Mashiro no oto episode 7

mashiro no oto episode 7

Watch streaming Mashiro no Oto English Subbed on Nonton Anime TV. You can also download free Mashiro no Oto Eng Sub, don't forget to watch online streaming of various quality 720P 360P 240P 480P according to your connection to save internet quota, Mashiro no Oto on Nonton Anime TV MP4 MKV hardsub softsub English subbed is already contained in the video. Setsu Sawamura melarikan diri dari desa kecilnya setelah kematian kakeknya, master shamisen legendaris Matsugorou Sawamura.

Di ranjang kematiannya, Matsugorou memberi tahu Setsu untuk melepaskan shamisen jika dia hanya ingin meniru orang lain daripada bermain dengan caranya sendiri. Berduka, Setsu menuju Tokyo, berharap kota besar itu dapat menginspirasinya untuk menemukan gaya bermainnya yang mashiro no oto episode 7.

Tapi Tokyo menentang harapannya dengan menenggelamkan semua suara lain dengan kebisingan kehidupan kota yang memekakkan telinga. Prihatin tentang putranya, ibu Setsu yang kaya dan sukses, Umeko, melenggang kembali ke dalam hidupnya dan memaksanya untuk mendaftar di Akademi Mashiro no oto episode 7.

Di sekolah, ia bertemu Shuri Maeda, seorang gadis yang terpesona oleh shamisen Tsugaru dan ingin membawakan lagu yang pernah didengar neneknya sejak lama.

Shuri memulai klub apresiasi shamisen dan meyakinkan Setsu untuk mengajari anggotanya cara memainkan instrumen. Saat ia menjadi lebih terlibat dengan klub, akankah Setsu dapat memulihkan cintanya pada shamisen dan menemukan suara unik yang tidak dimilikinya?

Nikmati Anime Mashiro no Oto ber Subtitle Indonesia bisa di download online maupun nonton streaming Mashiro no Oto Sub Indo Gratis BD Bluray disc 480p 720p 1080p mp4 HD mini mkv 3gp terbaru Those Snow White Notes, ましろのおと Sumber : oploverz, awsub, anitoki, samehadaku, quinime, fansub, kopaja, huntersekai, doronime, isekaisubs. Anti Mainstream : animeindo, animeku, otakudesu, nontonanime, gomunime, nanime, anime21, kotakanime, anisubindo, samehadaku, neonime, kurogaze, zonawibu, indanime, anoboy, indoanime, animenonton, kuronime Diadaptasi dari manga buatan Ragawa Marimo.

Shamisen merupakan alat musik tradisional Jepang yang mirip dengan gitar. Sawamura Setsu dan kakaknya, Wakana, sejak kecil dirawat oleh kakeknya, namun kakeknya sekarang telah meninggal. Kakek mereka merupakan pemain shamisen hebat dan mereka berdua tumbuh dewasa dengan mendengarkan dan belajar memainkan alat musik tersebut.

mashiro no oto episode 7

Karena kakek mereka meninggal, Setsu memutuskan untuk berhenti sekolah dan merantau ke Tokyo. Di sana dia luntang-lantung tanpa tahu apa-apa selain bermain shamisen. Ibunya yang sukses dan sugih, Umeko pun datang dan mencoba mengarahkan hidupnya. Dia memasukkan Setsu ke SMA, namun Setsu tidak sadar bahwa kesukaannya terhadap shamisen akan dapat dia raih kembali.

Those Snow White Notes, Mashiro no Oto Sub Indo • Judul: Those Snow White Notes, ましろのおと • Genre: Drama, Music, School, Shounen, Slice of Life • Status: Completed • Studio: Shin-Ei Animation • Tayang: Apr 3, 2021 to Jun 19, 2021 • Season: Spring 2021 • Tipe: TV • Durasi: 24 min. per ep. • Jumlah Episode: 12 • Released on: April 3, 2021 • Updated on: Juni 19, 2021
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Now the two of them are at the same venue, Mai was even looking for him, met his club, he met her brother and the two still haven't run into eachother? My day is ruined and my disappointment is immeasurable.

The payoff better be worth it. Stitches! • Proud Yui & Shuri • Starry Eyed Yui • Maimai & Setsu • Blue Dress Umeko 1 • Umeko Close Up • Blue Dress Umeko 2 • Yellow Dress Umeko • Wakana & Umeko Umeko certainly knows how to throw an event.

Of course I expected nothing less from someone like her. I love the Super Sentai colour scheme for their uniform. The colours even match their personalities! I'm really amazed at how quick Yui picks up on things. On the other hand, she's completely off the mark with her guess about what kind of relationship Mai and Setsu have.

Welp too bad for Mai. I thought she entered but it looks like she didn't because she thought Setsu wasn't going to. Umeko looking fabulous as usual.

She clearly a woman who doesn't follow trends, she's the one who makes them. Oh shit! Umeko and Sayuri showing off their claws! Didn't expect that we'd have a mom catfight this week.

mashiro no oto episode 7

Thank goodness it didn't escalate further than that though. Goddammit! Just when Setsu is missing, Mai and Yui finally meet! I was hoping we'd get some interaction between her and Setsu this week.

Oh well, at least Mai and Yui's interaction was pretty entertaining. Of course Umeko herself is doing the opening ceremony and she's doing it as flashy as possible! Seems that Umeko got a panel of judges and won't be judging herself.

I mean that makes sense considering her own son is a contestant. Also this is now her third outfit change in this single day. I wouldn't be surprised if we see more outfits next week from her xD And here I thought the group is now all fine and dandy. Setsu just can't really help himself not be an asshole. Come on, dude. Will it hurt to explain to everyone why mashiro no oto episode 7 don't want to play before a performance minus the arrogant tone?

If you want to win just say it, don't make the team worry. Anyway from here on out we get to hear a bunch of performances ranging from rock songs played in shamisen, girl groups trying to win with cuteness, and the we finally see one of the bigger threats.

No fancy playing, just straight backs and everyone playing perfectly in sync. Can't wait to see the gang's group performance next week and see how they'll top that one! and the we finally see one of the bigger threats. No fancy playing, just straight backs and everyone playing perfectly in sync. If Setu's Team want to Win, then they could win when Setsu running faster ahead while the other 4 Still support him and then Setsu slows down again and line back into the Group Yes, you all know it.

It is called a Solo and if all of them could do it or they switch in routating "Asking and answering" aka "Are your there?" then one answer "Yes, i am here!", then i pretend that all Judges and Listeners are astonishing. because this is also prove of BLIND TRUST. that until now i can not see in Setu's group. For that happen, it must be a miracle Right now, as it is, Setu's group will clash and crash.

