Lan wangji birthday

lan wangji birthday

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Price: 10 CAD or 8 USD + shipping How to order To pre-order, please submit the pre-order form on the pinned post as soon as possible. If you have never joined one of my group orders before, please read the guide on the pinned post before signing up! Wang Yibo (adult) Chen Junkai (child) Abilities • Cultivation: Lan Wangji is renowned as a talented cultivator within his generation, with an exceptionally high level of cultivation.

[1] He is a master of the techniques from Gusu Lan Clan. • Sound of Vanquish: The most powerful melody on the seven-stringed guqin to suppress resentful energy. [2] • Rest: A technique to sooth resentful energy. Lan Wangji plays it to suppress the resentful energy of the Demonic Left Arm and the rest of the Fierce Corpse's body parts.

[3] • Evocation: A technique to summon spirits to the middle of an array drawn at the player's location. Alongside his elders in the Gusu Lan Clan, Lan Wangji participates in performing the Demonic Left Arm.

[4] • Inquiry: A technique to communicate with deceased spirits, to the point that spirits cannot lie in their answers.

[5] • Chord Assassination: A technique to use guqin strings as weapons, originally created to assassinate dissidents.

Lan Wangji uses it to kill the Tortoise of Slaughter alongside Wei Wuxian. [6] • Silence Spell: A spell to silence those around the user for thirty minutes, or remove the spell if he deems fit. [7] [8] • Perception: Lan Wangji is quite perceptive. {/INSERTKEYS}

lan wangji birthday

He realizes before anyone else that the Waterborne Abyss has led them to the center of Biling Lake, [9] deduces, while trapped in the cave of the Tortoise of Slaughter, that there is another way to escape from the mere presence of maple leaves on the pool of water, [10] that Wei Wuxian had reincarnated in the body of Mo Xuanyu when Wangxian is played, and recognizes the sword skills of the Yunmeng Jiang Clan merely by the sounds made.

[11] • Strength: As a member of the Gusu Lan Clan, Lan Wangji possesses prodigious arm strength from performing many handstands. [12] As a teenager, he can already haul two peers by the collar with one arm. [9] During the Bloodbath of Nightless Sky, he is able to fly away Wei Wuxian despite being heavily injured.

He is also able to survive 33 lashes from the Discipline Whip, though this leaves him bedridden for three months. At the height of his adult strength, his non-dominant hand can lift a wooden coffin, two adult male corpses inside the coffin, the large Guanyin statue of solid rock atop the coffin, and Wei Wuxian atop the statue altogether.

[13] Moreover, Lan Wangji alone was able to withstand the backlash of resentful energy from performing Evocation on the Demonic Left Arm, while all of the Gusu Lan Clan elders were injured. [14] • Swordsmanship: Lan Wangji is an excellent swordsman, having been trained from youth by his uncle Lan Qiren. [15] • Archery: As a teenager, Lan Wangji places fourth in archery among all the juniors of his generation, even though he left the competition early.

Wei Wuxian believes that Lan Wangji would have placed even higher otherwise. [16] • Cooking: Lan Wangji is a talented cook, to the point that Wei Wuxian mistakenly conflates Lan Wangji's Hunan cuisine with that of a restaurant's. [17] Weapons • Wangji (忘机, Wà ngjÄ«): A seven-stringed guqin that Lan Wangji uses to communicate with spirits [18] and to suppress resentful energy.

[19] • Bichen (避尘, Bìchén): Lan Wangji's sword. It is strong enough to cut through iron and heavy enough for non-cultivators to be unable to wield it. [20] • Bow & Arrows [16] References • ↑ Novel, Chapter 48 • ↑ Novel, Chapter 80 • ↑ Novel, Chapter 27 • ↑ Novel, Chapter 19 • ↑ Novel, Chapter 22 • ↑ Novel, Chapter 55 • ↑ Novel, Chapter 7 • ↑ Novel, Chapter 79 • ↑ 9.0 9.1 Novel, Chapter 17 • ↑ Novel, Chapter 53 • ↑ Novel, Chapter 122 • ↑ Novel, Chapter 125 • ↑ Novel, Chapter 109 • ↑ Novel, Chapter 19 • ↑ Novel, Chapter 81 • ↑ 16.0 16.1 Novel, Chapter 51 • ↑ Novel, Chapter 126 • ↑ Novel, Chapter 22 • ↑ Novel, Chapter 107 • ↑ Novel, Chapter 7
Contents • 1 Family • 1.1 Wei Wuxian • 1.2 Lan Xichen • 1.3 Lan Qiren • 1.4 Lan Sizhui • 1.5 Madam Lan • 1.6 Qingheng-Jun • 2 Allies • 2.1 Wen Ning • 2.2 Lan Jingyi • 2.3 Luo Qingyang • 3 Neutral • 3.1 Jiang Cheng • 3.2 Jin Ling • 4 Enemies • 4.1 Jin Guangyao • 4.2 Su She • 5 References Family Wei Wuxian Lan Wangji first encounters Wei Wuxian during the latter's time studying at the Cloud Recesses.

From their initial meeting during Wei Wuxian's attempt to sneak Emperor's Smile into their residence past curfew, [1] to Lan Qiren's orders that Lan Wangji watch him copy the rules in the library for a month, [2] Lan Wangji frequently finds himself vexed by Wei Wuxian's teasing.

[3] [4] Still, Lan Wangji becomes fixated on Wei Wuxian's description of freshly picked lotus seed pods the next summer, enough to journey all day to taste some, indicating that he already harbored feelings for him by the time he left the Cloud Recesses.

[5] When Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian are trapped together in the cave of the Tortoise of Slaughter, Lan Wangji opens up about the burning of his home, his missing brother, and his dying father.

[6] He plays the song he had composed for the two of them, Wangxian, [7] in an attempt to keep Wei Wuxian awake, [6] and jealously stole the perfume satchel that Mianmian had given Wei Wuxian. [8] During the Sunshot Campaign, Lan Wangji is distressed by Wei Wuxian's embrace of Demonic Cultivation and requests that he return to Gusu with him, which Wei Wuxian misinterprets as an attempt to arrest him.

[9] Although he criticizes Wei Wuxian's methods, they maintain a working relationship throughout the war. [10] Lan Wangji continues to ask Wei Wuxian to return to Gusu with him during the latter's slow downfall, [11] and attempts to reason with Wei Wuxian during the Bloodbath of Nightless Sky, to no avail. [12] In the aftermath, he saves Wei Wuxian, confesses his feelings, and battled thirty-three elders from his own clan to protect him.

[13] After Wei Wuxian dies in the First Siege of the Burial Mounds, Lan Wangji grieves deeply, drinking Emperor's Smile to honor him, and branding himself to have the same scar Wei Wuxian had. [14] When Wei Wuxian, resurrected in the body of Mo Xuanyu plays "Wangxian," Lang Wangji recognizes him [15] and protects him from Jiang Cheng by taking him back to the Cloud Lan wangji birthday.

[16] Lan Wangji believes that Wei Wuxian's continued flirtation stems from gratitude for his protection and knowledge of his confession, when in truth Wei Wuxian has lost his memory. [17] He continues to protect Wei Wuxian from others, [18] and demonstrates his feelings through actions, such as ordering spicy food due to Wei Wuxian's love for it, despite his own milder palate.

[19] Eventually, Wei Wuxian realizes that he too loves Lan Wangji, and they elope to become married Cultivation Partners. [20] Lan Xichen Lan Xichen is at most a few years older than Lan Wangji. [21] Due to their similar looks, they are known as the Twin Jades of the Gusu Lan Clan.

They maintain a close relationship, with Lan Xichen seemingly the only person capable of reading Lan Wangji's stoic expressions. [22] [23] Lan Wangji is worried after his brother's disappearance during the burning of the Cloud Recesses, shedding tears while he confides the truth to Wei Wuxian. [6] When Lan Wangji, for his actions protecting Wei Wuxian,is whipped so severely that he is bedridden in seclusion for years, Lan Xichen often visits to comfort him [20] and treat his injuries.

[13] Once Lan Xichen goes into seclusion after the death of his sworn brother and best friend Jin Guangyao, Lan Wangji returns the favor, visiting the grieving Lan Xichen. [20] He indicated that he would tell his brother lan wangji birthday kinder actions of Jin Guangyao, such as the real reason he spared Sisi, to comfort him. lan wangji birthday Lan Qiren Lan Qiren raises his nephew strictly in the hopes that Lan Wangji will not repeat his father's mistakes, [24] and considers his nephew his prized disciples.

[25] Lan Qiren becomes irate at Lan Wangji's actions after the Bloodbath of Nightless Sky, realizing that his nephew is in love with the Yiling Patriarch. Lan Wangji is punished severely for his actions, as he endures thirty-three lashes of the Discipline Whip, one for each elder he has attacked lan wangji birthday defend Wei Wuxian. [13] Lan Qiren is distressed at Lan Wangji's protection of Wei Wuxian after his resurrection, [26] and infuriated by their elopement.

However, once the couple returns to the Cloud Recesses, Lan Qiren reluctantly agrees to tolerate Wei Wuxian's presence. [27] Lan Sizhui Lan Wangji first encounters Lan Sizhui as Wen Yuan, a crying toddler who has accompanied Wei Wuxian to buy food in Yiling for the remnants of the Qishan Wen Clan living in the Burial Mounds.

Wen Yuan fearfully cries at Lan Wangji's cold expression, causing onlookers to mistake him as the boy's father. [28] After learning of Wei Wuxian's death, Lan Wangji, despite his many injuries, insists on visiting the Burial Mounds. He fails to find any trace of Wei Wuxian but instead finds Wen Yuan hidden in a hollow tree, the lone survivor of his family.

Lan Wangji takes the child back to the Cloud Recesses and renames him Lan Yuan, where the Gusu Lan Clan raises him as a full-blooded member. [14] Lan Sizhui deeply admires Lan Wangji, feeling he has nothing to fear so long as Lan Wangji is with him. [29] Lan Wangji pays him special attention, as Lan Sizhui remarks that he treats him just as a father or older brother would and that he has taught him how to play the guqin.

[30] When he eventually discovers the truth about his past, Lan Sizhui thanks Lan Wangji with tears of gratitude. [24] Madam Lan Lan Wangji and Lan Xichen are separated from their mother shortly after their births to be raised by Lan Qiren. They are only allowed to see their confined mother once a month. Both boys eagerly anticipate the monthly visits, and Madam Lan often teases Lan wangji birthday Wangji because of his stoic nature.

[24] Madam Lan passes away when Lan Wangji is only six years old. Not understanding lan wangji birthday Lan Qiren means when he says that his mother is "gone," Lan Wanghi continues visiting her house despite his uncle's scoldings and the other Gusu Lan disciples' condolences. Even when he has grown old enough to realize that his mother is truly gone, he continues to visit her house.

[24] Qingheng-Jun As Qingheng-Jun spends his days in meditative seclusion, Lan Wangji and Lan Lan wangji birthday rarely see their father.

