Sinopsis novoland pearl eclipse

sinopsis novoland pearl eclipse

Novoland: Pearl Eclipse merilis sebuah poster sekaligus mengumumkan jika drama itu akan tayang pada 10 November 2021 di Tencent Video. Hari ini, WeTV Internasional juga mengumumkan hal serupa. Menurut informasi MyDramaList, drama itu akan tayang setiap Senin hingga Minggu.

sinopsis novoland pearl eclipse

Novoland: Pearl Eclipse sendiri terdiri dari 55 episode dan dibintangi oleh Yang Mi, Wiliam Chan dan Xu Kaicheng. Sinopsis Drama Novoland: Pearl Elicpse Selama pemerintahan Dinasti Zheng, di lautan Novoland yang luas, mutiara ajaib hanya bisa diperoleh dari air mata gadis Naga.

Pencarian mutiara itu menyebabkan pembantaian suku ikan duyung. Akibatnya Hai Shi (Yang Mi) kehilangan orang tuanya dan seluruh warga desa yang ada di pesisir Yu. Selama masa kritis, Hai Shi bertemu dengan Fang Zhu (William Chan), pejabat dari istana.

Hai Shi lalu menjadi murid Fang Zhu. Tidak berapa lama setelah itu, pemerintahan Dinasti Zheng jatuh ke dalam kekacauan bersamaan dengan konflik dengan kerajaan sinopsis novoland pearl eclipse.

Sementara Kaisar Chi Zhong Xu (Xu Kaicheng) sepertinya tidak mampu menjaga ketertiban dalam istana dan terlihat seperti penguasa yang suka bersenang-senang. Tapi dukungan yang kuat dari Fang Zhu mengizinkan kerajaan itu mencapai masa kedamaian.

sinopsis novoland pearl eclipse

Hang Shi lalu menjadi penjaga pribadi sang kaisar. Sinopsis novoland pearl eclipse mulai tertarik kepada sang kaisar dan beberapa kesalahpahaman muncul di antara mereka. Saat sang kaisar tahu jika Hai Shi adalah seorang gadis, dia juga mulai menyukai Hai Shi. Hai Shi harus berhadapan dengan perasaannya terhadap Fang Zhu dan sang kaisar. • Home • Hide ads • Calendar • Lists • Feeds • Articles • Trailers • Forums • Contributors • Stars Leaderboard NEW • Shows • Top Shows • Most Popular Shows • Variety Shows • Upcoming • Reviews • Recommendations • Recommended For You • Add New Title • Movies • Top Movies • Most Popular Movies • Upcoming • Reviews • Recommendations • Add New Title • People • Top Actors • Add New Person If one can make a Naga mermaid cry, the shed tears will turn into priceless luminous pearls.

Hai Shi is a young girl living in a coastal village where people use the ruse of killing their children to make mermaids cry and gather the pearls to pay for taxes. It was on such a fishing trip that Hai Shi's father was killed. Hai Shi's town was ransacked by soldiers and she develops a grudge against the emperor whom she holds responsible for the tragic events and vows to seek revenge. She then meets Fang Zhu sinopsis novoland pearl eclipse is an official of the imperial court and the emperor's closest confidant.

Fang Zhu offers to accept Hai Shi as a disciple on the condition that she hides her true identity and poses as a boy. She accepts the terms.

sinopsis novoland pearl eclipse

The kingdom is in peril due to a self-indulgent and apathetic ruler, unrest in court, and constant conflict with neighboring kingdoms and only held together by Fang Zhu's sheer determination. Years pass and Hai Shi joins the royal military. Her feelings for her master and their opposing sentiments towards the emperor become a matter of conflict while secret plots and schemes threaten the very fabric of their kingdom.

(Source: autumn carrot at MyDramaList) ~~ Adapted from the novel of the same name by Xiao Ru Se (萧如瑟). Edit Translation • English • 한국어 • 中文(简体) • ภาษาไทย • The Lure of the Hua Xu Song (Chinese compilation) • Native Title: 斛珠夫人 • Also Known As: Hu Zhu Fu RenJiu Zhou: Hu Zhu Fu Ren九州·斛珠夫人 • Director: Lin Yu Fen, Jin Sha • Screenwriter: Li Yan Qian • Genres: Historical, Romance, Wuxia, Fantasy • Tags: Adapted From A Novel, Novoland, Hidden Identity, Xuanhuan, Strong Female Lead, Cross-Dressing, Multiple Couples, Master/Apprentice, Fantasy World, Zheng Dynasty (Vote or add tags) • Country: China • Type: Drama • Episodes: 48 • Aired: Nov 10, 2021 - Dec 5, 2021 • Aired On: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday • Original Network: BTV Tencent Video ViuTV • Duration: 45 min.

