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Paige Reddinger Paige Reddinger's Most Recent Stories • Champion Diver Arnaud Jerald Gives Richard Mille’s Newest Dive Watch His Seal of Approval • A New Film Explores How Independent Watchmakers Make the World’s Most Fascinating Timepieces • Two Ultra-Rare Watches From George Daniels patik 1-10 F.P. Journe Will Headline Phillips’s Next Auction Watches and Wonders, the world’s largest tradeshow for timepieces, just ended.

But Patek Philippe, which launched 12 new timepieces during the event, wasn’t done with its new releases. On Wednesday, the Swiss watchmaker launched a sporty new high-performance grand complication, the 1/10th Second Monopusher Chronograph.

patik 1-10

The watch, Ref. 5470P-001, marks the first time the company has created a chronograph that can measure and display tenths of a second in a wristwatch and it comes with a whopping 31 patents, seven of which are exclusive to this reference.

The manually-wound Caliber CH29-535 PS 1/10 chronograph movement features a column-wheel control, a horizontal dual-clutch with wheels and an instantaneous 30-minute counter, a 10ths-of-a-second module for measurements of the chronograph’s sweep hand and a small seconds indicator. Related Stories • From Bitcoin to Dogecoin: Gucci Will Soon Accept Cryptocurrency at US Stores • Lewis Hamilton Wore 3 Watches, Including IWC’s Latest, in Protest of Formula 1’s Jewelry Ban • This Surrealist Cartier Watch Just Sold for $1.5 Million, Breaking a World Record “We have been working altogether,” said Patek Philippe president Thierry Stern in a broadcast aired Wednesday morning.

“The first part, of course, which was the most important was the movement. It’s not always easy to create a wristwatch with so many components and so much difficulty.” He added that the idea for patik 1-10 piece began as patik 1-10 back as 10 years ago when the company was thinking about how it could improve its CHR 29-535 PS split-seconds chronograph movement (found in all hand-wound chronographs at the company, with or without additional complications), first introduced in 2009, on which the new caliber is based.

patik 1-10

“We couldn’t do it at the time because the technology didn’t allow us to have a piece that was thin enough,” said Stern. The idea was that it not only had to be a technical achievement but, per Patek Philippe standards, it also had to look exceptional on the wrist. Patek Philippe Ref. 5470P-001 1/10th Second Monopusher Chronograph Patek Philippe Now, though, improvements are plentiful.

The split-seconds mechanism was replaced by the indication to measure 10ths of a second. The frequency was increased from 4 Hz to 5 Hz, a requirement to display the ultra-accurate new measurement. “We have equipped [the base movement] with the Oscillomax, previously developed within our advanced research department for ref 5550P,” said Philip Barat, head of Patek Philippe’s watch development during the broadcast.

“The Oscillomax consists of the Pulsomax escapement, the Gyromax balance and the Spiromax balance spring, all made of Silinvar and of Silinvar and gold for the Gyromax.” Patek Philippe Caliber CH 29- 535 PS 1/10 Patek Philippe The Oscillomax, developed in 2011, is a patik 1-10 regulator mechanism boasting 17 patents, which enables a high rate of accuracy with a maximum deviation of -3/+2 seconds per day despite the elevated energy consumption of the movement.

This marks the first time since the introduction of the Ref. 5550P in 2011, that the Oscillomax will be used for a timepiece in the current collection. The Oscillomax operates with a balance spring with a patented terminal curve called the Spiromx and an escapement with a lever and escape wheel, known as patik 1-10 Pulsomax, and an adjustable mass balance wheel, a.k.a. the Gyromax.

They are all made from a derivative of silicon, called Silinvar, which is known for being lightweight, rugged and antimagnetic. The list of complicated achievements is nearly endless. The movement consists of two superimposed chronograph mechanisms—a chronograph of this nature, by the way, can be as challenging to conceive as horology’s most lauded complication, the minute repeater—which required the development of 54 components for the 10th-of-a-second mechanism alone.

(The superimposing of the chronograph mechanisms is essentially a space saver to keep the piece thin per Stern’s standards.) The indication patik 1-10 a specific gear train in order to ensure the fluidity of its movement and the reliability of its timekeeping on the wrist.

A pinion for the 10th of a second mechanism has micro-toothing that controls the correct start of the time measurement when the chronograph is activated, while a driving wheel aids the smooth movement of the hand. Patek Philippe Ref. 5470P-001 1/10th Second Monopusher Chronograph Patek Philippe While these details will certainly appeal to collectors who appreciate technical achievements in a movement—a focus for Stern, who is keen on flexing the company’s know-how in the age of the Nautilus craze—it is surprisingly simple to read despite its very challenging engineering (although you might patik 1-10 a magnifying glass to patik 1-10 the minute segments).

