Itazura na kiss

itazura na kiss

EditSynopsis Ever since she entered high school, Kotoko Aihara wanted to be in the same class as Naoki Itazura na kiss. The only problem, Irie is the smartest student in school while Kotoko is one of the dumbest.

Now in 3rd year high school, she still isn't there. One day, her home gets destroyed and the only place else to go was to Irie's home. Now that she lives close to him, will their relationship be the same, or will it become greater than it is? Included one-shots: Volume 1: Boku ga Naku Volume 20: Pink no Yuki ga Futtara EditBackgroundDue to author's sudden death, Itazura na Kiss manga remains unfinished, but the 2008 anime adaptation portrays the author's planned ending found in her notes.

Tada Kaoru had an accident while she was moving homes with her son and husband, and passed away around two and half weeks later. The series has been published in English by Digital Manga Publishing since November 4, 2009. Media Do International/M'z Planning has been digitally publishing the series as itazurana Kiss since November 7, 2017.

Overall 3 Story 4 Art 2 Character 1 Enjoyment 3 Oh ItaKiss. you know, I just can't work up the visceral hatred that I once had for this series. Don't get me wrong: ItaKiss is irredeemably bad and is the very piece of crap that started the whole "abusive male/idiotic female" trope that I so viscerally despise in shojo romances.

At the same time, ItaKiss is one of the few mangas that actually goes well beyond the scope of high school and it's not like there isn't anything good about it either. Do keep in mind that all of the good there is to be found in the manga isn't anywhere near enough to excuse the failings this series has.

Kotoko Aihara is part of Class F, the class where all the dumbest students in school are located. She just so happens to have the hots for Itazura na kiss Irie, the most handsome (hah!) and smartest guy in school.

itazura na kiss

Despite the fact that Naoki has made it quite evident that he does not want anything to do with Kotoko, she keeps on trying to win his heart and as fate would have it, Kotoko and Naoki end up living together in the same house after a freak accident occurs because Naoki's father is a dear friend of Kotoko's and he offered them a place to stay.

As time goes on, they gradually warm up to one another and blah blah blah, you already know the drill. There are several fundamental problems that exist within ItaKiss, the first of which being what never ceases to piss me off whenever I think about this manga: the foundation of the romance between Naoki and Kotoko. For all intents and purposes, the basis for this romance rests purely on superficial attraction.

In the beginning of the manga, it was quite obvious Kotoko only wanted Naoki because he was a smart, good-looking guy and nothing more. On that note, she consistently makes it an effort to keep harassing Naoki until he just gives in and starts dating her.

The girl is literally incapable of taking "no" for an answer, and it's ultimately the most itazura na kiss thing about this manga. Now, I'm not one to automatically take umbrage with people in love who can't take "no" for an answer and if done right, it can be pretty endearing. Take Family Matters, for instance. No one would argue that Kotoko does to Naoki what Steve Urkel does to Laura on a daily basis. At the same time, what separated Steve and Naoki is the fact that Steve was like 12-13 years old when we first saw him and as such, it was actually excusable a good majority of the time.

Let's not forget that any time Steve DID go too far in his pursuit of Laura, he'd receive his comeuppance at the end of the episode. Kotoko is a high school senior when the manga starts and she's NEVER in the wrong when she keeps pursuing Naoki, even if she does go too far. Sure, someone might call her out on it in one chapter itazura na kiss by the next chapter, all of Kotoko's transgressions get forgiven and forgotten.

Don't go thinking Naoki's free from sin either, because he's just as bad, if not WORSE than Kotoko. His actions throughout the entire work are more in-line with a sadistic psychopath rather than a guy with a bad temper and little patience.

Now, at first he was just shown to be a regular jerk to Kotoko but as time went on, his behaviour changed and started becoming more spiteful and sadistic. Any time Kotoko would have a moment of clarity and realise that she has the hots for a complete and total jackass, in comes Naoki and nips any sort of progress Kotoko could've made in the bud.

The iconic first kiss between the two is a clear example of the dynamic I'm talking about here. Kotoko gets itazura na kiss a fool of in public, she and Naoki have a fight, she says she doesn't see anything in him anymore and wants to move on, Naoki kisses her and then says something along the lines of "Try moving on from me now." That ain't cute, that's abuse.

What's more is that any time a legitimately endearing and romantic moment occurs between these two, the chapter ends with Itazura na kiss seeming like he won't be such a douche to her but we all know that's never the case.

As soon as the next chapter begins, Naoki reverts back to his original characterisation of being an irredeemable jackass, regardless of whatever went down between the two of them.

This is the kind of writing that I absolutely despise more than anything else. Why write up your characters in such a way, make them look like they're gonna change, but then not go through with it? It's so bizarre and confusing, to say the least and in the worst case scenario, it can lead to a character intended to be one thing end up coming off as something entirely different. The other characters aren't much better itazura na kiss. Naoki's mom started off as a rather likeable character but her constant attempts to hook up Naoki and Kotoko regardless of whatever Naoki wanted to say in the matter to the point where she'd actively sabotage ANY interaction Naoki had with anyone that isn't Kotoko.

Yeah. she's entertaining every now and then, especially since her constant quips to Naoki are indeed amusing, but 90% of the time, she's a major pain in the ass.

Don't even get me started on Kinnosuke. Kinnosuke is basically Kotoko's Kotoko, but somehow even worse than that would imply. Like, Kotoko is an idiot but she never really went into obsessive stalker territory. Kinnosuke is basically what Kotoko would be like if she was literally Steve Urkel but without ANY of the charm whatsoever. Now, for the smack I've talked about Itazura na Kiss, itazura na kiss did manage to do a few itazura na kiss right.

For starters, this manga actually spans well over 15 years' worth of story. Part of that can be attributed to the fact that this manga was publishing for about 10 years until Kaoru Tada's unfortunate death, but that still doesn't change the fact that Itazura na Kiss goes WAY beyond the scope of your average romance, something that very few (if any) romances in anime/manga have ever done.

