Doctor minerva captain marvel

doctor minerva captain marvel

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To Marvel Comics readers, the character is better known as Doctor Minerva, and she has had a long and strange history in the Marvel Universe as someone who is obsessed with the evolution of the Kree race to the point where she has done some shocking and disturbing things over the years to achieve her delusional goals.

RELATED: Captain Marvel Casts Gemma Chan as Kree Spy Minn-Erva So what was her plan, exactly? The next issue, she kidnapped Rick Jones. When Mar-Vell went to find his friend in the following issue, he ran against the mysterious woman, who revealed herself to be Minn-Erva (or Doctor Minerva, as she would soon be called). She explained that she wanted to mate with him so that they could help the Kree race to evolve, as otherwise, the race was deemed to be nearing its evolutionary end.

Her mission soon became a rogue one, as she was taken off the case by a superior, but she could not bear to stop. So she broke from the Kree Empire and remained on Earth. Of course, a few years later, Mar-Vell died from cancer, so her goals were apparently dashed. She popped up again in Quasar #10, where she was now wearing a version of Ms. Marvel's original costume (which, itself, was a female design of Captain Marvel's original costume) and she had with her a doctor minerva captain marvel mate, a Kree warrior named Captain At-Lass (or Doctor minerva captain marvel Atlas), who wore a version of Captain Marvel's original costume (which, to be fair, was pretty much a standard Kree captain uniform to begin with).

She figured she would try to improve the Kree race with him, as she used the device that gave Ms. Marvel her powers to give powers to herself and Atlas.

doctor minerva captain marvel

They also tried to steal Quasar's Quantum bands, since they were connected to Captain Marvel's Nega bands. However, it turned out that the Nega Bands were then used to power a Nega Bomb. The Shi'ar were then tricked into deploying the bomb on Hala, the Kree throne world, where it killed billions of Kree people. However, the whole thing was a plot by the Kree Supreme Intelligence, as he knew that the bomb would kickstart the Kree evolution again.

Minerva was in on it the whole time! Captain Atlas was disgusted with her and the part doctor minerva captain marvel played in it, so he tried to kill himself.

She seemingly died with him. It turned out that that was all a ploy, though, to escape from the Avengers. They popped up alive, still hoping to mate to move the Kree people's evolution along. RELATED: Kevin Feige Addresses Those Leaked Captain Marvel Costume Photos Most recently, Minerva showed up on Earth working with A.I.M.

(who she worked with back in Quasar, as well) to kidnap some Inhumans to do experiments on to also help the evolution of the Kree race. CBR Senior Writer Brian Cronin has been writing professionally about comic books for over fifteen years now at CBR (primarily with his “Comics Should Be Good” series of columns, including Comic Book Legends Revealed). He has written two books about comics for Penguin-Random House – Was Superman a Spy? And Other Comic Book Legends Doctor minerva captain marvel and Why Does Batman Carry Shark Repellent?

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"You knew all along. Is that why we never hung out?" "No, I just never liked you." ― Captain Marvel and Minn-Erva [src] Minn-Erva was a Kree tactical sniper and a member of Starforce. Under the orders of the Supreme Intelligence and Ronan the Accuser, Minn-Erva and other members of the Starforce were sent on a mission to rescue the Kree Soh-Larr from Skrull captivity.

However, the mission was sabotaged by the Skrulls. Minn-Erva and the Starforce eventually located and captured the defected Kree warrior Captain Marvel. As Minn-Erva and the Kree prepared to kill the remaining Skrull refugees, Captain Marvel freed herself from the Supreme Intelligence, defeating Minn-Erva and the Starforce in combat.

Minn-Erva attempted to personally eliminate Captain Marvel's new allies, only to be killed after Maria Rambeau shot down her ship. Contents • 1 Biography • 1.1 Kree-Skrull War • 1.1.1 Abducting Carol Danvers • 1.1.2 Ambush in Torfa • 1.2 Chase for the Tesseract • 1.2.1 Contacted by Vers • 1.2.2 Battle at Mar-Vell's Laboratory • 1.2.3 Mojave Desert Air Chase and Death • 2 Personality • 3 Powers and Abilities • 3.1 Powers • 3.2 Abilities • 4 Equipment • 4.1 Weapons • 4.2 Other Equipment • 4.3 Vehicles • 5 Relationships • 5.1 Allies • 5.2 Enemies • 6 Trivia • 7 Behind the Scenes • 8 References • 9 External Links Biography Kree-Skrull War Abducting Carol Danvers "There's nothing left.

The core's been destroyed." " She absorbed its power. She's coming with us." ―Minn-Erva and Yon-Rogg [src] Minn-Erva aiming her rifle after the explosion In 1989, Minn-Erva was sent along with Yon-Rogg by the Kree Empire to retrieve the Light-Speed Engine created by Mar-Vell after the latter betrayed her race.

They intercepted her and Carol Danvers during a flight and shot them out of the sky. After the plane crash-landed, Yon-Rogg shot and killed Mar-Vell. Minn-Erva continued to keep aim at Danvers, willing to eliminate her if she compromised the mission. Minn-Erva lowers her weapon Danvers then shot the energy core of the engine, causing it to explode and infuse her with energy. After the explosion, Minn-Erva informed Yon-Rogg that the core was completely destroyed and that Danvers was still alive.

She asked for permission to kill her, but he declined. Instead, he suggested taking her back to the Kree and turning her into a weapon. [1] Ambush in Torfa Minn-Erva departs Hala along with the Starforce "Locals on the periphery. Maybe a dozen." ―Minn-Erva to Yon-Rogg [src] In 1995, during the final stages of the Kree-Skrull War, Minn-Erva and the rest of her Starforce teammates- Vers, Bron-Char, Yon-Rogg, and Att-Lass were sent on a mission to Torfa under the orders of the Supreme Intelligence.

