Parfum daisy marc jacobs

parfum daisy marc jacobs

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Top notes are Violet Leaf, Blood Grapefruit and Strawberry; middle notes are Violet, Gardenia and Jasmine; base notes are Musk, White Woods and Vanilla. This perfume is the winner of 2 awards: FiFi Award Fragrance Of The Year Women`s Luxe 2008 and FiFi Awards Best Packaging Women`s Prestige 2008.

Daisy is a sparkly floral-woody fragrance, fresh and feminine at the same time. It is devoted to a sophisticated, seductive, and dazzling woman, which at the same time strives to simplicity. It is captured in a lovely bottle decorated with daisy flowers on the top. Creator of this fragrance is Alberto Morillas. Charming Daisy fragrance caresses with the fruity strawberry notes, intensive green aroma of violet leaf and sparkling spicy pink grapefruit. Its heart beats in floral rhythm, composed of silky and intoxicating gardenia, delicate violet, and jasmine petals.

The powdery soft dry down is composed of white woods, vanilla and musk. Daisy comes as Eau de Toilette in 50m and 100ml bottles, and is accompanied by shower gel, body lotion and body butter. Read about this perfume in other languages: Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano, Русский, Polski, Português, Ελληνικά, 汉语, Nederlands, Srpski, Română, العربية, Українська, Монгол, עברית.

I have no issues with Daisy. It's a classic Alberto Morillas scent, a solid pick for the one fragrance that exemplifies what he's best at. Daisy isn't meant to make a statement. It's light, clean. Daisy is the olfactory definition of the word "breezy." I tend to find myself reaching for it when I'm feeling a little down and need a pick me up. I *finally* found a fragrance that pairs with rainy spring days. I always struggle with what to wear on rainy days.

Sometimes I think cozy warm ambers are the best way to counteract the gloom. But spritzing this was actually the PERFECT reminder to appreciate the beauty of spring time. Even the rainy days. It's vibrant, ozonic, green, juicy, fresh. It also has a little bit of a "fresh linens" vibe. It reminds me that warm days still lie ahead when the rain stops. Spray this if you want to feel optimistic about the future :) the first note i get on this scent on paper, is weirdly enough, pear.???

on my skin it's completely different, i don't get any fruity notes at all, the powdery floral is all i smell on me. i think on someone else it'll be a lovely scent, but the way it sits on me is just.a fine scent.

something likeable, but not nothing distinct. I used to smell it everywhere around 2013-2015. I never liked it, perhaps because it seemed 100% floral and Parfum daisy marc jacobs could never detect the strawberry in the top note, nor the vanilla or wood notes below. Nothing against those who really do prefer floral and fresh like this, but it seemed to me that most people who wore it back then simply did so because it was popular and very much part of the "perfect morning routine".

I am glad most have moved on from it. It's one people think of as young, girly and basic isn't it? I enjoy it, I can't help it. It's bright, it's clean and it's not heavy or strong. It's what I wear when I want it to be spring, the violet leaf is the most dominant thing for me, I don't really get much else from it, but at some stages it reminds me of unripe banana skin.

It's ozonic in the main for me though; airy, fresh, light green, almost floral, almost sweet, yet it's also not the most natural smelling thing in the world, maybe because it is just so light on everything except the ozonic bit. Quite contradictory really, linear too. It's gone from my skin in a few hours and has no projection but I forgive it, because whatever people say, it's iconic.

Not repurchasing now my bottle is gone, but I enjoyed it. A pretty neutral perfume to me. It’s fresh and clean smelling, a little floral and sweet, reminds me a bit of laundry detergent? I think freshly washed clothes is an accurate description. I like it better when it’s settled in, more mellow than the initial spray. A good everyday if you like it enough, easy to wear. I personally like it, but not enough to get the full bottle. I bought this shortly after its release and wore it everyday for about two weeks and decided it was pretty parfum daisy marc jacobs not for me.

It smells like a spring day. It’s a very fresh and airy scent with a subtle sweetness to it but a bit underwhelming for my taste. I ended up giving my first bottle to a friend whose signature scent was Daisy. For whatever reason, sometime last year I decided I needed this back in my life and bought a new bottle.

My feelings have not changed. It’s very pretty. Light and feminine but a bit boring. If I wear it, I usually do so around the house when I want to smell nice but don’t want to waste my “good” perfumes lol. This is inoffensive and have I mentioned it’s pretty!? Lol. Very pleasant but forgettable. Daisy is one of my favorite perfumes that I will always keep in my collection.

It's an easy reach on a warm or hot day. It's soft fruity and delicious. It reminds me of a spring day just sitting on a park bench taking up the smells of the Jasmin tree's blooming.

It's very uplifting. Great for Monday if you are in the working environment. Floral, Fruity, and a touch of Vanille Parfum daisy marc jacobs was so unexpected when I first tried it that I hated it the most out of all of the in-store testers, probably because it wasn't as sweet and had "fresh" qualities I wasn't familiar with. But I gave it a few more tries and I really appreciate Daisy now.

To me, the opening smells strongly of slightly unripe bananas, which is not something that sounds appealing, but it works here and I like it. Unfortunately it doesn't really become woody/musky with time, because the longevity is so poor.

It fades into a generic pleasant sweet scent and is completely gone after three hours or so. I find this generic, boring, and almost exactly the same smell as when you walk into the perfume section of a department store and everything's mingling together.

That being said, this means it's a great office scent if you're paranoid about offending people with heavy and/or avant-garde perfumes, and a safe buy for a teenager just getting started in the world of "proper" fragrances.

Full disclosure though, ozonic and aquatic fragrances tend not to be my thing at all, so I might be biased. This was my go to scent while I was in my late teens/very early 20s. I won’t take away the fact I very much enjoyed this at the time. It is a beautiful floral citrus scent. However, as my nose has developed to prefer more complex scents I just would parfum daisy marc jacobs go repurchase this now.

You can parfum daisy marc jacobs anything at any age so I don’t usually care. If I like it I like it! But for me, this is definitely for a younger me and not me now.

Musky, honestly! Has just the warmth of petals pressed on skin. Doesn't smell like perfume at all, or anything to do with cosmetics for the matter.

God, I love it. It's the natural scent a girl gives when she's deep into sleeping, particularly a girl who eats flowers like you eat popcorn to a movie. Pardon my weird imagination, again. I've never personally owned this, but my older sister who I shared a room with when I was younger wore this. It smells like daisies, fresh cut green grass, and a TINY drop of vanilla, tiny, with a little bite of a strawberry picked a few days too early.

This is the scent that made my young palette think I hated floral, I thought it was the most boring scent ever and that floral scents were just grassy smelling, also thought it was outrageous to spend anything over $20 to smell like you rolled down a grassy hill a couple times. It's some people's staple, and I understand, it's a pretty scent on some people, my sister wore it well, but it made me just smell like green and yellow, if that makes any sense, those are the colors I get when I smell this.

My sister doesn't wear it anymore, she bought it in like 2008 and never bought it again so I can only assume it wasn't her most favorite perfume ever On paper parfum daisy marc jacobs smells just like a fruitier, younger and more uplifting version of j'adore! Call me crazy but it smells just like an unsophisticated fun little sister Edit: finally sprayed on my skin and alright it does smell quite different and I would just say very green(?) But in a cute kind of way, I'm also smelling some fresh powdery nuances but it doesn't bother me.

Although it's still giving me the clean j'adore smell no matter what I don’t mean this in a weird way but this is the most virginal scent I own lmao. I used to wear it all the time. It’s so delicate and feminine and innocent smelling. Its a masterpiece and it’s so popular for a reason. I’m glad I wasn’t really aware of it during the height of its popularity because now everyone is wearing black opium and Donna born in Roma and scents like daisy stand out for being delicately floral.

I am a gourmand lover through and through but I just adore this perfume so much. It smells like if a fairy made a mixture of grass, sparkling water, Daisy petals, and a drop of strawberry juice outside during a spring day. There’s some type of herbal/sweaty edge to it that’s addicting. It smells like the movie midsommar and I can’t get enough of it. When Marc Jacobs Daisy came out in 2007 it was MY fragrance obsession to end all fragrance obsessions. I (over)showered myself in the stuff daily.

Went through multiple bottles a year….for years.till, as happens with too much of anything sometimes, I hit a wall with it and our love affair ended. Apart from a few sniffs at Sephora here and there, our flame has not truly been rekindled since. I have been going through somewhat of fragrance memory journey and picked this up (rollerball) on a whim with a Christmas giftcard. As soon as I sprayed it….I was immediately transported back to over a decade ago.

I was in my early 20s then and I really do find this to be a very youthful, bright, sunny, bubbly, happy, borderline-fresh floral fragrance. It is sweet but not in a gourmand way at all, in an….almost honey-like way if that makes sense. I love violet and while I do smell it in MC Daisy, I wish the violet note was a bit more pronounced; that being said, I still really appreciate its presence all the same. I do get a lot of other white floral notes though they are not super defined.

I definitely pick up on the juicy strawberry note, and come to think of it, I think "juicy" is another perfect descriptive word for this perfume as well. I personally have a harder time picking up on any of the base notes (musk, woods, vanilla) and find this one to keep pretty consistent and therefore rather linear throughout its wear and it just never really gains much depth.

