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Use the mobile version of Instagram directly in the browser. Upload/download stories or IGTV, and other functions! This is a Chrome extension, which tweaks the Desktop Instagram version to look like a mobile app with support for Chrome IG Story and upload your photos and videos for share with your friends. The iconic layout of mobile Instagram is in your browser! login chrome

Simply click the button and get all features like in the mobile app. Many users enjoy this app so much that they want to use on PC and utilize its full function, just as if they were using it on their phone.

Basic features on "App for Instagram": βž– Direct messages (DM) are fully supported; βž– Upload your own IGTV videos from the PC; βž– Convenience layout for your better Instagram experience; βž– Use Dark Mode directly on Instagram (without installing additional plugins with a dark theme); βž– New! Take quick screen capture and share with your friends; βž– Create your own posts and share them with your friends right from your browser; βž– And also many other functions that you use in the Instagram mobile version.

Instagram is a popular photo-sharing network which allows login chrome to instantly share photo snaps and short video clips of your daily life. LEGAL Instagramβ„’ is a trademark of Instagram Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. login chrome

This is an independent project developed by All Instagram icons, images and copyrights are the property of Instagram Inc. If you like our product, please tell your friends about it and also we will glad see your comments, ratings for app.

Feel free to ask questions or offer your ideas to improve our extension. Post photos, videos, stories, reels to Instagram from Web. Schedule posts, send DMs, manage hashtags. BASIC FEATURES FOR INSTAGRAM ON DESKTOP * Use Instagram (almost) like on your Phone * Post photos, stories, IGTVs, videos πŸ”₯ * Get relevant #hashtag suggestions πŸ”₯ * Dark mode πŸŒ‘ * login chrome direct messages ADVANCED FEATURES FOR INSTAGRAM ON PC / MAC * Publish Instagram Reels πŸ”₯ * Pre-plan posts in a grid or calendar * Schedule posts (posted automatically, even when offline) πŸ”₯ * Post and schedule carousels (multi-photo post) * CSV-powered scheduling * Manage hashtag collections and check hashtag metrics * Build hashtag ladders * Multi-account support WHY INSSIST * Inssist is the only Chrome extension that supports Video uploads and is the only way to upload Videos from Desktop without sharing your Instagram password with a 3rd party app. login chrome

* Inssist ensures the Photos are published with the best resolution and quality possible. Photos uploaded with Inssist are not blurred by image compression comparing to other Chrome extensions or "user-agent switch" approach 😱. * Inssist allows scheduling Carousels without mobile app notifications and is the only scheduling app that does auto-posting for Carousels. DATA SECURITY * Secure. You Instagram data does not leave your PC, we do not collect, store or sell it. login chrome

Ever. More on our Privacy Policy at * Free, Ads-Free and Just Works. login chrome

Because life is too short for bad software. WHAT PEOPLE SAY 🌟 I love it. It makes my work and life easier in uploading contents in my desktop. Brilliant solutions for Virtual Assistants and Social media Managers as well as Influencers, bloggers and creators.

🌟 Wonderful app. It lets me scheduled my post on Pro mode, which really help for small business to plan ahead their social media game. login chrome

Keep it up guys! 🌟 This is honestly my favourite plug-in as a social media marketer. Couldn't live without it! Disclaimer: Inssist does not belong or related to the official Instagram application / website in any ways. It is an unofficial app that is developed and maintained independently. Inssist (browser plugin) is a wrapper to the original Instagram web application and makes it more usable adding many improvements, styling and bug fixes. This Chrome plugin is not endorsed or certified by any third party. login chrome

All third party logos and trademarks displayed on this Chrome plugin are properties of the third parties. Inssist is distributed AS IS. For more info, privacy policy and terms of service, visit our web site: ------------- RATE US ------------- If you like Inssist, tell your friends about it by sharing a link to!

------------- REACH US ------------- If you want to report a bug or have a feature request, please do not login chrome to reach us directly at login chrome

You can find more info on the plugin usage and security under our FAQ page at

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