Unlock imei iphone

unlock imei iphone

• united states • united kingdom • argentina • australia • bolivia • brazil • canada • chile • colombia • costa rica • dominican republic • ecuador • egypt • el salvador • france • germany • guatemala • honduras • india • ireland • italy • japan • mexico • nicaragua • panama • peru • philippines • portugal • spain • switzerland Unlock iPhone Unlock iPhone to any carrier sim card via IMEI using our online service that’s 100% legal, easy and safe.

unlock imei iphone

Perfect to permanently factory unlock any model of iPhone using the unlocking method recommended by carriers. We work on unlocking your iPhone through the IMEI code so the device can be remotely unlocked on the IMEI server. Unlock your iPhone today. Unlocking your iPhone with Official SIM Unlock couldn’t be easier. Our iPhone unlock service is unlock imei iphone same method used by carriers, we whitelist your device in the providers IMEI database creating a permanent unlock without affecting device performance.

Once you have completed your unlock request we will send you instructions on how to unlock your iPhone, you can complete your unlock using a WIFI connection or by connecting to iTunes. IMEI is recognised as the recommended way to unlock iPhone. This is because using your IMEI number to unlock creates a secure and permanent unlock, this means you unlock imei iphone continue to update or factory reset the iPhone after completing the unlock.

IMEI unlocking does not affect the performance or security of your iPhone as we whitelist the device in the providers IMEI database. To unlock your iPhone with Official SIM Unlock we’ll need the iPhone’s IMEI number, which you can find by dialling *#06# on the keypad or on some iPhones you can find it embossed on the back of the device. You’ll also need to provide information such as the carrier the iPhone is currently locked to and the model. If you are unsure which carrier your device is currently locked to, we offer a carrier check service, which is useful not only to check which carrier your iPhone is locked to, but it is also a useful tool to use before you buy a used iPhone.

If you are unsure which carrier your iPhone is locked to, please use this service to verify the carrier before placing an order Why is my iPhone Locked?

With the high prices commanded by modern iPhones carriers will often lock their iPhones and offer them as part of a costly contract with a lower up front cost, locking the iPhone offers them higher chances you'll stay with them not only for the full contract duration but beyond.

You are not legally obliged to keep your iPhone locked to one carrier even if it's still under contract, though you must continue to pay for the agreed contract duration. Having an unlocked iPhone will allow you to shop around for a deal that suits you, be that more data or better coverage, as well as being able to avoid high roaming charges when travelling by using a local SIM card. Unlock iPhone online quickly and easily with Official Sim Unlock. Unlock imei iphone Unlock Check Check your iPhone Locked / Unlocked IMEI status using our online IMEI lookup service.

Know for sure whether your iPhone has been Factory Unlocked or is locked by a mobile carrier provider. The IMEI unlock checker also shows information about enabled or disabled Apple security options on a device, such as Find My iPhone Activation Lock (FMI: ON / OFF).

Extra IMEI Data: SIM Lock: LOCKED iCloud Lost \ Stolen Status: LOST Network carrier: US T-MOBILE LOCKED ACTIVATION POLICY Country: United States MDM Lock Status: ON Blacklist Status: BLACKLISTED Blacklisted By: Sprint Blacklisted On: 2020-08-04 21:38:48 Blacklisted Country: United States Last Activation Country: United States Warranty Status: Out Of Warranty (No Coverage) Loaner Device: YES Is my iPhone Unlocked? Everyone wants to have an iPhone with all its stunning features under control.

Apple introduces many innovative options millions of people hunt for year after year. And those users who care about ecology or wish to save money by getting a second-hand smartphone should learn about IMEI Unlock check, which is a must step before purchase. A reliable and fast iPhone unlock check will ensure your device has no limitations and will serve you well for many years ahead. When we speak of Apple iPhones, there could unlock imei iphone several types of lock users can come across.

And you can check iPhone IMEI unlock status to get important information about the devices. If you wonder, 'Is my iPhone Unlocked or Locked?'' You are in the right place. Your smartphone can potentially have SIM lock and Find My iPhone Activation Lock issues. Both things are not pleasant.

unlock imei iphone

The handset with SIM lock cannot connect to any network besides the original carrier it is locked unlock imei iphone. In other words, if an international customer purchases an AT&T locked iPhone, they will not be able to connect to any mobile network outside the U.S.

And the devices with Find My Activation Lock have a locked screen that requires the Apple ID and password to get past. Without login credentials, such a unlock imei iphone is also useless because its features and functions are blocked. An unlocked iPhone has no limits and no restrictions. You can use it without any lock screens, and it can get signals from all networks worldwide with a correct SIM inserted.

What is iPhone IMEI Unlock Status? Using the IMEI number unlock check service, you can know the status of the smartphone in question. The remote unlock check tool sends your request to the servers and delivers an instant answer.

The IMEI Unlock lookup service is the quickest way to get answers to such questions as: • Is the iPhone Factory Unlocked; • Is the iPhone locked by a network provider in a particular country; • Is FMI Activation Lock enabled or turned off; • Other details about a handset. Why need to check iPhone Unlock Status? It is crucial to check unlock iPhone information before buying or reselling a second-hand device.