Because he only listen to his Brother Edit: Or Setsu’s Solo is running faster forward and asking the others “Are you with me!?” and one after another give the answer with their Instruments “Yes, i am right behind you!”. I bet there are something similar in their Instrumentalist Speaking with each other.

Remember the Duet with his Brother in Episode 02, there where lines about “moving forward!” and such. That’s my help to give an Finale with a Instrument “Blast!”. But Social skills do not keep up with my exceptions to pull this off so far Rai-kun's uniform represents the Ki Renjā (Yellow Ranger) in the Super Sentai shows. By asking if he looks like a curry lover, he is referring to Ōiwa Daita, the Yellow Ranger of the very first Super Sentai Show, "Himitsu Sentai Gorenger", who has a voracious appetite for curry rice. I know i'm probably gonna get mass downvoted for this but I've been holding it all this time but i finally feel like saying it. God!! Shuri is so annoying!!! She cries everytime someone starts a discussion and gets in the middle, like, please, just shut up and let them talk!!!! let them solve their misunderstanding!!!! I don't even hate the character, or this character arquetype, but this makes me despise her so much, it wouldn't even be so annoying if it didn't happen every single time.

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Thanks for understanding. Mashiro no Oto Episode 7 English Subbed Episode Description: The team competition for the Matsugorou Cup begins and among the participants is Mai Tanuma, who is Setsu's childhood friend, Yui's friend on social media, younger sister of the prodigy Souichi Tanuma, and daughter of the accomplished shamisen performer Kamiki Ryuugen. Mai gets upset when she finds out that Setsu is competing, but is unable to participate in the individual competition.

Setsu walks out of the concert venue intending to skip the opening ceremony and meets Souichi, while at the venue Mai meets Yui in person for the first time. Share: Video Errors & Solutions Attention: About %80 of broken-missing video reports we recieve are invalid so that we believe the problems are caused by you, your computer or something else.

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If still persists report to us. Q: " Invalid Url or Video" What do I do? A: Don't panic. refresh your page 2-3 times and try. It usually works but if it is still same report it. • Trapped in a Dating Sim: The World of Otome Games is Tough for Mobs Episode 4 English Dubbed • Black Rock Shooter: Dawnfall Episode 6 English Subbed • Requiem of the Rose King Episode 14 English Dubbed • Otomege Sekai wa Mob ni Kibishii Sekai desu Episode 6 English Subbed • Kono Healer, Mendokusai Episode 5 English Subbed • Baraou no Souretsu Episode 17 English Subbed • Love Live!

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Time for the club to show what they've learned. I see rivalries and pride on the line. Everyone is excited. This show is shaping up to really capitalize on the talents of the cast now. What perfect timing: the complete formation of the Tsugaru Shamisen Apprecation Club, Setsu's Aunt Umeko's sponsor's competition, and the completion of the training camp, we're all set to go for the future.

mashiro no oto episode 7

LOLS what are you: Super Saiyan or Power Rangers with the color outfits. There sure are some delusions in chairman Yui's mind.

mashiro no oto episode 7

Some comedic moments that give the chuckles, especially Yui and Mai, and Setsu and some guy, and how the production of the competition was kinda overblown according to Setsu's Aunt Umeko's standards. The past between Setsu and Tanuma Mai is more than just the frustration between both, but of familial relations as well that extends to pressure down from parental descendants to children.

For one thing: this competition has its fair share of detractors from attention seekers to just being there for show, and depending on the performance, the mood can tank (just like Umeko's mood) or be ralled easily like Billiken's (of a flawless performance).

This Yuji Takaomi favourite person is worth looking out for. Setsu's deep in thoughts.he's an overly emotional player no doubt, but when it comes to determination, will he be really up to snuff to win this competition? It depends on the club to give their all effortlessly and suit his playing.

Our gang is finally going into the competition. And we have uniforms as well.

mashiro no oto episode 7

NICE. Rai's Handicrafts girls are here to cheer him up as well. Good to see that. Yui's mind really goes a long way. Doesn't it? LMAO. Oh boy. We saw things getting heated between Setsu and Mai's mums. Lots of different teams with different personalities. Everyone's there to show their talent and how hard they worked over their techniques.

Setsu still having some doubts about himself. It's clear that Setsu and the gang want to win. They are determined to it. But there's gonna be a lot of competition from what we saw up until now. Let's just hope they pull through this in the end. Nice episode as always. Those outfits gave me a good chuckle. Sparks flying between Setsu's Mom and Tanuma's Mom. I really like the way Mai speaks the accent for some reason. Wait a minute, Is Mashiro no oto episode 7 voiced by Yuki Kaji? Their performance was pretty cool.

I'm really glad Setsu is feeling is motivated, as Wakana mentions his feelings change the way he plays so if he's feeling really motivated I think we can expect him to put on a great show. Curious if that might be a double edged sword and cause him to break away from the team.

Hopefully, things work out. Gonna have to start with a correction to a previous poster: Umeko is Setsu's mother, not his aunt. The chain of descent is Gramps, Umeko, Setsu. I have my suspicions in regard to some of the rivalries within their home community, and they revolve around Umeko and the so-far-unidentified individual who she never married who is the biological father of her two sons.I'm laying odds on MaiMai's dad for that role, myself.

If I'm correct about this.Setsu and his brother are half-siblings to MaiMai and her brother. If that were the case, a whole heck of a lot of the undercurrents would make sense. I could be wrong in regard to my guess as to the father, but Umeko made it clear in this episode that she hadn't been forced to get married in order to achieve her goals.using that as part of a pretty viscous exchange between her and Maimai's mom. It's clear his ensemble mates didn't grasp what Setsu told them at the mashiro no oto episode 7.

They need to hark back to the performance he had with what's-his-face, the musician who left the Shamisen at their school. That's what he's asking them to accomplish, and it ain't no small task. The next several episodes should be of great interest.

In the next we'll get the remaining ensemble entries, including theirs. I suspect the solo competitions will occur in the one or two episodes after that.and one possible interpretation of Umeko's parting comment to MaiMai's mum is that she just might allow MaiMai to enter after mashiro no oto episode 7. because of the old history from back home that has the two of them at each other's throats. Dunno. I've been wrong before, and I'll be wrong again.

Whether that's the case this time around.remains to be seen. Setsu's remark about Sakura was right on the money. The venue as well as the scale of the tournament really was impressive. Their uniforms though were quite unique.

Though the multicoloured PJ's were a nice touch. The convo between Umeko and Mai's mother really was thorny. Its amusing how Mai and Yui were able to recognise each other so easily. The tournament itself sure featured some interesting performances.

AYG looks to be a idol themed Shamisen group. Can't deny their appeal i guess. Biliken's performance though was one of the best. Though the tournament featured some impressively skilled teams its nice to see that this only served to embolden the clubs determination to triumph over them. Overall an excellent ep that while introducing quite a few new characters via the tournament also did well to sue this as a means to unite the club's determination to overcome their challenge.

