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daihatsu raize

The new Perodua Ativa SUV is due to be launched tomorrow, but over in Japan, its Daihatsu Rocky and Toyota Raize have received a couple of very subtle tweaks for the 2021 model year. Most important of these changes is the addition of Android Auto connectivity for the optional nine-inch infotainment touchscreen, which already came with Apple CarPlay functionality. We already know that the Ativa will get a different and likely locally-sourced system with SmartLink – as seen in a previous teaser image – so tough luck for those hoping for these two features to come here.

Elsewhere, both cars get small aero fins on the door mirrors, which help reduce wind noise around the area. As seen in past spyshots, the Ativa will already get these fins, plus different mirrors (they appear to have been lifted from the Aruz) that look much better – they have a smoother integration with the stalks they are mounted on and what appear to be slimmer and longer built-in indicators.

It’s not uncommon for us (as with Europe) to get different side mirrors compared to the rest of the world, as carmakers here have to comply with UNECE regulations, which specify a larger minimum mirror size. Cars like the Toyota Alphard and Vellfire and the Ford Mustang get bigger mirrors over here compared to their domestic markets, making it easier to see what’s behind. GALLERY: Daihatsu raize Rocky in Japan The Toyota Raize and Daihatsu Rocky have received a daihatsu raize of small updates for 2022 including the addition of the “e-SMART” range-extender hybrid powertrain.

The new hybrid option combines a newly developed naturally-aspirated 1.2-liter three-cylinder engine that is not connected to the wheels but is used to charge the 4.3 Ah lithium-ion battery located under the rear seats. An electric motor with 105 hp (78 kW / 106 PS) and 170 Nm (125 lb-ft) of torque powers the front wheels, eliminating the need for a gearbox. As a result, the driving experience is very close to a BEV – despite the noise from the ICE – in terms of responsiveness and torque.

The driver also benefits from the Smart Pedal (S-PDL) feature which allows one-pedal drive. Toyota claims the average fuel consumption of the hybrid is 3.57 lt/100km (65.9 mpg) measured in the WLTC cycle. See Also: 2020 Daihatsu Rocky Launches In Japan With Factory Tuning Packs Besides the addition of the hybrid variant, both models will also be available with just the 1.2-liter three-cylinder engine, which offers improved thermal efficiency and is exclusively offered as a 2WD with a CVT gearbox.

Toyota hasn’t given us the power/torque figures for the new gasoline engine but claims it has a 4.83 lt/100 km (48.7 mpg) WLTC fuel consumption and benefits from “high power performance” and “improved acceleration in the low-speed range”. The existing turbocharged 1.0-liter three-cylinder is reserved for the 4WD variants, again mated to a CVT gearbox. Read Also: 2020 Toyota Raize Debuts In Japan, Offers 4WD Option Standard equipment includes the Smart Assist with improved collision warning and collision avoidance systems that can now detect pedestrians in the dark.

Additionally, the adaptive cruise control (ACC) has a new “stop holding function” thanks to the adoption of an electric parking brake, and supports “all-speed tracking”. Toyota/Daihatsu also added a welcoming light function that turns on the cabin lights when the owner is approaching a locked vehicle with the key.

The hybrid variants also come standard with an AC100V, 1,500W accessory outlet that can be used as an emergency power supply system. The models are already available in Japan, with prices starting from 2,163,000 yen ($18,943) for the Toyota Raize Hybrid and from 2,116,000 yen ($18,531) for the Daihatsu Raize Hybrid.
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The sub-compact car segment in Japan offers a lot of cool crossover-ish models and one of them is daihatsu raize modern version of the legendary mini 4×4 Daihatsu Rocky (also sold under Toyota Raize name in Japan). It barely has anything to do with its boxy body-on-frame ancestor, yet it still has an all-wheel-drive to have fun with! This little crossover is powered by a series of small-displacement 1.0 – 1.2L fuel-efficient engines mated to either a 5-speed manual or D-CVT transmission.

It isn’t bigger than a conventional Golf-class hatchback but the classic SUV proportions and trendy looks make stand out from the crowd. Compact size and great fuel efficiency make it perfect for the daily commute, especially in Japanese realities, while the AWD option allows leaving paved roads and engaging in some daihatsu raize activities.

To underline the off-road attitude of this little crossover, it’s often outfitted with a 30mm lift produced by the local brands and a set of legit off-road wheels with A/T or M/T tires to top off the off-road looks.

Specs: DAIHATSU ROCKY Rims: XTREME-J XJ04 16×6.5j 4H100 +38 SATIN BLACK Tires : BF Goodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 215/70R16 Suspension: @klc_japan 30mm lift springs This article is about the subcompact crossover sold under the "Rocky" nameplate since 2019. For for the ladder frame-based mini SUV sold from 1989 until 2002, see Daihatsu Rocky (F300). For for the export model of the Rugger, which is sold under the "Rocky" nameplate in some countries, see Daihatsu Rugger.

