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​( m. 2016) ​ Ruby lin 1 daughter Awards Huading Awards Best Supporting Actress 2009 Sophie's Revenge Best Actress in TV series 2016 Best Actress 2018 The Devotion of Suspect X Seoul International Drama Award Most Popular Actress (China) 2010 Beauty's Rival in Palace TV Drama Awards Made in China Actress with Most purchasing Power 2015 The Way We Were Actress with Most Rallying Power 2012 Drama Go!

Go! Go! Best Producer 2011 The Glamorous Imperial Concubine Most Popular Actress (HK & Taiwan) 2010 Beauty's Rival in Palace Musical career Genres Mandopop Cantopop Musical artist Chinese name Chinese 林心如 Transcriptions Standard Mandarin Hanyu Pinyin Lín Xīnrú Yue: Cantonese Jyutping Lam 4 Sam 1-jyu 4 Ruby Lin Xinru ( Chinese: 林心如; pinyin: Lín Xīnrú; born January 27, 1976) is a Taiwanese actress, television and film producer, and pop singer.

American entertainment critic Derek Elley named Lin as "Taiwan's TV Drama Queen". [1] 3 years after Lin made her acting debut in a TV commercial, she rose to national and regional prominence overnight for her role as Xia Ziwei in the TV series My Fair Princess 还珠格格 (1998-1999). My Fair Princess was highly popular in East and Southeast countries; launching Lin as a household name in Asia. She followed the success with other hit series including The Duke of Mount Deer (2000), Romance in the Rain (2001), Boy & Girl (2003), Affair of Half a Lifetime (2004), Beauty's Rival in Palace (2010), The Glamorous Imperial Concubine (2011) and The Way We Were (2014).

While focusing mostly on TV series, her works also include film such as The House That Never Dies (2014), The Devotion of Suspect X (2017) and Miss Andy (2020). In 1999, she also began a singing career with her debut album Ruby lin released in Hong Kong first amongst Asian countries, and has since released 5 albums. Since Lin started her own studio in 2009, she has been producing TV dramas and TV films starring herself, both in mainland China and Taiwan.

Her production debut The Glamorous Imperial Concubine (2011) won her Best Producer at the 2012 TV Drama Awards Made in China, and her first Taiwanese drama production The Way We Were (2014) won three out of seven nominations, including Best Television Series at the 50th Golden Bell Awards. According to Apple Daily, Lin was the third highest-earning Taiwanese drama actress in 2011, [2] and the top-earning in 2012 [3] and 2013. [4] Lin ranked 30th on Forbes China Celebrity 100 list in 2013, [5] 36th in 2014, [6] 82nd in 2015, [7] and 68th in 2017.

[8] Contents • 1 Early life • 2 Career • 2.1 Early work: 1995–1996 • 2.2 Breakthrough: 1997–2001 • 2.3 Mainstream success: 2002–2005 • 2.4 Another Milestone : 2006–2009 • 2.5 Challenge : 2010–2011 • 2.6 Producing: 2012–2018 • 2.7 Recently: 2019-present • 2.8 Ruby Lin Studio • 3 Personal life • ruby lin Media • 4.1 Charity work • 4.2 Endorsements • 5 Filmography • 6 Discography • 6.1 Albums • 6.2 Soundtracks • 7 Publications • 8 Ambassadorships • 9 Awards and nominations • 10 References • 11 External links Early life [ edit ] Lin was born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan, the eldest of four children, having one brother a year younger the other, six years younger, and a half-sister, ten years younger, from her father's second marriage.

[9] Her father was a businessman, and her mother a housewife. Her English name is from her mother's love of the jewel. [10] After her parents' divorce, when Lin was seven years old, she lived with her mother, who took her to visit relatives in Japan every year. [11] She graduated from Ri Xin Primary School and Zhong Dian High School. [12] Lin originally planned on going ruby lin the United Kingdom to study after high school graduation but she didn't, never considering the prospect of an acting career.

However, she began her acting career at age seventeen as a part-time model. Her first TV commercial was for Jasmine Tea in 1994. [13] Lin's parents did not like the idea of their daughter being involved in the entertainment industry, [11] but she decided to pursue an acting career. After appearing in many commercials, her parents finally agreed to allow her to sign a contract with an entertainment-management company. Following high school graduation, Lin joined Jessie and Jones Entertainment Ltd [14] on her 20th birthday.

Over the years, she has also helped her parents to reconcile. [15] Career [ edit ] Early work: 1995–1996 [ edit ] When Lin received her first experience in front of the camera in 1995, for a minor role, she started to develop a passion for acting.

After filming her first TV commercial, Lin caught the attention of TV and film directors, and many companies began seeking her for roles. [16] She received her first role in the film School Days, with Jimmy Lin and Takeshi Kaneshiro. From 1995 to 1997, Lin had roles in several Taiwanese TV series and began to attract attention and buzz from ruby lin media. In 1996, Lin went to China for the first time to film; she considered this a period of valuable experience and a time that she began to learn about acting.

"I was in my second year of high school when I first got involved in film & TV industry. I thought there would be other opportunities for me to study abroad, but one does not bump into the ruby lin to be in a film every day. So, I just went and had a try. I told myself that if my filming career didn't work out, then I could still go back to school. But things are not always as they may have appeared to be." [17] Breakthrough: 1997–2001 [ edit ruby lin After playing minor roles in various series and films, Lin was selected by Taiwanese writer Chiung Yao to audition for a main role in the comedic period drama My Fair Princess, a joint production by mainland China and Taiwan which was adapted from Chiung Yao's own novel.

Originally picked for the role of Princess Saiya, Lin was ultimately chosen by the company to play Xia Ziwei instead, as the actress scheduled to play the main role was unavailable.

ruby lin

{INSERTKEYS} [11] "After it was decided that I played the role of Ziwei, I got the script only three days before I had to leave for filming. And that was also the first time I was leaving my native place for such a long time for filming and I had to overcome the challenges of being in an unfamiliar environment.

