Headband adalah

headband adalah

Arti Kata headband - Bahasa Inggris penting untuk dipelajari dan dikuasai, karena bahasa Inggris merupakan bahasa ilmiah. Sehingga saat kamu menguasai bahasa Inggris, kamu bisa menambah pengetahuan dari berbagai sumber.

Adapun dalam hal karir, dengan kemampuan bahasa Inggris yang baik kamu memiliki peluang / kesempatan yang luas, sehingga memungkinkan kamu memperluas networking dan kesempatan menambah pengalaman yang lebih banyak. Tahukah kamu arti dari kata headband dalam Kamus Bahasa Inggris – Indonesia?

Untuk memberikan informasi arti kata bahasa Inggris tersebut dengan cepat dan tepat, kami akan membantumu untuk mencari arti kata headband dalam Kamus Bahasa Inggris – Indonesia. Arti kata headband dalam Kamus Bahasa Inggris – Indonesia adalah kb.

destar, ikat kepala. Bahasa Inggris merupakan bahasa Persatuan Internasional yang digunakan oleh penutur bahasa asing di seluruh penjuru dunia. Hal ini menjadi salah satu faktor yang headband adalah bahasa Inggris terus berkembang, sehingga terdapat kosakata baru, atau istilah-istilah bahasa Inggris yang terdengar asing. Melalui Kamus Bahasa Inggris – Indonesia yang bisa kamu akses secara mudah dan cepat ini, kami harap dapat membantumu dalam memahami frasa atau kata bahasa Inggris ke dalam bahasa Indonesia dengan tepat.

Semoga informasi yang dimuat dalam artikel ini bermanfaat. Terima kasih sudah berkunjung pada halaman ini. Baby wearing a headband adalah A headband is a clothing accessory worn in the hair or around the forehead, usually to hold hair away from the face or eyes.

Headbands generally consist of a loop of elastic material or a horseshoe-shaped piece of flexible plastic or metal.

headband adalah

They come in assorted shapes and sizes and are used for both fashion and practical or utilitarian purposes. In the UK, horseshoe-shaped headbands are sometimes called " Alice bands" after the headbands that Alice is often depicted wearing in Through the Looking-Glass. [1] Main articles: fillet (clothing) and tainia (costume) The beginning of headbands was no later than around 475 BC to 330 BC, with the ancient Greeks, who wore hair wreaths.

The Greeks and Romans wore these pieces for very special occasions or an important event. Cultures such as the Etruscans and Romans started to decorate their wreaths with jewels made up of gold and silver. While wreaths are certainly a likely beginning of today's headbands, some believe that current day hair bands have slowly taken shape from scarves that were worn around the head or were modified from the band of hats that tied under the chin. Jews [ edit headband adalah This section does not cite any sources.

Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. ( December 2016) ( Learn how and when to remove this template message) In the ancient times, Jews originally wore headbands, besides turbans, and keffiyehs as their traditional clothing.

In modern times, these Jewish fashions are worn by Mizrahi Jews only. Early 20th century [ edit ] In the early 20th century, wide headbands known as headband adalah bands were very popular accessories in women's fashion.

Their name came from the belief that the tight pressure they provided around the forehead could relieve or prevent headaches. The French called such a garment a bandeau ( bandeaux, plural). In the 1910s, headache bands would likely have been more lacy in design—a crochet central panel decorated with ribbons and rosettes and bordered with lace, for example.

[2] Examples from the 1920s and 1930s are more apt to be dramatic sheaths in exotic fabrics and decorated with feathers, and would have been worn with fashions by couturiers such as Paul Poiret. [3] These sorts of headache bands probably achieved their peak of popularity in the 1920s. Headband adalah, items called headache bands are apt to be strictly utilitarian and medical in focus.

During the same period, jewelled headache bands or headbands, often in precious metals and precious gems, were popular. [4] 1960s [ edit ] During the 1950s and 1960s, many glamorous young women in Britain and the US wore plastic headbands with the beehive hairstyle, or silk veils when driving.

headband adalah

At the same time, working-class women wrapped strips of cloth around their hair as protection from the industrial smog and dirty rain. 1970s [ edit ] After the Summer of Love of 1967, hippies wore tie dye and paisley bandanas as headbands [5] in imitation of Leftist activists and guerrillas. These were also worn by many hard rock and heavy metal headband adalah such as Jimi Hendrix, Keith Richards, Ted Nugent, Bruce Springsteen, or Link Wray during the early and mid 70s to keep cool on stage.

headband adalah

1980s [ edit ] Deely boppers were a fad in 1982. Princess Diana famously wore an emerald and diamond choker as a headband in Melbourne on the occasion of a state tour headband adalah Australia in 1985. [6] Symbolism [ edit ] The flag of Corsica shows a man wearing a headband. In Japanese culture, hachimaki headbands may symbolise determination or devotion.