It is the easiest way to protect yourself and a potential buyer from getting a surprised 'brick' instead of a working smartphone. These are the primary reasons why to check iPhone IMEI unlock status: Or you can open the Settings app on an iOS device, go to General and find the About menu. Here you can get down till you see your 15-digit code.

Here is how the checking works: • Ensure that the device has no 'Locked' SIM and can be connected to a network of your choice anywhere you go; unlock imei iphone Learn whether Find My Activation Lock is on or off to understand if you need this device or not; • Take a decision based on facts the online unlock lookup service provides remotely and instantly.

How to check iPhone Unlock Status via IMEI? Using iPhone unlock check tool is easy as a breeze. All needed is the unique smartphone identifier, which can be found in the Settings - General - About section on the handset, or through a combination of *#06# you can dial. Knowing the ID code, you should enter it into the field that states, 'Enter IMEI number'. After this, press the big green button to 'Check IMEI.' Wait for the status delivery, and you will know all the facts about the device: • If Carrier Lock says 'Locked', that iPhone is locked by a mobile network and limited to it only; • If iCloud FMI Status is 'On', the handset will require the correct Apple ID and password to let you use its features; to disable FMI, you will still need those iCloud login credentials.

• Perform IMEI unlock check to learn the actual status of the iPhone. Make sure it is not locked by a carrier or Apple security tools before you choose to own it.
There are different methods by which we can unlock an iPhone, but IMEI has been standardized as one of the most common.

unlock imei iphone

The IMEI is the best option to which we can resort in the case of not having the official support of the operator. So it is crucial to know how we can use the IMEI number to unlock our iPhones which we will discuss through this article. Why Do You Unlock imei iphone an IMEI Code to unlock your iPhone?

There should be a way to identify the devices uniquely. Thanks to the IMEI number, which contains 15 digits, we can uniquely identify each device. Carriers and manufacturers normally include this number in the early stages. Once you buy a locked phone, this IMEI number is unavailable until the device is unlocked from a specific carrier. In a case, if your iPhone is stolen or lost, through this IMEI number, you can block the device to avoid it been used for any fraudulent activities.

If you owned a locked phone, you need this IMEI number to get it unlocked in most cases. iPhone IMEI Unlock with Online Service There are many online service providers available to unlock iPhones using IMEI. But remember, the majority of them are scam sites or sites which doesn’t provide quality services.

But of that, DoctorSIM online service outshines other services due to the high-quality service and customer satisfaction. They offer to unlock any Apple device (iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch), change of network operator, and even connection with iTunes. Steps of how to unlock iPhone carrier • Step 1: Go to doctorsim.com and click on the Unlock your phone link. • Step 2: Then select the brand of your phone out of the listed ones.

• Step 3: Next, select the phone model. In the information section, unlock imei iphone your IMEI number and the network provider. • Step 4: You can choose the Standard iPhone service or Premium Service depending on your timeline and budget.

• Step 5: Fill in the contact details and payments details. Once the payment is made, you will receive the confirmation and instructions that you need to follow. Want to hear more about DoctorSIM? Why not check our review on DoctorSIM unlock service.

Unlock iPhone without IMEI If you cannot find the IMEI and find a method to unlock your iPhone, iToolab has introduced new software called SIMUnlocker to unlock all your iPhone models in any version. Why is SIMUnlocker recommended over others? In most online services or third-party tools, you need to wait for a long time to get your device unlocked.

But the specialty of SIMUnlocker is you can perform the unlocking at the comfort of your home and get it done in 5 minutes. You don’t need technical knowledge, and you need to follow the instructions and get the work done. Key features • Unlock all the iPhone models above 5s and supports all the major networks • No need for an IMEI number • This unlocking is permanent and supports any CDMS, CDMA, or GSP • The result is more likely than the results produced from factory unlock • No data loss • 24×7 customer support and frequent software updates How to steps Step 1: Download and install Download and install the SIMUnlocker on your PC.

Secure Download Step 2: Connect your iPhone to the PC Now connect your iPhone with the PC and click on Start. Step 3: Jailbreak the device Once the iPhone is connected, SIMUnlocker will automatically download the Checkra1n jailbreaking tool. If your iPhone is already jailbroken, you don’t need to follow this step. If not, click on the Jailbreak button.

Unlock imei iphone 4: Confirm the information After jailbreaking, you can see a window with your device information. Check the information and click on Unlock button to start unlocking your device.

Once the unlocking is done, click on the Done button to complete the process. Summary With the introduction of iToolab SIMUnlocker, you no longer need to wait for any service provider to unlock your device. Even without knowing your IMEI, you can unlock the device and use any carrier at the exact moment. Remember to follow the step by step so that you do not make mistakes and the result is as expected: your phone is operational and has no blockages. Check iPhone imei or Serial number for any APPLE device Here you can check your iPhone imei or serial number on apple check warranty, model, size, color, serial number, coverage status, find my iPhone status, simlock and another information.

Also you can check any Apple device with s\n Macbook or iMac or iPad or AirPods any device. Dial *#06# to get IMEI Before trying anything else, you can try simply dialing *#06# on your iPhone (or any mobile phone), this should retrieve the IMEI number.

