Dcm mini soccer

dcm mini soccer dcm mini soccer

Playground Surfaces Wetpour Rubber Mulch Artificial Grass Sports Sport Pitches Daily Mile Tracks MUGAs Artificial Sports Pitches Pathways & Landscapes Landscape Grass Rubber-Gravel Mix Self-Binding Gravel Vehicle & Pedestrian Resin Bound Gravel Resin Bonded Gravel Downloads Downloads Sample Dcm mini soccer Online Brochure Case Studies Case Studies Careers About Us Company News Videos & Prep Works Videos Pre-Install Guides FAQs Glossary Covid Risk Assessment MULTI USE GAME AREAS (MUGAs) Installing a multi-use games area is the most cost-effective solution for clients who will be participating in multiple sports.

As a general rule, any facility surfaced with macadam or polymeric surfacing is considered to be a MUGA, as are synthetic turf areas of less than 3,000m2. DCM Surfaces is able to offer various surfaces to meet specific performance requirements, including IAAF, Sport England and SAPCA. β€’ SURFACING OPTIONS β€’ LAYOUT & DIMENSIONS β€’ PLANNING PERMISSION β€’ DRAINAGE β€’ FENCING β€’ Floodlighting Hard Court MUGA surfaces are suitable for a wide range of sports.

Netball or tennis are the priority sports for both Type 1 and Type 2 MUGA surfaces however they are also commonly used for Tennis, basketball and other dcm mini soccer rebound sports. These Multi Use Games Areas are constructed using the same methods but have either an open textured porous macadam surface or a high grip open textured macadam surface.

The surface can be finished with a slip resistant acrylic paint coating. This coating is available in a variety of colours, including red, light green, dark blue and purple. Sport line markings can be added to both Type 1 and Type 2 MUGA surfaces.

It is worth noting that both type 1 and 2 MUGA surfaces can also be constructed using more dense macadam which is impervious to liquid. However, this type of surface is less popular as the majority of users (particularly for installations in schools and sports clubs) require β€˜year around’ usability.

Type 1 and 2 courts are the most cost-effective MUGA options. However, these systems offer no cushion underfoot, making them harder on joints.

dcm mini soccer

Polymeric Structure Spray (Type 3) consists of an SBR shockpad with a 2-3mm spray coating of granulated EPDM rubber. The structure spray is applied in two layers and gives the surface higher skid resistant properties than Type 4, which is needed for professional netball surfaces. The spray is available in a variety of colours, including red, green or blue.

dcm mini soccer

Netball line markings are applied to the top-coat. – Netball Surface – IAAF tested – Anti-slip properties (TRRL 75) – Same build up as Type 4 (13-14mm), but a harder spray coat is applied – Very hard-wearing – Porous – Designed to meet Sport England MUGA 3 specifications Polymeric Structure Spray (Type 4) consists of an SBR shockpad with a 2-3mm spray coating of granulated EPDM rubber.

The structure spray gives the surface dcm mini soccer skid resistant properties which are needed for a range of sports, as set out by SAPCA, Sport England and AENA. These sports include: β€’ Athletics Training β€’ Recreational Football, Five-a-side football, Panna Football β€’ Basketball β€’ Tennis, Mini tennis β€’ Low-level netball β€’ Hockey, Dcm mini soccer Training, Uni-hockey, Roller hockey β€’ Rugby Union, Rugby League, Tag Rugby The structure spray is available in a variety of colours, including red, green or blue.

Various line markings are applied to the structure spray, depending on the sport played. – IAAF tested – Anti-slip properties (TRRL 55) – Shock absorption to reduce impact force when running – 12-14mm depth – Porous – Designed to meet Sport England MUGA 4 specifications Artificial Grass (Type 5) consists of an SBR shockpad as a sub-base and sand-dressed Artificial Grass surface layer. The shockpad is a resilient layer introduced between the dcm mini soccer and the playing surface in order to provide a degree of comfort to players.

