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Lovelyz’s Mijoo got honest about her love life on the latest episode of “ My Little Old Boy”! The idol-turned-variety star made a guest appearance as a special MC on the March 27 episode of the SBS variety show, where mijoo lovelyz charmed the celebrity moms with her easygoing and mijoo lovelyz personality. At the beginning of the episode, host Seo Jang Hoon remarked, “I’ve heard that when Mijoo falls in love, she’s the type to generously give that person everything she has and more.” Mijoo confirmed, “Yes, that’s right.

I’m the type who goes all-in [when it comes to love].” To provide an example, Mijoo shared the story of an ex-boyfriend she dated “a long time ago.” “He was just a student, so he wasn’t making any money at all,” she recalled.

“And he was so cold in the winter.

mijoo lovelyz

He didn’t have a heating pad or a padded coat.” “So I bought him a heating pad, and I also gave him a padded coat,” continued Mijoo. “And he didn’t have many household necessities at his place, so I got them for him. His shoes were also worn out and falling apart, so I bought him a new pair of shoes.

It was like that. I’m the type to do everything I can for [my boyfriend] if it makes him happy. I even bought gifts for his parents.” Seo Jang Hoon then asked why they broke up, and Mijoo replied, “One day, I showed up at our date at the scheduled time, and he never came. I wondered where he’d gone, so I went around looking through all the spas and internet cafes in the area, but I couldn’t find him anywhere. Three hours passed by, and I finally went to his house and knocked on the door.

And he had just woken up.” Shin Dong Yup and the celebrity moms reassured Mijoo that she’d done the right thing breaking up with him, and she added with a bitter smile, mijoo lovelyz jerk was a bad guy. I bet he regrets it a lot now.” Watch the full episode of “My Little Old Boy” with English subtitles below! Watch Now The talented girl group member first discussed her thoughts on her ever-so trending popularity, to which she shared she can’t “believe it.” Lovelyz’s Mijoo - 1st Look I can’t believe my current career high.

Through the program ‘Sixth Sense,’ I was able to recognize the fun in variety shows. The public seems to receive me positively. I’m grateful that people continue to cast me in other variety mijoo lovelyz opportunities. — Mijoo for “1st Look” She continued by revealing her work ethic and her mindset when filming for the numerous shows she has on her busy schedule.

When I film, I work my hardest while trying to enjoy my time. And in reality, I do really enjoy it. My greatest weapon is enjoying my current situation and being honest.

— Mijoo for “1st Look” It was here that Mijoo discussed her transition to her current label, Antenna Music. Previously, the Lovelyz member was rumored to have joined the agency because of her variety show mentor, Yoo Jae Suk. However, it was during her interview with 1st Look that the idol shared the real reason why she chose Antenna Music. I believed that they were a mijoo lovelyz where I can do well and where I can do good things well with them together.

— Mijoo for “1st Look” The girl group member continued with the exact, detailed reasons why she believes Antenna Music is a place where she can do things “well.” The Lovelyz member had high praises for the agency, as she revealed that they have “everything [she] wants” when it comes to her future. They’re a company that aims to have great people, music, and laughter.

They have everything that I want when I think about the future I want to create for myself. I want mijoo lovelyz show everyone what it looks like to go towards your dreams step-by-step while maintaining good synergy. — Mijoo for “1st Look” Back in November 2021, Woollim Entertainment shocked the nation when they announced that 7 of the 8 Lovelyz members chose to not renew their contracts. While the news of a disbandment was never confirmed nor denied, fans were still left in complete dismay.

Just a few weeks after Woollim Entertainment’s announcement, Antenna Music confirmed that they had signed an exclusive contract with Mijoo, while sharing their excitement about getting to work alongside the idol member.
Mijoo recently shot a pictorial with 1st Look magazine, and also sat down for an interview for their Youtube channel!

The interview was centered around fans sending in photos of classic “Mijoo” moments and Mijoo providing context, and for the first picture, the staff chose a photo of hers where she “looked sad”. Your browser does not support video. Earlier this year, all the members of Lovelyz (except for Baby Soul) left Woollim Entertainment, and Mijoo recently signed with Antenna Music, home to veteran comedian Yoo Jae Suk. - Antenna Music After officially signing with the agency, Mijoo took some profile photos with them, and this photo was one of her official portraits!