Curious to see how things will transpire in the next episodes. heh, Kaji-kun voicing Kaji-kun Well as with every first tournament arc the rivals gotta make their appearance known and it seems like Kaji gang are the stand out mashiro no oto episode 7 (before whatever his name was that is).

Decent performance, though I wonder how much visuals are gonna be done for the power rangers one, as I feel that's what makes those performances stand out the best Sakura just simply cute, made a bento for Setsu. Too bad, Setsu acknowledged her like a mother.

Kinda rip to her ship stand. Competition just started out. As Shuri said, the venue kinda too glamour, for the high school competition standard. Everyone looked nervous. Though, that sentai outfit of 'em suit well. So, why the nervous come. Lol. Idk why they showed that different outfit in the second opening. I hope it get explanation later on.

Lot of quirks happened. Maimai still was not able to meet Setsu. Even she couldn't meet him in the competition tournament. The brother of her also not so known by Setsu, which was kinda a double sadness to her stand. Their parents fight also look worrying.

So, yeah, in general, poor you, Maimai. No chance at all for you and the fight with Yui really an understandable matter. In the other hand, Setsu once again showed his habit which always become a trigger of Kaito madness. Well, as expected as them from the beginning, that kind of drama really understandable. Lets see how worth that drag, for their performance, in the next episode.

"I think he's emotionally maxed out right now" - lmao, nice way to interpret, big bro! That was really cute there, being able to understand and explain Setsu like that, very smart way to showcase how they do have a strong bond. But those PJ uniforms - real harsh contrast with absolutely extra Umeko on the other side.

xD Great episode! Leaving me wanting for more, the episode ended and I go ape shit lmao. Was really looking forward to their performance, I guess we're gonna be getting that next episode. Of course it wouldn't be an Umeko sponsored event if it wasn't flashy lmao. Umeko and Tanuma mother's bickering was great. The drama this episode was also pretty realistic, of course when you don't communicate with each other this is what happens, though I am sure once they get to know Setsu more and understand him, they'll be able to adapt to his quirks plus Setsu developing as well.

Yui and Mai's gamer interaction was also great, plus Yui's Setsu intuition, let Mai finally see Setsu again please. They're uniforms does look like they're power rangers lmao. Sakura will make a fine wife, though Setsu sees her as a mother lmao. I feel like Kaji who is voiced by Kaji's school will win the group competition, but nonetheless I am really looking forward to our club's performance.

JD_52 said: Ya know what guys, I'm not gonna lie but the mashiro no oto episode 7 reason I'm personally watching this is for the music. Everything else just seems meh. Do you guys agree?bro it's not like you wrong mashiro no oto episode 7 the best things about This show are the music and the art Style (it's Simple but beautiful)unfortunately the characters are mostly empty Shells we know almost nothing about them especially setsu Rivals so yeah This show turned into a really ugly picture drama with some animated bits here and there.

Gacha games have more actual animation nowadays. Guess it's showing it's true, shoujo colours. In writing as well, since characters are both bland and annoying and it fells like I'm watching the same episode for the third time already.

First episode was interesting but it turned out to be the usual high school shoujo crap, only with a bit of shamisen playing once per episode. Damn, it's a shoujo Keion. poor neighbour girl is thought of as a mom😭😭 kaito guy keeps picking on a fight every damn episode its tiring. sawamura's doesn't seem that interested in this sure but did you think back on how much time he spent teaching you fucks?

entering a competition he didnt even want to, going on a training camp, etc the different styles of shamisen being played in this episode was nice, and we're getting introduced to more characters cant wait to see more of them. the animation is again, like the last episode not as great as it was . still good enough and enjoyable tho I don't really understand the hate Kaito is getting in this particular episode. Although it's unfair of him to misjudge setsu's feelings, I thought he had the most natural reaction out of all them.

mashiro no oto episode 7

Given the pressure of the competition, and somebody suddenly going AWOL for reasons they do not even bother to explain, it's natural to get irritated. If anything it is setsu's attitude towards his teammates that's beginning to irk me. At least he wasn't this inconsiderate on ep 01. I really liked Setsu during the first few episodes and then he just became a trope of himself.

He was never as rude to yuna as he is to shuri; and shuri always seem find the need to apologize or defend him even when he's the one being rude. Like, we all know setsu's great but it wouldn't hurt him to think for a second about how his teammates would feel if he suddenly disappeared on his own on such an important day. I probably really just want the old Setsu back I guess. limetasse said: I don't really understand the hate Kaito is getting in this particular episode. I, for sure, would hate that some guy who had zero knowledge and interest in Shamisen (a hobby that means the world to me) and just decided to join in the club because of his crush to dictate how I should feel, how I should behave before stressful event and how I should project myself in the future.

Did Kaito ever considerate how Setsu feels? No, because he never gave him the time to share his own opinion. Always interrupting him and jumping right to false conclusions, resorting to violence & pathetic one-sided screaming simply because of jealousy.

It's jealousy and it has always been about jealousy. No rational thoughts. Jealous of how his crush approached Setsu, of how she seems to defend and rely on him. So jealous of his talent, he can't help but projecting his own predicament and biterness onto Setsu's current situation.

This is basically how he thinks "I'm going to judge you because I feel bad for my past self, and even if you have nothing to do with that, weren't raised the same way and probably have personal goals totally different than mine, I'm still going to come at you if you dare behave differently than what I feel is the norm based on my own prejudices".

This guy is so entitled, that's why his reactions are irritating. Setsu could have ignored that girl wanting to play for his grandma, could have brushed off the shamisen club, let these rookies members learn by themselves. But no, he joined and helped them, and aside from Shuri, I never heard one of them thanking him for doing all that, for overcoming his own uncomfort for the sake of helping others. Kaito has been misjudging Setsu since day one, verbally & physically assaulted him for no reason most of the time.

And judging by his short temper, it's obvious that episode won't be the last time he'll manhandle him. You say that Setsu regressed those past episodes? I would say that he actually improved socially. He grew up in an isolated cocoon with his grandpa and older brother and only knew how to play shamisen until now.

That guy has been progressively overcoming his own insecurities and doing things he's not used to, to please the majority each episode. And suddenly everyone around him, his irresponsable mother, classmates, rivals push mashiro no oto episode 7 into a competition against his will for selfish reasons. His mother wants people to acknowledge his deceased father's talent through him but never cared to take his son's feelings into account.

His mashiro no oto episode 7 all relied on him to teach them shamisen and lead them to victory as a team but call him out for his selfishness because he has a routine before performing? And let's not forget all these rivals who want to crush him because their family can't help but involve their children into their petty feuds. The one who's always over-reacting and makes no effort to put himself on people' shoes is Kaito. No wonder Yui slaps him for often beeing one-sided.