[24] Nevertheless, while trapped in the cave with Wei Wuxian, Lan Wangji weeps as he admits that his father lan wangji birthday dying. [6] Allies Wen Ning Lan Wangji speaks in defense of Wen Ning and Wen Qing when they surrender themselves to Golden Carp Tower after the death of Jin Zixuan, for which Wen Ning remains grateful. Wen Ning likewise thanks Lan Wangji for saving Wen Yuan from the Burial Mounds and raising him well, and Lan Wangji agrees not to tell Wei Wuxian that Wen Ning has told Jiang Cheng the truth about his Golden Core.

[31] While drunk, Lan Wangji displays jealousy toward Wen Ning, striking him lan wangji birthday his proximity to Wei Wuxian and telling him to "go away." Still, when Wei Wuxian asks him what he thinks of Wen Ning, the drunken Lan Wangji replies with indifference. [32] After Wei Wuxian and Wen Ning part ways, Lan Wangji reassures Wei Wuxian that he will see Wen Ning again. [14] Later, at the Cloud Recesses, Lan Wangji is aware that the junior disciples often sneak away to night-hunt with Wen Ning.

Although he punishes the juniors for breaking curfew, he shows no distrust of Wen Ning; [20] his willingness to allow Lan Sizhui to accompany Wen Ning to Qishan implies a level of trust. [14] Lan Jingyi Lan Jingyi displays great admiration and respect for Lan Wangji, even chastising Wei Wuxian for his lack of exuberant praise for Lan Wangji. [33] Lan Wangji cares for his well-being and progress as a disciple and often corrects his script [20] and essays for verbosity and errors.

[34] Luo Qingyang Lan Wangji assists Jin Zixuan in protecting Mianmian from Wen Chao's order to use her as bait for the Tortoise of Slaughter. [35] After she leaves the conference and defects from her clan for their mockery of her willingness to speak against the exaggerations of Wei Wuxian's crimes, Lan Wangji also leaves to speaks with her, [11] and, when they lan wangji birthday again over thirteen years later, they remain on friendly terms.

[8] Neutral Jiang Cheng At the Cloud Recesses, Jiang Cheng warns Wei Wuxian to stop his endless teasing of Lan Wangji. [1] [3] Later, the two work side-by-side to assassinate Wen Chao during the Sunshot Campaign, although Lan Wangji does not approve of Wei Wuxian and Jiang Cheng's decision to torture Wen Chao to death.

[9] After Wei Wuxian's death and resurrection, a drunk Lan Wangji frowns and scoffs when Wei Wuxian asks his opinion of Jiang Cheng. [32] During his confrontation with Wei Wuxian at the Guanyin Temple, Lan Wangji becomes enraged with Jiang Cheng.

When Jin Ling requests that Lan Wangji spare his injured uncle "some mercy," Lan Wangji replied that Jiang Cheng should "spare some virtue." [36] Jin Ling At Dafan Mountain, Lan Wangji to use the Silence Spell on Jin Ling for his rude behavior. [37] As a result, Jin Ling fears Lan Wangji. [38] At the Stone Castles, Lan Wangji aids Wei Wuxian in rescuing Jin Ling.

[39] At the Guanyin Temple, Lan Wangji again saves Jin Ling from an accidental death while he is held captive by Jin Guangyao, earning both Jin Ling and Jiang Cheng's sincere thanks. [40] Enemies Jin Guangyao After Wei Wuxian discovers that Jin Guangyao keeps Nie Mingjue's head in his treasure room, Lan Wangji lan wangji birthday Wei Wuxian, telling Lan Xichen that Jin Guangyao is untrustworthy.

[41] Still, after Jin Guangyao's death, Lan Wangji infers from Wei Wuxian's visions in Empathy with Anxin that Jin Guangyao had saved Sisi out of kindness. He then declares that he will tell this to Lan Xichen in order lan wangji birthday comfort him. [14] Su She Although Lan Wangji stikes Su She during his attempt to drag Miamian over to be sacrificed, [35] he displays no lingering animosity towards him.

Despite this, Su She firmly believes that Lan Wangji is arrogant, as well as hypocritical for his actions with Wei Wuxian. [17] Lan Wangji is, however, angered to discover that Su She is the one who had cast the Hundred Holes Curse that ultimately played a key role in Wei Wuxian's downfall. [42] References • ↑ 1.0 1.1 Novel, Chapter 13 • ↑ Novel, Chapter 14 • ↑ 3.0 3.1 Novel, Chapter 15 • ↑ Novel, Chapter 18 • ↑ Novel, Chapter 125 • ↑ 6.0 6.1 6.2 6.3 Novel, Chapter 55 • ↑ Novel, Chapter 113 • ↑ 8.0 8.1 Novel, Chapter 112 • ↑ 9.0 9.1 Novel, Chapter 62 • ↑ Novel, Chapter 48 • ↑ 11.0 11.1 Novel, Chapter 73 • ↑ Novel, Chapter 78 • ↑ 13.0 13.1 13.2 Novel, Chapter 99 • ↑ 14.0 14.1 14.2 14.3 14.4 14.5 Novel, Chapter 111 • ↑ Novel, Chapter 65 • ↑ Novel, Chapter 10 • ↑ 17.0 17.1 Novel, Chapter 100 • ↑ Novel, Chapter 51 • ↑ Novel, Chapter 35 • lan wangji birthday 20.0 20.1 20.2 20.3 20.4 Novel, Chapter 114 • ↑ Novel, Chapter 61 • ↑ Novel, Chapter 16 • ↑ Novel, Chapter 17 • ↑ 24.0 24.1 24.2 24.3 24.4 Novel, Chapter 64 • ↑ Novel, Chapter 110 • ↑ Novel, Chapter 79 • ↑ Lan wangji birthday, Chapter 114 • ↑ Novel, Chapter 74 • ↑ Novel, Chapter 37 • ↑ Novel, Chapter 84 • ↑ Novel, Chapter 89 • ↑ 32.0 32.1 Novel, Chapter 31 • ↑ Novel, Chapter 38 • ↑ Novel, Chapter 120 • ↑ 35.0 35.1 Novel, Chapter 52 • ↑ Novel, Chapter 102 • ↑ Novel, Chapter 7 • ↑ Novel, Chapter 43 • ↑ Novel, Chapter 22 • ↑ Novel, Chapter 106 • ↑ Novel, Chapter 63 • ↑ Novel, Chapter 103 Wang Yibo (adult) Chen Junkai (child) Lan Zhan (蓝湛, Lán Zhà n), courtesy name Lan Wangji (蓝忘机, Lán Wà ngjÄ«) is the second young master of the Gusu Lan Clan.

Titled as Hanguang-Jun (含光君, Hánguāng-jÅ«n), Lan Wangji is one of the Twin Jades of Lan, alongside his older brother, Lan Xichen. Although the man he loves died thirteen years prior to the start of the story, Lan Wangji recognizes Wei Wuxian soon after his resurrection in the body of Mo Xuanyu. Eventually, Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian acknowledge their feelings for each other and become cultivation partners. Contents • 1 Appearance • 2 Personality • 3 Trivia • 4 References Appearance " Although all of lan wangji birthday clans in the cultivation world used extravagant words to describe the Gusu Lan Clan’s uniform as the best-looking uniform and Lan Wangji as an incomparable beauty who only appeared once in a blue moon, nothing could help the bitter facial expression that made him look as though his wife had passed away." [1] Lan Wangji is beautiful, with fair skin and black hair.

lan wangji birthday

The outlines of his waist and back are smooth and graceful, yet strong. He has light eyes [2] and long eyelashes, [3] and dresses in the characteristic white robes and forehead ribbon of the Gusu Lan Clan. As a youth, he ranks second on the list of young cultivator gentlemen of his generation. [2] His back is marred with thirty-three scars inflicted by the Discipline Whip.

Beneath his collarbone, lies a scar from the Qishan Wen Clan's Branding Iron. [2] Personality In his youth, Lan Wangji is stubbornly obedient to the rules of his clan, to the extent that he punishes himself for stepping outside the Cloud Recesses at night alongside Wei Wuxian, although Wei Wuxian had actually pulled him outside when tumbling off a wall. [4] However, Lan Wangji does break the rules if they contradict his personal sense of justice. [5] Lan Wangji has a strong moral compass.

He does not care to gain fame and glory from night-hunting; he goes wherever people need help or, as other cultivators comment, "wherever the chaos is." [6] Although society declares that the remnants of the Qishan Wen Clan have to die, Lan Wangji rescues the lan wangji birthday child Lan Sizhui and raises him as a member of the Gusu Lan Clan. [7] Lan Wangji is stubborn from childhood on, insisting on visiting his mother's house after she passes away, even after knowing she would not return.

[8] On the surface, Lan Wangji has a taciturn demeanor, as Lan Xichen explains to Wei Wuxian: "With Wangji’s personality, how could he say anything if you do not ask? There are some things that even if you ask him he would not say." [8] However, internally, Lan Wangji is a passionate person who feels deeply. After kissing the blindfolded Wei Wuxian, he is so distraught at his own behavior that he attacks trees to vent his frustration. [9] After Wei Wuxian's death, Lan Wangji becomes drunk for the first time in his life in an attempt to understand why Wei Wuxian enjoyed the taste, and, in a fit of grief, brands his own chest with the iron of the Qishan Wen Clan.

[7] He displays jealousy when the resurrected Wei Wuxian becomes friendly with a waiter, causing the man lan wangji birthday remark that Lan Wangji looks as if the waiter had put his arm around his wife. [10] Perceptive and intelligent from a young age, Lan Wangji recognizes Lan wangji birthday Wuxian from a single song. [11] He notices small but important details, such as the maple leaves that indicate another exit from the cave of the Tortoise of Slaughter, [12] and that the Water Ghosts have led them to the lan wangji birthday of Biling Lake.

[13] Lan Wangji's love for Wei Wuxian reveals his selfless nature. After he risks his own life to save Wei Wuxian, Lan Wangji confesses his feelings. Lan wangji birthday traumatized Wei Wuxian responds only by repeating "get lost." Nevertheless, Lan Wangji fights thirty-three elders from his own clan to protect him.

Once Wei Wuxian is resurrected, Lan Wangji continues to protect him despite believing that Wei Wuxian had always known and does not return his feelings. [5] He also dislikes being thanked by Wei Wuxian, knowing that he often thanks him as a way to praise Lan Wangji while denigrating himself. [7] Trivia • His fan nickname is Wangji (汪叽), a homophone of his courtesy name. • On this note, fans also call him "Second Brother Lan" (蓝二哥哥).

This is the second of a trend: the gongs in author Lan wangji birthday Xiang Tong Xiu's works are counted in the order of appearance (Big Brother Luo, Second Brother Lan, San Lang (third son), etc). • His ability to become drunk on a single cup of liquor is genetic. [14] • According to Mo Xiang Tong Xiu, Lan Wangji likes to tie up Wei Wuxian during sex. [15] • The author's Weibo confirmed that Lan Wangji had known of Wei Wuxian's fear of dogs since their teenage years.