When the two sweep hands are activated via the pusher at 2 o’clock, the red 10th of a second hand turns around the dial 10 times faster than the rhodium sandblasted steel seconds hand.

When the latter is stopped, it can be read via the dotted bead markers around the circumference (as pictured, it is indicating 20 seconds). The red hand is measured by the white markers segmented by 12 red sectors (the red sectors indicate a full second, while the white markers indicated 10ths of a second). As pictured, the red hand is indicating that a full 10 tenths of a second patik 1-10 been reached at the red line.

If the red hand was positioned one increment further it would read an additional 1/10th of a second. The hour and minutes are, of patik 1-10, traditionally displayed by two 18-karat white gold hands (indicating patik 1-10 as pictured), while the chronograph counters are shown in a snailed small seconds at 9 o’clock and snailed 30-minute chronograph counter at 3 o’clock. The crown has two positions: the first for winding the movement and the second for setting the time.

To drive home the message that this is no ordinary sports watch, Patek Philippe chose to encase the Ref. 5470P in platinum and, as such, like all other Patek Philippe timepieces in the elite metal, it comes with a diamond on the rim of the case at 6 o’clock.

The case, which was inspired by the design of the Ref. 5370, comes with recessed and satin-finished flanks with lugs adorned with decorative cabochon. The dial comes in blue lacquer topped off with a slightly domed sapphire crystal.

patik 1-10

It is fitted with a navy-blue calfskin strap with an embossed fabric pattern, red stitching and a platinum foldover clasp. The price is, naturally, upon request. The 7 Patents Exclusive to the Patek Philippe Ref.

5470P: Concentric display This assures simple, swift, and safe legibility of seconds and fractions of a second. Notch in the barrel arbor The notch reduces the tension exerted by the spring hook while the mainspring is being wound and allows a smaller diameter of the barrel arbor, increasing the patik 1-10 stored in the mainspring by further spring coils.

patik 1-10

1/10 driving wheel with anti-backlash feature Designed on two levels (an upper wheel with flexible spokes and a lower one with rigid spokes), it allows the creation of an anti-backlash wheel that is compact and consumes little energy. Chronograph with shock-absorber hook In the event of a shock, this system securely holds the clutch rocker of the operating chronograph mechanism to prevent disruptions of the ongoing short-time measurement.

Pendulum shock absorber This system utilizes the acceleration forces of shocks on the watch to keep the components of a mechanism in the desired position and thus to assure correct functionality.

Surface primer for the silicon hand This improves the adhesion of lacquer on a silicon-oxide surface (Silinvar). Robb Report down caret • About Us • Accessibility • Advertise • Careers • Contact Us • International • PMC Fashion & Luxury Legal down caret • Privacy Policy • California Privacy Rights • AdChoices • Privacy Preferences • Terms of Use • Reprints / Permissions • FAQ • Do Not Sell My Personal Information Subscribe/Purchase down caret • Subscribe to Robb Report • Purchase Back Issues • Give a Gift Subscriber Services down caret • Renew • Change Your Address • Pay your Invoice • Additional Services • Digital Subscription FAQ • Email Us Connect down caret • Facebook • Twitter • Instagram • YouTube Tatangihon ma Patik ni Debata, Patik 1-10.

Ahu do Jahowa Debatam, ninna Debatanta. Ndang jadi marangkup Ahu bahenonmu Debatam. II Ndang jadi patik 1-10 jala ndang jadi sumanonmu manang aha na di banua ginjang dohot na di banua tonga on, ro di na di bagasan aek na di toru ni tano, ianggo tung gabe sisombaon manang sioloan.

III. Ndang jadi dohonon goar ni Debata, ianggo so ture dalanna, ai hona uhum¬Na do sogot angka na marsineang di GoarNa. IV. Ingot hamu ma pabadiahon ari Minggu i ! Di na onom ari ma ula hamu nasa siulaonmu; alai anggo ari papituhon i, ari paradianan ni Jahowa Debatam do i.

Ndang jadi ho mangula anggo di na sadari i, manang anak¬mu pe manang borum manang naposom lahilahi manang naposom boruboru, ro di pinahanmu, ro di isi ni huta ni halak pe na mangebati hutam. Ai di na onom ari do ditompa Debata langit dohot tano dohot laut dohot nasa isina, dung i maradian do Ibana di ari papituhon i.

