Mobile legend event 515

mobile legend event 515 mobile legend event 515

The Invasion of Monsters The Defense of Dawn - Chapter 2 Mobile Legends Bang Bang! The monsters invaded the Land of Dawn. The land is suffering from this severe crisis.One's mobile legend event 515 may be insignificant, but everyone's strength combined can resist the greatest evil! Brave warriors, watch Chapter 2 to learn more. Join the fight to destroy the invading monsters! #MobileLegendsBangBang #515UNITE Let's Fight!

Guard of Dawn! The Defense of Dawn - Chapter 3 Mobile Legends Bang Bang! The Warrior of Dawn shows up and challenges the monsters. In order to protect the Land of Dawn and maintain the peace, he launches the final attack against them. Who on earth is this warrior? Watch Chapter 3 for more details. #MobileLegendsBangBang #515UNITE Rules for joining on 515 United 1. Time (server time): April 22nd to May 20th 2. Participate in the event only after logging in the website 3.

mobile legend event 515

It can be automatically logged in when jumping to the webpage through the game 4. Global energy and your energy will be increased by inviting your friends to this webpage through the link you shared 5. If your energy is not increased, please ask your friend to try it again after logging in on the page 6.

Your energy can be used to redeem various rewards with different required energy and limits 7. When Global Energy reaches every progress, the limits of redeeming rewards will be refreshed. 8. At the same mobile legend event 515, every player will receive a reward, which will be sent to your mailbox directly 9.

You can get an extra reward by sharing the webpage for the first time when Global Energy reaches every progress; also every account will be able to get this reward once only 10. After receiving the rewards, it will be directly sent to the mailbox in game 11.

There may be some delay in sending rewards. Please be patient. If you do not receive the award, please contact our customer service timely. United and We Win Contents • 1 Rules • 1.1 Rewards • 1.1.1 Individual Progress Rewards • 1.1.2 Server Progress Rewards • 2 Free Promo Diamonds • 3 515 Web Events • 3.1 Wanwan - Idol Production Plan • 3.1.1 Rules • 3.1.2 Gallery • 3.1.3 External links • 3.2 Ling - Cultivation Roles • 3.2.1 Rules • 3.2.2 Gallery • 3.2.3 External links • 3.3 Yin - Mobile legend event 515 Share • 3.3.1 Rules • 3.3.2 Gallery • 3.3.3 External links • 4 Battle Craze • 4.1 Rules • 4.2 Tasks • 5 515 M-Depot • 5.1 Guide • 5.2 Special Bonuses • 6 Creation Camp • 6.1 Rules • 6.2 Collect & Exchange • 6.3 Challenge Tasks • 7 515 Carnival Party • 7.1 Rules • 7.1.1 Popularity Contest • 7.1.2 Popularity Points • 7.1.3 Popularity Level • 7.1.4 Other Rules • 7.2 Tasks • 7.2.1 Invite Friends • 7.2.2 Complete tasks to get points • 7.3 Rewards • 7.4 Exchange • 8 515 Daily Gifts • 8.1 Check-in Guide • 9 Psionic Oracle • 9.1 Rules • 9.1.1 Conversion Ratio • 9.1.2 Drop Rates • 9.2 Exchange • 9.3 Draw Rewards • 9.4 Prize Pool • 9.5 Upgrade Treasure • 10 Free Summoning Scroll • 11 Daily Recharge Rebate • 11.1 Rules • 11.2 Tasks • 12 515 Mega Draw • 12.1 Rules • 12.2 Prizes • 12.3 Mega Draw Bundle • 13 515 Reward Exchange • 13.1 Rules • 13.2 Collect & Exchange • 14 Bonus Tokens • 14.1 Rules • 14.2 Tasks • 15 External links Rules • Get first-hand info on the upcoming 515 M-World!

• Log in, share the event, or watch the related videos to raise your progress. • Progress obtained ia login is added automatically. • Learn about the upcoming events in advance and claim rewards as the server progress increases. • Reach the specified individual progress for extra rewards. • Stay tuned for the 515 M-World!

Rewards Individual Progress Rewards • 1 - 1 Skin Trial Pack • 5 - 5 Small Emblem Packs • 9 - S.T.U.N.

Skin Trial Card Bundle Server Progress Rewards • 1 million - M-World: Wanwan Trial Card (1-Day) • 60 million - New Resources: Ling Trial Card (1-Day) • 100 million - Bonus Events: Yin Trial Card (1-Day) • 150 million - New Battlefield: Double BP Card (1-Day) Free Promo Diamonds “ Log in on 04/12 to claim Free Diamonds!

