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Should our business be on Instagram or Snapchat? Or both? With Instagram and Snapchat becoming increasingly similar, many social media managers snap instagram themselves asking these questions. To help you figure out which platform — Instagram or Snapchat — is more suitable for your business, we decided to analyze the differences between the two platforms.

We compared six key aspects of the two platforms: • Users • Content types • Discoverability • Engagement rates • Analytics • Ad What we found is this (and you might know it already) is that it greatly depends on your business.

Snapchat is great for some businesses and Instagram for others…and for some, the best solution is both. But which is the best fit for your business? Read on to find out… 6 questions to consider Here’s a list of criteria you could consider when comparing Instagram and Snapchat: • Are your target audience and customers on the platform?

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• Which content type (e.g. stories, images, or videos) suits your business best? • Do you prefer having a public profile that is easily discoverable and to interact with your followers in public?

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Or do you prefer a private profile and build close one-to-one relationships with your followers? • Is your target audience more engaged on Instagram or Snapchat? • Do you want analytics to measure your performance? • Do you want to boost existing posts or run ads on the platform? At Buffer, we choose Instagram over Snapchat (but that’s not necessarily the best more for you).

Here’s how we came to the snap instagram, according to Brian Peters, our Digital Marketing Strategist: For a long time we were on posting unique content to both Snapchat and Instagram at Buffer. What we found over time is that the quality of conversations we were having snap instagram Instagram with our target audience (marketers and social media managers) was much higher than on Snapchat. Since we are a small team with limited resources, we decided to post exclusively to Instagram snap instagram that we could continue to focus on developing meaningful relationships and creating quality content.

Since the decision, we’ve grown our Instagram account by more than 20,000 followers and increased engagement by nearly 300%. Furthermore, the ability to get in-depth analytics on how our content is performing across our feed, Stories, and Live is a major value-add. Not to mention the platform is approaching a billion monthly active users!

If you would like to learn more about our comparison of Instagram and Snapchat for businesses, snap instagram unpacked our analysis below. 1. Users The Instagram user base is larger and slightly older. Size Let’s first look at the size of the user base of the two platforms ¹. In terms of active users, more than 400 million people use Instagram daily (and more than 700 million use it monthly).

In comparison, 173 million people use Snapchat every day. In terms of Stories, over 250 million people use Instagram Stories daily. That far exceeds the 173 million people who use Snapchat every day.

This chart by Recode shows the rise of Instagram Stories and the slow growth of Snapchat: In terms of user growth rate, Instagram has been growing steadily while Snapchat’s growth seems to have slowed down.

Here’s how the user growth of the two platforms look like (with the data from Stat ista): Note: The graph for Instagram shows monthly active users while the graph for Snapchat shows daily active users.

Even though they are different metrics, I believe the number of monthly active users and the number of daily active users correlate with each other. Demographics In 2016, Pew Research Center did a study of the demographics of American users on the most popular social media platforms.

Here are some highlights of their study for Instagram: • A bigger percentage of women (38 percent) than men (26 percent) in the U.S. use Instagram. • Instagram is most popular among online Americans between the age of 18 and 29.

• A third of online Americans between the age of 30 and 49 use Instagram. It seems that Instagram is more popular among women than men and among online Americans below the age of 49 than those above. On the other hand, Snapchat has a much younger user base. • Almost 60 percent of the users are under the age of 25. • People between the age of 18 and 24 snap instagram the bulk of Snapchat’s user base (36 percent). • Only 15 percent of snap instagram users are above the age of 35. Note: For Instagram, the percentages show the snap instagram of people in each category that uses Instagram.

For example, 59 percent of online American between the age of 18 and 29 use Instagram. For Snapchat, the percentages show the percentage of Snapchat users in each category. For example, 22 percent of Snapchat users are between the age of 13 and 17. Others Here are some other interesting insights snap instagram Instagram’s and Snapchat’s user bases. Instagram • The most popular topics among young adults on Instagram are fashion/beauty, food, TV/films, hobbies, and music, according to a Facebook survey.

