Drama park seo joon

drama park seo joon

Table of Contents • Wiki/Biography • Physical Appearance • Family • Affairs/Girlfriends • Religion • Career • Agency • Music Videos • Films • Television • Singing • Other Works • Awards, Achievements & Honors • For Midnight Runners (2017) • MBC Drama Awards for Kill Me, Heal Me (2015) and She Was Pretty (2015) • KBS Drama Awards for Fight for My Way (2017) • Asia Artist Awards for Fight for My Way (2017) • Forbes Korea Drama park seo joon Celebrity 40 • Other Rankings • Other Awards & Honors • Controversy • Signature • Favorites • Address • Assets & Net Worth • Facts/Trivia Wiki/Biography Park Seo-joon was born as ‘Park Yong-kyu/Park Yong-gyu’ [1] Naver on Friday, December 16, 1988 ( age 33 years; as of 2021), in Seoul, South Korea.

Park Seo-joon as a child He did his schooling at Bucheon’s Songnae Elementary School, Incheon’s Imhak Middle School, and Incheon’s Annam High School.

drama park seo joon

Initially, he never thought of becoming an actor. He didn’t like studying, and like any other kid, he went to school, cram school, and PC rooms with drama park seo joon friends. While he was in middle school, he began contemplating his career options. After his friends suggested he become a model because of his long height, he began dreaming of becoming a model. After his family’s opposition towards his career choice, he left the thought of modeling. Being shy as a child, he decided to study acting to escape his shy personality in middle school.

In an interview, Park said, I couldn’t even order food at a restaurant, I was so embarrassed. I wanted to change that. And I have to confess I was drawn a little bit to the glamour (of acting).” He joined an animation club in his middle school and participated in his first cosplay event at a school arts festival.

Talking about its experience, he said, That was the first time I wasn’t afraid of people’s attention. It was surprising.” In high school, he joined an drama park seo joon academy, where he gave his first stage performance. Park Seo-joon in his teens In his teens and twenties, he did part-time jobs and also attended hagwon (after-school classes). In 2008, he started his mandatory military service and served in the Korea Correctional Service at Cheongju Prison as a prison guard.

Talking about it in an interview, he said, I went to the military in 2008. I wanted to act, but it didn’t go well. At that time, I thought I had to solve the problem from the military, so I left early.

I also regretted it. But now that I think about it, it was good that I went early. (Laughs)” He was discharged from his services in 2010. Park Seo-joon during military days He studied theatre at the Kyungpook National University Daegu Campus.

[2] The Korea Herald He studied acting at the Seoul Institute of the Arts. [3] The Chosun Ilbo Drama park seo joon Appearance [4] Daum – Park Seo-joon Height: 6′ 1″ Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: Brown Family Nothing is known about his parents. He is the eldest of the three sons of his parents. One of his younger brothers is married, and he has a niece from his brother. Affairs/Girlfriends He was in a relationship with a girl in his middle school who was also his friend.

He doesn’t communicate with the girl now. In the 2012 Kdrama ‘Family,’ he shared an on-screen kiss with the South Korean-Canadian actor Choi Woo-sik. After the scene aired, people began speculating that Park and Choi were dating. The speculations were shut down by the actors, who said that they were just close friends.

Park Seo-joon with Park Min‑young He was rumored to be in a relationship with the South Korean actress Baek Jin-hee. Reportedly, Seo-joon moved to her neighborhood to stay close to her, and they were also spotted wearing the same jackets.

Clarifying the reports, he said that he moved his apartments because his old place had parking problems, and the jackets were sponsored. Park Seo-joon with Kim Ji-won Religion Park Seo-joon follows paganism. [5] Naver Career Agency • KeyEast (2014-June 2018) • Awesome Entertainment (joined in July 2018) Music Videos In 2011, he made his debut in the South Korean entertainment industry by appearing in the music of video of South Korean rapper Bang Yong-guk’s single ‘I Remember.’ He also appeared in the music video of The One’s ‘One Two Three Four’ (2014) and Kim Ji-soo’s ‘Dream All Day’ (2017).

Films In 2011, he made his feature film debut with the South Korean film ‘Perfect Games,’ which is based on the true story of rivals Sun Dong-yeol of the Haitai Tigers and Choi Dong-won of the Lotte Giants, the top pitchers in the Korea Baseball Organization league during the 1980s.

He drama park seo joon the small character ‘Chil-goo’ in the film. Park Seo-joon in a scene from The Chronicles of Evil (2015) In 2017, he appeared in his first lead role as ‘Park Ki-joon’ in the South Korean action comedy film ‘Midnight Runners,’ a story of two students at the Korean National Police University who decide to use their knowledge and track the kidnappers after witnessing a kidnapping.

Park Seo-joon in a scene from Midnight Runners (2017) He then appeared in the lead role in series of South Korean feature films like The Divine Fury (2019), Dream (2021), and Concrete Utopia (2021). In 2020, he was seen in the South Korean black comedy thriller film ‘Parasite,’ which follows a poor family scheming employment from a wealthy family to infiltrate their household by posing as unrelated and highly qualified individuals.

The film won Palme O’dor at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival, four Oscars 2020, Golden Globe 2020, and Screen Actors Guild Award 2020. He played the role of ‘Min-Hyuk’ in the film. Fight for My Way (2017) In 2018, he appeared in the lead role of romantic comedy-drama ‘What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim’ as ‘Lee Young-joon/Lee Sung-hyun.’ Seo-joon starred alongside Park Min-young in the drama. The series was a big success, and Seo-joon received praises from critics for drama park seo joon performance, being dubbed the ‘master of romantic comedy’ by the Korean press.

What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim (2018) In 2020, he appeared in the lead role of ‘Park Drama park seo joon in ‘Itaewon Class,’ which aired on JTBC in South Korea and Netflix worldwide. Itaewon Class follows the journey of Park Sae-ro-yi, whose father died an unjust death at the hands of the heir of a top food company, from a pub owner to the biggest food company in South Korea as a means to take revenge of his father’s death.

The series was included in Time Magazine’s list of ‘The 10 Best Korean Dramas to Watch on Netflix’ and Forbes’ list of ‘The 13 Best Korean Dramas Of 2020.’ The series was revealed to be the first most searched drama/entertainment program of 2020 and the fourth most searched domestic term of 2020 in South Korea.

Youn’s Kitchen: Season 2 (2018) In 2021, he was a cast member in the reality TV show ‘Youn’s Stay,’ which was rebranded from ‘Youn’s Kitchen’ and followed cast members who operated a hanok (traditional Korean house) guesthouse, especially for foreigners who have lived in South Korea for less than a year. Park Seo-joon giving his acceptance speech at the Korean Association of Film Critics Awards • Korea Film Actors Association Award for Popular Star Awards for ‘Midnight Runners’ in 2017 • KOFRA Film Award for Best New Actor for ‘Midnight Runners’ in 2018 • Faro Island Film Festival – Golden Carp Film Award – Korean And Japanese for Best New Performer for ‘Midnight Runners’ in 2018 MBC Drama Awards for Kill Me, Heal Me (2015) and She Was Pretty (2015) • Excellence Award (Actor in a Miniseries) in 2015 Park Seo-joon during his award acceptance speech at MBC Drama Awards • Popularity Award (Actor) in 2015 • Top 10 Stars Award for in 2015 • Best Couple Award (with Ji Sung) in 2015 KBS Drama Awards for Fight for My Way (2017) • Excellence Award (Actor in a Miniseries) in 2017 • Netizen Award (Actor) in 2017 • Best Couple Award (with Kim Ji-won) in 2017 Asia Artist Awards for Fight for My Way (2017) • Fabulous Award in 2017 • Best Star Award in 2017 Forbes Korea Power Celebrity 40 • Placed 22nd in 2018 • Placed 30th in 2019 • Placed 14th in 2021 Other Rankings • Ranked 3rd in the Most Followed Korean Actors On Instagram 2020 by Metro.Style • Most Beloved by Consumer in 2018 by Soompi Other Awards & Honors • Korea Drama Award for Best New Actor for ‘Pots of Gold’ in 2013 • Herald Donga Lifestyle Award for Best Style of the Year in 2014 • SBS Drama Awards – New Star Award for ‘One Warm Word’ in 2014 • Fashionista Award for Best Fashion in TV for ‘She Was Pretty’ in 2015 Park Seo-joon with his Asian Film Award Controversy In June 2021, Park Seo-joon’s old interview from 2014 resurfaced on the internet, which created a huge controversy.

In the interview, when talking about his ideal type, Park said that he wanted his wife to leave her job to take care of his children. He had said, I grew up in a family like that so I also think my kids should be raised by their mother.

drama park seo joon

I heard the one’s childhood forever shapes the person’s perspective on life. It seems unloved childhood leads to problematic adult life. Either he won’t have good social skills, or he could end up being a felon to be extreme. I will be their good fatherly figure, but the children need their mom. It could be wrong but to me, this is an answer now. find women who bring about my protective instinct attractive. I feel like if they are tall, they are going to be fine living alone.

