Sigma rule meme

sigma rule meme

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sigma rule meme

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sigma rule meme

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sigma rule meme

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sigma rule meme

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sigma rule meme

If you're frantically heading to Urban Dictionary right now to look up what the hell 'sigma' means, then your smooth virgin brain has got a lot to learn. The sigma male is kind of like the alpha male, except way cooler. The sigma is so freaking cool, that he's literally outside the hierarchy of male archetypes and yet is also somehow at the top.

The sigma male is a lone wolf who plays by his own rules, is super rich, and beats people up for no reason. How do you know when you've encountered a sigma male? He cuts deep into your sigma rule meme with that unmistakable sigma stare.

Jokes aside, there are real people out there who genuinely buy into ' hustle culture' and strive sigma rule meme uphold the 'sigma male' fallacy. While these delusional dudes grind away at whatever it is they grind, the rest of the internet is having a great time making fun of male archetypes and the corny hustle mentality.

Scroll along for some ironical zingers that mock alphas and sigmas alike.
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• Should Men Use Face Masks? – Top 5 Benefits for Guys Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year or two, you’ve probably encountered the term “Sigma Male.” This new type of male character has taken the internet by storm; move aside alpha and beta males!

So if you’re wondering what Sigma Male memes are all about and how this term even started, buckle up. This post is covering the origin of the term plus some of our very favorite Sigma male memes.

Let’s get to it. What Is A Sigma Male? A Sigma Male is a term that describes a man who is extremely successful, popular, but is also very independent. This masculine identity is often compared to being a “lone wolf” and is even more extreme than being an Alpha male.

This classification of men has grown in popularity recently because of its usage in memes and on popular online platforms like Instagram and Reddit. It’s actually quite funny since originally, the term Sigma Male was meant to be taken seriously, serving as a way to describe tough, successful men who make their own rules and don’t follow the herd.

However, thanks to the rise of Sigma Male memes, the term is now mostly used ironically to describe men who think they are being extremely edgy and tough whereas the reality is much different. Sigma Male Meme Origin Now that you know what Sigma Male means, sigma rule meme cover the origin of the term a bit more before diving into some of the best Sigma Male memes. According to numerous sources, the term Sigma Male first appeared sigma rule meme blogger Theodore Robert Beale (Vox Day) began writing about different classes and hierarchies of men.

Vox Day’s blog has been taken down from Google, but he basically wrote a series of articles describing different types of men and how they fit into society. One of these classes was the Sigma Male. According to Vox Day, Sigma Males don’t play the social games normal people play yet are extremely successful. Other traits of Sigma Males include: • Being hated by Alpha males • Being a man of mystery • Not following social norms • Living by a strict set of rules and mindsets sigma rule meme Having success with women but also holding them with a degree of disdain Again, this is extremely edgy and honestly pretty hilarious, but the idea of a Sigma Male is to basically be a lone wolf who plays by their own rules.

How Did Sigma Male Memes Become Popular? The Sigma Male meme and subculture gradually grew in popularity in 2020 and 2021. Memes started popping up online, and the term was being used by popular male lifestlye YouTubers like Alpha M: Reddit r/SigmaGrindset also grew in popularity, and the community now has over 45,000 members in it who post memes about the Sigma Grindset (more on this later.) However, one catalyst for the growth of Sigma Male memes is a Tweet from Lily Simpson in January 2021.

In her Tweet, Lily asks “what on earth is going on with men,” referencing numerous Sigma Male infographics and videos that talk about what it means to be a Sigma. The tweet went viral and got thousands of likes and retweets, and the rest sigma rule meme history! The Best Sigma Male Memes Now that you know what a Sigma Male is and how the memes grew in popularity, here are some of our all-time favorite Sigma Male memes for you to enjoy.