• Instagram users like to follow celebrities, get DIY inspiration, and look at travel photos, according to a Facebook study. Snapchat • The majority of Snapchat users (71 percent) use Snapchat only or mostly for peer-to-peer messaging, according to a survey by Defy Media for Variety.

• Nearly 60 percent of interactions on Snapchat are made between close friends, according to a study commissioned by Snap, as reported by Mashable. • 46 percent of Snapchat users in the U.S. don’t use Instagram, according to App Annie. The percentage is 37 in the U.K. When deciding between Instagram and Snapchat, I personally think that the user base is the most important. If your target audience is not on one of the platforms, it may not be worth investing in that platform.

Consideration: Is your target audience on the platform? If your target audience is on both platforms (yay!), here are a few other things to consider: 2.

Content types Instagram posts are high-res and polished; snaps are often raw and unedited. Next, let’s take a look at the types of content you can create on the two platforms. Stories Stories are available on both Instagram and Snapchat. Stories can be snap instagram videos or images.

Because stories are displayed in full-screen, the ideal orientation and dimensions for the stories are horizontal (i.e. portrait) and a 9:16 aspect ratio respectively. Images and videos Besides stories, images and videos are the other main types of content on Instagram and Snapchat. But they are displayed differently on the two platforms.

• Images and videos are published as posts on Instagram and snaps on Snapchat. • Instagram posts are public (unless your account is private). Snaps are mostly private between two accounts. • Instagram posts can be horizontal, square, or vertical. Snaps are usually vertical (since they are displayed in full-screen).

• Instagram posts will stay on your feed and profile, whereas Snaps dissappear after 24hrs. Content quality In general, people like to post high-resolution, (usually) edited content on Instagram and raw, unfiltered content on Snapchat.

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That said, with the introduction snap instagram Instagram Stories, people are also posting more unedited content on Instagram through Stories. Consideration: Which content snap instagram (i.e. stories, images, or videos) suits your business better? 3. Discoverability Your brand will be more discoverable on Instagram.

In terms of discoverability, there are three areas to look at: Profile On Instagram, you can have a public profile which shows your follower count and all your Instagram posts. Instagram suggests profiles to follow and curates relevant posts in Discover, which helps people to find your Instagram profile. On Snapchat, your profile can only be viewed by your friends and people who have added you.

There’s little information on your Snapchat profile as the snaps and stories you post on Snapchat disappears after 24 hours. Engagement On Instagram, likes and comments on your posts can be seen by everyone while direct messages can only be seen by you.

On Snapchat, only you can see who has replied to your snaps or stories. User-generated content On Instagram, people (including yourself) can find posts that mention you. Through hashtags and @-mention tags, people can discover and check out your Instagram profile. Hence, user-generated content is a common Instagram marketing strategy as it can help you grow your Instagram account and increase your brand reach.

On Snapchat, snaps or stories that mention your brand can only be seen by the friends of the person who posted them.

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Your brand will be more discoverable on Instagram than on Snapchat. This is great if you want to raise the awareness of your brand on social media and snap instagram social proof to build your brand. That said, many brands like the privacy with Snapchat as that allows them to build meaningful one-to-one snap instagram with their followers. Consideration: Do you prefer having a public profile that is easily discoverable and to interact with your followers in public? Or do you prefer a private profile and build close one-to-one relationships with your followers?

4. Engagement level Engagement seems to be higher on Instagram than Snapchat. Comparing engagement levels on the two platforms can be tricky since the forms of engagement on the two are different. On Instagram, people like, comment, and watch a video.

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On Snapchat, people view a snap and reply privately. While I can’t compare engagement levels as a whole between the two snap instagram, I thought it might be worthwhile to look at engagement level of stories since stories are available on both platforms and are very similar. As reported by TechCrunch, businesses are seeing better engagement with Instagram Stories than Snapchat Stories.

• An analysis of 21,500 Snapchat Stories by Delmondo found snap instagram the average unique viewers per Snapchat Stories fell by about 40 percent in 2016 after Instagram Stories was launched.

• On the other hand, the influencer community of TheAmplify was seeing 28 percent higher view rate for Instagram Stories than Snapchat Stories.