Minn-Erva is briefed on her mission to Torfa As they boarded the ship, at first unaware of their mission, Minn-Erva heard as Korath surmise that they were being dispatched to respond to a problem involving Skrulls. While they waited for Yon-Rogg to debrief them on their mission, Minn-Erva overheard Korath sharing a personal story with the Starforce about a disturbing encounter with a Skrull who impersonated him.

The others complemented his looks, despite Korath maintaining a serious attitude. Minn-Erva learns of Soh-Larr's abduction Yon-Rogg then briefed Starforce on their mission as they made their way to Torfa, along with Ronan and his Accusers, explaining that they should not interfere with the Torfans so their unwanted presence would not be detected.

Yon-Rogg explained that their mission was to rescue Soh-Larr, a Kree operative who was abducted by the leader of the Skrulls, Talos, having been sent by the Supreme Intelligence to gather pertaining the Skrull's potential plans and their hiding spots throughout the galaxy so the Kree Empire could hunt them down. Minn-Erva taking aim as a sniper Yon-Rogg noted that rescuing him was their primary objective so that their intelligence would not be compromised and leaked to the Skrulls, warning that if his mind was inhibited, the Skrulls would be able to obtain doctor minerva captain marvel Kree intelligence.

While the Accusers bombed several strongholds, Yon-Rogg wished Minn-Erva luck in their mission before the Starforce members recited their pledge to the Kree Empire. The Starforce arrived on Torfa and swam underwater to reach their destination. Minn-Erva eliminates an attacking Skrull Minn-Erva and Att-Lass took their positions as snipers, preparing to shoot down what seemed to be Skrull soldiers.

As Yon-Rogg, Vers, Korath, and Bron-Char approached the village, Minn-Erva's contact with Yon-Rogg malfunctioned. As one of the Torfan citizens charged at the Starforce, Minn-Erva shot the civilian. Suddenly, the Skrulls morphed into their original forms and fought the Starforce, prompting Minn-Erva to shoot the attacking Skrulls from the cliff. Minn-Erva learns that Vers was compromised " Att-Lass" asked her not to attack them, as doctor minerva captain marvel were just natives. However, Minn-Erva came to the conclusion that he wasn't Att-Lass, but was actually a Skrull imposter as well as the natives.

As the imposter attacked her, she fought him and ended up mercilessly killing the imposter, and the team took care of the rest before Vers was captured.

doctor minerva captain marvel

With Vers having been captured by the Skrulls, the Starforce's mission was compromised. [1] Chase for the Tesseract Contacted by Vers Minn-Erva overhears Vers's transmission with Yon-Rogg "Ever been to C-53?" " Once. It's a real shithole." ― Bron-Char and Minn-Erva [src] Following the Ambush in Torfa, the Starforce left the planet and returned to the Helion.

Some time later, they were contacted by Vers, who managed to escape from Skrull's Ship, and arrived on Earth. Using a modified payphone, Vers communicated with Yon-Rogg and the Starforce, elaborating on her suspicions about the Skrulls' true mission and mentioning Wendy Lawson's name, stating that she planned to locate the doctor in an effort to figure out what the Skrulls' intentions were, unaware that she was dead.

Minn-Erva elaborates on her time on Earth to Bron-Char Minn-Erva mentioned as Yon-Rogg mentioned that the Ambush in Torfa was compromised, in which Vers revealed that Talos was impersonating Soh-Larr, having extracted his Kree code from his consciousness. However, their contact abruptly doctor minerva captain marvel. While Yon-Rogg decided to track down Vers's location, Bron-Char asked Minn-Erva if she had traveled to Earth before, to which she replied that she had on a Kree mission six years ago and she did not think much of the planet.

[1] Battle at Mar-Vell's Laboratory "Load the Flerken onto the Helion. Eject the others into space." ―Minn-Erva to Bron-Char [src] After Carol Danvers and her friends made it to Mar-Vell's Laboratory to free Talos' family and the other Skrull refugees after realizing that they were innocent and that she was fighting for the wrong side, Minn-Erva and the rest of the Starforce, led by Yon-Rogg, followed them after having tracked their location and boarded the ship.

Minn-Erva holds a captured Goose While Danvers and her allies were exploring the ship, the Starforce arrived and captured all of them. As Nick Fury and Maria Rambeau attempted to draw their weapons at Yon-Rogg, Minn-Erva subdued them at gunpoint as Danvers had a conversation with Yon-Rogg in which he explained that the Kree weaponized her and made her doctor minerva captain marvel the warrior she was now. While Danvers was restrained by Yon-Rogg and was confronted by the Supreme Intelligence, Minn-Erva ordered Att-Lass to inject the Skrulls, Nick Fury, Maria Rambeau, and Goose into space.

Minn-Erva furiously confronts Captain Marvel However, Danvers was finally able to overpower the Supreme Intelligence and remove her photon inhibitor, unlocking her true powers. As Fury and Rambeau evacuated the remaining Skrull refugees off the ship, the Starforce decided to confront Danvers and end the threat.

Despite having been cornered at almost every angle, Danvers proceeded to fight them, effortlessly defeating Korath, Bron-Char, and Att-Lass in the process. Minn-Erva attempts to shoot Carol Danvers With those three defeated, Minn-Erva ordered her soldiers to attack Danvers. As Danvers incapacitated the henchmen, Minn-Erva took aim at Danvers and attempted to shoot at her.

However, Danvers managed to escape momentarily from her. After Bron-Char and Korath charged at Danvers and were both subdued a second time, Minn-Erva approached the ground floor to personally engage her former associate.

Minn-Erva tells Captain Marvel that she never liked her As Minn-Erva attempted to draw her Kree Sniper Rifle at Danvers, but was quickly disarmed, Minn-Erva quickly seized the nearest pistol, aiming at her. Danvers surmised that she knew her secret all along, and inquired as to if that was the reason why they never bonded, only for Minn-Erva to tell Danvers that they never hung out as she never liked her. Minn-Erva then shot Danvers in the head with the weapon, only to discover that her weapon was a harmless NERF gun, allowing Danvers to blast her.