- Antenna Music She shared that as a new member of the agency where she was making a fresh start, she wanted to show new sides of her to fans-ones they’ve never seen before!

I want to show more sides of me now that I’ve moved to Antenna [Music]. One of the sides that was released for the first time mijoo lovelyz this ‘sorrowful’ picture.

—Mijoo Your browser does not support video. She then explained how this “sad” expression was pretty much what was expected during most photoshoots, and she had to empty her mind and stare intensely at the camera for the money shot! When you’re taking these shots, you can’t think about anything.

When you’re doing an editorial, taking pictures—any kind of pictures—you have to stare blankly at the camera and draw your jaw.

But you need to have your tongue against the top of your mouth. This is how you get this look… —Mijoo Your browser does not support video. Mijoo coming through with those mijoo lovelyz tips! Your browser does not support video. • News • Headlines • What's Hot • Reviews • Features • Mijoo lovelyz • Fashion & Style • Stars on TV/Movies • KDrama • Buzz • Reviews • Fashion • Photos • Concert/Performance • Events • Airport Style • New Releases • Fashion & Style • TV/Drama • Endorsement mijoo lovelyz Star's Daily Life • Etc • Stars on TV • K-Drama • Edition • Chinese • Japanese In a Youtube video appearance, Mijoo reveals how she thinks her ex-boyfriend might have already been seeing someone prior to their breakup.

Keep on reading to know more. Former Lovelyz Mijoo Reveals Her Ex-Boyfriend Might Have Been Seeing Someone Towards the End of Their Relationship Recently on January 14, former Lovelyz member Mijoo made a guest appearance on Episode 31 of the popular Korean Youtube channel Studio Waffle and its show "Turkids on the Block." During this episode, Mijoo can be seen having an interview with the show's host and comedian Lee Yong Jin.

Sometime in the middle of the episode, Lee Yong Jin had asked the idol about her past relationship, wondering when her last relationship was. To this, Mijoo revealed that it has been a while since her last relationship. "It has been a while since I have been in a relationship.

mijoo lovelyz

I think we broke up in the winter," Mijoo said. She added that she can't say which winter it was, but during that mijoo lovelyz it was colder than usual.

Explaining why, Mijoo confessed that mijoo lovelyz ex-boyfriend started dating another girl right after they broke up, and revealed some of her suspicions. "He started dating another girl right after we broke up. I think that there was something between those two towards the end of our relationship," Mijoo said.

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Where is LOVELYZ Now? Here are the Members' Current Status After Disbandment Ending the topic about her ex-boyfriend, Mijoo curses him out, saying, "That bastard." Hearing this, Lee Yong Jin couldn't help but laugh at her anger and complete honesty, even joking if she wants to appear on his show "Transit Love 2." The comedian then asked about what kind of guys Mijoo likes, and wonders about her preferences.

Mijoo lovelyz this, Mijoo gets a bit shy and giggles, but reveals that she likes men who look beautiful when they smile and that it is important that they must like her. Appearance-wise, Mijoo wants her significant other to be over 180cm tall and fair-skinned.

When it comes to muscular guys, Mijoo shares that she doesn't really like time. Mijoo answered, "I like guys who have a nice smile. I also like pale and tall guys, who are over 180 cm. But I don't think I can manage dating a too-muscular guy." Check out Mijoo's full appearance here: *Topic starts at the 6:25 minute mark YOU MIGHT BE INTERESTED IN: Lovelyz Kei Diet and Workout Routine: How Does the 'Ah Choo' Singer Lose Weight?

Former Lovelyz Mijoo's Latest Activities Mijoo lovelyz in November, seven of the eight members of Lovelyz decided not to renew their contracts with Woollim Entertainment, with Baby Soul being the only member to renew her contract with the label.