” Event Time: From 04/03/2022, 00:00 to 04/11/2022, 23:59 (Server Time) Pre-register to claim Promo Diamonds on 04/12. You can get more Promo Diamonds in the 515 Carnival Party mobile legend event 515 515 Web Events Wanwan - Idol Production Plan Idol Production Plan web event for Wanwan Event Time: From 04/03/2022, 00:00 to 05/20/2022, 00:00 (Server Time) Rules • In the event, you will be Wanwan's producer and improve her Fondness and Popularity in the following ways ①Complete Fondness Test (only one chance for each player); ②Start a trip and explore.

• With enough Fondness, Wanwan will give you exclusive photos and rewards. You can claim the rewards on the Gifts page, see the photos via Photo Book, and unlock more interactions with Wanwan on the main interface! • With enough Popularity, you can claim rewards on the Gifts page. • Tap the Phone icon to take part in other hero events. The upcoming events will start on April 8 and April 14. • The rewards will be sent via mail in-game once claimed on the event page.

There could mobile legend event 515 a short delay, but if you don't receive the mail after a long period, please contact Customer Service. • Mobile Legends: Bang Bang will have the final say on the events. If you have any questions, please contact Customer Service. Gallery External links • Wanwan - Idol Production Plan website Ling - Cultivation Roles Cultivation Roles web event for Ling Event Time: From 04/08/2022, 00:00 to 05/20/2022, 00:00 (Server Time) Rules • In the event, you will play as Ling and improve your cultivation progress in the following ways: ①Complete the cultivation quests in Restaurant, Herb Store, and Arena on the map.

②Invite friends to remove wanted signs, and returning players who haven't logged in for 30 days can remove more signs. Remove all the signs at a location to improve your cultivation progress, and once you remove all the wanted signs, Paquito "Death Blow" will be guaranteed. • With enough cultivation progress, you can claim rewards on the Rewards page. • In Ling's event, each mobile legend event 515 can only be invited once by the same friend to remove wanted signs.

The server data determines whether or not users are returning players who haven't logged in for 30 days or more. • Tap the Phone icon to take part in other hero events. The upcoming event will start on April 14.

• The rewards will be sent via mail in-game once claimed on the event page. There could be a short delay, but if you don't receive the mail after a long period, please contact Customer Service. • Mobile Legends: Bang Bang will have the final say on the events. If you have any questions, please contact Customer Service.

mobile legend event 515

Gallery External links • Ling - Cultivation Roles website Yin - Reward Share Reward Share web event for Yin Event Time: From 04/14/2022, 00:00 to 05/20/2022, 00:00 (Server Time) Rules • In the event, you will help Yin as his friend and share his challenge champion rewards with more friends.

• Each player has 2 chests that each contain 5 rewards. Once the event starts, all players can share the rewards in Chest 1 mobile legend event 515 friends, who will each draw one reward from the chest via the shared link. The chest share will be complete once all 5 rewards are claimed, and the sharer will get an extra sharer exclusive reward.

• Chest 2 will be available for sharing starting from 04/15/2022, 00:00 (Server Time), but players that complete Chest 1 share in advance can unlock and share Chest 2 before that.

mobile legend event 515

• In Yin's event, each character can only draw one reward via the link shared by the same friend, whether it is from Chest 1 or 2. Each character can claim at most 10 rewards from different friends. • Newcomers or returning players who haven't logged in for 30 days or more have a higher chance of drawing better rewards. The server data determines whether or not users are newcomers or returning players.

• Tap the Phone icon to take part in other hero events. The upcoming event will start on April 14. • Promo Diamonds will mobile legend event 515 temporarily saved on the web page once obtained, and you can withdraw them on the page and claim them in-game starting from April 28, 00:00 (server time). Or you can exchange 40 Promo Diamonds for a 515 skin exclusive Coupon - 50 Diamonds, which can be used when purchasing Wanwan "M-World Wanwan", Ling "M-World Ling", or Yin "M-World Yin".

• The rewards will be sent via mail in-game once claimed on the event interface. There could be a short delay, but if you don't receive the mail after a long period, please contact Customer Service. • Mobile Legends: Bang Bang will have the final say on the events. If you have any questions, please contact Customer Service. Gallery External links • Yin - Reward Share web event Battle Craze Event period: 12 April 2022-22 April 2022 Rules • Tasks can only be completed under specified conditions.