• Daihatsu Be‣go (Rocky) • Toyota Rush (J200) (Raize) • Perodua Nautica (Ativa) The A200/A250 series Daihatsu Rocky ( Japanese: ダイハツ・ロッキー, Hepburn: Daihatsu Rokkī) is a subcompact crossover SUV manufactured by Daihatsu.

It was unveiled at the 46th Tokyo Motor Show on 23 October 2019 under the "New Compact SUV" name. It replaced the Be‣go in the Japanese market and went on sale on 5 November 2019. [3] [13] [14] The Rocky is also rebadged and sold under Toyota brand as the Toyota Raize ( Japanese: トヨタ・ライズ, Hepburn: Toyota Raizu).

[1] Outside of Japan, the model is also manufactured in Indonesia and Malaysia as well. The Indonesian model of Rocky and Raize have been sold locally since April 2021 and also exported as the Raize to 50 countries. [4] [15] The Malaysian model is sold under the Perodua brand as the Perodua Ativa since February 2021. [2] Contents • 1 Overview • 1.1 Markets • 1.1.1 Japan • 1.1.2 Indonesia • 1.2 Gallery • 2 Daihatsu raize Raize • 2.1 Markets • 2.1.1 Asia • Japan • Indonesia • Cambodia • Vietnam • Philippines • 2.1.2 Americas • Mexico • 2.2 Gallery • 3 Perodua Ativa • 4 Safety • 5 Recall • 6 Sales • 6.1 Daihatsu Rocky • 6.2 Toyota Raize • 6.3 Perodua Ativa • 7 References • 8 External links Overview [ edit ] Development of the vehicle started around 2017, headed by Daihatsu chief engineer Nobuhiko Ono.

[3] Suggestions for making a larger vehicle were turned down by Ono, citing their expertise in developing kei cars. [16] It is built on Daihatsu's DNGA platform, and internally grouped as an A-segment vehicle.

[10] Rocky's design was previewed by the daihatsu raize DN Trec concept. [17] The Rocky nameplate was previously used for two different ( F300 and F70 series) ladder frame-based SUV models, and was reused after a 17-year hiatus.

The A200 series Rocky is only available daihatsu raize Japan, with models produced in Indonesia designated as A250 series.

The A250 model is identified by the more pronounced rear bumper, a metal tailgate instead of plastic, and slightly wider body than the A200 model. With its width under 1.7 metres (66.9 in), the Japanese-spec Rocky is compliant with the Japanese government's dimension regulations regarding compact cars which reduce tax liability.

daihatsu raize

The Rocky is available in three different powertrain options: a turbocharged 1.0-litre (996 cc) 1KR-VET three-cylinder engine that produces 72 kW (97 hp; 98 PS) and 140 N⋅m (100 lb⋅ft) of torque, a naturally-aspirated 1.2-litre (1,198 cc) WA-VE three-cylinder engine that produces 64–65 kW (86–87 hp; 87–88 PS) and 113 N⋅m (83 lb⋅ft), and a hybrid-electric 1.2-litre (1,198 cc) WA-VEX three-cylinder engine that produces 60 kW (80 hp; 82 Daihatsu raize and 105 N⋅m (77 lb⋅ft).

The first two engines is mated to a 5-speed manual transmission or a "Dual-Mode CVT" (D-CVT). The hybrid-electric variant uses a series hybrid drivetrain, marketed as "e-Smart Hybrid" for Daihatsu and " Hybrid Synergy Drive" for Toyota. In D-CVT, unlike traditional units, the transmission does not rely solely on belt drive, but also combining it with split gears. From low to medium speeds, the D-CVT functions like other CVT systems, while at higher speeds, daihatsu raize D-CVT shifts into its split mode, engaging the gear drive to achieve less energy loss.

Daihatsu claimed the D-CVT was the world's first split-gear CVT system and would achieve improved fuel efficiency, acceleration feel and quietness.

[18] For the hybrid-electric variant, the WA-VEX engine acts as a generator for the E1A electric motor that is mechanically connected to the driving wheels, which produces 78 kW (105 hp; 106 PS) and 170 N⋅m (130 lb⋅ft) of torque. Markets [ edit ] Japan [ edit ] Initially, the Rocky was offered in L, X, G, and Premium daihatsu raize levels in Japan, which were all powered by a 1KR-VET engine with four-wheel drive option available for every grade.

In November 2021, the G grade was removed and the Premium grade was replaced by Premium G. The 1KR-VET engine option for front-wheel drive models was also replaced by the WA-VE unit used earlier in the Indonesian market Rocky. The hybrid-electric variant, which is introduced in the same month, is available in X and Premium G grades. Only available in front-wheel drive configuration, it is powered by a WA-VEX engine and combined with an E1A electric motor. The exterior also received minor makeover with a mesh grille, different alloy wheels with 5 lugs, blue accent on Daihatsu's badges, and "e-Smart Hybrid" badge on the tailgate to distinguish it from the conventional petrol models.