When Jin Zixuan brought his dog with him while he was lan wangji birthday at the Cloud Recesses, the dog once chased Wei Wuxian up a tree while he was breaking curfew to sneak Emperor's Smile. Lan Wangji managed to redirect the lan wangji birthday, but he continued to wait under the tree until lan wangji birthday disciples came.

[16] • Lan Wangji is strongly implied to have kept the peony Wei Wuxian tossed him in Yunmeng, [17] preserving it as a bookmark. [18] • His courtesy name 忘机 Wà ngjÄ« comes from the proverb 鸥鸟忘机 ōuniÇŽo wà ngjÄ« (lit. seagulls forget tricks). This proverb is derived from a fable found in the Daoist text 列子 lièzǐ from the 4-5th century BCE.

It was later turned into the 15th century guqin song 忘机 wà ngjÄ«. The song can be heard here. The fable goes as follows: • On a faraway shore there was a man who loved the seagulls. He would go early in the morning every day to play with them, and the seagulls would come in flocks of hundreds. His father knew of this and said: since you go every day, the seagulls must like you very much. Why don't you catch a couple and bring them home for us to play with too. The next day the man went to the shore as usual, but now his heart only held the desire of capturing a seagull, and on that day not one of the seagulls would land on the beach.

Thus, a person ought to forget all bad intentions or tricks that they hold in their heart. [19] • His birth name æ¹› Zhà n may come from the Zhou Dynasty's Five Classics, a key text in Confucianism. • Chinese Fans call him "Second Brother Lan" (蓝二哥哥).

This is the second of a trend: the gongs in author Mo Xiang Tong Xiu's works are counted in the order of appearance {(Big Brother Luo (Luo Binghe- The Scum Villian's Self-Saving System), Second Brother Lan (Lan Zhan- Mo Dao Zu Shi), and San Lang (Hua Cheng- Heaven Official's Blessing)} • On Weibo, Mo Xiang Tong Xiu once wrote a snippet of Wangxian's interactions in a modern alternate universe.

Lan Wangji wears frameless glasses, and is the type of student who meticulously follows the rules. He is put in charge of discipline, and as a result, Lan Wangji deducts many points from the rambunctious Wei Wuxian. [20] • While updating, Mo Xiang Tong Xiu encountered a typo when she typed "lwj" – the name was converted to “Lan Wanjun” (兰婉君, lán wÇŽn jÅ«n), a feminine name. [21] In light of this, she continued to nickname him Wanjun in author's notes throughout the updates.

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Contents • 1 Youth • 2 Meeting Wei Wuxian at the Cloud Lan wangji birthday • 3 Archery Competition at Nightless Sky • 4 Burning of the Cloud Recesses • 5 Killing the Tortoise of Slaughter • 6 Sunshot Campaign • 6.1 Death of Wen Chao • 6.2 Jiangling Front • 6.3 Flower Banquet at Golden Carp Tower • 7 Night-Hunt at Phoenix Mountain • 8 Meeting in Yunmeng • 9 Downfall of Wei Wuxian • 9.1 Incident at Qiongqi Path • 9.2 Visiting the Burial Mounds • 9.3 Death of Jin Zixuan • 9.4 Bloodbath of Nightless Sky • 9.5 Death of Wei Wuxian • 10 Thirteen Years • 11 Mo Village • 12 Dafan Mountain • 13 Return to the Cloud Recesses • 14 Stone Castles • 15 Graveyard of the Yueyang Chang Clan • 16 Yi City • 17 Night-Hunt in Tanzhou • 18 Discussion Conference at Golden Carp Tower • 19 Hiding at the Cloud Recesses • 20 Second Siege of the Burial Mounds • 21 Return to Lotus Pier • 22 Yunping City • 23 Incident at the Guanyin Temple • 24 Marriage • 24.1 Elopement • 24.2 The Gusu Lan Clan Family Banquet • 24.3 Hook Hand Investigation • 24.4 Incident at Young Master Qin's Residence • 25 Animation Divergence • 26 Web Series Divergence • 27 References Youth Lan Wangji and his older brother, Lan Xichen, were raised entirely by their uncle, Lan Qiren.

While their father, Qingheng-Jun, stayed in seclusion, the boys were only permitted to see their mother, Madam Lan once a month. Lan Qiren taught both his nephews strictly to prevent them from making the same mistake in love as their father did. Both boys looked forward to visiting their mother, and during these visits, Madam Lan enjoyed teasing the stoic Lan Wangji.

But when Lan Wangji was only six-years-old, Lan Qiren informed them that their mother was gone. Not understanding what that meant, Lan Wangji continued to sit outside her door month after month, no matter how many elders comforted him, or how much Lan Qiren scolded him. Even after understanding what "gone" meant, Lan Wangji still continue to visit her house. [1] Meeting Wei Wuxian at the Cloud Recesses "Alcohol is forbidden in lan wangji birthday Cloud Recesses. That's a worse crime." Lan Wangji first encounters Wei Wuxian when the latter comes to Gusu to study under Lan Qiren's tutelage.

Lan Wangji apprehends Wei Wuxian as he attempts to sneak Emperor's Smile inside their residence. When Wei Wuxian tries to bribe Lan Wangji with one of his jar, the situation escalates to a fight, which breaks one of Wei Wuxian's jars.

Before Lan Wangji's eyes, Wei Wuxian drinks the remaining jar on the wall to avoid violating the rule forbidding alcohol. [2] As Lan Wangji was in charge of disciplining fellow students, lan wangji birthday frequently encounters the merry troublemaker Wei Wuxian.

In fact, he once catches Wei Wuxian providing answers to Lan wangji birthday Huaisang on an exam, and as a result, Lan Wangji is ordered to supervise Wei Wuxian as he copies the Gusu Lan’s rules in the Library Pavilion for an entire month. During this time, he frequently inflicts the Gusu Lan Clan's Silence Spell on Wei Wuxian. [3] At the end of the month, Lan Wangji is appalled to discover that Wei Wuxian has switched his scriptures for a book of erotic pictures. In his wrath, Lan Wangji considers attacking Wei Wuxian, but ultimately shouts for him to leave after destroying the book.

[4] Their class takes a brief break when Lan Qiren departs for the Qinghe Nie Clan's Discussion Conference. Lan Xichen requests his brother's aid with investigating reports of Water Ghosts in Caiyi Town and promptly invites Jiang Cheng and Wei Wuxian after discerning that Lan Wangji wishes for their company, though Lan Wangji denies it.

lan wangji birthday

{INSERTKEYS} [5] Upon investigating, they discover that the water ghosts come from a Waterborne Abyss that the Qishan Wen Clan had driven downstream after they were unable to purge it. In the process Wei Wuxian endangers himself by rescuing Su She from the abyss, and Lan Wangji saves both of them. As he flies to safety on Bichen, Lan Wangji holds Wei Wuxian by his collar, claiming that he dislikes touching others. [6] Soon after, Lan Wangji once again catches Wei Wuxian smuggling liquor into the Cloud Recesses.

Wei Wuxian forces the both of them to fall outside the walls so that technically, they both break curfew. In the morning, Lan Wangji orders Wei Wuxian beaten, and has himself beaten even more. [7] That evening, Lan Wangji meditates in their clan's cold springs, only to be interrupted by the arrival of Wei Wuxian, who has been directed there by Lan Xichen. Lan Wangji appears distressed by Wei Wuxian's continuing teasing as they bathe together. [7] As their lessons become less frequent due to the troubles with the Waterborne Abyss, Wei Wuxian presents Lan Wangji with two rabbits he has caught.

Both are surprised when the rabbits begin to mate in front of them, although they are both males. [7] Lan Wangji keeps the rabbits after Wei Wuxian indicated that he wishes to eat them. {/INSERTKEYS}

lan wangji birthday

According to a dream sequence, Lan Wangji appears to have claimed that he had promised to take care of them, and to have followed Lan Xichen's advice not to let their uncle know that Wei Wuxian had given them to him. [8] When Wei Wuxian is forced to kneel for brawling with Jin Zixuan, Lan Wangji approaches him in concern, only to discover that Wei Wuxian's lan wangji birthday shake from laughter, not tears, as he amuses himself with an anthill.

[7] That summer, Lan Wangji travels far to pick fresh lotus seeds, as Wei Wuxian had once described their taste to him. When he returns to the Cloud Recesses, he gives some of the lotus he had picked lan wangji birthday Lan Xichen, and leaves the rest by his mother's house.

[9] Archery Competition at Nightless Sky Lan Wangji encounters Wei Wuxian for the first time after the Cloud Recesses shortly before the archery competition held during Qishan Wen Clan's grand Discussion Conference. He becomes irritated when Wei Wuxian teases him that his forehead ribbon is crooked, although it is not. During the competition, however, Wei Wuxian again insists that it is crooked, and when Lan Wangji ignores him, Wei Wuxian's attempts to fix it, but it results in him pulling off Lan Wangji's sacred forehead ribbon.

[10] Lan Xichen and the other Lan disciples attempt to comfort the distraught Lan Wangji, but he promptly leaves the competition. [10] Despite leaving early, Lan Wangji still manages to place fourth overall. [11] Burning of the Cloud Recesses Wen Xu approaches the Cloud Recesses to accuse Qingheng-Jun of wrongdoing. As a punishment, the Qishan Wen Clan forces the Gusu Lan Clan to burn down their own residence, beginning with the Library Pavilion. When Lan Wangji refuses, his leg is broken as an example.

[12] Lan Xichen flees with their clan's scrolls, and Qingheng-Jun is severely injured. Unfortunately, Lan Wangji is summoned to the Qishan Wen Clan's indoctrination session the next month. He leaves Gusu and he later receives word that his father is dying. [13] Killing the Tortoise of Slaughter Wen Chao is the primary overseer lan wangji birthday the indoctrination, and, as he had fared poorly in the archery competition, he particularly bullies the three winners who attend the training: Lan Wangji, Jin Zixuan, and Wei Wuxian.

All of the guest disciples are forced to hand over their swords to Wen Chao. Moreover, all of the disciples are repeatedly forced to participate in night-hunts that result in Wen Chao killing the prey they had put much effort into severely wounding. [11] At Dusk-Creek Mountain, Wen Chao forces all the guest cultivators into a cave to fight an unknown creature.

When the creature fails to appear, he suggests bleeding someone as bait, and his mistress Wang Lingjiao promptly suggests Mianmian. Lan Wangji and Jin Zixuan allow the frantic Mianmian to hide behind them, and refuse to move when Wen Chao orders them to step aside. [12] When Wen Chao threatens all of the disciples from the Gusu Lan Clan and the Lanling Jin Clan, Su She attempts to drag Mianmian out, only to be struck by Lan Wangji. A fight soon breaks out when Wei Wuxian steps in to mock Wen Chao, [12] and the situation escalates by the appearance of their initial target – the legendary Tortoise of Slaughter.

[14] Wen Chao flees the skirmish with the members of the Qishan Wen Clan, and blocks the cave entrance to trap the guest cultivators inside.

Lan Wangji, however, notices that there is a second way out, as the pool the Tortoise of Slaughter hid in contains maple leaves, while there are no maple leaves by their first entrance. [14] After Jiang Cheng locates the exit under the water, Wei Wuxian distracts the Tortoise of Slaughter so that the others can escape.