Hell, the closest I can think of would have to be either Clannad: After Story and the manga for KareKano. Whilst I DO give points to ItaKiss for that, the execution is just so bloody awful. The bulk of the characters are irredeemably irritating, the foundation of this romance is based off of nothing more than superficial attraction, and what's more is that the artwork is fucking HORRIBLE.

No, seriously.

itazura na kiss

This manga has hands-down, some of the WORST artwork I've seen in all my life. Not even Yoshihiro Togashi was this bad when he was finishing up the Greed Island arc of Hunter x Hunter. For the first 20-30 chapters, I itazura na kiss couldn't tell if Naoki was a guy or a girl with a REALLY bad haircut, and if that wasn't enough, all the character models look like they were just drawn together within the span of 3-4 minutes. I mean, it DOES improve as time goes on, but it doesn't improve by a considerable margin.

If there's one thing redeemable about the anime, it's the fact that the entire anime was drawn up by competent artists. That's not to discredit Kaoru Tada in any way because her backdrops are passable, but this is a manga that requires the reader to look past the presentation to focus on the story. Unfortunately, the presentation AND the story in this case are so fucking awful. Now, you already know that I hate this manga and hell, it would seem that a LOT of people do too.

Why should you read it? Honestly, I say that you shouldn't. Read KareKano instead or watch the Clannad movie. It would be time better spent, and what's more is that neither one of those two are unpleasant to read or watch. Itazura na Kiss is like a habitually relapsing heroin addict that "tries" to get clean but always ends up going back on the junk after getting out of rehab: just when you think real progress is being made, everything resets and we're back to the same old thing.

Just do yourself a favour and don't read this manga at all. Anyway, that's all for now. Feedback's always welcome and with that, I'm out.

Peace like yeast unleashed in the east :) Overall 9 Story 8 Art 8 Character 10 Enjoyment 9 I adore this classic Shoujo manga for many reasons. The characters are extremely lovable, and the story is comedic and serious at times. I enjoyed Kyouko's chase for Irie throughout the series, as well as getting a taste for how Irie feels about it as well. There are many things for everyone to enjoy itazura na kiss this lighthearted story about a girl in love with a boy who doesn't show any interest in her.

With the side characters becoming some of my favourite of all time, and the main character's problems being relatable and almost sympathetic at times, I would read this manga countless times if i could.

This is a series I would recommend to anyone who is interested in Shoujo or just a good read. STORY - 8 ART- 8 CHARACTERS- 10 Overall 8 Story 8 Art 5 Character 7 Enjoyment 8 This beloved classic title has endured the test of time.

With two live-action dramas and now an anime, it is definitely a must read shoujo title. While the artwork is itazura na kiss incredibly good, the story more than makes up for it. It's a farily long series which was never completed due to the sudden death of the mangaka. The anime series itazura na kiss to conclude with the original intended ending. Kotoko and Irie's challenges with each other are always fun and even suspenseful as the reader tries to anticipate what new behavior Irie's going to show Kotoko as their relationship blossoms.

Hilarious supporting characters make this title thoroughly enjoyable. I highly recommend it for those who love romantic comedy shoujos. Overall 3 Story 2 Art 4 Character 1 Enjoyment 2 Alright, so Itazura na Kiss(InK) May be a very well known manga, having spawned multiple dramas and movies based on it, but to be honest, I didn’t like it at all.

The “opposites attract storyline may be well known and extensively used in manga, but InK to create a love story between two people who lack compatibility. It got so bad that I dropped this manga after forcing myself to read 40 chapters of it, but don’t expect to find a very satisfying ending because this series remains incomplete due to the untimely death of the mangaka.

Story-2 Kotoko Aihara is a dumb underachiever who falls for the smartest(and most handsome, incoming Gary Stu) student, Naoki Irie, who quite bluntly rejects her.

However, an earthquake takes place where she lives, and surprise, surprise, only her house gets destroyed.

itazura na kiss

With nowhere to live, she and her father are offered a place to stay by Irie’s father, who turns out to be Aihara’s father’s friend. So, this ignites a new flame in Kotoko, who spends the next few years of her life struggling with an entirely one sided love for him. The story and premise don’t sound very bad, but what annoys me is how repetitive the chapters are. Art-4 The art style looks more like a draft than a finished product, and made the manga annoying to read.

Characters- 1 Okay, first off we have Kotoko,our female protagonist, and she is exactly what every girl should NOT be. She falls in love with Naoki for the shallowest of reasons, she was impressed by his freshman speech, and basically becomes his doormat. She has no pride or self-respect, and continues to be kind and try to win over Naoki, who, as a character is worse than Kotoko.

Naoki Irie is apparently a genius, but to me, he comes off an as annoying one dimensional character with no development whatsoever. One chapter he’s nice to Kotoko, but the next, he immediately returns back to his old self. He doesn’t like Itazura na kiss, but doesn’t want her to move on from him. He is that detached genius character often seen in anime who don’t develop at all. Most of the other side characters are annoying too, I liked Naoki’s mom at the beginning, but then I got to know she was that helicopter parent always imposing on his life.

And don’t even get me started on Kin-chan- A Kotoko for Kotoko, basically, who follows her around everywhere and is downright creepy. Overall- 3 InK was not my cup of tea, watching the writer try to form a relationship between two characters simply not compatible with each other was exhausting to read. However, it might be someone else’s type of manga, so don’t judge it on this review alone, but read at your own risk.

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1 User • Himekei♥Doll 1 User • Darling wa Namamono ni Tsuki 1 User Itazura Na Kiss Alternative : イタズラなKiss〈キッス〉 ; 淘气小亲亲 ; แกล้งจุ๊บให้รู้ว่ารัก ; 10% quyết định ; A Prank Kiss ; It Started With A Kiss (Tdrama) ; Mischievous Kiss (Kdrama) ; Playful Kiss ; The Kissing Game Author(s) : Tada Kaoru Status : Ongoing Genres : Action - Comedy - Cooking - Drama - Romance - School life - Shoujo Description : From ShoujoMagic: High school senior Aihara Kotoko has had a crush on Irie Naoki since freshman year.

But she's been discouraged from confessing to him by a few things: he's a member of "Class A," the top ranking class in school, whereas she's in "Class F"; he gets the top score on itazura na kiss exam; and he's so smart, popular, and handsome that he's been class president every year.