• Score: 8.3 (scored by 2,430 users) • Ranked: #626 • Popularity: #1217 • Content Rating: Not Yet Rated • Watchers: 7,806 • Favorites: 0 Rewatch Value 7.5 Journeys end in lovers meeting. Pearl Eclipse is adapted from a sinopsis novoland pearl eclipse, dark and tragic novel Madame Huzhu 斛珠夫人 set in the Novoland universe. It is an unforgettable and heartbreaking story about guilt, obsession, love and the futile struggle against fate that inextricably entangles the three main protagonists Fang Jianming, Emperor Dixu and Fang Haishi.

Although the plot and many characterisations deviate markedly from the novel, the core message that we can choose our destiny but cannot overcome fate remains. Although not quite as dark as the novel, this is an angst filled, tortured tale about tragically flawed characters that won't appeal to everyone.

The novel has heavy BL sinopsis novoland pearl eclipse to it and the incredibly dark, complicated and almost parasitical relationship between Dixu and Jianming is quite well portrayed in the drama.

sinopsis novoland pearl eclipse

It is by far the most uniquely fascinating relationship sinopsis novoland pearl eclipse this drama because they are so entangled neither has free will. Poor Haishi, hers was a lost cause from the start because Jianming already was inextricably bonded to Dixu by ties far more powerful than the baixi. Their depth of sinopsis novoland pearl eclipse history and sorrow and Jianming's sense of guilt and his obsession with putting Humpty Dumpty together again are practically insurmountable challenges.

And to Jianming's credit, while undoubtedly tempted, he avoids Haishi's many overtures because he already pledged himself to Dixu.

The drama seems slow to start because it took all three leads a surprisingly long time to get into character and to convey the many layers of their intertwined backstories. This is made more difficult because their backstories are told in flashbacks which works well in novels but is harder to do onscreen when the actors are not in character. I don't think it is particularly fair to pick on only one of them but they are all rather seasoned actors so it is rather disappointing.

Xu Kai Cheng was overacting in the beginning and he and Chen Weiting were not connecting. Their unspoken rapport only becomes evident later on and that is when the drama starts to get interesting. Even though I find Chen Weiting incredibly handsome despite the terrible wig and enjoyed his performance overall, I don't think he quite managed to convey the multifaceted, fascinatingly complex character that is Fang Jianming.

While he nails it as the archetypal ice-block, noble idiot shifu, a more daring and intense portrayal should have delivered a better glimpse into the dark ruthlessness, frustration and temptation that torments the character.

sinopsis novoland pearl eclipse

I really love how Haishi of the drama is fleshed out, she is far better dimensioned than the novel. It is refreshing to see a brave, capable female character that speaks her mind and goes after her man relentlessly.

And her outraged and rather shocked reaction to rejection just cracked me up because I am quite sure it is something that a flawless beauty like Yang Mi is personally not accustomed to. While Haishi and Jianming make for a stunning couple, their chemistry emerges slowly and it does fall far short of the sizzle of TMOPB.

This is partly because it is supposed to be a hidden, taboo romance; one that is so incredibly ill fated that knowing better, Jianming avoids; while true to her nature, Haishi rushes recklessly headlong into. As much as I applaud Yang Mi for doing her own voice work here, it is a mediocre performance that reflects sinopsis novoland pearl eclipse of neglect in this area on her part.

She already naturally has a young and very feminine voice that should not have been made even younger and quite so girlish. It does not fit the role of a woman passing herself off as a man and it conjures up uncomfortable images with respect to this already forbidden romance.

Although she improves towards the end, I can't help but think her usual voice dubber would have elevated her performance considerably. While I do not like the way Tilan was written, she is the catalyst that enables the drama to take another path. But it is unfair to have practically all of Dixu's darkness heaped upon her and their relationship got so toxic I struggled with the turn around, in particular on her part.

She also seemed a lot stronger and smarter in the beginning where I truly enjoyed how she passively aggressively stood up to Sinopsis novoland pearl eclipse. Unfortunately her character was truly thrown under the bus to enable the end outcome.

Zhuoying and Zheliu have the only non dysfunctional relationship in this drama that is s welcome relief but oddly boring at the same time. What I like most about the adaptation is how it is faithful to the novel in terms of how it takes us down the path of the dark, hopeless entanglement between the three main protagonists and then turns it around. At the darkest moment, Haishi convinces Dixu gives himself a second chance which sets in motion an unwind of this vicious circle into a virtuous one.