However, Su She's attempt to help injures Wei Wuxian, and Lan Wangji leaps in to save him. Unfortunately, his already-injured leg is bitten by the Tortoise, and Wei Wuxian carries him away from their exit to save his life. [14] While treating each other's wounds, Lan Wangji expresses annoyance and jealousy of Wei Wuxian's flirtatious antics with Mianmian, eventually biting him to vent his frustrations. [15] Lan Wangji reveals to Wei Wuxian that the Gusu Lan Clan cannot save them, and tearfully admits that his father is dying and his brother is missing.

He explains that the Tortoise of Slaughter is likely the legendary creature from four-hundred years ago, and, eventually, they decide to kill the Tortoise of Slaughter together if no help arrives in three days.

[15] Lan Wangji uses the Gusu Lan Clan’s Chord Assassination Technique to kill the tortoise after Wei Wuxian lure it out of its shell, a process that takes six entire hours. [13] [16] Unfortunately, the tortoise destroys their underwater escape in its death throes, leaving them with no choice but to wait for help. As Wei Wuxian begins to fall ill with a fever, Lan Wangji cares for him, and, in an effort to keep him awake, sings him Wangxian. [16] They are rescued by the Yunmeng Jiang Clan after spending one week in the cave.

Before returning to Gusu, Lan Wangji informs Jiang Fengmian that Wei Wuxian deserves the credit for their kill. [16] He also takes advantage of the unconscious Wei Wuxian's state to steal the perfume pouch Lan wangji birthday had given to Wei Wuxian. [17] By the time Lan Wangji arrives in Gusu, his father has already passed away.

[16] Sunshot Campaign Death of Wen Chao In the first month of the Sunshot Campaign, Lan Wangji, Lan Xichen, and Jiang Cheng join together to retrieve the swords of those who had attended the indoctrination training. Two months later, Lan Wangji and Jiang Cheng collaborate to assassinate Wen Chao and Wen Zhuliu at a supervisory office. When they arrive, however, they discover all of the Wen Clan cultivators dead by differing methods, including Wang Lingjiao, while Wen Chao and Wen Zhuliu are missing.

[18] Alarmed by the bloody scene at the supervisory office, Lan Wangji takes one of the Talismans by the door back to Gusu to investigate, while Jiang Cheng chases after Wen Chao and Wen Zhuliu. After two days, Lan Wangji rejoins Jiang Cheng to explain that the talisman has been reversed and written in human blood, causing it to summon rather than suppress evil.

[18] As Lan Wangji and Jiang Cheng chases Wen Chao and Wen Zhuliu for two more nights, they continue to encounter members of the Qishan Wen Clan killed in the same sinister fashion.

When they catch up to their fugitives in a courier station, they are shocked by Wen Chao's gruesome injuries, and further shocked when Wei Wuxian reveals himself as the Wens' tormentor. [18] [19] As Jiang Cheng restrains Wen Zhuliu with Zidian, Lan Wangji demands to know how Wei Wuxian controls the ghouls at his command. Lan Wangji attacks Wei Wuxian with talismans, reminding him that this dark path will affect his heart.

Wei Wuxian scoffs at the idea that anyone else should care about his heart, infuriating Lan Wangji. He requests that Wei Wuxian return to Gusu with him. [19] Wei Wuxian interprets Lan Wangji's request as a desire to punish him, and Jiang Cheng intervenes, insisting that Lan Wangji has overstepped his place, as Wei Wuxian is not a member of the Gusu Lan Clan.

Both of them dismiss Lan Wangji as they lan wangji birthday to torture Wen Chao and Wen Zhuliu to death. Though Lan Wangji leaves the room, he stays outside the station as the screams begin.

[19] Jiangling Front Lan Wangji continues to work alongside Wei Wuxian and Jiang Cheng on the Jiangling front. He and Wei Wuxian maintain a working relationship, although they frequently argue over the latter's methods, as Lan Wangji believes he caused too much bloodshed. At one point, Lan Xichen arrives to help maintain their cooperation. [20] Flower Banquet at Golden Carp Tower In the aftermath of the war, the Lanling Jin Clan holds a lavish banquet. Although Lan Xichen encourages Lan Wangji to speak with Wei Wuxian, Wei Wuxian leaves after another argument with Jin Zixuan, before Lan Wangji can speak with him.

[21] Night-Hunt at Phoenix Mountain Lan Wangji rides at the head of the Gusu Lan Clan’s riding formation alongside Lan Xichen. Although numerous ladies showered lan wangji birthday with flowers to express their admiration, Lan Wangji only reacts to the flowers Wei Wuxian teasingly throws towards him. [22] At the archery competition to start the hunt, Wei Wuxian requests to borrow Lan Wangji's forehead ribbon to use as a blindfold, but Lan Wangji ignores him.

He also stops Lan Xichen's attempt to explain the significance of the forehead ribbon to Wei Wuxian. [22] After the hunt begins, Lan Wangji encounters the blindfolded Wei Wuxian sitting in a tree as he controls evil spirits to hunt for the Yunmeng Jiang clan.

Trembling, Lan Wangji passionately kisses Wei Wuxian, before stealing the flower Jiang Yanli had given him. [22] Realizing he had been wrong to kiss Wei Wuxian, Lan Wangji flees the scene and vents his frustration by attacking trees with Bichen. Wei Wuxian, however, soon happens across Lan Wangji teases him that he has never having kissed anyone, while he claims to have much experience – a claim he later admits is a lie.

[22] [23] Lan Wangji stays by Wei Wuxian’s side during his confrontation with Jin Zixuan, and later, Jin Zixun. [24] Meeting in Yunmeng While visiting Yunmeng, Lan Wangji is approached by many female Ghosts who shower him with flowers on Wei Wuxian's command. He approaches Wei Wuxian in a tavern to invite him to Gusu once again, and Wei Wuxian again. reacts with dismissal and annoyance. [25] Still, Lan Wangji carefully dries the pink peony Wei Wuxian gave him to use it as a bookmark.

[26] Downfall of Wei Wuxian Incident at Qiongqi Path Lan Wangji is present at the Lanling Jin Clan's private banquet when Jin Zixun heavily pressures the Jades lan wangji birthday Lan lan wangji birthday drink alcohol with him. Wei Wuxian arrives and drinks the alcohol for them before demanding an audience lan wangji birthday Jin Zixun.

[27] Their argument escalates, with Wei Wuxian eventually mocking Jin Guangshan for wishing to replace the Qishan Wen Clan.

He then takes out Chenqing and gives Jin Zixun to the count of three to tell him the location of Wen Ning, despite Lan Wangji's insistence that he put down the flute. Jin Zixun succumbs to pressure, but after Wei Wuxian leaves, Lan Wangji comments that his assessment of Jin Guangshan had not been wrong, a remark with which Jin Guangyao even agrees. [27] After news breaks that Wei Wuxian had killed several guards and fled with the Lanling Jin Clan's prisoners, Lan Wangji accompanies his brother to an emergency conference at Golden Carp Tower that same night.

When Jin Guangshan attempts to convince Jiang Cheng that Wei Wuxian had disrespected him earlier, Lan Wangji interrupts to insist that he had not.

However, Jin Guangyao hurriedly claims that he could not remember, despite having a nearly perfect memory. [28] As Mianmian leaves her clan for ridiculing her when she merely protests the exaggeration of Wei Wuxian's crimes, Lan Wangji leaves the conference to speak with her. [28] Visiting the Burial Mounds Lan Wangji arrived in Yiling and promptly encounters Wen Yuan. Frightened by Lan Wangji's cold expression, the child bursts into tears, leading many onlookers to mistake Lan Wangji for the boy's father.

lan wangji birthday

{INSERTKEYS} [29] Wei Wuxian eventually intervenes, and distracts Wen Yuan by asking if he wanted to buy toys from a vendor. However, he had only meant to tease the child, not to buy the toys. Lan Wangji then steps in to buy as many toys as the boy wants.

[29] Lan Wangji takes Wei Wuxian and Wen Yuan to a restaurant to eat, and informs Wei Wuxian that Jiang Yanli and Jin Zixuan will be married soon. However, their meal is interrupted by a talisman burning from the Burial Mounds, signaling trouble. [29] Wei Wuxian, Lan Wangji, and Wen Yuan return to discover that Wen Ning's unconscious corpse had gotten free.

As Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian both play melodies to control him, Wei Wuxian successfully restores his consciousness. [30] Lan Wangji departs soon after, although he expresses further concern that Wei Wuxian cannot control his cultivation. [30] Death of Jin Zixuan Lan Wangji is present when Wen Ning and Wen Qing surrendered to Golden Carp Tower for punishment in the aftermath of Jin Zixuan's death.

Although Lan Wangji attempts to speak in their defense, his efforts are undone when Wen Ning loses control and slaughters cultivators from multiple clans. [31] Bloodbath of Nightless Sky Lan Wangji begins searching for Wei Wuxian after his flight from Golden Carp Tower. He eventually encounters a group of low-level cultivators who had been kept on the ground by evil spirits summoned by Wei Wuxian.

Lan Wangji releases them from the spirits and is informed that Wei Wuxian was heading to the Pledge Conference at Nightless Sky. [32] Lan Wangji attempts to reason with Wei Wuxian when the battle commences, but Wei Wuxian declares that he had always expected to fight Lan Wangji one day. They are then interrupted by the cries of Jiang Yanli. [32] Although a corpse slashes her back, Lan Wangji promptly destroys the corpse and rushes off to help others, as Jiang Yanli requests that Wei Wuxian stop the corpses.

[32] After she is killed, however, Wei Wuxian presses the two halves of the Yin Tiger Tally together to commence the bloodbath. [32] In the aftermath, Lan Wangji takes Wei Wuxian away on Bichen, even though his own spiritual powers are nearly drained.

[33] Lan Wangji hides Wei Wuxian in a cave in Yiling. He passes him spiritual energy and confesses his feelings, but the traumatized Wei Wuxian simply tells him to "get lost." When Lan Xichen, Lan Qiren, and thirty-three elders arrive, Lan Wangji informs his uncle that he can give no explanation, that everything is exactly as it appeared. [33] Lan Wangji then fights and injured the thirty-three elders to bring Wei Wuxian back to the Burial Mounds.

He returns to the Cloud Recesses in low spirits, and he is whipped thirty-three times with the Discipline Whip, a severe punishment that leaves him nearly incapacitated and takes years to heal. [33] Lan Xichen visits him to ask why, pointing out that there is no augmenting Wei Wuxian's crimes. {/INSERTKEYS}

lan wangji birthday

Lan Wangji replisd that, while he does not know whether Wei Wuxian is right or wrong, he is willing to bear all the consequences with him. [33] Death of Wei Wuxian Although severely injured, Lan Wangji drags himself to Yiling once he learns of Wei Wuxian's demise. He finds no traces of the man he loved, but he does discover Wen Yuan hidden in a tree and suffering from a terrible fever.

