I found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad

i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad

Her family used all their money for her extravagance and luxuries and brought a crisis of bankruptcy. While trying to figure out how to pay off their debts, she found a leaflet from the duke looking for a lost child. The reward is so much money that you can play and eat even after you pay off your debts!

Following the memories of reading this book, right away, Lizelle picked up the boy who was caught in a tr*sh in a poor village. She took the lost Lapel and went to the duke. “This is the child the Duke is looking for.” Duke Chester said, looking at me with a doubtful glance.

“I need confirmation, so you should stay with my child in this house for the time being.” The strange cohabitation of the three people started like that. However, Lapel keeps thinking i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad me as a mother and won’t let her leave.

* “Let’s get married.” Lizelle was startled by the unexpected words. “Are you insane? Did you drink?” “1 year. If you perform a contract marriage for one year, I will pay you 10 times the amount of the rewards you were given.” “Can I call you honey?” And the contract marriage and marital life began. But why are my eyes constantly changing? Why do you keep coming every night! These are recommendation lists which contains I Found a Husband When I Picked up the Male Lead.

You should give them a visit if you're looking for similar novels to read. Alternatively, you can also create your own list. • Baby<3 • No Longer Updates • Slightly less pretty covers • Splashed in colors • KR historical romance novels that have manhwa adap. ONE OF THE CUTEST NOVELS I HAVE EVER READ!!! Originally, I'm a sucker for this type of cute things.i've read many novels like this one.

BUT, I need to give love and support for this cute thing coz it deserves much more love.❤❤❤ The adorable and pitiful baby deserves ALL THE LOVE!!i found myself lost in complex emotions while reading it. In every chapter, the author describes a piece of painful past of poor baby boy and fluffy & sweet interactions between FL and him. Well, I cried, then I laughed like . more>> a fool when his painful memories were gradually erased by her kindness and care!!

Wonder what kind of person the ML will be. Hope that the three of them will be bound with unbreakable understandings for each other.✨ In my opinion, The FL is really human-like. First she wanted to find the boy for money because of the debt of O!Lizelle. At here, it's not like she try to sell him off.

it's just she wants to take the credit for i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad in searching and she happened to know where the boy would be. But when she saw the baby attached to her, she didn't rush but decided to heal his trauma first. She didn't think to keep the baby herself? Yes! She knows where he should belong.

THAT'S IT!! Everyone has their own opinion but hope mine will be the same with many fellow readers. Coz The baby Lapel deserves all the love and kindness in the world!!! Bland world building and cliche plot. It's actually sub par. MC transmigrates into the body of a wasteful girl, who is fortunate enough to have parents who actually love her and are not wastes themselves.

I found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad knows the plot, so she goes to find the Og!ML, who is still a child. He was in a accident, lost his memories, and is living in a dumpster apparently. So off she goes, to find the boy and cash in the reward for finding him, so she can pay off her family debt (that is . more>> mainly her fault anyway). But the boys uncle, the ML, does not believe that she is telling the truth.

And his magical potion that can reveal a persons true appearance all coincidentally broke, and so he makes some BS excuse to have the boy and her stay. Character wise, none of them are interesting. Og!ML is very child like, simple in his emotions, and since he has imprinted on MC, he will cry whenever she is not there. MC herself, I don't really understand her motivations.

Her immediate concern is to pay off the debt that she has accumulated, but she just goes off to play baby sitter for this kid she just met. Did she forget about the loan sharks who came to her house to threaten them?

And ML. seems very petty. I'm supposed to believe he is a powerful and influential duke, but he legit couldn't find his nephew even with all his resources, and had to rely on posting rewards for anyone who can find him, like you do when you lose your beloved pet.

Romance wise. I'm not very optimistic as when two equally s*upid and bland characters come together, it's still equally boring and bland, if not more so. So I will give this one a miss. <

Any scene with Lapel in it warms my heart and makes me feel like I'm going to have a heart attack from how much I care for this child. So far it is such a fun read and I 100% recommend this if you find yourself wanting to read something more feel good and uplifting. I don't know if there will be super evil antagonist somewhere in this story, but I don't even care of one comes up as . more>> long as I continue to get more realistic child scenes with Lapel.

I also 100% respect Lizelle. All the characters so far are honestly?? So super realistic in their interactions thus far and I would be shocked if the author didn't actually have a child because the scenes are just too good. Lyle is doing an amazing job with their translations so please make sure you are reading this on their wattpad! <

petty. The coincidence that the exact liquid "antidote" to remove magically modified disguises very conveniently collapsed from the shelf and required a month to be acquired for the MC and the child she found was just too unrealistic and felt off-putting to me.

Stop right there and read this novel! I swear this is one of the cutest novels that I've ever read over my life! Every characters are so loveable and cute. The ML is not your typical I-am-a-tyrant-who-hates-everyone-except-for-heroine type of guy, not he flirtatious-playboy-like guy nor the cutey-always-blushing-childlike guy.

He's a very likeable, realistic guy. Both the FL and ML first impression of each others are not that good and the author clearly tells us why they behave like that. Not to mention, Lapel, the supposed ML of the novel she . more>> read before her death is also a realistic character who is a child and has a child-like behavior. Typical cliche novels I read before often depict a child with an adult-like attitude and intelligence, which is so questionable about the logics in it (but yeah, fiction :D) I haven't finish reading the whole novel yet, but I think even the villains/villainesses in this novel will also be likeable.

I hope the translation will be continued till the very end. Thank you translator-nim for giving us the chance to read this warm, cute and fluffy-type of of novel. Bless you! <

I also enjoy MCs trying to whitewash their images so! I like it! ML watching MC and his nephew play and thinking '':/ She treats him nicely'' was so funny after he thought she was forcing the kid to act like his nephew.

Would recommend. it ends up being a c*ck block. Theres no snu-snu. Though they do snu-snu later in the book, it kinda ruins the momentum of that scene that the author abruptly goes the chaste route.

The ML is a dork that practiced looking sexy in the mirror & saying those lines only to get blocked by his nefew who sneaks in to play and ruins the mood. [collapse] the villians are pretty predictable. the author decides the best way to impliment suspense is to make sure the reader knows EXACTLY where this is going and be EXTRA predictable. then frustrate the reader by making the MC & ML not see it coming. The villians are pretty weak sauce.

The danger comes from how bumbling the MC is despite having the EXACT TOOLS to overcome the problem. such as: the ML getting poisoned at a party right after a few key events: • • The MC buying a portable magic poison detector in the last chapter & handing it to the ML to check all their food/drinks • • The host of the party acting hostile to the MC and behaving suspiciously towards the ML • • the MC literally bumping into the host's personal maid who drops a suspicious vile of strange liquid which the MC PICKS UP AND HANDS BACK NO QUESTIONS ASKED • • that same maid bringing them drinks later for the toast and claiming its got some kind of "grapefruit extract" or something in it.

when it doesnt taste or smell like grapefruit in any way • • the host leading the ML away to an isolated place right after he starts to be visibly ill directly after drinking the drink (NOT because he looks ill. but because the host's father "requested a meeting") not only do the MC & ML drink, fully not suspecting anything (and NOT use their handy poison detector WHICH THEY JUST GOT) but it takes the MC a HOT MINUTE to even realize the ML has been drugged and taken to an isolated place.

the MC doesnt even start really putting 2&2 together until they are home, fully after the fact, and even manages to get sulky the ML raises his voice & snaps at her when he is LITERALY poisoned and trying to get the two of them out of there without any accidents. Talk about pig team-mates First of all, its an developing story so there i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad nothing really to feel other than "anticipation".

Yea, for sure its the similar isekai and change my life trope but Lapel is way too cute for me to resist this common overused trope!! The translation is really good (hats off to the translator~) and the story till now has a good pace! Will see how it will progress and what new things it will bring out off this overused cliché theme~ Too early to tell if this is good or not but I find the kid here is really good.

I find the lacking need of a child characters that are very child like. Children in romance novels especially Korean novels are tend to be very smart in fact too smart sometimes at their age. It's only supported with mischief or bratty ness that children are tend to have which is not quite enough. Here the child is very child like.

The child is very energetic, pretty clever, has a bit of a . more>> mischievous side, and has a mentality very much of a child. The author did very well on feeding my motherly instincts with their wonderful descriptions and charm of children. Even their interactions is pretty satisfying. Can't wait for what's coming next. <

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If you’re like us and love to read, then click here to score tons of free and discounted ebooks. Have you ever lost track of a favorite book from your childhood because you can’t remember the title or author? Do you have the story on the tip of your tongue? Can you explain the plot, describe the cover, or know the era, but just can’t remember the one detail you need in order to actually find the book?

We’ve been there and know exactly how frustrating this can be. Below are a few tips we’ve used when searching for a lost book we love. Tips to Find a Book When You Don’t Know the Title or Author If you’re currently suffering from a case of book amnesia, try some of these tricks to see if they can spark your memory and help you remember more than a vague cover image or a quirky side character you loved.

First, Wrack Your Brain for Book Memories When it comes to finding a book you have only a vague recollection of, you need to fish out everything you can possibly remember about it from your memories. Answer the below questions to see if they help you recover any additional information about your book.

• What did the cover look like? Do you only remember a fuzzy image that’s predominately one color? Even that is a clue! If you think hard, do you remember any elements on it? Was the author’s name in large print, or was the title large?

Any of these details can be the difference between success or failure. • Can you remember a phrase, quote, or a particular paragraph of the book? Sometimes you can remember lines you felt were funny or meaningful or just plain weird. Write them down as best you can for your search. Odds are that same phrase may have stood out to someone else too. • What can you remember from the plot? Even if you’re not entirely confident, write down what you think you remember.

You might find your memory looks something like “boy gets kidnapped. Girl best friend says she’ll find him. I think she becomes a detective at some point or runs into him later in life and they fall in love. The boy may be involved in drugs or something sketchy when she runs into him. I think at one point he wakes up in a dumpster.” Even though you’re not one hundred percent certain, you can try different searches with the elements you think are there and hopefully in one combination, you’ll get a hit.

Or, hopefully your details will be close enough that someone else can piece the elements together. • Can you remember any characters’ names?

Remembering one or two of the characters’ names will also be a huge help in your search. Even if they’re side characters and not main characters, write them down. • What genre was it? If it was fantasy, do you remember any details to narrow it down to a subcategory of fantasy? • Do you remember any other story-related details, like a city name, street, location, pet, era, etc.? • Do you remember any details related to publishing? Do you remember whether your school or library that you got the book from often bought books from a certain publisher?

Do you remember when the book was published? For example, if it was a book you read from your childhood, then you know you can exclude any recent publications. Or, perhaps you remember that it was a new book that came out when you were in high school, then you’ll know to look for books published only in those few years. Do you remember any other similar authors that people seemed to also read if they liked the book you’re trying to remember?

Remember to write down as much information as you can, and maybe you’ll remember some more details in the process of finding your lost book. Google and Other Search Engines When you first try to search for a forgotten novel, you probably turn to Google or a similar search engine. Unfortunately, your average search may not be able to get you the results you’re looking for.

Because of the vast volume of novels with similar plot elements and various SEO tactics and companies skewing the search results to favor their products, unless the book you’re searching for happens to be one of the most popular books of its kind, you’re going to have to do a deep Google. Let me explain.

If you’re looking for a book about mermaids, but you’re definitely not looking for something super popular like Disney’s The Little Mermaid, you may become frustrated that no matter what variation of “mermaid” search terms you try, you still find Little Mermaid results popping up on top because Disney can afford to pay people a lot of money to make sure their products stay on top of the search results. So when searching for a forgotten novel, you’ll often have to use all the different details you remember from the book with Google’s different search functions.

For example, quotations will be your friend to make sure Google doesn’t try to eliminate distinguishing details. The addition symbol will be useful for linking multiple elements into one search. Try using the Advanced Google Search Page with filters like subject, publisher, language, and publication date as well. Another tip is to always check the image results.

If you’re on the right track, then sometimes an image result will appear more quickly than general search results. There are other advanced Google search skills that you can give a try too, like excluding specific keywords or using the wildcard operator to guess the name of a character.

Google Books Search The Google Books Library Project now makes it possible to find books by searching through their text and content. The Books Search reference page also displays book specific information like various covers, tables of content, common terms and phrases, and popular passages from the books. You can quickly view sample pages to ensure that the book you’ve found is the book you’ve been looking for.

There are several other book databases you can find as well, such as Book Finder, Word Cat, LibraryThing, Book Sleuth, Goodreads, Amazon’s Advanced Book Search, and Library of Congress. However, if you haven’t been able to find the book you’re looking for with a Google search, you probably don’t have enough information to find it in one of these databases either.

If you want to give some of these a try though, these are some of the ones we find the most useful. • Book Cave: This site has the unique feature of being able to search through a rated books database. So if you know a book was a children’s book, you can avoid any adult rated book. Or if you know it’s an adult rated book you can exclude anything milder. • The Library of Congress: This the biggest online library in the world and has a search engine capable of combining search parameters with keywords.

There’s also an interesting option called “Ask a Librarian” where you can send an email and try asking for help in finding your book. • Worldcat: Worldcat is a catalog of over 70 thousand libraries in 160 countries.

Here you can look for a specific keyword, and you’ll get a list of book titles in various languages. There’s also a “Fiction Finder” section where you can search for a book by a character or place in addition to a keyword.

• Big Book Search: If you can only remember what the cover looks like, try this cover-search tool. • If you can remember just one word of the title, use the search function on Goodreads or Library Thing to find long lists of titles with a particular word. • Goodreads’ browse-able lists of titles that readers have shelved in unique categories, such as authors’ professions or decades of publication, may also be helpful.

Turn to Reddit or Other Popular Book Forums Is there anything that the people of the internet don’t know? If computerized searches fail and you need a personalized touch, there are thousands of fellow book lovers out there who would love to help you out.

Places like Reddit, Tumblr, Goodreads, and several other bookish forums have book sleuths that seem to be able to solve even the vaguest of mysteries. Reddit in particular has several dedicated sections such as Tip of My Tongue, What’s That Book, Books, and PrintSF for when you can only remember the cover.

Just take a scroll through the book section of Reddit to find a thread that best meets your needs. If Reddit isn’t your thing, check out some of these other book forums and groups: • Goodreads What’s the Name of That Book? is a group that will help solve your book mystery after you’ve done a valiant effort to first find it yourself.

• LibraryThing’s Name That Book is another place where you can post about your forgotten novel. Just follow their instructions and try to wrack your brain for as many details as you can, and fellow readers will do what they can to find your book.

• Stump the Bookseller is a blog run by a cool indie bookstore in Ohio that offers a $4 dollar service to help readers find lost books, specifically childhood books. Plus they have large searchable archives that you may find helpful as well. • The Fiction_L listserv is another place where you might be able to get some help, although they don’t seem to have a section dedicated exclusively to finding lost books.

Ask Your Own Social Network and Community Post on all your social networks, reach out to friends from the time when you were reading the book, and ask a local librarian or even old school teachers. You might be surprised to find that your personal community is the missing link needed to find your book. Communities often have similar interests, so the books you enjoyed as a child might be the same books your friends and others in your town also enjoyed and borrowed from the library.

Your own circle may be especially helpful if you can remember the time that you read the book. If you know you read the book in junior high or high school, reach out to your friends from that era and see if they remember anything about the books you were reading back then. If you’re like me, you probably have a whole friendship circle of readers and you probably not only told them about every book you read but also offered to let them read it as well so you could talk about it.

You never know what odd memories a person may be able to recall from their past. When All Else Fails If you’ve gone through all of these things and still aren’t able to find the elusive book you’re looking for, then you may have to accept that it’s not going to happen or even that you may not be remembering it correctly.

I remember one story about a person looking for a particular Danielle Steele book who later realized the book she was looking for was actually by Daniel Silva. These kinds of close but not quite recollections are understandably frustrating because while you’re confident you’re looking for the right thing, in the end you were actually going down the wrong rabbit hole the entire time and may not even have realized it.

Another consideration is whether what you’re looking for is even real. There have also been times in my life that I’ve been convinced something that happened in a dream was real life, and oftentimes my dreams take up various elements of books I’ve read. Could you possibly be remembering a detail wrong or combining several different books from your past? Whatever the case may be, hopefully you can at least be somewhat cheered up by the list of books you’ve uncovered in your search that at least have many similar elements to what you were looking for.

Happy reading! Copyright 2019 by Book Cave Reuse notice: Non-commercial users, feel free to print out “How to Find a Book When You Don't Know the Title or Author” for personal use or give to friends, share online, or make a meme of, as long as you attribute and link back to this post. Commercial users, you may share a link to this post or quote a short excerpt from it with attribution and a link to this site, but you may not use this post in its entirety. Thank you for caring about copyright.

The book I am looking for is about 2 girls working in a casino called sapphire, it caters to rich people. One girl is adopted and is suppose to find a crystal to save her world. The evil queen has daughters the are evil, the son is good but cannot talk, because one of his sisters took his voice away.

Reply • Hi me again, since no one saw my last post im going to make it again. This book im looking for is about a girl searching for something. The details I can remember about this book are very few, but basically, there is a girl. She has blonde hair, maybe a quiet personality wears clothes from maybe the 1900’s or so, and she has a ghost friend whos a boy. I know he has been dead for a long time and they are always hanging out, they also talk a lot.

The only part I can really remember where they were was near a lake and a tree. If I can also remember correctly they go to a town and find something that the girl needed to locate a certain person, not sure if this was part of the same book but another character was added into the story, it was a boy and im 100% sure he was also looking for something too. That’s all I can remember but if anyone knows this book or knows anything similar please comment and let me know!!!!

I’ll be back soon because I need to find this book, I loved the plot so much and I would hate to forget about this book. I would love to read it again someday… Reply • I’m looking for a book I read in middle school about a set of twins, a girl and a boy, who are really close and there is this whole school thing for their grade where there is 2 teams and they play games to compete and see what team is better.

The twins end up being the team captains for different teams and have to compete against each other. I think the cover was blue but not for sure. Reply • So the book I’m looking for is about twins. A boy and a girl. I forgot how but they discover that one of them is the chosen one and everyone thinks it’s the boy because of course they do but it ended up being the girl all along and no one knew not even the brother until around the end of the book when they fight the great evil.

I think there’s two books and at the end of the second book she has to died to save everyone but she transfer her subconscious into the brothers mind. The book cover at the time had two kids running towards this fire like that thing but the art work was weird. One was holding a sword which becomes vital in the first book. Speaking of which in scene that stuck out to me is this scene where the boy is mind control by the evil and is marching with other mind controlled people (maybe kids) and the girl tries to snap him out of it but he isn’t responding so she stands in front of the boy where he has started swinging his sword and slashing motions the girl sends one final thought telepathically to him as his final slash reaches her and he snaps out of it last minute.

Reply • It’s a colored comic about a black haired witch girl who was raised by her grandmother. Next door to them was a family of werewolves. At one point she has to move back in with her father, but he isn’t really happy about her and I think about her being a witch. So in the city she lives there now but the oldest sons of the werewolf family, follow her all in different professions.

After that not sure, except one who was blacked hair male who I think falls in love with the witch. After that i don’t remember except one part where she goes to find a rare flower i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad she fell in the pit, and the black haired werewolf save her.

That’s all I remember. Reply • I’m looking for a book I read recently. The book is set in new Orleans the main characters are a new Orleans cop, his half brother who is a priest and the cop’s current wife Olivia. The priest has an affair and a baby girl with his brothers first wife Jennifer who dies in a car accident.

The daughter is now a college student and wants to write true crime stories. Reply • I am looking for a book read in high school/middle school. It was about a girl living in her hometown with her dog.

There was something about nuclear waste spread all around her hometown and it being unsafe to travel cause this would kill her (the town being bowl shaped prevented the thicket to get in). One day a man in a gas mask appears and he puts her on edge but they get along enough to work together. One day he attacks her out by a pond but she manages to get away. She ends up escaping in the end using his mask to go and venture to the outside world to find her family I believe.

It had a pink cover( soft book cover) – Sorry if this isn’t much to go off. It’s been tickling my brain for years. Reply • A book about a girl who road on a train, she would dream and make up stories, she sailed on a ship, worked as a sewer for costumes, met a farmer, his kids were sick, he went out in a blizzard to find food and get help, everyone died so she went to find the farmer during a blizzard, she got into a small boat, she had ask her money sewn in the pockets, the boat tips over, she makes it to shore, it’s freezing, she is thinking of being at a wedding, she was dancing with the farmer….can’t remember the name of book or author, it was maybe 10 years ago our book club read Reply • Okay i read this book back in 6-7 grade and i couldn’t out what it was.

So basically the book was mainly about a girl who was trying to find something, i remember her being described as blonde, kind of quiet, always wore neat outfits (this probably took black back in the 90s or 70s. She was friends with a ghostboy and they always talked near a lake or river, he was probably from the 60s or 70s when he died but his ghost was a child of the girls age.

He was also blonde, he wore old timey clothes. The i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad thing i remember was how they both traveled to go to the place where she was finding something. The book cover looked like the girl was standing in front of a big tree with her hands crossed, i think the title was one big word but i couldnt remember, if anyone can help me find this book i would very much appreciate it!!!!!!

Reply • Okay i read this book back in 6-7 grade and i couldn’t out what it was. So basically the book was mainly about a girl who was trying to find something, i remember her being described as blonde, kind of quiet, always wore neat outfits (this probably took black back in the 90s or 70s.

She was friends with a ghostboy and they always talked near a lake or river, he was probably from the 60s or 70s when he died but his ghost was a child of the girls age.

He was also blonde, he wore old timey clothes. The last thing i remember was how they both traveled to go to the place where she was finding something. The book cover looked like the girl was standing in front of a big tree with her hands crossed, i think the title was one big word but i couldnt remember, if anyone can help me find this book i would very much appreciate it!!!!!! Reply • I read this book in middle school.

It was definitely more of a childrens fiction book. It was about a young girl being kidnapped by a man who claimed to be a famous girls father. He convinced the main character to go to his house, and slipped a drug in her Coke to make her fall unconscious. The book is about her experiences, as well as the people who were close to her and how they were coping with her being missing. Could someone please help? I have been trying to find this book for years! Reply • Looking for the title of an alien scify adult romance book i have once read published around early 2000.

Im not sure if i remember all the details correctly but its part if a book series the 1st series is about a girl who fell from a high place and accidentally activated some kind of a portal device and she was transported to an alien planet. I think she was transported somewhere in a marshland and was picked up by some sort of bubble im not sure, however wherever she fell its full of pinky stuff that stuck to her skin and somehow a group of aliens picked her up thinking she was some sick animal and that her skin was falling off so they put her in some kind of an alien high tech enclosed portable machine to heal her and when she woke up she had longer hair, she look more beautiful and i think she became younger, all in all she look awesome and different from what she originally look.

The portable machine just healed all anomalies in her body so if she was sick, that disease was removed, if she is fat, all the extra fats are removed, if she was bald, her original and natural hair will appear without any coloring added, basically it made her body a whole lot better and made it look like as it should look like originally if the body was taken cared off in the 1st place. I think she was sick in the first place.So the aliens later found out she is not an animal and upon investigation found out that the alien’s earlier ancestors travel beyond the stars for research purposes and left behind some sort of gps portable teleportation device which was activated somehow by the woman.

I think it was through her bloid when she accidentally fell off and found the device. So along the other series, these alien men decided to use the device to find women of their own (later series) and these women who became part of their lives decided to set some online website to hook them up with the alien guys and they were even offering some vacation package to sweeten the deal (which is basically a vacation to the alien’s homeworld and if the women are not interested, they return the women without any memories of the aliens).

One of the series had the story of a police woman investigating the disappearance of said women and in the end came to the alien’s homeworld accidentally and found an alien of her own. In a long run, the earth became inhabitable but that was in a later series and the aliens decided to make their appearance to help with the restoration of the humans and its planet and revealed their long interaction of Earth all these years.

I tried Restoree by Anne McCaffrey and The Color of Distance by Amy Thomson But i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad not the same book.

Anyone who knows, please do help. Reply • Very long shot, I read a book about two boys traveling on foot. Setting was many years ago on native land when westernization was new. They were walking to an old village to pick up something. On their way back they ran into a family who fled from the “new world” and hid in the caves.

I do not know the name of the book or the author. I just remember the two boys walking a long distance for an item. Reply • I am looking for a book I read in English class in the early 1970s. It was the story of a woman who lived in the arctic (or somewhere extremely cold). I remember it was so cold that they had to leave their vehicles running all the time.

I also remember that many children died because that weather was so harsh. It was stated that many women had two sets of children because their first children died. Reply • in this book the main characters name is Chamomile, she has just returned from holiday, where she had a holiday romance.

She is back home with her boyfriend having breakfast together, when, on the radio, the chap she met on holiday is trying to find her, and asks if anyone knows Chamomile who has just been on holiday to….(can remember where) to please get her to contact him.

I would love to read this book, anyone any idea what it is called? many thanks Reply • The book is about love story. Both men and women they meet by chance and they fall in love. They have a wonderful love movement. But they are always arguing. As result, they are separated. after years later They will meet again by chance, and They having a good time and but As usual, they arguing and separated. they met many times over the past twenty years separated many times.

But they both love each other more than we do. But after 20 years, they both meet by chance and decide to live together. The book is a compilation of Hum Tum’s 2004 Hindi-language romantic comedy film and the 1989 American romantic comedy-drama film of When Harry Met Sally.

Reply • I’ve been looking for this book that I read a couple years ago. It was an ebook, with a cover that has a leaning tower. All I can remember is that its about magic, the MC has a bell, there’s magical frequencies, and its a 3 or 4 book long series. I also recall there being quotes at the start of each chapter, kind of foretelling what would happen. I know its very vague, but I can’t find it anywhere. Reply • I read a book in early 80s, so it was a book from 70s or early 80s.

Fiction or non fiction. The husband died and the wife is sad and doesn’t want to go on and I believe she has kids. The husband sees her and even describes heaven I think, something about flowers but he is trying to think of a way to save his wife. Reply • Read this book in high school in Ontario in the 80’s. I am not sure when the book was published. It was about a young boy who was caught as a stowaway in a barrel on a tall ship and was made to work in the rig.

i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad

He loved the sun on his back and the wind in his hair. It doesn’t show up in moonfleet. What could it have been? Reply • Hi, I’ve been searching google over the years to try and find this book that I started reading back in middle school in the mid 2000’s, but I’ve never been able to find it. I checked it out from the local library, and could never find it again.

I only vaguely remember the plot since I never finished it, but from what I remember, it was about a girl named Grace(I think, I’m not entirely sure but I feel really confident ). She has a best friend named Katie(?) and they live in a kind of secluded town. It’s winter and the two of them go skating on the frozen lake nearby. The ice cracks under Katie and she falls in and drowns. The town is furious and blame Grace for Katie’s death, and exile her by making her drink some kind of poison and then forcing her to leave forever.

I never made it past this because middle school me was not ready for Katie’s death, I remember there was a passage that stated the two of them made eye contact when the ice cracked, and Grace could see the fear in Katie’s eyes. I remember the cover was predominately blue and had a picture of a girl looking out a window. I want to say the title had Grace in it, but I’m not sure.

The story makes it seem that Grace will die by the end because of the poison, but I want to say that there’s an underlying implication that the poison wasn’t effective in the end and she lives, because there was a sequel or two.

I could be misremembering some of the details because this was a long time ago, but I’ve been dying to find it for years now! Reply • Hello, I’m trying to track down a couple of things. The first was a horror book I read back in the early 90’s. It had three zombie like girls coming out of a lake. The book title might have had the word ‘ice” in i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad. The plot was about a little boy who lived close to the lake and these three dead sisters kept trying to get him into the lake to murder him.

The second is actually has to do with a book club I was enrolled in back in the early 90’s. It was a monthly book club that would send suspense / romance books (maybe supernatural). The covers were almost like Harlequin books with ‘borders’ around the books, but I don’t think they were Harlequin. I remember one of the covers had a woman laying on a couch in a dark room while someone lingered in a doorway or window.

I seem to recall another book cover that had a orange border and a female vampire on it. Reply • I’m looking for a book and there is two girls one with black short hair and i think she is in a green striped tee shirt and black track shorts and the other girl had medium black hair and i think a pink flower dress and the girl with brown hair had kind of a perfect life and the girl with black hair her life wasn’t so perfect and i think the brown hair girl was on her porch and then they like became friends Reply • in third grade i read this book about a girl in like apartments or something all remember is her making this friend and then she finds out shes moving into the same apartment complex and then she like house sits for this lady and then she tries on the ladys wedding dress and the ladys like rlly nice and MAYBE THIS IS A DIFF BOOK but i remember something about a cheese shop idk Reply • I don’t remember the name of the book i read around 2006-2007 about a dominating boss of a cruise ship.

He fells in love with the main female character working as choreographer on the cruise ship but is too egoistic to tell her directly. Instead ties her down with marriage contract in times of need to avoid her leaving him.

Vaguely remembers the book cover was all in black and white. There was mention of Grand Canyon very often in the book. Maybe the male character had word BLAKE in his name and female was called TORY. Male character was very fond of flying planes and super rich. Reply • I’m looking for a fictional (I think) book about a girl being stalked by a woman who believes she is the girl’s mother. The girl recalls seeing the woman at her birthday party in a restaurant, and seeing an odd car parked near her house before the woman and her boyfriend kidnap the girl.

She escapes them by using a finger code system with her best friend at a school event. Reply • I’m looking for a children’s book I read at school in the late 90’s.

It’s about a girl who sends a parcel/letter but is then warned by an invisible supernatural creature that if she doesn’t retrieve the parcel/letter from the post office, she’ll be turned into a supernatural creature.

I can’t remember much else but it’s been on my mind to find out how the story ends. Reply • I remember the cover very much It had a yellow background with a little girl 8 or 9 in a pink shirt or sweater I think she had blonde hair (or brown i could be wrong) holding a kitten with gray fur and black stripes And I remember some things from the book she had a sleepover with her friend (also a girl) and made brownies with walnuts and mnms with her, she got the cat for her birthday her dad got it for her on his way back form work and I think they did a paper for school where they explained what they find interesting and her friend did a paper on how a praying mantis eats the i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad off of the mate Reply • Looking for a book I read back in the early to mid 2010s.

It was YA fiction. It followed two sisters who had recently become rich when their mom remarried. The parts I remember mostly follow the younger sister, who is notorious for envying other people for things she doesn’t have, namely her older sister’s boyfriend, (possibly named Kevin??) who she has a secret crush on.

The older sister knows about the crush, but doesn’t mind it. There’s a whole scene where the younger sister artfully rips her mom’s old wedding dress (from her first wedding, I think???) to wear as a stylish outfit to a party. The older sister starts crushing on, and even hooks up with some guy with tattoo sleeves (in a sleeping bag??

In the bed of his truck???) while she’s thinking about how she’s over her bf but I think is still technically dating him. She does dump him, and the now ex-bf immediately hooks up with the younger sister and then ditches her. The older sister finds out and is just sad that he used her younger sister and her crush like that.

I think it ends with a flashback of the two girls (pre rich stepdad) sharing a bed during a stormy night because the younger sister is too afraid to sleep alone, but won’t go to their parents because they told her they’d buy her some charm bracelet that other girls have if she stayed in her own bed for a month. And one of the sisters (can’t remember which one) reflects on how the younger one always wants what others have. With all this info, you’d think it’d be easy to find on Google, but I’ve had no luck and I’m about to lose it!

Reply • Hey!! I have been trying to find this book for years, Its about a mentally unstable girl who lives with her two friends one a girl and one a boy, she meets this shrink named Helen and starts to get obsessive over her. The last couple of pages are the main girl in the shower cutting herself all over screaming out Helens name until the guy friend takes her to the hospital???

i know it’s weird but that all I can remember. Thanks! Reply • Looking for a book I read a few years ago. A girl moves to a stable to work there (I think it’s set in the U.K.). There she falls in love with the owner of the stable, who is married. He shows her how to ride a horse.

They start an affair. Later she has to leave the stables without saying him goodbye, as she has a stalker who find her, which is the reason she came to the stable in the first place. It turns out she swapped the identity with a girl she met before while backpacking(?). Reply • Looking for a book I read a few years back around 2010 – all I remember is int was about a kid who beat another kid very badly and ended up at a log cabin and.

jumping into ice water every morning I think he was at the cabin chopping wood and with a probation officer or guardian of some kind. Reply • Looking for a book from about 40 years ago i loved as a child. Im sure the name of it was POG, but that maybe incorrect. Pog was a tip hog type creature that built a bicycle out of scrap feom the tip, like an old mop or rake and other bits. The bike eventually falls apart and pog is upset. Cant remember what happens after that. Reply • Hello, I’m looking for a book that may have been a trilogy.

It’s about a girl who saw ghosts and was an outcast in high school in a small town. A mysterious new guy in town shows up and offers to help her by taking her to a school or something with people with powers like her.

She meets his friend who is an empath and father who is a physicist who time traveled and was stuck in time. The girl has a Colombian best friend whose family owns a coffee shop and is too curious for her own good. This is all I remember about the story. I do recall the cover being purple/pink with a blonde girl walking on the ceiling or something like that.

Does this story sound familiar to anyone? Reply • hi i’m looking for a book i’ve read years ago the book is a trilogy i think, im just not sure…but the book is about a half witch half wolf with elementsl powers like fire, water, wind, earth and divine something…,the name of her wolf is rose i forgot her mates name but her alpha mate had a shield power something and both of them had guardians that has elemental powers too… Reply • I read this really creepy book in middle school with a robin or something on the cover.

It was about this family, I remember the main character was seen as weird and quiet. The only other thing I can remember is that the protagonist’s cousin (her Aunt Jessie’s daughter) died, and her Aunt Jessie kept the body in a drawer (????). Yeah. Reply • Hello I’m looking for a book that I read in elementary school. It is a book based from the Holocaust or WW2, it is about a Jewish boy and he is disguised as a Hitler Youth.

I remember he i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad about 2 friends and one best friend. They all were trying to be a superior hitler youth and they got into a fist fight. And the boy won. And they helped with the one night were they broke all the glass of the Jew’s houses and buildings, it was a famous night. And towards the end, it is just him and his best friend that’s left and the best friend went crazy and tried to kill the boy, but instead the best friend died in snow.

Reply • Looking for a fictional book set during the Civil war. A young girl kills her abusive father, runs away from home dressed as a boy. Being a girl during that time would have been dangerous. She meets a clergy man who believes she’s a boy. He takes her under his wing and eventually finds out he’s a she. They marry then get separated because of the war. Reply • Hi, I am looking for a book that also has a movie I watched the movie very long time ago and I realized it had a book to it and I wanted to read it but never got the chance too.

I do not remember the name of the movie but I do know Wing was in the book title The girl named was Wing and she had a older brother who was very popular in her high school he was a star footballer and he was drank driving with two other dudes and he got into an accident and one of the boys died and he was in a coma and everyone called him a killer.

Her father died he was a police i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad I think and she likes to run. Please I goggled search and everything and nothing came up i am really desperate to find this book Reply • A book called twist of fate I think on the front cover its a young teenage girl it’s fuzzy maybe by a road infront of a big old gate ,in the first few pages of the book it basically says that she runs away from this orphanage where this older guy was giving her attention ,but now she’s on a bus and falls sleep dreaming about a boy she never seen in her life before and they in a place where it snows and thn she wakes up from this dream she had on the bus and she gets off and comes across an old house where she suddenly meets this boy she’s been seeing in her dreams and it turns out his been have dreams about her too, that’s all I can remember from the book could u guys plz help me thank you Reply • I’m eighty-five.

I have forgotten many many books that I have read. However, it galls me that I can’t remember the title and author of this: The main character is a gay English teacher perhaps in Junior College who writes about his partner and their visits to their very charming parents in the country.

They eat ham salad sandwiches. Between each chapter was a wonderful lesson in grammar. Please, if this rings a bell I would love to know whatever information you have, I believe I read this between 1993 to 2000 but I don’t know how old the book was. P.Bova Reply • I read a book a good few years ago. I can’t remember the title or author but it’s about a woman named Leah(main character) who always loved a rich guy.

The rich guy never knew about her existence accept for one night when she visited the pub where her sister works. She then meets her crush there and spend the night with him. She fell pregnant and on a Sunday her father dragged her to church to ask which one of the rich men impregnant her Reply • Please do you recall a short story about some parents who decided they needed to sell their child on ebay – the child was bought by a couple in a big house – it turned out these people had like a pet dragon and they had bought her to feed to the dragon – sounds awful it was a really good/tongue in cheek dramatic book….

Reply • I am looking for a book where a professor and students act as urban archeologists and enter into an old hotel due to be torn down. They find a man who was keeping women and saved their bodies. They also find an old suitcase in one room with a dead monkey in it. I think the hotel was near water way maybe in Jersey where there were rides like the Farris wheel. Reply • I cannot remember the name or author of a book I read back in 1998. I think at the time it was new or fairly new.

Essentially it was a fantasy crime drama. There was a cop trying to solve a case. The antagonist group were using the four horseman as a naming scheme and communicating through some sort of message board if I remember correctly. I do remember that one of them had the ability to mentally conjure a golem or creature. It may have been the same one but someone was able to slow/stop time.

There was a part in the book where they were inside of a warehouse party and the golem creature was going through the crowd as time was slowed/stopped and he was maiming/killing people in the crowd. I don’t remember very much else and would like to reread the book.

I have googled until I am blue in the face. Hopefully someone here will possess the knowledge that I do not have and cannot seem to obtain currently.

Thank you for humoring me. Lol Reply • I’m looking for a children’s book where the main character is a bear. The bear thinks that the moon gives him a hat, then the bear buys the moon a hat. During a windy day, the bears loses the hat due to the wind. The bear climbs up a mountain to have a talk with the moon. During their echo conversation they both have lost their hats and in the end, the echo says that’s ok, I still love you.

Reply • Uhh I’m looking for a book with a red cover, a little girl i think she was 5, she goes too kindergarten or something and I think grade 1’s bully the kindergarteners and, I remember she was in the mud or something in the rain and she gets stuck and can’t move so some guy helps her, some sort of road guy or builder Reply • hello, I’m looking for a book about a girl who is an orphan, and is a woodcarver, she is so good at wood carving that people in the town think she is a witch.

Her only friend is her cat. Somehow, she meets a strange guy and he takes away her shadow in payment for her deepest desire. Her desire was for her cat to talk. I can’t remember the plot of the story but her travels with a Bunge of gyps like people and eventually gets her shadow back. Her cat dies in the end, but comes back to life, but without the acuity to talk anymore.

I vagally remember the cover of the book being a drawing of her laying is a clearing in the forest surrounded by flowers. Reply • Hi I’m looking for a book I think it has like a moon and stars and I think maybe a ladies foot on there.

Basically about two kids in foster homes and they like eachother and I think they go there separate ways because one got adopted and I think earlier in the book the guy finds rose (that’s the girls name) and he’s like a Heroin addict. That’s all I remember. Please help!!!

Reply • Hi sorry, I don’t know the book from which you are talking about. I wanted to ask if anyone knows that book that I am explaining in the following, It is a fictional teen book about a girl who is in a academy for teens and young adults.

It is an academy just like the air force. This girl and another girl, her partner, are flyers for the fastest jets on the air force. He father is the commander or general of the academy, but does not accept her and does not accept her attending the academy. The plot is with a war happening. I think the war is with a type of Chinese or Asian country/people. The enemy has a new jet, or machine, that is faster than the jets the girl and her country are flying.

Then a new team of flyers arrive at the academy and she falls in love with one of the boys. I left off with the teams trying a simulation to try to match the speed on their enemies new machines.

All I know is that the cover of the book was orange. Please help me find the book, anyone!! Any little suggestion will help. I have been going crazy trying to find it and I have searched everywhere and anywhere for it. Reply • Looking for a book a part or a series. It’s about this woman who finds an alien baby/child in a spaceship. The alien race the child is from has some sort of mental powers which humans are wary of and label them as dangerous.

The Woman is a ship captain (I think she is a salvager not 100% sure), she decides to protect the child and return him to where he belongs or somewhere he can be safe. Many people are after them including the child’s uncle, The woman not knowing the man is the child’s uncle runs from his as well.

He thinks she wants to use the child for nefarious reasons and she thinks the same of him. Reply • Am looking for an adult fantasy book featuring two siblings (girl and boy) – there is a prophecy about a white witch and connecting with a black.

The boy is harassed by the sister and her cronies. He owns a cat that turns out to be a mythical creature that saves the community by defeating the evil sister. Reply • Hello, I am looking for a book I saw on Facebook. The title they had was “The Rogue”. It’s about wolves. Does anyone know the real name of the following story. Main characters is Katharine Reed, Justin the alphas son who rejected Katharine and the rogue Alpha Ryan Knight (wolf Luca).

I’ve looked on google and Amazon just trying to find it. Reply • I’m looking for a book I read in 1994 that was 3 or 4 different yet connected stories about women who are witches, or have powers.

One of them falls in love with a werewolf. It’s like a romance novel with some funny and mostly dramatic parts. One of the characters might be named Paget or Palance Reply • not a book but an anime i watched a few years ago, i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad was a movie i watched on netflix and the etails are fuzzy, i do remember howver a girl with a terminal illness, her mother was an alchohalic, she meets a boy, the boy tays with them for a bit, she falls in love i think, an then dies on the beach.

while this is going on there is a parallels with some medieval japanese lore connecting the two as like lost soulmates i think. please help. Reply • The book I’m looking for is a retelling of mulan but has cinderella elements.

The MC’s name isn’t mulan though and it is set in China. It goes with the original story that she needs to go fight because her father can’t, and since her father has trained her from a young age to be a swordsman she’s going to be ok really but she can’t go as herself a girl, so her stepmother uses magic to disguise her as a boy. She gets to the training camp and meets her love interest who is the son of the emperor and thinks he’s the best swordsman.

They fight and she beats him and calls him something like a puffed up rooster, and they eventually become friends. I also remember towards the end of the story she puts on a pair of golden slippers that her mother used to wear and maybe loses one at the palace….

in the end I remember they fall in love and theirs a scene at the end of the book from their wedding night. The frustrating thing is that I can’t remember the name and google can’t find this book. Reply • Book I’m looking for, takes place in the future and there able to travel to different planets.

People have the internet now planted in there heads where they can see messages and stuff. Guy meets a girl while with friends. She had the internet implant later in her life. Her family doesn’t have that stuff and she made the choice. But it does have a sad ending. Reply • The book is about a detective or private detective he wakes up in a dingy hotel room with a young dead women covered in blood beside him and it’s been filmed he likes his jack Daniels then he has to go on a dangerous persuit and he s best friend gets killed I’m not sure how f James Patterson wrote it it’s over ten years ago it was published Reply • Hello!!

I’m looking for a book which I can’t remember the title or author of. The plot is about a young boy who loves running and wishes to pursue it in the future but for now he finds a toy shop which is magical and has an elderly man working in it. Eventually the world discovers this talent of his and he is of to competitions and promises to visit the man but this promise soon slips and he misses more and more occasions.

That’s all I can remember about the book.Thank you!! Reply • Hello! Looking for the title of an interracial book (bwwm). The plot is that the heroine has had multiple miscarriages, and finds out her ex-boyfriend has been drugging her because he did not want children.

The hero saved her when she had to pull over due to suffering from a miscarriage. The hero has a young child. The heroine also designed this watch for the hero’s son. The heroine also meets her birth father near the end of the book. That’s all I can remember about the book. Thank you!! Reply • My daughter (now in her mid 30’s) posed a question about a book she read from her childhood to her mother, sister and me. All she can remember is this rather vague description: “I’m looking for the title of a book I LOVED as a kid/teen.

Its about a girl who snuck up to an attic in her grandma’s (?) house and found a trunk with a dress in it. She put it on and time traveled. There was a also a Christmas book about time travel I believe with the same girl.

I think her name was maybe Mandy/Molly? It’s NOT the Mandie and the Secret Tunnel series i know that” Does not ring a bell for me but both my other daughter and their mother recognized the description but can’t come up with the title, author or anything additional.

Any help/assistance/suggestions greatly appreciated. Reply • I’m looking for a book with a man name Troy, he’s a Pastor/ Christian which I believe is married. A lady, or old time friend came along and she started to lust deeply at Troy but I’m not so sure if Troy had the same feelings or probably he did.

The book describes how Troy looked in the eyes of the woman and I remember it mentioned his eyes were blue. I got this book many years ago for my birthday but wasn’t able to even read 5 chapters because my cousin pressured me to lend her in which I wasn’t going to.

Then I went to her house with it one evening because I was resting when she called me over and I went, I left it there my mistake and I never got it back. Help me please someone. Reply • There was this kids book where this village boy was friends with this troll or giant named Destra and she was the smallest of her kind? I think she was some kind of ice troll or something and there were like three books in the series I think and one of the book covers was purple and some kind of chess game.

I remember specifically that the girls name was Destra and she was either a giant or a troll and that she was the smallest Reply • Okay, so here’s what I remember from all those years ago 1972-1974.

This book is about two boys that find a crusty old book in their garage. The book is about a secret club. Inside it has lots of illustrations including instructions on how to make a paper mask, a spear and other things that are used in the secret society.

It’s a short book, I remember it having a green cover with kids in masks. I don’t even know where to start looking for this book and I need to show it to my 5 year old boy cause he would love it! Thanks! Reply • I’m looking for a book I read back in the 1970’s, about a high school girl from a small town is beaten and r_-_- i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad a park by the “rich, popular guy on campus”.

She didn’t report it to the police because the few people she shared her story with were very unsupportive. Although her life feels shattered she continues by moving to another town across the country to attend college trying to forget this nightmare.

Years later she sees that this same “rich, popular guy” has risen in the political arena and is now running for Senator/Congressman, she then volunteers to work on his election committee … after all the years that have passed he has absolutely no idea who she is … and she turns the table on him … don’t want to give away the ending!

Reply • I’m looking for a book about a girl she ends up lying to her mother and sister saying she has the perfect guy named Adam that is a business man so they wanna meet him and she says she’ll bring him to her sister’s wedding She finds a hot guy named Adam at the gym they start hanging out for a while and beome close sleeping together but one night she wasn’t in the mood and he force’s himself on her and he neighbor walks in fighting Adam That’s all I remember please help Reply • looking for a romantic novel with a cute baby picture on the cover with a quote be careful what you wish for about a virgin girl who travels across the country to get married to a guy who had an ugly scar on his face.

It was an arranged marriage but she ends up falling in love with him and they have a son. the only name I remember from the book is Lucein. Reply • I’m looking for a book about a lady who’s husband and daughter go missing, the lady doesn’t know if there dead or alive.

Years later the main character is trying to solve the mystery. The cover is blue. The main character is a girl. There are one or two LGBTQ+ characters. I think it’s for teens. Mystery. Reply • So I don’t remember the title, author or book cover all I remember is that it’s about a girl who lost her diary and now these group of boys have it and in order to recover it she has to face her fears of what she wrote in her diary so the boys dare her to do the what they say or they will expose her diary (for example she wrote about having a crush on a guy and wanting to kiss him but doesn’t have the guts to do it but the boys dare her to go to a party and kiss the guy by the end of the night.

Another example is when they read that she is scared to sing out in the public but they force her to sing karaoke in a coffee shop) I been trying to look for the book for a long time pls help me!!

Reply • I’ve looked everywhere to find this book I read long ago. I only remember vague details. There was a teen girl who moved to this big house in a small town right next to the ocean with her younger brother and mom I believe. It was written from the teen girls perspective, I believe. She had the room on the top floor and there was a point when she jumped or fell into the ocean. There was a passage in the book where she goes outside and sees her brother playing by some trees in their yard.

I can’t remember if there was a boy involved for a love interest, but there may be. That’s all I can remember. It’s driving me insane that I cannot remember this book. Thank you so much for any help.

I’ve googled every word combination I can think of but nothing is helping. Reply • Romance book:women either cheated on or left at the alter decides to move to the beach. Meets wealthy neighbor who I think is ex military.

She ends up with her bridesmaids with a bonfire burning their dresses. Her and the neighbor get to get her. He does work in another country trying to help them become more self sufficient. Reply • I remember the beginning it was girl who’s mom got a call from the hospital and her uncle was in the hospital (potentially??)) her mom had a jeep they drove in. When they arrived at the hospital there was a church in the hospital. A girl who had cancer talked to mc and mc would pray for her.

Later on something happens where her mom put up a T with her arms to sign it ment a time out. Mc later meets up with an old friend and ends up spending the day with her. They make brownies (i think) and she goes to a diner with them. They ride boats on the lake and one of the boats has a ladybug on it. This is all I remember about it.

Reply • Main person is Robyn, she was a journalist that was investigating hotel or building fires and her husband or boyfriend died in a hotel fire. She testified and was put in the witness protection program. Robyn is a teacher now.

While out for a run she met a new tenet in her apartment which she became involved with and he turned out the be a lawyer. In the mean time her protection officer Shelia shows up and gets involved with the lawyer’s brother. In the end Shelia is being paid to kill her.

Sorry I can remember the name’s of the males just the females. Reply • Book I read around 5th grade I’m 21 now it is two book it’s a sequel written by a women I think about a bunch of kids on some bus and I feel like the word twist or twister or something like that is involved and the cover is red with like a bus and kids on the cover and the other is purple and I think yellow with a.

Bus and kids also !! That’s all I know but I rmeber the covers Reply • Children ‘s book … It was sponsored by a paint company. It was 3 painting bears who each liked to paint one of the 3 primary colors they fell & made a mess & the book showed all the colors red, blue & yellow made…my son loved it but I remember it…I Xerox it but lost it & the book was falling apart.

I got it at a 2nd hand store so 1970’s or 1980’s he is 30 just wondering if you know of this book Thank you for this website Lh Reply • I am desperately trying to remember the name or author of 3 novels with the same character.

I think the author was an x lawyer or investigator. Genre is crime, thriller. I think the 3 novels were his only publications. Character was a guy who grew up in the Bronx or Harlem and became a lawyer.

He got an innocent African American off death row and the 2 became friends and business partners. It’s not John Grisham or Peter James but similar style. I read them about 15 years ago so must have been published around the early 2000s. Someone asked me my favourite books and these were it because after i read the first one i got the next two and holed myself up until i finished them which i have never done before or since.

I have tried google but no luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Reply • im looking for this book i read a few years ago and only remembered when i was listening to the song dandelions!! it had a cover of a dandelion and a few things i remmeber are, it was a pov of a schoolgirl, and sumth related to her grandma dying or mum and hospitals, and sum secret i have no idea Reply • Hi im looking for a book I read when I was in 5th or 6th grade in 2010 about a girl living in a grey town and everyone was grey and Im pretty sure she was an orphan and then something happens and I think she went a boat and was at a place full of color and she finds out that she’s meant to be there.

Please help Reply • In the 1970s, I came across an adult black-and-white comic book while traveling through the Midwest with my parents.

The magazine might have been “Creepy” or “Eerie.” I was a child, and my folks wouldn’t have bought me a comic book intended for mature readers. Standing in the store, I didn’t have time to read the whole thing, but I can still recall a sequence where a scrawny, long-haired man enters a young woman’s home — possibly a secluded cabin in the woods — with an enormous blade.

He slices her belly open and pulls out a new-born infant. I remember how black and sticky the blood looked. Does anybody know what that was? Reply • Hi, to anyone reading this I’m trying to find a graphic novel in black-and-white from my earlier school years, but can’t remember title or author.

The parts i remember aren’t necessarily consecutive, but in order from the start to end. The (?) means that i can’t actually remember the specifics or not certain of detail. The [skipping pages] means that i skip through the book, so the next detail that happens isn’t automatically after prior detail. It involves genocidal robots, and is set in a modern/futuristic setting, that transits to a ruined city/desert.

During an attack on a city/town(?), one of the robots was left in a critical condition. Nearby, a young boy on the verge of death was lying there, facing upwards, and is shown with most of his right side of his body crushed/gone. Searching for a means of survival, the robot assimilates with the young boy’s body, as the boy black-out from the pain wondering what was going to happen.

The robot, possessing the boy’s body, then uses his metallic appendages to “fill” the right side of the body, assuming the form of his right eye, right hand, and right leg, making up the right-hand side of his body, with the excess trailing behind him as metallic tendrils, similar to other robot tentacles, as his upper body is mostly exposed/shirtless. Haven taken control of the body, the newly defined “cyborg” then heads towards a certain scientist/engineer’s home, then proceeds to take his life.

Having regained consciousness, the boy’s will breaks through the robots dominance and tells the scientist to flee, but the robot then regains control and crushes the scientist with his robotic hand. After the assassination, a young girl, presumed to be the daughter of the scientist, oblivious to the murder, was found by the cyborg. Unlike the scientist, she was spared, and followed the cyborg, side-by-side. As for the young boy, his consciousness taking the form of his original body, was trapped in a “mental jail” with the robot’s intact mental form standing there as his warden(?), but the boy unable to regain control of his body, in spite of his pleas towards the robot, as he ends up swallowed (by chains, memories or darkness, that part is hazy, with the next part).

[this was the first half of the graphic novel i can remember “clearly”, this second part is nearer the second-half, mostly near the end. I don’t know any details, so i can’t say why for the events that happens next] Wandering the sand-like wastelands, the two come across a gang/clan of motorcycle riding scavengers, only about 5-to-10(?) years older than the boy, with a woman/young lady as the ringleader.

The cyborg also seems to have no ill will(?) towards them, and he, the girl, and the gang travel together. As they go, the young boy, unable to affect the robot, watches(?) as he is unable to reassume control. [skipping pages] After a while, a piggybank-sized piece of debris from the ruined buildings fell on top of the young girl’s head as the bike leader cries out.

The debris hits the young girl, causing a nasty dent in her head. Then unexpectedly, the damage just automatically healed, with the young girl’s chirpy demeanor unchanged, despite the shock on the multiple biker’s faces.

It then turns out that, unbeknown to the cyborg, the young girl was an android human, created by her “father”.

[skipping pages] An genocidal robot, hunting down the “defective”(?) robot that makes up the cyborg, then confronts and procedes to “terminate” the cyborg, as the cyborg fights back in an “self-presavation” manner, as the boy cries out for control as the physical pain (?) from the confrontation, shocks the boy’s mental body.

In a moment of rage, (half-remembering a quote: “sometimes all that’s left is power”) the boy jumps on the robot’s mental body, wrapping it in ink-black shadows, causing the robot’s control to cease. Immediately regaining control of his body, the boy plunges his left human hand through the hunter robot’s body/frame and as the oil sprays from the hunter, (may be misremembering this next part) his mental body and physical body say the same phrase: “I won’t let you take control anymore!” After the confrontation, the cyborg’s mental world shifts roles, as the boy’s mental body stands before a chained-up robot, as they exchange words.

As the boy’s mental body turns to leave, he notes to the robot that the robot’s speech pattern has started to resemble more that of a human. Parting ways with the bikers, the cyborg and young girl/android continues to wander together. (This should be on/near the last page of the graphic novel) The two, standing on top of the dunes of sand, looks towards the horizon. As the young android maintains her upbeat look, the cyborg’s dull eyes gives no indication of who is in control. (last panel) And that is all the main details i can recall, while i’m unsure of this being the start of a series, or just a stand-alone book, i am certain that this book should have been published before the year 2013.

This novel stood out in my memories due to the internal conflict of boy and robot, as they share a crude fusion of their bodies. I’m also about 80% certain that this is a graphic novel, as opposed to manga, due to the reading direction of left to right.

Reply • This book had seven? main characters and each character had a tattoo of a planet on their wrist. Each character also had a power.

I remember one had the powers of a seer (she was female), one could create power balls and sense the energy or aura of a person (also female). Normally the one who could sense auras would see a cloud like substance around the person she is looking at and it would either be white, light gray, dark gray, or black.

But she comes across individuals that have other colors in their aura such as green, yellow, red, blue, etc…these colors are from science experiments that changed the seven individuals genes? DNA? Six of the individuals had found each other and were drawn to the female who senses auras, whom they found walking?

on the side of the road. The young woman had hitchhiked to a town? I’m not sure. And she had accidently left a bag in the mans (the person who had picked her up) truck. She was told where the man lived and started to walk there, which is where the group of six had found her. They dropped her off at the farm and waited while she asked for her bag, but when the door opened to the farmhouse? she fainted.

That’s most of what I remember. Oh, and the young woman had a strange connection to the man who was one of the six. She and the other six had lost their memories, were given money, ID’S, and stayed at different hotels. But the woman was known to sleepwalking and had sleepwalking into an alleyway a few blocks?

from the hotel she was supposed to be staying at. Also this book is one of a series and is a Kindle fantasy fiction book. Reply • So I’m from the UK, England to be specific (might make a difference!).

This was 100% a short story, or an extract of a story that was edited into an anthology of short stories for children. I’d say between say I was between 7 and 10 which would be in the late ’90s and early ’00s. I thought it was the puffin “Stories for 8 year olds,” but I don’t think it is. So I’d be over the moon and ever so grateful if you know what it is called! We don’t have the book at home anymore so I unfortunately can’t just go and look it up anymore.

So the story was about a Mum who was really silly and scatty. I vaguely remember that the beginning of the story was the young girl was trying to get to school (I think it was school) on time as she was always late, and I think it was winter.

The girl was all wrapped up in their winter coat with hat, scarf, and gloves etc. She was waiting by the front door and calling up the stairs to her mum saying hurry up! When the mother eventually came downstairs she was wearing summer clothes.

I have a feeling that it was she was wearing a sparkly silver top with spaghetti straps, a short (bright, maybe yellow) skirt and strappy heels even though it was snowing outside and they had to walk to get to the school. The mum may have even had just one shoe bc she couldn’t find the other shoe. Maybe it was the shoes that were silver and sparkly instead of the top. Or even both! It was basically a role reversal where the girl was the mum and the mum was the child. So the girl made the mum go back upstairs and change.

I have a very vague memory of her wearing a woollen scarf, but it was really eclectic and mismatched. It was homemade and made up from lots of different sizes of wool, so many colours that made no sense and looked like the scraps and leftover bits had just been thrown in there.

There were bits of wool poking out where the ends of the cut wool hadn’t been tucked into the scarf. I think it was made up of different pieces which were different widths and lengths then sewn together. But it really seemed to represent the mother and her scatty, creative, oddball self! In my opinion anyway. There may have also been a baby in a pushchair possibly wearing like a winter coat onsie thing and mittens and hat etc, but it could also have been the girl when she was younger, I really cannot recall.

I think it was a sibling though as I think I remember her saying that the baby was getting too hot so she needed to get ready quickly. Lastly, I thought that there was an extract of “The Diary of a Killer Cat” in the book too; I want to say it was one of the last stories, but throughout my many many attempts at Googling this, I cannot seem to find it ever being part of an anthology type children’s book.

And if it was in a collective book, it may not be the same one that the mum/daughter story/extract was in. Anyway, so unfortunately that is all I can remember. I hope it’s enough and someone knows what I’m going on about! This has been bugging me for so long and I’ve spent hours and hours and hours looking for it with no success. I think I’ve found every childhood story in the world bar the one I desperately wish to find!

I just remember loving the story so much and would reread it constantly, so I would just love to know which story I was so obsessed with as a child! So yeah, if you can help I would be so so grateful! Thank you! Reply • My husband went to Sacred Heart School in the Bronx, remembers being read a story by nuns and it was about a moth searching for the light….the moth was always so busy and did not follow when the kings and all the other animals followed.so now the moth is always wandering looking for Jesus.

I would love to find out the name.Perhaps in the late 60’s? Reply • Need help looking for book, any help appreciated – For about 8th graders – about a man who created a monster (not Frankenstein before you you suggest it lol) – the monster is misunderstood when he tries to connect with civilians – throughout the novel the i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad and the creator are fight and argue bc of their feud – the monster wants a companion That’s all i can remember, Thanks!

Reply • I am looking for a book that had a sort of blue colour and it was mainly hardback. It had 4 or 3 children on the cover and there was an aeroplane flying above them in it. The story was about some couple of kids that messed around in a house, they drank some toilet water because they couldn’t find any other source of food and said that it tasted of crystals or something, i can’t remember properly.

There was this Pilot as well who got injured and then out of the 3/4 children, there was one girl who helped stitch up his wound and I can’t really remember anything else, except that the next book in the series had a red-coloured book.

Reply • Trying to hunt down this book! Here’s what I have: Childrens book Olive green, matte finish hardcover w/o dust jacket Letter size (8x11ish) About teddy bears. Whole variety of teddy bears – I vaguely remember a punk or goth bear (dressed in black biker attire), frizzy bear, smooth bear…basically every type of teddy bear.

Book is 90s or earlier. I’ve almost given up. Help! Reply • It’s a girl who loves this one band and she met a girl over social media who is also a big fan of them.

The band organized a concert in the uk and the girl decided to go there with her friend she met on the internet. She ends up inviting some guy who was interested in the friend and pretended to like the band. In the band was that one guy who had some issues i think and some people revealed who one of the guys was dating. I remember the cover was yellow and had tiny people on it. Reply • Here’s a challenge. I posted thison Oct 3 2015. It’s not on earth. It’s not Anne McCaffreys talent series (pegasus in flight specifically keeps being mentioned.) The main character is Twilla I believe PIF has a female named Tirla but it isn’t the same book.

I read this book around or slightly before 2008. It was a paper back. Everything I know/remember is in this Goodreads link. I’ve even tried the library of Congress but nothing came of it. https://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/17518800-he-s-37-and-ruler-of-his-lands-she-s-17-was-abandoned-by-her-family-sh Reply • I can’t really remember the title or author of the book. A young college teacher (by college, i mean high school.

the beginning of the story is based in the UK, so yeah there they say college) who was probably 21-25yrs old. She worked in an all boys college. The boys had to wear uniforms. There was this one “popular” boy who was well-known, well educated, handsome and all teachers liked him, and he had a ‘crush’ on that young teacher.

I think the teacher also had a crush on him, but I’m not sure. After a lot of misunderstandings and confusion, they spent their first night together (both were virgins, i believe) in an cabine/lodge/inn. Their relationship was kind of a mess but they fell head over heels for each other. The young teacher got pregnant (but the boy didn’t know). Oh oh i forgot to mention, he has a crooked tooth.

the author always seems to mention that. She decides to break the relationship between him and travels to another country(i don’t know where but i believe somewhere in Europe). She gives birth to a daughter, the meets another man who is rich and loves to handle with antiques and goes to antique auctions a lot.

They start a relationship. The three of them are happy together but. she can’t stop thinking about the crooked tooth boy. Time passes and crooked tooth boy and young teacher meet again, she gets pregnant again with his child, a boy is born. The rich man knows about her relationship with crooked tooth boy but is not mad? And he even doesn’t say anything about it. In the last few chapters, the rich man dies of stress and old age.

but then i can’t remember anything thing else. Please help me find this book. I can’t stop thinking about it. Reply • this summary is going to be confusing but that is because i have not read the full novel. it’s only 42 pages and is self published. my english teacher reads pages to us as a joke in our creative writing class and im desperate to find it so i can read it myself.

the story is about a girl from canada with a police officer as her dad. dead mermaids keep washing up on shore and of course she wants to figure out why. the mermaid king is a horrible man and replaced the main characters father a long time ago. apparently the dad is thousands of years old. he was the merman king but left the ocean to “follow jesus.” towards the end of the story the merman king tries to kill the dad, but jesus shines through his stab wound and heals him….if anyone has read this or heard about it PLEASE LET ME KNOW.

a quote i remember from the book had something to do with scars or cuts looking like “lines from a squishy zebra.” i’m sorry for the vague explanation, i really wish i knew more. i have looked absolutely everywhere but have had no luck whatsoever Reply • I am looking for a book that I read when I was younger (early/mid 2010s) that I’m pretty sure is part of some sort of series/triology.

From the remnants of my memory the cover had pink stripes and ??I think an illustration of a young girl?? The book is set in France and is about a girl living with her aunt and siblings/cousins.

My memory is really foggy, but I clearly remember enjoying the book. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thank you 🙂 Reply • Fantasy, possibly YA, read around 2010, a girl ends up in a castle and thinks she’s the only human there but finds a wolf there and decides to stay up one night and hides a candle under her pillows and discovers a man instead It’s kind of similar to a Beauty and the Beast story but it’s not a disney themed one. After the girl sees the guy I know she wakes him up and he’s super angry about it and talks about a curse.

I think she needs to love him to break it, but I don’t remember. Reply • Hey any one know name manga? It about high schools trip in airplane suddenly disappeared to strange I found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad Boy (I forgot all names) only one at first he keep walking until he met other survivors and they met strange tiger beast with long tooth, and large bird that should not exist in long history dinosaur eta, they kept walking until found crashed landing plane boy was worried looking his childhood girl who is waiting in room with blanket covered they cried Reunited together, they decided look other survivors (all high schoolers, and adults) They faced all danger in forest of island, especially dinosaur times.

Reply • sorry but i do not know can you help me out; in this book a boy has to leave his family for some strange training because his parents don’t know but robots are going to invade earth .kids who got informed where to be sent for training. also he has a kind sister and brother who he is scared of.

Reply • Hi I read this book two years ago and the cover was light blue with a boy and girl on it, it about a boy and a girl and when and the boy would fall asleep out of no where the girl would wake up and the boy can see what the girl is seeing and same the other way around. That is all I can really remember please please help Reply • Hello, I read a book in 6th grade and I am looking for it again. It was a series, and I remember the cover. The girl had red curly hair (which was often mentioned in the book).

She had a symbol on her hand which I remember she was scratching in one scene. She had powers because of this symbol. She is visited by a handsome guy who is often said to look “golden.” She stands in front of a gate to a mansion on the cover.

She also had to stay in the mansion after a family member dies. Also, the handsome guy was evil and his name started with an A I believe. A scientist guy dies in a hospital scene too. Please help! I can see the cover in my head but I can’t think of it! Reply • I recently read a book that I found would be great for my daughter to read.

The book Is a E Book has 15 chapters. It was about this woman who has written 24 or 25 books. In the book It talked about this man and woman that knew one another and were friends. He went into service where he lost one of his arms but he didn’t let It bother him. And years apart this woman had a friend that had twins and was on drugs and ask her friend would she take care of them.

And later she had an accident with the twins with her and her long lost guy friend came to her rescue and right now Is all I can come up with. I’d love to find this book! Reply • This book is a work of non-fiction. The author’s parent move from place to place. Dad did not always had a job.

Some time family will be hungry, there is no food in the refrigerator. There were 4 siblings. Author is the 3rd in the line. With hard work and luck, she ends up in New York. and then her two older sister and brother moved there. Eventually Parents move to NY, and going thru trash cans finding food.

Author happened to find a place in Park avenue or 5th avenue. Any help is appreciated. Reply • I read a paperback in the late 70’s I enjoyed and can’t remember the title. If memory serves there was a young female (unsure if girl or young woman). Seems like she was sent to or went to, possibly in hiding/escape, a different planet. There was a large creature, long hair, possibly mammoth or elephant size.

I recall imagery of long billowing golden? grass/wheat that the creatures ate. I believe it gave them abilities? I think she was able to communicate telepathically with the creatures. Possibly teleport also. Please help… it’s driving me crazy lol. I’ve searched every which way I could think of.

Reply • I’m looking for a book a read a couple of years ago. It was a young adult romance novel and I remember the boy would always say how the Latina girl’s eyelashes were very long. She worked at a gas station (I think) and saw him robbing his own grandfather who messed himself, but he was wearing a face covering so she didn’t discover it was i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad until later.

Reply • I’m looking for a book that starts off with the dad beating his daughter and telling her she better not tell anyone. She takes a shower and lets the water wash the blood off her back from the beating she just got!

She gets dressed for school. She was born with blue hair. She is bullied at school. She doesn’t talk, she sit in the back of all her classes. She sits by herself at lunch. The teachers don’t even say anything to her. She wears her hoodie pulled over her head to hid her face. Then one day 3 new boys come to the school and she thinks she may have a friend. But she fines out that’s not the case. I would like to know the name of this book.

Please Reply • Theres 5 best friends, two girls, Three boys, two of them are brothers the third boy is dating one of the girls (main character). They are each in a car and they get into an accident. One of the boys die which is the main characters best friend and also one of the brothers.

The main character gets a bunch of scars and gets really insecure (she named her scars, one of them was called idaho”. The main characters boy friend cheats on her with the other girl.

The brother that is still alive moves away and the main character and him start talking and emailing each other. They end up getting really close and end falling for eachother. He ends moving back and they hang out for the summer. The Ex boy friend and Ex girl best friend try getting her to talk to them, in hope of becoming friend and boy friend again.

Brother and main character get together. Main character has this stuffed animal that had all her secrets in. She has a summer check list that she wants to end up finishing before the summer ends. 1. to wear a tank top in public 2. to drive a car again 3. to go to the fountain of youth 4. to kiss a boy without flinching. She goes to the junk yard almost every morning and hangs out there. Her and the boy end up together and he helps her with her checklist.

Her secrets start to come out of her stuffed animal and get mailed to her. She gets really sad about boy best friend being dead. The two brothers family and the main characters family end up going camping together along with the ex boyfriend and ex best friend. They go paint-balling together and the main character starts arguing with ex boyfriend.

They end up going to fountain of youth in the end of the book. Please get back to me soon Reply • I am looking for a short story i read in Grade 8 or 9 in which a man is pursued by a robot (alien?) that matches his speed until he overcomes his victim. But by the time this man is caught he lost too much weight so he was let go. This is fairly old because i read it about 35 years ago but the story has always stuck with me. I appreciate any insight you can give me Reply • Looking for two children’s story book The first colour is kind of dull brown yellow,I thinkthe boy was being chased by trolls(am not sure)at the ending part of the story the meanest troll was about falling into a bottomless pit when he beg the boy saying “help us” even though he was the only one about to fall He fell though ,the boy didn’t save him he wasn’t that naive.

The second story is about a bear (not sure) and the books contains different chapters on different lives of the bear there was this this chapter he was with a man smoking a cigar this story is a bit colourful compared to the first one,there was this chapter where the bears(I think the main bear and other members) were hanging upside down on poles and this particular chapter was all green I received both books as a gift around 2008 Reply • I’m looking for a short story about a husband who’s wife (iirc) sends an assassin to kill him.

The man goes into his safe for some reason at which point he subtly manages to get the glass the assassin was drinking from into the safe. The man says to the assassin that if he kills him, the police will be able to find him using his fingerprints found on the glass that’s now in the safe. The assassin accuses the man of bluffing since there were two glasses. We can’t be sure if it actually is the assassin’s glass in the safe or not.

Anyway, the man turns the tables and essentially gets the assassin to kill his wife instead. Reply • Im looking for a book about a teen who goes to a swimming club that was basically Christian, i think.

He deals with a bully and a bunch of his cronies. I think they break his goggles and as revenge he and his friends fill his swimming bag with mud. The climax is that the bully falls into the pool and he is panicking and drowning and the main character saves him and they become friends Reply • Looking for a book that in late 1970’s in which a young girl was having difficult time getting along with her mother and she is traveling on a train and falls asleep and wakes up and discovers she is in 1940’s and meets young girl who was her mother and learns to understand her mother and their relationship from the experience.

Any help on this title is greatly appreciated! Reply • I’ve been looking for a book that I read when I was 14 (more than 10 years ago), I cannot remember the name and unfortunately, I remember very few things of the plot. The cover has a sword and I believe the title has something to do with knights but haven’t found anything related on my search in google.

The book is set on the medieval age, there’s this ‘boy’ that wants to become a knight and helps young Arthur (this i’m not entirely sure) with his quests to become a royal knight, at the very end there’s a plot twist in which the main character is not a boy but an undercover girl.

I remember enjoying so much this book but forgot the name completely. Any help is greatly appreciated. Reply • So there was this book I read once but I forgot the name but it was about 3 teenagers, 1 girl and 2 boys and they were all around the same age. They escaped from the police and their family because they were going to be sent off to died in pretty sure and they came across each other. At first they all didn’t trust each but then they grew on one another.

The girl and the oldest guy started falling in love. I also remember a part about them being at a airplane graveyard with other teens like them. Reply • There was a book I read in high school, about eleven years ago. I cannot remember the title or the author but I remember a few vivid details. I recall there being a serial killer targeting women. A man with no association to the killer whatsoever (becomes entangled with the killer by chance) sees a beautiful redheaded woman on a train/subway and this woman happens to become the killer’s next target.

There is a climactic ending to the book with the main character being injured, but he survives, and I think the redhead does as well. I feel like I remember the main character owning a bike or a motorcycle of some kind. Reply • 1985-1987 novel blue cover and don’t have author or title only read last 5 pages and male character in a rage strangles a female character who doesn’t resist as she turns cyanotic and onlookers cannot rescue her.

He ends up in mental institution. Could involve Hollywood/Broadway 1920s-30s. Reverse engineering plot victim may have saved another couple from the villain she schemed with and knew that she might would probably be killed for betrayal but for redemption and and justice she sets it up in public with witnesses to assure he receives appropriate comeuppance.

Reply • The plot has the woman acting as an assistant to the assassin but she is the assassin herself. In one of the assignments, she uses balloons filled with some combustible gases I think for some birthday party and the detectives roll out the roof to save the target and a bunch of others. Darn!!! I don’t remember the thriller’s name … It could be Agatha Christie, Clive Cussler, Ludlum, Wilbur Smith, … I don’t know….

Any help folks? Reply • I am looking for a book, in this book there was this girl who was sent to a rich boarding school by her parents(her mother also went to the same school) she later found out that her grandmother owned the school and her uncle took drastic measures just to become the owner of the school.

Her uncle kidnapped her?? Invaded the school?? She fell in love with one of the boys who would climb her window at night. They found out one of their teachers was an insider for her uncle. Reply • I am looking for a book.it is about a n active girl who was the cream on the top in her organisation who was killed by one of her colleagues while on a mission.she resurrected in a rich woman body who was about to be divorced.the woman has give birth to a boy.the boy nickname is”sun” i think.i guess this is all what I can remember about the book Reply • I am looking for a book about a young girl, I think she might’ve been adopted or was in some type of mental hospital.

There were three books to the series, the first has a blue cover with her face on it, the second has an orange cover with her face and a boys face on it, and the third has a purple cover.

I think her name might have been Jodi if I am remembering correctly. Reply • I want to reread a book that I read a long time ago. A man comes home early from a business trip and brings home take out food that has been cooked in peanut oil.

His son has a little friend spending the night. The man gives the little boy a drink of water in a glass that has a trace of oil from his fingers. The boy dies of a peanut allergy. Reply • read many years ago, book was fantasy/sci i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad style and has something to do with travel thru time or maybe dimensions i can remember a deck of cards was very important but not why and something to do with doors….

I remember something about the character near beginning being attack by some kind of animal like hell hound or tiger or something similarish. I have been trying to remember this title for YEARS. read in the mid to late 90’s…… Reply • I’m looking for a book my sister told me she’d read a long time ago I think it’ll be a nice Christmas present for her if I find it.

All she was able to remember about the story is that it centers around 2 sisters whose parents are on the older side and emotionally distant and one day they get nanny but it turns out to be the spirit of their dead oldest sister that they did not know. In the end it brings the whole family closer. Reply • Looking for a book I used to read my daughter, in the mid 90’s.

It was shaped like a heart and was pink. I still remember the words, it started “on Valentines Day I gave Sally a card, she gave me some chocolates some mushy some hard. I ate all chocolates, they tasted so fine. I gave none to Sally. Why should I their mine” I can actually dictate the whole book……….really want to get this book for my grandaughter.

thank you!!! Reply • I remember reading this book and it was about an Indian boy who got blamed for stealing laptops in his school and he got sent to a military school and then he got bullied and then he goes into a time freeze and then he finds other people of his military school and he saw velociraptors and then him and his friends get a drone that you can ask questions.

Reply • The story is from the point of view of a white boy during the civil war era. He runs into a black woman that used to live in his town and her young mixed son. The woman dies in childbirth and makes him promise to deliver her son to his white relatives.

I remember the boys got split up for a bit because the white boy gets hit in the head with a gun during a riot and is laid up in bed for two weeks. The white relatives end up not taking the mixed boy and I think he ends up living with a group of runaway slaves at the end. I read the book in either middle school or high school. Reply • I am trying to remember a book I read as a teen so my teenager can read it too. It’s about a teenage girl returning back to her hometown where her mother mysteriously drowned in the lake.

It’s a mystery thriller, she has a necklace that begins to tighten and choke her, there’s a rope that ties in a knot and at the end of the book she get hit in the head and falls in the lake. It’s almost like a Nancy drew book Reply • I remember reading this one book. So basically this girl ends up in the woods, and finds a stream of water under a pile of rocks. Before she drinks this guy stops her. Im pretty sure he has two brothers or something like that. They explain to her that your immortal after you drink from there, its a curse and stuff.

You cant die no matter what. ANd they proceed to walk her out of the woods where he house it or smth. I know she ends up meeting with them again and falls in love with one of them. He gives her a tiny bottle with the water and says its her choice to become immortal to stay with him. He then goes away cause of a crime or smth. He comes back years later to see if she did it and realized she died in a house i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad with her mother.

And i know theres something crime involved cause they said hey can never be caught and if they were and got hung, they cant due and they would be found out Reply • This one book I read back in 6th grade I don’t remember much but I think it’s about this group of friends that sneak into a guy’s backyard or some where they’re not supposed be but then they find one of the friends body’s in an ally please even if your not sure just throw out names you might think it could be that’s all I remember Reply • Looking for a book I read about 8 years ago.

I don’t remember much about it but here it is: A boy was thrown into water off a cliff of some sort by I believe his brother, to die. It then turns out he has some power, and he is able to separate the oxygen molecules from the hydrogen molecules in the H2O and he survives. I believe he ends up realizing he has telekinesis. That’s all I remember but I’m almost positive the title had something to do with the word freak.

Reply • Looking for a book I read at 12. Dark cover with things like wands around the perimeter. (Same type of style as the hazel wood) about a girl who gets kicked out of Catholic Church and has to work with her mom at a mansion. There are Roumers that the wife who owns the house is crazy. She’s always locked in her room and complains about the food being salty, however a lot of special sugar is always added to her food.

Long story short, It turns out that the husband was on purpose giving his wife this “sugar” which turned out to be something very salty and if taken in high doses (which the wife was) can make the person very dependent on it and kind of kookoo. The young girl found ways to communicate with the wife by hiding in the dumbwaiter, she ended up helping the wife escape and they confronted the husband, who they blackmailed to leave this state and go under a different name.

Reply • The wife was the technical owner of the house, as it used to be her fathers. I think the husband wanted to own it but I’m not sure. There was some stuff about pomegranates involved greatly but I can’t remember why. (Searching my brain rn for any other facts) the girl used to help the cook make the food and give it to the wife but she forgot the “sugar” once, which made the wife that was dependent on it go on a rampage, after that she wasn’t allowed in there and had to Clean instead.

She wife used to be very popular, I think she was either a model or actress. The young girls mother was in love with the husband. There was a servant dude who was Italian or French. I think he was some infamous person who was either an assassin, or hes bombed some places.

But he went under a fake name and that’s how he got the job. Reply • Im trying to find this book i read when i was around nine, it was a novel. Light blue cover with either black or right writing, but im pretty sure it was black.

It was known, back then, this was around 2015-16. I only remember it being very deep talking about life, it had an almost dazey feeling to it, but that might just be because of my dazed memory. Reply • I read this book when I was around 12 and I haven’t been able to find it since. it was a little paperback novel. couldn’t have been no more than three to four hundred pages the cover I remember was black with metallic dark blue writing.

The beginning of the novel was about a child who had recently moved to a new place with his parents they were building a home and as they were digging the ground for the basement I do believe these little creatures would come out at night time and the creatures killed his mother.

I lost the book before I could read past the third chapter so I don’t know any more about it hopefully somebody has read it and could point me in the right direction. Reply • I’m trying to find a book from my childhood but I think it might have been a graphic novel.

It was a series about a kid who went on adventures with his friends named after animals for example Monkey and Rhino. They also had a friend or rival who was a girl that did ballet and a specific memory of the book was when They said she took nibbles of her toast so she can still be skinny.

I remember from one of the covers was them carrying a rolled up carpet onto the train. Another memory was when the main character was trying to do something nice for the mom and tried to soak her feet with hot water but ended up burning her.