For us at Buffer, we were seeing higher-quality conversations with our target audience (marketers and social media managers) on Instagram than on Snapchat before we stop posting on Snapchat. Consideration: Is your target audience more engaged on Instagram or Snapchat? (You’ll have to try both platforms to get a good sense of this.) 5. Analytics You can get Instagram data more easily than Snapchat data. Being able to measure and analyze your social media performance can help you improve your social media marketing.

Natively, Instagram provides business profiles with Instagram Insights, an in-app analytics for posts, stories, ads, and followers. Snapchat does not provide any analytics (except for ads), and most marketers have been tracking their Snapchat marketing manually. In terms of third-party tools, there are many free Instagram analytics tools available, such as Websta, Union Metrics’s free Instagram account checkup, and Keyhole.

There seem to be much fewer Snapchat analytics tools and they are not free. For example, Snaplytics, a popular Snapchat analytics tool, costs $19 per Snapchat account per month for very basic metrics — views, screenshots, and completion rate.

Considerations: Do you want analytics to measure your performance? Or are you all right with manually tracking your performance?

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6. Ads Both offer powerful targeting and several ad formats. Since Instagram launched ads on its platform in late 2015, the number of businesses who advertise on the platform has grown to over a million.

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With Instagram being part of Facebook, these businesses have been able to easily create Instagram ads using the robust Facebook Ads Manager. Snapchat advertising used to be quite inaccessible to most businesses. Other than Snapchat geofilters, businesses that want to advertise on Snapchat had to purchase ads from Snapchat’s ad partners (and they often cost a lot).

Fortunately, Snapchat launched its self-serve Snapchat Ad Manager this year, making it easier for businesses to run ads on Snapchat themselves. Let’s take a look at three key aspects of advertising on these two platforms, namely audience targeting, ad formats, and snap instagram. Targeting The two ads managers are quite similar in terms of their snap instagram targeting ability. Using either of the ads managers, you can create a target audience for your ads with factors such as demographics, interests, and behaviors.

On top of that, you can also reach people using your own data (e.g.

snap instagram

people who have interacted with your business) and the platform’s data (e.g. users who look like your customers). Ad formats Both Instagram and Snapchat offer a variety of ad formats. Here’s an overview of the ad formats each of them offers: Instagram ad formats • Feed ads • Stories ads • Boost existing posts Snapchat ad formats • Snap ads • Snap instagram • Lenses Apart from Instagram Stories ads and Snap ads (which are quite similar), Instagram and Snapchat offers quite different ad options.

I believe Instagram ads are easier to create than Snapchat ads at the moment. While Snap ads can be easily created using the Snapchat Ad Manager, creating Snapchat snap instagram requires some design know-how and creating sponsored lenses requires you to work with a Snapchat partner (and it seems to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars now). Cost It’s a little tricky to compare the advertising costs of the two platforms as it can be quite dependent on the quality of the ads and the target audience created.

In general, it seems to be cheaper to advertise on Instagram than Snapchat at the moment. Here are some numbers I’ve found from Digiday and AdAge: • Buyers say Instagram Stories ads snap instagram about $3 to $4 CPMs (and completion rates are between two and three times higher on Instagram than Snapchat). • Instagram Feed ads cost a little more than Stories ads, between $5 and $7 CPMs. • Instagram Stories ads can cost half the price of Snapchat ads, at $4 CPMs (price per 1,000 impressions) versus $8.50 for Snapchat.

• Snap Lenses’ minimum price has also dropped since they can now be targeted — but they’re still pricey, costing upward of $300,000 for one day. • Snap Geofilters can be bought for as little as $5 via self-serve, and CPMs can be as low as 27 cents (for geofilters snap instagram crowded areas) to as high as $48. With the launch of Snapchat Ad Manager, perhaps the cost of Snapchat advertising will gradually be lowered.

If you are interested to learn more about advertising on Instagram and Snapchat, here are two guides you might like: • The Complete Guide to Instagram Ads: A Step-by-Step Guide to Advertising on Instagram • The Complete Guide to Creating Effective Snap Ads with Snapchat Ad Manager Consideration: Do you want to boost existing posts or run ads on the platform?