Although various forms of the shockpad exist, including foam pads, DCM install an in-situ pad to ensure that any risks of carpet movement are alleviated.

There are many types of synthetic turf construction, the majority are surfaced with sand-dressed carpets with shorter, denser pile heights. Experience has shown this form of carpet to have good durability and performance when used in the extreme wear conditions that are experienced on MUGAs The line-markings are cut in or tufted into the surface and allows the artificial grass to be used for a range of sports, as set out by SAPCA, Sport England and AENA.

These sports include: β€’ Hockey & unit-hockey β€’ Five a side football, Football, American Football β€’ Athletics & training areas β€’ Rugby Union, Rugby League β€’ Lacrosse β€’ Tennis (when laid to macadam) The artificial grass is available in blue, yellow, red and black.

– 20mm grass pile height – FIH national 1, FIH Multi-Sport 1, ITF CPR 5 (fast) – Shock absorption to reduce impact force when running – Porous – Designed to meet Sport England MUGA 5 specifications NON-ACCREDITED MULTI USE GAME AREAS A layer of rubber is applied direct to macadam. This is coated with an anti-slip coating, making the surfaces ideal for a variety of sports. The systems are porous allowing water to drain through and ensuring year round usage.

The surface is not as abrasive as structure spray, making it ideally suited for use in primary schools, where a more forgiving surface is required. The anti-slip coating is available in a variety of colours, including red, light green, dark blue and purple.

dcm mini soccer

This solvent based paint provides a particularly flexible, hard-wearing and durable coating that contains texturing agents for the necessary grip and slip resistance. Line markings are also available, creating multi-use areas ideal for football, basketball and netball.

Please note, this surface is not Sport England accredited. – Specification does not meet Sport England specifications – Recreational Football, Hockey and Hockey Training, Athletics, Basketbal, Netball (low level), Mini-tennis, Tennis – 5 year warranty – Anti-slip layer delivers slip resistant properties – Easy to re-coat – Shock absorption to reduce impact force when running – Porous SPORT ENGLAND ACCREDITED RUNNING TRACKS A basemat running track system made of high-grade recycled rubber and coated with a self-levelling moisture-cured polyurethane binder.

The basemat is crowned with layers of EPDM rubber and sealed using Single Cast Sealer (SCS), which creates an exceptionally strong bond and prevents delamination. Running track markings are applied to the structure spray. – IAAF tested – Premium Running Tracks or Rooftop Athletic Tracks – Non-permeable – Very Durable – Spike Dcm mini soccer – Non-Slip Polymeric Structure Spray (Type 4) consists of an SBR shockpad with a 2-3mm spray coating of granulated EPDM rubber. The structure spray gives the surface high skid resistant properties which are needed for Running Tracks and Long Jumps.

The structure spray is available in a variety of colours, including red, green or blue. Various line markings are applied to the structure dcm mini soccer, depending on the sport played. – IAAF tested – Anti-slip properties (TRRL 55) – Shock absorption to reduce impact force when running – 12-14mm dcm mini soccer – Porous – Designed to meet Sport England MUGA 4 specifications LAYOUT & DIMENSIONS Standard Dimensions for Multi Use Game Areas β€’ Tennis (23.77m x 10.97m) β€’ Netball (30.5m x 15.25m) β€’ Basketball (28m x 14m) β€’ 5v5 Football (37m x 18.5m) If a client wanted to include all of these different sports the total area size would need to be 34.5m x 19.25m= 664.13 square metres.

This would also allow safe run offs for all sports. *It is advisable to have recesses of at least 4m x 2m on each end of the MUGA pitch to allow storage of equipment (e.g.

goals) and maximise playing space. Synthetic Court Pitches β€’ 7v7 Football (64m x 45m) β€’ Football (90m x 45m or 120m x 90m) β€’ Hockey (91.4m x 55m) Example Pitch Layouts PLANNING PERMISSION The initial stage of the process is developing and finalising the design of your athletics track, prior to obtaining planning permission.

