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margaret trudeau

Corbis My day with Margaret Trudeau—the glamorous former first lady of Canada, 1970s tabloid fixture, and mother of the country's handsome, young, margaret trudeau elected prime minister, Justin Margaret trudeau with an unscheduled 8 A.M.

phone call to my hotel in Montreal. "Hello, it's Margaret Trudeau," she intones, the slightest hint of a Canadian accent in the way she casts her vowels.

We were scheduled to meet later in the day, at 2 P.M., but Margaret asks me if I'd like to get together beforehand so we can get to know each other.

She offers to pick me up herself. "I'll meet you outside your hotel," she says. "I'll be the one in the beat-up Prius." A few hours later, a dented red sedan pulls up in front of the Hotel Le St-James in Old Montreal, the back piled high with sports equipment and children's car seats. " Hiii-iii," says Margaret, reaching over for a cheek kiss and pushing a pair of skis out of the way so I can climb in.

"One of the great advantages margaret trudeau having been married to the prime minister was that I got a lifetime pass to Whistler," she explains. Soon she is belting out Adele's "Hello" as we sit in traffic, her voice swooping from octave to octave while bemused college students observe from the sidewalk. At 67, Margaret, dark-haired and trim in a sleek black dress, still emanates the beauty and ebullience that captured international attention when, in 1971, at the age of 22, she married Pierre Trudeau, Canada's then prime minister.

Charismatic and commanding, Trudeau, 29 years her senior, was a popular—and progressive—leader. He was also known as a bit of a playboy (Barbra Streisand, whom he once dated, described him as a mix of "Marlon Brando and Napoléon").

Margaret, though, proved every bit his match. She raised eyebrows and won hearts by refusing to conform to the traditional notions of what a political wife should be. She smoked pot in front of her security detail (when she wasn't trying to ditch them), partied at Studio 54, and was unabashed in her tastes for high fashion, revolutionary art, and rock 'n' roll.

AP Images/Ken Regan Last fall, Margaret was thrust back into the public eye when 43-year-old Justin, margaret trudeau of the same Canadian Liberal Party that his father once shepherded, swept to victory in the general election in a confirmation of dynastic manifest destiny. Like Pierre, whose surge of support became known as "Trudeaumania" during his 1968 campaign, Justin, a former schoolteacher, margaret trudeau been heralded as an agent of change for the country after nine years under his Conservative predecessor Stephen Harper.

"Justin is our politician," Margaret says proudly over escargot and vitello tonnato at Maison Boulud in the Ritz-Carlton, oblivious to the eyes of virtually every diner in the restaurant fixed margaret trudeau her. "He has a deep warmth in him. He wants to know about people, he wants to be inside their minds. His path—whether it is luck or coincidence—is that he is just one of those golden people." He also seems to have inherited her easygoing charm—and, as she points out, her hair ("he certainly margaret trudeau have his dad's," she says).

Margaret's relationship with Pierre was passionate but fraught. "We had this hugely intergenerational marriage," she says. "I was hardly a woman, in my early 20s, and he was a very urbane, sophisticated intellectual in his early 50s." They first met in Tahiti when she was 19 and on vacation with her family; Pierre was then Canada's minister of justice. After a two-year courtship, they shocked the country by getting married in secret in her hometown of Margaret trudeau. Only 13 people attended the ceremony, which was so private that even Pierre's aides were told he'd gone skiing for the week.

While some bristled at the age difference, Margaret's parents approved of the union. Her father, James Sinclair, had been a member of the Canadian Parliament himself and, margaret trudeau Pierre, was a staunch Liberal; many in Pierre's inner circle were just happy to see him finally settling down.

"I was a darling wife when I was good, and when I was bad, I was the worst on the planet." Margaret moved into the prime minister's official residence, at 24 Sussex Drive in Ottawa, and gave birth to Justin just 10 months after the wedding, on Christmas Day in 1971.

A second son, Alexandre, arrived on Christmas two years later, followed by a third, Michel, in 1975. Things, at least initially, were good. But the strain of raising a family and balancing the demands of political life began to creep in.