(Taiwan Cover story Interview in 2001)" [11] The drama quickly became a phenomenal sensation, appealing to large audiences in mainland China, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Southeast Asia. Lin rose to prominence and became a household name overnight. [18] After My Fair Princess, Lin starred in a number of successful television series.

In 2000 she starred in Hong Kong TVB's production of The Duke of Mount Deer with Dicky Cheung, Shu Qi and other well-known artists. In this series, Lin played Princess Jian Ning – a sassy, funny girl. This role demonstrated her acting range, since it differed from the nice, sweet image she had developed from her role in My Fair Princess. The following year, she starred in Romance in the Rain, a costume drama based in the 1930s and 1940s, also written by Chiung Yao. The series was a commercial success and recorded the highest ratings of the year.

For two consecutive years (2000 and 2001), Lin was included in the Top Ten Most Famous Asian Superstars. [19] The same year, she was selected in fourth place in "Malaysia 2001 Heavenly Kings & Queens". [20] As Lin felt she had achieved all she could in television, she started venturing into films. In 2000, she appeared in three Hong Kong films - Winner Takes All, Comic King and the action movie China Strike Force with Aaron Kwok and Taiwanese actor-singer Leehom Wang.

Although Lin had only a supporting role, she considered it a learning experience. With these films, she made inroads into the Hong Kong market. [18] Mainstream success: 2002–2005 [ edit ] Since 2002, Lin focused on her career in mainland China. In 2003, she starred in three series - Half Life Fate ( Pinyin: Ban Sheng Yuan) (adapted from Zhang Ailing's novel Eighteen Springs), Boy & Girl and Flying Daggers. Lin was chosen for the female lead in the TV version of Half Life Fate; the film version was directed by Ann Hui, a well-known Asian director.

For Lin, it was a challenging role and she was under pressure. Lin's work yielded good results; her performance enhanced her fame, earning accolades for capturing her screen character Man Zhen's 14 years of arduous life.

The series was broadcast in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea. [21] The same year, Lin also appeared in the youth romantic TV series Boy & Girl; it was broadcast in China by CCTV, receiving the highest rating of all series aired in 2003. [22] With this series, Lin was selected one of the Top 10 actresses of the year; of those 10 actresses, she was the only one from Taiwan.

[19] She then appeared in the ancient martial arts TV series Flying Daggers, based on Gu Long's novel. It was her first martial-arts series, and Lin played against type – portraying a cold assassin, rather than her usual gentle damsel.

These three series were released in 2003 throughout Asia, contributing to Lin's rise in popularity and recognition. Though Lin focused on TV series, she continued to appear in films such as the adventure drama Life Express (with Richie Ren) and the romantic comedy Love Trilogy (with Francis Ng and Anita Yuen), which was relatively successful in China.


ruby lin

Lin sparked a trend towards China-Korea collaborations when she starred in the 2004 production Amor de Tarapaca (co-starring Korean actor Han Jae Suk).

Ruby lin was involved in another original Korean screenplay Magic Touch of Fate, co-starring Taiwanese actor Alec Su and Korean idol Kangta. This series is the highest-budgeted miniseries in Asian television history (as of 2011). By this time, Lin had been in show business for almost a decade, with nearly non-stop filming. She wanted to go back to school; since high school, studying abroad had been her dream.

[11] In the winter of 2004, after filming Magic Touch of Fate, Lin decided to study language and acting for three months in New York City. While she was there, Lin studied English at Study Group International [23] [24] and performance at the New York Film Academy.

Returning home to Taiwan with a new passion for acting in February 2005, Lin starred in Paris Sonata. [25] For her role in Paris Sonata, she learned to play piano two months before filming. After Paris Sonata, she selected the TV drama Sound of Colors (a remake of Jimmy Liao's book) as her next work, portraying a blind radio DJ. Lin's performance as a ruby lin girl received good reviews from audiences and the news media.

[26] [27] This drama was broadcast in many countries, including Hong Ruby lin, Taiwan, Philippines, Vietnam and the United States. This was followed by the dramas Star Boulevard and Da Li Princess, which were expected to be released in 2008 by CCTV. Another Milestone : 2006–2009 [ edit ] Lin in 2007 In 2006, Lin's starred in the television series Ancestral Temple where she further expanded her acting range.

[28] After three months of filming in Huang Shan, China, the series was completed at the end of October 2006. Its broadcast by CCTV-1 was planned for 2008. On June 6, 2006, Lin won the Most Popular Actress in Taiwan award at the 2nd Chinese TV Drama Award ceremony in Beijing. [29] She has also been regularly featured in polls as one of the Top 10 contemporary Chinese actors. [30] At the end of 2006, Lin bid farewell to her management company Zhong Jie, after a 10-year relationship, and on November 30, 2006 ceremoniously signed with Huayi Brothers Film and Television group for a reported $10 million.

[31] Hua Yi Bros. is (as of 2011) the largest management and domestic movie-making company in China. In September 2007, she guest-starred in CCTV's historical drama Su DongPo. In this series she played the first wife of Su Dongpo (writer, poet, artist, calligrapher, pharmacologist, and statesman of the Song Dynasty, one of the major poets of the time), played by Lu Yi.

After filming the digital film Evening of Roses, Lin took on more challenging roles. In late 2007, she co-starred as Daji with Ray Lui in The Legend and the Hero 2 (also known as Fengshen Bang), one of the major vernacular Chinese novels written during the Ming Dynasty.

After speculation over who would receive the leading role of Daji (who was known for her beauty and cruelty which ruined a dynasty), the role was offered to Lin. When Lin committed to play Daji, she could not escape comparison with Fan Bingbing, who played the same role ruby lin the first part of the series.