[1] Mojave Desert Air Chase and Death Minn-Erva flying towards the Mojave Desert "Minn-Erva, take them down in a dropship." "On it." ― Yon-Rogg and Minn-Erva [src] With her remaining teammates either injured or unconscious, Minn-Erva was ordered by Yon-Rogg to shoot down the Quadjet bringing the Skrulls away along with Carol Danvers' friends.

Taking a Kree space doctor minerva captain marvel, Minn-Erva descended to the Mojave Desert and tried to shoot down the Quadjet, lightly damaging it. Minn-Erva's death However, Maria Rambeau outsmarted and outmaneuvered Minn-Erva, causing her to lose sight of them. The Quadjet emerged, and she witnessed Maria's ship right in front of her's. Minn-Erva watched in horror as Maria shot her spacecraft down with the Quadjet's dual miniguns, killing Minn-Erva in the process as her spacecraft's remains plummeted to the desert below.

doctor minerva captain marvel

{INSERTKEYS} [1] Personality "Commander, she's still moving. Permission to fire?" ―Minn-Erva to Yon-Rogg [src] Minn-Erva was a Kree sniper, willing to take down anyone who opposed them, and showing a liking for killing when she asked his superior Yon-Rogg if he could let her shoot an unconscious Carol Danvers.

For instance, Minn-Erva mercilessly eliminated Att-Lass's Skrull imposter, who was unarmed, without any hesitation. Having been the "star soldier" of Starforce before Danvers became part of the team, she felt slightly threatened as the newcomer was very talented, perhaps even more than her. As such, Minn-Erva held a strong animosity towards Danvers, the reason for which they never hung out together.

Powers and Abilities Powers • Kree Physiology: As a Kree, Minn-Erva possessed various superhuman attributes. Most notably, superhuman strength, durability, agility, and an efficient healing factor. • Superhuman Strength: Minn-Erva possessed superhuman strength, making her a formidable threat in a fight.

• Superhuman Durability: Minn-Erva's body was very resistant to any physical or chemical harm, such as punches and photon blasts. However, she couldn't withstand the final explosion that destroyed her aircraft. • Superhuman Agility: Minn-Erva had tremendous agility, being able to make her way around the battle field quickly on Torfa. • Superhuman Stamina: Minn-Erva was a very skilled warrior, being able to battle for a tremendously long time.

• Superhuman Reflexes: Minn-Erva's reflexes allowed her to dodge many attacks and shots coming from the enemy. • Regenerative Healing Factor: Minn-Erva was able to heal from her wounds very quickly.

Abilities • Master Marksman: Minn-Erva was a highly skilled marksman, working as a sniper for the Starforce. She was capable of killing multiple targets with a single blast, the bolt appearing to track from target to target.

She regularly carried her gun with her in battle. • Master Pilot: Minn-Erva was a highly skilled pilot. She managed to pilot a Kree pod and stay in a chase with Maria Rambeau, before being shot down and killed by the trained pilot.

Equipment Weapons • Kree Sniper Rifle: As the Starforce's sniper with expert marksmanship, her main weapon of choice was a special Kree sniper rifle. She wielded it when accompanying Yon-Rogg in their chase of the Light-Speed Engine, but didn't get to use it. She later used it on Torfa to kill multiple Skrulls, aided by the rifle's chain-shot ability. She tried to use it in her battle with Carol Danvers, but Danvers disarmed her before she could.

Other Equipment • Starforce Uniform: Minn-Erva possessed a uniform of Kree origin to use on her Starforce missions. The uniform has a built in universal translator that allows its wearer to understand the language of anyone they interact with and be able to speak their language back to them. The uniform also contains a device capable of analyzing and identifying any object placed within it on the uniform's sleeve. The uniform's color scheme can also be customized to suit the user's preferences via a device located on the uniform's sleeve, though Minn-Erva herself never had any reason to do this.

The Starforce Uniform also includes a collapsible helmet that can fit around the wearer's head. The helmet can generate its own atmosphere and allows the wearer to breathe in the vacuum of space, as well as underwater, where it will give off a blue glow to provide light. Vehicles • Helion: During missions with the Starforce, Minn-Erva was transported on this ship with her teammates. • Kree Space Pods: Minn-Erva took a space pod from Mar-Vell's laboratory to take down a Quadjet carrying Carol Danvers' allies, but the Quadjet piloted by Maria Rambeau shot down her pod, killing her.


doctor minerva captain marvel

• Mar-Vell's Laboratory: Minn-Erva and the other remaining Starforce members arrived and captured Danvers and her allies in Mar-Vell's laboratory in Earth's orbit.

When Danvers unlocked her true powers and attacked the Starforce, she fought alongside her teammates but was easily defeated by Danvers. Relationships Allies • Kree Empire • Supreme Intelligence - Superior • Soh-Larr • Starforce - Teammates • Yon-Rogg - Leader • Korath † • Att-Lass • Bron-Char • Doctor minerva captain marvel • Ronan the Accuser † Enemies • Skrulls • Talos - Target • Att-Lass/Skrull doctor minerva captain marvel - Victim • Soren • Talos' Daughter • Mar-Vell † • Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel - Former Teammate and Rival • Maria Rambeau † - Attempted Victim and Killer • Nick Fury - Attempted Victim • Goose - Attempted Victim Trivia • In the comics, Minn-Erva, also called Doctor Minerva, came to Earth seeking Mar-Vell, hoping to mate with him and use his altered genes to help progress the Kree genetic code.

Behind the Scenes • Gemma Chan noted Minn-Erva was "the star of Starforce" before Carol Danvers joined the team and is "slightly threatened by someone else who has come in and is also very talented." [2] • Gemma Chan felt a bit bummed that Minn-Erva was killed off in Captain Marvel, leading her to believe that she would not be able to return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

doctor minerva captain marvel

However, Chan was later approached by Kevin Feige while promoting Crazy Rich Asians to return and was ultimately cast as Sersi in Eternals, as Marvel Studios wanted to make better use of her. [3] • Michelle Lee was a stunt double for Gemma Chan in the role of Minn-Erva. • Jaclyn Medallo was a stand-in for Gemma Chan in the role of Minn-Erva. References Origin Plotting against the Kree Captain Mar-Vell Hailing from the galaxy spanning Kree Empire the geneticist named Min-Erva traveled to the planet Earth many years ago by orders of the Kree military cast due to learning that Captain Mar-Vel had a genetic code which had the ability to unlock their races possible future.