Lan Wangji brings the child back to the Cloud Recesses and insists on raising him as a member of the Gusu Lan Clan, even changing his name to Lan Yuan. [23] The first night he returns, Lan Wangji also purchases Emperor's Smile. Although he does not like the taste, he thinks he understands why Wei Wuxian did.

In drunken grief, he searches desperately for a flute, though what he really wants is Wei Wuxian, the player of the flute. [23] He then seizes a Branding Iron confiscated from the Qishan Wen Clan's, and leaves himself the same scar that Wei Wuxian once bore from his fight in the cave of the Tortoise of Slaughter.

After kneeling before the Wall of Discipline for punishment, Lan Qiren never chastises Lan Wangji for his actions, and allows Lan Wangji to keep Lan Yuan. [23] Thirteen Years Lan Wangji helps raise Lan Yuan, who is later given the courtesy name Lan Sizhui. He even buries him in a pile of rabbits to entertain him one day, and spends time instructing the younger generation. [34] He earns a name of "being wherever the chaos is" for his choice to prioritize helping others over the glory of rare prey and elaborate night-hunts.

[35] Mo Village Lan Wangji accompanies Lan Sizhui, Lan Jingyi, and a few other junior disciples of the Gusu Lan Clan to a night-hunt at the Mo Village, though he stays some distance away to allow them to handle the Fierce Corpses themselves. However, during the night, the juniors sends out a distress signal, and Lan Wangji quickly arrives to suppress the vicious Demonic Left Arm with Wangji. [36] Lan Sizhui later informs Lan Wangji about Mo Xuanyu's assistance during their hunt, but, unfortunately, Mo Xuanyu had left the village soon after Lan Wangji's arrival.

[36] Dafan Mountain A few days later, Lan Wangji accompanies the junior disciples to the night-hunt on Lan wangji birthday Mountain, where a mysterious soul-stealing entity resides. After realizing that Deity-Binding Nets had been set up by Jin Ling, Lan Wangji destroys the nets with Bichen, considering it an unfair advantage. [35] He promptly finds Jin Ling's guardian Jiang Cheng to declare his intent to reimburse them for the nets, but discovers the two about to kill Mo Xuanyu for using Demonic Cultivation.

Displeased with Jin Ling's disrespectful attitude, Lan Wangji uses the Gusu Lan Clan’s Silence Spell to discipline him, to Jiang Cheng's ire. [35] [37] Before leaving, Lan Wangji nods to Mo Xuanyu in thanks for his assistance at Lan wangji birthday Village. He departs to continue the night-hunt with the Gusu Lan Clan juniors. [37] Sometime later, he overhears "Mo Xuanyu" playing Wangxian on a bamboo flute, attempting to lead none other but Wen Ning away.

As no one else had heard Wangxian, Lan Wangji immediately realizes that Wei Wuxian's spirit occupied Mo Xuanyu's body. [38] Jiang Cheng arrives and, at the sight of not only lan wangji birthday Demonic Cultivation but also the supposedly burned Wen Ning, he correctly presumes Mo Xuanyu's true identity.

He strikes Wei Wuxian with Zidian to test if he had stolen his current body, but Lan Wangji stands before him to protect him from any further attacks. As Jiang Cheng insists on bringing Wei Wuxian back to Lotus Pier for interrogation and torture, Lan Wangji intervenes to insist that he will bring Wei Wuxian to the Cloud Recesses instead. [38] Return to the Cloud Recesses Upon their arrival at the Cloud Recesses, Lan Wangji places a Silence Spell upon Wei Wuxian while he speaks with his brother.

Lan Xichen, however, releases the spell and notes that Lan Wangji was in high spirits before departing to plan the lan wangji birthday Discussion Conference with Jin Guangyao.

[39] Although Wei Wuxian refuses to enter, Lan Wangji tells Lan Sizhui and Lan Jingyi to drag him inside once "Mo Xuanyu" finishes crying. To the juniors' surprise, Lan Wangji requests that Lan wangji birthday Wuxian be taken into his personal quarters, the Jingshi. [39] While cultivating in the cold springs that evening, Lan Wangji is interrupted by Wei Wuxian's attempt to steal a Jade Token to escape the Cloud Recesses. To the juniors' amazement, Lan Wangji simply drags Wei Wuxian back to the Jingshi.

[40] That night, Wei Wuxian attempts to steal Lan Wangji's jade token while he sleeps, aware that he kept it on his person. However, after he is caught again, Wei Wuxian refuses to move from his position lying atop Lan Wangji. Lan Wangji then placed a Body-Locking Spell on Wei Wuxian, preventing him from moving for the remainder of the night. [40] The next day, Lan Wangji joins the Gusu Lan Clan elders, including Lan Qiren, to perform Evocation upon the Demonic Left Arm.

However, the resentful energy summoned is so powerful that only Lan Wangji escapes severe injury. After the still-standing Lan Wangji tells another disciple to run for help, Wei Wuxian arrives as the 'help' that the disciple had found. Thw two duet Rest to pacify the Demonic Left Arm. [41] Noticing that the arm is pointing Northwest, Lan Wangji tells Lan Sizhui and Lan Jingyi to watch over Lan Qiren while he and Wei Wuxian search for more dismembered body parts.

[41] Stone Castles Wei Wuxian's many attempts to escape along the way to Qinghe are met with failure. Eventually, the two arrive near Xinglu Ridge, and Lan wangji birthday Wuxian promptly becomes distracted by a charlatan posing as a cultivator. Lan Wangji wanders away, but is eventually alerted by Wei Wuxian's cries for help, as Jin Ling had sent his dog Fairy after him. Lan Wangji protects Wei Wuxian, and Fairy eventually leaves. [42] Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji are directed to the "man-eating castles" at Xinglu Ridge as a possible place to locate another piece of the Demonic Left Arm's body.

They then encounter the Stone Castles, and a barking dog that Lan Wangji recognizes as Jin Ling's. [43] Lan Wangji plays Inquiry to speak with a nearby spirit, enabling him and Wei Wuxian to rescue Jin Ling moments from suffocation, as he had been absorbed into the walls of the Stone Castles. [44] Just then, Nie Huaisang flees the Stone Castles, and Lan Wangji promptly chases after him.

[45] When he finds Wei Wuxian again, Wei Wuxian had escaped capture by Jiang Cheng and transferred Jin Ling's Curse Mark from the stone lan wangji birthday to his own leg.

lan wangji birthday

{INSERTKEYS} [46] Lan Wangji then calls him by the name "Wei Ying." Acknowledging his identity, Wei Wuxian asks how he knew, and Lan Wangji tells him to think of the answer himself. [46] Given his curse mark, Lan Wangji insists on carrying Wei Wuxian to the room where Nie Huaisang waits. [46] Nie Huaisang quickly explains the purpose of the castles as the Qinghe Nie Clan's ancestral hall. [47] That evening, Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian note how strongly the Demonic Left Arm reacted to the curse mark on the latter's leg.

The next morning, they return to the Stone Castles to find Nie Huaisang rebuilding the Stone Castle that Jin Ling had disrupted. Wei Wuxian concludes that Jin Ling must have been in the vicinity of the Demonic Left Arm's leg to receive a curse mark on the leg, and Lan Wangji cuts through the pants of all the corpses buried in the walls to find the legs of the mysterious victim. [48] Graveyard of the Yueyang Chang Clan Following the Demonic Left Arm's lead, the two then approach Yueyang.

Wei Wuxian suggests a tavern as the perfect place to glean information, and their waiter eagerly relays the story of the massacre of the Yueyang Chang Clan, [49] and the survivor Chang Ping's subsequent murder a few years later.

[50] Wei Wuxian is appalled when "Wei Wuqian" is identified as the killer. Vexed by the waiter's familiarity with Wei Wuxian, Lan Wangji leaves the tavern, and Wei Wuxian follows. [50] Lan Wangji then explains the truth – that the killer was not Wei Wuxian, of course, but it was related to him.

He reveals that the Lanling Jin Clan's guest disciple Xue Yang had reconstructed the Yin Tiger Tally and used it to wipe out the Yueyang Chang Clan for revenge. He then explains the tale of Xiao Xingchen, Wei Wuxian's shishu, who had given up his eyes to restore the sight of his best friend Song Lan after Xue Yang blinded him.

[51] Dusk falls, and the coffins in the Yueyang Chang Clan's cemetery begin to bang again. While investigating, Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji encounter a mysterious Gravedigger who engages Lan Wangji in battle.

Although Lan Wangji is able to prevent the Gravedigger from removing a body, the mysterious man escapes with the aid of a Transportation Talisman.

[51] The body is revealed to be the torso of their victim. After Lan Wangji places it in another Qiankun Bag, Wei Wuxian asks Lan Wangji to drink with him, an offer to which Lan Wangji unexpectedly agrees. He promptly falls asleep after one bowl of wine. [51] After awakening to find Wei Wuxian missing, the inebriated Lan Wangji places his shoes on the wrong feet before leaving the tavern.

He finds Wei Wuxian with Wen Ning, and in a fit of. jealousy, Lan Wangji strikes and pushes Wen Ning, telling him to "go away" like a child. [52] Wei Wuxian sends Wen Ning away and guides Lan Wangji back to their room.

After questioning Lan Wangji on his opinions of people like Jiang Cheng (dislike) and Wen Ning (neutral), Wei Wuxian points towards himself. Lan Wangji replies with "mine," and even though he grasps Wei Wuxian's hand tightly, the latter still assumes that Lan Wangji meant Bichen instead of Wei Wuxian.


lan wangji birthday

{INSERTKEYS} [52] When he awakens the next morning, Lan Wangji expresses concern about what he might have done while drunk, and Wei Wuxian attempts to reassure him. [53] Yi City The Demonic Left Arm leads the two towards the Shudong area, known for heavy fog.

[53] They encounter a Paper Mannequin Nether-Brawler lying along the path to Yi City, and become suspicious at the repeated sounds of mysterious footsteps and a knocking bamboo pole. Before they can investigate further, they encounter the juniors, including Lan Sizhui, Lan Jingyi, Jin Ling, and Ouyang Zizhen, who have also arrived in Yi City. [54] As the bamboo pole continues knocking, Lan Wangji places everyone under a Silence Spell.

He notes that seven or eight Fierce Corpses are approaching, and though he dispatches them with Bichen, he expresses concern that Wei Wuxian's Demonic Cultivation has no effect on them. [55] The Gravedigger then reveals himself. Lan Wangji engages him in battle while Wei Wuxian takes the juniors who had contracted Corpse Poisoning to find a cure.

[55] Although Xue Yang sets more than three-hundred corpses upon him, [56] Lan Wangji manages to not only find the missing right hand of their corpse, [57] but also battles his way back to Wei Wuxian. He takes Xiao Xingchen's sword Shuanghua back from Xue Yang, telling him that he does not have the right to wield it. Wei Wuxian takes the juniors to the coffin house to learn from the ghost of A-Qing, the owner of the bamboo pole, while Lan Wangji continues to fight with Xue Yang.