[7] Traditionally in Korea, warriors and members of military organizations such as the hwarang wore specialized headbands that kept hair firmly in place. Practically, these headbands served to clear any obstruction to the eyes so as to not hinder the soldier in combat.

Emblematically, the headbands served to symbolize strength of loyalty and submission to the state. Contemporary Korean high school students, particularly male students, are often portrayed donning headbands in preparation for the rigorous college entrance examinations.

Students commonly write encouraging or inspiring phrases on these headbands, such as "do or die!". This practice has been largely popularized by the media. Fashion [ edit ] Materials and uses [ edit ] A headband depicting the Tree of Currier House headband adalah College) There are many materials used for headbands such as wood, leather, plastic, metal, fabric, hemp, teeth, human and animal hair, bone, and novelty materials.

The leather headbands are usually glued onto a harder plastic headband, or they are hand-stitched. Plastic headbands, which are most common, can be wavy, straight or angled and come in many colours. Metal can be used to form and support leather headbands. Metal-only headbands may be plain or decorated, sometimes with precious jewels. Fabric headbands are comfortable because they do not dig into the head.

They usually have an elastic band, so that the headband forms to the head. Toothed headbands have comb-like teeth that are connected to the top part of the headband. Their teeth ensure that the hair stays in place. Novelty headbands can be used for holidays and may have decorations attached such as bunny ears, reindeer ears, Santa Claus hats and others.

Headbands are often part of a larger fashion statement — they can be colour-coded and matched accordingly to one's outfit. Utilitarian uses [ edit ] LeBron James seen wearing his signature headband Headbands, or sweatbands, are headband adalah around the forehead during physical activity to absorb sweat and keep it from reaching the eyes.

Sweatbands are often made of a continuous loop of terrycloth, as it is a particularly absorbent fabric. Folded bandanas, usually knotted behind the head, also serve this purpose. Headbands are usually used for sports but have not been popular since the late 1970s or early 1980s.

LeBron James is one of the most notable players who wears a headband during basketball games. They also come in the form of wristbands. A child in a Shi'ite ritual wearing a red headband with the name " Ruqayyah" written on it Headbands are also used for protection from cold and windy weather.

headband adalah

These headbands are sometimes called earbands, which are made from a broad strip of heavy fabric, and have a contoured shape designed to fit over the ears, forehead, and neckline.

Compared to winter hats, headbands have the advantages of providing warmth to exposed skin with minimal interference with the wearer's hairdo, allowing heat buildup formed headband adalah heavy exercise to vent through the top of the head, and requiring less storage space when not being worn. This type of headband is often used by skiers snowboarders, runners, and workers who spend time in the cold weather.

Headbands are also available to prevent water from entering a person's ears while swimming. These headbands are thin, made of neoprene, and fit the head headband adalah tightly. These headbands are useful for swimmers who need to protect themselves from swimmer's ear but find traditional earplugs or ear putty uncomfortable.

Padded headbands are also available as protective equipment. They are used widely in soccer, and are mandatory for girls' lacrosse in Florida. [8] See also [ edit ] • ^ Chambers 21st Century Dictionary Allied Publishers • ^ "Fancy headache band, early 20th century".

Retrieved 27 January 2012. • ^ "A Headband By Any Other Name".

headband adalah

July 7, 2011. Archived from the original on 13 November 2011. Retrieved 27 January 2012. • ^ "A Feather in Your Cap: How Women Wore Their Hats, from Marie Antoinette to WWII". March 16, 2010. Retrieved 27 January 2012. • ^ Issitt, Micah Lee (22 October 2009). Hippies: A Guide to an American Subculture: A Guide to an American Subculture. ABC-CLIO. ISBN 9780313365737. Retrieved 19 December 2016 – via Google Books. • ^ "Princess Diana in Australia, 1985, A Look Back at Princess Diana's Jewelry".