One change leads to another that reveals another layer of each character and get to see them change and grow into a formidable, united force against their enemies. It is a very strong message that we can choose our destiny, ie.

sinopsis novoland pearl eclipse

how we live our lives and even though ultimately we may or may not be able to overcome fate, the journey is more important than the destination. This is a very high value production with lavish costumes, sets and some intense and brilliantly choreographed action scenes, notably the epic battle reminiscent of Lord of the Rings at Hangguan Pass.

Yet despite a few riveting action scenes, this is largely a character story with very little plot movement. Despite a few thrilling encounters especially in the early episodes, the various sub plots to overthrow the emperor Dixu are not properly fleshed out and sinopsis novoland pearl eclipse tie well together. There are interesting sinopsis novoland pearl eclipse in the book that get dumbed down to obvious cartoon characters with boring motives that can't even hide well in plain sight.

The ending feels like it is missing scenes and beloved characters like Zhuoying and Zheliu's story is ended cursorily almost as an afterthought. The final plot is anti-climatic, predictable and completely premised on the stupidity of two characters. The plight of the menfolk, their tears for pearls and how this fantasy story that begins and should end with them gets lost as a result of changes made to the character stories.

I have very mixed feelings about the ending. I think the most fitting way to end this is about 20 minutes into the penultimate episode (47) where journeys end in lovers meeting. The final episode and outcome for most of the couples was not deserved, made worse by a weak and rushed end plot that was not earned. They ought to have stopped while they were ahead.

That said, Haishi and Jianming's final scene is both actors most moving and resonating performance in the entire drama. But while superficially the important aspects of the drama are faithful to the novel, the final product lacks the finesse, symmetry and haunting dark and cruel inevitably of the novel.

The novel is fated and inexorable while the drama is fated and unnecessary. I rate this between 7.5-8.5; it will feel more like an 8.5 to those who stop ~20 minutes into episode 47. Read More Rewatch Value 8.5 Top-notch production that leaves you craving for more!

The scenery in this drama is simply breathtaking, especially the Jifeng Pavillion with its elegant woodwork and raining white petals that look almost like snow. The costumes, action scenes and CGI are also on point. I'm genuinely impressed with the high-quality production.

It has a very similar feel to Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms and The Journey of Flower, which were also directed by Lin Yu Fen, perhaps a little darker and less fantasy-like. And just in case you're wondering, Pearl Eclipse is pretty much stand-alone so no need to watch the others in the Novoland series beforehand. The drama starts off with a master-disciple relationship between Fang Jianming and Fang Haishi that would soon blossom into a bittersweet and forbidden romance, where they're destined to meet but still restrained in many ways.

It's not supposed to be a straightforward love, but rather the slow-burn and somewhat tormenting type. Yet, this is what makes those rare moments of sweetness even more precious. Personally, I find that the sinopsis novoland pearl eclipse charm of this show lies in its maturity and character development.

But do get prepared, because you'll be taken on one crazy rollercoaster ride! Yang Mi is literally in her element here playing a strong, cross-dressing FL. Despite the age difference, she still pulls off the role of the playful yet smart and daring young master Haishi very naturally. I think having Yang Mi doing her own dubbing really helps as well, so all credits to her. And those intense fighting scenes radiate some serious badass FL energy. I nearly forgot to breathe watching her shoot archery while spinning 360 on horseback!

As she becomes Madam Pearl, we get to see Haishi swapping her boyish charms for a more mature and elegant persona, highlighting the different phases of her life. I particularly love her sibling bickering with Zhouying, they're such a hilarious comedy duo. But as much as they would tease each other, you can also feel their deep sibling bond and how they always have each other's back, especially Zhouying being the caring big brother that he is.

sinopsis novoland pearl eclipse

I'm going to be honest here, it took me a couple of eps to warm up to William Chan as Fang Jianming. I found his hairstyle a bit sinopsis novoland pearl eclipse and awkward at first but I've grown fond of it gradually. He's graceful and calm normally but also fierce and intimidating when the occasion calls for it.

I love how he's so protective of his disciples despite the cold front and prefers to selflessly suffer in silence, like all our favourite C-drama kuuderes (ahem. Ye Hua, Bai Zi Hua, Zhou Sheng Chen just to name a few). However, he's way too loyal and devoted to the Emperor that it's almost to a fault. It makes me often wonder whether they should just marry each other.