I like women who keep me worried.

drama park seo joon

And skinny women tend to be drama park seo joon that.” His sentences created a huge uproar over social media, and he was heavily criticized for his statements. [6] Allkpop Signature Park Seo-joon’s signature Favorites • Food: Japchae, Bulgogi, Bibimbap, Kimchi fried rice, Beef, Pork with Soybean Sprouts & Lettuce • Beverage: Coffee • Restaurant: A cafe in Banpo-dong in Seoul • Film Director: Kim Jee-woon • Film(s): A Bittersweet Life (2005), La La Land (2016) • Actor: Leonardo DiCaprio, Kim Soo-hyun • Baseball Player(s): Son Heung-min, Noah Syndergaard • Baseball Team: Los Angeles Dodgers • Travel Destination: Los Angeles • Singer: Noh Sa-yeon • Color: Yellow Address He lives at an apartment building in Geumho-dong, a neighborhood of Seongdong district in Seoul, South Korea.

The neighborhood is home to South Korean celebrities like Lee Kwang-soo (actor), Baek Jin-hee (actress), Jun Hyun-moo (TV host), and couple Ahn Jae-hyun (model and actor) and Koo Hye-sun (actress, singer-songwriter, and director).

He owns the apartment in the same building as Lee Kwang-soo, whose house was worth 500 million won ($445,000) as of 2020, giving an idea of the price of Seo-joon’s apartment. [7] Cosmopolitan Assets & Net Worth In 2020, he bought a building in Seoul’s Gangnam district for US$9 million. [8] South China Morning Post magazine Facts/Trivia • While he was doing his military service, he read a lot of books, especially self-help books and novels.

• Park Seo-joon is often called PSJ. The symbol appears many times in his Instagram posts and the things he carries. [9] Soompi • His costar Hwang Jung-eum on ‘She Was Pretty’ (2015) named him ‘Park Sundae’ as his lips were thick.

drama park seo joon

Sundae is a type of blood sausage in Korean cuisine and also a popular street food in North and South Korea. [10] Koreaboo • He likes watching football whenever he is free. He likes the South Korean footballer Son Heung-min and is also good friends with him. • His parents initially opposed him for acting. His parents put up a condition drama park seo joon if his grades dropped three times, he would have to quit acting. Due to the condition given by his parents, he juggled between acting school and studying.

Instead of self-studies, he used to attend his acting classes. He would take the last bus back home and go to the library to study till 3 am. His grades dropped twice. • Initially, he had an interest in baseball since childhood and wanted to make a career in it. However, when his brother decided to become a baseball player, his father chose to train his brother as he thought that he was stronger in the game.

Due to this, Seo-joon had to let go of the game. He then watched and played baseball games privately, but he stopped playing it after his brother quit the sport due to an injury. He later started playing baseball again and is a member of the celebrity baseball team Playboys. His jersey number is 34. Park Seo-joon playing baseball • In January 2021, he gave a nickname to his fans – Jeomju.

Jeomju drama park seo joon a storekeeper in Korean, and the name was one of the suggested names by his fans. He chose the name as he thought that the name sounded close to ‘box office’ in Korean. His official Fancafe, a forum on the South Korean web portal Daum, is titled ‘PARK’s Office.’ [11] Soompi • To enhance his acting performances, at the beginning of his acting career, he learned kendo, aikido, fencing, and horseback riding. • His blood group is AB. [12] Naver • He owns a Youtube channel named 박서준 Record PARK’s.

The channel was started in 2019. His channel was hacked, and the hacker deleted his content in 2019. After some time, his account was restored. In 2020, drama park seo joon channel reached one million subscribers, which made him the first Korean actor to win the YouTube Creator Award – Gold Play Button.

[13] Metro.Style Park Seo-joon during a promotional event for World Wildlife Fund • When he started his acting career, he admired the South Korean actor Kim Soo-hyun, who was in the same agency as him. Although Seo- joon and Soo-hyun are almost the same age, Soo-hyun is senior in terms of acting. Soo-hyun recommended him to his agency KeyEast Entertainment. He met Soo-hyun for the first time by chance on the set of Dream High 2; in the first season of the show, Soo-hyun was the lead.

• Park Seo-joon is a member of ‘Wooga Squad,’ a celebrity friends’ group, which consists of members like BTS’ vocalist V (Kim Tae-hyung), actors Park Hyung-sik and Choi Woo-sik, and Peakboy. The term Wooga is the short form of the phrase ‘Woori-ga gajok-inga?,’ which means ‘are we family?’ The squad was formed by Seo-joon with Hyung-sik, and V when they were shooting for ‘Hwarang.’ Park Seo-joon in an advertisement for Kloud Beer • He is a philanthropist and donated $83,800 to flood victims in August 2020 and a small amount to the city of Daegu to help fund medical equipment to fight Covid-19 in February 2020.

• He is an avid dog lover and owns a Bichon Frize named Simba. He is often seen posing with his pet for social media posts and photoshoots. Profile • Name: Park Seo-Joon • Hangul: 박서준 • Born: December 16, 1988 • Birthplace: South Korea • Height: 185cm • Blood Type: • Instagram: bn_sj2013 Movies • Concrete Utopia (2021) - Min-Sung • Dream (2021) - Yoon Hong-Dae • The Divine Fury - Saja (2019) - Yong-Hoo • Parasite - Gisaengchoong (2019) - Min-Hyuk • Be with You - Jigeum Mannareo Gabmida (2018) - Ji-Ho (adult) (cameo) • Midnight Runners - Chungnyeongyungchal (2017) - Ki-Joon • Real (2017) - man in bodyguard dress (cameo) • The Beauty Inside - Byooti Insaideu (2015) - Woo-Jin • The Chronicles of Evil - Akui Yeondaegi (2015) - Detective Cha Dong-Jae • Perfect Game - Peopekteu Geim (2011) - Chil-Goo Drama Series • Gyeongseong Creature (TBA / 2023) - Jang Tae-Sang • Record of Youth - Chungchungirok (tvN / 2020) - Song Min-Su (ep.9-10) • Itaewon Class (JTBC / 2020) - Park Sae-Ro-Yi • What's Wrong With Secretary Kim - Kimbiseoga Wae Geureolgga (tvN / 2018) - Lee Young-Joon • Fight for My Way - Ssam Maiwei (KBS2 / 2017) - Ko Dong-Man • Hwarang (KBS2 / 2016-2017) - Moo Myung / Sun Woo Rang • She Was Pretty - Geunyeoneun Yeppeodda (MBC / 2015) - Ji Sung-Joon • Kill Me, Heal Me - Kilmi, Hilmi (MBC / 2015) - Oh Ri-On • Mama (MBC / 2014) - Han Geu-Roo (adult) • A Witch's Love - Manyeoui Yeonae (tvN / 2014) - Yoon Dong-Ha • A Word From Warm Heart - Ddaddeukhan Mal Hanmadi (SBS / 2013-2014) - Song Min-Soo • I Summon You, Gold!

- Geum Nawara, Deookddak! (MBC / 2013) - Park Hyun-Tae • Family - Dakchigo Family (KBS2 / 2012-2013) - Cha Seo-Joon • Dream High Season 2 - Deurimhai Sijeun 2 (KBS2 / 2012) - Si-Woo (member of idol boy group Eden) TV Movies • Drama Festival: The Sleeping Witch - Zamjaneun Soopsokui Manyeo (MBC / 2013) - Kim Him-Chan Awards • 2017 KBS Drama Awards - December 31, 2017 • Excellent Actor (mini series) (" Fight for My Way") • Netizen Award (" Drama park seo joon for My Way") • Best Couple Award (" Fight for My Way") • 2017 (54th) Daejong Film Awards - October 25, 2017 • Best New Actor (" Midnight Runners") • 2015 MBC Drama Awards - December 30, 2015 • Excellent Actor (mini series) (" Kill Me, Heal Me"/" She Was Pretty") • Ten Star Award (" Kill Me, Heal Me"/" She Was Pretty") • Best Netizen Award (" Kill Me, Heal Me"/" She Was Pretty") • Best Couple Award (" Kill Me, Heal Me") • 2015 (36th) Blue Dragon Film Awards - November 26, 2015 • Popularity Award • 2014 SBS Drama Awards - December 31, 2014 • New Star Award (" A Word From Warm Heart") Comments Darienne Flint Nov 25 2020 12:27 am An amazing actor.

