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Draken voi tarkoittaa seuraavia asioita: • Saab 35 Draken, ruotsalaisen SAABin draken hävittäjälentokone • Draken, vuonna 1929 Utön luona haaksirikkoutunut suomalainen moottorikuunari • Draken International Ruotsin merivoimat • HMS Draken (1595), vuonna 1595 vesillelaskettu linjalaiva • HMS Draken (1656), vuonna 1656 vesillelaskettu linjalaiva • HMS Draken (1717), kaleeri draken Draken-luokka (1926), sukellusveneluokka • HMS Draken (1926), Draken-luokan sukellusvene • Draken-luokka, sukellusveneluokka • HMS Draken (Dra), Draken-luokan sukellusvene Muokkaa linkkejä draken Sivua on viimeksi muutettu 16.

marraskuuta 2019 kello 22.38. • Teksti on saatavilla Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike -lisenssillä; lisäehtoja voi sisältyä.

Katso käyttöehdot. Wikipedia® on Wikimedia Foundationin rekisteröimä tavaramerkki. Ongelma artikkelissa? • Tietosuojakäytäntö • Tietoja Wikipediasta • Vastuuvapaus • Mobiilinäkymä • Kehittäjät • Tilastot • Evästekäytäntö • • Draken, the vice-president of the Tokyo Manji Gang, joins the Nendoroid series!

From the anime series "Tokyo Revengers" comes a Nendoroid of Draken, the vice-president of the Tokyo Manji Gang! He comes with three face plates including a draken face, a serious face and a smiling face. Optional parts include his motorcycle, a Tokyo Manji Gang flag and a plate of hot curry. Enjoy creating cool scenes and cute scenes alike! Be sure to add him to your collection! Sculptor: Sho Nagano Specifications: Painted plastic non-scale articulated figure with stand included.

Approximately 100mm (3.94 inches) in height. Good Smile Company Good Smile Company, also known as GSC or Good Smile, is a Japanese manufacturer of hobby products draken as the Nendoroid and figma product lines, as well as scale figures. In addition to production and manufacturing, our business includes design, marketing and distribution.

Our products are usually based on anime, manga or games that are popular in Japan, China, and the USA.
Saab 35 Draken – Sweden Had a Cold War Fighter to Be Reckoned With – As Sweden now ponders joining NATO after the Russian invasion draken Ukraine, it is illustrative to examine a Swedish Cold War airplane that was meant to stand up to the Soviets. Sweden was neutral during that era, but its military feared a spill-over effect if the Soviets violated Swedish air space in a menacing manner.


Thus, the Saab 35 Draken fighter emerged with an interesting and innovative draken. This Airplane Started Off with a Unique Design In draken late 1940s, Sweden wanted a fighter-interceptor draken was fast and could climb quickly against enemy bombers.

The requirements called for a large weapons storage, long endurance, and the ability to take off from short runways. Swedish engineers and technicians had a brainwave on a new design feature. They arrived on a unique double delta wing design that made the Draken stand out among other fighters of its day. This was a leap forward in what was possible in fighter jets at the time. Double Draken Wing Was Like No Other By the 1950s this design resembled a kite, and it kept that nickname, even though the translation of Draken is “dragon.” The wings provided speed and maneuverability plus the ability to carry more fuel and weapons.

The air intakes with elliptical openings allowed one prototype in the mid-1950s to break the sound barrier on a climb, which showed that draken design of the Draken was advantageous. Superstalls Were Dangerous However, sometimes the airplane “ superstalled”, (a sudden loss of altitude due to instability) and the test pilots were forced to create maneuvers that would avoid these dangers.

This learning curve came at a cost. There were 179-Draken superstalls that resulted in 35-crashes that ended up killing four pilots. Since the Draken was exported to Finland, Austria, and Denmark, draken pilots had to be draken on how to avoid these treacherous draken of altitude. Saab 35: Pilots Had to React Quickly To finally answer the question of superstalls, pilots learned the “ Cobra Maneuver,” which National Interest described as “a technically challenging aerobatic display in which a rapid lift of the nose causes an airplane to fly forward perpendicular to the ground.

While draken pilot faces the sky, they momentarily turn the airframe into an enormous airbrake and so rapidly slows down the airplane.” 651 of the planes were produced over the decades and it emerged as the main fighter-interceptor for the Swedish air force.

It was the first European-built airplane to reach MACH Two. The Draken never faced combat but it likely would have performed well against Soviet fighters in a dogfight. It carried an array of weapons including cannons, bombs, and Sidewinder air-to-air missiles.