Min-Erva soon went out to meet and attempt to mate with Mar-Vell in hopes to sire superior offspring to advance evolutionary potential of the Kree. Stationed by her people as a spy in orbit around Earth aboard the spacecraft Ananim, she would follow the exploits of Mar-Vell and she eventually decided to get closer to him with the intent in seducing him back to the Kree Empires ranks. However knowing that Mar-Vell would recoil at her approach at race proprietorship that she would retain as mother of doctor minerva captain marvel new Kree she stopped the ideas of attempts to win over his favors.

Than with ruthless decisive ease Doctor Min-Erva changed plans and she kidnapped Mar-Vell's than sidekick Rick Jones. Min-Erva had hoped to use Rick's life hostage in order to force her copulation with Mar-Vell and thus enable the Kree race to overcome the evolutionary dead-end that it had found itself in for quite some doctor minerva captain marvel.

However Min-Erva plans were foiled by Phae-Dor the head of the Kree Science Council who ordered her to stop immediately. Refusing to stop Min-Erva was than overpowered by Phae-Dor's agents and left behind on her damaged spacecraft, however Captain Mar-Vel returned and rescued her and brought her to Earth.

It had been decided on Kree-Lar that Mar-Vell would be obtained for the War of Three Galaxies and before she could complete her plans she was now left behind on earth with no way home, trapped like a hostage herself now.

During this time on Earth she learned that her former enemy and one time possible mate Captain Marvel died from complications of cancer. Its in the name of science Min-Erva would spend several years stranded on Earth, fuming over that time at the idea at being left behind like some discarded embarrassment.

doctor minerva captain marvel

For a short time during her stranded situation she would meet up with another Kree scientist named Mac-Ronn and the docile Ronan the Accuser. She would live amongst the two in a small farm in Sullivan county, Texas until Ronan retained his memories and escaped from Earth. That was until Captain Att-Lass was given orders to retrieve the left behind agent and return her to Kree-Lar. However Minerva had secretly discovered the Psyche-Magnetron sometime doctor minerva captain marvel while following all the location's on Earth that Mar-Vell had been too.

This was the very same machine which had given the super-human heroine Ms.Marvel her original set of Kree genetically altered powers and than used it on herself to gain the same super Kree attributes. When she first met Att-Lass she became instantly attracted to him, possibly due to being stranded on Earth for so long without a Kree male around for companionship, and asked him to partake of the enhancement process by the Psyche-Magnetron as well.

However while preparing to leave for Kree space they viewed a television broadcast featuring the young super-hero Quasar III. Having thought they recognized his quantum bands as devices that were the prototypes for the powerful nega-bands used by Captain Mar-Vell and set out instead to battle the hero and retrieve the bands for themselves. Captain Atlas accompanied Dr.Minerva to an AIM Weapons Expo and decided to hire AIM to help try to recreate the nega bands.

AIM also decided to send their agent MODAM to battle Quasar III and forcefully steal his own Quantum bands, unable to do so due to his superior powers. Minerva and Captain At-Lass than ambushed Quasar III and attempted to steal his bands themselves but where also easily bested, Quasar III let them go with the condition that they oathed together that they would never return to Earth. After having been stranded for so long on the planet earth, she was more than pleased to never having to return to this "mud-ball".

For the victory of Kree-Lar Starforce unites Atlas and Minerva than formulated a counter plan and broke into the tomb of Captain Marvel on the moon Titan to steal his nega-bands right off of his corpse. During this venture they were found by Quasar III and were stopped and defeated, however they were all ambushed by the Shi'ar Imperial Guard.

With the aid of Quasar III and Captain At-Lass, Dr Minerva teamed up against the Guard who were defeated afterword's Minerva and Atlas were taken captive by Earth's greatest heroes the Mighty Avengers. The Imperial Guardsman calling himself Hobgblin used its ability to morph its shape and took on Minerva's semblance and freed Att-Las from the Avengers headquarters holding cells, while the actual Minerva was still held in custody.

The capable Doctor Minerva was able to liberate herself from the same cells and went on to find Att-Las. Later while further working with her star-crossed lover Captain Att-Las to help reach her goal of genetically unleashing an evolutionary hike in the Kree race.

Both would shortly join the newly assembled Kree Starforce, an answer by the Kree military use a battalion of Kree superbeings to be an elite force of their own. Minerva would be directly involved in Operation Galactic Storm, in which she used her scientific expertise and long years living amongst Homo-Sapians to assist with the creation of the powerful weapon titled the Nega-Bomb in hopes to make a better stronger Kree hybrid.

Personal Data Characteristics • Height : 5"9' • Weight: 136 lbs • Eye Color: Blue • Hair Color: Black Status • Place of Birth: Edelix, Kree-Lar • Citizenship: Kree-Lar, Kree Empire • Identity: Known to the Authorities • Education: Graduated in bio-genetics at kree Science Academy in Vartanos, Kree-Lar • Occupation: Agent to the Kree Empire, Geneticist • Known Relatives: None Powers, Abilities, and Paraphernalia Powers and Abilities As a member of the blue skinned alien race the Kree, Dr.

Minerva possesses attributes associated with the race in deference to Homo-Sapians. This difference in her own planet Kree-Lar's gravity allows her genes to naturally include enhanced strength, stamina, and durability way above Homo-Sapience. Durable enough to take on the Silver Surfer She is an accomplished scientist and researcher in several Kree Sciences, especially genetic studies and for a time uncovered several Kree/Homo-Sapient genetic codes.

