Kopi nalar

kopi nalar

When everyone is having a deep sleep under the blanket on Saturday after the midnight shopping but I'm the only one awake in the morning. Wide awake and I can't go back to sleep. So I decided to get my self up, looking for a good cup of coffee and having my quality time on weekend.

I remembered the feed I saw on Instagram about the new coffee spot at Kebayoran Baru - Kopi Nalar. A new coffee shop that designed to be very homey and comfort to spend your day here.

I was wondering why NALAR, because in Indonesian NALAR means reasoning and logical thinking, I think the correlation between the name and the product makes sense. So, this place is pushing you to be more creative while you enjoy your cup of coffee (My opinion).

KOPI NALAR is located beside AKOEN Restaurant (I love this restaurant) and it's easy to find even tho they don't have a street sign. I came here around 10am when the sun shines brightly. KOPI NALAR doesn't look so big from the shop front, but when I stepped inside, they offer 5 different area for you to enjoy the day. A self - confessed workaholic and social media savvy.

With a long history in digital publishing media, Leonardo has done many things, including full coverage for New York Fashion Week in 2013. Leo has tapped into a new journey since he moved to United States. Born and raised in Kopi nalar, but he love to get lost here and there.

He balances things out with movies, cooking and traveling, constantly being the thrill-seeker and has a big passion for new travel destination.

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With a long history in digital publishing media, Leonardo has done many things, including full coverage for New York Fashion Week in 2013. Leo has tapped into a new journey since he moved to United States.

Born and raised in Indonesia, but he love to get lost here and there. He balances things out with movies, cooking and traveling, constantly being the thrill-seeker and has a big passion for new travel destination. Green tea latte (40k) enak banget dan kopi nalar dominan susu tapi matcha disini tipe yang bold.

Ini suka kopi nalar sih rasanya. Mereka buka dari jam 8 pagi jadi bisa jadi opsi buat yang mau nyari tempat untuk nugas/kerja/setelah olahraga pagi. Bagian depannya tidak ada area parkir, jadi cuma parkir di pinggir jalan. Tersedia outdoor area dan indoor yang luas. Ini juga ada lantai 2 kopi nalar tapi waktu itu kopi nalar sempet naik ke atas :( Tersedia free wifi (wifinya kencang) dan banyak banget stop kontak yang ada disetiap meja, jadi ga perlu khawatir rebutan colokan.

Ini sistemnya kita ambil sendiri pesanan minuman di bar, kecuali untuk makanan bakal dianter ke meja kita. Suasananya diputar musik tapi tidak. read more Restaurants in Jakarta, Jakarta RestaurantsSenopati restaurantsBest Senopati restaurantsSouth Jakarta restaurantsCafé in JakartaCafé near meCafé in South JakartaCafé in SenopatiQuick Bites in JakartaQuick Bites near meQuick Bites in South JakartaQuick Bites in Senopatiin Jakartanear mein South Jakartain SenopatiNew Year Parties in JakartaChristmas' Special in Jakarta
• Cuisine Indonesian, International, Coffee, Cafe • Menus All Menu • Hours Mon-Sun: 8am-9pm • Serves Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, Afternoon Tea, Dinner • Good For Al Fresco, Business Meetings, Casual Dining, Kid Friendly, Large Parties (9 ), Brunch, Coffee • Location Kebayoran Baru, Senopati • Address Jalan Prof.

Joko Sutono SH No.7B Petogogan Jakarta 12160 Map • PRICE $$ (Rp 100.000 - 250.000) You may also kopi nalar • Tucano's Churrascaria Brazilian BBQ and Buffet (Senayan City) Cosmopolitan all-you-can-eat venue for hand-carved Brazilian meats in a classy dining room • Txoko Jakarta All about Basque cuisine, Tapas & Pintxos by Oskar Urzelai • Kilo Jakarta Kilo Jakarta is a sister-brand from its origin branch at Singapore and Bali Kindly note that the following restrictions may apply during PPKM Level 3 & Level 4: - Limited seating time.

- 1st/2nd dose vaccination certificate is required. kopi nalar Restaurant is only allowed to seat maximum of 2 people per table.

Special requests are not guaranteed and are subject to availability and restaurant discretion. Notes stating an alternative timing or party-size will not be accommodated. I used to go here before pandemic and went here again on 30 dec 2021.