Kurusu02 said: His classmates all relied on him to teach them shamisen and lead them to victory as a team but call him out for his selfishness because he has a routine before performing?

I pretty much agree with what you wrote about Setsu (wow the way you broke down your thoughts was hella detailed). And, it’s probably unfair of me as well to say that he was just being indifferent when he just couldn’t convey himself properly. Also, don’t get me wrong - I agree with your thoughts about Kaito. It’s just that in this particular episode - in this single episode my feelings were more aligned with his (as Kai did too when he didn’t feel like stopping the argument).

Better to say, I felt more for the other members of the team. Playing the shamisen was something they did collectively, and it wasn’t just a short amount of time they were practicing together. Although they may not be as passionate as Setsu, shamisen was already something they’ve heavily invested in. Watching that, I just felt as vexed as the other members of the team did when Setsu left on his own. It’s not like they couldn’t respect his routine. This argument could have been easily resolved if everyone knew about it, maybe at least a day before, so none of them would be put off guard.

This is what I meant when I mentioned that Setsu’s becoming a trope of himself (the rude genius like BBC’s Sherlock). We are shown excessively through his thoughts and backstory how he is the way he is, but his team doesn’t know all of that. They don’t know much about Setsu, the same way Setsu doesn’t know mashiro no oto episode 7 about them. What doesn’t fit well with me is how the other members (not Kaito though) are just expected to put up with him even when, sometimes, his words could put others down.

This may be a mashiro no oto episode 7 of his upbringing but we know that he isn’t like this outside of the club. limetasse said: I probably really just want the old Setsu back I guess. We’ve been shown that Setsu’s very mindful of others. Now it just seems as if he’s intentionally being written at times to be suddenly callous, as a sort of trigger to Kaito’s brashness (and I don’t know if it’s just the show’s way of initiating drama).

The only real reason that this irks me is because I actually like Setsu outside of the club, if that makes any sense lol. limetasse said: I don't really understand the hate Kaito is getting in this particular episode. He's been an annoying prick all the way from the start. Setsu is doing them a favour by teaching them for free being at the level he is, but Kaito's feelings of entitlement and spoiled nature know no bounds.

If I were Setsu, I would quit this club, since there would be nothing for me to gain from it - no new skills, no connections in the industry, no friends, since hanging around that lot is a chore rather than pleasure. So imagine Setsu quits - now the club is dissolved as it needs at least 5 member to function. What would Kaito do? Wail and blame everybody but himself? I saw many comprehensive comments about Kaito's selfish characters. But can you realize that was also useful for Setsu's character development?

I think Setsu sometimes need harsh reminder to get out from his unconfidence and 'nothing to compete' mentality, also to more appreciate himself for special ability in playing shamisen, which only few people can do it. I got happy to hear Kaji Yuki here but when they called him Kaji-kun I was like “wait, why are they calling his real name” XD I'm sure they all cracked up in the studio after saying this line XD Is Umeko really the mother of one that grown-up and one teen? Just how old is she?

If she had an early marriage then it would make sense. But I always thought that Wakana may not be completely related to Setsu cuz Wakana and Umeko don't seem to have much similarities but Setsu and Umeko strangely has some similarities. Time for the TOURNAMENT ARC! Satisfying to see Setsu finally headbutting that prick Kaito. Even though Setsu is a bit hard to work, its starting to get annoying to see Kaito spouting nonsense on what he assumes Setsu thinks and always dictating what he should feel and do despite knowing a lot less about Shamisen.
Mashiro no Oto Episode 7 Subtitle Indonesia Mashiro no Oto Episode 7 Sub Indo Published by Youtube Update : Senin, 24 Mei, 2021 - 17:52 Wib Mashiro no Oto Episode 7 Nonton Streaming online Download 720P 480P 360P 240P high quality Sub indo conan, animeindo, animeku, nontonanime, neonime, nanime, gomunime, vidio Mashiro no Oto atau dikenal Those Snow White Notes adalah serial manga Jepang yang ditulis dan diilustrasikan oleh Marimo Ragawa.

Ini telah diserialkan di majalah manga shōnen Kodansha, Monthly Shonen Magazine sejak Desember 2009 dan telah dikumpulkan dalam dua puluh tujuh volume tankōbon. Adaptasi serial televisi anime oleh Shin-Ei Animation ditayangkan perdana pada tanggal 3 April 2021 di blok program Animeism. Bercerita Shamisen alat musik tradisional Jepang yang mirip dengan gitar.

Setsu Sawamura dan saudaranya dibesarkan kakeknya dengan memperdengarkan alat musik ini. Kakeknya yang merupakan salah satu pemain Shamisen terhebat di Mashiro no oto episode 7 ini telah meninggal. Sejak kematian kakek mereka, Setsu putus sekolah, pindah ke Tokyo dan hanyut tak tahu apa yang harus dilakukan selain memainkan Shamisennya. Saat itulah ibunya, Umeko mendorongnya kembali untuk sekolah dan menghidupkan hasratnya untuk Shamisen.

Television series Saksikan Video Mashiro no Oto 07 Subtitle Indonesia di anoboy kalian juga dapat unduh gratis fast download Mashiro no Oto 7 Sub Indo, jangan lupa untuk nonton online Streaming pilihlah kualitas 240P 360P 480P 720P sesuai koneksi ke size lebih kecil untuk menghemat mashiro no oto episode 7 internet anda, Mashiro no Oto Ep 7 di anoboy berformat MP4 hardsub (bahasa subtitle sudah tersemat di dalam video).

New Update Selanjutnya Mashiro no Oto Rilis Senin Depan pada waktu yang sudah ditentukan Sumur diladang : Meownime, Oploverz, awsub, anitoki, samehadaku, quinime, fansub, kopaja. anoBoy Anti Mainstream :, animeindo, animeku, nontonanime, riie, nanime, gomunime, anisubindo, samehadaku, vidio, kurogaze, zonawibu, indanimeMengisahkan Sawamura Setsu, seorang remaja yang besar bersama dengan kakaknya bernama Wakana. Beberapa hari lalu, kakek yang merawat kedua remaja ini telah meninggal dunia.

Semasa hidupnya, sang kakek merupakan salah satu pemain Shamisen terbaik. Setelah kematian sang kakek, Setsu memilih untuk berhenti sekolah dan pindah ke Tokyo.

Di kota tersebut, Setsu hidup tanpa tujuan dan hanya memainkan Shamisen miliknya. Ketika pindah ke Tokyo, Setsu kembali bertemu dengan Umeko, ibunya yang telah sukses dan menjadi kaya raya. Mengetahui bahwa Setsu telah putus sekolah, Umeko memasukkan kembali ke sebuah SMA.