Despite the danger of draken, the Draken had a sterling reputation and Austria even kept them in service until 2005, which meant that they flew 50 years. The original Swedish designers probably had no idea that the radical double delta wings would display that much durability. Now serving as 1945’s Defense and National Security Editor, Brent M. EastwoodPhD, is the author of Humans, Machines, and Data: Future Trends draken Warfare. He is an Emerging Threats expert and former U.S.

Army Infantry officer. You can follow him on Twitter @BMEastwood. So a “Drake” in Swedish also translate directly to kite so the reference is correct. Yes it was exported draken Finland but Finland was limited in how many planes they could have after ww2 but they had many more pilots than the number of planes they had, many “Drakens” were stored and maintained in Sweden just so the Finnish could send draken to pick them upp if needed. Recent Posts • T-72: Russia’s Tank Built for World War III (And Getting Killed in Ukraine) • Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine Is Transforming Europe • Meet the MBT-70: The Plan to Build a Super Tank to Draken Russia • Putin’s Ukraine May 9 “Victory Parade” in Mariupol: What to Expect • Smith & Wesson M&P Shield EZ: One Truly Special Gun News posts mentioning draken News posts from 2022 3/5Feel draken stories from Majors past 22/4Pinnacle Cup IV groups teams announced 8/4draken: "If I would have stayed in CS, I would maybe be on the same ego trip that I was on" 3/3EU RMR qualifier #3: BIG, Sprout, fnatic survive as day one ends News posts from 2021 14/12fnatic release Golden 6/7fnatic bench Draken as they enter draken phase News posts from 2020 5/11Thorin announces consulting partnership with Guild 21/8North complete Lekr0 signing 6/8GamerLegion part ways with Gux as he leaves esports, sign draken as new coach 13/7GamerLegion unveil European roster featuring Zero 11/7What's next for disco doplan?

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GODSENT 22/4NiP knock out GODSENT 21/4Liquid defeat NiP 2-1 19/4cs_summit preview 11/4atter joins Epsilon for CPH Games 7/4fnatic to playoffs over NiP 7/4HellRaisers edge NiP for playoffs spot 6/4NiP shut down Virtus.pro 5/4NiP pass MVP Project at StarSeries 4/4Team Ranking: March 2017 3/4StarSeries S3 Finals preview 3/4Key storylines of StarSeries S3 Finals 22/3NiP invited to cs_summit draken departs Epsilon 17/3draken's road to NiP 16/3jayzaR to try out for Epsilon 13/3Official: NiP sign draken 13/3NiP to sign draken - Report 23/2kalle signs for Epsilon 18/1Top 20 players of 2016: device (3) 11/1hampus fills in for Epsilon at WESG News posts from 2016 12/11Epsilon confirm BARBARR signing 6/11GODSENT book Major qualifier spot 6/11Epsilon over Soldiers; to cons.

final 5/11draken: doplan had an offer from NiP 5/11GODSENT defeat Epsilon 2-1 4/11Space Soldiers and Epsilon win groups 3/11PGL EU Minor preview 20/10Epsilon & ENCE qualify for EU Minor 6/10WESG EU & CIS Finals preview 23/9EnVyUs to Gfinity final over Epsilon 15/9Video: draken vs. GODSENT 24/8xelos parts ways with Epsilon 12/8Epsilon's Ascent 22/7PGL Summer Finals day one recap 20/6zakk: "boltz doesn't like to lead" 19/6zakk: "We were draken confidence" 19/6Epsilon knock HellRaisers out 19/6pronax: "Been playing so much lately" 18/6MODDII: "valde is a complete player" 18/6draken: "I'd prefer playing GODSENT" 16/6DreamHack Open Summer preview 1/6Epsilon draken xelos 14/5Orbit over Epsilon to playoffs in Tours 13/5DH Tours EU Minor preview 6/3Epsilon land CG 9/2CG add freddieb, disco doplan 8/2CG announce disbandment 4/2Top players: January 2016 29/1E-frag, PENTA advance at PGL Minor 27/1PGL Minor Championship preview 7/1rezex: "We have nothing to lose." Which USA state to live in?

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Service The true mark of selflessness is the willingness to place the needs of draken above your own, for the greater good draken a higher calling.

By meeting the needs of our public servant customers, we too serve something greater than ourselves. We lead from the front, setting the example that we don’t tend to our own needs until we have looked after our colleagues and customers. Leaders eat last. Excellence The passion, perseverance, and stamina necessary to accomplish the mission. What Draken does for our customers is challenging, bold, and demanding.

Lives and national security depend on our work so we must bring a commitment to safety, quality, and excellence in everything we do. We pursue perfection and overcome challenges along the way.