• Tasks refresh every day. • Please remember to claim your rewards every day. Tasks Tasks Rewards Log in to the game. 1 M-World Fragment Share the event. 1 M-World Fragment Complete 1 match in Classic/Ranked/Brawl/ Magic Chess. 1 M-World Fragment Complete 1 match with friends.

2 M-World Fragment Slay Lord/ Turtle 10 times. 2 M-World Fragment 515 M-Depot Guide • Event Period: 04/12/2022 00:00 - 05/23/2022 23:59 • Two tabs, Special Bonuses and Exclusive Emotes, will be available during specific time periods as follows: a. Special Bonuses: 04/12 - 05/23 b. Exclusive Emotes: 05/14 - 05/23. • M-World Fragments required for reward exchange can be obtained via the 515 Battle Craze, 515 Trophy Battle, and 515 Login Bonus events. • Each reward can only be exchanged for a limited number of times and will be removed from the shelves once the limit is reached or after the event ends.

Special Bonuses Item Cost (M-World Fragment) Times exchanged 1 515: Zilong emote 30 1 1 515! Knockout! (30-Day) Elimination Effect 30 1 1 515 Surprise Box 15 10 Ling 100 1 Wanwan 100 1 Yin 100 1 1 Epic Skin Trial Card Pack (1-Day) 6 5 1 Double EXP Card (1-Day) 8 5 1 Double BP Card (1-Day) 16 3 1 Small Emblem Pack 1 40 1 Fight!

M-World! Avatar Border (will be available on 05/07) TBA 1 1 515! Fight! Spawn Effect (will be available on 05/14) TBA 1 1 Raven Emblem (will be available on 05/16) TBA 1 Creation Camp Event Period: 12 April 2022-16 April 2022; 30 April 2022-5 May 2022 Rules • All tasks need to be completed under the specified conditions. • Tasks refresh daily. Don't forget to claim your rewards every day. • Unused Victory Necklaces will be removed at the end of the event. Please exchange them in time. Collect & Exchange No.

of Victory Necklaces = Reward Times exchanged 25 = 1 Creation Camp Avatar Border 1 4 = 1 Creation Camp Ticket 1 2 = 1 Golden Dice 3 1 = 1 Small Emblem Pack 5 Challenge Tasks Tasks Rewards (Victory Necklace/ M-World Laser Glasses) Log in to the game 1 Complete 1 match in Creation Camp.

1 Win 1 match or get in first place 1 time in Creation Camp. 2 Complete 1 match in Creation Camp with friends.

2 Try 2 different gameplay in Creation Camp. 2 515 Carnival Party Rules Popularity Contest • Several rounds of Popularity Contest will be held between 04/12-04/27, with Ranking and Popularity Level Rewards issued at the end of each round.

• During each round, you can select a 515-featured flag as your mobile legend event 515 in the Popularity Contest. • You'll then be matched with 4 players with similar Popularity Points.

• You'll be ranked according to your Popularity Points at the end of the round. Players with the same Popularity points will receive the lowest possible ranking.

mobile legend event 515

For example, if all the five players have the same Popularity Points, they'll all be ranked fifth. • The Ranking Rewards, 515 Gold Badges and 515 Silver Badges, can be exchanged for rewards in the event shop.

Popularity Points • Your initial Popularity Points are determined by your account level (Lv.1-10: 2 Points: Lv.11-20: 4 Points; Lv.21 and Above: 6 Points). • You can obtain Popularity Points by completing the event tasks and requesting help from friends. • Popularity Points obtained from friends are determined by their account level (Lv.1-10: 2 Points; Lv.11-20: 4 Points; Lv.21 and Above: 6 Points).

• Popularity Points won't reset at the end of each round, though you can only receive help from each friend once throughout the event. Popularity Level • Accumulate 2, 10, 30, 60, 120, and 200 Popularity Points to increase your Popularity Level, up to Lv.6. Other Rules • You can send 1 help request to Friends, Squad, and Group per day, and can help others up to 5 times during each round.

• You must claim the rewards you obtained in the previous round before you can receive more help from other players. • Up to 50 players who helped you will be displayed in Help Received, ranked according to the number of Popularity Points they helped you increase. • To ensure fair competition, you cannot join the Popularity Contest when a round is about to end. • Besides the "Complete 2 matches" task, all other match-related tasks can only be completed in Classic, Ranked, or Brawl.

