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• Real-time anonymization of persons, license plates and other objects for GDPR conform archiving of recordings • Size and type of pixelation freely configurable.

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Can be applied to images, videos and live streams • On the fly anonymization can be integrated into existing recording setups. Freely configurable input and output codecs (e.g. MJPEG -> H264) • Specific algorithms prevent that sensitive data accidentally becomes visible.

• Real-time removing of objects from videos and live streams and color coding of removed content (“Ghosting”). • Sensitive objects (bags, suitcases, trolleys, i kara, …) remain visible. • Work with all kinds of IP cameras and webcams • Batch processing for anonymizing large amounts of pre-recorded data This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

Find sources: "Ikara" – news · newspapers · books · scholar · JSTOR ( February 2022) ( Learn how and when to remove this template message) • Chairman Sadiq Ibrahim Salihu Time zone UTC+1 ( WAT) Ikara is a town in Kaduna State, northern Nigeria, located around 75 kilometres north-east away from the city of Zaria. Ikara i kara a district consist of five towns which are Ikara, tudun - wada, Nasarawa, Sabon - Gari, Jamfalan, Kurmin - Kogi, Hayin -Bawa, Pala and Saya - Saya. respectively. [1] The Local Government council is chaired by Sadiq Ibrahim Salihu.

[2] Contents • 1 Tribes • 2 History • 3 Administrative Structure • 4 Agriculture • 5 Commerce • 6 Education • 7 Financial Institutions • 8 Government Agencies • 9 Geographical Features • 10 Headquarter • 11 Health Facilities • 12 Industries • 13 Judiciary • 14 I kara Resources • 15 People • 16 Population • 17 Postal Address • 18 Religion • 19 Recreational Facilities • 20 Road Network • 21 Tertiary Institution • 22 Traditional Rulers • 23 Tourists Attractions • 24 Towns and Villages • 25 Water • 26 Politicians • 27 References Tribes [ edit ] The main tribes of the people of the area are Hausa and Fulani.

[3] Their religions are Islam and Christianity. Their main occupation is farming. They produce Maize, Guinea corn, Beans, Soya beans, Rice, Cassava, Tomatoes, Sugar cane, and many other crop products.

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{INSERTKEYS} [1] History [ edit ] The evolution of human settlement in Ikara was greatly influence by environmental, economic and social considerations.

the evolution was dated back as far as 1808 when the Jukun people inhabited the town of Ikara. the were immigrants who fled attack of the Muslims scholars from Kano for their refusal to accept Islam. They settled under the Ikara Mountain (Duts Lungi) for a brief period of time than later come settle in a plain area near the mountain.

[4] The Jukunawa people were believed to be the founders of Ikara town and name it "Ikara" which mean s word in jukun lets hide here or a hiding place. [5] The Local Government was created in 1976 from the defunct Zaria Province. Administrative Structure [ edit ] This Local Government consists of two districts namely: • Ikara district • Paki district It has six (6) departments, which are as follows: • Personnel Department • Finance & Supply Department • Works Department • Agricultural Department • Health Department • Education Department Agriculture [ edit ] This Local Government depends mainly on farming and cattle reading.

Ikara has a strong division of labour according to age and sex. Many men have more one occupations such as farmers and traders. The women of Ikare get money through processing of foods and selling food items at home or market places. [6] [7] Commerce [ edit ] The commercials activities in the local Government consist of farm products.

Below is the list of their main markets. • Ikara central market/market stalls • Ikara Tomatoes • Paki Markets. • Auchan Markets. Education [ edit ] There are thirteen Secondary Schools in this Local Government namely [8]:- • Government science secondary school, Ikara • Government Girls Secondary School Ikara • Government Secondary School, Ikara • Government Vocational Training School, Ikara • Government Secondary School, Pala • Government Secondary School, Auchan • Government Secondary School, Paki • Government Secondary School Janfala • Government Secondary School, Malikanchi • Government Secondary School, Danlawal • Government Secondary School, Rumi • Ikara Comprehensive Academy (Private) • Raising Star Academy Ikara (Private) Ikara Comprehensive Academy (ICA) is a popular private secondary school operating in Ikara town, the school is rated high in terms of provision of qualitative education.