Following Mijoo's departure from the label, she signed on with Antenna for her solo activities. So far, Mijoo has been active with her appearance on variety shows, becoming a cast member of "Sixth Sense," "Hangout with Yoo," "Who Am I," "Idol Dicatation Contest," "LearnWay," and the upcoming show "TMI Show." For more K-Pop news and updates, always keep your tabs open here on KpopStarz.

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mijoo lovelyz

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Mijoo realized that her mijoo lovelyz became the center of controversy and delivered her apologies to the appropriate party through the production team. She revealed that mijoo lovelyz she received consent from the participant before filming the video, she failed to realize that viewers might feel uncomfortable watching it and apologized for her actions.

She added that she was truly apologetic towards the participant that came on the show. “‘Going forward, I will be more careful and work harder to become a better Mijoo. I apologize once again for causing a disturbance to many people.” The controversial video was through the first episode of her new MIJOOPIKCHU series for her YouTube channel back in June.

She met with different people at Seoul Forest and made a sexual harassment remark during a conversation with participant A who was a college student the same age as Mijoo.

In the process of taking a photo and posting it to social media, Mijoo found out that the participant had a girlfriend. To this, she commented, “You have a girlfriend? How far did you go with her? How long have you guys been dating?” To this the participant revealed that they have been together for about 200 days.

Mijoo then responded with, “You guys must have gone all the way then that’s for sure.” Taken aback, the participant expressed that they had only kissed so far. Mijoo took it further by saying“Don’t lie. Aren’t you a man?” While filming this, the production team joined in on the joke and commented, “Where are you looking at?

Mijoo’s gaze is…” These jokes made by the production team proved that they understood the sexual harassment jokes that were going on but still decided to use it in the video. Recently on September 8, this video became a huge controversy, causing the video to be turned to private. The production crew for Mijoo stated, “We apologize for causing concern to the citizens who have been hurt by our carelessness during the interview.” They promised to pay more attention to the production process so that a problem like this would not repeat again in the future.

Below is the full apology statement from Mijoo. Hello this is Lovelyz’s Mijoo. I have recognized the controversy in regards to my video and have apologized to the appropriate parties through the production staff. I apologize once again for making reckless remarks without considering the discomfort the viewers and fans might have felt, although I received consent from the participants at the time. I truly apologize to the participant, who must be going through the hardest time regarding this.

I will be more careful in the future and will continue to work harder. I apologize once again for causing concern to many people. — Mijoo lovelyz 안녕하세요. 러블리즈 미주입니다.

mijoo lovelyz

pic.twitter.com/yyO6FySON6 — Lovelyz_Official (@Official_LVLZ) September 8, 2020 Fans hope that she has learned from her mistake and make better decisions going forward.
Contents • 1 Career • 1.1 Early Life • 1.2 2014: Debut with Lovelyz • 1.3 2021: Signing under Antenna • 2 Gallery Career [ ] Early Life [ ] She was born in Okcheon Country, North Chungcheong, South Korea.

2014: Debut with Lovelyz [ ] In 2014, she debuted under Woolim Entertainment in the South Korean girl group Lovelyz. 2021: Signing under Antenna [ ] On November 17, Antenna confirmed that Mijoo officially signed with them. [1]李 美 珠 Revised Romanization I Mi-ju McCune–Reischauer Yi Michu Signature Lee Seung-ah ( Korean: 이승아; born Lee Mi-joo ( Korean: 이미주) on September 23, 1994), known as Lee Mi-joo, is a South Korean singer, dancer and entertainer.

She debuted as a member of South Korean girl group Lovelyz under Woollim Entertainment in November 2014. Apart from her group's activities, Lee has starred in various Korean variety shows such as, Hit The Stage (2016), Dunia: Into a New World (2018), My Mad Beauty (2018–2019), Shopping Cart Savior (2019), Sixth Sense (2020–2022), Hangout with Yoo (2021) and season 2 of Learn Way (2021–2022).

Lee made her acting debut with I'm a Job Seeker (2016). On November 16, 2021, she left Woollim Entertainment after deciding not to renew her contract, following Lovelyz's disbandment [1] and later joined Antenna for her future solo activities.