Oh wait, they kind of did with the Baixi oath, where Fang Jianmiang has to act as a body double and shoulder all the injuries that befall Emperor Xu. This is surely not the 'love triangle' I had quite expected. Poor Haishi, it looks like she'll have a very fierce rival to beat, the bromance. We're also greeted with another 2 couples along the way: Emperor Xu and Tilan, Zhuoying and Zheliu.

sinopsis novoland pearl eclipse

While the fates of all 6 characters are very much intertwined, each couple still has its own pace and storyline. The Emperor. sometimes I just want to reach across the screen and slap him hard. The guy can sinopsis novoland pearl eclipse so exasperating at times. His attitude towards Tilan at the beginning is uncalled for, regardless of his past suffering. As a ruler, Emperor Xu is not greedy or evil but he's not exactly empathetic or prudent either. Sinopsis novoland pearl eclipse, his temperament does get much better and I quite like his 'passionate' bromance with Fang Jianming, as complicated as it may be.

On the other hand, Tilan is portrayed as kind and supportive but I do find her character a bit weak sometimes. I guess her being a "caged bird", restricted by her royal upbringing and female status, serves as a contrast to Haishi who's "free" like a falcon having been raised as a boy in the imperial secret force. Zhuoying and Zheliu is that one couple that you can never get enough of. I love how sweet and innocent their love is. It's adorkable seeing Zhouying gets all shy and love-struck in front of Zheliu, and then getting teased by Haishi for it.

I kind of wish this couple has more screen time because the other 2 couples can get a bit too heavy at times. I don't think there's much to say for the OSTs.

I mean you open with Zhang Bichen and end with Zhou Shen, 2 of the best historical OST singers out there, so nothing can't go wrong. And the lyrics are so poetic and fit the story really well. Overall, it's a solid show with great cinematography and many unpredictable twists and turns. If you enjoy a good historical drama and not afraid to put your heart on the line, then this gem is for you.

FAVOURITE QUOTES: "In our line of duty, people could die any minute. Every time we parted, it could be forever. So, I’m not afraid of death. I’m afraid that [Master] push me away or let me go.” Fang Haishi "I don’t want [Haishi] to follow in my footsteps or take my path.

She can’t be another Fang Jianming because I know better than anyone how painful that is. I don’t regret living like this but I hope the one I love can lead a normal and happy life.” Fang Jiangming "[Emperor Xu] is my best friend. He is more important than my life. I took an oath to be faithful to him." Fang Jiangming “All these years, others all think I’ve been tolerating Xu or even indulging him, but the truth is, I just want to protect him.

The tougher he looks on the outside, the softer he is on the inside… as an emperor, he couldn’t share his pain with anyone.” Fang Jiangming “Jianming, I’ve never expected you to be a loyal official. All I want is for you to live a carefree and happy life.” Emperor Xu "Jianming, don’t underestimate Fang Haishi's feelings for you. Even if I don’t tell her, she knows you’re in a tough spot and she will do everything to protect you.” Emperor Xu Read More
Sinopsis Drama China Vovoland : Pearl Eclipse - Image from data:imageB Beijing, - Serial drama televisi Tiongkok, Novoland Pearl Eclipse bergenre fantasi romantis dirilis November 2021.

Rating 4.9% di situs Douban. Drama bertema sejarah ini dibintangi oleh aktris Yang Mi (杨幂) dan aktor tampan William Chan (陈伟霆) yang menceritakan tentang seorang gadis bernama Fang Haishi (Yang Mi) yang menyamar menjadi pria demi menjadi murid dari Fang Jianming (William Chan).

Dilansir dari Drama Pearl Eclipse berkisah dengan latar belakang kejadian pada dinasti Zheng yang berupaya mencari mutiara ajaib di lautan Novoland dan hanya bisa diperoleh dari air mata gadis naga muda. Namun, karena hal ini menjadikan penyebab sebuah pembantaian. Lantaran upaya itulah, Hai Shi kehilangan orang tuanya dan seluruh desa pesisir Yu.

Pada saat kritis, Hai Shi, dia bertemu Fang Zhu, pejabat pertama dari pengadilan kekaisaran, Kemudian Hai Shi menjadi murid Fang Zhu. Tidak berselang lama dari kejadian itu, istana kekaisaran dinasti Zheng jatuh ke dalam kekacauan yang besar. Pada saat yang sama konflik dengan kerajaan lain dimulai. Hal yang terjadi di Istana, dimana kaisar Chi Zhong Xu tampaknya tidak dapat mengendalikan ketertiban di istananya dan terlihat seperti penguasa yang memanjakan diri sinopsis novoland pearl eclipse.

Namun dukungan yang diberikan Fang Zhu memungkinkan membuat negara untuk melihat masa damai yang baru. Lalu, nasib Hai Shi yang telah kehilangan orang tuanya kini memilih untuk menjadi pengawal pribadi kaisar dan dia mulai tertarik padanya, dan beberapa kesalahpahaman muncul di antara mereka.