Early guidance should be sought on policy and any necessary permission that may be required from the Local Planning Authority. β€’ It is normally advisable to locate a MUGA (especially floodlit ones) at least 12m, and ideally at least 30m from other residences. β€’ On flat terrain sites, landscaping and mounding can be used to obviate noise breakout and floodlight spillage. β€’ The location of the facility must not create a vehicle log jam-especially where access roads and infrastructure is limited (typically one car per three players).

Good locations for MUGAs include: β€’ Those close to car parks and support facilities (especially where constantly supervised) β€’ Those where there are good sound absorbing/spectator terracing and banking possibilities β€’ Those where there is good access to the facility for people with disabilities Avoid locating a MUGA: β€’ Where steep gradients lead to and away from the area β€’ Where there is poor access to the facility for people with disabilities.

β€’ Where the facility is remote from support facilities such as changing accommodation. β€’ In very exposed terrain β€’ Where dcm mini soccer is not possible for access roads/footpaths and maintenance routes to reach the main personnel/maintenance gates β€’ Where incoming services (electricity feed cables and water/drainage) will be prohibitively expensive to install β€’ Where emergency vehicles cannot readily get to the facility β€’ Too close to unstable ground (landslides) or drainage outfalls (back falling or ponding on the Dcm mini soccer due to blocked drains) β€’ Too close to leaf drop in autumn or leaf sap forming trees DRAINAGE Preliminary Investigations Understanding the ground conditions is vital, as the greatest risk of unforeseen problems and additional cost usually lies in the ground.

The most important element in ground investigation is to confirm the underlying soil or rock. This is done using either boreholes or trial pits to allow close examination of each layer to provide a detailed engineering description in accordance with BS 5930.

This is required right across the site to try to detect any variations. Drainage One area where MUGAs and Multi Court Synthetic Sport Pitches differ is in the design of the drainage system. Due to the relatively small dimensions of most MUGAs they do not have any form of sub-court drainage other than a perimeter drain that is laid around one or more sides of the facility to prevent run-off from surrounding areas. Base construction The base for a MUGA is normally a porous engineered construction consisting of two courses of open-textured bituminous macadam laid above a graded stone foundation.

β€’ It should ensure that water, whether rainwater or natural ground water, will drain away freely through the sub-base material, either into the natural subsoil or into the drainage system. β€’ The foundations should be constructed using hard, clean, crushed frost-resistant aggregates.

β€’ The macadam upper layers of the base should be of a carefully graded, open textured construction.

dcm mini soccer

FENCING Fencing for MUGAS Listed below are the key considerations required to meet the two basic functions of a fencing surround: retain balls within the playing area and allow spectators to view the game safely.

1. Twin-Mesh Fencing 868 twin-wire mesh design with panels that overlap posts improves rigidity, while a polyester powder coating ensures fencing will be resistant to rust and avoid peeling paint. Roll form weldmesh fencing doesn’t have the strength of the rigid panel specification but is a good option for tennis courts or sports pitches where a budget-priced solution is necessary. 2.

dcm mini soccer

Open Mesh Welded mesh panels allow supervision at a safe distance. 3. Acoustic fencing Noise pollution is a major concern within our environment and one which demands our close attention, particularly when developing new sports and activity facilities.

Several pitch projects have incorporated very successful acoustic fencing designs. 2. Rebound Properties Reduces vibrations along the fence line to provide quieter playing environments. Used regularly dcm mini soccer the bottom 1.2m of a fence line instead of traditional wooden rebound panels. 5.

dcm mini soccer

Height 3 meters is the standard height for MUGA fences, which is sufficient to prevent most balls from leaving the area. 5. Gates Single gates should be 1.2m wide. Double gates should be 3.0m wide with a removable lintel panel above for ease of access with soccer goals.

