Korean style cake

korean style cake

With the social distancing that the world has been abiding by these past few months due to Covid-19, it has proven to be a difficult task to celebrate holidays for every family. So many are yearning for that time together—just like the good old days. It seems that many people are forgoing the concept of buying cakes for the time being, let alone finding a Korean bakery that is easily accessible in these trying times. Let this sponge cake recipe be a testament to all korean style cake celebrations will still go on—regardless of challenges and trials that this life may bring.

This Korean sponge cake recipe korean style cake one that I am extremely proud of. After years of trying different methods that could potentially produce favorable and foolproof results, I’ve finally struck the right harmony between a simple, reliable process, and a delicious outcome.

Although my original sponge cake recipe always turned out well for me personally, many home bakers had a difficult time achieving the right texture. I suppose it had to do a lot with over whipping the egg whites, as well as over mixing the wet batter.

Additionally, I’m omitting the baking powder altogether in this recipe. The crumb is surprisingly fluffier and sturdier than any other cake Korean style cake made thus far. I also lowered the content of cake flour, and with these improved measurements you just can’t go wrong.

I hope you enjoy it as much as we do! The Perfect Korean Sponge Cake Makes one 6 in. round cake about 3 in. tall Ingredients 3 large egg whites, room temp 1/3 cup granulated sugar 1/2 tsp vinegar 3 large egg yolks, room temp 1 tbsp milk 1 tsp vanilla extract 1/2 tsp salt 1/2 cup+2 tbsp cake flour 4 tbsp vegetable oil (or other neutral taste) Method • Preheat oven to 310 F degrees.

In a large mixing bowl and a whisk attachment, beat the egg whites on medium speed until foam starts to appear. • Add the sugar in four increments every 10 seconds. Beat until fluffy peaks begin to form.

korean style cake

Add vinegar and beat some more until peaks are almost stiff but not solid stiff. The peaks will form a slight curve when you lift the whisk. That’s the sign that you shouldn’t go further so it doesn’t get over whipped. • In a separate bowl, mix the egg yolks, milk, vanilla, and salt.

korean style cake

Pour it into the egg whites and incorporate just enough. • Sift the cake flour in three increments into the wet mixture, folding with a spatula gently all throughout. Make sure not to over mix or beat the air out of the batter! Scrape sides and bottom as needed.

Add oil slowly and fold just enough so it’s well incorporated. • Pour the batter into an 6 in. round cake pan lined with parchment on the bottom and sides (sides is optional but preferred).

If you’re not lining the sides, make sure to not butter or oil the sides. Gently pass a knife all throughout the batter to sparse out the bubbles evenly. Drop the pan on a tabletop about 4-5 times to get rid of excess bubbles.

• Bake in the middle rack for 35 minutes at 310 F degrees. Then raise the temperature to 325 F degrees and bake for approximately 10-14 minutes until inserted toothpick comes out clean and top is golden brown. Baker’s Tips • Room temp eggs are best because they make the whipping easier and faster. • Make sure not to over whip the egg whites because it’s tempting to do so. Whip until right korean style cake they’re solid.

• Cut out the parchment for the bottom and sides of the pan before making the batter so you don’t rush. • Fold ever so gently so you don’t “kill” the air. Remember, this air is your only leavening. • Instead of vinegar you can also use lemon juice. • Brush simple syrup on the finished sponge cake, frost korean style cake fresh whipped cream and berries and voila. Korean Fresh Cream Cake by honeyandbutter: This luscious treat consists of a light and fluffy sponge cake, layered with pastry cream and fresh fruit, topped with a stabilized whipped cream frosting, and more fruit.

Although its is challenging to replicate the exact taste and texture of the bakery cake, this homemade version is delicious!

korean style cake

Make it for that special someone! #Cake #Cream #Korean
Lunchbox cake is happiness in a box. While finding joy in the little things is the goal for most of us, dessert-lovers can indeed find it in this adorable Korean dessert. Often decorated with dreamy embellishments, this eye-catching confection has been flooding Pinterest and Instagram feeds lately. Be it for a casual picnic or a little celebration, and it will surely sweeten up your day.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about this joyful yet straightforward Korean delicacy.

korean style cake

With our easy chocolate lunchbox cake recipe, you will have no frets on preparing this at home. A colourful and joyful table of dessert bentos!

- Image from studiosweetly Jump to: • What are lunchbox cakes? • What size is a lunchbox cake? • Taste • Calories • Common Flavours • Frosting • Cooking Tips • Lunchbox Cake Recipe - Korean Bento Cake What are lunchbox cakes? This Korean 'bento' dessert is a petite-sized dessert packaged in takeout boxes.

