Twenty five twenty one

twenty five twenty one

Series Directed by Jung Ji-Hyun . (16 episodes, 2022) Series Writing Credits Kwon Do-Eun . (written by) (16 episodes, 2022) Twenty five twenty one Cast Nam Joo-hyuk . Baek Yi-jin 16 episodes, 2022 Kim Ji Yeon . Go Yoo-rim 16 episodes, 2022 Choi Hyun-Wook . Moon Ji-woong 16 episodes, 2022 Lee Joo-Myung . Ji Seung-wan 16 episodes, 2022 Seo Jae-hee . Shin Jae-kyung 16 episodes, 2022 Kim Tae-ri .

Na Hee Do / . 16 episodes, 2022 Myung-Bin Choi . Kim Min-chae 16 episodes, 2022 Kim Hye-Eun . Coach Yang Chan-Mi 16 episodes, 2022 Garrison Michael Farquharson-Keener . Allen Smith - Referee 3 episodes, 2022 Storyline • Taglines • Plot Summary • Synopsis • Plot Keywords • Parents Guide Did You Know? • Trivia • Goofs • Crazy Credits • Quotes • Alternate Versions • Connections • Soundtracks Photo & Video • Photo Gallery • Trailers and Videos Opinion • Awards • FAQ • User Reviews • User Ratings • External Reviews • Metacritic Reviews TV • Episode List • TV Schedule Related Items • News • External Sites • Drama • Romance In a time when dreams seem out of reach, a teen fencer pursues big ambitions and meets a hardworking young man who seeks to rebuild his life.

In a time when dreams seem out of reach, a teen fencer pursues big ambitions and meets a hardworking young man who seeks to rebuild his life. In a time when dreams seem out of reach, a teen fencer pursues big ambitions and meets a hardworking young man who seeks to rebuild his life. There is a lot of debate over the last episode. It's either 0 or 1; meaning to say a reviewer either liked it or didn't. The other episodes have all same ratings; people loved them, if to say so in a twenty five twenty one sentence.

I also wanted to understand the real intention of creators, when they showcased the last episode; where the primary purpose was to portray break-up in a bold and comprehensive way.

Maybe the intention was good, but somewhere I felt few pieces missing or not given justice. I would like to elaborate that here. The two leads: Hee-do and Yi-jin drifted apart, mainly due to their job and workloads. While Yi-jin had to fulfill his commitments after his family's bankruptcy, Hee-do never liked her mother's job, because she never spared anytime for her. Now when Hee-do faced the same challenges through Yi-jin, she thought best to part ways due to known/unknown situations she was already afraid off, rather twenty five twenty one into them again.

I would say, yaa, a person in early twenties may think so, but that should not be the case. Let me now jump to Yu-rim family.

Her hard working father mostly remains outside driving his van. Her mother runs a restaurant. Inspite of poverty challenges, they live happily. Yu-rim waits for her father, sometimes for months, and even drinks with him behind her mother: that's called love, that had come after sacrifice and patience.

The patience here personfies the trust, the family had on each other. When Hee-do broke up with Yi-jin, the primary reason was the time that he couldn't offer her, as he used to.

Yi-jin always knew about it, and yet he moved forward, thinking he could manage stuff, she would understand him. Now I twenty five twenty one a question here. Would it have been the same if the two had got married? Or after a child? That's where the echo of problems start resonating. It should be the trust that should have kept them together. Out of that trust, they should have worked up to find a solution of their nascent stage problem rather jumping into conclusion of breaking up.

As per me, break up is never an option after you have met someone who stands for you, keeps you smiling, beckons you when it's wrong, appreciates your success and above all, with whom you feel safe.

twenty five twenty one

If a job was the crux of your breakup, then either your love fell short or it was always a crush. 8 stars for all the other episodes except last.
• tvN • Netflix (International) Release Original network tvN Picture format 1080i ( HDTV) Audio format Dolby Digital Original release Twenty five twenty one 12 ( 2022-02-12) – April 3, 2022 ( 2022-04-03) Twenty-Five Twenty-One ( Korean: 스물다섯 스물하나; RR: Seumuldaseot Seumulhana) is a 2022 South Korean television series directed by Jung Ji-hyun and starring Kim Tae-ri, Nam Joo-hyuk, Bona, Choi Hyun-wook and Lee Joo-myung.

The series depicts the romantic lives of five characters spanning from the year of 1998 to 2021. [2] It premiered on tvN on February 12, 2022, and aired every Saturday and Sunday at 21:10 ( KST) for 16 episodes.

[3] It is available for streaming on Netflix. [4] [5] The series was a commercial hit and became one of the highest-rated Korean dramas in cable television history. [6] Contents • 1 Plot • 2 Cast and characters • 2.1 Main • 2.2 Supporting • 2.2.1 People around Na Hee-do • 2.2.2 People around Baek Yi-jin • 2.2.3 Family of the other main characters • 2.2.4 Taeyang High School's fencing club • 2.3 Others • 2.4 Special appearance • 3 Episodes • 4 Production • 4.1 Casting • 4.2 Filming • 4.2.1 COVID-19 infections • 4.3 Release • 5 Original soundtrack • 5.1 Part 1 • 5.2 Part 2 • 5.3 Part 3 • 5.4 Part 4 • 5.5 Part 5 • 5.6 Part 6 • 5.7 Part 7 • 5.8 Part 8 • 5.9 Part 9 • 5.10 Chart performance • 6 Reception • 6.1 Review and ranking • 6.2 Commercial impact • 6.3 Criticism • 6.4 Viewership • 7 Accolades • 8 References • 9 External links Plot [ edit ] In a time when dreams seem out of reach, a teen fencer pursues big ambitions and meets a hardworking twenty five twenty one man who seeks to rebuild his life.

[7] At ages 22 and 18, they say each other's names for the first time, and at ages 25 and 21, they fall in love. [8] In 1998, Na Hee-do ( Kim Tae-ri) is a member of the school fencing team at Seonjung Girls' High School, but due to the IMF crisis, the team is disbanded.

To continue pursuing her passion, she transfers to Taeyang High School and later manages to become a member of the National Fencing Team. Baek Yi-jin’s ( Nam Joo-hyuk) family goes from " riches to rags" and are separated due to the financial crisis.

He is forced to take up several part-time jobs and later becomes a sports reporter. In present day, Kim Min-chae ( Choi Myung-bin), Na Hee-do's daughter, quits ballet and "runs away" to her grandma's house.

During her stay, she comes across her mother's diary, which the story is then told through. Cast and characters [ edit ] Main [ edit ] • Kim Tae-ri as Na Hee-do (나희도) • Kim So-hyun as adult Na Hee-do [9] • Ok Ye-rin as young Na Hee-do A fencing prodigy, who has yet to reach her fullest potential. She idolizes Ko Yu-rim and transfers to her high school specifically twenty five twenty one train with her.

[10] [11] • Nam Joo-hyuk as Baek Yi-jin (백이진) A hardworking young man whose chaebol family went bankrupt during the IMF crisis. As such, he moves out on his own in an attempt to rebuild his life despite debt collectors knocking on his door all the time. [11] • Bona as Ko Yu-rim/Julia Ko (고유림) • Kyung Da-eun as young Ko Yu-rim A high-school fencing gold medalist whom Hee-do idolizes, and her greatest rival.

[11] [12] • Choi Hyun-wook as Moon Ji-woong (문지웅) Na Hee-do's classmate and the most popular boy in the school. [11] [13] • Lee Joo-myung as Ji Seung-wan (지승완) The class president and Moon Ji-woong's childhood friend. [11] [14] Supporting [ edit ] People around Na Hee-do [ edit ] • Seo Jae-hee as Shin Jae-kyung (신재경) Na Hee-do's mother, and the main anchor of the UBS 9 o'clock news.

[15] • Baek Seok-gwang as Na Seong-jin (나성진) Na Hee-do's father. Primarily appearing in flashbacks, he was shown to be the key player in Na Hee-do's interest in fencing. • Choi Myung-bin as Kim Min-chae (김민채) • Lee So-yeon as young Kim Min-chae [16] Na Hee-do's daughter.

She is a ballet dancer who quit and ran away to her grandmother's home, later finding her mother's diary which chronicles her teenage years. [9] The identity of her father is left unknown throughout the show. People around Baek Yi-jin [ edit ] • Park Yoon-hee as Baek Seong-hak (백성학) Baek Yi-jin's father, who is in debt due to the IMF crisis. [17] • Kim Young-sun as Baek Yi-jin's mother [18] • Park Jun-pyo as Baek Yi-jin's maternal uncle He is the one who accepted Yi-jin's family when they had no place to go after bankruptcy.

[19] • Kim Nam-i as Baek Yi-jin's paternal aunt • Choi Min-young as Baek Yi-hyun (백이현) • Kang Hoon as adult Baek Yi-hyun [20] Baek Yi-jin's younger brother. [21] Family of the other main characters [ edit ] • So Hee-jung as Ji Seung-wan's mother Baek Yi-jin's landlady. [22] • Heo Jin-na as Ko Yu-rim's mother [23] She runs a small restaurant. • Kim Dong-gyun as Ko Yu-rim's father A professional delivery driver.

twenty five twenty one

Taeyang High School's fencing club [ edit ] • Kim Hye-eun as Yang Chan-mi (양찬미) The coach of the fencing team who enjoyed many honors as a gold medalist in fencing.

She once accepted bribes and still feels betrayed by her friend Shin Jae-kyung who covered the story as a field reporter. [24] • Jo Bo-young as Lee Ye-ji (이예지) 1st year high school student. [25] • Lee Ye-jin as Park Han-sol (박한솔) 1st year high school student.

• Moon Woo-bin as Kang Ji-soo (강지수) 3rd year high school student. • Bang Twenty five twenty one as Lee Da-seul (이다슬) 3rd year high school student. [26] Others [ edit ] • Lee Chan-jong as Seo Jung-hyeok (서정혁) UBS reporter, Baek Yi-jin's senior. Special appearance [ edit ] • Lee Joong-ok as Na Hee-do's coach at the fencing club of her old high school [27] • Jung Yu-min as Hwang Bo-mi (황보미), a student at Twenty five twenty one Girls' High School.

[28] • Jang Jun-hyun as Director of Han River C&T, an old acquaintance of Baek Yi-jin. • Choi Tae-joon as Jeong Ho-jin (정호진), a national fencing representative.

[29] • Yoon Joo-man as Park PD, a UBS producer. [30] • Kim Jun-ho as Kim Jun-ho (김준호), Na Hee-do's senior in the national fencing team. [31] [32] • Kim Nam-hee as a mobile store salesperson [33] • Jeon Soo-hwan as Han River C&T interviewer • Song Jae-jae as Han Twenty five twenty one C&T interview host • Hong Eun-jung as Han River C&T job applicant • Goo Ja-geon as Han River C&T job applicant • Choi Gyo-sik as local resident • Son Young-soon as old woman on the bus • Ok Joo-ri as owner of a local shop • Jeon Se-yong as man who resembles Baek Yi-jin's father Episodes [ edit ] No.

Title Directed by Written by Original release date 1 "Episode 1" Transcription: " Je-il-hwe" ( Korean: 제1회) Jung Ji-hyun Kwon Do-eun February 12, 2022 ( 2022-02-12) The episode begins in 2021 when retired fencing athlete Na Hee-do's 15-year-old daughter Kim Min-chae returns to her grandmother's house and chances upon her mother's diary written back in 1998.