Sinopsis novoland pearl eclipse saat kaisar mengetahui bahwa Hai Shi adalah seorang gadis, dia mulai memiliki perasaan untuknya. Hai Shi harus menghadapi perasaannya sendiri terhadap Fang Zhu dan kaisar. Novoland: Pearl Eclipse memiliki 48 episode, Tayang sejak 10 November 2021 hingga 5 Desember 2021. Untuk menyaksikan drama ini, penonton bisa menonton melalui Tencent Video atau WeTV.(*) Jakarta, – Novoland: Pearl Eclipse merupakan serial televisi fantasi Tiongkok yang berdasarkan novel Xiao Ru Se dan disutradarai langsung oleh Jin Sha.

Untuk penayangan perdana pada 10 November 2021. Anda tentunya bisa menonton serial Novoland: Pearl Eclipse dengan melalui platform WeTV setiap Rabu – Minggu pukul 19.00 WIB. Sementara itu, untuk pemain utama yang andil dalam serial ini adalah Yang Mi sebagai Fang Hai Shi, murid dan kekasih Fang Zhu (Fang Jian Ming).

sinopsis novoland pearl eclipse

Dia berasal dari desa nelayan. Fang Zhu menyelamatkan Haishi di usia muda ketika dia melarikan diri dari pejabat pemerintah yang korup yang mengancam desanya. Selanjutnya, ada William Chan sebagai Fang Jian Ming, guru Haishi dan Fang Zhuo Ying, serta kekasih Haishi. Ia juga dikenal sebagai Lord Qinghai, pejabat tinggi dinasti Zheng.

Dia juga adalah sahabat Kaisar Di Xu dan Bai Xi. Baca juga: Hi, Mom: Film China Menyentuh Persahabatan Ibu Anak SINOPSIS NOVOLAND: PEARL ECLIPSE Sumber: Jaktim News Novoland: Pear Eclipse Drama Novoland: Pearl Eclipse menceritakan tentang latar belakang kejadian pada dinasti Zheng yang terus berupaya dalam mencari mutiara ajaib di lautan Novoland. Mutiara ini hanya bisa didapatkan dari air mata gadis naga muda. Namun, hal ini ternyata menjadi penyebab sebuah pembantaian. Lantaran upaya itulah, Hai Shi menjadi kehilangan orangtuanya dan semua desa pesisir Yu.

Pada saat kritis ini, Haishi bertemu dengan Fang Zhu, merupakan pejabat pertama dari pengadilan kekaisaran. Selanjutnya, Hai Shi menjadi murid Fang Zhu dan tidak berselang lama dari kejadian tersebut, istana kekaisaran dinasti Zheng jatuh ke dalam kekacuan besar.

Secara bersamaan, konflik dengan kerajaan pun dimulai. Kaisar Chu Zhong Xu atau Di Xu tampaknya tidak bisa mengendalikan ketertiban yang ada di kerajaannya. Karena masih muda dan menjadi boneka kontrol para pejabat, Kaisar kehilangan minat dalam hidup. Dengan dukungan Fang Zhu seorang, kerajaan akhirnya bisa bertahan dan terlihat damai.

Di Xu juga beberapa kali bertemu dengan Hai Shi. Setelah beberapa kejadian dan mengetahui Hai Shi adalah perempuan, Di Xu mulai ada rasa dengan Hai Shi. Di sisi lain, kedekatan Hai Shi dengan gurunya juga menyimpan perasaan lain. Perasaan-perasaan terpendam di antara mereka bertiga menyebabkan hubungan mereka tak terpisahkan. Hingga akhirnya, kerajaan mengahadapi kekacauan besar. Untuk membantu Fang Zhu, Hai Shi memutuskan akan membantu menjaga sinopsis novoland pearl eclipse kerajaan. Di saat yang sama, ia juga harus menghadapi perasaan di antara mereka bertiga.

Sumber dan foto: berbagai sumber
Contents • Tentang Drama Novoland: Pearl Eclipse • Detail Drama • Sinopsis • Daftar Pemeran Baca juga: Sinopsis Move to Heaven (2021) Tentang Drama Novoland: Pearl Eclipse Film drama Novoland: Pearl Eclipse review, film ini memiliki total episodes sebanyak 48 kali tayang ini disutradarai oleh Lin Yu Fen, dan Jin Sha.