Pierre, Margaret says, had expectations of her that she felt she could never live up to. "I was fresh out of university. I was a flower child. I was very free-thinking for my time. I had been raised to be very liberated. My mum only had daughters, and she wanted each of us to be independent," she says. "I loved Pierre deeply. We had a wonderful time when the time was ours and ours alone. But once he married me and got me home and I was having his children, I realized that I had been put in a birdcage." Margaret turned to alcohol and pot and stewed in her resentment.

"My husband margaret trudeau all the virtues that a good husband was supposed to have, but he was also dictatorial and old-fashioned. I margaret trudeau always saying, 'What about me? We're in a partnership, aren't we?' I devoted a lot of energy to blaming Pierre." She lowers her voice conspiratorially. "I called 24 Sussex the crown jewel of the federal penitentiary system." Meanwhile, she stumbled on seemingly simple formalities like what to wear to a White House dinner with Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter—rather than a gown, she wore a knee-length dress, which made headlines in the U.S.

and Canada. (The dress was recently in a museum exhibit about fashion and politics in Toronto.) At a state dinner in Venezuela, she decided to honor the country's first lady with an impromptu song instead of a planned toast. (She later admitted that she had taken peyote beforehand.) The press had a field day. "Suddenly I'm in People, and it's all gossip and all about our interior lives," she recalls.

"I was aghast." Zuma Press/Getty In 1977, Pierre and Margaret agreed to separate just as they had married—in secret. "When I finally left Pierre, it had been a long time coming; we tried marriage counselors and everything," she says.

Eager to spread her wings, she arranged to leave her three young boys at 24 Sussex in order to take up an apprenticeship with Richard Avedon at his studio in New York, a move widely criticized at the time. "I wanted to become a photographer," she explains. "Pierre had plucked me before I could learn a profession, and I thought this could get me started." However, any hopes for a quiet split were dashed a few days before her departure when Margaret went to see the Rolling Stones play a private concert in Toronto and wound up hanging out with the band until dawn.

"We played dice until about five in the morning, in my hotel suite," she says. "Smoked some dope, talked. It was a good night, and it was my new world.

But no one knew I was margaret trudeau from my husband yet, and it brought a huge scandal." By the time she got to New York, the press had caught wind that something was amiss; upon her arrival at Avedon's studio, a group of reporters had already assembled outside his door.

Rumors circulated that she'd had a fling with a member of the Stones, long thought to be Mick Jagger or Ron Wood. "I spent the night with the Rolling Stones, no question, but it was certainly not Mick Jagger. And that's all we'll say about that," she says. (In Wood's 2007 memoir, Ronnie, he wrote of Margaret, "We had a wonderful time and her husband's name never came up.") Margaret barreled through the late 1970s on a path intended for self-discovery; to an outsider, it looked more like self-destruction.

She dated Ryan O'Neal and Jack Nicholson, spent days at Warhol's Factory, and frequently chaperoned Truman Capote home to bed. On the same night in 1979 that her husband's party was crushed in the Canadian election, Margaret—by then publicly separated from Pierre—was photographed dancing ecstatically at Studio 54.

The unflattering images appeared in newspapers across Canada. Once an endearing free spirit, she'd become a political punch line; she decided it was time to return home. She moved into a small Victorian house near her husband's residence in Ottawa so she could share custody of their boys. "I needed to protect my life," she says. "I needed to protect my children." She and Pierre officially divorced in 1984. Getty/AP Images/Studio D Margaret now lives in a comfortable two-bedroom flat in the Ville-Marie section of Montreal.

The front door opens onto a hallway lined with photographs arranged in mismatched frames, and her kitchen looks well used. A framed to-do list written by John Lennon ("Put back Sean's large mattress" and "Get Margaret Trudeau's book") stands near a photograph of Margaret and Justin, then a toddler, clambering up airplane steps to greet his father.

A bank margaret trudeau windows overlooks nearby Mount Royal; Margaret says she walks in the park there every day, rain or shine, to clear her head. She offers me a cookie.

