Game impostor

game impostor game impostor

In Impostor, you'll never see the enemy coming. The idea of living in a spaceship and travelling in Space sounds exciting, right? Well, you might wanna think again because an exciting adventure is about to turn into a nightmare. If you don't find the game impostor who is killing each member of the crew one by one, the next one might be you! But wait a minute, could the impostor be you?

Be on your guard. You can never know what's lurking in the shadows. For this spaceship is dark and full of terrors. Everything started with the disappearance of the crew members.

Then we found their dead bodies. All this time we were deceived. There's an impostor among us who looks just like us. What started as an exciting adventure is just a fight to breathe now. Do you want to know who game impostor enemy is? If you're looking for him, you'll never find him! Because the impostor is you!

game impostor

Your secret is safe with us and we're here to help. Remember, you must be cunning. You need to game impostor people when there's no one around or they'll report the crime. Hide in the ventilation shaft by clicking on the vent button to attack from behind.

You need to kill everyone to quench your thirst for death and we know you can do everything to succeed, even sabotage the spaceship.

game impostor

You can find all the buttons to perform these actions at the bottom right corner of the screen. Have fun! If you want to play another game like this one, you can check out

game impostor

Enjoy! Developer DRA developed Impostor. Release Date January 19, 2021 Features • Fun gameplay • Many customization options • Intuitive controls • Colorful 2D graphics Controls Use the WASD or arrow keys to move around. Use the buttons at the bottom right corner of the screen to perform actions. • Danh mục • Game Hay • Game impostor Hot • Game Game impostor • Game Y8 • Y8 2 người • Pokemon • Squid Game • Among Us • Pikachu • Thời trang • Naruto • Songoku • Siêu game impostor • Con gái • Thời trang • Trang điểm - Làm đẹp • Làm tóc • Làm móng • Bán hàng • Làm bánh • Tình yêu • Công chúa • Trang Trí • Thiết kế Thời trang • Game game impostor • Chọc phá • Giải trí • Tinh mắt - Nhanh tay • Valentine • Game Việt • Game Tết • Trẻ em • Tô màu • Phiêu lưu • Tìm lối thoát • Tìm kho báu • Sarbakal • Thám tử • Nấu ăn • Bắn súng • Bắn tỉa • Bắn Xe Tăng • Đột kích • Săn bắn • Chiến thuật • Phòng thủ • Đế chế • Nông trại • Hành động • Người que • Đối kháng • Bom IT • Ninja • Rambo • Robot • Không chiến • Hiệp sĩ • Chiến binh • 2 người • Anime • Người nhện • Minecraft • Siêu nhân • Lego • Winx • Oggy • Tom và Jerry • Songoku • Barbie • Doraemon • Ben 10 • Naruto • Ninjago • Minion • Scooby Doo • Nàng tiên cá • Chú khỉ buồn • Nữ hoàng Băng giá • Batman • Ninja Rùa • Sonic • Pokemon • Gumball • Kinh điển • Kim cương • Đào vàng • Mario • Pikachu • Angry Birds • Flappy Bird • Trí tuệ • Giải đố IQ • Học tập • Toán học • Luyện trí nhớ • Xếp hình • Học tiếng Anh • Game Noel • Văn phòng • Kinh dị • Halloween • Diệt Zombie • Game Y8 • Y8 2 người • Âm nhạc • Among Us • 3D • Trắc nghiệm • Thể thao • Đua xe • Chơi golf • Bóng đá • Trượt tuyết • Chơi cờ • Trượt ván • Bida • Bắn cung • Câu cá • Bóng rổ • Tennis • Đua ô tô • Đua xe máy • Bóng chày • Squid Game Impostor nhảy cao là game phiêu lưu và game Among Us cực kỳ thú vị trên GameVui.