Which platform are you using? While Instagram seems to be better snap instagram Snapchat in most aspects of the comparison, it’s important to consider which platform your target audience prefers.

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For example, if your target audience is students, teenagers, and young adults, you might be able to reach them more effectively on Snapchat than Instagram. Also, a huge percentage of Snapchat users aren’t on Instagram as App Annie has found. So being on Snapchat might be the only way to reach them. I hope you have found the analysis of the two platforms useful for your decision-making. Once you have made your decision, I would love to hear snap instagram you.

Which platform did you choose? What were your main considerations? — Image credit: • The feature image is via Unsplash. • The graphic on Snapchat user base is via Snapchat. • The graphic on Snapchat audience snap instagram is via App Annie. • The chart on the change in average unique viewers per snap is via TechCrunch.

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These are content consumers who may just be part of the target audience for your brand. But how can you harness social media for optimal user traction? When it comes to getting your brand out into the world, choosing between the array of social media platforms may be intimidating.

That’s why we’re breaking down 2 of the top contenders: Snapchat vs. Instagram.

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This could be quite the showdown, so let’s take a good hard look at both platforms, what they offer your brand — and what they don’t! Snapchat and Instagram 101: Everything You Should Know Both Snapchat and Instagram are social platforms that offer users photo-messaging and photo-sharing capabilities, snap instagram.

They’ve both been around since the early 2010s and have since been adopted globally. Snapchat is primarily a direct messaging platform where images and videos are available to recipients for a short period of time. Snapchat users can post these short-term videos for their friends and followers to view before they expire and become inaccessible. While the app’s purpose may be to share fun photos, there are plenty of other features of the app for users to play with — we’ll get into those in just a moment!

Instagram — which is owned by Meta (formerly Facebook) — is a photo and video sharing network where content is open to all followers rather than sent through direct messages. Within the app, there are opportunities to tune into live videos, scroll through image posts and view stories that expire after 24 hours have passed.

Stories, images and posts can also be sent via Instagram’s direct messaging feature to friends and other Instagrammers. Let’s take this further by breaking down the features of both apps before we get into making them work for your brand. Features When ‘Snapping’ Snapchat’s focus may be in person-to-person content sharing, but there are additional elements that its users enjoy. A Snapchat story can be posted to any user’s profile for all of their followers to view.

The “Discovery” page is where short-term content from other accounts and brands is displayed for perusal — including everything from news sources to food videos. If you’re a fan of Buzzfeed Tasty content but have blown through their episodes, you may find other snap instagram videos living on the Discovery page alongside other brands.

Not only can a Snapchat user send friends fun pics with filters (ever want to know what you would look like with a rainbow coming out of your mouth?) and direct messages, but they can also play Snapchat games with friends with augmented reality or even their own face. This app offers a huge array of features, from sending vanishing pictures to viewing your friends’ locations around the world and tuning into Snaps published in certain areas.

Instagram Features Not to be outdone, Instagram comes equipped with a host of user-friendly tools. Instagram users can share their photos and videos on their main feed — complete with filters, geo-tagged content and hashtags. On the user feeds, an Instagram Story is available to view in a 24-hour window.

While Instagram and Snapchat have similar features, their editorial abilities set the ‘gram’ apart. Content comes accompanied by a caption — a whopping 2,200 characters maximum — and tagging features for similar content discoverability. Instagram Live allows users to watch their favorite celebrities, snap instagram and even friends as they capture real-time footage. This isn’t to be confused with Instagram TV, a feature where personal and business accounts upload longer videos — even up to an hour — that are then made available to users based on their activity and interests.

Instagram Reels are quick videos, often set to music, where snap instagram and engaging videos can be shared without a 24-hour expiration stamp. User Profiles Instagram’s 2 billion monthly users do surpass Snapchat’s 500 million monthly users, a clear statement about the former’s popularity. But let’s dig deeper into these numbers — there’s a lot more to them.

Audience age is an snap instagram consideration when it comes to these apps. Users aged 18-34 make up the majority of Instagram’s population, far outranking younger and older demographics. Over 70% of Instagram users fall into that age-range worldwide. Snapchat, on the snap instagram hand, is a little more evenly distributed with an audience that skews younger.