Retrieved 27 January 2012. • ^ "Japan – die Heimat der Stirnbänder" (in German). • ^ "Headgear Rule for Girls' Lacrosse Ignites Outcry". 31 March 2015. Retrieved 19 December 2016 – headband adalah The New York Times. • Asian conical • Baseball • Beanie • Beret • Boater • Bonnet • Bowler • Bucket • Buntal • Casquette • Chupalla • Chilote cap • Cowboy • Cricket • Easter • Fedora • Trilby • Fez (hat) • Flat • Coppola • Newsboy • Gandhi • Homburg • Anthony Eden • Knit • Kofia • Pillbox • Pork pie • Salakot • Salako • Sombrero • Stormy Kromer • Straw • Sun • Top • Opera • Tricorne • Trucker • Ushanka Military • Boar's tusk • Ilyrian • Headband adalah • Chalcidian headband adalah Phrygian • Imperial • Lamellenhelm • Great • Barbute • Close • Morion • Sallet • Lobster-tailed pot • Kulah khud • Kabuto • Dragoon • Pickelhaube • Adrian • Brodie • Stahlhelm • M33 • Advanced Combat • Enhanced Combat (US) • Flight • Mk 7 • Paratrooper Vocational Edit links • This page was last edited on 29 March 2022, at 08:52 (UTC).

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Arti kata headband - Negara Indonesia memiliki bahasa nasional, yakni Bahasa Indonesia. Walaupun Bahasa Indonesia hadir sebagai bahasa yang digunakan sehari-hari, terkadang masih banyak kata yang terdengar asing. Selain itu, ada banyak juga kata dalam Bahasa Indonesia yang belum kita ketahui makna maupun artinya secara harafiah.

Hadir sebagai acuan berbahasa Headband adalah, tentunya KBBI disusun oleh lembaga yang terakreditasi dan kompeten dibidang bahasa. Tak lain adalah Badan Pengembangan dan Pembinaan Bahasa, sebagai lembaga penyusunan KBBI. Dilanjutkan oleh Balai Pustaka sebagai penerbit, serta dinaungi oleh Kementerian Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan Indonesia.

Artinya, KBBI memiliki hak paten dari pemerintah Republik Indonesia. Nah, apakah kamu sudah tahu arti kata headband dalam KBBI? Demi menambah wawasan dan perbendaharaan kata, berikut arti kata headband dalam KBBI. Arti kata headband dalam Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia (KBBI) adalah kb. destar, ikat kepala. Setelah membaca arti dari kata headband apakah kamu tertarik untuk mengetahui lebih banyak lagi arti kata dari KBBI? Nah, demi membantu kamu lebih banyak mengetahui kosakata bahasa Indonesia dengan arti yang akurat, kami menyediakan Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia online!

Tentunya Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia Online ini bisa kamu akses secara cepat, mudah dan praktis. Hal yang kamu butuhkan tak lain hanya perangkat elektronik yang terhubung dengan jaringan internet. Selanjutnya kamu bisa langsung ketik kata yang dicari untuk dapat mengetahui arti kata tersebut dalam KBBI yang telah kami sediakan. Sangat praktis kan? Kepraktisan dalam belajar tentu akan memicu dan menambah semangat untuk terus menemukan hal baru. Selain itu, hal ini juga dapat membantu menghadirkan rasa nasionalisme.

headband adalah

Sebab Bahasa Indonesia adalah bahasa pemersatu bangsa. Jadi, yuk belajar arti kata dengan Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia Online bersama-sama!

headband adalah

Semoga artikel kami membawa kebermanfaatan untuk kamu ya! Terima kasih sudah singgah. Recent Examples on the Web The model used the elastic headband to push most of her straight, dark brown tresses back. — Jasmine Washington, Seventeen, 27 Apr.

headband adalah But the mesh headband is built to help evenly distribute the weight of the headphones across the top of your head. — Andy Meek, BGR, 20 Apr. 2022 Kriisa’s more than just a showboating player with all those between-the-legs passes and the white headband that suggests a playful, playground spirit to his game.

headband adalah

— Tim Bielik, cleveland, 24 Mar. 2022 The 6-3, headband-wearing sophomore guard from Tartu, Estonia, was back on the floor in 10 days. — Mark Zeigler, San Diego Union-Tribune, 20 Mar. 2022 For one, the Alpha is comfortable: the design doesn't clamp too hard on the head, and the ample soft padding headband adalah the headband and earcups keeps the headset comfortable to wear for hours at a time.