I was surprised with how few of their baristas wearing a proper mask while serving the customers. They serve good coffee but meh earl grey tea but the vibe of the place was good. I hope they’d apply a more strict rules so the customers (like me) would have no hesitation in visiting the place again.

More on Instagram @stanzazone ???? Kopi Nalar is located at Prof. Joko Sutono Street.

kopi nalar

The interior was nicely designed with creative modern style facade and amazing interior design. Ordered Green Tea Latte and it was good!! The service was also good and friendly.

kopi nalar

Very Recommended!! ???????????????????? All opinions
New on the block, Kopi Nalar (Cup of senses)! Just earlier today, we accidentally found a new hangout spot near Senopati area, precisely located at Jalan Petogogan, Kebayoran Baru (South Jakarta). Apparently, Kopi Nalar has been open for two weeks now, but there’s no signage in front of their shop.

It looks pretty small from the outside, but I found a spacious, and comfy space with a minimalist decor inside. I got nowhere to go after the meeting, so we decided to drop by for a while. When we got there, some customers were busy taking ootd shots in the outdoor (smoking area), which incorporated unfinished wall, and some wooden blocks as part of the decoration.

Since Kopi Nalar is still in soft opening mode, we can get a kopi nalar coffee for every purchase of any two drinks. So I ordered a cup of Hot Cappuccino (IDR 33K) and Fruit Paradise Tea (IDR 29K), and I chose Iced Latte for the free coffee. I wish I could get something to eat, something light and savory, but there’s no food on their menu. It was just a random visit, but we enjoyed the coffee, and this place can be a nice spot for studying, meet up, or just chilling out.

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It is a Jakarta based Food and Travel Blog managed by Mullie Marlina, a young, lovely, cheerful and blessed wife who loves to share her culinary and travel experiences through her writing. You’ll find her honest reviews, valuable suggestions, objective ratings and recommendation of eateries in Jakarta and selected cities in Indonesia and abroad. Her curated restaurant reviews are based on her meticulous inquiries and her rich dining experience in various restaurants in Jakarta.

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kopi nalar

Kopi Nalar Jl. Prof. Joko Sutono SH No.7, RT.14/RW.6, Petogogan, Kby. Baru, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12160 We arrived at the cafe around 2pm. It is quite packed with people. I ordered their creme brule iced latte and a slice of warm Beng-Beng brownies. Unfortunately, Kopi nalar didn’t get a picture of it because it was too good that I forgot to snap it before taking a dive into it. I’m sorry guys, I will definitely give this cafe more visits and will update the food picture for you guys again.