Sedangkan penulis naskah oleh Li Yan Qian. Lebih lanjut untuk pemeran utama film ini dibintangi oleh aktris cantik 35 tahun Yang Mi yang akan berperan sebagai Fang Hai Shi / Ye Hai Shi serta tiga aktor lainnya yakni William Chan, Xu Kai Cheng, Chen Xiao Yun yang akan menjadi pemeran utama pada drama tersebut.

Detail Drama Berikut ini adalah tentang dan detail lengkap Chinese drama “ Novoland: Pearl Eclipse” yang tayang di Tencent Video dan WeTV sejak tanggal 10 November 2021 lalu. Judul Drama: Novoland: Pearl Eclipse Judul Asli: 斛珠夫人 Juga dikenal dengan: Hu Zhu Fu Ren Sutradara: Lin Yu Fen, Jin Sha Penulis Naskah: Li Yan Qian Negara Asal: China Total Episodes: 48 Tayang Sejak: 10 Nov 2021 – 5 Des 2021 Jaringan Penayangan: Tencent Video, WeTV Sinopsis Berikut alur cerita sinopsis Novoland: Pearl Eclipse diawali dengan kejadian yang terjadi pada dinasti Zheng di lautan luas Novoland, pencarian mutiara ajaib yang hanya bisa diperoleh dari air mata gadis Naga muda’, menyebabkan pembantaian Merfolk.

Lantaran upaya itulah, Hai Shi kehilangan orang tuanya dan seluruh desa pesisir Yu. Selama saat paling kritis Hai Shi, dia bertemu Fang Zhu, pejabat pertama dari pengadilan kekaisaran, Hai Shi kemudian menjadi murid Fang Zhu.

Tidak berselang lama sejak kejadian itu, istana kekaisaran dinasti Zheng jatuh ke dalam kekacauan besar pada saat yang sama konflik dengan kerajaan lain dimulai. Baca juga: Sinopsis Idol: The Coup (2021) Hal yang terjadi di Istana, dimana kaisar Chi Zhong Xu tampaknya tidak dapat menjaga ketertiban di istananya dan terlihat seperti penguasa yang memanjakan diri sendiri.

Tetapi dukungan terus-menerus dari Fang Zhu memungkinkan negara untuk melihat masa damai yang baru. Hai Shi yang telah kehilangan orang tuanya kini memilih untuk menjadi pengawal pribadi kaisar dan dia mulai tertarik padanya, dan beberapa kesalahpahaman muncul di antara mereka.

Pada saat kaisar mengetahui bahwa Hai Shi adalah seorang gadis, dia mulai memiliki perasaan untuknya. Hai Shi harus menghadapi perasaannya sendiri terhadap Fang Zhu dan kaisar.

Sampai artikel ini admin tulis, film drama China Novoland: Pearl Eclipse masih tayang setiap hari Rabu, Kamis, Jumat, Sabtu, dan Minggu di jaringan resmi Tencent Video. Daftar Pemeran • Yang Mi sebagai Ye Haishi / Fang Haishi • William Chan sebagai Fang Jianming/Fang Zhu • Xu Kaicheng sebagai Di Xu/ Zhu Zhongxu • Chen Xiaoyun sebagai Ti Lan/ Zi Zan • Yuan Yuxuan sebagai Zhe Liu • Wilson Wang sebagai Zhou Ying/ Duo Han/ Sinopsis novoland pearl eclipse Luo • Huang Junjie sebagai Zhou You Du Baca juga: Sinopsis Find Me if You Can (2021) Baiklah demikian untuk alur cerita film singkat dan sinopsis Novoland: Pearl Eclipse yang bisa kami berikan untuk Anda semua.

Nantikan juga artikel sinopsis film drama lainnya pada artikel drama Melancholia yang telah diupdate oleh admin Idehits.
Jump to: • Summaries (1) Summaries • During the Zheng dynasty in the vast ocean of Novoland, the seeking for a magical pearl which could be only obtained from a young Naga girl tears', caused the slaughter of the Merfolk.

For this reason, Hai Shi lost her parents and her whole Yu coastal village. During Hai Shi's most critical moment she met Fang Zhu, the first official of the imperial court, Hai Shi sinopsis novoland pearl eclipse became Fang Zhu's disciple. Not long after, Zheng dynasty's imperial court falls into a great chaos at the same time conflicts with other kingdoms start.

Meanwhile the emperor Chi Zhong Xu seems to be unable to keep the order in his court and looks like a self-indulgent ruler. But the persistent support from Fang Zhu allows the nation to see a new time of peace. Hai Shi then becomes the personal guard of the emperor and she starts to be interested in him, and some misunderstandings rise between them.

sinopsis novoland pearl eclipse

When the emperor finds out that Hai Shi is a girl, he starts having feelings for her. Hai Shi will have to face her own feelings towards Fang Zhu and the emperor. Details • Full Cast and Crew • Release Dates • Official Sites • Company Credits • Filming & Production • Technical Specs Did You Know?