The good doctor also had moderate melee combat training from the Kree Military, although being able to stand her own ground this was not her strong suit. She has also studied to piloting of Kree military spaceships and their systems operations. After Dr.Minerva used the Psyche-Magnetron on herself it altered her genes even further giving her very similar powers which Ms.Marvel originally acquired.

With the machines induced powers also possesses the ability of flight, super-human strength enabling her to lift and press approximately 50 tons, and has heightened intuitive faculties enabling her to guess correctly significantly higher than chance. Agility worthy of battling Captain America She also occupies a specially modified battle-suit allowing her to survive the vacuum of space and Earth's atmosphere due to its complex life-support system.

The suit is made to be a duplicate of Ms.Marvel's original costume when she first came onto the superhero community, which was adapted from Captain Mar-Vell's costume design. Minerva also outfitted herself occasionally with a wrist mounted bracelet called the Nega-Band (although it was revealed to be the Imperial Guardsmen Hobgoblin in disguise using it), this weapon allows moderate beams of energy to be projected at short distances.

After some time spent experimenting on the recent boom of Inhumans across the planet, Minn-Erva had recently undergone further biological modification conducted on herself using their Terrigenesis biomatter.

Now she has the inherent ability to morph into a massive beast with vastly augmented physical abilities on top of a slew of new powers she never displayed before. Such as enhanced size coupling in optic blasts, razor wings, a fanged maw with pronounced canines and sharp claws to accommodate her more monstrous appearance. Even while un-transformed Minerva is physically more powerful than she has ever been, able to physically battle it out with the vastly more powerful Carol Danvers as easily as she took apart alpha flight fighter jets with her bare hands.

She's also able to fly faster than ever before, Captain Marvel herself losing sight of her after Minerva fled the battle. In Other Media Television Minerva in the animated series • Doctor Minerva appears in the Guardians of the Galaxy episode "Gotta Get Out of This Place," voiced by Marion Ross.

This version of the character is the elderly warden and psychiatrist of a special prison meant to house offenders who have committed crimes against the Kree empire. The members of the Guardians are placed in her custody after being arrested by Phyla-Vell for stealing a Kree artifact.

Film Gemma Chan as Minn-Erva • Minn-Erva appears in the live-action Captain Marvelmovie, portrayed by British actress Gemma Chan. This version of the character is a sniper and a member of Starforce, an elite Kree military unit. Video Games Minerva in Galactic Storm • Doctor Minerva appears as a playable character in the Japanese fighting game Avengers in Galactic Storm.

In the game's Story Mode, she is first encountered as an opponent in the Shi'ar Empire stage, where she attempts to assassinate Lilandra. Merchandise Marvel Legends • Minn-Erva was featured in Diamond Select's Minimates line as part of a special Captain Marvel-themed box set.

• Hasbro produced a special variant Captain Marvel figure for the Marvel Legends line that came with an alternate head and accessories that could be used to create Minn-Erva.

The figure was a Target exclusive.
Doctor Minerva by Giuseppe Camuncoli. Publication information Publisher Marvel Comics First appearance Captain Marvel #50 (May 1977) Created by Scott Edelman Doctor minerva captain marvel Milgrom In-story information Alter ego Minn-Erva Species Kree Team affiliations Starforce Abilities • Gifted geneticist • Superhuman strength, speed, reflexes, stamina and durability • Flight • Enhanced intuition • Ability to pilot various Kree starships and operate high technology of the Kree • Monstrous transformation • Heat vision • Claws & Fangs • Blade wings • Physiological augmentation • Invisibility Doctor Minerva (Minn-Erva) is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

She first appeared in Captain Marvel #50 (May 1977), created by writer Scott Edelman and artist Al Milgrom. Doctor Minerva is a Kree geneticist. She was an enemy of the original Captain Marvel and later Quasar. She became the partner of Captain Atlas and a member of Kree superteam Starforce. Gemma Chan portrayed the character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe film Captain Marvel (2019). Contents • 1 Publication history • 2 Fictional character biography • 3 Powers and abilities • 4 Other versions • 5 In other media • 5.1 Television • 5.2 Film • 5.3 Video games • 6 References • 7 External links Publication history [ edit ] Doctor Minerva first appeared in Captain Marvel #50 (May 1977), created by writer Scott Edelman and artist Al Milgrom.

She was introduced as a rogue scientist who doctor minerva captain marvel to mate with Mar-Vell, to create a new breed of Kree. She reappeared two decades doctor minerva captain marvel as a villain in the Quasar comic, where it was revealed that she and her lover At-lass had gained superpowers. They were also two of the villains in the Avengers storyline Operation Galactic Storm.

where they were in a team called Starforce. She resurfaced in the 2010s fighting both Spider-Man and Captain Marvel, in both comics it was shown she had gained powers to turn herself in a giant monster.

[1] [2] Doctor Minerva next appeared in the "Falling Star" storyarc of 2019's Captain Marvel. [3] During the story, it is revealed that she had created the supervillain Star by combining human and Kree DNA in an attempt to create Kree super-soldiers. [4] Fictional character biography [ edit ] Minn-Erva was born in Edelix, on the planet Kree-Lar. She became a geneticist and an agent of the Kree Empire.

She was stationed on the Kree science cruiser, Ananim. She orbited the Earth in the starship, observing Mar-Vell. [5] She then abducted Rick Jones, [6] and lured Mar-Vell aboard the craft. She revealed to Mar-Vell her theory that the two of them would produce superior offspring capable of advancing the evolutionary potential of the Kree species.

She was ordered by the science council doctor minerva captain marvel Phae-Dor to abandon her mission, but refused and was neurologically overpowered.

[7] She was rescued from the wrecked science cruiser by Mar-Vell. [8] She later rendezvoused with the Kree scientist Mac-Ronn and docile Ronan the Accuser on a farm in Sullivan County, Texas. [9] Later, she observed Ronan revive and escape custody. [10] Doctor Minerva later became partner to Kree Captain Atlas, serving aboard the Kree light cruiser Ramatam.

