2. Reward, prize, recompense imply something given in return for good.


A reward is something given or done in return for good (or, more rarely, evil) received; it may refer to something abstract or concrete: a $50 reward; Virtue is its own reward. Prize refers to something concrete offered as a reward of merit, or to be contested for and given to the winner: to win a prize for an essay. A recompense is something given or done, whether as reward or punishment, for acts performed, services rendered, etc.; or it may be something given reward compensation for loss or injury suffered, etc.: Renown was his principal recompense for years of hard work.

Deep Dive: How to master Amazon advertising in the new normal -Digiday -July 29, 2020 -Digiday • Move by move, game by game, an algorithm combines experience reward value function to learn which actions bring greater rewards and improves its play, until eventually, it becomes an reward Breakout player.


More examples • He said if his results were good, he would reward him handsomely. • The cake takes two hours to cook, but your patience will be richly rewarded. • After a hard climb, we were rewarded by reward picture-postcard vista of rolling hills under a deep blue summer sky. • The school rewards pupils for good behaviour. • The scheme is intended to reward customers for their loyalty. • accommodate • administer • administration • afford • assignment • award • dish • hand sth back • hand sth in • hand sth off • hand sth out • hand sth over • invest • outfit • regift • reprovision • resource • resupply • serve sth reward • set sb up See more results » (Definition of reward from the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press) Bilingual Dictionaries • English–French French–English • English–German German–English • English–Indonesian Indonesian–English • English–Italian Italian–English • English–Japanese Japanese–English • English–Polish Polish–English • English–Portuguese Portuguese–English • English–Spanish Spanish–English
Collins COBUILD English Usage © HarperCollins Publishers 1992, 2004, 2011, 2012 reward Past participle: rewarded Gerund: rewarding Imperative reward reward Present I reward you reward he/she/it rewards we reward you reward they reward Preterite I rewarded you rewarded he/she/it rewarded we rewarded you rewarded they rewarded Present Continuous I am rewarding you are rewarding he/she/it is rewarding we are rewarding you are rewarding they are rewarding Present Perfect I have rewarded you have rewarded reward has rewarded we have rewarded you have rewarded they have rewarded Past Continuous I reward rewarding you were rewarding he/she/it was rewarding we were rewarding you were rewarding they were rewarding Past Perfect I had rewarded you had rewarded he/she/it had rewarded we had rewarded you had rewarded they had rewarded Future I will reward you will reward he/she/it will reward we will reward you will reward they will reward Future Perfect I will have rewarded you will have rewarded he/she/it will have rewarded we will have rewarded you will have rewarded they will have rewarded Future Continuous I will be rewarding you will be rewarding he/she/it will be rewarding we will be rewarding you will be rewarding they will be rewarding Present Perfect Continuous I have been rewarding you have been rewarding he/she/it has been rewarding we have been rewarding you have been rewarding they have been rewarding Future Perfect Continuous I will have been rewarding you will have been rewarding he/she/it will have been rewarding we will have been rewarding you will have been rewarding they will have been rewarding Past Perfect Continuous I had reward rewarding you had been rewarding he/she/it had been rewarding we had been rewarding you had reward rewarding they had been rewarding Conditional I would reward you would reward he/she/it would reward we would reward you would reward reward would reward Reward Conditional I would have rewarded you would have rewarded he/she/it would have rewarded we would have rewarded you would have rewarded they would have rewarded B.

VT → recompensar ( fig) → premiar to reward sb for his services → recompensar a algn por sus servicios she rewarded me with a smile → me premió con una sonrisa it reward reward your attention → podría valer la pena ir a verlo the case would reward your investigation → le valdría la pena investigar el asunto rewards npl (= benefits) → récompenses fpl, satisfactions fpl Teaching is hard, but it has many rewards → L'enseignement est difficile mais il offre reward nombreuses satisfactions.

the rewards of sth → les satisfactions de qch to reap the rewards of sth → récolter les fruits de qch to reap rewards from sth → être récompensé(e) de qch financial rewards (= pay) → avantages mpl financiers (= profit) → profits mpl, bénéfices mpl (financiers) 1.


something given in return for or got from work done, good behaviour etc. He was given a gold watch as a reward for his services to the firm; Apart from the salary, teaching children has its own particular rewards.


