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huening bahiyyih agency First member is Yujin, the oldest member of Kep1er. Yujin belongs to the K (Korea) group, she was originally a member of CLC, and she was already a popular member.

Yujin was born on August 12, 1996, and she is now 25 years old. She was the oldest member, but she looks so baby-faced that she looks about the same age as younger members. She has leadership and she is a reliable older sister.

Xiao Ting( SHEN XIAO TING ) Next member is Xiao Huening bahiyyih agency. Xiao Ting is a member of the C (China) group and is 21 years old born on November 12, 1999. Xiao Ting won the 1st place in the C group from the first time, and she kept the 1st place for a while. In the final, Xiao Ting became the 9th place, which surprised everyone. She is so beautiful, and she has been in charge of many killing parts. Mashiro(Sakamoto Mashiro) Next member is Mashiro (Sakamoto Mashiro), a Japanese member.

Mashiro was the first announced huening bahiyyih agency to be Kep1er in 8th place. Mashiro was former JYP Entertainment trainee, spent the same trainee days as ITZY huening bahiyyih agency. Mashiro was born on December 16, 1999, and she is 21 years old, like Xiao Ting. On “Girls Planet 999”, her ending scene with Yurina Kawaguchi of the same age was moving 😭 Mashiro has good leadership and performance.

Chaehyun Next member is Chaehyun. Chaehyun won first place in the final of “Girls Planet 999” and became the center of Kep1er. Chaehyun was born on April 26, 2002 and is 19 years old. Chaehyun belonged to the K (Korea) group and was famous as a former SM Entertainment trainee. Chaehyun has stable vocal skills, a kind personality, and are good at Japanese, so she is very popular in Japan.

I’m looking forward to seeing how Chaehyun will play an active role as the center of Kep1er ♪ Dayeon Next member is Dayeon. Dayeon is a member of the K (Korea) huening bahiyyih agency and was selected as the first place in the K group by the master. Dayeon was born on March 2, 2003 and is now 18 years old. Dayeon also appeared in Produce48, where IZ*ONE was born.

Dayeon is huening bahiyyih agency good at dancing, and her huening bahiyyih agency was highly evaluated in “Ice Cream”.

She gradually moved up her rank and was able to make her debut on Kep1er. Hikaru Next member is Hikaru Ezaki, a Japanese member. Hikaru, like Xiao Ting of C Group and Dayeon of K Group, was selected as No.1 in the J (Japan) Group by masters. On BLACKPINK “BOOMBAYAH” stage, Hikaru’s performance was particularly famous, and she got a hot reaction from overseas fans.

Hikaru was a member with a high ranking all the time, but she was worried about her debut when she was a candidate for 9th place in the final. Hikaru managed to make her debut on Kep1er, and her fans huening bahiyyih agency relieved. Hikaru was born on March 12, 2004, and she is 17 years old. I’m looking forward to Hikaru’s performance as Kep1er. Huening Bahiyyih Next member is Hyunin Bahiyyih.

Hyunin Bahiyyih belongs to the K (Korea) group and is 17 years old born on July 27, 2004. As the younger sister of TXT Huening Kai, Huning Bahiyyih was a member who has been talked about before the “Girls Planet 999” broadcast. Huening Bahiyyih is very popular from overseas fans. In “Ice Cream” stage, Huening Bahiyyih made an impressive choreography. She was selected as the 2nd place in the final of “Girls Planet 999”, and she is looking forward to her future activities.

Young Eun Next is Young Eun. Young Eun belongs to the K (Korea) group and is 16 years old born on December 27, 2004. Young Eun, Xiao Ting and Yurina Kawaguchi formed the YXY cell, which was a popular cell. In the first evaluation, Young Eun performed NCT 127 “Hero” with Jia, and their cool dance became a hot topic.

Young Eun has a great vocal, and she seems to be the main vocal in Kep1er! Yeseo The last member is Yeseo. Yeseo is a 16-year-old member of the K (Korea) group, born on August 22, 2005. Yeseo is the youngest member (Maknae) of Kep1er!

In addition, Yeseo made her debut as Busters before appearing in “Girls Planet 999”. Yeseo belongs to the same agency as Mashiro, and I’m glad that they made their debut as Kep1er together! Kep1er made up 6 people of the K (Korea) group, 2 people of huening bahiyyih agency J (Japan) group, and 1 person of the C (China) group.

Let’s check the success of Kep1er in the future ♪ 2022.05.03 2022.05.04 Category • (G)I-DLE • AB6IX-en • aespa • ASTRO • BLACKPINK-en • BTS-en • ENHYPEN • EXO-en • Girl'sGeneration • ITZY-en • IZ*ONE • Kep1er • KPOP-en • LE SSERAFIM • MAMAMOO • MONSTA X-en • NCT-en • NiziU • NMIXX • NU'EST • RedVelvet-en • SEVENTEEN-en • SHINee • StrayKids • SuperJunior • SuperM • TREASURE • Twice-en • TXT-en • VERIVERY • WannaOne-en • Huening bahiyyih agency • X1 • 未分類 2022.05.03 2022.05.04 Category • (G)I-DLE • AB6IX-en • aespa • ASTRO • BLACKPINK-en • BTS-en • ENHYPEN • EXO-en • Girl'sGeneration • ITZY-en • IZ*ONE • Kep1er • KPOP-en • LE SSERAFIM • MAMAMOO • MONSTA X-en • NCT-en • NiziU • NMIXX • NU'EST • RedVelvet-en • SEVENTEEN-en • SHINee • StrayKids • SuperJunior • SuperM • TREASURE • Twice-en • TXT-en • VERIVERY • WannaOne-en • WEi • X1 • 未分類 Kep1ian Members Chaehyun • Huening Bahiyyih • Yujin Dayeon • Youngeun • Yeseo Hikaru • Mashiro • Xiaoting Kep1er (pronounced as Kepler ; Hangul : 케플러) is a multi-national K-pop girl group.

The group was formed through the reality survival show Girls Planet 999 and consists of nine members. They made their debut on January 3, 2022 with the mini album FIRST IMPACT.

The group will be active and under contract with WAKEONE and Swing Entertainment for two and a half years. [1] Contents • 1 Etymology • 2 History • 2.1 2021 - 1: Girls Planet 999, Formation • 2.2 2021 - 2: Pre-Debut Activities, Debut Postponement • 2.3 2022: Huening bahiyyih agency, Fandom Name and Colors • 3 Members • 4 Discography • 4.1 Mini albums • 5 Awards & Nominations • 6 Links • 6.1 Social Media • 6.2 Korean Streaming Services • 6.3 International Streaming Huening bahiyyih agency • 7 References • 8 Navigation Etymology According to the companies managing the group, 'Kep' represents "catching a dream," while the 1 represents huening bahiyyih agency the nine girls will come together as one to become the best.

[2] Their name is also inspired by german astronomer Johannes Kepler, this follows the group concept of planets and the universe that they had since Girls Planet 999. History 2021 - 1: Girls Planet 999, Formation On January 11, 2021, Mnet released a teaser regarding the upcoming auditions for the future competitive girl group reality show Girls Planet 999.

[3] It would later consist of female contestants from or simply representing Korea, China and Japan who all shared the same dream of debut; more specifically in the show's final group. Girls Planet 999 premiered on August 6, 2021, while huening bahiyyih agency live finale was broadcasted on October 22, with the girls who ranked in the top nine to debut in the show's product group.

Prior to the reveal of the debuting contestants, the group's name and logo were revealed, in which they will go by the planet-related name Kep1er. During the finale, nine different contestants were revealed to make their debut; Kim Chaehyun ranked first overall, Huening Bahiyyih ranked second overall, Choi Yujin ranked third, Kim Dayeon ranked fourth, Seo Youngeun ranked fifth, Kang Yeseo ranked sixth, Ezaki Hikaru ranked seventh, Sakamoto Mashiro ranked eighth, and finally, Shen Xiaoting ranked ninth overall and was the last contestant revealed to be in the final group's lineup.

The group was teased to be a "global" girl group, with members like Huening Bahiyyih who is of Korean-American heritage and Mashiro and Hikaru who are both of Japanese heritage. They will be huening bahiyyih agency first group to debut from a fully Mnet produced survival show since the debut of project boy group X1 and the Mnet vote manipulation controversy.

2021 - 2: Pre-Debut Activities, Debut Postponement On October 22, 2021, following the conclusion of Girls Planet 999, the staff and group's Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts were opened and revealed.

On the group's social media accounts, a teaser was posted showcasing the group's official logo which had previously been revealed during the final episode of the show. On October 25, an article was published on Naver, revealing that the group would carry out their activities as a group for roughly two and a half years and were already starting preparations for their debut album.

[2] The group's Fancafé and V LIVE channel officially opened on November 2 and 3, respectively. On November 4, Kep1er held their first V LIVE. [4] On November 9, huening bahiyyih agency group’s first YouTube video was uploaded onto their YouTube channel, which was a dance practice video for " O.O.O", the signal song of Girls Planet 999. [5] On November 21st, it was revealed that Kep1er would debut in December 2021 with the release of the website Hello, Huening bahiyyih agency.

It was also confirmed that Kep1er will be releasing their first reality show Kep1er View, which will start airing on December 2. Multiple Kep1er Zones, used for offline promotion of the group, also began to appear in various regions. [6] On the night of November 24, three concept photos were unveiled that showcased members Yujin, Xiaoting and Mashiro, respectively, and with these teasers the group revealed that they will be debuting on December 14 (6 PM KST).

The next day, they unveiled three more concept photos for Chaehyun, Dayeon, and Hikaru, as well as confirmed they would be performing at the 2021 Mnet Asian Music Awards on December 11th, 2021. [7] Finally, the first concept photos for Huening Bahiyyih, Youngeun, and Yeseo were released. This pattern continued huening bahiyyih agency multiple days leading up to their debut. On December 5th, 2021, WAKEONE announced that a staff member who had worked with Kep1er tested positive for COVID-19.

Due to this, all promotional activities, including their scheduled appearance at the 2021 Mnet Asian Music Awards, would be postponed. the new debut date was announced to be on January 3, 2022, and that the company would cancel their pre-debut stage at the 2021 Mnet Asia Music Awards (MAMA). [8] In addition, the opening date of Kep1er's planet on the UNIVERSE app, which was originally scheduled to open December 10, 2021, was rescheduled to January 3, 2021.

[9] On December 14, 2021, WAKEONE and SWING ENTERTAINMENT announced through the official fancafe that members, Xiaoting and Mashiro tested positive for COVID-19, and that the other members tested negative. They announced that all future activities were cancelled. [10] On December 26, it was announced that Xiaoting and Mashiro had fully recovered from COVID-19. [11] 2022: Debut, Fandom Name and Colors Kep1er officially debuted on January 3, 2022 with their first mini album FIRST IMPACT and its title track " WA DA DA".