She incognito commissioned A.I.M. to steal Quasar's quantum-bands. [11] She abducted Quasar and revealed to him how she was transformed by the Psyche-Magnetron. She rendezvoused with Captain Atlas, and tried to remove Quasar's quantum-bands, but was instead banished from Earth. [12] Doctor Minerva was a member of the Kree Starforce during the Kree/ Shi'ar war. [13] [14] During the " Spider-Verse" storyline, Doctor Minerva hires a group of human soldiers to assault a medical facility to steal a Terrigenesis cocoon containing an infant Inhuman.

As they escape, Minerva is attacked by Ms. Marvel and the fight also draws Spider-Man's attention. As the two superheroes work together to fight her, Minerva reveals her plan of using the genetic material from Terrigenesis cocoons to create a new breed of Kree Super-Soldiers and shows the early results of her work by transforming into a giant creature to attack the heroes. [15] During this time, she used the villain Clash and some unnamed people as her hired henchmen.

It was later discovered that Minerva's research is not being sanctioned by the Kree Empire, and Doctor Minerva was forced to abandon her plan when Spider-Man threatened to inform Kree-Lar of her illegal activities while Clash takes out the other henchmen upon seeing Ms.

Marvel with the Inhuman baby. [16] Doctor Minerva returned to Earth during the " Civil War II" storyline. Carol Danvers, now acting as Captain Marvel and heading up Alpha Flight, engaged her in a brief battle in North Fork, California.

Captain Marvel was unable to prevent her from unleashing a mutagenic virus on the inhabitants of North Fork, who were transformed into crustacean-like creatures. The attack had been predicted by the Inhuman named Ulysses Cain and was a key reason for Captain Marvel to support using his precognitive visions as a crime-fighting tool.

[17] Doctor Minerva escaped but was tracked to South Boston, where she was planning to spread an upgraded version of the virus through Captain Marvel's hometown.

Captain Marvel, Alpha Flight and the Ultimates were able to stop her, though her genetic experiments allowed her to transform into a monstrous being. She was arrested and imprisoned by a friendly faction of the Kree.

[18] Powers and abilities [ edit ] Minn-Erva is a member of the alien Kree race, and was also mutagenically altered by the Kree Psyche-Magnetron, giving her superhuman strength and durability and the power of flight through the conscious manipulation of gravitons.

The machine is capable of using "nega-energy" for various purposes, and was set to replicate the powers of Carol Danvers. She also possesses heightened intuitive faculties enabling her to guess correctly significantly higher than chance. Minn-Erva is also a gifted geneticist, and is a graduate of the Kree Science Academy, Vartanos, Kree-Lar. She also has the ability to pilot various Kree starships, and the ability to operate high technology of the Kree.

After the Infinity event wherein the Inhuman Black Bolt enacted a mass inhumanization of his latent people across the Earth, Dr. Minerva went about experimenting on herself using the metamorphic genetic tissue of Terrigenesis cocoons. [15] Now having advanced cloaking powers on top of vastly augmented physicality rivaling those of the new Captain Marvel even while in an unchanged state, [18] coupled with extra abilities hearkened upon metamorphosis into a more monstrous form.

[15] Powers stemming to laser vision, sharpened claws and elongated teeth, razor wings bestowing increased flight speed. Other versions [ edit ] A version of Doctor Minerva appears in What If? Avengers lost Kree-Shi'ar War. [19] In other media [ edit ] Television [ edit ] • Doctor Minerva appears in the Guardians of the Galaxy episode "Gotta Get Outta This Place", voiced by Marion Ross. [20] This version doctor minerva captain marvel an elderly Kree who serves as the warden and prison therapist of the Kree Monument of Justice.

Film [ edit ] • Minn-Erva appears in Captain Marvel, portrayed by Gemma Chan. [21] This version is a member of Yon-Rogg's Starforce team who operates as a sniper and bears a strong animosity towards teammate Carol Danvers.

After the latter ends up on Earth, Minn-Erva accompanies Starforce to the planet to rescue her, where they discover a group of Skrull refugees and attempt to kill doctor minerva captain marvel. Having doctor minerva captain marvel the truth of the Kree's war with the Skrulls, Danvers fights off the rest of Starforce while Minn-Erva is shot down by Maria Rambeau.

Video games [ edit ] • Doctor Minerva appears as a playable character in Avengers in Galactic Storm. [22] • Minn-Erva appears as an unlockable playable character in Marvel Future Fight.

[23] • Minn-Erva appears as an unlockable playable character in Marvel Strike Force. [23] References [ edit ] • ^ Marnell, Blair doctor minerva captain marvel 28, 2018). "Who is Doctor Minerva?

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doctor minerva captain marvel

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• ^ a b Dinh, Christine (February 20, 2019). "Marvel Games Slate Goes Higher! Further! Faster! With Captain Marvel".

doctor minerva captain marvel

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Carol Danvers has been around for a heck of a long time to have such a sparse rogues' gallery, especially considering how many bridges this lady has burned in her life. This is from a doctor minerva captain marvel of love, but Danvers is a scrapper.

You would think there would be a pretty strong arch-nemesis presence in her life, but most of Carol’s stories are either about Kree stuff or relationship drama. This is an issue that has plagued most female superheroes over the last several decades doctor minerva captain marvel indeed, it effected most female characters of the ‘70s, including Lois Lane, Wonder Woman, Spider-Woman, She-Hulk, and, of course, our girl Carol.

It wasn’t until Mystique that Danvers got a truly iconic villain, but that was at the end of her first series and recently there has been little in the way of interactions between them.

Even Doctor Minerva, who is being introduced to the big screen along with her longtime comic book partner Mister Atlas in this year's Captain Marvel, isn’t a Carol Danvers villain so much as she’s a general Avengers villain. She has had one memorable fight with Carol in the comics, but that was as recently as 2016 during Civil War II.

