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quan hongchan

Fourteen-year-old Quan Hongchan has struck gold for China at the Tokyo Olympics. Starting the competition as a dark horse on the national team, she's made history in the 10-meter women's diving platform event. She secured her name in the history books. Quan was born in the city of Zhanjiang in south China's Guangdong Province, quan hongchan started diving at the age of seven.

In 2018, she joined the Guangdong Diving Team, spending three years there before breaking into the national team at the end of 2020.

quan hongchan

He Weiyi is a diving coach at the Guangdong Provincial Sports Team. Quan Hongchan was under his tutelage in this diving hall for three years. Up on the 10-meter platform, coach He said this is where Quan showed her talents, exceeding expectations despite her young age.

"It looks high up here, but believe it or not, in just three years' time, Quan could manage some very difficult sets of movements. She was even able to do some standard men's movements. Her development was much quicker than most athletes. I'd say she's got outstanding talent." Quan hongchan He said talent alone doesn't guarantee success. For Quan, hard work has been the key. "Quan practices harder than other athletes around her age.

She's the most engaged. She kept asking me whether her positions and flights are OK, whether she did well. She'd get unhappy if I couldn't answer her at once. Her spirit is a desire for perfection." As for her big win at the Olympics, He said there were challenges along the way. "In fact, there's a set of positions she didn't feel comfortable doing. But I think athletes are all trained to have a calm state of mind and self-confidence. I think her stable mood really helped her to pull it off perfectly.

And it helped her win gold." He said she's only 14 and that the Olympic medal is a solid foundation. But he hopes Quan can take full advantage of her physical prowess, and continue on the road of progress. Women's diving Representing China Olympic Games 2020 Tokyo 10 m platform Quan Hongchan ( simplified Chinese: 全红婵; traditional Chinese: 全紅嬋; pinyin: Quán Hóngchán; [2] born 28 March 2007) is a Chinese diver, national champion, and Olympic champion.

[3] She won the gold medal at the 2020 Summer Olympics in the individual 10-metre platform event. [4] Contents • 1 Early life • 2 Career • 3 Awards and honours • 4 Personal life • 5 Other Activities • 6 References Early life [ edit ] Quan was born on 28 March 2007 in Mazhang Quan hongchan of Zhanjiang, Guangdong, China. [5] [3] She is the third of five children born to a family of farmers.

[6] Quan was discovered when a sports academy recruited a group of freshmen to quan hongchan in a summer camp for diving. [6] Her parents were very supportive of her decision to start competitive diving. Hongchan's brother Quan Jinhua has said, "She liked diving the first time she tried diving.

When we go fishing and she sees water, she likes to play in the water. She likes to go to the beach too." [6] Career [ edit ] In July 2014, at age seven, she started training in diving. [6] In 2018, she joined the Guangdong provincial team. [3] [7] In October 2020, at age 13, she won the National Diving Championship in the 10-metre platform event.

[8] She was encouraged by her coach to participate and had learned all the moves in the three weeks leading up to the competition. In the same month, she joined the national diving team. At the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Quan was the youngest athlete in the Chinese delegation. On 5 August 2021, she won the gold medal in the individual 10-metre platform event with an overall score of 466.20 points, also breaking the previous Olympic record of 447.70 quan hongchan by Chen Ruolin during the quan hongchan Summer Olympics.

Of her five dives, three were perfect dives, two of which earned straight scores of 10 from all seven judges. [4] [9] At the 2021 National Games of China, Quan won gold in the team event representing Guangdong. She scored a 413.90 on the 10-metre platform, leading a quan hongchan that included Olympic teammates Chen Yuxi and Zhang Jiaqi.

quan hongchan

{INSERTKEYS} [10] In December 2021, Quan Hongchan participated in the Diving Exhibition Competition of the 15th FINA World Short Course Swimming Championships in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

[11] With three other Chinese divers Wang Han, Lian Junjie and Li Zheng, as a team, Quan performed two rounds of the10-meter platform dive, including her individual dive scored 79.50 points and the mixed synchronized dive with Li Zheng scored 86.40.