When Kotoki finally musters up the courage to present him with a love letter, though, Naoki outright refuses it, telling her point blank--with a look of disgust and boredom--that he doesn't like "stupid girls." Poor Kotoko's worst nightmare! Her heart is broken, but then a change in circumstance forces Naoki and Kotoko to be together every day.!? Itazura na Kiss is a gem to the shoujo demographic, as it is the mother of a lot of cliches found in today's shoujo series. Despite the fact that it is 2 decades old, it still stands out as unique for it has the series follow the main characters well into their life, over a span of 10 years.

It was so popular it inspired popular series like Marmalade Boy and Fruits Basket. However, the author had an accident while she was moving homes with her son and husband, and passed away a few months later, leaving her popular manga forever uncompleted.

It was adapted into a popular Taiwanese drama under the title "It Started With a Kiss", and it even earned sequel.

It was also adapted as a short Japanese drama in 1996, and an anime series in 2008, with the anime portraying the author's planned ending. + Rohan at the louvre + Dragon girl Chapter name View Uploaded • Chapter 77 1,720 Jan 17,22 • Chapter 76 775 Jan 17,22 • Chapter 75 740 Jan 17,22 • Chapter 74 703 Jan 17,22 • Chapter 73 652 Jan 17,22 • Chapter 72 649 Jan 17,22 • Chapter 71 663 Jan 17,22 • Chapter 70 754 Jan 17,22 • Vol.18 Chapter 69 18,384 Sep 11,19 • Vol.18 Chapter 68 8,583 Sep 11,19 • Vol.17 Chapter 67 12,088 Aug 25,19 • Vol.17 Chapter 66 13,163 Aug 25,19 • Vol.17 Chapter 65 13,535 Aug 25,19 • Vol.17 Chapter 64 9,888 Aug 25,19 • Vol.16 Chapter 63 9,630 Aug 25,19 • Vol.16 Chapter 62 9,820 Aug 25,19 • Vol.16 Chapter 61 16,596 Aug 25,19 • Vol.16 Chapter 60 13,806 Aug 25,19 • Vol.15 Chapter 59 : Cory Translations 20,194 Aug 25,19 • Chapter 58 21,986 Aug 25,19 • Chapter 57 16,339 Aug 25,19 • Chapter 56 13,659 Aug 25,19 • Chapter 55 13,399 Aug 25,19 • Chapter 54 12,795 Aug 25,19 • Chapter 53 12,647 Aug 25,19 • Chapter 52.5 5,984 Aug 25,19 • Chapter 52 12,337 Aug 25,19 • Chapter 51 12,034 Aug 25,19 • Chapter 50 13,452 Aug 25,19 • Chapter 49 11,768 Aug 25,19 • Chapter 48 13,985 Aug 25,19 • Chapter itazura na kiss 12,735 Aug 25,19 • Chapter 46 11,849 Aug 25,19 • Chapter 45 11,682 Aug 25,19 • Chapter 44 12,113 Aug 25,19 • Chapter 43 12,604 Aug 25,19 • Chapter 42 13,623 Aug 25,19 • Chapter 41 13,295 Aug 25,19 • Chapter 40 14,917 Aug 25,19 • Chapter 39 13,972 Aug 25,19 • Chapter 38 14,339 Aug 25,19 • Chapter 37 12,145 Aug 25,19 • Chapter 36 11,351 Aug 25,19 • Chapter 35 11,758 Aug 25,19 • Chapter 34 10,717 Aug 25,19 • Chapter 33 11,056 Aug 25,19 • Chapter 32 11,496 Aug 25,19 • Chapter 31 11,184 Aug 25,19 • Chapter 30 12,130 Aug 25,19 • Chapter 29 10,719 Aug 25,19 • Chapter 28 : 28 10,797 Aug 25,19 • Chapter 27 : 27 10,427 Aug 25,19 • Chapter 26 : 26 10,552 Aug 25,19 • Chapter 25 : 25 10,576 Aug 25,19 • Chapter 24 : 24 10,560 Aug 25,19 • Chapter 23 : 23 10,494 Aug 25,19 • Chapter 22 : 22 11,181 Aug 25,19 • Chapter 21 : 21 10,446 Aug 25,19 • Chapter 20 : 20 10,953 Aug 25,19 • Chapter 19 : 19 10,225 Itazura na kiss 25,19 • Chapter 18 : 18 10,480 Aug 25,19 • Chapter 17 : 17 10,580 Aug 25,19 • Chapter 16 : 16 10,450 Aug 25,19 • Chapter 15 : 15 10,343 Aug 25,19 • Chapter 14 : 14 10,457 Aug 25,19 • Chapter 13 : 13 10,284 Aug 25,19 • Chapter 12 : 12 9,973 Aug 25,19 • Chapter 11 : 11 10,387 Aug 25,19 • Chapter 10 : 10 11,181 Aug 25,19 • Chapter 9 : 9 11,316 Aug 25,19 • Chapter itazura na kiss : 8 10,933 Aug 25,19 • Chapter 7 : 7 10,740 Aug 25,19 • Chapter 6 : 6 11,033 Aug 25,19 • Chapter 5 : 5 11,370 Aug 25,19 • Chapter 4 : 4 11,718 Aug 25,19 • Chapter 3.5 5,711 Aug 25,19 • Chapter 3 : 3 12,464 Aug itazura na kiss • Chapter 2 : 2 13,985 Aug 25,19 • Chapter 1 : 1 25,933 Aug 25,19 MANGA BY GENRES Latest Newest Top view ALL Completed Ongoing ALL Action Adventure Comedy Cooking Doujinshi Drama Fantasy Gender bender Harem Historical Horror Isekai Josei Manhua Manhwa Martial itazura na kiss Mature Mecha Medical Mystery One shot Psychological Romance School life Sci fi Seinen Shoujo Shoujo ai Shounen Shounen ai Slice of life Smut Sports Supernatural Tragedy Webtoons Yaoi Yuri
Digital Manga Publishing Magazine Bessatsu Margaret Demographic Shōjo Original run June 1990 – March 1999 Volumes 23 Television drama Directed by Mitsunori Morita, Minoki Nemoto, Hiroshi Ikezoe Produced by Mitsunori Morita, Ryoichi Sato, Seiko Uchiyama Written by Kusumoto Hiromi, Harumi Mori Music by Yukiyo Nakamura Original network TV Asahi Original run October 14, 1996 – December 16, 1996 Episodes 9 Anime television series Directed by Osamu Yamazaki Music by Yasuharu Takanashi Studio TMS Entertainment Licensed by Discotek Media Original network TBS Original run April 4, 2008 – September 25, 2008 Episodes 25 Television dramas • Itazura na Kiss (1996 Japan) • It Started with a Kiss (2005 Taiwan) • They Kiss Again (2007 Taiwan) • Playful Kiss (2010 South Korea) • Playful Kiss: Special Edition (2010 South Korea) • Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo (2013 Japan) • Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo 2 (2014 Japan) • Kiss Me (2015 Thailand) • Miss in Kiss (2016 Taiwan) Live-action films • Mischievous Kiss the Movie: High School (2016) • Mischievous Kiss the Movie 2: Campus (2017) • Mischievous Kiss the Movie 3: Propose (2017) • Fall in Love at First Kiss (2019 Taiwan) Itazura na Kiss ( Japanese: イタズラな Kiss ( キッス ), Hepburn: Itazura na Kissu, lit.