[19] Indonesia [ edit ] The Rocky was unveiled in Indonesia alongside the Raize on 28 April 2021 and went on sale on 30 April 2021.

Daihatsu invested Rp 1.7 trillion for the production tooling for their Karawang assembly plant, achieving around 70 percent of locally produced parts. [20] [21] In Indonesia, the Rocky is offered in M, X, daihatsu raize R grade levels with either a manual transmission or CVT. The M and X grades are powered by the WA-VE engine, while the R grade is powered by the 1KR-VET unit.

Astra Daihatsu Styling (ADS) package and Advanced Safety Assist (ASA) driver assistance system is also available as an option. [22] The 1.2-litre model has been available since June 2021. [23] Gallery [ edit ] • "Toyota Raize" redirects here. Not to be confused with Toyota Reiz.

daihatsu raize

The Toyota-badged model is sold and marketed as daihatsu raize Toyota Raize in Japan and most international markets. It is mostly identical with the Rocky, differentiated by its front fascia which adopted Toyota's corporate look. [24] The international (A250) model, mainly sold for emerging markets, is manufactured in Indonesia by Astra Daihatsu Motor. [15] The name "Raize" is derived from a combination of the words "rise" and "raise," which according to Toyota, signifies an "active car that energises everyday life".

[1] Markets [ edit ] Asia [ edit ] Japan [ edit ] In Japan, the Raize replaces the J200 series Rush. It is offered in X, X"S", G, and Z grade levels, with each grade has a four-wheel drive option. In November 2021, similar to the Rocky, the 1KR-VET engine option for regular front-wheel drive models was replaced by the WA-VE unit. The hybrid-electric variant was also introduced for G and Z grades as well.

[25] [26] Indonesia [ edit ] In Indonesia, the Raize is offered in G and GR Sport grade levels. The G grade is powered by either a WA-VE or 1KR-VET engines mated with either a manual transmission or CVT, while the GR Sport grade is only offered with the latter engine option mated to a CVT and also available with ASA (marketed as Toyota Safety Sense) as an option.

[27] Cambodia [ edit ] The Cambodian market Raize was launched on 22 Daihatsu raize 2021. It is only available in a single grade with a 1KR-VET engine and CVT. [28] Vietnam [ edit ] The Vietnamese market Raize was launched on 4 November 2021.

Like the Cambodian model, it is only available in a single grade with a 1KR-VET engine and CVT. GR Sport aerokits are available as an option.

daihatsu raize

{INSERTKEYS} [29] Philippines [ edit ] The Philippine market Raize was launched on 4 February 2022. It is offered in E (with a WA-VE engine mated to either a 5-speed manual or CVT), G (also with a WA-VE engine mated to a CVT), and Turbo (with a 1KR-VET engine mated to a CVT) grade levels. [30] GR Sport aerokits are available as an option. Toyota Motor Philippines targeted sales of 1,000 units per month.

[31] Americas [ edit ] Mexico [ edit ] The Mexican market Raize went on sale in late 2021. [32] It is only available in a single grade, XLE with a 1KR-VET engine, mated with either a 5-speed manual or CVT. Gallery [ edit ] • 2021 Raize 1.0 Turbo GR Sport (A250RA, Indonesia), note the more pronounced rear bumper Perodua Ativa [ edit ] The Ativa was opened for booking on 19 February 2021 and launched in Malaysia on 3 March 2021.

[33] The name "Ativa" is derived from the Portuguese word " ativo", which means "active" or "to get active".

It is the first Perodua model to be built on the DNGA platform, the first Perodua with a turbocharged engine, and the first one to use a CVT.

It is only available with a 1KR-VET engine, and offered in X, H, and AV grade levels. [34] It is identified by the A270 model code. [35] It is longer by 70 mm (2.8 in), wider by 20 mm (0.8 in), and taller by 15 mm (0.6 in) than the Japanese-spec Rocky and Raize. This is due to the distinct design of the bumpers, and a different suspension setup specific to the Ativa which rode higher and firmer. [36] The Ativa also uses a metal tailgate like the A250 Rocky and Raize. [37] According to the company, the Ativa is built with 95 percent of locally produced parts, which is the highest ever of any Perodua model.