Longevity is average and silage is as well. I think a large part of why I love this is, yes, for the nostalgia and memories it evokes, but it is also just a really nice, inoffensive, “safe” fragrance. I absolutely love the fragrance it’s so easy it’s simply a strawberry floral the fruit aspect is very toned down but you can get the strawberry at times it’s a beautiful floral it last on me for awhile it becomes a skin scent at around 5-6 hours after 6 hours you have to really sniff your skin hella hard but it’s still good pair this with cucumber melon from b&bw thank me later ;) I got this scent as a gift, I think it smells like any other girly scent, it's just really simple BUT I was messing around and layered a cotton candy body mist on top of this, and OMG it was so good yall, it really cut back on the floral, powdery notes and brought out the fruity notes that are already there!

(but it does make it really sweet-smelling and more appealing to a younger audience) I finally got to give Daisy a proper wear. I purchased a set of minis from the line and have worn them intensively for a week now. I do think that my favorite of the set is the 'matriarch' of the family - Daisy itself. I already own several fragrances that are highly reminiscent of Daisy: Yellow Diamond, Eclat de Fleurs and Vince Camuto's FIori and I can definitely smell the resemblance to Chance Eau Tendre (which I don't yet own) as well.

I guess it's fair to say that this my favorite genre of fragrance and Daisy is just as beautiful an iteration of it as any of these, if not as strong unfortunately.

I might go for a full bottle if I can find one at a decent price, despite the rather poor projection and longevity. I can't have enough of these scents in my collection. I wore this a bit in my 20s and liked it. I still enjoy the smell and think for a young, department store, fresh fragrance it’s delightful, tho it is no longer my style so I wouldn’t purchase it again.

It’s a very bright fresh scent that gives me a sugary, sweet unripe Banana type vibe. I never got great longevity from it but I do remember my young sons loving the scent when I sprayed it back then. Something about this one makes me think of pear or unripe banana flesh immediately after spraying on a test strip. It's fresh, fruity, slightly green, and uplifting. The florals slowly creep out as the fragrance is left to sit for a bit. The violet leaf imparts a slight green nuance.

Try as i might, I can't detect grapefruit or strawberry here, maybe it's the leaf mixing with them that gives me the sensation of pear or unripe banana. It's like a fruity green vanilla mixed with pleasant florals.

Not super cloying so maybe wearable in the office. Great for a warm sunny day. I enjoy this fragrance, I expected something a bit overly floral and maybe powdery but this one is fruity and feels more lush than powdery. I dislike this perfume for myself but it might be better on others as i know its a very popular perfume. Its definitely not a strong offensive smell but that doesnt mean its a good thing. To me this perfume smells bitter and clean and sour, sort of like if u took flowers and grass and mushed them together and spread it on your skin.

It would be a nice scent for a dog but it just doesnt smell like perfume, it smells like a cheap body spray. Daisy is a very fresh, almost aquatic floral. It’s very feminine and youthful and has moderate projection and lasting power. This smells best on spring days and is office friendly and blind buy safe. The only issue I have with this is I really wish it projected more.

I would give this a solid 6/10. It’s nice, it’s pretty. but it’s lacking something special. (From a paper Ulta sample that comes in their mailed catalogue): . What is this? Am I perhaps asnomic to some of these ingredients? I love violet, especially when it is masquerading or playing a supportive role to leather scents, but I get parfum daisy marc jacobs of that here. If I *really* press my nose into the paper, I get the faintest hint of grapefruit, and it reminds me of a younger, watered down Chanel's Gabrielle--and Gabrielle already gets a bad enough rap for lackluster performance.

Hard, hard pass for me. I have used up half the bottle as I received it as a gift. I mostly use it for work when I want to smell clean and fresh but it's a pretty boring scent. It smells like flowers and grass like others have mentioned. The bottle is pretty but I personally wouldn't buy this.

Daisy Love smells a lot better. A simple yet beautiful fragrance that suits all age groups very easily. This one has a smell such as dandelion butter on a warm day while evoking the strong sense of peace. This scent calms me down and lifts my mood too. This is the best thing I love about this scent. I felt this fragrance to be quite expensive considering the notes and quality but as this helps me relax and get calm.

I do keep it in stock always. Longevity is just average on me. On my skin this lasts hardly for 2-3 hours. This is a superb gorgeous fragrance making one think about the summer fields under the dreamy blue sky. There are powdery floral notes along with the soft, sweet, romantic, playful and feminine feel.

This goes well parfum daisy marc jacobs day and night and may be worn any time of the year. I would say a safe, parfum daisy marc jacobs and genuine fragrance. This makes me feel grounded, fresh and special always. Enjoy! Daisy, Daisy, Daisy, where to begin. this fragrance is parfum daisy marc jacobs lovely an unoffending, bursting with gardenia, jasmine and white woods. It is a fresh floral through and through and it honestly smells wet. It just has this ozonic quality thats really unique with the floral.

Smells like you just stepped out of the shower. I love this fragrance and wore it for years, still do once in a while, but this is the signature scent of one of my good friends so it's sort of lost the appeal for me. Still, it's a fun, airy, dazzling fragrance nonetheless! I wore this on a off for a a year as I got given it as a gift many moons ago. I liked it but didn't love it. I liked the cleaness and the floral notes but I remember it also used to dry down to a powdery/musky scent on me, which I didn't enjoy.

I used to smell it everywhere too. on the tube, bus, at work, on nights out. That is not a bad thing, I love Flowerbombwhich is a popular scent, but I think, perhaps, I just grew bored of this as I was not in love with it from the start. Maybe it’s the grapefuit, which I’ve heard tends to smell like sweat to some people, but this smells like stinky grass on my skin.

Since I didn’t enjoy this scent I was lucky it has very poor longevity. This fits the "cute bottle, atrocious juice" category to me. Obviously it must smell lovely on other people or it wouldn't be such a best seller. Fancy violet shampoo! Not too sweet, which is what I prefer. I was a teenager when this perfume came parfum daisy marc jacobs and I remember being aware of its existence, but I never asked my mother for a bottle (she's really into perfumes so I don't know why I didn't ask) so I never got to experience Daisy at the time.

I think it suits people of all ages, but it's definitely on the "youthful, teenage, girly" side. I received a sample of Daisy Love Eau So Sweet a couple days ago and the original Daisy today so I'm wearing DLESS on my left wrist and Daisy on my right. Both are pretty and pleasant and definitely "sisters" but DLESS smells a bit more unique nowadays.

Perhaps because Daisy has been copied a million times or because I was surrounded by Daisy wearers this but had no idea what they were wearing. Sometimes I call things generic, but that's not really a negative thing. Things are copied because they're good.

And Daisy smells good, pretty, elegant and girly to this day, just not very unique. I probably wouldn't buy it, but I'd wear if it someone gifted me a bottle. Intimate/moderate longevity and intimate/moderate sillage.

Update: I saw people comparing it to Chance Eau Tendre so I got my EdP sample. I do think they're very similar, but CET smells more expensive (can't figure out why, maybe because it's muskier and more adult) and less fruity. I wouldn't say Daisy is a dupe, but it's in the same family in my opinion.

Love this scent.

parfum daisy marc jacobs

Daisy reminds me of sitting under a tree, in a field of flowers, on a breezy sunny day, while eating some sweet wild strawberries with my grandmother.

This perfume is sweet, but in a subtle way, parfum daisy marc jacobs would say it feels like a more mature, fresh, sweet scent. Once the perfume was on my skin, it felt quite light and airy, hence the breezy feeling. The top notes I got, were a tad citrusy the first minute combined with a long lasting wild strawberry note, which lasted throughout the time the perfume stayed on me.

As the minutes went by, the violet became parfum daisy marc jacobs prominent and mixed in beautifully with the strawberry and hint of vanilla. In the back, the musk and wood made this more of a skin like perfume. All in all, the notes gave off a natural sweet scent. I got a sample, so one small spray had a intimate sillage on me and gave a moderate longevity, lasting a couple of hours on my skin.

Out of the ones I've tried from Marc Jacobs, the original Daisy is so far my favorite out of their line. And though I don't really see myself wearing this perfume, since I'm into really sweet, fruity gourmand scents, I quite loved this perfume.

Would recommend trying this one. :) Giving Daisy by Marc Jacobs a 9/10. Didn’t like this fragrance at first but I really opened up to it in the winter, I don’t know what about the sunny winter breeze and this fragrance just go so good together.

Its kind of perfect, very floral and fresh but not too sweet or childish at all, it’s a very mature floral and leafy kind of scent that I really like.

8.5/10 -will buy again Daisy has been one of my first designer fragrances that I’ve owned and I do quite enjoy the smell. It has this rather pure-like strawberry-ish scent, but does smell like daisies as well. This scent reminds me of an innocent girl in a nice bright spring or summer day.

This scent is perfect for young girls or a scent to start off to. I like the smell to it. It’s not my favourite, but it’s still nice. The only downsides to it is that it doesn’t really last that long. I would say up to 2-4 hours.

Maybe even 8 at max. However, it does linger quite good. I have received a few compliments on it and I would definitely recommend it to someone young, however, this scent isn’t necessarily my favourite. I loved this perfume in high school! To me it is a very floral scent, great for spring and summer. It is VERY strong, a parfum daisy marc jacobs goes a longggg way. I have grown out of this perfume, as my preferences have changed over the years.