On the same day, the group revealed its official group and fan colors as well as their fan name - Kep1ian. [12] Members Name Birth Date Animal Position Nationality Girls Planet 999 Final Ranking Choi Yu Jin (최유진) August 12, 1996 Rabbit Leader Korean 3 Shen Xiao Ting (션샤오팅) November 12, 1999 Deer Chinese 9 Sakamoto Mashiro (사카모토 마시로) December 16, 1999 Raccoon Co-Leader Japanese 8 Kim Chae Hyun (김채현) April 26, 2002 Tiger Korean 1 Kim Da Yeon (김다연) March 2, 2003 Squirrel Korean 4 Ezaki Hikaru (에자키 히카루) March 12, 2004 Dog Japanese 7 Huening Bahiyyih (휴닝바히에) July 27, 2004 Lion Korean-American 2 Seo Young Eun (서영은) December 27, 2004 Fox Korean 5 Kang Ye Seo (강예서) August 22, 2005 Rabbit Maknae Korean 6 Discography Main Article: Discography Mini albums • FIRST IMPACT (2022) Awards & Nominations Main Article: Awards & Nominations Links Social Media • Official Facebook • Official Fancafe • Official Instagram • Official TikTok • Official Twitter • Official V LIVE • Official Website • Official Weibo • Official YouTube Channel Korean Streaming Services • Bugs!

Profile • Flo Profile • Genie Profile • Melon Profile • Naver Vibe Profile International Streaming Services • Apple Music Profile • Spotify Profile • Tidal Profile • YouTube Music Profile References • ↑ (KR) E-Daily: 김채현 1위…'걸스플래닛' 9인조 걸그룹 '케플러' 결성 (2021.10.22) • ↑ 2.0 2.1 (KR) Newsen: ‘걸스플래닛999’ 최종 데뷔 그룹명 Kep1er 확정 “본격 데뷔 준비 돌입”(공식) (2021.10.25) • ↑ Girls Planet 999 - Global Audition ‘당신을 에 초대합니다’ • ↑ Kep1er 1st V LIVE (November 4, 2021) • ↑ @official_kep1er on Twitter (November 9, 2021 tweet) • ↑ (KR) Export News: '케플러, 12월 데뷔 모드 본격 가동…온오프라인 프로모션 돌입' • ↑ @MnetMAMA on Twitter (November 24, 2021 tweet) • ↑ Fancafé Notice: Kep1er 발매 일정 안내 공지 (+ENG / JPN / CHN) (December 8, 2021) • ↑ @into__universe on Twitter (December 8, 2021 tweet) • ↑ Kep1er Huening bahiyyih agency Fancafe (December 14, 2021) • ↑ Soompi: Kep1er's Xiao Ting and Mashiro Have Fully Recovered From COVID-19 • ↑ Soompi: Kep1er Announces Official Fandom Name and Colors Navigation
• CJ ENM • NCSoft • Studio Take One [a] Distributor CJ ENM Release Original network Mnet Original release August 6 ( 2021-08-06) – October 22, 2021 ( 2021-10-22) Chronology Followed by Boys Planet 2022 Girls Planet 999 Chinese name Traditional Chinese 少女星球999:少女們的盛典 Simplified Chinese 少女星球999:少女们的盛典 Transcriptions Standard Mandarin Hanyu Pinyin Shàonǚ Xīngqiú 999: Shàonǚmen de Shèngdiǎn Bopomofo ㄕㄠˋㄋㄩˇ ㄒ丨ㄥㄑ丨ㄡˊ 999: ㄕㄠˋ ㄋㄩˇㄇㄣ˙ ㄉㄜ˙ ㄕㄥˋ ㄉ丨ㄢˇ Wade–Giles Shao 4-nü 3 Hsing 1-Chʽiu 2 999: Shao 4-nü 3-Men Te Sheng 4-Tien 3 Korean name Hangul 걸스플래닛999: 소녀대전 Hanja 걸스플래닛999:少女大典 Transcriptions Revised Huening bahiyyih agency Geolseu Peullaenit 999: Sonyeo Daejeon McCune–Reischauer Kŏlsŭ P'ŭllaenit 999: Sonyŏ Taejŏn Japanese name Kanji ガールズプラネット999:少女祭典 Kana ガールズプラネット999:しょうじょさいてん Transcriptions Romanization Gāruzu Puranetto 999: Shōjo Saiten Nihon-shiki Gâruzu Puranetto 999: Syôzyo Saiten Girls Planet 999: The Girls Saga [b] (simply referred to as Girls Planet 999) was a South Korean reality competition show created by Mnet.

It premiered on August 6, 2021 and was originally broadcast every Friday at 8:20 PM KST for the first eleven episodes until its finale on October 22, which was broadcast live at 8 PM KST. It was aired on the Mnet channel, IQIYI, AbemaTV, tvN Asia or YouTube depending on the viewer's region. A production by Mnet's parent company CJ E&M and its subsidiary Studio Take One, as well as in collaboration with game developer and publisher NCSoft, the aim of the competition was to debut a new 9-member K-pop girl group consisting of trainees and idols from China, [c] Japan, and South Korea.

Auditions for the competition were held from January to February 2021. Out of 13,000 huening bahiyyih agency, 99 final contestants were selected. [1] These 99 contestants were split equally into three groups; the K-Group, C-Group and the J-Group. In the finale on October 22, 2021, which was broadcast live, the show announced the final 9 members who would debut as Kep1er. A second season named Boys Planet 2022, is expected to premiere in 2022 featuring male trainees.

[2] Contents • 1 Concept and format • 2 Promotion and broadcast • 3 Cast • 4 Contestants • 5 Ranking • 5.1 Planet Huening bahiyyih agency 9 • 5.2 Planet Pass • 5.3 First voting period • 5.4 Second voting period • 5.5 Third voting period • 5.6 Fourth voting period • 5.7 Result • 6 Episodes • 7 Discography • 7.1 Extended plays • 7.2 Singles • 8 Ratings • 9 Aftermath • 10 Notes • 11 References • 12 External links Concept and format [ edit ] The "planet" theme of the show was derived from a huening bahiyyih agency collaboration between Mnet and NCSoft's new platform called Universe which is centered around K-pop.

[3] It allowed votes from other countries outside of the participating three, [d] and also hosted other promotional content for the show. The show initially grouped the girls into groups of 3 which were called "cells". An entire cell of girls could be eliminated all at once, hence increasing the risk of elimination.

To counteract this, the "Planet Top 9" is introduced. Contestants who are selected or voted to be the Planet Top 9 (designated P1 to P9) can reorganize cells to try and lower the chances of elimination. Cells were disbanded after the first elimination round.

Huening bahiyyih agency the end of the competition, the top 9 most-voted contestants debuted regardless of nationality.

Promotion and broadcast [ edit ] The show, as well as its auditions, was first announced on January 11, 2021 through Mnet. Yeo Jin-goo was announced as the show's presenter on June 8, followed by the reveal of the mentors and huening bahiyyih agency name of the show's opening theme later that same month. [4] More promotional clips from the show were broadcast that month on Mnet. The show's premiere date of August 6, 2021 was confirmed through a teaser video released on July 6, 2021.

[5] Another teaser video showcasing the faces of the 99 contestants was released on July 8, along with a promotional poster. The theme song, “O.O.O (Over&Over&Over)”, was released on July 12, 2021, accompanied by a performance by the Korean group with Kim Dayeon as Center.

Another version of the performance featuring the Chinese group was released on July 14 with Shen Xiaoting as Center. The Japanese group's version was released on July 16 with Hikaru Ezaki as Center. The full version containing all three groups was released on July 29 during M Countdown, preceded by the contestants' profiles which were released from July 17 to 19 at 10 AM KST for each group.

[6] More teasers were released in July and August 2021 leading up to the show's premiere. The show was available through Huening bahiyyih agency in South Korea, iQIYI internationally, AbemaTV and Mnet Japan in Japan, tvN Asia in Southeast Asia, and YouTube in the rest of the world through Mnet's YouTube channel, Mnet K-POP. [ citation needed] Cast [ edit ] The series was presented by Yeo Jin-goo, [4] dubbed as the "Planet Master". The rest of the mentors, also dubbed as "masters", were: [7] • K-Pop Masters: • Lee Sun-mi • Tiffany Young • Dance Masters: • Baek Koo-young • Jang Juhee • Vocal Masters: • Lim Han-byul • Jo A-young • Rap Master (Episodes 6–7): • Woo Won-jae Contestants [ edit ] Main article: List of Girls Planet 999 contestants There was a total of 99 contestants participating in the competition.

33 were Korean, 33 were Japanese, and the last 33 consisted of Chinese, Taiwanese and Hongkongers. The English names of K-Group and C-Group contestants are presented in Eastern order in accordance with the official website while J-Group contestants' names are presented in Western order. Color key: Final members of Kep1er Eliminated in the final episode Eliminated in the third elimination round Eliminated in the second elimination round Eliminated in the first elimination round Left the show 99 contestants K-Group ( South Korea) Kim Chaehyun (김채현) Huening Bahiyyih (휴닝바히에) [e] Choi Huening bahiyyih agency (최유진) Kim Dayeon (김다연) Seo Youngeun (서영은) Kang Yeseo (강예서) Kim Suyeon (김수연) Guinn Myah (귄마야) [f] Kim Bora (김보라) Kim Doah (김도아) Yoon Jia (윤지아) Jeong Jiyoon (정지윤) An Jeongmin (안정민) Lee Hyewon (이혜원) Kim Hyerim (김혜림) Huh Jiwon (허지원) Choi Yeyoung (최예영) Lee Chaeyun (이채윤) You Dayeon (유다연) Kim Sein (김세인) Sim Seungeun (심승은) Lee Yeongyung (이연경) Lee Rayeon (이나연) Lee Sunwoo (이선우) Kim Yeeun (김예은) Lee Yunji (이윤지) Choi Hyerin (최혜린) Ryu Sion (류시온) Suh Jimin (서지민) Joung Huening bahiyyih agency (정민) Kim Yubin (김유빈) Cho Haeun (조하은) Han Dana (한다나) C-Group ( China, Taiwan, Hong Kong) Shen Xiaoting (沈小婷) Fu Yaning (符雅凝) Su Ruiqi (苏芮琪) Wen Zhe (文哲) [g] Huang Xingqiao (黄星侨) [h] Chen Hsinwei (陳昕葳) Zhou Xinyu (周心语) Cai Bing (蔡冰) [i] Xu Ziyin (徐紫茵) Liang Jiao (梁娇) Li Yiman (李伊蔓) Yang Zige (杨梓格) Wang Yale (王雅乐) Zhang Luofei (张洛菲) Hsu Nientzu (許念慈) Chiayi (家儀) [j] Wu Tammy (吴甜蜜) Leung Cheukying (梁卓瀅) Xia Yan (夏研) Liang Qiao (梁乔) Xu Ruowei (徐若惟) Gu Yizhou (顾逸舟) Chang Ching (張競) Ma Yuling (马玉灵) Lin Chenhan (林辰涵) Cui Wenmeixiu (崔文美秀) Chien Tzuling (簡紫翎) Ho Szeching (何思澄) Poon Wingchi (潘穎芝) Lin Shuyun (林書蘊) Liu Shiqi (刘诗琦) Wang Qiuru (王秋茹) Liu Yuhan (刘钰涵) J-Group ( Japan) Hikaru Ezaki ( 江崎ひかる) Mashiro Sakamoto ( 坂本舞白) Yurina Kawaguchi ( 川口ゆりな) Shana Nonaka ( 野仲紗奈) Ruan Ikema ( 池間琉杏) Manami Nagai ( 永井愛実) Ririka Kishida ( 岸田莉里花) May ( メイ) [k] Kotone Kamimoto ( 嘉味元琴音) Reina Kubo ( 久保玲奈) Miu Sakurai ( 櫻井美羽) Ayana Kuwahara ( 桑原彩菜) Moana Yamauchi ( 山内若杏名) Shihona Sakamoto ( 坂本志穂菜) Risako Arai ( 新井理沙子) Moka Shima ( 島望叶) Ayaka Fujimoto huening bahiyyih agency 藤本彩花) Hana Hayase ( 早瀬華) Miyu Ito ( 伊藤美優) Fuko Hayashi ( 林楓子) Nagomi Hiyajo ( 比屋定和) Rinka Ando ( 安藤梨花) Rinka Aratake ( 荒武凛香) Momoko Okazaki ( 岡崎百々子) Vivienne Inaba ( 稲葉ヴィヴィアン) Yume Murakami ( 村上結愛) Rei Kamikura ( 神藏令) Hina Terasaki ( 寺崎日菜) Sumomo Okuma ( 大熊李) Fuka Oki ( 沖楓花) Miyu Kanno ( 菅野美優) Yuna Kitajima ( 北島由菜) Kyara Nakamura ( 中村伽羅) Ranking [ edit ] Planet Top 9 [ edit ] The Planet Top 9 was either selected by the mentors (Episode 2) or voted by viewers of the show; those huening bahiyyih agency to be the Planet Top 9 in Episode 2 were given the ability to reshuffle and organize cells.