As Min-chae begins to read one of the diary entries, the time flashes back to 1998, when South Korea is grappling with the impact of the IMF financial crisis.

At that point of time, then-18-year-old fencing prodigy Na Hee-do receives a shocking news that her school will permanently dissolve the fencing club due to financial difficulties caused by the IMF incident. As a result, Hee-do resolves to get herself transferred to Taeyang High, where twenty five twenty one idol athele and national gold medalist Ko Yu-rim is studying and training in.

During her attempts to execute her plans, Hee-do first met 22-year-old news vendor Baek Yi-jin, with whom she will eventually befriend after a few occasions despite their rocky start. 2 "Episode 2" Transcription: " Je-i-hwe" ( Korean: 제2회) Jung Ji-hyun Kwon Do-eun February 13, 2022 ( 2022-02-13) On her first day to Taeyang High, Hee-do befriends her two new classmates -- Ji Seung-wan and Moon Ji-woong -- shortly before she finally gets to meet Yu-rim at the fencing club.

On their first meeting however, Yu-rim displays a cold attitude and it greatly offended and surprises Hee-do. Not only that, she accidentally eavesdrops on Yi-jin's confrontation with his father's debtors, who came to demand for their undue pay and the whereabouts of Yi-jin's father after Yi-jin's chaebol family suffers from bankruptcy.

Seeing this, Hee-do finds a way to cheer Yi-jin up, which helps forge a deeper bond between them. 3 "Episode 3" Transcription: " Je-sam-hwe" ( Korean: 제3회) Jung Ji-hyun Kwon Do-eun February 19, 2022 ( 2022-02-19) Hee-do receives news during her training session that she is qualified to go to the national team selection tournament, which motivates her to approach her coach Yang Chan-mi to give her extra training lessons.

On one night, when Yu-rim and Hee-do were staying back for night training at school, they were unreasonably chided and taunted by an envious senior, who forces them to apologise; only Yu-rim did so. Disappointed with Yu-rim's actions and her prior behaviour towards her, Hee-do puts away her mementos of Twenty five twenty one tournament feats and under the username "Ryder37", Hee-do chats with her online friend "Injeolmi" to let out her depressed feelings, and Injeolmi consoles twenty five twenty one.

Meanwhile, Yi-jin unexpectedly reunites with his father, who misses him and thus came back to visit him. 4 "Episode 4" Transcription: " Je-sa-hwe" ( Korean: 제4회) Jung Ji-hyun Kwon Do-eun February 20, 2022 ( 2022-02-20) In exchange for dancing lessons (required for her extra training), Hee-do agrees to Ji-woong's request to send a drink to Yu-rim, whom Ji-woong has a crush on; the errand did not give Yu-rim a better opinion of Hee-do. On the way home, Hee-do happens to come across a drunk Yi-jin sleeping outside the house of his landlord (who is also Seung-wan's mother).

Earlier, Yi-jin went for a job interview but he did not pass it, given he has only a high school diploma and did not complete his university degree. Out of disappointment, he went out to drink and ended up the way Twenty five twenty one has seen. Seeing this, Hee-do covers Yi-jin with a blanket and puts up a sign for passers-by to not disturb his sleep.

The later part of the episode focuses on the growing relationship among Yi-jin, Hee-do, Seung-wan, Yu-rim and Ji-woong (save for the bad blood between Yu-rim and Hee-do) at Seung-wan's house. 5 "Episode 5" Transcription: " Je-o-hwe" ( Korean: 제5회) Jung Ji-hyun Kwon Do-eun February 26, 2022 ( 2022-02-26) On the day of her qualifying tournament, Hee-do puts up a tremendous and exciting performance, and she finally enters the national team as she wished, which brought joy to her coach but chagrin to Yu-rim.

Just when she was about to share the good news with Yi-jin, Hee-do discovers that Yi-jin has gone missing, and her efforts to find him failed. It turns out that Yi-jin, in an attempt to hide from his father's creditors, went to the seaside town where his uncle lived.

This hiding lasts for a year. During his time away, Hee-do and Yi-jin find comfort in each other's payphone voice messages. 6 "Episode 6" Transcription: " Je-yuk-hwe" ( Korean: 제6회) Jung Ji-hyun Kwon Do-eun February 27, 2022 ( 2022-02-27) The training days at the national team's training center did not help improve the twenty five twenty one bad relationship between Hee-do and Yu-rim, who began to view each other as arch-rivals.

Hee-do unexpectedly reunites with Yi-jin, who became a sports reporter after a successful interview. The day of Hee-do's tournament finals at Gyeongju finally arrives, but a few hours before the start of the finals, Hee-do discovers that her fencing equipment (which Yi-jin gifted her) was mistakenly taken by a Japanese participant, and she has to rush to the train station, where she manages to retrieve her fencing bag right before the Japanese athlete's train departure.

Even though she does not have enough time to go back to the stadium, Yi-jin manages to help her avert the crisis and allows her to reach back on time. 7 "Episode 7" Transcription: " Je-chil-hwe" ( Korean: 제7회) Jung Ji-hyun Kwon Do-eun March 5, 2022 ( 2022-03-05) After a tense battle, Hee-do narrowly defeats Yu-rim with a score of 15-14, and she wins a gold medal.

However, the media backs Yu-rim's complaint that the results were manipulated, and it causes Hee-do to suffer backlash from the public.

Her depression is further aggravated when her mother and famous news anchor Shin Jae-kyung labels her gold medal twenty five twenty one "stolen". Yi-jin is desperate to prove that Hee-do won the gold medal fairly and manages to convince the tournament's referee to give an interview twenty five twenty one before the referee is about to leave for France on a flight.

As Hee-do quietly went on the run and ate at a restaurant, she chances upon Yi-jin's exclusive report and she releases her emotions and cry as a group of men kindly consoles her and congratulates her on her victory. 8 "Episode 8" Transcription: " Je-pal-hwe" ( Korean: 제8회) Jung Ji-hyun Kwon Do-eun March 6, 2022 ( 2022-03-06) Yi-jin, Seung-wan, and Ji-woong manage to rescue Hee-do after she was mistakenly locked inside the school's rooftop storeroom, but she was left confused and jealous over Yi-jin's recorded confession towards his ex-girlfriend.

Yi-jin meets Yu-rim the next day at her mother's restaurant, where Yu-rim expresses her regret over the unexpected backlash on Hee-do, but it did not help amend the cracks in her relationship with Hee-do, as the two of them reluctantly help Ji-woong and Seung-wan to clean Yi-jin's rented room and move the belongings.

Hee-do then started noticing her growing feelings for Yi-jin as she started getting flustered over everything he does for her. Meanwhile, back at Yu-rim's home, her mother was scammed of her money, which causes the poor financial situation of her family to get even worse than before.

After receiving a three-month suspension from future tournaments and rejection of her pension application, Yu-rim secretly cries at a swimming pool. Hee-do (who got the same penalty) could not help but pity her as she accidentally witnesses the sorry sight of Yu-rim. After exchanging words with her online friend "Injeolmi" about what she saw earlier and receiving Injeolmi's advice, Hee-do, without knowing that Injeolmi was actually Ko Yu-rim herself, agrees to Yu-rim's request to meet her at a park, and each carrying a yellow rose to recognise each other.

9 "Episode 9" Transcription: " Je-ku-hwe" ( Korean: 제9회) Jung Ji-hyun Kwon Do-eun March 12, 2022 ( 2022-03-12) Yu-rim went into hiding after she saw Hee-do, whom she realises was her best friend "Ryder37", and gives Yi-jin her yellow rose, which made Hee-do mistake him as "Injeolmi" and gave her confidence as she boldly confesses her feelings for him.

Yi-jin quickly clarifies to Hee-do that he is not Injeolmi and states it was a mistaken identity, and immediately, Hee-do becomes embarrassed and twenty five twenty one left the park as Yu-rim watches while in hiding; Yu-rim is equally feeling shame and confusion due to her being reminded of her past treatment of Hee-do.

The next day, Yu-rim begins to behave unusually towards Hee-do, who was confused over the sudden change in her behaviour. When the school fencing team gathers for twenty five twenty one meal at Yu-rim's mother's restaurant, Yu-rim's mother kindly consoles Hee-do for what she gone through and praises her for her victory.

Yi-jin arrives at Hee-do's school the next day with an assignment to film a sports documentary of Hee-do and Yu-rim; Hee-do's objections at this project causes Yu-rim to be more guilty towards Hee-do. Yijin confronts Hee-do who seems to have been avoiding him after the "Injeolmi" incident and she then confesses to him again that she likes him and these feelings she has for him has been consuming her for a while.

Meanwhile, After enduring it for another day, Yu-rim finally comes clean to Hee-do that she is Injeolmi and apologises to her, and Hee-do forgives her twenty five twenty one then they start to become friends. Yi-jin spend his following days filming their training sessions and his relationship with Hee-do becomes closer.

10 "Episode 10" Transcription: " Je-sip-hwe" ( Korean: 제10회) Jung Ji-hyun Kwon Do-eun March 13, 2022 ( 2022-03-13) Yi-jin struggles with his senior colleagues' disapproval of his academic background, and during a heart-to-heart conversation with his senior Seo Jung-hyuk, Yi-jin expresses his hope to prove that high school graduates can also succeed in their careers as reporters. His depressed feelings were later reassured by a phone call from his father. On that same night, Yu-rim and Ji-woong began to grow closer as she confides to him her family's massive poverty, and both of them help Seung-wan move her belongings in school.

The next day, Yi-jin gets an approval from Chan-mi to bring both Yu-rim and Hee-do to the seaside under the pretext of filming. The trio were joined by Ji-woong and Seung-wan, and the five of them had a good time having fun on the beach, and gathering at Yi-jin's uncle's house near the ocean.

11 "Episode twenty five twenty one Transcription: " Je-sip-il-hwe" ( Korean: 제11회) Jung Ji-hyun Kwon Do-eun March 19, 2022 ( 2022-03-19) The day after the five friends returned from their beach trip together, Hee-do finally asks Yu-rim why she disliked her from the start. Yu-rim reveals that she actually met Hee-do before in a children's fencing match and lost greatly to her, which made her feel resolved to become better than Hee-do, whom she considers her greatest rival from that day onwards (Hee-do has no memory of the event), and she feels disappointed at Hee-do for not achieving much when she met her again on Hee-do's first day to school, which was why she dislikes her at first.

Hee-do and Yi-jin later went out twenty five twenty one for dinner, and they grew closer and closer to each other. The following day starts with Hee-do promising to go with her mother to fix her late father's chairs, but Jae-kyung fails to keep the promise due to her workload. Hee-do seeks solace from Yi-jin over this incident and he comforted her, as she feels disappointed towards her mother, in addition to her resentment towards Jae-kyung's absence from her father's deathbed and her twenty five twenty one talking about her father again after his passing, which led to Hee-do assuming her mother does not miss her father at all.

Meanwhile, Ji-woong feels disappointed as Yu-rim cannot be present at the school music festival to watch his performance, which gives Yi-jin an idea to bring Yu-rim and Hee-do away from their training center with a excuse, and bring them to watch Ji-woong's performance. The episode ends with Jae-kyung finally bringing her daughter to her husband's grave, where she finally admits that she misses her husband all along and reconciles with Hee-do.