Di sekolah tersebut, Setsu kembali menemukan niatnya bermain Shamisen.

mashiro no oto episode 7

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Edit Synopsis Setsu Sawamura runs away from his small home village following the death of his grandfather, the legendary shamisen master Matsugorou Sawamura.

On his deathbed, Matsugorou told Setsu to give up the shamisen if he was only going to imitate others instead of playing in his own way. Grieving, Setsu heads for Tokyo, hoping that the big city can inspire him to discover his own unique playing style. But Tokyo defies his expectations by drowning out all other sounds with the deafening noise of its city life. Concerned about her son, Setsu's rich and successful mother, Umeko, waltzes back into his life and forces him to enroll in Umezono Academy.

At the school, he meets Shuri Maeda, a girl who is fascinated by the Tsugaru shamisen and wishes to perform a song her grandmother once mashiro no oto episode 7 a long time ago. Shuri starts up a shamisen appreciation club and convinces Setsu to teach the members how to play the instrument. As he becomes more involved with the club, will Setsu be able to recover his love for the shamisen and discover the unique sound he lacks?

[Written by MAL Rewrite] Overall 6 Story 6 Animation 7 Sound 8 Character 5 Enjoyment 6 Mashiro no Oto is a new music anime about an culturally important instrument: the shamisen. From the first episode, the audience is drawn to Setsu, a very skilled shamisen player who has yet to find his sound, leaving his home in the countryside for Tokyo after his grandpa has passed away. Throughout Setsu’s journey, there are many forced, dramatic moments to be able to meet new characters or push the story forward.

While the music is gladly the strongest point to this anime, there are many flaws that come with it. Before explaining further, some cultural context of this instrument should be known. Kabuki is a very important theater within Japanese culture. There are different types of theater like Bunraku, the puppet theater, but both use the shamisen instrument as an important figure. The shamisen can either emphasize the intended emotions from the play or help with fun sound effects.

Also, more so within Kabuki, the plays are known to be overdramatized to the point that the play is supposed to be seen as fake and not particularly believable. The influences from the Kabuki are impalpable and important in understanding Mashiro no Oto better.

While I do agree with the majority that Mashiro is rather melodramatic, this does not come without reason. As mentioned earlier, Kabuki is a theater play dramatized to an extent that is purposely unauthentic. For the audience, these plays are not meant to be viewed as realistic but as entertainment within its ‘fakeness’.

For that reason, Mashiro no Oto is not as contrived as a normal kabuki play. Not even close. But this mashiro no oto episode 7 how Mashiro no Oto’s story was influenced and mixed with more modern entertainment that led to the melodrama within the show. The animation style is very light and dream-like throughout the anime, helping portray the influence of the unrealistic, mythical beauty that kabuki plays have. The music along with the animation when they display the powerful sound that a shamisen player can have is also pulling from Kabuki and Japanese theater.

The shamisen is at the forefront when it comes to Japanese theater music and sounds, so it must be able to perform and portray various emotions. In fact, the whole performance relies on how skilled the player is. For a more modern day audience, not as many people have experienced these theater performances. Thus, within an anime, they must be able to deliver a compromise that shares a similar feeling to real life.

Thankfully, the director/crew at Shin-Ei Animation managed to display their prowess in the animation style when it comes to the shamisen parts. Watching an animation of a kabuki play will certainly not feel the same as a play in-person but by adding visuals that compare emotions received when looking at different natural scenery to the emotions the shamisen is conveying and pair that with strong music, the reception is enhanced within the anime style performance.

A point that cannot be left out is how it is sad that the overall animation does not stay consistent. I do admit that there are moments where the animation seems to decline especially in the later episodes but I did not think they were particularly obnoxious.

However, if there is one almost unbearable part of the show, it is also the most notable flaw of Mashiro no Oto and that is the comedy. To put it simply, it constantly feels out of place. One moment, the anime will have a calming atmosphere following Setsu before it suddenly changes to a randomly placed comedic moment.

A brief example is how Setsu is thinking about how he's going to play a specific piece before some character interrupts him by either saying something supposedly funny, acting strangely, or Setsu running into an argument or awkward situation between two characters. Some of these comedic moments are portrayed as a necessity, especially in the beginning, when introducing its wide cast of characters who offer their unique chemistry in a rather niche setting.

However, with this being a slice of life anime, one must place great care towards the flow of events to pace the audience for the climactic emotional impacts. Without any spoilers, an example of how the pacing gets lost is how certain scenes would begin to build up to a serious moment, like watching snow fall pile onto the ground into an untouched, crisp image only to have the some comedic stranger think it would be funny to reenact their earlier Dance Dance Revolution session only to leave many dense, messy footprints and forever ruining the could-have-been nice emotional landscape from before.

In the slice of life genre, the biggest problem is almost always the illogically inserted comedy sprinkled about to lessen the emotional weight that they can bring. Mashiro no Oto is unfortunately no different. In the end, I believe the best way to use comedy in slice of life anime is to have it flow or not have it at all. Mashiro no Oto is all about its music, and I can gladly mashiro no oto episode 7 that it is the best part of this anime because this show is about a lesser known, underappreciated instrument outside of Japan: the shamisen.

Even as a person who has not had much exposure to a shamisen, all the music that has a shamisen used is just impactful. Within the events of the show, the moments where either Setsu and others play, there is volume and heart to them. If the music was intended to be powerful and well played or by a character struggling, the difference is conveyed and better noticed as more episodes are seen. From this, Mashiro no Oto has succeeded in giving me a greater appreciation for the shamisen sound.

Sadly, outside of the shamisen music itself, the music directing is rather bland. The many quick tone changes mean numerous changes in music. This includes many sudden tone shifts indicated by sad music. A part that needs to be pointed out is how these changes of music can ever come to overshadow the actual shamisen playing.

I’m not here to listen to a sad piano bishounen when the shamisen is literally still being played on screen. It's workable music on its own but the quick changes do not flow well and should not overshadow the actual star instrument of the show. On the other hand, the voice acting definitely deserves applause. Mashiro no Oto has kept in mind their Seiyuus and where each character comes from.

There are multiple characters that live from different parts of Japan and Shin-Ei Animation did not forget to add in the accents. Even as a non-native and non-fluent speaker, I can still clearly hear the differences between the words spoken by the characters.

Concerning the characters, they are not the most in depth characters and a lot of characters that I still don’t remember the names of are all pretty flat to push the story along which may be partially influenced by the 12 episode limit constraint and not having enough time to fit everything in nicely. Beginning with Setsu, he is a character that is more of a loner with others eventually drawn to him.

By trying to find a way to move on from the loss of his grandfather and seek his own sound, he is able to grow and understand himself better due to these other people. Concerning a lot of his inner dialogue, the number of times he has talked about his gramps, how he can not play the piece right, and how he can not find his sound is a chore for the audience to get through due to how repetitive his words feel.