In most of her appearances, she is used as an interchangeable C-list villain, so there isn’t a lot of information available on her. On the other hand, she has the potential to be so much more, so it’ll be exciting to see where the movie takes her. Doctor Minerva made her first appearances in comics in the original Captain Marvel series, about a warrior named Mar-Vell from the far-off planet Kree-La, home of the Kree. Coincidentally, Minerva was also from Kree-La. In her work as a geneticist, she deduced that Mar-vell would be her ideal mate and that together they would create a physically perfect specimen.

This is highly uncomfortable subject matter, but definitely not unheard of for comic book villains of the ‘70s. She kidnapped Rick Jones to trick Marvel into following her to her spaceship. For regular people, being kidnapped and used as bait in some kind of intergalactic Tinder hook-up would be a really weird and traumatizing thing to have happen, but for Rick Jones, it's just another Tuesday. Eventually, Minerva was ordered to leave Marvel alone, but when she refused she was attacked and he did end up saving her, although he did not impregnate her and thus did not “increase the evolutionary potential of the Kree.” This is probably because that’s not how genetics actually work, but more on that later.

In the end, Minerva and Marvel go their separate doctor minerva captain marvel. Fast forward several years into the early ‘90s and Minerva made a slight comeback alongside Mister Atlas.

doctor minerva captain marvel

The two of them teamed up against the hero Quasar, but their plans went nowhere and they ended up mostly amicably parting ways with him after he very casually defeated them.

They showed up again later in the sprawling crossover Operation: Galactic Storm in which several of Marvel’s cosmic properties collided in the exact kind of brightly colored mess readers can generally expect from crossovers.

doctor minerva captain marvel

She and Atlas appeared as Avengers antagonists in the loosely assembled team known as Starforce. Helping the alien invaders known as the Shi’ar over their own people, they were later seen to be exiled as traitors of the Kree in the Annihilation story. While this shocked Atlas, it had been part of Minerva's plan all along. Atlas attempted to commit suicide out of shame for his part in Kree genocide, and although doctor minerva captain marvel of them actually died at the time and both came back later, Atlas is again currently believed to be deceased.

Avengers #347, art by Steve Epting, Tom Palmer, and Gina Going Since these few appearances, Minerva showed up in Spider-Man briefly to battle Peter Parker and Ms. Marvel. In Civil War II, she finally fought Carol Danvers, but the fight was brief and served as a minor part of another massive crossover that prevented us from really ever learning much about Minerva’s motivations.

Even now, beyond wanting to manipulate Marvel into a relationship and then later making some half-hearted attempts at evil deeds with Atlas, it’s hard to say definitively what Minerva’s motivation is. She does keep coming back in slight capacity, but hopefully, in Captain Marvel, we’ll find out a little bit more about what she’s about. Minerva is incredibly powerful, and her amoral belief system could make for a truly great villain for Carol Danvers, who definitely needs a rogues' gallery that doesn't just consist of casual debates with Tony Stark or bitterly feuding with Mystique, who appears to have lost interest in their feud quite a while back.

At present, without any development, she’s a jumble of cliches. For instance, there are many female supervillains whose sole purpose is to become impregnated by the hero, only to become incredibly angry when the hero does not concede to their plan.

(Other villains that fit this trope include Talia al Ghul and Maxima.) Even if not for the bizarre purpose of creating a perfect heir, most female villains sought to drain the male hero’s power through sex well into the '80s at least, including everyone from Amora to Poison Ivy and beyond.

Female villains rarely showed up to fight a male hero as an equal, instead choosing to either seduce or steal power from them. Generally, the two things were intertwined. Quasar #8, art by Mike Manley Minerva’s characterization isn’t great, and through a modern lens, we can see that her plans and her scientific ideology are strongly inspired by the practice of eugenics.

If you wish to create a completely unsympathetic and irredeemable character, having them promote eugenics is generally the way to go, but with Minerva, there isn’t much commitment to the theme and explanation of her scientific process is sparse.

Although it is seldom discussed by comic book writers in these stories, attempting to breed a superior physical specimen is indeed eugenics, and casually dropping it in as a character-defining trait without commentary on the significant provable hazards of attempting to “breed perfection” is at least somewhat irresponsible on the part of the creators.

It's fascinating that these stories are dismissed as just a woman being a little too forward for her own good when in truth they're espousing some of the most harmful scientific misconceptions of the last century, not to mention the violation of consent implied by the plan.

Thankfully, those specific parts of her persona have not been brought doctor minerva captain marvel at any length since her appearances in the original Captain Marvel series. Minerva was created during a time in which stereotypes of women whose only interest in life is having babies even if they happen to be leading scientists permeated the landscape of superhero comics. Likewise, nearly every female villain of the first many several decades of North American mainstream superhero comics was primarily motivated by her desire to trick and seduce the male hero.

What this says about the individual writer's views on women is generally splashed across the page quite plainly and we needn't belabor the point here. In the same breath, it's important that this trope goes doctor minerva captain marvel and never comes back because it's offensive and it limits the storytelling potential of these female characters. Regardless of what direction they take Doctor Minerva, the filmmakers of Captain Marvel have a pretty good chance of giving audiences a much more definitive and interesting take on her than we’ve seen to date.

We’re definitely stoked to see Carol in all her heroic glory, but here’s hoping we finally get to see a more interesting rogues gallery develop for her as well. If anything, Minerva might be the key to that.Contents • 1 History • 1.1 Biological Weaponry • 2 Powers and Abilities • 2.1 Powers • 2.2 Abilities • 2.3 Physical Strength • 3 Paraphernalia • 3.1 Weapons • 3.2 Transportation • 4 See Also • 5 Links and References • 5.1 References History Doctor Minerva first came to Earth seeking the exiled Kree Captain Mar-Vell.

She hoped to mate with him and use his altered genes to help progress the Kree genetic code. [1] Later, she worked with Captain Atlas in an effort to steal Quasar's Quantum Bands, known as the so-called "Power Bands of Rinn" to the Kree.

doctor minerva captain marvel

{INSERTKEYS} [2] They also operated during the Kree/Shi'ar conflict called Galactic Storm, when they retrieved Captain Mar-Vell's Nega-Bands. [3] As part of the Kree Starforce, Minerva was aware of the Supreme Intelligence's plan to decimate the Kree empire with the Nega-Bomb in hopes of jumpstarting an evolutionary development in the remaining 10%.