• Trivia • Goofs • Crazy Credits • Quotes • Alternate Versions • Connections • Soundtracks Photo & Video • Sinopsis novoland pearl eclipse Gallery • Trailers and Videos Opinion • Awards • FAQ • User Reviews • User Ratings • External Reviews • Metacritic Reviews TV • Episode List • TV Schedule Related Items • News • External SitesEdit WeTV resmi menayangkan sebuah drama China baru yang berjudul Novoland: Pearl Eclipse mulai 10 November 2021.

Drama ini mengambil kisah yang diadaptasi dari sebuah novel berjudul sama yang dikarang oleh Xiao Ru Se. Drama ini sebenarnya merupakan franchise dari drama Novoland: The Castle in the Sky yang tayang pada tahun 2016.

sinopsis novoland pearl eclipse

Selain itu, rencana produksi drama ini sudah dilakukan pada bulan November 2018. Tiga pemeran utama dalam drama ini adalah Yang Mi, Xu Kai Cheng, dan William Chan.

Yang Mi sebelumnya pernah tampil di drama berjudul Storm Eye (2021). Sementara itu, Xu Kai Cheng pernah membintangi sebuah drama yang berjudul A Female Student Arrives at the Imperial College (2021) dan William Chan sukses di drama The Dance of the Storm yang tayang pada tahun 2021. • DETAIL • SINOPSIS NOVOLAND: PEARL ECLIPSE • PEMERAN UTAMA • PEMERAN PENDUKUNG • OST (ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK) • TRAILER NOVOLAND: PEARL ECLIPSE • Halaman : DETAIL • Judul: Novoland: Pearl Eclipse / 斛珠夫人 • Judul lain: Novoland: Gerhana Mutiara / Hu Zhu Fu Ren • Genre: Romansa, Sejarah, Fantasi • Negara: China • Sutradara: Lin Yu Fen, Jin Sha • Produser: Gao Chen • Penulis Naskah: Li Yan Qian • Rumah Produksi: Beijing Joy Jiaxing Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd., Tencent Penguin Pictures, Jay Walk Studio, Transmit Entertainment, Houhai Culture • Channel TV: WeTV • Jumlah Episode: 48 • Masa Tayang: 10 November 2021 – 9 Desember 2021 • Jadwal Tayang: Rabu – Minggu, jam 19:00 WIB (foto: instagram/wetvindonesia) SINOPSIS NOVOLAND: PEARL ECLIPSE Drama ini mengisahkan mengenai sebuah pemberontakan pada masa Dinasti Zheng yang dilakukan di wilayah dekat Laut Novoland demi mendapatkan mutiara yang dianggap ajaib.

Hanya saja, pemberontakan tersebut kemudian menyebabkan seluruh masyarakat desa harus merenggang nyawa termasuk keluarga dari seorang gadis yang bernama Ye Hai Shi. Setelah pemberontakan yang terjadi tersebut, Ye Hai Shi berusaha untuk bertahan hidup hingga kemudian dia bertemu dengan seorang pejabat kabinet yang bernama Fang Zhu.

Fang Zhu adalah seorang pejabat pemerintahan pada masa tersebut yang dikenal memiliki kekuasaan paling besar di Dinasti Zheng. Hai Shi kemudian meminta bantuan dari Fang Zhu dan Fang Zhu setuju untuk menjadikannya sebagai seorang murid. Namun lama kelamaan, dia malah menaruh ketertarikan dan merasa nyaman berada di dekat Hai Shi.
Drama Mandarin ini diadaptasi berdasarkan novel dengan nama yang sama oleh Xiao Ruse.

Cerita bertempat pada dunia fantasi Novoland, dinasti Zheng. Mengikuti tentang seorang gadis muda dari suku merfolk dan kisah cintanya terhadap dua orang pria. Dibintangi oleh sederet artis terkenal asal China, diantaranya adalah Yang Mi yang pernah bermain di serial drama Legend of Fuyao dan “ Eternal Love“.

Kali ini Yang Mi akan beradu akting dengan aktor William Chan dari drama seri “ The Legend of Zu“. Ada juga Xu Kai Cheng, Chen Xiao Yun, Wilson Wang dan Yuan Yu Xuan.