However, I can now better understand Setsu and his situation, which honestly could and should still be fleshed out more, due to his untapped potential as an authentic musician lacking both self-esteem and motivation. In the end, the last two episodes portrayed Setsu's character better, which is what I wanted from this slice of life anime.

For the other characters, the important ones like Setsu’s friends, and some later side characters get like two to five minute long for backstories. For Setsu’s brother, Wakana, he’s the acceptable ‘helicopter older brother’. I do wish that they could have made more time for the audience to understand the other characters better. To sum it up, a lot of these characters are placed and have desires just to directly or indirectly help Setsu with his journey of sound, even if it causes the show to feel less believable.

[Slight Spoilers in Upcoming Paragraph] Two characters that follow that description the most are the teacher, Keiko, and a fellow classmate, Shuri. Keiko acts like a teenager and is always excited to go help the shamisen club. She also is able to reach out to more well-known people easily and it is explained through how Setsu is apparently known by certain people in the shamisen community. Does that mean she just gives out Setsu’s information to people in hope of them reading her emails?

For a well-known alumni, Seiryuu, Keiko was able to reach out to him so easily. Would previous alumni be so willing to meet anyone who is going to their old school? Most likely not. And then we have Shuri, who is one of the first people Setsu met at his school. She was interested in the shamisen due to her Grandma wanting to hear a shamisen song that Setsu’s grandpa played in the past so she got Setsu to play again by convincing him to try to play it and basically establish the shamisen club.

After the first half of the anime, she becomes more of a side character to tell Setsu what he should hear at a specific moment as well as still being around to show a beginner's struggle of playing the shamisen, timing. Her struggle is lame in comparison and could have been done better when compared to the others in the group. During the competition, two of the group members, Kaito and Rai, were able to play effectively and well despite being beginners and the new style being told to them by Setsu moments before going on stage while Shuri is still struggling with timing.

“Wa” indeed Shuri. [End of Slight Spoilers] In the end, if you don’t like how the shamisen sounds or are not interested in Kabuki influences, then I would not recommend it. I admit that I enjoyed the music and visual style, more than the actual plot and characters.

This anime will not be able to perfectly replicate the feel of a Kabuki play but if you are willing to see an anime that does embrace parts of its cultural theater roots with strong music, I would tell you to give this anime a try. Overall 8 Story 7 Animation 8 Sound 8 Character 7 Enjoyment 8 Learning about Japan's artistic cultures is always a wonderful experience.

How many times do we come across anime and manga that use themes that are unusual in the Western, but that produce an essential meaning in this very rich country?

This season, eyes were definitely on the most popular animes and that overshadowed some titles that could deliver much more than just 12 Episodes. Mashiro no Oto is one of those hidden and silent animes within the huge catalog of titles. That's bad for mashiro no oto episode 7 show's visibility, but definitely its relevance, even if filtered by the few people who appreciate that kind of culture, mashiro no oto episode 7 more than pleasing, it's surprising.

Mashiro no Oto is basically a show involving an instrument and a melancholy story of Setsu, the protagonist. He lost his inspiration and his reason for existence, his grandfather. A gentleman known to everyone within the lovers of Shamisen, a stringed instrument. In Japan, Shamisen is like a guitar, however, if we go into the deeper culture of the country, it is possible to find records of the development and popularity of Shamisen as a very rich cultural artifact.

Mashiro no oto episode 7 any other instrument, Shamisen causes impact, emotion, sadness and freedom. In Mashiro no Oto, Setsu is the main catalyst and emitter of these varied emotions. He is young and having lost his grandfather recently shook him, so much so that he decided mashiro no oto episode 7 flee to Tokyo, where his new life begins, in search of a "new sound", as the "sound" of a loved one disappeared before his eyes. eyes. At first, Mashiro no Oto honestly doesn't bring many predictions about what he really wants to tell.

In fact, the anime deceives the audience. Until the first episode, you could see Setsu getting involved with Yuna, a girl who worked at an adult agency, but that's not exactly what happens. Of course, Yuna has her importance in Setsu's plot and development, she becomes a decisive factor in his resumption with Shamisen. However, if we're going to define one that awakens Setsu at its peak, it's certainly his school's Club. Maeda is an inexperienced girl from the Club and was the only one until Setsu's arrival.

Even though she doesn't have great ambitions, what led her to continue with the Club is a song sung by her grandmother, but without the use of instruments. Along with Maeda, Kaito and two other members. In the beginning, their composition was not so positive.

Setsu needs to develop and avoid his selfishness to harmonize with the rest of the team; Maeda has a "mental block" at times and this prevents her from advancing in songs and performances. Kaito is the most explosive of the group, and most of the discussions come from him, but this is due to frustration in football and family pressure on his future.

The whole group somehow has some insecurity and it is well supported throughout the show, no matter if it's in a Championship or a show for just one person (as it was with Maeda's grandmother), everyone was building a bond of some kind.

way with Shamisen. Even Setsu's relatives. Umeko, his mother, is a deprived woman and somehow doesn't deserve to be called the "mother" of a talented instrumentalist. The lack of it mashiro no oto episode 7 Setsu's life is not felt at first sight, being often pushed aside to continue the show. But the very actions of Umeko that created a break with his children, causes a lot of trouble for them. The contrast between them is visible and sharp.

Wakana, for example, occupies even more the role of Setsu's father, even though he is an older brother, something that is more demonstrated with the development of the protagonist, who starts shy, rigid and impulsive, but who starts to become aware and understand which is not unique in the music world, especially in the world of group competitions. This competence is also transmitted among the characters enshrined in the anime, such as Shouichi, Mai and Kamiki.

The three have an engaging relationship with Setsu and his group over time and feed them positively with each new episode.

mashiro no oto episode 7

But you can't just give mashiro no oto episode 7 to the anime. Mashiro no Oto is one of the shows that I most visualize the capacity of a production, from the creation of a story to its final execution. It is evident the work of the show staff, which was done by the Shin-Ei studio. Yes, the same Shin-Ei studio that made animes like "Takagi-san" and "Tonari no Seki-kun", but which today has been constantly questioned for its weak and disappointing work. It is the example of "Hachi-nan tte".

Incorporating a show like Mashiro no Oto was practically a miracle. Much was said about the quality that the anime would deliver over time, but expectations were really exceeded. Congratulations to the whole show staff, I look forward to another new production, with the same quality and dedication.

Also worth mentioning the amazing songwriting. For those who know and love Haikyuu, Burnout Syndromes is the band that best suits the show, both for the musicality and the lyrics of each song, in addition to its very engaging choruses. Mashiro no Oto was no different. Each episode was redefined with the openings and the band's work was the best possible to convey the sensations that the anime is. I should also mention Shamisen's own musical structures. All the melodies combined and made Mashiro no Oto a cultural grandeur.