Reply • It was a trilogy series I think. It was set in ireland or the highlands I think. The main character’s name was rose. The boy that her and her sister fell in love with was named Jamie. But rose’s sister tricks jamie by seeping with him so he and her sister cannot be married. I oved it but never got to finish the second book. I want to find it Reply • So my husband has been talking about a book from his childhood but he cant remember the title or author!.

Its about a city full of wizards who get kickced out of the city if they have no magic, the main character gets kicked out as it apears that he has no magic but it turns out that jis magic is based on luck, for example if he where getting chased by a giant he would fall over just in the right place that he did not get trampled on.

My husband cant seem to tell me more than that, just its a book about wizards who get kicked out of the city if they have no magic. I know its a long shot but thanks in advanced anyway! Reply • So the story is about this girl who as I recall was popular I believe and she gets pregnant. A guy and this girl meet and this guy has trauma over believing he killed his bestfriend when they got into a fight on the sidewalk and the friend fell into the road and got hit by a car.

Since the girls baby daddy isn’t in the picture anymore since her family would be dissapointed by who the father is this guy offers to be the father as in the girl tells her family he is the father.

Throughout the story this boys mom or sad knows that he isn’t the father. The cover as I recall was a red cover with an illustration of the silhouette of a boy and girl sitting on a bench with a stork in the air. Reply • Im trying to find an audio book about a boy whos father was a detective who had died and left him his car and taught him that if someone who wore glasses was found dead from an apparent suicide but the they still had their glasses on were murdered.

He worked for a bakery and met a girl who was richer than he was. They eventually broke apart even though she still said she wanted to be with him.

Around the that time he recently met a rich guy who he accidently had a minor crash with. the rich guy eventually became his friend and he wanted him to go to school in his sons place and when in school he made it into a major club on the campus called the sevens club.

Reply • Okay so I’ve searched for this book for the longest and can’t find it so I see this so why not since everyone is finding their books lol Alright so it’s like…. She doesn’t have any family she’s kinda poor and she gets job at this casino and she was asked to go to the boss cause he wanted a drink so her and her coworker go up and as they went they see no one but the main character saw a painting and was amazed by it.

Then the boss appears from behind they’re startled the main girl and boss stare at one another because they have the same eye color and as they was leaving the coworker says he likes her and she’s the only one he spoke too.

She went down in the basement and something shifted and she got scared and ran they found her and dragged her back to talk to the boss. They shot her but she woke back up spitting the bullets out and they soon find out she’s one of them.

So the boss took a liken towards her and trained her himself. Then skip…………. She was sleeping when she woke up hovering in the air……. And that’s about it can’t find the author or the title and I’m sad because that was my favorite book. It was on kindle but if you find it somewhere else please comment bck Reply • Its a story where this girl 20-ish and her family and friends build up a house while girl is out getting supplies this baby/toddler is in the house in his unfinished room, when they come back they find his dead body and find out he messed with the open wires, they have a funeral and thats all i remeber can anyone help me its for a project.

Reply • Hello everyone, I found this place after trying desperately to figure out if there’s a book, movie or television series about the below. After waking up this morning I was stuck with an image and what seemed like the tail-end of a mystery/horror-like story in my head and by gum, I swear I have read or seen something about something similar before somewhere.

Okay, here is the story: “” A group of young girls and guys are somewhere near a lake at a boathouse of sorts. maybe a get-together, drinks whatever. The guys fool around and want to get the girls to, y’know, but the main girl of the story doesn’t want to, which somehow aggrivates one of the guys. here the story turns dark. The girl gets chained to a wooden raft or float, or something and the guys take it out into the water with the intend of scaring her into submission of sorts.

however then some weird accident happens (collision with something) and the guy gets killed, leaving the chained up girl on the raft which slowly starts to sink. The end was a close-up of her face with a expression like “finally this nightmare ends” without screaming she slowly drowns… fade to black. “” The ending image is what got stuck in my mind, the closeup of the girl in what I remember as white/beige rags, chained to a wooden frame behind her, eclipsed within black. For some inexplicable reason I swear this could be the cover of a book or movie.

Does anyone know if there’s such thing? or is my imagination going rampant on me? Reply • I was wondering if anyone could help me with this book I’m trying to remember. So in the story, this girl dies and this other girl (who is seemingly unrelated to the first girl) receives an email from the dead girl (even though, hello, she’s dead). The other girl then has to solve who killed the dead girl and why she’s the only one capable of finding the answer.

It’s a young adult mystery and if you’ve read it, I would be grateful. Thanks! Reply • I have been looking for this book for so long that I feel like I am making it up or it was a dream. I read it some time back in middle school I think. It was about a girl who attends a ball as a lady-in-waiting I think, but the whole plot is that all the girls invited are going to be turned into flowers in the garden by a set of evil hosts. This girl in particular gets turned into a dandelion because she “is as useless and boring as a weed” or something like that.

I can’t remember if she saves herself or if her love interest does. All I remember about him is that he can turn into a raven and isn’t disappointed that she is a dandelion, as dandelions are beautiful too. Since I can’t find it through google cause of the Raven Cycle books, it feels like a fever dream from ages ago.

Reply • Hello everyone. 🙂 Though i would give this a try after searching for over a week for this ebook i had last year and deleted for some reason.

Thing is… i cannot remember the name or author…. ugh! If anyone has any ideas of title or author…. please let me know… Firstly, well… it was adult in nature. I remember it was about this orphan girl who had been saved and trained by some organization to hunt fairies? Or elves… i think it’s fairies. In this book they put spells on people and drink there blood.

I remember her mother was seduced by them and they (insert adult stuff here) until she lost her mind. For whatever reason… she hunts them. I remember in the first part of the book she finds one in a museam. And it tries to seduce/ kill her. She has an amulet or something so she can see through their spells. And then later she somehow accidently bonds herself to one of the kings. But that’s about it… I believe the cover was all one color…. green…. or red? Don’t remember much unfortunately….

If this rings a bell for anyone, please let me know. Thanks 🙂 Reply • I am desperately looking for a book I read maybe 10 yrs ago. It was a Christian/Catholic fiction. About a man that wakes up in a dark cave, violent thunderstorm raging outside, horrible flying creatures. He i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad leaves the cave to find himself in bleak landscape, meets a few other people, but one man in particular …the “woodcutter”. There is a huge canyon that can only be crossed on a huge tree that this woodsman fells across it, to reach this beautiful city on the hill.

I love this book but can`t remember the title, author…poss published early/mid seventies???? Anyone recognize it? Please. Reply • Hi, 5 years or so ago, I’ve read this romance book about a rock guy and a girl. The’ve knew each other since high school, she was supporting him and all that. He started a band, she- I don’t remember what. They got engaged.

When the band started getting famous,he started ignoring her. The end came when he brought her to a party and said smething like: bro before ho, or something(his friend was a total jerk).

They’ve met again when her father died. Reply • i read this book about 2 years ago and its about these kids who go in this backyard and theres all of this old furniture. its not their house though and the people that live in the house what to sell all of these bugs that live there but the kids don’t want to. anyways so then a mother and daughter come in and the mum is the bad guy right and then all this stuff happens then it turns out the dad of the main character (who went missing) is one of the bugs and then they all get bugs and the bad guy is half bug and so is the daughter ( who is good).

i also remember the missing dad is a Rhinoceros beetle and one of the main characters is a girl called Virginia and the other kids are 2 boys but i cant remember their names. Reply • I read a book long time ago… Can’t remember the author The story goes like this…. The guy was a preacher his name was Tom, a baby was left at his door step, the welfare wanted to take d child away….

She came to the preachers house for the kid…. immediately she carried the baby he stopped crying the little baby’s name was Tommy. The preacher married the judge Hannah so they could keep little Tommy since she was divorced & didn’t have a child with her husband during the period they were married…… Reply • Hi!

Im trying to find this web novel, but i forgot it title. Can anyone help me? It’s about a CEO who had a one night stand with an unknown girl. She tried looking for her. Even offered a reward.

But she escaped. She got pregnant with triplets or quadruplets i think. She left one of the kids with the ceo and ran away with the other 3 kids. She came back as a doctor and coincidentally treated the kid she left with his father. LOL. Thats what i remember from the first few chapter. Can anyone help? Please… thanks in advance!! Reply • I’m looking for a book that I read on Wattpad years ago. A girl with purple eyes and is studying to be a doctor, has a big family with lots of brothers, and she use to have cancer when she was younger.

She gets kidnapped by a group of guys. these guys were in debt to a doctor that saved them after they got into a car crash. The doctor forced them to kidnap the girl. One of the guys fell in love with the girl. Then at the end the guys save the girl from the doctor who they found out is the same doctor that treated her cancer.

Reply • Story about a girl in a town and it would not stop raining. People went to the top of a hill because houses were starting to flood.

The girls brother and grandma would not get out of the attic. They ended up dead. They meet people along the way. She finds her German cook. They find a little boy naked that she takes care of. Reply • I’m trying to find a children’s book I read when I was about 6/7 years old, back in the early 2000’a. It was about a girl who went inside the mall during Christmas and she saw this store owner wrapping gifts so beautiful but after wrapping so many she ran out of wrapping paper so the girl had the brilliant idea of using recyclable newspaper to wrap presents and still make them beautiful.

Owner went with it and everyone had nice wrapped presents. Reply • I read a book maybe 15 years ago. The main character is a teenage girl who lives with her father. She wants to become an actress like her mother who died when she was a child. The story revolves around her teenage years and I vaguely remember that she used to love to go swimming to a public pool but her classmates making fun of her and also that she is poor.

I remember that she works after school at a beauty salon and something about saving money for a photo-shoot that can help her in becoming an actress. Somehow she loses the money but ends up getting a free photo-shoot at the salon. She is described a having “swimmer’s arms” and that a halter dress looks good on her. There also might have been something about her resembling a famous Hollywood actress in her looks.

She later on runs away to Hollywood where she ends up finding more about her mother and discovers some kind of connection with the famous actress she looks like.

She ends up returning home and getting married to her love. This was set in older times, maybe sixties or seventies. Reply • I am trying to remember the name of a book that I read in a college course, specifically English 1102. This is what I can remember of the plot: A jazz/some sort of musician who was famous passed away, and upon his death his wife goes away to their vacation home for some peace and quiet along with some letters that he left for her.

She wanted to be able to mourn his death away from the press, as he was a famous musician. The police found out from the autopsy of the husband’s body that he was transgender and had been binding his breasts. The son of this couple finds out about this and becomes upset that he did not know his father “was a girl” and distances himself from his mother. The transgender musician in this book was based on a real person, but the character went by a different name. If you have any idea what this book is please help me out, thank you!

Reply • I am looking for a book I read back in 2010-2014. It’s set in a very rural area of scotland. Wolves have been reintroduced but there is a very severe winter and the wolves attack the people living in this rural area because of lack of food. I remember a farmer wants revenge on the wolf pack but I think the farmer dies as well. I’d be very grateful if anyone could help with suggestions please and many thanks Reply • I am trying to find this book that she believes she’s human that she doesn’t have a wolf.

Her grandfather has kept her homeschooled and she is just now going to college and she has to go to the party to help the alpha find his mate. She turns out to be his mate and she runs away from him he finds her and then he keeps pushing her away. She gets kidnapped by her father who turns out to be a warlock it turns out he r**** her mom and then erased her memory of it did some spell to where she couldn’t get rid of the baby and then she kills herself after giving birth.

That’s as far as I’ve gotten in the book and I cannot find it. Please help me. Reply • I forgot title of this book that I read the first few pages of. It starts of with this man living by himself in London when, a hitman/murderer enters his home dressed in all black to try and kill him. The murderer apprehends him and while he is left unconscious the killer begins to tie a rope to a wooden beam across the ceiling. Much to the guys luck as the killer makes his strangulation seem like a suicide, the beam breaks and he’s able to get some air and he leaps out his large window and starts running.

The killer follows him but the guy manages to catch a bus in time where he then falls unconscious and ends up in a hospital where he pretends to have amnesia as he doesn’t trust anyone. He says the only thing he remembers of the killer are his eyes.

That’s as far as I can remember, I’ve tried to search it with the few key points but no luck. Hopefully someone here might know what it’s called. Thank you in advance and I’ll keep looking on my end too. Reply • I am looking for a book that would probably be considered a teens book. It is about a boy that loses his father. His father is in the military and goes missing.

I’m pretty sure the father is found in a cave under rocks or something like that. He is missing for days and the media is covering the story but the boy doesn’t know it. His mom has been acting strange and his aunt comes to stay with them but he doesn’t know why.

The boy has his electronics taken away from him and is grounded but decides one day after school to turn on the television while his mom isn’t home. He sees the news about his dad and how they are announcing how he has been found. His mom walks in and it’s confirmed that it’s his father. I remember that he was really interested in planes and particularly helicopters.

Him and his dad put models together I think. I think the cover looks like you’re looking out a window on part of it. There may be a helicopter on the other part. I wanna say the cover was like a blue green but I don’t know for sure. I would so appreciate it if anyone could point me in the right direction!

Reply • I am searching for a novel in which a girl of a rich family get married to another rich family after she losses her memory from an accident but few years laters they got divorced and after the divorce the girl again get her memory back by going through another accident and become the best hacker and also start to plan how she get back the things she losses.

The genre of this novel is modern romance Reply • I am looking for two books. The first one I can only remember how the cover looks. It’s a dark cover (maybe black) and on the cover there is a very detailed mirror with faces/skulls or vines looped around it and coming out the mirror is a hand and maybe a witch (I’m not sure) but for sure a hand is somewhere in the cover.

It’s a middle grade i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad book I believe. I read it around 2012 or 2013. The other book is most likely also by the same author (not positive though) and it’s about this family that goes to visit this farm type of place where people ride on these carriages that takes them around the farm and the parents are offered this cider and once they drink it they go on the ride and something happens to where the parents can’t leave the place or they are frozen in place and the only people that can help the parents are these kids so they escape the farm type place and go around the town that it’s in and try to break the curse that is happening to a bunch of more people and I think there is an evil witch or something of that sort involved and is trying to catch those kids.

Plz help. Reply • There are two books I’m looking for -The first one is an arranged mafia marriage. A girl gets married to the son of the boss of another family after her sister dies but we come to know later that her sister didn’t die but was alive and helping FBI. Moreover, the wife knew that her husband had a mistress, whose mother was their housekeeper.

-The second book is actually a duet, in the first book, a women leaves a convent after some problem with them about her student loans. She comes to live with her best friend and finds a job in a local gallery, but during the interview she finds out that gallery is owned by her high school sweetheart whom she tried to kiss back then but he didn’t meet her halfway, so she left and joined a convent.

Reply • Hi I’m looking for a book about a girl that lives with her father and brother I think and she struggles with leaving the house but she finds out that her friend is missing so she goes on a trip with her friends ex to find i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad help her I know that’s not much but thanks I never got to finish and I keep remembering it and I really wanna finish it Reply • This book was published in the late 90’s.

I keep thinking it was called Red7 or 7Red, an autobiography of a very troubled man who was mentally and s*xually abused as a child growing up in Florida. I can remember a picture of him sitting on his grandfather’s lap either on the cover or inside flap.

This picture looks like a newspaper article with yellow/ red tone to it. I believe he mentions a girlfriend named Susan and her parents also.

Reply • I am looking for a book that I don’t know the name nor the author so I can’t really sure if I remember but their was a book on a cover that was really pretty it has a title in it and they were 3 girls on it too but I cant sure why I don’t remember their appearance idk if that makes sense but I think I remember a girl in the middle has black hair I don’t know her name second brown curly hair, and last blonde??

I can’t tell but I did remember their was like 2 other books that was the same girls but different story I guess? I remember seeing creatures, fairy, and etc and I guess those 3 girls are in a band together I think at the back of the cover guess the second book I was reading in elementary in 4th grade I’m really not sure.

Reply • I am looking for a book that a vaguely remember reading in 2015/16. It starts with a Woman’s other half being abusive, he calls her ‘Mouse’ and she leaves to a ranch and then I don’t really remember much.

I know that there is a sub character called Reid/Reed but that’s all and I am SO desperate to read it again. It was quite steamy too Reply • I’m trying to find a book that I can’t remember the title nor the author of the book.

It’s (if I remember correctly) a romantic comedy about a girl searching for Mr. Right. I believe the character’s name is Emma. The cover is all white with a frog wearing a crown, and I believe he’s sitting on a purple pillow.

Can anyone help me find it. I’ve tried a couple of Google searches with what I could describe in the search engine. Reply • I read a book where an Earl was killed for his title and money and his heir, a daughter, hides from his attacker at a bakery where she meets a gentleman who wants to marry her even though he thinks she is a nobody. The gentleman is a 2nd born son and his mother has a book where she keeps track of a females wealth and lineage. I really liked this book and would love to read it again so if anyone knows the name and author or even if you can add a little extra words like character names or lines I would appreciate that information.

Reply • Hello ! I read a book a good few years back and it was about a family who fled to Libya from Italy during the fascist regime and the story followed their life in Libya, in particular the son in the family. It was about how they lived along side the Arabs and there was romances and violence in it.

The start of the book began with a young Arab girl walking along a path from her employers house to her own home which was a shack and she never arrived and her body was found having been r—- and murdered. In the end the family had to return to Italy when Libya gained independence around 1943. The story was fiction but based on the facts that was going on in Italy/Libya at the time. I think it was written by and Italian author and translated into English and there may have been two books – very vague I know but if it rings a bell with anyone I would love to read it again, it was a wonderful book !

Reply • I’m looking for a book that I start to read but I never finished it it was about a Italian mafia boss who was trying to hide for a while and live a normal life Without money ,he fall in love with a simple girl but her family do not accept her boifrend because he could not offer her e good life after that she left her family and married him but after the wedding night he end up dead in a motorcycle accident …after that she is alone and try to work hard for buying a grave for him .

then she try to kill her self but her bestfrend save her .she finds out she is pragnent she move in france ….and after some years he is back for her and find out he have a son … this is all I remember I’ve searching for the book for a month now but I couldn’t find it .

Reply • I’m looking for a book I read about ten years ago,it’s a vintage and romance novel concerning a lady named Hallie who impersonated someone she befriends on a sailing ship,her Friend died and she took over her friend’s place and got married to the friend’s cousin who was also her fiance.

The guy’s name was Ross,his sister’s name was Amy and ty their younger brother Evan who later got married to Lucinda (lulu) Reply • I don’t remember what the book was called or the author, I read it in a book club in 2018 and I never finished it sadly. It’s about a family, and they don’t have a mom and the dad guess off to war I think. The oldest a girl raises her siblings I think their is 3 of them(siblings) one of them gets polio and that’s all I remember please help if you can.

I’ve been searching for this book for months and I need to know what happens!! Thank you for your time!! 🙂 Reply • I am looking for a book that I read some time ago… based in the Caribbean it is about a young black girl, who loves swimming in the bay (can’t remember the bay) she falls in love with a serviceman ww2 who is injured and she helps look after him in hospital he has to go away on a mission and is gone for years she marries another man who is a drunkard…she wants to become a nurse but there is a matter of her colour she does finally become a nurse and as the story goes on she meets the service man after years but he always has to leave but comes back she finally sleeps with him and becomes pregnant but never ends up with him as he has a family…he dies and in the end I’m sure his daughter looks for her as he tells his story… can’t remember names either.

hope someone can help thank you Reply • I’m looking for a novel about a woman who keeps shifting between two different realities every time she wakes up. In one, she is married and has a family. In the other, she almost met her husband but never did, and did not have a family with him. The fantasy of a life without her family is a way of coping with a disaster that she can’t face, an accident in which she loses loved ones (maybe her parents).

I think the novel was popular, and it’s not that old. Maybe published after 2000. Aspects of the first-person style, the gradual revelation of what exactly the mystery is, are similar to Before I Go to Sleep by S J Watson, a novel I found while hunting for the one I can’t find. But although the husband is a focus in each, the actual story is very different.

Reply • That’s not it. Thanks for the suggestion. There is no premonition about the future or shifting in time (to five years in the future, according to descriptions of the book In Five Years). In the novel I’m thinking of, the woman is shifting between two present-day versions of her life: one in which she married her husband years ago, and one in which they never married. The life without her husband and children turns out to be a fantasy that protects her from knowledge of a terrible tragedy.

Reply • Children’s fiction book. I think I read it in grade 4, 5, or 6 in the late 1980s. I think they may have been on a class field trip. The main character of the story was a boy who started a number of businesses. The first was small, and made just enough money to start the second, which made just enough to start the third, and so on, with each business being bigger than the previous one.

One of the ventures, the boy rented a cow from a farmer, then sold city folks one minute to milk the cow. The people who paid to milk the cow worked really hard for 1 minute, then were disappointed at the end to see how little milk the got, and so bought another minute of milking time. The farmer joked with the boy that these city folks didn’t know that they’ll never get much milk in just one minute.

At the end, I think the boy entrepreneur got caught by his teacher (I think they were on a field trip) and had his profits confiscated.

Once he could get away again, he started back with his first business again. And that was the end. If you know what book this is I would really appreciate it – I’d love to have my kids read it now. Reply • The book is about a boy who is a secret agent, spy or something like that. The cover was orange I think. The first paragraphs are a summary of what his job is. I believe it starts with a short story of the main character getting close to a boy who he played baseball with, and he kills the boys parent.

The plot is in summary, he has to go to a private school ( I think ) and get close to this specific girl because he believes her father is evil. He slowly falls in love with her.

Turns out he finds the father is innocent during a party and the girl is evil. This is a series book I believe. I think the second book takes place at a military base or something.

Thanks in advance Reply • I can’t remember the title and just a brief sumarize of the synopsis…. I tried google but without any results It was about that if you read it you might die after finishing it (like, for real) the cover was kinda beige like some sort of old book and there were no words or title (as far as I remember) beside that brief synopsis….

can someone help? I tried to buy it at that time but I couldn’t and when I got back to the library it was already sold… Reply • I’ve been looking for this book for a while now, I read it when I was younger. I forgot which dynasty it was in, but I know it was ancient China. I believe the woman was a princess or some type of royalty, but I am not too sure. There was a festival, where she met a man and wanted to marry him.

She ended up dying, and her tomb was left unmarked, so she was forced to roam purgatory. When in purgatory, she found out her sister ended up with the man.

I remember scenes when they made “cloud and rain,” and younger children had to bear the pain of foot binding. I never finished reading the book, and now I am looking for it all the time. If you know which book I am talking about or think you know it, please let me know. Reply • the book is about main character (teenage boy) who finds out that he is a clone of his parents first child who was perfect in everything. in search of the this truth he goes to his ‘elder brother’s’ college and finds his friends.

he found about his brother’s existence when he goes through an album kept in the attic of his house. the book’s cover is dark blue or black with different color lines and some lines written over it, like “i cannot be him” Reply • I’m looking for a book, I read it a few years ago but I can’t remember the title ‍♀️ It’s about a family.

A man and a wife who have children. 3 girls and 1 boy. The boy though is a nephew of the man so the family sort of adopts him. The woman is a horrible mother and she mistreats her children.

Beats them up and gives them all types of odd works to do around the home. She also hates her husband and doesn’t really accord him the respect he deserves as the man of the house. At some point the young boy dies (I think his name is Shay, I’m not quite sure though). To cut the story short at the end the lady gets arrested together with the husband coz in a way he helped her in some of her sick plots. Can anyone identify the book please and tell me the title.

Kindly. Reply • I read a book when I was younger but it was destroyed in 2008 in a flood but it was a big book of animals and my mom says it called my big book of animals but I know the cover is blue and it has a tiger and I panda and a few other animals on it but I want to get another book but I can’t find it please help Reply • So i remember this book is really popular amongst young adults it was about these kids that were tested on like created in a lab and one of them had huge beautiful wings and they were escaping the people that had them in this lab… gosh that’s all i can remember but i really want to read this series!!

Reply • I remember a book I read in the early 2000s I bought from the Scholastic book fair. There was a girl on the front and I want to say she had red hair and purple shoes that were too big.

I remember reading that she found a suitcase under her dad’s bed and she tried them on. They belonged to the woman her dad was cheating with.

Cannot remember the name for the life of me. Paperback YA book but more preteen age. Reply • I’m looking for a book with a female wolf shifter rejected from her true mate and was bullied by her pack and abused by them and then the wolves shadow wolf god comes and takes her and they fall in love, she makes friends with an angel with robots serving food in a cafeteria and there is a big magical library and they release a trapped shadow realm and they have wisps/shadow beings that help them.

Please this is all I remember helpppppp. Reply • I’m looking for a book about a kid who died in his sleep or at least they think he died in his sleep. I think it was from natural causes or from diseases or may have committed suicide but a guy felt guilty because he had been mean to him. There is a girl that the kid liked but she did not like him back. He once baked a cake or something for her and her mother received it. After he died she was watching a crime show or something and heard the words: You have the right to remain silent.

You have the right to remain silent. It switched perspectives between the characters. Before he died he was not been popular but everyone new him after he died. She stopped speaking after that for a long time. The book I had a black cover a paper airplane and a red apple. I might have been called Flyed but I have not been able to find it. Reply • I’m looking for a book where I only know the plot and the book cover but I can’t remember the exact title of the book.

It was night and a girl was stitching something and her younger brother went into the room to watch her stitch. Soon after that, they began to feel cold because the window was open so she stood up to close it and they heard a thunder strike.

She told her brother not to panic and ordered him to go get a flashlight. When the lights came back, his i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad screamed because she found that the cat she had been stitching was gone. The two of them asked each other if they were dreaming or not. Long story short, they found that a black cat with three yellow stripes on it’s left side was sitting on the window. The cover at the end of the book was of a black cat escaping a picture frame because the girl managed to stitch back the cat.

There was also a scene I remember where a woman had to dress up as a cat but as soon as a cat entered the room, she began sneezing because she was allergic and her line was, “Wid Sumbudy get me a tishoo?” I remember a chapter in the book being called, “The chase in the carnival.” There was also a dog involved, a Doberman whose name was Luthor.

The genre would be Mystery/Adventure. I can’t remember the title of the book though as it’s been so long since I’ve read it. Reply • I am looking for a harlequin vintage romance. It depicts a young woman who lives with her mom and brother. They live in a house where they have a bakery. They live in a small town inw She learns that a cafeteria close by the bakery, and she decides to pay a visit, bringing along some fresh rolls.

She met a handsome young man, who is i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad charge of the place.

He is a single dad, who has a lift,e daughter, whose name was Debbie. Reply • ALSO, AUGUST WAKES UP IN THE HOSPITAL BED NEXT TO VISTORIA AND SHE HAS ALREADY DIED. HE FINDS HIS PHONE WITHA VIDEO THAT SHE RECORDED FOR HIM WHILE HE WAS ASLEEP. HE GETS UPSET & MAD AT HIMSELF AND HE STORMS OUT OF THE HOSPITAL AND GETS INTOO HIS CAR & DRIVES AWAY AND WRECKS HIS CAR KILLING HIMSELF SO HE CAN BE WITH VICTORIA. IF ANYONE CAN HELP ME OUT WITH THE NAME OF THIS BOOK, I WOULD SO APPRECIATE IT Reply • a book about a kid and a group of people in new jersey while a war is going on and they escape from a school and end up at a place in the woods and they find a key to it under a rock and go inside to find shelter and then they hide in a trap door under a table after getting chased and then go through a tunnel then run through the woods.

That’s all I remember so far I really want to find that book because it’s really exciting. Reply • I read a historical romance book in the late 90s or early 2000, about a set of male twins, who love visiting brothels. They were distinguished gentlemen with titles. It was based in London in the 1800s. The twins were very eligible bachelors who had women fawning over them constantly. I believe one of their names was “Harm”. If I am remembering correctly, the book had an orange cover and was paperback.

“ Reply • So I read this book i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad couple of months ago on the books app in the apple store. it was about a girl who moved with her dad and her step mom is mean and her name was becky. she met a vampire who was apparently a angel or something and becky was sleeping with a werewolf and she doesn’t remember it.

i think her dads name was kyle and her boyfriends name was dylan but i can’t be sure. her best friend got turned into a vampire and she had red hair. i’ve been looking for this book for months Reply • The book I’m looking for is about a guy who comes back from college to live with his dad who is divorced from his mom.

He meets a kindergartener or 1st-grade teacher who he meets at a cafe reading a book and they start to converse. She was reading a book. He later installs a chip in his head called fun or happy bot that is meant for playing games and entertainment. He and the Girl disagree as she doesn’t like prefers to stay in the real world while he tries to persuade her to get the ai chip implanted. He later thinks that his father is sleeping with her because he finds panties somewhere in the house and learns that they are in a town play together.

In the end, they break up or never get together (i think can’t remember which one) but now they have reversed roles as she is invested more in the ai chip she drifts into artificial reality and he got the chip removed or turned off and now to lives in reality. Reply • i remember i read it on wattpad it is about a girl decided to respond to a mail order bride after her fiance cheated on her with the daugther oh his boss he was a doctor ;;;she traveled on the train for 7 or 10 days and rested on a motel till he married her ,,he has 3 or 4 kids and was a rich man ,,they hated her cause she didn’t meet the conditions wriiten on the post ,she didn’t know how to cook or wash or any hosewife thing,,she learnt everything he fell in love with her and the kids loved her too,than she got sick and got a surgery but the doctor said it was too late and she died,,but she was reborn to the day when she read the mail order bride post and decided to return to her husband mand get a surgery before it is too late,,i don’ remember the time but i think it is in th e 80S,idk Reply • This book is about a girl named Kate on the yearbook team at high school.

A boy named Gage I think gets shot. Gage texts her on her phone but it’s not actually Gage. There is a boy named Henry who actually killed Gage. Kate falls in love with one of the hunting boys. Her mom is a lawyer or a judge that is helping with the case. It is in a small town. She has a best friend. I think the cover had red and maybe deer antlers. Reply • I am very happy today with my family. My name is rose sarah living in USA, My husband left me for a good 3 years now, and i love him so much, i have been looking for a way to get him back since then.

i have tried many options but he did not come back, until i met a friend that darted me to Dr.Tebe a spell caster, who helped me to bring back my husband after 2 weeks. Me and my husband are living happily together today, That man is great, you can contact him via email nationlovespell @ gmail. com Now i will advice any serious persons that found themselves in this kind of problem to contact him now a fast solution without steress.

He always hello, now i call him my father.contact him now he is always online email ( nationlovespell @ gmail. com ) or contact him on his whatsapp mobile line +2348140544262 Reply • Could it possibly be part of the series by Martha Long? The “Ma” series or however you’d call it. It does sound very much like “Me, He sold me for a pack of cigarettes” or one of those books. It’s written in that sorta way too, example “The ma makes sure I go everywhere wit Jackser an then tell her if he was lookin at women or talkin te his friends about them, or maybe if he was seein one.

I always tell her he was doin nothin. I learnt me lesson good an proper when he nearly threw Charlie over the banisters. So I’m not tellin them anythin tha will start a row. I tell them nothin about anythin, and Jackser beats inta me tha I’m never te tell anyone wha happens at home. So I don’t answer questions people ask me, like, where’d ye get the black eyes, or, wha’s them zig-zag blue marks on yer legs an arms an back? I say nothin.” Reply • I am looking for a book about a 12 year old girl visiting grandparents at a beach and she meets a 15 year old ghost boy with a ghost brother named John?

I don’t remember the title of this book, or the author, and I think the cover was like blue, maybe a beach or a sky? I remember it’s about a tween girl who is visiting her grandparents at a beach area, and she goes out for runs a lot.

Then she meets a 15 year old boy who she thinks is kinda cute, and they eventually start going out for runs together. He even tries to guess her name at first, I think.

At the end of the book the girl finds out that he’s a ghost who died in some shipwreck (I think), and he has a younger brother named John who is also a ghost. At the very end of the book he kisses her while she’s at a hospital for some reason.

I don’t remember the title, but I read this in 2018. I don’t know when this book was published, If you know what it’s called, please help! Thank you. Oh, and also she writes to her mom and dad a lot (they don’t live together, I think?).

And the plot might have been that the girl was looking into a ghost memorial, and the boy hung out with her in hopes to find his ghost brother too. If you know this book, please help me! Appreciate i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad Reply • I’m trying to find a book where the (4 or 5) main characters are sent to an institution on an island that no one else knows about and they get powers. Evil organizations are looking for treasures. I don’t think that’s a very good description, but here’s more from later on in the books: At some point, the main characters get lost in ancient Egypt where time moves slowly compared to the real world.

They also at some point find themselves in Greece where at some point a statue comes to life. Sorry if it’s not i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad great of detail, it has been a long time since I’ve read it. Reply • Hi, I’m looking for a book that I think was pale blue, about the author’s child s*xual abuse by her stepfather.

I think I read it over 10 years ago and I remember her stepfather called the abuse ‘dusting’ or some other chores so that it wasn’t detected. It was also abuse involving her siblings and I think the author’s surname was Fox or something.

Thank you! Reply • probably written 2008-2015 cover had the main character swimming underwater and it was blue main character is a teenage boy who plays football in upstate New York he has a girlfriend and they go on a drive and she refuses to have s*x with him and he makes references to the moon and blu* b*lls (it was a strange book) A strange alien or something notices him at a diner and he is “found” he figures out that his parents are not really his parents and he is special his dad and him go on the run from the aliens and his dad is killed and the main character escapes on a boat he arrives in New York City and becomes acquainted with a gorgeous college girl who takes him to her apartment The girl turned out to be one of the aliens and chains him up to a bed he meets a telekinetic dog there who becomes his friend The main character is kidnapped and is forced to fight a masked figure every day The masked figure turns out to be a girl that was put in charge of training him and they develop a strange bond and eventually kiss they are ambushed and she is presumed dead all I remember for the rest of the story is that the guy and the dog meet some bikers and there is a big show down on a remote island at the end i’ve been looking for years and haven’t gotten anywhere‍♂️ Reply • I’m looking for a book that I read in the early 2000’s.

It was about a group of four or five housewives who were friends for life. They may have been military wives. Close to the end of the book, one cheats on her husband and becomes pregnant with a child who inherits Huntington;s disease from his real father.

It isn’t Angry Housewives Eating Bonbons, as I have read that three times thinking I had found it. Reply • hey im looking for a book I would Read as a kid coming up to 24 and feeling old and with my sister carrying my first niece or nephew I want to get a collection of old books we used to read as children.

I cannot remember for the life of me this book name but I would always pick it up, it would be i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad a boy who had to stay indoors and because of that he was sooo bored he lined up all house items around the house in a row, every room he would line all the items up. anyone have a clue??

Reply • I am trying to find a book my mom would read to me as a child. I was born 1994. The book is about a little girl finding a doll in a store and buys it for her grandma. The doll is a blonde doll and with a ribbon in her hair and the store keeper fixes up the doll making it brown hair with another ribbon (blue or red I think).

When the girl gives it to her grandma she finds out it is the grandmas old childhood doll. I NEED to find this book! I have searched for years and can’t find the name.

My mom remembers the book but not the name also! Reply • I am looking for a christian book about a boy who was living in a camp that was attacked and he ran away but was take and had a bomb strapped to him until he escaped and was found by an orphanage.

Please help! I don’t remember the author or title, I read this book when i was 9 and haven’t found it since then. Your help is appreciated Reply • Hi, I’m looking for a book set sometime in the 1800-1900’s and it’s this young girl who is traveling with her family to a new land but there’s a disease going around and her mom gets sick at one point and her friend dies from this disease. I remember it had a few small pictures and is from the young girls perspective. (not the fever book but similar) published I THINK somewhere in the early 2010s or earlier Reply • Looking for a book I got on audio.

Maybe 2016/17. About a white woman married to a black basketball player; they have a grown daughter. He has an affair with a black model and the couple get a divorce. She moves far away to start a new life and gets a job in a restaurant where the black cook takes a dislike to her.

When the bi-racial daughter comes to visit, the black cook says: “You’re full of surprises, aren’t you?” That’s the only quote I remember.

The woman’s story is the story. Someone trying to find a new lifr. Thank you for your help Reply • Book that has the cover of a girl holding a bracelet or necklace. The guy stays at the parents house because he’s a family friend. He grooms the girl and she keeps it a secret and he sang her a song that he use to sing to her when she was younger.

The book is written in stanzas like a poem but it’s not a poem. There’s this one scene were he tells her to drive with with somewhere and ditch her sleepover or party she was going to have.anyways at the end she sees him singing the same song to her younger sister and he tells her he loves her and she runs out and tells the police. The book is supposed to spread awareness but I forgot what it’s called. Reply • I am looking for a book I read 5 years ago I think. It’s about this young British woman who decides to marry this man who lives in a manor by his family’s vineyard.

This man treats her badly after they get married so she eventually falls for a the vineyard manager helper to comfort herself. This man is being stalled or hunted by someone close to him who turns out to be this guy who works for him and also his wife’s lover who wants to kill him for the death of his wife who commited suicide because she was in love with this guy who didn’t love her back.

somewhere in the book the guys mistress gets attacked. It also turns out he sells secret as he travels selling his wine. It is set during ww2. The woman was told by a psychic that she would marry a man and people won’t understand why and they would face hardship but it will turn out to be the best love of their lives. Also she gets shot but survived at he end of the book. Reply • I’m looking for a book I read in the 80s. It’s about an English man and his girlfriend who kidnap an Italian mobster’s nephew/son (Named Eddie) with the help of an American ex-Navy Guy/Seal called Dan.

They hole up in a remote house and modify weapons etc. in case the mobsters come after them. The English guy ends up in South America at the end. Reply • I’m looking for a book I read in the mid 60s. After the death of her husband, a young woman must raise her teen or preteen daughter alone with few of the material resources that were available to her prior to the husband’s death. The three of them have lived in a “big” house in the city, and summered at their much smaller home at the coast.

I think the father worked in the city, even i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad the summer, but would come to the cottage to be with his family on weekends. After the father’s death, the mother sells the house and moves them to the summer house. She takes a job to make ends meet. Maybe in a restaurant. The daughter does not take her new situation well at all. She misses shopping where and when she wants and eating eating where and what she likes. She’s embarrassed that her mother is now a “working mother.” After much frustration on both sides, the mother says to the daughter, “We aren’t summer people anymore.” I’ve remembered “something” about this book for (probably) five decades.

Can anyone help me find it? I really want to read it again? Reply • I like the suggestion of going to a library and asking a librarian if they recognize the plot of the book you are looking for. My wife loves books and I want to show her one that I read when I was in elementary school but I can’t find it anywhere. I will defiantly go to a library to see if they can help me find the right title. Reply • The aurthor was female and wrote many series stories like the Lee cosgrow (not sure of the name) mystery stories She also wrote 3 book publishedit was about a girl who saw shadow people, she discovers that one shadow person was communicating with her and he was not dead, but in a coma, and her desperate struggle to find him and help him.

one of the books was called wraith. I just cannot recall the Aurthors name she Reply • I loved this novel but cannot remember the title or author.

It’s about a wet nurse that swaps poor boy and girl twins with royal boy and girl twins born on the same night because the royal family is spoiled and entitled. She raises the royal twins on vegetables and with love so they grow up to be decent people.

She does this to swap them back when all the twins are grown. Reply • i cannot recall much of the book but i know i’d love to read it again. the book started with a young girl leaving her home town by bus. she met a girl at the bus stop who she ended up traveling with if i recall correctly. she ended up being an exotic dance or just working in the club. i believe at some point she owner/manager of the club tried hitting on her.

towards the end of the novel she finds out the guy she fell in love with was a detective or a cop. ugh i wish i could remember more. Reply • book cover was light blue. story was about how very quite little town was being bought up and changed by summer people coming in. A veteran used tactics he learned to sabatage boats & docks. Grandfather hired young girl to teach him computer skills which he ended up throwing in water because he got addicted to p*** -when he searched for “gift for a young girl for her birthday”.

I have been haunted by story for 10-20 years. Founded in my local library -it looked so innocent -story line was shocking at the time. Would make a great movie or micro series now. Reply • Hi The book I’m looking for is about a black girl.I think she goes to an American school and she is not liked by her school mates but there is a guy whom she liked and he probably liked her back. And also she writes in a diary, in the diary she writes her name backwards, her name starts from A.

I think the cover of the book is i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad colour. Thank you Reply • Searching for a coming-of-age type book I read like 3 years ago, about a girl named Alice, her brother Bruce, and her teacher (probably more characters I can’t recall).

She really wanted one teacher (I’m sure her name was Ms. Cole), though ended up getting one she didn’t like (can’t remember the name), but she started to like the teacher later in the story. There was a scene in the book where Alice was at a school costume party, and she accidentally kicked Ms. Cole. She’s given a ring by her teacher at the end of the year as a gift of sorts, after a different kid was given the old globe she wanted from the classroom. Alice mentioned something about saints once, maybe wanting to be a saint (?), but her brother told her you had to be dead before you could be a saint.

I think there was a part of the book where she stays with her aunt or uncle or something, and she has her first period. I’m 90% sure the book was part of a series. Thanks Reply • Hi I’m look for an adult book about a girl gets home to find her boyfriend cheating on her and throws up and I think it was the same night or the next night she went out to a club or bar and met a guy there and went back to his place (the guys rich or in the mafia) and they had s*x on the piano and while they where doing it he went to her other whole without her knowing.

I had stopped reading it because I thought It was to much but now I want to read it so if you can help find it that would be wonderful. Reply • I’m looking for a book/story but I don’t know the name or author. It starts out with an Australian woman who works in a diner I think and there’s an American man that comes to her small town and I know she attends a wedding and is know as the “troubled sibling/child” and her and the American man fall in love but he returns to the states and she ends up leaving australia to follow him.

I’m sorry if this isn’t really descriptive but i read it awhile ago and this is all i can remember. Reply • I read a book a dear friend lent me – it was a slim volume novel, by a female author, about a sort of hapless guy in England whose wife (or girlfriend) was really using him, he goes on a walking holiday in Germany very ill prepared and stays at a guesthouse where the wife in the husband/wife couple running it is being unfaithful. The book is probably about 5-8 years old.

My friend has since passed away and I wanted to let her grand-niece know the title/author of book. Sorry can’t recall any characters names…. Reply • Angel Unaware. Written by Dale Evans about their daughter (Dale Evans and Roy Rogers) I think she had Down’s Syndrome and died at 2 and Dale wrote this as if she, the daughter was in Heaven telling God about her experiences on earth.

I think her name was Robyn but not sure. Very touching book. Reply • it was a female author, the cover had a bus in the center and there was a sunset behind it.

The title had the word right in it. It’s about a teenage girl who’s family is living on a bus along with another family that travels with them in another vehicle maybe also a bus. They traveled around the us. The other families son is her love interest. She somehow got a “job” as an assistant for a famous artist and got into a college. she’s fresh out of high school, she was home schooled.

It was published around 5 years ago or less. Audience is aimed towards teens. Reply • Can’t remember the name of a spiritual fiction book from the 1970’s or early 80’s. It’s about a guy who’s car rolls down a cliff. He comes across a village of people that when they talk, he can see jewels in some of the people’s mouths. The people spend a portion of each morning listening to each other’s dreams.

At the end, it turns out he imagined all of this and he is somehow on trial for killing someone, maybe in the car crash. These are bad details but it is all I remember. Thank you for any help! Reply • I remember reading a book about this farm in the picture there is a girl there with overalls and orange hair it started with “dear” as a title but with something else i dont remember the story is a girl who lives in this small town has a family with a farm and i remember the ending is her greenhouse got destroyed by her enemy and she was still in it all 7 of her chicken eggs got destroyed and only one was left and i remember it went with how she lived with it and went on living a life with fhat chicken and everyone lived happily ever after Reply • Looking for a book and I dint remember the name.

About 4 adolescent girls who witness a s*xual experience through a window and see the woman murdered using a rope. They grow up, one of the girls ends up sleeping with the detective who handled the case back when it happened.

One of the 4 girls ends up being the killer and killing off the other 3 women. Reply • I’ve been quite desperate to find this book for awhile, No websites I’ve found so far have helped me in any way. This book is the story of how an boy lost his parents as an baby, And has been living with his only family ever since, His grandmother. And soon when he grows to become an middle schooler, His grandmother falls from an tree while picking fruit, And she is sent to the hospital.

The boy, Who had been living on a farm his entire life, Is sent to an normal school where he finally sees technology, Or anything else he hadn’t seen his entire life in the country. He befriends an bullied student, And he continues his crazy life while doing crazy things. Reply • Short story collection – I thought that this was from Frederick Forsyth and checked – it is not.

There is this mother, whose child attends a school. The father’s details I cannot recall – I think she is a single mother. A working mother who goes off site for long periods frequently. She is excluded by the school mum cliques. Her child might have been bullied. In the climax, we find that she is some kind of spy/secret agent/assassin of sorts – she lets herself into the house of the school mother who has been troubling her and arranges the death of the mistress of husband or someone and leaves evidence to pin the blame on the woman.

I think she wedged a window open and slipped in later at night. And got some undergarments belonging to one woman and placed it in the other woman’s house. Reply • So I’m in middle school and going into high school.

Back in 6th grade a read this book that I don’t remember the name of. It was a ghost book. This girl moves to a new town and lives in this big home that turned out to be haunted. I remember the cover being white and red. They was blood spots and a girl floating in a pool. I never got to finish it so if anyone knows please let me know Reply • Book set during World War 2 in Poland, with a young boy, presumably orphaned, named Jan.

The story involves his travels in search of a sibling (I believe) and the people he encounters along the way. Near the end of the war he encountered an Allied soldier who gave him several chocolate bars, and told him the war was nearly over. I read this book several times in grade school (2nd half of the 60’s) and would dearly love to read it again, if it can be found.

Can anyone help? Thank you. Reply • manga about a boy who is quite skilled to beat the powerful professor in entrance examination examination for a academy who admit very less students. Headmaster also takes on the form of an owl. MC’s father is an heavenly deity. Side character has attribute of chicken but he thinks it as of phoenix. MC leads school to competition and wins. heroine is a beast child turned human. not much more to go but school also go on forests to hunt beasts.

Reply • Novel about Two architect’s who went for a bid for their various company but unknowing to them they were set up by the ladies father. The guy is a very good architect and highly conveted by the father but declined his offer.

The lady and the guy also attended thesame college and had a past together which made them enemies. Reply • I’m looking for a book i read on wattpad. The main boy lead is a mafia leader but is in high school. He sort of lonely and feared. He meets this girl and makes a connection with her. The guy gives her a piece of jewelry which is a way of saying she’s taken by him.

He’s also sort of a fighter but not really he occasionally has his boxing matches. At first she’s scared of him when he kills or shoots people. Once the finish high school they distance themselves because the boy is threatened so he ends things with the girl i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad when she goes to college she sees him also she is hooking up with some guy but she and the main lead rekindle eventually.

Towards the end the guy gets in a car crash and the girl becomes semi traumatized but the guy reassures her he’s alive and well. I think they also have a kid. I think the main lead guys name could be either Xavier or Ace not sure, thank you! Reply • A Texas romantic novel about a girl who’s father use to own a zoo or circus and her mother was a drunkard and she had a scar on her left or right shoulder I don’t really remember well from a lion bit from when she was young and was living with both her parents and she had two bestfriends a male and female who also happen to be siblings and she was in love with their older brother Reply • Looking for a book.

Contemporary romance. Rich girl meets guy in club and they hook up. Turns out he is her stepbrother. The stepfather abuses her and she won’t leave so he won’t abuse the sister too. She keeps journals of the abuse. I think the step brother was in the military?

Google has not been any help. Book is fairly recent, 10 years or less old I think Reply • Sorry about that. The guy and his family last names well know. The family is know to have good looking men in there family. It starts with M but it looks like the last names Michael ,Michaelson or something. The guy owns a motorcycle. The girl decided to stay a reopen the old dinner in the small town.

She lives in a trailer park by herself. There is note on her refrigerator the said that she don’t need a men to be strong or something. The guy and his brother decided on dinner or breakfast to go to the dinner. That is where the guy and girl meets.

The guy flirting a few times with the dinner girl. The girl heard storys about him and how he was a player back in his teenage years.

The guy doesn’t give up. Then eventually the girl gave up and had s*x in her trailer few times and ” something with whip cream” you know what I mean. The guy or the girl fell in love with each other. That end but there was like two or three more books in the series.

Please help me find this book. Been few years and I still haven’t found the book series. Thank You Reply • I am looking for a book that has a guy who live in I think in Seattle or something.

The guy had to come home to the small town he was raised in. Him and his siblings are the owners of the family Lodge resort. The guy came to fix a few things at the lodge. The guy used to be a player in the small town. When he was a player he had s*x in the sheriff car and with the sheriff daughter.

A girl car broke down a few years or months ago. I don’t remember. The sheriff take her and car to the car mechanic. After a few days in the small town. The girl Reply • I’m looking for a book title about a woman who escapes a medical facility her son has placed her in because he thinks she’s mentally ill.

She proceeds to go on a road trip in a Volkswagen with a young black man as her passenger. She is looking for her childhood home that burned in a fire. The book is about their trip and the problems that I sue due to racism. Reply • I’m looking for a book that is and Alpha romance book it’s about a girl that gets kicked out of her pack and she travels across the USA and Canada stopping at other packs along the way and she makes friends.

She ends up in Alaska camping on the local wolfs pack property in the winter when the Alpha finds out he goes in search of her and they figure out there mates. She ends up being specially selected by the gods for some reason and she can’t have kids so they start taking in all kinds of kids that need homes and there pack grows very large and becomes one of the strongest packs out there. Reply • Looking for a book I read in 2000, it’s a Christian book written by someone in the Middle East or somewhere in Indonesia or somewhere near there.

It chronicles miracles of a believer commanding rats to depart from a house and they obey and get into a line and disappear forever. Also when other areas are raining the believer asks God to protect him from the rain and he walks on without getting wet and many more miraculous events on physical healing.

Reply • I’m looking for a Christian book in which a man is writing about how he put himself in chains and sat in the middle of the city in chains for Jesus Christ. Read it around the year 2000-2001. It was a paperback with the picture of a half dressed man in chains. It helped strengthen and grow strong in faith.

Desperate to know the author and title. Reply • In the book the girl had some blood disease and she was the daughter of the pastor of the church .the boy was very notorious but fell for the simple girl. He helped the girl to be more confident and the girl also fell for him.At the end the boy got to know that the girl is having a blood disease and she is going to die .The boy fought with the whole world and married her atlast he saved the girl Reply • I’m looking for a book about a woman who travels back to her dead husband’s ƙingdom but when she gets there notices that many things don’t seem right.

Footsteps seem to follow behind her in the castle halls and someone seems to be out to kill her and the 15 year old prince. On her way there her carriage stops outside a butchers shop and the driver dismounts and goes in but doesn’t come out, a while later the horse pulling the carriage freaks out and runs off into the woods with her in i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad, she notices after the carriage stops and she almost died that one of the straps had been cleanly cut as if with a knife.

The prince comes into her room later that evening and he clearly doesn’t like that she is here because she is an outsider and he casually eats out of the dinner plate left for her i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad her room, later she’s scared when he collapses due to an upset stomach and she becomes scared as she thinks back to the food wondering if it was poisoned. She also meets the prince’s grandmother in her garden picking flowers, she doesn’t like her too… I didn’t get a chance to finish the book so this is where I stopped.

I think the setting for it was France or something. Please help me out. Reply • I’m looking for a book about a woman that has to travel back to her dead husband’s ƙingdom and when she gets there she notices that many things don’t seem right.

Footsteps seem to follow behind her in the castle halls and someone is seemingly out to kill her and the teenage Prince. On her way to the castle her ca Reply • I’m looking for a book that I read in middle school.

So i faintly remember the book had a girl in a aircraft or something I’m not sure tho. But the book was about a girl who lived in i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad large mansion when one day she went into the village and seen a bunch of orphans. She became friends with one, going more into the story she find herself where they are mining and digging for crystal or gems.

They use there music or voices to crack the cave…… later on she find something from her mother we who she believes had passed, which makes her think she is alive, so she goes looking for her. They then find her and try to escape but come into a lot of troubles along the way. I’m not sure what the book is called but this book has been the main book I could read without hesitation. Reply • I’m looking for a book that I got for Christmas as a youngster in 1985… it was a paperback, green cover, and it offered a wide range of computer-simulated match-ups between all-time greats in baseball, football, boxing, etc….

I have fond memories of leafing through it and I have no idea where it got to… the title was too generic to remember, but it must have had something to do with the specific computer model used to process the data culled from 20th century sporting history… anyone have any idea what this was called? Reply • This was a short story, I thought by Faulkner, obviously mistaken, about a quiet man that never bothers anyone.

He is strong and has hands of redwood. He only has his plot of land in his life and it is everything to him. When he realizes he will lose his land, he hangs himself from a tree. Amazing detailed description in this story from the 1920’s or 1940’s possibly. Can anyone help? Reply • There was a big book for children where the kids got a parrot.

The children tried to teach the parrot how to say traditional phrases and practiced relentlessly to no avail. However the mother’s favorite phase to mishaps in the house was, “My goodness, gracious me.” One day the dog got tangled up in a table cloth and caused total chaos in the house. The kids chased the dog to end the situation. The parrot taking in the scene from his cage said his first words, which were “My goodness, gracious, me!” Reply • Okay, so this book is somewhat a mystery with the leading man named Wolfe (something like that).

The main character, the name I’ve forgotten, thinks of herself similar to and worships Martha Stewart. Takes place in a small town, I’m pretty sure. I think it’s been around ten years since it’s been published. Reply • Ok so I haven’t read this book since the 90’s. Of course it had no cover (it was a hardcover and the cover flap was missing). I think I found the book at the park or on the train.

So the story is about a middle aged woman with breast cancer and she decides to not get treatment for it. She describes the fluids oozing from her breasts and other symptoms she’s dealing with as the result of not getting treatment. Then she does and the book takes you on her experience with the afterlife. Can’t remember anything else, but I sure would like to find the book again.

Reply • There is a book that I don’t remember where One girl run away from her Orphanage house after her father died and when she is grown up she hacks in the game that her hero created (where you wear glasses that puts you in a video game) but it was a importent competition and after that she is behind called to go to Tokyo so she can work for her hero but latter finds out he created the invention so he can find his brother who was kidnapped when they were little but then finds out that his brother is the one he thought was the enemy named zero and a scientist was the one to kidnap him for her experiment.

Reply • The book I’m looking for was originally published by Penguin, it was about a guy that reported on his neighbours and colleagues and sent these reports into the govt. by post. One day he gets called in to see the govt. he thinks it’s for a reward or a commendation but it’s actually because they’ve seen something in his reports that they don’t like.

The book reminded me of Orwell’s 1984, it definitely has a similar theme but I can’t for the life of me think of the title or the author, great book though! Reply • I have the remnants of a childhood book about a little girl called Simona, who is very naughty/lively. I would love to find a full copy but can’t remember the title or author. The last few pages consist of the parents asking the doctor for something to calm the child down, but Simona won’t drink it, “So Mummy and Daddy drink it themselves, and they really need it”.

Reply • I’m looking for a book about a pair of twins. They’re identical but one wears glasses that she doesn’t need abs has a hard time seeing with them. Their father dies and they move to a ranch with their aunt. It’s set during western times and the one twin that has the glasses gets mistaken for her sister by the guy she likes but he only has eyes for the other twin.

Reply • The book I’m looking for has a girl who is at a bar one night and hooks up with this guy who brings out the sub in her and tells/shows her about BDSM. When they part way she goes to her brand new job at the police station to find that he will be her trainer.

She later on goes on a miss I’ll n and gets kidnaped by another country but he thinks that she is dead. Reply • Looking for a book about a girl that is the first in her friend group to start her period. I believe she lives in a city with her mom, dad, and the family dog who I think was named Elvira.

I think the dog gets sick and dies in the book. I remember the copy I read way back when had an illustrated picture of a girl sitting on a porch. Reply • I’m looking for a book written like a diary! It’s a hard back book, it’s red! It’s about a high school girl who I do i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad eventually falls in love with the new guy who stalked her.

He i believe was a vampire! I think the title started as “ The diary of” and I think it was a girls name and the word vampire in the title. I was like 14 when I read it but I really need to find it!! Help Reply • Was the story similar to this a girl sees on the news that a person has escaped from a mental hospital.

Later on when her parents are away she throws a party and he shows up but disappears. As the story goes on he ends up hiding in her attic and as it turns out he is a vampire. I’m not sure if they start dating or what but i remember there was a semi steamy scene where he pushed her up against a wall and was kissing her.

I remember for sure it describes the different temperatures of his kisses and he tries to bite her and hurts her and i don’t remember the rest. And then something with a street lamp either way i remember specifically a window at the end of the hallway was important, he lived in her attic, and he kissed her. Reply • Hi! The book I’m looking for has a single mom with a son and daughter. I don’t remember much but I remember that the son manages to find a kind of “too good to be true” place for them to live for free, and he gets a job as a restaurant so he can bring home food for them to eat every night so the mom can quit her job and focus on school work.

The ending has a twist (spoiler alert!) where the son thought he found the mom’s long lost parents and chose to stay in their house while they were on i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad without them knowing, but it turns out they aren’t her parents, just people with the same names who live in a smokier area.

Reply • I’m looking for a children’s book a woman called labbanice or laddanice . that may be the title as well but I can’t find it online. It was about a woman who was half cow and half human??

I think … Kind of a scary kids book … something about her wearing her hat coving half her face and being really beautiful but I thinks steals kids to eat them or something … I can’t remember but something like that … Reply • I’m looking for a book about a vampire hunter who is half vampire half werewolf girl, but she doesnt know she is a werewolf and is later in the book turned into a vampire, with 2 werewolf brothers and witch parents and a werewolf boyfriend and one of the brothers dies because a vampire comes after them after the pack killed the vapires brother so the sister tries to get revenge but ends up having an affair with the security guard of the vampire and she meets a gay vampire.

Reply • I am looking for A book I read two or three years ago. It is historical fiction and takes place just as America was beginning to have some social services. A young social worker gets her first job somewhere in the southern states where she visits poor families. Eventually she discovers some of these women were given hysterectomies without their knowledge under the umbrella of helping them with Health issues. The young social worker puts her job on the line to help one of these poor young women who wanted to have a baby.

This is based on fact as there was documentation and footnotes in the back of the book when women were actually brought to Washington to testify in congressional hearings. Reply • Hi, I’m looking for a hardback book which is a collection of short horror stories.

The cover is dark blue with an old stone building (kind of like a church) on the front with yellow light coming from the windows (I got it from my primary school so it should supposedly be for children though I’m not sure).

I vaguely remember a few of the stories; one where a girl growing up is terrified of a cat which has green/yellow eyes. One day, after she has grown older this cat attacks her, then she marries a man who looks vaguely similar to the cat with i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad same eyes, the cat isn’t seen again.

Eventually the man disappears and she has a baby daughter but this daughter shockingly goes missing, the woman claims she drowned her in the river because she was convinced that it was a kitten but no baby is found, only the corpse of a small kitten. Another story is written through journal entries where a vampire curse is awoken which starts attacking farm animals and terrifying the residents of a small and remote village.

Eventually the ‘root’ of this evil is a vampire woman with long black hair who is eventually killed/put back to sleep. The last story I can kind of remember is written in 2nd person i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad it is described that you are entering a house at night and I’m pretty sure a ghostly figure is mentioned at some point as well.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks. Reply • hi! so i read this book a while ago, and i dont remember many details, but i do recall that their was a character named sheridan. the main character’s dad recently made or became the founder of something, and she went to this school that she used to go to, and she made a plan to disband these girls who were exclusive like the “popular” kids, but failed, and when sheridan did that, she actually stuck with them.

i remember sheridan and another person, i think her name was shannon, made this club called the s ___ (i forgot what the last word was). the main character called them out because they were calling her and her new friends (the popular girls) exclusive and selfish, but the main character said by making the S ___, they were only naming it after themselves, calling it selfish, but they countered that by saying the S wasn’t for their names, but stood for special.

Reply • I’m looking for a romance novel there was a boy who was the unwanted son of a lord I believe and he meets a shy girl they do a hand fasting ceremony very young I believe they were at an orphanage but I could be wrong a man tries to r___ the girl and the boy kills her attacker and is sent away to a prison camp where he makes friends with a few other boys I think the boy takes the name black when his father hires someone to kill him and his friend was killed in his place when they get out they run a crime operation and he goes back for his “wife” the girl he saved but she believes him to be dead and is working in a police station I believe this is the first book in a series Reply • I’m looking for a book that is about a hero that is in love with one sister but marries the other historical.

The story first starts out like he arrived home from some being away awhile, he hopes the lady he sees on the porch is his love. It turns out to be the sister K i think her name is Kathleen but I could be wrong. Now the hero’s brother is in love with K but K has always been in love with him. we are going to call the other sister R I forgot her name. So R and the Hero have a make out session in the barn and K catches them it hurts her.

hero has a moment with K where he is pulling something something out of her hair while sitting in a meadow. So them Hero returns to a logging camp where he was working get rip roaring drunk and instead of asking R to marry him he ask K. She comes across the ocean to marry him. Hero brother said he has to marry her now that she came all this way which the hero does. She over hears the brothers at some point talk about how Hero wanted R and not her.

So she runs out and gets attacked by the bear. K is on a staircase all dressed up and he realizes he loves and is in love with his wife but she is done and leaves him. He sees her a while later she is picking peaches she thinks it someone else and ask what he wants while he is standing behind her hero replies My wife. ( now I know some one is going to say green dolphin street but that is not the novel I am looking for I read it this is similar but not the same) R never becomes a nun, she marries a wealthy man.

Thanks for reading this. Also, there is one thing he falls for R because he sees her skinny dipping in a pond when he is young and realizes how stupid he was when he sees years later his wife do it and he can’t believe he never looked at her because he was lost in a fantasy that did’nt mean anything. Reply • This book is about a girl and a guy get partnered up for something and when she goes to his house he’s taking care of his baby brother for his drunk dad her mom doesn’t think she pretty and i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad insecurity on her then the dad dies and the baby brother is like 8 at this time so when the couple goes to college they leave the brother Mason with Her dad and then when the older brother gets signed with a hockey contract they get Mason back and take car of him and in the epilogue Masonsa bratty teenager and the dude barely spends time with either of them Reply • Hi, can I please get some help identifying this romance book read in the early 2000s.

The female protagonist is the Boss of her own company and her assistant/secretary is a handsome man with purple/amethyst eyes. They’ve worked together for a long time and the protagonist is a workaholic of sorts. She travels to a mountain chalet to close a big company deal with her assistant, who is secretly the CEO of that company and has been in love with her for a long time, thus ending up as her assistant.

Nora Roberts and Judith Mcnaught unfortunately aren’t the authors and I’ve run out of leads. Any help would be much appreciated. Reply • A boy lives by his stepfather who told him that his mother died and one day found a notebook with pictures of dead people in them. It is a series. He finds his mother under the basement behind a curtain and there was an elevator, she is very weak.

They live in a funeral home where they dress and bury bodies. The kid’s name MIGHT be Nick or Alejandro. His stepfather got arrested. Reply • Looking for book,young man is a waiter at a diner,lives in his brothers old apt,above a book store,has a best friend who does whatever to survive,meets a beat cop,who falls for him.young man has an abusive dad in a MC that’s keeps calling him for money,he shows up breaks in his apt and beets him up.his brother and cop save him Reply • I can’t remember the author of this book – I think it is Dean Koontz but I’m not sure.

It is about a young girl that moved from a small country town to the city to further her career. Sometime later she decided to return to visit her parents and recall her past life. She drove towards her home town and on her way stopped at a small roadhouse on the outskirts. She was hungry so she quickly made her way to the counter and ordered her food. She had an eerie feeling about the place and when she looked around she noticed that other clients sitting at their tables where not communicating and were very ill mannered and messy.

She paid for her lunch and quickly raced back to her car. She ate in the car then proceeded to her parents home. On her arrival she was not greeted, which was very strange, so she had to knock on the front door.

When she entered she had that strange eerie feeling again. Her parents were uncommunicative and cold. She couldn’t understand why! She decided to go up to her old room and have a short rest. When she awoke, nothing had changed. She went for a walk around the town but quickly returned home as everything had changed and she didn’t feel safe. Her parents were in bed so she too had an early night. Next morning that eerie feeling was back again.

She decided to visit an old friend of the family’s to find out if he could help her understand the changes. She felt safe at his house and they sat down and talked about the problem. He told her that most of the people in town had been attacked by an unknown virus. This virus changed them completely, making them sloven, vicious, and cold hearted. Once infected they were then forced to pass this infliction on to all others they met. The story goes on about the frightening experiences this young girl has, making her run from home to be with the elderly family friend where she felt safe.

They both decided it was too dangerous to stay in town so they immediately jumped into his car and took off. When they were about 10klm from town there was a huge explosion. The whole town was obliterated, every building demolished and every living thing terminated. They went on to another town and started a new life together. If you can help me find this book I would be thoroughly surprised and most greatfull.

Reply • I read a book, can’t remember the author tho, but there was a girl named Lydia Grey that was married off by her father to an old man who had children older than she was. He used to maltreat her and he finally died along side her father in an accident leaving a will that made Lydia the sole owner of all his properties. The children didn’t like it, so she ran away to her aunt’s place, unknown to her she was pregnant with her late husband’s child, where she met a guy that owned a i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad mill and married him.

One of the children of her late husband kidnapped her child and gave it to his sister to take care Reply • I had this book, it was my favorite book EVER! I think it was by Ingrid Law but i searched up all her books and cant seem to find it. Its about a girl at the begining of the story her house with her family gets destroyed by a hurricane/tornado. I never got to finish the book because i had to return it but it was so good! She and her family had to be headed to a homeless shelter and im pretty sure before that they also had an under ground bunker!

If anyone know what im talking about please let me know! 🙂 Reply • the book i am looking for is a futuristic dystopian world in which demons have taken over the world. So basically demons possess humans and fool real humans into thinking that they are humans as well.

the protagonist is a girl and she is an exorcist. I don’t recall her name, but from what I can remember she travels with her boyfriend and her sister and a few other people. her sister is pregnant. In the book, the people are being protected from the demons by the church but since it is a sin to get pregnant when underage, they kicked out the protagonist’s pregnant sister. there’s also a well ,in the book, in which there are souls and for a baby to be born there must be a soul in the well for it or else the baby will die within a few hours.

But there isn’t any souls in the well so yh. Reply • I can’t remember much, but this book is about a girl who I believe is in high school. She has a pretty good life. And then her family has to move after her dad loses his job? I think they go to her moms home town and she meets this boy. I think he would help the family out while they were un packing. They start to have feelings for one another. They date secretly and he ends up being bad for her.

That’s all I can remember Reply • 2010s so I read this 300 paged book in middle school. I don’t remember the title of the book. but it was a two in one. & it was about a girl who had lost her parents, she was living with her aunt & uncle with their two younger kids.

her aunt would abuse her & at the end of book one she meets this guy named ethan Matthews. also, the girl was a soccer player & I believe her aunt went to jail at the end of book two & at the time the third one was coming out called Run. I would love to reread it again & the third book!

if anyone knows what it is please let me know Reply • Hello, I hope someone can help me find this book. I am looking for a book about a caregiver that met developmental needs of the children she cared for in a single day.

She cooked with them, danced with them rode bikes, did gardening and took them to the beach I believe. It was called “Miss-something” or “Aunt” I have no idea.

I would really love to add this book to my library. My teacher read it to us during our CDA course. I would really love to know the name of this book.

Thanks in advance for anyone able to put the pieces together to help me find this book. Reply • A book about a girl who lives in a world where all superstitions are true. There are families that are lucky and some that aren’t, hers isn’t. She has a brother. She goes to like middle school or high school, but i think middle school. I remember a scene where she and her bro were walking to school and had to jump around cracks so their mother wouldnt get hurt. another where two girls said something at the same time, another came up behind and jinxed them, they were literally mute.

another in a graveyard, she tried to avoid it but couldn’t. There were exams to determine whether you were lucky and she gave everyone 4 leaf clovers from some guy and they all passed. I also remember she found a black cat named Jinx who was actually super lucky. There were 2 different high schools, one for lucky people and one for the unlucky, and a bad part of town where unlucky people went when they graduated.

That’s where she found the cat. They also had a friday 13th where the mom hung crows everywhere? Don’t know if I’m being too cryptic but if anyone knows what I’m talking about pls help.

Thank you! 🙂 Reply • Trying to find two novels I read years ago and Google hasn’t been kind lol. The first is a more recent novel, maybe published in last 10-15 years about a serial killer of Hindi descent who has lived his whole life possessed by some type of super supernatural serpent creature (based on the idea of Kundalini) that gives him the ability to burn others by touch.

A group of religious heretics are trying to hunt him down and the cover of memory serves had a snake tattoo or design and a fiery background. The other is an older novel with a shapeshifter theme that explores a man who encounters a strange woman on the road in the desert and she can become different animals.

He learns about her tribe and they may be from another dimension. The “villain” at the end goes through a portal and ends up trapped in a tar pit and cannot escape despite trying to shift into various creatures. I believe there was a cougar or other wild cat on the front. Reply • I’m looking for a book about a girl moving with her grandma I think it might be in Seattle or the outskirts and her grandma has a dog and the dog goes to the woods and she finds a guy around there lingering cutting wood or mowing the grass but she enters his world and it’s summer there but he keeps reliving the same year.

She ends up meeting his mom and grandpa and she eats breakfast with them but then she has i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad so he crosses over to her. At one point it’s her birthday and she’s freezing and her grandma makes her like a pie in a old oven they had.

Also the guy is like 17 and he had a brother who went to the war and he stopped writing letters to their family. At the end of the book she finds out that his house burned i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad stuff Reply • i’m looking for the name of this book!

i don’t remember the characters or anything. All i remember is that they’re is a lady that lives right near the forest that no one is suppose to go in because it is dangerous. i’m pretty sure the lady was a baker! well a teenage girl is trying to look for a job and ends up working there or something or maybe she started living there?

i don’t quite remember but anyway weird stuff happens. i also remember a part where the teenage girl helps the boy clean a ladies cat or something! please help me find this book!!!! Reply • This is a middle grade book that I read ten-ish years ago.

It is a story about a middle school girl named Ivy (i think) who’s dealing with making friends and such. She gets a goldfish around the beginning and she wants to get her ears pierced.

There is a scene with a snowball fight at school. At the end she goes to a sleepover where her friends dare her to let them pierce her ears. Reply • I’m looking for the title of a children’s book. The cover was red and the story was about a woman and a wagon. The wagon had a churn of cream in it and as the wagon went over bumps “clippity cloppity” the cream soon turned into butter.

The woman wore a bonnet and a 1800’s style dress. My son read this book in the early 90’s and it was an older book. Would love to find this book! Reply • Was definitely made before the 2000s. Maybe mid 90s? It’s a red and black book with a frame in the image. I can’t remember exactly but I believe a devil or some similar scary looking thing on the cover. It was in my elementary school’s library as a kid but I don’t think it was a children’s book.

Reply • i read a book about a boy whos dad owned a restaurant but when the dad died the mom was very depressed and a girl who worked at a pottery place just moved into town and they started talking and then they dated and the boy had i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad lot of siblings and toward the end the girl got in a motorcycle accident but she survived. Reply • Hello all, well, I’m looking for a book I read back in the late 80’s early 90’s or so. Here is what I remember, most the people of the earth had died, some kind of end of world event, well, this girl goes thru a lot to survive, has an incident in a Wal-mart, anyway finds this ring of melted glass that looks like a crown, some guy trying to help keep her alive, she finds out she has the power to make plants grow again, something about touching a tree that ends up growing again, leaving her hand print on the trunk of the tree.

She ends up being the savior of the world. Like I said its been a good many years and I’m a man so my memory isn’t the best. Thank you all for your time. Reply • so i read this book when i was younger its about a girl who works for this secret organization saving fairy tale characters and she was sick of saving everyone i believe the book was about an evil clown who turned a prince into a lamb or goat or the other way around i believe her parents were also fairy tale heros and the disappered the cover was a girl in a pink or red shirt i believe brown hair she had a hand on her head also i think the book was called something like happily ever after but there was a non writen in pink before happily Reply • Im trying to find this book but I cant remember the name or author all I know is that its about this girl I think her name is Brittany and she has s*x with this guy and she ends up having a miscarriage and then years later she sees him again in seattle for some birthday party or something and they both get stuck in an elevator.

Please help if you know what im talking about. Reply • Does anyone – OK, I feel like more likely than not no one – no one – will know the book I am talking about, but yeah. I remember I had this book from my childhood, though greater specification about the book regarding when it was published etc. would fail my memory. I dare believe it was before 2010? Maybe before 2008? It was a paperback, blue cover (dark or navy blue), andd——the title, that’s what fails me.

Did it contain “journal” or “interesting” or even “very”? Only heaven knows, but I sure hope I am wrong 🙂 Reply • So hi, The book I am looking for is fiction, supernatural, YA and about a girl who has to survive alone, now that her mother is, I think dead? And she knows that she has powers and she has to go to a family but I don’t know if they are relatives or just random people. Anyway, she is send to a magical academy then and has to live in i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad house of someone who has something to do with the academy and his either nephew or son or something lives there too.

I think this whole story is in Ireland or Scotland or something and the academy has something to do with ravens, and she finds a redhead friend in there and the boy she lives with goes there too. Her first encounter with him is, that she meets him in the garden of the house and he sits in a tree and splashes a bit water onto her to get her attention. So she finds out who he is that he has water and I think air powers.

And the plot is about, that the girl and then the boy have to fight the evil director of the school but he tricks them and in the final fight he found a way to connect the girls and the boys powers and manages to make them forget each other. So I suppose the girl has some mind powers? I also remember that their first kiss was, when the girl got kidnapped in a car and managed to flee into some field where the boy found her.

Yeah and then the kiss happened. And in the second book, she has to do some kind of mission for the director in some city and she meets the boy there when she came out of a book shop in the rain. That’s about all I remember and I’m sure the title or the academy name or something has to do with ravens. Uhm,….so can anyone help me? Reply • A book about a girl who was 15-16 and she lives with her grandma I think.

She was invited to her aunts wedding and she wanted to lose weight for the wedding. She works at a pretzel place in a mall and she meets a guy and later was invited to some sort of summer party and the guy was there. She was made fun of because of her weight. She saw this diet package from her grandma’s exercise video. At the end of the book she doesn’t lose the exact amount of weight but she’s happy and she goes to the wedding with the boy Reply • A short illustrated book about a boy who is bullied and loves gasoline pumps.

He does not like his life so stands by the road with 2 fingers in his ear with the hope of turning into a gasoline pump (which happens slowly from the feet up). Weird stuff happens like some bullies force him to eat an abacus. At the end when he is a gas pump, his parents not recognizing him use him to get some petrol and say how much their son would have admired this gas pump, and he gives them free petrol and spits out free money.

Reply • Does anyone remember a fairly old SF book about a man, stranded I think, on a planet with multicolor (glass/fragile) flora growing underfoot? I think I remember the survival suit provided all needs, then was attacked by the “shards”.

I started reading it probably 40 years ago and lost the book before I could finish reading. Thanks in advance – other resource suggestions welcomed! Bud Reply • I read this book like 7 or 8 years ago, probably more.

It was about a single mom and her son, I can’t remember why but she treated him terribly, ways like putting his hand or I think his face over a burning stove and making him eat garbage and poop, she starved him sometimes.

Honestly it was a very very sad book, and the boy got saved at the end and was taken away from her. Reply • I read this book a while ago I don’t remember the title or author but it was about this boy who just broke up with his girlfriend and ends up with a rebound but in the end finally ends up falling in love with his sister’s babysitter.

it’s a comedy and it’s narrated from the perspective of cupid {sort of} Reply • I read it a couple of years ago. The cover was dark blue with an oil rig in the backround. It takes place in a coastal town. The plot of the book is a boy whose dad died in an oil rig accident when he was at work. He works at a grocery store, and is in high school. He meets a girl, and they get really close.

He is really good at art but doesnt tell anyone. He then realizes, when he meets her family, that her dad is the lawyer for the company that his dad had worked for, and they are trying to keep him and his family quiet about what really happened. In the end of the book there is a hurricane, but nobody dies. I cannot remember the title for the life of me.

Reply • I am looking for the name of a book. It’s a love story. The woman get sold by her dad who I think is in the mafia. The guy that he sells her to she falls in love with eventually and in the end they get married and have kids. The epilogue is their daughter’s wedding and the main guy ends up having MS…ring any bells? Reply • I’m trying to remember a book in which that the main character is a boy who feels a compulsion To move saplings from a sacred path to the side so that no one will walk on them I think the path is called the Urwald.

And that there are monsters I think but the monsters cannot attack you on the path it’s like A magical law also I think it’s some point his i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad or mentor is trapped inside of a bottle but that might just be my imagination Reply • A boy who feels an impulse to dig up saplings from a magical sacred pathway through a forest in which there is an Unspoken Rules that no one can harm each other on that path also I think his mentor or teacher is trapped in a bottle at some point the main characters name might be ronin or rhonin but I cannot be certain In the sacred path has a name like wergild and I think it’s in a world called the urwald actually that might be the name of the path Reply • I read this book in 4th grade it was in my schools library this book was about two children who are ghost a boy and a girl the boy had this little teddy bear that he had before they passed away i don’t remember how they died and why there mother wasn’t with them as a ghost either the lived in the woods in this abandoned little shed or something but there old house was close to where they stayed right and so there’s two houses one was there’s and the one in front of it was this old lady’s house whos the childrens mother use to help and clean which was abandoned now to and the ghost have discovered a kid had moved into there old house and the girl ghost wants to try and be there friend so in one part of the book i remember was the girl saying she was so scared to be in that old ladys house because her mother always told her and her brother the old lady didnt want the children to see her or something so she runs up the stairs to the bathroom grabs what use to be the old lady’s shampoo and stuff and she had caught a glimpse of her in the mirror and got scared thinking it was the old lady but when she gets to woods she realizes that that glimpse she caught was her she hadn’t bathed or brushed her hair for so long that she look scary and just a mess and another part where she was bathing in the lake or pond with the shampoo she had just got and she says she can see the sticks and leaves coming out her hair and she gets out and has no towel or clothes so she air dries out in the sun i really want to find this book Reply • I’m trying to find this book about a girl alone in a asylum cell, her parents were scared of her.

Then someone was sent to her cell to know what she does. Then after that she found that she was tricked or something then she was kinda released outside I read this book like 2020 in my middle school and I miss it sadly Reply • So the fiction is basically about a girl who’s very pretty named Bella who is rich but enslaved and brought to Egypt with a few more slaves. They are tied with ropes n shipped to Egypt. The story is from the ancient times. And there in Egypt they discover how the pretty girls and handsome men are used for s*xual purposes by the pharaohs.

They are dressed and adorned for the upper class people and they are open to several gruesome and terrible secrets of the ancient Egyptians. The scenes are quite explicitly explained n portraited in the novel I read it a couple of years back. There are 2 parts of the book I guess. Please do find that book for me Reply • trying to find a teen book its about a football player who ends up in the game becoming paralyzed from a hit, the teacher comes to the hospital to help.

the teacher lost her husband so she is hesitant to go there. she ends up helping him thru his new life of being paralyzed. maybe called Winning? 198 something book? Reply • The book I’m trying to find is a fantasy book about a young girl who travels around a fantasy land with her father. I read it in school. Some key locations are: the desert, a tall tower, and a wall that has something to do with goblins. It was published before 2016.

If you know the book please tell me. This has been bothering me for 4 years. Reply • Dear Book Cave, I’m looking for a book which I found in the philosophy shelves of the Waldenbooks book store in the Los Cerritos Center back in 1981. The book was a small paperback book with a plain white cover. I do remember that the keyword in the title was ‘Ethics’ with some kind of subtitle.

I don’t remember the author’s name but I do remember that he was some sports journalist of some name and was a columnist for the New York Times and other major publications which he joked about that he had to be one of the least likely authors of a book on ethics, but that he felt compelled to write about philosophy because of his own personal experiences and observations of human nature and behavior throughout his career as a sports journalist.

I do remember the very striking shocking example with which he started the book to illustrate one of his main points about how a person can be good at being an athlete but bad at being a human being.