[58] Lan Wangji finally manages to slash Xue Yang's chest and steal the Spirit-Trapping Bag in which he kept the remains of Xiao Xingchen's soul, infuriating his opponent. Due to the heavy fog, A-Qing assists with the fight by using her pole to indicate Xue Yang's location. Although her own soul is shattered, her aid allows Lan Wangji to sever Xue Yang's arm.

Just before he can deliver a final blow, the Gravedigger returns and, using a Transportation Talisman, removes the dying Xue Yang from Yi City. [57] After Wei Wuxian informs the juniors of A-Qing's story, Lan Wangji declines to stop them from burning paper money for her.

As they stop at an inn for the evening, Lan Wangji agrees to drink with Wei Wuxian for a second time. [57] Once more, Lan Wangji falls asleep before awakening while drunk. Displeased to find Wei Wuxian outside again with Wen Ning, Lan Wangji stubbornly pushes Wen Ning away, and when Wei Wuxian attempts to lead him inside, Lan Wangji ties his forehead ribbon onto Wei Wuxian's wrists.

[59] Although Wei Wuxian attempts to lead him inside discreetly, Lan Wangji holds up the forehead ribbon for all the juniors to see. Back in their room, he plays hide-and-seek with Wei Wuxian, and reacts strongly to Wei Wuxian's brief kiss on his lips. [60] Night-Hunt in Tanzhou Lan Wangji takes Wei Wuxian and the Gusu Lan Clan juniors to meet with Lan Xichen at Tanzhou. [10] While he leaves to set up protective array, he encounters his brother.

He reveals all that has occurred with Lan Xichen, when cries for help alert the two to danger. They discover that the Demonic Left Arm's body has pieced itself together, and, though still headless, the Fierce Corpse is hunting the juniors and Wei Wuxian. [61] After he and Lan Xichen subdue the corpse, Lan Wangji orders the juniors to sleep while he, Wei Wuxian, and his brother confer. All come to the same conclusion: the corpse is none other than Nie Mingjue, Lan Xichen's elder sworn brother.

After acknowledging Jin Guangyao as their main suspect, the three agree to conduct an investigation at the upcoming Discussion Conference at Golden Carp Tower. [61] Discussion Conference at Golden Carp Tower Jin Guangyao personally greets Lan Xichen, Lan Wangji, and "Mo Xuanyu," though he departs quickly to prepare a room for Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian.

At the evening banquet preceding the conference, Lan Wangji agrees to stay close to Wei Wuxian, who expresses concern that Mo Xuanyu is evidently infamous among those in Golden Carp Tower. [62] Lan Wangji then supervises Wei Wuxian as he affixed his soul to a piece of paper to spy on Jin Guangyao. [62] He eventually awakens Wei Wuxian, who confirms that he had seen Nie Mingjue's head kept in a secret treasure room, and that Jin Guangyao had currently taken his wife Qin Su there, as well.

Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian rush towards the room, though Jin Ling and other guards bar the way. [63] Eventually, Lan Xichen's insistence that Jin Guangyao show them the room wins out, revealing treasures such as the Assassin's Dagger and Suibian, but no head. However, despite her calm appearance, Qin Su suddenly commits suicide with the Assassin's Dagger. [63] When the seemingly grief-stricken Jin Guangyao attempts to attack Mo Xuanyu, Lan Wangji defends him.

However, Wei Wuxian also uses Suibian to defend himself, thereby accidentally exposing himself as the Yiling Patriarch. Wei Wuxian flees Golden Carp Tower, and Lan Wangji follows despite the risk to his reputation. When Jin Ling stabs Wei Wuxian, Lan Wangji takes him away on Bichen [63] to hide him in the Cloud Recesses, [64] with some assistance from Wen Ning. [65] Hiding at the Cloud Recesses Torn between his brothers by oath and blood, Lan Xichen permits Lan Wangji to treat Wei Wuxian in his own quarters, the Hanshi.

When Wei Wuxian awakens four days later, Lan Wangji advocates for his trustworthiness to Lan Xichen. [64] After Wei Wuxian reveals that the song he had heard Jin Guangyao play for Nie Mingjue in Empathy was not Cleansing, the three investigate the Room of Forbidden Books to identify the music. [64] Lan Wangji happens to find missing pages from Collection of Turmoil, adding to the growing evidence against Jin Guangyao.

[1] Jin Guangyao visits the next day, and Lan Xichen permits Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian to observe their conversation.

After Jin Guangyao explains that corpses had begun heading for the Yiling Burial Mounds and suggests a second siege, Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian agree to investigate the Burial Mounds while Lan Xichen accompanies Jin Guangyao to Golden Carp Tower. [26] Second Siege of the Burial Mounds Along their way to the Burial Mounds, Wei Wuxian begins to ask Lan Wangji questions about the song Lan Wangji had sung for him in the cave of the Tortoise of Slaughter, realizing that song was the means by which Lan Wangji recognized him.

[66] Later, while hiding in a young couple's barn, the two reunite with Wen Ning, who uses his roar to allow Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji to escape. [65] Together, the three make their way to the Demon-Slaughtering Cave, where they discover about a hundred juniors held captive, including Lan Sizhui, Lan Jingyi, Jin Ling, Jin Chan, and Ouyang Zizhen.

[67] After freeing the juniors, the adults of many clans arrive for the siege, including Jiang Cheng and Lan Qiren, who is tremendously disappointed to see his nephew continuing to stand by Wei Wuxian's side. [67] Although Wei Wuxian maintains his innocence in the current situation and argues that Jin Guangyao is the culprit, not many people believe him. In fact, Lan Wangji's protection of Wei Wuxian is met with dismay and denouncement.

[67] Their argument, however, is interrupted by the arrival of the first wave of Fierce Corpses. Outnumbered, the cultivators are pressed back against the Demon-Slaughtering Cave, when suddenly all of the adults save Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji lose their spiritual powers.

The juniors and Nie Huaisang convince the adults to retreat into the cave, and Lan Qiren helps repair an old array written on the floor of the cave. [68] As Wei Wuxian speculates on the cause of their temporary loss of powers, he is met with angry mockery from Su She, leader of the Moling Su Clan. In response, Lan Wangji quickly places Su She under the Gusu Lan Clan's Silence Spell.

[68] Wei Wuxian's suspicions then settle on Su She, and after consulting with Lan Sizhui, Lan Jingyi, and a begrudging Lan Qiren, he surmises that Su She used a similar method to seal his peers' powers to Jin Guangyao's murder of Nie Mingjue: music. Ultimately, Lan Wangji tricks Su She into revealing that his sword Nanping still glows with spiritual power, meaning that he only pretended his powers were sealed with the others.

[69] During his escape with a Transportation Talisman – which thereby reveals himself as the mysterious Gravedigger – Su She disrupts the array Lan Qiren repaired. Fierce Corpses begin to enter the cave, with only Wei Wuxian, Lan Wangji, Wen Ning, and the juniors to defend everyone present.

[70] Eventually, the adults join in the fight, using their sharp swords despite their lack of spiritual power. The second wave is defeated, but when a third wave of Fierce Corpses approach, Wei Wuxian elects to draw a Spirit-Attraction Flag on his own body to allow the others to escape. Lan Wangji agrees to collaborate with his plan, with only himself and Wen Ning to protect Wei Wuxian. [70] The juniors, however, refuse to flee, especially Lan Sizhui.

Suddenly, bloody corpses emerge from the Blood Pool – the remains of Granny Wen, Uncle Four, and the fifty or so remnants of the Qishan Wen Clan who had been slaughtered in the First Siege of the Burial Mounds.

[71] Recognizing that Wen Ning, Wei Wuxian, and Lan Sizhui are in danger, the corpses annihilate the remaining onslaught of Fierce Corpses, saving the lives of their few allies and the cultivators who once killed them.

After the battle ends, Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian salute the corpses before they collapse into red ash that Wen Ning quickly collects. [71] Return to Lotus Pier The cultivators decide to rest at the nearby Lotus Pier to recover their spiritual powers. Concerned about their next move given Jin Guangyao's evident guilt, Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxiani decide to accompany them.

[72] Upon arrival at Lotus Pier, Sisi and Bicao approach the group to expose more crimes by Jin Guangyao. [73] After listening to both stories, Wei Wuxian voices concern that Jin Guangyao is being set up, as much of his kinder actions seem inexplicable. Although he believes Sisi's motives, he expresses suspicion that Bicao has been paid to speak out, given the expensive bracelet she wears on her wrist.

Lan Wangji immediately supports Wei Wuxian's suspicion, but the two are drowned out by the likes of Clan Leader Yao. [74] Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji then depart the meeting, and Wei Wuxian takes the opportunity to show Lan Wangji around his childhood home.

He even climbs the same tree he had once fallen from as a child, and, on instinct, falls a second time. Lan Wangji catches him, and the two share an embrace. [75] Wei Wuxian then takes Lan Wangji to the ancestral hall.

They light incense and bow twice to Jiang Fengmian and Yu Ziyuan, but are interrupted by the arrival of Jiang Cheng. Jiang Cheng who angrily reminds Wei Wuxian that his attempt to save Lan Wangji in the cave of the Tortoise of Slaughter was precisely why he had lost his parents.

[75] As Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian attempt to leave, Jiang Cheng accuses them of having romantic intentions towards each other. Wei Wuxian demands Jiang Cheng apologize to Lan Wangji, and throws a talisman towards him. After a few moments of fighting, however, Wei Wuxian begins bleeding from his qiqiao.

The worried Lan Wangji attempts to leave with him a second time. [76] Jiang Cheng insists on continuing their fight, but just as Wei Wuxian falls unconscious, Wen Ning emerges to step between the three. [76] To Lan Wangji's astonishment, Wen Ning informs Jiang Cheng of the truth behind his restored Golden Core. Lan Wangji, Wei Wuxian, and Wen Ning subsequently depart Lotus Pier by boat, and Lan Wangji inquires after more details: specifically, how much pain Wei Wuxian had endured.

Wen Ning also thanks Lan Wangji for saving Lan Sizhui whom he has recognized as Wen Yuan. Lan Wangji also agrees to keep silent about Wen Ning informing Jiang Cheng on the truth regarding his golden core, and adds that Lan Sizhui will have to learn the truth about his origins. [31] Yunping City Upon awakening, Wei Wuxian suggests traveling to the nearby Yunping City, as he had seen a land deed hidden beside Nie Mingjue's head back in Golden Carp Tower.

[77] While Wen Ning hides due to the crowds, Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji discovers that the deed is for a Guanyin Temple. As they investigate, they notice an array to suppress an unknown spirit surrounding the temple. [78] That night, Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian stay in an inn, and Lan Wangji agrees to drink with Wei Wuxian for the third time. [79] Their resulting adventure includes Lan Wangji stealing chickens and picking jujubes, [80] and graffitiing a wall with their names.

[81] Back at the inn, Wei Wuxian suggests that he can bathe Lan Wangji, [81] and, while doing so, touches him suggestively. Lan Wangji responds by kissing him fiercely, before destroying the tub and throwing Wei Wuxian onto the bed. They kiss and use their hands to pleasure each other to climax. [82] However, Lan Wangji suddenly awakens from his drunkenness, or so Wei Wuxian believes.