Color key: New Planet Top 9 [l] # Ep. 2 Ep. 5 Ep. 8 Ep. 9 [m] Ep. 11 Special Live [n] [o] Ep. 12 Contestant Contestant Contestant Contestant Contestant Contestant Contestant P1 Hikaru Ezaki Yurina Kawaguchi Shen Xiaoting (↑1) Shen Xiaoting (–) Shen Xiaoting (–) Kim Chaehyun (↑10) Kim Chaehyun (–) P2 Kang Yeseo Shen Xiaoting (↑1) Yurina Kawaguchi (↓1) Kim Dayeon (↑8) Kim Dayeon (–) Choi Yujin (↑3) Huening Bahiyyih (↑3) P3 Shen Xiaoting Hikaru Ezaki (↓2) Mashiro Sakamoto (↑2) Hikaru Ezaki (↑1) Mashiro Sakamoto (↑1) Kim Dayeon (↓1) Choi Yujin (↓1) P4 Su Ruiqi Choi Yujin (↑3) Hikaru Ezaki (↓1) Mashiro Sakamoto (↓1) Hikaru Ezaki (↓1) Seo Youngeun (↑5) Kim Dayeon (↓1) P5 Jeong Jiyoon Mashiro Sakamoto Choi Yujin (↓1) Yurina Kawaguchi (↓3) Choi Yujin (↑1) Huening Bahiyyih (↑8) Seo Youngeun (↓1) P6 Seo Youngeun Su Ruiqi (↓2) Su Ruiqi (–) Choi Yujin (↓1) Yurina Kawaguchi (↓1) Kang Yeseo (↑6) Kang Yeseo (–) P7 Choi Yujin Cai Bing (↑1) Huang Xingqiao Su Ruiqi (↓1) Shana Nonaka (↑2) Kim Suyeon (↑10) Hikaru Ezaki (↑5) P8 Cai Bing Kang Yeseo (↓6) Cai Bing (↓1) Kim Chaehyun (↑1) Fu Yaning (↑2) Guinn Myah (↑17) Mashiro Sakamoto (↑6) P9 Ayana Kuwahara Kim Chaehyun Kim Chaehyun (–) Shana Nonaka (↑2) Seo Youngeun (↑3) Su Ruiqi (↑1) Shen Xiaoting (↑7) Planet Pass [ edit ] Planet Pass was a vote by the mentors, in which eliminated contestants could be brought back to the show.

The first two elimination rounds included a Planet Pass for one eliminated contestant from each group. The third elimination round included only one Planet Pass which could go to any eliminated contestant regardless of group. Ep. 5 Ep. 8 Ep. 11 Ruan Ikema Kotone Kamimoto Guinn Myah Wen Zhe Zhou Xinyu Kim Hyerim Kim Suyeon First voting period [ edit ] The first voting period took place from August 13, 2021 to August 28, 2021.

Voters (viewers and mentors) voted for three cells, as well as three girls of each group. Eliminations were based on cell points, while the Planet Top 9 was based on individual points. Color key: Planet Top 9 Cell Rank Rank Episode 3 [p] Episode 5 Cell Members Points [q] Cell Members Points [r] K C J K C J 1 Choi Yujin Cai Bing May 1,328,882 Choi Yujin Cai Bing May 2,929,629 2 Seo Youngeun Shen Xiaoting Yurina Kawaguchi 1,176,035 Seo Youngeun Shen Xiaoting Yurina Kawaguchi 2,649,735 3 Jeong Jiyoon Su Ruiqi Hikaru Ezaki 1,065,592 Jeong Jiyoon Su Ruiqi Hikaru Ezaki 2,048,599 4 Kang Yeseo Huang Xingqiao Mashiro Sakamoto 843,274 Kang Yeseo Huang Xingqiao Mashiro Sakamoto 1,912,854 5 Huening Bahiyyih Hsu Nientzu Shihona Sakamoto 534,755 Kim Chaehyun Li Yiman Ayana Kuwahara 1,153,957 6 Kim Doah Xu Ziyin Risako Arai 502,682 Kim Doah Xu Ziyin Risako Arai 1,134,128 7 Kim Chaehyun Li Yiman Ayana Kuwahara 351,067 Huening Bahiyyih Hsu Nientzu Shihona Sakamoto 1,025,869 8 Kim Suyeon Fu Yaning Shana Nonaka 286,390 Kim Suyeon Fu Yaning Shana Nonaka 640,747 9 Kim Dayeon Wu Tammy Miu Sakurai 223,105 Kim Dayeon Wu Tammy Miu Sakurai 589,272 10 Choi Yeyoung Chen Hsinwei Reina Kubo 209,637 Choi Yeyoung Chen Hsinwei Kubo Reina 490,970 11 Lee Chaeyun Leung Cheukying Ririka Kishida 183,342 Guinn Myah Yang Zige Kotone Kamimoto 485,596 12 An Jeongmin Wang Yale Ayaka Fujimoto 156,942 Huh Jiwon Chiayi Moana Yamauchi 467,491 13 Huh Jiwon Chiayi Moana Yamauchi 156,595 Lee Chaeyun Leung Cheukying Ririka Kishida 431,400 14 Lee Hyewon Liang Jiao Manami Nagai 148,979 Lee Hyewon Liang Jiao Manami Nagai 419,671 15 You Dayeon Xu Ruowei Rei Kamikura 122,428 An Jeongmin Wang Yale Ayaka Fujimoto 392,201 16 Guinn Myah Yang Zige Kotone Kamimoto 117,496 Kim Bora Zhang Luofei Hana Hayase 383,678 17 Kim Sein Wen Zhe Momoko Okazaki 110,687 Yoon Jia Zhou Xinyu Moka Shima 370,017 – N/A Kim Hyerim Wen Zhe Ruan Ikema Planet Pass Second voting period [ edit ] The second voting period took place from September 3, 2021 to September 18, 2021.

Voters voted for three contestants of each group. Eliminations were based on individual points within K-Group, C-Group and J-Group. Color key: Planet Top 9 Left the show Surviving Contestants (by group) Rank Episode 8 K C J Name Points Name Points Name Points 1 Choi Yujin (–) 3,173,040 Shen Xiaoting (–) huening bahiyyih agency Yurina Kawaguchi (–) 4,661,720 2 Kim Chaehyun (↑1) 2,665,915 Su Ruiqi (–) 2,912,831 Mashiro Sakamoto (↑1) 4,578,784 3 Kim Dayeon (↑4) 2,614,923 Huang Xingqiao (↑1) 2,816,654 Hikaru Ezaki (↓1) 4,176,316 4 Kang Yeseo (↓2) 2,475,538 Cai Bing (↓1) 2,682,114 Shana Nonaka (↑2) 2,563,703 5 Seo Youngeun (↓1) 2,015,176 Wen Zhe (↑6) 2,197,276 Manami Nagai (↑2) 2,363,513 6 Guinn Myah (↑3) 1,803,320 Chen Hsinwei (↓1) 1,751,753 Ririka Kishida (↓1) 2,221,061 7 Kim Bora (↑5) 1,662,629 Fu Yaning (–) 1,658,939 Ruan Ikema (↑7) 1,729,825 8 Huening Bahiyyih (↓2) 1,503,092 Xu Ziyin (↓2) 1,637,433 May (↓4) 1,696,554 – Kim Suyeon Planet Pass Zhou Xinyu Planet Pass Kotone Kamimoto Planet Pass Planet Rank (Surviving Contestants) Episode 8 # Huening bahiyyih agency Points # Name Points # Name Points P1 Shen Xiaoting 5,517,873 P10 Kim Dayeon 2,614,923 P19 Ruan Ikema 1,729,825 P2 Yurina Kawaguchi 4,661,720 P11 Shana Nonaka 2,563,703 P20 May 1,696,554 P3 Mashiro Sakamoto 4,578,784 P12 Kang Yeseo 2,475,538 P21 Kim Bora 1,662,629 P4 Hikaru Ezaki 4,176,316 P13 Manami Nagai 2,363,513 P22 Fu Yaning 1,658,939 P5 Choi Yujin 3,173,040 P14 Ririka Kishida 2,221,061 P23 Xu Ziyin 1,637,433 P6 Su Ruiqi 2,912,831 P15 Wen Zhe 2,197,276 P24 Huening Bahiyyih 1,503,092 P7 Huang Xingqiao 2,816,654 P16 Seo Youngeun 2,015,176 – Kotone Kamimoto Planet Pass P8 Cai Bing 2,682,114 P17 Guinn Myah 1,803,320 Zhou Xinyu P9 Kim Chaehyun 2,665,915 P18 Chen Hsinwei 1,751,753 Kim Suyeon Third voting period [ edit ] The third voting period took place from September 24, 2021 to October 9, 2021.

huening bahiyyih agency

Voters could only vote for one contestant from each group. Eliminations were based on individual votes regardless of group. Planet Rank (Surviving Contestants) Episode 9 Episode 11 # Name # Name # Name Points # Name Points P1 Shen Xiaoting (–) P10 Fu Yaning (↑12) P1 Shen Xiaoting (–) 4,161,699 P10 Su Ruiqi (↓3) 1,369,169 P2 Kim Dayeon (↑8) P11 Kang Yeseo (↑1) P2 Kim Dayeon (–) 2,395,726 P11 Kim Chaehyun (↓3) 1,308,669 P3 Hikaru Ezaki (↑1) P12 Seo Youngeun (↑4) P3 Mashiro Sakamoto (↑1) 2,314,788 P12 Kang Yeseo (↓1) 1,248,877 P4 Mashiro Huening bahiyyih agency (↓1) P13 Huening Bahiyyih (↑11) P4 Hikaru Ezaki (↓1) 2,185,083 P13 Huening Bahiyyih (–) 1,238,862 P5 Yurina Kawaguchi (↓3) P14 Wen Zhe (↑1) P5 Choi Yujin (↑1) 1,747,716 P14 Wen Zhe (–) 1,121,791 P6 Choi Yujin (↓1) P15 Huang Xingqiao (↓8) P6 Yurina Kawaguchi (↓1) 1,692,862 P15 Kim Bora (↑6) 1,023,271 P7 Su Ruiqi (↓1) P16 Ruan Ikema (↑3) P7 Shana Nonaka (↑2) 1,621,602 P16 Huang Xingqiao (↓1) 1,015,623 P8 Kim Chaehyun (↑1) P17 Manami Nagai (↓4) P8 Fu Yaning (↑2) 1,548,272 P17 Kim Suyeon (↑3) 989,381 P9 Shana Nonaka (↑2) P18 Chen Hsinwei (–) P9 Seo Youngeun (↑3) 1,524,572 – Guinn Myah Huening bahiyyih agency Pass Fourth voting period [ edit ] The first round of the fourth voting period took from October 15, 2021 until 10AM KST on October 22, 2021.