— Ars Staff, Ars Technica, 12 Mar. 2022 Stitch in place to form the elastic portion of the headband.

headband adalah

— Sarah Martens, Better Homes & Gardens, 4 Feb. 2022 It can be worn as a face mask, headband, neck gaiter, and more. — Editors Of Men's Health, Men's Health, 18 Apr. 2022 Caleb Williams emerged from the tunnel at the start of a new era for USC, a symbol of new hope in a white headband.

— Ryan Kartje, Los Angeles Times, 22 Mar. 2022 See More These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word 'headband.' Views expressed in the examples do not represent the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its editors.

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HAI-ONLINE.COM - Headbang atau tindakan menganggukkan kepala ke atas dan ke bawah memang sangat enak jika ditemani lantunan musik, apalagi musiknya musik metal, metalhead banget, deh!

Namun ternyata, headbang itu nggak sesederhana menggerakkan kepala ke atas dan ke bawah saja, dan ada beragam, lho, tipe-tipe headbang! CEK JUGA: Ini Dia 5 Musisi Sukses yang Mengawali Karir sebagai Backing Vokal Berikut ini adalah 5 tipe headbang yang harus kamu tau kalau kamu ingin datang ke gigs metal atau jadi personel band metal: 1.

Low Key Headbang Sebenarnya, low key headbang merupakan headbang biasa pada umumnya yang menggerakkan kepala ke atas dan ke bawah, namun headbang yang satu ini tidak menggerakkan kepala ke atas dan ke bawah dengan brutal.

Santai saja, nggak perlu terlalu lebay menggerakkan kepalanya, itu kenapa headbang yang satu ini disebut dengan low key. 2. The Up and Down Headbang Ini baru, deh, versi brutalnya dari Low Key. Kamu memang harus lebay di headbang ini, menggerakkan kepalamu ke atas dan ke bawah dengan alunan musik metal, kalau bisa ikutin ketukan drum dari musik metal yang dimainkan.

Awas, pusing! 3. The Whiplash Headbang Kalau kamu yang punya rambut gondrong dan menutupi wajahmu, kamu cocok banget menggunakan headbang yang satu ini. Jadi, The Whiplash headbang adalah melemparkan poni kamu ke belakang, sehingga wajah kamu tidak tertutup lagi oleh poni.

4. The Side to Side Headbang Headbang yang satu ini cukup unik dan pembahasannya sangat singkat, karena headbang yang satu ini tidak menggerakkan kepala ke atas dan ke bawah, melainkan ke kiri dan ke kanan. 5. The Circular Swing / Windmill Headbang Kalau kamu pernah nonton band grindcore, kebanyakan personelny melakukan Windmill Headbang, dimana mereka memutar-mutarkan kepala mereka sehingga rambut gondrong mereka terputar seperti kipas.
Headband adalah salah satu fashion item yang sering dipakai, khususnya oleh kaum wanita saat menggunakan makeup atau mengaplikasikan skincare di wajah.

Selain fungsinya untuk menghindari headband adalah yang terurai mengganggu atau menutupi mata, headband tak jarang muncul dengan berbagai model yang menarik dan lucu.

Berikut 13 model headband yang dapat masuk ke wishlist-mu! Headband adalah Terpopuler • Hamas Mulai Bangkit, Menkeu Israel: Ini Semua Kesalahan Netanyahu • 10 Fakta Elon Musk, Orang Terkaya di Dunia yang Headband adalah Membeli Twitter • 10 Potret Liburan Ayu Ting Ting dan Keluarga ke Jogja, Ayah Rozak Hits • 10 Momen Nagita Slavina Masak Makan Malam buat Teman-teman Artisnya • [LINIMASA-5] Perkembangan Terkini Vaksinasi COVID-19 Indonesia • 10 Potret Menawan Arlova, Anak Bungsu Andre Taulany, Beranjak Remaja • Libur Lebaran Usai, Jakarta Kembali Terapkan Ganjil Genap Hari Ini • 10 Mei Hari Lupus Sedunia: Cara Merayakannya • 10 Potret Alternatif Pengganti Sarung Ini Bikin Geleng-geleng Kepala

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