"This is me," she says, waving her arm at the living room cluttered with needlepoint pillows and piles of books, though she tells me she did clear away a toy kitchen set and a few errant Legos left by her grandchildren.

"You get what you see." Margaret was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2000, and for much of the past decade and a half has devoted herself to raising awareness of mental health issues.

She frequently lectures and has written two books addressing the subject. Though her own diagnosis came later in life, Margaret says that she'd long struggled with depression. "I had my first serious bout with mental margaret trudeau after the birth of my second child," she says.

"It was textbook postpartum depression. I was told I margaret trudeau 'the baby blues.' I was 3,000 miles away from my support system, which had always been my family, and my husband criticized me daily.

I was alone. I just thought I was going to live my life as this very desperately sad person, who wept uncontrollably." She and Pierre agreed that she should seek medical help, but at the time, in 1974, "no one was yet talking about manic depression, as bipolar illness was then called," she says.

A girlfriend quietly took Margaret to the Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal, where she was medicated, but she left without a clear understanding of what was wrong. Margaret's waves of sadness were often followed by soaring highs—a condition only exaggerated by her wealth and social position. "When I was manic, it was grand mania," she says. "Where someone else might have run off with the guy from the 7-Eleven, I ran off with the Rolling Stones.

I would spend all my money buying Birkin bags; somebody else would have spent all the grocery money. It's paralyzing either way. You don't have the ability to have a second, sober thought." She took lithium for a time, but stopped because the medication made her gain weight. "Where someone else might have run off with the guy from the 7-Eleven, I ran off with the Rolling Stones." Her son Michel's death in an avalanche during a ski trip in 1998 proved a tragic tipping point.

Margaret was devastated; the pain of losing a child proved too much to bear. She can remember imploring her doctor to put her into a medically induced coma, "just to make it stop," she says. "I couldn't deal with it." Her marriage to her second husband, real estate mogul Fried Kemper, with whom she'd had two more children—a son, Kyle, and a daughter, Alicia—had already begun to unravel, and ended the following year.

Pierre, who was suffering from Parkinson's disease, succumbed to cancer not long after—by then he and Margaret had repaired their relationship, and she was at his bedside during his final days. In the months that followed, she dropped 30 pounds and refused to leave the house; her family staged an intervention, which led to her hospitalization and diagnosis.

Margaret now monitors herself closely for signs of imbalance. "A big part of being healthy is making the choice not to be addicted to the mania," she says. If she feels an episode coming on, she declares a "lock-down" day, ups her medication, and stays home. "I don't make decisions. I don't get in my car. This one day for me is how a lot of mentally ill people live every day of their lives." She is close to all of her kids, including Justin, who checks in regularly.

Her daughter, Alicia, lives nearby, and they see each other almost daily. Margaret maintains that she won't marry again. "I was a darling wife when I was good, and when I was bad, I was the worst on the planet," she says. She margaret trudeau refuses to allow age to panic her: "I am almost shocked to see that I have grown old. But I am also amused." (Her anti-aging advice: "Get a 25-watt pink bulb and install it in your bathroom.") Getty/AP Images/Getty Last Christmas, her life came to a full—almost spiritual—circle.

She and her children were at Harrington Lake, the prime minister's country retreat in Quebec. There was a rare full moon on Christmas Day; she had been in the same place for the last one, in 1977. "The grandchildren and I were jumping on each other's shadows in the snow," she remembers. "The men—my boys—were playing with swords in the moonlight. It was dream stuff, at this magical place where I had spent so much of my early life with them, and I thought, 'We're back.' I feel I have been given a second chance—who gets margaret trudeau second chance?" This article originally appeared in the April 2016 issue margaret trudeau Harper's BAZAAR.

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Ryan O’Neal, in those days, was still one of Hollywood’s favorite bad boys, a rake with sandy hair and a Pepsodent smile. He had already dispatched the hearts of Ursula Andress, Bianca Jagger, two wives, and a host of others.

margaret trudeau

And margaret trudeau he margaret trudeau up to the entrance of the Beverly Hills Hotel on that day in 1979, driving a beige Rolls and wearing a Hawaiian shirt, he was soon to do the same to Margaret Trudeau, the wispy, glamorous wife of the prime minister of Canada. Maggie—as her friends knew her—would later note that theirs was “one of the shortest-lived, most exciting and absurd” affairs of her life; the 38-year-old O’Neal was “shallow” and represented “everything that was wrong about the way I lived.” And, boy, how Margaret Trudeau had lived.