Financial Institutions [ edit ] There is a bank at Ikara and Lead way Assurance is the other financial institution in Ikara LGA Financial Resources • Unity Bank Ikara Branch • Bank of Agriculture (BOA) • National Bank of Nigeria • Federal Statutory allocation which is received on a monthly basis.

• Internally generated revenues from markets, taxable adults and motor parks. Government Agencies [ edit ] • Rural Electrification Board (REB) • NIPOST • NPC • NITEL • Water Board Geographical Features [ edit ] There is no distinct geographical features in the LGA The LGA has borders with Makarfi Local Government in the west, Soba in the south, Tudun Wada in Kano State in the North.

Kubau by the South Headquarter [ edit ] Ikara, Which is a major town is the headquarters Health Facilities [ edit ] There are five comprehensive health centers and forty four Health Clinics located in the following Area . • General Hospital, Ikara • Comprehensive Health Centre, Paki • Comprehensive Health Centre Auchan There are Health Clinics under Ikara LGs with four Health Centers located in Ikara itself.

Industries [ edit ] Ikara food Processing Company (Tomato) Judiciary [ edit ] The Local Government has three courts at the headquarters, Ikara, namely: • Magistrate court • Upper Sharia court • Sharia court • Customary Court Mineral Resources [ edit ] • Precious stone • Limestone deposits. People [ edit ] Hausas/Fulani Population [ edit ] 194,723 people (2006 census) Postal Address [ edit ] P.M.B 1101, Ikara Religion [ edit ] Islam is the dominant religion.

Recreational Facilities [ edit ] The numerous schools and tertiary institutions provide play grounds for sports and recreational activities in L.G.A. Road Network [ edit ] Road Construction received attention during the period of Governor Ahmed Mohammed Makarfi. Roads are enumerated below: • Ikara –Tashan Yari Road • Ikara –Panbeguwa Road • Anchau –Kudaru Road • Paki Kwanan Dangora Road • Anchau- Banki- Wagaho Road • Ikara –Tudun Wada of Kano State Road • Kurmin Kogi-Yan Marmara Road • Ikara –Zaria Road • Ikara –Furana-Dan Lawal Tertiary Institution [ edit ] There are two of them namely • School of Health Technology, Pambeguwa (moved to Kubau) • Co-operative Institute Ikara Traditional Rulers [ edit ] The following areas are administered by Districts Heads.

Are: • Ikara District • Kurmin Kogi • Paki District • JanFalan • Pala District Tourists Attractions [ edit ] The LGA is inundated with some rocks and Kogi waterfalls. Towns and Villages [ edit ] Ikara, Malikachi, Furana, Danlawan, Kurmin Kogi, Janfalan, Auchan, Paki, Pala,Saulawa, Rumi, Saya-saya, Kuya Water [ edit ] The Ikara water dam Politicians [ edit ] • Hon.

Sani Ahmed Ikara • Hon. Abdullahi Adamu • Hon. Tsoho Abubakar • Hon. Halliru Sambo • Hon. Tijjani Sani Paki • Hon.

Gambo Lawal Auchan • Hon. Yusuf Bature Aliyu Auchan • Hon. Magaji Mudi Ikara • Hon. Alhassan Muhammad Datti • Hon. Yusuf Bala Ikara • Hon. Muhammad Dayyabu Paki • Hon. Sadiq Ibrahim Salihu Hon. Sadiq Ibrahim Salihu is the current serving Chairman of Ikara Local Government Area of Kaduna State.

References [ edit ] • ^ a b Micheal, Sowemimo (2013). the chronicles of Ikara (English and Hausa). Kaduna: (Wemscorp Publichser). pp. 4–6. • ^ "Kaduna LG Polls: APC humbles PDP, wins 15 chairmanship seats". 2021-09-07 . Retrieved 2022-03-14. • ^ "History – Ikara Local Government Council" . Retrieved 2022-03-08. • ^ Koslow, Phillip (1995). Hausaland: the Fortress Kingdom, Kingdom of Africa.

New york: Chelsea House publisher. • ^ Daboh, Yusuf (1996). the pre -colonial Era of IkaraLand. kaduna. • ^ Shehu, Umar (2011). {/INSERTKEYS}

i kara

Assessment of the UBA programme: A case study of Ikara Local Government. • ^ Smith, Mary (1981). The Baba of Karo: A woman of the Muslim Hause. Conn: Yale university Press. • ^ Shehu, Umar i kara. Assessment of the UBE programme: A case study of Ikara Local Government.