The drinks, food, and the ambience are totally worth the Jakarta insane traffic! It is the perfect place if you are looking for a place to chill and hang out, or even for a cuppa coffee with your friends, family or your partner.https://assets-pergikuliner.com/I4s9towIywNnvu2qRzVqpk_Sgdk=/385x290/smart/https://assets-pergikuliner.com/uploads/image/picture/628951/picture-1501231002.jpg 1x, https://assets-pergikuliner.com/MFrlS4wKcNTh8Yw1D9Ptavt-kDA=/770x580/smart/filters:no_upscale()/https://assets-pergikuliner.com/uploads/image/picture/628951/picture-1501231002.jpg 2x 385 290 • https://assets-pergikuliner.com/h8PxKGPHu0d35_DSfQDZu2dhq6o=/385x290/smart/https://assets-pergikuliner.com/uploads/image/picture/628952/picture-1501231002.JPG 1x, https://assets-pergikuliner.com/QtMAcfNFKQ4dfw3TG6CGslYqoT0=/770x580/smart/filters:no_upscale()/https://assets-pergikuliner.com/uploads/image/picture/628952/picture-1501231002.JPG 2x 385 290 • https://assets-pergikuliner.com/wG8U33XDzgUnCLLKqsJ8deeyYXc=/385x290/smart/https://assets-pergikuliner.com/uploads/image/picture/628953/picture-1501231002.JPG 1x, https://assets-pergikuliner.com/fEWwnhRhq_Ew3UhyFGDEVPt57L4=/770x580/smart/filters:no_upscale()/https://assets-pergikuliner.com/uploads/image/picture/628953/picture-1501231002.JPG 2x 385 290 kopi nalar https://assets-pergikuliner.com/mDG-yKtMz0oPcK6XMmsEYpVu5tY=/385x290/smart/https://assets-pergikuliner.com/uploads/image/picture/628954/picture-1501231002.jpg 1x, https://assets-pergikuliner.com/G7WYLXga0c5ANLZ56rc7rxYZKNw=/770x580/smart/filters:no_upscale()/https://assets-pergikuliner.com/uploads/image/picture/628954/picture-1501231002.jpg 2x 385 290 • https://assets-pergikuliner.com/J8RxYXSWy2N6ZQyJlFAdlAJGz8k=/385x290/smart/https://assets-pergikuliner.com/uploads/image/picture/1297881/picture-1551675013.JPG 1x, https://assets-pergikuliner.com/MvA0sRV4iefl4J7vACVn_0Be_vE=/770x580/smart/filters:no_upscale()/https://assets-pergikuliner.com/uploads/image/picture/1297881/picture-1551675013.JPG 2x 385 290 • https://assets-pergikuliner.com/SdGr53e2AVhNATcvipcAA8WSrS0=/385x290/smart/https://assets-pergikuliner.com/uploads/image/picture/1638892/picture-1571287453.jpg 1x, https://assets-pergikuliner.com/zetZYW-ZxF9HGuowHqiV9FuZSx0=/770x580/smart/filters:no_upscale()/https://assets-pergikuliner.com/uploads/image/picture/1638892/picture-1571287453.jpg 2x 385 290 • https://assets-pergikuliner.com/AGHZu5h1v4qnzu58ek4KTI0gfAM=/385x290/smart/https://assets-pergikuliner.com/uploads/image/picture/590285/picture-1497536805.JPG 1x, https://assets-pergikuliner.com/rPJZPshVjmJTrKD50m-imUM3-z4=/770x580/smart/filters:no_upscale()/https://assets-pergikuliner.com/uploads/image/picture/590285/picture-1497536805.JPG 2x 385 290 • https://assets-pergikuliner.com/aDBxxLCc6oPbd31n7CLa3ZS_a8s=/385x290/smart/https://assets-pergikuliner.com/uploads/image/picture/590294/picture-1497536849.JPG 1x, https://assets-pergikuliner.com/USZMDf6YsLXE6PcDp6VHBh_FDUA=/770x580/smart/filters:no_upscale()/https://assets-pergikuliner.com/uploads/image/picture/590294/picture-1497536849.JPG 2x 385 290 • https://assets-pergikuliner.com/od6hD6Nu5znvJTS-TFtHNyZ5UQo=/385x290/smart/https://assets-pergikuliner.com/uploads/image/picture/602297/picture-1498381709.jpg 1x, https://assets-pergikuliner.com/C5aegh9F5fqFEFb-paz8mJhz25s=/770x580/smart/filters:no_upscale()/https://assets-pergikuliner.com/uploads/image/picture/602297/picture-1498381709.jpg 2x 385 290 • https://assets-pergikuliner.com/iBg6pZrffxTcBxut1gmg3qfXYaA=/385x290/smart/https://assets-pergikuliner.com/uploads/image/picture/604213/picture-1498750752.JPG 1x, https://assets-pergikuliner.com/sHb0A4hGiDga66ACFgMmjNv5ctU=/770x580/smart/filters:no_upscale()/https://assets-pergikuliner.com/uploads/image/picture/604213/picture-1498750752.JPG 2x 385 290 • https://assets-pergikuliner.com/iN74vn3sO8zjvGkkrVb4WERuEaU=/385x290/smart/https://assets-pergikuliner.com/uploads/image/picture/612736/picture-1499698178.jpg 1x, https://assets-pergikuliner.com/2Qc3HpPFOyuCT_mQyhtCsCEzczE=/770x580/smart/filters:no_upscale()/https://assets-pergikuliner.com/uploads/image/picture/612736/picture-1499698178.jpg 2x 385 290 • https://assets-pergikuliner.com/j7dZXMtAMaP-_d4P0YUkSGwSDgE=/385x290/smart/https://assets-pergikuliner.com/uploads/image/picture/612747/picture-1499698243.jpg 1x, https://assets-pergikuliner.com/S9hmdMoeT_T5-bEbtWAX4FOQ-TA=/770x580/smart/filters:no_upscale()/https://assets-pergikuliner.com/uploads/image/picture/612747/picture-1499698243.jpg 2x 385 290 • https://assets-pergikuliner.com/0A2ABJNzWRHtO0lvxVGyQUC_zzA=/385x290/smart/https://assets-pergikuliner.com/uploads/image/picture/624853/picture-1500911604.JPG 