I think few people who saw this show really knew what this instrument was. I myself was completely unaware of its importance and its way of playing. Now I'm really happy to have absorbed some of this and I'm looking forward to more and more anime themed.

It's been a while since we had musical animes either. It's something that had its peaks like Beck and Shigatsu wa Kimi in Uso, but lately it's been getting rarer. There are still some more unpopular works about music, but it is necessary to have a more adequate attention with the whole audience, it is a theme that can bring more history than we imagine.

Finally, Mashiro no Oto is an essential show that changed my expectations with the year 2021. Many shows did not deliver a good story, nor were they even able to innovate. But this show is just the opposite.

All the episodes are really good and the settings combined with the sentimentality of their own makes Mashiro no Oto an exclusive show. It's an anime that I wish it had a sequel, it was so worth every minute with this anime. If you don't know it, give it a try, it's a show that can interest even those who don't like music. It's an eclecticism in anime form.

The wind blows in Mashiro no Oto, and this time it's to bring welcome. Overall 8 Story 8 Animation 8 Sound 9 Character 8 Enjoyment 8 Life is full of opportunities and the teenage years is no exception as the time to experience growth.

What does that tell mashiro no oto episode 7 about Setsu Sawamura? Is he an opportunist seeking glory or trying to find his own purpose in life? You see, if there's anything in mashiro no oto episode 7 that's difficult, it's to live in it. Chances are that if you're the average anime viewer following only a few shows every year, this slipped under ther radar.

It didn't achieve mainstream popularity even in its own genre. And let's be honest here, judging on the premise itself gives the impression of a niche type of show. Indeed, Mahiro no Oto (Those Snow White Notes) packages together a variety of characteristics and genres that mixes music, drama, and most importantly, character growth.

With that mashiro no oto episode 7, it's time to take a deep dive into what you're about to see. From day one, it should come to no surprise that Setsu Sawamura is talented but also a self-disciplined person. He has a music background and protrayed as a gifted shamisen player. But on the personality side, he's not easy to get along with. In fact, Setsu has the mentality of a perfectionist but not in the way you think.

He strives to discover himself and deep down wants to reignite his passion of music. Thanks to his flameboyant mother Umeko, he's given an opportunity, the opportunity of a lifetime as he enters Umezono Academy. It's from there where his true journey begins. I'm not going to try and convince you to like Setsu or not but on the general surface, he is a relatable character. You ever recall a time in your life where you wanted to discover something new in life?

A hobby? Achieving a dream goal? Picture yourself as Setsu and you may realize how realistic his character is. However, on the outside, he is a closed shell. He doesn't open up to people easily and acts mostly with indifference towards his peers.

There's an understandable reason too given his past with his grandfather. It isn't until he meets Shuri Maeda and other students at his academy that he truly begins to embrace music again. It's rather ironic as well since she started a music club with similar reasons as Setsu. Both characters wants to discover a certain piece of music with a sense of purpose. Otherwise, Shuri's personality is a sharp contrast with her bright and friendly personality.

This brings some trouble in the beginning as Setsu has a dead mind set on shamisen. It seems to be the only purpose in life to rediscover himself and to be quite honest, living a life like that sounds almost abysmal. Now, the shamisen club in this show isn't exactly a group drafted like some NBA team with a collective purpose. Every character is there for a reason but the range in diversity of their personalities is almost laughable.

You'd have to be the judge for yourself but let's just say that the shamisen club isn't exactly built for teamwork.

mashiro no oto episode 7

In the world of shamisen, every character has to also rely on themselves and not hold back. Setsu knows this from the very beginning so he had that one single minded purpose. It really isn't until he understands why the club is together that he begins to feel a passion of music again.

And truth to be told. watching the shamisen club shows that every character needs to improve, whether it's their technical skills or people skills.

For the latter, I'm looking at you Setsu. Looking at this show from a story perspective, you're going to have to embrace yourself for a slate of melodrama. This isn't some happy goofy storyteller trying to make you laugh. Sure, it has its lighthearted moments here and there. However, this is a show made up for drama that appeals to emotions. To be more precise, it appeals to human emotions.

Yes, Mashiro no Oto appeals to the inner human emotions that we all experience in every day of our lives. Setsu dealing with the aftermath of his grandfather's death is a prominent example.

When watching this anime as a drama, it draws you in by showing what the characters goes through. It's watching how their lives unfold that you can truly enjoy the show together. Likewise, you may also find the witty dialogues and character personalities entertaining.

Characters such as Yui, Umeko, Kaito, and Mai all make memorable impressions. Among them, Umeko especially stands out as a commanding woman who displays the 'no nonsense' attitude. Can we just give her a medal with her character debut? Like most shows with music and competition, there's definitely talent when the characters steps onto the stage. Rivalries even exist at some levels such as Mai's desire to prove herself to everyone, especially Setsu. Others such as Kaji contains the level of determination to go beyond their limits.

In one particular episode, he plays despite having a broken instrument to show that anything can be done when they put their heart into their work. That brings mashiro no oto episode 7 to the topic of Setsu. After joining the club, it seems his heart opens up more with a love for shamisen again. It doesn't happen just over night but little by little, he doesn't let his past hold him back. It's this type of character journey that is worth watching for and if you came here for that, then Mashiro no Oto will be a sweet treat.

Given a show about music, we can see and hear the talent of the cast. Artistically, the performance scenes has an unique vibrant style of showcasing the production quality. Every one of the shamisen performance scenes stands out above its mashiro no oto episode 7 animation quality. It feels surreal, magical, and grabs you into to your seat. Even if you're not a music fanatic, those scenes are captivating like a magical spell. Now, I'm not an expert on shamisen but even I can see why this show wants those performances to look more elegant than any others.

It's to showcase the important of shamisen and its culture, not just as a competition but a way of life. t's a the heart and soul of the show that gives our characters a purpose after all.

It may be somewhat of a niche show but don't let that hold you back from watching Mashiro no Oto. It's not just a show about music but about personal discovery. Looking at it from a realistic perspective, life itself has limitless possibilities and the cast in this show wants to take opportunities to discover themselves. And if you came into this anime with a similar reason, to perhaps discover something to take away from this show to remember, then you're in the right place.

Overall 8 Story 8 Animation 8 Sound 9 Character 8 Enjoyment 8 Mashiro no Oto started out as a trainwreck. Riddled with horrendous pacing issues, the first episode tried fitting in way too much content for its own good, nearly making me give up all mashiro no oto episode 7 hopes for the anime.

I'm glad that I stayed until the end, though, because what came afterward was nothing short of spectacular. Mashiro no Oto focuses on the traditional Japanese instrument known as shamisen, something that very few people are familiar with. However, this is not necessarily an anime about shamisen.