Huge potential in the entertainment industry. Diverse roles and masters them all for a young fine actor. Wishing him the very best throughout his career . best in Asia. From a fan in Australia . will endeavour to seek out many more of Park Seo-joon achievements Thoroughly enjoyed "What's wrong with Secretary Kim" Anonim Sep 01 2020 3:21 am He is a perfect actor but why on earth I've never realized his existance until itaewon class. Then, I tracked his previous drama and I found out that I've watched some of it and even loved it.

Dream high - I don't even realize Si-Woo; Kill me, heal me - I remember Ri-On but I don't remember it's him :( and hwarang - I think I'm too focusing on park hyung sik, seo joon' face is so much different when he is playing the role in dinasty era, I also can't recognize until the end of the episodes (I still don't know his name back then) :( And right now, I'm really falling for him thanks to his two dramas itaewon class and fight for my way.

Elenavic May 16 2020 7:45 am This 2020 I already started watching kdrama thank you to my friend who is the one suggest to me,w/out kdrama my life is too boring for sure bec. of the quarantine. PSJ, I already watch some of your drama I’m totally shuck of your acting,amazing the way you are cry,mad,happy funny etc.,and also you are so handsome,hot,tall hehehe I already started to love you ?

Hahaha Any way keep up the good work Enjoy life and always smile I’m very very fun of yours hope to see you in person. ☝️????? JD Apr 14 2020 9:24 am I really liked how PSJ worked on his movies. You can feel the passion in acting. The cool looks makes me "kilig". Mostly the movie that he been doing has a lot of lessons to impart for all the audince and fans across the globe. Hope you have sometime to visit Philippines.

Thanks Oppa! Nyss Oct 21 2019 7:41 am I believe Park Seo Joon is a natural-born actor. I started to watch KDrama only this year, in 2019. And the1st drama of PSJ that I watched was What's Wrong with Secretary Kim. His acting & character was amazing. He touches my emotions thru that drama and makes me wanted to look for more dramas & movies of him. Pity me that I knew his existence just recently. It goes on & on. Now I cannot move on with PSJ.

hahaha!!!. Definitely will make time to watch all of his dramas and movies. If you are reading this Mr Park. Saranghaeyo.

Hwaiting!!! Lots of ♡♡♡ from your Fan in Malaysia Luzordanza Oct 17 2019 1:09 am October 17, 2019 3:19pm Park Seo Joon isn't only a handsome actor but he is excellent in his acting ability. Despite his fame & popularity as the new Korean Superstar, he remains very humble.

For that matter, he is well loved by his million fans!♡In return we felt he loves his million fans more than ever.♡♡♡ Anna AR Apr 21 2018 6:42 am hello, Park Seo Joon ♡ i love you so much, oppa. the first drama park seo joon i fell in love with U when i watched Ur acting in "She Was Pretty", and then i realized that U were acting in "Dream High 2".

since then, i was always waiting for Ur new serial drama or movie project. i really like ur acting in "Hwarang, Fight For My Way, and ur old drama ("kill me heal me") that i miss because at that time i hvn't known U, oppa. I'm sorry yahh ?? hope u are always healthy and full of spirit in the work. Good luck my man ? Maine Gracia Casablanca Jun 01 2016 9:41 am I have just finished watching "Kill Me,Heal Me" and though I'm all praises for the lead stars, I should not overlook the attractive and handsome Park Seo Joon whom I saw in "She Was Pretty".

He is definitely an actor to watch! If it's true that he is taking his acting lessons seriously, then It would be safe to assume that one day he will be a shining star in the field of entertainment. Good luck and may you have more dramas or movies in the future. hajar May 14 2015 8:54 pm Park seo-joon is a very very talanted actor his acting in kill me heal me brought tears to my eyeshe was such a drama park seo joon oppa I would kill to have an oppa just like Ri On oppa *-*I decided to watch " witch's Romance " only because he is the lead /I'm looking forward to seeing more drama park seo joon his great actingcharm and smile :) Fighting oppa 0/ Latest News Latest Trailers * see list of winners & nominees at the " 2022 BaekSang Arts Awards" * Kwon Sang-Woo, Lim Se-Mi cast in Wavve drama " X in Crisis" * Lee Dong-Wook, Kim So-Yeon cast in tvN drama " Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938" * Kasumi Arimura & Tomoya Nakamura cast in TBS drama " Ishiko and Haneo" * Tsubasa Honda cast in TBS drama " Kimi no Hana ni Naru" * Park Ho-San, Ye Soo-Jung cast in MBC drama " Boar Hunting" * Jun Jong-Seo, Kim Ji-Hoon cast in movie " Ballerina" * Yuto Nakajima & Ai Yoshikawa cast in Fuji TV drama " Junai Dissonance" * Ha Ji-Won cast in KBS2 drama " Curtain Call" * Ryoma Takeuchi cast in TV Asahi drama " Roppongi Class" * Han Ji-Hyun, Bae In-Hyuk cast in SBS drama " Cheer Up" * Lee Joon-Ho & Lim Yoon-A cast in drama " King the Land" * Jung Il-Woo & Kwon Yuri cast in Sky TV drama " Good Job" * Yeo Jin-Goo & Cho Yi-Hyun cast in movie " Ditto" * Ryo Narita & Atsuko Maeda cast in movie " Convenience Story" * Shingo Katori & Yukino Kishii cast in movie " Inu mo Kuwane do Charlie wa Warau" *
• Home • Hide ads • Calendar • Lists • Feeds • Articles • Trailers • Forums • Contributors • Stars Leaderboard NEW • Shows • Top Shows • Most Popular Shows • Variety Shows • Upcoming • Reviews • Recommendations • Recommended For You • Add New Title • Movies • Top Movies • Most Popular Movies • Upcoming • Reviews • Recommendations • Add New Title • People • Top Actors • Add New Person Park Seo Joon • Name: Park Seo Joon • Native name: 박서준 • Also Known as: Park Seo Jun, 박용규, Park Yong Gyoo • Nationality: South Korean • Gender: Male • Born: December 16, 1988 • Age: 33 Park Seo Joon, born Park Yong Gyu, is a South Korean actor managed by Awesome Entertainment.

He completed his military service in 2010 before making his debut in 2011 by appearing in Bang Yong Guk's music video "I Remember." He then appeared in the television series "Dream High 2" and was the host of "Music Bank" from October 2013 to April 2015.

Aside from acting, Park performed OST tracks of dramas he starred in since 2012. He found success in KBS2 romance comedy drama Fight for My Way (2017). The series was a major hit and topped ratings in its time slot.

He starred in tvN romantic comedy drama What's Wrong with Secretary Kim (2018) and received positive reviews by critics for his performance, being dubbed the "master of romantic comedy" by Korean press. His upcoming movie “Dream” has completed filming on April 13, 2022. (Source: Wikipedia) ‘Extreme job’ director Lee Byeong Heon’s next iconic project ‘Dream’ starring South Korean star Park Seo-Joon, who was last seen in the superhot series ‘Itaewon Class’, and popular singer-actress ‘Hotel Del-luna- fame IU, just wrapped up the shoot.

The talks about the making of the drama had been around since 2020, although given the global pandemic, it restricted the production and release of the drama. Most of the shooting of the drama was done overseas, which again got impacted because of the pandemic. Sharing with the Korean media outlets, director Lee shared how the drama was created with “great efforts over a long period of time.

The director also shared, “I will also work hard on post-production to drama park seo joon a film that can successfully relay our intended message to viewers.” Park Seojoon also shared his remarks on the film, “The long journey of ‘Dream’ finally ends today.

It is a bit sad now that it is ending, but I am very thankful that we were successfully able to complete the filming. I hope the audience will give it a lot of love.” Although it is the first time that IU has been a part of such a long feature drama in her career, she shared, “This was my first time filming a feature-length film.

I think I will remember it for a long time as I made even more memories than any other project. It was also a good experience for me personally as I felt myself becoming more bright and carefree when acting as So Min. I hope audiences will smile a lot with ‘Dream’ and also feel its warmth.” The drama is said drama park seo joon have revolved around Park, who plays a professional soccer player, who’s also under a probation period due to an unexpected incident. He then becomes the coach of the thrown out team, but as time passes, comes to sincerity and develops trust in the team.

For the unversed, Park Seo Joon was approached by the Marvel studios for a role in their upcoming film. Talking about the experience of working with such a iconic franchise, he revealed, “When Drama park seo joon first heard that the Marvel Cinematic Universe wanted to speak with me, I couldn’t believe it.

I actually couldn’t believe it.” He continues saying how he isn’t someone who fears challenges, “I’m not someone who has a fear of challenges, but whether I am filming in South Korea or abroad, everything is a challenge for me. So, I did feel some nerves at first. But everyone was so helpful and welcoming that I was able to find my feet really quickly.” ALSO READ – Why Is Jay Park Being Accused Of Holding BTS Jungkook Hostage?