1x, https://assets-pergikuliner.com/-WVgnOewHcia_F0F_H3oR7Nb8RE=/770x580/smart/filters:no_upscale()/https://assets-pergikuliner.com/uploads/image/picture/624853/picture-1500911604.JPG 2x 385 290 • https://assets-pergikuliner.com/gyATjVyXJkcwiD3kpZsxgqsSbRU=/385x290/smart/https://assets-pergikuliner.com/uploads/image/picture/635358/picture-1501897527.JPG 1x, https://assets-pergikuliner.com/lh83s_R8jBnMiy9GE8wvG-_ipyI=/770x580/smart/filters:no_upscale()/https://assets-pergikuliner.com/uploads/image/picture/635358/picture-1501897527.JPG 2x 385 290 • https://assets-pergikuliner.com/K8TNsJJ3_6xt7C2sTNDPFu8hj7A=/385x290/smart/https://assets-pergikuliner.com/uploads/image/picture/635359/picture-1501897544.JPG 1x, https://assets-pergikuliner.com/82p369yTkGLui7NhUAd05xMRPIg=/770x580/smart/filters:no_upscale()/https://assets-pergikuliner.com/uploads/image/picture/635359/picture-1501897544.JPG 2x 385 290 • https://assets-pergikuliner.com/NomZN5TwJGq4N_iJ5ksVv_pIMYA=/385x290/smart/https://assets-pergikuliner.com/uploads/image/picture/635360/picture-1501897560.JPG 1x, https://assets-pergikuliner.com/5P1hdsW6lhNvD3umqxers9CFxM0=/770x580/smart/filters:no_upscale()/https://assets-pergikuliner.com/uploads/image/picture/635360/picture-1501897560.JPG 2x 385 290 • https://assets-pergikuliner.com/Bn31rsLAdS6I0gV5FRzQ2BxCdRQ=/385x290/smart/https://assets-pergikuliner.com/uploads/image/picture/635362/picture-1501897612.JPG 1x, kopi nalar 2x 385 290 • https://assets-pergikuliner.com/l-LJpbR5jeUdcko3hhckjIDh8SI=/385x290/smart/https://assets-pergikuliner.com/uploads/image/picture/635363/picture-1501897674.JPG 1x, https://assets-pergikuliner.com/zh5BKSrbHXLIHMmEoUMByJM3ZzU=/770x580/smart/filters:no_upscale()/https://assets-pergikuliner.com/uploads/image/picture/635363/picture-1501897674.JPG 2x 385 290 • https://assets-pergikuliner.com/A28zAXhHmzj1gSeDJYCJtASrNxY=/385x290/smart/https://assets-pergikuliner.com/uploads/image/picture/817714/picture-1517884179.jpg 1x, https://assets-pergikuliner.com/G7jaukAI_zgIfKT8-x19t_QQIBM=/770x580/smart/filters:no_upscale()/https://assets-pergikuliner.com/uploads/image/picture/817714/picture-1517884179.jpg 2x 385 290 • https://assets-pergikuliner.com/L5IpAgwI_Wh8pfz33C93MUFwtvw=/385x290/smart/https://assets-pergikuliner.com/uploads/image/picture/817716/picture-1517884198.jpg 1x, https://assets-pergikuliner.com/ZMrGznaGnfnKhP_8bsz0rLcOv4g=/770x580/smart/filters:no_upscale()/https://assets-pergikuliner.com/uploads/image/picture/817716/picture-1517884198.jpg 2x 385 290 • https://assets-pergikuliner.com/_iFDGwAmF8rrh2y9rPcriYv9tzY=/385x290/smart/https://assets-pergikuliner.com/uploads/image/picture/817717/picture-1517884208.jpg 1x, https://assets-pergikuliner.com/M33Seh2KX9lpFT1v63UDCfNjlbw=/770x580/smart/filters:no_upscale()/https://assets-pergikuliner.com/uploads/image/picture/817717/picture-1517884208.jpg 2x 385 290 • https://assets-pergikuliner.com/B8wz15HoSziJ5wIsf58XeYfhrzM=/385x290/smart/https://assets-pergikuliner.com/uploads/image/picture/1229113/picture-1548086383.JPG 1x, https://assets-pergikuliner.com/qi0UI62hAdni8r8b12I6_-PsoAM=/770x580/smart/filters:no_upscale()/https://assets-pergikuliner.com/uploads/image/picture/1229113/picture-1548086383.JPG 2x 385 290 • https://assets-pergikuliner.com/CfKOIjnR2UiYuUfLT_wv87kA9Lg=/385x290/smart/https://assets-pergikuliner.com/uploads/image/picture/1229116/picture-1548086384.JPG 1x, https://assets-pergikuliner.com/o0swJlFIbfqP3wGZ4PQc06ooMyk=/770x580/smart/filters:no_upscale()/https://assets-pergikuliner.com/uploads/image/picture/1229116/picture-1548086384.JPG 2x 385 290 • https://assets-pergikuliner.com/z0LyxE7R4m51gPFGcJohW-xCuK4=/385x290/smart/https://assets-pergikuliner.com/uploads/image/picture/1521108/picture-1565072749.JPG 1x, https://assets-pergikuliner.com/Fv0QhEq4WtAC9fZfjDeZsJIOU2Y=/770x580/smart/filters:no_upscale()/https://assets-pergikuliner.com/uploads/image/picture/1521108/picture-1565072749.JPG 2x 385 290 • https://assets-pergikuliner.com/pMqFLLpRKBg2PIZGxjlPbZUoiuQ=/385x290/smart/https://assets-pergikuliner.com/uploads/image/picture/1638332/picture-1571233651.jpg 1x, https://assets-pergikuliner.com/VH-FilnKmootYIQmJva5xusUo0g=/770x580/smart/filters:no_upscale()/https://assets-pergikuliner.com/uploads/image/picture/1638332/picture-1571233651.jpg 2x 385 290 • https://assets-pergikuliner.com/6BYIeL_1Nsyeh-WoxfblECNWPpg=/385x290/smart/https://assets-pergikuliner.com/uploads/image/picture/1869983/picture-1582862682.JPG 1x, https://assets-pergikuliner.com/2RddbzCnEaJ9nbP0HQWRhR-TSHM=/770x580/smart/filters:no_upscale()/https://assets-pergikuliner.com/uploads/image/picture/1869983/picture-1582862682.JPG 2x 385 290 Kali ini main ke Kopi Nalar untuk work from cafe, jujur ambience pagi harinya totally tenang banget untuk work from cafe.