12 "Episode 12" Transcription: " Je-sip-i-hwe" ( Korean: 제12회) Jung Ji-hyun Kwon Do-eun March 20, 2022 ( 2022-03-20) Seung-wan reports to the police after she witnesses an abusive teacher unreasonably subjecting Ji-woong to corporal punishment, which was legally banned in schools, but the police were nonchalant towards the teacher's acts, and Seung-wan exposes it to the twenty five twenty one on her radio show.

After the teacher demands Seung-wan to apologise or risk transferring to another school with a tainted record, Seung-wan decides to drop out of school and her mother unconditionally supports her, even going as far as to going to the school to condemn the teacher for his mistreatment of Ji-woong and Seung-wan. Hee-do's teammate Lee Ye-ji expresses her intention to quit fencing, but Chan-mi reprimands her and asks her to stay until she reaches the quarter-finals; Hee-do and Yu-rim helps to train her in the following days up till the match, in which Ye-ji reaches the quarter-finals as Chan-mi hopes.

Despite having reached the quarter-finals, Ye-ji bravely tells Chan-mi that she wants to quit in order to pursue a new passion, and it finally convinces Chan-mi to support her decision. Both Hee-do and Yu-rim helped both Seung-wan and Ye-ji to celebrate the new beginnings of their lives. All the while, aside from his remarkable advancement in his career, Yi-jin and Hee-do are getting more and more drawn to each other as their relationship begins to take a new turn.

13 "Episode 13" Transcription: " Je-sip-sam-hwe" ( Korean: 제13회) Jung Ji-hyun Kwon Do-eun March 26, 2022 ( 2022-03-26) As Yi-jin's career takes a turn for the better, his relationship with Hee-do poses a greater risk to him because as a reporter, he was not allowed to have a personal relationship with the subject of his news reports, which may potentially bring twenty five twenty one to both Hee-do and himself in the future.

This possibility made him even more stressed and hoping to keep a distance from Hee-do. Hee-do herself was also not faring well emotionally, since on the first day of the new millennium, she kissed Yi-jin and kept going to him to confess her feelings for him but initially he kept pushing her away so as not to hurt her. Yi-jin later admitted his own feelings as well and agrees to try the romantic love with Hee-do as he decides to forgo his determination to keep a distance from her.

14 "Episode 14" Transcription: " Je-sip-sa-hwe" ( Korean: 제14회) Jung Ji-hyun Kwon Do-eun March 27, 2022 ( 2022-03-27) Hee-do and Yi-jin announce that they are dating to their friends. Yu-rim later becomes a Russian citizen in order to resolve her family's difficult financial situation, which was caused by her father's need to compensate the family of a pedestrian he accidentally twenty five twenty one his truck with, as well as the previous unpaid debts her family still owed.

This was reported exclusively by Yi-jin, sparking nationwide outrage and condemnation much to Yi-jin's guilt. Misery lingers on the final days Yu-rim spends with her family and friends in South Korea. On the day of Yu-rim's flight, Ji-woong finally confesses to Yu-rim his love for her and his resolve to wait for her no matter how long they were separated, which touches Yu-rim and they both embraced each other before Yu-rim's departure.

15 "Episode 15" Transcription: " Je-sip-o-hwe" ( Korean: 제15회) Jung Ji-hyun Kwon Do-eun April 2, 2022 ( 2022-04-02) Hee-do and Yi-jin celebrated the new millennium together as they entered ages 21 and 25 years old respectively.

They make time to go on dates as they both enjoy their romantic relationship and kept loving each other despite their busy schedules. Meanwhile, Hee-do and Yu-rim continued to contact each other, but they gradually stopped doing so as a result of the rumours and fake news that falsely painted the two friends as bitter rivals who clashed over Yu-rim's "traitorous" betrayal of her own country and people.

The girls reunite twenty five twenty one the finals of an intense international tournament, and despite Hee-do's victory, their sincere friendship attracts media attention and deeply touched the audiences. Yi-jin and Hee-do gradually drift apart from each other as a result of Yi-jin's increased workload and his task of reporting the September twenty five twenty one attacks which slowly affected their relationship as he was no longer able to communicate with Hee-do.

After initially traveling to New York City to temporarily cover the attacks, Yi-jin applies for a permanent reporter position in the city. 16 "Episode 16" Transcription: " Je-sip-yuk-hwe" ( Korean: 제16회) Jung Ji-hyun Kwon Do-eun April 3, 2022 ( 2022-04-03) Hee-do and Yi-jin painfully broke up but they continued to show support for one another despite their romantic relationship being over.

The group eventually found success in their respective pathways of life; Yi-jin is promoted to a news anchor while Hee-do goes on to win two more gold medals before retiring in 2009. Yu-rim retires in 2007 and returns to South Korea and opens a fencing club.

Seung-wan becomes a variety show producer after completing college, while Ji-woong becomes a fashion designer and marries Yu-rim. The timeline returns to 2021 after Min-chae finishes reading her mother's diary. Min-chae becomes inspired by her mother's passion from her teenage years and tells Hee-do she decides to take up ballet again, and Hee-do, feeling impressed with her daughter's re-determination, begins to reminisce about her teenage years as an epilogue scene shows an adult Yi-jin answering a password question about his first love; his answer was "Na Hee-do".

Production [ edit ] Casting [ edit ] On September 7, 2021, the main cast of the series was confirmed as Kim Tae-ri, Nam Joo-hyuk, Bona, Choi Hyun-wook, and Lee Joo-myung. It is Kim Tae-ri's first appearance on the small screen after a hiatus of three years. She last starred in Mr. Sunshine in 2018. [11] Filming [ edit ] Filming of the series began on September 7, 2021. [34] The series is set in Ahyeon-dong, Mapo District, Seoul and is filmed in Jeonju, Seohak-dong, Jeonju Hanok Village, Jeonju National University of Education's dormitory alley, and the National Intangible Heritage Center.

[35] [36] COVID-19 infections [ edit ] See also: Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on television § South Korea, and COVID-19 pandemic in South Korea On March 2, 2022, it was confirmed that actress Kim Tae-ri had been infected with COVID-19 since February 26, 2022, causing filming to be halted, with filming expected to resume after she recovers.

The broadcast continued as usual. [37] On March 3, 2022, it was confirmed that actor Choi Hyun-wook had tested positive for COVID-19. Both Kim and Choi went into isolation in accordance with the guidelines of the Quarantine Authority.

[38] Release [ edit ] The series premiered on February 12, 2022, and aired every Saturday and Sunday at 21:10 ( KST). [39] Original soundtrack [ edit ] Twenty-Five Twenty-One OST Special Soundtrack album by • YG Plus • Studio Maum C • Hwa&Dam Pictures Part 1 [ edit ] Released on February 13, 2022 [40] No. Title Lyrics Music Artist Length 1. "Starlight" (스타라이트) Oh Dongjun Oh Dongjun Taeil ( NCT) 3:45 2.

"Starlight" (Inst.) Oh Dongjun 3:45 Total length: 7:30 Part 2 [ edit ] Released on February 19, 2022 ( 2022-02-19) [40] No. Title Lyrics Music Artist Length 1. "I'll Shine on You to Dazzle" (눈이 부시도록 너를 비춰줄게) Black Frequency Black Frequency Bae Ki-sung 3:15 2. "I'll Shine on You to Dazzle" (Inst.) Black Frequency 3:15 Total length: 6:30 Part 3 [ edit ] Released on February twenty five twenty one, 2022 ( 2022-02-20) [40] No. Title Lyrics Music Artist Length 1. "Very, Slowly" (아주, 천천히) Jayci yucca PATEKO, Jayci yucca BIBI 4:21 2.

"Very, Slowly" (Inst.) PATEKO, Jayci yucca 4:21 Total length: 8:42 Part 4 [ edit ] Released on February 26, 2022 ( 2022-02-26) [40] No. Title Lyrics Music Artist Length 1. "Your Existence" (존재만으로) MaO, Wonstein Naiv Wonstein 4:11 2. "Your Existence" (Inst.) Naiv 4:11 Total length: 8:22 Part 5 [ edit ] Released on February 27, 2022 ( twenty five twenty one [40] No. Title Lyrics Music Artist Length 1. "Go!" Oh Dongjun Oh Dongjun DK ( Seventeen) 3:30 2. "Go!" (Inst.) Oh Dongjun 3:30 Total length: 7:00 Part 6 twenty five twenty one edit ] Released on March 6, 2022 ( 2022-03-06) [40] No.

Title Lyrics Music Artist Length 1. "Stardust Love Song" Yoon Young-jun Yoon Young-jun Jihyo ( Twice) 4:11 2. "Stardust Love Song" (Inst.) Yoon Young-jun 4:11 Total length: 8:22 Part 7 [ edit ] Released on March 13, 2022 ( 2022-03-13) [40] No.

Title Lyrics Music Artist Length 1. "With" Noh Kyung-bo Noh Kyung-bo Kim Tae-ri, Nam Joo-hyuk, Bona, Choi Hyun-wook, Lee Joo-myung 4:30 2. "With" (Inst.) Noh Kyung-bo 4:30 Total length: 9:00 Part 8 [ edit ] Released on March 20, 2022 ( 2022-03-20) [40] No. Title Lyrics Music Artist Length 1. "Free" twenty five twenty one Jung Gu-hyun, Aseul Jung Gu-hyun Xydo 3:46 2. "Free" (Inst.) Jung Gu-hyun 3:46 Total length: 7:32 Part 9 [ edit ] Released on March 27, 2022 ( 2022-03-27) [40] No.

Title Lyrics Music Artist Length 1. "Your World" (너의 세상) Lee In-young Kang Hyunmin, WYOONG Seol Hoseung (SURL) 3:27 2. "Your World" (Inst.) Kang Hyunmin, WYOONG 3:27 Total length: 6:54 Chart performance [ edit ] Title Year Peak chart position Remarks KOR Gaon [41] Hot [42] "Starlight" ( Taeil) 2022 30 28 Part 1 "Very, Slowly" (아주, 천천히) ( BIBI) 48 43 Part 3 "Your Existence" (존재만으로) ( Wonstein) 16 19 Part 4 "Go!" ( DK) 117 88 Part 5 "Stardust Love Song" ( Jihyo) 103 71 Part 6 "With" ( Main cast) 40 54 Part 7 "Free" (Xydo) 101 93 Part 8 Reception [ edit ] Review and ranking [ edit ] Since the broadcast began, Twenty-Five Twenty-One and its male and female lead maintained the top spot in drama and actor's popularity rankings conducted by Good Data Corporation for 8 consecutive weeks until the end.

[43] The series also placed first in viewership ratings for all its 16 episodes, in both the Metropolitan Area and nationwide. [44] Additionally, it has featured in Netflix's "Global Top 10" (non-English edition), a weekly list of the most-watched international Netflix series, for ten weeks in a row (as of the week ending May 1, 2022).