• The event shop will remain open between 04/28 - 05/03. Promo Diamonds will also be available for use during this period! Tasks Invite Friends Attempts Task 5 Invite Friends 30 Request Help Complete tasks to get points Two of the three tasks are remained unchanged throughout the event and these are: Recharge 20 Diamonds. (+4 Populatiry Points); Daily login (+1). Only one task change within a period as shown in the table below: Stage Duration Tasks Rewards (Popularity Point) 1 April 12-14 Win 1 match.

OR Complete 2 matches. 6 2 April 15-17 Complete 1 match using Yin/Wanwan/Ling. OR Like 15 players on the match result screen. 6 3 April 18-20 Complete 1 [match] with mobile legend event 515. 6 4 April 21-22 Complete 1 match using Yin/Wanwan/Ling.

Mobile legend event 515 Like 15 players on the match result screen. 6 April 23 Own Ling "M-World Ling" 12 5 April 24 April 25-27 Make 1 summon in the Psionic Oracle event.

12 Rewards Ranking Rewards Rank Rewards No. 1 1 515 Gold Badge & 140 Promo Diamonds No. 2 4 515 Silver Badges & 90 Promo Diamonds No. 3 3 515 Silver Badges & 40 Promo Diamonds No. 4 2 515 Silver Badges & 30 Promo Diamonds No. 5 2 515 Silver Badges & 20 Promo Diamonds Popularity Rewards Popularity Points Rewards 2 1 Empire Chevalier Medal 10 1 Magic Wheel Potion S 30 5 Small Emblem Packs 60 Double EXP Card: (3-Day) 120 80 Tickets 200 1 Common Starlight Trial Card (7-Day) Exchange Item Cost Times exchanged 1 515 Carnival Party Skin Chest 1 515 Gold Badge 1 60 Promo Diamonds 1 515 Gold Badge 5 2 Premium Skin Fragments 1 515 Silver Badge 2 10 Promo Diamonds 1 515 Silver Badge 20 10 Tickets 1 515 Silver Badge 10 515 Daily Gifts “ Claim lots of M-World Fragments every day!

” Event Time: 23 April-29 April 2022 Check-in Guide • Check-in on the event page every day during the event. • Accumulate specific numbers of check-ins to claim the rewards. Day 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 M-World Fragments 5 5 5 5 10 10 15 Psionic Oracle Legend Skin - Guinevere "Psion of Tomorrow" is available between 04/25 - 05/16! Rules • Participate in the event for a chance to get rare prizes including Legend, Exclusive Epic (including S.T.U.N.

skins), Epic, and Special skins from the prize pool. • A Special skin is guaranteed in mobile legend event 515 first 10 summons, while an Elite skin is guaranteed for every 10 summons afterward. are 50% OFF. • The first Summon 10X during the event and the first Summon 1X every day • Reach 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 total summons to claim bonus rewards. • Each summon also grants a random number of Psionic Points. • Accumulate 200, 300, 400, 500, and 1000 Psionic Points to upgrade the Psionic Treasure and use the corresponding number of points to unlock it for bonus skin rewards.

• The higher the quality of the Psionic Treasure, the better the possible skin reward. The Mythic Treasure is guaranteed to include an Exclusive Epic skin. • Summoning Scrolls cannot be used together with the 50% discount. • Duplicate skins obtained from the event will automatically be converted into Psionic Contracts, which can be exchanged for skins in the event shop.

You may also choose to gift the exchanged skins to your friends! • Unused Summoning Scrolls and Psionic Contracts will be removed at the end of the event. Conversion Ratio • Legend Skin: 400 Psionic Contracts • Exclusive Epic Skin: 200 Psionic Contracts • Epic Skin: 80 Psionic Contracts • Special Skin: 50 Psionic Contracts • Elite Skin: 20 Psionic Contracts • Basic Skin: 10 Psionic Contracts mobile legend event 515 Emote: 3 Psionic Contracts Drop Rates • Prize Pool: Legend/Exclusive Epic Skin (0.03%) ; Epic Skin (0.11%); Special Skin (1.36%); Elite Skin (9.04%); Basic Skin (8.9%), Item (56.81%); Psionic Contract (23.75%) • Psionic Treasure: Common Treasure: Elite Skin (50%); Basic Skin (50%) Rare Treasure: Special Skin (50%); Elite Skin (50%) Epic Treasure: Epic Skin (5%); Special Skin (95%) Legendary Treasure: Exclusive Mobile legend event 515 Skin (5%); Epic Skin (95%) Mythic Treasure: Legend/Exclusive Epic Skin (100%) Exchange TBA Draw Rewards No.

of Draws 10 20 30 40 50 Psionic Contracts 15 15 15 30 30 Prize Pool TBA Upgrade Treasure TBA Free Summoning Scroll Pre-register to claim FREE Summoning Scroll on 04/30, which can be used to draw prizes in the Psionic Oracle event.

mobile legend event 515

Daily Recharge Rebate Event Period: 25 April-03 May 2022 Rules • During the event, log in to the game every day to claim login rewards and recharge specified numbers of diamonds to claim recharge rewards.