Its engine is made by Perodua Engine Manufacturing in Rawang, Selangor, while its CVT is produced at Akashi Kikai in Sendayan, Negeri Sembilan. [38] • 2021 Ativa H interior (Malaysia) Safety [ edit ] 2019 Daihatsu Rocky / Toyota Raize (Japanese specification) JNCAP [ ja] scores [39] Overall stars Collision safety performance 85.7/100.0 Preventive safety performance 73.6/141.0 2021 Perodua Ativa (6 airbags) ASEAN NCAP scores [40] Overall stars Adult occupant 29.98/32.00 Child occupant 44.26/51.00 Safety assist 19.50/21.00 Motorcyclist safety 8.00/16.00 Recall [ edit ] In January 2022, Daihatsu issued a recall notice on 3,421 units of the Japanese market Rocky e-Smart Hybrid produced from 1 November to 3 December 2021, which involved an anomaly in the control unit for the hybrid powertrain.

The company stated that the affected units may have had a faulty ECU that may see "improper power generation", in which the internal combustion engine could stop while the vehicle is being driven. The problem would be solved by reprogramming the ECU itself.

[41] In March 2022, another recall issued for the Indonesian market Rocky and Raize, which both models received improper welding on the front fender aprons.

These could cause abnormal sounds when the car passes through a damaged or bumpy road and under certain conditions, the aprons could possibly detach from the car. A total of 9,378 Rockys (produced from 28 April until 7 October 2021) and 14,777 Raizes (produced from November 2020 until October 2021) were affected. [42] [43] [44] [45] [46] Sales [ edit ] In 2020, the Raize became the second best-selling regular car model (non- kei models) in Japan, after the Yaris series, which includes the regular Yaris hatchback, the GR Yaris, and the Yaris Cross.

[47] Daihatsu Rocky [ edit ] Year Japan Indonesia 2019 7,808 [48] [49] 2020 31,153 [50] 2021 21,392 [51] 10,737 [52] Toyota Raize [ edit ] Year Japan Indonesia Mexico 2019 16,601 [48] [49] 2020 126,038 [50] 2021 81,880 [51] 22,923 [53] 788 [54] Perodua Ativa [ edit ] Year Malaysia 2021 26,847 [55] References [ edit ] • ^ a b c "Toyota Launches the New "Raize" in Japan" (Press release). Japan: Toyota. 5 November 2019 . Retrieved 3 March 2021. • ^ a b Tan, Danny (19 February 2021).

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daihatsu raize

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daihatsu raize

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daihatsu raize

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daihatsu raize

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daihatsu raize

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daihatsu raize

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daihatsu raize

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• Less than four meters long, the Raize is a small passenger car *1 that features the powerful style of an SUV • Class-leading *2 luggage capacity and interior space, and numerous convenient storage solutions • New platform achieves outstanding basic performance • Equipped with an array of advanced functions, including safety technologies such as Adaptive Cruise Control with All Speed Tracking *3 and the Smart Panorama Parking Assist system, and an audio display system The new Raize is a compact SUV small passenger car that measures less than four meters in daihatsu raize.

It caters to the desires of customers who want to drive an SUV, who want to load their cars with a lot of luggage, but who also wish to have a car that is compact and easy to drive. The car was developed to be "active, useful *5, and compact." Easy to use both for leisure on weekends and for everyday use, the Raize provides daily support for customers in a variety of active scenarios. The new Raize is the first compact car produced by Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.

(Daihatsu) to incorporate its next-generation car making platform, DNGA *6, which anticipates product development for both Toyota and Daihatsu brands. All aspects of the car―including its platform and powertrain unit―have been newly developed, with the goal of realizing outstanding levels of driving performance, luxury, safety, and peace of mind.

The new Raize features a compact body just 3,995 millimeters long and 1,695 millimeters wide. It is equipped with impressively large 17-inch tires *7 and protruding fenders, which provide the sense of power and stability unique to SUVs. The compact SUV boasts a class-leading 369-liter *8 luggage capacity; the rear seats can also be folded to further increase the cargo space available, enabling particularly large or long items of luggage to be loaded.

In addition, there are storage solutions located throughout the cabin, resulting in a highly convenient interior space. As for driving performance, the Raize's newly developed light-weight, highly rigid body and suspension contribute to outstanding handling stability and ride comfort. By combining a 1.0-liter turbo engine with D-CVT―used in a Toyota vehicle for the first time *9―the car achieves the torque and driving joy of a 1.5-liter engine, as well as outstanding fuel efficiency.

D-CVT *10 adds split gears to existing CVT belt drives and uses both belt and gear drives at high speeds for improved transmission efficiency. The gear-ratio range has also been expanded to provide powerful and smooth acceleration at low speeds and fuel-efficient and quiet performance at high speeds.

The Raize comes equipped with the latest Smart Assist *11 safety features, including the Crash Avoidance Braking Function, which is capable of detecting both vehicles and pedestrians, and the Erroneous Start Daihatsu raize Function with braking control (forward and backward) *12. The new Raize will be added to Toyota's KINTO Daihatsu raize beloved-car subscription service *13, which proposes a new user-car relationship, from November 12 *14. With a desire to provide young people with as many opportunities as possible to enjoy a new car, the KINTO ONE monthly subscription rate for the new Raize is to start at 39,820 yen (including taxes), which will cover the price of the vehicle as well as necessary expenses such as voluntary insurance beyond the basic mandatory insurance.