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Ikara test missile on launcher [1] Type Anti-submarine Place of origin Australia Service history In service 1960s–1990s Used by Royal Australian Navy Brazilian Navy Chilean Navy Royal New Zealand Navy Royal Navy Production history Designed Circa 1959–60 Manufacturer Australian Government Aircraft Factories/Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation (CAC)/Australian Defence Scientific Services (ADSS) [2] Produced Early 1960s Specifications Mass 513 kilograms (1,131 lb) Length 3.429 metres (135.0 in) Warhead Mark 44 (two versions) Mark 46 NDB (Nuclear Depth Bomb).

Operational range Maximum range: 10 nautical miles (19 km) Minimum (safety) range: 914 metres (1,000 yd) Flight ceiling 335 metres (1,099 ft) Maximum speed Boost max: 713 kilometres per hour (443 mph) Cruise: 658 kilometres per hour (409 mph) Maximum boost acceleration: 10.9G Boost burn time: 1.96 seconds Launcher maximum elevation: 55° Maximum range time interval: 100 sec.

Launch platform Ship-borne The Ikara missile was an Australian ship-launched anti-submarine missile, named after an Australian Aboriginal word for "throwing stick". It launched an acoustic torpedo to a range of 10 nautical miles (19 km), allowing fast-reaction attacks against submarines at ranges that would otherwise i kara the launching ship to close for attack, placing i kara at risk.

i kara

By flying to a distant target, the engagement time was dramatically shorter than provided by short-range weapons, giving the target less time to respond. Contents • 1 Design and development • 2 British variant differences • 3 Ikara fitted ships • 4 Operators • 4.1 Former operators • 5 Notes • 6 References • 7 External links Design and development [ edit ] With the development of nuclear power, submarine performance, especially speed, improved dramatically, as did the threat they posed.

Simultaneously, sonar detection capability at long range was also improving significantly, but only short-range weapons were available to surface escort warships. The final British development of the A/S mortar was the Limbo mortar, able to fire in all directions but limited to a maximum range of 914 metres (2,999 ft). Known initially under the rainbow code name Blue Duck, the Ikara was a "Rocket-Thrown-Weapon" with similarities to the French Malafon.

It differed from Malafon in that the torpedo was semi-recessed in the missile body rather than mounted in the nose. Ikara's range at 10 nautical miles (19 km) was double that of ASROC.

[4] Ikara was generally considered a superior system to ASROC as it was accurately guided during flight to ensure optimal targeting. A submarine would be aware from sonar contacts that it was about to be attacked and could engage in evasive changes of course. In ASROC's flight time to maximum range of 55 seconds, [4] a submarine travelling at 25 knots (46 km/h) could move 700 metres (2,300 ft) from its position at launch, and a prediction would be made of the submarine's likely position at torpedo splashdown.

But during the design of Ikara around 1960 the range of the acoustic seeker of the Mk.44 torpedo was limited to 457 metres (1,499 ft), and consequently its kill probability was low.

The range of the acoustic seeker was later improved. [5] The Turana target drone was designed and built in Australia as a development of the Ikara anti-submarine weapon system. It was a target drone with remote control that was launched from the Ikara launcher for use in naval anti-aircraft target practice.

The four principal methods of delivering an acoustic homing torpedo or a Nuclear Depth Bomb at long range from a surface escort. Only the rocket-thrown weapons ( ASROC and Ikara) are available for use in all-weather conditions and at instant readiness. Ikara was powered by a two-stage in-line solid-fuel Murawa rocket engine developed by Bristol Aerojet Ltd in the UK [6] [7] and was guided by radio command link until it reached the vicinity of the submarine, determined by the ship's sonar contact, where it would first jettison the rear ventral fin and torpedo rear covering and then release its 12.7 inch Mark 44 or Mark 46 i kara anti-submarine torpedo.

The torpedo payload would descend by parachute while the missile itself was programmed to splashdown some distance away to avoid interference with the acoustic torpedo's seeker head.