But this perfume will always have a special place in my heart! I will definitely always keep it on my shelf in spite of the fact that I no longer wear it. Its iconic, feminine, and pretty, but just not really for me anymore! I was obsessed with Daisy about 10 yrs ago. so, I purchased the big bottle and I remember loving the opening. Fruity/fresh with slight sweetness. I used up about a third of the bottle and just moved on. I sprayed it today and yeah I still love the opening.

I get strawberry, maybe the violet leave( if you broke a leave in half and smelled it), tiny bit gardenia, and a little sweet. Then it became like a fresh laundry scent, like if you were hanging out clothes on line in the late spring, wind blowing, just a really fresh scent. That's the part I like. The slightly fruity, but fresh scent that's a tad sweet. Sometimes it reminds me of driving down the road, windows down, right after it rained. Then after 30 minutes all of it is gone and I am left with a light musk, tiny bit powdery scent and after an hour at most, it's just a skin scent.

Could have easily been a bbw fragrance mist. I just don't reach for it, anymore. If I had to pick the best time of year to wear it, somewhere around Easter. Now it's not a love or hate, just ok spring day scent Probably my most hated fragrance to exist but in saying that it isn’t my style.

I just think there is so many better “fresh” & “floral” scents out there. This is beyond basic to my nose. I think for teenagers getting into perfumes sure but even then I could suggest many BETTER perfumes in the same perfume family or at least similar.

This to me is super green and sharp, it isn’t well rounded and is over bearing. It smells like you’ve picked flowers, grass and weeds from your garden, mashed them up with water and then applied. I smell no sweetness nor do I smell the vanilla. Super green but not earthy in a good way, I prefer the daisy so fresh but even then it’s average. Not a fan over Marc Jacob’s fragrances in general though. 2/10 I was an avid Daisy wearer throughout high school, and to this day it is the fragrance that I get complimented on the most!

Daisy is incredibly alcoholic upon spraying, and I find the top notes overwhelmed entirely (its main flaw). The scent then transitions quickly into the mids, with gardenia being the most prominent to my nose. It’s a youthful gardenia, bringing a brightness to the scent not unlike the fresh cut grass note that other reviewers mention. This makes Daisy parfum daisy marc jacobs for those wanting to give off a casual, youthful vibe.

The base notes sneak in eventually and are very well-balanced. Offset by light, fresh wood, the musk doesn’t make the fragrance heavy. Surprisingly, I prefer Daisy as a wintertime scent. Its bright elements are brought out in cold weather, making it a clean and optimistic floral. It may be simple, but I think Daisy is a modern classic. It’s clearly very well-blended and is a great scent. I like this scent! I agree that it smells a bit like cleaning product at first like some people mentioned but it smells like a very light, refreshing one.

I get some hints of apple after a few minutes. I thought it wouldn't last as long based on previous reviews, but it lasted a good 4-5 hours on my skin. After the top and middle notes fade away, the drydown smells like shampoo! I received this as a gift in high school. The bottle and the marketing of this fragrance do suggest that it would be for teenage girls, however I feel this can work for any age. It's popular for a reason and makes a great gift. Inoffensive and timeless, perfect for daytime wear during the warm months and that's basically it.

I agree with a reviewer below who said Daisy smells like freshly cut grass. It is very green, but I love it - keeps it feeling very light and fresh. As someone who isn't practiced with fragrances I only pick up the violet and cut-green-stem smell over a woody base. Longevity is almost nonexistent and I hardly get any projection - I've gotten a lot of compliments on the scent but it seems like people only pick it up after hugging me.

Kind of disappointing for such an expensive EDT. I'm so mad because I loved how much this fragrance smelled like a boquet of frehly picked from the trail mountain wildflowers and wildberries, (especially the daisy and the dandylion with a hint of strawberry), but every time I wore it, this fragrance triggered a migraine--despite it being an EDT concentration. I'm fairly certain it's the ozonic or the synthetic aquatic notes that are the triggers, but I really wanted to make this fragrance work!

I tried the roller ball and a splash bottle to control the amount of fragrance, but no luck. Eventually, I developed an aversion to reaching for it. I'm definitely checking out the "smells like" fragrantica recommends because I loved the composition for this one. Note: The price for this fragrance as an EDT is ridiculous. You are paying for the bottle (though, it is a really cute bottle to put on display). This is sweet and friendly. Very non offensive. Very understated and lady like.

I think all ages should be able to wear if. Maybe too friendly for night time. But, during the day? Some red lipstick and and a good few sprays of this and you are set. Whatever you are 13 or 80. Is nothing out of this world. Is just pretty and pleasant Lasts much longer when sprayed parfum daisy marc jacobs the hair. I can picture Dolores Haze smelling of this.

Delicate and airy; soft feminine-floral cloud of vanilla and strawberry. Bright, but in a quiet, alluring way. I first bought this for my wife in ‘09 and its still my favorite fragrance on her.

Not bold or challenging in any way, but not simple enough to give a “hair product” vibe (which Eau so Fresh does for me). No age really, though it brings to mind a naturally pretty woman, around 30, sitting by her window in a soft, light sweater, on a drizzly spring day. I impulsively bought this one because of the bottle design but I doubt that I will ever repurchase this.

This is mainly air. Air in a bottle. I can't smell anything after 1/2 hours and I paid 50 euros for this! The scent itself is quite pleasant.

It reminds me of actual flowers blooming in the spring time. On my skin though, it turns into a soapy, sour grapefruit with some strawberry in the background. I will try this one again in the summer time. Maybe it is just too could for this kinda perfume but for now it's just decoration. Fresh cut sweet flowers (stems & all). Simply delightful. Update: Curious as to why "green" is not a major mentioned accord above?

This definitely has it. If you were looking for prominent juicy strawberries, you won't find that here. Instead, I think hint of strawberry might've been used to sweeten up the flowers and greens.

To me this scent appears to use the sum of all it's parts to create the illusion of picking daisies in a field. Prior to sampling, I always found it odd that a perfume called daisy didn't have a daisy note listed, but I really feel the combo creates this effect of delicate, sweet daisies. The only thing I can say about Daisy is that it smells like grass, straight up freshly cut grass, and not in a good way.

I was sent a sample of this perfume and I don't know if there was something wrong with this specific sample, but I don't know why anyone would want to smell like soil and grass. I don't even get any of the florals, strawberry parfum daisy marc jacobs grapefruit I'm very confused, and would love to know if someone had a similar experience to mine My neighbor is a beautiful petite French woman who is in her 90’s.

She wears daisy. And she smells absolutely divine. I was speaking with her outside one day and a soft sensual sweet smell was picked up by the wind and hit my nose. I asked her what perfume she was wearing and she told me it was this. I expressed to her how amazing it smelled and she was happy to receive the compliment from me as her husband is nearing 100 years old and can’t smell her fragrances anymore.

It was in no way an “old lady scent on her” just sweet goodness that truly enhanced her beauty. I will definitely be trying daisy very very soon This perfume is like one of the first perfume everyone have to try once since teenagers or something. First, I decided not to buy this but accidentally I got this one on sale.

So, It's still what I remember when I was younger with the light green floral airy scent making me parfum daisy marc jacobs like I'm walking in the meadow somewhere in the countryside, wild and free. Can I echo a previous poster. People need to stop swallowing the marketing rubbish where adverts brainwash people into believing that this only suits young girls.

I'm early 50s. I've been wearing this for over 10 years and have never received so many compliments.

parfum daisy marc jacobs

It suits all ages. End of. I would say this is similar to Chance eau Tendre only with a more buttery note. Which gives it a warmth that's lacking in Eau Tendre. However. Eau Tendre lasts longer. I have and love both. Funny thing is, my daughter, who's in her 20s doesn't like Daisy and wears one of the Tom Fords, which once again, if you were to believe the hype is supposedly too mature for her!

It smells lovely on her. Wear what you like. If you like it and it smells nice, wear it. I truly tried to Like this scent, as its delicate and floral, but after generously spraying it including on my hair, the scent lasts only a few minutes :( Which I consider unacceptable for a rather pricey eau de toilette.

For $45 I would at least expect the scent to last 3-4 hrs. It's a giant NO for me. This is such a dreamy fragrance, it's so light, airy and romantic, and almost dreamlike/fairyland vibes. every time I parfum daisy marc jacobs it, I think of the song Big Jet Plane by Angus & Julia Stone, and every time I listen to the song I imagine the fragrance.

both can truly transport you and I think that is one of the things I love most about fragrance & music. Poor longevity, as with the majority of Marc Jacobs perfumes, and it's not the most exciting or unique fragrance, but it always gives me such dreamy feels and that's what I love about it.

I was gifted this perfume several years ago and very rarely parfum daisy marc jacobs it; but decided to try it again today. I now know again why I don't wear it. The sillage is poor and longevity is shocking - it is virtually parfum daisy marc jacobs within an hour on me. I adore violet and violet leaf but I cannot smell this at all in Daisy.

Now the scent is not at all offensive - it is a light, fresh, weak floral. It is just incredibly dull and forgettable. Dolce is in a similar category, a bit of a let down, but I find that one does dry down to a more interesting and prettier scent.