Truth Revealed!
Kamu penggemar berat aktor Korea Park Seo Joon? Mau liat wajah tampannya saat bermain di drama Korea terbaik yang dibintanginya?

Bukan cuma memiliki paras tampan yang mampu memikat hati para kaum hawa saja, bakat akting yang dimiliki oleh aktor kelahiran Korea Selatan ini juga nggak bisa kamu remehkan begitu saja, geng!

drama park seo joon

Buat kamu yang penasaran dengan aneka drakor dan film Park Seo Joon terbaik yang harus ditonton pada tahun 2020, simak pembahasan Jaka di bawah ini!

Film Korea Park Seo Joon Terbaik Aktor kelahiran 16 Desember 1988 ini seperti nggak berhenti memikat para penggemarnya dengan akting yang memukau, secara khusus pada deretan film terbaiknya, apalagi setelah ia tampil sebagai cameo dalam film terbaik dan kontroversial, Parasite (2019).

Buat kamu yang kepo, berikut aneka film Park Seo Joon terbaik yang harus kamu tonton! 1. The Divine Fury (2019) Berawal dari masa lalu yang berat karena ditinggal mati sang ayah, ia bertemu dengan seorang pastor bernama Anh (Anh Sung-Ki).

Pada akhirnya, mereka berdua bekerja drama park seo joon untuk menyelamatkan jiwa seseorang dari roh jahat yang merasukinya. Di film yang diperankan Park Seo Joon ini, kamu bakal menyaksikan ritual-ritual yang seru sekaligus mendebarkan, apalagi saat karakter bernama Ji-shin keluar. Dijamin kamu bakal tegang banget saat menonton film ini, geng!

Judul The Divine Fury Tayang 31 Juli 2019 Durasi 2 jam 9 menit Produksi KeyEast, Studio 706 Sutradara Kim Joo-Hwan Cast Park Seo-Joon, Ahn Sung-Ki, Woo Do-Hwan, dkk Genre Horror, Action, Mystery, Exorcism Rating 90% ( Asianwiki.com) 2. Midnight Runners (2017) Buat kamu yang gemar menonton film Korea bergenre komedi, maka kamu wajib menonton Midnight Runners. Pada film ini, Park Seo Joon beradu akting dengan Kang Ha-neul. Nantinya, mereka berdua bakal memerankan 2 siswa akademi kepolisian yang menjadi saksi penculikan.

Setelah itu, mereka harus bekerja sama menelusuri kasus tersebut walaupun mereka belum begitu berpengalaman. Nantinya, kamu bakal menyaksikan kekocakan aksi mereka berdua yang punya sifat bertolak belakang 180 derajat. Pastinya bakal seru dan menghibur! Judul Midnight Runners Tayang 9 Agustus 2017 Durasi 1 jam 49 menit Produksi Movie Rock, Sega Sammy Entertainment Sutradara Joo-hwan Kim Cast Park Seo-Joon, Kang Ha-Neul, Park Ha-Sun, dkk Genre Action, Comedy, Police, Crime Rating 90% ( Asianwiki.com) 3.

Chronicles of Evil (2015) Chronicles of Evil adalah film Park Seo Joon bergenre thriller pertama yang ia mainkan. Di sini, ia beradu akting dengan 3 drama park seo joon senior lain, mulai dari Ma Dong-seok, Choi Daniel, hingga Son Hyun-joo. Nantinya, kamu bakal menyaksikan performa Seo Joon yang menegangkan, lengkap dengan plot ceritanya yang penuh misteri. Seo Joon sendiri ditantang untuk menyeimbangi performa aktingnya dengan para aktor senior.

Sebagai seorang detektif baru bernama Cha Dong-Jae, kamu nggak hanya menyaksikan akting Seo Joon yang mengagumkan, tapi juga seru dan memukau. Judul Chronicles of Evil Tayang 14 Mei 2015 Durasi 1 jam 42 menit Produksi BA Entertainment Sutradara Baek Woon-Hak Cast Son Hyun-Joo, Ma Dong-Seok, Park Seo-Joon, dkk Genre Thriller, Mystery Rating 90% ( Asianwiki.com) Drama Korea Park Seo Joon Terbaik Dibandingkan film, Park Seo Joon lebih aktif beradu akting dalam deretan drakor.

Buat kamu yang kepo dengan drama Korea Park Seo Joon terbaik, berikut daftarnya! 1. Itaewon Class (2020) Menjadi salah satu drama Korea terbaru yang tayang di bulan Februari 2020 lalu, Itaewon Class merupakan drama Korea yang diadaptasi dari seri Webtoon dengan judul serupa.

Drama Park Seo Joon terbaru ini sendiri mengisahkan tentang usaha Park Sae Roy (Park Seo Joon) dalam melawan seorang CEO perusahaan makanan beserta anaknya karena ketidakadilan yang diterimanya. Bersama dengan Jo Yi Seo (Kim Da Mi), Sae Roy pun membuka bisnis restoran di daerah Itaewon untuk mengalahkan perusahaan makanan yang dipimpin oleh Jang Dae Hee (Yoo Jae Myung) tersebut.

Keterangan Itaewon Class Rating 83% ( Asianwiki.com) Durasi 1 jam 10 menit Genre Drama Romance Jumlah Episode 16 Episode Sutradara Kim Drama park seo joon Pemain Park Seo-Joon Kim Da-Mi Ahn Bo-Hyun 2. Fight for My Way (2017) Rekomendasi berikutnya yaitu Fight for My Way yang merupakan drama Korea Park Seo Joon dan Kim Ji Won, geng.

drama park seo joon

Drama yang memiliki judul lain Third-Rate My Way ini mengisahkan tentang perjuangan dua sahabat; Ko Dong Man (Park Seo Joon) dan Choi Ae Ra (Kim Ji Won) dalam meraih mimpinya masing-masing. Ko Dong Man yang merupakan mantan atlet taekwondo berlatih keras agar dirinya bisa mengikuti perlombaan bela diri.

Sementara, Choi Ae Ra yang bekerja di bagian informasi sebuah pusat perbelanjaan bermimpi untuk menjadi seorang penyiar berita. Mereka pun saling mendukung karir satu sama lain yang diwarnai dengan bumbu romantisme dan komedi yang bikin baper penonton. Keterangan Fight for My Way Rating 90% ( Asianwiki.com) Durasi 1 jam 10 menit Genre Comedy Romance Jumlah Episode 16 Episode Sutradara Lee Na-jeong Pemain Park Seo-Joon Kim Ji-won Ahn Jae-hong 3.

What's Wrong with Secretary Kim (2018) Datang dari drama Korea komedi romantis berjudul What's Wrong with Secretary Kim, kali ini Park Seo Joon tampil gagah memerankan sosok bos dari sebuah perusahaan besar ternama di Korea Selatan. Memiliki karakter yang sangat sombong, narsis, dan egois, Lee Young Joon (Park Seo Joon) untungnya memiliki sekretaris cantik bernama Kim Mi So (Park Min Young) yang sangat sabar menghadapinya.

Setelah bertahun-tahun bekerja dengan Young Joon, suatu hari Mi So memutuskan untuk mengajukan resign dengan alasan ingin fokus mengatur hidupnya sendiri. Sejak saat itulah Young Joon baru menyadari bahwa dirinya sangat membutuhkan Mi So hingga akhirnya benih-benih asmara muncul di antara keduanya.

Keterangan What's Wrong with Secretary Kim Rating 87% ( Asianwiki.com) Durasi 1 jam Genre Comedy Romance Mystery Jumlah Episode 16 Episode Sutradara Park Joon-hwa Pemain Park Seo-Joon Kim Ji-won Ahn Jae-hong 4. Kill Me, Heal Me (2015) Digarap oleh sutradara Kim Jin Man, Kill Me, Heal Me menjadi drama Korea Park Seo Joon berikutnya nih, geng. Di drama ini Park Seo Joon menjadi pemeran pendukung yang memerankan tokoh Oh Ri-on yang merupakan saudara kembar dari Oh Ri-jin (Hwang Jung Eum).

Drama Kill Me, Heal Me sendiri bercerita tentang Cha Do-hyun (Ji Sung) yang memiliki 7 kepribadian ganda karena trauma masa kecil yang pernah dialaminya. Do-hyun berusaha untuk mendapatkan kembali kontrol atas hidupnya yang dibantu oleh Oh Ri-jin hingga akhirnya mereka saling jatuh cinta.

Keterangan Kill Me, Heal Me Rating 92% ( Asianwiki.com) Durasi 1 jam Genre Comedy Romance Drama Jumlah Episode 20 Episode Sutradara Kim Jin-man Pemain Ji Sung Hwang Jung-eum Park Seo-Joon 5. She Was Pretty (2015) Menawarkan cerita yang sangat menghibur, She Was Pretty mungkin bisa jadi alternatif lain buat kamu yang lagi cari drama Park Seo Joon terbaik, geng. Sesuai dengan judulnya, drama ini mengisahkan tentang Kim Hye-jin (Hwang Drama park seo joon yang ketika masih kecil begitu cantik namun kemudian berubah menjadi jelek setelah beranjak dewasa.