'Playful Kiss') is a Japanese shōjo manga series written and illustrated by Kaoru Tada. Itazura na Kiss was first serialized itazura na kiss published in 1990 by Shueisha through Bessatsu Margaret magazine. It became successful very quickly and became the manga series that Tada became known for in Japan. The manga became so popular that three live TV series have been made so far in 1996, 2005, and 2010, with a sequel of the 2005 drama in late 2007. In 2013, a remake of the Japanese live TV series, called Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo, was made.

Despite its success, the manga was never completed due to the unexpected death of the author in a house accident while she was moving to another house with her husband and son. However, the manga series continues to be published with the permission of the artist's widower.

[2] A drama CD series was released in 2005–2006 and a 25-episode anime adaptation aired in 2008. In an interview, the author's widower, Shigeru Nishikawa, revealed that the manga's intended finale was to be conceptualized in the anime for the first time. Scripts regarding the plot of the anime closely followed the author's planned ending. On January 27, 2009, Digital Manga Publishing issued a press release announcing the acquisition of the license to publish Itazura na Kiss in English.

They published the series in 12 omnibus editions; the first two were scheduled for November 2009 and March 2010, respectively. [2] The last two volumes were available in their Akadot Retail store. [3] [4] The manga is also available through Amazon Kindle and BookWalker.

The series was recently adapted into three live-action films. [5] [6] [7] Contents • 1 Plot • 2 Characters • 2.1 Main • 2.2 Family members itazura na kiss 2.3 Classmates • 2.4 Other characters • 3 Adaptations • 3.1 TV dramas • 3.2 Anime • 3.3 Films • 4 References • 5 External links Plot [ edit ] In this romantic comedy story, a dim witted high school girl named Kotoko Aihara finally confesses her romantic feelings to a fellow senior named Naoki that she has been infatuated with from afar since she saw him on their first day of high school.

However, Naoki, a hottie "super- ikemen" (handsome male) who is smart and good at sports, rejects her offhand. Fate intervenes when a mild earthquake ruins Kotoko's family house. While the house is rebuilt, Kotoko and her father stay at the home of her father's childhood best friend, whose son is revealed to be Naoki.

Naoki eventually falls for Kotoko despite her clingy ways and childish behavior and starts to have romantic, protective feelings for her. Characters [ edit ] Main [ edit ] Honoka Miki, who plays the role of Kotoko Aihara in the 2013 TV remake • Kotoko Aihara ( 相原 琴子, Aihara Kotoko) ( Voiced by: Nana Mizuki; Portrayed by: Aiko Sato, Honoka Miki in the 2013 remake, Reina Visa in the 2016 film) is a high school girl who has been in love with the handsome and intelligent Naoki Irie since their first year in high school after hearing his speech at the opening ceremony.

She is a bit ditzy and a below-average student, being placed in the lowest-ranking class F in her year. During her third year, at the start of the series, she writes a love letter to Naoki, but is rejected right away. On the same day as her confession, Kotoko's newly constructed house is destroyed in a mild earthquake; and she discovers that she and her itazura na kiss would be living in the house of her father's close friend, but that the father's son is Naoki. She still feels bullied and disparaged by Naoki, but when she sees he is warming up to her, she gets feelings of love for him again.

Naoki later realizes that he is in love with Kotoko and itazura na kiss to her, and the couple marry in their second year of college (the third year in the manga version). Kotoko is known as Kotoko Irie onwards. After coming back from her honeymoon with Naoki, Kotoko decides to become a nurse, so that she could be a wife fit for Naoki.

After several years of marriage, Kotoko has a daughter with Naoki named Kotomi. Yuki Furukawa, who plays the role of Naoki Irie in the 2013 TV remake • Naoki Irie ( 入江 直樹, Irie Naoki) ( Voiced by: Daisuke Hirakawa in itazura na kiss drama CD, Daisuke Hirakawa in the anime; Portrayed by: Takashi Kashiwabara, Yuki Furukawa in the 2013 remake, Kanta Sato in the 2016 film) is the smartest and most handsome guy in his high school.

He is rumored to have an IQ of 200, and is praised by his peers as being perfect all around. He receives a love letter from Kotoko, but rejects her before she finishes confessing, explaining that he despises "dumb girls." When Kotoko and her father move in with Naoki and his father, he gives Kotoko many hardships and maintains a rather cold attitude towards her, although he gradually warms up to her, because he believed that the trouble she caused made his mundane life more interesting.

