Base th 10 hybrid

base th 10 hybrid base th 10 hybrid

The Town Hall upgrade till the 10th level costs 4,000,000 gold coins and will take 14 days. From the visual aspect the Town Hall changes its colour to the vinous and dark-grey, the roof tower acquires another little tower on it, underneath the towers there are lava streams and eruptions, outlet to the roof becomes more rounded and can be closed with gratings.

On this level you’ll get another 8 additional new buildings: Gold Storage. Elixir Storage, Dark Elixir Drill, Cannon, Archer Tower, X-bow and Inferno Tower. The number of wall units remains unchangeable, but there are several additional traps: Giant Bomb, Air Bomb and Seeking Air Mine. Choose the order for the plan sorting according to the Date, Views or Rating, don’t forget to evaluate the bases.

That will help the other users to make a choice. If you’re looking for the New ULTIMATE TH10 HYBRID/TROPHY[defense] Base 2021! Town Hall 10 Base th 10 hybrid Base Design – Clash of Clans in Clash of Clans, then you have come to the right place. This base is one of the best base for coc Town Hall 10 available on YouTube. This Town Hall 10 coc base layout can be used for Trophy pushing.

To know more about this TH10 best coc base, continue reading this post. BASE DESCRIPTION Hey guys, I’m dark barbarian, today we’re making the town hall 10 version of one of my most popular bases, I’ve already done TH9, TH11, TH12 and TH13 version of that, and you guys have liked them a lot, so I thought why not do a TH10 version of that base as base th 10 hybrid, so that is what we’ve got here today, this base is a hybrid base which means it will help us in saving our loot while still maintaining our trophies, I’m gonna talk more about this base in-depth in the base analysis part of this post, which will help you in understanding ins and outs of the base, so that you can decide for yourself if this base is worth switching to.

let’s do the base analysis!

base th 10 hybrid

As u guys can see ,Townhall is well protected in the central part of the base just like my other hybrid base designs because it is important to keep it safe and secure as it is worth one star and has a decent amount of loot in it. One of the best things about this base is the number of compartments it has, there are compartments literally everywhere, this helps us in slowing down opponents’ troops, which ultimately leads to time fail or opponent run out of base th 10 hybrid.

most of base th 10 hybrid time opponents troops like giants and golems are usually found stuck on walls. Wizard towers are one of the most important defense at town hall 10, so it is important to place them at the spots where they’re well protected and their range covers most of the defenses, hence, placing them in different compartments away from one another, would be the most appropriate choice, as you can see wizard towers’ range cover most of the defenses in their range which is exactly what we wanted, so next time when you are making a base yourself or you get it from somewhere else, make sure to check how many defenses are the wizard towers covering in their range, if its barely covering 2 or 3 defenses, then you may want to reconsider their placement.

Archer towers are arranged in such a way that their range covers the whole base, which means the base is well secured against air attacks from all the sides.

base th 10 hybrid

Mortars are placed towards the outer compartments of the base because we want them to protect us against spam attacks like BARCH and mass goblins, but they not only protect the outer buildings of the base they are placed in such a way that they pretty much cover the whole base.

air defenses are placed away from one another in different compartments to protect them from being taken out by lightning spells in a group.

base th 10 hybrid

they are placed in compartments near the core of the base, they have air sweepers well paired with them contributing to an increase in the protection against air attacks like lava loon, mass dragons, and mass electro dragons. The Xbows are well protected in the central compartment such a way they provide protection to our most of the defenses, we’ve sent them on both ground and air as we want protection against both air and ground attacks, the fact that they are placed right in the core of the base makes it hard for the opponents to reach them and they are usually the last defenses left to be taken out.

Coming to the heroes, this is where some people end up making mistake, underestimating their effectiveness they place them in some outer compartment from where they can be easily lured, but base th 10 hybrid our base, recognizing their effectiveness, I’ve placed them right in the core of the base, because if they are placed in a spot where they are not easily lurable, they can deal lethal damage to enemy troops especially to lava loon and hog armies, a queen combined with two air defenses can literally melt a lava hound in few seconds, the fact that I’m placing them right in the central compartment of the base can tell you how important they are.

inferno towers are pretty much the most important defense we have at town hall 10, so it is our utmost priority to keep them safe while making full use of their potential to increase the effectiveness of the base, hence, I’ve decided to place them near the core of the base, because here, they are well-protected as well as their range covers a lot of main defenses and important stuff like the town hall and dark elixir storage.

you can set the mode of inferno tower according to the armies you’re getting attacked with, for low hitpoint and high troop count armies like miners, bolwers, witches, multiple mode is recommended, but against stronger armies with high hitpoint and lower troop count like golems, electro dragons and pekkas, single-mode would be a better choice Cannons are placed right where they are needed providing the overall balance to the base and making this base perform pretty well against ground attacks.