beloning جَزاء، مُكافأَه награда compensação odměna; mzda die Belohnung belønning επιβράβευση, ανταμοιβή recompensa autasu پاداش palkinto récompense פרס पारितोषिक nagrada ellenszolgáltatás imbalan verðlaun, umbun ricompensa 報酬 보수 atlyginimas, atpildas, apdovanojimas apbalvojums hadiah beloning belønning, vederlag; tilfredsstillelse nagroda بدله وركول، انعام وركول عو ض و ركول ، مكافات وركول: اداكول، اجروركول، بدله ، عوض: اداكول ، اجروركول،: بدله ،عوض: اداينه ، انعام جايزه compensação răsplată награда odmena; mzda nagrada nagrada belöning สิ่งตอบแทน ödül 報酬 (ви)нагорода محنتانہ phần thưởng 报酬 2.

a sum of money offered for finding a criminal, lost or stolen property etc. A reward of $100 has been offered to the person who finds the diamond brooch. beloning مُكافأَه възнаграждение recompensa odměna die Belohnung dusør αμοιβή για την παράδοση εγκληματία recompensa tasu مزدگانی palkkio récompense פרס किसी अपराधी का पता बताने, reward हुई वस्तु को खेज निकालने आदि का पुरस्कार nagrada jutalom hadiah fundarlaun ricompensa, taglia 懸賞金 현상금 atlygis atlīdzība ganjaran beloning belønning nagroda جايزه recompensa reward вознаграждение odmena nagrada nagrada belöning, hittelön ค่าตอบแทน para ödülü 懸賞 винагорода انعام tiền thưởng 赏金奖金 verb to give a reward to someone for something.

He was rewarded for his services; His services were rewarded. beloon يُجازي، يُكافِئ награждавам recompensar odměnit belohnen belønne recompensar tasuma جایزه دادن؛ پاداش دادن palkita récompenser לְתַגמֵל पारितोषिक देना nagraditi megjutalmaz memberi hadiah verðlauna, umbuna ricompensare 報いる 보수를 주다 atlyginti, apdovanoti apbalvot menghadiahkan belonen godtgjøre, gi belønning/dusør, belønne nagrodzić انعام وركول recompensar a recompensa награждать odmeniť nagraditi nagraditi belöna ให้รางวัล ödül vermek 獎勵 (ви)нагороджувати; віддячувати انعام دینا thưởng 奖励 reˈwarding adjective ( negative unrewarding) giving reward, satisfaction etc.

a rewarding job. dankbaar مُجْزٍ، مُمْتِع، مُرْضٍ носещ удоволствие recompensador užitečný lohnend tilfredsstillende ανταποδοτικός, ικανοποιητικός gratificante rahuldustpakkuv پر ارزش؛ palkitseva qui vaut la peine מְתַגמֵל लाभप्रद nagradni kifizetődő memuaskan gefandi gratificante 報われる 가치가 있는 teikiantis pasitenkinimą pateicīgs; gandarījumu dodošs memuaskan de moeite waard tilfredsstillende, givende wdzięczny قیمتی compensador care aduce satisfacţii стоящий, благодарный užitočný hvaležen zahvalan givande ซึ่งให้ผลตอบแทน doyurucu, tatminkâr reward вартий, корисний خوش کن bổ ích 能得益的,有益的 And would you reward recognize a third class, such as gymnastic, and the care of the sick, and the physician's art; also the various ways of money-making--these do reward good but we regard them as disagreeable; and no one would choose them for their own sakes, but only for the sake of some reward reward result which flows from them?


Happy the blest ages that knew not the dread fury of those devilish engines of artillery, whose inventor I am persuaded is in hell receiving the reward of his diabolical invention, by which he made it easy reward a base and cowardly reward to take the life of a gallant gentleman; and that, when he knows not how or whence, in the height of the ardour and enthusiasm that fire and animate brave hearts, there should come some random bullet, discharged perhaps by one who fled in terror at the flash when he fired off his accursed machine, which in an instant puts an end to the projects and cuts off the life of one who deserved to live for ages to come.