Dibahen i do umbahen na dipasupasu Debata Jahowa ari paradiananNa i jala diparbadiai. V. Ingkon pasangaponmu do natorasmu, asa martua ho jala leleng mangolu di tano na nilehon ni Jahowa Debatam di ho. VI. Unang ho mamunu ! VII. Unang ho mangalangkup !

VIII. Unang ho manangko ! IX. Unang ho olo manghatindangkon hata na so tutu maralohon dongan jolma. X. Ndang jadi haliangan ni roham bagas ni donganmu, ndang jadi haliangan ni roham dongan saripe ni donganmu, manang naposona baoa manang patik 1-10 boruboru manang lombuna manang hodana, manang dia pe ugasan ni donganmu. Beha pandok ni Debata taringot tu Patik na sampulu i ?

On do: Ahu do Jahowa Debatam, ninna Debatanta. Pargogo na so hatudosan jala Parrimas, Siluluhon dosa ni ama-ama tu pinomparna, ro di sundut patoluhon, ro di sundut paopathon, pinompar ni angka na sogo roha patik 1-10 Ahu; alai asi do rohangKu di angka na marribu-ribu, angka na marholong ni roha di Ahu, na so mangalaosi PatikHi. Cari untuk: Tulisan Terakhir • Jadwal Marhobas Natal dan Tahun baru 2021 • Warta Jemaat tgl. 28 November 2021 • Warta Jemaat 21 November 2021 & Acara Kebaktian ULTAH Gereja & Memperingati Orang Yang Telah Meninggal • Warta Jemaat tgl.

14 November 2021 • Warta Jemaat patik 1-10. 7 November 2021 Komentar Terbaru HKBP BANDUNG BARAT pada JADWAL IBADAH DAN KEGIATAN SET… Murni pada JADWAL IBADAH DAN KEGIATAN SET… HKBP BANDUNG BARAT pada JADWAL IBADAH DAN KEGIATAN SET… Paisal pada JADWAL IBADAH DAN KEGIATAN Patik 1-10 Kategori • Uncategorized HKBP BANDUNG BARAT
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patik 1-10

Please note that if a retailer's name is not found in this database, they are not an Authorized Patek Philippe retailer. Owners If you are patik 1-10 a subscriber to Patek Philippe magazine and wish to have access to the Owners area, either contact us or email, giving your magazine subscription details (name, postal address and email address and whether you wish to receive emails from us in future).

We will then provide access. Venerable Swiss marque Patek Philippe is no stranger to pushing the boundaries of mechanical chronograph design. The brand’s chronograph offerings stretch all the way back to 1856, with split-seconds wrist chronographs appearing in the catalog as early as 1923. Despite this history of innovation, Patek Philippe has never offered a wrist-mounted chronograph capable of measuring 1/10-second intervals — until now.

Released in a surprise announcement after the close of Watches and Wonders 2022, this new model brings one of the sportiest designs ever to the Calatrava platform and incorporates no less than seven patented innovations into its complex new in-house movement.

patik 1-10

The new Patek Philippe Ref. 5740P is an impressive blend of ornate movement work with a clean and eminently wearable design and stands as an attractive symbol of the brand’s enduring chronograph-building prowess. While most exotic-complication designs tend to become large patik 1-10 unwieldy on the wrist, one of the Patek Philippe Ref. 5470P’s core principles is easy wearability.

As such, the 950 platinum case measures in at a modest 41mm-wide and 13.68mm-thick. The Ref. 5470P’s overall silhouette follows the classic Calatrava pattern, but Patek Philippe gives this familiar design a far more modern and athletic character in images through subtle alterations and unique visual cues. The flowing case sides and slim downturned lugs are given a recessed cutout treatment here, both removing visual weight from the case design and presenting a contrasting brushed segment to break up the mostly polished case form on the wrist.

Circular polished cabochons on the lug tips restore some visual weight to these elements, helping to give the light and dressy design a greater sense of solidity in images. The concave polished bezel also helps to give this simple platform a sense of depth, creating a highlight around the dial without the added visual mass of a traditional rounded smooth bezel.

It’s the lone rectangular pusher at 2 o’clock, however, that hints at this watch’s sporting capability. Monopusher designs are something of a rarity in the current chronograph landscape, and Patek Philippe highlights this traditional form patik 1-10 characteristic understated elegance by introducing contrasting vertically brushed sides flanked by smooth chamfers and a brightly polished outer face.