The torpedo would then begin a circular search pattern to find and lock onto a submarine contact. Cutaway drawing of the Ikara missile largely based on declassified documents located in the National Archives, London, and photographs taken by the artist [8] of museum exhibits at the Bristol Aero Collection [9] at RAF Kemble and the Royal Navy Submarine Museum, Gosport, Hampshire, I kara.

British variant differences [ edit ] Test missile on display i kara Bristol Aero Collection, Kemble, England. A variant fitted to the British Royal Navy's Leander-class frigates differed in several respects from the original Australian version designed to operate in the Pacific. The Royal Navy required changes to the frequencies used i kara order to enable Ikara to be used in the NATO area, where different electronic warfare conditions and international frequency agreements had to be taken into account.

i kara

Neither the Australian-built analogue computer system, nor the American Bunker Ramo Corporation 133 digital computer system, used in most RAN systems, were compatible with the ADA digital battle-control computers being fitted into Royal Navy ships, and this was also changed. The UK-manufactured version of the Mark 44 torpedo also i kara from the US-built version purchased by the Australians for their Ikara missiles. The British also required the missile payload to be changeable aboard ship to permit different payload combinations to be used, including a nuclear depth bomb (NDB) option, and this, together with the different internal ship layouts required further changes to the missile, storage and handling arrangements.

The Australian practice was to combine the missile and payload at a shore-based ordnance facility and issuing the complete unit to a ship; i kara or maintenance was only possible ashore. In the British ships, the changes made enabled a faulty torpedo on a missile in working order to be replaced, increasing the flexibility of use of very limited stocks aboard; especially on lengthy deployments around the globe, as was more common with British ships than their Australian counterparts.

i kara

The facility to change a torpedo payload aboard ship also permitted a change from a conventional torpedo to a WE.177A NDB, a facility for a nuclear option that was not needed on ships fitted with the Australian variant of Ikara.

[5] The British launcher also differed, covered by a zareba (breakwater) when not in use to i kara icing in northern waters, and extremely accurate in training in bearing.

It was also notoriously noisy. [ citation needed] Ikara fitted ships [ edit ] Ikara was fitted to all of the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) River-class frigates/destroyer escorts and Perth-class guided-missile destroyers.

i kara

There were three main variants of the system fitted to RAN ships; F1, F2, and F3. The F1 system, using an analogue computer, a single i kara and without a data link, was fitted to HMA Ships Stuart and Derwent only. The F3 system, with a digital computer, digital display, single launcher and a digital data link, was fitted to the other four River class ships.

HMAS Stuart and Derwent were fitted with F3/0 systems during Half-life refits during the 1980s. The F2 system, using a digital computer, digital display, two launchers and with a digital data link, was fitted to the three Perth-class destroyers.

i kara

The digital computer used by the RAN was the AN/UYK-1 NTDS ( Naval Tactical Data System) (Bunker Ramo 133) [10]. [ citation needed] The Ikara missile was withdrawn from service by the RAN in 1991. [11] Ikara was also operated by the Brazilian Navy, Royal Navy, and Royal New Zealand Navy. It was phased out in the early 1990s due to the obsolescence of the Mk 44 torpedo and inability to carry the newer and heavier Mk 46 or Stingray.

The British purchased Ikara to fit to the two new CVA-01 aircraft carriers planned (and later cancelled) in the 1960s, and their escorts, the Type 82 destroyers, of which only one, HMS Bristol was built.

With the cancellation of the remaining escorts, the British were left with purchased Ikara missiles in storage, and opted to fit them into eight existing Batch 1 Leander-class frigates in need of modernisation: [12] HM Ships Ajax, Arethusa, Aurora, Dido, Euryalus, Galatea, I kara and Naiad. Operators [ edit ] • ^ Note: Test missiles (explosively inert) were blue and warshots and i kara (live) missiles were white. [ citation needed] • ^ "Chapter 13 – Defence Science and Technology".

Technology in Australia 1788–1988. Austehc.unimelb.edu.au. Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering. 1988. p. 921. ISBN i kara. Retrieved 2011-01-26. • ^ "Part of RecordSearch unavailable". Naa12.naa.gov.au. Retrieved 2011-01-26. • ^ a b "Record Summary". The National Archives. Retrieved 2008-10-10. • ^ a b "Record Summary". The National Archives. Retrieved 2008-10-10.

