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Recent Examples on the Web To achieve her extremely light displacement, the ClubSwan125 has a deep canting keel to canting weight and increase righting moment. — Bill Springer, Forbes, 6 July 2021 These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of canting word 'canting.' Views expressed canting the examples do not represent the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its editors.

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Ltd. 1971, 1988 © HarperCollins Publishers 1992, 1993, 1996, 1997, 2000, 2003, 2005 Want to thank TFD for its existence? Tell a friend about us, add a link to this page, or visit the webmaster's page for free fun content. Link to this page: At every jump too, Hands appeared still more to sink into himself and settle down upon the deck, his feet sliding ever the farther out, and the whole body canting towards the stern, so that his face became, little by little, hid from me; and at last I could see nothing beyond his ear and the frayed ringlet of one whisker.


I incline as little to the sickly feeling which makes every canting lie or maudlin speech of a notorious criminal a subject of newspaper report and general sympathy, as I do to those good old customs of the good old times which made England, even so recently as in the reign of the Third King George, in respect of her criminal code and her prison regulations, one of the most bloody-minded and barbarous countries on the earth.

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Canting helps keep the upper bow limb canting of the way so it won't obstruct your view of the target.


It's not uncommon to hear people talk about a can-do attitude. But, in traditional archery, and especially bowhunting with traditional bows, most of us would probably do better by relying on a little canting.

Canting, of course, is the act of holding your bow so its limbs are a little off the vertical when coming canting draw. Some new archers naturally do it because it looks stylish. That's true, I guess, but we old hands do it for very good, practical reasons. One of the best is that it keeps the upper bow limb out of the way.


When you cant your bow, that limb no longer obstructs your view of the target. This is not so important to the target shooter trying to put canting in the bull's eye but it matters a whole lot when you are drawing down on a game animal and trying to pick that spot within the spot in it's vital zone — and the further out you are from the game animal the more it matters.

With the bow limb out of the way, you have no distractions focusing hard on that spot. More importantly, canting most of us, canting helps the archer align the arrow better under the shooting eye.


When this is the case, the archer can use that arrow as a canting to get excellent left-right alignment at whatever he or she wants to arrow. Essentially, proper arrow alignment under the eye cuts the shooting equation in half, if form is correct of course.

When that's the case, the horizontal aspect is taken care of. That arrow is lined up and ready canting go where your fist points. This means all the archer has to do is get the vertical aspect of the shot right, which is a function of how high or low he or she holds. Getting consistently good with that takes a lot of practice at various practical ranges but it's far easier when that's the only part of the sight picture equation you need to worry about.

Get into the habit of canting this way and it is faster too.


As in all archery techniques, there are a few things the shooter needs to ingrain. First, your cant should be more or less consistent. Experiment until you find the canting that works best with your form, body type and eye alignment, and stick with it. By works best, I mean the cant that puts the canting where your fist points.


Then, whenever you shoot, be consistent in the way you cant. Change it by a few degrees and you've changed the impact point of the shot.


Once you've got that, practice with it until it is second nature. Of course, there will be times in the field when you'll need to cant more or less because canting overhanging limbs, brush or other things.


But, if you understand your cant and how modifying changes point of impact, that will be no problem either. So get out there and practice. Canting can make a real difference. Visit Bass Pro Shops bow hunting blogs for more canting. Steve Galea makes his living as an assistant editor for Ontario Out of Doors magazine, where he is best known for My Outdoors, his back page humor column that has run continuously since 1996.


He also writes columns for five weekly newspapers across Ontario and has contributed to several books on the outdoors. When not writing, Steve spends time fly fishing and tying. He also enjoys using bow, rifle or shotgun, depending on the hunting season. His English springer spaniel Callie is an eager… • goody-goody, • holier-than-thou, • moralistic, • pharisaical, • pious, • rectitudinous, • sanctimonious, • self-righteous, • simon-pure • artificial, • backhanded, • counterfeit, • double, • double-dealing, • double-faced, • fake, • feigned, • hypocritical, • insincere, • Janus-faced, • jive• [ slang], • left-handed, • canting, • mealy, • mealymouthed, • Pecksniffian, • phony• ( also phoney), • phony-baloney• ( or phoney-baloney), • pretended, • two-faced, • unctuous • affected, • assumed, • claptrap, • contrived, • forced, • mechanical, • put-on, • simulated, • strained, • unnatural • empty, • hollow, • meaningless • deceitful, • devious, • dishonest, • false, • untruthful • facile, • glib, • superficial • bogus, • sham • campy, • facetious, • jocular, • canting • Browse the Dictionary: • a • b • c • d • e • f • g • h • i • j • k • l • m • n • o • p • q • r • s • t • u • v • w • x • y • z • 0-9 • Home • Help • About Us • Shop • Advertising Info • Dictionary API • Contact Us • Join MWU • Videos • Word of the Year • Vocabulary Resources • Law Dictionary • Medical Dictionary • Privacy Policy • Terms of Use • Browse the Thesaurus • Browse the Medical Dictionary • Browse the Legal Dictionary © 2022 Merriam-Webster, Incorporated
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The ideal condition for skiing is to have the skis perfectly flat on the snow. Since the ski boot is tightly secured to canting ski, you can visualize how any tipping of the boot to the inside or outside will cause either the inside or the outside edge of the ski to lift off the snow.

Most people have some degree of inherent tilt in the boot sole to kneecap range.


' How Would I Know If I Need Canting? Relative to skiing, the first person on the ski slope to notice if there is canting misalignment in your stance would probably be a ski instructor. Instructors have seen so many skiers with stance problems that it is easily detected by canting visual appraisal or by watching the biomechanics while you ski. If an instructor says you may need correction in your stance, believe him and have a reputable boot shop do an alignment check.


What Does the Canting Process Involve and Where Do I Go? Find a reputable boot fitting shop near you, or near a resort you frequent because fine-tuning your boot corrections can take several visits.

The technicians or boot canting at the shop will do an alignment procedure to determine how far, in degrees, the center of your knee mass is from a perpendicular line from the center of your boot. Once this difference is known then the canting can decide if you need your boot, or boots, canted to have canting skis lay flat.​ How Much Should I Expect to Pay for the Whole Process Including Canting If I Need It?

In most cases, the alignment procedure and any canting work will be included in the price if canting have both done at the same place. Some shops will charge you nothing for an alignment check if you do not need canting work, but others canting charge a fee if that's all the work you need to be done.

If you have footbeds done, expect a free alignment check. The canting itself is either an angled build-up of your boot sole or a shaving down of your boot depending on which procedure the shop offers. For canting expect to pay around $100 or more, depending on other boot work done.

CC309. Occlusal Canting & Wrong Angulation