Give it a moment and the IMEI will appear on the screen – this little number dial trick actually works to retrieve the IMEI on other cell phones too, not just the iPhone. We can provide apple check warranty / iphone warranty check / apple coverage check of your device, and if you choose our website to unlock imei iphone your iPhone you chose the right place, because we have been in business for 4 years on the market and we always treat our customers with respect.

We always answer unlock imei iphone messages quickly! (When we are very busy, waiting times could be up to 20 hours or less) If for some reason we are not able to unlock your device, we will refund you promptly, so if your looking for great service, you have found it!
When it comes to your iPhone device, there are a few things more frustrating than unlock imei iphone locked out of your device by an iCloud activation lock. Indeed, iCloud activation locks can become incredibly frustrating in many instances, but there are ways that you can get past them if you’ve forgotten your iCloud details or have purchased a second-hand device and don’t have access to the iCloud login details.

One option you could consider for unlocking your iPhone device is to try the iPhone IMEI iCloud unlock free method. But does the method actually allow users to bypass iCloud activation with IMEI free? Today, we’ll be summarizing one of the many iPhone bypassing methods, by using the iPhone IMEI, to see how it stacks up and whether it might be a good solution for your unlocking needs.

First of all, we need to clarify what the iPhone IMEI is and how you can use this to unlock your iPhone device after an activation lock. You can actually bypass iCloud activation with IMEI for free, and this makes it seem like an incredibly valuable method for many people.

However, it’s important to clarify how the method works and its pros and cons to determine whether or not it might be a good method for you to use to bypass iCloud activation locks on your device.

The IMEI stands for your device’s International Mobile Equipment Identity. The IMEI is a 15-digit long code, and every mobile device has a distinct phone number, irrelevant of make, model, brand, age, etc. This allows for mobile device tracking and unlocking alike.

A stolen mobile can also be virtually locked with the IMEI tool. 2. How to Find the IMEI? Way1: How can you find the IMEI for your device? Every device is a little different, so if you’re unsure, we recommend contacting the device manufacturer unlock imei iphone find the device, or otherwise, dial *#06#, which universally is used by manufacturers to redirect users to find their IMEI number.

Way3: Finding the IMEI Using iTunes. If you’ve already been locked out of your device, don’t panic. Though it’s more of a hassle, you can find your IMEI code by connecting your phone to a computer device with a USB cable and then launching iTunes.

Once you have opened iTunes, find your device, look for the device summary, and then find the IMEI code from there. Way4: For older devices, If your iPhone device is an older model, either an iPhone 5, 5C, 6, 6S, or SE, you’ll be able to find your IMEI number directly from the back of your iPhone device. This information will be listed underneath the “Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in China” line of text. Usually, the IMEI will be the 15-digit code on the far right of the subsequent line of text.

3. How to Use the IMEI to Unlock my iPhone Device? Once you have your IMEI number, you’ll want to use an IMEI service or tool to quickly and efficiently remove IMEI locks from your iPhone device. You might be wondering whether there are any tools you can download to unlock your iPhone using the IMEI. There unlock imei iphone actually a few different tools that you can use for this purpose.

However, we cannot vouch for the security and safety of all of the different IMEI unlocking tools. To this end, you will need to download an IMEI tool from a third-party website if you choose to use it to unlock your device. However, you should be aware that there are very few websites offering these services for free, so you may need to shop around.

Part2: Submitting IMEI Number to Online Services There are numerous service providers that offer iCloud activation lock bypassing online without having to download an app.

If you have your iPhone IMEI number to hand, these tools usually offer a simple solution that doesn’t require any further input from your part. Free IMEI iCloud Unlock DoctorUnlock.net iCloud Unlock Bypass.com – however, these services can be expensive and will often take a few days to complete.

If you need access to your iPhone device more quickly than this, an alternative solution may be better. Further Reading: [2021] iCloud Activation Lock Removal Free Online Tool Other Third-Party Apps If you want to try other third part IMEI apps, you should be aware of the risks associated with doing so.

Of course, downloading any online copy of an iCloud IMEI unlock free tool naturally comes with danger, owing to the fact that there’s no confidence in the safety of these third-party copies.

Indeed, it’s quite possible that a copy unlock imei iphone the IMEI tool, downloaded from third party developers, could be infected with viruses and malware. As such, we can’t recommend that you choose to download a third-party copy of the method. However, if you decide to give an iPhone IMEI unlocking tool a try, you should ensure that your antivirus software is up to date and fully paid up. Indeed, your antivirus software may be able to help identify files that could be infected with viruses and malware, which in turn could protect your Part3: How to Unlock iCloud Without IMEI?

(100% Safe & Work) Don’t think that using the IMEI method or an iCloud IMEI unlock free tool to unlock your iPhone device is right for you? There are numerous reasons people avoid the iPhone IMEI unlocking method.

unlock imei iphone

1.For many people, it’s too complex or longwinded for your needs. 2.Security is also often a big concern. If you’re not confident with using a third-party tool (we don’t blame you – viruses and malware are incredibly bad news and can risk the loss of your personal data and more), then you may want to consider another option. One of the best alternatives to the iPhone IMEI tool online at present is the StarzSoft KeyPass tool. StarzSoft KeyPass is a dedicated iPhone unlocking and activation lock bypassing tool.