Though Naoki's grades allow for him to attend any university of his choosing, he eventually decides to attend the same college as Kotoko. After his wedding to Kotoko, Naoki becomes a doctor. Family members [ edit ] • Shigeo Aihara ( 相原 重雄, Aihara Shigeo) ( Voiced by: Bin Shimada, Portrayed by: Takashi Naitou, Yoji Tanaka in the 2013 remake) is Kotoko's widowed father. He is the chef and owner of a restaurant. When Shigeo and Kotoko's house collapses from an earthquake, his close friend Shigeki immediately invites them to live at his home.

Shigeo later makes Kinosuke his apprentice. • Shigeki Irie ( 入江 重樹, Irie Shigeki) ( Voiced by: Takashi Nagasako) is the father of Naoki and Yuuki, and the close friend of Shigeo. He is the president of a gaming company, thus enabling itazura na kiss family to have a wealthy lifestyle.

itazura na kiss

Shigeki originally pressured Naoki to become his successor, but relents after seeing Naoki's passion for medicine. Yuuki later offers to become his successor. • Noriko Irie ( 入江 紀子, Irie Noriko) ( Voiced by: Naoko Matsui) is Naoki and Yuuki's mother, and eventually Kotoko's mother-in-law. She loves Kotoko very much, and was the first person to suggest that Naoki and Kotoko date. • Yuuki Irie ( 入江 裕樹, Irie Yūki) ( Voiced by: Romi Park, Portrayed by: Ryotaro Akashi, Yuga Aizawa in the 2013 remake) is the brother itazura na kiss Naoki.

He really looks up to his older especially because of his strong composure during situations and the fact that he can do anything. In the beginning he openly hated Kotoko, but as she spent more time with his family he grew used to her but openly insults.

At first he never believed his brother would ever fall for Kotoko until he saw his brother kiss Kotoko secretly while she was sleeping and promised not to tell anyone. But when Naoki almost married Sahoko (in the anime adaptation Chris is engaged to Naoki instead), he questioned him about whether he really wants to marry her and let Kotoko go.

• Kotomi Irie ( 入江 琴美, Irie Kotomi) ( Voiced by: Tomoko Kaneda) is Naoki and Kotoko's daughter. She constantly fights for Naoki's affection with Kotoko much to her mother's dismay, in which Naoki favors Kotomi over his wife.

Kotomi has a father complex and tells Naoki that she wants to marry him when she grows up. However, Naoki replies that he cannot because he already belongs to her mother. • Rika Irie ( 入江 理加, Irie Rika) is Naoki's and Yuuki's cousin. She moved to America five years ago. When she comes back, she tries to break Naoki and Kotoko apart but eventually fails when Itazura na kiss declare she would never gone to America and that Rika would never able love Naoki as much as she does and Naoki choose Kotoko over Rika because of Kotoko's presistance and love for him.

She also turns out to be Naoki's first kiss, but it was against his wishes. She appeared in the Korean adaptation's special in YouTube. Classmates [ edit ] • Jinko Komori ( 小森 じん子, Komori Jinko) ( Voiced by: Kinoko Yamada, Portrayed by: Sakura Uehara, Nanami Fujimoto in the 2013 remake, Atsuki Tomori) is one of Kotoko's best friends, who belonged in the F-class with Kotoko.

She eventually attends the same university as Kotoko as well. • Satomi Ishikawa ( 石川 理美, Ishikawa Satomi) ( Voiced by: Risa Hayamizu, Portrayed by Tomomi Miyauchi, Kasumi Yamaya in the 2013 remake, Nonoka Yamaguchi) is one of Kotoko's best friends. She gets married after she gets pregnant and has a daughter named Kiseki, who seems to be very attached to Yuuki.

• Kinnosuke Ikezawa ( 池沢 金之助, Ikezawa Kinnosuke) ( Voiced by: Shuuhei Sakaguchi, Portrayed by: Shinsuke Aoki, Yuki Yamada in the 2013 remake, Shimon Okura) nicknamed Kin, is the guy who has liked Kotoko ever since high school and did not give up until Naoki confessed that he was emotionally involved with her as itazura na kiss.

After a year, he meets Christine and marries her, thus ending his devotion to Kotoko. However, he and Kotoko retain their friendship. • Sudou ( 須藤, Sudō) ( Voiced by: Akio Ohtsuka) is Kotoko and Naoki's senpai in college and the school's tennis captain.

He has liked Reiko since meeting her, but has not itazura na kiss successful in winning her heart. In the anime, however, he is shown to have married her in Episode 24. Kotoko describes him as someone who has a dual personality. He is very kind when he is not holding the tennis racquet, but once he holds it, he becomes vicious and competitive (most especially to Naoki, but he always loses to him).

itazura na kiss

• Takendo Nakagawa ( 中川 武人, Nakagawa Takehito) is one of Kotoko's few admirers. He met her in college and tried to date her, but eventually fell for Ayako, Reiko's little sister. • Reiko Matsumoto ( 松本 麗子, Matsumoto Reiko) ( Yuuko ( 裕子, Yūko) in the anime) ( Voiced by: Akiko Kimura; Portrayed by: Maju Ozawa and Kanna Mori in the 2013 remake) is one of Naoki's many love trials.

Itazura na kiss has been interested in him since before college, but decides to give up after Kotoko and Naoki get married. After graduation, she starts to work for a computer company. • Konomi Sagawa itazura na kiss 佐川 好美, Sagawa Konomi) shares the same personality as Kotoko; both are as naïve and caring. She has liked Yuuki since junior high, but he refused to be her friend.

After a while, Yuuki has a change of heart. • Keita Kamogari ( 鴨狩 啓太, Kamogari Keita) is one of Kotoko's classmates in nursing school. He is very passionate about nursing and can therefore be very fierce if things do not go right. Naoki was jealous because of Keita and Kotoko's relationship.

Keita liked Kotoko once, but after he realized how much Kotoko and Naoki loved each other, he gave up. Finally, he met the handicapped Akiko during training and fell for her.

• Motoki Kikyou ( 桔梗 幹, Kikyō Motoki) is Kotoko's classmate in nursing school. He is born a boy, but prefers to be a girl. Of all the guys that Kotoko knows, he is the most girly one. He is the president of Naoki's fan club. • Tomoko Ogura ( 小倉 智子, Ogura Tomoko) is Kotoko's classmate in nursing school.