He wrote about a star baseball player of the day, Thurman Munson who was a great baseball player but a very bad person, whom nobody cared for at all, and, who nobody missed very much when he crashed his own private plane and died. The author himself frankly admitted to knowing the man and feeling the same way about him that everybody else did.

It was this blunt admission of loathing which the author made which put me off from buying the book, but I’ve regretted not putting aside personal outrage and immaturity o my part to set aside and see beyond trivial offense the broader and deeper value of another unexpected insight and point of view.

I’ve searched for the book over the past few years off and on, and just can’t get that book out of my head. I really wanted and needed to find out the rest of what the author had to say because of my own experiences and insight over the past forty years of living in the world and dealing with the people in it as part of my own moral and practical journey.

If anyone knows the full title and the name of the author and where I can get this book, please write back to me with all due speed to tell me because it’s something that I really have to finish and settle in my life. Thank you for your attention and assistance, Phillip Jones Reply • The book I am trying to locate: It is a true crime. Two women attacked one survived and wrote the book, about the attack and the investigation to solve capture the assailant and her survival story.

I believe I recall it from the 90s but it could be early 2000. I think it was in Midwest or more like Dakota surrounding states. Reply • I sadly don’t remember the author or the book title but I remember it’s about 3 siblings. Let me tell you the plot: -Basically they find a hidden place in there house -Whenever they read a book all of a sudden there in the thing interacting with the characters -Like there house was in the water on sea out of nowhere -There’s some person i don’t remember trying to get the big book that whatever you write comes true -Also in the end one of them(I know it was one of the sisters) hid in the chimney and wrote out in the soot the normal story so only the characters remember are the siblings and company also for her sister she wrote out there two friends that were fiction that died but made them real and alive -Please help i read this in 4-5th grade in my teachers class -Good luck on finding your book fellow readers!

Sorry if this is bad but i don’t remember that much, even if you know 1 of the main character’s name it would help a lot Reply • Free kindle book (YA Fantasy/ dystopian) Read the first book around 2017 I think but I can’t be sure.

The main character (female) left her father (General or commander of their army or something like that) and brother in outer space where they lived to sneak on a space ship headed out on a mission. I remember she knocked out one of the men and stole his uniform and took his place.

The ship crashed on a planet (might have been earth) the survivors blamed her and left her at the crash sight (i think) but then she encountered a monster/beast (I think/ it was either that or she just heard a noise and followed it until she found a man) when she found him she tried to fight him but he was too fast and he knocked her out and they travelled through a portal.

Then she woke up in an old house (old ages) it turned out to be the guys mother’s house ( she might have been a healer) the outside of the house was guarded by a big dog or creature. But more or less they were both warriors and the guy was a high ranked soldier protecting his village from beasts and his brother was the king. There was a ball near the end of the book where a magic object told the king who he could be matched with romantically.

And at the end of the book the female character found out her father and brother came on the same planet with a rescue team and her brother got kidnapped so she had to leave.

The last thing that happened was the guy dropping her off where he fist found her. I’ve been looking for this book for so long and i remember almost the whole book but I just can’t seem to find it.

Please help me find it I really want to read it again and finish the series or duology. Reply • I am after a book I read in school, She I don’t remember her name Knows him they grew up together he was a friend of her brother, who died of drug problem, She is on the run from his drug dealer who is after what her brother owed him.

She is singing in a dive bar, he is there when drug dealer men try to take her. He stops them Reply • I am trying to find this book about a girls brother gets sick. The family goes on this crazy road trip to help the brother. Along the way they stop at there grandmas house who is a witch. She has a hole in her backyard which leads to the underworld. Ghosts visit her. One ghost likes to play with matches and ends up setting the house on fire, they escape. Another part of the book is where they get to a place called Lost Angels, where there are angels.

They find the Leprechaun and makes a deal with him to save his son. He loses but the family escapes. I have been trying to search for this book for 2 months I need help! Reply • I don’t remember many details bc it’s been years. It’s about a teenage boy who’s in a prep school of the sort and he ends up sleeping with his classmates girlfriend leading to a fight and getting kicked out. He goes to live with his father who he isn’t that close with if I remember correctly.

He finds some sort of map that belonged to his uncle and finds a little island. I think there was some type of specific bird he discovered that his uncle had mentioned in his notes. He also meets this girl from his new found friend group that he has feelings for. I don’t remember the ending or anything else unfortunately.

Reply • I need help finding this book!! A group of siblings, (a large group, I think that there were at least 5 – 8 kids), are really rich. They live in a big house with their parents, and they all have special skills. They are really into solving puzzles and mind games. One day, their parents don’t come back from a trip, and they are informed that they have to go live with their grandfather.

When they arrive in his small town, they discover that their grandfather is not there! (I’m pretty sure that he was a sailor, and his house had a lot to do with sailing and the ocean.) The siblings keep to themselves, as most of the town gossips about them and their family.

The youngest child, (or one of the younger ones, anyway), makes friends with the neighbor. Their neighbor is a small girl named Violet, (I think), and she is allergic to oxygen. Her father is very strict and her stepmom is very mean, and neither of them allow Violet to leave the house, as she must stay in specific conditions where the air is clean for her to breathe.

She escapes anyway, to play with the siblings, and she wears a helmet that makes it safe for her to go outside. Their grandfather’s house is full of fun rooms, and I remember one such room they called the Smell Library, where smells are bottled. I’m pretty sure that at the end, one of the oldest siblings, a girl, goes to the mail office and gets a letter from her… parents?

The novel is a mystery novel. I think the book is named after the last name of the family, the town, or the house. The cover may be their house as well. Reply • I believe you may be looking for books by Enid Blyton.

She wrote a few kids book series. One of them was the “Adventure” series, where each book was called something like, “The River of Adventure,” “The Ship of Adventure,” etc. Another series she wrote was called “The Famous Five” series, and were called things like, “The Famous Five On A Treasure Island.” I bought an old hard copy of The River of Adventure at a Goodwill store on impulse, and found she had written all the rest as well.

I hope this helps! Reply • I do not know where to ask this to. There is a book I do not know the title or author of. I was reading it when I was real young and they took it up. It is a young persons book of about 6th grade level. It is the story of a young boy dealing with ghosts. He has a spirit guide who was a person that got killed on a railroad track. I can not think of the name of it, or where to ask this to. If anyone sees this who knows please reply to my email address Reply • Hey, im looking for a book which i saw t the Harry Hartog Bookshop.

The title was something like “Everybody dies someday” Um- the book was about two men who got told they were gonna die that day, so they spend their last night/day on Earth together.

One of the boys don’t have the best relationship with their father, about not being good enough or never getting anything done or something im not exactly too sure.

If anyone knows what book this is it would be very helpful. Thank You -Alex Reply • I read this back in October or November 2007 when I was working in fourth grade class.

I don’t know the title or author, just one scene. I think it was a YA paperback, and it had black and white line art illustrations. It seemed to be a fantasy/sci fi book. The scene I read involved a teenage girl, who I think was related to/descended from the villain. The villain was a baron or wizard, possibly from a time like the French Revolution. The girl was accompanied by a small talking animal and some sort of intelligent computer.

She was sitting or standing in front of a couch as the baron/wizard was making a grand proclamation about her ancestry and his public execution. She said something as the wizard relives his going to the gallows/chopping block in front of her. Angered, the wizard turns on the girl. The narration was third person and states that he seemed to hypnotize her as she stood in front of the couch.

He ties her hands behind her back and then makes her sit on the couch, tying her ankles. He then gags her and goes back to reenacting his execution. The girl turns to the animal/computer, which displays a question. The illustration showed her to be white and blonde, and sitting on the couch with her hands and ankles tied. She may have had a ponytail and was wearing a polo shirt, tennis shoes, and a knee-length skirt.

Reply • Looking for the sequel of a mystery/detective the detective is a female named Daisey was raised in a commune in the south her father rescued her he had also been a detective. She had a baby while in the commune that was taken from her and she was told the baby died.

there is a reporter male named Bear. Can’t think of the title or author does the story sound familiar to any one. Thanks Reply • I’m looking for a publication about a young county girl who went to live in the city to further her career. On her return to the small country town where she grew up, to visit her family, the townsfolk seemed to have all become rough and uncouth.

Even her parents seemed to have changed. I think this is a Deen Koontz publication. Can you please help! Reply • Looking for a book about a girl who learns she has magical powers and is sent to an island with other magical teens. Its a series and in one of them she is kidnapped and stuck underground in complete darkness and has to escape. Theres alot of action and fighting i dont really remember much else i think there was 3 books in the series Reply • wattpad It is a werewolf story.

The ML had a mate but she was killed by rogues. He is the alpha of a strong pack and he has a son, a little cute boy. The FL lives in another pack and a few years back found out that her mate was the future alpha. Who threatened her to keep it a secret from others because he choose her step sister (who is not aware of anything) as his mate, because they were already dating. She his the daughter of the beta and she has a twin brother and a gay best friend. The ML and the FL meet one night at a bar and end up spending the night together, she leaves in the morning.

they Don’t see each other for a few months (I think…). He is asked to help with the training her pack and there they meet again. I know it is a cliché story but I am unable to forget it and want to read it again… So please will you help this poor soul?

Reply • Okay so in this book here are the scenes I remember: The book takes place in a dystopian society. I believe its in the middle of a war. In the beginning, a man is running from gunfire but he is shot several times. He still manages to escape. A girl (man character) is exploring with her brother. They come across a body of water where they find something floating in the middle. Its covered in flies and they think its dead.

They drag it out the water and realizes its an injured man/creature that is still alive. There’s another scene where the brother and sister get separated. The i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad is stopped by boy soldiers who kidnap her. She escapes by causing an explosion using one of the alcoholic beverages the soldiers were drinking.

The girl befriends i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad man/creature who helps her find her brother. (or maybe her brother is with her and they just need help reaching the other side of the wall which is safe and there is no war). In one scene the girl is hanging on to the back of the man and he has to swim underwater to keep from being discovered as they sneak to the wall.

She is forced to hold her breath but she struggles. please help me find this book! Reply • Looking for children’s book. Printed likely in the 90s. Book and pages were like sepia or tan color for an olden look. A bunny who fakes sick to stay home from school. Gets into a little mischief around the house….seem to remember perhaps a friend dropping school work off and something about the grandfather clock.

Reply • I read this book once, its about a girl in a train where she met a prince, she never knew he was a prince, then they fell in love, made love, but the next day the girl left the prince without him knowing. time passed (not sure if it’s days or months) the prince was arranged to marry someone else, the girl was in the crowd and that’s where she found out that the man she met in train was actually a prince.

forgot what really happened but the ending was the prince ran away with the girl, left his title and all. the title of the book was like Merrywin, Marywin, Merrywind? The book cover was like a castle or a man and woman at the top of the mountain or hill, then a train.

Hope someone can help. Reply • wattpad This was a story on Wattpad. The ML is the alpha of a pack. has a son but his mate was killed by rogues. The FL has a mate, who threatened her to keep it a secret from others because he choose her step sister as a mate. He is the alpha from her pack. They meet at a bar, spend the night together, she leaves in the morning.

The ML searches for her but does not find her. Then one day his pack is asked to train her pack. they meet again. Reply • In this book I am looking for this girl is ends up in the hospital and lose her memory and she goes back to school but before she lost her memory she was one of the mean girls in school and no 1 liked her but when she came back she was new person she was nice and we find that she gets her memory back and ends up what happened the night of her best friend’s death Reply • I’m looking for a book I have read before.

There is a girl that goes on a trip with a class I guess and her ex is on this trip. She makes a friend with a guy who is a sorta nerd. Her ex says she went on the trip because of him though. The trip is kinda a sightseeing trip with learning about history. They had to take a train and the girl’s ex ends up either jumping or falling in front of a train (?) The girl and her new friend decide to do some investigating and think someone killed him.

Reply • I am looking for a novel,it’s about a grandmother adopting about 6-8 boys when they were young. They grown into nice men and it happens that one of them was in charge of his childhood kids and the grandmother sent her niece or cousin’s daughter to him thinking he was only taking care of one child. Reply • looking for a comic book with a purple cover, maybe a light purple,I remember one scene where they were in a marketplace and caused a huge mess and had to run.

i also remember a stand full of shrunken heads (not sure if this is a part of the book but i think so) i also remember a cyclops wearing an apron yelling HEY!

another scene where they knocked over a jar of eyeballs and I think there was an animal guide (not 100% sure though) my memory is bad so i might be mixing things up but i think this is close enough Reply • so I have been trying to find this book for a long time!

It’s about a girl who was stuck in an attack hiding from soldiers but IDK, anyways I don’t think they find her and she becomes trapped. Years later a family moves in and I think the girl looked like her, she had blonde hair and she was always told what to do, I also remember she had a ghost friend and I think he had i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad hair too!

The cover looks like she is standing by a tree with the ghost boy I think and maybe she’s in a black or dark blue dress. I’m not sure if this is apart from the same book but she finds an abandoned hospital of some sort and finds a girl with black hair who’s talking to her ( which was most likely a ghost) and she is wandering I think. I remember she was looking for something and she tried traveling but that’s all I can remember.

I read this book in like 6th grade and I don’t really remember the name but for me, the name felt like it was called ” in-between” but it wasn’t so I’m still trying to look for it and I hope you guys can help! Reply • Looking for the name of a book about a woman who is a member of some sort of political organization (I think) and they kidnap the governor’s (or someone similar) wife who is pregnant for ransom.

The wife dies, and the woman takes the baby and moves away, raises the baby as her own. She later gets married and develops arthritis or some type of severe physical ailment and people find out the truth about her daughter.

Reply • I am looking for an illustrated children’s book about two sisters (both of which had recently married), who were bequeathed an equal amount of money. The first sister (A) wanted to live frugally, but comfortably, so bought a modest house.

The second sister (B) wanted to live impressively, so bought a lavish house. The story takes you through the process of the sisters decking out their houses to suit their chosen tastes, with cutaway views of their houses.

Sister A chooses sensible items, and sister B chooses lavish – but the latter runs out of money to complete ‘the look’ of her lifestyle. To compensate for this, she and her husband decide to give their servants the best rooms in the house for free as payment. Sister B and her husband end up living uncomfortably in the attic, whilst sister A and her husband have plenty for themselves.

I think the book was written between 1970s-1980s. Thanks for your help in advance! Reply • I read a romance novel from the 90s or early 2000s. The only thing I remember about it was the main characters best friend.

I’m not sure if they were nurses or training in a world war. The two women had love interests. The friend who had dark hair was dating a dark haired man. He ends up having an accident of some sort with either a machine or a vehicle. Presumed dead or she gets word that he is dead. Another character is introduced as a mechanic kinda in the background, big scarred man with a beard.

The friend ends up drawn to him. Finds out it is her lover and he wanted to spare her the pain of his disfigurement… And thats all i remember. Reply • i am looking for a book, that i thought the name was the secret garden but i have found that book and it is not the same, this is a young girl that lost her inheritance if she married early, she married and the man immediately died but she never went back for the money. she later worked as a research assistant and then cared for a professor’s son and he called her miss honor, the professor needed someone to substitute classes for him and found he had her right in his house caring for his son Reply • It starts off with the heroine sneaking into a guy’s house to return something (or maybe retrieve something) as a favor to a friend.

Her friend is the mistress of the guy who owns the house. She is caught by a different guy (hero) who is staying there (I believe he is the guy’s brother or something) and I believe she convinces him that she is the mistress because he was drunk. Next, she runs into him and is introduced to him at a party. He recognizes her and she recognizes him and they end up in a discussion and kissing in a dark room.

I believe she is single due to the death of her husband or maybe fiancé. She is daring and willful. Reply • I’m looking for a book. Historical romance, pretty sure it’s about pirates.

i’m afraid i might be mixing two different stories ( if so i wanna find both books!) i remember the cover ( i think) being a beautiful woman, with black hair and in a blue or purplish dress, laying down i think….the beginning of the book starts with her running away from some kidnappers and she’s running along a cliff…she’s hurt or gets hurt and when she gets down to the beach area something happens i cant remember…but she wakes up on a ship where she meets the main love interest guy.

she stays in his cabin room on the ship…things happen….im trying to remember more details…i know she finds everything in the room bolted down bc i think she was looking for a weapon…i think i recall an evil pirate, a secret pirate i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad being sold…she gets captured and is put up for sale…i think the evil pirate guy has a woman on the island her name is red something i think!!

and i think he tries to make the girl walk off the plank into some sharks or something. i really cant remember and i want to find this book ( or books! lol) so bad. Reply • Hi Laura, You did mix up the plot of 2 books lol, alas by the same author. The author is Johanna Lindsey. The ‘pirate theme’ book is entitled ‘ Gentle Rogue’.

The other book which is also by Ms. Lindsey is abt a young girl with an astonishing singing voice and whose love interest has a side hussy on the side whose hair is red (I think). Reply • I have not been able to find this book for years. It has a grey, metallic cover with 4 lego figures. It was not about legos in any capacity.

I thought the title was Jcube but as it turns out it was not, but a cubicle in the book was NAMED jcube. I contacted the library i got it from. they have no records of it. I searched google. Not a trace. I looked through amazon, booksellers, I have tried everything. It is like the book never existed. The book made little sense, many pages full of random numbers or word salad, with the writing itself being about an office or cubicle.

I can remember one of the arcs was that the boss or CEO got a slushie machine for the office. A valentines day one, too, i think, and there was also one with a “hug machine” that was 2 mattresses that would squish someone together in a “hug”.

Near the end the main character smuggled weed. It’s not like I havent tried. I have been trying for years. trying to find it has taken a toll on me. I need to find the book. I need evidence that it was a bookthat was real, that i held in my hands, because reading it was so garbled that it is hard to explain.

Half of the book was word salad. Reply • I read this murder mystery but I didn’t finish and it’s killing me and now I can’t remember the title it’s about a female lawyer who was asked to work where her mum lived her grandma raised her then there’s this sheriff that keeps flirting with her I think she likes him and there’s also a rich family she suspects plus she’s very good looking and hot and she’s looking for her mothers killer and yes her mum is cremated Reply • There’s this book I read in Middle School, I believe it is about a guy and his friends (can’t remember their age, I want to say they were young adults around college age) who take a plane ride to go on some kind of trip and after something happens (Either the main protagonist fell asleep or the plane crashes) the Main Protagonist wakes up naked and separated from his friends in a strange forest that seems otherworldly, the Main Protagonist must find his friends and try to survive, later on his finds some of them and they create clothes for him out of some kind of plant fiber.

I remember towards the end the group tries to leave the woods and cross some chasm but are beset by large monsters, one of which ends up killing a member of the group, but they keep pushing forward, I can’t remember much about the end but in the last chapter the main protagonist believes he and his friends had been shrunken down to the size of bugs and the creatures they were fighting were just regular animals and insects and the strange woods were actually grass in a local park (I also cannot remember if the events really happened or if it was all a dream) But at the end the protagonist returns to a local park and attempts to see if he can smell burning wood as if he is trying to find the group’s campsite.

Reply • Title: ? Author: ? Plot: A young girl (whom I believe was named Tunes, named after her grandfather) was falsely accused of murder. Her best friend, the narrator, is a young boy who attempts to help her escape the police because he thinks she’s innocent.

The novel takes place in one of the southern states in the US, has somewhat of a discriminatory lining to it towards African Americans. Reply • it is about a boy having a crush and trying to get with the girl, her name is eve or ava, and he meets a boy who helps him with a set of rules to be able to date the girl.

Him and the girl are in an art class making a collage project. the girl is blonde and has a boyfriend, the boyfriend is mean and a bully, the main character though is kind of a nerd. the books colour was pink with the girl on the cover. Reply • There was this book about a woman who worked at an art gallery.

There were ongoing murders in the town she worked in, and I think the bodies were found in a body of water next to the gallery (a lake or a harbor, maybe?).

A detective visited the town, and they met up in the gallery. I think there was a fire in her apartment at some point in the book as well.

I would love it if anyone knows the book title (especially with that poor description I gave) <3 Reply • Years back I read a book that was perfect, a book I have tried to remember the title but it’s failed me over and over again……. A lady is bestowed inheritance from an old man with a big family that was never related to her at all. (don’t remember reason why that happened) but the family sons and daughters plot and steal it from her and throw her on the streets with her young brother……she works hard little by little plotting her come back, builds a big empire again and does all she can to reclaim what was given to her.

I remember she was in love with one of the sons. I want to own this book again anyone that has read something similar help me out please. Thank you Reply • So years and years ago I picked up a comic- manga type book from my elementary school library and just remembered about it now.

I remember it having a young boy who was a mail man as the main character. There was also another character introduced who had scarves covering his face so you could only see his eyes. One big thing I remember from this character was that he loved birds and birds would always be around him. The last thing I remember is the ending. It turns out that the bird guy is actually a robot that was ment to destroy the world. It was definitely a big twist that was very sudden and thats when the boon ended.

I have no clue if there are more books after but the book ended so fast that I would think that it had a sequel. I cannot remember the author or title and it has been bugging me for awhile. Reply • Thanks Kira, I think you may be right about this one, and it makes this even more relevant. This is an incredibly versatile cat: The cat who could read backwards, The cat who ate Danish, The cat who knew Shakespeare and finally The cat who killed Lilian Jackson Braun.

Why I was interested: a guy I know claims that his cat walked over his keyboard and inadvertently sent the link of a horrific p*** site to the directors of an organisation he belongs to. The cat also, by stepping on just the right keys caused him to lose 1000s on his stock trade program! Now imagine titles like The cat who watched p*** or The cat who i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad on the stock exchange!

Reply • I am looking for a book that was published in the 70s or 80s. I was a book about ways of keeping your house clean. It was pretty funny. The part i remember is where she talks about how her sisters house was always tidy even first thing in the morning but hers wasnt and one day a visitor rang her doorbell and she hid under the table because her house was so cluttered.

I think the cover had a picture of a women maybe with curlers in her hair but im not sure. It was a very funny book … They also had file cards with when days, weekly, monthly etc.

you could buy along with the book. I hope this helps. Thank you. Reply • Back when I was a 7th grader (I’m a junior in high school now) I had an entire stack of books and I particularly remember one book.

It was about a young teenager who felt ugly and at a i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad she meets a lady who draws her and in the morning she wakes up and she’s extremely beautiful and she got to get with the guy she likes. She becomes i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad but she ends up changing from the person she used to be. I remember a few scenes. One being she shoved her face in pie so her mom won’t notice her transformation and the other being she turns back to her normal self and she asks the boy if she looks different and he says “You look more beautiful than you ever have” or something like that.

SOMEONE PLZ HELPPPP!!! Reply • I am looking for a book i read a year or two ago that is about a girl who works/was at a bar and meets a famous soccer player (she doesnt know he’s famous.) They’re photo is taken by paparazzi which leads to his manager saying that he can no longer be pictured as that type of person and therefore has to marry this girl.

She has to sign a contract and he buys a house for them. They also end up falling in love in the end. I remember his mom or dad is dead and also her ex is crazy and attacks her in their home. Reply • Ok I’ve been looking for this book for years but no one knows it… The plot is about a girl who’s on a ship, and she gets mad at her dad and falls off the boat. She gets stranded on an island full of broken toys and machines. I’m not sure but I think it might be a magic island, because she’ll freeze(like not with cold, but she’ll stop moving) if she doesn’t get off the island in one/two days.

She makes friends with everyone on the island, including a broken radio who they call the “yoo doo creature” because the only thing it can say is “yoo doo”. I think she spends the night, but she gets kidnapped while she’s sleeping by a family who’s jealous of her for some reason.

I think this family was called the domino family??? There’s also a pine tree on the island, named Pine, who when the other machines realize the girl’s missing, points them in the right direction to find where the domino family are hiding her.

Pine ends up dying, as there’s a lightning storm that splits him in half. The girl is already slowing down in her movements when they try to make her escape from the island, but she eventually makes it back to her father.

Reply • I’ve been looking for a book I read around 2015. It’s about these kids who’ve never met each other before but get this opportunity to go to an island/facility place. The book is narrated from the perspective of a 12-16 year old boy but I don’t remember his name.

When he gets to this place though, he can sense something is just off. As the story progresses, he realizes that he and the other kids are part of this experiment to change their minds/brains to famous smart people like Einstein, Newton, etc. I can’t remember why the adults running the facility are trying to do this but there was this one kid who actually wanted his brain changed. The main character and the other kids try to escape and they come to this swampy forest place.

I don’t remember much else of the chase through the swamp but the doctor who was trying to preform the procedures gets eaten by a crocodile. I’m pretty sure another adult is found dead in a shack in the swamp but I don’t know. If anyone knows the title of this book or any other details then please comment!! Reply • I read this book when I was 11/12 1988/1989.

A girl and her sister live with their parents. She takes the bus to visit her grandmother occasionally. Her family was multi cultural Jesus/ Christian. She has a best friend next door. The girl plays an instrument. I remember loving this book and would like to have my 10 yr old read it. It’s driving me nuts. Reply • I’m looking for a fantasy novel I read like 7 years ago.The cover is purple.it’s about a knight who loved the queen.His name starts with T. There was war in the kingdom and he helped the queen escape and hid in the forest.Later they went back to the palace and someone tried to stab the queen but he was the knight was the one stabbed instead Reply • Hey!!

So if anyone knows this book series of a like rich family of brothers and one of them is called Caleb and he uses this lady who starts with the letter r who has powers to find his sister but it hurts the r lady doe he finds her to apologise and when he does she needs protection and he helps her.

i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad

There are other books in this series And I thought it was by Rebecca Zanetti but I couldn’t find it…. please help! I do know it’s an adult book for sure Reply • I’m looking for a book about this boy who has an alcoholic father who spends his rent money on beers and the boy meets a girl who kinda like acts like a i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad and uses her hair to make nests and then in near the end of the book this guys says he wants to record her beautiful voice but steals it Reply • The book is about this girl and guy their friends they talk on ham radios then a couple bad guys drive through and kidnap the girl she’s held hostage in a cabin in the woods were she tries to talk to her friend to let him know she’s ok she finally gets the word to the cops and they surround the cabin and she lives Please please help me it’s driving me crazy I have to find it Reply • (I’m not 100% if I’m right but this is all that I remember.) I’m looking for a book with two girls, I’m pretty sure are southern.

One of them wore a blue dress and the other one wore a yellow dress. I read it in second grade and it was a level K. The two girls were sisters and one of them was i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad Maybelle. I don’t remember if it was a book series or not but some of the plots I do remember from the book was that, Maybelle and her sister got lost while riding around in a carriage.

Another plot I remember is where they had to perform in front of people, but the performance was bad so they got tomatos thrown at them.

I also think the cover of the book was yellow. I hope this is specific enough! Reply • I’m looking for a book I read years ago, set in England around wartime. It’s about a wealthy girl named Amy who becomes a nurse and has an affair with a married man below her status. She also has a sister who ended up in a asylum after having a baby and trying to smother it. I also recall that she had a gay brother.

Her father was a English lord and her mother was an American. Reply • Werewolf romance, about a human girl who had a photography career I think, and a wolf shifter and they ran into each other I think. The girl hates just guts or at least that’s what she says and then they almost maybe have s*x on a old couch k. Not sure but any help would be greatly appreciated thanks is advance Reply • I’m looking for a book it’s about a girl who moved into a new town to stay with her uncle because her parents had died in a car accident and she ended up having to be protected by vampires from the devil who is their father because he wants to impregnate her and as she’s being protected she ends up falling for one of them and he likes her back but it is forbidden for them to be together Reply • Hiya I’m looking for a book which had a brown/ yellow cover with like a mechanical ship on the cover and it was about all these rich people and they had a son who became friends with the slaves who weren’t allowed to talk and in the end he helps them escape even tho the rich are his family that own them Reply • I am looking for a children’s picture book.

It’s a humorous book about a girl walking through a forest. It’s a funny book and throughout the book the author gives facts about animals in the forest. I thought the author was James Marshall but I think it someone else with his style of drawing. It has a black cover Reply • I’m looking for a book but I can’t remember the name of it or the main character. It’s about a guy who wants to go to Harvard university but ends up working for a drug dealer to save up money, he working with his friends.

One of the friends name is scooter, they have a lesbian friend and a guy the call boss that is a friend. The main character ends up meeting a woman named Ashley who went to Harvard and works for her father’s company but she ends up getting strung out on heroine and is r—- by a coworker. The drug dealer that the mc works for has a green Mercedes Benz that he ends up giving to the mc at the end of the book.

Oh the drug dealer the mc works for ends up in a wheelchair after getting shot by a rival. Reply • A girl goes to a theater camp with her old best friend to follow her crush but then falls in love with The best friends ex boyfriend.

On day they were about to do a play but it was raining and they started singing songs from kid shows like Dora the explore. The girl and the ex boyfriend go’s to the desert to take pictures of sometime (maybe very old trading markings). And at the end the best friends ex boyfriend is mad a her so she goes out and improvers and the other characters see what she’s is doing he and follow along.

In the end the boy forgave her. I can’t remember the name of anyone or the title. It’s for young adults by the way Reply • it’s a book for teen girls i read a few years ago, it was a series of books about a blonde girl, it had pictures of this blonde girl on the back on each book, the photos were from a photo booth. i remember something about her dad being famous and she met a boy in it. i would love to read it again but i cant remember what it’s called Reply • Its this trilogy.

I cant remember the name, but the main character is called luke and when his dad dies (his dad never lived with him) he suddenly inherits his money but along with it a specific number of ghosts. they all kinda obey him but 2 or 3 don’t then there’s this girl who can see the ghosts an they become close. There is also this green book called the book of eight but i swear every time he tries to read it he like goes unconscious or something. Also in the last book, i think he makes a deal with the devil and is waiting to pay his debt but he ends up defeating the devil and taking his place instead… maybe not (i cant remember) Oh and his girlfriends name starts with a H, maybe its hilda or helga but there’s definitely a ‘h’ in there.

pls help lol Reply • Looking for a book from kindle unlimited about a married woman named Eden who is lonely in her marriage because her husband works all the time and doesnt appreciate her.she meets a man names Graham Sinclair while playing an online word game on her cell phone and they become friends.Grahams wife Monica gets a new job and he becomes lonely when his wife works all the time and his teenage daughter is gone with friends all the time.Eden and Graham meet in person and later fall in love and decide after months of sneaking around to end their marriages to be together.things slowly change in their marriages and they meet up one evening in a thunderstorm at a park and decide to make their marriages work they leave to have one more time together and have an accident with both taken to the hospital.their spouses then find out about their affair and decide to forgive them and make things work.they say goodbye and move on Reply • Looking for a book I read.

Set in England 1800s to 1900. Twin brother and sister Barely making it low on money. Brother parties and gambles. O e night her gambles the rest of money to a Lord who I think is a rake or something.

Sister finds out and to save him she goes to this lord and offers herself as payment. The Lord Agrees with Conditions. Reply • I am looking for a book thats set in 1990s/2000s. This girl is walking away from a town on fire on the cover, maybe with a dog or a younger brother.

She was in her teens. I think she runs from the town or fights them or maybe just i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad group of people. She stays on the roof of the school for the duration of the “war”.

Her name is maybe Riley. Reply • I am looking for a book. I probably read it 5 to 7 years ago. I know it is a 2 part series about a girl and 2 guys. Girl is working for a cater and 1 of the guys is the lead chef maybe. Girl is broke and needs a place to live and moves in with chef. The chef is dating a guy who’s family is wealthy and wouldn’t approve of his relationship.

When the girl moves in with the chef the 3 of them become lovers. Wealthy guy is in an accident and family won’t them see him or he doesn’t doesn’t want to see the 2 of them. Girl finds out she is pregnant and leaves country but still in contact with the chef.

I know that is where 2nd book picks up. Does anyone know the book or author? Reply • Her name is Gemma,a teacher that travelled to Italy with one of her students,I think Mary,whose mother was not available at the time.While she was having a walk with Mary a car almost ran her over,turns out the owner of the cacar was a wealthy and famous artist,he does a lot of sculpting,paints etc.At the long run they got married separated and United again.i’ve read it about 9 years ago,please help ,I’ve searched everywhere for it Reply • The book I’m looking for is about a group of people who have taken a drug that transforms them into what they truely are.

For example one couple, the man turns into a small fairy with wings like a moth and his wife turns into a giant amazon who dies by the leaf of the mother in-law plant. Another character turns into an African mythological creature who rides a type of wild boar that has a bone shape object on its back that she connects to to ride. There are about a dozen different people. They are in an enclosed lab like place during this experiment.

I believe the main character is trying to decided whether or not to take the pills(?) and change and then leads a revolt against the main protagonist who is the small fairy with moth wings and his wife the giant amazon.

I think the book was written between 1950-1990’s. I think the cover was a face with a moth over it and the eyes were the spots on the wings. I remember reading it around 2005ish from the library in Northern CA.

Vallejo Main Library to be exact. Thanks for any help. Reply • Hi im trying to find a book….it was one of the first books i enjoyed reading and was probably like 10 to 15 years ago that i read it. Its a Christian romance more contemporary style about a yound lady who someone attacks and she hits her head or something….she runs away and ends up on this i believe horse ranch with these 2 brothers i think… And one of the boys is constantly having to take care of her as she’s always getting hurt…one of the times she is riding a horse and falls off breaks her arm and then the other is she ends up renting an apartment and gets sick and doesn’t take care off herself he comes to check in on her and ends up carrying her back to his truck and takes her back tho the ranch….eventually they realize she was abused by someone as a child and the attack that happened in the beginning of the book brought it all back and they catch the guy that attacked her….any help locating this book would be greatly appreciated!!

Thank you so much Reply • It was about this teenage girl who was in high school and finds out her boyfriend was riding to school on his motorcycle and crashes and dies. But suddenly she has this feeling to go for a walk and she ends up outside of town at this abandoned house, and it’s night time by then and she goes in and he appears and tells her what happened to his bike that someone cut his breaks. & other ghosts live there too. But when morning comes they disappear. & she goes back and they reappear.

Reply • The book I’m looking for is about a woman that wakes up on the floor in someone else apartment in a younger woman’s body. She tries to figure out who this young woman is and what happen to herself. I found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad color of the book I think was red and orange. I do remember that the photo on it was in black and it was maybe the back of a woman’s head but if you look at it you could see two women’s face outlines.

Reply • Hello! I am in search of a book, from my childhood. (1968–1978). It was a Scholastic book, from a book club. The front had a tall, rock, bridge, with a deep cavern below. The story was about travelers. Each character was a fantasy-type person.

One of them was a “snake-man”. That’s all I can remember about it. Thank you! Reply • VERY DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF A BOOK IM TRYING TO FIND! A teen girl moves to a new town with her parents. she might have some mental health issues or grieving as a relative may have died (idk for sure). In her room is a teen boy ghost who died there. she doesn’t notice him at first but he slowly manages to communicate with her (i think with touch) and using her energy he begins to become a little more ‘human’ and they are able to talk, and she sees him.

the girl also goes to a new school and has barely any friends, until she meets a guy there. she hangs out with him more and catches feelings. Then at some point, the popular girls invite her over for a sleep over or something like that and i think it doesnt go down well.

she also catches feelings for the ghost in her room, and they often sneak out? I’m not sure. the ghost has this special place by the sea (like a cave) which he has fond memories of from when he was alive.

the girl helps him move on to the afterlife, but when he says hell leave she tries to kill herself to join him.

but the ghost tells her not to and it ends with her dating the guy from school and the ghost having moved on. this chapter might begin with from the ghost’s point of view, waking up dead and seeing the girl enter. if you could find this book ill be so happy, been looking for it for a long time!!

thank u 🙂 Reply • so i’m trying to remember this book i read a few years back, it was about this girl who was from out of america, shed lived in a village. she went to america to take some college classes, and was kind of in an arranged marriage with a man from the US. the woman was taking college classes, the man had a real job and the woman couldn’t speak english well.

the man thought she was weird, but they fell in love and got married at the end of the book. the man also had a best friend that was in love with the woman. this is a terrible summary but it’s all i can remember. someone please help?? Reply • This is hazily remembered from childhood in the 1980’s. There was a book in which the animals in a petstore talked to each other at night.

The one I remember the most was the story of an ape who was a transformed princess or something like that. At the end, the ape/princess still has a ring which is used to pay for something.

Reply • Trying to remember a book from a ghosts POV I believe, I don’t remember much but I am dying to know what it is! It’s a female girl that is driving and comes to a turn that is a cliff and she goes off of It and dies. There might be other ghosts down there with her and she tries to stop other cars from getting confused and going down and that’s pretty much all I remember.

Reply • Hi there, Im looking for a book which I read in elementary, I remember that there was 3 main characters 2 of them were boys and one of them was a girl I think the girls name was Lucy but then again I read this in elementary so I don’t remember much, I know they went though paranormal experiences at the school one of them being lucy going into a locker which lead her somewhere and another being one of the boys having to skate on ice to save his friends on the cover of this book I remember the boy who was skating going towards the camera while skating away from the school with his friends by his side and behind him on the ice he was skating on there was a shadow of a hand chasing i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad them.

I think the book might have been a comic but i’m not too sure Reply • Hi. I have been desperately trying to find a book from my childhood. I read it all the time and it was my favorite! My aunt took it to goodwill after we had garage sale at her house and since I left i accidently, left it behind she assumed it was part of the sale and that was that.

I do not recall the author, nor the title, nor do I even remember how it came into my life. Was it a family members (like a great grandmothers? great aunt? did someone buy it for me? did i get it at the school book fare. I have no clue) I do know it was before 1987, but again, it was from anytime before that, so it could have been anytime between 1920s or so all the way to late 80s.

All i remember is it was about a dog, a cat, and a pig that went on an adventure. I remember them coming up on a circus and the only other thing i remember was the picture of the cat standing on the huge ball in the circus tent. I know it’s not The Incredible Journey that homeward bound was based off of.

There was no pig, that was 2 dogs and a cat. This specifically had a dog, pig, and a cat. Every used book store i come across i literally spend hours in there looking at every book in hopes to find it again. If anyone remembers this book I would be so grateful. (Also the sporadic pictures that were in it were in black and white). Thank you for your time Reply • Hey, so I am looking for a book that I read sometime either in middle or high school. All I remember is that there was a boy who stayed in either a nursing home or a psychiatric facility, but I think it was a nursing home, while his dad was away.

I believe his mother is deceased or something. His dad was some kind of scientist or explorer or something like that. When the dad comes home, when he leaves for his next trip, the boy goes with him and they end up on a boat where the dad’s new girlfriend is with them but the boy does not realize they are dating until later in the book. The last thing I remember is that they were stopped somewhere and the boy saw a man watching them I think and at one point they get attacked.

Does anyone know what book or reading I am referring to?? Reply • IF YK WHAT BOOK I AM TALKING ABOUT PLEASE DM ON INSTA @wr.lizz I’m looking for a mystery book.

I don’t remember much about it.

i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad

Only the fact that the cover is very simial to “Where The Forest Meets the Stars”, but I know for a fact that’s not my book. My book is about some type of rivalry between detectives, and I’m pretty sure a lady is found dead by an alley or by one of those giant garbage bins. I also remember someone’s wife is murdered, and most of the characters are rich or part of the upper class.

There is also a small girl who cried because her parents are going through a divorce. I don’t remember much, but I believe the cover is a big help. It’s dark blue with trees with a starry night sky.

Mainly a mystery and detective book. Reply • So, this is very far-fetched, but when I was younger we got this book from Goodwill, but I honestly have no idea where it went; All I know is that it was a YA graphic novel horror story. It might have had supernatural themes but I don’t remember. It had a fake leather cover, and it might have had fake blood spatter. It also might have been multiple short stories in one book. I distinctly remember it having curse words in it, and possibly, like, gray-tinted pictures, but was colored.

Reply • on the off chance someone here has read this: looking for a book i read a few years ago, its most likely a YA Sci-fi genre novel. about a girl that has this telepathy power and while at her barista/waitress job, gets recruited by this man who takes her to a program/dormitory where theres a group of other teens with abilities. i know there’s one possible male love interest in the book too if that helps.

i can’t recall any other details but i need to know i didn’t just make up this whole book lol. if it helps, i think the title had something like ‘normals’ in it, like supernormals, abnormals, etc. Reply • Looking for an old book who’s protagonist is called Lucky, he is a cat who acts like a human. It’s a Choose your own adventure book and he gets into situations where he can go to a rich boarding school or a poor one, he can become a farmer or work at sea on a boat, he gets trapped on an island with cannibals and many more situations.

I believe he is swinging on something on the cover. It’s a realistic looking cat with human personalities. Reply • This book I found in a 5th grade library was my favorite, finding it would mean the world to me and help regain some old memories.

So this books cover was black splashed with white, had a pencil and apple on the cover, either had crumpled up paper or a paper airplane on the front, was paperback. The story itself was of a girl who’s classmate (I think) tommy or something like that liked her and made her a pie out of sweet berries and that he later dies. I can’t remember the rest as it was 2017-2019 Reply • i am looking for a book about a kid that gets sent to a lighthouse prison in the middle of the ocean for burning down his house (i think) and all the adults die so the kids are in charge and there is a secret celler that is a library and they have to get off the island because it is slowly sinking so they get off by going with the mail man Reply • Looking for romance book about billionaire that hire red headed woman ( i think is katherine) to find who has stolen money from him, they fall in love she has miscarriage then she wants another baby but he doesn’t, his mother took him to different child pyscologist as a child and he has a niece Nicole who he goes to get her from a club drunk, he had made a s*x video with 3 women that got on the internet Reply • I’m looking for a book where a few friends that go to college, hang out with each other.

One of the friends went missing and was found by the main character. The killer cut out the friend’s heart. The killer also sent a package to the main character and inside was a pig’s heart. The killer sent notes to the other friends as a threat. The killer was the main character’s brother. Reply • I’m looking for a book in which a girl disappears into the corridor of their school and the boy who loved her and another girl saw it.

They knew that no one is going to believe them. So they tried to save the girl by themselves along with another guy whom they were able to convince about the story. The main guy plays a harp with which he can control others. Reply • Hi I’m looking for a book about a girl who fell pregnant with a one night stand and ditched the guy, wrote on his mirror with a lipstick and took his necklace then left. Two years later she works for the guy but she doesn’t remember him.

Only to find out that the guy’s brother has the same necklace as hers. Reply • Hi, I am looking for a book. I remember I read it in elementary school. It was about a boy who couldn’t go outside at all. Their family had a house by a farm and they made their money with crops.

At a certain point of day, they had to use the window shaders so people couldn’t see the child. I’m pretty sure his mom taught him school. But one day he tried to run away and he ran to his neighbors and I’m pretty sure he got caught, and the police got called on him even though his father was a policeman which made people suspicious of him. They decided to make the kid have a fake id and run away. Please help me find this book it was so interesting.

Thank you. Reply • Hi, I am looking for a book that is a young adult romance novel. It is about a girl and a guy who fell in love and the guy had anger problems. One day the guy’s landlord got fed up with the guy’s dog and started to abuse it. The guy got so mad that he beat up the landlord with a six-pack of sodas i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad went to jail.

The guy who went to jail was training a dog and the dog was adopted by the girl. There is a character named Camile and she died her hair crazy colors if that helps. The cover had a dog behind a fence. Can anyone help me with finding out what the book is? Thank you. Reply • I’m looking for a book I read about three years ago. it’s about this girl who gets in a car crash and goes into a coma.

while she’s in a coma she meets this guardian who takes her to past memories but her time is running out and she needs to get back to earth but she falls in love with the guy but he gives her a necklace and when she wakes up in the hospital the necklace is at the window. Reply • Helo,this book is about a girl who has always been in love with her best friend’s older brother and works for him in the family hotel chain until he becomes engaged, then takes a job in another city and is kidnapped to pay a friend’s gambling debt.is rescued by a friend of the hotel owner and falls in love with him, and the other tries to reconquer her, is the mmf romance.

Reply • Hi, I’m looking for a book that I read when I was younger. So it’s about a boy I think, there was n hole that was covered with planks and his mum always told him to stay away from it and one day he was near the hole and he heard something behind the planks, anyway he put an apple there or something and someone took the apple from inside, they bonded and after a while he went in the hole and he and his new friend walked, and then the other people that was inside started throwing rocks at them,and that’s all I can remember Reply • I am looking for a thriller-suspense book.

It had a blue cover. It’s about identical twin sisters who switched identity for some reason (no it’s not “ The Switch” ). Then one of them was murdered in a bathroom and for a while after, the one still living was confused with her identity.

I want to say the title had the words, “The (something that started with a B) Girls.” Reply • Hi, I’m looking i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad a book or rather a series about two sisters who own a flower or candy shop. The first book is about the one sister who falls for a guy with a motorcycle and I remember the guy makes a joke and sticks his head under her t-shirt while they are in the hospital (I think one of them hurt their ankle) and talks to her stomach and she thinks there might be a baby in her belly but he makes a joke and says the freckles on her stomach looks like a face of a baby.

The second book is about the i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad sister where she has a crush on the dentist in town and accidentally chips her tooth and goes to the dentist to fix it and they fall in love.

She also has a orange cat. These two books/series is really funny. Please let me know when you find it??!! Reply • I don’t remember much, but the cover was dark purple with a shadow of two detectives and a cat on it. I know the end of the book took place on a train that I think the characters and the cat were trying to escape. I also remember they got out of a car at the end and were taken somewhere.

The cat also told stories about its life leading up to where they were. Please help! Reply • The book was about dragon riders. In this book the man char was a boy who was pretty much the Cinderella. In the story there was a cave where dragons would lay their eggs, and every year kids about a certain age would go into the cave and an egg would hatch for them.

Basically choosing a rider. Well there was an egg that would never hatch and I can not remember if it was larger then the others, but it had hatched however for the kid everyone bullied and was thought to be worthless.

I really want to pick this book back up and reread it. It was a book from when I was a child and it may be a children’s book but I don’t care. Reply • I’m looking for a book I read about a year and a half ago, It’s a 21st century type scene In this world you get skin brands if you lie, cheat, steal etc.

There’s 5 brands you can get. I remember 1 was on the plan and one was on the tongue. I don’t remember where the other are. If you get a brand you have to wear an orange armband. The female lead. Is dating the mayors son, and she ends up helping this old man with an armband.

She ends up going to court and after much guilt and lying confesses to everything making her guilty of all 5 brands. The mayor being mad gives her a 6th brand in the center of her back. The last scene in the book is one of the judges giving her a business card.

That’s all I remember hope this helps! Reply • A chick lit book about a family who had everything. Children went to private school, but had to leave. The family lose their home and end up on a council estate, they begin to build their lives back up and make friends realising the old friends who turned their back on them werent really their friends after all.

The wife gets a job in a jewellers-I think! I wish I could remember the name of this book it was such a good read and would love to read it again. I do remember I got 2 books at the same time, the one I cant remember and Mum on the run-so Im assuming they were out at the same time Reply • A young lady goes out in NY and Mets a guy and has a one night stand…or so she thought.

She ends up pregnant and does not even know the guys full name. Her and her friend go back to the bar and to the hotel where they went trying to find him.the other girls finally gets his phone numbers to him about the baby.she:Mets him the next day and tells him. He shows updates her apartment saying hexadecimal her a drs. Appointment. She did not want Togo, but he more or less makes her.

He acts very stranger and I found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad think he is a wear wolf.he takes her to his man Iona day gets a calandras to leave.he finally takesherhome. He is a billionaire and his(house is a mansion that is as far as Igor. I really want to finish it. Can you helpmefind the name of this book? Thanks Joy Reply • There is a jewish family living in prague and they have a successful paint business, one of the sons goes to uni and when the germans invade they make him work as an engineer on materials suited for warfarem ships etc.

Once the war is over he emigrates to Argentina and marries an Argentinean lady and they have a daughter together and he becomes a very successful business man but his daughter knows nothjng of the atrocities he suffered during the ws r and he had a son Michel with his girlfriend before leaving prague, he is very jnterested in watches and clocks, after he dies his daughter finds papers of his history during world war 2 and goes to prague to find out more and then writes a book on her father, what is the name ofbbthis book Reply • Looking for a book where a girl breaks up with her bf and catches a train to her auntys apartment (dont remember city or country) might be paris or england.

Her aunty lives next door to a hot man who is into BDSM.Pretty sure she masturbates on the couch where the man can see her. She works for an older dodgy man i think cleaning his artwork and lots of drama goes down with that man at a nightclub. Sorry its all i can think of ive been searching for ages. Reply • I’m looking for a book I believe its like a small town romance novel. Its a girl who’s leaving her town n breaks down in the middle of no where she goes to the house and uses a little old ladys phone and ends up staying with her helping with her garden.

She ends up falling for the hot neighbor next door. Towards the end the little old lady dies and leaves the house and everything to this girl. Reply • I am looking for a book that I read in the 90s. It was a YA book about a boy who lived in the city with his mother after having lost his father. (All details are very fuzzy) The cover is what I remember most vividly.

It had a sepia tone, scratched canvas sort of feel (it reminded me of the i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad of The Downward Spiral). There was the protagonist boy sat down with his head resting on his knee. The book was a huge bummer, and everything that happened was depressing. I also maybe remember a connection to a single flower, or a root structure? The flower was a metaphor for the boy, the single beautiful thing growing in the horrible, poverty stricken environment.

If I remember right… Reply • I am looking for a book I read when I was a teen around 2016-2018, all I can remember is the girls name was moss and she used too sneak out of her village too go meet with this boy I believe and she lived with her father, I also remember it being set in the Victorian era I believe.

If anyone can help from that small description I would love it Reply • I am looking for a book I read when I was a teenager (2006 – 2010). The book was about a teenager who went to school and he was a bit lonely.

Then one day he befriends a girl from a popular group. They have a great time together. They talk and have a lot in common. He trusts her and shows her what he finds in the park.

i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad

He has found a nest with eggs in it. He is waiting for them to hatch. They check on them regularly. After a while they have an argument and stop talking and the girl goes back to her old friends. The guy has a broken heart and doesn’t come to school for weeks. She tells her friend about the eggs in the nest. After a few weeks when he goes to check on the eggs by himself, he sees that they are broken. She tries to tell her him later in school that it wasn’t her that it was her friend, but he doesn’t listen, and he never finds out the truth.

Reply • Hi,this book is about a girl who has always been in love with her best friend’s older brother and works for him in the family hotel chain until he becomes engaged, then takes a job in another city and is kidnapped to pay a friend’s gambling debt.is rescued by a friend of the hotel owner and falls in love with him, and the other tries to reconquer her, is the mmf romance. Reply • I’m looking for a book I read back in the 90s. A police thriller, featuring a Female detective who has returned to her hometown for Christmas.

Set in North America, the plot is around someone who is murdered (Electrocuted) whilst giving a speech on ice. Possibly skating, ice hockey or curling, I can’t remember. There are lots of references to The Lion in Winter, on Video, and someone who thinks she is related to Eleanor of Aquitaine. I have searched for ages to find this book, and I would be so grateful if someone knows it.

Reply • A book about a girl who has once upon a time tattooed on her wrist. She is an aggressive dog trainer and she gets bit by one of the dogs and can now telepathically talk to the dogs.

Its an adult fantasy romance novel. She falls for a think he’s a demi god but i cannot remember fir the life of me.

The book got destroyed when i was doing a field rotation. Thanks for reading. I wish i could remember the title or author. Reply • I’m looking for a novel about a high school girl that writes for the news club,answers questions about love (I think) of students on an anonymous website,requested a pen from the daily as a gift from santa …the book’s cover is pink and is small in size and I think she i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad an annoying little brother Reply • Folks, I’m desperate to find this book name for a long time.

I don’t remember the name of the author, the characters or any other thing beyond the story itself. It’s about a boy who’s leaving prison after being condemned for try to kill his girlfriend (but he is innocent), now that he is free, he found out that his ex is dating the man who used to be his best friend.

The girlfriend can’t remember anything about the crime night, and now she lives in a abusive relationship with his ex best friend. The guy become a ilegal fighter while his ex tries to escape physical and mentally of the abuser. The book ends when she remembered the truth about that night.

Reply • I think the book is called Robbie it might not be tho, I have been searching for it and cant find it. There is a memorable bit in the book where the boy antagonist wants to save a tree that has had a red cross put on it marking it for destruction.

So his friend went and painted red crosses on all the other trees… please help find me the author and real title its really important for me I will leave a reply to this thread if I find it thanks Reply • I’m looking for this book where there is a girl who has a “voice like an angel” but when she was at one of her concerts there was an accident on stage and she got a scar on her face so she stops performing and only sings when she is alone.Then there is a guy who is looking for someone to sing for his band so they can finally go on tour, but can’t find anyone then he goes to a bar and one of her old songs starts to play and he is amazed by the voice and asks the bartender who is singing and he gets told about the incident and decides to track her down and convince her to join his band so they can go on tour.That is all I remember so if anyone knows the name of this book I would appreciate it if you would let me know.Thanks.

Reply • I’m looking for a book I believe it’s a romance/mystery It starts out where a woman is cleaning out her attic of the house she moved into and notices there are 2 baby skeletons hidden. Then the story flashes back to the past where a girl who’s father was a baker and her husband was a fisher man.

The young girl was thought to be very beautiful. So much that local artist used her as a mold to paint. Until one day another artist comes to town and wants to paint her naked they end up having an affair she gets pregnant and because she shamed her father for doing the same thing her mother did the father along with several other men tried to kill her in the Dunes where she met a woman who lived in a small cottage here she found shelter from the winter storm and was able to keep hidden.

The story flashes back to the present. I’m hoping you’re able to help me find this book Thank you Reply • I’m looking for a particular romance book. Where there is this girl who is spoiled and stuck up.

Dad marries her off to a man who is the ring master in the circus. They slowly fall in love, then she finds out that he is the missing Romanoff son.

Tension rises. Then she finds out that her dad paid the guy to take her. Like he sold her? I have tried so hard to remember and find the book. If you recall it or know the name of it please let me know. Thank you Reply • I am looking for a book I read in the 70’s. A woman telling her story about i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad sold for s*x.

When she was very young, her mother send her down to the basement when a man was waiting for her. Her mother sold her for money.

Then later her mother sold her to a man that would take her to parties when important rich men would have s*x with her. She remember one time, they put her in a barrel. while she was in the dark barrel they kept throwing something in the barrel. It was dark and did not know what it was. When she finally saw that it was baby body parts. they were having a devil worship ritual sacrificing babies.

Reply • I am looking for a book I read as a kid in the 80s, but it would have been published much earlier, probably 50s/60s. A little girl gets a gift of a ball of red wool from her grandmother (I think) and as she knits with it she finds small surprises like a lollipop (and other things I can’t recall) At the very end of the ball the girl finds a small doll, and realises she’s kitted a blanket all by herself for her new dolly.

I would deeply appreciate any help or suggestions on what this book is called. I have been searching for years! Thanks ~ Reply • ive read this book like 2 years ago i remember a girl is forced to marry a boy who is younger than her.His parents are cruel and hides letters that the girl family sends.The girl trys to steal a letter but gets punished by having her hands rolled in between bamboo canes .i got the book from the childrens section of the library if that helps i also think it was set in a eastern country somewhere in asia Reply • Can’t recall short story( not a book) detailing a man’s remembrance of a tree planted with his father when narrator was a child In adult life goes back to the small town and homesite where tree should have matured No tree – yet the recollection of the planting and supposed maturing of the tree have given sustenance to the narrator all his life – the perception that his father was always protecting him /etc Word tree or house may be in title of story Help please- thanks!

Reply • I read a book a few months ago about a family who took in foster children. It was true. They had fostered over a hundred children. they took in a family of siblings. There were four or five of them. One little girl seemed showed signs of abuse after returning from home visits. Eventually the judge ordered the children to be returned to their mom. The foster mother was trouble about the child and kept trying to check on her, with little success or help from children services.

After about 9 months they found the girl dead in a garbage bag in the garage. Her mother was guilty and went to prison ,but was pregnant and asked that the same foster mother adopt her new baby and raise her. She does. The setting is out west in Montana or Iowa or there about. The child they adopt is a girl and grows up and also gets pregnant at a young age and the foster family deal with helping her to handle her life moving forward.

I need to know the title and/or author please!!! Reply • This woman is running away with this girl from a cruel king who forbade art and magic (I think) in their kingdom. The girl and this woman could turn into trees or owls when hiding. Also son of the king likes poetry. I remember that this girl was important for the story and was connected to this prince somehow. I wish I didn’t make this up really Reply • The book is about a girl who has always been in love with her best friend’s older brother and works for him in the family hotel chain until he becomes engaged, then takes a job in another city and is kidnapped to pay a friend’s gambling debt.is rescued by a friend of the hotel owner and falls in love with him, and the other tries to reconquer her, is the mmf romance.

Reply • An old man lives alone and befriends the birds He becomes ill and death calls butthe old man says he cannot die as there is no one to look after the birds. death says ok I will come again three times with a question, if you do not know the answer you will die and come with me. The birds give him the answer to Deaths first and second questionsfor the third question, he’s feeling ghastly and wants to diethe room is silent and the windows are are closed when Death arrives.

The old man is ready to go but he says “open the window I want to hear the birds sing” Death hastens away in a temper at thatas was the answer to the third question !. Reply • Step Three : Congratulations on finding the book! If the book is missing or you have trouble along the way, ask for help at the service desk.

Looking for similar books? The call number system organizes books by subject, so other books on the same shelf may be helpful.

Once you find the book, you can check it out at the Service Desk or at the self-checkout station. Reply • hello, i’m looking for a book that is about a young Jewish girl that got separated by your family on the way to America. I think they were a running away. But the girl on the way to America, she caught some diseases and how to stay until they were no longer effective.

So her family left for America and she stayed there. And then after her disease with me on a disease she went to America on a ship. She meets this young lad and falls in love butt he died on a big storm. So she finally gets there and she stuck at the hospital.

That’s all I remember Reply • I am looking for anovel,it has writtings on the cover{Futuristic Romance,Love in another time another place}.Main characters were named as Lord Justan and Roselynd.Roselynd had abrother called Torri.She possed magic powers since she came from aclan{Katandi} that practice sorcery,there existed away that saw Roselynds ancesters all dead living only her and the brother.Lord Justan later fell in love with Roselynd.

Reply • I am looking for a historical romance book, it’s about a vicar’s daughter who is in a tree and a titled gentlemen is in his cups and helps her down and they are quite taken with each other. She is the youngest of 3 sisters and a young brother who is ill. The vicar and mom are somewhere else and the gentlemen climbs a tree by her bedroom to talk to her. Her sisters are suppose to marry first and she has to get them married before she can. One of the sisters is betrothed to a man who dies in combat before he can marry her.

His father is a Scottish man and he comes to take her for his wife. She thinks hes too old. He takes her with him back to Scotland while the vicar is gone because of the bad weather coming and he is quite the man. Then she marries her gentleman and are very happy. But I can’t remember anything else about the book. Reply • Hi looking for a book where this highschool teenage girl gives guys their firsts. She keeps this little diary of all the guys that she did it with.

But then she gets blackmailed by her best friend’s boyfriend and threatens to expose her if she doesn’t give him his first. And then everyone in her school finds out and every single guy that she did it with, gets dumped by their girlfriend. In other words, she gets bullied. But her two best friends, a guy, and a girl make a s*x tape so the attention is on them, not the girl. Reply • Looking for a book about math. It had a distinct coverart – cartoon drawing of Roman (?) soldier standing over body of Archimedes who has a giant compass stuck in him.

Inside bookremember seeing words : library of congress Been looking for this book for over twenty years …. 1970s ? 1980s? This is a problem for IBM’s Dr.Watson to solve. Regards, Rana Reply • Hi, im looking for a Modern day Christian romance book about this young lady who got beat up or something ends up running away she ends up walking into this i think horse ranch where this guy lets her stay and in the book she is i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad a horse or something and falls off and breaks her arm and they have to take care of her and then eventually she finds an apartment and moves in but she doesnt tale care of herself and the ramcher guy comes to check on her and finds that she is very sick so he takes her back to the ranch to help her get better….the last part of the book i remember some guy dragging her into the woods or something and that she gets her full memory back and remembers things from her childhood.

Any help finding this book would be greatly appreciated! Thanks Reply • I read this book when I first entered middle school but the book got taken away before I could finish it because it was at the wrong school. I’m now halfway through high school and I’m still stuck on this book. the main character is a i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad boy who has a crush on a popular girl named (Maria?) I believe she was Hispanic.

but once he got to know (Maria?) personally he finds out that her life isn’t all that lavish. I believe (Maria?) lived with her sister. the main character and (Maria) went into a neighborhood that was under construction and had a “date” in one of the houses I also believe the cover of the book had a semi purple tint.

the book also took place at a high school a few times in one part of the book, the main character gets intimate with (Maria?) and he describes her undergarments as lace & in the color Lavander. Reply • I’ve this lovely historical romance novel long time ago, and still remember the story. I would like to read it again, however, I no longer remember the title or the name of the author. The story is a bout a rich girl who sought for an adventure, ran away, boarded a train, met a girl and discovered that the girl was to become a an unwilling mail-order bride because she was in love with her boyfriend, so the rich girl had an idea, she was to be the mail-order bride who would marry a rich Texas rancher.

Both girls agreed. Finally, the rich girl married the Texas rancher. After a few months, the other girl, showed up at the Texas rancher and introduced herself as his mail-order bride.

And the story got more exciting from there. Reply • I’m looking for a romance book that I read long time ago. The plot is: father of a blind child falls in love with the boy’s tutor/babysitter who actually is his aunt. The babysitter had come to investigate her sister’s sudden death and had initially thought the husband was the suspect. (Either the son or the father’s name was Pete or Peter. Reply • A novel about a woman who has 4 daughters I think they were Heather, Jasmine, Posey, and Lily.

She meets another man, leaves her husband and the story then jumps about 10 years, and is then told from one of the daughter’s perspective. One of the daughters Posey drowned while swimming the English Channel.

Reply • I’m looking for a book where the main character was found with her mom’s dead body at the beginning of the story. She was only about 3 and her aunt took her in because her dad was nowhere to be found and he was a suspect. She has a trunk of evidence from the crime scene in her attic and she goes to a high school where something is going on with the science room. I can’t remember much and these are just different pieces.

Somewhere near the end she gets kidnapped and almost dies. Reply • Hey, I am looking for this short novel I read, I believe it is Canadian and may have the word “firefly” in the title but I could be off.

It is about a teenage girl who is a bit troubled, she steals lingerie from La Senza and later goes on to do the drug Mescaline with other teenage girls she meets. She spends time at a cottage with her close girl friend and they hook up, she has a boyfriend and they watch Cannibal Holocaust together and later she finds out he ended up hanging himself in his shed to kill himself because he reacted badly to drugs. At the end she’s at a cottage or something with her father and there is a small flood of some sort.

Reply • Hi I’ve been looking for the title of a audiobook. “There was a woman and her husband who was turned into vampires and were captured and the woman got away, they had a son together and were being tracked. So the women left her son with her human friend. And walked into her which is knew was rigged, just to throw them off for i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad while. The friend had to still bags of blood from the blood bank to feed i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad boy.

And somewhere in the process a vampire man says she’s his mate. ( these good guys call themselves immortals, not vampires) but the come in and save the women and boy.

There’s a lot more in the story, it’s just to much to write. I’ve been looking for that story for a very long time. Reply • I just read a few chapters on FB about a millionaire who befriended a girl by paying for her food in a coffee shop. She didn’t want him to pay but he left her his business card. She was later attacked and lost her memory and the police found his card in her purse.

He took her to the hotel he owned and let her stay there. The police were looking for her attackers and will let the man know once that happens. He took her to a business meeting. That’s all I remember! Reply • Trying to find a book I read in JR. High. This girl (I feel like her name is Angela or Angie? I’m also pretty sure I’m way off on her name) who for English class is assigned to write in a journal. She’s a virgin who meets this older bad boy (Jason? Probably still way off) he introduces her to all sorts of bad things and becomes abusive.

She in detail describes her “first time” and its similar to r***… I believe in part of it she describes how she felt afterwards and how she had s**** caked to her inner thigh. For whatever reason I think the book is called “(female main charters name), journal” Reply • I’ve been trying to find a series of books that I read in fourth grade. They were likely published between 1980-2000.

All I remember is that it was a series of non-fiction books, each one focusing on a different animal. The one I read was about wolves. They were all thin, hardcover books. They were blue with a photo of the animal on the front. Reply • Hi everyone im looking for a book I read in high-school probably published no earlier then 2000.

It’s about a young girl who moves temporarily to an oceanside town with her father. She works during the summer at a novelty store that’s located in a lighthouse. She ends up falling for a boy who is mysterious and I think ends up trying to kill her in the end. Reply • Hi everyone please i need to find a particular Novel i read a long time ago.

It’s the story of a woman who faked her death in a car explosion. Years later a journalist, find her alive in a yatch at sea, she discovers this woman who was supposed to be died to be very much alive and still very young like the way she looked before her supposed accident. The journalist falls in love with the woman’s Son and discovers the woman secrets of staying alive.

She also find out that the woman is a collector of butterflies and she uses them to stay young. Please help!! Reply • Are you sure that it was butterflies that was her secret? I am not sure, but I remember a “Twilight Zone” episode, or maybe it was a “One Step Beyond” episode where a woman was involved with bees that kept her young – possibly something to do with their honey, can’t remember for sure – a very looooooooooong time ago. Anyway, a visitor came to see her and until she came into the room, he talked to what he thought was her mother; however, she was the daughter, looking to be about 20 – 30 years older than her mother.

Very interesting. I don’t remember what this particular episode was called. May not even be what you were looking for – reminded me of the TV episode because the plot seemed very similar. Reply • I am looking for a childrens book published 1940/50 teaching about precipitation, evaporation ….types of weather. Book was very colourful …with pictures of sun ,wind,clouds sometimes thundery, rain drops and a watering can. Raindrops had names like Dan/Don the Drip/Drop.

Book only had a few large pages. Lovely bright colourful illustrations. Help please. Reply • I read this book a long time ago and dont remember much about it. The story has to do with this girl who goes to a camp(very clarifying am I right?) When she first gets there I remember her being pestered by some boys about a “bl*wjob”. She ends liking this one guy and they hang out in a shed to be alone at one part.

There was also something to do with a dock and maybe drowning. If anyone recognizes this story at all please let me know, I really want to find it and read it again. Reply • Looking for a book i read i cant remember much but it was about a girl who was born with ‘level 5’ powers and sent to earth to protect her from the only other person born with that level who is an evil woman.

She meets a boy who she finds out used to be her best friend and he tells her that her sister has been being treated horribly after she was sent away. They went to rescue her and i dont remember alot more just that one area of the had people who always party and wear bright colors the other part is like a prison where everyone is in bland clothes.

And some how the evil woman ended up with the min girls little sister. (Not 100 percent sure but i think the little sisters name was celeste) Reply • Looking for a book I read back in 1994-95(?) the setting was in Florida near a beach. Don’t know when book was published. It was about a young woman who I believe had a son and was hiding from the child’s father(?) It seemed no matter where she went he would locate her. Her last move was to a town in Florida (Sebring)?

At the time I had been reading the book I commented on the author’s name of “Bulock or Bullock. It reminded me of the actress “sandra bullock”. I don’t believe it was a book by her. Didn’t think she was an author. Can’t remember how the book ended but I am sure the woman character in the book had resolved her needing to hide out and keeping her son safe. If you can find this book, it will be a miracle. Thanks for all your help. Reply • the book i am looking for i read in middle school and just remembered it now.

its about a girl who goes to a summer house with her family and there’s like this alcove in the backyard that leads to a lake so when the girl goes there, she gets sent back in time and meets this guy and his family who used to live in the house. she realizes the guy dies because he writes poetry and so she goes back to her time through the garden thing and researches how so she can save him cause she’s falling in love.

eventually he does die but when she goes back home after the summer, she finds his poetry book again but on the first page it said dedicated to her name. Reply • I am looking for a book published between 2000-2006 by a first time female author.

I believe the last name started with a C and had a red cover. It was about a teenage girl whose brother was being abused/tormented by her stepfather. I think there was a secret hiding place and a lake and a boat involved and that her mother had to kill her stepfather near the end of it to protect the family. Thanks for any help. Reply • I’m looking for a book about a woman who was being abused by her husband/bf (I don’t really remember) and she ends up in the hospital. While there a volunteer comes and brings her food and tells her to eat but he has a really bad stutter.

Eventually they become close and she tells him that she’s not ready for a relationship so he accepts just being friends but he does offer her an apartment. Sometime later she moves into his apartment and finds out that he owns the whole building because (I think) his grandfather left it to him and left him a whole bunch of money like this dude is a million/billion-aire.

They eventually fall in love and get married. Somewhere in there she gets used to his stutter and doesn’t even notice it anymore. Reply • The title is “The Wolf”. I don’t know the author. It takes placevin England in the late 19th century. The characters are Martina, Johnny, and Hannah. Young children are left to i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad for themselves during a snowstorm when their caretaker is ill. Johnny encounters a wolf on his way to get help. The story is being told to a girl named Christina by her grandmother who lived through it.

Reply • A manhwa where the fl is a duke’s daughter and has white hair she is also fat and “ugly” her fiance the crown prince and her best friend daughelter of a marquess poisoned her and tried to kill her it is also an isekai story the fl gets revenge by becoming beautiful and skinny and gets help from another dukedom and the 2nd prince Reply • Nichola is defending her home her older brother is an outlaw hiding her younger brothers hand was cut off in battle.

She is taking care of her older brothers son. She is staying at a convent and pretends to be a nun and helps take care of an older man named Hugh that come to stay at her home when she marries the baron. Any one know what the name of the book is or the author? Reply • I’m looking for a book about a woman who falls in love with a man who has a Louisiana accent.

She was previously in an abusive relationship and now has a tattoo that says, “I am enough”. The male lead has a sister who was also in an abusive relationship as well as a young nephew who loves baseball. Reply • Married Manhattan middle aged lady figures out her husband is cheating.

She takes their teenage i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad to concert of top rock group the rock god spots the mom and becomes interested in her. He pursues the mom causing a rift with the jealous daughter. Es husband gets jealous even though he is marries to younger man. rock star has a history of pursuing oolder women Reply • So I really want some helping in figuring out the name and author of this book. I think it maybe a dark romance book.

I know bits of it not alot but Im hoping it would be enough to help me get the title. A young girl shes hiding from her mother im guessing, she finds a fountain and hides under there and see a young boy also hiding there. Later on she sees her mother sleeping with the boys father. (Im assuming) Moving forward she climbs a tree and gets startled causing her to fall of the tree. this causes her to go blind. Now years late, the kid she met in the fountain has something against her, he marries her sister out of spite or revenge I seriously dont know.

The sister and mother go on a holiday or something leaving her alone. I dont really remember the rest. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. Reply • Can someone please help me? I’ve google searching and nothing is popping up. I let an old friend borrow my copy a few years back but we had a falling and it seems its gone forever.

The book is about a woman who is hit by a car after running out of her house once she discovered her husband had cheated.

She’s then in a coma and lives through three different lives before she wakes. Please any help is appreciated this has been driving me crazy Reply • Please I read this book on wattpad a year agoits about a girl swept into the a sea and only to realise she time travelled to the past and she was rescued by a pirate ship.

And the leader of pirate ship turned out to be the most ruthless pirate in the history but she fell in loveand in the she was suddenly returned to future but help from a old women she travelled back and the girl was pregnant the whole timethe time she was with that pirate he was a good one and he become ruthless only because she was taken away from him!.

Please help me find this book I search for weeks but I still haven’t found it. Reply • I am looking for a book I read about 9 years ago. It’s kind of a romance book. I do not know the title or author. The cover has a brunette girl, with a messy bun and in a grey shirt.

She’s also in pajama pants, sitting on a chair. I believe she has one leg rested in the chair while drinking something from a white mug. The spine of the book had stripes(i believe the colors are like maroon). I don’t remember the plot. I remember one detail where she looking out her apartment window at this guy she knew.

I know it’s a long shot and I have terrible information, but it’s driving me nuts. so please help. Reply • Fantasy. Older man is thin ,raggedly dressed & exhausted. Finally arrives at castle where he served before he set out as knight with others for foreign land. He was captured and was on slave ship finally rescued.

When he is recognized at castle he is welcomed back but surprised to discover he had been reported as dead. He had been betrayed by another who was covering up his own cowardice from his peers. This is just the opening to this book. Much else happens as this man is esteemed by all at the castle and held in high regard. I believe there is magic involved but it been too many years and books since then, Reply • i am looking for a book that i read a few years ago.

it was a book that took place in a dystopian future where people had to pay these government fees and had to make a certain amount of money. Well, this one family fell short on the payment one time. when people are unable to pay, their oldest child is taken away to work for these government facilities in order to make up for the families debt. This family’s oldest child, a boy which i do not remember his name, was taken. i remember that this one woman in particular always went to take the children away, along with body guards in case any violence or resistance occurred.

she was the overseer of the building that they took the boy to. the building was separated by floors based on your intelligence level. for example, the basement was the lowest intelligence level and the top floor with the pool and gym was the highest intelligence level. in order to figure out where to put the kids, they had to take a test. the higher the score the more intelligent they were.

this boy was put on the highest level where he would work on computers all day coding or hacking some thing i think. the children were not allowed on any other level of the building but their own because they were not supposed to know that there were other kids on different levels. the kids are able to email their families but the find out that the messages never really got through.

the boy sets out to uncover all of the secrets that this place is hiding. he escaped the building, but was brought back in and put on a lower level. he meets a girl who helps him in figure out what this place was hiding from them all. he eventually uploads files from i believe the secretary’s computer and shows them to the world. in the end, the kids get to go back to their families. i’m sure that there were some parts that i left out but i’ve tried looking it up and ended up with nothing.

i hope someone can help me find this book. thanks! Reply • Hi, I’m looking for a book the I believe I read on Kindle. It was either on Kindle unlimited or prime. It’s about a girl who owns a coffee shop and this guy walks in and I believe his name is king. If I remember right he is part of the mafia or he runs an illegal ring of some sort.

Anyways the girl in the coffee shop somehow finds out about kings infant son and she moves in with king to take care of his son. And the girl and king slowly fall in love. Reply • Name: ???? Author: ??? Plot: Honestly I don’t know. I read the book maybe 3/4 years ago and I lost it.

It’s a mystery book. I remember a little girl crying because her mom died. Also, the majority of the people are rich and live in mansions. Pretty sure it’s about lawyers and detectives trying to solve a murder case, and there’s the main rivalry between two men. The book cover has a night dark blue sky with trees all around, and stars. I think the author is a man. The book cover is similar to Where The Forest Meets the Stars. Like super similar, but not exactly it. Pretty sure the title has the letter M in it either the title or author’s name.

Please help, I’ve been searching for days and hours. Reply • Ok, so i also remember a woman was found dead in her mansion, and her husband was a murder suspect. I also remember the main character I think, talking to the dead woman’s child, and having one of his lawyer friends take her in. There’s also a huge trial that happens between the two lawyer rivals. Please I really need help.

Reply • true story. after end of WWII a military man needs to go home (I think from USA to Austrailia) maybe vice versa too. He buys an old sailboat. doesn’t know how to sail.

unknowingly drops anchor in front of yacht club, sails in circles. later catches monster shark and drags on board and it flops around destroying the engine.

runs out of food and water Reply • Erotica Book/Adult Novel: Plot: escape prisoner breaks into woman’s house/turns bondage/turns to love story in the end. Name of Book: ? I Read This Book 6 or 7 Years Ago, One of My favorites, can’t find it anywhere. I thought it was written by the Author “Zane”, But I looked it up, wasn’t written by her, sadly. Please Help. Reply • I read this YA book in the late 70s, but my guess is that it was actually published sometime between the 30s-50s. Kind of funny/satirical, along the lines of Sally Benson (Junior Miss, Meet me in St.

Louis) or Booth Tarkington (Seventeen, Alice Adams). I think it took place in the early 1900s and was centered around a large family. The scene I remember is that one of the older girls wore a white dress to a party and spilled tea on it, and there was concern that it was ruined and not able to be passed down to the younger girls.

One of the siblings had the idea to dye it, so they brewed up a giant vat of tea and dyed it. I don’t remember the color of the cover (maybe yellow?), but I think the picture was of a tug-o-war game. Reply • I’m looking for a book that can’t remember the name but for what i remember is Samuel and nicole were married for three years no child and one day she did a test and find out she was pregnant with Samuel baby which was not else for nicole she happily took the pregnancy test and went out she can’t wait to tell Samuel the good news but she saw a familiar figure passing by when she was in the corner Riley Samuel first love?

she was back Reply • I am looking for a book I read in college ina course called ‘a passage to more tha. India’. It is written from the point of view of a woman.

She is married and has a least one child a daughter of about 16. They live in a town of huts. Across from them is a hut where a young girl lives. Turns out her husband has an affair with this girl and gets her pregnant.

They end up having to move and are broke. Daughter starts to bring home money. Turns out she is selling herself. The woman maybe is a midwife and helps ladies have babies. But the husband’s mistress won’t let her help deliver her baby. Reply • I am looking for a book about an abused woman. She carefully plans how to escape from the husband for herself and child while he is at work. Her plans take too long and it is usually almost time for him to get home.

One day she and the child hide under the front porch. He finds them. She finally makes it away. Think I read the book in the 90s. Have not been able to forget it. Reply • In this book the main character is a girl and she has an older sister. I don’t really remember the cover of the book but it’s big. In a part of the book she finds out her sister has been sleeping with the boy who works for their i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad I believe.

His name starts with a B if I remember correctly, and she says she remembers seeing this spot on her sisters leg as if the color has been sucked out of it. There’s also a part where she stares at her body naked wondering if she has a good body. Then she starts sleeping with the boy who works for them and I think they described him as big and masculine.

The book is very detailed so it explains everything that is happening during the times they’re sleeping together. But it doesn’t describe her sister sleeping with him only the main character. Reply • so I’m elementary I got this book for free and it was a diary of this girl who’s dad I think died in and so her mother and her moved to New York to meet the mothers new significant other so they had to move to New York but the girl wasn’t happy so her mom gave her a diary to write her experience in New York but I forgot what happened the last thing I also remember that she tried to run away.

The book was red and it was like a diary please help me find this book Reply • You are absolutely correct and thanks for giving information about how to find a book when you don’t know the title or author.

I loved your blog and thanks for publishing this!! I am really happy to come across this exceptionally well written content. Thanks for sharing and look for more in future!!

Reply • I’m looking for a Christmas book I read a couple of years ago that is based around the early 2000s about a woman, who is pregnant, and her husband and they go to visit their family for an Amish Christmas and I don’t remember much but towards the end she ends up having her baby in a barn for some reason.

I remember it had a blue cover and was a novel. Reply • The cover of the book has a japanese school staircase on the left with the stairs going up but you can see the lower floor stairs as well in the back. I think there was a window on the right but within the spiral staircase area.

I remember there being a red tint for the title. The title was in blood red kanji I think but underneath was a subtext of white. A quote within the book I think. Something about time… I remember going to the library to find Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun but the manga was onky available in German. And then I searched something up when I got home and I found this book. Something about it being an original novel or something. I didn’t read it tho so I have no clue about the plot.

Reply • So I’m looking for a childrens book i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad my past and I only remember the front cover. It had a kid running on the front in a hedgemaze and had a friend he was helping who was a monster kid with the face of a warthog on the back of the book. It was about there adventures, I read it in the 80s but not sure if the book is older then that.

Thank-you Reply • hi i am looking for a book.I do remember the cover of the book, but not the name or name of the author.The cover had a boy writing the name of the book on a mirror.He was in what i think is a foggy bathroom.He was writing something about a name.In the book i remember a boy going to a boarding school with his brother and i liked it because it contained other point of view of children in the book and their stories.I remember i borrowed this book from a friend.I never finish the book so i really want to start reading it again.

oki thank<3 Reply • Hi. I read this book years ago. I don’t remember the title or author but I remember some of the plot, if anyone can help i would greatly appreciate it. What I remember… It was a historical romance.