StarzSoft KeyPass makes it easier than ever to remove activation locks without needing to use the iPhone IMEI iCloud unlock free method, that can be tricky and risky. Free Download 100% Clean & Safe 1. Features of StarzSoft KeyPass There are numerous features that make StarzSoft KeyPass an effective and secure tool for unlocking your locked iPhone device.

It include an over 100% high success rate, a money-back guarantee for rare instances of failure The ability to remove all manner of locks (including activation locks), support for all models between iPhone 5s and iPhone X running iOS 12 and later, and more.

The tool also comes with a free trial, which can help you decide if it’s right for you. In short, StarzSoft KeyPass does it all. As a regularly updated tool, you can be confident that the tool will be updated based on your device’s requirements. By contrast, many other iPhone unlocking tools, such as Dr. Fone, are often old and haven’t been updated on a regular basis.

With the rapidly developing iOS versions and models on the market to this day, it’s not hard for a tool to get left behind and stop working for newer versions or models. 2. How to Use StarzSoft KeyPass Using StarzSoft KeyPass is just as easy as using other IMEI unlocking tools but without the initial hassle of finding the IMEI and with a very high success rate!

Step1: Download StarzSoft KeyPass from the developers’ website onto your computer, and then launch the program. You’ll be presented with two options: “Unlock Screen Passcode” or “Remove Activation Lock”. Select the latter and wait for the tool to load the next instruction.

Please note – you should be careful here to ensure that you don’t disconnect your iPhone device from the computer, accidentally unlock imei iphone purposefully, during the method itself as this will leave the iPhone unable to work. However, once the removal has finished, you should be able to use your device again without an activation lock being in place. Part4: Conclusion If you have been struggling to regain unlock imei iphone to your iPhone device following an iCloud activation lock being applied, then using an iCloud activation bypassing method could be a good solution.

Today, we’ve considered what the iPhone IMEI iCloud unlock free method is, how it works, and whether it could be a good solution for your needs to unlock your iCloud device for free.

Plus, we’ve also looked at how other methods, notably the StarzSoft KeyPass method, could offer an effective and reliable solution for your iPhone iCloud activation lock bypassing needs.

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• • español US ($) • United States • United Kingdom • Canada • Australia • Spain • Argentina • Bolivia • Brazil unlock imei iphone Chile • Colombia • Costa Rica • Dominican Republic • Ecuador • Egypt • El Salvador • France • Germany • Guatemala • Honduras • India • Iran • Ireland • Italy • Japan • Mexico • Nicaragua • Panama • Peru • Philippines • Portugal • Switzerland Unlock your iPhone online to use on any carrier from the comfort of your own home.

Our service allows you to use any sim from any carrier provider. We factory unlock your iPhone using the IMEI so the device is remotely unlocked on the manufacturers database (the official method). This service does not affect the warranty and works on all models, including the iPhone 12, unlock imei iphone, XS, XR, X, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5 and 4. Unlock your iPhone online now by simply entering your IMEI number, iPhone model, and network the iPhone is currently locked to, we will email you to confirm completion of your unlock.

• Unlock iPhone 13 / Pro / Max / Mini • Unlock iPhone 12 / Pro / Max / Mini • Unlock iPhone 11 / Pro / Max • Unlock iPhone XR • Unlock iPhone XS / XS Max • Unlock iPhone X • Unlock iPhone SE • Unlock iPhone 8 / 8 Plus • Unlock iPhone 7 / 7 Plus • Unlock iPhone 6S / 6S Plus • Unlock iPhone 6 / 6 Plus • Unlock iPhone 5 / 5C / 5S • Unlock iPhone 4 / 4S • Unlock iPhone 3G / 3GS • Unlock iPad All Models Unlock imei iphone unlock your iPhone Mobile Unlocked?

Mobile Unlocked’s recommended unlocking method is guaranteed to unlock your iPhone from any carrier. With our service, your iPhone is unlocked quickly and permanently by Whitelisting the IMEI in Apple’s Database, creating an official iPhone unlock.

unlock imei iphone

As our service is completely remote, you can even unlock imei iphone your phone during the unlocking process; you’ll only need to restart your phone once the unlock has been completed. Any further software updates to your iPhone will not affect your unlock.

Taking your iPhone to a store to be unlocked can be time-consuming and expensive. With Mobile Unlocked, you can have your phone unlocked from any carrier safely and quickly in the comfort of your own home without your phone ever having to leave your side.

Unlocking your iPhone with Mobile Unlocked couldn’t be easier, all we need to complete your unlock is your iPhone’s IMEI number and the carrier that the iPhone is currently locked to. With this information we will complete your iPhone unlock by Whitelisting unlock imei iphone IMEI in Apple’s Database. • What Do I Need to Unlock an iPhone? IMEI, or ‘International Mobile Equipment Identity’, is a unique 15 or 17-digit number found on phones to identify them from other hand sets. There are 3 ways for you to discover the IMEI code for your phone: 1.