Sementara itu, teman dekatnya yaitu Ji Sung-joon (Park Seo Joon) justru mengalami nasib sebaliknya. Sung-joon kini memiliki wajah tampan dan berpenampilan menarik. Setelah lama tak bertemu, keduanya dipertemukan kembali saat Hye-jin suatu hari melamar pekerjaan di perusahaan tempat Sung-joon bekerja.

Kisah cinta mereka pun di mulai dari sini. Tak hanya diperankan oleh keduanya saja, drama ini juga turut menampilkan salah satu aktor Korea paling kaya, Choi Siwon lho. Keterangan She Was Pretty Rating 88% ( Asianwiki.com) Durasi 1 jam Genre Comedy Romance Jumlah Episode 16 Episode Sutradara Jung Dae-yoon Pemain Hwang Jung-eum Park Seo-joon Choi Siwon 6. Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth (2016) Suka drama Korea tentang kerajaan?

Tapi juga mau nonton drama yang diperankan oleh Park Drama park seo joon Joon? Kalau gitu mending nonton Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth saja!

Mengambil latar 1500 tahun yang lalu, drama ini berkisah tentang Hwarang yang merupakan kelompok elite laki-laki muda di masa kerjaan Silla yang memiliki kekuatan lebih dibandingkan dengan manusia biasa. Di sini Park Seo Joon berperan sebagai Moo Myeong yang berusaha masuk ke lingkungan kerajaan untuk balas dendam atas kematian sahabatnya, Mak Moon (Lee Kwang Soo) yang dibunuh oleh salah satu pengawal kerajaan.

Namun, di tengah usahanya untuk membalaskan dendam, Moo Myeong justru direkrut menjadi salah satu anggota Hwarang (pengawal kerajaan) yang bertugas melindungi kerajaan. Keterangan Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth Rating 90% ( Asianwiki.com) Durasi 1 jam Genre Comedy Drama History Jumlah Episode 20 Episode Sutradara Yoon Sung-sik Pemain Park Seo-joon Go Ara Park Hyung-sik 7.

Dream High 2 (2012) Drama Park Seo Joon terbaik drama park seo joon terakhir yaitu Dream High 2 yang merupakan salah satu drama yang telah membesarkan namanya. Drama yang dibintangi oleh sedret bintang ternama Korea ini mengisahkan tentang sekelompok siswa di SMA Kirin yang ingin mewujudkan mimpinya menjadi seorang K-Pop idol terkenal. Namun, suatu hari sekolah tersebut mengalami kebangkrutan hingga akhirnya diambil alih oleh Oz Entertainment yang kemudian memasukkan artisnya sendiri ke sekolah itu untuk menghindari ketentuan hukum mengenai kewajiban belajar bagi penghibur di bawah umur.

Dari situlah terjadi persaingan antara siswa SMA Kirin dengan siswa baru transferan Oz Entertainment. Di drama ini Park Seo Joon memainkan tokoh Lee Si-woo yang sukses menarik perhatian para penonton. Keterangan Dream High 2 Rating 90% ( Asianwiki.com) Durasi 1 jam 10 menit Genre Comedy Music Romance Jumlah Episode 16 Episode Sutradara Lee Eung-Bok, Mo Wan-Il Pemain Park Seo-joon Kang So-Ra Jinwoon Park Ji-Yeon, dkk Akhir Kata Nah, itulah tadi beberapa drama Korea Park Seo Joon terbaik yang wajib kamu tonton kalau ngaku penggemar berat aktor Korea satu ini, geng.

Sudah pernah nonton semua drama di atas? Atau kamu punya rekomendasi drama Park Seo Joon terbaik lainnya? Tulis di kolom komentar bawah ya! Baca juga artikel seputar Drama Korea atau artikel menarik lainnya dari Shelda Audita.
About Park Seo Joon: Born on December 16, 1988, South Korean actor Park Seo Joon made his acting debut in a 2011 music video for Bang Yong Guk’s single “I Remember.” However, he didn’t always want to be an actor, with the childhood aspiration of becoming a professional baseball player.

But after taking drama classes during his early teenage years, Park Seo Joon discovered that he had an incredible passion for entertainment. Nowadays, Park Seo Joon is a household name familiar to many South Koreans. Having established a massive following within his home country, Park Seo Joon has also captured the imagination of international audiences through a range of high-profile roles. Park Seo Joon’s global profile has helped him secure a range of lucrative endorsement deals, taking his net worth to even greater heights.

Known for his love of fashion, one of Park Seo Joon’s best-known campaigns was for iconic American label Tommy Hilfiger when he appeared as the brand’s first-ever Asian model. Stream Park Seo Joon Movies and TV Shows: At the beginning of his career, Park Seo Joon appeared as the main character in numerous popular Korean dramas, including “ Dream High 2” (2012), “ A Word From Warm Heart” (2013), and “ A Witch’s Romance” (2014).

However, his big break in the industry came with beloved roles in hit dramas drama park seo joon as “ Kill Me, Heal Me” (2015) and “ She Was Pretty” (2015). As an emerging star, Park Seo Joon has gone drama park seo joon to act in a variety of blockbuster shows, including “ Hwarang” (2016-2017), “ Fight For My Way” (2017), and “ What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim” (2018). In addition to his acting, Park Seo Joon served as host of the popular music variety show “Music Bank” (2013-15) and “ Youn’s Kitchen 2” (2018).About Park Seo Joon: Born on December 16, 1988, South Korean actor Park Seo Joon made his acting debut in a 2011 music video for Bang Yong Guk’s single “I Remember.” However, he didn’t always want to be an actor, with the childhood aspiration of becoming a professional baseball player.

But after taking drama classes during his early teenage years, Park Seo Joon discovered that he had an incredible passion for entertainment. Nowadays, Park Seo Joon is a household name familiar to many South Koreans.

Having established a massive following within his home country, Park Seo Joon has also captured the imagination of international audiences through a range of high-profile roles. Park Seo Joon’s global profile has helped him secure a range of lucrative endorsement deals, taking his net worth to even greater heights. Known for his love of fashion, one of Park Seo Joon’s best-known campaigns was for iconic American label Tommy Hilfiger when he appeared as the brand’s first-ever Asian model.

Stream Park Seo Joon Movies and TV Shows: At the beginning of his career, Park Seo Joon appeared as the main character in numerous popular Korean dramas, including “ Dream High 2” (2012), “ A Word From Warm Heart” (2013), and “ A Witch’s Romance” (2014). However, his big break in the industry came with beloved roles in hit dramas such as “ Kill Me, Heal Me” (2015) and “ She Was Pretty” (2015). As an emerging star, Park Seo Joon has gone on to act in a variety of blockbuster shows, including “ Hwarang” (2016-2017), “ Fight For My Way” (2017), and “ What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim” (2018).

In addition to his acting, Park Seo Joon served as host of drama park seo joon popular music variety show “Music Bank” (2013-15) and “ Youn’s Kitchen 2” (2018).
Park Seo-joon en noviembre de 2021. Información personal Nombre en coreano 박서준 Nacimiento 16 de diciembre de 1988 (33 años) Seúl, Corea del Sur Nacionalidad Surcoreana Lengua materna Coreano Educación Educado en Instituto de las Artes de Seúl Información profesional Ocupación Actor Años activo desde 2011 Empleador Awesome Entertainment Firma Web Sitio web Índice • 1 Biografía • 2 Carrera • 3 Filmografía • 3.1 Series de televisión • 3.2 Películas • 3.3 Programas de televisión • 3.4 Presentador • 3.5 Radio • 3.6 Anuncios y Endorsos • 3.7 Aparición en videos musicales • 3.8 Eventos • 3.9 Revistas / sesiones fotográficas • 4 Apoyo a caridad • 5 Discografía • 5.1 Colaboración en bandas sonoras • 6 Premios y nominaciones • 7 Referencias • 8 Enlaces externos Biografía [ editar ] Estudió en el Kyungpook National University, Daegu, Corea del Sur.

En 2008 con sólo 19 años comenzó su servicio militar obligatorio, el cual finalizó en 2010. Es muy buen amigo del actor Choi Woo-shik, Park Hyung-sik, el cantante V (del grupo BTS) y del cantante Peakboy.

drama park seo joon

También es amigo del futbolista surcoreano Son Heung-min. El 24 de febrero de 2022, su agencia Awesome ENT anunció que había dado positivo para COVID-19 el 19 de febrero luego de realizarse una prueba PCR, por lo que había detenido todas las actividades que tenía programadas y estaba en cuarentena y tomando las medidas necesarias de acuerdo a las pautas establecidas por las autoridades de salud. También anunciaron que actualmente se encontraba en etapa de recuperación y no presentaba síntomas especiales.