All gates should open outwards for safety of players. Floodlighting Floodlighting It is strongly recommended that any area provided for intensive use should be floodlit.

The advantages of floodlights are: β€’ Increased use of facilities: Floodlighting facilities enables them to be used on dcm mini soccer evenings, giving substantially higher usage rates than equivalent non-floodlit facilities.

β€’ Usage options. A floodlit MUGA adjoining a sports hall can accommodate activities such as football, netball and tennis, releasing more expensive indoor space for other activities.

dcm mini soccer

Areas of consideration: Project brief: Establish need for floodlighting, Required standards for level of competition, Planned usage profile, Identify planning challenges, Feasibility Location survey: Engage with planning authority, Local consultations, Identify design/specification options, Budget costs, Dcm mini soccer Develop preferred design and specification: Confirm costs, Submit planning application, Installation Works programme: Foundations, Ducting Masts and floodlights, Control box, Commissioning Testing & Maintenance: Certification, Maintenance, Bi-annual electrical and illumination certification, Annual maintenance The Sports Program at YES will deliver an elite sports curriculum with state-of-the-art facilities and unrivalled education experience, designed to nurture young-sports aspirants and encourage high-performance student-athletes.

Students can participate in a rich range of sports commensurate with their abilities and every child will be able to find a skill to become engaged in. At DCM Schools, teamwork is fostered, leaders are identified and developed and students learn much about themselves and others; sport is a vehicle for personal development.

The Sports program is designed by fitness professionals to address the growing concerns for the health and well-being of students. Our blue-ribbon facilities will include a 10m Rifle shooting range, Ace Badminton Dcm mini soccer, Deco Turf Synthetic IX layered cushioned basketball court and an elite 25 m swimming pool. World Class Shooting Range With a vision to carve out new talents in the field of shooting, polishing young and existing shooters, YES provides a top-notch five lane, 10m shooting range to build physical and mental focus and discipline, advance personal responsibility, and enhance a sense of stronger self.

Backed by their expert shooting trainers, the organization cherishes to present structured training programs transforming Indian shooting aspirants into medal clinging athletes. The Shooting Range will be housing several foreign coaches, gun testing facility, a foreign Grip Maker and several other facilities. Ace Badminton Academy Ace Badminton Academy at YES premises will meet all the specifications to the absolute.

dcm mini soccer

From coaching the students on the ins-and-outs of the sport to honing their athletic skills, we will proudly teach not only the love of the game, but also impart the ideals of good sportsmanship, teamwork and loyalty. Alongside regular training, we will give each player the individual guidance they need to exceed their potential.

We will hone talented players with quality coaching, primal workouts and a true love of the sport. Aqua Star Swimming Club We take great pride in our school infrastructure dcm mini soccer our 25m long swimming pool is designed to meet all health and safety guidelines. Through swimming we hope to inculcate in our students qualities like self-discipline, a sense of time management, and confidence.

dcm mini soccer

Whether beginner or advanced swimmer, all our students will have access to the swimming pool for physical education. Qualified staff will maintain a high degree of cleanliness and proper water chemistry in our pool at all times. Students will always be under the watchful eyes of trained lifeguards and will be strongly discouraged from breaking pool rules to ensure the best swimming experience dcm mini soccer everyone.

Indoor Sports - Chess, Table Tennis, Billiards The impressive indoor sports facilities available at YES will ensure an overall growth of the student. Dcm mini soccer YES, more than 5000 sq ft of indoor space is dedicated to various indoor sports.

To provide the best indoor sports facility to the students, the school has a sports hall to play many indoor games like Table Tennis, Billiards, etc. Students will be encouraged to engage in cerebral games like Chess and guided to victory by our coaches. Students keen on pursuing martial arts will be given Taekwondo training.