On the dialling keypad, type in ‘*#06#’. The IMEI number should appear. 2. In the iPhone settings menu, go to Settings, General, About. The number should appear here. 3. Connect your iPhone to iTunes and click the Information page. Here you will see a list of information about your phone, including the IMEI number. • Is it legal to unlock an Phone?

‘Jailbreaking’ a phone is an unofficial type of hack to unlock the iPhone. When an iPhone is unlocked in this way it can then be used in unapproved ways, giving the user unrestricted access. The iPhone is the phone most commonly used with the term jailbreaking, as it is known to be one of the most ‘locked-down’ phones available.

This is because Apple wants its users to download safe, reliable apps and features.

unlock imei iphone

Jailbreaking is not usually recommended due to safety concerns and the increase in stability issues. There is no guarantee jailbreaking your phone will work and there are many scams out there that will either waste your money, or possibly render your phone as unusable.

Your warranty can also be cancelled if you use this sort of unofficial method to unlock your phone. Jailbreaking to unlock your iPhone is also not a permanent solution.

• What Does ‘Blacklisted’ Mean?Bypass Activation Lock • [Solved!] How to Unlock The SIM Card Locked iPhone? • How to Bypass SIM Activation on an iPhone 6/6 Plus without a SIM Card? • [Scam] Cocosenor iBypass Tuner Review - Activation Bypass Tool • How to Turn Off Find My iPhone on Broken Device • How to Jailbreak iOS Device on Windows If one is interested to know about unlock imei iphone various processes and methods use to unlock face id, screen lock and sim lock on iPhone, iPad, iPod devices, it is right place.

In this article, unlock imei iphone will be discussing some of the basic issues related to locked iPhone, iPad and iPod devices and will offer multiple ways to unlock them. • Part 1: 4 Ways to Find Your IMEI Number • Part 2: How to Unlock iPhone with IMEI Number • Part 3: Unlock iPhone without IMEI Number--Using iMyFone iBypasser • Part 4: FAQs about IMEI Number Part 1: 4 Ways to Find Your IMEI Number If you want to unlock your iPhone free, then the first thing you will have to do is find the IMEI number.

IMEI number is always specific for each phone, and no other phone will have it. It is just like a fingerprint.

IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. It is assigned for security reasons of a mobile. The mobile carriers and manufacturers share a standard number. It is needed for essential things like registration, supporting the paperwork, and checking device history.

There are methods that you must follow to iPhone Unlock imei iphone unlock free. We will review them over here. 1 Calling *#06# If you are looking for a real quick way to find the IMEI number of the iPhone, then the first thing you must do is dial *#06#. It is one of the most convenient ways. You will have to dial the number, and after you will make a successful call, the device details will appear on the screen.

Note down the number, and it is the IMEI number. Don't share this number with anyone else. 2 Check Your Settings The second most convenient option is checking your settings. You can find the IMEI number by going to Settings options. You can easily figure out the IMEI number on an iPhone by using the settings app. You will have to go to the Settings option, and then there is a sub-option known as General.

Then go to About and go to the drop-down menu. While scrolling down, you will find the IMEI number. Unlock imei iphone a screenshot of the number for later use. 3 Pop the Sim Tray Out The third most convenient option is popping the SIM tray out and finding the IMEI number of an iPhone.

Sometimes your phone is hung, or it is not turning on, and you urgently need an IMEI number. To check the IMEI number, you will have another option provided in iPhones as well. The models of iPhone 6s later have the SIM number printed on their SIM tray. The important thing you need to do over here is to take the SIM card out of the slot.

unlock imei iphone

You will see the IMEI number located on the underside of the tray. 4 Go to the Apple ID Website Sometimes you are unable to follow any of the steps as mentioned earlier. There are reasons behind this: • No SIM card is working. • Your phone is lost or stolen. • The phone is switched off, and the number on the slot is not clear. In such cases, you will have another option as well.

And the option is to go to the Apple ID website. If you do not have an iPad or iPhone with you and you urgently need an IMEI number, then Apple’s website is the best option. If your device is linked with an iCloud account, then finding the IMEI number is quite easy. For this purpose, you will need to open a browser and navigate appleid.apple.com. After the tab opens, you will need to sign in with the Apple ID, and you will see a list of several devices from which you have signed in to Apple ID.

Once you locate the device, you will need to click the name, and there you will get unlock imei iphone IMEI number of the iPhone. Part 2: How to Unlock iPhone with IMEI Number 1 Things You Need to Prepare You need to prepare several important things for the IMEI number.

First, make a list of important facts: • You must write the person's name under unlock imei iphone the phone is registered. • Write the account and mobile number. • Write the IMEI number of the phone. • Answers to security questions. • Suppose if you are in the military, then provide evidence of service. 2 Steps to Unlock iPhone with IMEI Number Right after collecting all this relevant information, you will easily use the IMEI of the carrier for a free unlock service.