Somewhere in the country, and there was this estate, I don’t remember why the girl was sent there but she was there and unhappy about it. There was a man that lived on the estate, in a secluded mysterious part of the building. Possibly the lord of the estate, anyway he had traveled most of his life and was back and living in his tower, he had a servant/friend from a distant land and he had many books and different things from different places he also drew cartoon characters.

Anyway the girl stumbled upon him somehow and a friendship of soughts began which later lead to a much deeper intimacy. I think he know who she was but she didn’t know who he was and she slowly started falling in love with him. I remember two parts distinctly, one where this man introduced her to yoghurt and she was fascinated and another where they had a fight about one of his or her drawings.

That’s all I remember. I have been searching for this book for two years, if anyone remembers reading something along these lines please help. Thank you Reply • A summer romance novel that begins with the hero retrieving the missing dog of his boss “Bootsie” from the heroine who he falls in love with later in the story.

Somewhere in the story they run away on his Harley Davidson bike from the mafia goons because the mafia were trying to get the heroine kidnapped in order for her to become some sort blackmail in order to ensure that the hero gets the job done.The heroine is a middle school teacher whose husband left her for a 19 year old and the hero is a man working for the police in trying to apprehend the mafia (He actually hates the police and he is only doing it to get out of jail for a crime he didn’t commit in the first place ) That crime was he was found standing over the dead body of a man he wanted to kill with the gun in his hand.

(Even though he was planning to kill him the man was already dead when he got there ) Reply • a book of short stories one of the stories was about a man who went searching for a painting in which if you look at it you see yourself throwing a rock or yelling at christ just after pilate washes his hands.

there is a line in it of him having a conversation with a woman who says to him Divorce does not solve anything and his answer was sometimes it is the only sanctuary for human dignity Reply • A romantic Australian beachside comedy that I read some 40+ years ago.

I recall that it was a theme similar to mrs doubtfire. The husband/boyfriend dresses as the children’s nanny as they go on a beach holiday in order to be close to the women and children that he loves. Of course they all live happily ever after. Reply • Looking for a series where these kids live on a island in the present day and suddenly the island gets attacked, they’re put in prisons. Later in the series you find out the people are from the future, and they are killing people because of global warming in the future.

At the end of the book the kids are put in the past and get money from stocks and solve the global warming problem somehow. Reply • Hi I’m looking for a manga about a girl who goes on a college campus tour in order to pursue her crush. She hears a rumor about an old library on campus where if two people kiss there they would be together forever.

A boy runs into the library trying to find somewhere to hide form a group of people chasing him. I think the girl helps him hide and they accidentally kiss while trying to hide. They ended up knocking over several book cases and escaping.

Later that day the girls father tells her that hes getting remarried and the boy from the library ends up becoming her step brother Reply • There are two I’m looking for… 1. A science fiction / fantasy I think, book about a teen girl living i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad a dystopian future.

I know she escapes her community because it is dangerous with the help of a female best friend and a male love interest. I believe the love interest was a guard or something who didn’t want to go along with the MC at first. and I know there was a treehouse involved somehow.?

They escape and make it to the edge of the forest that surrounds their community but I don’t remember the ending. Also this is random but if it helps there were a few made up words in it, I’m pretty sure one was similar to fortnight. 2. A YA with a female protagonist; she is very responsible and plain so her best friend decides to make her more exciting by setting her a challenge for every day of summer. On the first day, the challenge is to NOT make her bed and she has a difficult time with it.

Reply • hello, I’m looking for the title of a book about two childhood acquaintances who were both smart and argued a lot. There was a lot going on in the middle of the story, but I remember them meeting each other when the girl (became an officer) had an accident and the guy was a doctor who had to operate her. The book was not purely romance and I think the cover was pink?

Not sure too, but I think the title had “you” in it. Thank you in advance! Reply • Hi, I’m looking for the title of a book I read over 30 years ago. Fiction/romance of a young girl who joined a training school to become an air stewardess – Possibly set 50’s or 50’s as training was Strict ! Then followed her partying and romance.

She had an early troubled start in life before thispossibly orphaned or difficult relationship with parents. Does this ring a bell please ? Cover possibly pink. Pic of air stewardess. Title may have ‘skies’ in it. I’m racking my brains!

Thanks anyone who can help!’ Reply • Hello and hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. I am looking for an illustrated children’s book that is probably from around the late 60s. It started with a young girl of about ten, who was on a small plane. She said two things before falling out of the plane…’ What’s behind that door’?

and ‘ What’s that ladies name.’? She might have had glasses. Thanks very much for your help. Jay Reply • a book I’m looking for is kind of like a series there’s going to be more but they’re different characters but think one she started with a p and he like slept with women for money and he had like siblings to take care of he also had a girlfriend I think I know in another one there’s like he’s like one of those bad boys I think he liked tattoos and he had piercings and then she was like one of those good girls that barely got to move out of where she was from and she had her own place for the first time and they were the same building and the guy would always throw party so she have to go all the way up to his apartment and like bang on the door to like ask to lower the music down and it’s going to sound weird but like while he was getting like head he would think of her ish Reply • Hi.

I’m trying to find a book. It was in Swedish and was about the main character living in an old house. It was either wintery or mid summer. This main character I think was female and the cover I think was a little green, a fantasy book as well. This main character was alone I believe.

It was years ago. The main character I believe it had something with a well to do. She got down into the well and came to like a dark world where there was monsters or something trying to hunt her down. She might have been with 1 friend as well. But that’s all I remember. Please help me find this book! Reply • So I’m trying to find a book about a Girl who ran a way and told her brother to come they went on the bus to school and hid in there until everyone got off and when the bus driver drove to the bus parking thing they ran off and then they were finding a place to stay so they stayed in a museum and every now and then hid because guards but do y’all know this book my librarian gave it to me to read in 5th grade I read it in one day and brung it back I really wanna read it again Reply • The book I need help finding I read like 19 years ago.

Would appreciate help finding the name. It’s about a girl who ran away from home to escape a arranged marriage with a guy she had never met.

She comes across a little cottage in the woods and desides to live there gardening. (I beleave she also had the green thumb power gift) A young boy ends up living with her an helps her with gardening an such. She makes a commit at some point about how he never gets sunburned even tho he is outside in the sun all day, and I think she mentioned how he hadn’t grown any either.

After this the boy started to show growth an stuff. One day when they went to town to sell some stuff in a cart they seen posters of her around town. The girl started to i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad an panic that someone would notice. The boy said she had nothing to worry about since there was no way anyone could recognize her now. The boy has the power of illusion I think, he was also the guy she was supposed to marry, he had also ran off to get out of the arranged marriage.

They end up together in the end I beleave. Reply • Hi everyone, So I really hope you can help as I have been racking my brains for the last few months about this. But when I was in secondary school (I live in the UK) we read a book, I think it was in year 9/10 and it was sort of like a read and evaluate the book kind of thing.

The plot was (from what I can remember) – it was about a young boy who had been placed into foster care because he liked starting fires, he was also an orphan but I can’t remember how his parents died. As a result of their deaths he moved from house to house through the Foster care system. Until he ended up at the house in which the book takes place, by being at this house he seems to change and start becoming a better person.

But then something happens which triggers him to start another fire in his house, I believe, and then he forgets about it and walked off, and when he came back I think he ran into the house and got everyone out. But the police were called and he got arrested and taken away in a police car. That’s really all I can remember from the plot, I might have some of it wrong, but any help in figuring it out would be very much appreciated, as like I say it has been driving me mad ‍♀️.

Thank you in advance to anyone who is able to help. Reply • I read the book in the late 50’s or 60’s. I believe it took place in Mexico. It was about a little girl and her grandmother who were going to lose their house.

They too a doll and dressed her as a saint ant put her into their window. It was near christmas and they described how the village would act out Mary and Joseph knocking on doors looking for a place to stay. The grandmother was losing her site.

Reply • I Read this book years ago,historical fiction, can’t really remember the details but I know the male character got married to the girl but he was in love with someone else, I think her name is Becky, the girl overheard him on their wedding night talking to Becky that it is her, he loves which made the girl accept her fate and just stay on her lane, she got close to the guy’s brothers which made him jealous, so the guy started falling for her and Becky turned out to be a problem for them, I think she even claimed she’s pregnant….i really wish to find the novel Reply • pls help me find this book.

i read it back in 2016-2017 and it was about a girl and her friends running away from this boot camp thing where they were sent to against their will. they plan to escape, while attempting to escape they meet some guys who also want to run away too. the main character tries to run away to canada. the word “alliance” was used a lot. the main character’s backstory is something about her sister’s boyfriend betraying them or something.

the cover was blue, it was in a forest and it shows the girl and her friends running in that forest. part of the title was “runaway” i think. Reply • I’m looking for a children’s book, probably published late 90″s early 2000.

The book had a blue cover with a cat sitting on land (an island ?) and the fish is swimming away. It is about a friendship between the two. The fish eventually swims away but does come back. The end the picture book is with the cat sitting on the fish’s back after the fish comes back. I don’t believe this was a popular book. Thank you for your help!! Reply • Iam looking for a book I came across when I was 16 years old it was a paper back and the cover was blue and I’m pretty sure the titles had the name some where in it Montana the story was a romance novel it was based the the life of 3 woman twin sister faith and hope who later found out they was triplet when meet a woman named cherish when they talked to there parents they’re parents told everything I really loved hope and I think his name was Jake something he was much older then hope but it didn’t stop them been ment 4 each other I great book u could not put now once u start reading I have read it a million times but I lost my copy and for the life of me can’t remember the name of the book so I can buy me another one Reply • Please can you help me find this book, it’s about a boy who has feelings for his friend’s sister who lost her womb to a dog attack and she’s extremely scared of dogs and I think the guy is in the army too.

The novel was published I think around 2005- 2014. I think it’s either harlequin or silhouette, and was written by a woman. Thank you. Reply • looking for a book that the main character lives in a a word where vr gaming is away where they escape there real lives the main character is a scavenger and finds a old version of the game that they play.

once logged in to the game he has main things that is different and he gets guest that have been deleted from the game. in the vr world he has a bag of goblins and has to find a a black ship and a new world not on the game map. and in his real world the creators of the game and the high class people are out to kill him.

i think the main character’s name is Jake Reply • I am looking for a story that happens in a fictional middle European country. A revolution has become and a US embassy comes immediately to the palace to talk to the leader of the revolution.

But the leader doesn’t accept him. Then an embargo is imposed on this country by the US. At the end of the story, that hero/leader is judged. thank you Reply • Hi, I read maybe 3 years ago, one “MC” book series.

i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad

One of them was about girl who left that town and mc club. But (ofc) she was pregnant and she didn’t tell anyone. I remember that that find her working in some caffe bar. Thay looked for her because someone (maybe) kill her parents.

She come back to town, and father of her child find out about baby. I don’t know why, but I’m obsessed to find this book, even though I didn’t even liked it so much.Help please, and sorry for my mistakes in writing. Reply • hi, im looking for a book about a girl whose mom gets killed by a bear but she couldnt move to save her, she was just frozen in fear. Her aunt whom she never knew had come and got her to take her to live with her. Where they live is kinda in the desert and she was just wandering around and saw a gas station where she stole some gum.

The guy knew she was stealing but did nothing about it. She walked out of the store and after a couple of steps, she passed out. The guy took her to his house where him and his grandma stayed. this is all i can remember, help!!!!! Reply • I’m trying to remember I think it was a 4 or 5 series of different stories about two men that partied and caused trouble up and down the east cost of florida.

I want to say the author was Dean Koontz? And one of the books I think had Triggerfish, something,or something Triggerfish for one of the dooks title. They talked alot about florida s a1a alot. Had murder comedy can’t remember characters names but it was two men. One was crooked murderous (mickey rork type) and the other was a pot smoke drinking heavy build dumpy dumb funny guy.

Thank you. I don’t know how this work or how I will find if someone has answered or replied. I really like to find them books. Good funny scenario’s. Thanks again of you have read this far. Reply • I was read a book by a teacher during reading time or something and I don’t remember much about it. Basically what I think I remember is that if was called book of something but i’m not sure about that and I think it was related to the color green. The cover was three kids, one older girl, two younger boys i think, and they were going under a waterfall or something.

In the beginning, I think it starts with the kids in a hotel, and they somehow get to this magical forest, and then they are somehow at a mansion and they are trying to escape this evil princess person and at the end, the older girl is worrying that the princess is coming but the butler tells her that she is far and that they can party. I think its a trilogy and I cannot find it. If anyone knows this, please help. Reply • I read this book about 5 years ago it was a story book about two female twins who where In I supposed say middle school or high school and they both loved soccer, I don’t remember much but if I remembers they lived with their family in a windmill like house and one of the twins bites her nails, it was a book series but this was one of the books about them and not all the books in the series are about the twins but are about I think soccer and other girls stories on their team.

The cover is a green and the two twins are on the cover in a green jersey and their arms are in the flying position, by the looks of the cover it seems as if it was in a manga style. The book was about the girls finding their true selfs on the soccer field. I know this isn’t the most accurate explanation, but I remembered really liking this book and I want to read it again.

Reply • Honestly, my memory is horrible when I need it the most. The book I can’t remember the title or authors name of, is a FBI thriller.

A high school girl with bright blonde hair, a cheerleader (I think) who is dating her football player boyfriend whose rich cause of his father. There was a banquet or small ball I think and the girl, I think her name is Jules or Julie, and she’s goes to the backyard or some kind of Terrace and witness the murder of the mayor.

The killer spots her and Jules or Julie skips her small town to the big city without telling anyone, but returns seven years later to face her demons after her car explodes. Her high school boyfriend is now a FBI Agent and immediately knows who she is at the airport when she hitches her bag over her shoulder and pulls her sunglasses to the top of her head.

The book cover is navy blue with Jules or Julie dark figure running forward with a light shinning behind her. The words are bright pink, I think, they are either two letter words or one word and I think the authors name is the same colour but it is smaller than the title. Please find this book I’ve been dying to read it ever since the last time I read it at the library years ago.

Reply • I just wish my memory wasn’t so trash lol. But the book I can’t remember is about a young man that is colorblind, he’s on a quest to find the killer of his best friend (male friend). I know that his best friend was involved in some questionable activities, also his friends body was spread over the city dumpsters, once closer to solving his friends murder he was being followed.

That’s all I remember 🙁 Reply • This is an ebook I read 2 or 3 years ago. This church is protesting a strip/gentleman’s club that’s new in the neighborhood. One of the church members—I think she is the priest/pastor/preacher’s daughter—starts dancing at the club. She starts dating a bouncer, manager or some man that works at the club. Idk. Reply • I am looking for a book set in the 1960s.

It is a novel by a female author and is about teachers, problems with a school closing, and a young black man, born during WW2 and illegitimate, with a wonderful white mother. They befriend the heroine when her car breaks down and she falls in love with him and they both help solve the problems with the school and it’s dodgy headmistress. It is a beautiful story about good triumphing over evil. Reply • This girl name Malia runs away the night her parents are murdered.

She accidentally runs up on a werewolf pack and a boy saves her and tells her to run. Years later when her adopted sister is suppose to marry a man who goes by Alpha Odysseus she takes the place of her sister Ella. Malia saw the man later that week only to realise it’s the boy from her past. It’s a werewolf book. Reply • a book about the amnesia of a man who found himself on a lake near a kindergarten.

With a suitcase and he has amnesia. The educator saw him and asked him to go inside. They begin a love line. And then the police break in and say that this man is a murderer.

And here he begins to remember the events. And the plot alternates with the present and the past. Reply • The book I’m trying to find is hard to explain because I read it so long ago but I loved it. I think it started off with a kid (or two) stealing a bike from another child at night in the rain.

I also remember something about a kid and their younger sibling living without their parents because they moved to another house without them?

It’s really all just fuzzy to me but I really wanna find that book again. Please help if you can. If you think you know which book it is, please tell me. Reply • I’m looking for a book about a girl named Lacy she has two brothers one others and one younger the younger brother has a hamster or Guinea pig she lost her dad in a car crash and that’s a new guy at her school Ned something like Sam Stone Sam’s dad was in a coma so they bonded over that I remember the cover having a clock in the center and the rest was surrounded by pink it may have been called After don’t remember the authors name either but I can’t find it anywhere and I would love to read it again Reply • I’m looking for a children’s fiction book I read a couple of years ago to recommend to someone.

(And now I kinda wanna re-read it lol.) It was written for maybe 3rd – 6th graders, and I can’t remember the title or author, but I do remember vague parts of the plot. I might be wrong about some of this, so please tell me if you find anything similar! The main character was kidnapped for her violet eyes, because the kidnapper, who I think was an old woman, was trying to make cast some sort of spell or make some sort of potion that needed the hair of a 14 year old girl with violet eyes to stay young.

I think the cover had a picture of the girl on it on the bottom right, in an almost anime style, not super realistic but not cartoon-y either. Also, I think there were whole chapters dedicated to the mother of the main character, fending for herself for some reason. I think the old lady who kidnapped the mc also kidnapped her too for some reason? But then she got out somehow and there were chapters about her trying to earn money by playing an instrument, the harp, I think.

Reply • In the 70s I read 4 hardback books by same author. Young adult easy read about young love??? One was called showboat, I think. Actually looking for the one with a female character named devon. I named my daughter after that book and want to give her a copy. I was in 6th or 7th grade at the time. Books were so good I read them all. Reply • Okay so there’s this book that I read in like 6th or 7th grade where these kids are in this building and aren’t allowed outside because they’re told they’ll get a disease and die but this boy escapes anyways and makes friends with animals who help him find his way to his old home and somewhere in there, there’s a small town of people who try to kill him and some girl he finds out in the country and I specifically remember him saying he lives in a culdesack.

I cannot remember what it is for the life of me neither please help Reply • okok I cannot find this book for the life of me! its about these two little girls who have this crazy connection with one another, they are sisters and one sister has a mental illness and that little girl drowns in the cold water they lived by, and the little girl who drowned was forced to take medicine but she didn’t shed hide the pills, and the sister who lived grew up and in high school she had to to through therapy and she kept her sisters diary so she could remember her.

Please help me find this book! Reply • It is a red and white book. It is about 3 sisters I think and one of them was ran away with a man she was in love with, I think she was suppose to married some else but she was in love with the other guy and he was older than her too. It was real life and the author is a woman and I think she was Indian. One of the sister did get married and had children but she did not want that life. Reply • In the beginning of the book, it starts off with a girl in hospital with her mother.

The mother is dying. when the Mother dies her father is depressed. She loves somebody and is betrothed to him. As she grows up she begins to look like her mother. The father realises it and admires her beauty, so much that he ends up R@ping her.

she dies and is out seeking revenge as a Vampire. She ends up killing him. Reply • I have read this book in a library many years ago. There is a girl. Her father drinks along with his land Lord. He asks the land Lord to promise him that he’ll take responsibility of his daughter if something happens to him. He dies the same night. The next day the young land Lord brings the lady home. Then some how she convinces the landlord to adopt a little boy who was brought to the mansion to clean the chimney.

Then the boy and the lady will be kidnapped. The landlord then saves them and then they live happily ever after. Does anyone know? It’s quite an old story Reply • I’m trying to find this book for a while but I all I remember is that there’s a bear in a big cave but you can’t see the bear and there is a rabbit, mouse I think and other animals and they either find the cave from doing something or they hear a noise but are too scared to i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad inside and I’m not sure if one of the animals step inside or the bear comes out and in the end all become friends.

Please help!!!!! Reply • I’m looking for a children’s book about a group of woodland friends who were planning a surprise birthday party for one of their other friends, the book was about how they delivered invitations to everyone but the one who the party was for and he learned about everyone but him getting invitations and was sad. The book ended with his surprise party. It was lovely with beautiful pictures.

This would have been published circa 1950-60’s Reply • Pls I read a modern romance novel a long time, and the heroine of the novel had to come back from where she was staying because of the sick father. And in the hospital she meets the hero of the novel his name is Mr Darcy and they dislike each other. And the heroine has two sisters a senior and a junior. I think her mother threatened her with some thing to stop her from going back, and the mother wants her three daughters to marry billionaires and Mr Darcy over heard the discussion.

By the way the heroine of i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad novel has a gay bestfriend whose parents are against his s*xuality because they are very infulencial. Reply • Help. Theres this old book i have read before i think its a standalone about a girl with psychic ability by just touching something that belongs to a person and she will know where that person is and i think she can see bits of the past not so sure though.

With this ability she was able to speak to the guy who was abducted in his head giving him encouragement to hold on until he can be rescued. I think the guy was imprison in a dark, tigth space.

Anyone know about this book? Reply • Tried that i also tried maya banks whispers in the dark and the keeper by t. F. Allen. Theres no abduction of children its our heroine and her future man abducted. So during the time the guy was i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad in prison, the womans voice gave him courage to hold on until his rescue and finally meet her in person.

Reply • I read a book a long time ago about both movie and muisic industries. It started with some boys practising singing in one of their parent park but they later depart but one of them (fat) become a big musician and there is another story related to another star in movie industry i think that is about a girl,the novel is about the road to their stardom this novel is an old novel Reply • Hi bit of a hard one.

My daughter is obsessed with dinosaurs. I’m trying to find a book I used to read as a child. All I really have is it was centred on a family of dinosaurs.

Mainly a small boy dinosaur an his sister. They lived in a swamp and they were obsessed with eating ferns.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Reply • I’m looking for a book I read about a 1 – 2 years ago. The main girl is abused as a teenager by her older brother’s best friend – she also has a younger sister but he doesn’t abuse her. Years later she meets a guy and falls in love and I think they get engaged/married. Her older brother is getting married but she doesn’t go as the best friend is the best man.

The best friend isn’t coming so she ends up going and he turns up as a suprise. He corners her and tries to attack her and her partner beats him and the abuse is revealed and it turns out he was also abusing the best fiend’s fiancé. This has been racking my brain so if anyone can help will bw greatly appreciated!! Reply • I’m looking for a book I read in the 5th or 6 grade. The cover was green and orange and had two people- a teen boy and girl- with binoculars.

The plot has to do witha girl moving to a town where she meets a guy and agrees to help him solve a disappearance. I remember this one scene where they sneaked into and office to get a bunch of files and then she went to school the next day with blood on her shirt. I’m pretty sure the ending scene had to with the boy going away on a bus and he kissed her. There’s a second book to the series but I never got around to reading it, please help me I can’t stop thinking about this and I have exams in a week!

Reply • I am looking for a book series that I started reading as a young teenager. The one book I read had a baby green dragon on the cover in a dark cave like background. During a scene that I remember, the baby dragon’s all peeped from their eggs and they were all different colors with different personalities. The mother was present, I BELIEVE?, and then she had flown off for something and never came back?

That’s when the book started with the green baby dragon looking for it’s family? Can’t remember if the sibling’s went along or not? Another scene I remember: The dragon was in this underground tunnel being led through it fighting off enemies with other mystical creatures because it was looking for it’s siblings or mother?

Please help!!!! Thank you so much!!!! Reply • Hello im looking for a book but cant remember what its called. I know the description though. A girl and her mother get in a car crash daughter dies and goes to the afterlife. Mom is allowed to stay for few days then she must leave. The girl also goes to an afterlife high school and meets a older boy and his little brother. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Ps. I know its not any of the ever more books. I believe the cover is with a tree and the gate to the academy. Reply • I am looking for an online book I read when I had an iPhone. It was a free book and the premise was a divorced writer was getting back in the dating game. Her son who is in college brought home his best friend and she ended up having s*x with him and falling in love with him by the end.

It might have been a book series but I know all were free. She had a big house and a pool and her best friend used to come lay out half naked by the pool to try to taunt people lol and she also had a tennis courtyard. Does anyone remember this book? Reply • I’m trying to find the name of a book for my daughter. It’s a young reader, based in the medieval times. Main character is a boy named Alex that ran away from home. He is a librarian. His father wanted him to be a knight.

The books in library are magical & “come alive”. At the end of the book he fights a guy (using the books like…a sword book-real swords come alive) Can y’all help us? We’ve been trying to think of it for months.

The book cover is Alex standing in a library with a sword and books are flying everywhere. Thank y’all!!! Reply • Ok so I’m looking for this books series very vague Barely nothing to i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad off of.

But I remember it has something to do with Merlin or the sword in the stone and it’s a series I know that Lancelot dies the sword gets stuck and can’t be removed, they hide with the lady of the lake, there’s like a secret brother or something and yeah that’s basically all I can remember Reply • This is a super long shot, but I am looking for a book that’s title and cover I cannot remember.

All I do remember is it being about a 12 to 15 year old girl whose mom walked out on her leaving a note on the kitchen table and when the girl goes out and starts looking for the mom she gets entangled with a mysterious neighbor boy whom helps her by giving her money i think and i also THINK he knows what happened to her mom but wont tell her.

Reply • I’m looking for an encyclopedia about nature, not sure when it was published however it was published at least 24 years ago back in mid 90’s or earlier. The book has 2 seperate sections, the first section being of animals, how animals evolved like how horses went from about 3/4 toes to what we know now as them only having 1 toe. I learnt that emporer penguins grow up to 4ft in height, I remember there being a picture of a cross section of mud/dirt and you was told about the insects that was in and on top of the soil, it was a photograph and it showed you a picture of a slug, snail, worm, woodlouse, I think a spider and other small insects in and on top of the soil, the 2nd half of the book is about plants, trees, bushes, it also mentioned in the book that there are still plenty of plants and animals to discovered.

I had this book from as early as being 4 and had this book for about 10-12 years until my sisters destroyed my copy and I can’t remember the title however I would love to find a copy of this book, would love to get someone else’s help in discovering what the title of the book is and possibly who wrote it.

Thank you. Reply • I’d like to know name of a children’s book that I read as a child in mid to late 50s. It was about a puppy that loved to curl up in chairs, go under kitchen table, sit on lap of his little girl who owned him – but then he grew bigger and bigger.

Eventually he was too big to do all those things, but he still tried so hard to keep doing them. The illustrations showed this adorable dog squeezing himself into and onto things he was way too big for. I often thought that Clifford the Big Red Dog was a take-off of that book.

Reply • Book about 2 woman trying to escape killer by running for days thru the woods. Encounter a family in camper deep in woods that also turn out to be killers and camper is meth lab.

One of the two women turns out to be a killer who wants to kill the other woman. Woman eventually saved by husband. Reply • Ok so I’m looking for this books series very vague Barely nothing to go off of. But I remember it has something to do with Merlin or the sword in the stone and it’s a series I know that Lancelot dies the sword gets stuck and can’t be removed, they hide with the lady of the lake, there’s like a secret brother or something and yeah that’s basically all I can remember Reply • so i’m trying to remember this book to recommend to a friend but i cant remember the title name.

its for 10-12 year olds i believe. my discription of this book from my memory: is’s something about a a girl(i feel like her name was phoebe) and her parents have been divorced for years and her dad has this girlfriend(her name might be lisa???) who phoebe hates because Lisa treats her like a 7-8 year old.

phoebe has this younger sister who is 7-8 years old so that’s probably why Lisa treats her that way. but one day the phoebes dad preposes to Lisa and phoebe doesn’t approve… so later(or maybe earlier in the book) on they want to go to disneyland as a “family”. phoebe is searching for summer camps to go to instead of going with lisa. she finds a writing camp to go to instead. she ends up making friends and having a fun summer with them… i really need to know because it will keep my up at night if not… if any of yall have read this book please tell me because i cant stand not knowing Reply • Okay so I’m looking for a book that’s for 11-13 year olds, my little sister and I are trying to figure out the name of the book or author.

What did it look like? The cover had the UK flag on it, a caucasian girl was also on it too, and I believe she was tall and looked like a teenager. About the book? Well I don’t know what was going on in that book because there’s a whole series but all I know is that the girl on the cover has a group of friends and a baby brother, I also remember that one of the friends where African American.

Also just to remind you, this book is for 11-13 year old girls:)! Reply • Hello! I’ve been looking for a book for a couple of months, but haven’t been able to find anything on Google or Goodreads. I read this book in 2017, and it is YA fiction.

A girl’s father believes that the apocalypse will occur in 2012, and sells the family’s belongings and buys an RV for them to live in. When the apocalypse does not happen, they are still living in the RV in a big city, either San Francisco, Los Angeles, or New York. I also remember that the girl has a brother who gets stabbed or beat up by someone near the end of the book.

There might be an RV on the cover, but I’m not sure. Let me know if you can help! Reply • Its a Japanese book its read backwards its a series, its a witch and i think they go to school thats all I remember ive tried searching it up in google but cannot find it.

on the cover it has the witch and shes wearing purple and is on a broom. I think there is also a blonde, the witch has brown hair. Reply • Looking for a book set in summer. About a family of 4 that travels to their beach house but this time is different cause the father of two of kids died. The girl takes time to get over the death, wears the same sweater over again. A family is invited for dinner and over time get to bond .this leads to reckless s*x and misbehaviormother rushes to separate ; not sure if boy or girl; and the girl gets pregnantthe child is adopted.

Cover: two people holding hands in background of sunlight.(not so clear) Reply • I’m trying to look for a teen or a tween book that has a cover of a castle or palace. there might be a boy in the cover with a mask on. I think it was about a prince that always wore a mask going around saving people.

He fell in love with a girl that didn’t know he was a prince. that’s all I know. Thank you! Reply • I’m looking for this book about this girl that has been saving up money to hire a detective to find her biological father or mother I can’t really remember. She has like a small treasure chess that has a photo of the person she’s looking for and she had a box where she hides the money she saves up. Her friend helps her get money by sleeping with the guys at school that pay her to do it.

Then there’s this part I remember where she meets the detective she’s been saving up money to hire at this diner and when he gets there and they talk for a while he tells her that that’s not enough money for his service.

Then he decides to help her but by putting another detective on the case and I’m not sure but from what I remember she and the detective put on the case had like a romance going on and she was a 18 year old senior.

I read this book like a year ago and from what I remember I think the book cover was blue but I don’t remember the picture that was in the cover tho. Reply • Hi, I’m looking for a book that I read a few years ago.

I believe it was about a girl who is helping her dad out at his shop. It’s not a normal shop though. It was a Christmas tree shop. One day, I believe a boy came in. The main girl saw him and they fell in love.

The boy started helping her dad with all of the tree work. That’s basically all I can remember, sorry if it’s not enough. Thank you all anyways!

Reply • Ok so looking for a book ive read twice! ‍♀️ I have posted before but no luck, but thought id give it another shot incase it jogs memories members may be able to help…. So girl arrives back to her home town ( its a seasonal small town i think) to help her parents out working in their cafe, by becoming a waitress in the family business. I rememeber she does the early shift and cooks fry ups really well Her sister also lives in the town (very small community) with children (2 girls) and hubby.

Anyways the main girl in the story left years ago when she was 16 ish as her boyfriend died in a car accident, whilst she was in the car also, the night they were planning on running away to get married as she was pregnant but couldnt tell anyone. I think the boyfriend was really clever and possibly a scholarship was heading his way…. Fast forward years later to the point she returns to help her parents. The deceased boyfriends parents and most of the town hate her and call her a killer, blamming her for the accident.

However. I do remember it wasnt her fault, he had actually been drinking or had taken drugs. He was a well known popular boy, brains, scholarship for college coming his way etc and she never set them straight as didnt want to tarnish his memory or their thoughts about him… The girls now has a snob boyfriend, who comes to see when she is coming home and he makes it clear doesnt like the community as he is a snob and he feels they are benath him type thing.

But the girl is starting to enjoy being back there where she grew up. I remember she gets close to a guy who works in a garage (possibly with male cousins and uncle) and helps him babysit his sisters kids and go to the beach, with her sisters kids?

Towards end of the book something kicks off at a bbq or a wedding, hippiestylee, bare feet and the boyfriend and some of his snob friends laugh as she is now wearing summery girly clothes, rather than snob clothes? Possibly set in Ireland? But not sure! Such a lovely easy read and im gutted I cant find the dam book Ive looked on my good reads, purchased listkindle unlimited etc but nothing.

Again ive read it twice (last time was years ago) and remember i was really happy to be reading it again. I dont want to say the ending incase people want to read it but theres a big twist to it all…. Thanks everyone! Reply • I read a novel about eight years ago that talks about 3 protagonist who had to make major decision about what course to study in the university.

One was known to have artistic talents right from when he was a child, he was also very intelligent and his parents believed studying any other thing apart from medicine was a waste of his intelligence. He eventually studied medicine but lost interest in medicine while he was in his final year as a medical student at the university of Lagos, he was eventually banned from practicing medicine for fifteen years after someone died due to his lackadaisical attitude.

The second protagonist choosed chemistry even though he could have gotten admission to study medicine if he hadn’t decide that he couldn’t risk not gaining admission that year, a decision he lived to regret everyday eventually.

The third protagonist had plans to study law, until his father decreed that he must study pharmacy even though he was not good in science subjects nor interested in them, his father’s decision was based on the fact that he wanted his son to study pharmacy, being his only son, in order to take over his lines of pharmaceutical companies, the boy eventually committed suicide after his father disowned him for failing jamb again.

I need to know the title of the book and the name of the author. I think it was written by a Nigerian author Reply • im looking for a northern european tale where a man gets captivated by a wizard and his wife belives that he is alive and will return…later she goes on a quest searching for her husband and goes into a forbidden place where witches,dragons and wizards exist. she sacrifices her body in exchange for her husbands whereabouts. Reply • I’m looking for a romance novel but I can’t remember the name of it.

The books is about a model who’s sister died. Her brother-in-law has one son. The deceased sister and brother-in-law had eggs frozen. So the Model deceases to be a surrogate for her brother-in-law so he can have the other child he and her sister dreamed off. During the pregnancy she falls in love with her brother-in-law and the baby; he also falls for her.

If anyone knows the name of this book please let me know. Reply • I am looking for a book I once read in Elementary school. It has a single dad of a son and daughter in the middle of nowhere. He played poker and always came home late at night? It involved them having to run away cause there dad got into bad debt. Mentions trading posts as travel points in the book. I believe the daughter ends up trying to raise the son once they got to the city and the dad ended up disappearing….

The title page I THINK was a brown beige and possible had poker cards? Reply • I’m trying to help my friend out he wants finish this story so fair he told me it was about a girl that need money or somthing and this rich guy called her and as she got there to the house he was on a rodetrip or somthing and as she started working at this rich guys house she had rulls and she cant brake them rulls becase if she does this ghost will get and she have to leave the tv on at night at all times Reply • I believe it is called Stolen Children by Peg Kehret Here’s the Summary just in case; Amy learned a lot in her babysitting course, but not what to do if two thugs show up, intent on kidnapping.

Armed with misinformation and a weapon, the men take Amy and little Kendra to i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad remote cabin in the woods. There they make videos of the girls and mail them to Kendra’s wealthy parents in an effort to get ransom money.

After several of her escape attempts fail, Amy is forced to make one last, desperate move. Award winner Peg Kehret crafts a suspenseful thriller with a spunky heroine who uses her wits to save herself and the toddler. Reply • hi i really want to find a book its about a girl who tries to make her mom not marry the milkman also the mom doesent let her go to the movies or the local pool or she could get a disies i remeber a little of the story she goes to the pool and then gets a diseis and goes to the hospital and thats all i remeber Reply • A book set in the Kimberly’s about a mother who lost her husband,now raising her daughter.

Also trying to run a cattle station,with the problems of weather plus getting cattle to the sale yards. The Author is a lady and has written several more books after her first. These were written in the early/late 90’s. Reply • A bok about a girl and her brother and her little siter there parnts dided and know that have to stay with somepeople and the person who she is with taking care of her wants her money so that he can have it but she cant have the money untill she truns 16 i think it is seris of infortunat events but idk Reply • The book I am looking for is about a girl who lives in a small town and is gay.

Her mom found out and didn’t support. Eventually the mom suggested she should go to a conversion therapy camp over the summer. The girl felt that this was the only way to make things go back to how they were before so she agreed. The camp was strange and they basically did a bunch of exercises that focused on gender norms and homophobia. The girl started to like another girl at the camp but she tried not to focus on it at first because she genuinely wanted this to work.

I don’t want to spoil it but I read it on the mackin via program and couldn’t find it. Does anyone know what it is called?? Reply • I am looking for a book, possibly published in late 1970s or early 1980s, about two men, one in his 20s or 30s, the other 70s or 8os drifting down a northern river in the NWT, CANADA or in ALASKA, on a crudely made log raft The book is a series of photographs, high quality, each with a quote from the PSALMS The title may be something like “and what do we wait for ” Thankyou for your gracious help Reply • Hey!

I’m looking for a book from my childhood the cover was black and I swear it had a little white dog in the middle of the cover, there was a poem at the start “there was a boy upon the stairs a little boy who wasn’t there, he wasn’t there again today, I wish he’d go away than stay… That’s George”. George is described to have a red baseball cap and old dirty clothes. Any help would be great thankyou!!! Reply • I am looking for a book I read about 20 years ago about an oil man and his company. The book begins with a murder of a husband and wife in the middle east.

Big oil companies are trying to run this small oil company out of business. His friend is patterned off of Howard Hughes and his other friend is the company Lawyer. He has a daughter. I thought the title of the book was OIl but it is not by Upton Sinclair so I don’t know. Reply • The book I am looking for was purchased as a mass market paperback from K-Mart in the 70’s. The main characters are two college friends, one from the USA and one who has an uncle in Scotland who is researching time travel.

It takes place in the future because they have autos that drive themselves. They visit this uncle and help with his research. At this time, in Scotland, a reactor with a new form of energy is about to open. After it does, tiny black holes begin to show up and as time goes on, they become larger.

Meanwhile, the uncle is having small success with sending messages back in time. As the black holes become a problem for the world, a message is sent back to before the unit is brought online with what will happen and they have to try to convince everyone that they shouldn’t let it start.

Can’t remember how they do it but of course they are successful. There is also a romance between the USA student and a female member of the staff at the facility involved. I am reasonably sure the word Time is in the title. I have searched all the permutations of that word but none of the books I have found is correct. Any ideas anyone?

Reply • There was this book I read in middle school about a girl and a boy who grew up on an island. The girl has a family and they eventually find her and take her away. Turns out that the mother ran away with her daughter and this guy with his sun and they raised there kids on this island.

I think the boys name was lake or something like that and spoiler the boy gets stabbed in the end. Please help me find it, thank you. Reply • It will be amazing if you can help me find a book that I don’t remember the title or author of.

Years ago, my mother loaned this book to her coworker and they never returned it. I remember the story involved a boy who lived in an apartment building and his neighbor or mother was a woman that drank alcohol out of a trumpet and was always throwing loud parties. There was another illustration that shows the boy sitting on a woman’s tongue with a saw. It was either a babysitter or his grandmother.

I guess the babysitter would not stop talking or nagging the boy. Do any of these descriptions remind you of a book with illustrations? Thanks for your help! Aimee Reply • Hi, can you help? I’m looking for a short story series written about a native american indian who lived on a modern day reservation. The series revolved around one main character that I can’t remember his name. It must’ve been published pre-2000. Not much to go on but maybe someone can help Thanks Reply • Looking for a book about a vampire girl.

I think she was called a striga or something. It was a kind of special vampire that if she was next to a certain person then she was literally toxic to him. She a friend who became a werewolf. The werewolf smoked a brand of cigarette called winston reds. And he had a black leather trenchcoat. What is the name of the series or the first book? Reply • Still Fran • 15 days ago I read a book in 6th grade about this girl who lives in India.

There is a wealthy man who controls everyone with his resources. Her family is in debt to this man, as is everyone else. They try to avoid him, and tell their kids to do the same. One day the main character sees a man at the market who does something mean, I can’t remember what. Anyways she tells him off and then sees her dads reaction. She realized that was the man they owed money. He makes her his servant, and she learns to read and makes friends with the other maids.

He lives in a mansion so she i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad really sees him and eventually she hates it less and less. She is assigned to his wife who is actually really nice. Please help me!! I also know for sure that the cover has her hands like together and they have henna on them Reply • Please am looking for a particular book I read while growing up and I have forgotten the author but I remember the title was girls hostel it was about a girl named grace who was very brilliant and got an admission into the higher institution and she lived in the hostel she later had a boyfriend named niyi who she met in school Reply • HI!

so I’m looking for a book, I read it quite a while ago but I remember it. It’s about a young boy ( i don’t remember his name ) and an older brother ( i don’t remember his name either) and their parents split up. and the younger brother really liked swimming and music, while his older brother liked sports and video games/stuff like that. and the younger brother really wanted the older brother to like him, but the older brother hated him.

And just to mess with the younger brother the older brother made the younger brother do a bunch of stuff like steal perfume for him to give to his girlfriend and to steal a girls bra and then took a picture of the younger brother with the bra and post it online to make him look bad.

but then one day the younger brother and older brother were hanging out and the older brother thought it would be funny to jump across a river to impress his brother, but he fell in and nearly drowned. But the younger brother is really good at swimming so he saved the older brother but he was in a coma, but the younger brother visited him every day in the hospital and he read to the older brother a lot and they became best friends. It’s funny how I can remember all of that but I don’t know the name of the book or the author 🙁 if anyone knows this story please tell me it is such a great book and I’m only saying the tip of the iceberg of this story it is amazing!

I do recommend it ( if I actually knew what it was called ) also it’s a teenagers book like an age rating for a 13-16 or something like that. Thanks if anyone knows this book and if you do please tell me it would be much appreciated! Reply • I’m looking for a novel, it has to with a lady who got a job at a new location and she didn’t have a place to stay.

Her best friend who was already married told her that she could move in with her elder brother. The elder brother was away on a job. Her best friend forgot to tell her brother that her friend was staying at his place. Another thing I can remember is that the lady like her best friend’s brother since they were little. While staying with him they grew to love each other. Reply • I read a book in middle school about 5 kids going to a haunted house because they revived letters for different purposes ( they didn’t know that it was haunted) when they get there they encounter 5 other kids but they are ghost and they wear masks.

One has a bunny mask, another wears a bear mask, another wears a cat mask, another wears a dog and the last one wears a mouse mask. Please help me find it. Thank You! Reply • It was on one of the reading sites, the girl was engaged to the brother(Benjamin) but she walked in and caught him with his brothers fiancé.(Jennifer) The the brother came in and saw them. He was called Commander and he was in a wheelchair. The guy in the wheelchair decided to marry the girl that was jilted.

Please help me find this book. Thank you Reply • there was a chapter book in elementary where they would yoyo a lot for fun and this girl has a sleepover with the other girls and they decide to make a list about positive and negative things about each other and they all get really upset and then they play hide and go seek or something that’s all I remember there is way more though Reply • So there was this book I read and it is about a girl and her best friend died and then her best friends family kidnapped her and made her pretend to be her best friend they died her hair made her use body wash that smelled like her they made her dress like her and made an Exact exact replica of her room in the basement Reply • Hi, I’m Indhu, age twelve.

A couple of years ago I read a history- fiction novel about three kids – one girl, a cousin boy, and his friend – who make a movie. It’s set in the first few years of Hollywood, I think. They buy their own camera film and edit the movie in his friends lab, and I think the friends’s name was Bubby or something. I remember that the cover was something of a white cover with a girl running. Could you please help me find the book? It’s 10-12 age line. I think I checked this out in the Thayer Public Library.

Thanks. Reply • I’m looking for 2 books. 1st was one that funny enough I heard being talked about on Walmart radio. It’s about a woman who wants to die but decides she’s going to wait until her grandmother (who has cancer) dies. She makes acquaintances with a man who is curious about committing murder, and he agrees to kill her after her grandmother’s passing. The 2nd book is a fantasy story, and unfortunately, I have far less details about it. I remember my friend reading it years ago when I was in high school.

It had a character who beheaded a man and then presented it to the man’s girlfriend/wife while on a ship. I remember distinctly there was a beheading, a ship, and that it was a guy showing it to a loved one. It could’ve possibly been a woman who was beheaded instead. I also remember it was definitely a fantasy book. It’s been killing me not knowing either titles, and I have been trying for over 2 years to find them. Any help is appreciated.

Reply • I’m looking for this jokebook, it has illustrations, its written in taglish (mixed tagalog and English) and I cannot remember anything about the title but I remember things about the cover, I remember the cover having vibrant colors like vibrant pink, cyan and yellow, i think there was also ‘ha ha ha ha’ on the cover, and I think it had the word quirky in it but I’m not sure, it has different short stories and I remember there was one about a cockroach Reply • A very unique looking book; its very small and was completely red i’m pretty sure with heart in the title but it was about two girl best friends and one of them died in a car crash I think.

I remember a specific scene where the girl who dies is trying to call her other best friend but she went out with this guy who took her to an airport I think and they layed down on the top of his car watching the stars.

Anyone recognize it? Reply • I’m looking for the title of a book I think I read in the 1990’s. It was a romance. An American woman went to China on business and met a wealthy Chinese businessman and they fell in love. The woman had two children back at home in American I think. She extended her visit to China somewhat but finally determined it wasn’t meant be—he wouldn’t be fulfilled in American and she and her children would not be in China Reply • So I read a book a few years ago and can’t remember the name of it.

It is about a community of people that farm different regions of the oceans, like the different types of fish and seaweed and kelp. The main character finds out there is a gang that is in their community and the leader of the gang has a genetic mutation that allows him to change his appearance like a shape shifter, and he is actually the main characters brother the she knew nothing about.

Reply • Read this book in elementary school. about a tortoise that lived in forest, name started with an e, something like earth but not that. title was like, his name and then birthday or something. he finds fox cubs in the forest at one point, get in fight with a fisher like creature at end. i think at one point he came across a cabin. please help me find title i am desperate. chapter book. Reply • Late 1970’s-early 1980’s. Fiction book.

An elderly couple, I’m pretty sure their name was Amberson (or something similar). Wife was dying of cancer, husband had a bad heart. They had a cat. They took a cross country trip to see their daughter(?). Along the way, they picked up a young female hitchhiker. Story goes on, wife dies. Husband gave cat to hitchhiker. He then goes to football field and starts running the track. He runs until he has a major heart attack and dies. I i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad want to know the title of i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad book so I can search for a copy of it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Reply • I read a book but I am not sure what year the book was written in. It is a murder mystery book. The plot of the book goes like this. A detective wife just loses her husband and he was murder. They both have a three year old daughter.

The husband’s family is rich and very secretive one. The wife tries to find out who killed her husband and why but he husband’s family suspects her. She finds clues after clues which leads to her sister’s death and she was also murdered not long ago. In the end all these searching and suspecting was a part of a big a show and the wife was the one who killed her husband because her husband killed her sister.

This what I remember from the book. It would be a great help if someone could tell me the title. Thanks Reply • I read a book not so long ago but can’t remember the title or author. It was a psychological thriller. A woman who was very much in love with a man she met at university but from a different culture than her. He disappeared after is brother who is a doctor came to persuade him to leave the woman and marry someone from his own race.

The woman is pregnant and she cannot afford to keep the flat on as she doesn’t earn enough money. The flat has been bought by a man who then comforts the woman after she has found out her parents are now dead from an accident in their house where she was going to live.

She is so taken in by this man who she thinks is very caring. The have 2 children of their own. The eldest child is a girl and very dark, the 2 younger children are fair. This man is so controlling. He has cameras throughout the house to watch what she is doing.

The story progresses where the woman has eventually escaped the house with her children with the help of a friend who she had lost contact with for the 7 years since she has been with her husband. The man finds her friend, who by the way is a war hero, and assaults her and her mother trying to find out where is wife is.

Although the friend didn’t disclose anything he has put a few things together and believes she is on Aldernay. The police are now realising that this man is a liar, a controller and a potential murdered so they are trying to find him before he finds his wife.

The police had one time thought he had killed his wife and children but they now know she is trying to escape from this man. I can’t remember anything else but if anyone could put a name i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad this book I would be very grateful.

Thanks Reply • okay in trying to give as much as i can because i have been looking since forever. this is a book i read in like fifth grade which would be like 2016/2017 and it stated by the main character waking up from her dad because she has to go to ex best friends funeral who died in a drive by shooting in her own house. she sees a guy she doesn’t recognize but she ignores it. a little while later he starts telling her stuff and she’s getting clues and figuring out she was murdered and not killed by the drive by.

the main character goes swimming and she almost drowned because she thinks seaweed is her best friends hair and the guy from earlier saves her. the main character starts dating this guy and his brother acts weird around her. eventually finds out the guy she’s dating is mentally ill and he killed her best friend and the brother protected him by making it look like a drive by and a gang did it.

her boyfriend takes her to an abandoned house and tried lighting it on fire and as she’s fighting back she cuts herself or something and before they die the brother and the guy from earlier saves them both.

sorry i’m horrible at explaining Reply • I read a I found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad about a young girl who’s past in high school she is trying to forget. She moved on to nake a better life for herself but something comes up that makes her have to go back to her childhood home and go through things in the attic and face her past. She tells about how she wasn’t proud of how she had slept with everyone on the football team and one i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad at a Lookout she “accidentally” hit the guy who was trying to sleep with her and she killed him.

Never i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad anyone. He fell off the cliff eventually.

i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad

She gets away with it I believe. Reply • I’ve been Googling the bits and pieces that I remember about this book for years with no luck… In the late 90’s I read a book about a young girl (maybe even a boy, can barely remember) who moves to a new home in what seemed like a rural area and befriends a girl who I always remembered as Cora, but I might be wrong… Cora’s appearance was described very vividly as being very thin, almost looking malnourished, very pale and black hair.

She was very poor and lived in i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad dilapidated home with a parent/s who didn’t take care of her. She was almost described as depressed and I think the book ended with her dying/disappearing. This book could be from the 80’s/90’s and I think it had this ‘Cora’ character on the cover… Might be a teen/young adult book but it had a very dark and sad theme to it.

I can’t get it out of my mind and would love to find this childhood book. Help! Reply • I read a book in 6th grade about this girl who lives in India. There is a wealthy man who controls everyone with his resources. Her family is in debt to this man, as is everyone else. They try to avoid him, and tell their kids to do the same. One day the main character sees a man at the market who does something mean, I can’t remember what. Anyways she tells him off and then sees her dads reaction.

She realized that was the man they owed money. He makes her his servant, and she learns to read and makes friends with the other maids. He lives in a mansion so she never really sees him and eventually she hates it less and less.

She is assigned to his wife who is actually really nice. Please help me!! I also know for sure that the cover has her hands like together and they have henna on them. Reply • There is a book i read when I was younger. It was about a rich white girl who moved to colonial Jamaica and meets her half sister and they ran away after the white sister shot a guy who tried to r*** the black sister.

The black sister’s mother tells them to escape and she fed the body to crocodiles or something like that. The white sister also had some ruby earrings that had obeah that cause her fiance to be able to follow her and he tries to kill her for her inheritance (I think) and they end up becoming pirates.

The black sister becomes a captain and marries her 1st mate after the fiance is killed (she is pregnant and the fiance tied her to the Hull of the ship to stop white sister and black sister’s husband from attacking his ship. Someone behead him.) And white sister goes back and claims her inheritance and they each take 1 of the rubies cause fiance guy is dead.

And they promise to meet when black girls kid is born. Reply • Susan The Huguenot is the title of the book … i cant recall the author…. True story of an incident furing the French Revolution Years Susan as a child was taken by two Catholic Priests while she was on an errand for her mother… The Catholic priests placed her in a convent there the Catholics tried to persuade the child to denounce her faith as a Protestant Her parents had to escape to England but her father made several trips back searching for his lost daughter …until some years past he did found her .

Can you help me find this book ?? Reply • i read a book a few months ago and i lost it when i was moving. A girl got sent to prision or whatever the place was called for stealing because her family needed food and stuff but she found out they had princesses and stuff in it and she made new friends one was named Jax.

pls someone help me Reply • there was a book i read when i was younger, maybe in middle-high school, so it was a chapter book, but something a young kid could read. it was a book about girl in france, (it might’ve taken place in the past). i think she was an orphan, and she was taken in by a man, but i don’t remember whether or not it was through an agency.

she loved hanging out on the rooftop of this guy’s apartment building. i think there was a specific part in the book where there was some kind of inspector coming to this guy’s house, but they didn’t do so good because this guy’s house was either so messy or it didn’t have enough in it to be able to house 2 people. Reply • I’m looking for this book I read a while ago, I think it was one of those desert novels and the girl has been dressing has a boy for her whole life and she’s skinny and had no feminine features yet.

She lived in the streets with her mother but then her mother died and it was the day hanged met the hero, I’ve forgotten what happened but he took her to his home and then she met his family, they took care of her, giving her food and taking care of her until she started looking like a girl and then she later got her period and he started picking her. I’ve forgotten the title. Please anyone who knows the book should pls send me the title or author Reply • I have searched for this book on and off for the last 20 years.

I read a sample of this book at the end of another book. It is fiction. It involved time travel. A young woman was driving along a costal highway/road, had a blowout and ended up in the water, the next thing she knew she was in the 18th or 19th century. A bearded guy was callinged her a wench, and I think he was about to behead her or kill her. Any help is appreciated. Thank you Thank you, Martha Perryman Reply • I am looking for a book that Abraham Lincoln read during his presidency that persuaded him to sign the Emancipation of Proclamation.

The book was written by an American that was a captain of a crew member on a ship that was captured in Africa and walked through the desert with his crew and then convinced a man to purchase them and made it back to I think Morocco where a missionary paid for there lives.

He later came back to America and wrote about his capture. Reply • hi, I’m looking for a book with short stories in from my childhood. As I want to now read to my daughter.

Iv searched everywhere but no luck. If u can help would be great its the actual book I want. I remember a story in it called the children who wouldnt go to bed.

Other stories were to do with wizards n fairies. Was a soft back book. Would of been from 80s time but not certain. Reply • i read this book in 6th grade and i’ve just now been thinking about it a lot. it’s about a young girl maybe 15 and she died in a car accident, so now she’s in a “heaven” type of place wear she can visit places in history.

the one book i really remember is that she goes to the colosseum in rome, italy. there is a fighting match and she tries to save a guy she has feelings for. it is a fantasy/romance novel. Reply • A fantasy novel from the 40’s, I believe, about a group of people who wake up on an island with no idea of why they’re there or how they got there.

They go to the huge house on the island, and each person is shown, one by one, where they took a wrong turn in life and suffered for it. I thought it was called Strange Ports of Call, but apparently that is not correct.

I read this as a teen in the 60’s. Reply • In the late 60’s, early 70’s, while attending an English Literature class at Ohio University, in Zanesville, Ohio, our class was invited to read and assess a book of which I have forgotten the title. I cannot recall the author. As I recall, the theme was around the idea that, in his life’s experience, white people in association with black people do not look at black people’s eyes.

White people tend to look at blacks “other than” directly through their eyes. I’m afraid those are my key memories from that experience. (I must admit, prior to this research, I looked thoroughly among our library; I believe I kept my copy over several years.

But, I’m afraid it’s now missing!!! Wishing you the best of luck, and, in addition, THANKS for your offer and help!!! Best, Mike McNeely Reply • A teen romance novel. A poor boy who is a senior in high school, his father is a town hero (pass away) his mother town drunk.

He fell in love with rich girl (Sadie), who mom was the housekeeper/she married the rich guy when the girl was little. She has older stepbrother who marrys the boys cousins, in books the cousins is r___ by another boy who tries to harm the main girl.

Reply • I read this book 2 years ago when I was in 6th grade. I was just now thinking about how much I loved it but I cannot remember the title or the author. It is about a girl who had a boyfriend I think his name was James but I don’t remember but he got hit by a black SUV and she started to unveil some odd things about him she found out that he was living in an abandoned amusement park in a tent like a circus tent and she found a journal had a lot of interesting things in it I don’t remember much of the middle part but I know in the end her best friend got kidnapped by the person that killed her boyfriend and the best friend how to jump out the window of a two-story house.

I wish this was enough information to Google it but I’ve tried so many different things if you know what this book is called please help me. Reply • In school we read a book about a man who lived in a forest. He escaped from a prison or camp and lived in a cave at some point, he used a bears furr to make clothes for himself during winter. The would set snares for squirrels, he would then dry the meat. In a part of the story he gives a dear a ‘Coup de grâce’.

At some point he got reunited with his wife and son. Reply • I read a book in 6th grade about this girl who lives in India. There is a wealthy man who controls everyone with his resources. Her family is in debt to this man, as is everyone else.

They try to avoid him, and tell their kids to do the same. One day the main character sees a man at the market who does something mean, I can’t remember what. Anyways she tells him off and then sees her dads reaction. She realized that was the man they owed money. He makes her his servant, and she learns i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad read and makes friends with the other maids.

He lives in a mansion so she never really sees him and eventually she hates it less and less. She is assigned to his wife who is actually really nice. Please help me!! I also know for sure that the cover has her hands like together and they have henna on them. Reply • There’s a picture book, that you read folding out from the book. It is about two girls, from different sides of the world, however, doing their daily life routines. However, one thing is common in the book.

They both look at the moon. I don’t know what the book name is though, so please help me! Reply • There’s this one series I read a couple years back and I can’t for the life of me remember the title but it’s like 39 clues but more messed up I think at one point a character dies and a person she grew close to makes a necklace out of her hair to stop his shakes and ticks any help would be appreciated Reply • Iam looking for this book that I read in 8th grade.

It’s about these boys who get sent to an island for being bad and no its not lord of the flies so anyways and the man in charge sticks up his sword and gets struck by lighting and dies so the boys dress as him to trick the people delevering the food. That’s all I can rember Reply • i AM LOOKING FOR A BOOK THAT I READ QUITE A WHILE AGO, AND WANTED TO RECOMMEND IT TO A FRIEND, AND HONESTLY WOULDN’T MIND REREADING!


THE ENDING ACTUALLY EVEN HAS ANOTHER TWIST TO IT, WHICH ACTUALLY MADE ME GASP. I HOPE THAT SOMEONE WILL RECOGNIZE THE STORY LINE, AND IDENTIFY THE BOOK FOR ME. THANK YOU! Reply • Hi, This is a long shot but I was looking for the title to a romance novel. The plot was the main character – a girl moved back home after she found out her sister and her fiancée were having an affair.

She fell for her married neighbor who was in a bad marriage but he and his wife (who was actually cheating on the husband) were killed in an automobile accident before he could leave his wife for her.

The dead wife’s brother came to the funeral and the girl (the main character) and he ended up falling in love. Whew that is a crazy plot but I cannot remember the name of the book.

Thank you! Reply • I read these series years ago. Each series is somehow related to the other. I only remember one of the series a character falls in love with one of his employees after being friends with her and her sister for some time.

He has twin sisters and a cousin that he is very close with. They each have their own book. Main character and twin sister were abused by their parents, and the cousin was also a victim of abuse. The parents were involved in some underground orgy where a character (rockstar) is introduced leading to another series.

That series he falls for a photographer after seeing her in a picture. Later on finds out he has seen her before years ago when she was younger.

His band mates named her Priscilla. Reply • Children’s book about a young girl runs away from her guardians back east, travels by train all the way across the country to find her father. He was a school teacher who had gone to work in the mines out west. She has lots of adventures along the way. A Pinkerton agent is sent by her guardians to bring her back home. In the end she is reunited with her father. Reply • I’m looking for a novel that takes place in London.

It’s about 2 sisters whose parents are dead, in fact the father died in bed and the sisters had to bury him. The younger sister played the violin. Their life was difficult and complicated. An older gay man who lived near them helped save them.

I have forgotten the title, I thought it had the word ‘bees’ in it. Reply • its about a girl from the noth of England who has a tough childhood she was interfered with by guys that were either in her family and strangers then ended up as a prostitute in her later life and then married.i can’t remember if it was fact or fiction but I remember it being the first book I read completely and feeling a lot of compassion towards the character Reply • It’s a book about a boy whose last family member dies and he has to leave to find work in the city, but when he gets there his stuff gets stolen and he has to beg for money on the streets.

After that, one of the other orphans tells him about this orphanage and he goes to it. While he’s there he finds out that when kids misbehave the adults inject something into them that makes them change. I have been looking for the book for years and it is killing me!! Reply • Woman enters a disastrous arranged marriage.

The husband dies and instead of being turned out of the house her brother-in-law allows her to live on there. She works in a bookshop and in her spare time she makes copies of the books for herself.

I also think that she made friend with some other women who lived in the same apartment block. Does anyone know the name of this novel?

Reply • Theres a book I tried to read this year but didnt finish, however I do remember a little bit. The main character is a girl, and Im pretty sure its YA considering i got it from the high school library. She lives with her grandfather, and i think he owns a i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad i cant remember clearly however in the beginning of the book I remember she leaves at night to spy on someone(possibly royal or high class members of society?) I could be wrong on this next part but some part of me kind of remembers her being invited to a party held by these indivuals?

She looks up to her grandfather highly and he doesn’t know she sneaks out. Help? Reply • A book I read 15 years ago in high-school, Was part of several fantasy adventures. I remember a little bit of it. They where been chased by a huge creature and got to a cliff then jumped off the cliff. A toad kingdom that where pirates i believe. Not much but been trying for years to remember what book.

Reply • I am looking for a fairly absurd short story I read thirty years ago as a teen. It was about a little child who’s parents would let go out and she made all kind of trouble destroying things in the house. I just remember the ending where her father gives up and they wander the neighborhood together smashing in car windows with a baseball bat.

If you can think of it: aob28@txstate.edu Reply • There was a sci-fi/fantasy novel or collection of short stories written by a British male. The cover was a pair of wide-open eyes surrounded by red rose petals. This was a mass market paperback. The word summer may have been in the title. The main story is about a man who watches a primitive tribe from a hiding place.

He thinks he is unobserved, but it turns out they are aware of his presence. Reply • I can’t remember the title or author but it’s a story about two animals called plip and plop (I think) that go on a adventure to see why the water supply had been blocked.

They find out at the end that it’s a monster that is upset and finally persuade it to move. It’s a kid book from around 2000 to 2008 If anyone could find it i would be soooo grateful.

Pleaseeee helppppp. Reply • A book I loved in elementary school in the 90s. Its a wordless picture book with no story. The book is unique in the way you can interact with it. All the pages are cut in half horizontally and you can flip the pages to make a new picture.

The book was odd, one combo I remember vividly making is men with suits and ties and umbrellas for heads. You can make a bunch of different pictures depending on the combo you choose. The illustrations were strange but very well done. I think there were tea cups and mushrooms as well as trees. Please if you cant find this book can anyone tell me the name of this style of book.

I cannot find any book that is even close to how these pages turn. It was purposely cut in half and the book I think was rectangular and on the big side. Reply • Graham Oakley’s magical changes. Sorry I don’t think this style has an official term. The description of the book is, “Perfectly normal paintings in rich colors appear on pages split horizontally so that the images become quite different when tops or bottoms are turned, distorting things into comic or fearful surrealism.” Reply • HI!!

I need help. I’m trying to find a book that I read a while ago but never got to finish it. I almost think it was called “remember me” but I don’t know for sure.

It’s about this little girl who is in a foster home and her alcoholic guardian molests her all the time (And she says “he hurt me hurt me hurt me”) but when she finally can’t take it anymore she runs away to her grandmas( could be a great aunt maybe) house.

And she passes out cause she walked to far and hasn’t eaten and then she proves that she is this lady’s granddaughter somehow so she starts living with her at her farm or something??? I can’t remember much after this. Please help!!! Reply • I’ve always flirted with the idea of purchasing a Church as a residence and happened upon a romance novel where the main character finally found a church that met her requirements.

This romance paperback was amazing, it was yearrrrrrrrrrrrrs ago and I’d love to find other books that are similar. Reply • Looking for a book can’t remeber the title or name other the author. It starts out in a museum. Where the main character is cleaning the museum. The museum used to be a home of a prominent man. The home back in the 1800s was washed away in a flood.

The man and his daughter were never found. But she some how was sent to the past before the flood happened. And events begin to unraveal. The ending of the book finds the man and his daughter in the i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad day with the woman that was sent to the past.

Reply • Looking for a romance book set series that started with the letters of the alphabet. They were based in the same small town. The series were written by different authors. Either in the 1990s to 2000s is when these were published. Possibly Harlequin/Silhouette romance books. 26 books in the series. It was different characters in the books but somehow they were all connected due to that they all lived in the small town & they were neighbors, relatives, etc.

(which I can’t remember the name of the town or state but it was a U.S. state). Reply • Grrrr mine is about this girl who’s involved with The Circle or sumn and like she was robbing from somewhere and jumped out of the window to escape from all the people. The headlines were all abt her and she thought it was weird bc their class is seeing the news that’s her but with a different wig.

Then she has a date with Luke or whatever his name is but they got a call and they have to rescue someone. Reply • I read a book in 1993, a self help type.

Out lining four separate family types and how functional/dysfunctional each i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad was and interacted. I remember that the cover had four houses on it, lined up in a square. And how to manifest a more functional situation, for your family. I bought it at the Tattered Cover in Denver, early that year. Reply • I need help finding a manga that I’ve read in 2015, I think the story will be like this, a high school girl who can’t cry or express her expression since birth, after that she meets a high school boy and also an actor who is on a temporary hiatus, the story continues about their story both, and at the end of the story the boy was suffering from a disease that eventually made him die, this girl did not know that the boy had the disease and after the boy died, the girl could cry and bring out his expression, please help me, i cant find it in anywhere.

Reply • I need help finding this book that i read when i was in elementary i believe in 5th grade this was back in 2000/2001. I never finished the book because it was time to return it and i don’t know why i didn’t ever check it back out! It was about a boy who either lived with parents who were vampires or had neighbors who were vampires i don’t remember it having pictures it was more of a chapter book i believe.

I bought a book online called “Living with Vampires” by jermey strong and it was not it!!!! Can anybody help me with this! I been looking and searching and nothing!

Reply • I am looking for a book I read 1-2 years ago. It is a My brother’s best friend romance. It is about a girl that has been in love with her brother’s best friend her whole life. I think the friend lived with them for a while when he was a teen. When she returns from college she see’s him again. They start to date but she doesn’t know that he is sleeping with his women clients.

He opened his own landscaping business after high school and sleeps with his clients as well as taking care of their yards. He brother knows this so is furious when he finds out his sister and friend are sleeping together.

She ends up pregnant and unsure what to do. I have tried searching for the book but have had no luck. Please help me if you can! Reply • I’m looking for a book that I read in primary school that was in my library.

it’s about a boy who can go into paintings. I think there were talking bears or wolves or maybe that was another book. I remember the boy was in school and there was a group of bullies that bullied him. I remember later in the book his grandmother/stepmom/ aunt (sorry I don’t remember) locked the painting that he needed to go through to help someone in the basement or cellar and he broke into it and saved his painting.

I think he might’ve had siblings or a cousin that lived with him. pls help lol Reply • I need to find a book about this young woman who runs away from home, and she falls asleep on this gravestone, then she wakes up and she finds out that she has gone back in time to go on an adventure with this super, super large lady and this extremely thin old man, and she’s gone back in a time where for toothpaste women would use salt and that short hair would mean that you would be mistaken for a boy.

I have no idea what it’s called but I do remember reading about it in year 5, (I’m now in year 10) and one significant thing about it is dumplings……I don’t know why I remember that….

Tried searching it and it hasn’t worked…. Reply • Hi, I need help finding this book that’s been on my mind for years!! I remember reading this book a long time ago that I loved so much and it made me cry. I remember buying it one time in a bookstore around 2012? The cover had a boy falling out of the sky? The main character is from a teenage boy perfective and he has this power to jump into the past? And future?

I can’t remember but I remember him jumping to change something in the past. And I know his mother dies in the book. That part made me cry. And he also ends up falling for this girl? I think. I don’t remember what it’s called or the name of the author! I know it’s not Jumper. And it’s not Everyday. Please help! Reply • Hai guys I am searching for a book I forgot the author name and the characters name the story is. There is a girl who works in a coffee shop and many other odd jobs. One day faints in the road and the hero took her to his and take care of her he i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad her because she is working for her mother in her coffee shop.

He gives her whatever she wants. He created a game for her. He is a game programmer billionaire. When she try to visit her doctor friend somebody tries to kidnap her then he and his brother saves her. The brother and the doctor are ex lovers they meet at the time and he tries to reconnect this is how it ends.

Please help me out Reply • Looking for a book title – likely published in the 70’s, maybe 80’s – 4 or 5 women meet in a divorce attorney’s office and it follows their separate stories. One woman is rich, or used to be, and takes the poor woman under her wing and transforms her, showing her how to dress, etc.

The poor woman ends up being a fitness instructor. The book has a feel like it was written by Sidney Sheldon, Jackie Collinsetc.

Thanks for any help! Reply • This is getting SUPER ANNOYING, but I STILL have another book I don’t know. It’s about this girl who gets adopted, and later she finds out the person who adopted her is a witch that eats children.

The girl runs away, but the witch finds her. But the witch has different feelings for the child. The child wants to learn magic. And the lessons start. And then, the witch tells her not to go in this closet….

the witch doesn’t eat her…. the witch dies…. then comes back alive…. and I guess I could say they live happily ever after! Reply • Sorry! It’s me again! I’m going to leave a description of the book, to see if any of you have read it.

It’s about a girl who’s foot is crippled, and her mother is mean and poor. When she hears that there’s going to be a bombing in London, she makes a plan to escape with her little brother. When she does, she finds another woman. I forget her name.

AAAAH! Anyway, she takes care of them, and stuff for a year.

i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad

And… yeah that’s pretty much it! IF you know the name of the book, PLEASE tell me! Thanks! Reply • Looking for a YA dystopian book about two young women on a journey that meet up with a young man. One girl gets left behind and the other goes to a cave with the boy where he lives with many other young men.

Soldiers come looking for this girl. She and the boy set out to a safe place they have been told about. It ends up only being a home for girls and it is by water. I cannot recall the title or author. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Reply • I’m looking for the title of a very old scifi book about two hikers, a Man and Woman, who are hiking in a rugged mountain area when they a stopped by the security for a group of scientists working to create a miniature galaxy The hikers are held there and help the science group.

In the end the Galaxy begins to collapse and the Woman helps the survivors of the collapse to escape into our Universe. Help! Thank you Reply • I am trying to look for this book that I saw at the library I don’t remember the title but it was something like “the procedure” or “the project” but I remember the cover had white and yellow and and I think it’s about a boy and a girl that like each other but aren’t allowed to be with each other.

That’s all I can think of. Reply • I read a novel on Facebook but forgot to open the link.It was about a wolve girl that had a twin brother and they were supposed to choose their mate since they were turning 18 on a Saturday and their parents had arranged for a few people to come to the party.The girl had a best best and the brother too had one best friend I think his name was Alex and the girl secretly liked Alex.Help me find the title of the book and the app where I can get it.Thank you.

Reply • I’m looking for a book series I read in high school, I think it might either be 2 books or maybe three. its about a warrior princess her family is big on battles their kingdom is cold. At some point in the first book the king dies and she becomes queen and shes having a hard time with it i think.

she has a sorcerer for an adviser who is a guy and they do end up getting married, and its ether before or after that the the guy gets barbecued by either lightning or a spell gone wrong, the queen thinks he is dead or close.

all his hair is burned off and his whole body is covered in bad burns. he pulls through and is messed up for a while. I know the last book they are parents to a few kids. one or two take after the dad with magic and are being trained to use it they all get train for battle like their mother, I think one of their girls or maybe the boy doesn’t like fighting.

the books were in my high school library and it was all pg 13 except for some fighting and the guys wounds, and i know its more fantasy than romance. Reply • looking for a book I read as a teen in early 80s about a young girl who lives with her mother and younger sister. They live near a river and make friends with a single man i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad 2 young children a boy and girl.

The teen child sits for her neighbor and as time goes on she grows up and they eventually get married. I think it was call something like By the river. Reply • Trying to find a book. It had Ghost or Spirits or both of those in the title. It was a period novel. I believe took place in the 1800s in England. Setting was a school or University. There was a missing possibly murdered person. One of the characters (male) worked at the school, I believe. He had come from a poor background.

There was a woman who was married to the head of the school. He ended up dying in the end. At one point in the book the woman was out walking by herself out of her home area, and made a comment that she had felt freer than she had ever felt. The book wasn’t really about ghosts, but at the end of the book there was a suggestion of a wisp that was supposed to be murdered person.

There was also the suggestion that the wife of the school head and the man with poor background were attracted to one another. Does anyone have any idea of the title or author? Reply • the book was on Facebook. I started reading it and then closed the link without knowing the name of the book.

What I remember was Brandon was the boss and his assistant made she he was home safe after a night of drinking. Brandon is lonely because his wife Darcy left him.

His assistant is being a good friend but Darcy is jealous of her. Reply • Book about a kid who discovers that the author of a favorite children’s series is causing people to hallucinate. Main character discovers that the author of these books is doing it on purpose.

At one point the main character (I think it’s a girl) breaks into the house of the author. The book is similar to R.L. Stein’s goosebumps books. I think it was written between 2008-2012 It’s possible that I’ve combined the memories of several different books and that this one doesn’t even exist but if it does I’d like to find it.

Reply • I am looking for a child book… I remember reading it about 3rd or 4th grade… I remember the cover… It had a coloured boy and his grandpa. There was a picnic table set up.

Red and i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad checker cloth. The boy and a basket of biscuits was the main picture on the cover. The boy was smelling the biscuits. He had his eyes closed… His grandpa was standing behind him… I’ve been searching… I can’t find it… I tried looking it up under biscuits and gravy… But books of a dog named biscuit comes up… Please help… Reply • It’s a book with white cover.

There would a red haired girl and a guy behind her(only can see their faces). The story would be about the girl who would be sick in her world would go to another world where her other self would be the most powerful person(she would be ruling the world) and it’s a place where there would be witches. They would also have a stone which makes them do magic. I don’t remember the girl’s name but the guy’s name was Raven I guess oh and this Raven guy was the ex boyfriend of the queen and he would fall in love with this sick kid.

Gosh that’s all please help Reply • The book I am trying to locate is a saga that takes place after the civil war. Fancy’s Louisiana plantation is in ruins and one of her beloved slaves takes young 5 year old fancy under his wing and heads to California.

They perform in circus acts along the way… Once in California, they join the gold rush. Meeting up with two brothers ones name is chance. Both brothers fall in love with her. Of course there is much more, but this is the best that I can remember. Reply • I’m looking for a book I read in 2010.

It’s about a girl just finished A levels on her 18th birthday she went to a pub and met a guy she fell for and it ruined her life, he was a drug addict, he quickly controlled her and got her on drugs and kept her away from her family. The title similar to “Don’t Cry for Me” Reply • I can’t remember the author of a series of murder mysteries. The main character is a women reporter for a tv station, whose husband was murdered.

She investigates or reinacts the time the murder took place and interviews those involved, with a cohost named Alex, who is a lawyer and eventually becomes her husband. Reply • Read this young adult fiction book at least 30hrs ago! I think El was in the title – but about a teen boy living in America wifh Mexican heritage – finds out his dad is having an affair with a lady in town & debates whether he should tell his pregnant mother about it.

They raised chickens & one point a head is cut off but the chicken was still running around headless! I believe there was an older sister that didn’t live at home anymore – a teen coming of age story – living in a row of ‘shacks’ homes without luxuries at home like flooring – it was a dirt floor in the home – after getting my 12yo daughter to love The Outsiders (she read it in 4 days & we watched the movie tonight) I was hoping she would like this book also! There is talk of s*x & i think the boy shared a bonding moment with dad & his 1st beer- boy would have been 14/15yo & dad was bribing him not to tell mom!

I have searched the web & without the author its has been difficult to find! I remember the cover on the paperback was tan with his image on the front, i cant remember the boys name but remember reading it a dozen times as a 13/14yo as it was one of the 1st books I was exposed to that had s*xual topics & cursing in it (small town girl from KC & I wasn’t exposed to much real life stuff then!) I would love to read it again but no longer have a copy packed up with my childhood bedroom after I was married at 18 (celebrating our 25th anniversary next month!) So those boxes are buried deep in our garage & i don’t think i kept those books or if I donated them when i moved from my parents house on my wedding night!

Oh I remember like 95% was in English with a bit of Spanish like when he spoke to his mother. The biggest thing for me as the 12yo reader – I didnt know what m*sterbation meant – so I asked my mom, she told me to go ask my dad & his answer was to look it up in the dictionary!

The definition was to m*sterbate but the definition of m*sterbate didn’t make sense to me as the innocent 12yo in 1988/1989! Any help or additional clues would be wonderful! It really was a great coming of age book, I must have read it 7-8x!

Thank you! Reply • This book was recommended by Amazon for my kindle, I lost the page. The beginning was about a girl locked up in a cage she was pregnant at only 16. She had run away from home and regretted falling out with her parents.

She had started to give birth, she was in agony ther was someone watching her as she begged for help but they didn’t. She gave birth to a little girl.

The person who was there gloved up and cut the umbilical cord. Took the baby and stabbed the girl in the back of the head. Reply • Romance i think. It was an e book i was reading and lost the link. She ( her name was like Jayden) was just made partner of her law firm. She called her best friend and told her about her promotion her friend told her she should go out and celebrate and make sure that she got laid.

She tried to call her boyfriend who they called her Partner. Could not get ahold of him. Ordered food, picked up food and went to his apartment.

She found him and he broke up with her at the door as his new girl was in the apartment with him. He said She had no time for him and he wanted to start s family. Work always came first. He closed the door in her face. She was going to knock again however just left the food and wine at the door and left.

She went to a popular expensive bar and ordered the strongest drinks. A Man came into the bar who was supposed to meet a friend but he cancelled st the last minute. Saw the girl at the bar and told the waiter to invite the lady over to his table.

When the waiter returned he said the lady said no. The man said did you tell her who I am and he said that he told her his name but she didn’t seem to be moved. He then went up to the lady at the bar and noticed that she had tears on her face.

He acted as if he was genuinely concerned. When she turned to face him she realized he was very attractive against her better judgment she went with him he invited her back to his hotel where I do believe his family owns the chain of hotels and they went up to the top penthouse floor where they ended up spending the night together. The next morning he turned into a very mean man leaving money on the table for her and walking out the door.

She ended up going into the washroom having a good cry got a shower got dressed. She then went and gave the money to the people at the front desk and told them to give the money back to the gentleman.

That’s where I left off in the book and now I have no idea what the title or the name is hopefully you can help me. Reply • Dark Universe by Daniel F.

Galouye 3.72 · Rating details · 752 ratings · 70 reviews The survivors live underground, as far from the Original World as possible and protected from the ultimate evil, Radiation. Then terrible monsters, who bring with them a screaming silence, are seen and people start to disappear.

One young man realises he i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad question the nature of Darkness itself. Reply • Please help me find this book: There is this girl who when she was little her mom attempted to drown her and her twin brother in the kitchen sink. She killed her brother but was caught before she could kill her.

Her mom was sent to an asylum and she was left alone with her father who always worked. I’m also pretty sure her best friend lived next door and there was this one scene where they painted their nails. At the end of the book the girl overcomes her fear and goes to visit her mom. I’ve been looking for this forever so anything would help. I’m also pretty sure the cover was orange and the author was a female.

Reply • It’s a book for like kids and it’s based in the future when like I think America has fallen and people are trying to take the land and it’s based on a girl and her bestftiend in this future they where ID braclets Her bsf mom and dad are in the military so she has no family so her family took her in and made it seem like there where twins so they could send them to this boarding school to be safe and they teach combat etc while they are in the school they meet a girl and some guys and they hang with which to one point they here the head master having a conversation that there part of the organization that wants to take over and are training the kids to fight for them so the 5 of them run away to warn the alliance the one who trying to stop this organization so they take what they need and escape it’s a book series the most I remeber was one of the books is a picture of the girl running in the forest help me out I read it when I was a kid and I just wanna remember it and finish the book series Reply • I’m looking for a fantasy series by an author that I forgot the name of, here are the parts I can remember: so I think there are two children (I’m pretty sure that they are teenagers) venture out into a forbidden forest, the first teenager was babysitting their younger sibling, when suddenly the younger sibling (the younger sibling was a baby) was somehow taken into the forest, the teen rides into the forest with her bike without telling her parents, there was also a boy that she met before who was particularly her friend, but he followed her into the forest because I think he was concerned about her.

After the boy walks into the forest he loses where the girl went, after some time though they bump into each other. I think after that they see a van going by in the forest, the person in the van I think has some kind of drink to deliver like wine in crates, or maybe the crates were empty, the driver offers to help them go to animal civilization, which is a very strange place for both the boy and the girl.