Along the 6 o’clock side of the case, the brand includes its traditional diamond cabochon, marking this unassuming case as a platinum model with cleanly executed fanfare in images. Although this case is certainly sporty for a Calatrava-based design, its minuscule 30-meter water resistance rating should steer this model clear of strenuous activity. Like patik 1-10 case, the dial of the Patek Philippe Ref. patik 1-10 tweaks the Calatrava’s visual themes for a more modern and sporty effect, but here the brand also smoothly integrates a unique take on the chronograph complication.

The rich matte navy blue lacquer of the main dial surface provides a clean backdrop for the overall design and interacts well with the bold red highlights in images.

The overall layout is a racier take on classic Calatrava elements, with lumed 18K white gold leaf hands alongside applied white gold Breguet numerals and a striking inlaid white gold minutes track. The outer seconds scale works as a cross between a traditional chemin-de-fer track and a checkerboard scale, with markings alternating between an inner and outer ring every five seconds, split by demarcations in blazing red.

Patek Philippe sits the Ref. 5470P’s recessed subdials slightly below the centerline of the dial and provides both the 9 o’clock running seconds display and the 3 o’clock chronograph minutes subdial with a classical mix of light azurage finishing, printed white railroad scales, and polished white gold leaf hands in images.

When the chronograph is not in use, this dial appears more or less like an exceptionally sporting riff on classical Patek Philippe chronograph themes, but once the monopusher is engaged this design reveals its hidden complexity.

patik 1-10

The Ref. 5470P uses not one, but two central chronograph seconds hands mounted one patik 1-10 the other. This arrangement is not totally unheard of, particularly in rattrapante designs, but Patek Philippe’s execution should make these paired hands a unique spectacle on the wrist. The lower chronograph seconds hand in rhodium-plated stainless steel operates as normal, making a circuit of the dial once per minute.

The upper chronograph seconds hand, made from pure Silinvar silicon and painted in red (using a PVD primer and lacquer paint process Patek Philippe has patented specifically for this model), instead travels around the dial once every 12 seconds to make the chronograph’s 1/10-second recording capability easily legible at a glance.

This unusually fast sweeping red hand should make for an eye-catching display and an immediate conversation starter among enthusiasts. Including the previously mentioned silicon painting system, the new manufacture Patik 1-10 CH 29-525 PS 1/10 hand-wound chronograph movement inside the Patek Philippe Ref.

5470P includes seven patented innovations.

patik 1-10

These range from a concentric chronograph seconds display to a notched mainspring barrel arbor, which allows for reduced mainspring hook tension during winding, along with a narrower barrel arbor and tighter mainspring coils for increased power storage.

Other patented components include a two-level anti-backlash chronograph seconds driving wheel featuring both flexible and rigid spokes, which prevents hand vibrations, stuttering, or backlash by exerting elastic force on the clutch wheel. Two more patents are related to novel shock-protection solutions. The first is a shock absorber hook which holds the clutch rocker in place during an impact, preventing any disruption or inaccuracy in the chronograph sweep, while the second is a pendulum shock absorber that uses the acceleration forces of an impact itself to compensate for the shock across the movement, mitigating the chance of patik 1-10 being jarred out of place by force.

Lastly, the Caliber CH 29-525 PS 1/10 uses a patented multi-layer metal coating to facilitate the joining of metallic and non-metallic base materials in order the braze the pipe of the silicon chronograph seconds hand.

The Patek Philippe Ref. 5470P’s Patik 1-10 CH 29-525 movement also patik 1-10 Patek Philippe’s unique full-Silinvar silicon escapement system, including silicon parts for the balance (along with gold inlays), balance spring, escape lever, and escape wheel. Aesthetically, the Caliber CH 29-525 embraces the complexity of a manually wound chronograph layout with an intricate web of slender bridges in a mix of brushed finishes, polished anglage, Côtes de Genève, and brightly polished sinks, with prominent complex elements like the octopus wheel rising above the intricate symphony of mechanical parts in images.

Performance-wise, this horizontal clutch monopusher chronograph movement offers a solid 48-hour power reserve at a smooth 36,000 bph beat rate. Patek Philippe pairs the Ref. 5470P with a fabric-effect calfskin leather strap in navy blue, featuring bright patik 1-10 contrast stitching to complete the sporty look.

With a host of unique horological innovations and a dramatic sporting look that manages to maintain (relatively) compact proportions, the new Patek Philippe Ref.

5470P continues the brand’s legacy of chronograph excellence in striking fashion. The Patek Philippe Ref. 5470P is available now through authorized dealers. MSRP for the Patek Philippe Ref.