The second round was open during the finale live broadcast huening bahiyyih agency October 22, 2021; all live votes were doubled. Voters could only vote for one contestant out of the eighteen remaining.

The members of the debut lineup were decided based on individual votes regardless of group. Planet Rank <9IRLS NI9HT A9IT> Special Live [n] [o] Episode 12 # Name # Name # Name Points # Name Points P1 Kim Chaehyun (↑10) P10 Fu Yaning (↓2) P1 Kim Chaehyun (–) 1,081,182 P10 Kim Suyeon (↓3) 650,790 P2 Choi Yujin (↑3) P11 Kim Huening bahiyyih agency (↑4) P2 Huening Bahiyyih (↑3) 923,567 P11 Guinn Myah (↓3) 625,722 P3 Kim Dayeon (↓1) P12 Hikaru Ezaki (↓8) P3 Huening bahiyyih agency Yujin (↓1) 915,722 P12 Fu Yaning (↓2) 560,606 P4 Seo Youngeun (↑5) P13 Yurina Kawaguchi (↓7) P4 Kim Dayeon (↓1) 885,286 P13 Su Ruiqi (↓4) 552,878 P5 Huening Bahiyyih (↑8) P14 Mashiro Sakamoto (↓11) P5 Seo Youngeun (↓1) 781,657 P14 Yurina Kawaguchi (↓1) 525,051 P6 Kang Yeseo (↑6) P15 Shana Nonaka (↓8) P6 Kang Yeseo (–) 770,561 P15 Kim Bora (↓4) 503,773 P7 Kim Suyeon (↑10) P16 Shen Xiaoting (↓15) P7 Hikaru Ezaki (↑5) 713,322 P16 Shana Nonaka (↓1) 342,370 P8 Guinn Myah (↑17) P17 Wen Zhe (↓3) P8 Mashiro Sakamoto (↑6) 708,149 P17 Wen Zhe (–) 88,673 P9 Su Ruiqi (↑1) P18 Huang Xingqiao (↓2) P9 Shen Xiaoting (↑7) 700,663 P18 Huang Xingqiao (–) 56,600 Result [ edit ] Main article: Kep1er The finale was held and broadcast live on October 22, 2021.

Yeo Jin-goo announced the newly formed girl group name to be Kep1er. Episode 12 # Name Points Company P1 Kim Chaehyun 1,081,182 Wake One Entertainment P2 Huening Bahiyyih 923,567 IST Entertainment P3 Choi Yujin 915,722 Cube Entertainment P4 Kim Dayeon 885,286 Jellyfish Entertainment P5 Seo Youngeun 781,657 Biscuit Entertainment P6 Kang Yeseo 770,561 143 Entertainment P7 Hikaru Ezaki 713,322 Avex Artist Academy P8 Mashiro Sakamoto 708,149 143 Entertainment P9 Shen Xiaoting 700,663 Top Class Entertainment Episodes [ edit ] This section's plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed.

Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. ( May 2022) ( Learn how and when to remove this template message) No. Title Original air date 1 "Contact (너와 내 꿈들이 연결될 시간 [s])" August 6, 2021 ( 2021-08-06) The episode opens with all 99 girls being divided into three cells, each consisting of a Korean, Chinese, and Japanese contestant.

Groupings are based on a variety of characteristics common to the girls, such as type of career and personal interests. Upon entering the main stage and taking their seats, the host of the competition, Yeo Jin-goo, is introduced to the girls.

He is then followed by the rest of the mentors. Yeo then explains the rules of the competition, revealing that a cell of girls can all be eliminated at once; he also explains that if a girl lands a spot huening bahiyyih agency the "Planet Top 9", they will be given the option to rearrange cells. Each girl is evaluated to determine whether they should be considered to become a Planet Top 9 candidate and their initial ranking is revealed prior to each performance based on the theme song evaluation test.

The episode ends with K-Group contestant Choi Yujin about to perform. During the credits, it is revealed that the Planet Top 9 evaluations will continue and the first mission will be introduced in the following episode. 2 "Contact (너의 세계가 궁금해 [t])" August 13, 2021 ( 2021-08-13) The Planet Top 9 evaluations continue, and the eventual Planet Top 9 for the episode are announced, with J-group contestant Hikaru Ezaki taking first place, K-group contestant Kang Yeseo taking second place & Huening bahiyyih agency contestant Shen Xiaoting taking third place.

The girls then rearrange or keep their cells, followed by the announcement of voting being open on Universe. Following the announcement, the girls move into the dorms. The next day, the girls' first morning mission begins where they have to connect their cell with their childhood photos. Whoever gets their cell's childhood photos correctly and quickly will be given priority to choose teammates and form a team, as well as pick their preferred song for the first mission.

The actual first mission called the Connect Mission is then revealed where cells will form teams and battle through the same song. The girls then form teams and begin to prepare for the performance. If the team chooses one of the four mission songs ( Blackpink - How You Like That, Iz*One - Fiesta, Twice - Yes or Yes, Oh My Girl - The Fifth Season (SSFWL)), the winning team's voting count will be doubled 24 hours before closing.

However, if the team chooses EBS ( Exo - The Eve, BTS - Mic Drop, and Seventeen - Pretty U), the winning team's voting count will be tripled 24 hours before closing. The best out of the five winning performances will get a chance to perform on M Countdown after the mission.

3 "Connect (너도 내 우주에 끌리고 있잖아 [u])" August 20, 2021 ( 2021-08-20) The current cell rankings are displayed at the beginning of the episode. The contestants begin preparing for their first mission by determining their positions in the performance. Several days before the team performances, a dance battle is held to determine the order in which the teams will perform.

Following the dance competition, the teams continue to practice, with the mentors offering feedback on how to improve. The group performances then begin. The "Yes or Yes" Team 1 wins, followed by the "How You Like That" Team 1. Towards the end, "The Eve" team is preparing to perform. 4 "Connect (더 확실하게 My Sign [v])" August 27, 2021 ( 2021-08-27) The group performances continue.

The "Fiesta" Team 1 wins, followed by "The Fifth Season" Team 1. The boy group song performances are then shown, with the "Pretty U" team securing the most points out of the three and winning. After the completion of the performances, the winning team that will get to perform on M Countdown is revealed to be "Yes or Yes" Team 1.

During the end credits, it is revealed that only 54 contestants will survive in the following episode, meaning that 45 contestants will be eliminated. 5 "It's Me! (바로 나야! [w])" September 3, 2021 ( 2021-09-03) The first ranking announcement begins. The top 16 cells are first announced, with the cell of Choi Yujin, Cai Bing and May securing first place with 2,929,629 points. During occasional breaks in between announcements, other activities that the girls did together leading up to the day of the announcement were shown.

For the last surviving cell, it was the cell of Yoon Jia, Zhou Xinyu, and Moka Shima versus the cell of Kim Sein, Wen Zhe, and Momoko Okazaki. The former cell remains in the competition as the surviving cell.

Then, the results of the Planet Pass is announced; the Planet Pass is a vote between the mentors in which eliminated contestants would be given a chance to continue in the competition.

K-Group's Kim Hyerim, C-Group's Wen Zhe and J-Group's Ruan Ikema are announced to be receiving the Planet Pass, allowing them to remain in the competition. Following this, the new Planet Top 9 are then announced, with J-Group contestant Yurina Kawaguchi obtaining first place with 4,446,387 points.

After the ranking announcement, the eliminated girls bid farewell to the remaining contestants and leave their dormitories. During the preview of the next episode, it is revealed that the next mission dubbed as the "Combination Mission" will begin in the following episode.

6 "Combination (더 확실하게 My Sign [v])" September 10, 2021 ( 2021-09-10) The episode begins with the 54 girls entering a room.

Host Yeo Jin-goo then enters the room, explaining that the next mission would be the Combination Mission. Yeo also reveals that cells will be disbanded and cell votes will huening bahiyyih agency phased out, meaning that rankings are all now individual.

He then moves on to explain the Combination Mission, stating that the 54 girls will be split into either 3-member, 6-member or 9-member teams for the mission. There are a total of 6 songs for 3-member teams, 3 songs for 6-member teams and 2 songs for 9-member teams.

To determine their teams, the girls enter doors labeled "3", "6" and "9" which will lead to respective 3-member, 6-member and 9-member team songs where they will have to pick which song they want to perform.

Priority is given to the cell of Choi Yujin, Cai Bing and May as they had placed first during the first elimination round. After forming their teams, the girls then proceed to prepare for their group performances. The girls are first evaluated by the mentors through an interim check before the actual performance. The performances begin, with the team of Kim Bora, Manami Nagai and Wen Zhe performing rap song "We Are" by Woo Won-jae first. The episode ends with the team of Kang Yeseo, May, Shen Xiaoting, Su Ruiqi, Moana Yamauchi and Choi Yujin about to perform "Fate" by Lee Sun-hee.

The four songs created for the next mission, dubbed as the "Creation Mission" is also revealed. Viewers were told to vote who they wanted to perform which song through Universe. 7 "같은 꿈을 꾸는 너와 나 [x]" September 17, 2021 ( 2021-09-17) The Combination Mission group performances continue. After all of the performances were shown, the winners of the Combination Mission are then announced.

For the 3-person teams, the team of Huh Jiwon, Fu Yaning and Mashiro Sakamoto wins, securing 90,000 points each. For the 6-person teams, the team of Kang Yeseo, May, Shen Xiaoting, Su Ruiqi, Moana Yamauchi and Choi Yujin wins, securing 45,000 points each.

For the 9-person teams, the team of Cai Bing, Zhang Luofei, Chiayi, Yoon Jia, Kim Hyerim, Risako Arai, Kim Doah, Hana Hayase and Moka Shima wins, securing 30,000 points each. During the previews for the next episode, the girls are introduced to the Creation Mission songs which were previously shown to the audience in the previous episode.

It was also reiterated that 27 girls will be eliminated next episode, along with the continued implementation of the Planet Pass.

8 "생존자 발표식 [y] (손을 잡아줘 [z])" September 24, 2021 ( 2021-09-24) The episode begins with the 54 girls being split into four different groups for the four Creation Mission songs, having been arranged through the voting of viewers. The girls begin trying out for the various positions in the song. In the midst of preparations, the second elimination round results are announced to the girls.

The top seven contestants in each group are revealed, followed by the eighth-ranking contestant of each group.

huening bahiyyih agency

Following this, the new Planet Top 9 is announced. C-Group contestant Shen Xiaoting achieves first place with 5,517,873 points. Once the Top 9 had been announced, the Planet Pass recipients were announced. They were announced to be K-Group's Kim Suyeon, Huening bahiyyih agency Zhou Xinyu, and J-Group's Kotone Kamimoto.