A queen needs the baby for that the girl is looking for but I forgot the reason. The boy and girl go into war, also the boy even went into an animal jail once. That’s all I remember. Reply • I’m looking for a book a read a while ago. It was about a group of actors and actresses that were going to star in a tv show. One was an actor named Bill I believe and his wife was named sandy and she dies and he was being blamed for it.

There was also an actress whose name I think was Kate and she had been secretly playing in a daytime soap for almost 20 years without her husband knowing. When she told him she wanted to act on this new show he got really angry and abusive. That’s all I really remember Reply • Trying to find a book I read a year or so ago. About a man who washes up ashore in this small town and is rescued by a single mom who has children and dogs.

The book also switches between another plot related to the mans teenage years. There was a family of four with a son and daughter and a strange boy introduces himself and develops a crush on the daughter. He becomes very dangerous when he invites them to a party at his aunts house and tries to make a move on the daughter. There is also the plot of the wife (or fiancé maybe) of the man in the present time trying to track him down.

He was supposed to take the train home but never came home because he instead washes up on i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad shore with the i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad lady.

Please help me track down this book. Reply • Just started a preview of a book on my Kobo. Was enjoying it but somehow it disappeared!

i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad

Here’s what I remember: Male main character is telling his story in 1st person perspective. He’s 25 or so. Story begins with him learning from his best friend that his “girlfriend” has a boyfriend and it’s not him. Turns out this was one of those relationships that wasn’t really a full-fledged gf/bf relationship. In fact, he has never had a real girlfriend.

He’s a scientific/numbers guy and so he decides that he needs to do a survey to find out why he i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad so unattractive to the ladies. He’s going to ask around and come to a scientific conclusion. I was in stitches as I was reading. Then I fell asleep and woke up to find the preview of the book was gone.

I think it’s a recent book. I think the author is a man. Reply • Hello there,I’m trying to find an 80’s paperback (suspense/thriller) that had on its cover a beautiful blond woman tied to a chair while a creepy man gloats over her!

I don’t know what the name of the book was,I just remember the book cover and how lovely the damsel in distress looked! Any help would be great! Thank you! Reply • this sounds similar to Boxing Helena – but all I can find is info about the movie & cant find if it was an actual book or not – Sherilyn Fenn & Bill Paxton – even if not a book, this was still a good yet disturbing movie about infatuation going very wrong!

It was early 90s – wiki & imbd has alot of info on it – but how you describe the woman on the cover with the man looking at her reminds me of Boxing Helena, sorry I couldn’t be more help! Reply • I’m trying to find the title of a book I read. It’s about a girl who left home because she thought she killed her sisters boyfriend or husband. cant remember exactly. so as she is traveling…I cant remember where her plans were to go but she finds a stray sog who goes everywhere with her and she gets a job at a dog place and someone gave her a bike which she got mugged and the dog bit one of the guys and then she fell in love and got reunited with her sister which turns out she waant gonna be in trouble to begin with Reply • Hello, please help me find a book Its about a girl whos parents was killed during house break in, the robbers hit the girl with the lamp her eye was closed so she couldn’t see them clearly.

Later in life she then became a striper and call herself Cassandra one day she met at the beach a lil girl they become friends they’ll only hang out when Cassandra come to the beach it was later on when she realized that this lil girl was a ghost.

Cassandra started killing all women who would attack or harm woman the community was proud of her even though they didnt know her because she did all that at night so they called her the hero nightwatcher police become involved.

Reply • A book about a girl who loans out her beach house to this guy and he’s got like powers or something. They live on a beach, she likes to wear her grandmother’s clothes. Her grandmothers husband or something ended up to be his grandfather. And in the second book hes got a younger brother with red hair and he is good but then hes actually really bad and he cuts her and wants her to feel the pain. The title has the word fire in it and i think sea. (i hope this makes sense sorry it 3 in the morning;/) Reply • Book about a stubborn popular girl who declares that she MUST “break up with **** ********( her unpopular boyfriend)” the entire book she is convinced she can’t be with a guy so lame but the tables turn in which where she’s having a hard time seeing the saw that is inside, he becomes gradually more popular…it’s a very impactful YA book I read RANDOMLY in 4th grade I believe.

I didnt check it out I had to read it as soon as I picked it up and took it out of my school library. That was maybe 11 years ago or more, I’m 22 now and I was in 3rd or 5th grade. The cover looked in “The Breakfast Club” era. Baggy boyfriend Jean’s, polo shirts, etc. I think her hair is strawberry blonde l, shes sitting on a couch rolling her eyes and hes… a brunet?

Smiling in her face adorably but annoyingly Reply • The titles was something like Emmet and the ant or Emmets antthe book cover was a pale olivey green from late ’60s early 70s.

I’ve been looking for it for quite a while and its never appeared. Maybe it went out of print or was written in America so as I am in England I cannot find it anywhere. I think the book cover had a smallish picture of a boy and an ant, quite a simple line drawing.

I can’t quite remember what it was about though… It was one of my favourite childhood books. Reply • A romance book about a woman who was given to a ranch/animal reserve /zoo owner by her parents (like an arranged marriage ). There she bonded with a lion and an elephant. There was this little girl that liked her husband and for that she hated the woman. Several other people at the reserve didn’t like her. There was this time she was accused of stealing money and her husband didn’t believe her when she said she did and punished her.

Her husband once had a fling with the owner of the ranch/reserve. Reply • I read this a while ago. I really want to find it.

A girl is contacted by a guy named Atlas one day telling her that she has been accepted to a school in Greece. She moves to Greece to find out that Atlas doesn’t represent a school. I think he takes her to Mt. Olympus where there are other people. Everyone there finds out that they have a god or goddess in them. Her roommate who has Zeus tries to get close to her but she keeps refusing that Hera is inside her.

At the end she ends up accepting that Hera is in her and accepts the guy who has Zeus in him. Reply • A girl who was mistaken as a dog walker (or whatever that was called) by a guy who owns not a dog but a different kind of animal, through email.

They talk and doesn’t like to use goodbye so they use a different word. Then eventually that guy is a celebrity and they meet up. I really want to read that book!

Please help me, I can’t even go to our school library just to get that. Reply • I forgot the tile of the book.

Please help me. A boy is kidnapped during a heavy flood from his school. After the boy go missing his parents get divorced later his mother marry another man and she get pregnant and one fine day the mother find her missing son but he never talk or respond to her. Later it is found that he was kidnapped by his school teacher who was his mom’s friend and kept in an underground closet in a thick forest.

Reply • Hey, I read this book last year, my teacher lent it to me and was quite intriguing, starts where a young man is plowing a field. His little sister comes toward him and says that cars are coming and I suppose they lived in the country if they were surprised by cars, and anyway this part gets fuzzy but they are somehow captured and brought to a very modernized city.

(This is his mother, two little sisters, and him.) So the leaders of the city are supposedly trying to make a better civilization for the world but managing it horribly.

They would surgically attach this white wristband, and if you thought bad thoughts like ‘I wish so and so would leave me alone’ then the wristband would give you a sharp, painful shock.

And for this wristband, there were three pain levels, where one was very painful, two might make you blackout, and three would seriously injure or kill you. And if you kept thinking angry thoughts then they would move you up a level.

And this young man, I think he is named Eric, was so rebellious, he wanted to get free from the city, and he kept thinking bad thoughts, like, ‘This city is so evil!’ and they eventually set him on level three.

And I remember a girl, her name MAY have been Anna, I just know it started with an A. I think he was in love with, and he whittled her a chained hawk, like he was the hawk. Also, this girl worked for city leaders. Eventually, Eric found a way to get the wristband off.

The cover was blue and It had a white silhouette of a head with circuits and stuff, and I believe it started with an E. And I didn’t finish the book because the year ended, so, I would really like it if you knew what it was. Reply • A boy is kidnapped during a flood from his school. After the boy go missing is parents get divorced later she marry another man and she get pregnant and one fine day she find her missing son but he never talk or respond to her.

Later it is found that he was kidnapped by his school teacher who was his mom’s friend and kept in an underground closet in a thick forest. Reply • Can anyone tell me the title and/or author of a short series that I remember finding at the library and adoring in my early teens: It was very British. The main character was a little boy who was visiting extended family. I remember it beginning with specifications about being in only undergarments like long-johns still being the equivalent to being naked.

His Aunt? and Uncle? invited him out in a horse-drawn cab. While in it they discussed “children should never be seen OR heard…only smelled,” and whatever he chose to do in life, he needed to do it fully and passionately.

The conversation turned to acting and they told him he MUST be an actor portraying an orphan and COULD NOT give up the act. Because of this, he (unintentionally) convinces someone else who gets a ride with them that he was an actual orphan. From there, he’s taken to an orphanage and goes on some wild adventures.

I also remember the quote, “watering the goat,” with a simple illustration of a goat with wide eyes, staring startled out at nothing as a watering can is held above his back and water is poured out on him. I’ve attempted Googling the plot, the portions I’ve listed here, and even searching images for a match to the “goat” scene, but I’ve had no luck and I’ve been trying to find it for years. Reply • Hey, been thinking of a book I read when I was younger, I remember there was a man and dog in it, pretty sure it was snowing, cant remember the story line which is why I’m trying to find the book.

if I’m remembering right the book cover was a man looking in the distance and a dog with trees and very snowy. I think it was a thriller/mystery type book., its a long shot but anyone know this or have a idea of what I’ve read i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad thanks.

Reply • My bookclub read a book ten years ago that I cannot remember the title. A lady from Europe kills her own daughter to be free to marry a rich businessman who would not marry someone with a child. They marry and move to Florida and she becomes hallucinogenic with guilt and regret. I could not even finish the novel it was upsetting. But we can’t remember the name of it. It was a best seller, and I feel it was over rated, not a fun read at all.

Reply • hi! im looking for a book about women that goes to a parallel timeline, she meets a man and falls in love lol i remember she’s chunkier then what they are use to in his time… she goes back to her time and tries to return but end up in a different parallel timeline where he does not remember her but eventually does i think… i wanna say its trilogy but it could only be two Reply • I need help finding a graphic novel where in the very end a teen girl is alone and seems sad she plays with a lighter and the last words she says is “1,2…3”.

I vaguely remember that she lived around a forest and I think there was a forest fire where she lost a boy that was special to her but I don’t remember who exactly he was to her. I’ve been searching for this book for weeks now and still can’t find it ! Reply • I’ve been looking for this book for months in vain. The story includes a teenage girl and a teenage guy as neighbors.

They somehow are made responsible for raising a baby, not theirs. Their friends also help Em looking after the baby girl. After going through various troubles and adventures they discover the parents of the baby, but the mother is no more and the father doesn’t seem responsible or stable enough to take care of the baby. So at the end they eventually decide to raise the baby girl as their own and during this course these two neighbors (the protagonists girl and the guy) fall in love and legally become the parents of the baby.

Please help to find this novel to be able to reread it again Reply • Non fiction “Happiness” in title, possibly: “The (something) of Happiness” (not B. Russell’s “The Conquest…”). More a philosophical/cultural investigation rather than a self help. Early on it discusses, critically, government attempts at measuring citizens wellbeing by a (fairly) recent “happiness survey” (UK – Cameron?).

Might be wrong but I think the paperback had a drawn clown picture on a light green background. Ta Reply • Hello im looking for a book i didn’t get to finish reading. Title includes word ‘adventure’. It is a kids book where few kids went on bicycles to meet their grandparents in mountain. Also i remember one chapter where they heard voice of snoaring behind the book cabinet and they got to know there was a secret room behind it.

Please comment if anyone knows about it. Reply • Hello im looking for a book i didn’t get to finish reading.

I thought there was a Goblet on the book. There was a woman walking down the street holding a baby in her arms. It was like she was running from something. She ended up in like a little town staying with some weird man. And that’s about all I remember. Help please.

And the name Sarah and Amanda keep coming to my mind. But I don’t know if they are related to the book. Reply • Looking for a non fiction book published in 2017 and think the authors first name is Avery. The subject is how we expect too much from our police.

The author talks about how policing has changed in the last 40 years and we now expect them to do too much. I think the title was 4 words. The Reduction? Of Police or Policing?

Someone recently interviewed the author and I’d like read his book. Reply • The cover is white with red and/or black writing it’s about grief, losing someone and moving on.

I had the book and lost it but can’t remember the name I have a picture of a paragraph from the book but when I search into google it doesn’t come up anything. But the truth is, you’ll never move on. Not really. There will be some days when you can think of them with a smile and other days when they won’t even cross your mind.

will even feel normal again. But then there will be a day when a certain song comes on the radio, or you smell a stranger with a familiar perfume, and you’ll lose control. Your tears will Turn into wails and the pain will be just as vivid as it was when it was fresh.

That’s a paragraph from it. Reply • I think the cover is blue and a 1 or 2 word title. I’m also pretty sure it’s a dark romance.

Please help me find it I’ve searched for years….I A man lost his wife and child in a car accident. He takes up fighting and is i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad owner of a big club. A woman oVer the road who works at a cafe was seriously abused and battered by her husband. These 2 broken souls meet and heal each other. He continues to fight and then he walks out one day and gets taken by a car.

Just like his wife and kid. she and his best friend and up being soul mates and madly in love. He is a gangster and kills her ex husband also. Please help me.find this thanks Reply • I read this book, i’m pretty sure it was like a comic book- kinda cartoon alike and it was about this girl. i’m pretty sure she was quite a troubled teen?

she looked about 13 and she goes into another world but i can’t actually remember what happened. The book is baso pictures and writing next to it. legit looks like a comic book Reply • ive been trying look for a book that looks vintage i cant recall the title or characters but i rememeber it looked vintage and thecover was super cool its a girl looking at the mirrorand when u look at the other side she looks different, in one of the pages there are kids that wears animal masks and atthe front theresa page that is designed to look like an invitation it starts as dear(characters name) you are cordially invited blah blah blah i forgot and in the back theres a picture of what i recall is a mansion or a school.

Reply • I’m Currently looking for a book with a cover that shows snowy birth forest with a blood trale leading to a caban. The story takes place in the past maybe 1700?

It’s about a girl who was kidnapped and had her tongue ripped out and how she dealt with being mute. She ended up regaining her speach with help from a female freind of hers. She has a male love interest and his father was the one who ended up ripping her tongue out i think. The book does show muture themes but they aren’t that grafic. The story also has a lot of time skips.

I first read the book about 2 i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad back during school. Reply • I’m trying to find this faerie book I i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad. It’s about two sisters one is very popular at school and the other well isn’t.

Their mom is a cop I think and their grandma tells them stories about faeries and gives them necklaces to protect them but they don’t know that. It turns out she captures faeries or something. The main character girl meets this bit in front of her school and he’s on a motorbike with a kid even though they are young and they talk and then a policeman yells like what are they doing then he somehow disappears.

She sees him in the woods later and follows him then he accidentally reveals the faeries and tells her how all the older faeries were captured by humans and taken to iron prisons?

But the young ones weren’t captured because they are fast and have learned to flicker? I’m not sure if that was the word used but the young ones want revenge or whatever. Her sister decides to have a party in the woods for her birthday even though her mother didn’t let her or smth and she vanishes. Everyone is rly worried about her and the main character girl finds the boy who tells her that the faeries kidnapped her sister nd agrees to help her get her back. So they go over some mystical pond??

I’m not sure but somehow they end up in where the faeries live and try to get her back. I know this plot is rly rambly and has a lot of holes but this has been plagueing me if you can help please reply Reply • I read a book a few years ago and can not remember the name.

I was almost positive I first read it on wattpad but can not find it there either. It was about a girl who was living with her aunty who always left her home alone. She helped her best friend who was a boy movie in with his cousin. His cousin was in to alot of partying and drugs as well as iligal car racing.

Their both in to each other but he doesnt do virgins and she thinks his out of hand and always sleeping with other girls. I remember one part where shes home alone and thought the house was been robbed and called her best friends cousin and he cam with a base ball bat to find it was her aunty home from been a way.

But she leaves with him after he gave the aunty an ear full for always leaving her alone. If any one can help me with this I found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad would very much appreciate it. I have been two weeks searching for it.

I though it was tilted meth or something on the lines of that but just can not remember. Reply • i am trying to find a book i read i think male character is a sheperd who,s wife pretends to follow his faith she is cast out and he does not know where she is buried he becomes a great Rabbi when he dies the spot where they dig his grave is the exact spot where she is buried the city walls had been widened she had been buried in a unmarked grave outside the walls she might of died in child birth my step father gave me this book in the early eighties but think it was older borrowed it to a friend and she through it away been trying to find it ever since beautiful book can any one help ?

Reply • It’s actually a good read. My first best novel in my childhood. I can’t recall the author, title, lines nor even characters. The front and back cover was torn out. But i can remember that a young teenager came to stay in either her father’s house after her mother passed on.

Then her step mother was nice to her. Gave her a room. She had a step brother who was really rude towards her. But beautiful part was his sister was dump, had a sign language book to interpret stuffs to her. She went out on a boat with him. I think later they fell in love. Reply • A book about animals. Title something like odd or strange animals you never knew or such. A man rented a camel & when he saw how the camel’s reins were in its nose he removed them and put the reins around the camel’s neck as one does to a horse.

Camel loved man so when man got very sick & fell from camel it stayed until the man could ride camel to destination. Reply • I purchased a book when i was 11 yrs of age; when i was 17 my land lord stole the book…. all that i can remember of this book is that it is hardback green book i believe it was published about 1887 or before?? The concept of the book was of a man i believe from England uk telling of his travels through Wales uk. One of the stories i can remember was of him traveling to Bala north wales as he was told he must see Bala Lake on his travels whilst driving at night he picked up a person traveling on foot in his direction to Bala when he arrived at his destination and turned to the passenger the person was no longer there he had vanished/ disappeared.

The traveller driving his car went into the local pub in Bala and was telling the publican of his experience; whilst telling his experience a person from the corner of the pub came over and stated that it would have been impossible that the driver had seen the person he picked up as the stranger in the card was the son of the person whom was sat in the corner of the pub; he told the driver that his son had died many years ago; my son asked one day if he could goto a fair that was was in a neighbouring village the father told the son NO; how ever the son snuck out of the home and whilst travelling to the fair on his bike he was going down the road to the next village and a large bolder/Rock loosened from the hill side and killed son.

Can anyone help me remember the book and author. Reply • The younger daughter is the main character.

Her father wants her to marry someone in nobility but she wants to be a warrior. Her good friend and neighbor guy is in school becoming a warrior/guardian (I can’t remember what they’re called). He comes back home often and teaches the girl everything he knows.

The girl goes to the boy’s school city thing as payment for her familys debt and ends up taking a test for which job she’d be best at and being a warrior. She falls in love with her instructor. At some point they save a little boy from some demon thing that comes out of a lake.

Reply • I’m looking for a romantic mystery of a woman who lives in FL with her abusive husband. She is an artist and crafts garden and yard items like butterflies or dragonflies.

She flees her husband going as far as Arizona where she is befriended by folks in Bisbee. After some time she’s starts creating her art work. Her husband sees her art work in a magazine and travels to AZ to find her. Reply • I am trying to find a book but searching for it is hard.

I tried Google but otherwise I don’t know what to do because I can’t look based on details rather than broad plot descriptions and title or author. I know it was realistic fiction set in the ‘present’, but that could be anything from the 80s to 2000s (I’m in high school now).

Definitely a juvenile chapter book, the main character is a girl in a two parent household, and it’s in third person pov. I know that’s not much to go off of, I’m really just trying to figure out this: Which children’s book character used to have a cat, but her dad (I think?) was allergic, so she gave it to her friend and they ran it over? I think this occured before the story? I want to say there was something about the cat being flat as a pancake. Reply • It was a children’s/picture book about a mother and child that squeeze hands and say “Click” to take a mental picture of something they are doing together.

I read it to my son when he was about 4 or 5. I would love to know the author and where I could purchase a copy. I thought the name of it was Click, but I cannot find a children’s book with this plotline and this title. Any information would be appreciated.

Thanks Reply • I’m searching for a book that i had once read. it is about a women and her husband going to a Christmas party her mother in law was throwing.

her husband wasn’t driving carefully and the car slid on black ice and they got into a crash and lost their unborn baby. they recover from that tragedy but the wife blames her husband for it so he tries to cheer her up by taking their memory making jar and going on trips… i don’t remember what happens after but i know at the end the story the wife wakes up in a hospital and was told she was in a coma and that she had lost her baby and husband.

The book cover was like a ocean and it was bright blue and the pages looked like it was like sand paper. Thank you Reply • Searching for the title of a book my husband read. Fiction. Story about three people one American woman and Italian man in a wheelchair.

And maybe guy from France .

i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad

All loved this German author and they would follow him to conferences. The theee became friends. Tried to find the authorled them to South America or Spain ????! Reply • Hi, looking for the title of this book I read many, many years ago. I think the girls name is Rosalie who is an only child of a rich man I think they live on the Mediterranean. A her fathers friend, who they don’t know was an nazi, murders her father and everyman who Rosalie either falls in love with or marries.

The story spans over Europe and America. For some reason, I recall a description of mansion she lived in as a girl has evil looking gargoyles in the courtyard. I’m thinking this book would have been written and published in the 70’s Reply • I stumbled upon this worn out book with missing cover and some pages missing as well.The story is about a married woman who though affectionate to her husband is not in love with him.

She meets an artist and she is infatuated with him. They plan a night out together but got involved in a car crash and their affair is discovered whereupon the heartbroken husband granted her separation and to her dismay the feelings she had had with the artist evaporates and that she is actually falling for her enstranged husband.

I think her name was Julia mckenzie? Reply • I’m looking for a book I read maybe three years ago, about a woman who travels to find a man she haven’t seen for years. I believe it is her childhood crush or something like i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad.

She tracks him down and finds out he is on some tropical island so she flies there to “bump into” him. On the way she meets another guy, I believe he is a travel photographer or journalist. They keep bumping into each other, I think they live at the same hotel. He finds out what she is doing there, he sees her with binoculars on the beach, looking for her crush. At some point they i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad across the island through a forest together and he helps her out.

Reply • The book is about this older guy who falls for a younger girl who comes to town, she is 17 years old. he decides to wait for her to grow older and courts her while she has a jealous step sister.

At the end of the first novel the step sister sends someone to r— her sister and the guy rushes to the hospital. Reply • I read this “kids” book back in 1987/1988ish.

I can only remember one character that was featured on the cover of the book. He had a set of “glasses” on the back of his head and would only walk backwards [I think it was so no one could sneak up on him from behind] I don’t remember the storyline or anything else, just him.

I think a couple of kids were involved and may have initially met him in a board room meeting? Not 100% sure. I think they meet the guy [professor/good guy spy] about halfway through the book. He may have had a strange, maybe long last name, possibly starting with the letter S? I’ll know the book for sure once I see the cover. Any help is greatly appreciated. Reply • Hello! I am looking for a book I read a long time ago…I think the cover was red and black.

It’s about a group of students getting out of school for a field trip on the other side of town and they had to stay in a cabin in the woods and when they stay there almost every one or two days one person from there group ends up getting killed and everyone in the group starts to get suspicious and they come up with that someone in there group is killing them and they have to find out who.

Something I can vividly remember is that they find someone from there group one day I believe next to a river and he is just laying there with blood on his head and there with him is a rock with blood and they say he probably tripped on it.Also I think they didn’t have a lot of supplies because there bus broke down I think and that’s why they had to stay in a cabin.? That’s mostly what I can remember!

Thank you! Reply • Hi! I started this book of short stories and I cannot remember who the author is or what the title of the book is the first short story started off with a group of young adults fleeing the country on a plane with a baby and it involved psychedelics. The mom was breast-feeding the child when she unknowingly ate the psychedelic her partner gave her. I didn’t finish the specific short story so that’s all I have. If anyone has any idea or information I would be so grateful!!

Reply • I owned a book that was very unusual if anyone knows what I’m talking about please let me know. This book was a hardback and the only thing on the cover was a small Christmas tree and that’s it. When you open the book it was printed upside down. The book is basically about extraterrestrial life form.

I’m not into alien conspiracy but I did find the book to be a very unusual and unique find. I’ve done many searches and haven’t found anything close to what Ive described. If you have any info on this or have at least heard of it please let me know. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Reply • Hello! I’ve been looking for a book lately, but unfortunately I can only remember the front and the back cover of it. The front cover depicted a village with quite bizarre creatures, like headless chickens, bagpipes that could walk, and other weird stuff like that.

The back cover had a princess who was wearing an absurdly tall and pointy princess hat. I can’t recall anything regarding the plot, as it looked too scary a book for a young child to read. If anyone recognizes this book, I’d be more than thankful to know about it.

Thank you Reply • I’m looking for a modern day romance book that begins when a man saves a girl from a flash food but her car is swept away. She was lost in the Ireland or scottish countryside looking for a property belonging to a friend’s family but she tells the man a false name and that the property belongs to her family.

She running away from a evil and powerful ma. They spend the night in a small cabin, having s*x, but the next day she finds out he a wealthy lord and land owner who lives in a castle. His first wife is dead but it has left him unwilling to believe in marriage or love because the first wife cheated on him.

He keeps an eye on her to see if she is pregnant from the night in the cabin and he finds out she is so he insist they get married.

After the ceremony she flees back to the dilapidated house only to caught by th ex boyfriend. Reply • Trying to find a kids book I read several years ago. It was a two part series, the cover of the first book was mostly red-orange, and the second blue-black.

It took place on Mars, with kids. I think they were being trained for a war with aliens who wanted to live on earth. The kids are all pretty young. The main character has a famous mom. There’s a robot, and I think it’s a goldfish??

They also meet an alien kid, and work everything out and stop the war. The alien kid uses they/them pronouns. The aliens can also turn invisible, and show their emotions through turning different colors. Does anyone know this book?? Reply • I am trying to find a book I read SOOO long ago.

It was about a group of girls where one day they each get a envelope with a token inside. Each token has a animal on it. The next day they take all of them to their secret shed and find a portal leading to a magical forest. I NEED TO FIND THIS BOOK!! I can’ t remember if it was a book or a dream Reply • So, a friend of mine really liked the plot of a book but she doesn’t know the title and the author.

It was about one music producer who falls in love with one of his singers, but she doesn’t reply with the same feelings, rather she is a more free and open-minded person who is interested in different men.

One day she becomes sick and the producer believes that she is blind so he decides to make her pay by making her to sing in auditorium with special effects (negative response from public) but appears that she is not blind and sees everything and dies. It will be helpful if someone knows anything Reply • so there is this book that i used to have on my kindle that i read almost every other month that i completely lost track of when i lost the kindle membership.

It is about this girl that was abandoned as a baby and this boy took her in (now they’re basically siblings). anyway, its in this world where the classes are so drastic that you either live in the heart of the city, or you live outside the wall, in what are basically freight containers. she’s a messenger, sending mail and stuff, but we find out that she can manipulate time.

in her mind, its like a river of strings that she holds on to and pulls to slow them down. i know that i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad goes on this mission with this guy to find some other people who can save them from something….

but i know that at the end she finds out she is the daughter of time and the guy that came with her was actually assigned to take care of her and then he dies because all his past injuries that healed super quick come back and kill him.

the title is “Th___ ___ _ of __ and stones” and the cover is this girl in classic dystopian-adventurer outfit with a messenger bag and everything and she walking in a stone alleyway, kind of?

also, i know that there is a second book called infinity or something similar. Help! Reply • Years ago I was reading a paperback book about 3 friends who came to know Jesus as Savior. I believe the setting was in the Netherlands, possibly within the last 25 years.

They were very rough and tumble characters, with the main character going to jail for robbery. Their lives intersected with Floyd McClung of YWAM. They spend time on the Ark, a boat docked in the Netherlands.

Eventually most of their whole families came to faith in Jesus. Thqank you so much Reply • So, I had picked a book I found in my cousins car, and started reading it out of boredom, and I got really into it, but of course, I can’t remember what the title was or like anything really useful. I do remember, however, that (I think) there was this girl who couldn’t like love anyone or either like make love to anyone.i am not sure.but she couldn’t do it because if she did they would like die or be poisoned by her touch, or something like that-idk I kinda just read random pages sometimes out of boredom…the cover had like an eye on it, and the rest of it was gray, I think there was like a forest in the eye, or maybe it was like something to do with love, idk.

But there was also like black stuff dripping from her eye, and idk. I just wanna read the book so badly, but I can’t remember. I hope I can find it! Bye! Reply • I’m looking for a book I read as a child. It was a hardback and the cover was sort of metallic green with a young boy and possibly a dragon on the front. It starts with the boy going to a pet shop to buy a tropical fish after saving and saving for it, but for some reason he ends up buying a different animal (could be i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad dog but can’t remember fully).

Then I remember that the dog/whatever somehow leads him into a alternative reality or something, and I’m pretty sure his mum who is sick is trapped in the alternate world/reality. it could be some sort of portal fantasy but I can’t quite remember. There is a sequel as well and I remember having a paper back version of it with a navy blue cover but that is all I can remember as I don’t think I read it.

Reply • I read this book a long time ago and only remember one part of it that’s kind of hazy so here goes sorry if I don’t make much sense. The main character was a female and the part I remember was the main character and a boy were on top of a train (trying to get in I think.

Some kind of fight perhaps?) And the boy is a species of shapeshifter called a chameleon. I believe he turned into a dragon/lizard creature. I’m pretty sure it’s a series and that this book isnt the first. They were running from someone/thing if I remember correctly. Earlier on in the books there might have been a scene in an old town with alchemy symbols on the walls as some kind of clue but I might just be remembering a different book.

If I’m right there was more people part of the team then just the boy and the girl but they weren’t in the scene. If anyone can help that would be great thank you Reply • I read a really interesting book that I absolutely loved, however I can’t remember the total or author.

Please if you can help me out 🙂 An Irish family, they went to church every weekend, and the two sisters went to a town ball, one sister fell in love with a fella but her father didn’t approve of him.

Her father and brother went out one evening and beat him, telling him to stay away from their daughter. The father locked his daughter up in her room and wouldn’t let her out, although mum didn’t agree with it she was to afraid to say anything to the father. Her sister helped her and got in contact with the young boy, arranged for them to meet at midnight and to run away and never come back, so they took the horse one night and caught the ferry to England where she found a sick woman and looked after her, they swapped names and she gave birth to the child.

The fella was living rough cause he couldn’t get a job, then he got a job working on a barge that a horse pulled, he eventually went back for her once he had some stability but was told she had had a baby so he was to afraid to contact her thinking she had moved on.

Sorry it isn’t the best description but I have forgotten some of the minor details. Reply • This was a book that explained watershed moments explaining how we psychologically come to thinking and making decisions It explained when a message comes by a telephone. The process of receiving a telephone call I got this as a discarded book about 20 years ago I believe it used a packed Volkswagen one need to empty when it becomes too packed.

An analogy with mental burden we need to let go of too much in our psych Reply • I remember a book I read in you class that I have been wondering about And I cannot remember the title for the life of me it had something about moon cakes and the Atomic War i remember a bunny on the front it was very very good and am looking at the Writing style and thought it was a great example the main character was a woman I think who was baby sitting her Neighbours and where telling them about what happened how she lost her siblings and her parents and her friend joined the circus and meets up with him when she is a lot older if you know the name comment below btw on the font cover where two bunnies tail to head around a picture of a circus it was black and white it also had a very very good poem I can’t remember that too tho lol Reply • There was a short story I read in a collection back in the nineties.

A man is given a mystical word by a friend, that when used, makes things work to the benefit of the one using the word. He uses it a few times and has several things work out really well for him.

Then his friend informs him that the word is the property of a shadowy organization his friend is a member of and that he wasn’t supposed to give out the word. The man promises not to use it again. Time passes and the man succumbs to temptation and uses the word one more time, and then gets contacted by his friend right before the friend is killed as punishment.

The man then goes on a wild chase, hunted by the organization, trying to stay one step ahead by repeatedly using the word. Has anyone else read this story? Hopefully someone out there remembers it and knows the author and title, and maybe the title of the collection it appeared in. Reply • There was a book I read when I was a kid.

Its about two little girls. They are best friends. I believe one was really poor. They would meet up at a tree on a hill. The poor girls little brother gets sick and dies. I thought the title was called Tracy and Lucy. But I guess thats wrong. I can’t find this book Reply • I read a zebra romance novel a couple of years but I can’t remember the title or the name of the author.

All I could remember is that the parent of the a little girl was killed because of their inheritance and the girl was left on a boat to die but the river drove her to an island where she was staying for so many years before she was rescued by a pirate and his aunt Reply • I had a book I never intended to fall in love with it, it was only from the pound shop 2 years ago.

It was a girl who worked with her boyfriend at the time and he cheated on her with a colleague, she decided she wanted to move on to a better job and she worked at Harris’s she would spend half of her pay check on clothes and shoes from there and one day her car broke down, I don’t remember much of it, I think it was a blue book cover Reply • I downloaed a book to my kindle, i cannot remember the title or author, it centres around a girl called Amy, who works in a night club, as a waitress, it is also a strip club.

Amy’s father died at the twin towers, and her mother brings her up, till she dies of cancer. There are a man and a woman who are FBI officers.

One night on leaving the club Amy drives, but her car is found abandoned. Amy wakes up and she is chained in the boot of the car, with bottles of water and bars of food, so she doesn’t think anyone will come for her soon. Reply • So i read this book a couple of years ago but I cant for the life of me remember what its called. But I know the cover has a girl and you see her back and you see the stairs or staircase.

It has like dark colors like black and dark blue maybe.I think the lead character is named rain and is female and is in high school.

And she lives with her mom but her mom is like depressed or sick or an addict because shes constantly in bed and never gets out. She either plays soccer or has a friend who plays(think she plays). And she meets this boy and she doesn’t want the boy to know where she lives for some reason I think because she kinda poor and the mom is an addict. But they end up hitting it off. But she like trys very hard not to let the bit see where she lives.

And I know its a series because I remember later in a book she goes to college. Please help thanks. Reply • Fiction and modern (within last 20 years). I probably purchased paperback from Exclusive Books. Possibly dark green/grey cover. Story line relates to man who lives/behaves as tramp in slumland (possible ex drug addict) – He protects vulnerable against thugs / drug pushers / land lords – operates alone and generally without weapons – Eventually brings down “Mr Big Crime” who drives a fancy car.

Title might be something like “unforgiven” or “forgotten”. Might have been UK based plot. Any Ideas on Author/Title. Reply • The story was about two or three young ones was left at home, it as about how a spot of dirt was cleaned and passed to another spot. They had to clean it then it was on something else. I remember it was vacuumed and it wound up on the outside to snow. It’s a cute story but I don’t remember if it was a Dr. Seuss book or what. Can you help? Thank you Reply • Oh wow.

Ok I’ve read this book two or three times and I’ve never forgotten then name of it until now, when I want to read it again of course. It has a dark blue cover, set in the night and has a full moon with a tree and a dragons silhouette I’m pretty sure.

I think the title had the word “enchanted” or something like that in it. I know it started with a “the”. It’s about a girl and her dad is a dragon, I think he was the king but the people overtook him and put him in a cave. He has control over an enchanted forest and he wants to get his daughter back. I think the first few sentences of the book was “the trees are growing in faster this year” or something because the trees come in every year.

The forest calls out the girls name and lures her in. I think every year at least one girl is lured in and never heard from again, probably dead. There was this woman in the forest who didn’t have a face, or a face of sun, and she sat on a log and knitted. Her job was to lure the girl in farther.

That’s all I remember so far except that she fell in love in the middle of the book I think but later dumped him for her father.

I’m pretty sure she was in love with the prince. I don’t know. Please please please find it if u can. I am going crazy! Reply • NO NO, I FOUND IT Y’ALL!! I found it about two months ago I was literally going crazy trying the put in key words- I totally forgot all about this website tho until legit just now when I saw it in my email lmao.

It’s called “A creature of Moonlight” by Rebecca Hahn. I got the whole title wrong smh BUT THANK YOU I’ll be sure to check out that book as well!

^ Reply • I found it don’t worry! It’s actually called, “A Creature of Moonlight” by Rebecca Hahn. Thank you so much though, but there is a definite dragon involved and that lady without a face always creeped me out.

The cover is a picture of the dark blue night sky with a dragon silhouette in the moon so I remembered that, not the bits of the title lmao. Thank you and I will check that one out as well! ^ Have a nice day 🙂 Reply • I read this book last year some time and I loved it but I’ve been trying to find it for 2 months now with no luck. This is what I remember if someone could help that would be awesome. There was this girl when she was 11 or 12 these warrior people came to her small village in the mountains.

They offered a reward her anyone willing to come and train to be a warrior and to be connected to a daemon (I think that is was they are called. They look like humans but they hate fire) this girls family need the money so she stepped forward. They had to go to a tent to see if they could pass the test and they had to put on a gold cuff and the other person did to and see if they could feel what they feel. She had the gift so she left and trained till she was 17 then she would to binded to a daemon boy her age.

She has a friend named issac. Her sister died to a rouge daemon on the mountain where she grew up. They fight these people and issac warrior partner dies but he was in love with him. They go to see the king and issac betrays them. She gets put in a dungeon in the castle and issac cuts off her hand to get the cuff that links her to her friend so they can torture him.

Then the kings warrior partner ends up being her friends mom and helps her and her friend escape. Then her friends father who is named viktor helps them and they go on the run. ( that’s all I can remember if anyone can get anything out of that.

I would be very greatful) Reply • I am trying to find a book I cannot remember the title or author. It is a WWII romance novel. The young Italian girl was sent to a Catholic orphanage in America after Mussolini’s troops killed her parents. After the war she returns to her home in Italy to find a young American Soldier named Bradford in her parents home. He is assigned there to oversee the reconstruction of Italy. She becomes a maid in the house.

He falls in love with her and later finds out she is the original owners daughter, he marries her, brings her back to the US, his mother is furious, but his younger brother Tom falls in love with her.

Bradford becomes a Lieutenant & is sent to Korea as a consultant and dies in a plane crash. Tom wants to marry her, but she refuses. With Tom’s help she becomes a model, but tragedy after tragedy happens. Can anyone help me find this book? I have been searching for 2 years. Thank you, Betty Reply • I hope someone responds to my comment: I’m looking for a fantasy series by an author that I forgot the name of, here are the parts I can remember: so I think there are two children (I’m pretty sure that they are teenagers) venture out into a forbidden forest, the first teenager was babysitting their younger sibling, when suddenly the younger sibling (the younger sibling was a baby) was somehow taken into the forest, the teen rides into the forest with her bike without telling her parents, there was also a boy that she met before who was particularly her friend, but he followed her into the forest because I think he was concerned about her.

After the boy walks into the forest he loses where the girl went, after i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad time though they bump into each other. I think after that they see a van going by in the forest, the person in the van I think has some kind of drink to deliver like wine in crates, or maybe the crates were empty, the driver offers to help them go to animal civilization, which is a very strange place for both the boy and the girl.

A queen needs the baby for that the girl is looking for but I forgot the reason. The boy and girl go into war, also the boy even went into an animal jail once. That’s all I remember. Reply • The first place I “look” for an lost book from memory is librarian at the local library. It is amazing the amount of knowledge these ladies (or gentlemen) have in their brain. Many have photogenic memories so you can get relatively close and they can find it!

If you have online access to your library, that is the place to check first. Old books usually stay in libraries but may become archived or moved to digital only per damage to book.

Reply •
Somehow, I found myself reincarnated as an extra from a reverse harem novel. Although a peasant girl, my family was relatively well-off thanks to my mother working as a nanny for some kind noblemen.

There’s just one problem: I’m destined to be the final boss, the queen of snakes who puts the entire empire at risk. The autumn my mother passed away was the same year the empire fell into chaos. The noblemen my mother served imprisoned me with the children of the Duke, hiding us away in secret part of the mansion.

The details of our 700 days of imprisonment are absent from the novel, so I’ve no choice but to survive by my own wits. My little villains and I, together as one. These are recommendation lists which contains A Fairy Tales for the Villains. You should give them a visit if you're looking for similar novels to read. Alternatively, you can also create your own list. • family fluff • obsessive love • Kr Novels(I recommend) • Slightly less pretty covers • Novels that I definitely recommend Latest Release Date Group Release 03/17/22 Travis Translations c21 03/17/22 Travis Translations c20 03/17/22 Travis Translations c19 03/17/22 Travis Translations c18 12/27/21 Travis Translations c17 11/21/21 Travis Translations c16 10/30/21 Travis Translations c15 09/02/21 Sunset Translations c14 08/27/21 Sunset Translations c13 08/23/21 Sunset Translations c12 07/31/21 Sunset Translations c11 07/16/21 Sunset Translations c10 07/07/21 Sunset Translations c9 07/01/21 Sunset Translations c8 06/23/21 Sunset Translations c7 So currently there are only two chapters posted and despite telling myself to not bother reading the description I did so anyway.

I regret how I didn't listen myself back then as I am now, yet again (I've a habit or weakness), hopelessy intrigued. I can't say if the story is going places or not (still only 1-ish deep) but so far it seems I have become another fly caught on this web awaiting that sweet, sweet, release. (of more chapters) ?

This is such a beautiful, heartwrenching novel! Being stuck in my house because of COVID is already kinda making me crazy, so I can't imagine what these kids have to go through!😭 like I could really understand that they would be villains in the future :< Though the updates are slow, every chapter is worth the wait, so for the translator, thank you and please keep updating this novel!

The MC mother is a maid at a famous dukedom. After a disease kills her Mother and the ducal couple, the MC gets back her memories from her past life. She got reincarnated in a novel as the final boss. She and the 3 children if the ducal couple get kinda "abandoned" at a tower without exit, so that they don't get afflicted by the disease.

[collapse] Unlike what many isekai would have you believe, knowing the future does not mean you have the power to change it. Some things are out of your control, even if you already know what will happen. I love that Sasha behaves like the child she is. Memories do not make you an adult. I feel like many stories overlook that. <

Another answered prayer from the TL gods, thank you 🙏 -- Edit: I don't know if/why this was dropped before but gina is translating it now and the quality is really good 👍 I know some readers dislike the slow development of the plot, but I'm really, REALLY enjoying this. The story has very good character development (or regression in this case) and, although the pace and romance is slow, I'm hooked on finding out what happens next.

Translation: 10 - Top notch translation make following the storyline super easy. Romance: 2 - As of ch 17 no romance, the cast are all kids still but there are hints that characters are starting to feel closer. And now that they are growing older, I'm hoping .

more>> to see if romance blooms more. Character Development: 9 - Unlike other novels that use flashbacks or "tell verse show" how the villains became evil, this one focuses on showing us why the villains from the "novel" turned evil. And honestly, it makes sense. If I were trapped in a tower for who knows how long I'd probably become resentful and angry too. Overall: 8 - I will have to wait and see how the plot plays out but so far it has an interesting premise and the translation is top notch.


But I am only 19 chapters in so it's hard to tell where this story will lead to. But it looks very promising. The concept took my interest but I cant help getting a bit disappointed (?) So far its only tell daily life of 4 imprisoned teenager.

Its like slice of life but with twist everyone is on the edge. Because theres no progression aside from timeline. The situation stagnanted while character personality feel more like regressing (more and more immature). I wont put any rating right now because its too early to judge.

Theres nothing impressive on first 12 chapter. I shouldve waited more chapter to reach 'exciting' part but who knows . more>> how many months I need to wait or the tl project might be dropped before it even reach them.


Though she may not intend to get involved with the War between monsters and humans, she will do whatever it takes to carve out a place for herself in this world. All the while ensuring Yharnam's secrets die with her, and trying to keep her godly status hidden.

Will she be able to build a new home in a land ravaged by lust? Will she be able to keep the horrid Insights she discovered in Yharnam to herself? Will her new Eldritch standing be forced out by her experiences in this new world? And, most importantly, will she be able to find peace? View all 46 threadmarks Reader mode Recent threadmarks Chapter 46: Day 2 Part 3/Day 3 Part 1 New Chapter 45: A New Assistant/Koga Sets Out New Chapter 44: Day 2, Part 2 New Chapter 43: Day 2, Part 1 New Chapter 42: Day 1 Chapter 41: Coming Home Chapter 40: On The Way Home Chapter 39: A Merchant's End I don't think I have to do this, but just in case: I don't own Bloodborne or Monster Girl Encyclopedia, nor do I assert ownership in any way, shape, or form.

Please don't sue me. The full moon shone beautifully over the silent forest as the wagon rumbled along the well-trodden road. The two horses were breathing hard as they galloped forward with small urgings from their driver. The man was well into his twilight years, his white, wrinkled skin contorted into a determined frown.

He cracked the reins of the horses in desperation while scanning the treeline. Shadows danced along the edges of his vision, always darting away whenever his head whipped in their direction. A small shriek made him whip his head to his right. He saw his daughter’s eyes flitting about the trees, fear etched into her heart-shaped face. She hugged herself tightly, fingers bunching the sleeves of her plain, brown blouse.

She looked to her father, short black hair whipping about in the breeze, “Da! I s-s-saw something in the trees! Didn’t you say they wouldn’t follow us?!” “Hush, Sandra!

You’re imagining things!” he tried to keep his voice as level as possible, not wanting to scare her more. It didn’t work, and Sandra’s grip on her arms tightened, “No I’m not! I─” Her words caught in her throat, her eyes went wide, and she stared at her father.

No, not at him. Behind him. Her father swiftly turned around, catching a glimpse of orange fur disappearing into the dark foliage. Sultry giggles started echoing through the forest. They chased after the wagon, surrounding them, no matter how hard the man pushed his steeds. Sandra started shaking her head and babbling incoherently, her fear turning into despair.

Her father felt shame well up in his chest at putting her through this. The young thing hadn’t even come of age, and already she was forced to leave her home behind. He kept his eyes glued to the road while his thoughts went to the ax he had lying in the back of the wagon. He didn’t have much Mana left, but he’d sooner die than let those monsters have Sandra. As long as she gets away, all this would be worth it. “Driver.” He’d have jumped out of his skin if the voice’s tone wasn’t so bone-chilling.

His body froze up in fear before memory made him relax. In the hectic, uncertain atmosphere he had forgotten that they had a passenger with them. He slightly turned his head to keep one eye on the road and the other on the back of the wagon.

The guest had said nothing since they had fled from the fallen city of Lescatie. They simply laid in the back surrounded by boxes filled with supplies the driver had been saving up ever since the first monster sightings. Their body was covered by a long, thick brown cloak, keeping their features hidden. Their hood shifted as they started to rise from their position, but their back was towards the driver, preventing him from seeing their face.

The stranger raised their right arm, a hand pointing deeper into the forest. They spoke with the same, chilling voice, “There is a turn coming up. Take it and don’t stop until you reach a clearing.” They cut the father off before he could argue, “You would do well to take my advice. Lest you wish for our pursuers to catch us and abduct both your daughter and you, Kolin Descartes.” Kolin’s eyes widened in shock at how the stranger knew his name. However, a blur to his left made him forgo questioning the stranger’s instructions.

Not like there were any better options. All he could do was hope this risk paid off. It didn’t take long for them to reach the clearing the stranger had mentioned. The whole area was covered with flowers. Reds, blues, and yellows all bent in the breeze as the wagon dashed into the flower bed. “Stop once you reach the center,” the stranger said while scooting to the edge of the wagon.

“What?!?” Kolin shouted while whipping his panicked face around, “You can’t be serious! We’re done for if we stop now!” The stranger’s reply was uncaring and bereft of emotion, “If you don’t your horses will give out on you.

Then you’ll have to go on foot, and likely without the supplies.” Kolin was about to argue, but the ragged breathing of his horses stopped him. He spent a large sum of his emergency savings on these steeds specifically for their stamina. He knew that a flight from Lescatie would be a long one, but he hadn’t anticipated the monsters pursuing them so relentlessly. Cursing his naivete, he pulled back on the reigns, forcing the horses into a sudden stop.

They both reared up and whinnied, before stamping back down with nostrils flaring in exhaustion. “Why’d we stop Daddy!? Where are you going?!” Kolin ignored his daughter’s pleas as he jumped down from his seat. Swiftly he went to the back of the wagon just as the strange dropped down to the ground.

Only now did Kolin notice how large they were. He was a good six feet tall, and they towered over him. The hooded stranger turned to look at Kolin, who felt a shiver go up his spine. He couldn’t shake the feeling that he was being sized up and evaluated, like a piece of meat at a butcher’s shop. Worse was that he couldn’t see the person’s eyes or face, preventing him from gauging their emotions. “You have done well, Kolin,” the stranger said as they started to walk to the side of the wagon, “I shall take it from here.” “Don’t go counting me out,” Kolin grunted as he pulled himself into the back of the wagon.

He found the ax and vaulted over the side with it in hand. The head gleamed in the moonlight, having kept its edge thanks to the nights Kolin spent sharpening it. It was heavier than he remembered, but he hefted it over his shoulder with ease. He straightened his posture while scanning their surroundings for any hint of movement. The horses’ whinnies made him walk over to check on them.

He beheld the horses with their snouts in the stranger’s gloved hands. The stranger paid him no mind, their attention firmly locked on the equines. The man saw two thin, black-gloved hands attached to long arms dripping with some kind of liquid.

That was all he could see before the steeds were finished and the stranger quickly retracted their hands into the cloak. They walked towards Kolin, “I gave the horses water laced with a special herb. They should recover and be able to run for two days straight. Grab the reins and run.” They spoke quickly and quietly, but their words carried the weight and authority to not be questioned.

Unfortunately, Kolin wasn’t good with authority. “Now just hold on,” he grabbed the stranger by the shoulder just as they tried to step passed him, “What are you playing at?” When there was no reply, Kolin i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad, “First you show up and ask to ride with me away from the city, then you tell us to come to this clearing that you somehow know about, then you give my horses strange liquids to drink, and now you’re telling me to run away.” “I have done all those things, yes,” the stranger didn’t sound intimidated at all, “Is that a problem?” “Damn right it is,” Kolin wheeled around to stare into the hooded face of the stranger, “Why in the Chief Gods’ name should I trust you?

How do I know you’re not leading me and my daughter into a trap?” “You shouldn’t and you can’t,” the stranger deadpanned, “But it’s either listen to me or let the monsters catch you. Your choice. Besides that, I’m planning to stay behind and slow those creatures down. I’m sure you would rather risk a stranger’s life than your daughter’s.” The stranger shoved their way passed Kolin, who could only grip his ax in frustration.

He couldn’t argue with them because they were right. He didn’t like it, but if the monsters were busy with the stranger then maybe he and Sandra could… “Damn it,” he bit his lip, tossed the ax back into the wagon, then lifted himself into the driver’s seat. His daughter latched onto his arm as he took the reins, her eyes red from crying the entire time. He gripped the reins tightly before looking back towards the stranger.

They were standing right behind the wagon, gaze completely focused on the forest beyond. Kolin shouted to them, “I don’t know who you are, but if we ever meet again, I’ll buy ya as many drinks as you want! Hiyaah!” He cracked the reins and the horses sped off into the forest. The stranger didn’t look back to watch them go, merely listened as the clacking of their wheels faded into the distance.

They stood there for what felt like hours before they finally caught movement. Out of the corner of their eye, they saw a large shadow approaching them from the right. Two more appeared from the left and even more began to appear from the treeline in front of them. The stranger counted fifty before the shadows stopped stepping from the trees. They surrounded the cloaked human ensuring there was nowhere for them to run. Any normal person would be trembling, looking for a way out, or praying to the Gods to give them strength.

As three shadows split off from the larger group and approached them, the stranger simply sighed in annoyance and frustration. It would be another long night. Of course, Het was the first one to reach the human.

The orange furred Ocelomeh was every bit as wild as you’d come to expect from her species and wasted no time in getting close to their quarry. Elveta rolled her eyes, hefting her massive blade while sashaying forward. Her bronze, tattooed skin shone in the moonlight as she approached. She stopped right next to Het who was licking her lips while looking the human up and down.

Elveta placed a hand on her hip, making sure to accentuate her “assets”, before saying, “Stopped running, have you? Told you we’d wear them out eventually, Het.” The catgirl nodded rapidly in agreement, “Yeah, but aren’t we missing the man in the wagon? I wanted him all to myself.” “No need to worry,” Nezzra, a Dark Elf, stepped to Het’s right side.

The rings in her ears jingled in the night air, “I’ll send a detachment after them while we deal with things here.” At Het’s glare, she added, “With direct orders to not touch the man, else they have to deal with you.

I want to take the girl. The thought of watching as she ravishes her own father.excites me.” The Dark Elf moaned, causing the gathered monster girls to start laughing at the thought of the debauchery that would soon be upon them.

That is until the stranger standing before them finally spoke. “I shall say this but once,” their voice seemed to echo across the entire clearing, reaching the ears of every monster girl in attendance. It was a dark, cruel, uncompromising voice that made even the most veteran members of the group shiver in fear, “Leave this place. The city has fallen. You have won.

Return home and enjoy the spoils of your victory. If you do this, I will leave you be. But, if one of you so much as dares pursue the two people fleeing for their lives from your depraved machinations, then all your lives will be forfeit.” Elveta felt her combat instincts kick in, forcing her into a defensive stance. She scowled at the stranger trying to get an estimate of their prowess. The long cloak they wore prevented her from gaining anything concrete, but she had been around enough battles to recognize the pressure of an experienced combatant.

And this pressure.it was immense. She hoped no one could see the hands holding her weapon shaking in excitement. Het had felt the same, crouching low to the ground and hissing at the opponent, “You aren’t in a position to be making demands.” “Indeed,” Nezzra said, leaning on her staff while checking her carefully manicured nails, "I can tell there is no Mana within you.

One strike from Het and you’ll be on your knees begging for a good fuck. Sarash! Take a few harpies and go after the wagon.” Multiple squawks came from the amassed group of monsters before five feathered creatures took to the sky.

They flew in a V formation, heading in the same direction as the wagon to cut them off before they got too far away. They weren’t even at the treeline before five loud bangs echoed across the field in rapid succession. All the monster girls froze up as the five harpies fell to the ground with a thump. Blood began to pool around each of their bodies. Elveta, Het, and Nezzra all stared at the dead bodies of their comrades with varying emotions. They turned to look at the stranger, only to see their cloak fall to the ground in a heap.

Nezzra was the first to notice the shadow that had fallen over her. She looked up and saw a figure silhouetted by the moon fall with a large blade in its right hand. A scream died in her throat as the human bisected her straight down the middle. With a sickening, wet tearing sound, the Dark Elf’s body split into two.

Blood spurted onto the stranger and the flowers as the body hit the soft ground. The human stood up to their full height. They wore pitch black clothes that hugged their body just enough to be protective, but not enough to restrict their movements.

Their hands were covered by matching black gloves, with their hair hidden underneath a tricorn hat with a white feather in it. Though their mouth and chin were covered by a black bandana, all in attendance could tell the human was female. However, that was not what had captured their attention.

It was the long curved blade that she wielded. Its tip was long and thin, but it widened as you got closer to the handle. It sparkled in the moonlight with the crimson blood of Nezzra dripping from it. The strange woman quickly flicked her weapon backward, making the blood splash onto the ground behind her. Smoke rose from the barrel of a long, slender object she held in her left hand.

Even the veterans among them couldn’t remember a weapon like that ever wielded by humans. But, evidenced by the rapidly cooling bodies of their fellow harpies, they all knew it was dangerous. Elveta felt anger replace the original excitement she had felt at the thought of a good fight. Memories of al the precious time she had spent with Nezzra flashed through her mind.

Her grip on her sword tightened as a wild roar split the air, followed by Het leaping at the Dark Elf’s killer. The feline drew her ancestral weapon back with both hands planning to put her full weight behind the strike. She smiled as the strange woman didn’t react to her attack at all. Her blade came down and she braced for the impact with flesh. Only for her weapon to hit the ground, knocking up flowers and dust. Her head flew off her shoulders faster than she could recover.

The human stepped forward as Het’s body fell to the ground while her head arced through the air sending flecks of blood across the field. The human walked leisurely as if being surrounded by a group of angry, lusting mamono wasn’t even a threat to her. Elveta’s teeth grit in defiance of the conceited woman. She raised her voice so it could be heard by her whole battalion, “You fucking bitch!

You’ll pay this blood debt with your own body! Capture her and fuck her into the ground!” ‘….Why are they always naked?’ The Huntress slashed through another monster, a dog/cat hybrid of some kind, causing blood to spray over her clothes. She felt the arcane power of her blood consume the foreign ichor, drawing it into her wounds.

As they knit themselves closed, she dashed into the space the hybrid’s death had opened up. Her weapon never stopped moving and everywhere it fell a creature would die. Horizontal bisection here, disembowelment there, the numbers meant very little to the wide arcs of her blade. ‘They are at war. Wading into battle with nothing to protect you was foolhardy, to say the least.’ The flapping of wings made her frown and look for one of the larger monsters.

She spotted a horned, red-skinned demon charging at her with a club as large as the Huntress' body held high. The Huntress waited for the weapon to come down before quickly jumping. She landed on the haft of the weapon, dashed forward, and used the demon’s face to springboard into the air. ‘Even a chainmail vest would be better than fighting nude.’ High above the brawl, she spotted four more harpies trying to chase after the wagon.

With cold efficiency, i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad sighted down Evelyn and fired once for each monster. Loud bangs broke the silence of the night as the four more harpies fell to the earth below. The Huntress swiftly angled her body downward, as gravity forced her back into the melee.

Three foes, similar in appearance to the pointy-eared one she killed, held their hands out towards her. Multiple balls of flame shot from their hands towards her falling form. Grunting, she willed her firearm away and reached around her back to grip the folded, wooden shaft with her left arm. She slammed the sword onto the other side, unfolded the full length of the Burial Blade, and sliced at the approaching fireballs.

They exploded in a dazzling display of crimson which she emerged through, completely unharmed. ‘True, i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad Hunters fought Beasts with little more than reinforced leather armor. But Beast could cleave through even the toughest of metal with a single swipe. The best way to fight them was with speed, skill, and tenacity.’ The faces of the magic users contorted in fear just as the Huntress crashed into their position.

With a single swing of her newly transformed scythe, they and ten more fell into the flowerbed below. The Huntress stood up straight, i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad blocking a strike from the bronze-skinned woman who had spoken to her. The foe had good instincts, dashing backward i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad as the Huntress turned her gaze.

But she was not good enough. By the time her feet hit the ground, the Huntress was already on her again. She brought up her sword to block the Huntress’ horizontal swing, only to be left puzzled when her sword met wood instead of steel.

She figured it out a second too late. ‘Then again, I have heard that these creatures do not wish to kill humans. Merely seduce and reproduce with the males. Their nudist preferences are likely meant to accomplish that.’ The Huntress dragged her weapon towards her with both hands.

Her scythe’s blade severed the monster’s head from her shoulders, a guillotine execution. ‘A fine tactic .if their opponents are human.’ The Huntress kept fighting, her elongated weapon perfect for fighting large crowds, never stopping to clean her blade nor pausing for a breath. Eventually, only ten of the original fifty monsters remained standing. As the Huntress stood in front of them, the Grim Reaper come to life, they all dropped to their knees.

Another catlike creature shouted through tears in her eyes, “We surrend–” A diagonal cut silenced her in an instant. ‘But I’m not human. I am a Hunter.’ It didn’t take long for the Huntress to finish off the weeping monsters. Only then did she cease moving. Her uncaring, black eyes surveyed the flower bed with indifference. The carnage was immense. Blood soaked the field, turning every flower there i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad dark shade of crimson.

Intestines and limbs were scattered every which way, and the bodies continued to feed the soil with their ichor. A combination of the monsters’ frenzied charge and the Huntress’ attacks had churned up the earth itself. The stench of death and blood was so thick that it overpowered all other scents in the area. The Huntress i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad softly. She had accomplished her mission.

The man and his daughter were long gone, and the monsters had no way to track them. She took a deep breath, sheathing her weapon on her back. She brushed a piece of a liver off her shoulder, wiped the blood out of her eyes as best she could, picked a direction, and began to walk.

The only witness to her battle was the full moon, staring down at the world like an indifferent god. While the main body of the monster army celebrated their occupation of Lescatie, a detachment chasing down escaping humans came upon the carnage wrought by the Huntress. The news soon reached their superiors who immediately ordered a wide ranging search of the area. However, even with magical means, they could find no clues as to who was responsible for the massacre. Rumors and tall tales describing what took place began to spread.

Some were exaggerated, others more realistic. While none ever came close to the truth of the matter, the tales spread along the entire Frontier. Monster and human alike soon i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad the tale of the “Blood Soaked Flower Patch”. Even if she was completely unaware of it, the Huntress had begun to spread her legend.

What is this?: This is a Bloodborne X MGE Fanfic I've been writing for a while now. It's up to Chapter 26, and I've posted it on FF.net, A03, QQ, Wattpad, and RoyalRoad. It also has a TVTropes Page here: A Hunter's New Home (Fanfic) - TV Tropes Why are you putting it here?: 1) Why not?

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Daylight reflected off the curved Burial Blade as the Huntress cut through some overgrown vines in a single slice. She pushed the branch they were hanging from up while walking deeper into the forest. The leaves and detritus covering the forest floor crunched under her feet as she made her way forward.

She had long since left anything resembling a pathway behind. Firstly, it made it much more difficult for any monsters from the Fallen City to track her down. They'd likely have troops stationed in specific places to capture humans that managed to escape from Lescatie. One of the most likely places they would be is the main roads that lead directly to other, safer towns and villages.

And the second i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad was that she had no idea where she was going. This world was not her own, meaning any sense of direction she gained from Yharnam wasn't going to help her here. She'd have to start from scratch and figure things out from there. Memories of attempting to solve Yharnam's labyrinthine design the first time she encountered it resurfaced in the back of her mind.

She sighed in frustration, shaking her head while cutting down another obstruction of vines. The headache she got from the constant dead ends, loops, and locked doors were not something she was looking forward to reliving. Which is why she took it as a blessing when she encountered an old, gnarled tree. Its roots had been upended to the point that they formed a small alcove in the ground.

The earth around it was uneven and slightly warped from a combination of natural elements and time. The Huntress made her way to the natural niche, carefully stepping on the uneven ground. She crouched down when she reached the tree, leaning up against its trunk before moving into the alcove. Briefly, she thought of finding something to cleanse the inside of the niche before she moved in but swiftly rejected the idea.

Starting a forest fire when she's trying to stay hidden was the last thing she needed. Thankfully, there wasn't much inside save for a few harmless species of fungi. Satisfied with the accommodations she crawled inside and went as far back as she could without losing sight of the entrance. She leaned against the tree bark, set her Burial Blade at her side with her hand holding its grip, and started to close her eyes.

She pictured the place in her mind long before her eyelids shut and her soul began to wander. At the back of her mind, she felt the same pull that she always did whenever she used the lanterns.

A small smile appeared on her face as she felt her consciousness slip away. Her eyes opened the moment she felt grass against her back. A foggy, never-ending expanse as far as the eye could see, stretched out above her. Long pillars were barely visible in the distance, each one tall enough to touch the sky.

Pale white flowers shifted beneath her as she stood up. They spanned the entire fenced-in property, save for the obvious man-made walkways. She checked her clothes and nodded at how all the blood from her fight had disappeared.

To her right was a tall building she recognized as the Hunter's Workshop. Gehrman's wheelchair was in the same place it had been since their battle, vines wrapping around its wheels.

The Huntress took a moment to cut the weeds down with her Burial Blade before exiting through the open fence nearby. A humming sound reached her ears as she exited the clearing. Her pace quickened until she rounded a corner to find its source.

Kneeling in front of one of the many graves dotting the property, a small white cloth in her right hand and a bucket of water to her left, was the only one who remained with the Huntress after everything that happened in Yharnam. Her hand rubbed the wet cloth up along the grave, grime disappearing underneath her careful attention. The Doll's hand stopped as the Huntress rounded a corner. She carefully placed the cloth onto the edge of the bucket. She slowly rose to her full height, her i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad pattern dress and skirt flattening out as she stood.

She turned to face the Huntress, her serene face impassive while she bowed deeply, "Welcome home, Good Hunter." The Huntress broke into a short sprint before throwing her arms around the Doll. She hugged her only remaining friend tightly, feeling all the stress and worry she kept hidden melt away in an instant.

With the closest thing to elation she could muster, she said, "It's so good to see you, Eve." The Doll rested her chin on the Huntress' shoulder, "And it is good to see you safe, Good Hunter. How was your journey to this Waking World?" "Mostly pleasant," the Huntress backed out of the hug while smiling softly beneath the bandana, "save for an altercation with some of the locals." She glanced down to see a small, bubbling hole in the ground near her foot. The familiar groaning of the Messengers heralded their arrival, three pale, malformed bodies crawling their way out of the ground.

They raised their arms towards the Huntress in a display of happiness. She bent down and started to pet the foremost Messenger, while looking up at Eve, "Mind if we go inside? I have a lot to say." Eve bowed, "As you wish." The two of them entered the Workshop, the lack of dust coating the interior a testament to the I found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad meticulous cleaning.

Various weapons dangled over the workbench with the fireplace illuminating their shadows on the wall behind them. The blood-stained altar stood imperiously at the end of the room, and the storage chest remained directly to the right of the door. The Huntress stepped passed the large number of old books that littered the ground, Eve following close behind. The Huntress went to the empty chair across from the altar, sitting down with a sigh as the Doll circled to her right side.

The Huntress removed her hat sending her red hair spilling out around her face. The long locks reached the back of her neck, something the Huntress dreaded. Long hair was a detriment during a battle, especially if the opponent managed to get behind her.

She sighed at the idea of having to cut it again while pulling the bandana down from around her mouth, revealing her pale white cheeks and pink lips. She leaned back in her chair and looked up at Eve, "There's a war going on. Don't have anything concrete, but it appears to be between strange monsters and humans." When the Doll's eyebrows started to raise, the Huntress quickly said, "Not Beasts, something else. The Hunt hasn't followed us and it never will. Not while I draw breath." The Huntress' hands involuntarily squeezed the arms of the chair at the thought of a repeat of Yharnam.

She shook her head and continued, "Other than that, the world seems to be rather primitive compared to Yharnam. The monsters I faced seemed surprised at the sight of Evelyn, meaning firearms aren't common here.

However, three of them shot balls of fire at me while I was fighting them. Seems they can use some form of the Arcane. Different from Yharnam, but dangerous and noteworthy." Eve nodded along while grabbing a hold of the Huntress' hair with both hands. She plucked the ornament from her hair and began to comb the crimson locks, "Did you meet any other humans?" "None save a father and his daughter trying to escape from a city the monsters were assaulting," the Huntress closed her eyes as the Doll went to work on her hair, "He gave me a quick summary of the situation before we set off.

From what I could gather when I was escaping with them, the monsters don't actually wish to kill the humans. They instead wish to seduce or, if they resist, violate them in hopes of procreation or finding a 'husband' as they say." She shrugged, "That's all I managed to glean from my short stay.it was short, wasn't it?" The Huntress leaned forward to allow Eve more room to work, "It's strange.

I remember awakening in the city when it was under attack, and before that my battle with the Moon Presence. But.there's a gap in between those events." She placed a hand on her chin in contemplation. When Eve finished with her hair she leaned back and let the Doll massage her shoulders. Her suddenly tired bones cracked under her friend's ministrations, making her smile with relief.

She looked at Eve, "Something to worry about later. Little else to say. Now then, what should my next move be in this new, fascinating World we are in?" Eve nodded at the Huntress, "I am glad you find this new World to your liking, Good Hunter." "Why wouldn't I?" the Huntress began to count off on her fingers, "It's not Yharnam, there are no Beasts, it's not Yharnam, there are countless new things to discover, it's not Yharnam, I can meet new people here, and it's not Yharnam.

The inhabitants might be a bit strange, but they are leagues better than the Yharnamites.so far." The Huntress nodded her head, "But I need at least some vague idea of an objective before setting out. I am all too aware of the risk and dangers involved with wandering around aimlessly in unfamiliar territory." Her expression darkened as unpleasant memories of being ambushed by Beasts flashed through her mind. She rubbed her chin in thought, "How about this?

I look for civilization, procure this world's version of currency, and find something or someone who can tell me more about the war?" The Doll patted the Huntress' back, "If that is what you wish to pursue, Good Hunter." The Huntress shrugged while leaning back in the chair.

That's the best answer she would get out of Eve. She nodded before looking up at the Doll with her violet eyes, "Then it's settled. I'll leave.in a few more minutes." She leans back into the chair, feeling so many knots melt away under the Doll's skillful hands. As she closed her eyes, Eve soothingly responded, "Of course, Good Hunter. Take as long as you need, and may you find worth in this Waking World." The Huntress crawled out of the alcove into the open forest.

The sun was shining bright above the canopy, its light creating patterns on the floor. Unseen animals and insects filled the woodlands with bellows and cries of varying volume. She stretched her arms out towards the sky, her bones popping as she walked away from the gnarled tree. She double checked everything on her person, stopping at the treeline before she started on her way. She didn't carry much considering she was in uncharted territory. Carrying too many items might end up a hindrance when none of them apply to the situation.

Better to take only the essentials before committing to any particular loadout. Her Burial Blade, a secondary weapon, Evelyn, twenty Blood Vials, twenty Quicksilver Bullets, and the Monocular for scouting and observational purposes. Satisfied with her equipment, the Huntress observed the forest around her. Bereft of anything approaching directional assistance she did the same thing she did when she got lost in Yharnam. She picked a direction and started walking.

If it worked in Yharnam, why wouldn't it work here? She couldn't have been more wrong. In the orange hue of the afternoon sun, the Huntress cut her way through another patch of brambles and sharp vines. She stomped through the fallen foliage and took a moment to catch her bearings. She couldn't see any end to the forest in sight, all paths leading deeper in. She frowned while continuing her stride, cutting down any obstacle with a single swipe of her blade.

The situation wasn't completely negative. In her experience the deeper into an area you traveled, the more likely you were to find hints of intelligent life. Though, usually, the intelligent life she found was varying levels of insane and always attempted to kill her on sight. But finding creatures that wanted to kill her lead her to the correct destination .eventually. That hope in mind, the Huntress raised her blade to cut past another wall of hanging vines but stopped mid-swing.

Her arm fell to her side, she stood up straight and listened to her surroundings. The cacophony of animal and insect cries had stopped. Instead, the crunching of leaves and soft exhalations of breath circulated her position. She shook her head, quickly realizing what was occurring. She looked to the right and said, "I know you're there. Come out and let's get this over with." Her voice was calm, but the authority behind it revealed her annoyance. It took a few seconds before her command was followed.

From all around her figures stepped out from behind the trees. They had none of the features the monsters she fought last night did, meaning this was her first encounter with the humans of the Waking World. And judging by their ragged equipment, mismatched weaponry and armor, and rough appearances, they were the worst kind of people travelers could encounter on long journeys; Bandits. They proceeded to close in on the Huntress, giving her time to count out their numbers.

She could see at i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad eight surrounding her and hear one more hiding behind a tree nearby.

She guessed the one in hiding was their leader, considering they hadn't come out with the rest. Meaning they were likely the brains of this gathering of chuckling fools. The Huntress rolled her eyes as the gang stopped moving closer. Their formation was a simple circle, with any gaps blocked to prevent an easy escape. They attempted to look threatening by chuckling and brandishing their weaponry with vicious smiles. They kept this up until a whistle split the air. The laughter ceased as three of the bandits made way for the man who was hiding behind a tree.

Unlike the rest of them, his auburn hair had much less dirt in it. He smiled smugly while brandishing a decently maintained spear in one hand. His armor had patches in it but was mostly intact compared to the rest who had pieces of armor strapped to certain extremities.

The leader, the Huntress guessed, tapped the end of his spear against the ground before speaking, "And what are you doing out here lass? All alone in the middle of the woods?" His voice was smooth and slimy, the kind that would make your spine tingle at how uncomfortable it sounded. The perfect voice for a liar and con artist. The Huntress inwardly sighed, remembering a certain cowardly spider, before replying, "Traveling to the next town. But I seem to be lost. I don't suppose I could trouble you for directions?" The bandits started to laugh while their leader placed a hand on his chin, "I know where you're trying to go, but I can't seem to remember exactly where it is.

Perhaps something could refresh my memory?" "If it is currency you're looking for, I'm afraid I have none," she saw a few of the bandits deflate at that, "nor can I give you any of the items on my person." "That right?" the leader leaned on his spear, his eyes leering at the Huntress' body.

"Come on, Brugel," the bandit to his right, a beast of a man with wild unkempt hair covering his face, said while licking his lips, "let's just grab the lass and have some fun.

We haven't seen any action in three months." The leader, Brugel, smacked the bandit on the back of the head before turning back to the Huntress, "Pay him no mind, ma'am. But he does speak some truth. Information is not cheap, and if you can neither pay us nor give us any compensation.well we'll need some other form of 'payment'. It's simple business you understand." "Or," the Huntress continued, raising her Burial Blade, "you could tell me, free of charge." Brugel narrowed his eyes at the Huntress.

"Careful there lass," he pointed towards the trees behind him, "Let's not be hasty." "Those archers won't help you," she said to the surprise of the bandits around her, "before you ask, I could see the glint from their arrows.

They'll be the first to go. Then you're men, and then I'll capture you and make you tell me what I want to know." There was a pause as the highwaymen realized what was happening. Brugel's face remained unmoved for a few moments, before he shrugged, "Well, so much that plan." He picked his spear up and pointed it towards the Huntress, a cruel smile on his face as his men began to cheer, "Boys, knock her out and bring her home with us.

By the time we're done, she'll be begging for mercy!" "By the Gods! Please show some mercy!" Brugel howled as the big toe on his right foot fell to the ground in a bloody heap.

The Huntress looked up from his foot, her blood-covered glove holding a wicked-looking dagger she took off one of the dead bodies behind her, "But we've only just started. A man strong enough to have no qualms about threatening vulnerable young girls should be able to handle this much, right?" She gave the hyperventilating man an innocent look, before turning her attention back to her work, "Now then, there are a few questions I have that you're going to answer.

If you do not know the answer, make an educated guess. Please try not to lie to me. I'll know, and then I'll be i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad upset." He whimpered and screamed as the Huntress proceeded to torture him. Nearby two of the archers watched in abject horror, unable to act with their arms and legs pinned to the ground by their own arrows.

Their panicking eyes shot between the torture of their leader and the mutilated corpse of their comrades littering the ground. After watching another toe fly from their Brugel's foot, they couldn't help but think the dead were the lucky ones. The Huntress stood on a hill overlooking the town in the distance.

Her arms were crossed i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad her chest as her eyes scanned the dwelling below.

The bandits' information had borne fruit, and she found civilization just as the moon crested over the horizon. She smiled while lifting up a sack that jingled in the night air. She reached inside and took out one of the gold coins she found among the remains of the bandits. 'All three objectives completed in one day. Not bad.' She returned the coin to the bag, tied it to her waist, and began to make her way towards the hamlet. Maggie wiped the sweat from her brow while her eyes roamed the crowd.

Her wooden trinkets covered the stall she set up in the early hours of the morning. The easy to recognize items were at the front while all her original creations sat behind them on slightly raised podiums. She adjusted a few that were slightly off-center, smiling at the crowd the whole time. One minute passed, she felt her i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad fade. Two more minutes passed, she started yelling into the clamor of the early morning market-goers.

Three more minutes and she was holding her head in her hands. Her smile had turned into a frown that wrinkled her plain features. She shook her head, short black hair following her movements, as she parted two fingers to stare at her merchandise.

Memories of her labors made her hands throb in pain. She had stayed up well past noon to finish everything on display, set up her stall before anyone else had woken up, and even put on the only clean dress she owned. She had put her all into earning some gold for her family today, yet it was all for not. She let her arms fall to her sides while gazing out at the other stalls in the market. Most sold food, clothing, or something else people would buy for practicality.

But there were still plenty of peddlers selling obvious junk that customers stopped to buy. A tiny glass ball, some poor quality wooden swords, you name it. People ate that stuff up, but no one batted a single eye at her handcrafted work!

They wouldn't know quality if it stabbed them in th— "Miss." She quickly looked up at the sudden voice, her frustration fading as quickly as it came. She was filled with fear. She felt her spine shiver, her legs get weak, and the entire atmosphere around her turned cold and oppressive. She felt an urge to hug herself for comfort, yet the prospect of a single move being her last kept her perfectly still. The.stranger stood in front of her stall, one of the wooden statues held in her hands. Her black gloves matched the rest of her clothes making her more intimidating than her height already did.

Maggie only came up to her chest with the stranger's body blocking out the sun. The stranger's breasts were barely noticeable beneath the restrictive clothing she wore, but if she was bothered by this she didn't show it. The stranger's sharp, yellow eyes turned to look directly into Maggie's.

The stall owner yelped in unconstrained fear with her body shaking under the gaze of the i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad woman. The woman picked up two more statues before speaking again, "How much?" Maggie's eyes darted around the market, looking for a guard or anyone who could help her here.

Thankfully, a few people had stopped to stare and whisper at the event happening at her stall. She saw someone break from the crowd towards the entrance gate which filled her with a small sense of relief.

She gulped again before stuttering out an answer, "T-th-thirty." She preemptively flinched as the stranger brought up her right hand. Maggie shut her eyes involuntarily as the hand came down and.nothing happened. Cracking one eye open revealed the stranger's fist held out with her wrist held up. Maggie slowly opened her eyes, her pupils flicking between the stranger's wrist and her covered face. The stranger followed her eyes the two of them becoming locked in an awkward "dance" of sorts.

It was a few minutes before the stranger's eyes shot open in surprise. She pulled her arm back while hastily saying, "Oh, yes!

You mean thirty.thirty gold coins, correct?" "Y-yes," Maggie didn't know what else to say. One minute the customer almost gave her a heart attack, now she was hastily reaching into her coat. The bag she pulled out jingled as she reached in to take out the gold. Maggie could've sworn the stall shook when the stranger placed the coins down. The two of them clumsily gathered up their respective items at the same time. Maggie stood up with the gold coins held in her arms, desperately trying to keep a smile plastered on her face, "Th-thank you for your purchase!" "Y-you are very welcome, Miss!" the stranger shouted back while backing up into the crowd.

The townspeople made way as she disappeared into the crowd just as two guards appeared. The moment they did Maggie felt her legs give out. She fell to the ground with the coins still in her shaking arms. As the guards began questioning everyone she started mumbling to herself about looking for better i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad.

'Stupid, stupid, stupid!' The Huntress did her best to keep her appearance neutral. She kept her presence as minuscule as possible to blend into the crowd around her. She matched her pace with the citizens, tilted her head down, and kept her arms at her sides. 'Why did I do that?!' She felt her hands start curling into fists, feeling the wooden texture of the statues i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad her right hand. She placed the trinkets into a coat pocket to protect them while moving with the crowd.

'Of course she meant the coins! What else would she mean?!' The Huntress resisted the urge to slap herself, instead vigorously shaking her head at the huge mistake she made. Various peddlers attempted to get her attention as she passed them by, but even the most persistent couldn't stop her from marching onwards. 'The plan was to go up to her, strike up a conversation, and get to know her!

Connect with someone in this New World that can guide you, help you, and maybe even become friends!' The Huntress unconsciously dodged around a woman carrying a basket filled with produce, while the memory of her failed attempt at conversation kept replaying in her mind.

Eventually, she shrugged. 'Oh well. I'll just have to try again. '.where the result will be the same.' The thought made her freeze in place. Her eyes widened as her head swiveled around, taking in the whole area surrounding her. The buildings that were nowhere near Yharnam in terms of structure, the people who wore modest clothes and went about their business as if a war wasn't literally happening right outside their walls, the one or two guards who would be posted up on the corners of the street, and the way people spoke to each other in an easygoing, carefree manner.

All of it coalesced in her mind into a single question: How could she communicate with these people? She didn't want it to be true but that "exchange" made it completely evident. The horrors she witnessed in Yharnam weren't as easily forgotten as she wished.

She may have gotten out of the city alive, but she did so a changed woman. She had forced herself to be quiet, withdrawn, and taciturn while fighting her way through the Night of the Hunt. It was the only way she could survive.

And every time she opened her heart to someone, they either died, went insane, tried to kill her, or a combination of the three. Thoughts of fellows lost to the horrid Night flashed through her mind as she felt the world begin to recede around her.