• Recharge for specified numbers of days to claim cumulative recharge rewards. • Bonus diamonds do not count toward the recharge amount. Tasks Date Tasks Log In Recharge 100 Diamonds 04/25 1 Small Emblem Pack 1 Summoning Scroll 04/26 300 Battle Points 1 Summoning Scroll 04/27 20 Tickets 1 Summoning Scroll 04/28 mobile legend event 515 Magic Dusts 1 Magic Wheel Potion S 04/29 1 Hero Fragment 1 Magic Wheel Potion S 04/30 1 Rare Skin Fragment 1 Magic Wheel Potion S 05/01 20 Tickets 1 Magic Wheel Potion S 05/02 30 Magic Dusts 1 Magic Wheel Potion S 05/03 60 Magic Dusts Tasks Rewards Recharge for 2 days.

1 Lucky Ticket Recharge for 5 days. 515: Wanwan Battle Emote Recharge for 8 days. 1 Summoning Scroll 515 Mega Draw Rules • A lucky number is granted each time you purchase an mobile legend event 515 bundle.

The more lucky numbers you have, the higher the chance you'll hit the jackpot! • All the lucky numbers will be placed in the lottery and the winners will be announced at 23:59 every day to receive tons of diamonds! • Your lucky numbers will be entered into the lottery when you receive them and for each subsequent draw. The earlier you get your lucky numbers, the more participation chances you'll get. So make sure to get them early! • Even if you miss the jackpot, you'll receive a basic prize.

Prizes can be claimed on the event page once the winners of the jackpot are announced. • The event page will be displayed in Events for an extra 3 days after the event ends, during which you can still claim prizes and view the winners list. Unclaimed prizes will be issued via mail afterward. Prizes • Day 25-28 - 8 10000 • Day 29 (Jackpot) - 3 50000 Mega Draw Bundle Item(s) Cost (Diamonds) Times exchanged 1 Summoning Scroll + Mega Draw Ticket 10 1 51 89 2 2 Summoning Scrolls + 1 Mega Draw Ticket 180 3 Summoning Scrolls + 1 Mega Draw Ticket 300 5 Magic Dusts + 5 Tickets N/a N/a 515 Reward Exchange Rules Please exchange you rewards in time during the event.

Collect & Exchange No. of Items = Reward Times exchanged 5 Premium Skin Fragments = 1 515 Skin Paint (3-Day) 1 5 Rare Skin Fragments = 1 515 Skin Paint (3-Day) 3 15 Rare Skin Fragments = 1 515 Skin Paint (7-Day) 3 30 Rare Skin Fragments mobile legend event 515 1 515 Skin Paint (7-Day) 7 75 Premium Skin Fragments = International Labor Day Avatar Border 1 75 Premium Skin Fragments = Squad Rally Day Avatar Border 1 300 Rare Skin Fragments = Carp Windsocks Fluttering Recall Effect 1 Bonus Tokens Rules • Tasks can only be completed under specified conditions.

• You can only claim the rewards of each task once. • Please claim your rewards before the event ends. Tasks Tasks Rewards Log in to the game. 1 Summoning Scroll Share Psionic Oracle Event. 1 Summoning Scroll Make 3 draws in the Psionic Oracle Event 1 Random Elite Skin Chest Recharge 20. 1 Summoning Scroll Recharge 100. 2 Summoning Scrolls + 30 Recharge 250. 3 Summoning Scrolls + 40 Recharge 500. 100 Spend 100. 1 Summoning Scroll Spend 250. 2 Summoning Scrolls Spend 500. 2 Summoning Scrolls Spend 1000.