[45] [46] The drama's success was attributed to its "retro-sentimental" vibe that was presented through the use of props, fashion, and locations that were able to invoke nostalgia to the generation that experienced the 1990s. It was also stated that it had succeeded in gaining the empathy and sympathy of viewers as it depicts the struggles of the IMF period in Korea, which viewers connected with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

[47] Pierce Conran, in his review for the South China Morning Post, stated that the show had "an appealing theme, a story that is well told, great acting and clever staging and editing". [48] Rhian Daly of NME described the drama as "a nostalgic dive into the memories of youth and the value of dreams." [49] Commercial impact [ edit ] The popularity of the series led to the elevated recognition for actress Kim Tae-ri, who was stated to have emerged as the new "Nation's First Love." [50] The series was also notably popular among K-pop idols, with several artists like BTS' Jungkook, Aespa's Karina, Red Velvet's Yeri, Girls' Generation's Sooyoung, Blackpink's Lisa, among others, sharing that they have watched it and recommending it to their fans.

[51] [52] Actor Gong Yoo also revealed that he watched the series Twenty-Five Twenty-One when he recommended his fans to watch My Liberation Notes. [53] Following the drama's conclusion, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism launched a travel product (itineraries alongside various accommodation and rental vouchers) touring the filming locations of the series, which includes the Jeonju Hanok Village, locations surrounding the Seohakdong Art Village, and the Hanbyeokgul Tunnel where the drama was shot.

[54] Retail company 7-Eleven reported that sales of its bakery brand Breadum had increased three-fold following the appearance of its pastry products on the show. The company then announced on April 7 that Breadum has launched two additional products in collaboration with the drama. [55] [56] Investment company Daehan Securities has credited the success and high topicality of Twenty Five Twenty One alongside the recovery of television commercials for the 12% sales growth of CJ ENM, the twenty five twenty one company of broadcast channel tvN, during the first quarter of 2022.

[57] With 2022 marking the renewed popularity of retro style in South Korea, Twenty Five Twenty One was stated to have greatly contributed to the "retro craze".

[58] Twenty five twenty one the appearance of the popular manhwa Full House in the show, its comic book set saw a sales growth of 1,044% in February 2022 (when the series started airing) which was followed by a 24.3% sales increase in March 2022 compared to the previous month.

[58] In the Philippines, it was reported that the drama, with part of its plotline focused on fencing, led to an increased interest on the sport due to the series. [59] Criticism [ edit ] Despite its popularity and commercial success, Twenty-Five Twenty-One became subject to a few controversies. Netizens debated about the series' main plot line which involves romance between a legal adult and a character that is initially introduced as a minor, although a poll conducted on website Nate came out with 77% of over 3,000 respondents stating that there is no problem with the drama's love line.

[60] The drama also faced criticism for a scene in its 15th episode portraying a news coverage of the September 11 attacks, depicting the female lead smiling at her boyfriend giving live coverage of the incident, which some viewers deemed "inappropriate". [61] [62] Viewership [ edit ] Source: Audience measurement performed nationwide by Nielsen Korea [63] [64] Average TV viewership ratings Ep. Original broadcast date Average audience share (Nielsen Korea) [63] Nationwide Seoul 1 February 12, 2022 6.370% (1st) 7.799% (1st) 2 February 13, 2022 8.010% (1st) 8.867% (1st) 3 February 19, 2022 8.182% (1st) 8.981% (1st) 4 February 20, 2022 8.787% (1st) 9.972% (1st) 5 February 26, 2022 7.956% (1st) 8.960% (1st) 6 February 27, 2022 9.817% (1st) 11.065% (1st) 7 March 5, 2022 9.718% (1st) 10.380% (1st) 8 March 6, 2022 10.900% (1st) 11.734% (1st) 9 March 12, 2022 10.662% (1st) 12.043% (1st) 10 March 13, 2022 10.879% (1st) 12.660% (1st) 11 March 19, 2022 10.887% (1st) 12.410% (1st) 12 March 20, 2022 10.675% (1st) 12.528% (1st) 13 March 26, 2022 9.927% (1st) 11.001% (1st) 14 March 27, 2022 10.308% (1st) 11.451% (1st) 15 April 2, 2022 9.592% (1st) 10.302% (1st) 16 April 3, 2022 11.513% (1st) 12.636% (1st) Average 9.636% 10.799% • In the table above, the blue numbers represent the lowest ratings and the red numbers represent the highest ratings.

• This drama aired on a cable channel/pay TV which normally has a relatively smaller audience compared to free-to-air TV/public broadcasters ( KBS, SBS, MBC and EBS). Accolades [ edit ] Award ceremony Year Category Nominee Result Ref. Baeksang Arts Awards 2022 Best Drama Twenty-Five Twenty-One Nominated [65] [66] Best Actress – Television Kim Tae-ri Won [67] Best New Actor – Television Choi Hyun-wook Nominated [65] References [ twenty five twenty one ] • ^ a b Conran, Pierce (February 15, 2022).

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twenty five twenty one

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twenty five twenty one

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Contents • 1 User Rating • 2 Profile • 3 Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki Staff © • 4 Notes • 5 Cast • 5.1 Na Hee-Do's Family • 5.2 Back Yi-Jin's Family • 5.3 Ko Yu-Rim's Family • 5.4 Moon Ji-Woong's Family • 5.5 Ji Seung-Wan's Family • 5.6 Tae Yang High School • 5.7 National Fencing Group • 5.8 UBS Network • 5.9 Media Group • 5.10 Neighborhood Small Business Group • 5.11 Elephant Snacks Group • 5.12 Seon Jung Girls' High School • 5.13 Others • 6 Trailers • 7 Episode Ratings • 8 Awards • 9 Comments • 10 External Links User Rating Current user rating: 88/100 (8555 votes) Profile • Drama: Twenty Five Twenty One • Revised romanization: Seumuldaseot Seumulhana • Hangul: 스물다섯 스물하나 • Director: Jung Ji-Hyun • Writer: Kwon Do-Eun • Network: tvN • Episodes: 16 • Release Date: February 12 - April 3, 2022 • Runtime: Sat.

& Sun. 21:10 • Language: Korean • Country: South Korea Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki Staff © "Twenty-Five, Twenty-One" tells a love story between Na Hee-Do ( Kim Tae-Ri) and Back Yi-Jin ( Nam Joo-Hyuk). Na Hee-Do is a member of her high school fencing team.

Due to the South Korean financial crisis, the high school fencing team gets disbanded. Getting through all the difficulties, she becomes a member of the sabre fencing national team. The South Korean financial crisis also causes Back Yi-Jin’s father's business to go bankrupt. This leads to a life change for Back Yi-Jin, from living the life of a wealthy person to a poor person.

While studying, he works part-time jobs like delivery newspapers. Later, he becomes a sports reporter for a broadcasting network. Notes • "Twenty Five Twenty One" takes over tvN's Sat. & Sun. 21:10 time slot previously occupied by " Bulgasal: Immortal Souls" and followed by " Our Blues" on April 9, 2022. Cast Kim Tae-Ri Nam Joo-Hyuk Bona Choi Hyun-Wook Lee Twenty five twenty one Na Hee-Do Back Yi-Jin Ko Yu-Rim Moon Ji-Woong Ji Seung-Wan Na Hee-Do's Family Seo Jae-Hee Kim So-Hyun Ok Ye-Rin Baek Suk-Kwang Shin Yun-Sook Shin Jae-Kyung Na Hee-Do (adult) Na Hee-Do (child) Na Hee-Do's father Na Hee-Do's grandmother Choi Myung-Bin Lee So-Yoon Kim Mi-Hye Kim Min-Chae Kim Min-Chae (child) (ep.5) Shin Jae-Kyung (young) (ep.13) Back Yi-Jin's Family Choi Min-Young Park Yoon-Hee Kim Young-Sun Kim Nam-Yee Park Jung-Pyo Back Yi-Hyun Back Seong-Hak Back Yi-Jin's mother Back Yi-Jin's aunt Back Yi-Jin's uncle (ep.5) Kang Hoon Back Yi-Hyun (adult) (ep.16) Ko Yu-Rim's Family Hur Ji-Na Kim Dong-Gyun Kyung Da-Eun Ko Yu-Rim's mother Ko Yu-Rim's father Ko Yu-Rim (child) Moon Ji-Woong's Family Byun Yoon-Jeong Moon Ji-Woong's mother (ep.13) Ji Seung-Wan's Family So Hee-Jung Ji Seung-Wan's mother Tae Yang High School Kim Hye-Eun Joo Bo-Young Bang Eun-Jung Moon Woo-Bin Lee Yea-Jin Coach Yang Chan-Mi Lee Ye-Ji Lee Da-Seul Kang Ji-Soo Park Han-Sol Han Kyu-Hyuk Jo Nam-Hee Yoon Se-Woong Ma Jung-Pil Hyun Jin Kang Hak-Rae headmaster Seo Yeong-Seong faculty member (ep.2) teacher (ep.2) Shin Ga-Eun Seo Young-Sam Yoo Min-Joo Kang Seong-Hwa Lim Woo-Chan Jang Chae-Hee (ep.2) Korean history teacher (ep.3) Park Hye-Jin (ep.9) Jungle Prince guitarist (ep.11,13) Jungle Prince drummer (ep.11,13) Ji Hyun-Woo Kang Sung-Jin Jungle Prince bassist (ep.11,13) Jungle Prince keyboardist (ep.11,13) National Fencing Group Choi Tae-Joon Kim Ha-Ru Lee Sun-Goo Lee Bum-Chan Guk Joong-Woong Jung Ho-Jin national team fencer coach (ep.4-5) referee (ep.5) referee (ep.5) Seok Hee Garrison Keener Kim Sung-Yong Nam Dong-Ha Kwak Myung-Hwa Sawaguchi (ep.6) Referee Alan Smith (ep.6-7) disciplinary committee member (ep.8) disciplinary committee member (ep.8) fencing assoc.

executive (ep.8) Kim Joon-Hyung Kim Jun-Ho Baek Ji-Hye Choi Nam-Wook Choe Min Sanga University coach (ep.8) Jun-Ho (ep.13) Kim Da-Mi (ep.13) fencing assoc.

employee (ep.14) fencing coach (ep.14) Son Dong-Soo Kwon Dan-A sports agency employee (ep.14) national team fencer (ep.15-16) UBS Network Lee Chan-Jong Jung Hyung-Suk Lee Dong-Kyu Jo Min-Wook Park Yun Seo Jung-Hyuk Sports Dept. Head Kim Hak-Gyu sports anchor Kwon Dung-Uk Jung Da-Yeong Bae Hyun-Kyung Lee Kyung-Oh Jung Young-Do Oh Choong-Geun Twenty five twenty one Tae-Moon sports dept.