She is sweet and kind and gentle like an angel, but is also crazy about seeing blood, which makes her somewhat scary. • Marina Shinagawa ( 品川 真里奈, Shinagawa Marina) is Kotoko's classmate in nursing school. She went to study nursing to marry a doctor. Eventually, she becomes involved with Funetsu, although she keeps trying to get close to other guys.

• Seiichi Funatsu ( 船津 誠一, Funatsu Seiichi) is Naoki's rival in medical school. He always tried to beat him, itazura na kiss never succeeded once as Naoki was always the smarter one. He claimed that he did not like to date, but eventually fell in love with Kotoko's classmate, Marina. Other characters [ edit ] • Christine Robbins ( クリスティーヌ・ロビンス, Kurisutīnu Robinsu) ( Voiced by: Yūko Gotō) is a foreign exchange student from the United Kingdom who has gone to Japan to find a Japanese boyfriend.

She falls for Kin, and manages to win his heart and marries him. She is then known as Christine Ikezawa and has several children with Kin after their marriage. In the anime adaptation, she is the daughter of the bank involved with Naoki's father's company. Sahoko does not appear and Chris is the one Naoki casually dates. • Ayako Matsumoto ( 松本 綾子, Matsumoto Ayako) ( Voiced by: Saori Seto) is the little sister of Reiko.

She liked Naoki at first, but eventually fell for Kotoko's admirer; Takendo. • Sahoko Oizumi ( 大泉 沙穂子, Ōizumi Sahoko) is the granddaughter of an old CEO of a successful company.

She was arranged to marry Naoki to help fix his father's company's problems. But when she understood that he was in love with Kotoko, she gave up. In the anime adaptation, she does not appear at all and Chris is the one who dates Naoki. • Akiko ( 秋子) ( Voiced by: Saori Seto) is a handicapped patient that Keita was assigned to take care of when he went on an internship. During that time, the two of them fell for each other. Because she lost faith in herself, she stopped trying to walk.

However, after an unexpected fright from Kotoko, she walks again. • Toyo Yoshida ( 吉田 トヨ, Yoshida Toyo) is an 80-year-old lady which is picky and gives nurses problems especially towards Kotoko. She was looked after by Kotoko, and eventually realises that Kotoko is a hard worker and gives her less of a hard time.

• Ryo Takamiya ( 高宮 良, Takamiya Ryō) is Satomi's rich boyfriend and later husband. Because he is a very obedient boy, he had a hard time defying his mother who was against his marriage with Satomi, but after a little support from Kotoko, decides to follow his heart. • Nobuhiro Kimura ( 木村 ノブヒロ, Kimura Nobuhiro) became Yuuki's friend when he went to the hospital.

This boy has a kidney problem and was unable to live with his parents. Years later, he reappears as a young and famous actor. His parents have divorced, both remarried. He moved out after his father had a baby with his new wife. He appears to have given up on life, until Kotoko and Naoki give him hope again. Kotoko offers him hope and he turns into a kinder person. Adaptations [ edit ] TV dramas [ edit ] Main articles: It Started with a Kiss, They Kiss Again, Playful Kiss, and Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo In 1996, Itazura na Kiss was first adapted into a Japanese television drama of the same title, which ran from October 14 to December 16, 1996, for 9 episodes every Monday at 20:00 until 21:00 JST.

This version did not cover Kotoko's and Naoki's married life. [8] In 2005, it was adapted into two Taiwanese dramas, It Started with a Kiss and its sequel They Kiss Again, both starring Ariel Lin as not-so-bright Yuan Xiang Qin and Joe Cheng as the genius Jiang Zhi Shu.

In 2010, it was adapted into a South Korean drama series, Playful Kiss, starring Kim Hyun-joong of SS501 as the perfectionist Baek Seung-jo and Jung So-min as the clumsy Oh Ha-Ni. The series consisted of 16 TV episodes and 7 webisodes. [9] In 2013, another Japanese remake aired on Fuji TV under the title Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo. It starred Miki Honoka as Kotoko Aihara and Yuki Furukawa as Naoki Irie. At the end of 2014 was aired the sequel Mischievous Kiss 2: Love in Okinawa with both lead actors reprising their roles.

The second season ended in March 2015. In 2015, it was adapted into a Itazura na kiss drama series Kiss Me รักล้นใจนายแกล้งจุ๊บ. It starred Pirath Nitipaisankul and Sushar Manaying, and aired on True4U. [10] Itazura na kiss 2016, it was adapted into another Taiwanese drama, Itazura na kiss in Kiss, starring Esther Wu as Xiang Yue-qin and Dino Lee as Jiang Zhi-shu. It has 39 episodes (20–30 minutes each) from December 8, 2016 – March 24, 2017. [11] The Japanese dub version of the drama was released in mid-2017.

[12] Anime [ edit ] Main article: List of Itazura na Kiss episodes Itazura na Kiss was adapted itazura na kiss a 25 episode anime by TMS Entertainment and shown on TBS from April 4, 2008 to September 25, 2008. The opening theme was "Kimi, Meguru, Boku" by Motohiro Hata, and the primary ending themes were "Kataomoi Fighter" by GO!GO!7188 and "Jikan yo Tomare (Stop Time)" by Azu featuring Seamo.

Discotek Media licensed the anime and put it out on DVD in late 2014. [13] Films [ edit ] • Mischievous Kiss the Movie: High School (2016) • Mischievous Kiss the Movie 2: Campus (2017) itazura na kiss Mischievous Kiss the Movie 3: Propose (2017) • Fall in Love at First Kiss (2019), a Taiwanese film adaptation starring Lin Yun as Yuan Xiangqin and Darren Wang as Jiang Zhishu.

The Itazura na kiss features Liu Renyu's "Proof of Heartbeat". References [ edit ] • ^ Silverman, Rebecca (February 18, 2015). "ItaKiss: Complete Anime Series Collection Sub.DVD - Review".