Lin's performance received generally positive comments from media. NetandTV commented, "In comparison to the previous version, the bright spot in this new version's Daji gets a new makeover. Ruby Lin's look gave Daji a brand-new definition". [32] Lin has often said "comparing with other people is meaningless, I just wants [ sic] a breakthrough from past looks, to surpass myself." [33] In 2008, Lin returned to Taiwan for the series Love in Sun Moon Lake, playing an aboriginal woman; this was the first TV series to obtain ruby lin for mainland Chinese actors to film in Taiwan.

[34] It was also announced that Lin had been cast as Sun Shangxiang in the new Romance of the Three Kingdoms TV adaptation directed by Gao Xixi, titled Three Kingdoms. [35] The series was aired ruby lin May 2010, and was well-received both domestically and internationally, earning an estimated 800 million RMB (133.3 million USD) by 2012.

In early 2009, she was cast in Fallen City. In this film, Lin plays a rebellious woman during the 2008 Sichuan earthquake. In July 2009, Lin starred as Empress Dou in the Chinese big-budget historical fiction television drama Beauty's Rival in Palace. For her role in the series, Lin received a salary of 150,000 renminbi per episode. [36] When the series premièred on a Shanghai TV station in March 2010 with the highest rating of the year, Lin got positive reviews from audiences and critics.

It was reported that Beauty's Rival in Palace sold well in the Korean and Japanese markets, due to Ruby Lin's unwavering ruby lin in Asia. [37] Beauty's Rival in Palace is another milestone in Lin's career.

Challenge : 2010–2011 [ edit ] In May 2010, her first stage play, Sweet Sweet Love, began a Chinese tour. The play is based on the 1996 Hong Kong romantic film Comrades: Almost a Love Story, which starred Maggie Cheung and Leon Lai. During its three-month run, it was performed in four cities: Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou and Shenzhen. Due to popular demand, a fifth city ( Nanchang) was added.

ruby lin

{INSERTKEYS} [38] In June, Lin played a psychiatrist in the romantic film You Deserve To Be Single with Mike He and David Wu. For her performance, Lin was nominated for the 2010 Shanghai International Film Festival Press Prize as Best Actress.

[39] She also won the 2010 Vietnam DAN Movie Award for Favorite Taiwanese Actress. After that, Lin starred in Zhang Yang's film Driverless as a self-motivated businesswomen. Director Zhang Yang commented, "Ruby has a rare ability, all her emotions seem genuine". She received critical acclaim for her performance by audiences and media - "Without a doubt, Ruby Lin's wonderful range of emotions really steals the show.

She delicately unveils the depths of a struggle during hard time of her life, both strong and brave yet desire to be protected." [40] After the success of Beauty's Rival in Palace, Lin was cast a starring role for well-known Chinese TV series by director Gao Xixi.

This series Monopoly Exposure was written by Hai Yan (海岩), many of whose books have been successfully adapted for TV dramas. [41] 2010 was a successful year for Lin. She won the Most Popular Actress award (voted online by residents of Asian countries) at the 5th Seoul International Drama Awards. According to Yahoo Korea, Lin was voted best actress with 17,358 votes followed by Fan Bingbing, Li Kun Wang and Yao Chen.

[42] Also in late 2010, Lin won the Favorite Actress of the Year award for her performance in Beauty's Rival in Palace at the annual TV Drama Awards Made in China [43] and the QQ Annual Entertainment Star award. {/INSERTKEYS}

ruby lin

For her achievements in films and television series, Korean media dubbed her Taiwan's number-one actress and goddess of ancient Chinese series. [44] In January 2011, Lin started her first project The Glamorous Imperial Concubine as a producer. This series achieved excellent ratings and Lin won "Best producer of the year" award. Ruby lin was also nominated as Best TV actress at the 2012 Huading Awards. Lin returned to the film industry again, playing a mom with two kids in the film Blood Stained Shoes, directed by Raymond Yip.

The film ranked 2nd on "Top 10 box-office ranking in Chinese horror film chart". [45] The media said that Lin's image was far removed from that which she has previously portrayed in other works. [46] In October 2011, Lin started on her second production, Taiwanese idol drama Drama Go!

Go! Go! which co-starred Jiro Wang and Lin Gengxin. The series was released in November 2012. Lin's performance was well received by audiences and audience named Drama Go!

Go! Go! as one of the most anticipated TV series of 2012. [47] Producing: 2012–2018 [ edit ] Lin in 2012 In March 2012, Lin was crowned Most Influential TV Actress at the 2012 annual Jeanwest Entertainment Awards. [48] She also received a nomination at the Huading Awards as Best TV Actress for her performance in The Glamorous Imperial Concubine.

[49] She then started filming for The Patriot Yue Fei, a 60-episode historical drama about the downfall of General Yue Fei in the Song Dynasty. Lin portrayed the wife of General Yue Fei, played by Huang Xiaoming. On April 27, 2012, Lin announced her third project television film Forgotten as producer and main actress.

She played a married couple in the show with Christopher Lee, where their marriage started to fall apart due to a lack of communication and personality differences, and an unexpected accident changes their life entirely. [50] It was scheduled to be first released in Taiwan on May 26, 2012. In Forgotten, critics and audiences praised Lin's performance as breakthrough. Xinhua News ( Xinhua News Agency) states "Ruby Lin is recognized as one of the best promising producer.

Also as actress, she is in a different class from others." [51] In addition, Youku Tudou Inc, the largest video-sharing website in China, bought copyright of TV series and films that were produced ruby lin Lin. Lin officially announced the news during the 18th Shanghai Television Festival.