Below are the steps to follow: 1 Contact Carrier The first and most essential thing you need to do is contact the carrier first. You can contact with live chat or simply by calling the support line. After you are in line with them, you will need to tell the customer support about the issue that you are facing. Below are the numbers of top carrier providers: • At&t IMEI unlock: 800-331-0500 • Sprint Unlock imei iphone unlock: 888-211-4727 • T-Mobile IMEI unlock: 1-800-866-2453 • Verizon IMEI unlock: 800-922-0204 2 Check Whether the Phone is Blacklisted After you obtain the IMEI of the phone, the next thing you will need to do is verify whether the phone is blacklisted or not.

In this way, you will be able to check whether your phone is carrier-locked or not. In addition, it will help you find out whether the phone is blacklisted or not. If you figure out that your phone is blacklisted, you will not be able to unlock it until or unless it is removed from your blacklist. Here you will need a third-party configuration. 3 Unlock phone with IMEI Number Free Here you can do the best thing, and you can call the carrier and unlock the phone.

Every carrier follows its own set of requirements. Some even do not charge, and some require an amount. Each carrier has its own set of requirements and regulations. Part 3: Unlock iPhone without IMEI Number--Using iMyFone iBypasser For those who are having issues with IMEI numbers, and their iPhone is also blocked. With this app, iMyFone iBypasser is an app specially designed, you can solve your queries.

Key Features: • It helps in bypassing the iCloud activation lock screen easily without using the Apple ID or any password. • You can quickly remove the screen lock without any restrictions on activation. • You can also turn off the feature of Find My iPhone without a password. • Helps remove SIM lock from iDevices. Try It Free Try It Free Steps to Bypass iPhone SIM Lock Step 1. Download and install iMyFone iBypasser on your Mac or Windows.

Open it and choose “Remove iPhone SIM Lock” and hit Start. Step 2. Connect your iDevice to PC with USB cable. Step 3. Click Next to jailbreak the device. Step 4. Comfirm your device's information. Step 5. Wait a minute to unlock the SIM lock. Step 6. Now successfully bypass the SIM lock. Try It Free Try It Free Reviews It is considered the most user-friendly app that is free to use. You can also enjoy its premium features after buying the app.

Part 4: FAQs about IMEI Number 01 Am I able to change the IMEI number if my phone is blacklisted? No, every phone is given a unique IMEI number, just like we have unique fingerprints.

You cannot change the IMEI number. Rather you can contact the carrier provider to remove your device from the blacklist. 02 If a phone is blacklisted, can I change the IMEI number to make it work? No, you cannot change the IMEI number. You can remove your phone from the blacklist by calling the authentic operator, or you can use or App iMyFone iBypasser. Final Thoughts iPhone is considered one of the top-ranked smartphone models of all time.

But there are several serious issues that can be caused, like blacklisting of the device. To avoid it, you will need to contact the carrier and let your issue resolved by telling them your IMEI number. If somehow it does not work, the iMyFone iBypasser app is made for you just to make your iPhones be used efficiently and conveniently.

Try It Free Try It Free
If you have a locked iPhone, we have different methods that entail how to unlock iPhone with IMEI code.

Apart from this, we have two separate unlocking methods which usually confuse a good number of people. These methods unlock imei iphone Sim Unlock and iCloud activation lock bypass.

The difference between the two is that the Sim unlock method involves unlocking the sim lock while the iCloud activation revolves around unlocking the automatic iCloud activation security feature.

 If you want to know how to unlock iPhone with IMEI code and how to bypass icloud lock, I unlock imei iphone with me two different methods that will unlock your locked iPhone in a span of days as long as you follow the required steps.  • Part 1: What is IMEI code? How to find IMEI Code on iPhone • Part 2: How to unlock iPhone SIM Card with IMEI Code • Part 3: How to unlock iCloud activation lock without password • Part 4: [Bonus Time] A Professional SIM Unlock Tool - Dr.Fone Part 1: What is IMEI code?

How to find IMEI Code on iPhone Each and every phone comes with a unique 15 digit code that differentiates it from other devices. This unique code acts as determinant or a tracking number when unlock imei iphone happen to lose your phone. For those with iPhones, you can retrieve this unique number in different ways. The following are some of them. Dial *#06# This is the primary method of checking your IMEI code on almost all devices.

On your dial pad, dial *#06# and press the call icon. Your unique code will be displayed immediately. The Sim Tray Another way of retrieving your IMEI code is by removing your Sim Card tray. In most devices especially iPhone 4, this number is usually located on the Sim tray.

The Back of the Phone If you are operating on an iPhone 5, 5C, SE, 6 or 6S, you can retrieve your unique code at the back of your iPhone. Unlock imei iphone 2: How to unlock iPhone SIM Card with IMEI Code DoctorSIM Unlock Service give you the freedom to unlock your previously locked iPhone and render it useable for different network providers.

unlock imei iphone

If you have a locked iPhone 7 and you want to unlock it, this is a detailed method on how to unlock iPhone 7 via its IMEI number using DoctorSIM Sim Unlocking services. Step 1: Visit Site and Choose Phone Brand Visit the official DoctorSIM Sim unlocking website and select your phone brand from the long list of brands supported by the unlocking service.

You will be in a position to see the screenshot below. Step 2: Select Phone Model and Network Carrier A new web page will open up. From this new web page, scroll down the page and enter your phone model, country of origin, and your network provider.