Users aged 13-34 make up 82% of Snapchat’s demographic. On both apps, young adults reign supreme — great news if that’s your ideal demographic. Remember, there’s a likelihood that these numbers have some overlap, as social media users tend to be snap instagram multiple apps. It then becomes a question of making this information and the various features work best for your brand. Thanks for subscribing! Keep an eye out for a Welcome email from us shortly. If you don’t see it come through, check your spam folder and mark the email as “not spam.” Marketing on Instagram: Benefits and Drawbacks We can’t tell you directly if taking your brand to Instagram is the right choice, but we can provide you with some of the key benefits and drawbacks other businesses have faced on Instagram’s platform.

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Benefits of Marketing on Instagram There are a few clear benefits of creating Instagram content. The app offers: • A larger population: Instagram does have a clear majority when snap instagram comes to getting brand messaging out there. The more users you can reach, the more likely it is that you’ll see your content gain traction and benefit from a wider viewing audience.

• A visual marketing paradise: If your brand excels in visuals, marketing on Instagram may be a more natural fit for you. This social media platform is ideal for attractive photos and eye-catching videos while being unobtrusive among other content. • A variety of content strategies: Whether you’re interested in getting your content out in digestible bites or producing long-term content that snap instagram live on your grid forever, Instagram has options for you. From Instagram Reels to Instagram Live, you can reach your target audience in numerous ways.

• An editorial addition: Telling your brand’s story in 2,200 characters or less gives your product or service a lot of space to evolve.

Captions can help you connect with your audience and drive organic traction through hashtags. • Endless possibilities: The only limits are your own imagination on Instagram. From educational information to collaborations, case studies and even outsourced user and influencer content, your options are wide open.

Drawbacks of Marketing on Instagram While you may feel that these numerous Instagram benefits are like opening your very own personalized brand toolbox, be a little cautious of these bright and shiny tools. It can be possible to overuse them and create negative associations of your brand. A few of these include: • Too much content may overwhelm users, especially if you’re constantly spamming content that’s not well thought out.

• Piecemeal brand assets that don’t flow with your overall aesthetic and voice may fall flat when attempting to connect with customers. • A lack of cohesive brand assets will make a brand’s Instagram look unprofessional and unattractive.

snap instagram

Make sure your brand has a schedule and a system snap instagram posting, and that every new snap instagram of content is bright, professional and aesthetically thematic. Girl, LASH’s Instagram success story is one that might resonate and give you some inspiration.

Marketing on Snapchat: Benefits and Drawbacks Don’t discount Snapchat just because the main design is more personal with direct messaging — that may just be one of the biggest benefits it brings!

Benefits of Marketing on Snapchat Here are a few of the top benefits Snapchat brings to the table: • Smaller population = more targeted content: Just because Snapchat isn’t as big as some other social media platforms doesn’t mean it’s not a powerhouse in its own right.

In fact, a smaller population may be the ticket to making your content stick. • Geographic targets: With geotags and physical locations as primary features on Snapchat, brands can create region- and even city-specific content for a larger, more localized impact.

• A smaller, close-knit vibe: Of the social media sites, Snapchat users don’t typically turn to the app for news. Instead, they go to have fun and connect with friends. Brands that want to join this community may find a home on Snapchat. • Filters for brand style: Filters — from the ones Snapchat users apply to their photos and videos to Community Tags — offer creative and fun ways for users to connect with brands.

These features are also an opportunity to demonstrate your brand’s graphic design chops! Drawbacks of Marketing on Snapchat Be aware of what the short-term nature of Snapchat can mean for your brand — and how you’ll have to customize your brand’s output to combat the ephemeral content.

• Short-lived content will require more creativity to keep your brand relevant and noticeable. • Producing more content more consistently helps combat the quick-view nature of this social media app. • A smaller user base may mean your brand’s target demographic isn’t represented, and you may struggle to reach the right consumers. Make Content Matter on Your Preferred Social Media Be sure to consider the full impact of your content on Snapchat and Instagram.

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