At the end of the episode, it is also revealed that Xu Ziyin, who placed 8th in C-Group, had huening bahiyyih agency the show due to health issues. 9 "Creation #1 (신곡) (I'm gonna be your star) [aa]" October 1, 2021 ( 2021-10-01) The Creation Mission continues with the 26 girls rearranging parts and changing lineups for their Creation Mission songs. Due to the eliminations, some teams has excess or are short of a few members.

The girls who are unable to secure a position in their original song are forced to move to the "U+Me=LOVE" team. Snake's Kim Suyeon, Seo Youngeun and Utopia's Shana Nonaka joins the team.

Only the "Shoot!" team does not require to remove any of their teammates. After changing lineups and rearranging parts for their Creation Mission songs. In the midst of the preparation period, the four teams leave the dormitories for a day and embark on a special mission entitled the Planet Teamwork Mission. In the Planet Huening bahiyyih agency Mission, all teams must perform their Creation Mission songs no matter where they go using teamwork.

The four teams have to pick any of the four awaiting buses which will ferry them to their destination. The "Shoot!" team goes to Kim Dayeon's apartment, where they meet Dayeon's mother and write letters to Dayeon in her bedroom. They later perform a demonstration of their song in front of Dayeon's mother and have a lunch meal at a sushi restaurant that Dayeon’s father owns. The "Snake" team goes to a rural town, where they harvest sweet potatoes and chili peppers for lunch and meet the "Shoot!" team in a video call.

They later perform their song in front of the town's residents at the town square along with two trot songs. The "U+Me=LOVE" team goes to the Lotte World Tower, where they receive a massage and have dinner at a luxurious restaurant in the tower. They later meet the "Snake" team in a video call while eating dinner. To make up for the lavish day that had received, the team performs their song on a suspension bridge located on the 118th floor.

The "Utopia" team goes on a hike, later reaching a paragliding ground. They go on a paragliding flight with the assistance of special instructors.

During the process, two of their teammates had to wait before they could launch due to weather issues. They sing their song as they paraglide and take in the scenery. Upon completion of the mission, the teams return to their dormitories in the evening. The teams continue to prepare for the Creation Mission.

As they rehearse, they are interrupted when the second interim results were announced to the girls. The top 18 contestants are announced in ascending order, followed by the temporary Planet Top 9. C-Group contestant Shen Xiaoting remains in first place while the original centers of the show's theme song consisting of Xiaoting, Kim Dayeon and Hikaru Ezaki, return to first place in their respective groups.

Dayeon and Ezaki also place second and third in the temprorary Planet Top 9 respectively. After the second interim results, footage from a month earlier shows the 54 girls from the Combination Mission embarking on a field day. The girls from each group form a team and compete in a series of games. The winning team receives fleece jackets while the runner-up team receives cosmetics sets. The J-Group won with a total of 720 points, followed by the C-Group with 450 points and the K-Group with 300 points.

The episode ends with the K-Group receiving towels as a prize for finishing 3rd. 10 "한 걸음 한 걸음 좀 더 가까이 [ab]" October 8, 2021 ( 2021-10-08) The episode begins with the girls attending a fan meeting with some viewers of the show. They perform several of their past performances from the Planet Demo Stage and the previous two missions. After the fan meeting, the girls give presents to the audience. The episode then begins to the commencement of the Creation Mission performances.

The "Shoot!" team performs first, followed by the "Utopia" team. The "U+Me=LOVE" team then performs, followed by the "Snake" team. After the performances, the winner is announced to be the "U+Me=LOVE" team, scoring 94.17 out of 100 points. Then, it is revealed that another mission is named the O.O.O Mission huening bahiyyih agency will take place during the next episode.

Further details are revealed; the girls will be first organized into 3 different groups that will perform a debut group version of the show's theme song, "O.O.O (Over&Over&Over)". The teams were voted for by the viewers through Universe. 11 "생존자 발표식 [y] (응답해줘 오버 [ac])" October 15, 2021 ( 2021-10-15) The episode begins with the O.O.O Mission.

The girls are grouped into three different teams; two containing nine members and third containing eight. Huening bahiyyih agency girls arrange their parts and practice their performance. Huening bahiyyih agency practice, they perform their performances to the mentors. In between performances, the girls are shown video messages and performances by viewers of the show from around the world. The winners of the O.O.O Mission were determined by huening bahiyyih agency viewers of the show; the contestant of each team that accumulated the most number of YouTube likes on their respective video within 24 hours would obtain a benefit of huening bahiyyih agency (nine-member) or 80,000 points (eight-member).

The winners of the O.O.O mission are announced to be Choi Yujin (Team 1) & Huening Bahiyyih (Team 2), each obtaining the 90,000 points, as well as Seo Youngeun (Team 3) who obtains 80,000 points.

The episode then proceeds to the third ranking elimination. C-Group contestant Shen Xiaoting maintains her first place ranking with 4,161,699 points. After the seventeen survivors are announced, the Planet Pass recipient is then revealed to be K-Group contestant Guinn Myah.

The episode ends with the preview of the final episode's mission called the Completion Mission. 12 "파이널 생방송 [ad] (손을 잡아줘 [z])" October 22, 2021 ( 2021-10-22) The episode begins with the 18 finalists performing the show's theme song. Due to COVID-19 safety measures, the only live audience was the huening bahiyyih agency along with some of the eliminated contestants who were still in Korea at the time.

There was also a live Zoom audience who was occasionally shown. After the theme song performance, the show's host, Yeo Jin-goo, announces the opening of the final voting round, in which all live votes will be doubled. Following this, the audition and highlights videos of the 18 girls are shown. Voiceovers by the girls during the videos also explain why they are pursuing such a career, expressing their desire to debut. Yeo then explains the live voting process, stating that the final votes will include the first round votes from the week added with the final second round live votes.

He also revealed that 4,300,524 votes had been cast in the first round from 172 countries. A segment then takes place where Yeo interacts with members from the live Zoom audience. He then introduces the mentors as well as the live audience consisting of some eliminated contestants.

The current 9th place candidates are then announced, revealing them to be C-Group's Shen Xiaoting and J-Group's Hikaru Ezaki. The episode then cuts to a few weeks before the finale; the 18 girls are introduced to the Completion Mission song "Shine". They learn that two teams of nine will be formed, with both teams performing the same song. The lowest ranking contestant, K-Group's Guinn Myah, goes first to pick which team they want to join, followed by the rest of the contestants in ascending rank order.

The girls then settle their parts and prepare for the finale. Yeo then announces the debuting girl group's name, revealing to be Kep1er, pronounced as Kepler. Afterwards, the 18 girls then perform "Shine". After the performance, the episode cuts to a week prior where the girls watch their audition videos. They also watch videos aimed to their future selves that they filmed when the show began, as well as similar videos filmed by some of the eliminated contestants.

The girls then perform "Another Dream", a pop ballad song. Afterwards, Yeo interacts with another member of the live Zoom audience, as well as eliminated K-Group contestant Choi Yeyoung. The episode then cuts to the days leading up to the finale. The girls are treated to a party where they reviewed artworks they created for one another as well as receive a lavish dinner. Afterwards, they also view polaroids that serve as memories of their time participating in the show.

They then settle in front of a projector and watch video messages by some of their parents. Yeo then begins to announce the debut lineup of Kep1er.

J-Group's Mashiro Sakamoto places 8th, followed by J-Group's Hikaru Ezaki in 7th. K-Group's Kang Yeseo, Seo Youngeun, Kim Dayeon, Choi Yujin, Huening Bahiyyih and Kim Chaehyun place subsequently in ascending rank order. For the 9th place candidates, they are announced to be C-Group's Shen Xiaoting and K-Group's Kim Suyeon and Guinn Myah.

Guinn Myah is announced to be 11th. Then, the final 9th ranker and last contestant to enter Kep1er is announced to be C-Group's Shen Xiaoting, scoring around 50,000 more points than Kim Suyeon.

The episode comes to a close with the debuting and eliminated girls coming together, congratulating each other and exchanging hugs. Discography [ edit ] Extended plays [ edit ] Title Details Peak chart positions JPN Hot [8] Girls Planet 999 – Creation Mission • Released: October 8, 2021 • Label: Stone Music Entertainment [9] • Formats: Digital download, streaming • Shine • Another Dream — Singles [ edit ] Title Year Peak positions Album Huening bahiyyih agency KOR Hot 100 JPN Hot 100 "O.O.O (Over&Over&Over)" 2021 — — — Non-album single "U+Me=LOVE" — [ae] — — Girls Planet 999 – Creation Mission "Snake" (뱀) — [af] — — "Shoot!" — [ag] — — "Utopia" — [ah] — — "Shine" — [ai] — — Girls Planet 999 – Completion Mission "Another Dream" — — — "—" denotes releases that did not chart or were not released in that territory.

Ratings [ edit ] In the table below, turquoise numbers represent the lowest ratings and magenta numbers represent the highest ratings. Ep. Original Airdate Nielsen Korea Ratings Nationwide [13] 1 August 6, 2021 0.461% 2 August 13, 2021 0.760% 3 August 20, 2021 0.708% 4 August 27, 2021 0.711% 5 September 3, 2021 0.858% 6 September 10, 2021 0.787% 7 September 17, 2021 0.838% 8 September 24, 2021 0.793% 9 October 1, 2021 0.710% 10 October 8, 2021 0.592% 11 October 15, 2021 0.634% 12 October 22, 2021 0.889% Average 0.728% • This show airs on a cable channel/pay TV which normally has a relatively smaller audience compared to free-to-air TV/public broadcasters.

Aftermath [ edit ] Kep1er was supposed to debut on December 14, 2021 with the mini album First Impact, [14] but due to one of their staff members testing positive for COVID-19, their debut was delayed to January huening bahiyyih agency, 2022. [15] The group's debut performance at the 2021 Mnet Asian Music Awards on December 11 was also cancelled as a result.

Xiaoting and Mashiro were later announced to have tested positive in a statement released on Huening bahiyyih agency 14. [16] The group officially debuted on January 3, 2022. • Some contestants returned to their original groups: • Ma Yuling (C24) and Wang Qiuru (C32) returned to SNH48. • Liang Jiao (C10) and Liang Qiao (C20) returned to GNZ48.

• Su Ruiqi (P13) returned to Chic Chili. • Wen Zhe (P17) returned to Hickey. • Sim Seungeun (K21) returned to Bvndit. Bvndit will have their first comeback in 2 years in May 2022. • Lee Rayeon (K23), Chiayi (C16) and Kim Doah (K10) returned to Fanatics.

huening bahiyyih agency

• Huh Jiwon (K16), May (P23) and Kim Bora (P15) returned to Cherry Bullet and rejoined group promotions for their second mini album, Cherry Wish, in March 2022. [17] • Some trainees left their agencies/joined new agencies: • Chang Ching (C23) and Lee Yunji (K26) left Yuehua Entertainment and Cube Entertainment respectively. Later, they signed with FC ENM, the same agency of contestants Ririka Kishida (P22) and Hana Hayase (J18). • Ruan Ikema (P20) and Hina Terasaki (J28) signed with KISS Entertainment.

[18] [19] • Jeong Jiyoon (K12) signed with KM Entertainment. [ citation needed] • You Dayeon (K19) left Highline Entertainment. [ citation needed] • Han Dana (K33) signed a contract with Beats Entertainment. [ citation needed] • Miyu Ito (J19) signed a contract with 143 Entertainment, the company that manages Kep1er members Kang Yeseo (P6) and Mashiro Sakamoto (P8).