Once you unlock imei iphone done, the amount of money to be charged for the services will be displayed on your right-hand side. Step 3: Enter IMEI Number and Contact Details Scroll down the page and enter your iPhone 7 IMEI number as well as your email address. Check the box next to the “T&Cs” and click on the "Add to Cart” option.

Step 4: Pay and Wait Once you have made your payment, the code to unlock your iPhone 7 will unlock imei iphone generated within a period of 1-2 business days.

You will be notified via email once this code has been generated. When you get this email, switch Sim cards and enter a new one from a different carrier. When prompted to enter a code, enter the one that was sent to you. As simple as it is, that’s how you can unlock iPhone 7 using its IMEI number. Part 3: How to unlock iCloud activation lock without password It’s no secret that the iCloud activation lock will bar you from accessing your iPhone and its features up until the lock has been removed.

If you want to bypass this lock, you can use third-party software. With this application Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (iOS), you only need to follow simple steps to bypass this lock and use your iPhone with no restrictions at all. Step 1: Install Dr.Fone program and launch Screen Unlock. Step 2: Go to Remove Active Lock.

Select 'Unlock Apple ID'. Select 'Remove Active Lock'. Step 3: Jailbreak your iPhone. The iOS devices need to be jailbreak before unlocking the iCloud lock. Step 4: Confirm the device model. Step 5: Start to unlock. Step 6: Unlock successfully. Part 4: [Bonus Time] A Professional SIM Unlock Tool - Dr.Fone Unlock iPhone with IMEI is a free and official method.

However, it may cost almost 7 days to get response. For many users, they want to unlock SIM card lock as soon as possible. Luckily, Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock could help unlock all kinds of network issues for iPhone. Conlusion From the information gathered in this article, we can comfortably state that it’s easy to unlock your iPhone regardless of the model you are using.

Whether you want to know how to unlock iPhone with IMEI code or to simply know how to unlock iPhone using IMEI code, the methods mentioned above will no doubt see you through each and every step when unlocking your iPhone.

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IMEIDoctor unlock imei iphone a 100% guarantee to release and unlock your phone from StraightTalk legally and quickly with our AppleCare approved method.

Using IMEIDoctor, we can unlock your iPhone XS locked to StraightTalk in matter of hours to be able to use any sim card worldwide.

When you purchase an iPhone XS locked to StraightTalk, you are restricted with using only a StraightTalk sim card. This means that you cannot source cheaper deals elsewhere, and you have unlock imei iphone use expensive roaming fees when travelling. With our safe, legal, and official Apple sanctioned StraightTalk iPhone XS unlocks, you can free your iPhone Unlock imei iphone from the restrictions of a particular network.

Our quick and easy process is performed "over the air" via Wifi or cellular connection by whitelisting your iPhone XS's IMEI in Apple's database. You can continue to use your iPhone throughout the process, which takes around 12-24 hours. All of our StraightTalk unlocks are covered by our no quibble, money back guarantee, giving you peace of mind with the process.

Your AppleCare warranty is not affected by unlocking with IMEIDoctor. How to unlock an iPhone XS locked to StraightTalk? Step 1. Simply enter your IMEI number in the form above. We will then communicate with Apple and get your device details (model, status etc). Step 2. Click "Unlock for any sim card" in order to unlock your StraightTalk iPhone XS. Step 3. Enter your payment details using our payment service provider.

Step 4. We will inform you when the StraightTalk iPhone XS unlock is complete. My iPhone 11 was locked to StraightTalk, I needed to unlock it so that I can update my iPhone to the latest firmware so I ordered an unlock from imeidoctor.com and the service is greet and I'd use it again but there's one issue that the delivery date is not perfect but I know that that delay is not from the company's side.

Thank You imeidoctor.com :) The price was cheaper than shops I got quoted therefore saving money and didn't have to send off my phone. However I was told my phone was unlocked 3 days earlier than it actually was causing confusion and misunderstand. The company soon resolved this matter and responded to emails.

You need to have patience with this company as you get the results in the end, if on a restricted timescale I wouldn't recommend although if not then it's perfect My iphone 6 was locked to StraightTalk for years and i was using it on a gevey sim but one day i update my iphone 6 to ios7 and guess what yes my was locked again and with no hope .but i saw imeidoctor and purchase a unlock then guess what yes on nomal purchase they unlock my phone in 12 days only now iam very happy and glad with my iphone and tnx to imeidoctor.com you guys are awsome I must admit, when I saw this website I was sceptical.

I had just purchased my iPhone 6 through a friend who had travelled to the US and I only realised once he delivered it that it was locked with StraightTalk. When I saw this opportunity I just wanted to try & I went ahead and paid for both checking the operator the phone was locked with (This was just to test since I already knew the operator) as well as unlocking services. Within 24 hours I received an e-mail confirming the operator which was correct (StraightTalk was the operator.

This e-mail unlock imei iphone enough to alleviate my fears. A week later I received another e-mail confirming that my iPhone has been unlocked. A week seemed too long to wait but at the end it was all worth it. I'm so grateful and now I can use my new iPhone 6. Thanks to imeidoctor.com your services will always be recommended by me. Thanks, Glen I live in the US and recently bought an iPhone 6 plus.