To me, this smells squeaky— and not in a good way. It’s really sharp and smells like a household cleaning product almost. The dry down is better than the opening? But still— getting wafts of it from under my mask had me feeling nauseated at work today. I was frantically trying to rub it off. I feel like I would like smelling this a lot better on someone else, and just from their scent trails. I’m not sure if I’d like sitting next to someone in a hot car while they’re wearing this.

This doesn’t smell bad, though! Let me just say that before I end my review. It smells good, but honestly, it smells old-lady-ish to me (which is funny that I say that bc I tend to wear perfumes that are classified as “old lady-ish” by other perfume enthusiasts lol).

It’s just a very dry floral, which to me screams boring old lady. Not a fun, spunky old lady. Just an old lady who likes to read books and drink tea and stuff lol. 🙂 a cheerful, uplifting scent. perfect for almost any occasion. pretty violets and some strawberry. friendly and optimistic. spring, summer, and sunshine.

appropriate for any age. definitely feminine. longevity and sillage is enough for my tastes, but if you need more throughout the day, it comes in these precious, teeny, single daisy topped versions for fairly cheap. about fifteen dollars on eBay.

This is a fragrance I've been on the fence about deciding on should I get a full bottle or not. I only have a rollerball of it. But I do like the scent of this, it's a very pretty floral fragrance that does not come off as a cheap perfume, that can be worn just about anywhere anytime IMO.

I will say that the lasting power is not very long for me like 2hr tops. I parfum daisy marc jacobs think that I'm going to get at least a 50ml because I do like this fragrance. Daisy is a very fresh, watery, youthful scent. As it develops, the sharp ozonic opening gives way to hints of vanilla, strawberry, and musk. Reminds me of what we girls used to smell like in high school, especially after a fresh shower.

I keep wavering between vaguely enjoying it and finding it unpleasant. It's not bad, but it does smell a bit pedestrian/cheap to me. I already own it (a gift), but I wouldn't purchase for myself. I think it's suitable for young girls. Marc Jacobs Daisy Edt: 🗣This is one of my daughters ALL-TIME favourite fragrances, & she's been on at me to try it/buy it for ages!!

So while ordering parfum daisy marc jacobs the 100ml for Christmas, I decided that indeed I would order one for myself to try out, even though I was a bit afraid that it would be far to young smelling for the likes of me!! How wrong was I, im very pleased to say!! & to be honest I really wasn't sure what to expect once it arrived & I removed it from it's box!! First of all it's bottle is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!! & I really love the rubberized Daisy flowers on the golden cap!! One spray & I was absolutely hooked on Daisy's beautiful fresh sunny/Floral-Woody aroma it gives of!!

Very bright & uplifting to say the least!! After around 10-15mins on my skin, I start to smell the most tart Strawberries peeking through, followed by the most beautiful natural Violet!! There's absolutely nothing false or artificial added to this very classy fragrance!! & deffo Marc Jacobs has only used nothing but the best raw ingredients in it's construction!!

Daisy is stunning, & it deffo reminds me of a fresh green wild meadow, with different tall grasses blowing in the fresh crisp Spring breeze, with a carpet of Daisy flowers growing up through the long un-kept grass!!

This fragrance is deffo timeless & ageless & suitable for anyone looking for a fragrance of pure escape & the fresh outdoors!! It wear's on my skin for around 8-9 hours, & deffo gives of the most beautiful fresh aroma!! Like also my daughter, Daisy is fast becoming one of my all-time favourite fresh & up-lifting fragrances ever!! Personally speaking I also feel that Daisy could be rather unisex as it's deffo not overly sweet & Parfum daisy marc jacobs think any guy could carry this gem off & make it work for him!!

So yes, Daisy get's a 9/10 from me!! 😍😘❤❤❤🌼🐝 It's tough describing this scent in words but it is definitely a floral scent. The hearts notes are the most apparent but I was disappointed in the lack of vanilla and musk.

I feel it would've been a more complete fragrance if these notes came through a bit more. On the whole, its a nice perfume to wear but isn't a blockbuster. Pretty average. the EDT i have is from forever ago, when i was a teenager and living alone. my mother bought it as a gift for me during one of our visits.

at the time i sniffed and found it too cheery and simple, like some reviewers here, and ignored it in favor of my other more complicated scents. but somehow i've kept the bottle. wearing it again now, i'm surprised and disarmed by its tenderness. i can't believe it, but it has completely charmed me and won me over. it reminds me of a lemon strawberry slushie that's been left out in the sun a little too long and has begun to melt a bit around the edges -- the moment when slushies, if not everything, taste the best.

This is the first & the most expensive perfume I ever bought. It is the Queen of Perfume in my perfume collection. The floral-woody combo works perfectly on me. I wore this since 2011 so there are myriads of bittersweet memories comes to my mind when I spray this perfume on.

My nose picks up the violet leaves, strawberries & gardenia scents in this perfume. Surprisingly, this perfume smells very similar to Chanel Chance Eau Tendre, Vince Camuto Fiori & Lanvin Eclat De Fleurs 🌸 I can't make sense of the accords for this: what on earth is ozonic lol The only individual notes I can tell are white woods and wildflowers.

This perfume smells like an ACTUAL sunny field of flowers. If it weren't mainstream designer you'd call it an atmospheric fragrance. Super cute floral, can't imagine anyone wouldn't like it. But overpriced to heck and back. I've smelled many like it and will smell parfum daisy marc jacobs more. Not unique (safe blindbuy) I got a fantastic dupe for less that $15 and I'll never buy another real bottle I'm impressed by this!

Daisy is a fresh, pretty, graceful perfume that is present but not obtrusive. As soon as I sprayed it on, I said, "Oh, that's so nice!" I really had no idea what to expect, and I was pleasantly surprised. For one thing, in my experience strawberry notes can smell very artificial, but Daisy avoids that trap and the strawberry is subtle and just hints at fruitiness (on my skin, anyway). I get that hint of fruit upfront, then some soft florals. The violet is there but not overbearing; same with the jasmine.

In fact, the more I think about it, the more impressed I am that the perfumer was able to take some of my most difficult notes (strawberry, violet, jasmine) and tone them down so well that none of them takes obnoxious centre stage in the way that they tend to on my skin. I feel like maybe it's parfum daisy marc jacobs the base notes emerge very quickly, the musk, vanilla and woods appearing almost alongside the fruits and florals and thus softening them. Anyway, I like this a lot, but do wish it lasted a little longer on me.

It's a skin scent and I'm fine with that.I just wish it hung around a little longer as a skin scent! This fragrance is the girl next door. She does her homework on time, she has a small group of friends, and she's incredibly sweet and laid back. While I like this scent, it doesn't last very long on me and is very much a skin scent (very little sillage).

While I wasn't impressed with the performance, it's quite inoffensive and would be great as a work scent. It's also safe to buy for someone as a gift if you're not sure what type of perfumes they like. I see the similarity between this and Chanel Eau Tendre though Daisy is Eau Tendre's sweeter little sister.

They're both very subtle and I find them to perform very similarly (low longevity, low sillage). Ah, Daisy. A Christmas and birthday gift staple in my early 20s. Inoffensive, fresh, and breezy. But that was all 'Daisy' was on my skin- fresh, yes, but nothing special at all. I used up bottles by spraying them liberally, never really considering 'Daisy' anything other than a decent, casual day-time fragrance. Yet I had a friend who wore it (combining it with coconut body butter) and she smelled like a dream.

If this works with your chemistry, it can smell divine. Back in my early 20s, I didnt pay this parfum daisy marc jacobs any attention. I found it uneventful. But now a decade on, I've really began to adore this violet and vanilla fusion it leaves on my skin.

This is what I have been searching for in a signature; no sharpness, not overly sweet, but clean and soapy. Ticks all the boxes. I love the smell of this perfume, yet rated it with a "like" for one reason and one reason only. its lasting power on me is next to zero. My body mists last longer than this, which for the price is not worth it! That being said, I'll proceed with the description of the actual scent (according to me): I picture myself wearing a white cotton dress on a balmy summer day running barefoot in a meadow near a running creek, filled with wild violets, all the while eating red, sweet, juicy strawberries.

I love the fresh, crisp, clean scent very similar to Chance au Tendre from Chanel but surely with less staying power. Very suitable for day wear, all ages and all year round. Although it includes sweet food notes, it is not a sweet, gourmandy-type perfume. To my nose the top notes are violet, white woods with a hint of musk and strawberry, the latter being very subtle.

unlike Burberry for Her or any other strawberry body mist. Scent 10/10 Sillage 5/10 Longevity 2/10 The first time I wore this perfume for work, my boss loved it!!! This perfume marks all the box for a fragrance I would love, but for some reason I don’t parfum daisy marc jacobs it.

parfum daisy marc jacobs

I like it, but I’m not in love with it. It’s good: not intoxicating, okay longevity and sillage, not pricey. It smells clean, which I like, but also too soapy at times (I guess it depends on my mood).

It’s a nice scent, but not impressive.

parfum daisy marc jacobs

People need to stop saying this is for young women and/or teenagers because I'm nearly 50 and I wear this and people LOVE it on me.

This fragrance is gorgeous and makes me think of summer fields under dreamy blue skies. A powdery floral that is sweet, soft, feminine, romantic and playful.