[2] Contents • 1 Early life • 2 Career • 2.1 2014–2017: Debut with Lovelyz and career beginnings • 2.2 2018–present: Solo activities • 3 Discography • 3.1 Singles • 4 Filmography • 4.1 Television series • 4.2 Web series • 4.3 Television shows • 4.4 Web show • 5 Awards and nominations • 6 References • 7 External links Early life [ edit ] Mijoo was born mijoo lovelyz September 23, 1994, in Okcheon County, North Chungcheong Province, South Korea.

[3] [4] [5] Career [ edit ] 2014–2017: Debut with Lovelyz and career beginnings [ edit ] Main article: Lovelyz Mijoo debuted with Lovelyz, which was first announced on November 5, 2014, by Woollim Entertainment. [6] Lovelyz released a pre-release digital single, "Good Night Like Yesterday", on November 5, 2014. Their debut showcase was held on November 12 at the K-ART Hall in Olympic Park, and their debut stage was on the next day on Mnet M Countdown.

[7] The group's debut studio album Girls' Invasion was officially released on November 17, along with its lead single titled "Candy Jelly Love". [8] Mijoo made a cameo in The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop in 2016. She participated in the dance survival show Hit the Stage. She placed 6th by the end of episode 8 and was eventually eliminated. She was also a host in Inkigayo alongside bandmate Kei and BTS members Jin and RM. [9] Mijoo was cast in the television series I'm a Job Seeker, playing the role as Na Young-hee.

[10] [11] 2018–present: Solo activities [ edit ] Mijoo was part of the cast of Dunia: Into a New World alongside Yunho, DinDin, Sam Okyere, Kwon Hyun-bin and many more. [12] She was also part of My Mad Beauty 2 with Lee Jin-yi, Hyoyeon and Park Na-rae. [13] She is part of the third season of the series alongside Park Na-rae, Choi Yoo-jung and Han Hye-jin.

[14] She is also cast in the television show In-laws In Practice (2018), paired with Kwon Hyuk-soo [15] [16] and Shopping Cart Saviour (2019) together with Haha and more. Mijoo is also a part of a variety show in TVN called Sixth Sense with Yoo Jae-seok, Jeon So-min, Oh Na-ra and Jessi.

Season 2 airs on Fridays at 20:40 (KST) beginning June 25, 2021, and consist of 14 episodes, with additional cast member Lee Sang-yeob.

She also appears on the MBC reality-variety show Hangout with Yoo in August 2021. On March 9, 2021, Mijoo revealed on Cultwo Show that she had changed her legal name to Lee Seung-ah. [17] On November 1, 2021, Woollim Entertainment announced Mijoo would not renew her contract and left the company on November 16, 2021, following Lovelyz's disbandment.

[18] On November 17, it was announced that Mijoo signed with Antenna. [2] In 2022, Mijoo became the muse of Oryany, a South Korean global fashion brand for the 2022 SS season. Mijoo was chosen because "[they] expect a synergy with Lee Mi-joo, who has a casual yet sensitive fashion sense, and a brand image that presents sensuous designs." [19] Discography [ edit ] For Mijoo's works with Lovelyz, see Lovelyz discography.

Singles [ edit ] Title Year Album "Loving You" (with Baby Soul and Jin) 2020 Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol OST Part3 "Hello Antenna, Hello Christmas" (다음 겨울에도 여기서 만나) (with Artists of Antenna) 2021 2021 Christmas Carol Antenna Filmography [ edit ] Television series [ edit ] Year Title Role Notes Ref.

2016 The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop Student Cameo [ citation needed] Web series [ edit ] Year Title Role Ref. 2016 I'm a Job Seeker Na Young-hee [20] [21] Television shows [ edit ] Year Title Role Notes Ref. 2016 Hit the Stage Contestant [22] Inkigayo Host with RM, Jin and Kei [9] 2018 Dunia: Into a New World Cast member [23] [24] In-laws In Practice [25] Battle Trip Contestant With Jisoo 2018–2019 My Mad Beauty Host seasons 2–3 [26] [27] 2019 Shopping Cart Savior Cast member [28] 2020–present Sixth Sense Season 1–3 [29] 2021–present Hangout with Yoo Episode 103–present 2021 Who Am I Host [30] [31] 2022 TMI SHOW Episode 1 - present [32] New Festa Cast Member [33] Web show [ edit ] Year Title Role Notes Ref.