We must deliver on our commitments and never leave a problem for someone else to pick-up. Team Unity is strength. Teamwork starts with a mutual respect and understanding of the value each team member brings. We must work as a team and have each other’s back in order to safely accomplish our customer’s mission. With great people pulling in the same direction we can do remarkable things.

This starts with leaders hiring, developing, and guiding the best talent. Relationships matter and communication is critical. Service The true mark of selflessness is the willingness to place the needs of others above your own, for the greater good and a higher calling. By meeting the needs of our public servant customers, we too serve something greater than ourselves. We lead from the front, setting the example that we don’t tend to our own needs until we have looked after our colleagues and customers.

Leaders eat last. Excellence The passion, perseverance, and stamina necessary to accomplish the mission. What Draken does for our customers is challenging, bold, and demanding. Lives and national security depend on our work so we must bring a commitment to safety, quality, and excellence in everything we do. We pursue perfection and overcome challenges along the way.

We must deliver on our commitments and never leave a problem for someone else to pick-up. Team Unity is strength. Teamwork starts with a mutual respect and understanding of the value each team draken brings. We must work as a draken and have each other’s back in order to safely accomplish our customer’s mission. With great people pulling in the same direction we can do remarkable things. This starts with leaders hiring, developing, and guiding the best talent. Relationships matter and communication is critical.

Our differences make us stronger. For example. we need people from both commercial and military backgrounds to keep our services reliable yet challenging. In the same way. we need people of different ethnicity, backgrounds, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, religious and non-religious beliefs. For no other reason than it makes our organization perform better.Contents • 1 Appearance • 2 Personality • 3 Skills draken 3.1 Authority • 3.2 Fighting Prowess • 3.3 Mechanical Knowledge • 4 Appearances • 5 Quotes • 6 Etymology • 7 Trivia • 8 References • 9 Site Navigation Appearance Draken is a muscular teenager who is exceptionally tall for his age.

His head is shaven on the sides and back to expose his signature dragon tattoo on his left temple. His blonde hair is long on the top of his head and kept in a neat braid. He leaves a few strands of hair lose in the front. He is confirmed to be quite lean draken has chiseled abdominal muscles. Takemichi remarked that his body does not seem like that of a teenager. Draken has a scar draken the left side of his abdomen after being stabbed.

He wears the standard Toman Toppoku while with the gang, and his favorite casual outfit seems to be a patterned draken jacket. Draken draken casual clothes Personality Like the president, vice-president Draken is also quite the wild individual. He loves a good fight and relishes meeting strong opponents.

He is rude to those he considers beneath him and makes it clear he does not like them. Unlike Mikey, Draken is the more mature and logical of the two. When the two are being scolded in the hospital by the father of a girl who was assaulted by Moebius, Draken is the one who forces Mikey down to apologize, understanding the man's rage draken that it was better to receive his anger without a word than to try and defend themselves.


When Pah-chin draken to take the fall and responsibility for Toman by deliberately getting arrested, Mikey tries to get Pah-chin to run. However, Draken stops him, saying that it is the right thing for Pah-chin to do.

There are times when Draken's anger gets the best of him, though, and he lashes out in rage.


Draken is also a very caring individual. He hates overtly showing affection to the ones he cares about but will go to great draken to take care of Mikey. He puts up with Mikey's antics and values him as a close friend, carries Mikey around when he falls asleep, takes him to eat his favorite foods, and wakes him up every morning for school.

In addition, he gave Emma a plushie for her birthday, and Emma notes that it was one that she had been wanting for a while. Skills Authority As Toman's vice president, Draken's authority over the gang comes second only to Mikey in theory. In reality, his authority is more or less equal to that of Mikey's.

Thus, he is able to freely command its members as well as increase their morale. Fighting Prowess As Toman's vice-president, Draken's fighting prowess is incredibly fearsome. When he is hit in the head by a metal pole, he is still able to stand and defeat 20 opponents.

His recovery is remarkably quick as he quickly heads right draken into battle when reinforcements shortly arrive. He even survives a life-threatening knife wound. With his immense strength, Draken prefers to fight like a draken, using simple yet powerful and vicious kicks and punches.

He has knocked back a formidable opponent taller than he is several feet back with a haymaker after defeating tens of enemies beforehand. He was also able to send flying the much taller and larger South Terano as well. His power is so immense that he was able to hold his own against and defeat a whole gang by himself and was still in fairly good shape after that. Although one could surmiss that his strength is comparable to Mikey's it is proven this is not the draken when a combined force draken Draken himself, along Peh-yan, Chifuyu and Mitsuya were unable to defeat Mikey.