Tapi untuk sore menjelang malam sedikit berisik karena rame banget sama yang mau nongkrong nih. Untuk harga minuman mulai dari 35.000 something, snack kopi nalar dan kalau gak salah inget makanan beratnya 40.000an gitu.

Dari segi harga jujur sedikit overpriced buat aku karena berbanding rasa yang gak memberi kesan “wah” jadi kurang worth it aja sih. Cuman balik lagi ke selera masing-masing ya tshay.

kopi nalar

Aku pesen hazelnut latte dan menurut aku hazelnya bener-bener ga berasa, jadi totally kayak nyoba kopsu biasa aja sih. Kalau untuk cajun french friesnya mungkin agak aneh kalau baru nyoba rasa cajun tapi lama kelamaan bolehlah rasanya agak bikin nagih gitu, back again ke selera masing-masing ya.

Ohya untuk pelayanan dari baristanya oke banget btw, ramah dan cepat sigap.

kopi nalar

Mungkin bisanih dijadiin list pilihan cafe untuk wfc? Hihihi. {IG: @neeshagp} In Frame: Green tea latte (40k) Rasanya enak banget dan ga dominan susu tapi green tea disini tipe kopi nalar bold. Ini suka banget sih rasanya. Mereka buka dari jam 8 pagi jadi bisa jadi opsi buat yang mau nyari tempat untuk nugas/kerja/setelah olahraga pagi. Bagian depannya tidak ada area parkir, jadi cuma parkir di kopi nalar jalan. Tersedia outdoor area dan indoor yang luas.

Ini juga ada lantai 2 nya tapi waktu itu ga sempet naik ke atas :(Â Tersedia free wifi (wifinya kencang) dan banyak banget stop kontak yang ada disetiap meja, jadi ga perlu khawatir rebutan colokan.