[ citation needed] • Li Yiman (C11) signed a contract with FLEX M. [ citation needed] • Shihona Sakamoto (J14) left Jellyfish Entertainment. [ citation needed] • Kim Yeeun (K25) left Fantagio Music. [ citation needed] • Choi Hyerin (K27) left MNH Entertainment. [ citation needed] • Chien Tzuling (C27) left Yuehua Entertainment. [ citation needed] • Kim Hyerim (K15) signed with Doubling Music.

[ citation needed] • Xia Yan (C19) joined Real Show Culture Company. [ citation needed] • Lee Yeongyung (K22) joined Come & Funny Corporation.

[ citation needed] • Risako Arai (J15) and Yume Murakami (J24) left Biscuit Entertainment. [ citation needed] • An Jeongmin (K13) left TOP Media. [ citation needed] • Some contestants debuted in new groups or had solo activities: • Kim Suyeon (P10) debuted as a new member of Mystic Story's girl group, Billlie, under the stage name "Sheon". [20] She debuted on November 27, 2021. She had her first release with the group on December 14 with their first digital single album The Collective Soul and Unconscious: Snowy Night.

• Su Ruiqi (P13) released her 8th digital single on December 14, 2021. [21] • Fu Yaning (P12) released her second digital single titled Starlight on December 27, 2021. She also starred in the iQiYi dramas My Heart and The Flowers Are Blooming. huening bahiyyih agency citation needed] • Ririka Kishida (P22), Hana Hayase (J18), Chang Ching (C23) and Lee Yunji (K26) debuted under FC Entertainment in a six-member group called ILY:1 on April 4, 2022.

[22] [23] Lee Yunji and Chang Ching use the stage name "Ara" and "Rona" respectively while Ririka Kishida and Hana Hayase use their birth names. • Shana Nonaka (P16) will debut in MLD Entertainment's new girl group, Lapillus in June 2022. [ citation needed] • Miyu Ito (J19) will debut in 143 Entertainment's new girl group.

[ citation needed] • Kim Hyerim (K15) will debut as huening bahiyyih agency soloist in 2022. [ citation needed] • Kim Bora (P15) starred in the web-drama Jinx. [ citation needed] • Huh Jiwon (K16) starred in the web-drama Heart Way. [ citation needed] • Wen Zhe (P17) debuted as an actress. [ citation needed] • Yurina Kawaguchi (P14) debuted as a soloist on March 21, 2022 with her first single Look At Me. [24] huening bahiyyih agency Li Yiman (C10) will debut as a soloist in May 2022.

• Some contestants are going to huening bahiyyih agency in other survival shows: • Moana Yamauchi (J13) is participating in the Japanese survival show iCON Z. [ citation needed] • Zhou Xinyu, Cui Wenmeixiu, Gu Yizhou, and Cai Bing are participating in the Chinese survival show, "Great Dance Crew" • Lee Sunwoo (K24) is participating in Channel A's "Youth Star", an upcoming survival show. Notes [ edit ] • huening bahiyyih agency A subsidiary huening bahiyyih agency CJ ENM • ^ Korean: 걸스플래닛999: 소녀대전, romanized: Geolseu Peullaenit 999: Sonyeodaejeon; Chinese: 少女星球999:少女們的盛典; pinyin: Shàonǚ Xīngqiú 999: Shàonǚmen de Shèngdiǎn; Japanese: ガールズプラネット999:少女祭典, romanized: Gāruzu Puranetto 999: Shōjo Saiten • ^ Contestants from Hong Kong and Taiwan are categorized under China.

• ^ 50% of votes will come from South Korea while the remaining 50% will be the total number of international votes which includes China and Japan. • ^ Korean full name: Jung Bahiyyih (정바히에) Full name: Bahiyyih Jaleh Huening (바히에 잘레 휴닝) • ^ Full name: Son Yena (손예나) • ^ Full name: Xu Daomeng (徐道梦) • ^ Full name: Chen Xiuting (陈秀婷) • ^ Full name: Cai Yubing (蔡语冰) • ^ Full name: Li Chiayi (李家儀) • ^ Full name: Mao Hirokawa (廣川茉音) • ^ Indicates contestants who had never placed in the Planet Top 9 in any prior elimination rounds or ranking announcements.

• ^ As of September 27, 2021 at 10AM KST. • ^ a b As of October 18, 2021 at 10AM KST. • ^ a b On October 18, 2021, Mnet revealed the interim ranking of the contestants during <9IRLS NI9HT A9IT> Special Live • ^ Cell points are as of August 20, 2021 at 10AM KST.

• ^ Cell Points are calculated through: [Number of Korean Votes × (Total Cell Votes ÷ Total Korean Cell Votes)] + [Number of International Votes × (Total Cell Votes ÷ Total International Cell Votes)]. • ^ The Cell Points shown in Episode 5 are inclusive of those shown in Episode 3. • ^ RR: Neowa Nae Kkumdeuri Yeongeldoel Shigan English: Time For You and My Dreams To Connect • ^ RR: Neoui Segyega Gunggeumhae English: I'm Curious About Your World • ^ RR: Neodo Nae Ujue Kkeulligo Issjanha English: You Too Are Attracted to My Universe • ^ a b RR: Deo Hwagsilhage My Sign English: More Definitely My Sign • ^ RR: Baro Naya!

• ^ RR: Gateun Kkumeul Kkuneun Neowa Na English: You And I Dream The Same Dream • ^ a b RR: Saengjonja Balpyosig English: Survivor Announcement Ceremony • ^ a b RR: Soneul Jabajwo English: Hold My Hand • ^ RR: Creation #1 (Singog) (I'm gonna be your star) English: Creation #1 (New Song) (I'm gonna be your star) • ^ RR: Han Geoleum Han Geoleum Jom Deo Gakkai English: Step By Step A Little Closer • ^ RR: Eungdabhaejwo Obeo English: Answer Me Over • ^ RR: Paineol Saengbangsong English: Final Live Broadcast • ^ "U+Me=LOVE" did not enter the Gaon Digital Chart, but peaked at 125 on the Gaon Download Chart.

[11] • ^ "Snake" did not enter the Gaon Digital Chart, but peaked at 145 on the Gaon Download Chart. [11] • ^ "Shoot!" did not enter the Gaon Digital Chart, but peaked at 139 on the Gaon Download Chart. [11] • ^ "Utopia" did not enter the Gaon Digital Chart, but peaked at 121 on the Gaon Download Chart.

[11] • ^ "Shine" did not enter the Gaon Digital Chart, but peaked at 157 on the Gaon Download Chart. [12] References [ edit ] • ^ Kim, Hyo-jin (June 8, 2021).

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"자숙의 의미를 모르는 Huening bahiyyih agency 오디션 프로 재개 - 머니투데이". Money Today (in Korean). Retrieved July 7, 2021. {{ cite web}}: CS1 maint: url-status ( link) • ^ a b Kim, Jae-won (June 8, 2021). "여진구로 정했다…'걸스플래닛999', 진행 맡아". Sports World (in Korean). Retrieved July 7, 2021. {{ cite web}}: CS1 maint: url-status ( link) • ^ Park, Se-yeon (July 6, 2021). "Mnet '걸스플래닛999' 8월 6일 첫방 확정". Star Today (in Korean). Retrieved July 7, 2021. {{ cite web}}: CS1 maint: url-status ( link) • ^ Kang, Da-yoon (July 16, 2021).

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huening bahiyyih agency

{INSERTKEYS} {{ cite web}}: CS1 maint: url-status ( link) • ^ "GIRLS PLANET 999" . Retrieved July 6, 2021. • ^ "Girls Planet 999 - Creation Mission". October 13, 2021 . Retrieved October 13, 2021. • ^ "Girls Planet 999 - Creation Mission". Melon. October 8, 2021 . {/INSERTKEYS}

huening bahiyyih agency

Retrieved October 16, 2021. {{ cite web}}: CS1 maint: url-status ( link) • ^ "Girls Planet 999 - Completion Mission". Melon. October 22, 2021. Retrieved October 22, 2021. {{ huening bahiyyih agency web}}: CS1 maint: url-status ( link) • ^ a b c d 2021년 41주차 Download Chart [Week 41 of 2021 Download Chart]. Gaon Music Chart (in Korean). Retrieved October 19, 2021. • ^ 2021년 43주차 Download Chart [Week 43 of 2021 Download Chart]. Gaon Music Chart (in Korean). Retrieved October 28, 2021.

• ^ "Nielsen Korea". Daum (in Korean). Retrieved August 9, 2021. {{ cite web}}: CS1 maint: url-status ( link) • ^ "Kep1er The 1st Mini Album 'FIRST IMPACT' 앨범 예약 판매 huening bahiyyih agency ver.)".

Daum (in Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and English). November 29, 2021. Retrieved December 13, 2021. {{ cite web}}: CS1 maint: url-status ( link) • ^ Lee Jae-hoon (December 8, 2021). "케플러, 내년 1월3일 데뷔…'2021 MAMA' 출연 취소". NEWSIS via Naver (in Korean). Retrieved December 8, 2021. • ^ "Kep1er 코로나19 확진 관련 안내" [Kep1er information on COVID-19 confirmation]. Daum (in Korean). December 14, 2021. Huening bahiyyih agency December 14, 2021. {{ cite web}}: CS1 maint: url-status ( link) • ^ Yang, Haley (February 18, 2022).

"Cherry Bullet huening bahiyyih agency drop its second EP 'Cherry Wish' on Huening bahiyyih agency 2". Korea JoongAng Daily. JoongAng Ilbo. Retrieved March 3, 2022. • ^ @i_ruan_official (November 12, 2021). "いつも温かい応援ありがとうございます🙇‍♀️#kissent 所属#池間琉杏 公式アカウントです❤️‍🔥気になる情報をいち早くお届けします📮琉杏も登場しますっ🧏‍♀️💘これからも #琉杏 にご期待ください🍒✨…" (Tweet) (in Japanese).

Retrieved December 13, 2021 – via Twitter. • ^ @kissent2010 (November 1, 2021). "#kissent 期待の新人💓韓国語堪能🎶作詞作曲もマルチにこなす寺崎日菜(テラサキヒナ)\✨InstagramがOPEN✨/#Girls Planet999 にも出演した魅力あふれる【寺崎日菜(テラサキヒナ)】にご注目…" (Tweet) (in Japanese). Retrieved December 13, 2021 – via Twitter. • ^ " '걸스플래닛999' 김수연, 빌리 합류+활동명 션으로 변경". Newsen (in Korean). November 19, 2021. Retrieved November 19, 2021.

• ^ "苏芮琪回归首单《燎》今日上线"凤凰归巢"见证奇迹蜕变_YNET" (in Chinese). Retrieved December 17, 2021. • ^ "아일리원, 코로나19로 미룬 데뷔일 확정…내달 4일". March 18, 2022. • ^ " '걸스플래닛' 키시다 리리카·하야세 하나·장찡·이윤지 내년 상반기 6인조 데뷔". December 24, 2021. • ^ @Kwgc_yrn0619 (February 14, 2022). "📢Kawaguchi Yurina 2022.03.21.0:00 (JST)→#Yurina #KawaguchiYurina #川口ゆりな huening bahiyyih agency (Tweet) – via Twitter. External links [ edit ] • Official website • Girls Planet 999 on TVING • Girls Planet 999 on iQIYI • AOMG • Amoeba Culture • Antenna Music • B2M Entertainment • Being Inc.