Daisy can be worn all year round day or night. It lasts forever on me. I'm lucky enough to own the anniversary edition with the sparkly cap. My absolute favourite perfume ever! Fresh and floral, with a hint of strawberry and a powdery undertone. Best suited for daytime, summer and spring, but i wear it all year round. Definitely youthful and girly, so if you’re looking for something more mature or sexy this definitely isn’t for you.

Think of a fresh faced young lady in a crisp white dress, picking flowers on a sunny day in a meadow, little lambs skipping around her feet- that’s the vibe i get from Daisy. This parfum daisy marc jacobs doesn’t last long. It is a pretty, young and very floral scent, as to be expected from it’s name.

To me it smells like a girl who is young, fresh and pretends to be conservative. A pretty girl who hides her wild side. When I first spray it, I get and overdose of violet leaf and violet! It smells very pretty and floral Then I smell a bit of blood grapefruit and strawberry, jasmine and the other florals.

Eventually it smells like florals and musk.

parfum daisy marc jacobs

I love musk but do not like floral perfumes. A very musk-like floral scent. The musk and the floral notes really stick out, which I really like in this scent. It has a sort of euphoric sense about it. A softer fragrance (the musk definitely helps this seem dreamy/heavenly). One of the first scents that got me into exploring different perfumes, being my first present from my then boyfriend-now husband.

So I can’t help but think of it fondly. Definitely worth trying in my opinion. I bought it in summer as it seemed green and fresh on tester strip, a non complicated summer fragrance. I couldn't feel any strawberry. Somehow I completely forgot about it and never wore it. Today I tried it again and ughhh, gosh! strawberries all over me. It's nice and fresh, but buuuooooyy, way too many strawberries for my taste.

So if you like strawberries, you should try this one. I would say it's suitable for a young woman, but I hate to put "age appropriate" tags on frags because all my life I loved so called "granny perfumes" and I hate categorising fragrances like that.

Anyway, it's cute, it's fresh, sweet, fruity, a bit citrusy but not too much, white flowers are somewhere in the background, definitely not on my taste. Lucky me, I have three young daughters so I'm sure one of them will like it.

This has what one might call a “cute” fragrance. I mean. strawberries, violets, vanilla, white musk. the profile kind of speaks for itself. I bought it for myself, but put it aside for a while because I like slightly more sophisticated scents. When I recently tried to wear it again, I realized I had two other fragrances (Dolce Shine by Dolce & Gabbana and Embrace Marigold & Gardenias by Vera Wang) that smell close enough to this one that I no longer needed all three of them.

Luckily, I have four daughters. My 19 y.o. passed on it because it wasn’t “sexy” enough to her. My 15 y.o. snatched it up in a heartbeat.

So, there you have it. Another one of those young-ish scents that might be appropriate for a teen just getting into fragrances. It smells nice in an agreeable sort of way, but nothing that stands out to me as a must-have. MAGNIFICENT It’s a clear winner but at the same time nothing outstanding it’s wonderful opening long sillage and a neutral feminine fragrance.

It’s the best MJ I have whiffed it’s solid never disappoints but sometime you are looking for something to dazzle and amaze. This is like the original Chanel 5 it’s a benchmark but I don’t want my wife smelling like anyone else and the popularity of this sees me not wanting it applied if attending a gathering of 20 or more knowing there is a high chance someone else will have it on.

This might well be the only review I post of a perfume that I have never actually worn. Long before I knew the word 'silliage', when I was working at a boarding school and had duties in a girls' boarding house, I could rely on encountering clouds of this easy, glittery, floral scent. The source? A sixth form girl who would reapply Daisy at regular intervals throughout the day.

Like a bloodhound, one could tell exactly where she had been and how recently by the strength of said silliage. Was it pleasant? Yes? Would I wear it? No. It is all teenager, excitable and effervescent, not it itself a bad thing, but timeless it is not. This was my signature scent while I was in high school and this started my love affair with violet in fragrances. This is a sweet and light daresay 'entry' level fragrance.

I can't see anyone really hating this either. This is very mass appealing, very popular scent, and for good reason. If you're looking for a safe gift for a younger individual, someone really new to fragrance or someone who doesn't want a heavy fragrance - this is your best bet. This fragrance truly just smells like sunshine in a bright green grassy field. Longevity was moderate back in the day (which was fine, because I would overspray and carry around a rollerball or sometimes the bottle - I KNOW), silage is light.

Overall 5.5/10, this brings me back to a simple time in my life and it feels like a simple fragrance to match. Parfum daisy marc jacobs another reviewer said here, I use this as a bedtime fragrance because it's calming to my nose. I like Daisy Dream better because I adore Wisteria. I agree it would make a good blind buy or a good gift, but for the age range, I'd suggest Daisy Love for teens - 30 year olds.

It has the same DNA but a little bit more accessible and a bit more feminine. Of the line that I've tried (dream, love, fresh, and this one), I'd actually say that this one is the most mature. But it really doesn't matter to me because the only one that's going to be smelling it is myself or whomever I let into my bed! lol. : ) Please don't get me wrong; it's not a sexy fragrance. It's just nice and calming for me. I remember when i first tested Daisy at a duty free Shop, to my untrained nose, it smelled like an out of the shower scent.

I bought it months later, and now it smells like a garden soaked in sweet morning dew to me. Fresh, féminine, sparkling, and parfum daisy marc jacobs to wear. I cant imagine anyone getting a headache from this. Safe blind buy and gift option. Yes this is an awfully popular perfume, but that does not mean it’s a bad addition to your collection. I find myself craving this sweet green floral scent once in a while. A Simple & casual fragrance for carefree days. It’s sad I don’t get any strawberry from this.

No grapefruit either, but surely that’s where the freshness comes from. The violet leaf is the most standout note! Buy this but only if it’s on discount, or wait for a tester. :) Lovely sunny happy spring/summer fragrance! It is the sparklyness, the bubbly feeling I love the most.

I am aware of that I am not a young girl anymore, and many seem to concider this a fragrance for young girls. But I don’t think that lovelyness is agedestricted. I love many kinds of fragrances. What matters is parfum daisy marc jacobs quality, and the feeling you get. Yes, this is for young girls, but it is also for me. oh my god. i truly judged this before even sniffing it just because it's way too popular but i get it now, i get the hype. not just with this but with the others in this line as well.

this is one of those perfumes you cannot stop sniffing. like it really makes me happy when i get a whiff of this it has that effect. i use this as a bedtime fragrance though lol. because it has that calm peaceful dreamy feel to it. no exaggeration but i legit sleep happier and wake up happier since using this before bed i honestly wanna bathe in this it's that addicting.

and people keep saying this doesn't last long and sillage is weak but i spray this on at night and when i wake up it's still there, even throughout the day the next day. although i do spray this on my parfum daisy marc jacobs and my sheets not my skin.

it smells way parfum daisy marc jacobs different on my skin, becomes a generic floral scent after a while but on the clothes it smells the same throughout. i hate it when perfume smells morphwhich is more parfum daisy marc jacobs to happen if applied on the skin.

(daisy dream tho i prefer on my skin more) also, i dont know why people think this smells a lot like eau so fresh because it's so different. i like ESF too but it's probably my least fave of the 4 daisies.

parfum daisy marc jacobs

ESF is tart and something i wouldn't use as a bedtime fragrance because it doesn't have the soft dreamy quality of this one. daisy dream and daisy love are also so SO good. i really tried not to like the daisy perfumes because they're soooooo popular and there's always parfum daisy marc jacobs new iteration and tbh they're not cheap and i didn't wanna get pulled into that but. they got me, folks. they really got me My boyfriend got this for me and he loves it so much.

It makes me a bit sad because I def. do not. It's not more than OK and tolerable for me. I usually love violet, white flowers and powdery scents, but with Daisy I can't pick out any notes - all I get is fresh and watery but kind of sharp och piercing at the same time.

But. I guess it's something that my BF goes crazy about it. Will keep looking for something we both like though. haha. One of my favourites for spring and summer! My reason for loving it is that it smells like freshly cut grass with other things thrown in that don't matter to me. They are just nice background. Mass market perfume with so much cut grass? I am surprised it's made it past marketing and test groups. This paid off as the fragrance has stood the test of time in the market where the competition is very high.

I don't like any Daisy flankers and most of them are very non-descript to me. The flower cup is cute and unique. I'd rather smell of Daisy in a warm weather than Light Blue for sure. I know I'm LATE to this party, but just bought this in Feb 2020. Wanted something super easy to wear while I hunt for a spring/summer scent. I don't normally go for mainstream or uber-popular scents because they're usually overpowering. This one is so lovely!

I like it. I came on here specifically to see if anyone else said it smells like Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo and a few of you mention baby soap! J&J Baby Shampoo must have a note of strawberry. Anyway, it doesn't smell like a baby but it has that nostalgia if you have a keen nose. This is lovely. I wish I had bought the sprayer, I bought the roller ball because I was unsure about it. I'm sure the sprayer is even better.

xo I just looked it up and J&J does have notes of violet and red berries! Approachable, friendly, fresh, carefree, easy to wear. Safe. Every day. Like a soft t-shirt: just throw it on. Unique? Daring? Nope! But imagine having a wardrobe full of demanding divas, parfum daisy marc jacobs you want something down to earth. That's what finally got me to bite the bullet and get my own bottle of Daisy. AND I remember really lusting over the cute bottle as a teen, so my inner 15-year-old is giddy to have it on my tray.