Using the outstanding actions and the “splash disappearance technique”, she helped Team China win third place in the competition with 384.20 points in total. [12] This competition was a memorable experience for Quan as the diving platform was located on the coast of Yas Island in Abu Dhabi, and the athletes needed to jump into the sea instead of jumping into the regular swimming pool. “Although it’s a bit scary, I still had to jump,” with a big smile, Quan told Dr.

Hussain Al-Musallam, the FINA President. [13] Awards and honours [ edit ] • FINA, Top 10 Moments: 2020 Summer Olympics (#10 for being the second youngest diver competing representing China at the Olympic Games to win a gold medal when she was just 14 years, 130 days old) [14] • On 9 August 2021, the Chinese Communist Youth League and the All-China Youth Federation awarded 39 young athletes, including Quan Hongchan, the China Youth May Fourth Medal (China Youth Wusi Medal).

[15] • On 31 August 2021, the Guangdong Federation of Trade Unions awarded Quan Hongchan and 11 other Olympic athletes the Guangdong May Day Labor Medal. [16] • On 5 September 2021, Quan Hongchan was awarded the All-China Federation of Trade Unions's National May Day Labor Medal.. [17] • On 6 September 2021, the Guangdong Committee of the Communist Youth League and the Guangdong Youth Federation decided to award Quan Hongchan and 12 other athletes the Guangdong Youth May Fourth Medal.

[18] Personal life [ edit ] Quan has mentioned making more money to treat her mother's illness as a motivation. [19] Her mother was hit by a car on the way to work in 2017 and suffered a serious injury. [6] She mentioned her mother was hospitalized several times but her family did not tell her because they did not want her to worry while training. In August 2021, it was reported that Quan's family has been refusing numerous offers of properties and £30m cash from individuals and corporate organizations for her valiant display at the Olympics.

[20] The family wants the focus to be on her and her sports career. Like many of her peers, Quan enjoys playing video games in her free time, particularly PUBG and Honor of Kings.

[5] Other Activities [ edit ] On 1, 2 and 3 October 2021, the featured TV program "Quan’s Tour" of Quan Hongchan for the National Day holiday was broadcast on Guangdong Sports Channel. [21] This TV program shows Quan and her teammates visiting the Chimelong Safari Park, Chimelong Paradise and Chimelong Ocean Kingdom, where Quan watched the animal circus, rode roller coasters, and played with crane catchers.

[22] Quan's trip to the theme parks also satisfied her little wish: to visit and play in the amusement park and the zoo. [23] In October 2021, Quan Hongchan participated in Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games countdown 100 days theme activities hosted by CCTV, [24] where she performed "Together to the Future" and "See You in Beijing" with many Olympic champions and celebrities.

On 26 December, the music video of "See You in Beijing" sung by 55 Olympic champions, including Quan Hongchan, was released. [25] References [ edit ] • ^ Nitta, Yuki; Naidu, Richa (5 August 2021).

"Diving-China's teenage diving queens bag 10m platform gold and silver". Reuters . Retrieved 5 August 2021. • ^ 跳水奥运选拔赛 - 14岁全红婵女子10米台夺冠 Quan Hongchan won the women's 10m platform - Tokyo 2020 - China. {/INSERTKEYS}

quan hongchan

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quan hongchan

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quan hongchan

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quan hongchan

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quan hongchan

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quan hongchan

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crossword clue• Dug into a Mississippi mud pie? crossword clue Disclaimer All intellectual property rights in and to Crosswords are owned by The Crossword's Publisher. Quan Hongchan first made her name known when she was introduced as the youngest member of the 777-member Chinese delegation for the Tokyo Olympic Games. Now she is quan hongchan to quan hongchan world as a diving sensation who finished with a stunning 466.20 points and subsequently, a well-deserved gold medal in women's 10m platform at the Games.