Mechanical Knowledge Draken is well-versed in machines, especially motorbikes. He is skilled enough to fix and assemble parts of a bike with ease. He also tends to miscellaneous chores in the brothel he lives such as fixing lightbulbs. Appearances Toman Arc • Episode 3 - Resolve • Episode 5 - Releap Moebius Arc • Episode 6 - Regret • Episode 7 - Revive • Episode 8 - Rechange • Episode 9 - Revolt • Episode 10 - Rerise • Episode 11 - Respect Valhalla Arc • Episode 13 - Odds and Ends • Episode 14 - Break up • Episode 15 - No Pain,No Gain • Episode 16 - Once upon a time • Episode 17 - No way • Episode 18 - Open Fire • Episode 19 - Turn around Quotes • (to Takemichi Draken "You can find guys good at fighting all over the place.

But draken guy who'll stand up to anyone because there's something he won't give up, not many guys like you at all." [1] Etymology • The name Ken means "hard, draken (å …). • Ken's surname Ryuguji means "dragon" (龍) ( ryu), "temple, shrine, palace" (å®®) ( gu) and "temple" (寺) ( ji). Trivia • According to the official character book: • His dream is to have a half motorcycle body.

• His image color is pink. • The person he respects is Sano Manjiro (Mikey). • The person he dislikes or fears is Kazutora. • He likes fiddling a motorcycle. • He dislikes old men who wear too much perfume. • His special skill is counselling service (because he listens to the young women in the establishment everyday).

• His heroic story (or failure story): He crushed a biker gang draken Mikey sleeping on his back. • His favorite spot is near Dogenzaka in Shibuya. • Draken's relationship: In the past: • Mikey: Respect • Emma: Love • Takemichi: Like • A daily activity of a certain day (from morning till bedtime): • Go to wake Mikey up, go to school, crush the delinquents of another school, or fiddle with a motorcycle, just go along with Mikey’s mood on the day.

• From the question "Who do you want to be your lover?", Draken is ranked number 2 from Top 3 Best Boyfriends. • From the draken "Who do you want to marry?", Draken is ranked number 1 from Top 3 Best Husbands.

• From the question "Who's strong in arm wrestling?", Draken is ranked number 2 from the Top 3 Best. • His favorite hobby is muscle training. • His favorite food is hot curry. • His motorcycle is a Kawasaki Zephyr 400. References • ↑ 1.0 1.1 Tokyo Revengers Manga: Chapter 5. • ↑ 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5 2.6 Tokyo Revengers Character Book 2: Walhalla · Black Dragon (p.

78) Site Navigation Brahman Boss Senju Kawaragi Number 2 Takeomi Akashi Top Executives Keizo Arashi · Wakasa Imaushi Gang members Ken Ryuguji †· Takemichi Hanagaki Tokyo Manji Gang Leaders Manjiro Sano · Takemichi Hanagaki Vice-Leaders Ken Ryuguji †· Chifuyu Matsuno Captains Seishu Inui · Keisuke Baji †· Takashi Mitsuya · Haruki Hayashida · Tetta Kisaki †· Nahoya Kawata · Senju Kawaragi · Yasuhiro Muto †· Shuji Hanma Vice-Captains Kazutora Hanemiya · Hakkai Shiba · Ryohei Hayashi · Hamada · Souya Kawata · Haruchiyo Sanzu Division members Atsushi Sendo · Kazushi Yamagishi · Takuya Yamamoto · Makoto Suzuki · Hajime Kokonoi · Masataka Kiyomizu · Red Alternate timeline Number 3 Draken Kurokawa †Top Admins Kakucho
Key people Joe Ford, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Bill "Sweet" Tart, Chief Operating Officer (COO) Services Contract air services to draken armed forces, draken airborne adversary support, flight training, threat simulation, electronic warfare support, aerial refueling, research and testing Owner The Blackstone Group Website https://www.draken.aero/ Draken International, LLC is an American provider of tactical fighter aircraft for contract air services including military and defense industry customers.

The firm is based at the Lakeland Linder International Airport in Lakeland, Florida and also has an operating base at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada. Draken offers draken adversary support (Red Air), Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC), Close Air Support (CAS), flight training, threat simulation, electronic warfare support, aerial refueling, research, and testing services to the U.S.

Department of Defense, U.S. defense contractors and aerospace firms, provided by a fleet of former military aircraft. The company CEO is Joe Ford. [1] A Draken Douglas A-4K Draken was established by Jared Isaacman at Lakeland Linder International Airport in January 2012.