• Detail Novoland Pearl Eclipse • Sinopsis Drama Novoland Pearl Eclipse • Pemain • External Links • Baca juga Detail Novoland Pearl Eclipse • Judul: Sinopsis novoland pearl eclipse Pearl Eclipse / Gerhana Mutiara / sinopsis novoland pearl eclipse / 九州·斛珠夫人Jiu Zhou Hu Zhu Fu Ren • Genre: : Historical, Romance, Fantasy • Negara: China • Sutradara: Lin Yu Fen • Produser: Gao Chen • Penulis: Zhang Lin Nan • Produksi: Zhejiang Dingfeng Film Co, Ltd, Tencent Pictures, Climax Pictures • Stasiun TV: Tencent Penguin Pictures, Jay Walk Studio • Jumlah Episode: 55 • Masa Tayang: Paruh kedua, 2020 • Jadwal Tayang: – Photo via WeTV Sinopsis Drama Novoland Pearl Eclipse Berlatar dinasti Zheng di lautan luas Novoland, terjadi pencarian mutiara ajaib dan itu hanya dapat diperoleh dari gadis naga muda yang menangis.

Hal ini menyebabkan pembantaian terhadap kaum Merfolk. Karena insiden besar ini Hai Shi yang diperankan oleh Yang Mi kehilangan orang tuanya, termasuk penduduk desar di pesisir Yu-nya. Dalam kondisi yang tidak menentu dan kehidupan semakin kritis, Hai Shi bertemu dengan Fang Zhu diperankan oleh William Chan. Dia adalah pria kerajaan yang jadi pejabat pertama istana kekaisaran.

Walaupun seorang Kasim, namun sebenarnya, Dia adalah dulunya adalah sosok seorang jenderal muda dan Pangeran Qing Hai. Namun identitasnya disembunyikan oleh pihak kaisar. Kemudian Hai Shi memutuskan untuk menjadi murid dari Fang Zhu. Tidak lama berselang, istana kekaisaran dari sinopsis novoland pearl eclipse Zheng mengalami kekaucauan yang sangat besar hingga terjadi konflik sesama kerajaan lain.

Zhu Zhong Xu yang merupakan seorang Kaisar, tidak dapat menjaga ketertiban yang ada di istananya. Dia telihat layaknya sosok penguasa yang hanya mementingkan untuk memanjakan dirinya sendiri.

Banyak dukungan datang terus-menerus dari Fang Zhu untuk memungkinkan bangsa ini melihat waktu yang damai lagi. Sejak itu, Hai Shi ditugaskan untuk menjadi penjaga pribadi kaisar dan Dia mulai tertarik padanya. Pada akhirnya sering terjadi beberapa kesalahpahaman diantara mereka.

Suatu ketika Kaisar tahu bahwa Hai Shi merupakan seorang wanita muda dan Ia mulai jatuh cinta untuknya. Di sisi lain Hai Shi harus menghadapi perasaannya terhadap dua pria, Fang Zhu dan Kaisar.

Apa yang akan terjadi dengan akhir cerita kisah cinta segitiga mereka? Akankah Hai Shi memilih Fang Zhu? Atau Dia justru memilih Kaisar? SINOPSIS DRAMA CHINA NOVOLAND PEARL ECLIPSE EPISODE 1 – 55 TERAKHIR LENGKAP • Sinopsis Episode 1: Recap • Sinopsis Episode 2: Recap • Sinopsis Episode 3: Recap • Sinopsis Episode 4: Recap • Sinopsis Episode 5: Recap • Sinopsis Episode 6: Recap • Sinopsis Episode 7: Recap • Sinopsis Episode 8: Recap • Sinopsis Episode 9: Recap • Sinopsis Episode 10: Recap Pemain PEMERAN UTAMA • Yang Mi sebagai Fang Hai Shi/ Ye Hai Shi • William Chan sebagai Fang Zhu/ Fang Jian Ming • Xu Kai Cheng sebagai Di Xu/ Zhu Zhong Xu PEMERAN PENDUKUNG • Chen Xiao Yun sebagai Ti Lan/ Zi Zan • Wilson Wang sebagai Zhou Ying/ Duo Han/ Duo Luo, Penjaga di sekitar Fang Zhu.

• Yuan Yu Xuan sebagai Zhe Liu, Gadis yang cerdas. Kamu bisa nonton drama China Novoland Pearl Eclipse Subtitle Indonesia di WeTV dalam waktu dekat ini. Bagaimana menurutmu tentang serial Mandarin yang dibintangi Yang Mi ini? Coba tulis komentarmu di bawah ya. External Links • Official Website Baca juga • SINOPSIS Good Wife (2020) Episode 1 – 56 Terakhir Terlengkap • SINOPSIS The Romance of Tiger sinopsis novoland pearl eclipse Rose Episode 1 – 24 Terakhir

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