Quan, quan hongchan made her Olympics debut in Tokyo, collected full marks in three out of her five dives, and she led throughout the competition.

China's legendary champion diver Gao Min commented on social media, "I see a lot of myself in her. I can't stop my tears now." "She is a genius, and genius will show themselves. Her success puts out the Olympic hopes of some other divers out there, but she is like a God-given gift to us." Also trending online is a video clip of her coach thrillingly raising her up, as well as coaches from other teams coming up to this 14-year-old with praise and encouragement to her.

When asked about what she would like to do after Tokyo, she answered, "Probably going to amusement parks," as any other teenagers would do. But compared to most of her peers, Quan comes from a humble upbringing.

As the middle child of five of the family in a rural village of Chenjiang in south China's Guangdong Province, she was picked by a diving coach in a sports school in the city at the age of seven. "She loved diving instantly. When we went fishing, she always wanted to play in the water whenever we quan hongchan at one," said her brother Quan Jinhua.

With her mother in a worrying health condition, Quan has it on her mind since an early age that she was going to do her best for her mother. The family never asked the girl for anything, but the girl's sense of responsibility of taking care of the family got many netizens deeply touched. (With input from Xinhua)
Quan Hongchan of China smiles after competing in women's diving 10-meter platform final at the 2020 Summer Olympic Games on August 5, 2021, in Tokyo, Japan.

Photo: CFP Snacks, game machines and medical services have poured into the family of Quan Hongchan, the 14-year-old gold medalist at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, after the story of the talented diver striving to win the Games to support her low-income family and earn money for the treatment of her ill mother deeply touched Chinese people and triggered a moving response from society. As the youngest athlete among China's delegation, Quan amazed audiences around the world on Thursday with her incredible performance in the women's 10-meter platform, including three perfect-10 dives and a record-breaking total score of 466.20.

Quan immediately became one of the most-discussed Olympic athletes on Chinese social media and a "sweetheart" of many people not only for the spiky-haired snack-loving girl's likeable persona, but also for her maturity and good heart after it came to light she was supporting a low-income family of seven.

Quan said she wanted to "make a lot of money" to cure her mom's disease and visit an amusement park, which she has never been to. Quan's efforts have paid off and her dream is coming true. A hospital in her hometown Zhanjiang, South China's Guangdong Province announced on Friday that it would provide a full range of medical services for her mother as well as her sick grandfather. The hospital officials said they were proud of the Olympic champion and were more than willing to help out her family.

Other groups also joined the "reward ceremony" for her. Three enterprises in Zhanjiang will provide her with a quan hongchan, tuck shop and bonus to her, according to the Zhanjiang City Federation of Industry and Commerce. Several amusement parks, zoos and resorts said they would offer lifetime free pass for Quan and her family.

A local businessman even offered 200,000 yuan in cash to Quan's father, but was declined. Over past three days after Quan's winning, her family has received floods of guests coming around to offer congratulations, many sending boxes of the snacks and game machines that Quan likes. "She deserves all the glory and gifts," said one netizen on Sina Weibo. The passion for the young champion's family, however, has appeared to become overly heated after some fans and internet celebrities tracked down to her village home causing local traffic chaos.

Reports claimed some live-streamers even intend to climb up the trees planted at her house and take a jackfruit as souvenir. A resident from Quan's village, also surnamed Quan, told the Global Times on Sunday that the village is now closed for outsiders, including her relatives, as a large gathering of people is contrary to epidemic prevention and control regulations. He said there were people coming to the quan hongchan for livestreaming even after midnight or in the rain.

Besides, reports saying the flood of people had quan hongchan burden for Quan's family prompted netizens to criticize the irrational behaviors of the crazy "fans." "Although her achievements are worth acknowledging by the whole society, she is, after all, a teenager whose purity and simplicity need to be quan hongchan from frantic idolization," said one media observer.
In a diving competition for the ages, People's Republic of China's QUAN Hongchan set the 10m platform final alight with three 10s.