This is just an okay smell. Yes it’s original, but it’s still meh. I smelled it on my friend and it just smelled light and unappealing. It didn’t draw me in and make me want to smell more. It wasn’t refreshing or anything.

parfum daisy marc jacobs

It was just kind of there. Not sure what the point of wearing such a perfume is. I even think smelling laundry detergent on clothes is better. I will forever associate this perfume with my best friend. She wore this for several years at the beginning of our friendship, and it smelled amazing on her.

Every time I’d go in for a hug, or she’d get into my car, I’d get a light whiff of this happy, feminine scent. It smells clean and just the right amount of sweet, and suited her parfum daisy marc jacobs perfectly - charming, optimistic, feminine yet laid-back. Even though she’s moved onto other frags, we keep talking about how she should go back to this one, just because of how great it is. This fragrance is so nice, finally got it! As I was beginner fragrance lover i liked mostly heady, heavy woody spicy fragrances.

Strange enough but as i get older (beginning in my 30’s) want something easy not overpowering and plesant smells. I think daisy is both pleasant and unique. Cant understand why other thinks it is not unique. Love freshness could stay better is the only negative. I finally added the original Daisy to my collection. I really don't know what took me so long.

I own or have owned a few Daisy flankers and I like that they all share the same DNA but still have enough differences to make them unique. Daisy is the perfect everyday fragrance, especially in the spring or summer.

Aquatic, floral, and citrusy. Soft powdery violet, fizzy grapefruit, and a berry note that is not overly sweet. You can't go wrong with this pretty and feminine scent. This fragrance is a little heady/screechy at first, but it smells nice! The drydown is beautiful, a soft, gentle musk and vanilla; it is the smell of a gorgeous, expensive soap.

If anyone say that this is generic, they can fight me lol. It is a wonderful starting out fragrance--i don't think anyone can dislike it. Lovely inoffensive fruity floral, both fresh and sweet due to the light strawberry note. Very refreshing for the first warm days of Spring, and good for the office, but pretty synthetic and mostly a skin scent for a pretty low longevity. Will make a nice safe gift, but I definitely prefer Chance Eau Tendre, which is pretty similar but more sophisticated and balanced.

I never really thought to try the original Daisy, I already love and wear Daisy Dream and Daisy Eau So Fresh, so I really didn't think it was worth it considering people say that this and ESF are very similar to each other, that is, however until I came across a 50ml of it at a really good price, so I snapped it up. Firstly, I like the bottle, its very pretty and quite Alice In Wonderland like, very very lovely, I think the main reason why I was never attracted to this and went more for ESF and DD was because of the names and the colours of the bottle, DD is blue which to me, signals that its going to be very fresh and uplifting/cooling (which I find it to be), and ESF its because it has the word "Fresh" in the name, and it is, as it says on the bottle, fresh, shower fresh to be exact.

This, I expected to be quite a heady white floral, with a fair bit of sweetness because of the violet and violet leaf, but I was wrong, very, very wrong. Daisy opens with a very bright, zesty burst, a combination of the grapefruit and the violet, it then settles down after about 15 minutes to a soft, clean floral musk with a bit of warmth provided by the woody notes, there is also a very pronounced greenness to it, reminiscent of cut grass and wild meadow flowers, Daisy stays like this for the rest of its time on my skin; roughly 5 hours.

Daisy doesn't project very far, but it does make me feel very clean and happy, its quite a nice, easy-going fragrance which is perfect for daily wear, its not overly feminine IMO either. Whilst Daisy ESF has close similarities to this, they do not smell totally alike, ESF is more tart and fruity where as this is all about the gentle florals and greenery, which is funny because ESF has green notes listed, but they are more prominent in the original Daisy!

My new found favourite :) I own the Daisy Shine Gold Edition bottle, the juice is inoffensive and understated, its meh = boring. Perfect for when sitting in the middle of that plane seat.

It's very light, silage and longevity is next to none. Cute bottle :) For that middle seat (if ever!), I'd have to reach for Miss Dior :) Someone mentioned that they liked their perfume to shout and sing :) me too! Great for the summer. This smells mostly citrusy on my skin. The combination of the grapefruit and the vanilla causes a green banana smell in a good way.

This isn't my #1 pick but after 3 years, my boyfriend still comments on how good I smell literally every time I wear this. I'll always keep a bottle of this around. Its fresh and agreeable. Easy for office wear yet just enough sparkle to wear on a date. Parfum daisy marc jacobs fruity, juvenile garbage. Smells like generic strawberry shampoo, cheap hairspray, and teenage desperation. Like something sprayed in the girls' bathroom in a high school to mask the cigarette smoke. A subscription service shipped me this in error and they don't do exchanges so I tried it.

HARD PASS. This is a powdery, lightfresh, floral fragrance. it smells innocent and lovely. you can imagine your self wearing a simple white cotton dress dancing in a field of flowers when smelling this perfume. It doesn't have much personality it lets the wearer parfum daisy marc jacobs the front stage for attention staying politely in the back round. Its casual and clean. the longevity is not very good which is my biggest complaint but In saying that I have the EDT version and havent tried the EDP which might be better for this.

The fragrance is great for spring time, it is also suitable for wearing in the workplace because its so subtle and polite. Its not perfect, theres a note in there somewhere thats a little bitter. But overall, I love it!

I think most people and ages can wear this if they want that clean, soft vibe. It is also a lovely beginner perfume for teenagersif you are looking to buy a teen girl a fragrance that is not too sweet, will make them feel a bit more grown up and beautiful than this one is great. I always forget how much I love this one. When I haven't smelled it in a while I think "meh, nothing special" but then when I put it on (I always have a mini in my handbag) I remember how beautiful this smells - like being in a lovely flower filled garden ♥ This scent seems to be very recognisable.

There have been plenty of times parfum daisy marc jacobs I've put this on and someone has said "is someone wearing Marc Jacobs Daisy?". Everyone loves it so I always have friends asking to borrow it when we're out.

Such a pretty, fresh, spring/summery smell, it's a breath of fresh air that always makes me feel clean and refreshed. This is such an easy wear. Perfect for those days when you parfum daisy marc jacobs want to smell too perfumed but you want something more complex than a soap-y or musk-y fragrance. It's good for layering too. If I'm trying out a new perfume and I end up not liking it so much, spraying some Daisy on top of it helps make it less offensive.

It's a like not a love because the sillage and longevity are not there. I hope Marc Jacobs will one day make an ultra potent version of this, so I can finally enjoy Daisy to the fullest. I’ve always liked DAISY, but I never repurchased after I’d finished my small bottle because the longevity is terrible on me. The other day I happened to be in a store that was having a clearance sale of various fragrance minis, and I couldn’t resist buying one of DAISY for $7.

Well, the good news is that DAISY still smells pretty much the way I remember it and I still like it as much as ever.

The bad news is that the longevity hasn’t improved as far as my skin is concerned and I still get only 2 - 3 hours out of it no matter how much I apply. This is the edt which is what I’d had before as well. My Fragrantica friend tells me that the edp has better staying power, so I’ll need to test that and see.

What I really like about DAISY is the fresh, somewhat coarse, leafy/green floral quality of it which reminds me of the stems and leaves of certain garden flowers, including the daisy of the title. I find the sillage to be soft.

I don’t get much of a progression with this one as it isn’t on me long enough, but I do enjoy it while it lasts. If i have to choose only 1 perfume that i love the most. Should be this one. It was my first bottle 10 years ago. I know that Daisy flower has no smelling. But use this MJ daisy I can imagine myself standing in the middle of Daisy field that have some scent of fruits of wild strawberries. It's my comfort scent. If I test any trouble fragrances and wash them off, I have to put this.

Feel so comfort and easy feeling. Love it. My best friend wears this perfume and it smells amazing on her but when I tried it I just smelt like what I could only imagine an old lady would smell like.

Luckily I only got a 5ml of this perfume so not a lot will go to waste however I was quite disappointed. The longevity of this perfume is also pretty parfum daisy marc jacobs. Only lasted about 1-2hours max and then I could barely smell it. Daisy is my favorite Marc Jacobs perfume right now. A no-brainer in spring and summer, very wearable and not aggressive.

Violet is the main note surrounding by soft fruity floral notes. If you love violet and comforting creamy perfumes, I highly recommend it. On me the longevity is average, the projection is also average, but enough for being noticeable and sniff it throughout the day.

Edit: It was one of the few perfumes that I could wear while I was stomach sick. Edit: I smelled Chanel Chance Eau Tendre in store and it's almost the same, wow!

I was dreaming about this perfume, but proverb says be careful about your dreams. Now I have it and I am not enjoying it at all. That's not field of flowers on my skin.First hour it smells powdery, warm and musky, there is something sharp green and maybe white flowers on my skin. The other hour it starts to be metallic and fruity, strongly reminiscent of Hugo Boss female perfume from 90's, in round bottle.

That puts me off, I think you must test this perfume few times, everything with strong musk can react differently on everyone. I put Daisy on in the morning, after 2 hours it's gone. Super pricey body mist, what else to say? I am glad I had just travel size. Gonna be fancy air freshener. God, do I really need to explain this fragrance? It’s just so pure and innocent, I couldn’t imagine some scandalous girl at the club wearing this or something.