3 Summoning Scrolls Spend 2000. 3 Summoning Scrolls External links • 515 M-World website
Breaking News • PUBG Mobile or BGMI: Top 10 new features of upcoming 2.0 update • Wild Rift Icons Global Championship 2022 Finals to be held in Singapore • Rush Royale: Tower Defense TD: The complete PvP Guide and Tips • Cookie Run: Kingdom: The complete Time Jumpers Guide and Tips • HoYoverse teases Zenless Zone Zero, a brand new shooter game • Soul Knight Prequel: ChillyRoom to start its first beta test on May 16 • Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2: Stormtrooper Checkpoint locations and how to find them • Seven Mortal Sins X-TASY: How to contact customer support service • Chronicle of Infinity Guide: Tips to make your Character more powerful • Clash Royale Guide: Tips to use your Elixir efficiently The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang 515 event returns in 2022 with a brand-new rap music video and in-game promotion for fans to enjoy!

Fans can party it up with two unique soundtracks, titled “ We Better Than Me Rap Battle” and a standalone remix of the 515 event theme song, which reflects the exhilaration and fun when one teams up with a squad of five together, starring Gavin Magnus, Luh Kel, Baby Kaely, Curly Head Monty, Danielle Cohn, Eli Unique, Capri Everitt, and Angelic Montero.

MLBB has never done a celebrity-driven commercial campaign in North America before. — Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (@MobileLegendsOL) April 17, 2022 Legendary artists rap it out at the Mobile Legends 515 Event 2022 On April 9 (PST), Gavin Magnus, Luh Kel, Baby Kaely, Curly Head Monty, Danielle Cohn, Eli Unique, Capri Everitt, and Angelic Montero produced a huge remix of this year’s 515 theme song.

Gavin Magnus, Luh Kel, Baby Kaely, and Curly Head Monty’s second soundtrack will be released on April 23 (PST) via their respective Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok accounts, as well as the official Mobile Legends: Bang Bang North America social platforms. The 515 Event will feature various in-game activities and rewards for players The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang 515 M-World is an annual event that honors player togetherness. From the 12th of April through the 23rd of May, gamers will be treated to a variety of in-game activities and rewards.

For this year’s 515 M-World campaign, players can get new character skins including Wanwan, Ling, and Yin. Look forward to the following events in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang: Image via MOONTON 1. 515 Carnival Party + 515 Flash Sale (12 April – 28 April) • Acquire free diamonds through the new popularity contest in MLBB! • These are event-exclusive promotional diamonds, that can be used as regular diamonds during the 515 Flash Sale which has heroes and skins up for grabs • Enjoy a discount when you purchase any of the skins directly sold in the Shop during the 515 Flash Sale (excluding skins that were released in the last 3 months and mobile legend event 515 and discounted heroes for novice players).

2. Brand New Skins • Wanwan, Ling, and Yin skins are up for grabs during the 515 M-World event – taking inspiration from Japanese anime and urban culture, the trio is donned in ninja gear to take the Land of Dawn by mobile legend event 515 3. 515 Login Bonus • Log into MLBB during the following event timeframes to score free rewards: • April 30 – 2 May: Free 515 gacha tokens • 7 May – 8 May: 515 choice bundle • 14 May – 15 May: New hero exchange tokens 4.

All-new battle system: Creation Camp • Create your own rules, and set your gameplay: Players can utilize the customization function of the Creation Camp to set the match rules, and play with friends! • Classic, Brawl, and limited-time Arcade modes are modes applicable for play in the Creation Camp 5. Psionic Oracle (04/25 – 05/16) • Acquire the all-new Guinevere Psion of Tomorrow epic skin from 25 April to 16 May! • Log into MLBB for the terms and conditions on acquiring Psion of Tomorrow.

mobile legend event 515

6. All Heroes Free Access (05/07-05/08) • Train up with all MLBB heroes between 7 May – and 8 May, as all heroes will be free to play during then. mobile legend event 515. Star Protection when teaming up with friends (05/14-05/15) • There’s nothing better than playing together!

Team up with your squad or friends in Ranked Mode to avoid losing stars between 14 May – and 15 May. We are constantly looking for the best talents and most passionate mobile gamers to join our crew. As part of the GamingonPhone team, you will be at the cutting-edge of the industry, covering the latest news and trends, conducting developer interviews, and reviewing the hottest new mobile games.

Check our careers page!

mobile legend event 515

Mobile Legends has released a lot of good updates, of course with this new event that has appeared. Then with the 515 M-World 2022 Mobile Legends (ML) Event Calendar, there are many interesting things for you to complete.