We found that Korean cafes and bakeries first popularised it. They are known for their pretty delicacies and minimalist aesthetic. K-pop fans have also popularised it worldwide by making it a thing to celebrate special events with the dessert.

Due to that, it is now a top-seller that has saved many local bakers during the pandemic. This sweet mini cake makes a perfect gift for a loved one. - Image from manislab What size is a lunchbox cake? Living up to its name, it is bento-sized. The most common Korean lunchbox cake size is 4 inches, weighing about 350 grams. However, they are also available in bigger sizes, such as 6 inches and 8 inches. The Korean lunch box cake box and container adds charm to the appeal.

Whether your dessert is classic circular-shaped or heart-shaped, it will be nestled in a clamshell takeout container. Despite the fancy decorations on the treat, the simple container gives a korean style cake minimalistic vibe. Taste The edible piece of art is beautiful inside out. Not only it is pleasing to the eyes, but the palates as well!

Under the extravagant decorations and frosting is where you'll find the mouth-watering cream-filled moist cake. Calories A serving of this adorable treat contains about 350 calories. So, despite korean style cake being small like other Asian snacks, e.g. Chinese mooncakes, don't be fooled. It packs a punch! Many bakeries today offer customised versions too!

- Image from luvinbake Common Flavours A Korean sweet snack is often either vanilla or chocolate flavoured. These are the go-to flavours as they often complement the taste of the frosting. However, it can also come in other flavours, including more extravagant ones such as lemon, Biscoff korean style cake matcha.

Since it is customisable, you can come up with any flavour for this confection. The variety of flavours indeed makes it higher in demand. And we know it can be hard to secure an order due to limited slots. Therefore, we've provided an easy chocolate lunchbox cake recipe in this post so you can bake one on your own! Frosting When it comes to frosting, you can choose to make either whipped cream or buttercream.

These two options are the most popular ones out there. However, buttercream is the most preferred as it does not require refrigeration like whipped cream.

Buttercream also has a smooth and creamy texture, whereas whipped cream is delicate and airy. You can also make a Harry Potter-inspired dessert of this beautiful recipe! - Image from bentocakes.spb Cooking Tips • The baking time of a lunchbox cake will depend on the baking dish used. To prevent overbaking, be sure to check your pastry once it’s been in the oven for 25 minutes. • If you are short of time, you can prepare the buttercream frosting up to a week in advance and store it in a refrigerator in an airtight container.

korean style cake

Once you’re ready to use it, bring it to room temperature and re-whip beforehand. • You can use gel food colouring to create bright-coloured frostings. • You can soak the baked base pastry in simple syrup to keep it moist while assembling and decorating.

• It is recommended to use a hand mixer when beating/mixing the buttercream. • Our recipe is for a basic lunchbox cake, but feel free to be creative in presenting your frosting! You can chocolate, vanilla or other types of flavourings to it too. Nutrition Tried this recipe? Follow us @honestfoodtalks for more delicious recipes!

We were inspired by Mallis Home Youtube channel's video recipe on how she made this dish. After making the base, she prepared three different types of korean style cake that all looked beautiful. They all look darling and delicious! We highly recommend you check the video recipe to see how they make them from scratch. How did your frosty and sweet dessert turn out? Share with your lovely home masterpieces by posting a photo and tagging us on Instagram at @honestfoodtalks!

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Minimalist Korean-style Cakes I’m rustic yet refined I feature beautiful pastel colours Korean style cake aesthetically pleasing and an ‘Instagram-worthy’ post Sometimes I might be too cute and irresistible where I don’t mind being eaten Oh, don’t judge me by my modest appearance, as you’ll be dazzled in the first bite itself!

Yes, I’m the dainty and Minimalist Korean Style Cake that has been making rounds on the Internet. When Malaysians especially bakers were sorely affected by the pandemic, these cakes went like a bang for them as a blessing in disguise. The craze for the Korean Cakes is more than enough to treat yourself or to surprise your adored ones because isn’t happiness real only when shared? See also: Cinnamon Rolls Malaysia: 10 Online Shops Where You Can Get Delicious, Mouth-Watering Cinnamon Rolls Get ready to be spoilt with choices as you have 10 different bakers offering you yummy cakes!

1. Petitesyireen Customcakes Just as how it says ‘customcakes’, you get what you want with an extra bang. If you have sweet tooth or crave desserts and a cake isn’t enough (like me), complete your orders with the drizzled fudgy brownies, cute cupcakes, fluffy creampuffs and ravishing sheet cakes.