The impeccable Quan, only 14 years of age, barely made a ripple as she surged ahead with a score of 466.20. Teammate CHEN Yuxi won silver, more than 40 points back on 425.40, with Melissa Wu of Australia third on 371.40. But the final belonged to Quan, who thrilled and amazed in equal measure to take an unforgettable diving gold.

Quan, who won the 2020 national championships at only 13 years old, executed two dives the judges scored unanimously as 10, with a third given 10 after two judges' scores were discounted. It was a spectacular performance from a young diver quan hongchan has only recently burst onto the scene, but will now surely provide some of the enduring images of the Games.

Quan, who won the 2020 national championships at only 13 years old, executed two dives the judges scored unanimously as a perfect 10, with her fifth dive just one judge away from another perfect score. The hero of Tokyo and the new Olympic champion, was the star of the show on a thrilling afternoon at the Tokyo Aquatics Centre.

Quan spoke after the final about how she had felt in what was the most important competition of her life. Yet despite her tender age, it seems she didn't feel any pre-finals jitters. “I was a little nervous, but not very, just a little bit,” she said. And when asked how she would celebrate her win, Quan said: “I want to eat a lot of delicious things tonight! I feel like eating latiao (a popular Chinese spicy snack) the most."Diving is undoubtedly China’s most prolific Olympic sport.

In the most recent games in Tokyo, the Chinese won seven of the eight diving events. In fact, it has been a discipline where the Chinese have clinched the most gold medals historically, a total of 47.

It is perhaps unsurprising that diving has spawned some of China’s most locally recognised sports stars. Most recently Quan Hongchan, who won the individual 10-metre platform event in Tokyo, has became a media sensation. Who is she? Born in 2007, Quan hails from a poor village in Guangdong province’s Zhanjiang. Her dad’s a farmer and her mother has been suffering from epilepsy since being involved in a quan hongchan traffic accident in 2017.

quan hongchan

Quan started training at the age of seven and last year became a national champion at just 13. She would not have been allowed to compete in Tokyo if the Games had not been postponed for a year because of Covid-19: the minimal age for participating in the diving events is now set at 14.

Having been on the national diving team for less than a year, Quan stunned audiences with nearly perfect dives at the Tokyo Olympiad, which was also her first international meet. Judges and audiences were agog that she barely made a ripple every time she dived into the water from the 10-metre platform.

This earned her three perfect scores (out of the event’s five rounds). Her total score also broke the Olympic record. The results made Quan China’s quan hongchan Olympic gold medallist in diving, after Fu Mingxia, quan hongchan won the 10-metre platform gold at Barcelona in 1992 aged 13. Guo Jingjing, another of China’s most popular diving divas and one of the judges in Tokyo, said she envied Quan’s achievement.

“I’ve never achieved full marks that many times in my 20-year diving career, but Little Quan did that in one go,” remarked an awestruck Guo. How was the story covered in China? The youngest athlete in the Chinese Olympic delegation also grabbed attention due to her poor family background and her filial spirit. At a press conference she revealed that she wanted to earn a “lot of money” as an athlete so she could foot her mother’s medical bills.

Her biggest dream was to open a supermarket with lots of snacks, in addition to visiting an amusement park (as she’d never been to quan hongchan.

The news prompted donations of Rmb200,000 ($30,790) from her new supporters, as well as corporate gifts that included a property and a retail space for Quan’s father (who declined the offer). Meanwhile, her home in Maihe village has become a hotspot with hordes of fans gathering there to take pictures and leave presents of her favourite snack, latiao ( see WiC522).