Đến với Impostor nhảy cao, người chơi sẽ có nhiệm vụ giúp Impostor nhảy lên càng cao càng tốt nhưng tránh đụng phải bẫy 2 bên đồng thời thu thập vật phẩm hỗ trợ. Sau đó, bạn có thể dùng tiền mua skin và vật phẩm hỗ trợ mới. Cách chơi game Imposter ăn kẹo • Trên máy tính sử dụng để chơi. • Trên điện thoại chạm và xoay dọc màn hình để chơi. Chơi thêm • Among Us đại chiến Squid Game • Thần công Impostor • Impostor nhảy cao 2.047 • Noob vs Hacker bộ đồ thợ lặn 5.226 • Super Mario 341.615 • Minecraft vượt ngục 46.261 • Huggy phiêu lưu 2 10.949 • Mario phiêu lưu 3 168.238 • Lối thoát duy game impostor 4 35.266 • Người que phiêu lưu 6 58.958 • Phiêu lưu trên Enola 160.172 • Among Us IO 75.437 • Robot chiến tranh 131.403 • Người que trốn thoát 25.409 • Huggy phiêu lưu 39.573 • Minecraft về nhà 17.854 • Lái xe cảnh sát 2 123.510 • Hẻm núi của quỷ 20.735 • Kiến săn mồi 13.810 • Minecraft vượt chướng ngại vật 33.392 • Người Dơi: Cuộc săn đuổi 172.030 • Xe tải vượt địa hình 480.497 • Siêu nhân Gao 2 299.210 • Bóng rổ leo tường 6.432 • Minecraft phiêu lưu 928.191 • Chubby chạy trốn 2 19.368 • Thợ săn quỷ 127.259 • Mario 2 143.739 • Máy bay mini 6.402 • Buddy phiêu lưu 2 12.400 • Pokémon Go 13.715.650 • Băng lửa song hành 1.242.178 Xem thêm • Tô màu theo số 299.211 • Người que đu dây 2 471.238 • Gumball bắn súng nước 710.197 • Nữ anh hùng 90.386 • Tìm cặp hình Pokemon GO 304.342 • Cướp biển bắn bóng 2 64.201 • Ngôi Làng Ewok 30.571 • Chiến binh báo đen: Săn lùng Vibranium 106.299 • Thời trang Hatsune Miku 1.621.503 • Thần tượng âm nhạc 3.824.912 • Randy chiến đấu 1.674.152 • Bóng đỏ phiêu lưu 2 542.619 • Bắn hạ kẻ địch 308.456 • Siêu nhân quyết chiến 866.151 • Adam và Eva 339.600 • Among Us Online 1.013.319 • Hoa khôi duyên dáng 204.708 • Sát thủ 75.748 • Brain Test Online 439.676 • Tay súng tốc độ 2 303.077 Xem thêm
This game was spreading like a virus with the speed of light not so long ago, but few people know that it has been around for a while, but it only gained popularity once bloggers started to play it.

One lead to another and in a couple of weeks or so the whole internet exploded with imposter game – Among us. It is was a wild ride for sure, the amount of attention this game received is just mind-blowing, I guess lockdown played its role as well, with a lot of people sitting at home everyone rushed to the internet in order to kill boredom.

game impostor

Game impostor way or another I am happy that bloggers shared this hidden jewelry with the rest of the world, makes you wonder how many unknown games are out there waiting for their game impostor of fame… About We already know what this game is all about, don’t we? Here you play either as a crew member trying to complete your mission and return to your home safely, or you play game impostor an imposter, and in this case, you will have to do everything that is possible in order to sabotage the mission.

In both cases, the game offers an entertaining experience and fun, in both cases, you will have to analyze situations around you, make sure that you know where all the crew members are, what they are doing, what is the current status of the missions, etc. Tips and tricks Apart from thrilling and entertaining gameplay this game also requires from you to think, I mean think really well, memorize everything, crew, what their current mission is, how they are going towards their work location, which hidden paths can be found on the map, where they lead, etc.

Game really puts your intelligence to the test, if you are good at remembering chances are that you will succeed in the game, if not well, in this case, you will have the opportunity to improve your abilities while enjoying the entertaining game, win-win scenario to me, don’t you agree?

Missions As a crew member, you will get various missions from time to time, missions usually revolve around fixing various problems on the ship, also you will have to figure out who sabotages the flight and messes up electricity on the ship. Try to do your best and make sure that your ship is not in poor condition, that everything is going normal and smooth.

game impostor

Also, take care of yourself as well, try not to stay alone for a long time, remember, there are evil aliens on the board and they are really good at disguising!

Conclusion Imposter Game or Among us call it whatever you like is really entertaining game, the ability to play it online with real people adds additional thrill and fun to the game. It is so exciting to play either as a crew member or as an imposter no wonder game gained so much popularity in such a small period of time.

Don’t waste any more time on reading guys, it is time to take some action, scroll up, hit that play button, and enjoy your game session with gamers from all around the world. Become the superior life form by defeating other players in!

This multiplayer action game is inspired by Among Us and features similar visuals and controls. The gameplay is completely different: no need to worry about sneaking and pretending.

The curtains are down, it’s every man (or alien) for himself. Beat everyone up with various weapons and climb to the top of the leader boards. Collect energy cubes to level up and become stronger. Can you survive the battle and become the most powerful impostor in the universe?

Fighting in the intergalactic arena will award you some credits. Spend them in the in-game store to buy valuable upgrades.

You can customize the color of your character, game impostor weapons and hats. Having a unique style will make you look a lot more experienced and intimidating. How to Play Control the character by moving the mouse cursor.

The direction is indicated by the arrow hovering over the screen. Click LMB to attack and RMB to speed up. Running too often will drain your stamina, game impostor you from leveling up.

game impostor

Sometimes it is necessary to avoid a confrontation with a stronger player. Your life consists of several segments – that’s the number of hits you can take. If you are low on health, look for more cubes – upgrading will rejuvenate you. If you are a fan of Among Us, don’t hesitate to give this game a try.

It’s a hilarious homage to the viral sensation. Unlike the original, it doesn’t require you to communicate with other players. Kill them all one by one, and get the highest score. Close window
Impostor is a thrilling and exciting social deduction game in which you have to kill all the workers of a plant without being game impostor. You can play this game online and for free on If game impostor are a fan of the popular multiplayer game Among Us, you will surely enjoy this one.