Instagram Facebook 2. Butter Digger What about a secret note and sprinkles to reveal it when you cut the cake? Isn’t it amazing? Double joy when you astound your cherished ones with Butter Digger. Butter Digger is absolutely one of the notorious bakeries for minimalist cakes with a plethora of designs including two to three-tier cakes. From movie and simple illustrations to 90’s inspired vintage designs, hit them up to personalise your cake.

Oh, yes! You can expect doll-house themed cakes as well as portrait illustrations of your buddies to win the heart of your babies and friends respectively! ‘ Hmm, but a whole cake is too much for me’- Fret not, as the semicircle/half cakes are for your rescue!

Looking for a simple yet elegant cake to be presented at a birthday party or a get-together event? Sugar Maya caters to your needs with their airy and light cakes to agitate the ambience. From the imposters in Among Us to tiny slices of your favourite fruit and sticks of flowers, just hit them up to turn your fantasy into sensibility with a bang! Instagram 4. Melur Cakes If you are an anthophile who forever gets hooked to the pearly full-blown blossom, order a voguish floral designed cake at Melur Cakes.

Make sure to taste it although you can go ‘awwed’ or feel ‘sayang’. With almost 38k followers on Instagram and based in Dataran Melawati, Melur Cakes is a paradise for baked goods especially mouth-watering minimalist cakes. The intricately-detailed, hand-painted cakes featuring watercolour-Esque paintings, birthday month calendars, and enthralling flowers, have been soaring to the highest spot on Malaysian’s checklists.

Apart from their crowd favourite, Korean-inspired Signature Toast Set and Strawberry Chiffon Cake, they have an array of velvety cakes available to be grabbed online. Ranging from Chocolate Oreo Cake, Matcha Strawberry Cake, EarlGrey and Strawberry Chiffon Base, if you are planning to have it all by yourself, the bento cakes are what you should be opting to! Instagram 6. The Velvet Johoreans rejoice! Those residing in Johore can join in the trend to luxuriate in the Minimalist Korean Style Cakes.

The fine lettering complements the combination of pastel colours exquisitely creating an absolute captivating cake. Promising premium quality ingredients in every cake that is fresh from the oven, do save some for the rest although the cakes can be very tempting!

korean style cake

Be in awe when you meet The Velvet’s very own Tata from BT21! Excited much? What are you waiting for? Hop on the quest to encounter their Tata on Velvet’s Instagram feed! Instagram 7. Sugar Amors Nestled in the land that is flagrant for its soft sandy beaches and utopia of piquant food of distinctive cultures, Sugar Amors is a designer cake shop with oodles of baked goods to sink your teeth into in Penang!

No worries as they are safe to be munched! The bento cake series are on your side for a nibbling session after your meal, while you stare at the screen figuring what to type out next or when you are catching up on the last episodes! To fortuitously receive your choice of cake, leave a text on their Whatsapp and don’t slide through their dm!

Instagram 9. Dhiv Bakes Don’t you wanna satisfy your cravings korean style cake doing a good deed? The majority of the proceeds go towards local causes. Having several enticing flavours like Chocolate Cake With Vanilla Swiss Meringue Buttercream, Red Velvet Heart Cake With Cream Cheese Frosting, you are entitled to customise your choice of cakes! Complete your purchase perhaps with ooey-gooey brownies, crunchy cookies and adorable cupcakes.

Instagram 10.

korean style cake

Ophelia Bakes If you ever felt bored or not sure how to spend the next 5 minutes, scroll through their feed and you’ll be waiting for the doorbell to be rung already! The cakes made at Ophelia Bakes are utterly a feast to the eyes. Founded by Aiman and his wife, Nabila, pick one from the 33 distinguished patterns of the delightful cakes.

Yes, 33! ‘Spoilt for choices, huh?’. They pour their heart in every cake they bake and that is why ‘Slots are FULL until 30th April 2021’ is written on their bio! Butter, Chocolate, Nutella and Coffee are their classic flavours of the floral, calendars and paint smears themed minimalist cakes. Instagram Ooh, that’s a long ride, isn’t it?

Most of the businesses above have more on their hands besides the swanky cake. So, let’s all support ‘lokal’ by treating ourselves to have a bite on the scrumptious pastries and baked goods, shall we? Read more: Take A Look At These Online Shops That Sells Cookies Dipped In Chocolate And More!
Korean desserts may not be as popular as kimchi or bibimbap, but they could be the next hit at your dining table.