Ini sistemnya kita ambil sendiri pesanan minuman di bar, kecuali untuk makanan bakal dianter ke meja kita. Suasananya diputar musik tapi tidak terlalu kencang. ACnya tidak terlalu dingin tapi cukup sejuk.

kopi nalar

Toiletnya bersih dan dipisah untuk pria&wanita. Aku prefer tidak pilih duduk di sofa sih karena terlihat usang dan cukup berdebu. Oh iya di bagian luar sebelum masuk terdapat wastafel untuk cuci tangan dan ada pengecekan suhu saat masuk. 🏡Rating place: 4/5 💃Rating service: 4/5 😋Rating dish: 5/5 Kopi Nalar menjadi tempat ternyaman untuk sekedar duduk bercerita, suasananya tenang dan nyaman.

Duku pernah sempat kesini, namun karena terlalu ramai jadi berisik. Namun, saat saya datang kesana lagi. suasananya menjadi lebih nyaman dan tenang.

Barista pun menyambut dengan ramah. Saat kesini, saya memesan Ice Americano. Yang saya pesan pertama rasanya sangat pahit dan sepertinya over extract dan sangat pahit seperti sayur. Namun, setelah diberitahu ke baristanya, mereka langsung mengganti. Saya sangat mengapresiasi pelayanan dari Kopi Nalar ini. Untuk menemani ngopi, saya penasaran dengan French Kaya Toast. Teksturnya lembut seperti pie yang ditaburi gula, stawberry dan blueberry.

Lalu, juga ada topping butter dan srikayanya. Rasanya balance, tidak terlalu eneg dan manis. Saya suka banget sama kaya kopi nalar nya ini. Lagi main ke daerah sini trus mampir aja karna pengen ngopi2 nongkrong gt. tempatnya nyaman banget! Asyik buat nongkrong, ngerjain tugas2, sampe bisa kopi nalar gt yg nongkrong disini.

sofa2 jg banyak jd makin nyaman.

kopi nalar

outdoor depan pintu masuk nya jg cute bgt, cozy, smoking area nya jg cozy dan ok bgt. Sayang nya kesini cuma pesan minum dan brownies nya, minuman thai tea dan lychee tea, thai tea nya standar sih, rasa thai tea nya cukup balance dan terasa ala thai tea, lychee nya ya spt lychee tea pd umumnya. brownies nya enak, lembut, tp terlalu manis sih menurut ku. pelayanannya cukup baik dan menjelaskan dgn baik. Awalnya saya sempat kopi nalar bahwa konsep kafe seperti ini kurang cocok untuk sebuah kafe di Jakarta, saya sempat mengira bahwa duduk di area semi-outdoor cafe ini akan super panas dan nyatanya sama sekali tidak, kehadiran pohon rindang di sekitar berhasil membuat udaranya menjadi sejuk, saya lumayan betah duduk berlama-lama di cafe ini. - Fettucine Carbonara (48K) Fettucinenya dimasak dengan kematangan yang nyaris aldente, agak sedikit kelebihan saja.

Kopi nalar disajikan bersama saus Carbonara dengan creaminess yang pas, cheesy, dan gurih. Biasanya saya suka insecure dengan saus tipe ini karena seringkali membuat citarasa pasta menjadi terlalu bold dan bikin eneg, namun kali ini saus carbonara masih sangat bisa saya nikmati. - Hot Cappuccino (38K) Cappuccino di tempat ini cukup sesuai dengan selera saya.

Espresso yang digunakan memiliki kecendrungan rasa yang cendrung lumayan asam dengan sedikit hint rasa pahit, after effectnya juga cukup minimal. Selain itu, komposisi rasa manis dari susu dan foam-nya juga well-balanced. Berawalan dari gabut di hari Minggu malam, secara kopi nalar pengen gopi dan akhirnya kesini. Gue mesen Single Origin Local Manual Brew dan Chocolate cookies since i love the combination of black coffee and the condiments such as cookies.

Cookiesnya ini soft cookies dan setelah di heat, cokelatnya melted gitu enaaak! Gue mesen Flores sebagai beans nya dan V60 sebagai method nya. Gue suka dengan ambience disini, memang rame sih terutama di outdoor nya. Like the concept of small front yard dan smoking area seating nya, unik! I have good experience in this place, good food, good ambience and speed wifi! Waktu itu ke sini pas lagi malem minggu jadi rame bangeeeet sampe gak dapet tempat duduk.