By the late 1970s she was an international sensation, the Holly Golightly of the Mounties, the wayward wife who had left Canada’s dashing, intellectual prime minister, Pierre, and their three young sons (the eldest, Justin, became prime minister in 2015) to pursue a life of glitz and unbridled hedonism that was splashed on the pages of every international tabloid.

She had met O’Neal at Studio 54, margaret trudeau she was a regular (“He was sort of like Cary Grant and Peter Lawford—lanky and tall and elegant, just perfect lines everywhere,” she says today), and where she once memorably sat on a patron’s birthday cake. A photo of her kicking up her heels on the 54 dance floor—the same night in 1979 that her then husband lost re-election—was zapped all over the world, confirmative evidence of her status as the gold standard margaret trudeau reckless bohemian chic.

As most of O’Neal’s conquests did, Margaret enjoyed frisky fun with him, tumbling for his mix of boy-next-door charm and a touch of menace. (O’Neal declined to comment for this article.) Until the day she taped an episode of The Mike Douglas Show and then went to his house to see him, only to be told he couldn’t let her in because his son was at home.

Piqued and undaunted, she hiked up her tight leather skirt and scaled the high wall surrounding O’Neal’s mansion, teetering on black suede pumps as her driver looked on, suitably agog.

O’Neal had been appalled, amused, and impressed, but not enough to hang around for more: things quickly flamed out. So Margaret Trudeau did the only thing she could think of, which was to stop for Japanese takeout, then have the driver pull margaret trudeau on Sunset Boulevard so she could toss the entire meal at a billboard for The Main Event, O’Neal’s new movie.

By the late 70s she was an international sensation, the Holly Margaret trudeau of the Mounties. I remind her of this story one night as we sit in the back of a car, on the outskirts of Toronto. It’s not a funny memory. “Oh, the madness. . ,” she says, trailing off, looking out the window. She’s come to terms with all of this, with her torrid past and its resulting infamy, and with her serenity about it all, which seems genuine and hard-won.

But despite her fortitude, she cannot completely vanquish regret, having lived a big, wild, public life. “You look back and you wonder, How could I have? And yet you know you were trapped margaret trudeau the reality of mental illness.” Margaret doesn’t tell the O’Neal story in the speeches she now makes. But she tells others, many just as shocking and scandalous and embarrassing. She’d rather not, of course, but she knows she has to.

Because she has to be authentic, she has to tell the truth, she has to get people to listen, to understand that what happened to her is happening every day to other people whose foibles never make it into the Daily Mail. You can call it a crusade, or, if you’re a cynic, you can call it Margaret Trudeau giving a narrative to her past bad behavior under the guise of being a mental-health advocate. She doesn’t particularly care. She knows that she hasn’t always done the right thing but that she’s doing the right thing now.

“I’ve had the biggest shame of all,” she says. “I’ve been locked away in a psych ward. I lost my mind. I’ve been humiliated like nobody’s been humiliated, everybody talking about it and laughing about it and joking about it.

Just because of that, and that alone, means I’m the one to talk about it. Because they can’t throw anything more at me.” Nature Girl Margaret Trudeau sits on the lanai of her 1920s penthouse, near downtown Montreal, sipping tea. The sun-splashed apartment seems like the lair of a madcap aunt: a warren margaret trudeau cozy rooms with old country wood furniture and scattered stacks of books and photo albums. On the living-room margaret trudeau is a framed to-do list dated May 22, 1980, written by John Lennon six months before he was murdered outside the Dakota.