2017 Honbapstagram Host With Yein [34] 2020 Mijoo Pickchu Host [35] 2021 Jumuniyo Host [36] 2021 Idol Dictation Contest Cast Member Season 1–2 [37] [38] 2021–2022 LearnWay Host Season 2 [39] Awards and nominations [ edit ] Name of the award ceremony, year presented, category, nominee of the award, and the result of the nomination Award ceremony Year Category Nominee / Work Result Ref.

Asia Model Awards 2021 Popular Star Award Sixth Sense Won mijoo lovelyz Baeksang Arts Awards 2022 Best Female Variety Performer Lee Mi-joo Nominated [41] Brand of the Year Awards 2021 Entertainer Idol of the Year (Female) Mijoo Won [42] [43] Korea First Brand Awards 2022 Best Entertainer Idol (Female) Won [44] [45] MBC Entertainment Awards 2021 Rookie Award Hangout with Yoo Won [46] Best Couple Award Mijoo (with Yoo Jae-suk and Haha) Hangout with Yoo Won [47] [48] References [ edit ] • ^ Hong, Seyoung (November 1, 2021).

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mijoo lovelyz

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mijoo lovelyz

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mijoo lovelyz

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mijoo lovelyz

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• 7 stars from Busan – hometown of “visual kings” • A legendary drama couple that many fans want to see their reunion: Both are top stars in the 2000s, the male mijoo lovelyz has not been seen for a long time • “Our Blues” production team: “Please support and keep an eye on Shin Min-ah, who is trying to be happy” • Kim Jong-kook is shocked mijoo lovelyz the fancy birthday meal, Song Jihyo prepared seaweed soup for him?

• Absent for a long time, BLACKPINK is more models than Kpop idols • Netizens went crazy knowing the identity of ‘Jessica Alba’, who joined the audition for WSG Wannabe on “Hangout with Yoo” • Lee Sang-soon showed how whipped he is for his wife Lee Hyo-ri • Even fans don’t know well, but these 6 actors were once members of idol groups Lovelyz Mijoo is moving forward after the expiry of her contract with Woollim Entertainment with huge support from fans.

Mijoo (Lee Mi-joo), who had been worried about her future after the disbandment of Lovelyz, recently saw a “miracle” in her life. Upon hearing the news, Mijoo’s fans were really happy for mijoo lovelyz and showed their support for her continuously. The members of Lovelyz had decided to go on separate paths. Lovelyz virtually disbanded since 7 members, including Mijoo, had decided to leave their agency – Woollim Entertainment after the expiry of their exclusive contracts.

It is mijoo lovelyz that only Babysoul re-signed with Woollim. On November 1st, Woollim Entertainment stated, “ The exclusive contract between our company and Lovelyz members will expire on the 16th of this month, After spending a long time discussing and considering carefully, Yoo Ji-ae, Seo Ji-soo, Lee Mi-joo, Kei, Jin, Ryu Soo-jung, and Jung Mijoo lovelyz decided that they would prepare for new starts in new positions.” The company added, “ Lovelyz Babysoul renewed her contract based on her trust in our company that has been built for a long time.

We want to thank the 8 members of Lovelyz for doing their best over the past 7 years and shining our company. We sincerely support the members’ new starts.” Meanwhile, SportsTV News published an exclusive report on Mijoo’s most recent activity on November 10th.

SportsTV News said, “ According to the news we gathered on November 10th, Lovelyz’s Mi-joo will sign an exclusive contract with ‘Antenna (Antenna Music)’ led by Yoo Hee-yeol. Mi-joo, whose exclusive contract with her agency Woollim Entertainment expires on November 16th, is expected to make Antenna her new home after careful consideration. Rumor has it that a positive discussion took place that Antena will support Mi-joo‘s double careers in both singing and variety shows.” They added, “ However, even after several inquiries from SportsTV News, Antenna saved their words on whether Mi-joo would sign an exclusive contract with them.“ Yoo Jae-suk is under Antenna Entertainment company Antenna Music is mijoo lovelyz by singer Mijoo lovelyz Hee-yeol.