Playing such games, under the tutelage of trained coaches will sharpen skills and invigorate the mind. Outdoor Sports - Golf, Archery, mini Soccer, Cricket, Basketball Amongst the biggest USP’s of our school is the availability of a large spectrum of sports facilities designed in adherence to the highest global specifications. Researches claim that kids who indulge in sports activities tend to concentrate better at academics too.

Dcm mini soccer, we made sure that we have an impeccable set of sports activities for our students to choose from. With its vast campus, YES will have all the modern facilities for sports with well trained and experienced coaches. The playing fields will be extensive and include a pitch which is used for cricket practice. Our football ground and the golf course will be inviting arenas where youngsters will learn to play these skillful games.

Our basketball courts will soon buzz with the thump of the ball. YES is one of the very few schools that will offer facilities to teach students Archery. Not only is archery safe and fun, it is a great way to develop focus, self-discipline, build self-esteem, improve hand-eye coordination, and much more.

Elementary Sports In elementary school, children have to learn fundamental motor skills to ensure a lifetime participation in sports. An essential part of this learning process is organized in physical education lessons and other sport activities during or after school time. The quality and quantity of these activities play a crucial role on the effects. YES has collaborated with a leading sports company with experts from International Sports Federation for customized programs like β€œKid Fit” and β€œGet Athletic” for the budding sportspersons of YES.
Skills "Repetition is the mother of skill" Fair Play "Every game has rules.

dcm mini soccer

Obey the rules, win the game; disobey the rule, lose it! The game of life has loser and winners. Play fairly and win!” Glory "There is no glory in training but without training there is no glory" Strong "Mens sana in corpore sano, Dalam tubuh yang sehat terdapat jiwa yang kuat." Strategy "The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do" Moringga Syarifudin (CEO DCM GROUP) dan Beny Hera (pengelola lapangan) merupakan temen main bola bareng dan juga satu almamater di sekolah SMAN 97 Jakarta Berawal dari obrolan ringan pada saat Bang Ben (sapaan akrab Beny Hera) bertamu ke rumah Bang Ringga (sapaan akrab Moringga) Pada saat itu bertepatan dengan masih suasana syawal (Lebaran) Mei 2021 Sore itu menjelang maghrib Bang Ben bertamu kerumah Bang Ringga Seolah seperti sudah tidak bertemu lama Bang Ringga bertanya apa kesibukan Bang Ben hingga saat ini ditengah pandemi covid yang masih melanda tanah air yang sudah lebih dari satu tahun pd saat itu Bang Ben yang kesibukannya hanya seputar sikulit bundar saja dcm mini soccer pandemi covid ini menceritakan bahwa kegiatan belajar mengajar futsal dan sepakbola dilevel kantor,sekolah,universitas dan liga profesional harus terhenti Singkat cerita tibalah obrolan ketika Bang Ringga bertanya ada kegiatan apa kemarin ketemu sama salah satu senior bola di alumni Dcm mini soccer 97?

dcm mini soccer

Lalu Bang Ben menjelaskan bahwa dipanggil untuk konsultasi terkait pembuatan lapangan yang sudah ada ingin dikomersilkan Namun terbentur masalah legalitas tanah Setelah bercerita panjang lebar, Bang Ringga meminta Bang Ben untuk meneruskan langkah ini dengan mencari tempat yang baru dan Bang Haji bersedia menjadi investor untuk proyek ini Dan akhirnya atas izin Allah terwujudlah apa yang diwacanakan dalam obrolan sore itu tersebut Ini merupakan usaha pertama dibidang ini, Dengan semangat motto β€œHdiup Indah Bila Mencari Berkah” dan sebaik baik manusia adalah yang bermanfaat bagi manusia lain untuk menjadi manfaat bagi orang banyak dan mencari berkah, Mohon doa dan masukan dari semuanya semoga Allah selalu melindungi,meridhoi dan merahmati Sehingga selalu diberikan kelancaran dan kesuksesan Aamiin


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