He shoves Wei Wuxian away and hurriedly dresses, and. when Wei Wuxian attempts to tell him not to take it to heart, Lan Wangji can only repeat his words in horror. The innkeeper then interrupts to investigate a complaint that water was leaking from their floor, and Wei Wuxian requests separate rooms for the rest of the night. [83] Incident at the Guanyin Temple Aware that Wei Wuxian had left the inn, Lan Wangji follows him to the Guanyin Temple. Jin Guangyao slips a guqin string around Wei Wuxian's neck at the moment Lan Wangji arrives, and Lan Xichen and Jin Ling are also held captive.

[33] Jin Guangyao demands that Lan Wangji seal his spiritual powers, and, despite Wei Wuxian's protests, Lan Wangji quickly obeys.

However, Wei Wuxian had just been informed of Lan Wangji's actions after the Bloodbath of Nightless Sky. Unable to repress his feelings any longer, Wei Wuxian shouts his feelings to all present: "Lan Zhan! Lan Wangji! Hanguang-Jun! Back then, I - I really wanted to sleep with you!" [84] Jin Guangyao drops the string in shock, and Wei Wuxian flinds himself into the stunned Lan Wangji's arms. Jin Guangyao insists that everyone retreat into the temple due to the impending rain, and Wei Wuxian continues confessing his love to Lan Wangji inside, until Lan Wangji understands that he is serious.

[84] Su She then arrives carrying the unconscious Nie Huaisang as another captive, and proceeds to mock Lan Wangji. Lan Xichen and Wei Wuxian intervene to defend him, and Wei Wuxian's remarks even prompted a rare laugh from Lan Wangji. [84] Suddenly, Jiang Cheng arrives, having trailed his nephew and been alerted by Fairy. While he initially holds the upper hand against Jin Guangyao, the latter uses his suspicions of the Golden Core issue to distract his opponent and injure Jiang Cheng.

[85] Lan Wangji confirms to Wei Wuxian that Wen Ning had told Jiang Cheng. Jiang Cheng, although injured and captured, confronts Wei Wuxian with rage and bitterness.

Angered, Lan Wangji shoves Jiang Cheng back at one point, and when Jin Ling requests that he mind his uncle's injury, Lan Wangji replies that Jiang Cheng should mind his virtue. [86] Suddenly, screams break out from the monks and the Lanling Jin Clan disciples who had been digging in the back of the temple.

Su She returns with an injured Jin Guangyao, whose arm has been poisoned. When everyone approaches the back to investigate, Wei Wuxian notes Jin Guangyao's genuine distress at the empty coffin they had unearthed, and suggests that the poison had been a trap. He warns Jin Guangyao that tonight, he is likely the hunted, not the hunter.

[87] As their two captors treat their injuries, Lan Wangji notices the backlash marks of the Hundred Holes Curse on Su She's skin and tricks him into exposing himself. [87] However, when Wei Wuxian asks what he had ever done to Su She, Su She replies simply that he had not done anything. The curse originally had nothing to do with him, even though he bore the blame. [88] As Jin Guangyao prepares to reseal Lan Xichen's powers before departing, Wei Wuxian uses Demonic Cultivation to remove the suppression array in the temple.

The burning spirits of men and women emerge; while some shriek at Jin Guangyao, others quickly began engaging in sexual relations before everyone. [88] Lan Xichen then regains his powers and takes advantage of the chaos to capture Jin Guangyao. [88] Lan Wangji supervises Wei Wuxian as he performs Empathy on a ghoul to understand their grudge against Jin Guangyao.


lan wangji birthday

{INSERTKEYS} [89] Later, after learning that Jin Guangyao had sent Jin Zixuan to Qiongqi Path on purpose – although Jin Guangyao maintained he had not expected Wei Wuxian to kill him – Jin Ling rushes at his uncle. This creates the perfect opening for Jin Guangyao to take his nephew captive in an attempt to escape, as Lan Wangji notes that Jin Guangyao had hidden a guqin string inside his own abdomen. [90] The escape is interrupted by the arrival of Nie Mingjue's Fierce Corpse, now with its head intact, and Wen Ning, who had battled him all the way to the Guanyin Temple.

Seeing that Jin Guangyao is shaking with terror, Lan Wangji uses Bichen to severe his hand to keep Jin Ling from being accidentally beheaded. [90] As Lan Xichen and Lan Wangji attempt to suppress Nie Mingjue's corpse, Jin Ling's shout for Jin Guangyao to run causes Nie Mingjue to mistake Jin Ling for Jin Guangyao.

Jiang Cheng thrusts his nephew behind him, and Wei Wuxian throws many talismans, but only Wen Ning taking the killing blow for them stopped Nie Mingjue's attack. [91] Wei Wuxian gains Nie Mingjue's attention by whistling and leads him towards the empty coffin. Lan Xichen expresses concern due to Mo Xuanyu's blood relationship with Jin Guangyao, but Lan Wangji assures his brother that Wei Wuxian will be fine.

However, just then, Nie Huaisang cries out that his led had been cut by Su She, who is attempting to escape with Jin Guangyao. [91] Nie Mingjue kills Su She before turning to Jin Guangyao.

Jiang Cheng throws Chenqing to Wei Wuxian, revealing that he had kept it this entire time. With Lan Wangji's Wangji duetting with Chenqing, they successfully seal Nie Mingjue inside the coffin. [92] Lan Xichen attempts to treat Jin Guangyao's many wounds, but when he turns to ask Nie Huaisang for pain medication, Nie Huaisang suddenly shouts for him to look out. Lan Xichen immediately stabs Jin Guangyao without looking, delivering a mortal wound.

[92] Despairing, Jin Guangyao insists that he never would have hurt Lan Xichen, and accuses Nie Huaisang of tricking him. He wrenches the sword from his chest and approaches the coffin, destroying its seal. [92] Lan Xichen grabs him, but Wei Wuxian shouts in alarm. Although Lan Wangji throws Bichen, Nie Mingjue bursts from the coffin. Jin Guangyao himself pushes Lan Xichen away with his leftover strength, before his own neck is broken by Nie Mingjue.

[92] Lan Wangji lifts the Guanyin Statue to re-seal the coffin, and Wei Wuxian hurriedly paints an array to keep Nie Mingjue inside. Lan Wangji examines the small chest inside the coffin, and concludes it was likely used to keep Nie Mingjue's head after it was removed from Golden Carp Tower. [93] The bark of Fairy sends Wei Wuxian into panic, but Lan Wangji comforts him by holding him tightly.

Many cultivators, including Lan Qiren, subsequently enter the temple. Lan Qiren expresses fury at Lan Wangji's proximity to Wei Wuxian, but the junior disciples quickly rush over to them in relief. [94] Marriage Elopement Taking Little Apple with them, Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian slip away from the confusion, intending to elope. After telling Lan Wangji what he had witnessed in Empathy with Anxin, Wei Wuxian suggests that he tell his brother later to comfort him with Jin Guangyao's kindness in sparing Sisi, and Lan Wangji agrees.

Lan Wangji begins to tell Wei Wuxian about Lan Sizhui's true identity, but they are coincidentally by the arrival of Lan Sizhui and Wen Ning. [23] Lan Sizhui blurts out his identity as Wen Yuan, to Wei Wuxian's amazement. The three embrace for a while, before Lan Sizhui depart with Wen Ning to journey to Qishan, find something of his Wen Qing's, and build a cenotaph for her and the remnants of their family.

Sensing a sense of sorrow in Wei Wuxian, Lan Wangji assures him that they will have many opportunities to meet in the future. [23] Not long after, Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji make love together for the first time, on the floor of the forest. During their lovemaking, Wei Wuxian also realizes that Lan Wangji is the person who kissed him on Phoenix Mountain, to Lan Wangji's embarrassment.

[23] Three months later, the couple attempt to help villagers who claimed to suffer ghosts from a disturbed graveyard. Deducing that the villagers had robbed the graves themselves and were merely experiencing a backlash without any deaths, Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji frighten the villagers away. [17] As they begin to kiss, a little girl happens upon them. They then encounter her parents – Luo Qingyang and her husband, who had also come to help the villagers. After introducing each other and exchanging a brief conversation, Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian depart on their own.

Lan Wangji, however, quickly grows embarrassed when Wei Wuxian realizes that his husband's money purse was actually the perfume satchel Mianmian had originally given him in the cave of the Tortoise of Slaughter. [17] They stop at a small town in the Guangling region, where they overhear cultivators gossiping vile and untrue rumors about Jin Guangyao, to Lan Wangji's overt displeasure. [95] After they leave, Lan Wangji finally tells Wei Wuxian the name of the song by which he had recognized him: Wangxian.

The two decide to return to Gusu together. [95] The Gusu Lan Clan Family Banquet After their honeymoon, Lan Wangji convinces his uncle to tolerate Wei Wuxian's presence in the Cloud Recesses. He visits the secluded Lan Xichen to comfort him, and later expresses concern for his depressed brother's condition.

[96] Although Wei Wuxian is permitted to attend the family banquet, he struggles to eat the Gusu Lan Clan's medicinal cuisine. Knowing this, Lan Wangji eats his husband's portions for him, despite invoking a scolding from Lan Qiren. [97] Lan Wangji then surprises his husband with Hunan cuisine, knowing he had not eaten at the banquet.

[98] Although he allows Wei Wuxian to believe he had purchased the food from a restaurant, Wei Wuxian later discovers that Lan Wangji made it himself.

[99] The two continue to live happily in the Jingshi, participating in adventures such as helping the juniors night-hunt – and, for Lan Wangji, grading their performances and essays [100] – using the Mo Incense Burner to visit each other's dreams, [101] [8] and winning a porcelain turtle statue to display to students in Lan Wangji's class to commemorate killing the Tortoise of Slaughter together. [99] Hook Hand Investigation Lan Wangji grades the juniors' notes of their night-hunt, giving both Lan Sizhui and Lan Jingyi good marks.

In his presence, Lan Sizhui finds himself frightened to admit that he would have been scared in the position of the man who had killed the infamous serial killer, but Lan Wangji says he would have felt fear, too.

[102] Incident at Young Master Qin's Residence Realizing that the juniors are too dependent on Wei Wuxian's assistance with night-hunts, Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji take Lan Sizhui along to night-hunt with them alone. By chance, they encounter Young Master Qin, who is troubled by a Fierce Corpse with a crippled leg who visits his household at night.

[103] Although Young Master Qin entreats their assistance, Wei Wuxian senses that he lied to them, and lies in return without any scolding from Lan Wangji. Wei Wuxian tells Young Master Qin the hopping fierce corpse cannot breach his threshold, and thus he has no need of swords or talismans. The three cultivators rest in the small, elegant Bamboo Cottage nearby. [103] Young Master Qin returns to Wei Wuxian, Lan Wangji, and Lan Sizhui the next day, after discovering that, despite its crippled leg, the corpse could, in fact, leap into the air and enter his courtyard.