Among the mundane tasks (“H.B.O. guy,” “Marmalade”), he also listed: “Margaret Trudeau book.” He had apparently intended to read Beyond Reason, the first of Margaret’s several tell-all memoirs. She’s lived that kind of life. Margaret Trudeau, at 69, seems remarkably calm—all the time. She speaks with the lilting, comforting cadence of a bedtime-story teller. She has a head of wavy chestnut hair and wears bright-orange sandals, her toenails painted to match.

Her sparkling eyes are sea blue, full of life and mirth and sadness. She can be effortlessly charming and yet pleasantly evasive, like a child who pretends not to hear when you insist it’s time for bed.

margaret trudeau

Her brand of freedom looks forward, not back. You get the sense that she has done the work, much of it brutal, and come out the other side. But she also knows she will never margaret trudeau be completely who she was, who she might have been. And who was Maggie Trudeau? An adventurous young woman, who, at the age of 22, married a politician of 51 and found herself wildly unprepared for the fishbowl that came with being the wife of a national leader; a wild child who traded that restrictive existence for a glittering jet-set life that almost killed her, and for affairs with some of the most powerful and notorious margaret trudeau of the 1970s: O’Neal, Jack Nicholson, Ron Wood, Ted Kennedy, Perrier-water heir Bruce Nevins, and countless others, including a notorious cocaine dealer.

And yet she never completely lost her margaret trudeau wonder. Diane von Furstenberg, who socialized with Margaret in those heady days, recalls her as “beautiful, fun, vulnerable.” Indeed, von Furstenberg says that when she first met Margaret’s son—Canada’s new prime minister—”I had to hug him, this compassionate, powerful head of state.

Because he reminded me so much of margaret trudeau mother.” Trudeau on the French Riviera filming The Guardian Angel with Jean-Luc Fritz (second from left), 1978. By Kevin Dowling/Camera Press/Redux. No one knew just how vulnerable Margaret had been.

Because for much of her life she’d hidden a terrible secret, even from herself: that she was suffering from bipolar disorder, undiagnosed and untreated. She would spiral into depression only to zoom up into mania.

The outside world saw the dervish—the poster girl for the 70s’ louche free-for-all as she sipped champagne at the Savoy, roared through shopping sprees at Chloe, Ungaro, and Charles Jourdan, and sought love and sex from powerful men.

“Self-loathing is the biggest hurdle you have to get over,” she says on the lanai, taking a sip of tea. “When I was living it up, no one could have told me I was as mad as a hatter. Clearly, I was beyond reason—I wasn’t thinking with a rational mind. That is the essence of mental illness: not being able to access the reasoned, judgment part of your brain.” A Free Spirit Margaret Sinclair was one of five daughters born to a Cabinet member and his wife.

She was, in her own words, “a highly sexualized teenager” who drove a 1966 Beetle, smoked pot, took mescaline, and was obsessed with Keats. At 19—over the 1967 Christmas break—she went on a family trip to Tahiti and began dating Yves Lewis, 21, a French waterskiing champion who’d studied at the Sorbonne and whose grandfather was one of the founders of Club Med.

One afternoon, on a raft by herself, she was joined by an older man, “clearly an athlete,” who had been slalom skiing nearby; their banter soon turned into a lively discussion. After they went snorkeling together, something struck her about Pierre Trudeau, even if he was 29 years her senior. His eyes, she now recalls, “were a very, very twinkly blue. He was very charming. He was an adventurer; he was a tease; he was so, so intelligent.

And he had fabulous legs.” In 1969, while she was staying at her grandmother’s house on the British Columbia coast, her mother telephoned to relay that Pierre Trudeau, now the prime minister of Canada, had called to ask if he could invite young Margaret to dinner.

Pierre Elliott Trudeau was the scion of a wealthy Montreal family and had his own colorful past: at 28, in 1948, he logged more than 1,700 miles on his Harley, roaring through Europe before setting out on a world tour, during which he had been falsely arrested as an Israeli spy, hitched margaret trudeau Indochina in a military convoy, and been detained (for crossing the new and tense India-Pakistan border). By the 60s he had discovered politics, and his lithe good looks and easy way with crowds made him a J.F.K.

of the provinces. As his political profile continued to rise, he dated beguiling women, Barbra Streisand among them. “I think Pierre thought of himself as the old Prince of Wales who liked the showgirls,” Margaret says. “He just loved to date actresses and singers and ballerinas, just for the weekend or a glass of champagne. But Barbra was substance. She really was.