It’s like marriage material. The girl next door. The type of girl you see in the library dressing conservative and one day you talk to her and she just has this sweet, endearing smile. You wouldn’t want to hurt her, or for anyone to hurt her. She’s just loveable. That’s the type of fragrance I see on a girl wearing this. It’s very innocent and youthful, I could not really imagine a mature woman in her 30/40s wearing this or something for me personally.

It doesn’t even have a daisy note in the bottle which is quite ironic. You can smell a lot of violet in here, mixed with the grapefruit and some white florals. It’s definitely a daytime scent, don’t wear this in the club it doesn’t make any sense. It’s the innocent, happy go lucky fragrance wearing type of a girl, not the smell you want a one night stand with. Wear this in the day, to the shops, with a skirt even, or even just with a smile and be happy!

be joyful. It lasts around 3-4 hours at most, it’s not projecting soo strong that you will be drowning guys, but just enough when they are near you they will take a whiff and really notice how innocent and cute you are. One of my favourites because it is classical. Wow!! Now THIS is *perfection*. Where has this been all my life?!

I've been living under a rock, apparently, for not having tried this before. It is such a perfect blend of green, yet floral, yet sweet (a light, natural, strawberry sweet, not a heavy gourmand sweet), that I can barely even pick out any notes. Nor do I want to. I just want to take it all in as a whole. No science, no learning, no waxing philosophical -- just be enveloped by pure happiness.

THIS is the *perfect* spring scent. My one drawback is that it's too good. Even though the dry down is perfectly balanced, soft, gentle and beautiful, I am not done with those top notes.

They fade long before I've gotten enough. But I've found that my clothes capture them somehow, so if I make sure to get skin AND clothing, I get to enjoy the top notes much longer. I just have to literally sniff my clothes all day. People might think I'm a little off but I'll be so happy in my Daisy bubble that I won't even notice or care. I blind bought a bottle of this a couple years back and then didn’t wear perfume for ages and it sat tucked away in the cupboard.

Came back to it recently and while it is every bit as light and bubbly as it sounds like parfum daisy marc jacobs would be on the notes, it also has (and I feel really bad writing this) something in it that smells like vomit to me. Maybe a combination of something sweet and sharp? Not a fan anymore. I was at Belk yesterday. I sprayed this one, along with 4 others, on my shirt.

parfum daisy marc jacobs

I wanted to see how they performed over a 24 hour period. The 5 perfumes I tried was: Viva La Juicy Gold Couture Marc Jacobs Daisy Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Chanel Chance Ariana Grande Cloud To be honest I completely skipped both this perfume and Daisy Dream because I am not a fan of heavy floral scents, and when I see perfumes that have flowers all over them, I just keep walking. However, the lady at the counter persuaded me to give them a try when I told her that I still love fragrances with fruit smells.

I’m glad she did becuase this one turned out to be my second favorite. This fragrance is a pretty, light, lightly floral, and lightly fruity fragrance. This would be perfect for spring or summer. It is very hard to put an age group to this. I think just about anyone would like this scent. This is not a perfume parfum daisy marc jacobs is going to project very far. It is still pretty strong on my shirt. My 13 year old daughters opinion: She absolutely loved it. This was her favorite out of the 5.

My 34 year old husbands opinion: He didn’t like it very much though he didn’t elaborate. Cloud and Chance were his favorites. He tends to like warmer scents. Daisy is a beautifully comforting floral. It's so light and sweet but slightly powdery. I smell the violets, strawberries, grapefruit and some hints of green.

My mom wears this and it suits her so well! It's truly a magical scent. Some say it's dated and boring, I say it's a classic. Longevity is about 5 hours one me and that's enough. Sometimes I just want a lighter inoffensive scent so this is perfect for that. I might pick up a bottle now in time for spring!

I'm not impressed with Daisy at all. It parfum daisy marc jacobs just smells sweet on me with some light parfum daisy marc jacobs undertones. Usually I like sweet scents but this is just so forgettable! Nothing about this perfume stands out and when it disappears from my skin I don't even remember what it smelled like. The longevity is a bit disappointing as well, it disappears after about 3 hours of wearing.

Personally I prefer perfumes that have more sillage and longevity. This might be a good first perfume option for a teen girl as it's not very offensive or strong.

I have a sample vial of this and I think its smells disgustingly sweet and just awful. It is a very alcohol-like scent as well and has no remarkable quality to it whatsoever to me. It is so deeply synthetic to me it is not even funny. There is not a hint of daisies in it to me. I have seen the bottle before and while the outside is fantastic, the stench is just too much. Definitely a no, would never waste my money on it. Not sophisticated at all. No wonder you can purchase it so easily at Walmart.

My son said it smelled yucky, there ya go. I adore Daisy! It's my new signature. I smell lots of violet, violet leaf, grapefruit, vanilla, and a hint of banana for some reason. It smells like a really expensive shampoo they'd use at a luxurious hair salon in Paris or something. It's cool and summery. I've had no issues whatsoever with longevity, which impresses me because my skin makes perfumes fade fast.

I like the more green violet leaf notes in it. I feel they keep it from being a super basic floral perfume. Yes, it's not super unique, but they give it an extra kick.

parfum daisy marc jacobs

I bought some tester's around September 2018. I never really got round to "savouring" daisy until this Friday. A quick sniff back in Sept. suggested it was a little too clean in a cold way. All I could say as I walked out my house and down the stairs this Friday however, was "YES DAISY, YES". A scent that is not offensive, is clean and is fresh. I sprayed twice and as I walked, I could smell it almost in burst. My nose however, stays with new scents for a while until they become normal and so fade.

I plan to get a bottle later this year. Do try! An inoffensive scent, is versatile for day or night wear. I wear it to work almost every day. The smell is fresh floral, a little powdery, and I can smell nice pinch of jasmine. It lasts for 3-4 hours, after that I can only smell it if my nose is drown into my skin.

This is one of the safest blind buys and not that expensive, so it fits for a beginner fraghead, or if you just looking for a simple fresh daily scent. I bought it at parfum daisy marc jacobs 50% sale because I got a compliment by a colleague at work who said: you smell so nice, I just inhale and aaaaaaaaaah!

I agree that it doesn't blend into the skin, just sits there but this is a scent I can recommend to wear when you have a cold, it is fresh and uplifting and you will feel much better. This thing was my first perfume and is the bane of my existence. I tried so hard for years to like and enjoy it but I never could. It's so overrated and boring- reminds me of a tryhard girl that does everything she can to be liked but just comes off as annoying.

I think it's the ozone that's bothersome. Like another user said, its kind of just "there" and doesn't melt into your skin at all. Daisy reminds me of the summers I spend at my grandparents house as a little girl. I have a memory of going outside to play and being hit with that delicious smell of freshly cut grass. You know that watery green smell? That’s what Daisy smells like to me. My husband bought this for me back in 2013 while we were dating. It was on my wishlist so I was excited to have it.

Daisy is very green and watery to me. Unfortunately, not long lasting. I get max 4 hours out of it. I smell Daisy now and I am taken back to spring/summer 2015 when I wore the heck out of my bottle. I repurchased another full size that summer when I reached the halfway point of the bottle I was using. That’s how much I loved it. I was close to finishing my bottle when all of a parfum daisy marc jacobs I grew tired of it. I think I may have worn it too much and it ended up boring me.

I finished my bottle and haven’t touched my backup until recently. I decided to revisit Daisy and fell in love again. Daisy is easy to like but can easily get boring.

Next time I’ll make sure not to wear it so often to keep this fragance interesting. My boyfriend just got this for me for Christmas (2018)!

I have a large collection of perfumes and usually he gets me whichever one I've already picked out but this time he went to Macy's and picked Daisy out himself. I had of course smelled Daisy before in passing but never focused on it. My boyfriend usually prefers sweeter, fruity and/or gourmand scents (not floral) so I was very surprised he had picked out Daisy. However, after wearing it the past few days I can see parfum daisy marc jacobs.

It parfum daisy marc jacobs a lovely interesting scent (it sort of smells like honeysuckles to me although that isn't listed as a note) & I'm happy to have it in my collection. It is an easy scent to wear that would be inoffensive to most people as it is not cloying or heavy. My husband bought me this as a Christmas gift. He told me he had researched it and read all the reviews and assured me that it was indeed a lovely perfume which is adored by many.

Bless him, I just smiled and said nothing. I have never really come to terms with MJ Daisy having smelled it maybe once but never really given it a chance.

parfum daisy marc jacobs

I admit that I may have been a tad snobbish in my opinion of any MJ frags but he had made a huge effort and I felt that I needed to wear this to see what all the fuss is about. First spritz, nice, fizzy, happy, uplifting and summery fresh. I can smell violets, white florals and musk. The top notes are ok but there is a note or an accord which is a bit off putting to my nose.

Perhaps that's why I have never really enjoyed this fragrance in the past. Fortunately, the initial spritz settles quickly leaving a base of sweet (not gourmand sweet), sparkling flowers. Imagine a river with crystal clear water gently rippling along and the sun's rays are shining on it. This is what Daisy reminds me of. It is like a shining white diamond. This scent is incredibly feminine, clean, crisp, sharp and delightful.

the dry down is stunning and it lingers on the body all day. For an EDT, this is as strong as most EDP's I hold my hands up and admit that Daisy delights me in a way that I never expected and it shall become a summer staple.