Because with the emergence of events like this, of course there are lots of cool prizes for you to get from there. Of course you will have a lot of main prizes. Because from here we will get the main prize, so you will definitely be interested in all of that for you to play.

mobile legend event 515

Especially with some good events for you to complete, surely from here we will get something interesting. Mobile Legends players must be ready with all of that, because from here it will provide something interesting for you to find. Special Skin & Resource Web Event 515 ( April 3, 2022 ) This 515 M-World event also comes with a special Web that will give a very cool main prize. Of course with this main prize, of course you will be able to get various prizes and free skins with certain opportunities.

mobile legend event 515

If you know the Event of Getting Wanwan Star Pop Mobile Legends Skin, well that’s one of them from this section. It will continue with the opportunity to get other skins such as Ling Epic and other selected heroes from here.

But it will only appear for a limited time, we even have to complete it in an event to receive the prize. This is a separate 515 M-World 2022 Event, but its presence is as straight as it is in the game right now. M-World Special Diamond Promo ( 12 – 27 April 2022 ) No wonder this event will be even more lively, because the Diamond Promo will soon come back to accompany you.

This promo appears really special with the M-World event that we will find in the game later. The time period for completing the Mission is from 12 – 27 April 2022, and the redemption of this Promo Diamond is mobile legend event 515 12 April – 3 May 2022. You can only get the total discount from April 28 until the M-World Event is over.

Remember to collect a lot of conditions for the Diamond Promo redemption, so that more and more we can get it. Zilong Storm Rider Skin & Permanent Graffiti ( 29 April – 15 May 2022 ) In this new event, players should not miss Zilong’s newest Skin, Storm Rider and a free Graffiti. On April 29 – May 15, these players will get the same event that they must complete. If the mission is completed, then the player will get a lot of gifts from here for free. According to Esportsku, before getting this Zilong Storm Rider Skin, you will also gradually get other prizes so pay attention to the mission carefully.

Event 515 Trophy Battle ( April 30 – May 23, 2022 ) Players will compete to get lots of trophies in an event, so they can get cool prizes like this soon. Of course, with the presence of the Trophy Battle, you will soon get lots of free gifts from the available exchanges. According to my Esports, you will benefit greatly from this part of the event. Because the main prize itself is part of all Battle Effects. Whether it’s Avatar profiles, Spawn Effects and the latest 515 M-World special Recalls that already exist.

Of course, a gift like this does seem really cool, so you don’t want to miss it at all. The main prize with a very cool appearance, of course you have to start playing the mission so that later you get the main prize. Special Login Item 515 ( 7 – 8 May 2022 ) Players can do a lot of very interesting things from here, just login can get 515 items in very large quantities.

For example, on May 7-8, players can receive Recall, Spawn, Kill Effect and a special Border Avatar 515. Of course, this is a special offering from Harith, so players who were left behind have a chance to get it again. Most likely you should be able to choose only one, but if it’s Esports I will definitely choose Recall Effect because it’s much more interesting.

Because it’s included in the Best Recall Effect in Mobile Legends, so you should be able to get it right now. New Hero Julian Exchange ( 14 – 15 May 2022 ) Mobile legend event 515 you will also receive an event where you can get the New Hero Julian Mobile Legends, this you will have with a token exchange.

With us exchanging these tokens immediately, we will definitely get the chance to receive a new Hero named Julian right now.

Considering that Julian is a part of Forsaken Light, even initially he wanted it to be released in April 2022. But because there was a Revamp hjero, so Julian got a delay related to the update. But still the hero is cool and very strong, you have to have it immediately and exchange it. M-World 515 Depot ( 12 April – 23 May 2022 ) Next we will get a new event called M-World 515 Depot, when you play here you will definitely get a lot of permanent prizes.

Players can also certainly receive many of the newest missions, so we can finish them soon with quite a lot of prizes. Of course with all of this, it will definitely continue to provide something very interesting and limited. Players will have the opportunity to get Zilong Storm Rider Battle Emote, 515 World Spwan Effect, Special Avatar Border, Julian Exchange Token and 515 Recall Effect 30 Day trial.

There are several Missions in this Depot, along with Ling Wanwan and Yin you guys will definitely like it soon.

Special Offer Skin 515 M-World Discount ( 16 April – 5 May 2022 ) Then you don’t need to spend a lot of money, because during this Event Skin 515 M-World mobile legend event 515 receive a 30% discount for 3 weeks. So this 515 m World Mobile Legends Special Hero Skin, we will get it mobile legend event 515 a very cheap price. Starting from Wanwan which was released on April 16, 2022, then Ling followed on April 23 and Yin for April 30, 2022.