[52] On August 8, 2012, Lin was honored ruby lin Best Producer at the 2012 Asian Idol Awards for The Glamorous Imperial Concubine. [53] In December 2012, Lin was announced as one of the highest paid Chinese celebrities of the year, ranking 5th.

She managed to earn over 90 million RMB this year through her studio alone. [54] She also came in 2nd on the Taiwan's top-earning drama actors list, with a yearly income of 278 million NTD. [55] In August 2013, Lin won Most Favorite Actress at the 8th Beijing Film Festival for Youth Ruby lin.

[56] Except for some public appearances, Lin spent much time doing pre-production work for the drama Singing All Along, based on Li Xin's romantic novel series Xiuli Jiangshan. In April 2014, Lin won the Outstanding Actress award at 1st China Television Star Awards by CTAC (China Television Artists Committee Actors Committee).

[57] In May 2014, as producer and main actress, Lin came back to Taiwan with the television film Mother Mother, playing a role of an aggressive mother. Lin stated that she will continue to film one Taiwanese series per year. [58] The same year, Lin starred in the romance TV series The Way We Were. This drama marks Lin's return to Taiwan television after a 10-year absence. As main actress and producer, Lin received favorable comments from both critics and audiences.

The series not only received high viewer ratings, but was also selected as one of the most ruby lin Taiwanese dramas of 2014 by many of media review. Within a day of release, it reached over 24 million views on the mainland Chinese video sharing site iQiyi. Ruby lin its debut on July 19, the drama has stayed within the top two on iQiyi's most popular dramas list. [59] On March 1, 2015, Estée Lauder Companies announced that Lin was their new brand ambassador for Taiwan region, and Lin was also selected as spokesperson for HTC.

After finished filming Raymond Yip's film Phantom of the Theatre in Shanghai, Lin joined the cast of the licensed remake of the Korean variety show We Got Married, titled We Are In Love. [60] In November, Lin gained her first Asian Television Awards nomination for Best Actress with her performance in The Way We Were following a first Golden Bell Awards nomination on September. [61] In early 2016, Lin won Huading Awards for Best Actress in a TV Series and the Woman's Media Award for Most Influential Woman of the Year.

[62] In April 2016, Lin starred in Magical Space-time, a time-travel TV series directed by Fu-Hsiang Hsu. Lin also cast in adventure film The Precipice Game, playing the role of the woman who turns into a battle for survival. In March 2017, Lin returned to work after halting work since December to prepare for labour. [63] She played an affectionate mother who is willing to put her life on the line to protect her daughter in mystery-thriller The Devotion of Suspect Xadapted from Japanese author Keigo Higashino's award-winning novel with the same title.

[64] The film is a reunion between Alec Su and Ruby Lin who starred in 2004 in Magic Touch of Fate, a TV series in China. In May, Lin announced her comeback in a Taiwanese drama world with romance TV series My Dear Boy, which she is also producing. On November 15, 2018, Lin's newest project, Miss Andy, clinched the MM2 Creativity Award at the Golden Horse Film Project Promotion Awards Ceremony.

[65] The award came with a grant of USD $10,000, a welcome relief for her first venture as a movie producer. Filming is scheduled to commence in April 2019, and will take place in Malaysia. According to the media, Lin will also take on the role of a Vietnamese illegal worker for the movie.

[66] Recently: 2019-present [ edit ruby lin In 2020, after stay in Malaysia almost 2 months for new film Miss Andy, Lin starred Taiwanese Netflix original series The Victims' Game ruby lin special guest. The series dominating Netflix's Chinese language programming list for many consecutive days, ruby lin a high score of 8.0/10 on China's Douban website. [67] And also, Lin's performance received well acclaim, for such a complex and disturbing character.

The reviewer for Asianfilmstrike said "The series’ace in the hole is Ruby Lin, who's only a presence in the final episodes, and in a role we dare not reveal: she sheds her smooth and pretty image completely, in an impressively somber ruby lin chilling turn." [68] In 2020, Lin starred in the modern drama The Arc of Life as the female lead and producer.

According to the Appledaily, Lin ranked 5th on The Highest-Paid Taiwanese Actor Of 2020 list despite turning down multiple job offers in China.

[69] In 2021, Netflix acquired the rights to Light the Night, a three-part series set in 1988 Taipei Red Light District. Lin was one of the producers and female leads in this series. Ruby Lin Studio [ edit ] In 2009, Lin establishing her own production company, Ruby Lin Studio ( 林心如工作室). Taiwan media reports that the company will deal with all aspects of the actress's career, including acting, singing and film roles. [70] Till 2016, 2 artists - Miku Chang & Yang Zhiwen - and 1 director Fu-Hsiang Hsu are under Ruby Lin Studio.

As a producer, she can have a lot more control over the entire TV project - overseeing the scripting process, hiring and casting. Lin stated, "I just kept getting offered the same type of role. Being an actress, you cannot really do much. Actresses can only wait for the roles to come." [71]" "Now I can choose everything myself, whether it's the roles or the director that I want to work with or the cast that I want to feature. I feel much more in control over what I get to do." [71] Lin's production debut turned out to be a hit with viewers, winning several awards including "TV series of The year" from Shanghai's Dragon TV Awards, "Best producer" from China TV Drama Awards as well as "Best Producer" and "Best Actress" awards for Lin at the 2011 Youku Awards.

[72] Despite the accolades from sitting in the producer's chair, she insists that acting will still be her "top priority". I will be producing more and more but I still love acting so much, so that will still be my main focus.

There is something wonderful about getting yourself in the head of the characters that you play and being able to perform for viewers. Ruby lin just that now I also get to create characters that I really want to play." [71] Personal life [ edit ] Lin dated Taiwanese actor Jimmy Lin, whom she met when filming School Days, from 1995 to 1997.