*1 Small passenger cars are defined as having a maximum length of 4,700 millimeters, a maximum width of 1,700 millimeters, a maximum daihatsu raize of 2,000 millimeters, and a maximum engine displacement of 2,000 cc. *2 When compared to other cars in the compact SUV class. As of November 2019, according to Toyota Motor Corporation. *3 There is no vehicle-hold function; vehicle-hold will be cancelled approximately two seconds after stopping, so brakes must be applied manually.

*4 "Raize" is a name based on a combination of the words "rise" and "raise." It signifies an active car that energizes everyday life. *5 "Useful" as pronounced in Japanese is a play on the two words "useful" and "youthful". *6 DNGA Daihatsu New Global Architecture *7 Equipped as standard to the Z grade. G, X "S," and X grades are equipped with 16-inch tires. *8 Daihatsu raize to measurements taken by Toyota Motor Corporation based on the VDA-method, when the deck board is in the low position; luggage capacity is 303 liters when the deck board is in the high position.

*9 As of November 2019 according to Toyota Motor Corporation. *10 D-CVT is a trademark of Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. D-CVT: Dual mode Continuously Variable Transmission *11 Smart Assist is a registered trademark of Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.

*12 Equipped as standard to Z, G, and X "S" grades *13 A monthly fixed-sum daihatsu raize that provides voluntary insurance payments, vehicle tax, registration charges, breakdown repair, and regularly scheduled maintenance of the vehicle in a single package.

https://kinto-jp.com/english/ *14 The Noah, Voxy, Sienta, C-HR, and Esquire will also be added to the KINTO ONE line-up on the same day. Engine Transmission Driveline Price * (Japanese yen) X 1.0 liter turbo (1KR-VET) CVT (D-CVT) [Continuously variable transmission] Front-wheel drive 1,679,000 Four-wheel-drive 1,918,800 "S" Front-wheel drive 1,745,000 Four-wheel-drive 1,984,800 G Front-wheel drive 1,895,000 Four-wheel-drive 2,133,700 Z Front-wheel drive ◎2,060,000 Four-wheel-drive 2,282,200 Vehicle Outline • Combining the powerful style of an SUV with the form factor of a small passenger car A design based on the concepts of "Powerful!" "New!" and "Active Style" Exterior Design • The Raize is 3,995 millimeters long and 1,695 millimeters wide.

Despite its daihatsu raize size, the car achieves the dignified and robust appearance typical of SUVs thanks to its large 17-inch tires and protruding fenders.

daihatsu raize Its angular bumper corners and trapezoid lower grille create a powerful and wide frontal appearance, while the use of thin LED headlights and sequential turn lights that appear to flow from the inside to the outside of the car hint at the car's advanced technologies.

• Daihatsu raize total of eight body colors are available, including the newly developed Turquoise Blue Mica Metallic, which emphasizes the active nature of the Raize. The car is also available in two-tone combinations of three body colors―including Turquoise Blue Mica Metallic―with a Black Mica Metallic roof *15, providing customers with a wide choice of color schemes. Interior Design • The Raize's instrument panel has been designed to ensure an outstanding field of view from the driver's seat; the operational elements of the instrument panel face the driver's side, while the daihatsu raize lever has been positioned daihatsu raize that it can be easily operated by a simple extension of the left hand.

In this way, the car realizes a driving space that allows the driver to concentrate fully on the road. • On the front seats, the angles of the side-support sections have been raised, while the back rest and side pads have been designed with differing levels of firmness. This new seat shape improves the feeling of support for occupants. • The car also features plating and red daihatsu raize in various locations to create a sense of luxury and playfulness.

• Class-leading luggage capacity and interior space, and numerous convenient storage solutions Luggage compartment and interior space • The Raize's compact body contains a spacious luggage compartment 1,000 millimeters in width, 865 millimeters in height *16, and 755 millimeters in length, with a movable deck board for improved convenience.

When the deck board is in the low position, the car boasts class-leading luggage capacity for a compact SUV of 369 liters; when the deck board is in the high position, the rear seats can be collapsed forward to create a long, flat space capable of daihatsu raize long items of luggage. The deck board can also be removed to load houseplants and other tall items, and so caters to a wide variety of customer needs.

• The distance between the front and rear seats is a generous 900 millimeters, providing plenty of space for a comfortable rear-seat riding experience. A variety of convenient storage solutions Convenient storage solutions are located throughout the cabin, resulting in a practical interior space. • A new platform leads to outstanding basic performance High-rigidity body Optimization of the Raize's frame shape and the use of strong, light-weight high-tensile steel plates in the appropriate locations result in a highly rigid body, and contribute to stable vehicle behavior despite the car's height.