5470P stands at 380,000 CHF. For more information, please visit the brand’s website.
Rabu, 30 Nopember 2016 10 Patik ni Debata (BAHASA BATAK TOBA) PATIK PARJOLO Ahu do Jahowa Debatam! ninna Debatanta. Ndang jadi marungkap Ahu bahenonmu Debatam. Dia do lapatan ni i? On do: Ingkon umbiar rohanta jala humolong jala umpos mida Debata asa mida nasa na adong.

PATIK PADUAHON Ndang jadi ganaonmu jala ndang jadi sumanonmu manang aha na di banua ginjang dohot na di banua tonga on ro di na di bagasan aek na di toru ni tano, iangg tung gabe sisombaon manang sioloan. Dia do lapatani i? On do: Ingkon dihabiari rohanta Debata jala ingkon holong rohanta di Ibana, asa ndang jadi iba marsomba tu sombaon manang tu ganaganaan, mangido hangoluan sian i, jala ndang jadi oloan begu manang ulpuhan ni hadatuon, jala ndang jadi pos roha di ugasan homitan.

PATIK PATULUHON Ndang jadi dohonon goar ni Debata, ianggo soture dalanna. Ai hona uhumma do sogot angka na marsineang di goarna.

Dia do lapatan i? On do: ingkon dihabiari rohanta Debata jala ingkon holong rohanta di Ibana, asa unang hita olo mamurai manang manolon-nolon manang patik 1-10 na roa, manang mangansi marhitehite goar ni Debata; ai di na tarsosak dohot di tangiang dohot di puji-pujian do sidohonon goar ni Debata. PATIK PAOPATHON Ingot hamu ma pabadiahon ari minggu i! Di na onom ari ma ula hamu nasa siulaonmu, alai anggo ari papituhon i, ari paradianan ni Jahowa Debatam do i.

Ndang jadi ho mangula anggo di na sadari i manang anakmu pe manang borum, manang naposom lahilahi, manang naposom boru-boru, ro di pinahanmu ro di pangisi ni huta ni halak pe na mangebati hutam. Ai di na onom ari do ditompa Debata langit dohot tano dohot laut dohot nasa isina; dung i maradian do Ibana di ari papituhon i. Dibahen i do umbahen na dipasu-pasu Debata ari paradianna i jala diparbadiai.

Dia do lapatan ni i? On do: ingkon dihabiari rohanta Debata jala ingkon holong rohanta di Ibana asa unang tois rohanta di ajar na patik 1-10 hata ni Debata, ingkon badia do hata ni Debata di roohanta jala ingkon ringgas rohanta tumangihon dohot mangguruhon. PATIK PALIMAHON Ingkon pasangopnmu do natorasmu asa martua ho, jala leleng mangolu di tano na nilehon ni Jahowa Debatam di ho. Dia do lapatan ni i?

Patik 1-10 do: ingkon dihabiari rohanta Debata jala ingkon holong rohanta di Ibana. Asa unang lea rohanta mida natorasta dohot mida angka rajanta ro di angka natuatua. Ndang jadi paroaonta rimas nasida, ingkon pantun do hita jala ingkon holong rohanta tu nasida, sioloan do nasida jala sisubuton do rohana.

PATIK PAONOMHON Unang ho mamunu! Dia do lapatan ni i? On patik 1-10 ingkon dihabiari rohanta Debata jala ingkon holong rohanta di Ibana asa unang hita olo mambahen sahitsahit tu nasa na mangolu, ingkon roha pangoluhon do rohanta di nasa na mangolu. PATIK PAPITUHON Unang ho mangalangkup! Dia do lapatan ni i? On do: ingkon dihabiari rohanta Debata jala ingkon holong rohanta di Ibana, asa toman rohanta jala porman dohot pangalahonta ro di hatanta, ianggo angka naung marbagas i ingkon masiparhamaolan jala masihaholongan.

PATIK PAUALUHON Unang ho managko! Dia do lapatan ni i?

patik 1-10

On do: ingkon dihabiari rohanta Debata, jala ingkon holong rohanta di Ibana, asa unang hita olo mandobo hepeng ni dongan jolma manang mambahen bisuk-bisuk mangalansumhon boniaga, ingkon sipagandaon ni rohanta do arta ni dongan jala siramothononhon. PATIK PASIAHON Unang ho olo manghatindanghon hata na so tutu maralohon dongan jolma. Dia do lapatan patik 1-10 i? On do: ingkon dihabiari rohanta Debata jala ingkon holong rohanta di Ibana, asa unang hita olo manggapgapi dongan jolma manang manjehehon manang pahata-hataon, paoruhon patik 1-10 nasida, ingkon niampinan do dongan jolma anggo so tangkas dope binoto salana.

