WORLD CLASS RIDES Spanning 3.8 hectares, Waterbom Bali is designed to provide memorable waterboom for all. From thrill seekers testing their mettle on Asia’s steepest slide- The Climax, to families enjoying the expansive kids area or those wanting waterboom relax and soak in the day away from the bustling world outside. Discover KARMIC RETURN Our mission is to offer a carbon neutral, zero waste to landfill and eco-friendly water adventure.

Protecting and nurturing the environment for the benefit of future generations is a central pillar of our culture. Beyond being a nice idea to make us feel good about ourselves, this is a tangible commitment that Waterbom Bali continues to invest in on a daily basis. Know More The Immigration department has just recently changed Visa regulations and increased prices.


At the same time 60 nationalities can now enter with waterboom affordable Visa on Arrival. Some changes are still a bit vague, unclear or incomplete. Please take your time reading the notes on our visa pages. We will keep updating our website as soon as we get confirmed new information.


• Stay The founders of Waterbom Bali consciously developed the park to complement the natural environment. Beyond the world-class slides, built and maintained to strict international safety standards, lies a carefully landscaped sanctuary waterboom gardens and water systems proudly representing the beauty of Bali. Waterbom Bali spans 3.8 hectares designed to provide memorable experiences for our range of guests. From thrill seekers testing their mettle on Asia’s steepest slide- The Climax to families enjoying the expansive kids’ area or those wanting to relax and soak in the day away from the bustling world outside.

To this day, Waterbom still maintains more than 50% of the park as green space including a number of endangered native species. Our guests’ dining experience is a critical part of their day. We take waterboom obligation to provide a variety of high quality, and high value, options and excellent service very seriously.

Far from the standard fare offered in water parks, we pride ourselves on the extensive cuisine varieties available throughout our restaurants at Waterbom including hand-made 48hr leavened pizzas and a range of alternatives for the health conscious.
Waterbom Bali: Tickets & Tours‎ Pandawa Beach: Tickets & Tours‎ Beachwalk Shopping Center: Tickets & Tours‎ Bali Sea Turtle Society (BSTS): Tickets & Tours‎ Kuta Beach - Bali: Tickets & Tours‎ Balangan Beach: Tickets & Tours‎ Ground Zero Monument: Tickets & Tours‎ Discovery Shopping Mall: Tickets & Tours‎ Dreamland Beach: Tickets & Tours‎ Kuta Square: Tickets & Tours‎ Mal Bali Galeria: Tickets & Tours‎ Matahari Kuta Square: Tickets & Tours‎ Waterboom Theater Lippo Mall Kuta: Tickets & Tours‎ Circus Waterpark Bali: Tickets & Tours‎ Tuban Beach: Tickets & Tours‎ Restaurants Flights Vacation Rentals Shopping Exciting water slides waterboom through 3.8 hectares of landscaped tropical parks providing hours of fun and entertainment for the young and young at heart!

World-class slides and rides are built and maintained to waterboom international safety standards. The advanced salt chlorination technique is soft on the environment and on your skin. The ultimate escape to relaxation or thrills… Whatever satisfies the soul most! A globally acclaimed waterpark that guarantees a day of waterboom My family visited recently with a few other families from Australia (kids ranged from 1 to 12).

I have to say I visit a lot of amusement parks and water parks all over the world. . and I was highly skeptical about visiting (especially since we visited right after COVID re-opening). I was especially worried about Safety etc. Without a doubt this was the best Water Park I visited (compared with USA and AUS) and I was very impressed by all the safety related aspects.

The crew manning the rides were exceptionally professional, friendly, and safety-oriented. I found the food and drinks were also excellent. . although the pricing was higher than I became used to in Bali (Still much better priced than AUS) so bring some cash or credit card (that can swipe).

Also, they have photgraphers at each ride and a photo-writeband system. The photos were fantastic! Very highly recommend Waterbom! Hi there, Thanks for leaving a review, just to clear up a few things you mentioned, we are currently open 7 days (since 1 April) from 10am - 5pm. So we are happy to welcome both tourists and residents to the park any day! Also, just so you know for next time, you can actually bring in a bottle of water per person into the park, but yes, other outside food and drinks are not permitted, the same at most venues or attractions where food and drinks are sold :) And as your entry ticket to the park gives you automatic access to every slide in Waterbom, we hope you understand that we charge an entry fee to allow you to enjoy our facilities once inside.

Thanks for your understanding! Hi Tracy Lombard There are plenty of sun lounges scattered around the park. If you want lounges near the main or kid's pool, it's best if you get there when they open. There are also quite a few lounges in waterboom grassed area which is away from the action and this area always seems to have a few vacant. I once tried to move the sun lounge from the grassed area to be closer to the pool, but they stopped me. You will have a great waterboom there. Enjoy waterboom happy travels.

Hi, We did all our bookings online via the Waterbom website, including the gazebo. My understanding is that when booking via trip advisor it’s your general entry fee.

You can then either go to the Waterbom site and use your ticket ref to book a gazebo, or, if you rock up early enough head to the area inside the park to pay for one if any left. Gazebos include a safe. There are recliners scattered around for general use - again first in 😊 Hope that helps.


Hi Ahmed Z You will have to pay for the photos in addition to the entrance fee. I was just there this week and I paid IDR185,000 for one photo. The food and flow rider are also at additional cost.


If you are going to utilise the facilities and spend the day there, I think it is worth it. If you are just there for photo, then it is a very expensive photo. For some great photos go to Big Garden Corner, there are so many fantastic photos to be taken there.

According to Tripadvisor travelers, these are the best ways to experience Waterbom Bali: • Waterbom Bali Ticket Day Waterboom (From $47.70) • Waterbom Bali Day Pass with Private Hotel Transfers (From $49.00) • Full-Day in Ubud waterboom Entrance Tickets Included (From $57.00) • Waterboom Tour in your Chosen Waterboom with a Private Driver and Free WiFi (From $35.83) • Waterbom Park Bali Ticket with Private Hotel Transfer (From $57.00) See all Waterbom Bali experiences on Tripadvisor what's included : Unlimited Admission for 6 / 12 months Free Regular Locker, Free Towel hire & Birthday compliment* 50% Discount for up to 4 guests each arrival (single day pass only) 10% Disc.

Flowrider/Eurobungy each arrival 10% Disc. Gazebo 10% Disc. F&B in restaurant, Waterbom merchandise and photo package what's not included : Food & drinks memberships page Click for details Gazebo Regular Maximum waterboom by 6 pax Complimentary 6 towels Complimentary 6 glasses of lemon water Complimentary 6 popcorn Gazebo Family Maximum capacity by 8 waterboom Complimentary 8 towels Complimentary 8 glasses of lemon water Complimentary 8 popcorn Gazebo VIP Maximum capacity by 12 pax Complimentary 12 towels Complimentary 12 glasses of lemon water Complimentary 12 popcorn Complimentary 2 pan of Pizza (all selections of Pizza from Waterboom Menu)
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