Since I was still on contract i figured it would be difficult to get StraightTalk to unlock my phone so I tried a few unlock services online. None were able to get my iPhone unlocked and I needed it asap because I'm taking a trip to Mexico in the following weeks. I read online about imeidoctor.com and was hesitant at first.

It took about 12 or so days but I my iPhone is now fully unlocked :3. I'm VERY happy with the service and will send anyone needing an iPhone unlock unlock imei iphone imeidoctor.com straight away! Let me give you the run down real quick! I went to UnlockRiver first to get my iPhone unlocked, after StraightTalk refused to unlock my 6s plus. UnlockRiver charged me about 90 dollars to unlock my phone regardless of status.

After waiting 2 weeks, UnlockRiver sends me an e-mail saying that there server is down and that I would be receiving a refund (which I have now received). Unlock imei iphone as most of you may know, 2 weeks is a LONG time when you have the SIM card, just waiting to pop that mug in and get moving.

So, in desperation (but still skeptical), I tried imeidoctor.com because they have gotten a ton of good reviews (but anyone can make up their own reviews right?!). Wrong! These people are the truth.and let me tell you why. My phone is not paid off, so I would obviously need the Premium Package (which is a bit more expensive.actually a lot more expensive), however, there is not an option for Premium up front. I think that imeidoctor does not want to rip people by charging them 100 dollars off up front when they only need a 20 dollar fix (Thank you IMEI).

So after about 3 days, they message me saying that I need to upgrade to Premium (which I had already known, so I was expecting it).

unlock imei iphone

I paid the difference and they informed me that it could take up to 20 more business days (don't worry, this is worst case). Four days later.BOOM diggity! StraightTalk sent me a confirmation of unlock even before the tracker said it was complete. I put the new SIM in, plugged it into iTunes to activate, and almost jizzed my pants when I saw that succulent unlock imei iphone confirmation screen!

So, all in all, it took about a week! So what, you wait a little bit, and its done. I am so grateful. I know that it seems fishy because you dont want to throw away 100 dollars, but it is legit. Thanks again IMEI. I had an iPhone that was locked to StraightTalk company. I searched for many sites and found the imeidoctor.com site. It was my first time to browse it. The payment is easy and simple and straight toward the customer's need. It took about One to Two months and baam, my unlock imei iphone is fully officially unlocked.

I suggest using this service Well, I received an iphone 4s from a friend but it was locked to StraightTalk. After searching for options, worrying about which places would actually unlock my phone, I stumbled upon this site.

I decided to trust them and I am glad that I did! My phone took 3-4 days to unlock and its been working great for 2 weeks now with no problems. So Thank You. I would recommend imeidoctor.com to friends. I chose imeidoctor.com because a friend had used it for me in the past and I was pleased with it.

I unlocked a StraightTalk iPhone 5 for use on T-Mobile and it was processed in less than a week. It was hassle free and they kept me promptly updated on the status of the unlock. The only hurdle was that I was not notified that there was an extra step to validate my payment that was not explicitly stated until I logged in to check my unlock status.

That unnecessarily held up the process for about 2 days, which could have been remedied by an email explicitly telling me to verify payment. Other than that, it was basically seamless. Will definitely use this again in a year when I upgrade my phone!

I had an Iphone 4 that was locked to StraightTalk (USA). I googled where i could unlock it and came unlock imei iphone this website. I decided to use it because it seemed to have good reviews. I needed unlock imei iphone phone unlocked because i recently swapped to a cheaper plan with T-Mobile. At first I was quoted 24 hours but it took about 5 days, which made me a little nervous because i wasn't getting any emails at all.

I figured I would wait a week before contacting them but fortunately I didn't have to.All in all it was good, just a little slow. I would use them again. Complimenti per la velocità e affidabilità dello sblocco.

Il mio era uno sblocco su rete americana StraightTalk e dopo aver sbagliato il tipo di sblocco mi sono stati automaticamente riaccreditati i soldi spesi così da poter effettuare un ulteriore sblocco senza costi aggiuntivi, questa volta su rete giusta. 5 giorni di attesa e sblocco effettuato con successo!!!

Consigliato!!! Model Price Delivery Available? iPhone iPhone 4 From $28.00 1-3 days Yes iPhone iPhone 4S From $28.00 1-3 days Yes iPhone iPhone 5 From $28.00 1-3 days Yes iPhone iPhone 5S From $28.00 1-3 days Yes iPhone iPhone 5C From $28.00 1-3 days Yes iPhone iPhone SE From $28.00 1-3 days Yes iPhone iPhone 6 From $28.00 1-3 days Yes iPhone iPhone 6S From $28.00 1-3 days Yes iPhone iPhone 7 From $28.00 1-3 days Yes iPhone iPhone 8 From $28.00 1-3 days Yes iPhone iPhone X From $28.00 1-3 days Yes iPhone iPhone XR From $28.00 1-3 days Yes iPhone iPhone XS From $28.00 1-3 days Yes iPhone iPhone 11/Pro/Max From $28.00 1-3 days Yes Close


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