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itazura na kiss

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itazura na kiss

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itazura na kiss

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• Privacy policy • About Wikipedia • Disclaimers • Contact Wikipedia • Mobile view • Developers • Statistics • Cookie statement • • • Home • Hide ads • Calendar • Lists • Feeds • Articles • Trailers • Forums • Contributors • Stars Leaderboard NEW • Shows • Top Shows • Most Popular Shows • Variety Shows • Upcoming • Reviews • Recommendations • Recommended For You • Add New Title • Movies • Top Movies • Most Popular Movies • Upcoming • Reviews • Recommendations • Add New Title • People • Top Actors • Add New Person At a high school entrance ceremony, high school student Kotoko Aihara, who isn't that smart, notices pretty boy Naoki Irie.

She falls in love with him immediately. Kotoko initially doesn't express her feelings to him, but finally has a chance to tell him how she feels. Unfortunately, Naoki turns Kotoko down, saying "I don't like dumb women." One day, Kotoko Aihara's house is severely damaged by a meteorite.

Then, Kotoko Aihara and her father decide to live with her father's friend. When Kotoko Aihara moves to her new temporary house, she is surprised to learn that Naoki Irie lives itazura na kiss as well. (Source: IMDb) ~~ Adapted from the manga series "Itazura na Kiss" (イタズラなKiss) by Tada Kaoru (多田かおる). Edit Translation • English • 中文(简体) • Русский • Français • Fall in Love at First Kiss (Taiwanese adaptation) • Native Title: イタズラなKiss〜Love in TOKYO • Also Known As: Itazura na KissイタキスイタKissItaKisuItaKissMischievous Kiss: Love in TOKYOItazura na Kiss〜Love in TOKYOPlayful KissMischievous Kiss – Love in TOKYOイタズラなKiss – Love in TOKYOMischievous Kiss:Love in TOKYOItazurana Kiss – Love in TOKYOItazura na Kiss • Director: Nagata Koto, Kawano Koji, Abe Masakazu • Screenwriter: Miura Yuiko • Genres: Comedy, Romance, School • Tags: Adapted From A Manga, Cohabitation, Love Triangle, Franchise, Obsession, Female Chases Itazura na kiss First, Unrequited Love, High School To Working Life, College Life, High School (Vote or add tags) • Country: Japan • Type: Drama • Episodes: 16 • Aired: Mar 29, 2013 - Jul 19, 2013 • Aired On: Friday • Original Network: Fuji TV • Duration: 49 min.

itazura na kiss

• Score: 7.9 (scored by 20,945 users) • Ranked: #1834 • Popularity: #162 • Content Rating: 13+ - Teens 13 or older • Watchers: 37,986 • Favorites: 0 Rewatch Value 8.0 There's something about japanese dramas that korean ones can't seem to have. sweetness. Watching Itazura na Kiss was a really sweet experience. No melodrama, no tears just for the sake of crying.

Now it's not a masterpiece either, but INK Love in Tokyo has a good plot, lovable characters and an overall aura of lightness and it was exactly what I expected from it. I'm a huge fan of the anime version and I have seen both taiwanese and korean drama versions and I gotta say INK Love in Tokyo beats them both. The taiwanese one was way too long and therefore was boring at times and the korean one.

well, not so good actors and even though I love the story, I couldn't help but being hella bored while watching Playful Kiss. INK Love in Tokyo managed to still be interesting to me even though I knew the plot (and its twists) by heart.

Now yes, the over the top acting (especially the main actress) was kinda off-putting at first but once I got past it, I really got fond of the characters and the main couple. I loved their chemistry, even if (no) thanks to the author, Irie Naoki's character is difficult to understand (to the point you just want to shake the hell outta him) and Aihara Kotoko's one is way too dumb to not be frustrated with her at some point.

Still, loved them both together and individually. The drama has its fun moments, not to the point where I'd like, laugh out loud or anything but enough to make me smile and feel good when watching them.

And again, that was exactly what Itazura na kiss expected from it. No more, no less. I'm really glad it itazura na kiss a second season even if I already know how it's going to end but the drama's amazing characters and its sweet aura will definitely manage to keep me interested throughout its second run. Read More Rewatch Value 7.0 I was planning to see this since when it came out.

For series made out of mangas, I think japanese versions are better. Not because korean or taiwanese versions are not good, but because there are some things just japanese culture can express when itazura na kiss comes to manga/dorama adaptations. I never read the manga but I know the mangaka's style; I can say I liked this very much but there are also things I'd like to point out.

I made some considerations thinking also of the korean version. The plot; The plot is nice and the things that happen not so unreal. It is a cute and sometimes moving story about love and about growing up. Even though some episodes are boring, it is itazura na kiss difficult to watch since you fell for the characters.

The characters and the casting; Naoki was good; good looking and well played by Furukawa Yuki. I liked him better than the korean one, because I felt like he was more professional and more like the real Naoki. I mean, you have the feeling the actor is doing a great job because you can feel the cold-and-warm-at-the-same-time heart of Naoki.

The only thing that I have to point out is that at the end his character changes too fast, and it seems a little weird. I think it is something that is in the manga too, but well, he is just perfect this way. Kotoko is a character I love and hate at the same time. I love her because she never gives up, itazura na kiss I hate her because she is a little bit too much in stalkering Naoki. Anyway, it is a good and fresh character that makes you smile.

Despite of what everybody says, I liked Miki Honoka. She's 16, ok, but she is good to be a 16 yo girl! Her exaggerated expressions were part of the script, in almost every comedy japanese doramas there are this kind of expressions.

Most of all, I could really feel the change between the firstepisodesKotoko and the lastepisodesKotoko. Everything was good. Speaking of the age incompatibility between Honoka and Yuki, Yuki said himself he thinks Honoka is very mature to be 16, he didn't feel the age differences at all, and I think so.

I liked the other characters too, both families, and the friends. Kinchan itazura na kiss portraied better than the korean version: funny, immature but also mature when it comes to be like that. Music: I liked the op, it was just perfect for this drama, very japanese style. Also the other songs of the ost are good and suitable for the drama.

In the end, I liked it very much. I recommend this to everyone who wants romance, and also who wants to see something about school, friendship and growing up.