In 2006, they appeared together on the Taiwanese show Kang Yong's Family, asserting that distance was the reason for their breakup. It was the first time the two appeared on the same stage since their separation. [73] On May 20, 2016, Lin confirmed her relationship with Taiwanese actor Wallace Huo. [74] [75] After their collaboration in Sound of Ruby lin in 2005, two stayed friends for more than 10 years.

[76] They reportedly became romantically involved around Lin's birthday in January 2016. [77] Lin married Huo on 31 July 2016 at the Bulgari Hotel in Bali. Celebrities who attended the wedding included Zhao Wei, Fan Bingbing, Shu Qi, Liu Tao, Liu Shishi, Nicky Wu and Hu Ge. [78] The pair also held another wedding reception in Taipei on 2 August 2016. [79] The couple have a daughter, ruby lin in January 2017. [80] On September 9, Lin announced she will be returning to school to pursue a Master's degree.

She revealed on social media that she was accepted into the master's program for marketing management in Shih Hsin University in Taipei, Taiwan. [81] It was also revealed that Lin was the recipient of her cohort's Outstanding Achievement Award and that she was unanimously voted as the winner by her professors. [82] Media [ edit ] Charity work [ edit ] Lin is involved with charity activities for various causes. • In 1999, Lin supported the fundraising events for Taiwan 921 earthquake.

[83] • In 2003, become sponsor of Vietnamese boy through World Vision. • Since 2005 Lin has been spokesperson for fashion company Xuezhu, and she established a fund to help poor people living in small cities in China. [84] she also participated in the Jackie Chan and Friends concert in 2005. [85] • In 2007, Lin received the Outstanding Contribution to Charity Award at the China Fashion Awards (CFA).

[86] She also filming short film for charity TV-program 'Dreams Come True' with a blind girl. [87] • Following the 2008 Sichuan earthquake, Lin donated 100,000 yuan. She also recorded the unit song "We have love"(我们有爱) for 2008 Sichuan earthquake. [88] • In 2008, Lin funded a school for rural children, presenting a ¥200,000 (US$27,627) check to ruby lin Chinese Red Cross Foundation to build an elementary school.

[89] The Red Cross Society of China gave Lin a commemorative plaque in return, inviting her to be philanthropic ambassador for its elementary-school building project (which ruby lin Chinese children in rural areas obtain an education).

[90] • Lin received China Charity Star Award the for her contributions to charity in 2008. [91] • In 2009, Lin become ambassador for the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, Yum! Brands Inc. China Division and United Nations World Food Programme (WFP)'s "Donate $1, Offer Compassion, Deliver Nutrition" joint campaign. This campaign provides daily nutrition to children for at least one year. As ambassador Lin appeared at a KFC restaurant in Beijing to interact with patrons, summon more people to participate in the fundraiser and care about children's health and development.

[92] Also in 2009, Lin was appointed as a sponsor of 'Ruby Lin benevolence primary school' for rural children. • In 2011, For Lin's contribution to charity work, China Charity Billboard Award awarded her "Charity star of the year" award.

[93] • In 2012, Lin was appointed as a spokesperson and ambassador for the Maria Society Welfare Foundation. In order to raise money for the children, she promote the campaign at her official microblog at Sina Weibo, where she owns one of the most popular accounts. Following the 2013 Sichuan Lushan earthquake, Lin donated to the One Foundation. [94] • In 2015, Lin shoots for The Da Ren Wu (Big Shot) Photo Charity Exhibition. She also supported the 'Run for the kids' charity auction with Yahoo taiwan.

[95] • In 2017, Lin donates the first ruby lin and the World: For Children and Mothers" gala night was held on Nov 29 at Bvlgari Hotel Beijing. The event was organized by the United Nations Every Woman Every Child China Partnership Network and the China Friendship Foundation for Peace and Development, and supported by the Chinese People's Association ruby lin Friendship with Foreign Countries and Save the Children.

[96] • In 2018, Lin flew to Zambia on behalf of World Vision's Sponsor-A-Child programme to meet with her sponsored child, Elidah. Aside from Elidah, Ruby is presently funding two other children from Cambodia and Honduras.

And it reported prior to her latest sponsorship, Ruby had funded the education of several other children including those from Congo and Vietnam. [97] • For years, Lin support Linfen red ribbon school (a facility ruby lin education to children who are living with HIV) both materially and spiritually.

On 2 January 2019, Official weibo of Linfen red ribbon school released the student's thank you letter for Lin. [98] Endorsements [ edit ] After rising to prominence, Ruby Lin became actively involved in commercial work. In 2001, she was selected as Taiwan's most popular advertisement star. At that time, she was spokesperson for Coca-Cola and Esprit.

After she was selected as spokesperson for brands such as Mentholatum and Pantene, Lin was ranked second on the China Top Ten Most Popular Commercial Model list in 2005. [99] Lin has been praised by the media for her sense of style; in 2006, MTV China selected her as most stylish actress of the year. [19] That same year, Lin also received the Most Stylish Actress in China award at the QQ 2006 China Entertainment Star Awards. [100] In 2009, Estee Lauder chose her as "My Cover Girl in 2009" for their Chinese and Taiwan markets for ¥1 million, according to media reports.

[101] In 2015, Estee Lauder announced again that Lin was their new brand spokesperson for Taiwan region. In 2010, ruby lin on the popularity of her new series and film, Lin was spokesperson for more than 20 brands (including Japanese and Korean brands). Media named her as "commercial queen". [102] Lin also won the Most Charming Actress of the Year award at the 2010 China Fashion Weekly Awards.