Suspension MacPherson struts have been used for the front suspension, daihatsu raize torsion beams have been used for the rear. The suspension has been redeveloped from scratch, with optimized part shapes, reduced weight, and updated part positions and angles. It provides a stable ride with minimal roll, and quickly neutralizes any vibrations or impacts from the road surface. Powertrain • The Raize combines a 1.0-liter 1KR-VET turbo engine with a D-CVT that incorporates a split gear―used in a Toyota vehicle for the first time―to realize the joy of driving and outstanding fuel efficiency.

The powertrain provides the daihatsu raize of a 1.5-liter-class engine daihatsu raize a variety of engine speeds, from low speeds upwards, which results in powerful acceleration. With regard to fuel efficiency, the 2WD models achieve 18.6 kilometers per liter in WLTC test cycles *17, while the 4WD models achieve 17.4 kilometers per liter.

• D-CVT adds split gears to existing CVT belt drives, and uses both belt and gear drives at high speeds for improved transmission efficiency.

The gear-ratio range has also been expanded to provide powerful and smooth acceleration at low speeds, and fuel-efficient and quiet performance at high speeds.

• The 4WD models are equipped with Dynamic Torque Control 4WD. When accelerating from a start or when driving on slippery road surfaces, this function distributes torque in an optimal manner to rear wheels according to vehicle conditions. • An array of advanced functions, including safety technologies such as Adaptive Cruise Control with All Speed Tracking and the Smart Panorama Parking Assist system, and an audio display system Next-generation Smart Assist provides customers with peace of mind and support for comfortable driving • Adaptive Cruise Control with All Speed Tracking provides support when following a preceding vehicle.

• The Smart Panorama Parking Assist system provides voice and image guidance as well as steering assistance when parking. • The Collision Daihatsu raize Function and Crash Avoidance Braking Function are capable of detecting both pedestrians and vehicles. • The Erroneous Start Prevention Function with braking control (forward and backward) helps to reduce crash damage when the accelerator is mistakenly engaged instead of the brake when parking.

Display Audio The Raize is equipped with a smartphone-linkable nine-inch audio display *18. The display enables the use of apps that cater to SmartDeviceLink TM*19 and Apple CarPlay *20, so expanding the range of choices available to the customer. *15 Two-tone color schemes are optional on the Z grade. *16 According to measurements taken by Toyota Motor Corporation, the luggage space has a height of 865 millimeters when the deck board is in the low position; when the deck board is in the high position, the luggage space has a height of 740 millimeters.

*17 As evaluated by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. WLTC (World Harmonized Light Vehicles Test Cycle) is an internationally recognized test cycle, and is based on average usage ratios for urban, suburban, and highway driving. *18 Available as an option on all grades.

*19 SmartDeviceLink TM is a trademark or registered trademark of the SmartDeviceLink Consortium. By connecting to customer smartphones via Bluetooth ® (a trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc.), Daihatsu raize TM enables navigation apps such as the free-of-charge navigation app LINE CarNavi―which is a collaboration between the SmartDeviceLink Consortium and LINE Corporation―to be used on the audio display.

Going forward, a variety of apps will become available to use on the audio display, although some apps will require a USB connection. *20 Apple CarPlay is a trademark of Apple Inc., and has been registered in the U.S. and other countries. DOWNLOADS (IMAGES) • Raize • Raize • Raize • Raize • Raize • Raize • Raize • Raize • Daihatsu raize • Raize • Raize • Raize • Raize • Raize • Raize • Raize • Raize • Raize • Raize • Raize • Raize • Raize • Raize • Raize • Raize • Raize • Raize • Raize • Raize • Raize • Raize • Raize • Raize • Raize • Raize daihatsu raize Raize • Raize • Raize • Raize • Raize • Raize • Raize • Raize • Raize • Raize
Liputan6.com, Jakarta - PT Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) dan PT Astra Daihatsu Motor (ADM) resmi meluncurkan produk kembar terbarunya, Toyota Raize dan Daihatsu Rocky.

Kedua model ini, hadir sebagai produk kelima kolaborasi antara dua pabrikan Jepang tersebut, dan juga Astra. Keduanya mengusung desain sporty, sebagai kompak SUV dengan konfigurasi lima penumpang. Platform keduanya baru, menggunakan teknologi Daihatsu New Global Architecture (DNGA) dan Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA). Seperti kolaborasi sebelumnya, produk ini diproduksi di pabrik PT Astra Daihatsu Motor (ADM).

Research and Development ADM juga terlibat dalam pengembangannya, sehingga Rocky cocok dengan pasar Indonesia," ujar Toshinori Edamoto, President Director ADM, Jumat (30/4/2021). Sementara itu, President Director TAM, Susumu Matsuda menyebutkan bahwa bagi Toyota, kemunculan model terbaru akan menambah pilihan bagi masyarakat Indonesia di segmen SUV yang menjadikan Toyota memiliki enam pilihan di segmen SUV, yang sejalan dengan transformasi dari automobile company menjadi mobility company.