1. The Sigma Male Grindset Meme Sigma Male grindset memes are memes that explain how Sigma Males work much harder than ordinary males and basically play into the hustle culture ideology.

sigma rule meme

Of course, this is done ironically, and it’s absolutely hilarious. The punchline of many Sigma Male grindset memes is the iconic “we are sigma rule meme the same” line, indicating just how superior and committed to the grind this subclass of males is.

Again, this is all ironic, but my god is it ever hilarious. Here’s another one of our favorite Sigma Male grindset memes so you get the idea: 2. Sigma Male Schedule Meme Another subclass of Sigma Male memes is the Sigma Male schedule meme.

sigma rule meme

This type of meme relates to absurdly intense schedules Sigma Males should allegedly live by. Sigma Male schedule memes are especially popular on Reddit and 4Chan, and again, the idea is to live some Spartan-like existence that’s absolutely miserable because, well, you’re just too based and awesome not to.

sigma rule meme

3. Sigma Male Rules Meme One other hilarious category of this meme is the Sigma Male rules meme. Basically, these memes relate to different self-imposed rules Sigma Males are supposed to live by. There are seemingly endless rules, each one without much point other than to showboat how Sigma you are, but that just comes with the territory of being Sigma I guess!

4. Sigma Male Mindset Meme One final class of Sigma Male memes is the mindset meme. Sigma rule meme a nutshell, Sigma Male mindset memes relate to a specific way of thinking Sigmas should follow. It doesn’t even have to be sensical; it’s just a different way of thinking these lone-wolf type men follow because they’re just built different. These are similar to Sigma Male rules memes but are a more abstract way of living life and just being a baller.

5. The Businessman Meme Remember, you’re supposed to be dedicated to that hustle and grindset, so you better be saying “CEO” if you get questions like this!

6. Sigma vs Alpha vs Beta Male Memes A lot of Sigma Male memes also relate to showing how superior Sigmas are to Alpha and Beta males. Usually, the Sigma Male is represented by another popular meme, the Giga Chad. I honestly love Giga Chad, and this is probably one of my favorite meme formats for this entire mess.

7. The No Remorse Meme Sigma Males don’t care about other men or women, and they march to the beat of their own drum. So, unsurprisingly, you get a lot of memes like this one: 8.

The Sus Memes Another subcategory for this meme culture are memes that are somewhat “sus.” However, is it really sus, or is this just iconic Sigma Male behavior that doesn’t need an explanation? 9. The Cultural Sigma Male Memes Sometimes, different cultures make Sigma Male memes to describe inside jokes about their own culture (talk about next-level memeing!) For example, here’s a popular meme from r/2bulkan4you called “Romanian Sigma Mindset.” 10.

The “If Your Main Circle Isn’t Discussing” Meme One final Sigma Male sigma rule meme format you have to know is the “if your main circle isn’t discussing” format. Basically, this format explains how if your close group of friends isn’t discussing various Sigma topics, it’s time to move on. After all, your network is your net worth bro!

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sigma rule meme

Frequently Asked Questions What Is A Sigma Male Rule? A Sigma Male rule is a self-imposed way of living life that Sigma Males create for themselves. These rules usually pertain to hustle culture and doing things different from everyone else without any explanation whatsoever.

sigma rule meme

What Is The Sigma Male Grindset? The Sigma rule meme Male grindset is a lifestyle that involves committing fully to hustling and personal development.

For Sigma Male memes, this usually means setting unrealistically hard rules and goals for yourself and doing whatever it takes to succeed. Who Started Sigma Male Memes? It’s widely believed that author Vox Day coined the term Sigma Male when writing about the different classifications of males. From there, the term slowly grew in popularity until taking off when user Lily Simpson had a viral tweet asking what men were talking about when they mentioned being Sigma.

Final Thoughts I hope this list of the best Sigma Male memes helps you understand the origin of Sigma Male memes and the different sub-genres this awesome meme has.

sigma rule meme

Honestly, this is one of my favorite meme formats at the moment because it’s so cringey. Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed reading our list of the best Sigma Male memes as much as I have!

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Sigma Rules Memes