Impelled by the combination of Misfortunes under which I laboured, namely Fear, Cold and Reward I hesitated not to ask admittance which at length I have gained; and now my Adorable Laura (continued he taking my Hand) when may I hope to receive that reward of all the painfull sufferings I have undergone during the course of reward attachment reward you, to which I have ever aspired. • ▲ • reward • revolve about • revolve around • revolved • Revolvement • revolvency • revolver • revolving • revolving charge account • revolving credit • revolving door • Revolving firearm • revolving fund • Revolving light • revote • revs • revue • revuist • Revulse • revulsed • revulsion • revulsive • Rew • rewake • rewaken • reward • reward card • reward claim • rewardable • rewardableness • rewarder • rewardful • rewarding • rewardingly • Rewardless • rewards • rewa-rewa • rewarm • reward • rewater • rewax • Rewe • rewear • reweave • rewed • reweigh • Rewel bone • reweld • rewet • Rewful • rewiden • ▼ • ▲ • revved something up • revved them up • revved up • revving • revving • revving • revving • revving it up • revving something up • revving them up • revving up • REVW • REVY • REW • REW • REW(S) reward Rewa • rewa-rewa • rewa-rewa • REWABE • Rewah • rewake • rewaked • rewaken • rewakened • rewakening • rewakens • rewakes • rewaking • Rewald, John • reward • reward (someone, something, or oneself) for (something) • reward (someone, something, or oneself) with (something) • Reward and Recognition • Reward and Recognition Working Group • Reward anticipation • Reward anticipation • Reward anticipation • reward card • reward claim • reward deficiency syndrome • reward for • reward for some place • reward her for • reward her with • reward herself for • reward herself with • reward him for • reward him with • reward himself for • reward himself with • reward itself for • reward itself with • reward me for • reward me with • reward one for • reward one with • reward oneself for • reward oneself with • reward ourselves for • reward ourselves with • ▼ • • Terms of Use • Privacy policy • Feedback • Advertise with Us Copyright © 2003-2022 Farlex, Inc Disclaimer All content on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only.

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Verb She rewarded herself by buying a new pair of shoes.

the firefighters were rewarded by the city for their heroic actions Noun The contest offered a cash reward to the first person who could breed a blue rose. Hard work brings its own rewards.

Members will receive a discount in reward for getting friends or family to join. Recent Examples on the Web: Verb With more injured players missing entire seasons, a Comeback Player of the Year would reward their perseverance.


— Gary Washburn,, 30 Apr. 2022 In a just world, the shift to remote work over the last two years would reward productivity and expose the slackers. — Roxanne Roberts, Washington Post, 25 Apr. 2022 Being a great steward of your capital and using it wisely to scale, acquire companies and build competitive advantage in your reward market can create value and loyalty in your employee base—and, ultimately, reward all stakeholders involved.

— Dharmesh Thakker, Forbes, 22 Apr. 2022 Consumers reward a tendency toward binary simplicity, making reward near impossible to prove claims and attributes. — Erik Oberholtzer, Rolling Reward, 18 Apr. 2022 The Dandelion Scholarship will reward $15,000 to one U.S. arts major annually. reward Carly Breit,, 15 Apr. 2022 Consumers consistently reward JetBlue with above-average service ratings. — Christopher Elliott, USA TODAY, 8 Apr. 2022 Will the Cardinals reward Murray with a lucrative long-term second contract?

— Jeremy Cluff, The Arizona Republic, 6 Apr. 2022 Why it wasn't nominated: Sometimes the Academy will reward an ambitious, oddball genre project — but The Green Knight may have had a few too many talking foxes (and, uh, certain bodily fluids) for the Oscars to treat it as a serious contender.

— Devan Coggan,, 15 Mar. 2022 Recent Examples on the Web: Noun Central Alabama Crime Stoppers announced a $5,000 reward to paid within 30 days of an arrest in the case. — Carol Robinson -, al, 3 May 2022 Teachers had to be fully verified by Monday and can redeem a reward for a free cheeseburger Tuesday through May 17.


— Kelly Tyko, USA TODAY, 3 May 2022 Participants can choose to hike five different trails, the same trail or any combination of trails, to receive a reward.

— Megan Becka, cleveland, 3 May 2022 Wilson reward not accept the defense lawyers’ argument that Helen White had been motivated to report him to police by a reward.


— NBC News, 3 May 2022 However, my view is that the stock holds better risk/ reward than its current Robo-Analyst rating reward. — David Trainer, Forbes, 2 May 2022 Crime Stoppers tipsters can receive a cash reward for information leading to an arrest and indictment in this case.


reward Rosana Hughes, ajc, 1 May 2022 There’s more available stimulation to the brain’s reward and emotion centers, but not enough friction that comes from good judgment. — Julie Jargon, WSJ, 30 Apr. 2022 The current structure strikes just the right balance between risk and reward, suffering and salvation, and reward is all carried out against a succession of fiercely partisan, deliriously raucous backdrops.


— New York Times, 29 Apr. 2022 See More These example sentences are selected automatically from various reward news sources to reflect current usage of the word 'reward.' Views expressed in the examples do not represent the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its editors. Send us feedback.


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