In its place were cold, oppressive shadows that swallowed up everything they touched. The town, the people, all were devoured by the darkness until she was alone in a sea of black. She didn't break her stride. 'You built yourself into an unfeeling machine in Yharnam.' Her footsteps echoed in her ears. 'Do you truly believe you can overcome that within one night?' She could hear her teeth grinding against each other. 'Cease this farce. You know what you are.' Her heart beat faster, and faster, pounding against her eardrums as her fist clenched so tightly she could feel her nails ripping through the silky gloves.

'You're a killer. A Hunter. And a Hunter must—' The Huntress punched herself in the face. Hard. Her surroundings returned to normal as she righted her head. She rubbed her chin with her left hand, swallowing any blood that came from the strike. A few people had stopped walking to observe her but they soon moved on with their heads down when her gaze shifted to them.

She sighed while placing a hand on her forehead, looking around to find a place to rest. She needed some time to get her thoughts in order before moving on. Her gaze fell on a square, wooden building to her right. Loud voices came through the two open windows next to the entrance door. Right above it was a wooden sign that displayed a mug filled with what the Huntress guessed was alcohol.

'An inn. How convenient.' She straightened out her clothes, took in a deep breath, then proceeded to walk towards the door. "Are you fucking insane?" Jet flinched at the question. He felt sweat trickle down the back of his neck, half from the heat of so many people gathered together in the inn and half from the stone-cold glare from Sentinel's solid grey eyes.

The bald, beast of a man called for another three tankards of ale, his slightly baggy brown tunic bunching up around his muscles. Jet gulped audibly, placing his hands on the table while forcing a weak smile, "Come one, Sen. Don't be like that. The job's easy, promise." "That's what you said about the last one," Sentinel scoffed, narrowing his eyes at the thinner man. "And we finished it easily." "No, me and Blitz finished it.

We had to rescue you from the Succubus you were 'comforting'." The man's eyes scanned the room to ensure no heads had been turned towards them at the mention of a monster.

Jet's reply died in his throat as the barmaid came by with their drinks. His eyes were glued to her chest as she set the foaming cups on the table. He followed after her as she walked away, blood rushing somewhere other than his head. A sharp pain shot through his right leg, making him jump i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad and hit his knee on the table edge.

A short burst of laughter came from the patrons close enough to see his blunder. He nervously waved to the chuckling people, before turning his head to glare at the third member of their group. At the back of the booth, in between Jet and Sentinel's seats, was the diminutive form of Blitz. The girl had her head down, her sun hat blocking her expression as she reached forward and grabbed one of the tankards with a small, calloused hand. Jet pushed a hand through his curly brown hair while leaning back in his seat.

He turned to Sentinel, "And the three before that went off without a hitch, didn't they?" Neither Sentinel nor Blitz replied, causing Jet's grin to get wider, "I thought so." Sentinel grunted in reluctant agreement, chugging his ale so fast the foam got into the grey beard covering his chin.

Jet joined him, drinking at a slower pace to keep his faculties sharp. The cool liquid felt refreshing as it hit his stomach, making him sigh thankfully when he was finished. He scratched at his collar still not used to the leather jerkin he was wearing. His sharp, green eyes swept the room as he spoke, "I can see why you're worried though, Sen.

This job isn't our usual fare." "We're bounty dogs, Jet," Sen sighed while slamming his tankard on the wooden table making it shake, "people hire us to kill a monster, we find it, we kill it, and hope the Order doesn't send any inquisitors to stomp us out." The stare he directed at their leader was hard as a rock, "We don't do rescue missions." Jet raised a finger in protest, "Ah, but we do do large sums of gold as compensation for risking our lives. And that's exactly what our client is offering.

Plus, it's all under the table. The Order won't know a thing." Sen scowled, scrunching up the scar across his left cheek, but proving that he was starting to come around. The bulky man crossed his arms, "I suppose you have our client's guarantee on this? And that they know what we're likely to find?" Jet nodded along with the questions, "Yes and yes, my overly cautious friend. But our client truly hopes in her heart of hearts that her precious child is still alive and well." "I say we go for it," Blitz pushed her now empty tankard to the center of the table.

She leaned forward, placing her elbows on the table. The pearl white skin of her arms contrasted with the slight bulge of muscle beneath it. "I've been keeping an eye on our funds," she spoke with a voice devoid of mirth and laughter, "between food, getting our equipment fixed, travel, and donation to the Order, we're going to be broke in three days.

How much is she paying us?" "Three-hundred thousand," Jet wiggled his pinky as Sen whistled at the extravagant reward, "How long will that keep us for, Blitz?" Blitz took a moment to reply, "If we're smart, 5 years.

If not, 3 or less." "Well, Sen, what do you say?" Jet placed his tankard on the table, scratching his slightly crooked nose, "You in?" Sen scowled at his friend for a few minutes.

Then he sighed while shaking his head with a smile, "Sure, why not? Not like you two could do it without me anyway." "What makes you say—," the feeling of two glares burning into him made Jet cut his question short.

He heard the door to the inn open, looking out the corner of his eye to see who came in. It was difficult at first due to the dark lighting of the booth they were in, but he managed to catch a glimpse of a figure making a b-line towards the bar. Jet made a note of them and turned back to his two companions. "So, what will we be up against?" Sen leaned in closer, lowering his voice to prevent curious ears from listening in.

Blitz did the same, holding her hat up with one hand to prevent it from falling off. Jet looked between the two of them, leaning forward while licking his lips, and spoke, "According to our client, the day her son went missing, was the same day they heard something about a pack of Werewolves near here." "Werewolves?" Sen whispered as his eyes went wide, "As in more than one?" "One monster is enough trouble," Blitz replied, "But we can't take on a pack. Especially one that got a Hero.

Do you know how many there are?" "Not.exactly," Jet felt more sweat fall down his neck. "And you didn't mention this before, why?" Jet chuckled nervously, "Because I.figured you two wouldn't want to take the job then. But come on! Three-hundred thousand gold! You said it i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad, Blitz, we'll be sitting pretty for a long time after this." "That's if we manage to come back," Blitz corrected, "The three of us can't handle a pack of monsters." "She's right, Jet," Sen said while tapping a finger on the table, "My magic will help, but if we get overwhelmed then…." Jet could feel his friends' drive waning, along with the reward slipping through his fingers.

He briefly remembered his time living in the slums, surviving off scraps until Sen found him. His eyes darted around the inn while his mind raced to find something he could use to convince them. His gaze fell onto the bar.and the form of the newcomer sitting there. "What if," he began, his mind working overtime to make his suggestion sound convincing, "we recruit a new member?" "What?!" Blitz and Sen looked towards each other then back at Jet. Jet continued, "You're right, the three of us would be no match for a pack of monsters.

But four of us…" Jet looked towards Blitz, knowing she'd be the first to understand him. She paused for a bit before answering, "It.would improve our chances. How much depends on how skilled the recruit is. And we'd have to split the reward, but even then that's seventy-five thousand each." "So?" Jet smiled as his vision of the gold started reforming.

".It's worth a shot." Blitz concluded after a few minutes of silence. Jet looked to Sen, who simply i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad, "If Blitz says it's ok then I suppose…" "Then it's settled!" Jet clapped his hands and quickly stood up from his seat, "I've got just the person in mind." He moved before either of his comrades could raise any objections, heading straight towards the newcomer sitting at the bar.

Sen sighed while watching the young man take a seat next to a black-clothed stranger at the bar. He leaned back in his seat and looked towards Blitz, "Well, Blitz. What do you think?" She answered the big man in a matter of fact tone, "I think we're walking into something that we shouldn't be. Another member might mean more firepower, but it also means someone else who could blab to the Order. We'll have to be on guard until we're sure whoever Jet brings can be trusted." Sen nodded picking up his tankard as Jet came back to the table with the newcomer in tow.

Both he and Blitz watched as Jet gestured to the stranger, "Sen, Blitz, allow me to introduce our newest member!" The newcomer bowed slightly, her voice high pitched yet low, "A pleasure to make your acquaintance. I look forward to working with you all." Blitz simply nodded while Sen kept his eyes on the newbie.

His brows furrowed as his eyes roamed her body. The same question kept ringing through his head as Jet scooted into his seat with her following suit: 'Why can't I sense any Mana from this girl?' He briefly thought of bringing it up, but as Jet began to explain the situation, he decided to forget it. He was probably just getting old. "Good Hunter," Eve watched as the Huntress opened the storage chest near the door, "is something wrong?" "Not at all, Eve," the Huntress shook her head while rummaging through the box, "I'm just grabbing equipment for an excursion I joined." The Doll walked over to the Huntress' side, kneeling down to look her in the eyes, "Then you have found success in your endeavors outside the Workshop?" The Huntress nodded while lifting a molotov from the chest, "Indeed.

A group of bounty hunters was scouting for a new member, and their leader came to me. I introduced myself to the group and they told me about the current job we've got. Rescuing someone from a pack of werewolves. How many blood vials do you think I should take?" "'Never underestimate any opponent you encounter'.

Following Ghernam's advice has kept you alive and well thus far," Eve replied while straightening her skirt. "Technically, I taught myself that after I died to the same ambush five times in a row," the Huntress smiled at the memory of the First Hunter, her mentor, "You're right, though. Just because it's been easy so far, doesn't mean it will be forever.

Twenty it is." The Doll's head tilted in wonder as she beheld the Huntress' face, "Good Hunter. Your spirits seem brighter than they once were." "Really?" The Huntress shrugged while counting the number of quicksilver bullets left in her bag, "I suppose I'm just excited. Fighting alongside others after so long is a wonderful prospect. Comrades I can work with, succeed with, and connect with have been in short supply.

It's nice to experience it again." Her eyes scanned the inside of the chest before settling on a few brown, glass bottles. She reached for the sedatives, grabbing five and placing them into one of the six pockets close to her hands, "Their names are Jet, Sentinel, and Blitz. Those aren't their real names, plainly, but I don't expect them to give me that level of trust straightaway.

I am a stranger after all. However, I did manage to gain some more knowledge on the workings of the Waking World thanks to them." "Truly?" Eve tilted her head questioningly. The Huntress nodded, placing a hand on her chin as she started to speak, "They were completely stunned when I showed them the Burial Blade.

None of them had ever seen anything like it, meaning this land has no Workshop or equal smith working. They haven't mass-produced gunpowder weapons either, judging by the reactions Evelyn elicited." She brushed away some stray hair that fell into her eyes, "That part is understandable, because they have something that Yharnam didn't; Magic.

Specifically, they can draw on powers similar to the Arcane without the use of trinkets or fetishes as we did, and are not limited to only using the power of the Stars. Summoning the power of the natural elements, physical augmentation, and more is within their grasp.

My observations have lead me to conclude it is not as powerful as the Arcane but its versatility makes up the difference. Ah!" The Huntress withdrew the Hand Lantern from the chest and clipped it to her hip. "Just in case," she said while adjusting her body to sit more comfortably, "Sentinel told me all this.

He's a mage, meaning he has more Mana than most people and can use magic more often. Mana, or Spirit Energy, is something all the humans in the Waking World have.

It's their life force in a way where if someone runs out of Mana, then they're a sitting duck for the monsters who feed on that Spirit Energy." "These monsters," Eve began, "how are they different from the Beasts?" "They don't hunger for Blood for one thing," the Huntress' eyes narrowed as she remembered what Blitz had told her about the monsters, "Instead they eat the Spirit Energy of humans using their.sexual fluids.

Males are a favorite due to how they produce an almost limitless amount of Mana at all times." She shook her head in disgust and anger. The Beasts and Kin were terrifying to be sure, but at least they merely killed you. They never purposely left you alive to violate you until your mind broke, turning you into nothing more than a sex puppet, "Women, on the other hand, draw Mana from the environment.

This puts them at risk as the monsters will find ways to coat them with corrupted Mana, turning them into another monster. Which leads me to the most important thing I learned from the group." She double-checked her inventory, before grabbing the lid of the chest and closing it with both hands.

She stood up and spoke without looking at Eve, "The humans are losing this war." "This way, quietly," the Huntress crouched low to the ground, holding up her right hand. She waves it forward before setting off deeper into the foliage in front of her. The sound of three sets of footsteps followed closely behind her. Jet and Sentinel soon came up on her left and right side. Jet's crossbow was empty, but his hands gripped the weapon with a deftness and grace that only experience and practice can bring.

He wore a brown leather gambeson with matching pants, a quiver of bolts strapped to his back. Posture relaxed but eyes sharp, he scanned the forest for any sign of a threat.

He spotted the Huntress observing him and sent a wiry smile her way. She chose not to react and turned to Sentinel. The large man had his head towards the ground, eyes closed while he muttered something under his breath. He wore heavy white and red cloth robes that covered his immense frame. His grayish brows furrowed, his lips curled up in frustration, then he scoffed before opening his eyes. "Any luck there, Sen?" Jet looks over at the old Mage while stepping over an ant mound. "What do you think?" Sen shook his head, "Divination's been getting harder and harder for me everyday.

In a few years I won't even be able to see the Mana in the air anymore." "Don't count yourself out yet, Old Man," Jet waved at the Huntress, "Besides, Hunt's been doing well leading us so far." The Huntress shrugged, slight chagrin at the nickname they gave her, "Anyone experienced with tracking down an animal could follow their trail. Look here," the Huntress held up a hand while kneeling down to the ground.

She dusted a few stray leaves out of the way, revealing multiple footprints in the shape of wolf claws. She examined the dirt with discerning eyes, "These tracks are still fresh. We're getting closer." "Good," the sound of metal shifting around made the Huntress ease to the left as Blitz marched to the front of the group, "Let's get this job over with." "No need to be hasty, Blitz," Jet said while moving to catch up with the girl.

"Say that when you're the one carrying the heavy equipment, Jet," Jet flinched as Blitz lifted the tower shield and heavy lance she carried. She rolled her eyes as Jet focused his towards the ground.

The Huntress squinted her eyes at Blitz as Sentinel made to catch up with her. She was the smallest of the group, her thin body making her look younger than she really was. Her fair white skin, flexible body, baby-like face, and pink, curly hair, didn't help to prove otherwise. A stark contrast with the equipment she carried. Her shield, wide and tall as Sentinel, was only matched by the heavy lance she wielded.

It would give a well-trained knight trouble, yet Blitz handled it like it was second nature. The crimson gambeson she wore went down to her waist, and was clearly better maintained i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad Jet's. To the Huntress, Blitz represented the proverb that "looks can be deceiving". There was just one issue. The Huntress' frowned as she walked up to Blitz's side, her eyes focused on Blitz' completely unprotected legs. A single, thigh length, pink skirt barely covered anything at all.

Her only other articles of clothing were her two, brown traveling shoes. Other than that, she had nothing to protect anything below her waist.

On top of this, she had two buttons in her gambeson unbuttoned. Which wouldn't be a problem if the open area wasn't the center of her chest. Which, to the Huntress, was a weakness any dangerous enemy would not hesitate to exploit. Blitz's light gray eyes moved upwards to meet the Huntress' gaze.

Her voice did little to mask her annoyance, "Didn't your parents teach you that it's rude to stare, Hunt? If you've got something to say, say it." "Why don't you have on any leggings?" the Huntress cut straight to the heart of the matter, "Nor completely button up your armor? Leaving even a single part of your body uncovered could lead to serious injury during a battle." The Huntress did expect to get a strange look or two from Blitz for asking the question.

What she didn't expect was for Blitz, Jet, and Sentinel to stop moving and look at her as if she had grown a second head. She shrugged at them in response, pointing out how it was a valid question. Blitz stabbed her lance into the ground and leaned against it, "Let me try to answer not just your question, but whatever reasons you might have for them. First, I can move around better like this," she hopped from foot to foot to emphasize.

"Second, I like the i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad breeze on my legs," a hand waved at i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad indicated appendages. "Third, if I button up all the way I can't breathe. Fourth, and this is the important one, cause armor doesn't do shit against monsters." "The first three aren't answers, they are excuses," the Huntress didn't let up, "personal taste and comfort is secondary during battle, and useless when it concerns the safety of the entire group.

For the fourth, I have faced monsters before. They do not seem to carry anything that can do serious damage to protective clothing." Blitz's face turned from an annoyed stare to an angry frown. Sentinel's palm hit his face as Jet looked between the two women with a worried look. Blitz sneered, "Listen here, rookie. Just because Sen and I spent the time to teach you how things work around here, don't go thinking you get to tell me how I do my job.

Actually," Blitz stood up and walked forward until she was chest to chest with the tall woman, "where did you say you were from again? Because you sure don't act like someone who just found out what Mana was yesterday." No emotions passed over the Huntress' face as she matched the girl's glare. It was unsurprising that Blitz was the most suspicious of her.

Sentinel had called her the band's "babysitter" for how she handled most of the logistical aspects of their operation. They didn't want it to be the case, but Sentinel was getting along in his years and Jet's upbringing didn't allow him much time for a formal education. Which meant it was up to Blitz to be the pragmatic one of the group.

In some aspects a blessing. In others a curse. The Huntress knew this all too well. Neither woman moved an inch, each waiting for the other to blink first. It took Jet literally stepping between the two of them to stop the conflict, "Now, now, ladies.

Calm down. We are on a mission here. Hunt, why don't you and Sen go find our target? Me and Blitz will catch up." The Huntress and Blitz shared one last look over the thin man's shoulder, before the Huntress turned away to follow Jet's suggestion. An argument at this point would only worsen the group's cohesion. Not to mention possibly reveal details she'd rather keep hidden. The Huntress nodded with Sentinel as they set out to follow the tracks left by their quarry.

Once they were far enough, Sentinel sighed while scratching the back of his neck, "Don't let Blitz get to you, Hunt. She'll come around soon enough." "No," the Huntress shook her head, "she's right to be mistrusting. I am a stranger. I overstepped my bounds to criticize her choice in attire.

I do not regret nor detract my statements, but I understand they were inappropriate. I must ask, however, why did she choose such a revealing outfit?" "What do you mean?" Sen tilted his head in confusion. "I mean why does she wear a skirt so short that it would reveal her undergarments while she fights, and allow enough of her breasts to show that it would hurt her during combat?" The Huntress felt she was pointing out the obvious, but the confusion on the large man's face didn't fade.

"Hmm" Sentinel placed a hand on his chin, "can't say I really understand what you're getting at, Hunt. Blitz always dresses like that, and she hasn't had trouble fighting so far." The Huntress rolled her eyes, choosing to drop the subject matter as she was getting nowhere.

She turned her gaze to the large man while pushing a stray branch out of her way, "If anything, you and Jet shouldn't be so trusting of me, Sentinel. We've barely spent more than a day together, yet he allowed you to go ahead of the group with me. Is he truly that careless?" "Can't speak for Jet, but I suppose you're right about me," he shrugged, "But if we're going to work together then paranoia will only get in the way.

Wouldn't be able to concentrate on casting spells if I'm constantly worrying about if you'll stab us in the back and run off with the loot." "Correct, but foolish. We do not have to trust each other to fight together," the Huntress squinted as sunlight from a gap in the canopy temporarily blinded her.

The darkness lasted just long enough to distract her from an exposed tree root. She felt her feet leave the ground as she tripped over it, preparing to roll right when she landed to minimize the damage. Then a large, soft hand grabbed the back of her coat. She blinked the darkness away as Sentinel set her down on her feet, "True. However, it certainly feels better, doesn't it?" A memory resurfaced as she beheld Sentinel's smile.

The face of Father Gascoigne replaced the old man's as her battle against the Cleric Beast flashed before her eyes. The warm, comforting grin he gave her as he blocked the Beast's massive fist before it crush the life out of her gave her the strength she needed to finish the fight. It was both her first true fight as a Hunter, and her first time working with a partner.

It was a wonderful experience. And Yharnam, that blasted city, snatched it away. But this world wasn't Yharnam. She softened her expression, placed a hand on her hat and gazed up at Sentinel, a small smile hidden behind her bandana, "Yes. I suppose it does." "Shit," Jet cursed under his breath as he brought his crossbow up to his eye.

It was midday, the sun beginning to set behind the horizon. Thankfully, there was still enough light to let him examine the area where their quarry had been found. What he saw did not fill him with confidence. He frowned while sucking his teeth, crouching down into the brush he was hiding in. Behind him were Sentinel, Blitz, and the Huntress. Sen had his staff in one hand with his eyes closed, while Blitz was polishing the tip of her lance with a handkerchief. The Huntress lied prone on the ground, her eyes shooting up to Jet's when he returned, "How many did you see?" "Five, six, maybe seven?" Jet spat into a pile of leaves nearby, "Point is it's way more than I thought it would be.

They set up camp on a small hill, with sentry positions set up along the bottom. The ones I saw were right there, laying on beds made of bundles of leaves. They've made to spread them out but not so far that big gaps formed between them. They've covered all the bases in terms of perimeter defense." "Unsurprising," Blitz put the cloth into a pocket on her skirt, "me and Sen knew things would be like this before we got here. Any sign of our hostage?" Jet shook his head, "None, but I saw a werewolf coming down from the top of the hill.

She was walking kind of funny, and the sentry she relieved bolted right for the crest as soon as she showed up. Which means that." "That all our plans are shot to hell," Sentinel's expression was grim. He opened his eyes at Jet, "The only reasons we haven't been found yet are my magic dampening any sound we make, and the fact that we're downwind of the hill. The moment we get too close or go around we're through." Jet squinted his eyes, tapping away at his crossbow in thought, "We could try to draw them away in groups, but they've been in this forest for a while.

They'll turn the tables on us in a heartbeat if we try to fight them here." "Waiting until nightfall isn't an option for obvious reasons," Blitz placed a fist on her forehead as she tried to think of a plan, "That leaves charging in like a bunch of morons. Which could work.if we don't get overrun." The three of them lapsed into silence as they all thought of multiple plans of action.

However, they all fell apart the moment they factored in the numbers and strength of the werewolves. Soon, the bounty hunters started to earnestly contemplate giving up on the mission. It wasn't ideal but neither was getting captured by monsters and turned into sex puppets.

What good would thirty thousand gold be to them then? Jet was about to voice this exact thing, when the Huntress sat up from her position. When the group's attention was firmly on her, she spoke, "I have a suggestion; I act as a decoy." Her comrades looked at each other, then at her. "What?" they all said in unison. The Huntress, unperturbed, continued, "If the enemy has an acute sense of smell, then it is just as much our advantage as theirs." She took out a throwing knife to draw her plan out in the dry grass beneath them, "I can move around to the back of the hill, where the wind will pick up my scent.

The pack will smell it and come after me. At which point, I will cause enough damage to get them to pull their sentries away from this side of the hill. While they're all focused on me, you three will climb up the hill on this side, grab the target, then run away before they can react I'll either fight my way through to you, or go around and meet up with you later." The Huntress gazed at the faces of her comrades.

They were frowning in thought as they weighed her plan against their other options. The first to speak was Jet, who nodded his head, "Not a bad plan all things considered.

However.are you really okay with putting yourself in that much danger?" Sentinel nodded, "He's right, Hunt. Don't go throwing your life away, thinking you need to prove something here." The Huntress saw the old man's eyes flick to Blitz for a split-second. She held her hands out and shrugged, "I'm not out to prove anything. I am only ensuring that our mission is successful, and that we all get out with as few injuries as possible." The two men couldn't think of a way to argue against her.

Blitz spoke up, "You'll be on your own, and up against at least ten to twenty werewolves. You're sure you can handle it?" She raised an eyebrow at the Huntress who only nodded in reply. The four of them stared at the drawing the Huntress had made, racking their minds for any other method they could try. Finally, Sentinel and Blitz nodded towards Jet. The young leader glanced at the Huntress with a gleam in his eyes and a smile on his face, "Alright, Hunt.

Let's see what you can do." Myles fell back onto the bed of leaves beneath him. His tanned skin glistened with sweat in the afternoon sun, as his chest heaved with excertion. Beside him laid his wife, Sara, the werewolf breathing just as hard as he was. Both of them were naked and covered in sweat from their love making. His wife's black and white striped fur was as matted as his short brown hair, her large red eyes staring at him with complete adoration.

He smiled and scratched her head with one hand as his amber eyes roamed her body with increasing lust. Myles' heart was in complete and utter bliss. All the lies the Order had told him and Sara were all gone now. Lost to the intense pleasure that filled them when they finally accepted each other.

No more awkward stares during training, embarrassing teasing from the other Heroes, or his family forcing the two of them apart. They could live here in peace and express their hidden desires for each other away from anyone who would judge them. Sara had already born two daughters, Lulu and Fira, both of whom were watching the orgy from afar with curious eyes. They'd learn from watching their mother and aunts before they came of age, where they'd go out to find a husband of their own to bring to the pack.

Then their kids would do the same, and so forth. Myles could already see the smiling faces of his grandchildren which fueled his love for Sara even more. He sent one hand to her chest, making her moan in pleasure.

Around them five other werewolves watched, waiting for their Alpha to call them for their turn. For all seven of them, the world had stopped moving. There was nothing save for the pleasure they gave their Alpha and that he gave them in return.

Until a high pitched scream pierced through their stupor. Not one of pleasure, but pain. All the werewolves stopped moving. Their ears pricked up and started swiveling about. Their noses started flaring as they caught two scents carried to them from the back of the hill. The first was the familiar scent of a human female, but something about it made the more senior wolves' fur stand on end.

The other was the metallic smell of blood. Myles sat up, ignoring the chill the wind sent across his naked body to observe his pack. He had been with them long enough that the could tell what was going on based on their actions alone. And what he saw made him grip his wife's hand tight in worry. The two of them looked at each other just as another scream echoed across the grassy hill. The seven wolves didn't hesitate, their instincts to protect their Alpha making them surge towards the smell of blood.

Myles and Sara stood up at the same time nodding each other with the same look in their eyes. They finally found a place where they could be happy together, and they would defend it. Whatever it took. The sound of grass rustling indicated their children running up to them. The two girls looked up at their father with fear etched on their faces. Lulu, the older sibling, was the first to speak, "What's going on, daddy? Is something wrong?" She had Sara's fur and her father's eyes, with a tomboyish face to match her aggressive tendencies.

Fira nodded at her sister's statement while pointing a claw in the direction her aunts went. Her fur was a solid brown color with a meeker demeanor than her sister, and puppy dog eyes that elicited sympathy from all who saw them.

Myles knelt, gripping his daughters' shoulders while giving them a confident smile, "Of course not, sweeties. Daddy just needs you to go get something for him and mommy. You remember where Daddy's spear is, right?" This should be enough. The werewolf's roar was cut short as the Huntress' Rakuyo sliced through her chest. Her body sailed over her killer, staining the Huntress' black clothes red with blood. The long blade of her weapon was a blur as she splashed the from her weapon onto the grass below.

Around her laid the corpses of the three werewolves that were guarding this side of the hill. The Huntress had swiftly made her way around the incline, getting closer as she got farther away from her comrades.

By the time the enemy sentry had caught her sent she was already among them. She killed one by stabbing it through the neck with the end of her Rakuyo, then another by throwing a knife into its skull. The i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad corpse to add to the pile had come running at her from further up, pouncing at her when the distance was closed.

An understandable choice, but a foolish one. The Huntress advanced up the cliff, pistol and double-bladed sword held in her hands. The smell of blood was already starting to emanate off the bodies meaning the werewolves should start drawing their forces towards her. If they did, then she should see a host of werewolves appear from behind the crest of the hill. If they'd didn't, then she'd have to improvise. Wouldn't be the first time. She's able to reach the midpoint of the hill before they start to appear.

The Huntress' eyes count each one as they emerge from the top of the cliff. She counts eleven in total by the time they stop appearing, making her nod when the last of the monsters revealed itself. The plan was working. Now all she had to do was keep their attention. Which, based on their shocked expressions as they beheld the bodies behind her, would not be a problem. She recognized the reactions they had as the reality of their companions' deaths fully hit them.

The hands going towards their mouths, eyes widening in shock, their heads jerking towards the ground before expelling the contents of their stomach.

She reacted the same way when she killed her first Beast. However, rather than feeling sympathy, she frowned at the feeling of justification. She recognized the piles she had passed by as bones of small animals, meaning they were no stranger to the murder of living creatures.

Nor was the sight of blood and viscera something they shied away from. Which meant that the war between the humans and monsters had truly seen little bloodshed. Which did not sit well with the Huntress. She turned her attention to the middle of the group, focusing her attention on the center. There stood the only male among the entire pack, meaning he was their target. And judging by how he stood with the monsters instead of attempting to get away while they were distracted, Jet and Sentinel were on the mark.

Meaning this had turned from a rescue mission into a "rescue" mission. The main difference being the target was less cooperative in the latter case. She studied the man as much as she could from her position. He held a spear in one hand and a buckler shield in the other with white plate armor that shined in the afternoon sun. His short hair framed the determined look on his face. A werewolf stood beside him, her fur black with white stripes, with her arms wrapped around one of his.

She looked at the Huntress with a mixture of fear and awe that only grew the more time passed. The look was shared by her sisters as both sides continued to stare each other down. The werewolf whispered something into the man's ear that made his eyes widen for a moment. They narrowed a second later, then softened as he saw the worry on her face. He rubbed the top of her head sending her tail wagging, before turning to the Huntress.

His voice was young yet stern, as if he was on the edge of puberty, "Who are you? Why did you come to our home and attack us?" The Huntress gave a short bow in greeting, "My name is not important.

I am but a simple Hunter, and I have come for you, sir. I am hear to rescue you from these monsters and return you to your true home. I attacked merely to prevent myself from being attacked and turned into a monster, and to get to you." The man laughed while shaking his head, "A 'Hunter'? My mother sent you, didn't she? So now she suddenly cares about me? Sorry to disappoint you, sellsword, but as you can see here I have no need of rescuing." He held out his arms to indicate the werewolves around him, "My real family is here, with me.

And your hands are stained with their blood." The Huntress narrowed her eyes, taking one step forward while her voice got deeper, "I am afraid I can not return empty handed. You will be coming back with me, willing or not." The entire group of werewolves got onto their haunches, growling and barking at the Huntress.

The man smiled while moving his hand under the striped werewolf's arm, before grabbing onto her breast. He never took his eyes off the Huntress even as the werewolf moaned under his touch, "If you can't go back, why not stay here with us?

Don't you want to have a family of your own? A place to settle down and-" "And waste away while my body is used merely to satisfy the fleeting, baser urges of others?" the Huntress pulled down her bandanna and spat onto the ground.

She pulled it back up before continuing, "I think I'll choose to live my life." She didn't know why, but her answer shook the entire line of adversaries. Even the male ceased his groping, confusion written all over his tanned face.

It was like they had never i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad a woman deny their offer with such conviction before. Like every other female they offered that to had accepted without delay. The Huntress smiled at being the first one to defy their expectations. "Now then," she took another step forward, her Rakuyo and Pistol ready, "Will you come with me willingly? Or do I have to drag you out through a sea of corpses?" A tension settled over the hill as the two sides stared each other down.

One an eleven strong werewolf pack led by a male human warrior, and the other a single Hunter who managed to cut down three werewolves on her own. No one dared make a move lest they set off the powder keg that threatened to engulf the entire section of the forest in flames.

What felt like hours passed before the male finally made his move. He looked at the werewolf by his side before walking down the incline towards the Huntress. As the rest of the Pack made to follow, he held up a hand and shouted, "If you wish to take me back, you must do so by force. However, I will not risk anymore of my family's lives on this day.

I shall face you in honorable combat. If you win, I promise to go with you but you must promise to not lay a hand on anyone else in my family." He stopped when he was a few feet from the Huntress.

She was surprised to discover how young he was. He couldn't have been more than eighteen or seventeen. Yet he already had a family and was ready to fight her to defend them. It didn't change anything, but it did make her reassess her battle strategy. She stood up straight saying, "I will fight you one on one, however I do not accept your terms.

What guarantee is there that the pack of monsters behind you will not simply attack me the moment I lose or win? Or that they will not pursue me to the village in an ill fated attempt to get you back?" "Nothing, save my promise as the Alpha," he turned around, gave each werewolf a look that communicated something to them, before turning back towards the Huntress, "there.

And if I am victorious?" "Then do whatever you want with me," the Huntress shrugged, "I care not." "Agreed," the male spread out his legs while moving his spear to sit atop his shield. He held both out in front to protect his body and strike at the Huntress at the same time. He spoke again, anger rising in his voice, "Myra, Davi, and Ulva.

Those were their names. Those were the ones you killed. Let their spirits be with me as I, Myles Deltora, face you in battle!" His battle cry split the air as he stomped his foot into the ground. With no hesitation he rushed straight at the Huntress, his spear poised to stab at her shoulder. At the last moment he pulled his spear back and brought his shield up to strike her in the throat. The Huntress effortlessly ducked under the attack and kicked him in the stomach.

The blow transmitted straight through his armor, knocking the wind out of him as he went flying back a good two feet. He rolled to his feet just as the Huntress dashed in again. His shield went up to protect him only to be pierced through by the dagger on the end of the Rakuyo. Myles let his arm slip from the buckler, watching the Huntress wrench it to the right and throw it behind her off into the forest. Myles grit his teeth and let his Mana flow across his body.

This wasn't an opponent he could defeat with normal means. He had to get serious if he wanted to win. As he dodged his opponent's sweeping strikes, he felt the energy encase his limbs as they got looser and more agile. His armor became lighter and lighter until he felt like he was nude before his opponent. His body began to glow a faint white color as his Aura started to encase his entire body.

Smiling he grabbed his spear with both hands and lunged at the Huntress. He watched for the moment she backpedaled, so he could press his assualt and keep her from moving closer. Then, when his Aura had reached its peak, he'd end this battle with a single strike. His smile of triumph swiftly gave way to a mouth agape in fear. The Huntress, rather than dash away from the oncoming spear, stepped towards it. Myles could do nothing as his enemy dodged his attack, brought her blade up, and cleaved his spear straight in half with one swing.

She didn't let up, sending a right hook to Myles' temple and a kick to his groin. As he doubled over in pain her knee came up and knocked his face towards the sky. He felt blood pool in his mouth as his body throbbed all over. He tried to regain his footing only to see the Huntress' head slam directly into the center of his face. Myles felt his nose break as he was sent to the grass below. He tried to get up but froze as he felt the tip of his foes' blade pressed against his throat.

His face quivered as he stared up at his opponent, "Wh-who are you? When Sara said you had no Mana, I thought she was just seeing things. But.it's like you're dead.

And you can't be a Mamono so.what are you?" The Huntress tilted her head at what he called her, "Mamono? Is that what the monsters call themseleves? Hmn, interesting. But I believe I already answered your question. I am a simple Hunter.

No more, no less." The Huntress jerked her head to the side, "I have won this battle. I believe you owe me your cooperation." Myles bit his lip, eyes flicking between the Huntress and the weapon in her hand. It took two minutes before he finally sighed and nodded in defeat, "Alright, I'll return with you. Can I at least-" "No," the Huntress cut him off, "We have no time for that. Jet, Blitz, Sentinel! I have the target." "Indeed you do," Jet said as the three of them crested the top of hill from the other side.

The werewolves all jumped and readied to pounce the intruders, but one shout from Myles was all it took to prevent them from attacking. Jet clapped his hands while looking at the assembled monsters, "Do not worry, ladies. We will be out of your fur in a few moments. Alright, Hunt! Bring 'em up here! I can already taste our reward!" The Huntress nodded while jerking her head towards her comrades.

Myles recluntantly complied, placing his hands behind his back as the Huntress held her blade to his back. He i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad as the two of them began to walk, "You'd destroy a family for coin?" "I've destroyed many things for far less," the Huntress replied cryptically, keeping herself a good distance behind Myles.

She kept her eyes on both her target and the top of the hill as they went up the incline. Her sharp eyes flicked between all the werewolves as they went. They maybe monsters, but it was clear they felt emotions the same as humans did. Specifically, desire and lust for another. And when such emotions ran high, irrational decision suddenly seem completely.wait.

Where was the black and white werewolf that was clinging to- The Huntress felt her instincts kick in. He blade flashed to her right in a dazzling dispaly that left a white streak behind it. Everyone felt their hearts stop. Myles slowly looked to the right. There he saw Sara staring at him with emotionless empty eyes. Their eyes met for one last moment as he mouthed her name.

She smiled with her eyes closed. Then her head rolled off her shoulders. "SARA!" The Huntress moved first. Just as Myles finished crying out his wife's name, the butt of her pistol smashed into the back of his skull. Her eyes and hands moved simultaneously, grabbing the falling hostage by his hair while observing the movements of the pack above.

Adrenaline pumped through her veins as the world around her appeared to slow down. Five of the werewolves above set their sights on her, their muscles tensing as they got onto all fours. Their nostrils flared, their fangs glinted in the waning sunlight, and their growls could be heard across the hill.

She i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad her gaze to her companions. Jet was readying his crossbow while shouting a curse of some kind.

Sentinel had his staff out, the movement of his mouth revealing his attempt to cast a spell. Finally, Blitz was stepping forward to face the two werewolves who had turned to attack them. Her movements were fluid but the weight of her equipment made her too rigid. She wouldn't be able to hold off her attacks, and the two men couldn't assist her in time. The Huntress estimated that they had five seconds before the werewolves were upon them. Plenty of time to even the odds.

She took her pistol and sighted down the werewolf on Blitz's right, the direction the girl wasn't facing. She pulled the trigger and holstered i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad gun. Four seconds. She grabbed the waist of the target's trousers with her free hand and yanked him backward.

The werewolf she shot flew back, blood flying from the wound in her head, while the five focused on her started rushing down the incline towards her.

Three seconds. She waited until they were five feet away before making her move. With as much strength as she could muster she tossed the man towards her fellows.

She watched the armored body fly towards Sentinel, his eyes slowly registering the projectile human heading straight for him. Two seconds. Her assailants were almost upon her, but the sight of their male flying past them made them pause. The Huntress grabbed the handle of the Rakuyo with both hands. With a twist the weapon came apart in her hands, splitting into a long sword and dagger.

She bent her knees, took her stance with both weapons and aimed at the closest werewolf. One second. The Huntress leaped forward, dust following her arc as she descended upon the closest werewolf.

Her opponent's ears flicked towards her as she raised her weapons upon her head. The werewolf hopped backward just before the Huntress landed, grinning until the Huntress' sword cleaved through her shoulder. A spray of blood accompanied the werewolf's scream as the Huntress quickly withdrew her blade from the monster's flesh. She crouched and turned on her heal while stabbing out with her weapons. She felt resistance give as her blades pierced through the two werewolves on her left and right.

The Mamono coughed up blood as the Huntress started pulling her sword from their stomachs. Four furred claws quickly grasped her arms, holding her in place as the remaining two werewolves charged her from the front.

They pounced at the same time, their faces barely constraining the glee they felt at being able to avenge their fallen family. The Huntress felt something heavy fall against her back as she tried to stand. Warm liquid fell down the back of her cloak proving her suspicions of the Mamono behind her surviving her strike.

The Huntress cursed as the shadows of the two unharmed werewolves fell over her. She had thought the wound she inflicted on her first target was deep enough to put her out of the fight long enough to deal with the others.

But. A chill went down her spine as the scenery changed. Her vision became blurry as the lost its luscious green, replaced with a dark, sickly gray. The orange hue of the sun's light was replaced by a soothing, white that bathes everything around her. She looked up and felt her eyes go wide. Her original opponents were gone, replaced with the creatures that she had fought against for a night that she thought would never end. Beasts. They were still werewolves, but their human shapes had been replaced with long, crooked, black fur-covered bodies.

Their round faces had turned into elongated muzzles filled with rows of sharp teeth. White, bloody bandages fell around them in clumps, their claws now as large as a human's body. The Huntress felt the hair on the back of her neck stand up. No, why were they here? They shouldn't be here. They couldn't be here! She left Yharnam! Her Nightmare is over! The Beasts.they can't.they can't be. The two pouncing werewolves landed. Their muzzles clamped down on her shoulders. The Huntress felt something inside her snap.

Then she roared. "Come on Blitz! We need to go!" Jet stumbled a bit as he ran down the hill, the torso of their target held in his arms. The edge of the forest was coming up in front of him. Only a few more feet and they'd be in the clear. He looked back towards Sentinel, the old man carrying the target by his legs.

His forehead was covered in sweat but his eyes never left their approaching destination. He saw Jet looking at him and nodded. Jet returned it, and turned his gaze to the top of the hill, "Blitz!" Blitz flinched as she barely blocked another attack from the werewolf, "Shut and go!

I'll catch, fuck!" She felt her feet leave the ground as the foe hit her shield, hard. Her teeth grit as she regained her footing and swung her lance in a horizontal sweep. The werewolf ducked under the first pass, only to gasp as the steel weapon came to a stop right above her. She barely dodged to the side as Blitz slammed her weapon down.

Blitz cursed as she repositioned to keep her opponent in her sight. She needed to keep the monster at bay until Jet and Sen had cleared the treeline. Only then will she try to make a break for it. Any earlier would leave all three of them open to being run down when the rest of the pack was done with Hunt. Blitz felt bad about leaving her, but what's done was done.

That rookie knew the risk and accepted them. If they tried to rescue her, they'd be overrun and the entire operation would've been for naught. Blitz shook her head while blocking a kick from her left. At least they'd be able to- A blood-curdling roar split the air. Blitz felt the blood in her veins run cold. She felt the raw emotion behind the cry chill her to the bone.

Her legs started to shake involuntarily, as her eyes darted from one end of the hill to the other in search of its source. It took her a moment to realize her opponent had ceased her assault. The werewolf's wide, blue eyes were glued to the crest of the hill, her body rigid not in preparedness, but fear. Blitz followed that gaze up to the top of the hill. She almost retched at what she saw.

Hunt stood there looking down upon them like a specter of death. She slowly moved her gaze from Blitz to the werewolf, her body and weapons coated in blood. How much of it was Hunt's, Blitz didn't know. Her mind was too busy trying to comprehend how a lone human managed to fight off five werewolves without being turned.

Unless. Blitz swallowed hard before cautiously saying, "Hunt? You ok?" The look she shot Blitz made her flinch and step back. Hunt stared at her for a few moments, before turning to the remaining werewolf. The monster began to step back, her tail between her legs at the sight of the black-clothed woman. The werewolf made it three steps before Hunt was upon her. Blitz felt whiplash as she jerked her head to follow the blur that was Hunt. Hunt had managed to move fast enough to get behind the werewolf to block her escape, then kick her in the back.

The monster fell to the ground with a whimper. She tried to get up but Hunt stepped on her back, hard. Blitz could hear bones breaking and knew the monster wouldn't survive.

She wheezed and coughed, blood running down her mouth. Blitz took a step forward, "Ok, Hunt. That's enough. She won't follow us now." Hunt didn't listen.

She lifted her dual blades and held them over her captive's arms with their tips pointed downwards. "Hunt? What are you doing?" She brought her weapons down, stabbing through the werewolf's flesh with a single motion.

Hunt's boot came down on the wolf girl's neck to cut off her scream, but not hard enough to finish her off. "Hunt!" Blitz stepped forward, her hands shaking in fear, "That's enough!" The blood covered woman ignored the almost pleading cries of her comrade.

Her hands twisted her blades, widening the wounds in the werewolf's arms. Blitz moved until she was right next to Hunt. She stabbed her lance into the ground and placed the freehand on Hunt's shoulder, "Hunt. It's over. This is just cruel. Let's just-" If Blitz hadn't kept her shield up, she would've lost an arm. Her feet left the ground as she was sent flying backward.

She hit the grass hard, her clothes getting scuffed up and torn. She tried to stand up but failed when she tried to put weight on her left arm. The limb was numb, forcing her to use her right arm. She tried to stand up on shaky legs, barely getting to her knees. She felt her pulse quicken and her mind began to race as her head shot up to look at Hunt.

For a split-second, she thought she was looking at a monster. But not the kind that she was used to. Not one that would hold her down and rape her until her mind broke. Not one who's only objective was to find a husband to be with. This monster had only one purpose in life: Kill everything and everyone that stepped into its sight. Her heart skipped a beat. She thought that she was going to die. Then Hunt spoke to her in a small, childlike, frightened voice, "Blitz?" "Blitz?" the Huntress increased her pace as she spoke to Blitz's back, "Please let me explain." The girl's silence was like a knife stabbing into the Huntress' heart.

Blitz increased her pace, her steps crunching fallen leaves underfoot in the darkness of the forest. The sun had finally set and the two of them were walking to the rendezvous point they had set up in case anything went wrong. The Huntress bit her lip as what happened on the hill came back to her.

Being held down and surrounded brought back memories of Yharnam and.her mind made them real. Made her think she was in real danger and would feel the pain of dying again.

The bloodlust she had worked so hard to keep at bay took control. She became a Beast in all but appearance. The blood that clung to her clothes was proof of that fact. This was distressing, but it wasn't something new to the Huntress. It had happened before despite her best efforts. However, unlike before when it happened while she was alone, this time she hurt someone else while in her blood filled fugue. Worse, it was one of her new companions. "Blitz, please. Give me a chance to explain," the Huntress increased her pace until she could touch Blitz on the shoulder.

She reached out only to jerk her hand back as her instincts warned her of danger. "I thought you'd see that coming," Blitz's voice was the same as when the Huntress first met her, cold and pragmatic. But beneath it, the Huntress could sense a hint of fear, "Par for the course for you, right?" Blitz turned around and pointed her lance at the Huntress' chest.

A moment of silence passed between them. Then the Huntress sighed, "Alright, what do you wish to know?" She had seen this coming. Blitz had questions and wanted answers. She just thought this would wait until they got back to Jet and Sentinel. Oh well. The sooner this was over with the better. "Let's start with that blood. How much of it is yours?" "Very little," the Huntress rubbed her shoulder, "two of the werewolves bit my shoulders.

Why do you ask?" "I'm asking the questions here," Blitz became warier with the Huntress' answer, "now strip." "Pardon?" "You heard me.

I need to see your arms and legs." "Why would.oh," the Huntress nodded while grasping a sleeve, "Is that how they transform humans? That is good to know." The Huntress pulled up her sleeves then her trouser legs, and took her black gloves off, revealing the supple white skin underneath. Blitz looked her body up and down, before nodding her head. The Huntress smiled while putting her gloves back on, "Anything else?" "Yeah, what in God's name are you?" Blitz slid her legs, "The things you've told us and the things you did back there don't add up." "What do you mean?" The Huntress asked more to keep the conversation moving than out of genuine curiosity.

She knew exactly what Blitz meant. Blitz started to pace to the left, circling the Huntress as she spoke, "You knew nothing about monsters, the Order, Mana, or the war before yesterday, and don't have a single hint of Mana in you. Yet you managed to bring down five werewolves, on your own, without breaking a sweat, and come out of it injured but not turning into one of them!

Normally, I'd chalk that up to you being a Hero and not telling us so you could turn us into the Order." The Huntress narrowed her eyes. Sentinel had explained what Heroes were to her. They were similar to Hunters. Individuals that, by choice or chance, became extremely powerful and are sent to defend people from the things that go bump in the night. However, where the Hunters were hated and feared, Heroes are celebrated and loved. The Huntress could only imagine what that felt like. "And what makes you believe otherwise?" the Huntress did her best to appear as nonchalant as possible, her eyes following the smaller girl as she circled to her left.

Blitz's face turned into a disgusted sneer as she spoke, "You killed the monsters." "Yes. And?" the Huntress questioned. "That! Right there!" Blitz jabbed her lance forward but did not go far enough to hit the Huntress, "Heroes don't act like that!

You killed an entire pack of werewolves and don't feel even a tinge of remorse. Heroes never kill anyone, because they're supposed to be pure, good, and kind. They defend the weak and fight with Honor! Blitz stopped moving when she was in front of the Huntress again. She spoke the next sentence with as much bile as she could muster, "You are no Hero.

And anyone who treats other lives the way you do isn't someone I can trust. I'll let you stay until we get the job done, but after that, you're out. Got it?" The Huntress did not respond. She simply stood there, her face covered by the shadow of her tricorn hat. She shook her head before looking down at Blitz, "I understand your concern.

I will take what you have said under consideration. Now, might I ask some questions of my own?" At Blitz's nod, she continued, "The man we rescued, Myles I believe he said his name was. He's a Hero, correct?" Blitz nodded again, her eyes narrowing in surprise, "He is.

How'd you know?" "His fighting style. It was clear he had some training in the use of a spear, and he started to 'glow', for lack of a better word, at one point. I believe that was him using Mana. I also suspect the stripped werewolf I killed was also a Hero at one point." "Ok, that's a stretch," Blitz folded her arms while rolling her eyes at the Huntress. The Huntress continued unperturbed, "She managed to hide her presence well enough to sneak up on me until I realized she was gone.

On top of this, Myles knew her name and was visibly shaken when she died. More so than when I killed the three werewolves before her." "Where are you going with this?" "If we are to use those two as an example of Heroes, and everything you just said about them was true, then the humans are in even more dire straits than I thought." "What?" Blitz's head tilted incredulously, "What does any of that have to do with this?" The Huntress took a step forward, "Tell me, have you made any significant gains in this war?

Have you heard stories of Heroes going out and taking ground now occupied by the monsters? Blitz suddenly went quiet. Her lance began to shake in her hand, and the Huntress took full advantage, "Have you seen any Order excursions that return with news of the monsters' defeat?

Do you see a multitude of places being repopulated by the ailing human population? "Or," the Huntress took two steps forward, the tip of the lance now almost touching her nose, "do you constantly hear the opposite? Tales of Heroes falling to the embrace of the monsters? Great role models being brought low as the monsters overtake yet another village? Stories of young men and women being taken in the night and everyone just goes about their day as if it's a normal occurrence?" By this point, the Huntress had completely bypassed the lance and stood right in front of Blitz.

The smaller girl's body was visibly shaking as multiple emotions warred inside of her. The girl looked up at the Huntress, frustration, and anger blaring in her eyes, "And what do you know, huh?

You didn't know there was a war until yesterday!" "True," The Huntress stepped to Blitz's left side and placed a hand on her shoulder, "I do not know the exact circumstances of your situation.

Nor do I understand the nuances and movements of your leaders. However, I do know war. Or at least, something very similar. And if there is one thing I know about war it is this." The Huntress stepped past Blitz with an ominous warning, "In war, you either kill your enemy or you are killed in return. There is no middle ground. If your leaders and Heroes do not soon realize this, then the monsters have already won." She walked away, leaving Blitz standing there with her lance pointed at the air.

The Huntress stopped for a few moments and waited. When she heard footsteps behind her she continued towards the rendezvous point. "What did you say to Blitz?" The Huntress looked up from the wooden figure in her hand. Sentinel stood next to her as she leaned against a tree trunk. They had turned a clearing into their temporary campsite. The plan was to wait until morning to move on to the village.

Their client would be in town tomorrow to complete the transaction. There were worries over how the gold would be shared until the Huntress agreed to take merely ten percent of the earnings. She surprised Jet with that decision, but he did not attempt to dissuade her from it.

Sentinel crossed his arms as the Huntress stared at him. She didn't hear any anger in his previous statement, meaning he was asking more out of genuine curiosity than malice. Which was good, because it meant he was willing to listen. She spoke to the large man in a matter of fact voice, "That humanity is on the brink of destruction, and how their supposed protectors will fail them because they will not kill their enemy." Sentinel was silent for a few moments. The sound of groaning brought their gaze to the Huntress' feet.

There is a pile of dead leaves lays their target, Myles Deltora. He only had his cloth jerkin and trousers now, his armor and weapon divested and hidden away from him. Though the Huntress wondered if there was a need to do that. Myles had been completely quiet since they rescued him. He made no attempts to escape, shouted no protest, and had no reaction to the fact that the one who killed his "family" was standing right next to him. The Huntress had seen this before, and it made her skeptical that their client would be happy with their job.

There was a thump, and the Huntress turned her attention back to Sentinel. The old man was sitting on the ground, his legs crossed, while his tired eyes gazed at the Huntress, "Yeah, I thought so.

The war is a.touchy subject with her. She's always idolized Heroes. Ever since she was a little girl, she'd thought they were the incorruptible bastions that the monsters would break upon. It's what made her start training. She wanted to be strong enough to defend the innocent. I remember the spark in she had in her eyes now she tries to be like them. I just hope it doesn't get her captured and turned one day." The Huntress nodded, understanding dawning on her.

The way Sentinel said "always" got her attention, "You knew her before she became a bounty hunter then?" Though this was likely a personal question, Sentinel speaking to her like this made her feel slightly giddy. He was comfortable enough with her to talk about his past and relationships with his two friends.

It made her feel trusted again for the first time in a long time. And she wouldn't betray that trust. Not again. Not ever again. The old man nodded, "Aye. I knew both them since they were kids. Jet and Blitz. A poor orphan off the side of the streets with nothing to his name, and a bright-eyed town girl searching for a dream. I remember kicking their asses into shape as if it were yesterday." "And what are they to each other?" The moment the Huntress asked a loud, feminine moan came from the other side of their campsite.

Myles shifted a bit at the sound then went still again. Sentinel smiled knowingly, "That answer your question?" "Indeed," the Huntress nodded before shaking her head, "I feel a strange sense of deja vu. Blitz and I get into an argument, I anger her, Jet comforts her, while you try to give me an explanation." "Strange how things work out, huh?" the old man looks up at the night sky wistfully. There was silence between the two of them for a moment until the Huntress asked, "What do you think, Sentinel?" "Just Sen will do," the Huntress resisted the urge to pump her fist at being allowed to use his nickname, "and about what?" "This war.

Do you think humans have a chance?" He was silent for a long time, a deeper and deeper frown etching into his face every passing second. Finally, he replied, "No. Not really. They don't look like it, but the Order's on the back foot. The monsters keep kidnapping folks and turning them, more of them are born every day, and them seizing Lescatie was one of their biggest moves yet.

If God doesn't get up and do something soon.then I don't know if the humans she's trying to protect will still be here." "I see," was all the Huntress could say. A few minutes of contemplative silence went by as they digested what Sen had said. The Huntress had already come to these conclusions, but hearing it from a veteran like Sen turned mere guesswork into a logical deduction. She was starting to understand the bigger picture behind this war.

But there were still some pieces missing, and she wasn't sure how to collect them. Sen stood up from with a grunt holding his hand out to the Huntress, "Ok then, let me see your hand." "Why?" the Huntress asked as she put the statue into a chest pocket. "Blitz said you got bit," Sen's face was soft but serious, "I'm gonna check to see if you're fine.

I know you told her you were, but people tend not to realize when the transformation has begun until it's too late. You may not have any Mana, but no one's managed to resist being turned once they get some Spirit Energy from a monster in 'em.

So, come on. I'm just gonna check." "And you will do this, how?" "A Mana transfer," he pointed to himself then to the Huntress, "I'll send a bit of my Mana into you, and draw any Mana from you into me. If you're still human, then nothing should happen.

If you're not.well, we'll deal with that when we come to it." The Huntress looked at the burly man's calloused right hand. She shrugged and place her left hand into his, "If it'll set your mind at ease then alright." Sen smiled before closing his eyes. The two of them stood there with their hand clasped for five minutes with nothing unusual happening.

Then he cried out in immense i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad. The Huntress panicked, quickly letting her companion's hand go, "What's wrong?!" He doubled over while holding up his right arm up with his left. His eyes were wide with panic and fear as he beheld his now numb arm. He couldn't move a single finger. His breathing was heavy as he slowly looked at the Huntress with shock in his eyes, "My.my Mana.you.you took it." "What?" the Huntress stood her ground, 'What do you mean?" "You took my Mana," Sen spoke with equal parts awe and distress, "and not like a monster does.

You didn't take it and use it to feed yourself. You.you destroyed it. It's like any Mana that gets into your body is.obliterated. When I looked inside you I saw.a ravenous, hungry maw that just devoured all the Mana that came to it. Anything it absorbed it destroyed. How is that possible?

What.what the fuck are you?!" The Huntress felt her heart sink. She stumbled over her words as her brain worked overtime to find an explanation. She found one. And it made her slip deeper into despair. Her expression darkened as she turned her back on Sen. She spoke with a cold, unfeeling voice, "I'm sorry, Sen. I never thought.I never thought that would happen. I'll leave you to recover." "W-wait," Sentinel reached out towards the Huntress with his left hand, but she was already walking deeper into the forest.

The last thing she said before she was swallowed by the trees was, "Thank you i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad telling about your past.

And tell Blitz, I'm sorry." Then she disappeared into the darkness of the night. Damn your stories are always a tasty treat for me! Thanks for the chapters and keep up the good work. MGE might be a somewhat lighthearted setting but the Huntress will bathe it in blood and turn it upside down. Humans and monsters here have never seen the true face of war and bloodshed but that will change.slowly. It is always good to see the Hunter kick ass and generally be a badass in other settings.

Sentinel cursed under his breath as he hobbled to the tent Jet and Blitz were in. His right arm was held under his left armpit, Mana slowly coming back to it. It still felt like a lump of lead attached to his body but he could bear with it. What he discovered was too important to let something like this slow him down. He needed to get Jet and Blitz out here to help him find Hunt.

Getting her back to Pran was the only thing that mattered now. Even above their job. It didn't take him long to find the two lovers' tent. He just had to follow the grunts and moans of pleasure. His eyes narrowed as he limped towards the triangular fabric, "Blitz! Jet! Get your asses out here! Hunt's gone and we need to find her!" "L-little, ah, busy, ah fuck, here Sen," Jet's reply was followed by a loud, uncharacteristically girly moan from Blitz.

The old man didn't listen, stomping forward and pushing the tent flap wide open. They had laid out a camping bed with a lit lantern to their left. Blitz was down on all fours, naked with her head facing the entrance while Jet knelt behind her. The two lovers jumped at Sentinel's sudden appearance, Jet losing his balance and falling backward.

He left Blitz with a wet pop turning her surprised gasp into a frustrated moan that was muffled as her face hit the cloth beneath her. Jet hit the ground and pushed himself up by his elbows. He stared daggers at Sentinel, "What the fuck, Sen?! Didn't you hear-" "Shut it ya horny little shit!" both Blitz and Jet went silent at the old man's outburst.

He hadn't raised his voice at them since their training years. Now he was stomping towards Jet, his face redder than a tomato, and his fist clenched in anger.

"Woah," Jet got to his feet while looking up at Sentinel, "You alright, Sen? And what was that about Hunt?" "Listen to me," Sentinel's voice brokered no argument, "we need to move fast.

Hunt went off into the woods and we need to find her before she gets too far. We can bring the target with us if you want, but time is of the essence!" "I.I don't see why we.oh god.have to chase after her," Blitz's legs wobbled as she tried to stand, her pink hair completely disheveled, "I say good.good riddance." "I mean, yeah," Jet rubbed the back of his head, "I mean if she left, that means she abandoned her post watching our client's son.

That's not exactly something we can brush off." Sentinel narrowed his eyes and grabbed Blitz by her shoulder. He pushed her into Jet's arms and shouted, "Look at this!" He pulled his right arm out and left it to flop to his side. His two companions focused on the numb limb, Blitz immediately lifting it up in her hands. Her eyes scanned the appendage while she questioned, "What.what happened? Did Hunt do this to you? Did she turn after all?" "Hunt did do this, but she's not a monster.

Well not exactly. I'll explain later, we need to find her, now!" Jet frowned, "Why? If she did this to you, then I agree with Blitz! Let her leave!" "You don't understand," Sentinel put his arm back under his armpit while shaking his head.

His eyes were alight as he spoke, "She's the key. She's the thing the Chief God has been waiting for. She can do the one thing no Hero has managed to do yet!" "And that's?" his comrades looked at him with trepidation and uncertainty. "Win us this War." "It's your fault." The Huntress looked at the murky red liquid held within the vial she held in her palm. She had removed her gloves, leaving her skin open to the cool night air. Above her, the waning moon shined down upon her with silver light.

It reflected off the container, the metallic needle on the bottom shining in the dark of the night. "It's always your fault," she started to squeeze the vial in her right hand. It creaked beneath her grip, the smooth glass lightly shaking against her skin.

She started to bite her lip with the same intensity. "Whenever I try to find something good in life, make something I can be proud of, or form a bond with someone who could come to understand me, you ruin it." Her grip intensified.

The glass started to crack. She felt her hand shaking at the same time as the glass. "First you took my humanity. Then you took my friends. Then you took my mentor." The cracks spread across the container. Her lip started to bleed under her teeth. "And now, you've taken this chance for a new life.

You. Take. Everything from me." The glass shattered in her palm. The warm liquid splatters across her hand, any cuts from the glass healing as her skin absorbed the Blood. She flexed her hand before leaning against the fallen log at her back. She sighed, feeling the frustration and anger dissipate as the cool night air entered her lungs. She reached into her coat pocket and brought out three statues she bought yesterday.

She held each one up to the moonlight to thoroughly examine them. They were all depiction of a classical knight in various poses with his sword. The first was him bravely defending against an invisible foe.

The second was him standing tall with his head held high, his armor cracked and broken in places. The last showed him kneeling on one knee with his hands clasped around the hilt of his sword, possibly praying to a god of some kind.

The Huntress moved the third figure back and forth in her hand. Memories from her childhood surfaced as the moonlight filled her gaze. The sight of a man in armor driving away bandits as she watched from a decrepit rooftop.

The same knight rescuing her from a horrid faith as some slumlord's toy. His death at the hands of a terrifying beast that had escaped into the countryside.

She frowned at the ugly memory, then threw all three figures deeper into the forest. They crashed into a bush breaking the wooden twigs as they hit the forest floor. Regret suffused the Huntress, causing her to sigh while shaking her head.

That wasn't fair to neither the statues nor the craftsman who made them. And taking her frustrations out on inanimate objects, while therapeutic, was not healthy. She made to stand but paused at a familiar sound to her right. A slow glance to her right made her eyes go wide. A small pond filled with brackish liquid had formed next to her, and out of it came the sickly, gray bodies of the Messengers. Four of them climbed out of the puddle, three of them holding up the figures she had discarded.

She blinked twice before slowly reaching down and plucking the statues from their hands, "Th-thank you, little ones. Though, why are you here?" The Huntress asked this out of genuine curiosity. True, the Messengers had a talent for appearing anywhere and everywhere to assist the Hunters, but that was back in Yharnam and the Nightmare. This is a completely different world so why are they.

"It's because of you." The Huntress looked up from the Messengers. She sighed while standing up, taking out Burial Blade. She held the curved sword in one hand while unholstering Evelyn with the other. She looked to her left with barely hidden annoyance, "Show yourself before I am forced to drag you out here." From the shadows of the forest came an equally dark clothed woman. As soon as she revealed herself, the Huntress knew she was a Mamono.

Her unnaturally large breast, wider than average hips, the way she seemed to float along the ground, and the abnormally pale skin provided all the proof she needed. Her hands were clasped together in front of her with their long fingers interlaced with each other. A black veil flowed across her back, forming a hood atop her head and matching the long, black hair that reached her lower back.

Her slanted eyes looked at the Huntress with.pity? The Huntress tilted her head in confusion. She let the creature step into the moonlight to get a better view and her suspicions were confirmed. The Mamono's cheeks were streaked with tears that were still running down her face, while her large black eyes looked upon the Huntress as one would a wounded dog.

Her weeping echoed across the silent forest seeming to eliminate all other sounds in the vicinity. The Messengers had long since left leaving the Huntress alone with the ethereal monster. The Huntress pointed her blade at the Mamono, stopping it in its tracks, "That is close enough.

Who or what are you, why shouldn't I cut you down where you stand." She expected one of two reactions from the monster. Either some type of retaliatory response, possibly of surprise or confidence before they began to exchange blows. Or one of fear, where the monster attempted to run away as the Huntress chased it down. What she did not expect was for the Mamono to start crying. Loudly. For the first time since she came to this world, the Huntress genuinely surprised by something she did not see coming.

She was no stranger to crying. She had heard plenty of anguished wails from both the living and the dead in Yharnam. The Hunt affected everyone in the city and some simply couldn't withstand the mental strain at waiting for it to end. Of particular note were the old women who insulted her predicament when she was searching for survivors.

Rude they may have been, but to watch them slowly descend into mad cackles.no one deserved that fate. However, all those people began to cry for a reason mostly divested from her actions. This creature did so in response to her threat. It was.strange. "Why do you weep?" the Huntress asked without lowering her weapon, "What could you possibly have to weep for?" "I weep for many," the Mamono's voice was surprisingly clear, concise, and sonorous in spite of her tears, "for that is all I can do.

I weep in the hopes to grant succor and peace to those who have met their end, those about to meet death, and those who bring it with them. It is my duty as a Banshee, servant of Hel." "Ah," the Huntress rolled her eyes, "so you weep for the werewolves I killed. That is understandable. But if your objective is to elicit sympathy from me, then I'm afraid your efforts are in vain." The "servant" shook her head, "No.

My sisters shed their tears for them. I have come to shed mine for you." The Huntress scoffed while spreading her feet wide, "Any pity you feel is wasted upon me. I did kill your kin did I not?" "Death does not discriminate. It takes all, whether they be friend or foe. You of all people should know this," the Banshee began to wail again with her hands clasped to her chest, "The death of many, both friend and foe, weigh heavily upon you. Their memories and spirits cling to you, a mist of anger and regret." At the mention of memories, the Huntress instinctively reached inside and was surprised at the familiar feeling of ethereal liquid beneath her fingers.

Retracting her hand revealed clumps of Coldblood. Whispers came to her ears as she held the congealed liquid, unintelligible save for a few fleeting words that said Myles' name. She stared at the Coldblood for a time, not as surprised as she thought she should be. She didn't expect to find Coldblood here nor did she think it would be possible to gain Blood Echoes from this world's inhabitants. She hadn't bothered to check after her first two encounters with Mamono and bandits respectively.

However, there was nothing saying it wouldn't be possible. Yet another thing to look into when she returned to the Dream. "And they are not the only ones," the Banshee continued, "it is as if you are Spectre of Death itself. Mamono and humans alike will not live to see the next light the moment they cross your path. The future I see with you in it is a bleak one built upon a mountain of corpses the likes of which none can fathom.

I weep for them, I weep for you, I weep for us all." The Banshee's sobbing reached a fever pitch this time.

Her crying voice echoed through the forest, a cacophony of sorrow that drove the birds from the trees and shook the bushes around them. Any man or woman in attendance would feel compelled to rush forth and quiet the distressed wailing, magical impulses pushing them to act even if they didn't understand the reason for their urgency.

The Huntress merely rolled her eyes. She put the Coldblood back into her pocket, walked back to the fallen log, sat down with her back against it, then turned her attention to the moon above. She spoke at length to the Banshee, "If you have spoken your piece, then be on your way.

You have made no attempt to harm me nor seem to be of threat to those around me. Head in any direction save to directly behind me and no harm will come to you." "So cold and cruel," the Banshee sobbed but bowed her head, "but you are correct. I am merely here to mourn and deliver the children." "Children?" the Huntress sat up, her hands gripping her weapons tighter than before, "What children?" Rather than answer, the Banshee gave a sad smile before disappearing into the foliage behind her.

A rustle came from the bushes where she had vanished and out stepped two young Mamono. They were indeed children, neither of them even old enough to be considered toddlers. The color of their fur, their eyes red from crying, and the blazing hate they pointed towards the Huntress told her all she needed know. She slowly stood up, her face set but her body unsteady as she got to her feet. Instantly, she heard one of the werewolf pups rush straight at her.

This one had the same striped fur i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad her mother and jumped at the Huntress with teeth and claws bared. The Huntress didn't move as the pup crashed into her torso. The girl slashed with her claws but they barely penetrated the thick coat the Huntress wore.

When she realized how her attacks were ineffective, she started searching for some opening in the Huntress' clothing. The Huntress watched the hyperventilating child with growing unease and slight terror. Her hands felt clammy, sweat started forming beneath her hat, and the eyes constantly shifted from the werewolf child attacking her to the blade in her right hand. 'Why? Why did it have to be children?' The Huntress felt the unpleasant memory of her greatest failure start to resurface.

She closed her eyes and grabbed her head with her left hand. She shook her entire torso, sending the werewolf tumbling to the ground. She yelled out, "No! No! No! No! It wasn't i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad fault! I had no control over it! I just told her where to go! All she had to do was wait for me! It wasn't my fault!" She had said this over and over again, gone over the event with a critical eye millions of times, and had already gotten revenge for the girl's death.

But no matter what she did, that wound on her heart refused to heal. She stopped thrashing around pulling her hand away from her face. She hadn't put her gloves back on and her pale skin was completely exposed to the air. Evelyn fell from her left hand as she blinked once. Instantly her hand was covered in blood.

Not the blood of Beasts or crazed Hunters. Blood of the innocent. Blood of those who didn't deserve to die at her hand. Blood of two children who had the misfortune to meet her on the Night of The Hunt. Just like these two. "No, no, no, no," she crouched and started shaking her head while muttering nonsense, "It wasn't my fault.

I'm not in Yharnam anymore. Things are different here. Things will be different here! It wasn't my fault." A tug on her right arm broke her out of her stupor. She slowly turned her head to see the other a little girl holding onto the sleeve of her cloak. She looked exactly like Gascoigne's daughter, and for a moment the Huntress felt hope rise in her chest. Could this be her chance to atone? To make amends for her failure?

That vision was shattered when the girl bit the Huntress' exposed arm. The Huntress felt the haze in her head clear i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad the girl changed in front of her eyes. The human girl was replaced by a brown-furred monster that was currently biting into her skin. She shook the Mamono off, picking Evelyn up as she got to her feet. "That's how.," the pup rubbed her eyes while sobbing out her sentence, ".that's how Dad said he and Mom got together.

Now.now you can be our new Mom." "Yeah!" the striped one stood up, "You'll turn into one of us, then become our Mom, then we can get Dad back, and everything will go back to normal!" The Huntress got to her feet and looked between the two children as her mind processed what they just said. They didn't look any older than five, yet they already had the urge to transform other females into monsters. Not just the urge, but they knew the exact methods they needed to use and doubtless knew how to do the same to men.

If that was the case then. The Huntress lowered her head and spoke to the two girls in a commanding voice, "You miss your mother? Do you?" She let the words seep into their minds before saying the next part, "Would you like to see her again?" Their dog-like ears pricked up at that. The Huntress did not waste the opening, "If you do, then simply stand right here and close your eyes." Whether it was the commanding tone of her voice, or they genuinely believed that they would see their mother again, the two girls obeyed the Huntress' instructions.

She nodded when the two stood in front of her with their eyes closed, the striped one tighter than her sister. She gripped her Burial Blade tight and raised it high above her head.

The moonlight glinted off the silverite edge. She was vaguely aware of the sound of twigs being snapped, and someone's voice yelling at her to stop. But she had made up her mind. For the sake of countless others, these children's lives end tonight. She brought her blade down and.nothing happened. She frowned and tried again.still nothing.

Her frown grew as she looked towards her weapon arm. It felt like someone was holding her back. But who- "I think I've let you run free long enough," a loud, booming voice resonated through the Huntress' entire being.

Her body tensed and instincts she had long since suppressed came to the fore once again. Her breathing quickened, her heart pumped faster, and her entire body was on alert. For once again, she felt the presence of something far greater than her. Something whose existence was much older and much more substantial than her own.

She felt the presence of A Great One. A God. It stood right beside her, holding her arm in place with one hand. It wasn't there in the flesh, instead using a projection of red-tinted Mana as a stand-in. It had no defined form, but the voice in the Huntress' head had sounded female. And, based on the immense strength she felt around her wrist, this could only be Ares, the so-called Goddess of Fighting.

The Goddess' projection leaned forward, the smell of battle and body oils beginning to permeate the air as she spoke, "I know you're new here, but that doesn't excuse your actions. I've left you alone because I thought you might come around to our way of doing things. The sigh the Goddess gave made flattened the grass beneath the Huntress' feet, "But it's obvious that won't happen on its own.

So, I'm going to teach you a little lesson about-" Ares went silent at the sight of Evelyn's barrel aimed directly at her face. I found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad moved her head to look the Huntress in the eyes. And saw something that made her skin crawl even through her projection. Most mortals immediately felt pride, strength, passion, or lust fill them when they so much as felt her gaze upon them.

The Amazons and Lizardmen who worship her can attest to this fact. But she didn't see any of that in the Huntress' eyes. No fear. No awe. None of it.

No, what she saw was something even more terrifying. The Huntress didn't see her as a God. She saw her as prey to be hunted. And, for a split second, that's exactly what Ares felt like.

She dropped her astral projection just before the Huntress pulled the trigger. The report of a bullet being fired sent the forest into a frenzy. Whatever birds had returned to roost flew away again. The sound spooked the werewolf girls who dashed off into the foliage. The Huntress cursed under her breath as she looked to her left to see Blitz rushing towards her with an arm outstretched. The younger girl stopped a few feet away from the Huntress, panting with her hands on her knees.

When she caught her breath she yelled in the Huntress' face, "Just what the fuck did you think you were doing?! Were you seriously planning to kill children?!" "They were monsters," the Huntress replied, half-listening as she searched the area for any trace of the Goddess.

"That doesn't matter! They were children!" Blitz's hands were curled into fists and the Huntress felt her body tense in case swung them at her. Sentinel was the one to defuse the situation, "Calm down, Blitz. You saw what happened. Hunt stopped before she did anything. Didn't you see her arm trembling in the air?" "Old man's right," Jet walked forward with his crossbow held in both hands, "I'm pretty sure I felt the gaze of Ares herself on Hunt back there.

You know she doesn't give that to anyone! Only honorable warriors who earn her favor through noble deeds! Do you really think she'd be here if Hunt was actually going to kill those kids?" "Actually," the Huntress interrupted, "that is not what happened at all." Blitz looked at her with barely concealed anger, while Sentinel and Jet pleaded with their eyes for her to play along.

And while the Huntress may lie to them about her origins and her talents, she would not lie about this. They deserve to know the kind of person she is, "I was fully prepared to kill those two.

They told me they were going to make me their 'new Mom'. They already knew what they had to do in order to transform a woman into a monster. Because I've let them live, they've been given a chance to find another vulnerable woman, bite her, and turn her into one of them. Then she'll find a 'husband' and a new pack will form in the shadow of the old one." "B-but Ares," Jet started until the Huntress cut him off with a deadpan glare.

"Ares didn't come here to praise me. She came to stop me. Apparently, my killing of monsters has not gone unnoticed. She attempted to persuade me to temper my approach towards them. My response to her," the Huntress lifted her rifle while smiling wickedly beneath her bandana, "was very clear." "No.no way," Blitz took two steps back, her legs shaking as she did, "You.you're not.you're not even human are you?

You can't seriously believe this fucking psychopath is our savior can you, Sen!" She yelled at the old man who kept his eyes glued to the Huntress. She called his name twice more, each time growing more distraught. Sentinel took a deep breath, his right arm still held under his left, and knelt on one knee.

He bowed his head to the Huntress and said with the voice of i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad tired old man who hadn't yet lost hope, "Hunt, know I do not ask this lightly. Though I am aware of your stance on the war, I must ask nay, beg you.

Please, join us! Either our group, a mercenary band, or even the fucking Order itself! Please! Help us win this war!" The walk back was quiet.

The Huntress took point, leading Myles by rope they tied around his wrist. The Hero's head hung low with his eyes focused on something only he could see. He hadn't changed at all since last night and didn't even try to run away while everyone was gone. The Huntress couldn't blame him. Where exactly could he go at this point? A cough from her left reminded the Huntress of her companions walking with her.

Their formation was completely counter to how it was when they started. Instead of everyone following close behind the Huntress they all gave her a wide berth. Blitz refused to look her in the eyes, Jet kept avoiding her gaze, and she could feel Sentinel's gaze on the back of her head.

It seemed that the Huntress had managed to taint any relationship she had with them. She didn't blame them. Not after what happened last night. The Huntress silently walked through the forest, her steps hardly impeded by the darkness around her.

She had traversed extremely dark areas that were the norm in Yharnam. A combination of the Night Of the Hunt and the magic of the Great Ones keeping the sun from rising. Forced to move through such areas while being surrounded by creatures that wished her dead, she had to adapt.

Her eyes could adjust to the dark areas in seconds rather than minutes. Not to mention the two cubs weren't exactly careful in their flight. Broken tree branches and fallen leaves outlined exactly where they went. It would be a simple matter for the Huntress to find them.

At least, it would be. "Tell me, why are you following me, Blitz?" the Huntress glanced at the younger woman to her left, "You'd made it very clear you do not wish to be around me." "I'm here to make sure you don't do anything to those kids!" she shouted back, fists clenched with her eyes roaming the foliage in front of them.

The Huntress slowly turned to the old man at her right, "And you, Sentinel?" He shrugged, "I'm here to stop Blitz from doing something stupid, and to change your mind." "I believe I made myself very clear," the Huntress said while kneeling to inspect a patch of disturbed grass, "I will get involved with the war, but not yet. I require more information before I commit to a course of action." "What else do you need to know?" Sentinel replied, "The monsters are outbreeding us, our Heroes are being turned against us, and the Order isn't doing shit.

We need someone like you. If you join the War Effort, our fortunes would change overnight." The Huntress stood up and started walking again, "I'm sorry, Sentinel. But, I've joined a similar conflict with very little knowledge of its true purpose before.

By its end, all my allies went mad, were killed, or died by my hand when they tried to kill me. I will not make the same mistake again." "That's what I'm saying," Sentinel continued, "I don't exactly know what you're talking about, but the past is the past. Just because you did something bad then, doesn't mean you'll do it now." "Sen, did you not just see her try and decapitate two kids back there?" Blitz shouted in response, "Or what about what she did to your arm?

Can you trust her after that?" The Huntress sighed in frustration as Sentinel replied to Jet. The matter of what happened to Sentinel's arm was something she attributed to the Blood. Another horrid side effect of her transfusion no doubt. Investigating the exact reason was added to her ever-growing list of things she needed to look into.

Things were already starting to feel like Yharnam again. Silently she thanked Jet for going back to camp instead of following them. He pointed out how someone needed to watch the person they spent all day attempting to rescue.

Even if it was an excuse to not be in the middle of those two, she appreciated his commitment to the mission.

Now if only the two people following her knew how to leave well enough alone. Sentinel kept shifting between pointing out how bad the war is going and attempting to persuade the Huntress to join the fight immediately. On the other hand, Blitz repeatedly pointed out the issue with the Huntress' morals and lambasting her brutal combat methods. It was starting to give her a headache.

The Huntress started to tune her companions out, focusing on following the werewolves' tracks. They were getting close. She could tell by the tufts of fur that were caught on a few brambles. However, something was.off. She narrowed her eyes while picking up a piece of brown fur. She lifted it to her nose and sniffed it. Blitz watched with half-hidden disgust, but the Huntress didn't notice.

Her eyes closed as she tried to place the scent. She had smelt it before, but where? .No. Her eyes shot open and she immediately ran forward. Blitz and Sentinel were stunned long enough for her to lose them in the foliage. She ignored the branches and brambles that whipped at her skin and caught her clothes. Her mind was in a panic, eyes darting to and fro while she ran. 'It can't be! They can't be here! The Plague was meant to be contained to Yharnam! How did.wait.

One of them bit me. She imbibed my blood.The Blood.' The more she thought about it the faster she ran. She heard a small groan echo from someone nearby and made a b-line for the source. She came to a small patch of yellow flowers, where a small, furry body was sprawled across the ground. She stopped in front of it and knelt, lifting the Mamono's head. The striped face of one of the werewolves stared back at her with one eye closed in pain.

The Huntress recognized the cub as the one that jumped on her. The fiery one that laid out their plan. She lifted the werewolf, using her arms as a pillow for the child, "Can you hear me? What did this to you? Where is your sister? Can you hear me?" The werewolf coughed up a bit of blood, one arm hugging her midsection with a wince. Her eyes slowly opened up. When her vision cleared her eyes grew wide at the sight of the Huntress. She tried to get up but the pain made her lay down.

With heavy breaths she spoke, "W.what did you.do.to Fira?" "Fira?" the Huntress asked, "Is that her name? She's the one that bit me, correct? Where is she?" The ear-splitting cry of a little girl pierced the air. It soon turned into a low, pained howling that shook the trees around them. The Huntress looked up, gently laying the Mamono on the ground. Her eyes focused on the dark forest in front of her. She stepped over the child while spreading her feet out.