staff UBS director anchorman staff cameraman Goo Si-Yeon Yoon Joo-Man Park Ji-Ho Lee Si-Hoo Cha Yong-Hwan Shin Jae-Kyung's co-worker (ep.8) PD Park (ep.9-10) documentary staff (ep.9-10) cameraman (ep.9-10) Reporter Hwang Ho-Jin (ep.11) Park Yoo-Mil Lee Sung-Il Park Ki-Duk Kang Moon-Kyung Park Bin staff (ep.11) staff (ep.15) Lee Gi-Hun (ep.15-16) UBS director (ep.16) staff (ep.16) Park Bo-Bae staff (ep.16) Media Group Song Yo-Seb Kim Ji-Ho Jung Jong-Hoon Ji Yun-Seong Kim Jang-Hwan TV network department head (ep.6) TV network employee (ep.6) TV network department head (ep.6) Reporter Ji Yun-Seong (ep.12) reporter (ep.14) So Joon-Sung reporter (ep.14) Neighborhood Small Business Group Ok Joo-Ri Jung Chung-Gu Ri Min Jeon Young Lee Jae-Woo Ahyeon Supermarket owner Myeongjin Book Rentals owner Chinese restaurant owner yogurt lady (ep.4,8) photo studio owner (ep.5) Jun Joon-Woo Oh Il-Young restaurant host (ep.11) carpenter (ep.11) Elephant Snacks Group Yoo Eun-A Park Eun-Young Yoon Boo-Jin Elephant Snacks diner (ep.3) neighborhood woman (ep.8) neighborhood woman (ep.8) Seon Jung Girls' High School Lee Joong-Ok Jung Yoo-Min Lee Ki-Bbeum Kim Tae-Yoo Song Young-Joo fencing club coach (ep.1,7) Hwang Bo-Mi (ep.1) Hwang Bo-Mi's friend (ep.1) Kim Yoo-Jin (ep.1) Hwang Bo-Mi's friend (ep.1) Park Jin-Soo Lee Ha-Joo Lim Yong-Soon Seo Hye-Jin (ep.1) fencing team player (ep.1) security guard (ep.2) Others Jung Yong-Ju Yu Bee Jang Young-Hyeon Jang Yeon-Woo Kang Hak-Soo delinquent boy (ep.1,4) Back Yi-Jin's friend (ep.1) Back Yi-Jin's friend (ep.1) Back Yi-Jin's friend (ep.1) Loen Hotel employee (ep.2) Bae Sung-Il Park Boo-Gun Seo Jung-Bin Yeon Seung-Bin Jeon Se-Yong Mr.

Back's creditor (ep.2,8) Mr. Back's creditor (ep.2) Kim Jong-Chan (ep.3,5) Choi Won-Hwan (ep.3,5) passerby (ep.3) Jeon Su-Hwan Hong Eun-Jeong Koo Ja-Keon Song Jae-Saeng Jang Joon-Hyun Mr. Kim (ep.4) job interviewee (ep.4) job interviewee (ep.4) Ms. Son (ep.4) Back Yi-Jin's acquaintance (ep.4) Choi Gyo-Sik Son Young-Soon Kim Nak-Gyoon Kim Na-In Bae Yu-Ri neighborhood man (ep.4) grandmother bus rider (ep.4) detective (ep.5) mover (ep.5) twenty five twenty one receptionist (ep.7) Lee Jong-Goo Ko Dong-Eop Choi Hwa-Young Lee Jun-Hee Shin Hee-Chul diner (ep.7) diner (ep.7) diner (ep.7) Ha Byung-Jin (ep.8) Detective Kim (ep.12) Do Ye-Chan Jung Hyun-Chul Bae Ki-Bum Park Chan-Young Cha Mi-Kyung police officer (ep.12) detective (ep.12) upset diner (ep.12) upset diner (ep.12) victim's mother (ep.14) Na Ho-Won Park Yong Ha Seung-Youn Kim Joo-A Park Se-In bus driver (ep.14) 9/11 survivor (ep.15) hospital hallway woman (ep.15) Sophia Choi (ep.15) Han Min-Jung (ep.16) Kim Nam-Hee cellphone store employee (ep.16) Trailers Episode Ratings Date Episode AGB Nationwide Seoul 2022-02-12 1 6.370% 7.799% 2022-02-13 2 8.010% 8.867% 2022-02-19 3 8.182% 8.981% 2022-02-20 4 8.787% 9.972% 2022-02-26 5 7.956% 8.960% 2022-02-27 6 9.817% 11.065% 2022-03-05 7 9.718% 10.380% 2022-03-06 8 10.900% 11.734% 2022-03-12 9 10.622% 12.043% 2022-03-13 10 10.879% 12.660% 2022-03-19 11 10.887% 12.410% 2022-03-20 12 10.675% 12.528% 2022-03-26 13 9.927% 11.001% 2022-03-27 14 10.308% 11.451% 2022-04-02 15 9.592% 10.302% 2022-04-03 16 11.513% 12.636% Source: AGB Nielson Awards • 2022 (58th) BaekSang Arts Awards - May 6, 2022 • Best Actress ( Kim Tae-Ri) • Most Popular Actress ( Kim Tae-Ri) Comments shadowhero_ Apr 23 2022 7:56 am My review of this series 9/10 SPOILERS AHEAD .

To clarify this from the beginning, I'm not that type of person who judges an ending based on his admirations for the cast or anything like that. I'm not that type of person who says an ending is bad just because it's sad. I'll try to write my review from an objective perspective as much as I can, because I think this is the most righteous way of writing a review. For me, the last episode was full of emotion and it really made me cry at the point were the flashbacks came in (I don't usually cry when watching something but this was on another level of nostalgia and sadness :) ), and this was a really good thing, because they managed to make this story so impactful and gave it a real meaning and place in the viewer's heart.

I knew from the beginning that they might not end up together because Yi-Jin's dream was always to gather his family together again and Hee-Do's dream was to be Yu-Rim's rival and be someone in the fencing community. There wasn't a common long-term dream between the two, which led again to the possibility of them breaking up.

(And also, the present day scenes) I think this is the first kdrama where I wanted to see a last minute change to a happy ending because of these reasons: - letting go of something wasn't in Hee-Do's character.

Through the series we saw her multiple times not wanting to give up and trying again to succeed (ex: when she wanted to find why her mother didn't come to her father's funeral and why she was so cold-hearted with her this whole time; when she wanted to succeed in her fencing career). If she gave up finding the reason behind her mother's behavior, her life wouldn't be like this in the present time and if she just gave up on fencing she wouldn't end up being such an important person in Korea.

- they continued to care for each other and support each other (the bus stop scene). They showed themselves how much they love and support each other but they part ways anyways. They ignore their feelings somehow and decide to let go of all, a thing I cannot understand given the fact that they still have feelings for each other.

Also, I think the creators gave us the ending we wanted to see through Ji-Woong and Yu-Rim. This ending is weird because they breakup because of the distance that was between them but Hee-Do marries someone that isn't with her either and that is very strange.

Hee-Do's husband doesn't appear once. She's alone at her final match (only Yu-Rim was there for her), she comes alone at Seung-Wan's father funeral and even in the present day scenes she's all alone.

The present scenes are the weirdest because her husband doesn't appear once and doesn't even know the news about his daughter (the fact that she wanted to quit ballet but her father still sent a costume to her shows the lack of communication between Hee-Do and her husband). That's why, in my opinion, a happy ending in the past was a better option that could also relate to the events from the present, given the fact that her husband was as busy as Yi-Jin was, but hey I guess they wanted just to put in the light the imperfections of a human being.

They wanted to show us that we make our own chances, our choices and wishes pave our ways to the future, that all us make mistakes that follow us our entire life. Also, I can't end this without saying a word about the cinematography (I really liked the composition for most of twenty five twenty one shots and their look), the editing (especially at the end, with the flashbacks, it was a masterpiece), the direcion of Jung Ji-Hyun (minus the few times where he broke the 180 degree twenty five twenty one without a solid purpose, in my opinion), the osts (which are so beautiful) and finally the colorist (who did a phenomenal job, this show really reminded me of Hotel del Luna, because of the deep reds and the dreamy look some shots had).

I wanted to write even more but twenty five twenty one ideas just flew out when I started writing this, so bad :)) In conclusion, this was twenty five twenty one fantastic drama and I would recommend this twenty five twenty one anyone. The pace declined constantly as the things got sadder, the characters were nicely polished and the action was so diversified. The sad ending was a bit forced and all the things that happened didn't align properly but I can't judge them too much for this (maybe I think this way because I was never in a relationship, who knows :)) ).

Tin Apr 16 2022 5:36 pm S P O I L E R Haven't watched it yet, was actually waiting for it to end before I start, but I was told that the FL and ML won't end up in the end. I was so devastated twenty five twenty one I was really looking forward to watching this, but no matter my wish to watch this won't supercede my devastation knowing they didn't end up together.

So pass for me, I'll just wait for NJH next series, hopefully will be good ending. Mujigae Apr 08 2022 5:03 pm When they first announced the casts, I have so much anticipation with Kim Tae Ri and Nam Joo Hyuk pairing. But knowing that somehow K-drama can be flop in further eps, I watched this drama without any expectation. But it turned out twenty five twenty one be Gold.

I never feel bored with any single scenes. Fresh characters, great chemistry, beautiful lines and amazing cinematography. The characters development felt very natural, it was like we were growing together with them.

I will never forget and never regret the eight-week I'd spent to watch it. It perfectly portrayed "youth": dream, spirit, rebel, justice, hard work, failure, friendship. and first love. Based on my 16 years experience of watching K-drama, this is definitely one of my favorite K-drama all time!

Plot 8/10 Cinematography 9/10 Ost 8/10 Chemistry 10/10 Charlie Kim Apr 06 2022 1:59 pm [SPOILERS] IMO, the ending of HeeDo and YiJin is the most realistic ending that could happen. YiJin has been reminded not once but three times (by HeeDo’s mother, coach, and his reporter sunbae) that their relationship might not gonna worked. Even after he transferred to another department, HeeDo’s mother also remind HeeDo that it still might not get any better.

Yet they still love and support each other until they felt not loved or not supported enough. They started out strong, until life and careers path stumbled each other way. It was a beautiful love story that doesn’t work. Superb writing, without any plot armor to ML / FL. Might take a long time to process this tho, haha! Ris CE Apr 03 2022 1:21 pm SPOILERS AHEAD: Some may not like the ending but it is a glimpse of reality.

Na Hee Do never wanted to be left hanging because her mom already did that out of necessity. Back Ye Jin grabbed the opportunity to work abroad for a better pay and twenty five twenty one reunite his family which he eventually did.

It was a beautiful love but their goals did not align. Still a beautiful albeit a bittersweet love story for me. BYJ❤️NHD Apr 03 2022 2:26 am This is one of the best dramas, if not the best out there!

It clearly showcased one's struggle in life (be it at school or work)and how you can overcome them, the love, and friendship. I love the camaraderie of the 5 characters, its solid! How I wish I have friends like them. The storyline is very realistic, anyone can relate to twenty five twenty one. I always feel a wave of emotions everytime I watch the episodes.

I've never cried, laughed, and fell in love this hard in a series before. And, may I say Nam Joo Hyuk is excellent here! This is by far the best kdrama he's had! My God, I totally swooned and fell hard for him. He is sooo convincing, just one look at him and I'm in love!!

There is something about the way he looks and smiles at you that makes you fell in love with him, no words needed. I'm sad that this is about to end. I'm still hoping for the Baekdo end up together.

And, I think they will. There may be hiccups in their relationship when they were 25 and 21 (thus the title), but I still believe they will end up together. I still have this gut feeling that BYJ is Min Chae's appa! Trepsd Apr 03 2022 2:10 am Felt super depressing watching this episode number 14, i understand sometimes this happens in real life (trust me i know) but this was not just a "crush" or a " vague love"a real LOVE like this in real life would survive any obstacle.