[3 ]​ Carrera [ editar ] En julio del 2018 se anunció que había firmado con la agencia Awesome Entertainment (어썸이엔티). [4 ]​ [5 ]​ Previamente fue miembro de la agencia de actores "KeyEast".

[6 ]​ En mayo de 2021 celebró 10 años desde su debut como actor. [7 ]​ [8 ]​ Realizó su debut en el entretenimiento al aparecer en el video musical «I Remember» de Bang Yong Guk en el año 2011. Además, ha obtenido roles importantes en algunas series de televisión tales como: Dream High 2 (2012), Pots of Gold (2013), Witch's Love (2014), [9 ]​ Kill Me, Heal Me (2015), [10 ]​ y protagonizó el drama She Was Pretty (2015).

[11 ]​ Fue el conductor del programa musical Music Bank desde octubre de 2013 hasta abril de 2015. [12 ]​ [13 ]​ El 27 de febrero de 2018 se anunció que se había unido al elenco principal de la serie basada en el webtoon What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim (también conocida como "Why Secretary Kim"), donde dio vida al atractivo pero narcisista Lee Young-joon, [14 ]​ del 6 de junio del 2018 hasta el final de la serie el 26 drama park seo joon julio del mismo año.

[15 ]​ [16 ]​ [17 ]​ [18 ]​ Su interpretación fue muy bien recibida, así como la química que mostró con la actriz Park Min-young.

[19 ]​ En marzo del mismo año realizó una aparición especial en la película Be with You, donde interpretó a Ji-ho, el hijo de Woo-jin y Soo-ah, de adulto. En abril del mismo año se anunció que había sido elegido para modelar la marca de soju "Chamiseul". [20 ]​ El 31 de julio del 2019 aparecerá en la película The Divine Fury (previamente conocida como "Lion"), donde dará vida a Yong-hoo, un luchador campeón que sufre cicatrices emocionales por haber perdido a su padre en un trágico accidente a una edad temprana.

[21 ]​ [22 ]​ El 31 de enero del 2020 se unió al elenco principal de la serie Itaewon Class, donde dio vida a Park Sae-ro-yi, un hombre que no acepta la injusticia y que se apresura, pero que también alberga ira después de la muerte de su padre, hasta el final de la serie el 21 de marzo del mismo año. [23 ]​ [24 ]​ Ese mismo año se unirá al elenco principal de la película Dream, donde interpretará a Yoon Hong-dae, un jugador de fútbol que es puesto en libertad condicional disciplinaria después de ser atrapado en un incidente inesperado.

Se espera que la película comience las filmaciones en el 2020. [25 ]​ El 5 de octubre del mismo año realizó una aparición especial en el noveno episodio de la serie Record of Youth, donde dio vida a Song Min-soo, un actor top. [26 ]​ En marzo de 2021 participó junto a "World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)" para alentar a todos a participar en "Earth Hour", un evento simbólico que tiene como objetivo llamar la atención sobre la gravedad de la crisis climática, animando a las personas de todo el mundo a apagar sus luces durante una hora para mostrar su apoyo al planeta.

[27 ]​ El 27 de enero de 2022 se confirmó que se había unido al elenco principal de la serie K Project (Gyeongseong Creature), donde interpretará a Jang Tae-sang, un hombre rico de Bukchon que más que estar interesado en la justicia, la realidad actual de su vida es lo más importante para él. [28 ]​ [29 ]​ En febrero de 2023 aparecerá en la película The Marvels, la secuela de Captain Marvel.

[30 ]​ [31 ]​ Filmografía [ editar ] Series de televisión [ editar ] Año Título Personaje Canal Notas 2012 Dream High 2 Si Woo KBS 2TV 16 episodios Shut Up Family Cha Seo Joon 120 episodios 2013 Pots of Gold Park Hyun Tae MBC Drama Festival "Sleeping Witch" Kim Him Chan One Warm Word Song Min Soo SBS 2014 A Witch's Love Yoon Dong Ha TVN 16 episodios Mama [32 ]​ Han Geu Roo (adulto) MBC 2015 Kill Me, Heal Me Oh Ri On 20 episodios She Was Pretty Ji Sung Joon 16 episodios 2016 Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth Moo Myung KBS 2TV 20 episodios 2017 Fight For My Way Go Dong Man 16 episodios 2018 What's Wrong With Secretary Kim?

Lee Young-Joon / Lee Sung-Hyun TVN 16 episodios 2020 Itaewon Class Park Saeroyi JTBC 16 episodios Record of Youth Song Min-soo tvN ep. #9 - (aparición especial) [33 ]​ [34 ]​ prog. K Project Jang Tae-sang [35 ]​ [36 ]​ Películas [ editar ] Año Título Personaje Notas 2011 Perfect Game Chil Goo 2015 The Chronicles of Evil Cha Dong Jae [37 ]​ The Beauty Inside Woo Jin [38 ]​ 2017 Real Guardaespaldas disfrazado Midnight Runners Ki-joon 2018 Be with You Ji-ho 2019 The Divine Fury Yong-hoo [39 ]​ 2019 Parasite Tutor (cameo) [40 ]​ 2020 Dream Yoon Hong-dae [41 ]​ 2022 Concrete Utopia Min-sung [42 ]​ [43 ]​ The Marvels Programas de televisión [ editar ] Park Seo-joon en mayo de 2017.

Año Título Notas 2019 Three Meals A Day invitado [44 ]​ 2019 Sonsational miembro [45 ]​ 2018 Youn's Kitchen 11 episodios - miembro 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014 Running Man 6 episodios - (Ep. 362, [46 ]​ [47 ]​ 295, 246, [48 ]​ 263, [49 ]​184 y 198 [50 ]​) - invitado 2016 2 Days & 1 Night 2 episodios - (Ep. 475 - 476) - invitado [51 ]​ [52 ]​ Presentador [ editar ] Drama park seo joon Título Canal Nota 2020 2020 Mnet Asian Music Awards (2020 MAMA) presentador de categoría [53 ]​ 2019 Melon Music Awards 2019 [54 ]​ 2013 - 2015 Music Bank KBS 2TV Conductor 2014 SBS Drama Awards SBS Conductor [55 ]​ Radio [ editar ] Año Programa Canal Nota 2019 Park Sun Young’s CineTown SBS Power FM invitado Anuncios y Endorsos [ editar ] Año Marca Notas 2019 - presente TirTir Moist Milkskin [56 ]​ 2019 - presente Condition Drink 2018 - presente Domino’s Pizza junto a Na Eun [57 ]​ 2018 - presente Gong Cha Korea [58 ]​ [59 drama park seo joon 2018 제일제당 - 비비고육개장 junto a Kim Byeong-ok 2018 Montblanc [60 ]​ 2018 "Chamiseul" junto a IU [61 ]​ 2016 Sperry Korea (zapatos) - junto a Kim Yong-ji 2014 - 2015 UNIONBAY junto a Lee Hyun-woo y Kim So-hyun Aparición en videos musicales [ editar ] Año Artista(s) Canción Notas 2021 Peakboy «Overseas Korean Hairstyle» aparición junto a Park Hyung-sik, V, Choi Woo-shik y Han Hyun-min [62 ]​ 2014 The One «One Two Three Four» 2011 Bang Yong-guk feat.

Yang Yo-seob «I Remember» Eventos [ editar ] Año Título Notas 2021 Choi Woo-shik Online Fan Meeting - "A Midsummer Night’s Dream" aparición especial - junto a Park Hyung-sik, V y Peakboy [63 ]​ 2019 17th Asiana International Short Film Festival juez especial [64 ]​ Revistas / sesiones fotográficas [ editar ] Año Título Notas 2021 W Korea (publicación de julio) [65 ]​ 2020 ELLE Korea Magazine [66 ]​ 2019 Harper's Bazaar Korea junto a Ahn Sung-ki y Woo Do-hwan Apoyo a caridad [ editar ] El 15 de noviembre de 2019 asistió a un evento de donación organizado por Shinsung Tongsan, una empresa que lleva una serie de marcas de moda nacionales.

[67 ]​ Discografía [ editar ] Colaboración en bandas sonoras [ editar ] • 2012: «New Dreaming» - Dueto con JB, para el BSO de Dream High 2.