"Berbagai usaha untuk menyesuaikan layanan dengan tren dan kebutuhan yang berbeda di setiap daihatsu raize masyarakat, perlu didukung oleh pilihan kendaraan yang juga tepat untuk masing–masing orang.

Ke depannya, sejalan dengan komitmen untuk menghadirkan total mobility solution, Toyota akan terus memenuhi kebutuhan mobilitas masyarakat Indonesia, tidak hanya produk yang semakin lengkap, namun juga layanan yang variatif,” kata Matsuda.

Toyota Raize sendiri hadir dalam enam varian yaitu 1.0 Turbo GR Sport CVT TSS, 1.0 Turbo GR Sport CVT, 1.0 Turbo G CVT, 1.0 Turbo G M/T, serta varian 1.2 G CVT dan 1.2 G M/T.

Harganya, mulai dibanderol Rp 219,9 juta sampai Rp 265,9 juta on the road (OTR) Jakarta. Sedangkan Daihatsu Rocky tersedia dalam lima varian, yaitu 1.0 R TC MT, 1.0 R TC MT ADS, 1.0 R TC CVT, 1.0 R TC CVT ADS, dan 1.0 R TC CVT ASA. Menyoal harga, Daihatsu Rocky dibanderol mulai Rp 214,2 juta sampai Rp 236,1 juta OTR Jakarta. Daftar harga Toyota Raize: • RAIZE 1.0T G M/T ONE TONE Rp219,900,000 • RAIZE 1.0T G M/T TWO TONE Rp222,200,000 • RAIZE 1.0T G CVT ONE TONE Rp233,100,000 • RAIZE 1.0T G CVT TWO TONE Rp235,400,000 • RAIZE 1.0T GR CVT ONE TONE Rp244,700,000 • RAIZE 1.0T GR CVT TWO TONE Rp247,000,000 • RAIZE 1.0T GR CVT TSS ONE TONE Rp263,700,000 • RAIZE 1.0T GR CVT TSS TWO TONE Rp265,900,000 Daftar harga Daihatsu Rocky: • Rocky 1.0 R TC MT Rp 214.200.000 • Rocky 1.0 R TC MT ADS Rp 222.200.000 • Rocky 1.0 R TC CVT Rp 227.400.000 • Rocky 1.0 R TC CVT ADS Rp 235.400.000 • Rocky 1.0 R TC CVT ASA Rp 236.100.000 Perlu diketahui, harga di atas berlaku hanya untuk Regular Colour yang meliputi Black, Silver, Grey, Yellow.

Untuk Special Colour, seperti Compagno Red & Pearl White kena tambahan biaya sebesar Rp 1,5 juta. Untuk Two Tone Colour (Black & White Solid) tambah Rp 2,5 juta, serta Two Tone Special Colour (Black & Compagno Red) tambahannya sebesar Rp 3,5 juta.Add another mobil Compare for Daihatsu Rocky vs Toyota Raize Below is the detailed car comparison, based on price, specifications & other features, of Daihatsu Rocky and Toyota Raize.

Daihatsu Rocky is priced between Rp 204,2 - Rp 269,1 Million while Toyota Raize is priced between Rp 229,8 - Rp 299,2 Million. Talking about the technical specifications, Daihatsu Rocky 1.2 M MT houses 1200 cc engine whereas Toyota Raize 1.2 G MT engine displacement is 1198 cc.

Centrally Mounted Fuel Tank Front Brake Type Ventilated Discs Ventilated Discs Rear Brake Type Drums Drums Adjustable Headlights Integrated Daihatsu raize Manually Adjustable Exterior Rear View Mirror Outside Rear View Mirror Turn Indicator Power Adjustable Exterior Rear View Mirror Power Antenna Rear Window Wiper Removable Convertible Top Side Stepper
Daihatsu may have been the first to show its new compact SUV ( set to be called the Rocky) at the recent Tokyo Motor Show, but Toyota has beaten its subsidiary to the showrooms by putting the near-identical Raize on sale in Japan.

The new model is part of a three-pronged offensive from the Japanese conglomerate, with Perodua also expected to introduce its own version in Malaysia the near future.

As we’ve seen in leaked images, the Raize is almost a facsimile of the Rocky, apart from a few aesthetic changes. The daihatsu raize end has been redesigned to fit Toyota’s corporate look, dominated by a broad trapezoidal lower grille that is flanked by squared-off bumper corners and vertical fog light and LED daytime running light enclosures. The LED headlights and sequential indicators are joined together by a gloss black strip. Apart from that and the prerequisite T badges, the rest of the car is unchanged.