[103] In Asia as elsewhere, endorsement contracts for well-known brands are evidence of stardom. [104] Ruby Lin has been a spokesperson for such brands as Mentholatum (2000–2003), Coca-Cola (2000), Christian Dior watches (2006–2007), ESPRIT (2001), Liuhengsei casual wear (since 2001), VOV Cosmetics (since 2006), China Mobile (since 2007), Pantene (2003–2006), Sofie Pantiliners (2002–2005), D&D jewelry (2001–2005), Japanese company Glico, Oriks (since 2011), and HTC (2015), ReFa CARAT (since 2017) and Shiseido Elixir (since 2017).

[105] Lin also served as ACAP Wild Aid's Rhino Ambassador for 2004–2005 and Winnie the Pooh Friendship Ambassador in 2001. Lin's endorsements provided the majority of her income in 2007. [106] Ruby lin December 2009, Ruby Lin was chosen Best Artist for Advertisements at the annual China International Commercial and Art Awards.

[107] After Lin gave birth to her first child in early 2017, she became the new ambassador of brand for children and infants such as Fisher-Price and Pro-Kido Milk by Yili. In 2019, Nuna signs Lin as first Asian brand ambassador.

[108] In December 2020, Lin became the new spokesperson of Estee Lauder's Re-Nutriv Ultimate Diamond Collection for Taiwan region. [109] Filmography [ edit ] Main article: Ruby Lin discography Albums [ edit ] • 1999: Heartbeat (心跳) • 2001: Double Faced Ruby Ruby lin (雙面林心如) • 2001: Pala Pala (趴啦趴啦) • 2004: Eighteen Springs New and Best collection (半生缘新歌和精选) • 2004: Ruby lin Ruby Lin (拥有林心如) • 2008: New Rubyology (新如主义) Soundtracks [ edit ] • 1999: My Fair Princess Original Soundtrack (还珠格格音乐全记录) • 2004: Amor de Tarapaca Original Soundtrack (紫藤戀電視劇原) Publications [ edit ] Year Title Release Date Notes 1999 Spring Emotion / 春情 August 1999 photo album Sharing / 心如心語 December 1999 2000 Love in Great Britain / 英倫情人 October 2000 2005 My Private New York / 私藏心如 April 2005 Travel diary Ambassadorships ruby lin edit ] • 2020 Charity Ambassador of the TVBS Ruby lin 'Infinite Love' fundraising campaign [110] • 2020 Charity Ambassador of Shiatzy Chen's charity activity [111] • 2018 Ambassador of China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation ruby lin One Yuan Campaign' [112] • 2018 Ambassador of World Vision Taiwan's Sponsor-A-Child programme [113] • 2017 Ambassador of Child Welfare League Foundation [114] • 2017 Save the Children Goodwill Ambassador [115] [116] • 2016 Ambassador of Tourism in Hawaii • 2016 Qiong Yao Culture Foundation [117] • 2014 Estee Lauder Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign • 2012 Ambassador for the Maria Society Welfare Foundation in Taiwan • 2011 Trend Health - Find most beautiful& healthy body of china [118] • 2010 Raily Good and Ruby lin Life campaign • 2010 Sohu "EasyGo China" charity campaign [119] • 2008 China Music Radio Kappa Project [120] • 2009 World Food Programme(WFP)'s "Donate $1, Offer Compassion, Deliver Nutrition" [121] • 2009 Estee Lauder Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign [122] • 2009 Ambassador of Tourism in Seoul, Korea [123] • 2008 China Red Cross elementary-school building project [124] • 2007 Beijing Olympics public-service promotional campaign [125] • 2007 Anti-Depression Ambassadors of China for its campaign, including a concert • 2005 Promoter of Annapurna Conservation Area Project [126] • 2004 Chinese Culture Festival in Seoul, Korea • 2001 Promoter of Hong Kong Community Chest Walkathon • 1999 Ambassador of Hong Kong Anti-Drug and -Crime Campaign Awards and nominations [ edit ] • ^ Elley, Derek (March 28, 2014).

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Norman Lim Kwong CM AOE (born Kwong Lim Yew; Chinese: 林佐民; October 24, 1929 – September 3, 2016) was a Canadian football player who played for the Calgary Stampeders and Edmonton Eskimos of the Canadian Football League (CFL). He was also an active businessman and politician being part owner of the Calgary Flames and serving as the 16th Lieutenant Governor of Alberta from January 2005 to May 2010. The son of Chinese immigrants from Taishan, Guangdong, Kwong was the first Canadian professional gridiron football player of Chinese heritage.

In addition, Kwong was also the first person of Chinese heritage to serve as lieutenant-governor of Alberta.

ruby lin

As a former vice-regal representative of Alberta, he was styled " The Honourable" for life. Kwong was the third Canadian of Chinese heritage to be appointed as a vice-regal in Canada, after David Lam and Adrienne Clarkson. Contents • 1 Early life • 2 Sports career • 3 Public service career • 4 Personal life • 5 Arms • 6 Honours • 7 See also • 8 See also • 9 References • 10 External links Early life [ edit ] Kwong was born in Calgary, Alberta on October 24, 1929, to a Chinese immigrant family.

His father, Charles Lim Kwong, immigrated to Canada in 1907 and had to pay the head tax, and his mother, Lily Lee, immigrated with her family in 1912. [3] Their marriage was arranged by their parents. They lived in British Columbia at first, but moved to Calgary because anti-Chinese discrimination was less severe there, and Charles was able to open his own business, the Riverside Cash and Carry Store. Norman (Lim Kwong Yew) was the fifth of six siblings. They were lucky to have both parents in Canada, as family reunion was restricted at the time for Chinese Canadians and many children grew up with one parent.

[3] Sports career [ edit ] In 1947, Canada's Chinese Exclusion Act was repealed for contravening the United Nations' Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Chinese Canadians were given citizen rights for the first time, and barriers for Chinese in professional sports also came down. [3] After playing football at Western Canada High School, Kwong went on to play for the Calgary Stampeders from 1948 to 1950 and, after a trade, the Edmonton Eskimos from 1951 until his retirement in 1960.