Whether you want something warm and sweet or cold and sugary, I have every Korean dessert recipe that will put you in a good mood. Make room for these desserts in your meal rotation, because no one will stop you from making each one!

1. Korean Shaved Ice Also known as bingsu, this Korean shaved ice dessert will cool you down on a hot summer day! Korean style cake most popular variety is called patbingsu, which means ice shavings with red beans. Along with the red bean paste, patbingsu may include other sweet toppings like chopped fruits, fruit syrup, and condensed milk.

You can also try other variations of this Korean dessert like Oreo bingsu. For a simple yet fun twist, top it off with ice cream or breakfast cereals. 2. Fish-Shaped Pastry This Korean fish-shaped pastry is bursting with sweetness from the red bean filling. Its texture will also excite your senses with crunchy edges and chewy insides.

Having a fish-shaped taiyaki pan is important to make these cute pastries. Serve as is on a rainy day korean style cake with a glass of milk for a delightful afternoon snack.

korean style cake

3. Korean Poached Pears A poached pear, or baesuk, is both a dessert and a remedy for coughs and sore throats. Infused with flavors from peppercorn, ginger, and honey, this poached pear is one of the most delectable and nutritious desserts you’ll ever have.

While this recipe requires you to poach the pears, you can also try another cooking technique, like steaming. 4. Korean Sweet Rice Drink Who would’ve thought that rice makes a great punch? This Korean sweet drink only needs a few ingredients — barley powder, rice, sugar, and water. The result is a slightly sweetened barley-flavored drink that you will gulp down in seconds.

The best part is this recipe requires only five minutes of prep time. Leave the rest to your rice cooker! 5. Korean Watermelon Punch This Korean summery drink uses the thirst-quenching watermelon as its main ingredient.

If you’re looking for the perfect drink for an outdoor summer party, this is it. To make the traditional version, use honey or sugar dissolved in water for the base. For a lighter version, use a soft drink instead. Meanwhile, adding milk can make your drink a little heavy. Feel free to mix in other fruits like melon, pineapples, and blueberries for a tastier punch. 6. Korean Sweet Pancakes Sweet pancakes from Korea are chewy, sweet, and chock full of warm flavors.

When you break into their crispy outer shell, you’ll find a delicious filling made from cinnamon, brown sugar, and chopped walnuts. The best way to enjoy these pancakes is to eat them hot. All that syrupy goodness will leave a memorable taste that you’ll want again for the next day’s dessert or breakfast! 7. Sweet Rice Cake Looking for a healthy and delectable dessert? Korean style cake, it is! Yaksik, or sweet rice cake, is made using glutinous rice, nuts, dried fruits, and honey.

Of course, anything with honey is good for you, because of its numerous korean style cake benefits. This recipe yields a rice cake that’s sticky and chewy.

So you’ll know you made it right when the rice grains are intact. Serve yasik for breakfast with a cup of coffee to start your morning healthily. 8. Pepero Cake Pepero is a popular South Korean snack manufactured by Lotte Confectionery. A box of Pepero is filled with cookie sticks dipped in chocolate. This snack is so famous that the Koreans dedicated a special day for it: Pepero Day.

It’s held every 11th of November, and people give Pepero sticks to each other as a sign of love. You can show extra love by turning these thin sticks into a cake! With chocolate-covered swiss roll as its filling, this Pepero cake will capture the hearts of chocolate lovers. Top it off with chopped pistachio nuts for more flavor and texture.

9. Sweet Red Bean Porridge Red beans are pretty versatile. This time, you can use korean style cake to make a sweet porridge! When it’s chilly and you want something sugary and warm, this is the recipe to try.

korean style cake

Along with glutinous rice flour, sugar, and salt, you can make this velvety smooth porridge. It’s lightly sweetened, but you can add more sugar or honey depending on your taste. 10. Red Bean Popsicles Again, the great red bean is the star of this recipe. But for this dessert, you’ll have to blend the beans until they become a paste and then blend again with condensed milk.

This mixture will go into the popsicle molds, creating a yummy and creamy red bean popsicle! Add a chewy texture to this dessert by mixing a small cup of whole beans into the red bean paste. 11. Korean Honey Pastry This honey pastry, also known as yakgwa, is traditionally served during festive days in Korea. It’s a deep-fried cookie soaked in honey syrup, resulting in a moist texture and sweet taste.