Holan uhum na denggan i do paboaboaon. PATIK PASAMPULUHON Ndang jadi haliangan ni roham bagas ni donganmu, ndang jadi haliangan ni roham dongan saripe ni donganmu, manang naposona baoa manang naposona boru-boru, manang lombuna manang hodana, manang dia pe ugasan ni donganmu.

Dia do lapatan ni i?

patik 1-10

On do: ingkon dihabiari rohanta Debata jala ingkon holong rohanta di Ibana, asa unang hita olo marangkal mangarohai ugasan ni dongan jolma dohot ugasan tinadingkon ni ompuna, siurupanta do nasida mangaramoti nasa patik 1-10.

Angkup ni i ndang jadi bolabolaonta pardihuta ni dongan jolma manang na posona pe, siapoan do nasida jala sidasdason mandapothon ulaonna hian. BEHA DO PANDOK NI DEBATA TARINGOT TU PATIK NA SAMPULU I? On do: Ahu do Jahowa Debatam! ninna Debatanta, pargogo na so hatudosan jala parrimas, sai luhuhononku do dosa ni ama-ama tu pinomparna, ro di sundut patoluhon, ro di sundut paopathon, pinompar ni angka na sogo roha di Ahu, alai asi do rohangku di angka na marriburibu angka na marholong ni roha di Ahu, na so mangaloasi patikhi.

Dia do lapatan ni i? On do: Dipalumba Debata do hita disi, didok do pinsangonna nasa na mangalaosi patikna i. Dibahen i tama do dihabiari rohanta rimasna, unang ma nilaosan patikna. Alai diparbagabaga do asi ni rohana, angkup ni i nasa na denggan di angka na so mangalaosi patikna. Dibahen i tama ma haholongan ni rohanta dohot haposan ni rohanta Ibana, jala las rohanta mangoloi patikna. Minggu, 2 Januari 2022 Tata Ibadah Minggu Dung Taon Na Imbaru, Minggu, 2 Januari 2022 Sabtu, 1 Januari 2022 Tata Ibadah Ucapan Syukur Tahun Baru, Sabtu, 1 Januari 2022 Jumat, 31 Desember 2021 Tata Ibadah Parpunguan Bodari Ujung Taon, Jumat, 31 Desember 2021 Minggu, 26 Desember 2021 Tata Ibadah Perayaan Natal II, Minggu, 26 Desember 2021 Sabtu, 25 Desember 2021 Tata Ibadah Perayaan Natal I, Sabtu, 25 Desember 2021 popular pages - login - e-mail: [email protected] Lagu-Gereja - Twitter - FB © 2012.

All Patik 1-10 Reserved.
The Patek Philippe Ref. 5470P-001 1/10th Second Monopusher Chronograph. Patek Philippe The new Ref. 5470P-001 1/10th Second Monopusher Chronograph is Patek Philippe’s first high frequency movement (5Hz, compared to the patik 1-10 4Hz), its first 1/10 th seconds movement, and a new way to display 1/10ths of a second on a dial.

Patek Philippe holds no less than 31 patents on the movement, seven of which are applied specifically to this reference. Essentially, its technical feat is the display of 1/10 th of a second on the central dial simultaneously with the central chronograph seconds hand. The diamond between the lugs of the Patek Philippe Ref. 5470P-001 1/10th Second Monopusher . [+] Chronograph signifies it is platinum. Patek Philippe The movement, CH 29-535 PS 1/10, was 10 years in development. It is based on Patek’s split seconds chronograph movement, which has been around since 2009, but the rattrapante function has been replaced by the 1/10th seconds function.

That sounds simple, but it was anything but. The 396-component movement essentially includes two separate chronograph mechanisms, one driving the central chronograph seconds, which rotates once every 60 seconds, and the other for the 1/10 th seconds, which travels five-times faster around the dial, once every 12 seconds – hence the high-frequency of 36,000 vph or 5Hz.

The Patek Philippe Ref. 5470P-001 1/10th Second Monopusher Chronograph. Patek Philippe Needless to say, these two speedy chronograph systems require lot of energy, and the movement has been highly optimized to compensate.

First, the 1/10 th second hand is made out of silinvar, a type of silicon, rather than steel, because it is 3.35-times lighter, thus requiring 3.35-times less energy to operate than steel.

Secondly, the mainspring was made of nivaflex, which allowed for an increase in barrel torque without patik 1-10 the thickness of the watch – keeping it thin and wearable was one of the most important criteria in creating the new patik 1-10 (it measures 41mm x 13.68mm). Finally, a high beat movement needs silicon escapement parts, which are lighter, offer more stability and have the advantage of being paramagnetic.