Nicknamed the " China Clipper", Kwong was the first Chinese Canadian to play on a professional Canadian football team. A powerful fullback, in 11 years of recorded statistics Kwong rushed for 9,022 yards for an average of 5.2 yards per carry and scored 93 ruby lin. He won the Grey Cup four times during his career ( 1948, 1954, 1955, and 1956). Kwong was a Ruby lin Conference all-star running back and three-time winner of the Eddie James Memorial Trophy, in 1951, 1955 and 1956.

He was named the Schenley Most Outstanding Canadian in 1955 and 1956. He was named Canadian Athlete of the Year in 1955. He was inducted into the Canadian Football Hall of Fame in 1969, Canada's Sports Hall of Fame in 1975, the Edmonton Eskimos' Wall of Honour in 1983 (where his jersey No.

95 was retired), the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame in 1980, and the Calgary Stampeders' Wall of Fame in 2012 (as a builder of that sports organization). In November 2006, he was one of very few of his contemporaries to be voted one of the Canadian Football League's Top 50 players of the sport's modern era by Canadian sports network TSN.

Kwong set the CFL record for the most yards rushing by a Canadian in a season with 1,437 in the 1956 season. This record held for 56 years, being broken by Jon Cornish only in 2012, [4] though Kwong accomplished his record in fifteen games, rather than eighteen for Cornish.

[5] He was president and general manager of the Calgary Stampeders from 1988 to 1991, leading the team to a loss in the Grey Cup final in 1991. Between 1980 and 1994, Kwong was a part owner of the Calgary Flames, having been one of the original group of six Calgary businessmen who bought and moved the NHL's Atlanta Flames hockey team to Calgary in 1980. [6] The Calgary Flames won the Stanley Cup in 1989, making him one of five people whose name is on both the Grey Cup and the Stanley Cup.

The feat would later be matched by Wayne Gretzky, who in an interesting symmetry to Kwong's achievement has his name on the Stanley Cup four times as a player and on the Grey Cup once as an owner. Public service career [ edit ] Kwong's public stature from sports helped him move on to politics and government.

In 1971 he ran for the Alberta Progressive Conservative party in Calgary-Millican. In this election, the PCs ended Social Credit's 36-year hold on power, winning all but five seats in Calgary. However, Kwong himself was defeated by longtime incumbent Arthur J. Dixon who won by a 1,600 vote plurality.

In 1988 Kwong was made a member of the Order of Canada and served as the national chairman of the Canadian Consultative Council on Multiculturalism. Kwong was appointed Lieutenant-Governor of Alberta on January 20, 2005, replacing Lois Hole, who died in office on Ruby lin 6, 2005. Kwong welcomed Queen Elizabeth II to Alberta in June 2005 on a visit commemorating Alberta's first 100 years in Canadian Confederation.

During a private audience the Queen presented Kwong with the insignia of a Knight of Justice in the Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem. Kwong swore Ed Stelmach into office as the 13th Premier of Alberta on December 14, 2006. Kwong's term concluded on May 11, 2010, and he was succeeded by Don Ethell.

Personal life [ edit ] Kwong married Mary Lee on March 26, 1960, and together they had four sons: Gregory, Bradley, Martin, and Randall. [2] [7] He died in his sleep on September 3, 2016, at the age of 86.

[8] He was survived by his wife, four sons, and ten grandchildren. [9] Arms [ edit ] Coat of arms of Norman Kwong Notes The arms of Norman Kwong consist of: [10] Crest Ruby lin from a coronet Argent the upper rim set with flames proper, a demi-horse Argent winged Or holding a wild rose proper. Escutcheon Barry Or and Vert on a bend Vert three footballs Or. Supporters Two Lim dragons (i.e., a Chinese dragon with the hindquarters of an Albertosaurus) per fess Or and Vert.

Compartment Tapissé of wheat Or set with wild roses proper. Motto Strive to Excel Symbolism The shield represents a Canadian football field viewed from above with the 10 yard lines defined by the bands of green and gold. The colours are the team colours of the Edmonton Eskimos, the Canadian Football League team for which His Honour played ruby lin starred.

The green band symbolizes a swift path across the field, while the three gold footballs ruby lin to the speed of his advancing the play. The white horse is a reference to the Calgary Stampeders, His Honour’s first football team.

The wings refer to His Honour’s nickname, “the China Clipper”, earned from his energetic play, and derived from the airplane of the same name. The rose refers to Her Honour Mary Kwong, an avid gardener who has played a singular role in His Honour’s life as his loving wife and greatest companion.

The white circlet with red flames symbolizes His Honour’s long involvement with, and ownership of, the Calgary Flames hockey team, the colours of which are the national colours red and white. The supporters are two mythical creatures which have been named “Lim dragons”, referring to the Lieutenant Governor’s Chinese heritage.

They are made from the upper part of a Chinese dragon and the lower part of the Albertosaurus, a dinosaur named for the province. The grain fields represent one of the province’s important and historic sources of wealth, while the wild roses are the provincial floral emblem and refer to His Honour’s family.

[11] Honours [ ruby lin ] Ribbon Description Notes Order of Canada (CM) • Member • October 21, 1998 • [12] Order of St. John (K.StJ) • Knight of Justice • June 2005 Alberta Order of Excellence (AOE) • 2005 125th Anniversary of the Confederation of Canada Medal • 1992 Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Medal • 2002 • Canadian Version of ruby lin Medal • [13] Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal • 2012 • Canadian Version of this Medal • [14] Alberta Centennial Medal • 2005 • In 2006 Kwong received an Honorary Degree of Doctor of Laws from the University of Alberta.