so overall you can say the defenses are evenly distributed. Let’s take a look at the storage placements I’ve tried placing the storages at a distance from one another, when we group the storages they are far likely to get taken out altogether by opponents but when we place them away from one another the opponent has to take out the whole base in order to get all the loot, some of you might have problem with the placements of those elixir storages in the outermost compartments, but believe me, they are well protected sometimes you just have to place your storages towards the outside in order to protect your important base th 10 hybrid which in return protects your storages.

the dark elixir storage is placed in the core of the base and the dark elixir storage is also guarded by all our heroes and X-bows and other powerful defenses, overall I’d say it’s pretty hard to steal the dark elixir from this base. Now coming to the placement of the traps, I’ve observed so many attacks on this base, and found some spots where most opponents are likely to drop their troops on, and the pathings where troops are most likely to walk through, and according to that Base th 10 hybrid placed these traps on those spots, Overall the traps placement is well paired with defenses.

coming to the outer buildings, I’ve placed them alternatively, like I’ve avoided placing the same kind of collectors close to one another, I see most people not putting enough thought while placing those outer buildings so they end up placing the same kind of collectors all together, these collectors become an easy target to attackers when placed together, hence it is important to spread them out to make it harder for opponents to take them out.

that’s it for the base analysis! now you guys can copy this base from the link given down below. BEST DEFENSIVE CLAN CASTLE TROOPS COMBINATIONS Using clan castle troops for defending your base is highly recommended as they can put the attacker in trouble by distracting them. Even though the base alone is sufficient to stop most of the attacks used by Town Hall 10 attackers, using the clan castle can help a lot.

base th 10 hybrid

At Town Hall 10 you can get Maximum of 35 housing space in your clan castle, here are some of my recommendations for CC troops combinations for defense at Town Hall 10 :- • 1 Electro Dragon + 1 Balloon (Recommended) • 1 Baby Dragon + 2 Valkyrie + 2 Wizard • 1 Golem + 1 Wizard + 1 Archer base th 10 hybrid 1 Witch + 5 Wizards + 3 Archers • 1 Lava Hound + 1 Balloon • 1 Dragon + 3 Wizard + 1 Archer Since most people can’t get these troops from their clans, you can also use other troop combinations which are easily available like all wizards, all balloons or any other troop combination but i highly recommend you to have above mentioned troops for best defensive experience at Town Hall 10.

FEATURES OF THIS BASE • Centered and well-protected Town hall • Air Defenses are well protected • Perfect traps placement • Evenly Placed Defensive Buildings • Wizard Towers in well-protected compartments • Great Against Both Ground & Air Attacks • Inferno towers well protected • X-bows in well protected compartments • Archer Towers in each corner of the base.

COPY BASE If you want to copy this base just click on the Copy Base Button, it will redirect you, from where you can easily copy this base design.

base th 10 hybrid

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If compared to the 9th level, colors of the Town Hall vary greatly to the burgundy and dark gray, lava flow erupts below the towers.

At this level you have access to almost all the possible units of the game (8 more, besides Grand Warden and Eagle Artillery), 2 Inferno Towers appear. Please choose your best TH10 Farm, Defense or War Base! You also can easily find here Anti Everything, Anti 2 Stars, Anti 3 Stars, Hybrid, Anti Loot, Anti GoWiPe or Dark Elixir Farming Bases, we have huge layouts collection!

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base th 10 hybrid

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TH10 Hybrid Base Links.Maintaining and building both bases at town hall 10 can be hard. so Is there any alternative?

base th 10 hybrid

yes, how about having a single base for both trophy and farming layouts that’s where hybrid base link comes into the picture. so in this blog post, we have come up with the coc best th10 hybrid base links 2022 anti everything with bomb tower. for more information about the clash of clans game visit here.

town hall 10 farming bases best th10 war base Download Best TH10 Hybrid Base Link 2022 Anti Everything Here comes the first base that is dark elixir protected donuts base.there are three compartments in this base. the first compartment is composed by stray buildings such as barracks dark barracks army camps gold mines and elixir collectors.

base th 10 hybrid

This compartment also has good number of defensive structure’s such as archer towers, wizard towers cannons and mortars to name a few. The following compartment next to the earlier discussed compartment has the gold and elixir storage’s along with town hall on one end. X-bows, Tesla’s and inferno towers are placed right in the center of the base in the central compartment surrounding the dark elixir storage. You can change your town hall position in base accordingly to the requirement for war and farming.

so overall this donuts base makes a good hybrid base. Download COC TH10 Hybrid Base Links Anti 3 Stars Well lets see. I have personally been using this for some time now. Never been 3 starred. Only 2 starred but nothing over 71%. It is always good to have CC troops. I.E Wizards or E.

Drag. The 71% came from a max TH11. Im not saying it will never get 3 starred.

base th 10 hybrid

Depends on the attacker, especially in Champ and up. I am currently in Masters League 2 .

base th 10 hybrid

It has won a few defenses aswell! Good luck and get those trophies! dark elixir protecting base, for th10s with no 3rd xbow or infernos but still have the new walls, bomb tower, and archer tower.

New BEAST TH10 HYBRID/TROPHY[defense] Base 2020!! Town Hall 10 Trophy Base Design - Clash of Clans