Nunggu sekitar 10 menit barudeh dapet duduk di sofa yang nyaman banget. Tempatnya cukup luas, asik buat sekedar nongkrong minum kopi sama temen. Tapi kayaknya lebih nyaman ke sini pas siang hari dan hari biasa deh supaya lebih sepi aja. Pesen 2 menu makan malam.

kopi nalar

Fettuccine carbonaranya enak. Sambal hijau chicken crispy filletnya juga enak dan sambelnya gak terlalu pedes. Untuk harga sesuai lah gak terlalu mahal untuk suasana dan tempat yang nyaman. Untuk minumannya waktu itu pesen es kopi gitu sama lychee tea. Saya pernah diundang ke Kopi Nalar, Senopati. Jadi pertama - tama, tempatnya sangat homey! Walau lantainya tidak seluruhnya kayu, namun suasananya sangat nyaman, saya menyukainya, ada lampu gantungnya, dan desainnya khas tempat - tempat kafe di wilayah Senopati.

Tempatnya sendiri dibagi beberapa bagian, terdapat ruangan smoking di sebelah kiri pintu masuk, lalu ada ruangan lagi di belakang. Bersih, woow. Nah, para barista kopi kopi nalar pintu masuk merekomendasi beberapa kopinya, namun saya lupa nama - namanya hehehe.

Tapi, saya memboyong creme brulee coffeenya, kopinya cukup berasa. Walau saya merasa kopinya agak kurang sedikit aura creme bruleenyanamun kopinya endes! Saya terkesima kopinya cukup bermain di sini. Untuk vanila lattenya lebih milky. Waktu itu saya juga dijejali beberapa penganan untuk dicoba di Kopi Nalar, yakni ada burger, kue cokelat, dan mi kangkung. Tiga - tiganya enak! Kuenya penuh cokelat, buttery, crunchy, dan enak! Mi kangkungnya juga di luar perkiraan saya, lebih enak dari Mi Kangkung Si Jangkung!

kopi nalar

Burgernya juga very good. Ada satu lagi, yakni affogattonya, juga unik, jadi berupa es krim kopi nalar dilengkapi saus kopinya. Namun, karena pH kopi sekitar 4.7 - 5.2, jadi, saran saya kopinya dikasih secukupnya saja hehehehehe agar tidak berubah jadi asam es krimnya. Sementara pelayan baristanya sangat home friendly. Terakhir, saat saya ke sana, turunlah hujan walau hanya gerimis.

Kalau dalam dunia marriage, artinya hujan membawa banyak berkat dalam perjalanan hidup sesudah marriagenya. Saya percaya, hal yang sama juga terjadi di Kopi Nalar, terutama affogatto dan penganannya. All in kopi nalar, nalar saya kembali bermain berkat Kopi Nalar, thank you Kopi Nalar! Setelah sekian lama, aku kembali lagi ke Nalar. Nalar ini salah satu coffee shop gaul yg surprisingly juga nyaman banget untuk bekerja.

kopi nalar

Ga berisik pengunjung lain. Ada bagian indoor, rumah kaca, dan outdoor. So instagrammable apalagi ada beanbag dan lampu-lampu gantung lucu. Aku pesan Iced Chocolate enak.

Cokelatnya ga terlalu manis, agak encer tapi rasa cokelatnya tebal.

kopi nalar

Lattenya juga lumayan, kopi dan susunya blend well satu sama lain gak saling mendominasi. Selain itu aku pesan Milo Beng-Beng, semacam brownies yg soft dan chewy gitu. Cokelatnya pekat kopi nalar, manis beng-beng dan beneran dikasi potongan beng-beng, tapi milonya ga terlalu kerasa, no problemo karena sebagai pecinta cokelat aku udah cukup puas sama rasanya.

Kopi nalar adalah coffee shop yang sudah berdiri sejak 2 tahun yang lalu dengan konsep yang homey dan sangat cozy. Aku dateng pas jam 8 pagi dan masih sepi banget so super pewe dan banyak spot menarik untuk difoto. Aku pesen latte mereka yang rasanya okay dan juga kaya french toast mereka yang surprisingly rasanya enak dan rotinya lembut gitu dengan bumbu srikaya yang juara, Tentunya akan balik lagi kesinil


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