Popular artists such as Peppertones, Lucidpole, Jung Jae-hyung, Sam Kim, Lee Jin-ha, and Jukjae belong to this agency. In particular, The Nation’s MC Yoo Jae-seok recently moved to this agency as well. Mi-joo is being praised for her perfect harmony with Yoo Jae-seok on tvN’s “Six Sense 2” and MBC’s “Hangout with Yoo?”.

For this reason, she was nicknamed “ Yoo Jae-seok’s favorite student.“ Regarding the report, an official from Antenna told Expo News on November 10th, “It is true that we have discussed with Mi-joo regarding the exclusive contract, but it has not been confirmed so far.” Fans welcomed the news and cheered for Mi-joo’s future.

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Though former Lovelyz member Mijoo wasn’t one of the “official” visuals of the group, she certainly could have been with how gorgeous she is.

With her perfect hourglass figure and doll-like beauty, one would think that someone such as her might not have insecurities about her visuals. She has even been asked before by Lee Yong Mijoo lovelyz, the host of the show Turkids on the Block, if she truly is a natural beauty. While she replied that she has had some cosmetic procedures done, it sounds like plastic surgery wasn’t one of them.

However, when Mijoo recently appeared on Hangout With Yoo, she admitted to wanting to have a procedure done that has fans of the idol shook. During the discussion, she admitted that she wanted to have a rhinoplasty, and that if she had a month of time where she wasn’t working, she would have the procedure done.
Mijoo (Lovelyz) Profile and Facts; Mijoo’s Ideal Type Stage Name: Mijoo (미주) Birth Name: Lee Mi Joo (이미주), but legally changed her name to Lee Seungah (이승아) Position: Main Dancer, Vocalist Place Of Birth: Okcheon Country, North Chungcheong, South Korea Birthday: September 23, 1994 Zodiac sign: Libra Official Height: 167 cm (5’6″) / Real Height: 165 cm (5’5”) Blood Type: O Mijoo facts: – Her father works as a middle school P.E teacher.

– Her major in high school was E-commerce.

mijoo lovelyz

– Mijoo used to attend Seungri’s Dance Academy. – Her hobbies are watching movies and listening to music – She acted in Infinite’s MV “Last Romeo”. – She danced with Sunggyu in INFINITE’s Man in Love Performance for Gayo Daejun. – She appeared in Mnet’s dance competition show “Hit the Stage”.

mijoo lovelyz

– Mijoo and Kei can’t swim. [New Yang Nam Show 170406] – Mijoo alcohol tolerance is one and half or two bottles of soju. [Ilgan Sport’s DrunkDol Interview] – When drinking, Mijoo likes to eat sesame oil laver. [Ilgan Sport’s DrunkDol Interview] – Mijoo and Kei share a room. [Ilgan Sport’s DrunkDol Interview] – When they make a lot of money, Mijoo wants to go on a trip to Japan with her parents. [Ilgan Sport’s DrunkDol Interview] – Mijoo career wish is the one who makes snacks.

– Her original career wish before becoming an idol was a kindergarten teacher. – Messiest member as picked by the members. (she leaves her clothes and stuff everywhere in the dorm) – Mijoo’s favorite color is red. – Mijoo’s favorite foods are meat and sundae (blood sausage)-tteokbokki (rice cake)-twigim (fritters) set. – She dislikes food with strong tastes (salmon, oyster, fishy food).

– She was known as a pretty girl in her hometown (pre-debut). – The most fashionable in the group. – Mijoo’s favorite style of clothes is tight clothing. – Mijoo can play the piano. – She’s close with Red Velvet’s Seulgi, Dreamcatcher’s JiU and Pristin’s Mijoo lovelyz. – Mijoo’s ideal type is someone who has a nice smile, mijoo lovelyz deep thoughts, and only look at her.

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