Atlas was distraught and seemingly suicidal over the news, setting off his suit's self-destruct mechanism. Minerva and Atlas were apparently consumed by the blast. [4] In fact, Atlas had been bluffing.

The two of them covertly teleported away under the cover of his blast. They later used a similar ruse to manipulate the Silver Surfer into leaving them alone. [5] Minerva was later seen in New York City creating a diversion so her men could get away from St. Luke's Roosevelt Hospital with one of the Nuhuman cocoons that was being kept there. While clearing a path, she was intercepted by Spider-Man and the new Ms. Marvel. [6] Biological Weaponry Captain Bar-Konn informed Captain Marvel that a Kree spy tracked down Dr.

Minerva on Earth. The spy's last transmission before Minerva killed him was a warning that she's developing a biological weapon. Captain Marvel immediately mustered Alpha Flight to investigate her last known location in California.

Just as Captain Marvel and Alpha Flight reached the site, Minerva appeared out of nowhere and decked Captain Marvel. Puck asked over group comms how Minerva was able to cloak herself. Hearing him, Minerva attacked his jet, ripping it in half, and letting him plummet to the ground.

Captain Marvel grabbed her and threw her to the ground. Captain Marvel ordered Aurora to start looking for the biological weapon while she held off Minerva, but Minerva said she deployed it hours ago.

All around them, civilians began transforming into monsters. Captain Marvel ordered Minerva to stop the weapon, but Minerva just laughed and said it's designed to only affect humans, so she didn't create an antidote. Claiming that she had all the data she needed, Minerva took off, disappearing before anyone could stop her.

[7] Horrified by Minerva's casual killing, Captain Marvel visited Ulysses Cain to convince him that his visions save lives.

While there, Ulysses told her of a new vision. He described seeing people in a major city mutating into monsters, many dying and others going mad with the pain and killing everything around them. Captain Marvel realized he was describing Dr. Minerva's next attack with her biological weapon. Using Ulysses' description, Captain Marvel identified the area as South Boston, located Minerva's new lab, Owl Robotics, and gathered the Ultimates and Alpha Flight.

They evacuated civilians from the area, then attacked, catching Minerva completely off guard. With their combined might they incapacitated her with zero casualties. Her weapons and research were confiscated, and she was extradited to an allied faction of the Kree Empire to be tried for her crimes. [8] Minn-Erva then began genetically engineering humans into Human-Kree hybrids. A reporter named Ripley Ryan found out about Minn-Erva's experiments, and volunteered for the experiment to receive superpowers and was the only survivor of Minn-Erva's testing.

[9] However, Ripley still didn't gain any nw facilities, so Minn-Erva decided to use those she had stolen them from Carol back when she had unleashed a "Kraken" on New York City with a virus engineered from Kree Power Siphons in its blood.

[10] Carol defeated it, but was infected and her abilities leeched off were given to Ripley. Minn-Erva wanted Carol to join the Kree's fight against extinction, since Carol was half-Kree herself, so the doctor staged a public relations stunt to turn people against Carol, hoping when the time came that Carol would join her cause. At the the same time, Ripley appeared as Star, helping battle against an armada of "Kraken" attacking Manhattan.

After the downed "Kraken" crashed into the East River, Star stood by as Danvers pulled one of the pilots free who happened to be a Kree. [11] When Star found out Minn-Erva planned on recruiting Carol, she nearly killed Minn-Erva, and left the message "You're not as smart as you think you are." written in Minn-Erva's own blood.

[12] Carol brought Minn-Erva to Tony Stark for medical treatment where she revealed her plan to Carol, causing Carol to confront Star in Times Square.

[9] After that, Stark let Minn-Erva free after she released an antidote for the Power Siphon that had also formed inside the people who were exposed to the attacks. [13] Powers and Abilities Power Grid [15] Powers Superhuman strength (lifting around 10 tons) and durability. She can fly by controlling gravitons, maximum speed is subsonic. Her enhanced perception allows her to hone in on individuals and energy signatures on a planet-wide radius. Further modifications now make her a physical match for the well experienced Captain Danvers in many ways, this coupled with cloaking and transformative abilities bequeath Minn-Erva even greater physical abilities on top of added facilities like sharpened claws & fangs, wings acting as razor blades and laser vision amongst other features.

Abilities Minerva is a gifted bio-geneticist knowledgeable in genetic engineering and procreation. She can operate sophisticated Kree technology and spaceships. Physical Strength Able to lift 10 tons in Earth gravity. Paraphernalia Weapons She occasionally uses glove-mounted energy blasters.

Transportation Kree starship "Ramatam". See Also • 24 appearance(s) of Minn-Erva (Earth-616) • 3 minor appearance(s) of Minn-Erva (Earth-616) • 4 mentions of Minn-Erva (Earth-616) • 14 image(s) of Minn-Erva (Earth-616) • 2 quotation(s) by or about Minn-Erva (Earth-616) Links and References • Minn-Erva (Earth-616) on References • ↑ Captain Marvel #50 • ↑ Quasar #9- 10 • ↑ Quasar #32 • ↑ Avengers #348 • ↑ Silver Surfer Vol 3 #79 • ↑ Amazing Spider-Man Vol 3 #7- 8 • ↑ Captain Marvel Vol 9 #6 • ↑ Captain Marvel Vol 9 #7 • ↑ 9.0 9.1 Captain Marvel Vol 10 #10 • ↑ Captain Marvel Vol 10 #1 • ↑ Captain Marvel Vol 10 #8 • ↑ Captain Marvel Vol 10 #9 • ↑ Captain Marvel Vol 10 #11 • ↑ Avengers: Roll Call #1 • ↑ Avengers: Roll Call Vol 1 1{/INSERTKEYS}

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