A very good drama! Read More
Late for a meeting, Kotoko was running along the corridor in school and bumped into Naoki, their lips meeting. Naoki showed his disgust, but Kotoko started to idolize him, who was good at ev.

Read all Late for a meeting, Kotoko was running along the corridor in school and bumped into Naoki, their lips meeting. Naoki showed his disgust, but Kotoko started to idolize him, who was good at everything from studies to sports. When Kotoko's house burned down, her father's good friend. Read all Late for a meeting, Kotoko was running along the corridor in school and bumped into Naoki, their lips meeting. Naoki showed his disgust, but Kotoko started to idolize him, who was good at everything from studies to sports.

When Kotoko's house burned down, her father's good friend Machiko invited them to move in with her family. It was then that Kotoko realized Naoki w. Read all Late for a meeting, Kotoko was running along the corridor in school and bumped into Naoki, their lips meeting.

Naoki showed his disgust, but Kotoko started to idolize him, who itazura na kiss good at everything from studies to sports. When Kotoko's house burned down, her father's good friend Machiko invited them to move in with her family.

It was then that Kotoko realized Naoki was the elder son of Machiko, who took up the role of a fairy-godmother to bring the two together.despite the fact that Naoki was disgusted.

Not discouraged, the clumsy and not-so-bright Kotoko started to do everything that would change her impression on him. Gradually, the icy-cold Naoki who disliked girls started to feel for Kotoko.
Itazura na Kiss (イタズラなKiss, Playful Kiss) is a popular shōjo manga series written and illustrated by Kaoru Tada. tazura na Kiss began to be serialized and published in 1991 by Shueisha through Margaret Magazine. It became successful very quickly and became the manga series that Tada became known for in Japan.

The manga became so popular that three live TV series have been made so far in 1996, 2005, and 2010, with a itazura na kiss of the 2005 drama in late 2007. Despite its success, the manga was never completed due to the unexpected death of the author in a house accident while she was moving to another house with her husband and son.

Itazura na kiss the manga series continues to be published with the permission of the late artist's husband. Contents • 1 Plot • 2 Media • 2.1 Manga • 2.2 TV Drama • 2.3 Anime Plot In the romantic comedy story, a high school girl named Kotoko finally tells a fellow senior named Naoki that she has loved him from afar since she saw him on their first day of high school.

However, Naoki, a hottie "super-ikemen" (handsome male) who is smart and good at sports, rejects her offhand. Fate intervenes when a mild earthquake ruins Kotoko's family house. While the house gets rebuilt, Kotoko and her dad stay at the home of her dad's childhood friend.whose son is Naoki.

Naoki eventually falls for Kotoko and started to have romantic, protective feelings for her. Media Manga Main article: Itazura na Kiss (Manga) TV Drama In 1996, Itazura na Kiss was first adapted into a Japanese live-action TV drama, also titled Itazura na Kiss, which ran from October to December 1996 for 9 episodes.

This version did not cover Kotoko's and Naoki's married life. In 2005, it was adapted into two Taiwanese dramas, It Started with a Kiss and its sequel They Kiss Again, both starring Ariel Lin as not-so-bright Yuan Xiang Qin and Joe Cheng as the genius Jiang Zhi Shu. In 2010, it was adapted into a South Korean series, Playful Kiss starring Kim Hyun Joong of SS501 as perfectionist Baek Seung Jo and Jung So Min as clumsy Oh Ha Ni.

In 2013, Itazura na Kiss had it's second Japanese live-action TV drama, title is Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo with Miki Honoka as Aihara Kotoko and Furukawa Yuki as Irie Naoki. In 2014, as season one was a hit, Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo had a special of Kotoko and Naoki's Honeymoon. In 2014-2015, finally Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo season 2 with the same actors and actresses covered the marriage life of Kotoko and Naoki. New life and new experiences for the two of them begins.

In 2015, it adapted into a Thai drama, Kiss Me itazura na kiss Manaying Sucharat as Tailw and D.Angelo Mike as Tenten. In 2016, it was adapted again into a Taiwanese drama, Miss in Kiss, starring Esther Wu as Xiang Yue Qin the dummy and Dino Lee as Jiang Zhi Shu the genius.

In 2016-2017, Itazura na Kiss third Japanese live-action adaption is three different movies with Visa Reina as Aihara Kotoko and Sato Kanta as Irie Naoki. • Itazura na Kiss The Movie: High School • Itazura na Kiss The Movie2: Campus • Itazura na Kiss The Movie3: Propose Anime Main article: Itazura na Kiss (Anime) Itazura na Kiss was adapted into a 25 episode anime by TMS Entertainment and shown on TBS from April 4, 2008 to September 25, 2008.

The opening theme was "Kimi, Meguru, Boku" by Motohiro Hata, and the primary ending themes were "Kataomoi Fighter" by GO!GO!7188 and "Jikan yo Tomare (Stop Time)" by Azu featuring Seamo.Welcome to the Itazura Na Kiss Wiki!

We currently have 9,213 edits to 561 articles and 2,534 files on the wiki. Navigation New Pages • Categories • Help About In the romantic comedy story, a not-so-smart high school girl named Kotoko finally tells a fellow senior named Naoki that she has loved him from afar since she saw him on their first day of high school.

However, Naoki, a hottie " super-ikemen" (handsome male) who is smart and good at sports, rejects her offhand, saying he hates "brainless women". Fate intervenes when a mild earthquake ruins Kotoko's family house.

While the house gets rebuilt, Kotoko and her dad stay at the home of her dad's childhood bestfriend. whose son is Naoki. Characters Spring Season 2022 Anime Wikis TV Anime • A Couple of Cuckoos • AMAIM Warrior at the Borderline Part 2 • Ao Ashi • Ascendance of a Bookworm Season 3 • BIRDIE WING -Golf Girls' Story- • Black★★Rock Shooter: Dawn Fall • BUILD-DIVIDE -#​FFFFFF- CODE WHITE • Date A Live IV • Deaimon • Detective Conan: Zero's Tea Time • Fanfare of Adolescence • In the Heart of Kunoichi Tsubaki • Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai?: Ultra Romantic • Kingdom Season 4 • Komi-san wa, Komyushou desu.

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