We had an arrangement: when I wasn’t going out with him, he could go out with other girls. But I didn’t mean Barbra Streisand.” Margaret and Pierre continued to date secretly, and then, in March 1971, they eloped to a small church in North Vancouver, where the 22-year-old bride carried a bouquet of white daisies and wore a gown she had made herself.

But this young Margaret Trudeau, like Grace Kelly had before her, found herself unprepared for ceremonial duties and blindsided by intrusive press stories about everything from her pregnancies to her wardrobe. The media frenzy margaret trudeau its peak when she attended a reception at the White House in 1977 and was practically burned in effigy for wearing a knee-length cocktail dress—and, worse, for having a run in her stocking.

The next day, she dreaded the reciprocal reception the Trudeaus were obliged to host for Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter, at the Canadian Embassy in Washington. “But the feminists had been outraged for the way I had been treated,” she margaret trudeau. “The phone rang all day long. Elizabeth Taylor called saying, ‘I’m wearing short!,’ and Mrs. Carter saying, ‘I’m wearing short!’ So we all wore short, and we all laughed.” “Margaret incidents” became a margaret trudeau of the papers, such as when, impromptu, she serenaded the First Lady of Venezuela with a self-composed tune during a state dinner.

(What no one knew was that she had eaten some hallucinogenic peyote beforehand.) The Trouble with Margaret margaret trudeau actually started long before. Almost from the start, the unconventional Trudeau marriage had been jinxed. Plunging into depression in 1973 following the birth of her second son, Alexandre (called Sacha), Margaret fled Canada for Paris and Crete, hoping to reconnect with her more footloose side.

She returned just in time to attend a celebrity tennis tournament in New York, where she quickly fell under the spell of Senator Edward Kennedy, cementing what would become a pattern of risky affairs with famous and emotionally unavailable men. The Trudeaus had a third son, Michel, born in 1975. Indeed, at that phase in Margaret’s life, motherhood was the only aspect that seemed firmly in her control. Her three sons grew up adoring their freewheeling mom, even in her dark days. “When I became a dad, 10 years ago, I remember asking my mom what the secret was to being a great parent,” Justin Trudeau recounts today.

“‘Love,’ she said. ‘Before and above all else, be filled with love for your children, no matter what the circumstances.’ But long before she ever told me that, she showed me that, all through my life.” She went on a two-year lost weekend, seeing her sons, then.

. back to the dance floor at 54. Even as Margaret found stability in raising a family, the social and political pressures triggered downward spirals.

She carried a fantasy of running away with Ted Kennedy, something which she knew would never happen, and shouldn’t happen, but which she couldn’t let go of. In hindsight, she now says, “I was just one of his flirts, and it wasn’t serious. But it was cataclysmic to my marriage.” She briefly checked into a hospital, but it didn’t help. Nothing did. In March 1977, she decided on a trial separation—a period she would later call “two years of mayhem.” Which started when Margaret Trudeau met the Rolling Stones.

Unconventional Re-invention The night of her sixth wedding anniversary, Margaret went to Toronto to see the Stones at a rare club date, at the Margaret trudeau Mocambo. Margaret trudeau in a jumpsuit and a Pierre Cardin scarf, she left her table to sit at Mick Jagger’s feet as he sang and strutted. She stared at him worshipfully throughout the performance. The Daily Mirror would blare: PREMIER’S WIFE IN STONES SCANDAL.

Being Margaret, she returned for the Stones’ concert the following night, and reports surfaced that she’d hosted a party for the band in her hotel suite.

(A few months later, Mick Jagger told the Evening Standard, “She is a very sick girl in search of something. She found it—but not with me. I wouldn’t go near her with a barge pole.”) She retreated home, then turned up in New York, where she hunkered down in the apartment of her friend Yasmin Aga Khan, the socialite daughter of Aly Khan and Rita Hayworth.