Its just sad the writters went this way. Cheers NamJooHyukis❤️ Mar 31 2022 4:07 pm I love everything about this drama, I cant stop raving about it!

The plot, twists, storyline. Everything's perfectly executed. Its very rare to see a drama these days that will get you hooked and this one totally delivered from the first episode down to ep 14.

It will make you laugh, reminisce your high school life and first love, it will teach you the importance of friendship and family. And, may I say this is by far Nam Joo Hyuk's best performance ever! He is sooooo convincing that I totally fell in love with him! I can't get over how great his acting here. If i could rate this it will definitely be a perfect 100! JDH Mar 31 2022 1:10 pm I love everything about this drama!

Love the character development, twenty five twenty one solid friendship, and how the real struggles of youth are depicted. The story was outlined well and nothing was forced.

It just went smoothly, perfectly written! It makes you reminisce your time back during high school. As for the cast, you can really see the camaraderie of everyone.

They really portrayed their roles really twenty five twenty one. This is by far Nam Joo Hyuk's best drama ever!! For me, this is the drama to beat, nothing has come close so far. I've had a roller coaster of emotions while watching this. I've laughed, cried, got excited, and totally fell in love. I can't believe it's about to end, I'm already having sepanx as early as now! Highly recommend this! Jean Mar 31 2022 12:43 pm I think (and hope, fingers crossed) Yi Jin and Hee Do are end game.

Min Chae could be YJ's daughter. As to the surname Kim, I have a feeling that YJ was just adopted.

twenty five twenty one

In one of the episodes, his father said he was his biggest consolation (I think that was the word) 10 years ago.

Also, the father registered a business under the 2nd son's name. If YJ was indeed his legitimate son, he could have listed the company under YJ's name. This twenty five twenty one me to think that YJ was adopted and his real name was Kim Do Hee, which explains why MC was a Kim. Hope my theory is right, really shipping Baekdo!!!! I so love this drama, I've seen it twice already while waiting for the last 2 episodes.

Dokja Mar 31 2022 12:38 pm I think this drama is one of the best dramas, because this drama is very close to real life. This can be felt through the ups and downs of an athlete, the meaning of friendship, a life where hope goes according to our plans but is always awakened by the harshness and cruelty twenty five twenty one the world's slaps, the pressures and demands of work and of course what true love is.

That's what makes youth so beautiful, crazy and unforgettable. Twenty five twenty one to the ending, i don't know how this drama will lead, whether to a happy ending or a sad ending. I will accept whatever it is gracefully. Diane Mar 31 2022 6:29 am So is MC Hee Do's daughter since setting is summer 2021 and if MC is 13 or 14 she would have been born 2007 or 2008 which would have been in the middle of HD fencing career.

Re when HD must have gotten married, it could have been earlier than 2009 given YG's comment regarding late congratulations. At that point he may not have been in contact with HD for years. Sheng Mar 30 2022 6:56 am I'm thankful for the secondhand cheers, motivations, support and comfort I'm getting from Heedo x Yijin and the rest of the Taeyang Squad. For someone who's struggling mentally and emotionally, by watching this drama and taking inspiration from their different stories, I felt validated and, at the same time, comforted.

Happy to have found another drama that I can go back to and rewatch whenever life's acting tough on me again. As to the ending, I'm still positive that Heedo and Yijin is going to be an endgame. I don't know, I just feel that a love like that shouldn't be wasted. And I'm hoping to witness that in 2521. Regardless if it's sad or happy, this is one of the best kdramas in the history.

I'll take all the life advices I got from you. ⭐️ Maggie Mar 28 2022 12:50 pm For me twenty five twenty one a realistic drama. This is how life is, you dont always end up marrying a guy you fell in love with in high school. It happens but not always. Friends come and go. We had friends in high school but we don't really know where some of them are now. Thats how life is, people grow apart, we all follow different paths and twenty five twenty one people don't become part of that journey.

Secondly its weird that we thought these 2 ended up together or marrying each other. Hee do's daughter doesn't seem like she knows baek yi jin so I don't understand why people thought these 2 got married.

Well 2 more episodes to go. Lets see how it wraps up Cool Mar 21 2022 12:03 pm I am glad what yeji did u want to leave u shud leave, but i dont get how coach can force her to stay,because isnt it a students choice and parents? I felt very happy when she stuck to decision and quit. I am also glad for seungwan for taking a stand but i didnt get why they showed so much crying music and crying for her ,it was a personal choice and not a big tragedy,school had wrong policies and she chose herself to quit, so its all cool.

I liked how she talked to teachers confidently,it was so catharatic, things iwanted to do but couldnt. MAO Mar 17 2022 3:47 am This is such an extraordinary film and is probably one of the best K-dramas I've ever watched. The comedy, the romance, the realism, and the torturing truth of life is all there. It's so fun to watch and see how the story goes and is not what I expected from this film. I was hesitant at first thinking it would be another boring and cliche K-drama but this is far from that.

Not only does it give you the feels every moment in the episode but teaches you about adulthood and dreaming. The cast members are so talented and did an amazing job portraying their roles in the drama, especially Kim Tae-ri, she's proving yet again how much of an outstanding actress she is. Her character is so inspiring making me want to do my absolute best to try and reach my dreams as well. If you're looking for a heart-warming and a slice of life drama, this is the series for you, would definitely recommend it to twenty five twenty one who's looking for a good series.

Lea Mar 16 2022 2:42 am This drama is my happy pill. I look forward to it every week and I'm already dreading it's ending because I don't want it to end. I like NHJ and are watching the other cast for the first time.

Fell in love with KTR's acting and personality. She is soooo likeable and what an amazing actress! The story line gets better and better! It makes you wonder what the plot twists would be. It takes me back to my childhood days when all I did was hang out with my friends, play and start to talk about boys. The feeling of falling in love. Getting scared of growing up and growing apart from friends. ahh this drama is so refreshing. Daneri Mar 15 2022 12:42 am Ammm this is my theory .

Maybe Yi jin and Hee do are together and they are Min chae's parents, maybe the last name will be explained later and the fact that he is adopted fits perfectly (Yi jin's mother's last name is Kim, maybe that's why he changed it and that's why his daughter has it). As for why he is not present is because he became an international correspondent and with the virus he must maintain quarantine every time he returns to the country, so he still does not visit his daughter, and thus justify why Hee do's mother says she sees him at the station and she does not react because she knows it (in the end she should know when her husband returns).

As for Hee do's memory loss I read a theory that she indeed has selective memory loss and it's due to the loss of a squad member and that member is seung Wang (remember what she says to Yi jin on the beach, maybe she suffers from depression and it has serious consequences ??) that's why Hee do can't remember that particular trip because it hurts her and she has hidden all her photos and hence Min che doesn't recognize her father as a young man because he changed his name and never saw one of his photos before.

. So much for my report ??? (and my wishes for a Happy ending ??). pixie Mar 14 2022 8:50 pm okay I Love Kim Tae Ri So Much <3 and of course nam joo hyuk :p i cant estimate their future story since they not showing Back yi-jin (in future) sbdhsbds im nervous. pls dont make sad ending, i ship both lead sjbdhsd Loveee love the chemistry, i hate the fact tae ri looks so young but actually she is older than me *clown face The way yi-jin stare to hee do, i cant *blush who said he cant act?

pls watch weighting lifting fairy *roll eyes btw this drama so healing 10/10 recommend!!!! Rocky Mar 13 2022 4:47 pm Theories: 1. Na Hee Do and Baek Yi Jin might not really the endgame. Both BYJ and NHD will choose their respective careers. The relationship of NHD's mom and the coach is a foreshadow. Some higher ups from the tv station will put a pressure towards BYJ as he have a personal relationship with NHD.

BYJ doesn't want to ruin NHD's reputation as he also want to stay in his job to provide for his indebted family.

twenty five twenty one

And after years of working as a reporter, he might have enough money to pursue his true calling-which is to work at NASA. 2. Someone from the squad (especially Ko Yu Rim) died that's why NHD has a selective amnesia. NHD's mom is so keen in those photo twenty five twenty one and looking at NHD's friends.

Also, the existence of NHD's diary plays a major role that even though she might forget it, the diary will serve as a reminder of her happy days. 3.Kim Min Chae is not NHD's biological daughter, it might be from one of her deceased friend. jga94 Mar 13 2022 3:42 pm Kim Tae Ri is such a good actress.

And kudos to Nam Joo Hyuk- he's back. I thought he lost his charm in Start-up but here, his tandem with Tae-ri is like the perfect yin and Yang. The rest of the crew are all funny and charming. Definitely gives me a vibe like Reply 1988 meets Weightlifting Fairy hana Mar 13 twenty five twenty one 1:35 pm if baekdo doesn’t end up together, it makes sense since writer has always been giving us hints but if the friendship of taeyang high school squad also twenty five twenty one, this gonna be my most heartbreaking thing ever ?

Why you giving us a scene where adult heedo forgetting her first vacation writer, whyyy I overthinking everything now ?? superbeomgyu Mar 10 2022 2:44 am I've watched hundreds of kdramas. But this one is on to be on my top twenty five twenty one. I really love the storyline, the script, and kim tae ri and nam joo hyuk is so fitting for the lead role. the supporting casts are great as well!

I'm so excited on how's the drama gonna end. who's minchae father and why its not yejin? :( Kuuku Mar 07 2022 3:25 am This drama is so beautiful inside out. Watching Na Hee Do brings out a feeling in me I can't figure out. It makes me so happy, so full, so satisfied. Every expression, every scene, every dialogue or thoughts are artistically woven. Like @Mas Gondrong wrote, Twenty-five Twenty-one is a master piece. vil Mar 06 2022 11:49 am This drama is so good! I don't understand why Ko Yurim gets so much hate, I actually like her.

She doesn't do anything bad and just trying to do her best, I kinda understand where she comes. There's no unlikeable character in this drama, everyone tried their best to achieve their dream with their own background story.

Everyone deserves to be happy. Diya Mar 06 2022 11:19 am I am getting too attached with this drama. It points out a lot of aspects in life.

I cried so hard in Episode 7. Kim Taeri is such a brilliant actress. Baek Yijin is now my standard haha I love the friendship between jiwoong & seungwan. I love all the soundtracks too! And the cinematography & well edited of every clips in this drama. Sometimes I feel like watching a clip from a movie. Bona is a good actress too, people hated her character meaning she delivered it well.

Aaaahhh so much more that I want to write because this drama is a masterpiece. The casts, storyline, scripts, cinematic, ost - perfect package ? 2125 Mar 04 2022 2:56 am Just watch it for the first time, now i have to wait eps 7 cannot wait! I love this drama, its same tone as reply 1998. But i would say i prefer this story, and the cast was great esp kim tae ri, she is great!

I know its too early but if they dont F up this pace and story. I would put this drama to be one of the best drama in 2022 Rui Mar 01 2022 9:28 am this movie remind me a lot of my childhood. Growing up in the 90's practicing Kendo from a young age having that competitive drive like Hee Do. Out of all the dramas that are currently running at the moment this tops my list.

I look forward to each episode every week. I am not sure why this has such low ratings and definitely deserves much more praise. I think the view ratings speak for themselves as they are much higher than the other dramas that are currently airing. If you grew up in the 90's playing sports while growing up this would be the perfect drama for you. It just feels so nostalgic and to be able to relive it and experience watching in from another perspective is beautiful.