[15] See also [ edit ] • The Honourable David Lam - former Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia and Canada's first vice-regal of Chinese heritage • The Right Honourable Adrienne Clarkson - former Governor General of Canada and the first Chinese Canadian to serve in the post • Larry Kwong, the original "China Clipper", former NHL hockey player and first Chinese-Canadian NHL player • Peter Ing former NHL goaltender • Philip S.

Lee, former Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba See also [ edit ] • Lost Years: A People's Struggle for Justice References [ edit ] • ^ "Remembering the life of Norman KWONG 1929 - 2016". • ^ a b "The Honourable Norman Lim Kwong, 2005-2010". Retrieved September 10, 2017. • ^ a b c Brignall, Richard (February 22, 2012). China Clipper: Pro football's first Chinese-Canadian player, Normie Kwong. James Lorimer Limited, Publishers. ruby lin. 17–20. ISBN 978-1-55277-526-4.

• ^ Fisher, Scott; Sun, Calgary. "Normie Kwong proud of CFL rushing record". Calgary Sun. Archived from ruby lin original on August 6, 2016 ruby lin. Retrieved September 10, 2017. • ^ Beamish, Mike. "B.C.

ruby lin

Lions boss Wally Buono says record books should add an asterisk". Retrieved September 10, 2017. • ^ The other original investors are Harley Hotchkiss, Ralph T. Scurfield, Daryl Seaman, Byron Seaman and Norman Green. • ^ " 'Inspiration for many': CFL trailblazer, former Alberta lieutenant governor Norman Kwong dies at 86". Retrieved September 10, 2017. • ^ "Trailblazer Norman Kwong left 'extraordinary' legacy for Albertans". September 4, 2016. Retrieved September 10, 2017.

• ^ "Former CFL pioneer Norman Kwong dies at 86". Retrieved September 10, 2017. • ^ Canadian Heraldic Authority (Volume V), Ottawa, 2007, p. 119 • ^ Canadian Heraldic Authority. "The Public Register of Arms, Flags, and Badges of Canada > Norman Lim Kwong". Queen's Printer for Canada. Archived from the original on November 10, 2014. Retrieved February 10, 2014. ruby lin ^ "The Governor General ruby lin Canada". Retrieved September 10, 2017. • ^ General, The Office of the Secretary to the Governor. "The Governor General of Canada". Retrieved September 10, 2017. • ^ General, The Office of the Secretary to the Governor. "The Governor General of Canada". Retrieved September 10, 2017. • ^ "Past Honorary Degree Recipients - University of Alberta". Archived from the original on June 14, 2017. Retrieved September 10, 2017. External links [ edit ] This article's use of external links may not follow Wikipedia's policies or guidelines.

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( September 2017) ( Learn how and when to remove this template message) • Lost Years (Episode 2) CBC TV, August 27, 2011 & March 3, 2012 • CBC News - Jan 19 2005: Ex-footballer Normie Kwong Alberta's new lieutenant-governor • Office of the Lieutenant Governor • "Calgary Flames", Canadian Encyclopedia.

• CCNC ruby lin Chinese Canadians - Normie Kwong • Government of Alberta News Release - Jan 19 2005: Premier Klein ruby lin choice of new Lieutenant Governor • Historica Minute: Normie Kwong • "Norman Kwong". The Canadian Encyclopedia. • Canada's Sports Hall of Fame profile • Ross Somerville (1932) • Dave Komonen (1933) • Harold Webster (1934) • Scotty Rankine (1935) • Phil Edwards (1936) • Syl Apps (1937) • Hugh Stirling (1938) • Fritz Hanson (1939) • Gérard Côté (1940) • Tony Golab (1941) • Joe Krol (1946) • Joe Krol (1947) • Buddy O'Connor (1948) • Frank Filchock (1949) • Lionel Conacher (1950) 1952–1975 • Maurice Richard (1952) • Doug Hepburn (1953) • Rich Ferguson (1954) • Norman Kwong (1955) • Jean Béliveau (1956) • Maurice Richard (1957) • Maurice Richard (1958) • Russ Jackson (1959) • Ron Stewart (1960) • Bruce Kidd (1961) • Bruce Kidd (1962) • Gordie Howe (1963) • Bill Crothers (1964) • Bobby Ruby lin (1965) • Bobby Hull (1966) • Ferguson Jenkins (1967) • Ferguson Jenkins (1968) • Russ Jackson (1969) • Bobby Orr (1970) • Ferguson Jenkins (1971) • Phil Esposito (1972) • Phil Esposito (1973) • Ferguson Jenkins (1974) • Bobby Clarke (1975) 1976–2000 • Greg Joy (1976) • Guy Lafleur (1977) • Graham Smith (1978) • Gilles Villeneuve (1979) • Wayne Gretzky (1980) • Wayne Gretzky (1981) • Wayne Gretzky (1982) • Wayne Gretzky (1983) • Alex Baumann (1984) • Wayne Gretzky (1985) • Ben Johnson (1986) • Ben Johnson (1987) • Mario Lemieux (1988) • Wayne Gretzky (1989) • Kurt Browning (1990) • Kurt Browning (1991) • Mark Tewksbury (1992) • Mario Lemieux (1993) • Elvis Stojko (1994) • Jacques Villeneuve (1995) • Donovan Bailey (1996) • Jacques Villeneuve (1997) • Larry Walker (1998) • Wayne Gretzky (1999) • Mike Weir (2000) 2001–present • 1954: James • 1955: Kwong • 1956: Kwong • 1957: James • 1958: Howell • 1959: Jackson • 1960: Stewart • 1961: Pajaczkowski • 1962: Wylie • 1963: Jackson • 1964: Grant • 1965: Karcz • 1966: Jackson • 1967: Evanshen • 1968: Nielsen • 1969: Jackson • 1970: Young • 1971: Evanshen • 1972: Young • 1973: Organ • 1974: Gabriel • 1975: J.

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