxygen in one's blood by controlling his breathing pattern. This increases his strength and agility to equal a demon's. He has learned to do full focus breathing at all times as all Hashira have, further increasing his base strength, speed, and stamina.

Not only does he know all of the Water Breathing techniques, but he's developed one additional style of his own. • First Form: Water Surface Slash (壱いちノ型かた水みな面も斬ぎり, Ichi no Kata: Minamo Giri): A single concentrated slash.

• Second Form: Water Wheel (弐にノ型かた水みず車ぐるま, Ni no Kata: Mizu no Guruma): Giyu tomioka swordsman jumps and spins his body while slashing. • Third Form: Flowing Dance (参さんノ型かた流りゅう流りゅう舞まい, San no Kata: Ryūryū no Mai): The swordsman swings his blade at his opponent in a way that mimics the movement of waves on the surface of water. • Fourth Form: Striking Tide (肆しノ型かた打うち潮しお, Shi no Kata: Uchishio): The swordsman makes multiple consecutive slashes while twisting their body in a flowing fashion similar to a harsh tide.

• Fifth Form: Blessed Rain After the Drought (伍ごノ型かた干かん天てんの慈じ雨う, Go no Kata: Kanten no Jiu): A "sword strike of kindness" that kills the target with little to no pain.

This style is used when the enemy surrenders. • Sixth Form: Whirlpool (陸ろくノ型かたねじれ渦うず, Roku no Kata: Nejire Uzu): The swordsman fiercely twists his upper and lower body, which creates a whirlpool that cuts anything caught in it. • Seventh Form: Drop Ripple Thrust (漆しちノ型かた雫しずく波は紋もん突づき, Shichi no Kata: Shizuku wa Mondzuki): A fast and accurate stab. The fastest Water Breathing technique.

• Eight Form: Waterfall Basin (捌はちノ型かた滝たき壷つぼ, Hachi no Kata: Takitsubo): The swordsman cuts the target vertically. • Ninth Form: Splashing Water Flow (玖くノ型かた水すい流りゅう飛沫しぶき Ku no Kata: Suiryū Shibuki): Minimizes the landing time and surface needed when landing, allowing the user to move without limits. Ideal when fighting in a place with no solid foothold. • Tenth Form: Constant Flux (拾じゅうノ型かた生せい生せい流る転てん, Jū no Kata: Seisei Ruten): A continuous attack that increases in power with each rotation, creating a strong slash.

• Eleventh Form: Dead Calm (拾じゅう壱いちノ型かた凪なぎ, Jū Ichi no Kata: Nagi): A technique created by Giyu himself. Giyu engages a skill that disables and nullifies incoming attacks. However, its effectiveness is limited as fast and numerous attacks can break through it. Quotes • "Don't cry. Don't succumb to sorrow. This isn't the time to despair. I know you're devastated right now. Your family massacred, your sister's a demon. I know it hurts. I know you wanna scream. I understand. If only I had gotten here a half a day sooner, maybe then your family would still giyu tomioka alive.

However, there's no way to turn back time. So feel it. feel the pure rage of being unable to forgive. let it be what gives you the strength to take action. With that fragile resolve of yours, you can't protect your sister or heal her, and you'll never get revenge for what happened to your family!" • (To himself) " She must've been craving a feast right from the start, even her own brother. But she protected him and turned her attention to me. I wonder if. just maybe. these two are different." • (To Shinobu Kocho) "I'm not disliked by people." • (To Akaza) "If you giyu tomioka to kill Tanjiro, you'll have to get through me first!" Gallery Trivia • Giyu's name contains the kanji for "heroism, loyalty and courage" (義ぎ勇ゆう, giyū).

giyu tomioka

• Giyu's favorite food is simmered salmon with daikon (Winter radish). Seeing a fresh plate made Giyu smile, a sight which impressed and also disgusted Shinobu. • Giyu was ranked in 4th place as of the first character popularity poll with 2,190 votes. • Giyu is the only character who has his own spin-off. The spin-off is a two-part story depicting events after Giyu’s encounter with Tanjiro and Nezuko, called Giyu Tomioka: Gaiden.

• Giyu's Kasugai crow is very old, so it tends to make mistakes when giving messages. He is said to also make Giyu giyu tomioka nervous. • Giyu's both Japanese and English voice actors share giyu tomioka role of Sasori giyu tomioka Naruto: Shippuden.

• Giyu's English voice actor, Johnny Yong Bosch, also voiced Zhang Bao, Ichigo Kurosaki, Adam Park, Shotaro Kaneda, Lelouch vi Britannia, Kiba, T.K. Takaishi, Vash the Stampede, Kung Jin, Nero, Zero, Yukio Okumura, Eriol Hiiragizawa, Nathan Adams, Nobita Nobi, Hajime Hinata, and Yu Narukami. • Koyoharu Gotōge's initial design for Giyu was roughly the same as the official design, except it featured him with finger-less sleeves, a cloth that tied the ends of his haori around his waist, and looser hakama pants.

• Giyu is the first student of Sakonji Urokodaki who wasn't killed by the Hand Demon. As he's the first student who didn't battle the Hand Demon. • Giyu and Zenitsu are the only two characters in Demon Slayer who have create a new original form in a Breathing Style with multiple users. • This fact could be considered invalid if Kyojuro and Shinjuro Rengoku are counted, since the 9th form of Flame Breathing giyu tomioka exclusive to the Rengoku clan.

• Giyu is one of only 4 Hashira that use a standard Nichirin Katana. The other 3 are Kyojuro Rengoku, Sanemi Shinazugawa, and Muichiro Tokito. External Links • Giyu Tomioka on the Near Pure Good Wiki • Giyu on the Demon Slayer Wiki Navigation Heroes Demon Slayer Corps Demon Slayers Tanjiro Kamado - Kanao Tsuyuri - Zenitsu Agatsuma - Inosuke Hashibira - Genya Shinazugawa giyu tomioka - Murata - Yoriichi Tsugikuni † Hashira Giyu Tomioka - Sanemi Shinazugawa - Kyojuro Rengoku † - Tengen Uzui - Shinobu Kocho † - Mitsuri Kanroji † - Gyomei Himejima † - Kanae Kocho † - Muichiro Tokito † - Obanai Iguro † Recruiters Jigoro Kuwajima † - Sakonji Urokodaki Rengoku Family Senjuro Rengoku - Shinjuro Rengoku Butterfly Mansion Aoi Kanzaki - Kiyo Terauchi - Sumi Nakahara - Naho Takada - Goto Ubuyashiki Family Kagaya Ubuyashiki † - Amane Ubuyashiki † - Hinaki and Nichika Ubuyashiki † - Kiriya Ubuyashiki - Kuina and Kanata Ubuyashiki Others Makio - Suma - Hinatsuru Demons Nezuko Kamado - Tamayo † - Yushiro Final Selection Makomo † - Sabito † Swordsmith Village Hotaru Haganezuka - Kozo Kanamori

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