• ^ http://naa12.naa.gov.au/scripts.ItemDetail.asp?M=0&B=930305. Retrieved November 12, 2006. {{ cite web}}: Missing or empty -title= ( help) [ dead link] • ^ "Item ST 42976 Rocket Motor - 'Murawa', GAF Ikara Missile, 1970". collections.museumsvictoria.com.au. Retrieved 18 September 2021. • ^ Brian Burnell's nuclear weapons history site (under construction) Updated 15 April 2018 artist: Brian Burnell, nuclear-weapons.info, accessed 19 September 2021 • ^ "Bristol Aero Collection".

Bristolaero.com. Retrieved 2011-01-26. • ^ This was the title of one set of maintenance manuals issued for cabinet A16, the RAN's digital computer. Bunker Ramo and RAN manuals were also issued. • ^ Dennis et al 2008, p. 273. • ^ Mike Potter. "LEANDER class".

i kara

Hazegray.org. Retrieved 2011-01-26. References [ edit ] • Dennis, Peter; Grey, Jeffrey; Morris, Ewan; Prior, Robin; Bou, Jean (2008). The Oxford Companion to Australian Military History (Second ed.). Melbourne: Oxford University Press. ISBN 978-0195517842. External links [ edit ] Wikimedia Commons has media related to Hawker Siddeley Ikara.

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Ikara unifies vendor environments, delivering a single view of your total IT ecosystem performance in real time, by bringing together and translating hundreds of complex data measurements into easy and understandable dashboard specific to your responsibility. By acting upon these insights with complete transparency, you can assist service providers to achieve a higher level of operational efficiency, resulting in better services provided to your organisation. We are the Meeting Place. Wilpena Pound, a natural amphitheatre of mountains in South Australia’s Flinders Ranges National Park, means “Meeting Place” in the native Adnyamathanha language.

Ikara’s flagship platform is a digital meeting place where everyone can speak the same language as it brings all parties together for sustainable and measurable digital transformation.
Welcome on pages of IKARA Ltd. Our company is a specialized manufacturer of free flight airplane models, powered by rubber motors.

We manufacture kits or ready to fly models for indoor and outdoor flying. We pay special attention to models for children and youngsters. Significant part of our production range are models for competitions of P20 and P30 categories. The most popular product of our company is an indoor free flight airplane model called "BUTTERFLY" powered by a very light plastic propeller which is well known product of our firm. Thanks to its flight weight 2.8 g you can fly this model in your living room so you can enjoy flying with free flight airplane models even when there is bad weather outside.

In addition to kits and ready to fly models we also manufacture wide range of parts and components for free flight airplane models. Our products are successful at demanding markets of Europe, USA, Canada and Japan. At the i kara we cooperate with Plantraco Co., Canada, on unique radio controlled models Butterfly RC. This radio controlled model, manufactured from carbon fibers with covering from super light Mylar foil flies at home in a living room.

We manufacture also models used for advertising purposes. In addition to "Butterfly", it is for example "Kolibri" with wing covering printed with company logo. We hope that each client of any age finds a model from our product range for fun or competition flying i kara free flight and RC airplane models.

________________________________________________________________ IKARA Ltd.SVITAVSKÁ 31614 00BRNOCZECH REPUBLIC TEL:/FAX +420 545 211 185 GSM : +420 605 267 554 EMAIL : ikara@iol.cz Menu • • FREE FLIGHT MODELS • INDOOR MODELS • BUTTERFLY • CARBON BUTTERFLY • JUNIOR • BULLDOG •  INDOOR & OUTDOOR • HANGAR RAT • KOLIBRI • FIGHTERS • AVIONNETTE HM 8 • COMPETITION MODELS • P30 Category- PEE-WEE • P20 Category- JUNIOR • P20 Category- POQUITO • PROPELLERS • PARTS • TIMER • RC MODELSLearn what service assurance means to you.

As digital technologies become integral to supply chains, company executives and boards are i kara pressure to fully understand their implications. In order to maintain customer intimacy and brand i kara, the number of data points that need to be analysed grows daily. Managing the performance of technology systems is a priority for both technical and procurement executives because demand for high-quality technology systems continues to grow.

Enterprise technology professionals face demands to increase the reliability of ICT services and products while being better able to monitor their own spending.

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