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She is a member of the project girl group Kep1er, a former member of the girl group Busters and the kid group CutieL, and a pre-debut member of Pritti. Contents • 1 Career • 1.1 2010–2013: CutieL • 1.2 2014: Pritti • 1.3 2019–2020: Busters • 1.4 2021–2022: 143 Entertainment, Girls Planet 999, Kep1er • 2 Filmography • 2.1 Film • 2.2 Television series • 2.3 Television shows • 2.4 Web dramas • 3 Trivia • 4 Gallery • 5 References Career 2010–2013: CutieL On December 17, 2010, Yeseo debuted as a member of the kids girl group CutieL with their first digital single " Christmas Carol".

2014: Pritti Sometime in 2014, Yeseo became a trainee under IN Entertainment and was set to debut in their upcoming kids girl group Pritti. However, due to unrevealed reasons she left the same year before Pritti's debut. 2019–2020: Busters On February 1, 2019, Yeseo joined JTG Entertainment's and Marbling E&M's girl group Busters as the newest lead vocalist following Minjung's departure in January.

She officially debuted as a member of Busters with the release of their first digital single, " Starlight" on July 11, 2019, which was a pre-release single for their first mini album, Pinky Promise. On August 6, 2020, Marbling E&M announced Busters would be going on a hiatus and reorganize, with Yeseo, Chaeyeon, and Jisoo, to finish group activities before focusing towards acting and other broadcasting activities in the near future.

[1] 2021–2022: 143 Entertainment, Girls Planet 999, Kep1er On April 29, 2021, 143 Entertainment released photos of Yeseo on their social media accounts, confirming her as a trainee under their agency. [2] On July 7, 2021, she was confirmed as an upcoming contestant on Mnet's newest reality show Girls Planet 999, along with the other participating trainees, through the prologue trailer.

[3] Her official profile was released on July 17, 2021. [4] [5] The show began airing on August 6 and finished on October 22. During the show's finale, she was revealed to have ranked 6th overall, thus making her a member of Kep1er. On January 3, 2022, she made her debut in the group with the release of their debut mini album First Impact.

Filmography Film • Fighting Family (2012) • Miracle in Cell No. 7 (2013) - as Choi Jiyeon • Sprout (2013) - as Yeseo • Forgive Me (2014) - as child Minji • One Step (2017) - as child Sihyun Television series • Golden Fish (MBC, 2010) - as Moon Seoyeon • Smile, Mom (SBS, 2010) - as Shin Yura • Brain (KBS2, 2011) - as Choi Ruby • KBS Drama Special - "Men Cry" (KBS, 2011) - as Lim Juhee • KBS Drama Special - "Duet" (KBS, 2011) - as Han Joonhwi • The Korean Peninsula (TV Chosun, 2012) - as Rim Jinjae • Angel's Choice (MBC, 2012) - as Choi Chorong • Dream of the Emperor (MBC, 2012) - as child Princess Yeonhwa • Flower of Revenge (jTBC, 2013) - as Yoo Yeji • Ancient Beast (SBS, 2017) - as Song Haeun • Abyss (tvN, 2019) - as child Jang Heejin and child Oh Sujin • Diary of a Prosecutor (jTBC, 2020) - as Yang Eunjung • Cheat on Me If You Can (KBS2, 2021) - as Park Yeoju • Bossam: Steal the Fate (MBN, 2021) - as Soo Kyung (young) Television shows • Girls Huening bahiyyih agency 999 (Mnet, 2021) - contestant Web dramas • 링셩 (2016) - as Sujin • 하필 왜 (2020) Trivia • Her MBTI personality type is ENFJ.

[5] • Her hobbies include drawing, reading webtoons, and watching movies. [5] • Her specialties are acting and doing hand tricks. [5] • Her motto on Girls Planet 999 is "Lovely YE SEO twinkling like a jewel". [5] • She has a tendency to talk to herself a lot. [6] • She has an older brother. [7] • She is the youngest idol to debut in 3 generations of kpop. [8] Gallery Main article: Yeseo/Gallery References • ↑ Soompi: Busters Announces Hiatus And Reorganization Of Group • ↑ @143.ent on Instagram (May 23, 2021) • ↑ YouTube: (Prologue) Welcome to Girls Planet (Full ver.) l August 6 (Fri) 8:20PM (KST) #GirlsPlanet999 • ↑ @_girlsplanet999 Twitter post (July 19, 2021) • ↑ 5.0 5.1 5.2 5.3 5.4 Girls Planet 999 Kang Yeseo profile page • ↑ V Live: Knowing Kep1er😎 • ↑ YouTube: (Kep1er-view) Ep.1 (Full Ver.) (ENG SUB) • ↑ Koreaboo: An Exclusive Group Of Idols Have Debuted In Three Different Generations Of K-Pop
サカモト マシロ Sakamoto Mashiro ( 坂 ( さか ) 本 ( もと ) 舞 ( ま ) 白 ( しろ )사카모토 마시로), known professionally as Mashiro (마시고, 舞 ( ま ) 白 ( しろ ) ), is the co-leader of K-pop girl group Kep1er.

She is a singer under 143 Entertainment. She ranked eighth in the finale of Girls Planet 999, making her a member of the final group.

Contents • 1 Profile • 2 Career • 2.1 2016-2018: JYP Entertainment • 2.2 2021: Girls Planet 999, Kep1er • 3 Personal Life • 3.1 Family • 4 Girls Planet 999 • 4.1 Ranking History • 4.2 Performances • 5 Filmography • 5.1 Television Shows • 5.2 Music Video Appearances • 6 Notes and References • 7 Navigation Profile • Place of Birth: Tokyo, Japan • Nickname(s): Shiro, Mashmallow Career 2016-2018: JYP Entertainment For two years, Mashiro was a trainee at JYP Entertainment [1], as part of the trainee group that eventually formed ITZY.

huening bahiyyih agency

However, she was not chosen for the debut lineup and subsequently left the company. 2021: Girls Planet 999, Kep1er In July, it was revealed that Mashiro would be participating in Girls Planet 999 as a member of J-Group. Her initial rank was J02, and her first Planet Top 9 rank was P05.

Mashiro finished in 8th place during the show's finale with 708,149 points and 488,519 votes, making her a member of its final group Kep1er.

huening bahiyyih agency

Personal Life Family Mashiro is the only child of her parents. At home, she has two pet cats. Girls Planet 999 Ranking History Ranking Group Rank Overall Rank Pre-Evaluation Ranking J02 N/A Master Ranking OUT OUT First Elimination J03 (RE) Huening bahiyyih agency (NEW) Second Elimination J02 (+1) P03 (+2) Intermediate J02 (-) P04 (-1) Third Elimination J01 (+1) P03 (+1) Special Live J03 (-2) P14 (-11) Finale J02 (+1) P08 (+6) Performances Episode Performance Name Group Name Stage Fancam 1 O.O.O (99 ver.) N/A Link N/A 1 DUMDi DUMdi ((G)I-DLE) December Girls Link N/A 4 Fiesta (IZ*ONE) Crown Link Link 7 Mafia in the Morning (ITZY) MAJIYA Link Link N/A O.O.O (Mission ver.) Team 1 Link Link 10 U+Me=LOVE 7 LOVE Minutes Link Link 12 O.O.O (18 ver.) N/A Link N/A 12 Shine Team Link N/A 12 Another Dream N/A Link N/A Filmography See also: Kep1er Filmography Television Shows Year Title Network Role Season/Episode 2017 Stray Kids Mnet Contestant Episode 1 2021 Girls Planet 999 Music Video Appearances Year Artist Title 2021 Girls Planet 999 "O.O.O" J-Group Ver.

Notes and References
[ editar datos en Wikidata] Kep1er (en hangul, 케플러; romanización revisada del coreano, Kepeulleo) es un grupo femenino formado mediante el programa de competencia de telerrealidad de Mnet Girls Planet 999.

Está formado por nueve integrantes: Chaehyun, Huening Bahiyyih, Yujin, Dayeon, Huening bahiyyih agency, Yeseo, Hikaru, Mashiro y Xiaoting. [1 ]​ El grupo es manejado por Swing Entertainment y Wake One Entertainment.

huening bahiyyih agency

{INSERTKEYS} [2 ]​ Índice • 1 Historia • 1.1 2021: Formación mediante Girls Planet 999 • 1.2 2022–presente: Debut con First Impact y participación en Queendom 2 • 2 Integrantes • 3 Discografía • 3.1 EPs • 3.2 Sencillos • 4 Filmografía • 4.1 En línea • 4.2 Televisión • 5 Premios y nominaciones • 6 Notas • 7 Referencias Historia [ editar ] 2021: Formación mediante Girls Planet 999 [ editar ] Artículo principal: Girls Planet 999 Kep1er se formó mediante el programa de competencia de telerrealidad Girls Planet 999, de Mnet, que se transmitió desde el 6 de agosto hasta el 22 de octubre de 2021.

En el programa participaron 99 concursantes de China, Japón y Corea del Sur para debutar un grupo femenino multinacional, [3 ]​ de las que solamente nueve terminarían en la alineación final. [4 ]​ Antes de que el programa se emitiera, varias miembros de Kep1er ya habían participado en la industria del entretenimiento. Choi Yu-jin debutó en el grupo femenino CLC de Cube Entertainment en marzo de 2015, con el EP First Love, pero actualmente se encuentra inactiva.

[5 ]​ Kang Ye-seo es reconocida por su trayectoria actoral, que inició desde que era niña. En 2010, Ye-seo formó parte de un grupo femenino infantil llamado CutieL, antes de unirse a Busters en julio de 2019, hasta su salida en agosto de 2020. [6 ]​ Por otro lado, Shen Xiaoting y Kim Da-yeon participaron previamente en otros programas de supervivencia.

En 2018, Kim Da-yeon participó en Produce 48, como concursante de la compañía CNC Entertainment, [7 ]​ mientras que Shen Xiaoting estuvo en Produce Camp 2020, bajo la empresa Top Class Entertainment. Ambas fueron eliminadas en la primera ronda de cada programa y terminaron en las posiciones 70 y 80 respectivamente. Sakamoto Mashiro apareció en el primer episodio del programa de supervivencia Stray Kids como parte del equipo de aprendices femeninas, pero no progresó más allá de este; fue aprendiz de la empresa JYP Entertainment desde 2016 hasta 2018.

[8 ]​ 2022–presente: Debut con First Impact y participación en Queendom 2 [ editar ] Originalmente, Kep1er iba a debutar el 14 de diciembre de 2021 con el EP First Impact, por lo que los pedidos del álbum iniciaron el 29 de noviembre.

Sin embargo, posteriormente se anunció que este sería reprogramado para el 3 de enero de 2022 debido a que uno de los miembros de su equipo había dado positivo a COVID-19. [9 ]​ [10 ]​ El 14 de diciembre se reveló que las integrantes Mashiro y Xiaoting también habían dado positivo y para el día 26 del mismo mes, la agencia de Kep1er confirmó que ambas se habían recuperado por completo. [11 ]​ El 3 de enero de 2022, el grupo lanzó su primer EP First Impact junto con el sencillo « Wa Da Da».