Evelyn and the Burial Blade shined in the moonlight as something approached from the treeline. As it came into view, the Huntress' worst fears were realized.

It was hunched over, its spine protruding out of its skin in bloody patches. Around it was patches of thick, matted brown fur that swayed in the night breeze. It stalked forward on all fours, arms and legs elongated to help it pull itself along.

The movements it made were unnatural yet it wasn't bothered in the slightest. There was no mistaking it. The Huntress was looking at a Beast. However, its transformation was incomplete. She could still spot skin underneath the mass of fur.

But the dominant reason she knew the metamorphosis wasn't complete, was the still human face it had. The face of the other werewolf sister. She looked up at the Huntress, tears filling her eyes as she choked out both a growl and a hoarse voice, "Help me.

Please. It.it hurts." "Fira," the werewolf behind the Huntress reached out towards the approaching monster, proving her suspicions. The Huntress' eyes flashed as she stepped towards the crying were.the Beast in front of her. There was no tension in her body as she held her Blade out to the side. With a calm, cold voice she spoke, "Weep no longer, little one. I will free you from your suffering." The Beast roared and haphazardly charged at the Huntress.

Groups of flowers were sent flying behind it, its limbs unhindered by their irregular orientation at all. The Huntress did not move.

She merely waited for the Beast's claws to almost hit her. Then she fired Evelyn with immaculate timing. The Beast staggered up on its hind legs, its head lolling in the air. The Huntress felt her weapon leave her, the muscles in her arm grow, and her body tenses up.

She brought her arm back and shoved it forward. The sound of flesh being torn open echoed through the trees. Blitz beat Sentinel to the flower patch. She came to a stop, hands-on knees as she tried to catch her breath. She coughed a few times as the cool air hit the raw skin in her throat. Her head lifted to try and find Hunt. The first thing she saw was the werewolf child upon her knees staring at something in front of her.

Hopeful that she had overtaken Hunt at some point, she ran to the child's. She knelt to the werewolf's side and placed a hand on her shoulder, "Are you ok? Come on, let's get you out of here. Someone's coming to." Blitz's eyes narrowed as the werewolf refused to react. Her body was frozen with her eyes wide and mouth agape in terror. She followed the child's eyes.and the same expression spread across her face in an instant. There Hunt stood, her back to them, with an inferno raging before her.

Blood covered her body and dripped from her right hand, while her left hand held a glass bottle of some kind. A white rag hung out of the top with a small flame burning on its tip. Blitz stared at the roaring fire as it began to spread across the ground, lighting the lilies around it on fire.

However, whenever they spread farther than the main conflagration, Hunt would walk over and stomp them out. No errant flame escaped her, nor did it ever reach the treeline to spread into the forest beyond. Eventually, the fire was contained to a single patch of burning grass. The smell of burnt plants hung in the air, making Blitz sneeze involuntarily. Sentinel had reached them at some point, the old man watching the fire and Hunt with the same awe that Blitz did.

Hunt slowly turned around as Blitz stood up and rushed at her with a raised fist. Sentinel wasn't quick enough to stop her advance.

All he could do was watch as Blitz ran up to Hunt and decked the taller woman in the face. Hunt barely flinched from the punch. She simply stared down at Blitz, her black eyes filled with indifference and pity.

Blitz yelled at her, "What is wrong with you!? Are you trying to burn the whole forest down!?" "That was not my intention," Hunt's voice was calm in spite of the situation, "but if I hadn't acted when I did, it would've our only option." "Oh, great, more cryptic bullshit," Blitz threw her hands up in frustration, "Are you ever going to come clean with us?" "Hopefully, no.

Never," Hunt glanced behind her at the fire. It had shrunk to the size of a campfire, it's fuel beginning to run out, "And i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad what I have done here will ensure neither you nor anyone else ever discovers it. Some things are better left forgotten.

Now, Blitz. Please move out of my way. There is one last thing I have to do." Blitz turned around and her eyes widened at the sight of the shell shocked werewolf child. She grit her teeth in anger as she ran back and stood in front of the little girl. She held her arms out, spread her legs apart, and glared defiantly at Hunt, "You can dress it up with all the pretty words you want, but I know what happened. There were two kids weren't there? And now there's only this one?

That's what the fire was for, wasn't it you fucking psycho? You killed her sister and won't even let her bury the body!" There was no hesitation in Hunt's steps as she walked forward, "Blitz, please. Move." "Make me," was Blitz's answer. "Blitz-" "I don't want to.I don't want to hear anything you have to say right now, Sen," Blitz said this with clear hurt in her voice.

Sentinel hesitantly reached a hand towards her, but let it fall to his side. "Blitz," Hunt stopped when she was halfway between the fire and Blitz. "Is this it then? Is this how you get your kicks?" Blitz chuckled more out of a need to feel brave than anything else.

She could hardly breathe under the pressure Hunt was hitting her with. It was like someone had placed a bucket of water as wide as her shoulders on her back. But she pressed on, "Do you lie awake at night imagining all the people and kids you've killed? Do you smile while imagining yourself butchering them, you sick fuck?" "Blitz. Stop," there was an edge to Hunt's voice that, if Blitz had been paying attention, would've made her rethink her next words. "Why? Did I strike a nerve?

Maybe I'm hitting the right buttons? Am I starting to break through your little facade? Good. Sentinel should see what you are. You're no savior, no Hero, no leader.

You're just a freak who likes to get off to-" There was a loud bang. Blitz's eyes went wide. She slowly looked down and saw the Huntress' fist punching her in the stomach. She looked up and tried to speak, but something hit the back of her neck. Her eyes flutter closed as she slumped in the Huntress' arms. "Sen," the Huntress lifted the young woman and held her out to the old man. He grabbed with both arms, his left healed from earlier.

He hoisted Blitz over his shoulder and turned his back on the Huntress. He spoke while walking, "I'll take Blitz back to camp. If I stay here there's a chance she'll wake up and get in your way.

Do what you have to, then come back." "Understood," the Huntress nodded, "Thank you, Sentinel." When the old man had reached the treeline, the Huntress turned to the werewolf cub kneeling in the flowers with her hands on her head. She was shaking in fear and despair, her breathing panicked, her eyes darting from side to side. The Huntress knelt to her side. Her arms fell around the child before she could run. The cub's ears pricked up in surprise but soon fell flat as the Huntress started to caress her head.

She spoke in a soothing, motherly tone, "Poor little thing. You've lost everyone, haven't you? Your mother, father, sister, everyone's gone now. You're the only one left. The werewolf started to shake in her embrace, but she continued, "I understand your pain little one.

Both from experience and because I am the one who caused it. I doubt you will ever forgive me, or that there is anything I can do to redeem myself in your eyes.

But, I can at the very least reunite you with your family." She felt the werewolf go still in her grasp, her breathing slowing down. Eventually, she went to sleep in the Huntress' arms. Her tiny chest lifted up and down as the Huntress laid her down onto the patch of flowers. The Huntress raised her Burial Blade over the child's chest. She brought it down with no hesitation, no pause, and no fanfare.

Ever since that night, there has been an unspoken tension between them. Specifically, her, Blitz, and Sentinel.

Blitz hadn't spoken to her nor Sentinel when she woke up back in camp. Threatening glares and crossed arms were all she offered to the Huntress, while Sentinel was completely ignored. This made him go silent, probably from the amount of hurt he felt at losing one of his friends. The Huntress kept her head pointed forward. She tried to keep her mind on completing the task at hand. There was nothing she could say to Blitz. Their perspective, methods, and beliefs were just too different at this point.

The best she could do was apologize, which she had already done multiple times. Sentinel, she was more confident in. The old man understood her reasons for refusing and did not hold them against here. She could resolve their conflict with a simple conversation. Then there was Jet and she wasn't sure. "You thinking about me?" the man in question suddenly appeared at the Huntress' side, but she did not jump at his intrusion.

The Huntress looked at him with a flat gaze that made his expression fall. He snapped his fingers, "Dang. Was hoping I could make you jump a little bit." "And why, exactly, did you try to do that?" the Huntress asked with a flat tone.

"Because you're walking around with this really serious look on your face, when you should be happy," Jet threw his arms up in joy while smiling, "We got our guy, we're gonna get paid, and nobody got turned into a sex-crazed slave!

That's three out of three right there. He placed his hands behind his head, stretching a bit, "Plus your spat with Blitz is kind of bringing the whole group down. By the way, nice job. You managed to piss her off on your first day. That takes some serious talent." "Believe me when I say that was not my intention.

It simply turned out this way due to circumstances," the Huntress turned to Jet, "That being said, shouldn't you be upset with me? Blitz is your lover is she not?" "How did.oh. So we were pretty loud last night, huh?" the Huntress nodded while the young man scratched the back of his neck, "Heh, sorry about that. Blitz tends to scream when we-ow!" A rock bounced off Jet's head, making him wince. When they both looked in Blitz's direction she was observing red mushrooms that were growing on top of a fallen tree log.

The Huntress chuckled at the childish display, which made Jet point at her with a smile, "Hah! I did it! I made you smile! Now things should start getting back to normal around here." "Oh really?" the Huntress pulled at the rope while placing a hand on her hip. Jet shrugged with a smile, "Ever since you got here, you've been stone-faced and serious.

More so than anyone I've met before. If I can make you smile, then I can make anyone smile. Even if they're being abnormally cranky in the morning." He said the last sentence out loud with his eyes on Blitz. She didn't reply, but her early actions proved she could hear them.

The Huntress looked at Jet in puzzlement, "You surprise me, Jet. Not that I am ungrateful, but shouldn't you be wary of me? After everything that happened last night.I figured you'd be colder to me." Jet's expression darkened and his jovial attitude diminished.

He sighed while shaking his head, "I am mad at you, but it's mostly because you hurt Blitz. But, from what Sen told me, she was acting unreasonable. So I can understand why you did what you did. As for the kids.if I decided to stop talking to you over that I'd be nothing more than a hypocrite. Growing up, I wasn't exactly the nicest orphan in town. It doesn't mean I condone it, but I won't hold it against you." "But what about Sentinel?" the Huntress knew she might be hitting a touchy subject, but it was better to get this taken care of before they reached the town of Pran, "Surely you agree with him on what an asset I would be to the Order?" Jet snorted in disgust, "Hell no I don't.

No offense to Sen, I owe that guy a lot. But the part about joining the Order or getting involved with this war at all? Nah. The Order hasn't exactly been good to me and mine, or the world at large. Let the fuckers burn due to their own incompetence.

I'll be long gone by the time that happens, laughing all the way. He patted the Huntress on the shoulder, "Now you can do what you wish, but if you want my advice; Use those skills of yours to make a decent living, then jump ship when shit hits the fan.

You'll be much better off if you do that." The Huntress looked him in his eyes and nodded. She smiled at him, "I'll be sure to keep that in mind, Jet.

And.thank you for talking to me." "No problem," he patted her shoulder again before stepping away, "Now, let's get back to Pran.

I can already feel the gold coins sifting through my fingers." The Huntress chuckled at the eager look on the young man's face. Though she would not receive much of the reward, she did gain many things from this mission. She learned much about this world, the Mamono and humans who inhabit it, the state of the war, and so much more. She had almost forgotten what it felt like.

As far as she was concerned, that was more valuable than any monetary gain. They arrived in Pran by mid-afternoon. The sky was covered in an orange hue as the sun began to set in the distance. A single carriage awaited them in front of the town gates.

Its blue walls were emblazoned with a lion roaring up at the sun as it stood atop a cliff. Two barded horses were hitched to it, their manes hidden beneath navy blue cloaks. Five people stood around the carriage. Two were bodyguards, their full-body plate armor shining in the afternoon sun.

One was the driver who sat atop the carriage with the reigns in his hands. Another was a man who, if his familiar hair and skin color was any indication, could've only been Myles' father. He stood with a relaxed almost annoyed look on his face. A hand went to his mouth to stifle a yawn, and the other ran through his hair. He wore a pressed blue suit with matching pants and carried no weapons on his hips.

He adjusted his collar and stared at the group of bounty hunters with barely concealed indifference. In contrast, a very animated female, who was likely Myles' mother, was pacing back and forth in front of the carriage. Her light blue ball gown followed her movements just touching the floor.

Her skin was as tanned as her son's, but whatever makeup she used masked it to an extent. Her brown hair flowed across her shoulders in curls while her gloved hands were kept latched to her thin arms. Her waste was pushed in extenuating her breasts within the confines of her blue blouse.

When the Huntress and her companions came into view, Myles' mother was the first to spot them. She gasped and started running towards them, her eyes focused behind the Huntress.

The Huntress stepped to the left and pulled Myles forward. She quickly undid the ropes around his wrist and pushed him towards the onrushing woman. The prim woman threw her arms around her son's shoulders, her husband following her with a box in his arms. Her short stature was a strange contrast to her son, who was a good head taller than her.

She spoke in a high pitched, dignified tone, "Oh Myles! My wonderful Myles! Whatever happened to you? When Myles didn't respond she let him go and looked him up and down. A frown creased her features as both her hands gripped his cheeks, "Myles? Why aren't you saying anything? Did those ruffians do something to you?" She shot a threatening glare at the bounty hunters. The Huntress rolled her eyes while Jet stepped forward.

He cleared his throat and said, "Madam Deltora. I assure you we have brought no harm to your son. Unfortunately, I can't say the same about the horrible monsters. When we found him, he was being held captive by a pack of werewolves.

You've certainly heard the stories of what they do to male Heroes? By the time we got to him, he was like this." "Then you should've gotten him sooner! Oh, my poor boy!" she started rubbing his head, "You don't have to worry anymore. You'll be home soon with Mommy and Daddy." "They killed her," Myles' voice was quiet and hoarse from remaining silent for so long.

"What was that, Myles?" Mrs. Deltora leaned forward to hear her son speak. "They killed her, mom. They killed Sara. They killed her." His mother frowned at the name. She lightly shook him in her grasp, "So, you did go with her then? I knew it. That damn peasant probably tricked you into running away with her, didn't she? This is what happens when you don't listen to your mother." If he felt any indignation at what his mother was saying, he didn't show it.

He simply kept staring straight ahead at something no one else could see. The Huntress crossed her arms at the sight, her eyes firmly on Myles' mother. The father walked up to Jet and nearly dropped the solid black chest into his arms. Jet nearly fell to the ground under its weight but managed to keep himself upright. The father spoke in a regal yet bored voice, "Thank you for returning my son. Here is your reward.

May God bless you on your travels." With that abrupt farewell, the father turned around and started walking back to the carriage.

The mother grabbed Myles' by the hand and easily led him to the carriage, "Come on, son. We're having dinner with the Bellwoods in two days. They have a wonderful daughter that you'll be delighted to meet. She'll help you forget all about that horrible hussy who stole you away." "Excuse me, Mrs. Deltora?" The mother rolled her eyes as she came to a stop and turned around, "Oh, what is it? Didn't Harlod give you sellswords your-" Something pricked the skin on her throat. Her skin went pale and her body began to shake as her eyes slowly fell to the curved blade pressed against her throat.

"My apologies" the Huntress spoke as if she was taking a light stroll on the beach, "But I must ask you a few questions." "What the Hell are you doing!?" Jet screamed at Hunt's sudden action, completely thrown off guard by how quickly she closed the distance.

It took Harold, Myles' father, a minute to realize what was happening. When he did he too attempted to scream, until the Huntress aimed Evelyn at him.

She fired a warning shot that sped past his ear and drove a family of rabbits from their bush. He froze up under the black-clothed Hunter's gaze, his body going rigid.

Myles was staring at the Huntress with his mouth agape. Unable to speak, he darted his eyes between his parents and the killer who was threatening them. The Huntress replied to Jet, "Nothing, at all.

You have been paid. These people are no longer your clients. And I am not affiliated with you in any way. I am simply a traveler who assisted you in your task to rescue Myles Deltora.

Now, I am simply teaching this 'family' a lesson. You have no more stake in this, so please, do not interfere." "Are you.well.huh," Jet's anger gave way to slow revelation as he looked at the box of gold in his hands. He opened it up and saw the pile of shiny golden coins inside. He turned to Sen, making the old veteran shrug, "I mean, she is right.

We've already been paid. There's not much we stand to lose if she does this. The Order could come after us, but they don't know who we are so." "They could ask around," Blitz spoke for the first time since last night, a hand on her chin in thought, "But we haven't made very much noise around Pran.

I doubt anyone would be able to pin us down. The only loss is that the Deltora's will spread lies about us, but they don't have any concrete information nor are they a well-connected family. She shrugged, "All in all, we stand to lose nothing. Plus they're jerks. So." Jet nodded while smiling, then cupped a hand to his mouth and shouted, "Indeed! Thank you for all your help stranger! Deltoras we'd love to assist you, but I'm afraid our contract is up.

Unless you would like to renew it." Mrs. Deltora scowled and spat at Jet, "You curs! You'll regret this, I swear!" "That's a no then," Jet started to walk around the group, "In that case, we shall be on our way.

May we meet again, stranger!" The Huntress nodded towards the three as they made their way back to the city. She spotted the bodyguards moving to stop them and shouted, "Don't move, else your benefactors die here. I don't think either of you would want to return home and tell your families you can't afford food anymore." The guards froze up at the Huntress' admission.

They stepped back and let her companions pass into the city unabated. Jet made a throwing motion with his hand as they entered the open gate.

"Harold! Myles! Do something!" Mrs. Deltora shouted as she looked to her husband and son. The sweat running down her face began to stain her make up. "Yes, Harold, Myles," the Huntress glanced at both men, "Do something. Here I am, threatening the lives of you and your loved ones. Aren't either of you going to act? Shouldn't either of you be attacking me and defending your mother and wife?

She turned to Harold, making the older man flinch under her scrutinizing gaze, "I can tell you used to be a warrior, Harold. Your body still moves with the same combat prowess from when you were younger. You have not yet lost all your skills, yet you stand there not making use of it. Why? Do not let yourself become stagnant. There is a war going on. If you better benefit your species by being on the battlefield than in the courts, then pick up a blade and fight." Harold Deltora could find no answer.

His mouth simply opened and closed without saying anything. His head fell to look at the ground, his mind trying to wrestle with what the black-clad stranger had said. "And you," she turned her piercing gaze to Myles who eyed her with a combination of despair and barely burning anger, "I am well aware that I am the last person with any right to say this, as I am the cause of your despair.

However, I am also someone who knows what you're going through far, far too well. As such, listen to me when I say this. She leaned forward, her blade barely breaking through Mrs.

Deltora's skin, "Grow. Up. You are not the first to lose their loved one. Nor will you be the last. Sulking and crying will do neither you nor anyone else any good.

Your species is in a war on the edge of extinction, and you are one of the many chosen to help lead it from the dark into the light.

Do not let yourself waste away in despair." "You think it's that easy?" Myles replied, his voice hoarse but strong, "That I can just forget about her, what you did, and move on? Do you have any idea how much she meant to me?" "No," the Huntress shook her head, "but think of it like this. You were both Heroes, correct? Both of you wanted to protect the innocent and defend the weak? I found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad do you think she would want you to do?

Cry and despair over her death? Or be a Hero?" Myles went silent. He stared at the Huntress, emotions warring in his eyes. For what felt like hours his feelings ran wild inside of him as one tried to gain dominance.

Eventually, he broke the stare, but the Huntress spotted a tiny spark deep within the dark recesses of his eyes. She would have to hope that would be enough.

Finally, she turned to the mother. The female was shorter than the Huntress, forcing her to lean down so she could be heard. Mrs. Deltora's eyes were filled with fear and kept moving from her husband to her son. Only when the Huntress began to speak did they focus on her. "Mothers are meant to care for their children," the Huntress began, "They are supposed to protect and raise them. When someone becomes a mother, her child should be the number one most important thing to her.

Everything else should become secondary. And your child is hurt. He is suffering. You should be comforting him and soothing the wound on his heart. He is not a bargaining chip, nor is he a puppet you can string up to suit your needs. She made sure her final words were backed by all the authority she could muster, "You are a mother. Act. Like. It." She stepped away, sheathing her weapons faster than the eye could see.

She pointed towards the carriage, "Now, leave. I am done with you." "I'm home," Maggie shouted into the two-room shack. A pair of tiny feet ran out of the room to her left. Her younger brother ran to, his reddish hair bobbing on his head as he shouted, "Big sis is home!" She held out her arms and let the little tyke jump into them. She held him close while happily laughing, "Someone's happy!

How are you, Marcus?" "Great!" he giggled while holding up two fingers, "I grew two inches today! Nick and I measured!" "Really?" Maggie placed a hand on her brother's head, widening her eyes in mock surprise, "You did! Congrats! You'll be as tall as Nick is one day." "Don't count on it," came a deep, confident voice from the room to the left. A young man, taller than Maggie, his smile showing off all his white teeth.

His alabaster skin was covered with old welts and scars that ran the length of his muscled arms. His blue eyes were covered by his dark red hair that ran down his head. He stepped forward as Maggie looked him up and down, "Nick, did you get into another fight?" Nick rolled his eyes, "No, Mag.

I didn't. Montgomery came around asking about rent. Told him he'd get it before the end of the week, but fucker tried to weasel his way into staying until you got back. I got him to fuck off back to his hole though." "Nick, you know what I've said about antagonizing him," Maggie placed Marcus on the ground, "We can't afford to lose this house." "I know, but.that guy's a creep," Nick looked at the floor while his hand closed into a fist, "I've seen the way he looks at you.

If I was stronger I could." "Nick," Maggie stepped forward and hugged her older brother. He hugged her back, the two of them staying that way for a minute. "Is something wrong?" the two older siblings looked at their younger brother, who was staring up at them with sad eyes, "Did I do something bad?" "No, no, of course not," Maggie bent down and smiled at Marcus, "nothing's wrong.

Why don' you go play with the toys I made you?" Nick ruffled the boy's hair with a chuckle, "You heard her, 'Little Hero'. Go have some fun." Marcus was all smiles as he ran through the wooden door to his right. Maggie and Nick watched him go, nodding at each other in an unspoken agreement. They'd make sure they kept this house, no matter what. For his sake. "Good Hunter," Eve said, her tone not changing in the slightest, "is something troubling you?" The Huntress didn't answer, her focus entirely on the clumps of coldblood she had laid out on the altar at the back of the Workshop.

There were twelve in total, one for each of the monsters she had killed. Nine of them were from the unremarkable werewolves, while three others were from the mother and her children. She could tell which was which by listening to the unintelligible whispers they spoke to her in. Blood echoes were what remained of her victims Will. Though it was usually very diluted, there was always a small bit of the dead person remaining in the clumps. Specifically, their memories. Her eyes narrowed as they moved from the different gatherings of blood echoes.

She picked up one of the clumps from the left side of the Altar, where she had placed the unremarkable werewolf echoes. The whispers got louder and more comprehensible as she lifted it into the air. She felt a familiar chill run through her glove and up her arm. She started to frown while flexing her fingers, thoughts of crushing the clump in her hand filling her head.

"Good Hunter?" the Huntress started at the sound of Eve's voice. She shook her head and looked towards the doll with a small smile, 'Sorry, Eve. I was lost in thought. These blood echoes come from monsters I killed in the Waking World. I'm debating whether they'd be safe to absorb or not.

While the monsters, they call themselves Mamono, do not look like Beasts they share many similarities. They spread by infecting human men and women, creating or birthing more of their number and slowly but surely overrunning the human population, and they carry an instinctual urge to attack humans no matter the circumstance." "I see," Eve nodded while stepping to the Huntress side, "and you believe that even their blood is tainted with this infection?" "I do not think, I know," the Huntress shook her head, "They attempted to turn me a few times.

Sentinel said they injected their Mana into my body through bites. If Mana is something that flows through their bodies, what's to say it doesn't reside in their blood? Even vestiges could contain enough Spirit Energy to create a new monster. The Huntress took a finger and placed it in the coldblood, swirling it around in the thick residue, "Then again, Sentinel said that I 'destroy' Mana when it enters my body.

Based on that, I should be safe to imbibe these echoes. If I need to fight again, I could use them to improve myself further." At Eve's raised eyebrow, the Huntress laughed, "I know, I know. But there is always room for improvement, Eve." The Huntress narrowed her eyes, "Well, here goes nothing." With one swift movement, she crushed the coldblood in her gloved hand.

The sound of glass breaking accompanied the roar of rushing water filled her ears as the echoes flooded her body. She stood stock-still, not even daring to breathe while silently counting backward from ten. When she didn't feel anything start growing on her body she let the tension leave her one long sigh. She examined her arms, opening and closing her palms, "No adverse effects so far. I did gain a glimpse of the werewolf's memories, but nothing more than that." "Have you learned anything from them, Good Hunter?" "Not much," the Huntress shook her head while reaching for more coldblood, "Most of the memories were things I expected.

Images of the werewolf raping a man, or biting a vulnerable woman. Nothing that I didn't already know, save for one thing. She gathered together all the clumps on her left observing them for a moment, "They were all normal people. Not Heroes." She crushed them, her face contorting into an angry frown as the memories filled her head, "So, they don't even spare the children.

Bastards." She kept going through the clumps from the normal werewolves, all of them following the same pattern. Just repeated images of sex and rape with brief moments of conversation with their "sisters", which usually always were about or came back to sex or rape.

The cut-off point was always when she cut them down. She turned her focus to the remaining three clumps. She grabbed the one that belonged to Sara and lifts it to her eyes.

She stared at it for a few seconds, briefly wondering what would she see within the memories of a Hero? She crushed the coldblood and focused intently on any new memories she could see.

When it was over she sighed while smiling sadly, "So that's what happened." "Good Hunter?" Eve placed a delicate, jointed hand on the Huntress' shoulder. "The two Heroes I told you about. Myles and Sara. I know what happened to them," she gently removed Eve's hand from her shoulder and picked up the remaining coldblood pools.

She started to pace around the room, explaining the memories she saw, "Myles and Sara were novices. They ran off from their home city to both fight the werewolves and get away from Myles' family. Specifically, his mother. She didn't like how her son fell in love with a peasant girl, even though the girl was chosen to be a Hero. "They made it to Pran, got some supplies, then went to track down the pack.

They found it but underestimated their numbers. They managed to take shelter in a cave, but not before one of the werewolves managed to bite Sara on her leg. After some time, Sara turned and Myles had to choose. Fight his lover and the pack of werewolves by himself, or surrender and live with her as his wife. He chose the latter. And now look what's happened to them.

She shook her head, "A tragic fate. One I inflicted upon them. All I can hope is that what I said to I found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad gets through to him." She crushed the clumps in her hands, the expectant memories of the two werewolf children she killed flooding her mind.

She turned to Eve, sad smile still on her face, "Things are not turning out as I hoped they would. But, at least I managed to make some friends from that expedition." She shrugged and walked to the Doll. She stopped in front of her and knelt while holding her hand out to her companion, "Care to help me test my second theory?" "Very well.

Let the echoes become your strength. Let me stand close," the Doll stepped forward and placed her hands over the Huntress' outstretched palm, "now, close your eyes." The Huntress did as her friend bade. In moments she felt the powerful wills left behind by the echoes shifting within her body.

The first time she did this had felt.strange. It was like having a foreign entity swimming through her sub-conscious. They would float around in a vast expanse of blackness, waiting for the Huntress to will them become something to improve her abilities. All she need do was think of improving herself and the lingering Will would disappear, becoming apart of her. However, each increase in power she obtained would make the next increase cost more echoes.

She never understood why that was the case and Gehrman was never forthcoming with an answer. Her investigations had proven fruitless, so she chalked it up to her own body. Fortifying her body increased its own need for echoes, thus requiring more of them each time.

In this case, she found that she had just enough to improve something once. It wasn't much but she had found that even a single improvement made a world of difference. She willed the echoes to reinforce her connection with the Arcane forces.

Though she did not use the fetishes that called upon the powers of the Stars, her weapon did. She had taken up her mentor's weapon as both a memento and to prove that she had surpassed him. However, the Blade did not seem to accept her. She could not use any of the phenomenal attacks Gehrman had used against her.

Though she was skilled with it, she could never shake the feeling that something was off and perhaps improving her connection to the Stars would fix it. Or the very least offer some clue as to the reason for it.

As the Huntress opened her eyes, she noticed a slight tug against her consciousness. It disappeared the moment she tried to focus on it. It had almost felt like. She frowned, filing the incident away for later investigation. She stood up and thanked Eve before turning towards the door, "I'll see you later, Eve.

I'm going to go do something I've wanted to do since I was a little girl." "What would that be, Good Hunter?" Eve tilted her head questioningly.

The Huntress smiled, pulling the bag of seventy thousand gold coins from her shirt pocket. She held up the sack that Jet had tossed onto the ground while she was dealing with the Deltoras up for the Doll to see, "Buying myself a house." The squeaking of its hinges made Brigid Montgomery look up from the ledger on his oak desk. He placed his quill down onto a white frilled cloth to his right, keeping his eyes focused on the red-haired boy who came through the door with a bulging sack in his hand.

He leaned back in his chair as the young man marched up to his desk and tossed the brown bag onto the ledger. It jingled as it hit the table, indicating its contents. Brigid didn't reach for the bag, pushing his hands together while sharp brown eyes looked from it to the white-skinned teen in front of him. When he spoke it was with a scratchy, confident tone indicating a life of unhealthy living, "Nick Mercer. Pray i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad, what have you dropped onto my desk today?" "You know damn well what it is," Nick said with a sneer, his flat nose scrunching up at the pungent smell of alcohol in the room, "Now take it and fuck off for a month like you always do." "Still with that temper I see," Brigid clicks his tongue while pulling the bag of coins towards him, "You need to get that under control." "Why?

You put up with it just fine," Nick replied with a roll of his eyes. Brigid brought out one of the gold coins, turning it around in his hand with a critical eye. He moved it back and forth in his hand while continuing to speak, "That is because I am a very generous and patient Land Lord.

I am willing to give you the benefit of the doubt and trust that you will improve. Others might not be as generous. Especially if you behave this way around them." "Whatever," Nick said while turning his back to Brigid, "You've got your money. Now stay off our case for a bit." He started walking back to the door. "I am curious," Brigid leaned forward, placing his elbows on his desk with one hand pulling at his black beard, "How is your sister doing?" Nick stopped, his hands clenching as he turned back to the tanned skinned man, "None of your business." "Has she given any i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad to my offer?" he continued reveling in Nick's displeasure, "Does she have an answer for me?" "Yeah she does," Nick placed a hand on his chin while looking up at the ceiling in thought, "I believe she said something along the lines of, 'Fuck off you perverted old bastard.'" Brigid shook his head, a hand going to his braided hair, "I'd like to hear it from her, please.

The condition still stands. If she agrees, then I will waive your rent for as long as she's employed." "Cut the shit!" Nick hit the door behind him with a fist, his teeth grit and eyes ablaze with rage, "Everyone in the slums knows what you do to the girls you 'employ'! You're not doing that to Maggie.

Not while I'm still breathing!" Brigid merely stared the young man down with something callousness and annoyance. He placed the bag on his desk, put the coin back, and pushed it to the side, "Understood, Nick. I expect one hundred eighty coins by next month. Please tell your sister I said hello." A knock on the door interrupted the indignant response Nick had prepared.

He looked at the door behind him then back at Brigid. The older man waved him off dismissively while righting himself in his chair. Nick stared daggers at the Merchant i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad a few moments, before turning around and opening the door. He pushed past a black-clothed stranger, anger blinding him to the world. As the door closed, the newcomer looked from the door to the Merchant behind his desk. Brigid shrugged while considering the stranger, his eyes trying to glean any standout features about them.

He said, "A troublesome client. No need to worry. What can I do for you?" "I was hoping you could assist me," a feminine voice replied as the stranger pulled out a sack much thicker than Nick's, "I'm looking to purchase a house, and was told to come to you." Brigid nodded, surprised at the stranger's gender.

Specifically, her choice of clothing. The women in the town, while modest, were not afraid to show off their bodies. Long skirts and blouses that accentuated the cleavage tended to be the norm, and no one was complaining about that.

Least of all him. To wear clothes so restrictive that you could hardly tell if she was a man or a woman? She was likely from outside of Pran, though he i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad know of a place where that type of clothing was widespread.

"That I am," he leaned back in his chair, "Brigid Montgomery. Yourself?" The stranger was silent for two moments. The Land Lord raised an eyebrow questioningly, "Ma'am?" The tricorn hat on her head covered her eyes, preventing him from spotting any change in emotion. The client, after placing the coin bag on the desk, spoke with slight hesitation, "Cynthia. Cynthia Albion. It a pleasure to meet you." She gave a small bow that Brigid returned.

It was good to see someone with polite manners. Especially after having to deal with that Mercer boy. He grabbed his quill, dipped it into the inkwell, and pulled out a new scroll page for his ledger. He looked down at the scroll while speaking to Cynthia, "Well, Ms. Albion, I do have a few homes open for purchase. However, you must understand that owning one is not a simple matter.

Buying one can be quite expensive," he couldn't stop his eyes from glancing at the bag of coins on his desk. Cynthia tilted her head while waving towards the bag, "I am aware. That is why I made sure to count all seventy thousand gold coins. I wanted to be sure that.are you alright, sir Montgomery?" Brigid had dropped the quill in his hand, the point of it leaving a black stain on the scroll below him. His mouth was agape in shock, while his hands shook with sudden realization.

The realization that he was dealing with a noble from the Order. "And here we are, Mistress Albion," Brigid stopped in front of a two-story house, its walls painted white. The Huntress, or Cynthia as the Merchant knew her, examined the house. Unlike many of the buildings around town, this one was made of cut stone. It was near the edge of the town to the east, with a single-window on the second floor below the triangular roof. There were two more on either side of the door, both looking at the small patches of grass that separated it from the main street.

Wordlessly, the Huntress approached the door and placed a hand on it. She caressed its surface, tracing along the small indentation within the wood.

"This craftsmanship is.excellent," she said. "Indeed," Brigid walked next to her and indicated the door, his slightly plump body jiggling as he walked, "But please, save your excitement for the inside my lady." The Huntress stepped back so the Merchant could open the door.

She followed behind him as he detailed the different rooms of the building, stopping in front of each as they passed, "This two-story home comes completely furnished to your liking. All the floors are covered with soft rugs made from hand-woven, knotted yarn. The living room on your right comes with three chairs, curtains, and a small wooden table.

The kitchen is to your left and comes with all the utensils and dishes you might need to feed a large group of guests. The dining room is right next to the kitchen with a large wooden table big enough for six people including you. He stopped at the end of the hallway in front of the stairs, pointing towards a door on the wall to his left, "The privy is there.

I shall not go into details for the sake of sensibilities." The Huntress raised an eyebrow under her Tricorn hat, though she understood why. How was he to know that she fought her way through a sewer filled with crawling dead bodies? At the time, she figured that was going to be the worst thing she ever did while moving through the city. Oh, how wrong she was. Brigid started to walk up the steps, the rugs muffling the sound of his feet.

The Huntress followed him up, stopping in front of the second-story window. He waved to his left, indicating four doors on both sides of the hallway, "Over here are the guest bedrooms each with a single person bed, one dresser, and a desk for any guest that plan on staying the night." He marched to the right, stopping in front of a set of double doors with the same indents as the front door. He stepped aside and nodded to the Huntress. She thanked him as she walked forward and pushed the doors open.

Her mouth went wide behind her bandana as she gazed in amazement at the large room she was presented with. Brigid stepped forward and waved at the entire room, "As you can see, the Master Bedroom is extremely luxurious. The bed is big enough for yourself and at least five others if you wish to bring them, there is a large closet for all your clothes, and a desk complete with quill, inkwell, and parchment if you ever feel the need to write.

What do you think, Lady Cynthia? Is everything to your liking?" The Huntress could only nod as she slowly paced across the room, her eyes roaming the entire space. Based on her observations, the room was big enough to hold at least twenty people before reaching capacity. She took in a deep breath, letting the powerful scent of flowers and cleanliness flood her nose.

She let it out slowly in a long, long sigh that felt good to let go. She didn't look at the Lord before asking, "Yes. Yes, yes it is. Could i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad me for a moment, sir? I would like to.experience the room a bit more." "As you wish," Brigid bowed, closing the door behind him as he walked out.

The Huntress stepped over to the large bed. Its thick covers had a patchwork pattern on them, with a solid white color topped with various quilted symbols and emblems. She paused at its side, removed the glove from her right hand, and slowly pushed down on the fabric.

The softness of the bed shot through her arm to her mind, bringing with it the knowledge of the last time she felt something so pliable. Involuntarily, she found herself almost leaping into the bed, digging her face into the equally fluffy pillows. Her hat flew off sending her recently cut short red hair shaking along with her movements.

The feelings she was experiencing weren't because she was impressed with the building. Though it may have been corrupted or tainted, she had seen far more breathtaking sights back in Yharnam. The cathedrals, catacombs, and more were all crafted with expert hands the likes of which few could match.

No, the emotions welling up inside of her were for a different, much more simple reason. The fact that this whole house was hers. For the first time in her life, she had a true home to call her own.

She pinched herself to make sure she wasn't still in Yharnam. That some Beast hadn't knocked her out and this was all a false reality her mind had created to keep her sane. When nothing changed she gripped the pillow and sniffed it again, happiness filling her mind. 'So, this is Pran?' the stranger thought as she pushed her wide-brimmed hat down with one hand, placing the other against her hip as she walked.

She could feel the various glances men stole at her butt and breasts as they bounced in the breeze. She smiled, spotting a young, red-haired man walk by with his head staring at his feet. She briefly entertained the idea of chasing after him but pushed it to the side.for now.

i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad

Finding a man could come after she was better established in the community, and ascertained the position of her mother.

The thought of her mother made her shake her head with sadness. 'Worry not, mother. I will find you, and when I do, I will make you see the error of your ways! Only then can we truly be a family again.' She placed a hand over her heart as she slowly folded into the masses around her.

By the time the sun had set, she was already among them with none the wiser. The Huntress' eyes creaked open. As light flooded her vision and she became aware of the unfamiliar, soft feeling against her body, she felt her body tense up. She threw the (suspiciously light) weight off her body, tucked and rolled to the side, and landed on the floor in a crouch. Her keen eyes quickly took in her surroundings while her hands went to her sides for her weapons.

She quickly memorizes the placement of the bed she was in as possible cover, the window as an escape route if she needs it and the desk behind her as an impromptu.oh.

The tension in her body began to leave her. She carefully stood up, relaxed her hands, and went through her memories of the previous day. The tour of the house, her decision to purchase it, paying the Merchant the fifty thousand gold for the house, and finally signing the Deed under the alias.

She was lucky Gehrman had obtained the book on cursive writing and that she bothered to learn it. If she hadn't, she likely wouldn't have been able to provide proof that the house was hers. That last thought made her freeze in place. That's right. This was her house now. .She felt her cheeks heat up in embarrassment as she realized she was about to destroy her own i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad.

Thankful there was no one to see her.outburst, she went about fixing the sheets on her bed. She sighed while patting down the patchwork cover on the bed. In celebration of finally gaining a place to truly call her own, she had forgone going to the Dream during the night. Her body and mind had grown used to losing itself to the Dream when she closed her eyes.

It wasn't an unpleasant feeling. It was simply a side effect of her battle through Yharnam. Being sent back every time she died, retreating from a bad engagement with a Bold Hunter's Mark, or using a lamp to return to the Workshop for extra bullets and vials.

However, while fruitful, going to the Dream was never what she considered.restful. Though she always came back refreshed and ready for whatever came next, something was always missing.

Some human element of it that she had thought long lost to her ever since her transfusion. Another shattered part of her humanity, cast aside into the dark abyss of her mind.

But now? Now she had a real home to call her own. And sleeping in the bed was a perfect way to fully cement that fact while going a long way towards breaking her habit of entering the Dream. And it did work.after she found herself at the Workshop once.or twice. She had made progress, at least. She patted down her bed, marveling at how soft the.her mattress was. The last time she slept on something even approaching a bed was when she was a little girl living off the.

She frowned at the memory, shook her head while rubbing her cheeks, took a deep breath, and let it out in a relieved sigh. Now's not the time for thinking about the past.

Now's the time to look to the future. She has her own house now, and this was her first night sleeping in her own bed. This is a new day! And today she's going to.um. Her expression fell as she placed a hand on her chin. She walked to the center of her room, eyes roaming her room with confusion. "What exactly should I do?" "Sorry, Nick," Harlod placed down this hammer and shook his head. Black soot fell from his beard as he used his tongs to lift the still burning iron from his anvil.

He gently placed it into the water barrel on his left, steam billowing up from it as the metal was submerged. He kept his gaze on his work while he responded to the young man, "Don't have any gold to spare for you." "Really? Harlod?" Nick leaned back on the barrel he was on, his tattered and stained white jerkin bunching up around his arms.

He crossed his legs, equally tattered brown trousers wrinkling as he did, "You've gotta have something. You always do." "Not this time," the older man pulled the metal out, scrutinized it for a moment, before grunting in displeasure and putting it to the side, "Need to save as much as we can. Lescatie's fall has finally started hitting us and there's no telling if I'll be able to make enough to support my wife, my son, and you.

Please understand." Nick raised a hand while giving the blacksmith a small smile, "Don't worry, old friend. I get it. Family comes first, after all." He hopped off the barrel, his auburn hair bobbing along with his movements. He winked towards Harlod while walking off into the city streets, "Wish I could stay, but duty calls. Can't let Mags be our only source of income now, can I? Make sure to name the kid after me!" Harlod let out a hearty laugh, "I'll do that, as soon as you get an actual job!

I'm still looking for an apprentice you know!" But Nick was already gone, disappeared into the bustling city streets. He had ducked into one of the many alleys that acted as the boundary between the main part of Pran, and the Slums, his home.

Nick waited until he was sure no one had followed him, then punched a wooden wall in frustration. "Damn it," his palm went to his face, a frown creasing his features, "Not even Harlod could help me." Harlod was the third stop on his daily routine of begging. He wasn't proud of it, but it was the only real way for him to make any income.

Maggie's statues and trinkets were nice, but they weren't bringing in enough gold. Especially, since their Land Lord kept upping their rent every month. Nick could hear his teeth grinding at the mere thought of that bastard. Nick was many things, but he prided himself on his wit. He knew why the rent seemed to keep getting higher. It was the same trick most scum in the slums used: raise the rent, then "offer new methods of paying." Nick had seen Montgomery pull the same trick with two previous female tenants.

They had lived near their house, and came by sometimes to play with Marcus. When they accepted Montgomery's offer was when he started to notice the changes. They would dress differently, come home late, hobble instead of walk, and eventually refused to come out of their homes entirely. If that motherfucker thought he would let him do that to Maggie, he had another thing coming!

Nick wanted to knock the son of a bitch's teeth out.but he couldn't. If he hit first, Brigid would be able to pin the blame on him.

He'd make use of whatever dirty trick he had to ensure Nick's reputation was in complete shambles. Nick wouldn't put it past the fat fuck to bribe the guards to get him thrown in jail. Then how would he protect Maggie and Marcus? Normally, Brigid's rent manipulation wouldn't be a problem. But the loss of Lescatie, while not devastating, was starting to affect the town's commerce. Harlod saying no wasn't a good sign.

Maybe those rumors of people planning to leave Pran weren't complete crap. Would explain why the tailor and carpenter Nick had visited looked so busy. The Frontier had moved up, and people wanted to get as far away from it as possible. Unfortunately, that made Nick's situation all the worse. He cursed while thinking about his next move. He had more people to talk to, but there was now a high likelihood of getting turned away. Going from person to person only to come up empty-handed did not sound good to him.

Maybe he could wait until the afternoon. He noticed people tended to be more generous when.wait. He stopped walking and listened intently to his surroundings. Separated from the distracting sounds of the masses, he managed to pick out a single sound.

A familiar one. The hiss of steel being drawn from leather. "Oh fuck," Nick said out loud. He shook his head while turning around to see a familiar face. He put on a fake smile as three teens about his age advanced down the alley he was in. He put both his hands in his pockets and said, "Revor! Good to see you, again! How ya been?" "Fine," the middle young man replied nasally, twirling a knife in his right hand.

His smooth, leather jerkin matched his trousers, not a single wrinkle on his clothes as he walked. At his sides walked two identical boys each with a knife in their hands. They stopped halfway to Nick with sneers on their faces.

Revor pointed his knife towards Nick, hand going to the crooked nose on his face, "But I'll be a lot better once I pay you back for this!" "Riiight," Nick nodded along, his eyes taking in his environment.

He gathered up some saliva and spat it onto the ground, "Normally I'd mention the last two times you tried this same song and dance, but to honest, I got some shit to work through. And since punching a wall isn't very effective, I'll use you instead." Revor stepped forward but stopped when the boy on his left barred his way with an arm.

The young man spoke with a low, professional tone, "The boss is willing to offer you one last chance, Nick. Join the Vipers and we'll take care of everything.

Montgomery won't be a problem anymore." "Gee, that sounds great. I'd be more inclined to listen if it wasn't coming from three armed men who had to corner me so I'd listen." "You're not an easy man to talk to," the boy on Revor's right spoke up.

Nick winced at his high pitched voice, "The last guy we sent came back with broken ribs." Nick shrugged, "Hey, if your boss wants me to join his gang, maybe he should stop sending stab happy morons who can't take a hint.

Or, here's a thought, he could come talk to me himself. Unless he's too busy to talk to an old friend nowadays?" "Why should he bother with trash like you?!" Revor shouted, trying to get past his comrade's arm, "You're fucking trash digging through scraps compared to him!" "Won't deny that," Nick stepped to his right and picked up a stray rock.

It wasn't much bigger than his hand, but it would do, "But I was hoping he'd remember he used to be trash too. Back in the day. But enough about the past. Let's get down to business. Any of you know how to play catch?" Before any of them could answer Nick threw the rock right at the boy on the left.

He didn't wait to see if hit. He turned on his heel and booked it towards the opposite end of the alleyway. He knew this place better than any of those chumps. All he needed to do was get through the exit, lose them in the market crowd, then turn a few corners and he'd be home free. He focused his eyes on the gathering of people beyond the buildings on his left and right.only to skid to a halt as two boys stepped in to block his path.

His eyes went wide as the hair on the back of his neck stood up. Quickly, he ducked in time to dodge a swipe from behind him. Spinning on his heel he slammed a fist into Ravor's stomach, sending the armed man reeling.

He placed his back against the wall to his right and raised his fist as his assailants closed in. His eyes were defiant as he stared the gang members down. Briefly, he remembered what Maggie had said to him just yesterday when she got home. He chuckled and shouted to the boys, "Well! Come on then! Let's see which one of you has got the balls to bring me down!" The boy he had thrown the rock at, blood streaming down his forehead, yelled and aimed his knife at Nick's side.

Nick stepped into the attack, readying an uppercut to the larger boy's jaw. .Only for everyone to freeze and Ravor yelled out in pain.

Nick eyed the exit as his attackers turned their attention to Ravor's scream. He turned to see who his rescuer was.only to feel his body freeze in its tracks at the sight of the seven-foot-tall, black-clothed stranger holding Ravor up by his arm. The Huntress stared down at the young man struggling in her grip. She held the hand with the knife by the wrist, squeezing with just enough pressure to stop him from slipping away.

He thrashed about, shouting obscenities while attempting to strike his captor with his legs and free arm. They swung futilely through the air while the Huntress turned her gaze to the rest of the boys. The four who froze at the sight of her were likely working together.

Possibly a gang of thieves or some such. The young man they had pressed up against the wall must have done something to draw their ire, probably something to do with her captive's broken nose. Their clothes were relatively well maintained with no holes or obvious tears anywhere.

That meant they were well-financed and could afford to clothed their members. They could arm them with basic weapons as well if the knives were any indication. Whoever led this band of ruffians knew what they were doing. That made things a bit complicated. The Huntress sighed, shaking her head as her captive shouted to his allies, "Why are you idiots standing there?!

Get this fucker off me!" His companions now snapped out of their stupor, started advancing on the Huntress. The tallest of the group stayed behind to prevent the citizen from escaping while they weren't looking.

The Huntress' eyes narrowed. Looks she would have to improvise. When the three thieves were a few feet away, she let go of her captive's arm. As he fell from her grip, she placed a hand on the back of his head and pushed it towards the hard ground.

A wet, crunching sound made his companions step back in surprise. She didn't waste the opening, kicking off the ground towards the middle thief. She stood up straight and stared the young man down while he gasped in fear for a few moments. He sneered, attempting to stab the Huntress in her kidney. She deftly knocked his arm to the side and shoved her knee into his stomach.

She grabbed his shoulder as he bent double and brought him around to her right. With a single kick, she launched him into the enemy on her right.

As both of them fell to the ground she felt a sharp pain on her left side. Her eyes met the thug on her left's, as he smiled while holding his knife. That smile slowly disappeared, his mouth opening in horror as the Huntress simply grabbed the handle of the small blade. She slowly pulled it out while keeping her eyes on his rapidly paling face. Once the knife was out of her body, she shoved the boy to the ground and turned to the address them all.

She spoke with a calm, cold, firm voice, "I'm giving you all one chance to run away. I'd suggest you take it, else I start breaking your bones." The three gang members scrambled to their feet and ran for the exit. They shoved past their "leader", pushing him down as they tried to get away from the terrifying stranger. The leader sneered at the Huntress, blood seeping through the gaps in the hand he held over his face. He waved his knife at her as if to say, "This isn't over!

You'll pay for this! You'll see!" Then he turned and ran alongside the rest of his men. The Huntress turned around, planning to assist the cornered young man.only to stop and stare as he punched the taller boy in the face.

His arms were bleeding, but he kept up his assault, knocking the knife from the taller boy's hand. He didn't let up, hooking his foot behind the bigger lad's heal. His foe fell to the floor barely avoiding hitting his head on the cold cobblestone below. He moved his arms up to protect his face from the red-haired young man. The thug could do nothing as a hail of blows descended upon his head. His arms soon gave way, and one good hit to his temple made his eyes roll into the back of his head.

Breathing heavily the young man stood up, rubbing his chin with a bloody i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad, then spat a glob of blood onto the unconscious assailant's face. He stepped towards the Huntress, looking up at her with an appreciative smile, "Didn't think I would make it out of that one.

Thanks for your help." The Huntress nodded, "You are most welcome, sir. But, if you don't mind my asking, why were those thieves attacking you." "Why else?" he shrugged, "They thought I was an easy mark.

I told them to fuck off, and they didn't take kindly to it. Why did you decide to help me?" The Huntress matched his shrug, "I was heading to the market to purchase some food for dinner when I spotted the first three ruffians duck into this alleyway. I saw the glint of the sunlight on their knives and decided to follow them. It seems to be a good thing I did. Also, your arms are bleeding. I can take care of it if you wish." "Ah, a good samaritan? Don't get many of those these days.

And don't worry about the cuts. They're shallow and should heal on their own. Thanks for the offer though," the boy nodded while crossing his arms. His eyes narrowed as he took a step forward, "You look.familiar. Do I know you from some.Oh, hey! He pointed at the Huntress' clothes, "You're the one who came into Montgomery's place after me!" The Huntress tilted her head in confusion, memories of her visit to the Merchant flashing past her eyes.

She stopped at the thought of the young man who pushed past her as she entered. A quick comparison confirmed what the young man said. She chuckled slightly, "And you're the boy who was leaving just as I arrived. This world certainly behaves in strange ways." "Ain't that the truth. Names Nick, by the way," he held his right hand out for a shake, which the Huntress returned. Then he turned around and started to walk away, "Thanks again for the help.

Love to stick around, but I've got to go to work. Hope to see you again sometime." "A moment," the Huntress called, stopping the boy in his tracks. He tilted his head back to look at her as she spoke, "I was at sir Montgomery's as I was looking to purchase a home. I have just moved in here, and do not know my way around town.

Could you, perhaps, be my guide? Simply for today." "Hmmmn," Nick turned so his left side was facing towards the Huntress, "if you're new, why not go get one of the guards? They hardly do anything 'cept sit around and get drunk.

I'm sure you'd give them a reason to get off their asses." The Huntress nodded, "True, but it's clear you know your way around Pran better than they ever could. Why else would you be traveling down this alleyway? Most people would avoid going to a place where they could be ambushed or robbed as you almost were." Nick was silent for a time with his eyes roaming the Huntress' body.

She watched as he shifted his weight from foot to foot, obviously debating if it would be worth it to accept her request. Eventually, he turned to face her fully, "Ok, but I'll need some compensation. Times are pretty tough for the downtrodden like myself. You understand, I hope?" Under normal circumstances, the Huntress would mind.

She'd bring up how she could've left well enough alone and let him die in the backstreets from blood loss. But she didn't. Because she did understand. The boy's tattered shirt and pants, blue eyes that had seen more than any child should ever see, the way he brought down an opponent a good foot taller than him, the confident way he carried himself.

Everything about him reminded her of the childhood she left behind. Going entire weeks without even a loaf of bread to eat, having to fight five orphans at a time when the gangs tried to take her food, having to run when the bigger gangs started to make moves.

She understood his plight all too well. She nodded, "I understand. How much will it cost? "How much you willing to spend?" "Would five hundred gold be sufficient?" Nick stared at the Huntress for a brief moment. Then he chuckled, "Heh. Good one.

Five hundred gold, hah! No, seriously, how much are you willing to spend?" "Five hundred gold," the Huntress repeated without a hint of sarcasm, "My home only cost me fifty thousand, so I plenty left over.

Though I only brought one thousand with me when I left." Nick stood there and stared at the strange woman standing before him. He waited with bated breath for her to drop the other shoe.

To say she was joking, or to try and hide a giggle behind her gloved hand. Anything that would prove she was lying to him. She never did. The gears in his mind began to turn just as his jaw hit the floor.

Micheal flinched as Brigid slammed his tankard of ale on the wooden table. A belch erupted from the bearded man, who drunkenly laughed while reaching for another full mug to his right.

When his hand grasped the handle he quickly brought it to his lips. The foam fell down the side of his chin as he drank deeply of the brew. Micheal, his green coat sleeves bunching up as he placed his elbows on the table, coughed into his hand before speaking, "Sir, is it wise to be spending our recent gains in this manner?" Brigid froze in place, tankard halfway to his mouth.

His eyes moved to Micheal's sharp, bespectacled eyes. A sneer that made the younger man scratch at the stubble on his cheek slowly crept across his face. He methodically placed his drink back on the table, licked the stray droplets of ale from his lips, i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad placed his hands together with a heavy sigh, "Care to elaborate, Micheal?" Micheal moved a hand through his spiky black hair, sweat dripping down the back of his neck into his collar, "Well, sir, we˗̶" "I." Micheal blinked twice, meeting his mentor's eyes, "Pardon me?" "You were about to say 'we recently received a large sum of money" correct?

That is incorrect. You have not, and will not receive any profits from this business until your apprenticeship is completed. Profit does not go to 'us', it goes to 'me'," Brigid said, clearly enjoying his apprentice's increasing nervousness.

Micheal readjusted himself in his seat, clearing his throat once before continuing, "Erm, yes. You, sir, received a large sum of money from a recent client and are currently spending said gains on alcohol." "Yes," Brigid leaned back on his side of the booth, "And?" "It just seems.wasteful," Micheal spread his arms out for emphasis, accidentally hitting a serving girl in her thigh as she walked past.

He hurriedly apologized and waved her along, returning the smile she sent his way, before turning back to his mentor, "Many of ou.your properties require repairs and renovations. Many clients have complained about the poor condition of their abodes, and have threatened to withhold payment lest something is done. His mentor lazily nodded along as Micheal continued, "Additionally, some of our clientele have been accosted by a group calling themselves 'The Vipers'.

They have supposedly been extorted, beaten when they refused to comply, and had their family members kidnapped and forced into the gang." "And, where are you going with this?" Brigid's eyes were focused on the foyer of the inn, following after the skirts of the barmaids and serving girls. "I've done the math, sir," Micheal took a scroll from the inside of his coat and carefully opened it up, a smile growing on his face, "It should cost you no more than three thousand gold to accomplish renovations and two thousand to ask the guards to assist with the Vipers.

With the fifty thousand you earned yesterday, and the thirty thousand you have in savings, you have more than enough to accomplish this before the end of the day." Micheal's smile faltered when he saw his mentor's unamused expression. He nervously rolled his scroll up before placing it back in his coat, then waiting on Brigid's reply. "Micheal," Montgomery spoke with little humor, his head being held up by his right hand, "what have I told you is the purpose of currency?" "To be spent," Micheal replied with an obvious lack of enthusiasm.

"And who, pray tell, has the right to spend it?" "The one who has earned it." "And who earned all the money you are speaking of?" Underneath the lip of the table, Micheal's hands were shaking as he balled them into fists and bit his lip.

Brigid raised an eyebrow before the younger man replied, "You did, sir." "Exactly," Montgomery reached forward and patted his apprentice on the head, "I did. I earned every coin from both those morons wasting their lives in hovels they will never leave, and I sold the house on the edge of town to that fine noblewoman.

As such, I am the one who has the right to decide how I spend it." "But, sir!" Micheal stood up, knocking Brigid's hand off his head, "Shouldn't you try and improve the buildings and land you own with that money?

If the Lady saw the sorry state of your other properties, surely she'd be inclined to rescind her purchase." Brigid nodded but didn't seemed perturbed at his apprentice's outburst, "Well done, Micheal. You have retained some of what I've taught you. However, your hypothetical situation will never come about. I will make sure of it. Brigid finished his remaining tankard with a single swig before standing up, placing a hand on Micheal's shoulder, and smiling with his eyes closed, "You'd be surprised how easy it is to keep the upper class from noticing those below them.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I shall be seeking companionship for the night. Please return to the office before me and ensure the ledgers are in order before I get back." Brigid was gone before Micheal could utter a reply. The young man watched his mentor leave out the door, leaving a sack of gold to pay for the drinks with the Innkeeper.

Once he was gone, Micheal slumped against his seat. He sighed in frustration, shaking his head at the negligence of his "teacher". If he had learned anything from his apprenticeship, it was what not to do once it was over. More often than not it felt like he was teaching himself.

Constantly fielding complaints, writing and checking the ledgers, and cleaning the office when Montgomery went out for "companionship". He felt more like a servant than an apprentice. He could always leave, but Montgomery was the only Land Owner in town.

The others had packed their bags and left the moment news spread that Lescatie had fallen. He'd have to head to the city if he wanted a new mentor, and he couldn't abandon the people in the slums. He had seen the ledgers and counted the gold multiple times. He knew Brigid was bleeding them dry, but what could he do? It was his word against Montgomery's and he was a simple apprentice. The only thing he could do was hold on until he became a full-fledged Merchant, hope the gold he had been saving was enough, and buy his mentor out.

It wasn't the best or quickest solution.but it was all he had. His hands came up to his face as he shook his head in shame. If there's was something better he could do, he'd do it. But as it stood ̶ "Pardon me, sir," a light voice said, followed by the sound of someone sliding into the other side of the booth, "Is this seat taken?" Micheal moved his hands away from his face.then immediately looked towards the floor.

He felt his cheeks head up as he tried not to stare at the scantily clad woman in front of him. He managed to stutter out, "N-n-not at all. Pl-please s-s-sit down. He pushed his glasses up onto his face while looking down at the floor. A giggle from across the table made him look up into the deep, purple eyes of the woman before him. He found himself briefly transfixed by her appearance, before shaking his head and taking a deep breath to clear his thoughts, "Sorry, ma'am. How may I help you?" "I was sitting in the booth over here," she pointed a black-gloved thumb behind her back, a matching short cape following her movements, "and couldn't help but overhear your conversation.

I was hoping to ask you some questions if you wouldn't mind." She leaned down, her black, cropped shirt bunching up around her breasts, accentuating them too much to be unintentional. Micheal gulped while wiping sweat from his brow with his sleeve in an attempt to keep his composure, "N-not at all. What would you like to know?" "I heard one of you mention something about a noblewoman who recently came to town.

Could you tell me what you know about her, and possibly where the house she bought is?" Micheal was about to refuse until the girl started to pout in the cutest way he had ever seen. He felt his heart skip a beat, looking away to compose himself again. He turned back to her with a nervous chuckle, "Well, my mentor says I shouldn't give information on clients out to strangers.but." The Huntress frowned at the sight in front of her.

"And the last stop on our little tour. My stomping grounds, the perpetual black stain on the face of Pran, the Slums!" Nick waved a hand in front of him, slowly moving it across the area before them. Broken and rundown buildings littered both sides of the street. There were holes in the rooftops, shattered windows, missing or broken doors, not single building had been spared from the ravages of time. The cobblestones in the road were cracked or missing, leaving large black holes in their place.

"It's not exactly a welcoming place," Nick shrugged with a smile, "but it's home to me." He started walking down the street, beckoning the Huntress to come along. She followed in his wake, slowly moving her head left and right to fully observe the abject poverty around her.

The people were a reflection of their surroundings. Not a single person wore clothes without some hint of damage. Some stumbled around with their heads hung low, eyes focused on nothing more than the cold ground beneath their bare feet. Others walked fast and light, holding something to their chest while their heads darted back and forth. I found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad avoided the alleys between buildings, crossing the street just to bypass them.

Nick looked up at her, trying to see her eyes under her hat, "There's a shortcut through here that will get us to the Market in record time. I hope you don't mind us passing through all this squalor, my Lady." Confusion lit up Nick's face as the Huntress shook her head, "Not at all, Nick. In fact, I'd be delighted to accompany you on a full tour of this section at a later date." "Ooookkkk," Nick stood up straight, placing his hands in his pockets as he stared at the Huntress.

He focused his eyes in front of them, his pupils scanning the entire area as they walked. He unconsciously moved to the left side of the street, waving to any faces he recognized as they passed by.

Some waved back with friendly smiles, while others keep their heads down. "I've been meaning to ask," he turned to the Huntress, watching as her gaze lingered on an unmoving man leaning against a dilapidated wall, "How did you scare off Revor and the others? I was too busy beating down the big asshole in front of me to see what happened." The Huntress turned to him and shrugged, "Nothing spectacular. I incapacitated their leader, then knocked two of them two the ground, and disarmed the last one after he stabbed me." "You got stabbed?" Nick asked with genuine concern, "Shouldn't we get that looked at?" "Borrowing a phrase from a certain someone, 'It's shallow.

It will heal on its own.'" the Huntress imitated Nick's voice as best she could. The young man looked towards the cobblestones, admitting that she had a point. She smiled beneath her bandana, "Thank you for your concern though." "No problem, my Lady," Nick said as they rounded a corner, "I couldn't exactly.oh no.

At the sight of a woman in tattered robes on the side of the road with two children at her side, Nick moved his right hand to the side of his face, increasing his pace, "Move quickly and do not make eye contact." "Why.oh," the Huntress deliberately stopped in front of the sitting woman, looking down at her with an unreadable expression. Nick's palm hit his face just as the woman started to push herself up.

Her legs wobbled as she pulled the children, a boy and a girl, to their feet with her. The woman coughed a bit, speaking in a raspy voice, "Please, ma'am.

Spare some time for a suffering old woman." Nick came over the Huntress' left side and beckoning to her with a hand. He only came up to her chest, so she had to bend down to hear him whisper, "I know this woman and she ain't old.

Got here a couple of months of go dragging those kids with her. Puts 'em for sale, but they always seem to come back to her. Trust me, it'd be better if we leave now before she ropes you into it." The woman looked between Nick and the Huntress with faint hope twinkling in her eye, her mouth missing numerous teeth as she spoke, "These children are completely healthy, I promise! The boy's young and strong, and the girl's got the prettiest eyes! They'll do anything you ask of them, won't you?" The two children nodded, their eyes focused on the ground below them.

The Huntress could see their ribs through the tattered jerkins they wore. Their feet had dirt and cuts all over them, and their hands could barely close from the bruises that peppered their skin. Their matted, matching black hair covered their eyes, preventing her from seeing their expressions.

The Huntress didn't answer, causing obvious concern to come over the woman's face. Nick took note of the various eyes watching them from the shadows in the alleyways and across the street.

Depending on how his client reacted to this, their tour could get a bit more difficult. After what felt like a minute, the Huntress knelt to be level with the woman.

She reached into her coat and took out her bag filled with coins. The woman's eyes lit up as the Huntress shook coins out into the palm of her other hand. Once she was done, she put up her bag and held her hand i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad to the cloaked woman, "This is two hundred gold coins.

Would this be enough to purchase your children?" The woman quickly let go of the kids' hands, almost yanking the money out of the Huntress' palm. She backed away while staring at the shining coins with reverence, "All yours, ma'am! I don't even know their names! She leered at the children, a devious smile on her face, "You hear that kids!

You're her's now! Get outta here, go!" The boy and girl lazily stepped towards the Huntress as she stood up. They stood at her sides and gripped onto her left and right fingers in unison. The Huntress nodded to Nick and the young man returned it before continuing on their original path. Once they were far enough away from the woman, he said, "Rather noble of you, but I hope you understand that you just made yourself a target." "You speak of the Vipers?" the Huntress already knew the answer.

Nick nodded with a grim look on his face, "Those assholes thrive here, preying on unsuspecting travelers, people who get lost on their way home, or the easy targets that litter this place. I don't fault you for helping those two, but you essentially just confirmed that you're a good mark for them. There was no way they weren't watching that exchange." "I understand, but wouldn't word have spread about me defeating four of their members?" she noticed the children at her side were stumbling along, so she lifted them onto her shoulders.

She could tell they were surprised by how both their heads started darting from side to side, wondering at their new height. She felt relief in her heart.

There was still time to save them. "Not likely," Nick's voice was dark as he placed a hand on his chin, "Razor's not that high up on the ladder, and his gang is a recent addition to them.

It'll take a bit before word about you spreads to here." "You seem to know much about this group," the Huntress ventured. Nick shrugged, "When you live in the Slums, you gotta know these things. It keeps you alive. Ah, here it is!" He stopped in front of a building with part of its wall broken in. He glanced around before stepping over the debris into it, "If we cut through here, we'll reach the Market in no time.

Gonna need to watch your step though, there are a lot of.what are you doing?" Nick felt a pit form in his stomach as the Huntress handed the children to him. All three stared at the black-clothed woman, who stood up straight and turned to face the way they had come. She spoke in a matter of fact tone, "Dealing with the issue you brought up.

Take the children to the Market and wait for me, please. I'll be sure to compensate you for it." "You're not actually.are you fucking insane?" Nick said while placing the children on the dust-covered floor, "Scaring off four random punks is one thing. You're going to fight those guys on their home turf! They'll have the numbers and the home field advantage! You'll be slaughtered!" The Huntress turned towards him, reached out a hand, and patted his head.

He jumped back, hands going to his head in confusion. The Huntress chuckled and spoke, "Thank you for worrying about me, Nick. You're a wonderful guide. She knelt to be eye level with the two children, "Both of you be nice while I'm gone, ok?

When I get back, I'll bring you to your new home. I promise." They both took a step forward, but Nick pulled them back by their shoulders. The Huntress nodded to him, then ran off into the Slums. "Crazy fucker," Nick mumbled under his breath while turning the children to face him, "Come on you scamps. She told me to get you to the Market, and damned if Nick Mercer doesn't finish a job." The Huntress stopped when she came to the wall that marked the end of the alleyway.

To her left and right were similar walls, meaning the only way out was from whence she came. And, as if on cue, she heard the telltale sound of leather hitting someone's palm. She calmly turned around, spotting six people entering the alley in a single file line. They spread out as they came, covering all possible corners to ensure she couldn't escape.

All of them wore much finer clothing than the other residents of this area. They wielded brown leather clubs with a rope tied to the handles and their left wrist to ensure they couldn't be easily disarmed. They each had the emblem of two snakes hissing at each other somewhere on their bodies. A symbol of their induction into the gang no doubt. The last one to enter stepped to the side to let in a familiar cloaked figure. The person pushed her hood back, revealing a feminine face with a mouth filled with holes where her teeth used to be.

The tallest gang member titled his head towards the Huntress, and the lady vigorously nodded, "Yep, that's her! She's the one who took my kids!

She's an evil, evil witch! Threatened to kill me if I didn't take the money." She spat on the ground as the man turned to the Huntress, "Kidnapping kids isn't something we let happen around here.

Us downtrodden gotta watch out for each other, you know?" "Can we please skip the subterfuge?" the Huntress' response made both the gang member and his accomplice frown, "I'm well aware of how this works. I came here to ask if any of you would consider letting this all end peacefully, rather than shed any blood?" The laughter from those around her was her answer. One of the gang members to her left, a young girl by the sound of it, spoke up, "Do you know where you are, bitch?

Blood is one of the only currencies we accept here!" As the crowd began to roar, the Huntress looked towards the ground. She spoke in a voice that sounded like a low growl, "I see. Then, I have one last question. The Rakuyo fell from her sleeve into her palm. The Vipers jumped back as she snapped the two halves apart into a blade and dagger. She looked up, staring the woman who sold her the children dead in the eyes as she asked, "Does your blood count?" Within the blink of an eye, the Huntress cleaved one of the gang member's arms off.

Their echoing screams went ignored in the dirty, dark alleyway of the Slums. Nick sat cross-legged on the cobblestone street, his eyes focused on the orange sky above. He looked between it and the children at his sides. Both were looking around in awe at the number of people wandering around the Market at this hour.

It was likely neither of them had ever been out of the Slums long enough to experience a crowded street before. As he watched their heads swivel back and forth, a memory floated to the surface of his mind. Of a time when he was the only one able to defend Maggie from the bastards that prowled the Slums and the Main Streets.

He spent many a day beating people down and getting beat down for the sake of his family. Could say that those fights are what molded him into who he is today. And now he was looking at it from the outside. Life sure has a funny way of making you remember important crap. "Hey, kid," he said to the boy on his left.

He placed a finger on the lad's head, "You're gonna have a real mom now, but don't get complacent. You'll be the only man in the house, meaning it'll be down to you to keep your sister safe. Don't let anyone touch her without going through you first.

Got it? The kid nodded in agreement, though Nick wasn't sure if the lad understood. He smiled and tossled the boy's hair, "That's the spirit. If you ever need help, come find me. I'll whip you into shape." For the first time since he saw him, the boy smiled up at Nick. Nick returned it.until a familiar smell of iron made his nose wrinkle. Instinctively, he bolted up while scooping the kids into his arms. He turned towards the alley he had just came from.and felt his mouth gape open at the sight of his client, covered head to toe in blood.

The crimson ichor dripped wherever she went, leaving a bloody trail of footprints behind her. She spotted Nick and he felt the overwhelming urge to run away as fast as he could right there and then. However, something kept him rooted to the spot, his teeth chattering as the seven-foot-tall woman got closer. Her shadow fell over him, his heart entered his throat as her arms reached out from him.and her hands revealed an assortment of gold coins. "This is your compensation for taking the children," her voice was surprisingly soothing despite the blood dripping from her clothes, "A hundred gold coins.

I'd give you more, but I must save some to buy food for dinner." With a shaky hand, Nick slowly took the coins then held the children out to his client. She carefully took them into her arms, deliberately attempting to keep the blood from staining their clothes.

She bowed as best she could to him, "Thank you for your guidance, Nick. I'll be sure to come to visit you whenever I have the chance.

The people gave her a wide berth as she started to walk away, some even running off while shouting for the guards. She stopped and turned back to address Nick, "I do not believe I have given you my name.

It is Cynthia. Cynthia Albion. Goodbye, Nick." Unable to think of anything else to do, Nick awkwardly waved to Cynthia as she disappeared into the town. Once she was out of sight, he started racing back through his shortcut. He had to get home. He had to tell Maggie had happened. And how all their troubles were over.

A halfbreed Mamono, her body camouflaged by the shadows cast by the setting sun, watched as a figure walked up to the immaculate house at the edge of Pran.

Their body was soaked from head to toe in a red liquid that, based on the smell in the air, was human blood. They carried two children in their arms as they took out the key to the home and entered the building. With a determined look on her face, she stepped into the light and approached the home.with her blade drawn. 'This.may have been a rash decision.' The Huntress' rubbed her chin as her eyes moved between the two children she had rescued from the Slums.

She had brought them to the living room and sat them down in two of the chairs. She had closed the curtains as it was getting dark out, then turned her attention to the kids themselves. Specifically, what she was going to do with them. Buying them, while something she felt immensely proud of, was driven by emotional impulse rather than any logical thinking. The sight of two children being sold on the street, their feet and hands likely covered in blisters as they were thrown around like pieces of meat.

Her carefully curated ability to rationalize the proper path forward was driven to the back of her mind. In its place was an urge to get those children out of there, and make any who came for her understand why that would be an extremely poor decision on their part.

True it wasn't the first time such an impulse had driven her to act since coming here, but the other times had been tempered with logical thinking. The only exceptions to this were when she faced the werewolves and when the Banshee had brought the cubs to her. And now she could add this to that growing pile. She bit her lip as she moved her gaze from the boy to the girl, trying to figure out what she should do.

An idea came to her as she focused on the dirt and filth covering their bodies. A bath would be perfect for this. She could get to know the children while washing them down and ensuring they were.oh wait. This wasn't Yharnam. She'd have to find a river and get water to bathe them. She started to bring i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad right hand up to her head but paused as something caught her eye.

Specifically, the fact that her pure white glove was painted crimson. The gears in her mind started to turn as she looked from her glove to the children sitting in front of her. Then the realization finally hit her. She was still covered in blood from her fight with the Vipers.

That.isn't good. She coughed into her hand speaking in a calm voice, "Ok, children. This is your new home. Feel free to explore and run around. I need to go freshen up. The privy is to the left of the stairs, don't open the door for strangers, and don't come upstairs until I return. Understood?" The children nodded, the Huntress did the same, then she walked out of the room with her arms behind her back. She kept walking until she opened the double doors that led to her room.

Then she went to the middle of the room, sat down, closed her eyes, and thought of the Dream. "Good Hunter," Eve stood up from a grave she was tending as the Huntress' body materialized at the bottom of the stairs. She bowed to her friend, 'Welcome home. How was your-" The Huntress ran past her friend so quickly, that the Doll's clothes briefly lifted off the ground. A few seconds later, the Huntress dashed back out and shouted, "Hello, Eve!" The blood gone from her clothes, she gave her friend a quick hug before dashing through the Workshop doors, "Can't talk.

Needed to get my clothes fixed." "Oh?" Eve said questioningly. The Huntress sat down in the rocking chair, preparing herself to return to her home, "I went to the Slums. Rescued two children. Had to kill some gang members. Blood was still on my clothes when I brought the kids home and.oh shit!" The Huntress stood up, hands going to her head as she started pacing around the room, "I forgot to buy the food! Oh, what am I gonna make for dinner now?!

Wait.do I even know how to cook?" She charged to the books on the shelves and started pulling them from the wall at a rapid pace, making sure to place them back once she had read the cover, "Eve! Did Gehrman keep any books about cooking? Or child-rearing? Or.anything about being a parent?!" The Huntress kept looking at books, going to great lengths to restrain herself from tossing them to the floor, until a comforting hand touched her shoulder.

Instantly, i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad the tension and worry she was feeling evaporated. A misty haze cleared from her eyes as she let out a breath she didn't know she was holding. She turned to her companion and nodded, "Thank you, my friend. I was overreacting." Eve took her hand away from the Huntress' shoulder, bowing as she said, "If what you seek is within the Workshop, why not ask the little ones? They would be overjoyed to be of service to you." "The Messengers?

How could they.actually, that reminds me," the Huntress turned to look Eve in the eye, "They came to me. When I wasn't in the Dream. I thought they could only do that in Yharnam." "When you freed Gehrman of his burden, you became i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad Master of this Dream.

Wherever you go the little ones will follow and help you however they can," Eve waved to the left where a group of Messengers were crawling out of a portal in the floorboards. Three gray bodies pushed themselves forward, each one holding a book up to the Huntress. The Huntress was stunned for but a moment. Then she composed herself, turning her gaze towards the space above the Weapon Bench where numerous weapons hung, their blades still sharp and ready for use. Below them were the different Badges she had collected during her journey through Yharnam.

Not a single speck of dust was anywhere near the mementos. Their spotless metal gleamed in the never waning light of the fireplace. She had never given it much thought, but what her friend said made sense. When one kills a Hunter, finds their discarded remains, or joins a specific group, they take up their mantle by carrying their Badge.

Owning it would prove to the Messengers you were worthy of using the garments and weapons of the lost. It was how the Hunters retained the knowledge of the Workshop, even if a Hunter succumbed to their blood lust and turned into a Beast.

Eileen had explained this to her numerous times, and her weapons spoke of her participation in such dark work. "You are correct, Eve," she knelt and plucked the books from the thin hands of the Messengers. They made the same noise they always did, a mixture of moaning, groaning and laughing.

She waved goodbye to them as they slipped away into the blackness from whence they came. A part of being a Hunter was taking on the responsibilities of those that came before. And nothing said that it did not extend to ownership of the Workshop. The Huntress lifted the books to her face.and immediately frowned upon reading the titles. " 'How to care for a suffering maiden's heart'," she read aloud, " 'Winning over a woman's parents', and 'Cook her something that will make her heart flutter'." She was silent for a few moments, before hanging her head and sighing.

Her late mentor's taste extended farther than she ever thought possible. "Oh well," she shrugged while putting up the first two books, "At least the last one can teach me about cooking. I'll be off now, Eve. Sorry I have to leave so soon." "It is no trouble, Good Hunter," Eve's understanding smile was a wonderful sight to behold for the Huntress, "I shall await and pray for your safe return." The Huntress nodded and walked towards the door.

She awoke back in her room, the cookbook held in her right hand. She placed it in one of her pockets and brought her arms up to observe them. The sight of her spotless gloves made her nod as she stood up.

Making her way downstairs, the sound of a door closing reached her ears. A look to her left showed the girl closing the door to the privy while the boy stood watch outside. The kids spotted her as she descended the i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad stair, the boy moving to support the girl as they limped to her.

The Huntress frowned at the sight, kneeling to speak to them at eye level, "I'm sorry about leaving the two of you alone. Did anything happen while I was away?" Standing up straight, the boy nodded his head and pointed towards the entrance to the house. The Huntress followed his finger, nodded while standing up, then walked to the living room.

She beckoned the children to follow her while keeping her pace slow to not get too far ahead. She spoke to them as they walked, looking over her shoulder at them with her eyes hidden beneath her hat, "Do you have names, children? I need to know them in case something were to happen to you." And because calling them "children" is not something the Huntress wanted to do.

They were people. They deserved to be called by their names. The two kids were silent for a minute until the boy attempted to speak. His voice was hoarse and sent him into a coughing fit, forcing the three of them to stop in the middle of the hallway. The girl patted him on the back until he stopped. Straightening his posture, the boy looked up at the Huntress and spoke in a raspy gasp while pointing at himself, "H.Hor.Horace." He points at the girl to his left, "G.Gl.Gloria." The Huntress nods and starts walking again, "I see.

Do you know your family names? Perhaps you're siblings?" Horace shakes his head before Gloria squeaks out a reply, "Twins. Don't know.parents." The Huntress took note of their pauses as they talked. She'd have to look into getting them water alongside food from the Market. And, judging by the orange light being blocked by the curtains as she entered the living room, she didn't have long to do that.

She went to the window, slightly moving the curtain out of the way, and spotting the woman standing right at the threshold to her home. The first thing the Huntress noticed was the weapon in her right hand. It had a long thin blade, the point on the end made to target the weaknesses in heavy armor. A rapier and one its user knew how to use judging by how she gripped it. Her feet spaced apart with, right side faced towards the door, one foot behind the other, further cemented this idea.

Going off this alone it was obvious the woman had come here for a fight. Her attire.not so much. The Huntress sighed while shaking her head in disappointment. A part of her had hoped that Blitz had been an exception and that Sentinel and Jet had never seen a female warrior before. Mainly because, as strange as this world was, female fighters dressing like Ladies of the Night wasn't something she wanted to accept was the norm.

Yet, here stood this five foot six woman wearing a short cape that could easily be grabbed, black leather boots that only went up to her knees, a wide-brimmed hat that could be pulled down to blind her, short pants that did nothing to protect the vulnerable white skin of her thighs, and black leather so short and stretched tight around her breast that the Huntress wouldn't even call it a shirt that left her midriff bare and open to attack.