• 2014: «Come into My Heart» - Para el BSO de Witch's Romance. • 2015: «Letting You Go» - Para el BSO de Kill Me, Heal Me. • 2015: «Long Way» - Para el BSO de She Was Pretty. [68 ]​ 2017:《Our Tears》Para el Drama park seo joon de "Hwarang" Premios y nominaciones [ editar ] Año Premio Categoría Trabajo Nominado Resultado 2013 6th Korea Drama Awards Mejor nuevo actor Pots of Gold • ↑ 13 Actors And Actresses Who Always Pick Good Roles • ↑ «Park Seo Joon Talks About Finding Inspiration For His Characters, How Fans Motivate Him, Drama park seo joon More».

Soompi (en inglés). Consultado el 7 de octubre de 2019. • ↑ S. Nam (23 de drama park seo joon de 2022). «Park Seo Joon Diagnosed With COVID-19» (en inglés). Consultado el 27 de febrero de 2022. • ↑ «Awesome Entertainment (어썸이엔티) Official».

Awesome Entertainment (en coreano). Consultado el 6 de noviembre de 2021. • ↑ Park Seo Joon signs with a new agency established by his longtime manager • ↑ «El actor Park Seo Joon renueva contrato con KeyEast». Soompi. 31 de julio de 2015. Consultado el 16 de enero de 2016. • ↑ «Park Seo Joon Reflects On His Filmography + Celebrity Friends Congratulate Him On 10th Debut Anniversary».

Soompi (en inglés). Consultado el 15 de mayo de 2021. • ↑ «Actor Park Seo Joon looks back on 10 years since 'Dream High 2' debut». AllKpop (en inglés). Consultado el 15 de mayo de 2021. • ↑ «Uhm Jung Hwa, Park Seo Joon y Han Jae Suk confirmados para el drama de tvN “Witch’s Love”».

Soompi. 4 de marzo de 2014. Consultado el 16 de enero de 2016. • ↑ «Park Seo Joon en conversaciones para la comedia romántica de MBC “Kill Me Heal Me”». Soompi. 12 de noviembre de 2014. Consultado el 16 de enero de 2016. • ↑ «¡Hwang Jung Eum, Park Seo Joon, Choi Siwon y Go Joon Hee confirmados para un nuevo drama!». Soompi. 30 de julio de 2015. Consultado el 16 de enero de 2016. • ↑ «Park Seo Joon y Bora de Sistar serán los nuevos MCs de “Music Bank”». Soompi. 18 de octubre de 2013. Consultado el 16 de enero de 2016.

• ↑ «Park Seo Joon comparte un mensaje de despedida escrito a mano en “Music Bank”». Soompi. 25 de abril de 2015. Consultado el 16 de enero de 2016. • ↑ Park Seo Joon cast in upcoming tvN drama 'Why Secretary Kim' • ↑ 6 Things We Loved And 1 Thing We Hated About Episodes 13 And 14 Of “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim” • ↑ 5 Key Things To Look Forward To In “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim” Finale • ↑ “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim” Cast Picks Their Favorite Scenes From The Drama • ↑ Here’s Drama park seo joon Park Seo Joon And Park Min Young Had To Say When Asked About Their First Impressions Of Each Other • ↑ «5 K-Drama Couples Whose Chemistry Was So Strong That People Were Convinced That They Were Dating».

Koreaboo (en inglés). Consultado el 23 de junio de 2020. • ↑ Park Seo Joon joins IU as the male model of 'Chamiseul' soju • ↑ Park Seo Joon, Woo Do Hwan, And Ahn Sung Ki Begin Filming New Movie • ↑ Park Seo Joon, Woo Do Hwan, And Ahn Sung Ki’s New Movie Wraps Up Filming • ↑ Park Seo Joon, Kim Da Mi, And Yoo Jae Myung Confirm For Drama Adaption Of Popular Webtoon • ↑ Son Hyun Joo To Make Cameo Appearance On New JTBC Drama At Park Seo Joon’s Request • ↑ Park Seo Joon Confirmed To Star In New Movie • ↑ «Park Seo Joon Shines Next To Park Bo Gum In His Cameo Appearance On “Record Of Youth”».

Soompi (en inglés). Consultado el 5 de octubre de 2020. • ↑ «Park Seo Joon Promotes Earth Hour And An Environmentally Friendly Lifestyle In WWF Campaign Video». Soompi (en inglés). Consultado el 23 de marzo de 2021. • ↑ D. Kim (26 de enero de 2022). «Park Seo Joon And Han So Hee Confirmed As Leads Of New Thriller Drama» (en inglés).

Consultado el 5 de marzo de 2022. • ↑ «Park Seo Joon Offered Role In New Drama By “Dr. Romantic” Writer». Soompi (en inglés). Consultado el 14 de mayo de 2021. • ↑ «Park Seo Joon Officially Confirmed To Star In New Marvel Movie». Soompi (en inglés). Consultado el 3 de septiembre de 2021. • ↑ «Park Seo Joon reportedly confirmed for 'Captain Marvel 2 '». AllKpop (en inglés).

Consultado el 7 de agosto de 2021. • ↑ «Park Seo Joon revela pensamiento sobre su aparición en “Mama”». Soompi. 21 de octubre de 2014. Consultado el 16 de enero de 2016. • ↑ «Park Seo Joon To Make Special Appearance In “Record Of Youth”». Soompi (en inglés). Consultado el 15 de septiembre de 2020. • ↑ «Park Seo Joon to cameo on tvN's 'Record of Youth' starring Park Bo Gum x Park So Dam».

AllKpop (en inglés). Consultado el 15 de septiembre de 2020. • ↑ Hwang So-young (18 de noviembre de 2021). «[단독] '대세' 위하준, 'K프로젝트' 합류…박서준·한소희와 호흡» [[Exclusivo] Ha-Jun Wi, 'Trend', se une a 'K Project'.

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fanpop Learn More About Park Seo-joon’s Love Life Park Seo-Joon has starred in more than one hit drama, and that makes him a very notable actor.

At first sight, people notice him because of his good looks, but as they get to know him, they fall in love with him because of his charming personality. This is why fans are always curious about his dating life. Park Seo-joon is single and has never confirmed anything about his dating life as of now. Even so, he has been linked to a dating rumor with various actresses drama park seo joon as Park Min-young, Baek Jin-hee, and more.

drama park seo joon

• You might like: Park Seo-joon’s Ladies in Dramas: Hwang Jung-eum, Kim Ji-won, Park Min-young, and Other Beautiful Actresses! Let’s see more details about Park Seo-joon’s love life: his potential girlfriend, ideal type, dating rumors, and more! Park Seo-joon Is Likely Single traxonsky.com From his debut days to now, Park Seo-joon has never confirmed dating anyone so he’s likely single right now.

drama park seo joon

Park Seo-joon is one of the actors who kept his private life to himself. But, as a Korean celebrity, it is possible if one day he is caught dating someone secretly by the camera just like any other Korean celebrity.

However, as for now, there is no dating news about him. Moreover, Park Seo-joon also added that he would not tell the public if he was seeing someone because “My life is not mine alone.

I do not want anyone to feel hurt or uncomfortable because of me,” he said. Even so, Park Seo-joon has a certain type of woman that he likes.

Check out his ideal type in the session below! Park Seo-joon’s Ideal Type of Woman Is Patriarchial allkpop.com In 2014, Park Seo-joon once revealed in an interview that his ideal type is a woman who will stay at home raising his child which people find as patriarchial.

He said that he was born in a family like that so he believes that a mother raises the children well to shape good childhood memories. Park Seo-joon also stated that a problematic person (a felon or someone who doesn’t have good social skills) tends to grow up in an unloved family. So, he wants his children to be raised by their mother while he will be their good fatherly figure. This answer of him that he did over 7 years ago made him under fire.

Drama park seo joon throw bad reactions regarding his past comments on his ideal type. They said that Park Seo-joon’s ideal type is so patriarchal. Other than that, Park Seo-joon also mentioned in a fan meeting in Taiwan, in 2017, and revealed other thoughts about his ideal type. “I think that being organized is important so that if my partner is good at organizing, it will be perfect for me.

I’m also happy to be with someone who has the same interests and hobbies.” said the actor. Park Seo-joon’s Dating Rumors allkpop.com Park Seo-joon was involved in some dating rumors with a Korean actress that became his partner in a drama. Several names that are rumored to be his girlfriend are Park Min-young and Baek Jin-hee. Let’s check out the truth behind his dating rumors! Park Seo-Joon Is Rumored To Date Baek Jin-hee soompi In 2015, there was an exclusive report by Sports Donga that Park Seo-Joon and Baek Jin-hee are dating.

This news did not come as a shock to the public, drama park seo joon there had been a dating rumor about them ever since 2013. That year, Park Seo-Joon and Baek Jin-hee were starring together in the same drama titled Pots of Gold, and they posed as a married couple who were young and immature. Their chemistry as a married couple in that drama was so strong that it didn’t go unnoticed, so dating rumors about them were everywhere at that time. However, both Park Seo Joon’s and Baek Jin-hee’s talent agencies strongly denied the rumor.