Some livestreamers even stayed overnight outside of her home, with a few becoming unruly and invading villagers’ privacy.

quan hongchan

As a trending subject on weibo, “Quan Hongchan’s village asking visitors to behave” has been viewed more than 240 million times, with one netizen chastising the opportunistic livestreamers: “If people are going to her house just to get followers, that’s despicable. Her mother quan hongchan sick, she shouldn’t be disturbed.” © ChinTell Ltd.

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Quan Hongchan poses with her gold medal at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics on Aug 5.

REUTERS Teenage Olympic champ captures public's imagination with unassuming nature and humble family background Quan Hongchan has dived and charmed her way straight into the nation's heart. After winning gold with three perfect scores in the women's 10-meter platform final on Thursday, the 14-year-old's endearing interviews and moving revelations about her upbringing have captured the public's imagination perhaps like no other Chinese athlete at the Games.

True to her innocent and unassuming nature, she admitted that speaking in front of the cameras makes her even more nervous than leaping off the platform at the Olympics. "I just want to eat a lot of delicious food, like spicy gluten strips," said Quan after winning gold.

"I'm clumsy, and I'm not quan hongchan at academic study. I just know how to dive. "And what's my secret in diving? I don't know. Some people say my splash into the water is even smaller than the splash they make when they throw a dumpling into a pot. I don't know and I never compare it." Quan, who hails from a family of modest means, was barely known before the Tokyo Olympics.

Now she suddenly finds herself a huge star on social media. By Sunday afternoon, her Weibo account had amassed over half a million followers. The teenager was the subject of around 30 trending topics, ranging from her diving performances to her childhood experiences.

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The near-perfection quan hongchan Chinese diver Quan Hongchan’s performance on Thursday night had commentators in disbelief.

“Remember this! You may never see anything like it again,” an NBC broadcaster exclaimed. He was right about the memorable dives—Quan scored two quan hongchan 10s, making her the new Olympic record holder in the women’s 10-meter platform. Quan is the only one among the group of Chinese divers who hasn’t been a world champion. The native of the southeastern province of Quan hongchan grew up on quan hongchan farm and started diving seven years ago.

She was only able to compete in the Tokyo Games because it was postponed to 2021—the minimum age requirement for Olympic diving is 14. According to Chinese outlet Living, Quan was first recruited by a diving trainer from a sports school in Zhanjiang, a city in Guangdong, at the age of seven. Among her four siblings, her younger sister and brother also joined her—they come from quan hongchan poor family and Chinese sports schools cost less in attendance fees than a normal school.

Her mother used to cook at a factory before breaking her ribs in a car accident in 2017. The family had to spend all their savings to treat her, which Quan has been helping pay for. After Thursday’s event, Quan said, “I want to make enough money to support her,” the Associated Pressreported.

Since joining the provincial team in 2018, Quan has only been able to visit home twice a year, spending a majority of her time at her sports boarding school. She’s never quan hongchan to amusement parks or zoos, but the 14-year-old hopes to one day play on claw machines.

To achieve perfection, daily training for the world record holder includes about 120 dives into the water. All that diligent jumping has paid off. Two of her five dives earned perfect 10 scores by all seven judges. Another one of her dives had six 10s and one 9.5, which was effectively perfect because the two highest and two lowest scores are not counted in the final score.

Quan is now the second-youngest Olympic gold medalist in diving for China. The youngest ever is Fu Mingxia, who at age 13 won a gold medal in Quan’s same discipline at the 1992 Barcelona Games. After her stunning performance, a cosmetic company said it would fund her mom’s treatment, and an amusement park said it would offer the entire diving team free year passes. Acknowledging her win, Quan thanked her parents for “encouraging me quan hongchan relax and telling me to just go for my dives freely because it doesn‘t matter whether I get a medal or not,” she was quoted as saying by the South China Morning Post.

To celebrate her gold, Quan said she’ll be eating latiao, a spicy Chinese snack made of wheat flour. Follow Hanako Montgomery on Twitter and Instagram.

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