She didn't want to mention the long, blonde ponytail that moved in the breeze behind her. The Huntress stepped back from the curtain and turned to her children. She knelt while pulling her bandana down and placing her hat on the ground. Her cut short red hair framed her face as she smiled and said, "Thank you for telling me, Horace. Now, here's what I'm going to do.

I'm going to go out and.talk to the lady outside. While I'm doing that, do not look out the windows. No matter what you hear, don't open those curtains for any reason. When I come back, I'll take you two to the Market so we can buy dinner. Alright?" The kids nodded slowly, their stomachs growling at the prospect of food.

Gloria moved her hands to her stomach while Horace placed his on her shoulders. They both looked up at the Huntress and spoke in tiny, hoarse voices, "Yes, ma'am." The Huntress giggled as she stood up. She pulled her bandana back up and placed her hat back on her head, "There's no need for that. You may call me Cynthia, or Ms. Cynthia. Whichever you prefer.

I'll be back soon. Stay safe, children." With that, the Huntress went to the door. She checked that her vials and bullets were fully stocked before walking outside. Without missing a step the Huntress closed the door behind her, quickly stepped over the threshold that separated her property from the street, equipped the Rakuyo, and stopped about ten feet from the armed stranger.

She sized the woman up, eyes looking for any possible weakness that could be exploited.save for the obvious ones. She noted how, despite having experience fighting, her foe's skin was completely flawless. There were no scars, no abrasions, no bruises, not even any dirt or dust anywhere. Either she was extremely talented, or she had never been in a true fight. And based on what the Huntress had learned since she got to this world, the latter was the likely answer.

The stranger seemed to scowl at something, then spoke in a young, passionate voice, "Where are the children that were with you? What have you done to them?" The Huntress' raised eyebrow was hidden beneath her hat, as she replied in a calm tone, "Why do you ask? And for that matter, who are you?" "Don't change the subject. And as if you couldn't tell," the stranger began circling to the Huntress' left, her rapier pointing towards the black-clothed woman, tip first, "You may have found a way to hide your Mana, but you can't fool me.

I saw the blood on your clothes. I know how you only came into town a few days ago, and how this very house was recently purchased by a 'noblewoman'. Aren't my kin meant to be more clever than that?" The Huntress mirrored her opponent, keeping them in the center of her vision, "You are correct in all your assumptions, save the last two.

I am no noble, contrary to whoever has informed you of that, and nor am I kin to you. None who would call themselves my kin would wear clothing that offered no protection whatsoever in combat." The stranger huffed, fondling her breast through her clothes as she smiled, "My outfit reflects my freedom. Unlike you Vampires, I am not afraid to be open with my passions and desires." The Huntress tilted her head in confusion, " 'Vampires'? Are those a type of monster?

And if so, are you one as well?" The stranger didn't catch the low rumble her opponent's voice took on, stopping when her back was facing the space between the Huntress' home and an adjacent house.

She bent her knees while holding her left hand out to the side, "You're certainly committed to this act. For the sake of indulging in your game, I shall tell you what I am. I am a Dhampir. Half-breed offspring between a Vampire and a human. And while you might.gah!" The Dhampir halted and held her rapier diagonally, letting i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad thicker end catch the Huntress' blade as it came down. Demon Silver hit silverite in a loud crash that rang across the empty streets.

The waning sunlight elongated the shadows of the two combatants. The Huntress put pressure on her blade, stepping closer to the Dhampir, eyes wild in anger, "You will not touch my children, monster." The Dhampir scowled as she felt her legs skid back under the black-clothed woman's surprising strength. She had been expecting a powerful adversary, but this was beyond her expectations. It was taking up half her strength just to keep herself from flying back.

She grit her teeth while gathering her Mana into the palm of her left hand. As she felt the power coalesce, she spoke to her assailant, "Tried to catch me by surprise? You'll have to do better if you plan to bring down Teresa Scarlet!" The Vampire dashed backward just when Teresa shoved her left hand forward. The Dhampir smiled, dashing after her target with her rapier held to her right. She had to duck under her opponent's retaliatory swing but managed to place her hand on the taller woman's left hip.

She let the magic go and jumped back, as a bright flash of purple light erupted from where she had touched. The light dissipated just as Teresa landed a few feet away. She smiled while placing a hand on her hip, "That should help you see things my way. Doesn't it feel good to-" She heard a loud bark and instinctively dodged to the right.

Something whizzed by her head a moment later. Before she could gather herself her opponent came for her again, this time with a strange object in her left hand. 'What's going on?!' the Dhampir thought as she blocked a stab aimed for her gut and back stepped to avoid the subsequent upwards slash.

'She should be slowing down. The spell should've sent my Spirit Energy directly into her! How is she still this strong!?" She shook her head and pressed the offensive, stabbing away at her opponent.

Though her attacks missed she managed to force the black-clothed woman back a bit, making enough distance for a moment's rest.that is until the Vampire held the small device in her left hand towards her. The Dhampir scowled and started dashing repeatedly as her foe sent projectile after projectile her way. She knew the spell had to have worked. It had on every other monster she had faced. This Vampire was likely hiding the full effects of the spell to confuse her.

Underneath that bandana and hat were wide pleading eyes, and an open ready mouth. She just needed a few hits from her rapier and she'd fall to her knees. Teresa grinned confidently, waiting for a lapse in her opponent's assault. When it came she skidded to a halt, holding her rapier horizontally as she took up a new stance. She pushed her Mana into the soles of her feet and her blade, as she shouted to the Vampire, "Considering you attacked me without warning, allow me to return the favor!" She kicked off the ground, rocketing towards her opponent with incredible speed.

The Vampire dashed to the right at the last second. Teresa put Mana into her toes and used them to stop her momentum just before she passed her target. She turned to face her foe and kicked off again, stabbing forward with her blade. The Vampire held up her weapon while leaning to the left, their blades clashing as Teresa passed by.

The Dhampir landed a few feet away and repeated the action. She flew at the back of her opponent, ignoring the sound of something snapping as she slashed her opponent's right side. Feelings of triumph coursing through her veins, she stopped and shot out one last time.

Her blade found its mark, piercing through the Vampire's left shoulder. Teresa grinned victoriously already feeding her Energy through the rapier and into the Vampire's body. She could feel it taking root inside.wait. 'What is this terrible feeling? My Mana it's.it's being taken from me. Why? What's happening to-' Teresa realized what was happening just as a painful shock shot up her right arm.

She looked over and saw a small dagger stabbing through her flesh. She looked up and finally got a look at her enemy's eyes.

And for the first time in her life she felt something that no one, not even other Mamono had ever made her feel in her life. True, absolute, all-consuming dread. Teresa's scream was cut off as the monster's other blade stabbed through her stomach. On a rooftop overlooking the fierce battle, Akuri stood paralyzed.

When word had reached her Mistress that her daughter was making her way to Pran, the Kunoichi had been dispatched immediately. Her task was to simply watch over the half-breed and report back if she makes any headway in discovering her mother's location. Things had gone smoothly so far. With the newcomer taking up the Dhampir's attention, she had gained no ground in tracking down her parent.

Akuri didn't truly care if the newcomer turned out to be a Vampire or not. If she was, then she could distract the Dhampir long enough for her to inform her Mistress. If she wasn't, she knew nothing of the existence of her Mistress, so Teresa would simply waste time. She was not expecting so i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad the newcomer not only match but defeat the Dhampir in single combat.

That had shocked her. Watching the newcomer stab Teresa through the gut with no hesitation terrified her. She felt her entire body begin to shake as the newcomer.the monster ripped both its blades from the Dhampir's body. The Mamono started to moan in pain, rolling on the ground while holding her punctured stomach.

The monster stepped forward, grabbed the downed Dhampir by her ponytail, then started dragging her towards their house. The Kunoichi knew she should be furious.

That she should be yelling in rage and planning her revenge against the cruel monster that defeated her Mistress' daughter. But the truth was that she was horrified beyond belief. She had fought many humans since she came to this continent.

Many Heroes, male and female, had fallen to her skills. No two fought her the same way, but they all had one thing in common; they hesitated. When it came time to deal the finishing blow or they had an opportunity to cripple her for life, they never took it. They always let her go or tried to "redeem" her. They were all too kind to end her life.

But not this one. When this one was given the chance to end the battle, they took it. No hesitation. No second-guessing. No redemption. Only death. Akuri felt the hair on the back of her neck stand up.

She went prone just as the newcomer looked directly at her hiding spot. She swore they could see right through the shadows, their eyes boring a hole straight through her.

Her hands unconsciously went to her weapons while her mind began running her escape routes through her head. After what felt like hours, the newcomer finally turned around and went inside the house. Akuri stayed prone for ten minutes before she felt comfortable enough to leave. The water startled Scarlet awake as it splashed across her face. She sputtered, breathing rapid as her head darted back and forth. Her eyes quickly adjusted to the darkness around her, letting her see the details of the room she was in.

Her hat was gone, there was a large bed to her left, what looked to be a closet to her right, a carpet beneath her and.was that blood?! She felt her blood run cold as the familiar scent of iron hit her nose. She tried to stand, but her arms and legs refused to move. A glance below revealed a taut, brown rope tied around her legs. It reached all the way around the legs of the chair she was sitting in. She could feel the same material on her wrist behind her. An ache from her stomach made her groan.

She looked down and saw clean white cloth wrapped around her midsection, no hint of blood on them. She kept her eyes on her surroundings while trying to squirm free of her bindings.

Her mind raced as it tried to catch up with what her body was experiencing. She slowly began to piece together the events that had transpired up to this point. She had come to Pran, got information about a Vampire living on the edge of town, found her walking into her home with two children, confronted her.and then.

"Are you awake? Good." Scarlet's body stiffened at the voice. Its tone was sharp, feminine, and frigid, with an edge to it that sent a shiver up her spine. She focused her gaze in front of her, the owner of the voice leaning on a chair identical to hers.

The stranger (it was clear they weren't a Vampire by this point) wore a long, gray coat that ended at their waist. A long cape that split down the middle fell down to their ankles. What looked like two long, black wings followed every movement they made.

The feathers fluttered in the air as they bent over and placed a bucket on the ground. But the thing that stood out the most about the stranger's attire was the long bone white mask on their face. She couldn't place the smooth material it was made of, which only made it more menacing.

As the stranger approached her Scarlet couldn't help but try and scoot her chair back. Remembering how she had felt at the end of the battle, coupled with the knowledge that it had all been done by the figure coming towards her, was too much to bear.

She unconsciously whimpered as the stranger stopped in front of her chair, the beak of the mask pointing down at her with malevolent intent.

What felt like hours passed by with neither of them saying a single word. Scarlet kept quiet out of fear. She wasn't sure about her captor. She nearly jumped when the stranger knelt to her level, the revealing pitch black holes for eyes that even the Dhampir's enhanced vision couldn't see into. The stranger spoke in that same, clipped voice, "Now then, I'm going to ask you a few questions.

You are going to answer them truthfully and to the best of your ability. If you do so, no harm will come to you. If you do not." A fist, faster than Scarlet could see, smacked her in the center of her face. She grit her teeth, feeling the chair underneath her tip backward before the stranger pulled it back.

She heard the chair's legs hit the floor at the same time a sharp pain rocketed up her thigh. Her eyes shot towards her right leg, widening at the lengthwise cut that was leaking crimson onto the rug below. The stranger grabbed her chin with two fingers, moved her face to be level with hers, and produced a knife that dripped the same red ichor as her thigh, "I trust you understand me?" Scarlet was fully awake now.

Multiple emotions shot rapidly through her brain at once. Hammering heart, dry throat, chaffing arms and legs, and a captor who wasn't afraid to cause her severe bodily harm?

It was all too much for her to bare. So, she did the one thing that made sense to her terrified mind at the moment. She fainted. ".Damn. I overdid it." The Huntress removed the wooden mask, the smell of incense leaving her nostrils while she paced around i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad unconscious Mamono.

While her objective was to scare the monster, she did not mean to make her pass out. Merely scare her to the point where she would give truthful answers to her questions. The threat of harm does wonders to loosen lips. Showing that you are willing and able to inflict that harm even more so. But this was never her intention. Not only did it slow her interrogation, but it could mean that the monster, Scarlet she believed was her name, was too frightened to even form a cohesive thought.

If that was the case, then the Huntress would never get any answers out of her. The Huntress sighed as she stood up and moved to the chair across from the monster. She placed the mask back on, sat down facing the creature, crossed her arms, then waited. Her gloved fingers tapped against the soft feathers of her "wings". She closed her eyes, as the incense in the beak of the mask entered her nose.

Eileen's visage appeared in front of her eyes, that stoic demeanor she always wore bringing a smile to the Huntress' face. The memory of the Crow advising the Huntress on what it truly meant to be a Hunter was a fond one. Wistful nostalgia came over her as time passed by. The pained groan shook the Huntress from her reminiscing. She waited until the glaze around the waking Mamono's eyes cleared before she spoke, "Let that be proof that none of my threats are idle ones.

Now, are you going to answer my questions?" Scarlet furiously nodded her head yes. The Huntress returned it, leaning back in her chair as she spoke, "The war between the humans and the Mamono.

What's the Mamono's side of it?" At the clear confusion on the monster's face, the Huntress continued, "In war, both sides always go in with a clear reason for why they fight. I learned something of why the humans fight, but not your kind. Why are you fighting this war?

What do you gain from it? Why go out of your way to seduce and transform humans?" The monster tilted her head to the side, confused frown still on her face. The Huntress was about to move on until Scarlet shook her head and said, "Love." It was the Huntress' turn to tilt her head in confusion, "Excuse me?" "We.well, the Mamono do it for love," Scarlet spoke with utter conviction, "All they want is to be loved and love in kind.

They want to better both their and humans lives. They don't want to fight. They want to love." The Huntress was silent for what felt like a long time. Scarlet watched her captor, until she felt a drop of sweat fall into her eye. She blinked once. And then the Huntress was in front of her with a blade to her neck. The Mamono yelped at how quickly the Huntress had closed the distance. She unconsciously angled her neck away from the blade, eyes widely shifting between it and its wielder.

"I thought I made it clear," the Huntress delivered each word slowly, emphasizing them by moving her blade closer, "that you are not to lie to me." Scarlet swallowed loudly, speaking with a shaky but determined voice, "It-it's no lie!

It's the truth! Why would I lie about something like that?!" The Huntress' eyes narrowed behind the dark holes of her mask. She searched her captive's face for any signs that she was lying. A twitch in her eyelids, breathing through her teeth, or her eyes constantly moving away from the Huntress covered face. None appeared. The Huntress stepped back from the Mamono.

She took in a i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad breath, placed a hand on her forehead, then let out a long, drawn out sigh.

She made her way back to the chair while massaging her temples with one hand. She kept it up as she sat down, exasperation in her voice as she said, "Care to elaborate?" Certain that she wasn't about to lose her head, Scarlet answered, "Well, like I said, all they want is to spread love through the world. They want to love the humans, make their lives better and bring them happiness. Through that the humans give them love, make their lives better, and bring them happiness.

All them want to is give them the love they deserve." "And that includes rape," the Huntress cut right to the heart of the matter, "So, for your kind, completely subverting a human's free will is love?

Forcing a man to have intercourse with you, even if he doesn't consent, then using magic to make him enjoy it is love? Filling a female with so much lust that she will accept any kind of relief, even if it transforms her against her will, is love? Conquering an entire city and turning its populace into raging, sex crazed lunatics, is the Mamono consider love? Because if so." The Huntress i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad forward in her chair, her hands gripping the arms with barely concealed rage, "Then you monsters are sicker than I ever imagined." To her shock, her captive furiously shook her head at the assertions.

She looked.hurt when she turned to face the Huntress again, "No! That's not true! Well.I mean, not for all of us." The Huntress raised an eyebrow, leaning back in her seat while motioning for the monster to continue.

Scarlet let out a tired sigh, "Let me explain. Yes, there are Mamono who do behave like that. But there are also those who want to fall in love with a human naturally. No magic, no potions, no rape.

Just plain romance. I should know, I'm one of them. I'd love nothing more than to find a nice young man, go out to dinner, talk about nice things, maybe buy each other gifts and-" The Huntress coughs into her hand to get the Mamono's attention. Scarlet shakes her head free of her fantasies, "Right. Sorry. My point is that there are Mamono out there that don't try and force people into relationships. They don't want to be apart of the war.

They just want to live their lives with the ones they love, and raise families together. Everyone wants a family that they can love and care for, don't they?" The Huntress' reply is cut off by a soft knock on the door to her room. Her glare tells Scarlet to be silent as she stands up and walks to the door.

She lifts the mask off and hides it behind her back before opening it. Gloria stood there in her still tattered and dirty white jerkin, her large brown eyes staring up at the Huntress. Dealing with the Mamono forced her to postpone finding a stream to bathe them in, else she wouldn't have made it to the Market before everyone went home. Luckily she managed to catch a produce seller before they went home and bought a basket filled with apples. It wasn't much, but it was healthy and would tide the children over until the next day.

The Huntress bent low so her eyes were level with the young girl, a gentle smile on her face, "Is something wrong, Gloria?" "S.Scared," the young girl hands balled up the hem of her jerkin, whole body trembling, "Scared to sleep.alone." The Huntress reached out and rubbed the child's head, "Aaaww. Well, I'm busy with our guest at the moment. Why don't you go to your brother's room for now?

You can lay in his bed until I'm done, then I'll come get you and bring you to my room. Does that sound ok?" Gloria slowly nodded in.

The Huntress removed her hand, "Do you know where his room is?" Another nod, then the girl said in her squeaky, tired voice, "Uh huh. Goodnight, Ms. Cynthia." "Goodnight, Gloria," the Huntress watched the young girl walk to her brother's room.

She didn't close the door until Gloria had closed the door to the guest room. Then she put her mask back on, turned around, and walked back to her chair. She ignored the smug look on Scarlet's face, sat down and said, "Point taken. However, would I be correct in assuming that you are not the majority?" If they were, her first experience with the Mamono wouldn't have been so hostile. "Well, no," Scarlet hangs her head in shame, then brings it back up and quickly says, "But that doesn't mean they all do it on purpose!

Some are just following their instincts. They don't know any better. And then there are the extremist making things worse for all of us." "Extremist?" the Huntress felt a headache come on at the mention of that word. She could things were about to get more complicated. "They're exactly what they sound like," Scarlet frowns, "They go out of their way to find humans, rape them, and then transform them into more monsters.

You heard of what happened to Lescatie, right?" "That was them," the Huntress said with a nod, "I see what you mean, but aren't they simply 'spreading their love', like you do?" "Do NOT compare me to them!" the force of the Mamono's stomp was lessened by her bonds, but it got her point across, "I understand what love is!

I know it's more than grabbing a man and riding his brains out! It's a warm, kind, gentle, fiery feeling that goes far, far beyond even Mamono comprehension! Sex might come from love, but it does not signify it!" Scarlet took a moment to catch her breath, her chest rising and falling with each intake and exhale. Behind her mask the Huntress' eyes had shifted slightly in surprise. She had not expected such a passionate speech from the Mamono. Especially considering her current situation.

The Huntress waited until the Mamono calmed down. Then she held up a hand and said, "That's enough about the Mamono and the War. Let's move on my second question, which is a bit more pressing. Why did you attack me?" The Mamono shrugged, "I thought you were a Vampire." "And what exactly is that? I can tell it's a monster like you, but I would like details." Scarlet tilted her head in confusion, "Details?

Shouldn't you-" Scarlet caught herself as the Huntress began reaching for her blade. The Mamono shook her head, "Sorry! Sorry! Um, well, a Vampire is a Mamono. They only come out at night because they're weak during the day, are some of the oldest Mamono, need to drink blood to live, consider themselves nobility, look down on humans, and are super arrogant and prideful.

Some tend to disguise themselves as human nobles to have better access to a food supply." It was the Huntress' turn to be confused, though the mask kept it hidden, "You speak of Vilebloods?" "What's a Vileblood?" "A race of blood obsessed creatures, known for thinking themselves nobility, and famed for drinking others blood for sustenance," a sense of dread made its way into the Huntress' mind.

If this monster was anything like the Vileblood from her world, then she would need to deal with it. Quickly. The confusion on Scarlet's face returned, "You just described a Vampire. I thought you didn't know what they were?" "I don't," the Huntress replied while crossing her arms, "And what I described was a Vileblood." "No, a Vampire." "No, a Vileblood." "Vampire." "Vileblood." "Forget it," the Mamono shook her head, "Anyway, I'm sorry I attacked you.

I hunt Vampires, and came to this town because I heard rumors one was nearby. I caught wind of a noblewoman purchasing this manor at the edge of town, then I saw you with blood covering your clothes and.well, you can understand where my mind went." The Huntress nodded, then stopped when she analyzed what the Mamono had said, "Hold a moment.

'Hunting' a Vampire? But, aren't you a monster? Why would you hunt your own kind?" Scarlet smiled, showing off her elongated canines, "Don't you remember what I said?

I'm a Dhampir. Half Vampire, Half human. Technically, I'm an accident. Vampires don't like humans, especially human men. They go on and on about how inferior humans are, and most only ever sleep with or marry men that have been transformed." Her smile curled upwards as she leaned forward, "But drinking the blood of men increases their desires. Sometimes those desires overflow and they bed the first man they lay on eyes, usually the one they enjoy feeding on.

And, through that intense night of passion, there's a chance a half breed will be born. Monsters with all the upsides of being a Vampire, none of the downsides, and a better understanding of both the Mamono and human perspectives of this whole conflict." "I see," the Huntress absorbed this information with gusto.

However, it did give her more questions than answers. Why is it that the majority of Mamono births are other Mamono, but there are rare cases such as Scarlet? Is it a defect? A possible mutation? Or something more? She'd have to find those answers later.

"That still doesn't answer my question though. Why hunt your own kin?" "To give them a better life. Vampires loathe human men.on the surface. In truth, they're just like any other Mamono. They want to be loved and have a husband. But their pride gets in the way, and makes them transform their lovers into monsters. Even if they love the man as a human, they won't tell him.

They'll go on and on about how they don't have feelings for him when they really do. That's not how a relationship should be." Scarlet shakes her head, then lifts it up with a determined look, "So, I've taken it upon myself to teach them the error of their ways. I'll show them that hiding their feelings from their true love is a mistake. To be true to themselves and-" "Understood," the Huntress interrupted.

Scarlet blinked twice, clamming up as the wind went out of her sails. She grumbled in frustration and began to pout. The Huntress rolled her eyes behind the mask. "Last question," the Huntress stood up and walked over to her bed. The Dhampir's eyes followed her as knelt and reached underneath the large mattress.

When she stood up, Scarlet's eyes widened at the sight of her rapier in the Huntress' hand. The taller woman strode back to her seat while running her gloved hand along the rapier's gleaming blade, "Could you inform me of the material this weapon is made from?

It it not one I am familiar with." Scarlet didn't answer. The Huntress shot a glare her way, eying the already healing cut on her thigh and the likely still tender hole in her gut.

Then the Dhampir sighed in defeat while shaking her head, "Demon Realm Silver. It cuts through armor without injuring my opponents, and fills them with my Spirit Energy when I hit them. It's how I get Vampires to surrender." The Huntress hummed while turning the blade over in her palms. Ideas began running through her head as she beheld the weapon, until Scarlet's next question broke her out of her reverie, "So, if that was the last question, can I go?" The Huntress froze in place.

Her head slowly moved to regard her captive, as the one thing she hadn't been considering made itself known. What would she do with the Dhampir? Should she let her go? After all, she had answered all her questions. And the attack was a misunderstanding.

She didn't mean any harm by- 'Do you truly believe that?' The Huntress felt her skin begin to crawl. 'Half breed or no, she's still a monster, isn't she?' Darkness consumed the room until the only she and the Dhampir remained. 'She could be lying. Who wouldn't to save their own skin?' The scent of the incense disappeared from her nostrils. 'She never said she couldn't be controlled by her desires. What if she snaps one day?

You'd be at fault for letting her live. Just like if you let those children live.' The Huntress' put down the rapier. 'You know what you must do.' She stepped closer to the Dhampir until her shadow fell over it.

'You know what you do is right.' She unsheathed her Blades of Mercy, snapping the single blade into twin daggers. 'You know what you do is for the good of all.' She crossed her arms, blades gleaming in the sunlight as she looked down at the monster in front of her.

'.You are a skilled hunter.' She froze at the sound of the familiar voice. Briefly, she was taken back to that place. Where the Beast walked with blankets over their heads, their eyes either bright red or completely empty. The smell of gunpowder getting stronger as she got closer to the tower in the distance. 'Adept. Merciless. Half-cut with blood. As the best hunters are.' Her body trembled as the voice cut into her like a knife.

Her grip on her blades waned. 'Which is why I must stop you!' The sound of a gunshot snapped her back to reality. The darkness retreated, uncovering the room right before the Huntress' eyes.

Her head darted to and fro, before settling on the Mamono in front of her. Scarlet was shaking, her eyes closed, and tears streaming down her face. In between sobs she let out pleas for mercy, apologies for her transgressions, and cries to be sent home. The Huntress' arms felt heavy. She lowered them to her sides, Blades of Mercy held limply within.

One final sentence came to her. The last words of a man who only wanted to defend the peaceful life he had found. A Hunter who had grown tired of the Hunt, and wanted nothing more than to defend the people he once helped put down.

A man she had killed for standing in her way. 'It's you.You're the beast.Can't you see what you're doing? It's madness.' The Huntress stood there for an hour.

She was doing it again. She was killing everyone she came across. She was letting the Blood control her. She was repeating everything she had done in Yharnam. She had not changed.

Nothing had changed. .No. No. She wouldn't let it be that way. Things would change. She would make them change. Then she walked around to her captive's back, and cut the rope binding her hands and feet with one swift cut.

As Scarlet rubbed her wrist and ankles, the Huntress pointed towards the door, "Come with me.please." Trembling, Scarlet stood up from the chair, stumbling slightly as feeling returned to her legs. The Huntress turned and lead her out the door. The walk was quiet and entirely too short to the both of them.

When the reached the entrance the Huntress said to the terrified Mamono, "Thank you for your assistance. You may leave." Her voice was stilted and unsure, but Scarlet didn't mind it. She simply nodded, waited for the Huntress to open the door, and walked out with a smile on her face. The Huntress knew it was forced but didn't say anything. She just watched as the Dhampir walked out the door and into the dark streets of Pran.

She closed the door and sighed in frustration. 'Why did you do that?' "Because this isn't Yharnam," she said to the empty air around her, "And I plan to keep it that way." "Umm, how much did you say was in here?" Maggie whispered while weighing the heavy bag of coins in her hand.

The light from the candle on the table made her shadow dance on the wall behind her. Nick smiled at his sister, arms crossed and head held high as he answered, "Six.

Hundred. Enough to pay rent and keep us fed for months! It'll be smooth sailing for a while now, Mags!" Maggie shushed her brother, looking behind her at the rickety door to Marcus' room. She sighed in relief when it remained closed, before turning back to Nick with her mouth agape, "But.how?" "A noble," Nick didn't bother hiding the pride he felt, "She asked me to guide her around town. Offered me three hundred to do it, then gave me a bonus for finishing the job. That's right, I earned all this from simply walking royalty down a few alleyways!

Am I good or what?" "Alright, but, what about the Vipers?" Maggie's voice was filled with worry, "They've been more active ever since six of their members were killed in the slums today.

And the guards have started upping their patrols." "Tell me about it," Nick groaned in frustration, "I was late getting back because those fuckers stopped me on three separate occasions. They usually just sit on their asses all day. Why are the so jumpy tonight?" Maggie took the bag and began counting the coins, "I'm not sure. But there have rumors that they're asking around about a large person wearing black clothes who walked around town covered in blood yesterday.

I don't know if it's true, but if it is then." She trialed off, not wanting to consider the idea that came to the back of her mind. "Oh, don't worry about that," Nick sat down in the chair across from his sister, laying his head on the table with a smile, "Even if they do find her, they're not gonna be able to do anything to her." "Her?" Maggie looked at her brother in confusion, who simply smiled at her with a cheeky grin.

Then the answer dawned on her. And she felt her blood run cold. "You.you don't mean that." "Heck yeah!" Nick pushed himself to his feet, "The one who killed those Vipers and has the guards scrambling, is the same woman who gave me the four hundred gold! And I'm in her good graces now. Do you know what this means, Mags?! We've got a fucking noble in our corner.

If we play our cards right, we can get rid of Montgomery and get ourselves out the slums! This is our chance!" "No!" Maggie's surprising shout made Nick step back.

Confusion filled his face, while his sister put both hands on her mouth. Her head swiveled to Marcus' door, watching it for what felt like half an hour.

Then she turned back to Nick, sweat dripping down her face, "Nick, you remember when I came home and told you I had sold three of my statues?" "Yeah," Nick said slowly as his eyes narrowed, "You said some really tall, dark, and scary i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad had bought them from you for thirty gold.

Why are you bringing that up?" "Because, I think that person was the noble you're talking about," Maggie started to wring her hands together, "We shouldn't get involved with her, Nick.

She's.dangerous." "Not get in.do you not see the gold on the table?!" Nick pointed towards the aforementioned bag filled with money, "That's enough i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad pay the rent and then some! It might be enough to buy an actual house! Not to mention that she killed SIX Vipers, on her own! Why should we avoid her?! She's our ticket out of here!" She looked away from her brother, biting her bottom lip to stop it from shaking, "One thing I didn't tell you, Nick, was what I saw that day when I looked into her eyes.

The eyes reveal many things about people when you stare directly into them. You'll sometimes see things that you don't want to see. Do you want to know what I saw in her eyes?" "What?" "The eyes of someone with no regard for their own life.

And if they don't care for i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad life, why would they care for ours?" Harlod glanced up from his work, his hammer held mere inches from his anvil. His bushy black eyebrows raised on his soot-covered face, staring at the approaching customer. Her black clothing and peculiar hat jogged his memory as to who she was. He nodded to her before focusing his efforts back to the task at hand.

The ring of his hammer on metal sent sparks flying as he spoke aloud, "Welcome back. I see Nick isn't with you this time. That mean you're here to buy something?" "Yes and no," the woman, Cynthia he believed, said with a bit of a cough, "I was hoping to ask you to appraise something for me. I am willing to pay if I have to.

I.hold a moment please." Harlod took the tongs at his side in hand, grabbed the hot nail on his anvil, gave it a short observation, then placed it in the barrel on his right. Steam rose with a hiss as the hot metal met water. He glanced sidelong at the tall customer, following her as she crouched to the ground.

He felt his eyebrows shift higher as two children came into his sight. A boy and a girl, they wore ragged clothes riddled with holes, but their skin was surprisingly clean. His gaze turned to Cynthia as she spoke to them, "Horace, Gloria, I need to speak with this man alone for a bit.

Can the two of you stay outside while I do? Don't go too far and watch out for each other. Ok?" The children nodded their heads before walking outside. Cynthia didn't take her eyes off them the entire time, looking over her shoulder as she walked up to Harlod.

It was only when they disappeared around the corner did she turn to the blacksmith. Harlod chuckled, "Well now. Don't think I remember seein' you with any young uns' last time." "That is because I took them in yesterday," she shrugs, "They have not been with me for long." "Ah," the blacksmith nodded in understanding, taking the metal out of the barrel.

He placed the tongs to the side while sliding the cool metal turned nail into a gloved hand. He straightened his posture, rubbed the sweat from his forehead with the back of his gloves, and moved to the back of his forge, "That makes sense. Truth be told, was a bit worried Nick was hiding something from me." He laughed, tis black hair underneath a white cloth wrapped around his head shaking with his body. Cynthia smiled at the man's happiness, though she wasn't entirely sure what he meant.

He walked to the forge, and carefully moved the tongs inside. He spoke as he rotated the nail over the warm fires, "So, what do you need from ol' Harlod? Looking to get the young lad a training sword?

Good idea, but I'd suggest starting him with something made of wood instead of steel." "I appreciate the offer, but no," Cynthia shakes her head while reaching for her right hip, "I was actually hoping you could take a look at something for me." Harlod took his tongs out of the forge and turned to watch Cynthia. His head tilted to the side as she brought up a rapier he didn't remember seeing when she stepped into his forge.

He briefly questioned where she kept it while walking forward to look at the thin blade. He gently placed the heated metal back on his anvil, and leaned over the offered weapon, grunting as his eyes roamed the sword. The material it was made of shined brightly even in the dim light of his forge.

It had a rounded, dome-shaped guard with a winding handle curving around a straight pommel. Everything about it was immaculate and unquestionably made for one of high stature. However, one thing bothered Harlod. The universal signs of a weapon being used in battle were the various marks that accumulated along its blade. Chipped off pieces of metal from a blocked strike here, a rusted edge from spilling blood there, a nick from scraping a wall there.

No matter the weapon, it would always have some damage to tell you its story. Yet, there were no nicks on this one "Have you seen anything like this before?" Cynthia watched the blacksmith as he placed a hand on his chin in contemplation. "Can't say I have," he admits, standing straight and moving his eyes to his customer, "Where did you get this?" "A.ruffian broke into my home.

I drove them off, but they left their weapon behind," Cynthia added the second part after she saw Harlod's eyes narrow. She didn't wish to elaborate. It could draw unwanted attention. "Hmm," Harlod took his hand off his chin and held it out, "May I get a closer look?" Cynthia blinked then shook her head, "I'm afraid not.

Sorry, I.think it might be enchanted. And I wouldn't want something to happen to you." She was telling the truth, just not giving a full explanation. She's unsure how Harlod would react to learning she defeated a Dhampir and stole its weapon while suffering no adverse effects. Better to keep him in the dark. Harlod stared her down, trying to spot anything that could betray her true reasons. He shrugged when he found none, "Understandable.

Besides, it's not like I can say you're wrong. I'm no mage. Can tell you one thing though. There's not a single scratch on the blade. Either this thing has never seen a real fight or whoever made it knew what they were doing." Cynthia nodded in understanding, thinking back to her weapons and the periodic maintenance she performed in the Dream.

Even the silverite edges of the Rakuyo and Burial Blade required regular investments of Blood Echoes to keep ready for use. If this weapon had truly seen battle yet carried no obvious damage, while being able to bypass armor, then it is indeed made of impressive material.

Then again, it is a Mamono weapon. The silver the rapier is made from is likely meant to increase a foe's lustful urges so they can be transformed. But perhaps there is a way to work around that. "Thank you, Harlod," Cynthia clipped the weapon to her hip again, "How much should I pay for this?" Harlod waved a hand dismissively, "Consider this one on the house.

Besides, you just had me look at the thing. I'm not that snake Montgomery." Cynthia raised an eyebrow at the mention of the Merchant and made a mental note to find some time to speak with him at length. She gave the blacksmith a short bow, "Thank you for your generosity.

Do you know of anyone else I can go to for assistance in this matter?" He stepped back to his forge. He put his hands on the bellows, muscular arms grabbing the handles with a tight grip. His white apron crinkled alongside his long black trousers as he pumped air into his forge, stoking the fire to a roaring inferno.

He spoke at length to Cynthia, "If you're looking to keep it, find a girl named Tanis. Hers is the second building down the street on your right. She'll tell ya if the blade's cursed or something. If you're looking to just sell it, Maeve is right across the street from her. She'll buy it off you cursed or not, and give you a fair price for it." Cynthia thanked the blacksmith again.

She was preparing to leave when she heard two tiny sets of footsteps headed her way. She turned and knelt as Horace and Gloria ran past the shop's threshold and into her arms. She hugged them tightly against her, looking up as four people stepped into the forge. The green eagle painted on their breastplates marked them as the City Guard. Cynthia had seen two of them guarding the gate when she first arrived at Pran. These guards looked identical, with the same iron breastplates, flat pauldrons, and matching gauntlets.

Three of the guards tightened their grips on the spears they wielded as the Huntress stood up from her crouch, whispering to the children to remain calm while she handled this. Harlod stepped away from his forge, shouting incredulously, "What in the name of the Gods is going on ?!

What is the Guard doing here?!" The guard in the center stepped forward until he was ten feet away from the Huntress. One foot stomped the ground as he brought a scroll up to his face.

His eyes quickly scanned the parchment, stopping to take a glance at the Huntress a few times, before he nodded and shoved the scroll into his pocket. He spoke with as much authority as he could muster, which was diminished when his voice cracked multiple times, "Citizen. We ask that you come with us to the Guardhouse. The Captain would like to ask you some questions on the recent murders that have occurred in the city." Harlod's eyes went wide as they darted between Cynthia and the guards at his door, clearly shocked at the turn of events.

In contrast, the Huntress showed no outward distress whatsoever. Her voice was as unnaturally slow and composed as she asked, "And why, exactly, do you believe I had anything to do with those events?" "Witnesses say someone of your size, stature, and attire was seen at each incident," the guard said, hiding the surprise he felt at the Huntress' demeanor, "As such, you are currently the prime suspect." The Huntress was silent as she contemplated her next move.

She didn't have time for this. She had managed to bathe the children, but she still needed to purchase food for dinner and take them to a tailor for proper attire. Not to mention that she couldn't simply leave them home alone when there was no telling how long they would keep her. Who would look after them? She would have to defeat the guards here and move on. It should be a simple matter. Their headgear was little more than leather wrappings. A good punch to the temple would be enough to- This isn't Yharnam.

She froze at her own words echoing in her mind. She remained that way for but a moment. Then she turned around looked Harlod in the eyes.

With a pleading smile hidden by her bandana, she said to the blacksmith, "How much would it take for you to watch over my children?" When the Huntress reached the Guardhouse she had expected to be locked in chains, shoved into a dark cell in the back, and forced to wait for the Captain to call for her.

Which is why she was surprised when she was brought to a large, open room with a single table set up. This only increased after she was seated at the table, and the two guards who escorted her walked out of the room. She examined the area around her, looking for anything that might give her a clue to what was happening.

A cast iron door on the opposite side of the room stood closed with a single door handle its only feature. To her left was a single training dummy, the flour sack that formed its body covered in small cuts. To her right was a single window with a white potted flower set on its sill, swaying in the gentle breeze.

Next to it was a shelf with books lining the top while the bottom was taken up by.a large black and orange cat. Confusion and curiosity came over the Huntress as she stared at the creature curled up with its eyes closed.

Its body rose and fell gently with every breath while its tail laid hanging off the edge. The Huntress stared at the feline for about five minutes, questions of how it still slept despite the noise when she came into the room circling through her mind.

The Huntress whipped her head away from the feline as a door opened on the opposite end of the room. An old man with a green cloak stepped around a corner to the left of the cast iron door, hands held at his side.

His face was covered in dust, small brown flecks of it held within a blond beard that connected to the same color shock of hair. Bags sagged under his brown eyes above a nose that tilted to the right. She saw no obvious weapons on his person but didn't let her guard down. He snorted at the sight of her and pulled out a chair across from the Huntress at the table.

His black jerkin ruffled as he sat down. A whistle left his lips followed by a blur of orange fur zipping past the Huntress onto the table. The cat from the shelf sat at the man's right side, sharp green eyes glaring at her with what she swore was malice.

The Huntress turned her attention to the man in front of her, "Am I right to assume you are the Guard Captain?" "Aye," his reply was curt, with a gravelly voice. "I see. Might I ask your name?" "Felix," he rested his head on his left hand while using his right to pet his cat. The Huntress resisted the urge to roll her eyes. It seems he was going to make this difficult, "Might I ask the reason I have been brought here?" "You can cut the formality. Though I certainly appreciate it," his chortle made the Huntress frown behind her bandana.

He took his head off his hand, his tired eyes staring at her above flat lips, "I'll cut to the chase. You're here because you've been terrorizing the city and killed at least six people in the slums." The Huntress looked the man up and down weighing her response to his accusations, before shrugging with indifference, "If you are sure of this, then why wasn't I led through that door behind you?" "Oh, we'll go down there if you don't tell me what I want to know," Felix jerked his head towards the door behind him, "But if you do, I might decide to be lenient.

And the first things I need from you are confessions." "Rather transparent." "Either you tell me what I want to know, or I throw you into a cell for a few days and then ya tell me," he stopped petting his cat to shrug, "A few days down there tend to loosen lips. So, what's it gonna be?" Felix's cat meowed then hopped into his lap, disappearing beneath the rim of the table.

The Huntress glared at the man from beneath her hat. Though his thinly veiled threat was weak considering what she could accomplish, it would ultimately cost her time. Time which she could be spending taking care of Horace and Gloria. She nodded to Felix, "Very well. What do you wish to know?" "Nothing. Your actions aren't exactly low profile," Felix's fingers tapped a slow rhythm on the table, "As I said, all I need out you is a confirmation that you did all this." The Huntress tilts her head in confusion, "And what evidence do you have that it was me?" "Nothing concrete, but.," Felix lifts his hand and starts counting off on his fingers, "A few days back, my men report the new arrivals in the city.

The same day we get word from the citizens that someone was threatening a young woman in the Market, but we find no one. Two days later, my men are patrolling the slums and discover a dead-end alley with dismembered bodies all over the ground and a woman missing her hands. And just before that, we received a report of someone walking through the Market covered head to toe in blood with two children on their shoulders." He closed his hand into a fist, a smug smile on his face, "Eyewitness accounts in all incidents described a tall, black-clothed person, with a strange hat and mask.

And you not only match the accounts, but you were among the new arrivals my men report. It isn't exactly hard to figure things out from there. Do you deny any of this?" "No," she caught the man's eyes widening as she confessed, "However, I would like to clarify a few things. Firstly, I have threatened no one. My interaction with the young lady was likely a misunderstanding. Second, I dispatched those people in self-defense.

They were members of a gang calling themselves 'The Vipers' and had cornered me. They threatened my life and I acted accordingly." Felix was silent for a few seconds. Then he chuckled while shaking his head, "Well that saves me time. Not surprised it was the Vipers. They seemed to have gotten bolder ever since Lescaite fell." His cat meowed to get his attention, so he lifted her back onto i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad table and started to scratch her back.

The Huntress spoke as the feline began to purr with delight, "Does this mean I am going to see that dark cell you mentioned?" "Normally yes," Felix leaned back in his chair, "but I have another idea if you're interested." The Huntress' raised an eyebrow beneath her hat, "If I say I am?" "Pran's understaffed," he said plainly, "Since the monsters took Lescaite, I've been forced to up the number of guards watching for monsters near the town's borders.

If they spot anything, I send a report to the Order." "Do they tend to reply?" she asked honestly. "They do. Most of the time it's just a nice way of saying 'Fuck off and deal with it yourself'," he shook his head while cursing under his breath. Then he looked at the Huntress with a glint in his eyes, "However, sometimes they send something useful. This usually comes after I tell them something interesting.

Like, say, how an entire pack of werewolves was found dead near Pran. A pack of werewolves that I had previously sent them a report about, only to be told they were busy with 'important matters'." "And, what did they say back?" she asked, though she make some accurate guesses.

"Just that they're sending two Heroes alongside a couple of Inquisitors to investigate what happened. No doubt they'll tear Pran inside out looking for a hint of who took out the werewolves. And I don't think the townsfolk would appreciate being interrogated." "Do the people here dislike the Order?" the Huntress' curiosity was flaring up.

"They tolerate the Order," he answered with a shrug, "No one wants to deal with them, but they're leagues better than the monsters. Not to mention how most of the Heroes are affiliated with them one way or the other. Can't exactly fight off a monster offensive without at least one of them." "So, if I understand this correctly," the Huntress began while placing an arm on the table, "You wish for me to step forward as the one who killed the werewolves to placate the Order.

In return, you won't put me in the dungeon, thus pardoning any crimes I may have committed?" "Glad to see we're on the same page. Though, I am gonna have to ask you to be a bit subtler with the things you do. Last thing I need is for people to start thinking we guards are incompetent," Felix nodded while taking his hands away from his cat.

The feline meowed and hopped up the Captain's arm to perch on his shoulder. He asked the Huntress, "So, what do you say?" The Huntress was silent for a few minutes as she mulled over the offer. If she said no, he'd likely place her in the dungeons for a few days.

Under normal circumstances, that wouldn't be much of a problem. She could simply enter the Dream to keep herself occupied, or fight her way out if needed. However, she'd lose her chance to speak to people apart of the Order and leave Horace and Gloria alone for multiple days. Meanwhile, agreeing would let her avoid jail time and give her a chance to learn about the Order. Taking that into account, the Huntress nodded to Felix, "I agree to your deal.

When will the Heroes get here?" "In two days. They'll enter through the south gate. Likely be here by morning. Make sure you're up," Felix stood up from his seat and held his hand out for a shake. The Huntress took it and shook heartily. "Before I go," the Huntress said as she stood up from her chair, "Can I ask one thing of you, Captain?" "Sure, what is it?" Felix shrugged.

She tried to keep the nervousness out of her voice as she said, "May I.may I pet your cat?" "Horace?" Gloria stared at her brother, knees hugged to her chest. "Yeah, Gloria?" Horace replied, his eyes focused on the blacksmith as he hammered away at a burning weapon.

His sister sat next to him on the stairs leading up into the man 's home. "Where did the guards take Ms. Cynthia?" "I don't know." They were silent i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad two minutes. "When are they going to let her go?" "I don't know." Silence. "Is she going to come back for us?" He forced his reply down. His hand moved to hold his sisters in a tight reassuring grip.

He smiled at her, "Of course she will. She promised, remember? She doesn't break promises. She told me so." He couldn't tell if Gloria could see through his false confidence. She merely turned her attention back to her knees, mumbling uncertainties under her breath.

He felt his chest tighten at the sight and turned his attention to the blacksmith. His eyes followed the sparks leaping from the metal every time the hammer came down. The blacksmith's wife, a large woman gravid with child, called the two of them up for food.

Gloria's stomach growled making her look away from her brother in embarrassment. He laughed and told her to head upstairs ahead of him. She didn't argue, standing up and letting his hand go before walking her way up the stairs. He waited until her footsteps were a good distance away. Then he stood up with a determined look on his face.

The advice Nick had given him rang in his ears as he approached the blacksmith's anvil. The tall man put his hammer down when he noticed the child. He knelt to be level with the boy's eyes before asking, "What's wrong lad? Didn't you hear Gilda?

You should go upstairs, lest she tan both our hides for letting our food get cold." "Sword." Harlod frowned and moved his ear closer to the boy, "What was that? If you've got something to say you're gonna have to speak up boy." "I want a sword," Harlod's eyes widened in surprise as he turned them to observe the lad standing before him. Horace's hands were curled into fists, but his body didn't shake in the slightest, "I want a sword.

Can you make me one?" "Ares. Don't you think you're overreacting?" "Overrea.did you not listen to a single thing I said, Eos?!" "Of course I did. It's just I think you're blowing this out of proportion. It's just one woman." "One woman who has no qualms about killing Mamono, shed no tears as she slaughtered their children, resisted the wailing of a Banshee, and tried to shoot me in the face!" "But weren't you in your Mana form?

Wouldn't anything she did just pass through you?" "Yeah, that's what makes it so bad! If we let her be, all the progress we've made will mean nothing. She'll return us to a time when the war was nothing but bloodshed, death, and tears. And this time, we won't be able to do anything about it!" "And that's where I disagree, honey.

I sincerely doubt she'll cause that much trouble. But, because I love you and don't like seeing you stressed, I sent a cupid down to handle it." "You.sent a cupid?" "Deep in their heart of hearts, all mortals wish to love and be loved.

No matter how distant, cold, or frigid they are, no one can resist its siren call. Those who say they can are lying to themselves and the arrows my cupids use shall show them the error of their ways. I'm sure this strange woman will be no different." ".Did you not hear what I said about her not having Mana?

And being able to destroy any Mana that enters her body?" "Mana can be used to lead people to love, but it is not the ultimate cause of it. Love is something that transcends even the Energy that powers our world." ".Alright then. You try your way. I'll see about contacting Hel. If your way doesn't work, don't be afraid to come crying to us for help." "And you are certain of this?" Akuri's eyes were focused on the floor as she knelt in the presence of her Mistress.

She let a few seconds of silence pass before she answered, "Yes, Mistress." Her Mistress was silent for a few minutes before replying, "Do you know what the stranger did with Teresa after she dragged her into the manor?" "I'm afraid not, Mistress," the Kunoichi's hand curled into a fist in shame, "I.I retreated from the area before I could confirm it.

I am deeply ashamed." She braces for the coming berating, her heart beating faster as she imagined her punishment. "I see," Akuri's heart skipped a beat. The sound of her Mistress' footsteps heading to one of the windows confirmed her suspicions.

She was not going to be punished. She didn't know whether to feel relieved or worried. "What can you tell me about the stranger? Do you have any thoughts on how they managed to defeat Teresa?" Regaining her composure, the Kunoichi answered, "Very little, Mistress. She is a skilled combatant and wields a strange double blade that can be split apart at will into a sword and dagger.

She also carries what appears to be a cylindrical weapon that can launch small projectiles." "Hmm. Anything particularly interesting?" The battle replayed over and over again in Akuri's mind as she attempted to find any important detail she may have missed, "Three things, my Mistress.

First, the opponent has no Mana. I know how that must sound, but please believe me. During the entire battle, I sensed no Spiritual Energy coming from her at all. Second, the Dhampir managed to hit the stranger with a point-blank Lust Spell. It did not hamper her opponent in the slightest. If anything, the stranger fought harder after being hit by it." Akuri swallowed audibly, mentally preparing herself to deliver the last piece of information, "Finally.the stranger.my Mistress.she isn't a Hero.

She's a ruthless murderer. The entire battle she was fighting to kill. I'm sure the fact that Teresa survived is either due to sheer luck, or the stranger purposely let her live. She knows nothing of our whereabouts, but I have no doubt that she is the most dangerous person in that village." Akuri bent lower until her head touched the polished floor below, "At the risk of sounding insolent, I ask that you allow me to deal with this person.

I shall ensure she does not become a threat to us." Her Mistress didn't reply. Akuri felt the hair on the back i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad her neck stand on end. She could hear her heart hammering away in her chest as the silence stretched on between them.

At last, her Lady replied, "There is no need to do that." "But my-" "Akuri," the Kunoichi went silent at the sound of her name, "Wasn't your original mission to ensure the Dhampir never discovered our whereabouts? I do not see what antagonizing this 'stranger' has to do with your objective. If anything, they have done your job for you by ensuring the Dhampir will be too preoccupied with her latest defeat to track us down.

Am I wrong?" Akuri prepared to argue until she remembered who she was speaking to. Chiding herself for allowing her emotions to rule her like that, she lifted her head from the floor and spoke, "No, my Mistress.

It is as you say." A minute of silence went by before her Lady spoke again, "However.I am interested in this stranger you speak of. Perhaps it would be.wise for you to observe them instead. For i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad sake of learning about a potential danger, of course!" Akuri felt her spirits lift while a grin came across her face, "Of course, Mistress." "And, if you do happen to defeat this stranger in pitched combat, you can bring her to me so that we may learn of the Dhampir's current location.so that we can keep track of her, you understand!" "Of course, Mistress.

Should I go alone?" "Take Kogero and Corelia with you. You will require their assistance if this stranger is as powerful as you say." Akuri brought both her arms in front of her chest and bowed, "By your will, Mistress." Within a moment, the Kunoichi vanished from her Mistress' Throne room. She reappeared in front of a door under a dark stone archway.

She pushed the door open without breaking her stride. Kogero lifted her head and smiled as the Kunoichi stepped into the room. The Ochimusha stood up from her kneeling position, katana sheathed at her side. Her black ponytail swished in the air as she bowed too deeply to Akuri, "Akuri-sama. I trust you gave your report to Lady Scarlet?" Akuri returned the undead's bow, "Indeed, Kogero-sama. Do you know where Corelia is by any chance?" The undead's smile turned to an annoyed frown as she pointed to her right.

Akuri followed her finger to a sight that made her sigh in frustration. A woman, her clothes haphazardly thrown onto the ground, was straddling a man being held down by magical black chains. There was a thick layer of musk in the air that Akuri only now became aware of.

She tried to keep her mind off her own increasing passion long enough to cough into her hands to get the woman's attention. When the pale-skinned woman didn't respond, Akuri said aloud, "Corelia-san." Corelia didn't stop her riding, throwing her head back to look at Akuri. She smiled through the thrashing of her long dark hair, speaking in between grunts of pleasure from both her and her captive mate, "Oh, hello Akuri.

I didn't hear you come in. Did you want to join?" Akuri was silent for a few seconds, before shaking her head to clear it before she answering the Dark Mage, "Not now, Corelia-san. I was actually looking for both you and Kogero. The Mistress has given us a mission, and we are to see it through post-haste." Kogero's eyes widened in excitement at the thought of serving her Lady.

Her grip on her sword's guard tightened while Corelia rolled her eyes, "Really? Can't it wait for a few minutes? I think I'm close to creating a spell that will increase a man's stamina by 150%! I just need a bit more time to test it." "Corelia-san," Kogero frowned at the Dark Mage, "Our Lady's orders go above all else.

The way you dismiss them without a single thought sickens me." "Really?" Corelia smiled mischievously, "And how is your search for a 'Lord' going again? Or did you think none of us noticed the times you sneak out of the castle to gazing longingly at the village nearby?

If it bothers you that much, I can brew you a simple Love Potion to help you catch a man. Though, you'll have to promise to share~." Kagero went rigid for a moment with her grip tightening on her sword, prompting Akuri to interject before she did something rash, "Now, now you two. We don't have time for this. You can finish up later, Corelia, right now we need to go." "Oh, fine," the Dark Mage pouted while slamming her hips down one last time.

The man cried out in a mixture of pleasure and pain as he struggled against his bonds. Corelia got to her feet once he had shot his last and with a snap of her fingers, her body was fully clothed. She pushed her black wide-brimmed hat up before turning to Akuri with a sultry smile, "So, which of my talents does Lady Scarlet require?" Akuri nodded and began to debrief her two friends on their target.

They'd go after the stranger the moment night fell. Once they were all in agreement on the plan, they split up to make preparations. "Now, why did you do that Horace?" the Huntress asked as the boy stood stock still with his arms held out to his sides.

A woman in a red dress kept running a rope from his chest to the tip of his fingers, nodding, then moving on to another part of his body. The boy averted his eyes from his mother's judging gaze, "I.I want to be able to protect Gloria when you're not around." The Huntress' eyebrow raised as her gaze went to the boy's sister sitting at her side. The girl was too enraptured with the various multi-colored dresses that lined the walls of the tailor shop they were in.

She sighed while shaking her head. Of course that was the reason, "While your heart is in the right place, you are much too young to learn swordsmanship." "But what else can I do?" Horace grit his teeth in anger, "Stay weak and not be able to help her when she needs me again?!" The Huntress frowned, her eyes going to Gloria's back. They were covered by her clothing, but the Huntress had seen them when she took them to the river to bathe.

Scars, likely made by taut leather whips, ran the length of Gloria's back. They were raw and the flesh around them hadn't healed correctly, indicating mistreatment of the wound. She had tried to get Gloria to tell her about them, but the girl went into a crying fit that she wouldn't be out of for quite a while whenever she tried. "No," the Huntress chose her words carefully to not upset the child, "but if you throw yourself into learning swordsmanship with no prior preparation, all you will accomplish is injuring yourself.

Then who will defend Gloria?" "But.but.," Horace went silent, frustration evident on his face as the reality of his situation set in. The Huntress counted to ten before she continued, "Which is why you should focus on building your physique instead." The boy's head swiveled to her with hope starting to shine in his eyes. She smiled behind her bandana and pointed towards the boy, "There's plenty a developing young man can do to prepare his body before training with real weapons.

Cutting firewood, carrying heavy objects, running, and so on." Horace shot Cynthia a puzzled look, "But aren't those just chores?" The Huntress nodded as the woman stepped away from Horace, waving to let him know he could relax. The boy sighed in relief as he let his arms fall, hopping around to get his blood flowing. The Huntress looked towards the tailor, "Thank you again for this, Nelia.

I'm not sure I can ever find a way to repay you." Nelia waved the Huntress off, her blonde hair bobbing over her pudgy face and wide smile, "Oh, it's no trouble at all! Who wouldn't lend a helping hand to children who need it? Now, I think I have just the thing for the young gentleman here.

Just a moment!" She skipped off into the rest of the shop, multi-colored dress flowing behind her. The Huntress stood up as Horace walked over to her. She stared down at him and said, "Five years. Hone your body in this way for five years, and then you will be prepared to learn to wield a blade." "But that'll take too long!" Horace exclaimed as his sister hopped off her seat and headed towards one of the dresses in the shop, "I need to get stronger now!

You're strong, Ms. Cynthia. Can't you teach me?" A black-gloved hand came down on the boy's head, gently tussling his black hair as she replied, "There are no shortcuts in life, Horace. And those that are there are illusions meant to mislead you." At the young man's dejected stare she added, "Do not worry, you won't be alone in this endeavor.

I will be there to assist you." Horace's spirits lift when she says that. He looked up at her with a determined smile and gave her a short nod.

She returns it as Gloria came back, a light green dress held in her hands. She mouths the words "Can I?" to which the Huntress' yes sends the girl into a happy jumping fit as she held the dress tight to her chest. Nelia reappeared with an article of clothing in each hand. A clean, solid red shirt swung in her right hand, while black trousers were held in her right. The smile on her face made Horace tense up as she placed the clothes against his body, "Aha!

Just his size!" Horace glanced between the bubbly woman and the Huntress unsure of what to do. Cynthia looked at the shop owner, "How much will it cost to purchase this and that?" She tilted her head at Gloria who eagerly ran up to the woman and lifted the dress for her to see.

Nelia giggled and replied, "Oh, sixty gold should do. Consider it a special discount for such lovely children!" The Huntress thanked the young woman, paid for the new clothes, and stepped outside to wait for the children to finish getting dressed. She leaned against the gray stone walls of the shop, taking out her coin purse and shifting i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad it with two fingers.

The sun was setting in the distance casting an orange hue over the buildings. Many citizens had gone home for the day leaving the streets relatively empty. The Huntress frowned as she placed the bag of two hundred, forty coins back into a pocket. Her funds had depleted quite a bit, but she had enough to keep the children fed for a time.

However, she would have to start looking for a way to bring in a steady stream of money. Until then, she could look for Jet and see if there's an opening in their team. Or perhaps Captain Felix would be open to letting her deal with a few outstanding mounter sighting? "Lady Cynthia!" The Huntress looked up from her musings, spotting Nick walking towards her from her left. She turned to greet the man and spotted a young woman tugging on his arm as he got closer.

While he wore a casual slightly open white shirt, she had on a clean light green dress that went down to her ankles. The Huntress waved to the young man, "Nick. It is good to see you well.

How have you been?" "Better than ever after your generosity," Nick admits with a sly smile, "Not sure how I'll be able to pay you back for that." The Huntress shook her head, "No need to worry. I simply rewarded you for a job well done. Might I ask, who is the young lady with you? I feel I have seen her before." "That you have," Nick grabs the girl by the arm and moves her to his side.

He ignores i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad frightened yelp, placing a hand on her shoulder to stop her from running away, "This here's my sister, Maggie. I believe you bought a few of her handmade statues a few days ago?" The Huntress' eyes went wide as the girl's face registered in her memory. A weak laugh comes from the young woman's lips, as she shoots her brother a death glare that he ignores.

Cynthia could tell why the girl was uneasy and bowed her head in an attempt to calm her down, "Good afternoon, young lady.

It is a pleasure to finally make your acquaintance. I apologize if our previous meeting upset you." Maggie blinked twice before quickly bowing herself while speaking in a rushed tone, "No, no, no! It is I who should apologize, Lady Cynthia! I am the one who overreacted to you." "Which was a direct result of how I carried myself that day," the Huntress straightened her posture, "As such, the fault lies with me." Seeing where this was going, Nick jumped into the conversation, "So, what's a noble such as yourself doing out here with the common folk?" The Huntress raised an eyebrow underneath her hat.

Her response was stopped when the door to the tailor swung open and her children came rushing out. Horace and Gloria, wearing their new clothes, ran to their guardian's side and spotted the two new arrivals. "Nick!" the older man knelt to be level with Horace as the young boy ran to him. Gloria shyly stood behind the Huntress' leg, trying to avoid Maggie's gaze. The Huntress looked down at the young girl and gestured for her to say hello to the young woman. The girl shook her head and hid further behind the Huntress.

Cynthia sighed before shrugging at Maggie who waved the rejection off. The Mercer brother ran a hand through the young boy's hair with a laugh, "Hey scamp.

You been protecting your sister like I told you?" The boy nodded enthusiastically, "Uh-huh! Ms. Cynthia says she's going to teach me how to use a sword!" "Really?" Nick smiled up at the Huntress, "Taking students, huh?

Could I get a few lessons?" "I'm afraid there will be no formal teaching. I will merely be helping him prepare his body to wield a blade. It is better than handing him a slab of metal he can barely lift, then having him swing it until his arm flies out of its socket," the Huntress explains while shaking her head.

"Sure you couldn't just give him a stick and have him wail at a stump?" Nick chuckled, standing up with a smile, "Though that does remind me, do you need any more work done? I know some good places to go, and my sis is good with kids. I'm sure she can show you some pointers on how to raise 'em." Maggie shot her brother another glare before chuckling nervously, "Oh, not really. I just take care of our younger brother a lot. He's about the same age as your kids.

Could you tell us their names, if you don't mind?" "Certainly. This excitable young man is Horace," the Huntress gently pulled the young boy back to her side, placing her other hand on Gloria's head, "and this shy little girl is Gloria.

They're siblings. And actually, I-" The Huntress stopped mid-sentence, her ears pricking up at a familiar sound whistling through the air. Instinctively, she pushed her children towards the older siblings and turned to place her body between the four and where the sound was coming from. She felt the familiar sting of something piercing her heart.

She closed her eyes, preparing for the embrace of death.but it didn't come. Her eyes narrowed as she opened them, looked down, and beheld a hard black arrow piercing her chest. She could feel its tip piercing straight through her, yet felt no pain from the wound. Maggie gasped from behind her as she grabbed the shaft of the arrow sticking out of her chest. With a quick grunt, she snapped the arrow in half, then yanked the remains out of her back.

She held both halves of the arrow up to her face taking note of the heart-shaped tip that had penetrated her body. With a frown she looked up, her eyes roaming the orange sky for the culprit. She spotted a white and pink streak out of the corner of her eye heading westward. Throwing the broken arrow on the ground the Huntress prepared to rush after the archer but felt something tug at her. She turned around to see Gloria's tiny hands grabbing the hem of her coat.

The little girl had tears in her eyes and was repeatedly yelling, "Don't go! Please, don't leave us again!" The Huntress felt her heart wrench as her eyes shifted between the retreating archer and the tears of her child. Indecision warred within her mind until she latched onto what Gloria had said. She quickly moved to draw her children close, reaching inside her coat as she said, "Don't worry. I'll be back. Here take these." She brought out two of the statues, pressing the wooden items into their hands, "These statues are special.

As long as you have them, I will always come back to you. No matter where you go, no matter how far, no matter what. I will find you. I promise. So until I come back, you have to promise to be good kids for Nick and Maggie, alright?" The children ran their hands up and down the statues before slowly nodding.

The Huntress wiped the tears from Gloria's eyes, turning her gaze to Nick and Maggie, "Take the kids home. It's west of here on the edge of town. There's a key underneath a rock by the door. Keep them safe while I'm gone." Nick gave her a thumbs up while Maggie's eyes were darting between the two of them, completely confused. The Huntress dashed away before she could ask any questions, disappearing into the deeper part of the town.

The Huntress ran into an alleyway, eyes glued on the sky as she searched for her assailant. The Huntress ran hard as she chased after the rapidly shrinking pink dot in the sky. Her body acted on instinct as she weaved between the buildings of Pran. Many times her path was interrupted by a building blocking her way forward, forcing her to take a different route around it. She lost sight of the foe for a moment as she came ran around one of the buildings, only catching the barest glimpse of it before resuming her chase.

She cursed under her breath as she dodged past a family of four to get the enemy back in her view. Each detour slowed her down and gave her target more and more of a lead on her. If she didn't hurry they'd be over the town walls before she could catch them. And if they went too far she wouldn't be able to get home before night fell upon Pran.

She needed to bring them down, else she prove herself a liar to Gloria. The enemy came into view to her right as she ran down the alley, a hand rifling through her coat for anything she could use.

Her options for bringing the foe down were thin. None of her throwing knives would reach the foe at this distance. A firearm could but their use would likely violate the deal she made with Captain Felix.

Subtle is not a word she would prescribe to any of her guns. She needed some way to hit the enemy from a distance without causing a scene, but none of her current equipment could accomplish that. She needed something that could.of course. A mental image of a young man in a tattered garb pulling back on the bow that was once a blade.

Though Simon, it's original user, had bequeathed the weapon to her she had not made much use of it. It was a magnificent weapon but the Huntress could never foresee a time where she could use it. Her enemies always had a habit of spotting her and closing the distance before she could put it to use.

But at this range. She shook her head while spinning past a guard who tried to stop her. There was no point in following this line of thought. The Bowblade was sitting idle in the Workshop. It would take too much time to go and retrieve it. The enemy would be long gone by the time she returned. If only there was. Her eyes narrowed as she remembered the times the Messengers had appeared to give her what she required. She didn't even vocalize her intent yet they knew exactly what she required at the time.

And Eve had said she was now the Master of the Dream. Wouldn't it stand to reason that she could call the Messengers to give her equipment? The city wall coming into view made the Huntress increase her speed while resolving to act on the idea. It was the only she had and she was running out of time. She took a deep breath, closed her eyes for a moment, and thought back to the time she was searching for the books in the Workshop.

She called directly for the Messengers to bring her Simon's Bowblade, forming a mental image of the weapon as she did. She didn't open her eyes until she heard the faint chime of a bell in her ears.

Her eyes shot open as she instinctively bent low to the right. She felt a handle slam into her hand and gripped it tight. With nary a pause, she lifted the weapon, moved it into her left hand, snapped it into its bow form, and skidded to a stop in the middle of the road. She quickly dashed into the shadow of a building while reaching her right hand into the bag of Quicksilver Bullets at her hip.

She pulled out the first arrow (she still did not understand how that worked) she felt out, nocked it to the bow, lead her target and fired. Her first shot went wide. It passed well in front of the enemy, flying harmlessly into the orange sky. However, while it may have missed its intended target, it did have some use. It made the target pause in the air for a few brief moments. That was all the Huntress needed to line up a good shot.

She slowed her breathing, sighted the enemy down, drew her arrow back until she could feel the tension in the string, then let fly. It hit with enough force to send them into a falling spin. The Huntress quickly snapped her bow closed, watching as the now wounded enemy passed beyond the city walls. She groaned while jogging towards the gate.

At the very least, she managed to take them down before they could get too far. Not to mention they'll be bleeding by the time she exits the city, leaving a fine trail for the Huntress to follow. There were plenty of questions she needed answers for.

Answers she was sure whoever her enemy was would have. Jessica had experienced many emotions in her time. As a Cupid molded by the Goddess Of Love, it brought her an indescribable amount of joy to see her arrows spread love throughout the world. Whether that be helping two nervous lovers finally be honest with their feelings, or ensuring that lonely bachelors find their perfect wife. Watching as the world was filled with love made her own passions soar, though few could see it through the stony attitude she constantly put up.

So when Eros personally tasked her with helping this cold woman release the burning passion hidden within her, she accepted without fail. She could not wait to experience the feeling of helping another be honest with herself once more. She never expected to watch someone pull her arrow out of their body. Nor did she expect to be chased through the city by the very person she shot. Now as she sat crying in a ditch behind a couple of bushes, blood dripping from the arrow embedded in her left shoulder as the sound of footsteps drew closer and closer, she experienced two new emotions.

Fear and pain. She tried to steady her breathing while moving her right hand to the shaft of the arrow. She grasped it, sending a sudden shock of pain through her body. She yelped while letting the protruding projectile go, sobbing as her left arm lay limp on the ground. The footsteps from above the ditch were getting closer.

Her eyes fell on small pools of blood forming beneath her injury, causing her body to stiffen in terror. Horrible fantasies of what that woman would do to her if she were caught made her breathing speed up. Her hand slams down on the shaft in a panic. Ignoring the pain shooting through her body she put as much pressure on the arrow as she could. She cried out in pain when it snapped in half but quickly moved her hand to the tip protruding out her back.

She dropped to the ground as it wetly slips out of her shoulder. Precious moments are spent pushing herself to her feet and trying to power through the pain as blood leaked from her open wound. She gave her white wings a test flap and winced at the pain from her upper left one. The moment she took a step forward, another arrow pierced the ground inches in front of her right foot.

"Don't move." A cold shiver ran down Jessica's spine. Her body shook uncontrollably in fear as she tried to obey the words of the woman she shot. She kept her head down, focusing her gaze on the birch white arrow embedded in the grass in front of her. Her captor's footsteps got closer and closer until she could feel the point of an arrow poking her in the back. Jessica's body went rigid as tears began to roll down her face alongside her makeup.

Her target spoke again in a clipped, calculating tone, "Turn around. Slowly." Jessica, bereft of any other options, obeyed the woman's words. She carefully shuffled her feet to face her black-clothed captor. The cupid tried to get a bead on the woman's current emotional state, but despite their proximity, she kept coming up blank. She could make out surface-level emotions such as frustration, anger, and suspicion, but nothing beyond that.

Curiosity at the enigma that was her target filled her mind. That curiosity died the moment she came face to the face with her target. For the time when her eyes met those of the strange woman's, was the first time she regretted being a servant of the Goddess.

Terrifying images forcefully imposed themselves upon the cupid's mind. Her hands went to her head involuntarily as she was assaulted with a deluge of horrifying images. Of terrifying monsters with wicked claws that dripped blood. Of men and women driven mad, bathing in puddles of their own blood and refuse. Of giant, monstrous things clinging to buildings with millions of eyes pulsating in on their heads. And blood. So much blood. Enough blood to drown the world twice over, with disembodied limbs bobbing up and down in the thick liquid.

But the worst of the vile images was the giant, black void that threatened to consume anything that got near save a single moon the color of blood gone pale. It floated lazily right in front of her eyes. It pulsed in a slow, steady rhythm that seemed to match up with her heartbeat. It had no eyes yet she could tell it was watching. Watching her. Watching the world. And waiting for the day it would be set free.

And when that day came, it would devour everyone. The feeling of something warm flowing down her head brought Jessica to her senses. The cupid quickly brought her hands up to her eyes.

Blood and pink hair follicles clung to her skin in red clumps. Her breathing increased to the point of hyperventilation. Her hands went back to her head as she opened her mouth to scream. Her outburst was cut short by an arrow piercing her right foot. "Be silent," the sheer menace in the woman's voice was enough to silence the cupid.

The messenger did her best to avert her gaze, but the black-clothed mortal gripped her chin with her now free left hand and lifted her face to eye level. The human stared the cupid down as the Mamono began to whimper in terror. Then, after what felt like an eternity, the woman spoke with a sigh, "I can see it now.

You have beheld something you were never meant to see. Hmm, I have a proposition." The human let the cupid's chin go as she continued, "I have many questions for you, least of which being the reason behind your assassination attempt.

If you answer them truthfully, then I swear I will cure you of the madness that threatens your sanity. What say you?" Under any other circumstance, Jessica would've taken offense to being called an assassin or even the mere accusation of attempting to kill someone. But at the moment, all she cared about was stopping the images that were replaying over and over in her head.

With little hesitation and a smile on her face, the cupid nodded to the woman's suggestion. The two of them talked until the sun was setting in the horizon with the shadows of the trees stretching out along the forest floor.

But while two of them had entered i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad forest, only the black-clothed Huntress had left it. When Banshees came to the ditch to sing for the departed messenger of love, they found her corpse riddled with no less than twenty-three arrows and her face contorted in a permanent smile. "Are you doing ok, Horace?" Horace looked up from the statue of a praying knight in his hand at the smiling face of Maggie.

He felt his cheeks heat up and shoved the tiny figurine into the pocket of his new pants, "Y-yeah. I'm.I'm fine." Maggie smiled while turning her attention to the boy's sister, "And what about you, Gloria? How are you feeling?" The girl didn't respond, tightening her grip on her brother's left arm while averting her eyes from the older girl. Horace whispered something to his sister that made the young girl shake her head in disagreement. Maggie's smile faded as her mind wondered why the girl was so cold to her.

The three heard Nick curse as the third rock he had searched in front of Lady Cynthia's Manor turned up empty. Maggie bit her bottom lip as her eyes examined the immaculate stone building. The two windows felt like eyes, judging them for daring to get close to its spotless visage. Sweat dripped down her back as she coughed into her hand before calling out to her brother, "Do you need help?" "No, Maggs, I got this," Nick assured her after throwing down his fourth rock, "Probably should've asked the Lady to specify which rock the key was under." "But what about Marcus?" Maggie looked back the way they came with worry in her heart, "It'll be dark soon." "Don't worry about him.

Besides I already thought of that," Nick shook his head and placed another rock down on the flower-covered lawn, "You stay here and watch the kids, while I head back and hold down the fort. Simple." "Well, yeah you're right," Maggie silently berated herself. She wasn't usually this nervous. Was it something about the manor? Or what Nick said Ms. Cynthia had done?

Her original impression of the older woman had certainly been disproved during their second meeting. But.something just didn't sit right with her. And she couldn't tell what it was.

She shook her head to clear it and turned her attention back to Horace, who was studying her statue again. She knelt to be eye level with him and pointed at the wooden knight, "Do you like it?" "Uh, yeah," Horace nodded while holding the knight up to the setting sun, "It looks cool. And Ms. Cynthia gave it to me." Maggie nodded then pointed at the statue, "You know, I made that." "Really?!" Horace looked at her, this time with an excited glint in his eye that made Maggie swell with pride.

She noticed Gloria take out her own statue, this one of him standing tall with his weathered armor. Maggie giggled, "Yep. With my own two hands. That one took me a good three hours to finish." Horace's mouth gaped as he looked at the figure in his hand in a new light.

He turned to the young woman and fiercely nodded, "They're.really cool. Thank you for making them." Maggie's smile grew wider. She reached out and rubbed the young boy's head, ignoring the sudden glare Gloria sent her way.

"Found it!" she shot up at the sound of Nick's voice. Her brother held up a small key in one hand while letting a rock drop from his other. He laughed in triumph before walking towards the front door. Maggie led the children up to the manor as her brother opened the door. He shut the door behind them as the sun finally dipped under the horizon. Maggie quickly asked the children to show her their rooms, running after them as they went upstairs.

She started back down once they were put to bed, but stopped at the top step. She glanced over her shoulder at the door across from Horace's room. She found her gaze glued to it as her thoughts turned to Marcus. She could see him walking out of the room with clean clothes on, his hair straight and free of grime, as she started running through the halls with Gloria and Horace.

Maybe if she asked, Lady Cynthia could. She lightly slapped herself out of her fantasies. Who did she think she was?! As kind as she was, Lady Cynthia was still a noble. There was certainly a limit to her generosity, and she did not want to be the one to make her reach it.

The young girl sighed and walked down the steps her heart heavy. She found her brother in the living room sitting in one of the flawless, floral pattern chairs. She frowned, coughing into her hand from the hallway to catch his attention. He quickly got out of the chair and stretched, watching his sister glare at him out of the corner of his eye. He chuckled before walking towards her with both hands in his pockets, "Just checking the place out. Pretty good, but that's expected of a noble, eh?" "Yes," Maggie crossed her arms with indignation written all over her face, "And I don't think she'd appreciate you getting dirt and filth all over them." Nick patted his sister's shoulder as he stepped passed her, "Come on, Maggs!

You know I made sure to wash up before we left today. I'm probably the cleanest man in the slums right now." Maggie rolled her eyes as he stepped to the door, grabbed the handle, then turned to give her a grin, "Welp, I'll leave watching the little scamps to you.

Make sure you don't spoil 'em like you do Marcus." "I do not spoil him!" the pout that came over Maggie's face made Nick's grin widen until it reached his ears. He chuckled as he opened the door.and comes face to face with women he had never seen before. "Pardon us, young man," the raven-haired girl on his left said as she invaded Nick's personal space and pulled his arm in between her D-Cup breast, "But would it be ok for us to take up a little bit of your time?" Before he could answer, another black haired girl did the same with his right arm, but this time leaning way to close to his ear, "We're lost and could really use a place to stay for the night.

Certainly, you wouldn't mind if we stayed here until the morning? Just you and us?" Nick tried to think up a way to tell them no without sounding too harsh, but couldn't get the words to come to him. Something about the way their plump pink lips smiled at him, their soft breast pressed against his chest, and their full dresses hugged their bodies just enough to show off their figures stopped any reply he could make.

And, despite her i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad glare, he felt the same way about the third girl. He nervously chuckled and said while trying to hide the growing problem in his pants by shifting his stance, "Well, I don't see why not, ladies.

I'm sure my mistress wouldn't mind." ".What happened to me?" The Huntress leaned against a random building, thankful that her clothing let her blend in with the darkness of the night. Her breathing was heavy, her skin felt clammy, and she could hardly see straight. She placed her back up against the building's wall and let herself slide down. She kept a firm grip on the Bowblade, but let the arrow slip out of her hand.

A tightness gripped her chest as she tried to steady her breathing and heartbeat. Her mind raced to reconstruct the events that transpired when she found her quarry.

She followed the blood trail to a ditch within a small forest and found the winged Mamono just as she removed the arrow from her shoulder. She had knocked an arrow, walked into the ditch, and told the monster to turn around. The moment their eyes met, the Huntress knew something was wrong. The Mamono started to hyperventilate, her body shook with fear, and her hands gripped her head hard enough to draw blood from the scalp. Her eyes started to dart from side to side, looking well beyond the Huntress at something only she could see.

Her mouth changed from agape in shock, to horror, to a perverse and disturbing smile that went from ear to ear. The Huntress had seen it before. The monster had seen something she was never meant to see. The secrets of Yharnam.

The ones she was desperate to keep hidden. That is why she had to die. The Huntress would've let her go once her questions were answered.

Even if it was an assassination attempt, she had sworn to be less heavy-handed when it came to the use of violence. She would try to solve the problem with her words before she used her blade.

But this was different. Any knowledge of her world had to be kept away from this one at all costs. She resolved herself then and there to end the life of the Mamono. Both to keep the world safe, and save the poor monster from the nightmares she was no doubt experiencing.

The Huntress made sure to get her answers first, but there wasn't much she could get out of the monster. The Mamono, a cupid, was a messenger of the Goddess Of Love, Eros.

She had been sent to "show her the importance of love", which the Huntress translated as "brainwash her into compliance". She had been specifically aiming for the Huntress which eased some of her worries and anger. The Gods could whoever send they wanted at her, but if they went after the children then the gloves would be off. Other than that she merely asked the cupid to describe the visions she was having. When she was done the Huntress prepared to deliver on her promise.

But.that's where her memory stops. Her mind goes blank the moment she's about to end the cupid's life. Next thing she knew, the cupid was on the ground dead and riddled with arrows. What could've happened? She'd never blacked out like that before, and she knew it hadn't slipped loose.

Then.what was it? What had she done? The implications of the lapse in memory plagued her long after she had caught her breath, and walked the whole way home. The moon's light was muffled by i found a husband when i picked up the male lead wattpad black clouds encroaching from the east. A distant rumble hinted at the storm coming towards Pran. The Huntress' brief thought of getting Horace and Gloria something to protect them from the rain evaporated when she spotted a light coming from the living room.

She raised an eyebrow, walked to the door, and placed her ear against the wood. Unfamiliar giggles reached her ears. Narrowing her eyes she slowly pushed the door open, careful to ensure the hinges didn't squeak and announce her presence. She stepped lightly into the house, and carefully rounded the corner to the living room. There she spotted something that made her eyes widen in shock. Nick sat on the sofa with his arm around a strange woman who was massaging his chest.

Maggie was in a chair moaning as one of her breasts was groped by another woman. And one more stranger was standing off to the side near the window, a frown on her face as she watched the actions unfurling in front of her.

But the thought of strangers being in her house wasn't what shocked the Huntress. It was the fact that at least two of them were clearly Mamono. Yet the two humans didn't seem to notice, nor care. The Huntress stood there for a good a minute before the five occupants realized she was there. The moment they did, the woman massaging Nick screamed in absolute terror.

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