The oscillating system here is Patek's patented oscillomax system, which includes a pulsomax escapement, gyromax balance and spiromax balance spring, all made of silinvar (silinvar and gold for the gyromax), a type of silicon. Patek holds 17 patents on this system alone. A complicated double pendulum shock absorber system combined with a hook-like component on the clutch lever, keeps the speedy 1/10 seconds hand steady as it stops and starts and races around the dial – those account for two of the seven patents associated with the reference.

Naturally the 1/10 th seconds hand is red, the color associated with speed. In fact, for a complicated platinum watch, this is a pretty sporty design with its patik 1-10 dial and strap with red stitching– but there’s an elegant touch: like all platinum Patek Philippes, there is a diamond set into the lower case side at the 6 o’clock position between the lugs.

This watch is not a special edition, although as a high complication, it will be limited in production. No word on patik 1-10 the Ref. 5470P-001 1/10th Second Monopusher Chronograph will come out in gold or steel, but the reference is part of the regular collection, and so one might say it’s only a matter of time. Price on request.This is the first 1/10th of a second Chronograph for Patek Philippe, and it has the first use of the full silicon escapement assembly (hairspring, balance and anchor) in a regular production watch.

The launch was a last-minute well kept surprise at Watches & Wonders 2022.

patik 1-10

The red center hand, which at first glance is the chronograph seconds hand, looks a little unusual, especially against the deep blue dial, but patik 1-10, this could just as easily be a Patek chronograph from 1952 as from 2022. There are actually two chronograph center hands, and that the dial reads “1/10 second” in small, diffident patik 1-10 – and then that the outer elapsed seconds scale is actually two scales, one graduated for elapsed seconds and an outer one, with 12 red indexes, meant to allow you to read off 1/10 of a second increments from the red center chronograph hand.

The red chrono hand rotates once around the dial once every 12 seconds. Patek Philippe new Ref. 5470P-001 1/10th Second Monopusher Chronograph 2022 There are no less than 31 patents in place here, including seven related just to the new structure. This effectively references the fact that Patek Philippe is using not one but two chronograph mechanisms to create this 1/10th of a second feature: the hand in red (in silicon as it happens) races around the dial, completing a circuit in 12 seconds.

There are indicated by a special display of 10 segments on the circumference of the dial. This is basically how Patek Philippe is addressing the issue of making the 1/10th of a second function useful.

Patek Philippe new Ref. 5470P-001 1/10th Second Monopusher Chronograph, 2022 The oscillating system is Patek’s patented Oscillomax system, which was first introduced in an Advanced Research Project watch from 2011 – the Patek Philippe Advanced Research Ref.

5550P. The Oscillomax system incorporates a silicon balance spring, a silicon escape wheel with a special tooth profile, and most visibly, the unusual GyromaxSi balance. The GyromaxSi balance is obviously and dramatically different from other, annular balances made of Glucydur – it’s made of silicon (hence the “Si”) and has gold inertia weights, with a butterfly-shaped profile that instantly flags the caliber CH 29-535 PS 1/10 as a very different animal from its rattrapante predecessor There are essentially two separate chronograph mechanisms – one for the tenth-of-a-second mechanism, and the other for the standard, center seconds patik 1-10 and instantaneous jumping minute counter.

The entire 1/10 second mechanism is carried on the clutch lever and both the base system and 1/10 system are traditional, lateral clutch chronographs. Patek Philippe new Ref. 5470P-001 1/10th Second Monopusher Chronograph, 2022 The upshot of all of this is that you have a 1/10 second movement, with a central chronograph seconds hand and a 1/10 second hand, with an extremely sophisticated oscillating system and a highly optimized driving system.

The new CH 29-535 PS 1/10 is actually slightly thinner than the rattrapante version, by 0.15mm – the rattrapante version is 7.1mm thick, and the CH 29-535 PS 1/10 is 6.96mm thick In terms of dimensions, Ref. 5470P departs the realm of Patek Philippe classicism because it has patik 1-10 41mm diameter and a thickness of 13.68mm, which is substantial for the brand.

It is also a key consideration for user comfort because the case is in 950 platinum.
The new Ref 5470P houses a reworked version of Patek’s CH 29-535 PS calibre from 2009, which now receives the ‘1/10’ suffix. The manually wound movement’s balance has been sped up from 4Hz to 5Hz (or 36,000 vibrations per hour) which allows for the 10 steps per second required for a 1/10th second chronograph.

A dedicated 1/10th second mechanism has also been added to allow for a unique method of displaying the chronograph’s measurements using two centrally mounted patik 1-10, the first indicating individual seconds, completing a rotation in 60 seconds, while the red hand sweeps around the dial in just 12 seconds and reads off a 120-sector railway track, allowing for a 1/10th second reading.