Sun and sand. I grew up in the countryside and Daisy evokes memories of sunshine on the dry grass and the smell of suntanned skin. For me it's very niche, replica of nature, I would like to have candle like this. When I put it on, it feels like I was sun bathing on the hot sand next to dry seaside grass. Daisy doesn't have longevity and sillage is minimal. But it's very appropriate if someone doesn't like strong perfumes. Daisy doesn't smell like perfume but like your skin scent or body product.

Sometimes it's a good thing. Purchased this while holidaying in Australia in 2012, I'd heard great things about parfum daisy marc jacobs and liked the scent when I tested it in store. It's a very feminine, light, clean and inoffensive scent.

It reminds me of an early spring morning, or when you are fresh out of the shower, and I will always associate it with my 2012 holiday, so it brings back pleasant memories. I think it's a great spring/summer daytime scent and is perfect for the office!

Longevity and sillage are minimal, and while I enjoy Daisy and the associated memories, I don't believe this will be a repurchase, but am glad to have owned it. My mother, a totally fierce and trendsetting lady who has gone through bottles of Shalimar, Samsara, Opium, Dune, etc.

in her life, seems to be really into this one lately. She finished a rollerball in a month. I bought her a 50ml bottle for Christmas and into March it's already halfway empty. That's really rare for her picky style. It's simply beautiful.

There's something there for the 50 year old and the 15 year old. There are "trendy" modern perfumes that we tend to dispose of quickly, just like fast fashion fads (remember peplum dresses were cool for like 6 months?), then there's this. Coco Mademoiselle, D&G Light Blue, and this. So what if every woman wears it? Don't be a servant to the parfum daisy marc jacobs. When you wear it with confidence, you make it cool again. Actually, more than cool, you make it timeless.

Hell, my mom could wear some neon-colored body mist from Bath and Body Works and I'd think it's classy. Maybe that's why I like this one too. I have PTSD (and work in a high stress job), which means I'm in a constant state of high anxiety; I often deal with night terrors and some major depression as well. I've learned to use aromatherapy/perfume to keep me calm.

and I'll review those also, but Daisy is unique among them. It smells like dandelion butter on a warm day and evokes strong sense of peace. When I wear it, I don't just calm down, but my mood lifts considerably. It's expensive, so I try to save it for my depressed days. It calms my racing mind when I need to sleep also. It lasts for hours on me so it is more than worth it. -I also do reviews parfum daisy marc jacobs perfumes safe for migraines, and it has neither set one off nor aggravated a headache when I had one.

People need to stop parfum daisy marc jacobs this is for young women and/or teenagers because I'm nearly 50 and I wear this and people LOVE it on me. This fragrance is gorgeous and makes me think of summer fields under dreamy blue skies. A powdery floral that is sweet, soft, feminine, romantic and playful. Daisy can be worn all year round day or night. It lasts forever on me. I'm lucky enough to own the anniversary edition with the sparkly cap. Well, I never thought I will be writing about this fragrance, however early Mother’s Day present from my first born son encouraged me to write a review.

My beautiful boy started working as junior staff in the little store and he bought a gift for me from first wage. My heart just melted.

Ok, back to the review, I actually like it simply because it can be worn everywhere, nice safe fragrance. I love green fragrances, violet leaves have some special effect on me. I feel fresh and grounded when I wear this fragrance and the fact that I received it from (not anymore) my baby boy makes it furthermore special.

This is the perfume I would gift to someone who normally does not wear perfume. It's great for gals who want a light, fresh fragrance. It's non-offensive and only has a soft whisper of sweetness, so it's appropriate for those who can't stand syrupy fruity florals.

For me, Daisy left something to be desired. This was a little too fresh and safe for my taste. On me, I mostly detect grass and a wee bit of strawberry. But it doesn't seem to develop much after that. I personally would not purchase Daisy for myself, but I could see why it's very popular.

It's kind of like the soft-spoken, introverted girl from class who won't say much, but manages to get along with pretty much everyone. Pretty. Fresh, sweet flowery, woody scent. First spray for me it just smells like banana. Even though there's no banana in the notes list.

But then it turns sweet & flowery. Fresh & elegant. The bottle is lovely too. Have good longevity. Young, feminine, fashionable, elegant & classy. Represent a classy urban young woman. I just found this so bland and forgettable.

It smells to me like when you spray loads of things on yourself in a pharmacy and they lose their individual scents. Nothing really grabs me about it and I don't think I'd know it was Daisy if I smelled it on someone else.

It's a perfectly safe scent, inoffensive and it doesn't make you draw back in horror, but that's all I can really say. My flatmate owns a bottle of this and I honestly can't even identify when she's wearing perfume as opposed to deodorant.

I was quite disappointed when I tried this one. A lot of people seem to love it but I don't feel anything special in it. It is very floral and fresh perfume and since I am more interested in fruity freshness I am not impressed by this one. Also, my friend thought it smelled like synthetic banana which it kind of did.

I guess strawberry and all those flowers just don't make my day. I think the best part of this perfume is the bottle. I thought I'd like this more than I did since I'd heard it compared to Chanel Chance Eau Tendre so much.

Eau Tendre works so well on my skin, I assumed this would be a similar fragrance yet possibly different enough to justify buying. It may smell similarly upon first spray. But after the dry down, it goes a bit ozonic and more flowery than fruity on me. It's not overly sweet with the ozonic note mixing with the violet leaf and the grapefruit.

But it's just.there. I didn't enjoy it. I wanted to take it off and put something else on. It's not that it's bad. It's very safe. But for me, the floral and ozonic notes overpower any sweet and turn it into something I, personally, don't enjoy wearing. It doesn't smell like a light, fresh fragrance like I thought it would. It's heavier and warmer smelling, though not strong.

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DBA Fragrance Express • ASIN ‏ : ‎ B0012RQZ72 • Best Sellers Rank: #87,205 in Beauty & Personal Care ( See Top 100 in Beauty & Personal Care) • #504 in Women's Eau de Toilette • Customer Reviews: Customer Reviews, including Product Star Ratings help customers to learn more about the product and decide whether it is the right product for them.

To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. It also analyzed reviews to verify trustworthiness. Learn more how customers reviews work on Amazon Totally a knock off perfume. Does not smell like my old Daisy that I purchased from Macy's. To test my theory, I sprayed the Macy's Daisy on one hand and Amazon's Daisy on the other.

I had everyone in the house smell each and not one person thought they were the same perfume. Everyone also thought the Amazon hand had a weird smell. And lastly, the Amazon's Daisy gave me a headache whereas I never got headaches from my Macy's Daisy. Bummer. I sooo wanted it to be real because I got a good price. Wonderful stuff, would have been a 5 rating if it lasted more than an hour or two!

I had this fragrance first in Daisy Eau So Fresh and it was also perfectly delightful though a little "lighter" but it lacked "lasting power". So the Eau De Toilette is yummy and does last longer than the Eau So Fresh. I have received great compliments and parfum daisy marc jacobs be honest, while others may say how great it smells on me, I am no longer aware of the fragrance. This may be a good sign of a right fragrance "fit".

This smells so good that I will sometimes spray some on my pillow for the pure enjoyment of it. I am still going to buy more as it is still the lightest, warmest, never over-done, always beautiful fragrance. My girlfriend wears this scent every day. When anyone near me is wearing it, I can tell. I don't mind because parfum daisy marc jacobs not overpowering and doesn't give me a headache like other perfumes.

This is pretty subtle and clean smelling, not too artificial or flowery. My girlfriend previously bought this from a beauty store where she paid approx $75 for it. She ran out recently, so I bought her this. She couldn't believe I only paid $40 for it. Great price for a scent that doesn't get old.

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Deals and Shenanigans Zappos Shoes & Clothing Ring Smart Home Security Systems eero WiFi Stream 4K Video in Every Room Blink Smart Security for Every Home Neighbors App Real-Time Crime & Safety Alerts Amazon Subscription Boxes Top subscription boxes – right to your door PillPack Pharmacy Simplified • Gift Sets • Gift Finder • Mother's Day • Travel Sprays • Hair Masks • Face Treatments • Summer Scents • Best Sellers • Beauty Bargains • Bar Soaps • New Arrivals • Variety Gift Sets • Gifts Under $10 • Perfume Samples • Unboxed/Testers • 50% OFF Specials • Hard to find Scents • For Kids Only • Clearance • Mini Fragrances • Gift Certificates • Help With its mix of violet petals, musk and vanilla combined with white woods, gardenia, strawberry and parfum daisy marc jacobs other notes, Marc Jacobs Daisy by Marc Jacobs is the perfect fragrance for the woman who wants a casual perfume.

Since its introduction in 2007, Marc Jacobs Daisy has been the scent for women who are looking for something a bit more relaxed. Its lovely fragrance can be worn for a number of different occasions, giving you the flexibility you want out of your perfume. Show More By submitting this form, you agree to receive recurring automated promotional and personalized marketing text messages (e.g. cart reminders) from at the cell number used when signing up. Consent is not a condition of any purchase.

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Fake vs Real Marc Jacobs Daisy Perfume