Play always as the impostor and try to kill all innocent workers before they finish their job. Read more . Your task will be to stab them all whenever nobody is watching.

Every time a body is detected, all workers will gather up to decide who to eject from the plant, so if someone catches you next to the dead body, you probably will get fired. Also, you can sabotage the machines to have some extra time to do all the killing. Have fun playing Impostor! Controls: WASD = move, Mouse = interact
Impostor io is an action game that blends the allure of Game impostor Us. You can become the finest alien gladiator to participate in a free-for-all deathmatch.

Prepare for an exciting alien conflict in Impostor io! On this battlefield, you're alone. There is no one around to protect you. Your adversaries are not regular people. You'll be up against gamers from all across the world.

They have the ability and game impostor to destroy you. But never give up hope and never stop attacking! Let's see how high you can get from the steps. You are going to enter a battleground where no fighter will show mercy to another. In this entertaining io game, your goal is to stay alive by removing other players.

game impostor

In the beginning, you will be in a large region. You've got a weapon in your hand. Attack the other players with it. You have the option of attacking them from behind! It's always the safest game impostor Collect all of the blue cubes on the ground.

With the cubes, you may level up your character. As you go through the game, you will be able to acquire additional weaponry. To make the game more enjoyable, you may alter your character's skin from the main menu. May the finest warrior triumph! Features of Impostor io • 2D colorful graphics • Competing against other players • Global leaderboard to climb • Fun and addictive gameplay• Activity • Casino Arcade games • Casino Asian games • Casino Mini games • Casino Mobile slots • Casino Other games • Casino Poker games • Casino Scratch game impostor • Casino Slot machines • Casino Table games • Casino Video poker • Casino Video slots • Members • LOGIN • SEARCH • FOLLOW US • Twitter • Google Plus • Linkedin • Youtube • Tumblr • Instagram • Pinterest • Quora • Telegram • RSS NEWS • Get On Top Touch - Be ready for playing a wonderful multiplayer and extremely contentious game.

At this game you will see the battle of getting. • Rage Road Online - Join the brave cowboy in an extreme chase in Rage Road Online play for free first here on !!!! If you are a brave. • Impostor - A spaceship is travelling in game impostor space, and its crew is trying to survive.

There is an impostor among them and they need. • MineWorld Horror The Mansion - If you like games in the style of Minecraft and combined with survival, this new game from kiz10 is for you !! Survive an. • Bubble Shooter Wheel - This is a special bubble shooter game in which you will find a rotating wheel of bubbles. To complete the game you need to. • Space Wars Cartoon Coloring - Space Wars Cartoon Coloring is a free online coloring and kids game!

In this game you will find eight different pictures. • Brave Warriors - This platform adventure and action game, where warriors must cross the valley of devils, where they encounter many challenges.

• Stickman Dash - Stickman Dash is an interesting assassin game.

game impostor

You are a brave ninja. This time we send you to the foundation of criminals. • Water Game impostor Puzzle - The kids accidentally mixed the different colors of liquid together! In order to use it again, you need to separate the liquid. • Dream Chefs - Do you have a chef’s dream?Dream chef is a fun cooking game. Experience the fever of real cooking in the kitchen without. GAME INFO A spaceship is travelling in endless space, and its crew is trying to survive. There is an impostor among them and they need to stay on guard.

They need to be aware of empty rooms, and be ready for an attack when left alone with someone else, what if that someone is the impostor. The Impostor wants to kill everyone and will stop at nothing, even if it means sabotaging the ship. He is cunning and sneaky. He can hide in dark corners and wait for his victim, or suddenly jump out of a ventilation shaft and attack from behind.

It is difficult to identify him among the crew members, unless he makes a mistake. You wouldn't do that, would you, Impostor?

Control the movement with WASD or arrow keys. Perform actions by clicking the buttons at the bottom right corner of the screen. Casino Games: Casino Game Providers: Betsoft Elk Endorphina Isofbet Microgaming Netent Nextgen Novomatic Nyx Play'n GO Playson Game impostor RTG Yggdrasil Thunderkick WMS Casino Game Categories: Arcade casino games Asian casino games Casino slot machines Game impostor Mobile Slots Casino table games Casino video poker Casino video slots Mini casino games Poker Casino games Scratch casino cards Other casino games Languages: Albanian Arabic Armenian Azerbaijani Belarusian Bosnian Bulgarian Chinese (Traditional) Croatian Czech Danish Dutch English Estonian Finnish French Georgian German Greek Hausa Hawaiian Hebrew Hindi Hungarian Icelandic Indonesian Irish Italian Japanese Kazakh Korean Kyrgyz Latin Latvian Lithuanian Luxembourgish Macedonian Malay Maltese Mongolian Nepali Norwegian Polish Portuguese Romanian Russian Serbian Slovak Slovenian Spanish Sudanese Swedish Tajik Thai Turkish Ukrainian Uzbek Vietnamese Powered by Bonus.Express

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