In spite of the strong denial coming from the two agencies, many fans still believed that they were dating. People were so convinced because Park Seo-Joon and Baek Jin-hee were often spotted wearing matching outfits. Witnesses even claimed that they saw Park Seo-Joon move into Baek Jin-hee’s neighborhood.

These eyewitnesses said that they often saw Park Seo-Joon and Baek Jin-hee strolling around the neighborhood together and having dates in a car. In response to this, Key East Entertainment, Park Seo Joon’s agency, firmly said “They are only close. Neither of them even has the time to meet personally as their schedules are too busy.

It has also been a while since Park Seo-Joon has moved to Geumho-dong. He had already moved in the summer. It’s a location where many celebrities live.” • You might like: Baek Jin-hee’s Love Life: Dating With Yoon Hyun-min or Park Seo-joon? Both Park Seo-Joon and Baek Jin-hee never gave a personal statement, until one day Park Seo-Joon just decided to speak up and said that the things about moving into Baek Jin-hee‘s neighborhood and wearing matching clothes were true.

He said that his old neighborhood had parking problems, so that is why he moved out. Also, as far as the matching outfits with Baek Jin-hee were concerned, it was not something they picked out personally, but those were sponsored clothes.

However, the rumor about them dating is not true. Park Min-young Is Rumored To Be Park Seo-joon’s Girlfriend tribunnews Park Seo-joon is rumored to have Park Min-young as his girlfriend after starring a drama called W hat’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? In that drama, Park Seo-Joon and Park Min-young portray characters that are a couple too well, to the point that people suspect that they are dating in real life. At first, it was just a baseless rumor, until Sports Donga published an article that they are dating for real.

That article even had a comment from an insider who knew about Park Seo-Joon and Park Min-young’s relationship. “Many are curious about their relationship. However, they didn’t want their personal lives getting more attention than their work, so they kept it a secret, even to their close peers and had 007-like dates.” said the insider.

The insider also added that Park Seo-Joon and Park Min-young drama park seo joon to focus on their careers, so they are cautious about their relationship being revealed to the public. Moreover, the same insider also shockingly added that Park Seo-Joon and Park Min-young have been dating for 3 years already, way before the drama What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?

This person said that it was an unexpected romance because it all started as an innocent friendship. However, as they got closer and started supporting each other, it turned into love. People were thrilled when this news came out because their dream couple turned out to be real.

The fans of the couple were celebrating real hard.

drama park seo joon

However, the fans’ enthusiasm was short-lived drama park seo joon Park Seo Joon’s present talent agency, Awesome Entertainment, issued a statement that said “Park Seo-Joon and Park Min-young are just close colleagues. The dating reports are not true. We believe that there is much interest from others due to their chemistry in the drama.” That was all the information about Park Seo-joon’s girlfriend, dating rumors, and his ideal type. If you like this article, you can share this with your mutuals on social media so more people will know about Park Seo-joon’s girlfriend.

Check out other information about your favorite Korean celebrities in Channel Korea. Cheers!
Park Seo Joon is that Korean actor who can make everyone weak in the knees.

The 31-year-old debuted in the entertainment industry in 2011when he starred in Bang Yong Guk’s “I Remember” music video .

drama park seo joon

From that moment, PSJ has been recognized not only for his versatile acting chops but also for his *super* intense glare that can melt anyone who’s watching drama park seo joon.

And in case you’re wondering, he’s attracted to someone with pretty hands and a charming smile. BRB, putting on hand cream! READ MORE PARK SEO JOON STORIES RIGHT HERE: • It's Official: Park Seo Joon Is The Newest Endorser Of BYS Philippines • An Intro To Park Seo Joon’s *Super* Cute Pet, Simba Throughout the years, Park Seo Joon has become the face of international brands, and is also the first Korean actor to receive a YouTube Gold Play Button for surpassing one million subscribers.

This proved his immense popularity around the globe. But what earned him the title as the “Rom-com King” and made him a household name are the several K-dramas under his belt. Continue reading below ↓ Below is a list of Park Seo Joon’s best K-dramas that you can watch on Netflix, Viu, and Viki: 1. A Witch’s Romance (2014) Watch on: Viki Park Seo Joon debuted as a K-drama actor in A Witch's Romance in 2014. In this May-December affair, PSJ is the 25-year-old Yoon Dong Ha who runs a small business with his friend.

After the death of his girlfriend, Dong Ha loses the motivation to live on. When he meets the 39-year-old Ban Ji Yeon however, his life turns bright again as they find comfort in each other. Uhm Jung Hwaplays the role of the"witch" in this series, who is obsessed with her job as a journalist. If you're up for some noona romance with a hint of drama, this show will bring you all the ~feels~.

YouTube/tvN DRAMA 2. Kill Me, Heal Me (2015) Watch it on: Netflix This rom-com drama circles around Cha Do Hyun, a chaebol with a serious case of Dissociative Personality Disorder that threatens his life big-time. With seven personalities, Do Hyun consults a psychiatrist named Oh Ri Jin, who has a brother named Oh Ri On played by Park Seo Joon.

Ri On, who's a mystery author, begins to inspect Do Hyun’s background and finds himself being friends with one of the lead’s personalities. YouTube/TV-People 3. She Was Pretty (2015) Watch it on: Netflix, Viu What happens when you meet your childhood friend after many years and you realize he doesn't recognize you anymore because you're not ~as pretty~ as you used to be, and the chubby little boy from your memory is now a hot and *very* attractive man?

In this rom-com, Park Seo Joon is Ji Sung Joon, a successful man who returns to Seoul for a new career. He sees this as a chance to reconnect with his childhood friend and first love, but things don't exactly turn out that way.

We swear, it's one of his *best* dramas! This is also where you can find our oppa singing his heart out to “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” inside his car. I love you baby~ YouTube/MBCdrama 4. Hwarang: The Poet Warrior (2016) Watch on: Netflix, Viu Park Seo Joon drama park seo joon back in time as Sun Woo in Hwarangwho was born as part of the lowest in the pyramid of society. He eventually worked his way up, armed with revenge for his fallen best friend.

Discover PSJ with a different look in this drama—complete with long hair and traditional Korean clothes. Go Ara, Park Hyung SikBTS’ VSHINee ’s, MinhoJo Yoon Wooand Do Ji Han joins PSJ in this historical drama that will bring you to another world.

Aside from the bromance between Go Ara and PSJ's character, the bromance is really strong in this one —the actors are real-life friends, too! Seo Joon, Hyung Sik, and V form the Wooga Squad, along with Choi Woo Shik and Peakboy. YouTube/KBS World 5. Fight For My Way (2017) Watch on: Netflix, Viu Watch Park Seo Joon in his cutest form while doing aegyo in Fight For My Waybased on the real-life story of celebrity couple Cho Sung Hoon and Yano Shiho (familiar? They are the parents of Sarang from The Return Of Superman !).

Aside from PSJ being adorable here, you can learn a lot of lessons in this coming-of-age K-drama about revived hopes and dreams. Led by Kim Ji Won (who plays the role of PSJ's love interest ), Ahn Jae Hong, and Baek Seol Hee, Fight For My Way is one of the most talked-about K-dramas in 2017, a is a favorite among Park Seo Joon's fans for its *super* nakakakilig storyline that will make you squeal. YouTube/Viu Singapore 6. What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim (2018) Watch on: Netflix, Viu Not gonna lie—Park Seo Joon’s ~aura~ here as the arrogant Vice Chairman Lee Young Joon can get so annoying that but is suuuuper hilarious!

PSJ's partner this K-drama is the charming Park Min Youngjoined by Kang Ki YoungLee Tae Hwan2PM 's Chansung, Hwang Bo Ra, and Pyo Ye Jin. YouTube/1theK 7. Itaewon Class (2020) Watch on: Netflix If you’ve seen a photo of Park Seo Joon sporting a chestnut hairstyle, it’s for his character in the webtoon-based K-drama Itaewon Class.

PSJ brought out his a-game as the endearing, head-patting Park Saeroyi (aka our favorite sajangnim ) who never let drama park seo joon stop him from achieving his goals. Itaewon Class brought us one of our favorite barkadas in the K-drama world —the DanBam squad. PSJ, K im Da MiKim Dong HeeLee Joo Youngand Chris Lyon's diverse characters in this show are truly remarkable and gives a new meaning to newfound friendships.

Continue reading below ↓ Drama park seo joon Seo Joon as a K-pop idol? Yes please! The star-studded Dream High 2 ( Kang So Ra, Park Ji Yeon, JB, and Jin Woon, plus a loooot of other special guest appearances) is where you can see PSJ dancing and singing, just in case you drama park seo joon to see his other skills.

We love a multi-talented actor!


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