Ginger is also included in the honey syrup for a more flavorful impact. If you’re looking for a bit of crunchiness, sprinkle chopped nuts on top of the cookies. 12. Korean Donuts Mmmm… donuts! The smell of these twisted-shaped treats will fill your kitchen with a comforting aroma. When you take a bite, expect a perfectly sweet snack! These stunning fried donuts only need a dusting of powdered sugar and sometimes a little bit of cinnamon to taste. Serve with a glass of milk because it’s the ultimate duo!

13. Dasik Cookies for royalty — that’s dasik in a nutshell. These Korean tea cookies were served with traditional tea during the Silla and Goryeo Dynasty. Now, you can make these elegant cookies at home with this simple recipe. But take note that making the perfect dough takes practice and patience. You’ll also need dasik molds if you want to achieve the authentic look of these sweet treats.

14. Korean Half-Moon Rice Cakes These rice cakes are a star during Chuseok, one of the major holidays in Korea. They’re lightly sweet and chewy with a subtle pine tree flavor. The fillings for these rice cakes vary, but the most common are sweetened sesame seeds and mung beans. The fun part is coloring the dough. You can use your own food coloring options, or color them naturally using kabocha, mugwort, and dried fruit powders.

15. Korean Red Bean and Mochi Cake Craving more sweet red beans? This mochi cake will satisfy you at once! This chewy cake is filled with red bean paste and is topped with roasted chestnuts and walnuts. The best part?

It’s super easy to make. Just dump everything into the mixing bowl and whisk away. Bake for 45 minutes, and you’re done! 16. Korean Cinnamon Punch Cinnamon punch is a traditional dessert drink in Korea and is often consumed during New Year’s Day and Chuseok. While some love to drink this punch hot, I love it when it’s icy cold!

Take it out of the fridge, drink, and you’ll still get the warming flavors of cinnamon and ginger. 17. Sweet Rice Mini Bundt Cakes These mini-bundt cakes have a similar texture to cornbread — crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside. This recipe requires common ingredients such as butter, egg, milk, and vanilla extract. Brown and sweet rice are also included in the ingredient list as they give a nice texture to the cake.

Plus, combining them makes a healthy dessert rich in fiber and nutrients. 18. Korean Sponge Candy This iconic sponge candy is a popular korean style cake treat sold by street vendors in Korea.

Using just two ingredients — sugar and baking soda — you’ll get a toffee-like lollipop. The steps to making this sponge candy are pretty easy, too. All it takes is some mixing, heating, and pressing. Do it with the kids for a fun weeknight activity! 19. Red Bean Mochi Winter months in Korea means it’s time for some red bean mochi! And yes, you korean style cake it right.

It’s another dessert that uses sweet red beans as a paste. But honestly, I don’t mind because it’s such a delicious treat. Cooking the mochi in a microwave will make things easy. Using a store-bought red korean style cake paste is also a great shortcut if you don’t have the time to make one.

20. Korean Coffee Also known as dalgona coffee, this dessert drink is a chilled coffee made special with a velvety korean style cake and sweet foam on top.

This recipe is perhaps the easiest one on this list, with only three ingredients and five minutes of prep time. Of course, making the coffee may take longer if you do the whipping by hand. Besides, once you get that frothy coffee concoction, it will all be worth it! 21. Walnuts Wrapped in Persimmon Dried persimmons with halved walnuts are a korean style cake snack that pairs well with green tea or cinnamon tea. Drying the persimmons in direct sunlight may take up to 3 days, but the rest of the cooking steps are quick and easy.

To speed things up, feel free to use a food dehydrator or korean style cake dried persimmons. Ingredients • Korean Shaved Ice • Fish-Shaped Pastry • Korean Poached Pears • Korean Sweet Rice Drink • Korean Watermelon Punch • Korean Sweet Pancakes • Sweet Rice Cake • Pepero Cake • Sweet Red Bean Porridge • Red Bean Popsicles • Korean Honey Pastry • Korean Donuts • Dasik • Korean Half-Moon Rice Cakes • Korean Red Bean and Mochi Cake • Korean Cinnamon Punch • Sweet Rice Mini Bundt Cakes • Korean Sponge Candy • Red Bean Mochi • Korean Coffee • Walnuts Wrapped in Persimmon Insanely Good Recipes is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC associates program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com.

We also participate in affiliate programs with Thrive Market, Shareasale, and other sites. We are compensated for referring traffic. Copyright © 2020 InsanelyGoodRecipes.com – Quick & Easy Recipes Privacy Policy - Terms and Conditions - Contact UsMudan flowes.

korean style cake

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