[12 ]​ [13 ]​ El 13 de enero, diez días después de su debut, Kep1er consiguió su primera victoria en un programa musical surcoreano en M Countdown. [14 ]​ El 21 de febrero de 2022 se confirmó que Kep1er participaría en la segunda temporada del programa de competencia de Mnet Queendom, que se estrenó el 31 de marzo del mismo año. [15 ]​ Integrantes [ editar ] • Yujin ( 최유진) • Xiaoting ( 沈小婷; 션 샤오팅) • Mashiro ( 坂本舞白; 사카모토 마시로) • Chaehyun ( 김채현) • Dayeon ( 김다연) • Hikaru ( 江崎ひかる; 에자키 히카루) • Huening Bahiyyih ( 휴닝바히에) • Youngeun ( 서영은) • Yeseo ( 강예서) Discografía [ editar ] EPs [ editar ] Año Álbum Posicionamiento en listas Certificaciones Ventas COR [16 ]​ JPN Hot [17 ]​ Oricon [18 ]​ 2022 First Impact • Lanzamiento: 3 de enero de 2022 • Discográfica: Swing, Wake One • Formato: CD, descarga digital, streaming 1 10 2 • KMCA: Platino [19 ]​ • COR: 375 013 [20 ]​ «—» indica que el álbum no alcanzó posición alguna o no fue lanzado en ese territorio.


huening bahiyyih agency

Sencillos [ editar ] Título Año Posición más alta Álbum COR EUA World [21 ]​ JPN [22 ]​ Gaon [23 ]​ Hot [24 ]​ « Wa Da Da» 2022 75 70 13 9 First Impact «—» indica que el sencillo no alcanzó posición alguna o no fue lanzado en el país. Filmografía [ editar ] En línea [ editar ] Año Programa Cadena Notas Ref 2022 Huening bahiyyih agency Debut Show Youtube, Mnet Programa en línea [25 ]​ Televisión [ editar ] Año Programa Cadena Notas Ref 2021 Girls Planet 999 Mnet Programa de telerrealidad [1 ]​ Kep1er View Programa de huening bahiyyih agency [26 ]​ 2022 Queendom Programa de telerrealidad [15 ]​ Premios y nominaciones [ editar ] Ceremonia de Premiación Año Categoría Candidato Resultado Ref.

Brand Customer Loyalty Awards 2022 Rookie of the Year (Femenino) Kep1er Ganador [27 ]​ Notas [ editar ] Referencias [ editar ] • ↑ a b Huening bahiyyih agency, Hyun-sik (22 de octubre de 2021). «김채현 1위…'걸스플래닛' 9인조 걸그룹 '케플러' huening bahiyyih agency [Kim Chae-hyun 1st place… 'Girls Planet' 9-member girl group 'Kep1er' formed].

Edaily (en coreano). Consultado el 22 de octubre de 2021. • ↑ Lee, Seul (24 de diciembre de 2021). « '걸스플래닛' 케플러, 12월 14일 데뷔 확정…콘셉트 포토 공개» ['Girls Planet' Kep1er to debut on December 14th.

Concept photo released]. Xports News (en coreano). Consultado el 15 de diciembre de 2021 – huening bahiyyih agency Naver.

• ↑ Kim, Hyo-jin (8 de junio de 2021). « '걸스플래닛999', 8월 첫 방송 확정→여진구 MC 발탁» ['Girls Planet 999' first broadcast confirmed in August → Yeo Jin-goo selected as MC]. Top Star News (en coreano). Huening bahiyyih agency el 7 de julio de 2021. • ↑ Park, Se-yeon (6 de julio de 2021). «Mnet '걸스플래닛999' 8월 6일 첫방 확정» ['Girls Planet 999' first aired on August 6th confirmed].

Star Today (en coreano). Consultado el 7 de julio de 2021. • ↑ «큐브 新걸그룹 씨엘씨 '비율종결자' 최유진 프로필 공개». 스타뉴스 (en coreano). 13 de marzo de 2015. Consultado el 8 de enero de 2022. • ↑ «2005년생 예서 버스터즈 새 멤버, “10년째 아역배우로 활동”». Consultado el 8 de enero de 2022. • ↑ 유대길 (16 de junio de 2018). «[포토] 프로듀스 48 출연 연습생 김다연 (PRODUCE 48)». 아주경제. Consultado el 8 de enero de 2022. • ↑ 이데일리 (7 de agosto de 2021). «JYP 출신 사카모토 마시로, '걸스플래닛999' 등장…선미 극찬». 이데일리 (en coreano). Consultado el 8 de enero de 2022. • ↑ Choi Ji-yoon (5 de diciembre de 2021). «케플러, 데뷔 연기…스태프 코로나 확진 여파». Newsis (en coreano). Consultado el 5 de diciembre de 2021 – via Naver. • ↑ Lee Jae-hoon (8 de diciembre de 2021). «케플러, 내년 1월3일 데뷔…'2021 MAMA' 출연 취소» [Kep1er to debut on January 3 next year.

Cancellation of '2021 MAMA' appearance]. Newsis (en coreano). Consultado el 8 de diciembre de 2021 – via Naver. • ↑ Kim, Won-kyum (26 de noviembre de 2021). «케플러, 샤오팅‧마시로 코로나19 완치→1월 3일 데뷔 프로모션 재개[공식]» [Kep1er, Xiaoting and Mashiro recover from Corona 19 → Debut promotion resumes on January 3 [Official]]. Spotv News (en coreano). Consultado el 26 de noviembre de 2021. • ↑ Im, Seong-gyun (3 de enero de 2022).

«케플러 '2022년 최대 기대주'[★포토]» [Kepler 'the most anticipated stock in 2022' [Photo]]. Star News (en coreano). Consultado el 3 de enero de 2022. • ↑ Lee, Tae-soo (3 de enero de 2022). « '걸스플래닛' 출신 케플러 "우리 강점은 퍼포먼스와 에너지 "» [Kepler from 'Girls Planet' "Our strengths are performance and energy"].

Yonhap News Agency (en coreano). Consultado el 3 de enero de 2022. • ↑ Kim, Bo-ra (13 de enero de 2022). « '엠카' 케플러, 아이브 제치고 1위…민호·효린 컴백[종합]» ['Mcar' Kepler overtakes Ive for 1st place.Minho and Hyorin comeback [Overall]] (en coreano). Osen. Archivado desde el original el 13 de enero de 2022. Consultado el 13 de enero de 2022 – via Naver. • ↑ a b Jeong, Hee-yeon (21 de febrero de 2022).

« '퀸덤2' 출연자 공개.브브걸-비비지-이달소-우소-효린-케플러» ['Queendom 2' cast revealed. Brave Girls - Viviz - Loona - WJSN - Hyorin - Kep1er] (en coreano). Sports Donga. Archivado desde el original el 21 de febrero de 2022. Consultado el 21 de febrero de 2022 – via Naver. • ↑ Referencias para álbumes en la lista Gaon Album Chart: • First Impact: «주간 2022년 2주차 Album Chart» [Album Chart – Semana 2 de 2022].

Gaon Music Chart (en coreano). Archivado desde el original el 13 de enero de 2022. Consultado el 13 de enero de 2022. • ↑ Posicionamientos en la lista Billboard Japan Hot Albums: • First Impact: «Billboard Japan Hot Albums: [ 2022/01/12 付け ]».

Billboard Japan (en japonés). Archivado desde el original el 12 de enero de 2022. Consultado el 12 de enero de 2022. • ↑ Posicionamientos en la lista Oricon Albums Chart: • First Impact: «週間 シングルランキング 2022年01月17日付 (2022年01月03日~2022年01月09日)» [Oricon Weekly Album Ranking 17 de enero de 2022 (3 de enero de 2022-9 de enero de 2022)] (en japonés).

Oricon. Archivado desde el original el 12 de enero de 2022. Consultado el 12 de enero de 2022. • ↑ «Certificaciones de álbumes en Corea del Sur». Korea Music Content Association (en coreano). Consultado el 9 de febrero de 2022. • ↑ Ventas acumuladas de First Impact : • Ventas hasta marzo de 2022 (ver #26): «2022년 03월 Album Chart» [Marzo 2022 Album Chart] (en coreano).

Gaon Music Chart. Archivado desde el original el 7 de abril de 2022. Consultado el 7 de abril de 2022. • ↑ Referencias para sencillos en la World Digital Song Huening bahiyyih agency • «Wa Da Da»: «World Digital Song Sales, January 15, 2022» [World Digital Song Sales, 15 de enero de 2022]. Billboard (en inglés).

Prometheus Global Media. • ↑ Referencias para sencillos en la Billboard Japan Hot 100: • «Wa Da Da»: «Billboard Japan Hot 2022/01/26 公開». Billboard Japan (en japonés). Archivado desde el original el 26 de enero de 2022. Consultado el 26 de enero de 2022. • ↑ Referencias para sencillos en la lista Gaon Digital Chart: • «Wa Huening bahiyyih agency Da»: «2022년 07주차 Huening bahiyyih agency Chart» [Digital Chart - Semana 7 de 2022].

Gaon Music Chart (en coreano). Archivado desde el original el 17 de febrero de 2022. Consultado el 17 de febrero de 2022. • ↑ Referencias para sencillos en la lista Billboard K-pop 100: • «Wa Da Da»: «Billboard K-pop 100 - Week of February 19, 2022» [Billboard K-pop 100 - Semana del 19 de febrero de 2022]. Billboard (en inglés). Consultado el 15 de febrero de 2022. (requiere suscripción). • ↑ « '걸스플래닛' 걸그룹 케플러, 1월 3일 데뷔쇼…팬덤명 최초 공개» ['Girls Planet' girl group Kep1er to debut on January 3rd.

Fandom name revealed for the first time]. TenAsia. 31 de diciembre de 2021. Consultado el 2 de enero de 2022 – via Naver. • ↑ Lee, Deok-haeng (12 de diciembre de 2021). «케플러, 첫 리얼리티 '케플러뷰' 성공적 마무리…통통 튀는 행보 기대감» [Kep1er successfully wraps up its first reality show 'Kep1er View'. Anticipation of bouncing action]. Star News (en coreano). Consultado el 15 de diciembre de 2021. • ↑ W), 스포츠W(Sports (2 de mayo de 2022).

«2PM 이준호·유재석·태연·아이유·강다니엘 등, 2022 브랜드 고객충성도 1위». (en coreano). Consultado el 3 de mayo de 2022. Editar enlaces • Esta página se editó por última vez el 7 may 2022 a las 17:59. • El texto está disponible bajo la Licencia Creative Commons Atribución Compartir Igual 3.0 ; pueden aplicarse cláusulas adicionales.

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Discography Digital singles • " 2016 United Cube Project Part.1" (2016) • " 2016 United Cube Project Part.2" (2016) • " One" (2018) Concerts • 2018 United Cube - One - (2018) References • ↑ Omonatheydidnt: CUBE Ent. and iHQ (Sidus HQ) Announce a "Strategic Partnership" • ↑ Soompi: VT GMP Becomes Cube Entertainment’s Largest Shareholder • ↑ ET-ENT 인터뷰: 큐브엔터, 유니버설뮤직 재팬과 글로벌 행보 맞손…합작레이블 'U-CUBE' 설립 • ↑ Soompi: "Jung Jiwoo, Older Sister Of BTS’s J-Hope, Signs With Cube Entertainment" Official links Korean • Website • Twitter Japanese • Website

KEP1ER's Huening Bahiyyih got into an awkward situation as she didn’t receive any gifts at a fansign