As such, it’s still very small, measuring just 3,995 mm long and 1,695 mm wide, and features an upright glasshouse with blacked-out A- and D-pillars, body-coloured Daihatsu raize, prominent wheel arch bulges, broad two-piece tail lights and a bumper-mounted rear number plate recess.

The largest 17-inch wheel option gets a unique turbine-style two-tone design, while lower-end models get smaller steel and alloy rollers. Eight colour options will be offered – such as a new Turquoise Blue Mica Metallic hue – with three of those colours, including the new hero colour, being optionally available with a Black Mica Metallic roof.

Inside, the Raize is again very similar to the Rocky, with a driver-oriented dashboard design, a high-mounted gearlever and a large area carved out for the freestanding nine-inch infotainment touchscreen.

The car is offered with SmartDeviceLink screen mirroring and Apple CarPlay functionality, as well as a seven-inch TFT LCD instrument display with Advanced, Exciting, Simple, and Analog display modes. Toyota promises plenty of interior space despite the compact dimensions, with a quote 900 mm between the front and rear seats.

The boot features a dual-level floor that at its lowest position results in 369 litres of boot space. The false floor itself can be removed to reveal a deep well (there’s no spare tyre), onto which tall items such as houseplants can be loaded.

Safety-wise, there’s Daihatsu’s Smart Assist suite of driver assistance systems, including autonomous emergency braking with pedestrian detection, all-speed adaptive cruise control and front and rear Erroneous Start Prevention Function with braking control, along with a Smart Panorama Parking Assist system that provides steering assistance and visual and audible guidance when parking. Under the skin, the Raize sits on the Daihatsu New Global Architecture (DNGA), which accommodates the co-development of Toyota- and Daihatsu-branded models.

Unlike the larger Rush (and its Daihatsu Terios and Perodua Aruz siblings), this car features a monocoque construction that utilises high-tensile steel plates for increased rigidity, and rides on MacPherson strut front and torsion beam rear suspension. All models come with a 1.0 litre turbocharged three-cylinder engine making 98 PS daihatsu raize 6,000 rpm and 140 Nm of torque from 2,400 to 4,000 rpm, paired to a D-CVT.

The latter gets split gears to provide daihatsu raize gear drive and belt drive at high speeds for increased efficiency, leading to a WLTP fuel efficiency figure of 18.6 km per litre with front-wheel drive and 17.4 km per litre daihatsu raize the optional all-wheel drive with Dynamic Torque Control.

The Raize goes on sale across Japan today, with prices ranging from 1,679,000 yen (RM64,000) to 2,282,200 yen (RM87,000). The car will also be added to the Kinto One car subscription service from November 12, with monthly pricing to start at 39,820 yen (RM1,500).

Rakyat Malaysia on Nov 06, 2019 at 12:27 am As Malaysians, we feel so ashamed that some of us are proud to be just a rebadger only, this is worse that Proton which has their own cars.

We are so ashamed that Perodua has never developed any of their cars after 25 years of nonstop rebadging. They have not realised the Japs didn’t teach them anything about making cars after 25 years, so they learnt nothing.

Shame shame shame Perodua! lim on Nov 05, 2019 at 3:00 pm Fun fact: this car is actually the TRUE successor to the Toyota Rush (the JDM 5 seater version). the latest ASEAN Rush/Aruz is the successor to the old 7 seater Rush (which was an extended version of the JDM model, and its sold in ASEAN markets only) correct me if im wrong.

shaw on Nov 05, 2019 at 2:04 pm The Kembara name plate should make a comebackperodua would probably stick with the tried tested and proven 1.5 litre + 4 speed auto as per everything else ASA 2.5 ? Would make debut along with myvi facelift auto start stop for full spec model N AWD will be offered to increase sales in east malaysia Expect all LED headlamps as per myvin probably cheapened interior hopefully the climate daihatsu raize makes the cut, albeit saved only for advanced models Plus, all other in-house niceties and practical touches perodua is known for Maybe a new driver seat, the one in Aruz could use more thigh support for taller drivers sir rhys lee on Nov 10, 2019 at 2:12 pm @Engineer, by your logic, COTY does not tell us it’s a good car too.

and i never doubted COTY, i just pointed out that even though on paper and out of the factory it’s a good car, the more important daihatsu raize is how the car performs in the long run.

cos u know, we dont change our car every year. perhaps stuck with it 3 years minimum. Paultan team, pls do us a favour on Nov 05, 2019 at 3:34 daihatsu raize Can anyone from Paultan team be kind enough to give us a comparison summary in terms of dimensions between Raize/Rocky vs X50. From the fotos, it looks daihatsu raize this new p2 kembara / nautica is qutie tiny compared to the X50 we seen in the pictures.

It will be an interesting topic to discuss. Thanks in advance.

TOYOTA RAIZE dibawa keluar kota!

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