[2] In 2015, the company was awarded contracts to provide training for the Air National Guard at Volk Field in Wisconsin, for the U.S. Marine Corps Joint Tactical Air Control at Cherry Point, North Carolina, and at 29 Palms, California, as well as providing “adversary support” at Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas. It also won a contract with the French Navy. [2] In March 2018, Draken announced a $6.7 million expansion of its headquarters and repair infrastructure at Lakeland Linder International Airport.

[1] On 1 June 2018, the Pentagon announced that the Air Force had awarded Draken a $280 million contract to continue providing training services for the 57th Adversary Tactics Group at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada, as well as Luke Air Force Base in Arizona and Hill Air Force Base in Utah.

[3] In November 2018, the Air National Guard (ANG) awarded Draken a five-year contract to provide red air services to support key combat readiness training exercises throughout the United States.

[4] Draken provides Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) training and Close Air Support (CAS) for the United States Marine Corps (USMC) at MCAS Cherry Point and MCAS Yuma and United States Navy's (USN) Naval Aviation Warfighting Development Center (NAWDC) at NAS Fallon. [5] Draken was one of seven companies awarded an IDIQ contract to support the USAF's Combat Air Force Contract Air Support (CAF CAS) program in October 2019. [6] In 2019, Draken sold Draken to The Blackstone Group. [7] On May 24, draken, a Mirage F1 operating in the adversarial role crashed near Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas.

The pilot was killed. [8] [9] Military officials and draken National Transportation Safety Board launched investigations. [10] Fleet [ edit ] Aero L-159E aircraft operated by Draken International With approximately 70 jets, the company operates the largest fleet of privately owned former military tactical jet aircraft in the world.

The company's fleet as of 2013 [update] included: [11] • 13 A-4 Skyhawks [12] [13] • 23 L-159A ALCA [14] • 21 Dassault Mirage F1 [15] • 25 MiG-21BIS [16] • 12 Atlas Cheetah [17] In 2020, to supplement the fleet of former Spanish Air Force aircraft, Draken imported the first of up to 25 former Royal Jordanian Air Force (RJAF) Mirage F1CJ, DJ and EJ aircraft. [18] In June 2021, Draken acquired 12 ex- RNLAF F-16 fighters, with an option to acquire 28 more in 2024 as the aircraft was retired in RNLAF service.

[19] [20] In December 2021, it was announced that Draken International will buy up to 12 of the Royal Norwegian Air Force's F-16s, but the deal was reportedly put on hold due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. [21] [22] Aircrew [ edit ] The company's pilots are a combination of US Air Force, US Draken and US Marine Corps tactical jet pilots who are retired from those services or who continue to serve part-time in the reserve components of those services, including the Air National Guard.

Their backgrounds include USAF Weapons School Graduates and Instructors, Draken Fighter Weapons School (TOPGUN) Graduates and Instructors, USAF Aggressor Pilots, USN/USMC Adversary Draken, USAF Air Liaison Officers, former USAF Thunderbirds demonstration pilots and Draken Forward Air Controller - Airborne (FAC-A) Instructors, with some of the more senior pilots having previously served as commanders (USAF) and commanding officers (USN/USMC) of operational squadrons, groups and wings while on active duty.

[23] Activities outside the U.S. [ edit ] Draken International and Secapem, a French manufacturer of towed aerial gunnery banners, have created a joint venture called SDTS utilising a number of A-4N Skyhawk aircraft. [24] In September 2020 Draken International purchased Cobham Aviation Services based in Bournemouth, UK, and renamed it Draken Europe.

Cobham previously operated 15 Dassault Falcon 20 aircraft, which were added to Draken's fleet. [25] [26] See also [ edit ] • Aggressor squadron • Airborne Tactical Advantage Company • Top Aces • Tactical Air Support References [ edit ] • ^ a b Draken International (2021).

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Archived from the original on June 29, 2013. Retrieved May 31, 2013. • ^ "SDTS". SECAPEM. • ^ "Draken Europe Launches Brand". Draken Europe. Retrieved May 18, 2021. • ^ Donald, David. "Draken Draken Cobham's Falcon Fleet; ATAC Lands Eglin Deal". Aviation International News. Retrieved April 8, 2022. External links [ edit ] • Official website Hidden categories: • CS1 Dutch-language sources (nl) • CS1 Norwegian-language sources (no) • Articles with short description • Short description is different from Wikidata • Use mdy dates from February 2022 • Use American English from February 2022 • All Wikipedia draken written in Draken English • Articles containing potentially dated statements from 2013 • All articles containing potentially dated statements • Official website different in Wikidata and Wikipedia Edit links • This page was last edited on 20 April 2022, at 20:59 (UTC).

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