Erika Song Feb 27 2022 11:13 am ★ Twenty Five Twenty One - Episode 5 and 6 - My thoughts★ Y'all, I love love love episodes 5 and 6 so twenty five twenty one Episode 5 made me so emotional and I just want to keep rooting on the happiness of both of them and their dreams—Hee Do finally being a national fencing team player and Yi Jin's dream to reunite his family and just to get back up on life. I really lost it when I saw Yi Jin on the payphone kept on playing Hee Do's voice message and when he reached her hand and they both run together even apart!

Yes, that's the beauty of this drama! Two people who share grief, root for one another, and want to seek happiness together—tightly holding hands while running even though they are apart!

They are so far away and yet, they still bring comfort to each other. What a powerful message of their special friendship. No matter what happens to both of them in the future, I will really treasure episode 5 and I believe both of the characters as well!

Now, episode 6, I think this is more upbeat and I loved how it emphasized them trying to move forward on their dreams and also an episode where both Yi Jin and Hee Do grow up and climbed up.

With Hee Do trying to have a boyfriend and her becoming Yu Rim's rival, on the other hand, Yi Jin is starting his career as a trainee reporter. We also see more of Hee Do's hard work coming into fruition and just by looking at her, you really see how happy she is and it makes you become inspired as well. I also want to add that Hee Do is so pretty when her eyes glisten, when she smiles and when she talks about fencing.

Now, I've come to fully understand why Yi Jin misses her and why he finds comfort in her. I know, some might want to keep the romantic interests going years later, I get that, but some beautiful relationships are rooted in friendship and emotional support to one another. I just knew they already have special spots in their hearts, they will not deny that because they knew it as well. ♥ I'm so rooting for both of you, Hee Do and Yi Jin! Fighting and continue fighting for your twenty five twenty one Spring Feb 26 2022 9:44 pm I dont find screaming twenty five twenty one points scoring cringey ,i actually love it how kim tae ri does it as it looks cool but i do find it weird why they scream so loud after every point and its very loud, i am sure director took it from real life so i am curious why it happens in fencing, havent seen such strong reactions in other sports like tennis etc.

So i speculated min chae came to live with heedo 2-3 years ago and i was wrong seeing ep 5as we see kid min chae walking upto mom. The humor in this episode at times reminded of racket boys and then i remembered ji woong was also in racket boys, i liked rb humor but later i got bored so i didnt like 2521 turning similar to rb and its good that in ep 5 after middle part rb like humor, drama again changed its tone and became serious with yi jin and hee do scenes. Ep 5 also gave lil but startup vibes.

Also the music in heedo duel scenes was a variation of tune from startup when dalmi etc would set out on tasks. I hate that music cause it reminds of SU and i dont have good memories with startup. Its almost like ptsd twenty five twenty one desker and su music tunes feel lile triggers lol. I really want yijins brothers makeup to be toned down and someone really should lighten up his lipstick like why he needs such lip tint.

Also namjuhyuks lipstick should also be reduced,these lipcolors on boys are standing out a lot and not going with drama's vibe.

Kim tae ri really shows 1 thing that you dont need botox ,fillers( those she prolly has it done on her) or super costly designer clothes to be noticed and carve a place. In her shyttiest sweat pants she stands out more than any other twenty five twenty one could for the person who she is.

I really love her dishevelled hair look during matches it gives a very natural feel,in addition during matches kim tae ri always gives a very determined look which looks very genuine and motivating, like she is living that moment. No matter how well hee do was written it is with kim twenty five twenty one ris intentional or unintentional mannerisms,body language,body movements and gestures that make hee do look a deep and very unique character, someone else playing it would have made it look shallow and maybe looks conscious.

I like when shes cheerful how she hops aroundtilts her head ,sways her arms; i like how she turnslooks passive agressive towards mom and yu rim; and really like her disappointed face, sad face, crying face expressions.

Heedo is always screaming in her normal moments but when she is sad and crying she goes very silent except for when she bawled while returning book. Any other actress in those sad scenes might be scream crying and hyperventillating like having an onsetting asthama attack. Really like coach and her acting and first time i like the suburban accent,shes doing it so attractively.

My fav seen was when both coach and hee dance in alley, coolest by far. Lily Feb 26 2022 8:29 pm People who said that female lead is annoying probably didn't know the fact that Na Hee Do's character is a 18 years old girl which full of passion and sometimes act quick without thinking. It's normal for a teenager to act aggressive and impulsive.

The actress (Kim Tae Ri) is a respectable famous actress in South Korea. Most Korean know her and all of her projects are guaranteed so good. She's known as a blue chip in SK. Her acting is incredible. She's 32 years old but she's able to perfectly portray a 18 years old character.

For me, she nailed Na Hee Do's 18 yo character. Later we will see her as the 21 yo Na Hee Do. I believe she will portray it really well too. I want to give big appreciation for this drama. Love everything about it. The story is heartwarming, love how Na Hee Do and Back Yi Jin support each other, make twenty five twenty one other stronger during tough times. Love how Na Hee Do twenty five twenty one so passionate about fencing and she works hard to achieve her goal which is becoming the national athlete.

Somehow watching this drama is encouraging me to try as hard as Na Hee Do too in life. What a great story and full of encouragement. Anyway, I watched episode 5 and the phone scene is literally one of my favorite scene.

It's making me in tears. Hee Do and Yi Jin support to each other is amazing, the way they get stronger after hearing each other voices. I hope they will meet soon. Looking forward to every episodes, this drama is highly recommended!!

Erika Song Feb 26 2022 11:04 am I think this episode will be forever precious in my heart. The fact that they provide comfort to another and their support for each other is still being hold in their hearts no matter how much time has passed and no matter how far away they are, that's what has got into me. I lost it and I really cried when I saw Baek Yi Jin kept on replaying Hee Do's message and when he grab Hee Do's hand and they run together even though that was just symbolic.

I think today's episode is realistic compared to previous ones where it has been really dreamy. Today's episode is bittersweet. No giggles, but just my heart goes to those people who keeps on fighting and dreaming and providing comfort to one another. I also wanted to talk to Yi Jin to stop blaming himself and to stop saying he was a coward for running away, no matter what a person wants to runaway, he will not do it unless the problem is not that big.

Yi-jin, you are twenty five twenty one good brother. Like, Hee do, I will keep on rooting for you! kim minchae Feb 26 2022 5:26 am Na heedo [born: 1980][age on year 1998: 18][age on year 2021: 41] Baek yijin [born: 1976] [age at 1998: 22] [age on year 2021: 45] Kim minchae [born: 2006] [age at 2021: 15] heedo and yijin feel in love at the age of 21 and 25 on the year 2001.

Na heedo`s age when minchae was born was 26 year old. Baek Yijin`s age when minchae was born was 30 year old. hope this help with your theories :) Eliz Feb 25 2022 7:58 pm @Patty I think Min Chae isn't Yi Jin and Hee Do's daughter.

Because if they were separated in 2001 when Hee Do's pregnant, Min Chae should be older (19 or 20). However, it seems she is still in junior high school. In 2001, Hee Do and Yi Jin were separated in good terms. Finally time gave opportunity for Yi Jin to pursue his dream as reporter (he was in broadcast club right?).

They were dating maybe just for a brief moment when Hee Do finished her high school. Then, they separated to pursue their own dreams, which was what they promise each other in the beginning of their friendship. Patty Feb 25 2022 11:20 am 25-21 I think this was the age when BYJ and NHD were separated on 2001. - my first theory was that BYJ had gone abroad and died later on 2001 after .maybe related with September 11.

What NHD's mother said that she met BYJ last month is just meeting him at his grave. - after watching ep.4 I though BYJ might be alive today but having no idea that he has a kid with NHD after they separated. NHD stop fencing because of her pregnant. Kim Min Chae knew the family's secret and realized how much her mother love her then choose to dance again.

I hope the ending will be the scene that Kim Min Chae brings her parents together again by calling BYJ "Appa" (Dad). then the secret revealed. Sunshine Feb 18 2022 8:29 pm There was a line in ep 2 that was so true and hurt me instead of touching me.

It was when yijin says to heedo " i miss those the worries i used to have it". When i was a kid i faced a rough patch which was rough but not big dealbut i used to excessively worry about things to the point of nearly exploding my head,every lil thing would be a worry to m tho life was goodit was just that i focused on bad things like thats the universe like manipulative shtty people etc etc.

Then few years later i actually actually hit a real rough patch and things were very hard that even back yijins worries seem like a joke to me ( they aren't a joke at all but just to give some perspective) it was so difficult; at that time i used to look back all the time at those years that i always thought were hard and i realized they were extremely easy and then i used to cry and cry and badly miss some of the worries that i used to bother so much about in past, they looked so much fun and ordinary small things to care about.

I made it out of rough phase,things normalized and i gained success but that nostalgic feeling and that pain i used to feel recalling those worries never left me ,probably also because they became lessons for me to learn to be always grateful and happy. I always thought its me who thinks this waybut when yijin said that it brought back flurry of memories and i felt happy that someone also thought like it and actually put those thoughts of mine and many others in words.

What i learnt from even cherishing those worries was always stay happy, be grateful, try to enjoy your life and never give in to worries and despair no matter how blocked your paths are or how hard the going is. There is always a thing darker then your current worries,be happy you are not facing an even dark thing.

Spring Feb 14 2022 1:37 am I think injeolmi the chat twenty five twenty one is go yurim. I never knew kim tae ri is 32 i thought she was 24she fitted high schooler role so perfectly.

If i knew her age beforehand i might have grown age bias too, a 32 playing 18 and i would have failed to judge her performance on merit. Not knowing age made me only focus on her and she meshed in so well. What i am not liking in na hee is constant yelling, she yells too much it hurts my head, it is because maybe how her director told her to do and how her character is like but i will appreciate less yelling. Apart from that she is doing very good twenty five twenty one. What i am noticing ,strictly speaking of only leads, is that even though so far nahee had more screentime than yi jin and it is more like her lifestory and that could be why she overshone him but still kim tae ri is hardcarrying the show due to her great performance to the point that nam jo hyuk seems almost invisible.

Njh is a good actor but not exceptional and offlately he has been getting casted opposite skilled actors like kim seon ho, kim tae ri and he totally gets overshadowed. At times i didn't even remember that he is even there in show, all i was focusing on kim tae ri as she totally stole the show.

Baek yi jin seems like a plot device to nahee to take forward her storyit is more of a young woman's story than a story of two people. Very entertaining first 2 episodes, hopefully it will continue being so cool.

It had twenty five twenty one our beloved summers vibe but better than that. Crystal Feb 13 2022 4:32 pm Even if min chae aint his daughter i dont care as story of their youth matters more than they got married or not, that is because the youth period in first ep is written so well that right now you feel no complaints about daughter being another man's child. A great story of their youth is what overrides everything else for me.

The storytelling in 1st ep is very breezy and fresh. Very nice 1st episode. Seeing nam joo hyuk i feared their will appear desker product placement, im badly traumatised by namdosan character and its link with desker,glad no desker here. Very fun 1st episodeat some places cinematography was very great. Though i found both na hee do and her daughter's attitude towards respective moms very rude.