Everything will end on May 5, 2022, so don’t miss an event like this. Because of the special offer itself, Mobile Legends players will receive it at a low price. Not to mention there is a Diamond Promo, you can get this Skin maybe only 1 Diamond if it works. Summon Skin Legend – Guinevere Psion of Tomorrow ( 25 April – 16 May 2022 ) Now, this is what Guinevere players will be waiting for – wait, a Psion of Tomorrow Legend Skin for the Hero in the latest Spin Event.

It’s not part of the Magic Wheel, but you have to do Spin first, just like the previous Skin legend. It will also bring many Epic Skins, Collectors and other types of Skins with the Mobile legend event 515 Event. Now the most special thing is that you will get a special STUN Skin, 515 which must be re-entered in M-World in 2021 this time. But not for sale, but you have to get it from Spin with the Guinevere.

It’s a fair thing, because this skin is reportedly rare, if for example entering the shop, the person who bought it would not like it.

mobile legend event 515

Free Tokens Summon Psion of Tomorrow ( April 30 – May 2 and May 14 – May 16, 2022 ) The opportunity to get Free Spins is also on Tokens which will be distributed for free. But apart from getting it via login, players will also top up if they want to get additional Spin Tokens. Just be prepared from now on, before you meet directly with this latest event later. Free Access All Heroes ( 7 – 8 May 2022 ) Players will get a free access to each hero and role, can freely use them during the event period.

Of course, this Free Access will make you all learn what the hero is and try it before buying. This opportunity is indeed very special, make sure you don’t miss it altogether. Bebab use it until the time limit that Mobile Legends has given for all of that.

Star Protection ( 14 – 15 May 2022 ) The opportunity to mobile legend event 515 rank without fear of losing, players can receive permanent Star Protection on May 14-15, 2022. So how many times you want to lose is not a problem, because this can be felt very easily later.

Players can get the opportunity to Push Rank comfortably, without having to worry about Points or Stars dropping because of this event. It’s special, but remember, don’t be trolling because there will still be severe punishments that you will receive if you do that. The punishment you will receive may be a point reduction, but don’t get me wrong, your Stars may still go down.

Based on my esports experience alone, when you lose but in AFK, the stars or points will still decrease significantly. Opening of the Creation Camp Mode ( April 12, 2022 ) Officially the Creation Camp Mode is finally open in the Mobile Legends game, show your creativity to play in that mode later.

It will mobile legend event 515 provide something very profitable, if we manage to enter and play the mode. We can get a lot of fun from here, try it yourself with the creativity that you make. Even other players can mobile legend event 515 join your own Mode, as long as this Mode is open to the public too. Of course, with the presence of an Event Calendar 515 M-World 2022 Mobile Legends (ML), of course you will get a lot of things from here.

Complete every existing Mission and event, play all of them and immediately get the latest prizes from this Event. Seeing all that, it seemed very special for those who finished it on time. Who doesn’t think that this new event will present another promo for you to get. K eep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player! Don’t forget to follow our social media on Instagram and also subscribe our youtube channel Recent Posts • Differences Avatar Lite and Special Border in Mobile Legends (ML) • How to Get the Blazing Recall Effect Mobile Legends (ML) • How to Increase Psionic Treasure in Mobile Legends (ML) • 5 Strongest Battle Spell For Hero Hilda in Mobile Legends (ML) • Gord Conqueror Skin Get Revamped in Mobile Legends (ML)
M-World is a game world in the mirror where wishes can be granted.

In this world, selected players will compete, and the winner will have his deepest wish fulfilled. At first mobile legend event 515, however, the landscape here is not that different from Sunward City in the real world. So, how do you get into the M-World? Every year, on May 15, beams of light descend upon the Core District of Sunward City. This means that a corresponding number of people will be selected to enter the M-World.

Among them are Wanwan, Ling, and Yin, and they enter the M-World to fight for their dreams. Sunward City, the home of the three, is a place where technology flourishes. Among the many districts of the City, four are extremely characteristic. Heritage District, an area that enjoys advanced technology but maintains ancient rituals, is where the martial artist Ling comes from.

Lazer Street, a sleepless town with the brightest neon lights and countless aspirant artists, is where the future pop star Wanwan comes from. Azure Harbor on the western coast, a district filled with street arenas, free wills, and passionate hearts, is where the hot-blooded challenger Yin comes from.

Core District, the best example of human technology and urban civilization, is where the reality meets the M-World. Skins TBA Video We Better Than Me Main article: We Better Than Me