He admits that he did know the corpse after all: [103] The crippled fierce corpse was a former servant of his grandmother's, who had even been allowed to attend schooling with Young Master Qin and his classmates. When the servant stubbornly refused to believe he was wrong on a matter, Young Master Qin and his classmates chased him away. The servant died two years previously, after suffering a fall while drunk.

[104] When the corpse reappears that night, Master Qin again approaches the Gusu Lan Clan cultivators and confesses to having given the servant a jade pendant of his grandmother's, then beating him when he lost it. Discerning that the entire truth is still withheld, Wei Wuxian give Lan Sizhui a talisman with a random scribble to present to Master Qin. [104] Wei Wuxian inquires if the beating is responsible for the servant's broken leg, and Young Master Qin amends his story to clarify that he had sent his personal servants to beat the servant.

Thus, he does not know about the leg, and is not responsible. [105] Wei Wuxian then insists that Lan Sizhui has to guard the doors that night, as he was the only virgin with considerable yang energy around.

Young Master Qin requests that Lan Wangji guard the door instead, presuming him to be a virgin, and Wei Wuxian bursts into laughter. He then teases Lan Wangji that no matter their marriage, everyone seems to believe that he is a virgin. [105] That night, Lan Sizhui battles the corpse, leading Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian to realize that he mixes the techniques of the Gusu Lan Clan, the Yunmeng Jiang Clan, and the Qishan Wen Clan. Lan Wangji expresses concern and declares his intent to punish him after.

[105] When Wei Wuxian asks why the fight is taking so long, Lan Sizhui claims that the corpse keeps evading him, as if it does not want to harm him.

While Lan Wangji observes, Wei Wuxian then kicks open the door and allowed it to approach Young Master Qin. In the corpse's hand is the jade pendant the servant had lost.

After tying the pendant around Young Master Qin's neck, the servant's corpse punches Young Master Qin and departs at last. [105] Animation Divergence Due to censorship, Lan Wangji's kiss of Wei Wuxian during the night-hunt at Phoenix Mountain is omitted; instead they battle a mutated Measuring Snake together.

[106] After Wei Wuxian's resurrection, their search for Nie Mingjue's body parts begins not with the Stone Castles, but when they encountered evidence of Xue Yang's experimentations with the Yin Tiger Tally after being alerted by a nearby Lookout Tower. [107] Lan Wangji is revealed to have been searching for Jin Zixun's corpse to prove that his body still bears the Hundred Holes Curse, thereby proving Wei Wuxian's innocence in casting the curse.

[108] Lan Wangji aids Wei Wuxian in destroying the Yin Tiger Tally. The series ends with Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian heading "home." [109] Web Series Divergence In the Web Series, Lan Wangji's relationship with Wei Wuxian becomes significantly deeper during their youth, from the time both promised Lan Yi that they will work to seal all the pieces of the Yin Metal.

[110] Wei Wuxian accompanies Lan Wangji on his journey to investigate the whereabouts of the Yin Metal fragments, and their resulting journey quickly brings them into contact with the Heavenly Maiden, [111] Nie Mingjue, [112] and Xue Yang.

[113] Lan Wangji stays by Wei Wuxian's side after his injuries battling Wen Ruohan in Nightless Sky, [114] and confronts Wei Wuxian as he frees the Qishan Wen Clan from their imprisonment on Qiongqi Path.

[115] Wei Wuxian's death occurs at the Bloodbath of Nightless Sky, rather than in the First Siege of the Burial Mounds. Lan Wangji catches him as he attempted to throw himself off a cliff.


lan wangji birthday

When Jiang Cheng approaches and fails to stab his brother, Wei Wuxian seized the chance to lan wangji birthday. [116] [117] For his attempt to save Wei Wuxian, Lan Wangji is whipped three hundred times, rather than thirty-three times with the discipline whip. [118] The series ends with Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian unmarried.

In the original version, he and Wei Wuxian do not stay at the Cloud Recesses together, but they are implied to do so in the special edition and in the Japanese version. [119] Moreover, Lan Wangji is appointed to the position of Chief Cultivator, a position he does not have in the novel.

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and together with his elder brother Lan Xi Chen, both are renowned as the Twin Jades of Gusu Lan.

We realise that Lan Zhan grew up in a very sheltered environment, subjected to the harsh 3000 rules and regulations of the Gusu Lan. He was separated from his parents and raised by his ultra-strict uncle. Growing up as a little boy deprived of parental love and attention affected him, and this is the reason why he only knows how to behave and relate to others in a distant manner.

But despite the pain of his early loss, Lan Zhan cares deeply; he is warm and kind to his loved ones. As the saying goes, still waters run deep, beneath the frost lies a clear sense of right and wrong and the moral strength to follow through. This quality is recognised and admired by the whole cultivation world.

Of the young cultivators of his generation. Lan Zhan is ranked number 2, after his brother Because their father was in seclusion and their mother was effectively under house arrest, Lan Xichen and Lan Zhan only had each other, growing up.

They have a very strong brotherly bond. Lan Xichen is called the Brother Whisperer, one of the few individuals who can pierce through Lan Zhan's stoic exterior and understand his tender heart. Which goes a long way in explaining his Heartbreak and withdrawal into seclusion after being annihilated by the betrayal of his sworn brother. :: LAN SIZHUI / WEN YUAN :: The immaculate Lan Zhan first crossed path with the tiny muffin Ah Yuan when he went to visit Wei Ying during his exile at Burial Mounds with lan wangji birthday small group of Wen survivors.

:warning: Some Spoilers here on :warning: When the might of the cultivation sects seiged Burial Mounds after Wei Ying's death, Lan Zhan chanced on a delirious little Ah Yuan and rescued him, adopting him into the Lan family.

Raising lan wangji birthday among his beloved bunnies, Lan Zhan effectively became a single parent. Lan Sizhui grows up to be a sensible and courteous young man, a skilled young cultivator with much potential.

lan wangji birthday

FLASHBACK (EP 1-33) As I've mentioned in the Wei Ying Wiki, the first 2 episodes are confusing because of the non linear narrative. But it straightens out in ep 3 where we meet the characters aged 15.

:: GUSU CLOUD RECESSES :: Wei Ying whirlwinds into Lan Zhan's life during his first visit to Cloud Recesses The bunnies are endearingly popular in the fandom. :: XUAN WU CAVE :: A year has passed and the two meet again at the gathering enforced by the power hungry and violent Wen sect. The scions of all the main clans are abandoned at the Cave when the night hunt accidentally awakens the ancient mythical beast, Xuan Wu. After ensuring that everyone else escape, both boys are left to battle the beast.

16 year old Lan Zhan uses the Gusu String Killing method to wrestle the beast, subduing it after 6 hours, while Wei Ying destroys it from within. Lan Zhan reveals to Wei Ying that he recently survived the attack and destruction of Cloud Recesses by the Wens. Wei Ying reins in his teasing; he is deeply sympathetic towards Lan Zhan's pain. :: DESTRUCTION OF YUNMENG & SUNSHOT CAMPAIGN :: It is during this period, where the boys become men, confronting the stark reality of violence and war as the Wen sect ascends to power.

Young Master Lan Zhan grows in stature among the cultivation world, noble and courageous as he takes on one of the leading roles in galvanising the sects to rise up and defeat the Wen sect. Lan Zhan's concern for Wei Ying's unorthodox cultivation deepens; apprehensive of the effects it has on his mental and physical state. Wei Ying's new powers becomes lan wangji birthday vital element in toppling the Wen sect. But as one oppressor is vanquished, murmurs of suspicion develop over Wei Ying harnessing negative, resentful energy.

:: VISIT TO BURIAL MOUNDS :: Time passes, Wei Ying has become a pariah, living with a small community of rescued Wen sect members. Lan Zhan, ever faithful, visits him ostensibly to bring him news of Shijie's impending marriage to Jin Zixuan. But his first reaction at meeting Wei Ying after so long, reveals his deeper feelings. He knows he will never leave Wei Ying on his own again.

Gathering Wei Ying in his arms, they leave Wei Ying's childhood home for possibly the last time. :: CONCLUSION :: After the events at Guan Yin temple, where tragedy and treachery reaches its final act, Wei Ying reunites with his Ah Yuan. He realises that Lan Zhan has been raising him on his own all these years. It is testament to Lan Zhan's deep kindness and dedication to this child Lan Zhan's happy ending is delayed as he puts duty and sect before self, to assumes leadership of the Gusu Lan.

He is eventually conferred the title of 仙督 Xian Du, Chief Cultivator, a sign of the highest regard and honour from the lan wangji birthday world. It was never possible for the ending of the series to be like the novel. But there are sufficient clues to show that Lan Zhan finally finds his way back to his Wei Ying. An epic relationship that spanned most of their lives, survived death and destruction, the two can finally reach for their peace and contentment together.

FUN FACTS & MORE While debatable, it's accepted that Lan Zhan fell for Wei Ying during their teenage years, during their first meeting at Gusu. Wei Ying mortifies and flusters Lan Zhan by his careless use of the Sacred Headband of the Gusu Lan. Within the Gusu Lan, only parents and your significant other can touch the headband.Search Search our store • HOME • C-SERIES • All • Heaven Official's Blessing • Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation • Here U Are • 19 Days • The Wolf That Picked Something Up • My Influencer Boyfriend • The Husky and His White Cat Shizun • Ring • I Ship My Adversary lan wangji birthday Me • Fake Slackers • and more.

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International Shipping We offer international shipping by the following couriers: • DHL, FedEx, UPS, YunExpress, EMS: 1-2 week • e-Packet, Airmail, Aramex: 2-3 weeks Delay is possible due to rising parcel volumes, reduction in flights, customs clearance, lan wangji birthday circumstances, COVID-19 etc.

Your patience is highly appreciated. Among the above options, we will choose the most suitable one with the cheapest fee and reasonable delivery time. If you wish to ship with a specific courier, please contact us. Most countries are on our list. If your country is not available in checkout, please contact us to add your country lan wangji birthday the list. Preparation Time Please check the Preparation Time of lan wangji birthday products first before sending inquiry.

It is located under the title at the product page. For preorder products, you will see the estimated release date. For in-stock products, you will see the estimated time needed to get the products ready to ship.

Please read the product page carefully before sending inquiry. Some preorder products may take from weeks to months to manufacture before the release date. Some in-stock products may take longer than usual to prepare under the pandemic situation recently. Your understanding and patience are highly appreciated.

Preorder & Backorder Preorder and backorder often take longer time to be ready, please place orders separately of in-stock and preorder products.  If your order includes preorder products, your order will be ready for shipping when the preorder products are released. We accept preorder and backorder when the supplier confirms to release the product on a specific date. The estimated release date will be stated in the product page. Protection Products will be carefully protected in bubble wrap and packed with bag or carton when necessary.

Posters will be protected in a tube. Tracking You will receive an email with a tracking number when your order has been shipped.

Payment Method We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Shop Pay and PayPal. Duties and Taxes You may be charged duties and taxes by your country's customs. It is your responsibility to comply with your country's regulations. Please check your country's customs regulations carefully before placing an order.

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