The project – which was announced separately to its Watches and Wonders 2022 watches – has led to seven new patented innovations to reduce energy consumption, protect against shocks and guard against damage “in case of mishandling.” The new platinum monopusher chronograph is also the only watch in Patek Philippe’s current collection to use its Oscillomax balance – originally developed in 2011 for its Advanced Research series.

The 1/10th second hand is red-lacquered Silinvar, Patek’s own special recipe silicon used in the Oscillomax balance. The Ref 5470P is available now via Patek Patik 1-10, and is listed as price on request. Elsewhere in watches, Audemars Piguet equips its Royal Oak Jumbo with a flying tourbillon for the first time. Adblock Adblock Plus Adblocker Ultimate Ghostery uBlock Origin Others • Click the AdBlock icon in the patik 1-10 extension area in the upper right-hand corner. • Under “ Pause on this site” click “ Always”.

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Patek Philippe offered a strong showing at Watches & Wonders this year ( including their new textured grey dials), but their raft of new releases doesn’t stop there.

Every year the prestige watchmaker throws in patik 1-10 grand complication to the mix, something they’ve never executed before. It’s always impeccable, usually surprising and this patik 1-10 comes in the form of the 5470P 1/10th Second Monopusher Chronograph. Zenith might be the first name to spring to mind with this type of chronograph; they’re one of the few watchmakers that’s been keeping the complication alive in recent years, to deserved applause.

But Patek Philippe have been doing 1/10 th chronographs since the early 30s and given the new grand complication houses 31 patents, seven of which are unique to the 5470P, this is very much Patek’s own baby. Pocket watch experience aside, this is Patek’s first ever wrist-mounted 1/10th Second chronograph, though not all aspects of the movement are new. The base calibre is the CH 29-535 PS, which is well over a decade old these days. The manually-wound, column-wheel chronograph is the base for most Patek Philippe chronographs, complicated or not, and has been re-thought and rejigged to allow the new complication.

The most important part of that is that the frequency has been upped to 5 Hz to allow the more precise measurement. Now, if you were to say that the new piece patik 1-10 like a classic, 60-second chronograph, you’d be spot on. Most of it is. The silver central hand works like any sweeping chronograph, one revolution of the dial per minute, with running seconds at 9 o’clock and minutes at 3 o’clock.

Patik 1-10 major difference here is the inclusion of the red lacquered hand. This hand runs around the dial once every 12 seconds. With each second segment divided into 10 as per usual, this is what gives you your 1/10 th second measurement.

It’s an inspired solution. Rather than cramming a 1/10 th second scale onto a dial and ruining how you would traditionally read it, Patek Philippe has adapted the complication to their classic layout. Just stop the chronograph and you can read the precise 1/10 th of a second intuitively and accurately.

Like the In-Line Perpetual Calendar before it, the release turns a complicated mechanism into something incredibly simple to read. The downside to high frequency movements is their energy consumption, especially when paired with a fast-moving hand like this. Despite that, Patek has managed to eke out a 48-hour power reserve by playing around with the mainspring.

Looks-wise, the 5470P 1/10th Second is stunning, that sweet spot between classically Swiss haute horology and something a little sportier.

patik 1-10

The combination of dark blue with red highlights and platinum Breguet numerals is peak Patek, with an alternative pearl minute track and that patik 1-10 slim red lacquered 1/10 th Second chronograph hand. That’s all housed in a 41mm platinum case (you can tell from the diamond embedded between the lugs at 6 o’clock) and finished on a contrast stitched, fabric-embossed calfskin patik 1-10.

Price has yet to be announced but it’s not exactly going to be cheap – though it is part of the permanent collection, and this is one that I’d very much hope to see in the wild once they start rolling out of the manufacture.

Price & Specs: • Model: Patek Philippe 5470P 1/10th Second Monopusher Chronograph • Ref: 5470P-001 • Case/dial: 41mm diameter x 13.68mm height, 950 platinum case, brass lacquered blue dial • Water resistance: 30m (3 bar) • Movement: In-house caliber CH 29-535 PS 1/10, manual winding, 38 jewels, 396 parts • Frequency: 36,000 vph (5 Hz) • Power reserve: 48h • Functions: Hours, minutes, central chronograph hands and 1/10th of a second chronograph hand, 30 min counter at 6 o’clock, subsidiary seconds at 9 o’clock • Strap: Calfskin with embossed fabric pattern • Price/availability: TBC More details at Patek Philippe.

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