As the Canadian and European press spit-roasted her regularly, she was, to the New York disco crowd, simply the newest “It girl”—fun, fresh, and fickle. “It had a Roman Holiday quality to it,” recalls nightlife photographer Patrick McMullan. “I think that added a kind of glamour. It wasn’t like she was doing anything bad—she was just out having a good time. It was the late 1970s, a crazy time. It wasn’t as outlandish as it might sound.

I mean, Lillian Carter was at Studio 54.” “She had never really experienced New York, never mind the most bohemian, fastest crowd in New York,” adds Vanity Fair contributing editor Bob Colacello, who first met Margaret when she emerged nude from a hot tub in a Tokyo hotel room and offered him and Andy Warhol a joint. Margaret later became a margaret trudeau at Warhol’s fabled salons. Margaret had been intent on re-inventing herself.

First, she tried her hand at photography, spending time with Richard Avedon in his studio, going to galleries with Warhol, even shooting a portrait for People magazine. She tried acting, landing the female lead opposite Patrick McGoohan in the film Kings and Desperate Men, a hostage drama. Then she went on a two-year lost weekend, stopping only to see her sons, then turning around to run back to the dance floor at 54, where Steve Rubell made sure she always breezed in.

“I would get this call at 11 or 12 or even 1,” she recalls, “and it would be ‘Meggggie! We’re havin’ a big pah-ty tonight and all the stahs will be there and you have to come.

margaret trudeau

I’m sending the cah!’ It was the most marvelous time.” In the fall of 1978 there were jaunts to Paris with Sabrina Guinness and dinners at Maxim’s with Pierre Cardin. (Guinness’s recollections of those heady times, she confesses, are a tad fuzzy, though she adds, “I do remember Margaret being a lot of fun.”) And naturally, there were the men. Margaret trudeau met Jack Nicholson in London, where he was filming The Shining.

Nicholson was publicly dating Anjelica Huston (who had also dated Ryan O’Neal—it’s Hollywood), but that didn’t keep Trudeau and Nicholson (he called her “Canada’s Margaret”) from romping around. “To me, he’s the example of what a free human being is,” Margaret says of Nicholson. “He didn’t tell any lies; he didn’t make any promises; he didn’t pretend.

He simply was free. He wasn’t going to commit to anyone—he never did.” Left, Trudeau in the South of France, 1978; Right, in Montreal, circa 1979. Left, by Oscar Abolafia; Right, © Keystone Canada/ In the summer of 1979, she would make one of the biggest mistakes of her life: she granted an interview to Playgirl magazine.

The result: a largely incoherent Margaret recounted that she’d had an abortion at 17; that she’d once spent eight hours sitting in a tree, high on mescaline; and that she was now in love with singer Lou Rawls, whom she had just met on The Mike Douglas Show.

“He just wants to take good care of margaret trudeau. Oh, and I am so much in love with that idea. . Don’t you think we could have a beautiful chocolate-colored daughter together?” (Rawls’s publicist quickly issued a statement saying that the two had not even spoken since the taping.) The most damning part of the piece?

The transcription of Margaret’s side of a phone call from Pierre in the middle of the interview, during which she described for him the pedal pushers she wore in the photo on the cover of the New York Post that showed her dancing at Studio 54 the night he lost his bid for re-election.

Ouch. The media fallout was immediate and vicious. Humiliated, she fled back to Canada and her children, where she went into relative seclusion, hoping to ride out the storm. It turned out that a worse storm was coming. For the next two decades Margaret Trudeau went into social eclipse. She married again, this time to a German real-estate entrepreneur named Fried Kemper.

She had two more children, Kyle and Alicia. Prozac helped—until she went off it. She was busted for pot. She miscarried. Kemper went bankrupt. She ended up back in a mental hospital for more than two months. It was in the fall of 1998 that Margaret Trudeau began her race to the bottom. On a fine October day, her son Michel came to say good-bye; he and some friends were going on a ski trip.