First and foremost, Mashiro no Oto is an anime about the inner growth of a troubled teenager named Setsu Sawamura, who merely plays shamisen. The anime primarily chronicles Setsu's tumultuous life as he tries to overcome his struggles with the help of his friends and family members.

Mashiro no Oto isn't really the first anime to touch on the topic of shamisen; that title actually goes to Nitaboh, a movie which depicts the life of a renowned shamisen player. However, the former is thematically more rich and varied than than the latter—mainly due to the fact that while Nitaboh is a moderately long movie, Mashiro no Oto is a one cour TV anime which provides it much more time to flesh outs its themes and characters.

And fortunately, the series takes great advantage of this opportunity. Despite the rather unique subject, the actual storyline of Mashiro no Oto is quite predictable and formulaic; however, along with the awe-inspiring shamisen music, the nuanced and compelling characters make the anime very entertaining to watch. As I said earlier, in essence, Mashiro no Oto focuses on our protagonist Setsu's gradual growth as both a person and a shamisen artist. Expectedly, Setsu receives the most amount of focus in the anime, and thus he is the most compelling character of the cast.

Setsu is a conflicted individual. Ever since the death of his grandfather Matsugorou, who used to be his sole source of inspiration, he has been struggling to find meaning in his life.

Now in search of his own sound, Setsu sets out for Tokyo, only to be dismayed by the strange and overpowering ambience of the city. Luckily, he meets Yuna Tachiki there, an ambitious actress who, after seeing his distress, decides to take him to her apartment. Then, following an unexpected turn of events, Setsu enrolls in Umezono Academy and starts up a shamisen club with his new friends.

Setsu's endeavors to rediscover his love for shamisen is the focal point of the story, and Mashiro no Oto illustrates this point beautifully. Setsu may not leave much initial impression due to his irritatingly blunt and secluded nature, but later on, the anime detailedly explores his backstory which indicates why he behaves that way.

Prior to his grandfather's death, Setsu's life was simply confined to the world of shamisen; it was one of the few things he genuinely cared about. So when his grandfather—the person who taught him how to play shamisen—passed away, Setsu was distraught and lost his motivation for playing shamisen.

Luckily, he does change for the better. Setsu's development gradually occurs as he regularly interacts with mashiro no oto episode 7 he learns to improve himself through observing his friend and potential rivals. Granted, even now, he occasionally struggles to find motivation and gets frustrated when he fails to meet his expectations, but it's undeniable that he has changed drastically from the person he was at the beginning.

Setsu has now become much more confident and recovered his passion for playing shamisen. He has made genuine friends who would always be there for him, something mashiro no oto episode 7 he wouldn't have been able to imagine few months ago. Despite the series' marked focus on Setsu, the secondary characters are also well-written and decently fleshed out. Almost all of them, particularly those who are close to Setsu or rival him, play a pivotal role in shaping up Setsu's character and complement him as a persona.

Their own contribution in the story isn't underwhelming by any means, though. They have been given their own backstories which makes them stand out individually. They all have a realistic motivation for why they want to play shamisen or pursue it as a career, which makes it easy for the viewers to relate to them.

As I said earlier, the storyline of Mashiro no Oto is rather formulaic, but it doesn't cause much problem since the characters are more than enough to keep the viewers engaged. The content of the anime is mostly dramatic and maintains a serious atmosphere, but there are a fair amount of light-hearted scenes as well.

The not-so-serious moments of the anime include our characters goofing around and having fun with their shamisen, which are very entertaining for the most part. There are occasional scenes in the anime that provide comic relief, and while they can be hit-or-miss, it didn't hinder my enjoyment that much. Perhaps the place where Mashiro no Oto shines the most is its breathtaking music.

The shamisen playing of this show is actually phenomenal. Athough I'm not familiar with traditional instruments at all, I can tell that the performers are putting their heart and mashiro no oto episode 7 into playing the shamisen, which is quite a feat to achieve.

Setsu's performances in the Matsugorou Cup were exceptionally beautiful—I was astonished at how a musical piece can capture someone's heart so easily. All of the theme songs fittingly incorporate shamisen music too, among which the first opening titled "Blizzard" is one of my favorite theme songs from this season.

The background music mostly features traditional music, which fits in excellently with the solemn atmosphere of the anime. Lastly, a great deal of care has been put into the voice acting—the most notable example of this would be our protagonist Setsu, especially due to how distinct his dialect is and how good it sounds. Excluding some of the flaws here and there, the animation of Mashiro no Oto remains consistently smooth throughout its entirety.

Facial expressions are normally beautifully depicted, but the quality increases tenfold when the characters are playing shamisen.

Rapid finger movements are fluidly animated, and several visual metaphors are used to represent the piece that's being performed, which makes the performances even more immersive. Mashiro no Oto isn't really flawless, though. It does have problems, and most of them stem from the rather peculiar first episode.

The first couple of minutes of Mashiro no Oto are strangely intriguing. At the very beginning, we see a young man run away from his house in the middle of a blizzard, while a captivating shamisen piece plays on the background. Shortly, a seemingly older person leaves the house in a hurry and stops the young man from running away, and they engage in a short yet heartfelt conversation surrounding the death of their grandfather.

When I first watched this scene, I found myself genuinely moved by it—despite not knowing the context behind it in the slightest. Maybe it was because of the solemn atmosphere and how wholeheartedly everything was potrayed; that scene immediately absorbed me into the anime.

Unfortunately, the rest of the first episode is vastly inferior. Much to my surprise, and annoyance, the intriguing opening scene quickly dissolves into a substandard romance story between two characters that barely know each other, which is awfully paced and makes little sense in the context of the plot.

I honestly don't know what the creators were thinking of while making this, because later on, this part of the story is basically entirely forgotten. Luckily, at least they didn't expand on it, but without a doubt, the anime could have done without such a poor introduction.

There are a few other mashiro no oto episode 7 with how the narrative is constructed. For starters, since the anime has only covered the early stages of the story so far, some of the characters are a bit unimpressive since there hadn't been much time to fully explore them.

For this exact reason, the conclusion to the anime may not sit too well with all of the viewers, while I personally think it's quite satisfactory.

In addition to this, the drama can be a little overstretched and over-exaggerated at times, instead of getting straight to the point.

Despite its flaws and relatively niche subject, though, Mashiro no Oto is surprisingly a very compelling show that provides an elaborate glimpse of the shamisen world.

While it may not be a perfect experience, it is easily one of the best, and probably the most underrated, anime from the Spring 2021 line-up, and that says a lot given how great of a season this has been. The first episode is probably going to underwhelm you, but don't let that mislead you into thinking this show isn't worth a watch—because it indeed is.

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