I don't believe that being a parent's child means you should be fully obedient but you don't have to be so rude and yelling at them. Latest News Latest Trailers * see list of winners & nominees at the " 2022 BaekSang Arts Awards" * Kwon Sang-Woo, Lim Se-Mi cast in Wavve drama " X in Crisis" * Lee Dong-Wook, Kim So-Yeon cast in tvN drama " Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938" * Kasumi Arimura & Tomoya Nakamura cast in TBS drama " Ishiko and Haneo" * Tsubasa Honda cast in TBS drama " Kimi no Hana ni Naru" * Park Ho-San, Ye Soo-Jung cast in MBC drama " Boar Hunting" * Jun Jong-Seo, Kim Ji-Hoon cast in movie " Ballerina" * Yuto Nakajima & Ai Yoshikawa cast in Fuji TV drama " Junai Dissonance" * Ha Ji-Won cast in KBS2 drama " Curtain Call" * Ryoma Takeuchi cast in TV Asahi drama " Roppongi Class" * Han Ji-Hyun, Bae In-Hyuk cast in SBS drama " Cheer Up" * Lee Joon-Ho & Lim Yoon-A cast in drama " King the Land" * Jung Il-Woo & Kwon Yuri cast in Sky TV drama " Good Job" * Yeo Jin-Goo & Cho Yi-Hyun cast in movie " Ditto" * Ryo Narita & Atsuko Maeda cast in movie " Convenience Story" * Twenty five twenty one Katori & Yukino Kishii cast in movie " Inu mo Kuwane do Charlie wa Warau" *
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It is a global provider of movies and television series via streaming and currently has more than 208 million subscribers. (Photo Illustration by Rafael Henrique/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images) by Crystal George 4 weeks ago Follow @creativecryss • Tweet • Share • x • Pin • Comment February was one of the best months for K-Dramas.

We saw the premieres of the Business Proposal, Forecasting Love and Weather and the instant hit Twenty Five Twenty One. All of the shows just listed are popular, but people just can’t stop talking about the season finale of Twenty Five Twenty One.

With how things ended, people want to know if there will be a Twenty Five Twenty One season 2. Twenty Five Twenty One is one of those series that you’ll go back and rewatch every couple of years. It’s heartfelt and will tug at your heartstrings at times, but it’s an enjoyable show to watch overall. Most people would say the ending was not what they expected or wanted. But I think the ending made sense for what the show was trying to teach viewers: a life lesson about love.

Sometimes a relationship just isn’t meant to last, and that’s okay. But there’s nothing wrong with looking back at all the good times you had with someone, especially if that person helped you grow. It’s a sad reality, but it happens. Now that Twenty Five Twenty One has wrapped up its first season, is this really the end of the heartwarming series? We shared what we know about a potential Twenty Five Twenty One season 2 down below.

How many seasons of Twenty Five Twenty One are there? Currently, there is only one season of the romantic drama series. The complete season is streaming right now only on Netflix. There are twenty five twenty one episodes total in the first season. The episode runtimes range from 70-89 minutes long. Will there be a Twenty Five Twenty One season 2? As of April 8, Netflix has not renewed Twenty Five Twenty One for a second season. It is still early in the process since the season finale just dropped on April 3.

Netflix typically waits a month or so after a show drops to see where the twenty five twenty one numbers land. In Twenty Five Twenty One‘s case, episodes were released weekly on the streamer and the season finale wasn’t until April. So if Netflix were looking into renewing the series, we probably would hear of a renewal within a month or two.

However, the chances of Twenty Five Twenty One coming back for a second season are low. K-Dramas are somewhat twenty five twenty one limited series in that they usually only consist of one season. The main story arc is usually resolved by the end of the season.

Some side stories might not be wrapped up nicely, but it’s not enough to justify another installment. Twenty Five Twenty One‘s ending might not seem complete for some people, but it did ultimately wrap up the main story. There is a slight chance that Netflix could renew the series since the show is popular. But we’ll have to see what the streamer decides.

Twenty Five Twenty One season 2 release updates As we mentioned earlier, the K-Drama has not been renewed for a second season. However, if there were to be a second season, our best release date prediction would be Q1 2023. But the show will have to be renewed soon in order for it to make an early 2023 release.

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Na Hee Do is a member of her high school fencing team. Due to the South Korean financial crisis, the high school fencing team gets disbanded. Getting through all the difficulties, she becomes a member of the national fencing team.

The South Korean financial crisis also causes Baek Yi Jin’s father's business to go bankrupt. This leads to a life change for Baek Yi Jin, from living the life of a wealthy person to a poor person.

While studying, he works part-time jobs like delivering newspapers. Later, he becomes a sports reporter for a broadcasting network.

(Source: Netflix, AsianWiki) Edit Translation • English • 中文(简体) • Русский • Italiano • • Native Title: 스물다섯 스물하나 • Also Known As: Twenty Five Twenty OneSeumuldaseos SeumulhanaSeumuldaseot Seumulhana2521 • Screenwriter: Kwon Do Eun • Director: Jung Ji Hyun • Genres: Romance, Life, Drama • Tags: 1990s, Nice Male Lead, Coming Of Age, Fencing, IMF Crisis, Athlete, Friendship, Friends To Lovers, Nostalgia, Reporter Male Lead (Vote or add tags) • Country: South Korea • Type: Drama • Episodes: 16 • Aired: Feb 12, 2022 - Apr 3, 2022 • Aired On: Saturday, Sunday • Original Network: Netflix tvN • Duration: 1 hr.

15 min. • Score: 8.9 (scored by 15,796 users) • Ranked: #47 • Popularity: #182 • Content Rating: 15+ - Teens 15 or older • Watchers: 35,605 • Favorites: 0 This review may contain spoilers Love doesn’t conquer everything in this world and that's okay April 3, 2022 2521 is a tear-jerker full of life-lessons K-drama. I know people have been disagreeing and disappointed with how the ending went.

But I think, the 2521 ending fulfills the original story that they were trying to convey. The emotional attachment I developed to this drama is unbelievable. I love everything from how the characters develop and seeing how they flourish into their adulthood. Maybe it’s because I am now a college student and that is why I greatly relate to this drama. Yes, it is true that we took high school life too easily and for granted.

Yes, it is harder to meet up with friends now that we are old. Yes, people grow apart and that's okay.

twenty five twenty one

Yes, it is okay even if you don't meet your friends often. As long as you have each other, you will always find time even if that means every 6 months or so. !!! MAJOR SPOILERS WITH DETAILS!!!! - I am happy that Baek Yijin did not die or experienced some catastrophic event. - I am happy how the girls are still supporting each other even though they have their own lives.

I think I am happy that everyone got the ending that they deserve including Yurim and Heedo's mom. I also think it is appropriate how Minchae's dad is never revealed nor is present-pandemic adult Yijin. I know I may be the minority but I think everything from this drama is just good. I may have bawled my eyes and wished for Heedo and Yijin to be the end game.

But given the circumstances of how their relationship has gone down, it is much better for them to go their separate ways. Very realistic and has a bittersweet ending. I also think that Yijin and Heedo's endings is happy to some extent. Yijin is able to revive his family twenty five twenty one and has a stable job. Heedo is happily a mom to Minchae, though I can't really say anything about her marriage to his husband as he was not shown in the story.

This makes sense because this is about first love and their early adulthood/youth days. I think 2521 set the standards for 2022 Kdramas. I know the ratings have gone down due to the ending and I understand that people are very frustrated with the ending.

But I definitely think it is not rushed, and that it perfectly fits the overall narrative of the story. So for those who are watching 2521, I hope you learn some lessons and learn to enjoy your youth. Happy viewing (maybe) and prepare some tissues by your side. I may or may not have a breakdown watching episode 16 and while writing this review. Cheers ? Read More This review may contain spoilers BUT SERIOUSLY, WHAT IS WITH THAT ENDING??? Dont get me wrong. I loved the whole series.

I even understand why they chose that path. Twenty five twenty one was titled Twenty Five Twenty One so naturally i expected the story to peak when they were at that age. But come on!!! Why end it like that? For the better part of the whole series we are being teased to guess who will end up together in a mystery-solving setup - a la the Reply series.

And then when it ended it wasnt even hinted who the father or the husband is. The kid is Kim Min Chae, after all so i kinda accepted early on that the father wasnt YiJin but to not answer it rendered the whole present timeline useless.

They could have removed the present Hee Do and her daughter and it wont change a thing, because they literally said its not important. The good: 1. I loved the fencing (sports) main theme. 2. Nam Joo Hyuk. Boy has improved so much, i may be inclined to think his handlers are doing everything to make him a multi awarded drama actor. It almost worked in Start Up, hopefully this is it. 3. Choi Hyun Wook. What a breath of fresh air. I loved him in RB, but he just shined here.

4. Kim Tae Ri and Bo Na as Hee Do and Yu Rim, respectively. Beautiful and capable. Let me get back to this later. 5. The coach, and the mother. I am inloved with Kim Hye Eun, makes me wanna see her past dramas. 6. I liked the fact that it wasnt a fairy tale ending. The so-so. twenty five twenty one. Kim Tae Ri. She is amazing in this role, but I get it, readers will hate me for saying this. There were some flak for the portrayal of a college student to a high school student love affair, it wasnt May December, but it was enough to make people think that high school HeeDo is way too young for an adult Yi Jin and at moments the idea is kinda cringy.

I guess the producers thought, well Tae Ri is older than Joo Hyuk in real life so it shouldnt be an issue. My question however is, will the producers think differently if an early 20-year old actress was playing HeeDo? Also, like i said she did great here, but is there no actress who is younger than Nam Joo Hyuk who can portray Hee Do's emotions?

2. The pacing and length of episodes. 16 episodes of almost 90 minutes each. Sometimes i feel like episodes are a little too long and the last 2 episodes in particular crammed too many issues a little too late. I guess thats how the format is for most asian drama - make the leads break up in the penultimate episode and then twenty five twenty one and jampack the finale to solve all the issues. But goodness i counted a few scenes that were a little too long that could have been used for some other things like how many times HeeDo and YiJin broke up and madeup.

I guess they thought extending the drama and the crying scenes will make people cry. My short attention span went a little haywire. The bad 1. The older Hee Do. The actress portraying the older Hee Do is beautiful and i love the subtle acting that connects both the past and present HeeDo. BUT, is she really needed. Did the story changed by adding her character?

Again, the non-reveal of the husband made her character useless, and i felt like that was done to trick the viewers into keep guessing who the husband is going to be.

Another thing, Hee Do's mother acted the older character. Why cant Tae Ri do the same? 2. Hee Do's daughter Kim Min Chae. By the name alone, we know she is not Back Yi Jin's daughter. But still, her presence teased us with the possibility of Hee Do and Yi Jin endgame. But alas they thought it wasnt important twenty five twenty one to be discussed. So why do we need the whiny kid. 3. Now back to the ending. The whole series was great overall, but my heart needs closure. Would i reccommend?

Definitely, just prepare to spend some time with it. Am i going to rewatch? Sorry, its just too long, and theres just too many drama nowadays i dont think i can.

Kudos to Netflix for giving Asian dramas chance to shine in a much bigger stage, makes my subscription very worthwhile. Read More

Jaurim 자우림 - Twenty-five, Twenty-one 스물다섯, 스물하나 [HAN