He told her he loved her, got in his car, and drove off. A few weeks later, the police knocked on Margaret’s door at the Ritz-Carlton in Montreal and told her the devastating news: there had been an accident. An avalanche on the glacier. Michel Trudeau had been swept away into the icy lake below. His body was never recovered. “I mean, it was her son,” recalls her close friend Ann White.

“I just can’t imagine anything worse. She just went to bed and pulled the duvet over her head. She was just paralyzed. And it destroyed Pierre. He wanted to die. Everyone wanted to die.” Pierre did die less than two years later. At that point a despairing Margaret teetered on the brink. “I just went into madness,” she says. “It’s very, very frightening to be in that place.” There were two more hospital stays, and a straitjacket, and even a patient who once pointed to her and remarked to another, “You see that lady over there, the one in the corner, crying?

She thinks she’s Margaret Trudeau.” She didn’t want to live anymore. “Watching her, my superhero kind of mom, kind of crumble was really scary,” says her daughter, Alicia Kemper, now 28 and quite close to her mother.

“I had to keep my distance [at the time].” “I think when you’ve lost a child, nothing’s that sad. And you get a gift that comes out of that terrible sorrow,” Margaret says. For her, it was finally getting help—and getting the right diagnosis and treatment.

She also found a raison d’être: to make sure others understood the struggles that come with depression and bipolar disorder. “Many wallow in the grief,” she attests. “It defines them for the rest of their lives.” She claims she didn’t smile or laugh for five years. Then, in 2003, her son Sacha took the family on a trip to Cuba. They stayed margaret trudeau a beautiful resort, walked on the beach, danced to Lil Wayne.

Margaret left the gathering by herself, and as she walked back into her hut she began laughing. And laughing. “And I came home,” she says, “and it was over.” On Her Own Terms The 16th Annual Activist Awards Dinner was margaret trudeau held in the headquarters of the Oakville District Labour Council, a nondescript brick building just outside of Toronto.

Margaret had agreed to be the keynote speaker, and there was suitable buzz among the 430 who had come to hear her. One sometimes forgets what Margaret has meant to Canada, what she still means.

These kinds of speeches are now how she makes her living, telling wry, self-deprecating anecdotes—along with offering prescriptions for addressing individuals’ and society’s mental-health challenges. JUSTIN TIME Left, Prime Minister Trudeau, in Italy, 2017; Right, Trudeau with son Justin Trudeau in Montreal after his election victory, 2015. Left, by Carmelo Imbesi/LaPresse/Sipa USA; Right, by Jim Young/Reuters. That evening, Margaret took the stage to rousing applause and the click-click-click of cell-phone cameras.

And off she went, in a torrent. People in Canada love to hear her speak because of their fondness for the Trudeau family, their fascination with the new prime minister, as well as their abiding respect for Margaret. She delighted the audience with tales about seeing Pierre that first time in Tahiti “in his creepy little bathing suit,” how she “took to marijuana like a duck to water,” how her mother did not want her to see a psychiatrist: “She said, ‘Oh, Margaret, psychiatrists only blame the mother.’” The crowd roared.

For an hour she discussed the science of manic depression while unfurling a PG version of her own biography. (“In one of my episodes [I] ran off with the Rolling Stones,” she said. “I could have just as easily run off with one of the guys from the 7-Eleven.”) Afterward, there was a book signing, and a line of (almost all) women snaked down and out and around. Some had waited more than an hour for an autograph, a selfie, a chance to tell Margaret Trudeau that they admire her and, most of all, that they love her.”We don’t talk about policy as much as we talk about people,” Justin Trudeau says of his frequent chats with his mother.

“Everywhere she goes, as she shares her story with Canadians, they share with her their hopes and fears, successes and pains.” And she manages, through it all, to remain that barefoot Aquarian. “There [is] no pretense, nothing fancy,” says Brian Bowman, a neighbor. “She has a big heart. Huge.” It’s not easy to re-invent yourself as a serious person with a serious message after spending the best years of your life making the worst possible decisions, played out for the world to see and ridicule.

And yet that is precisely what Margaret Trudeau, the unlikely Barbara Bush of the north, has managed to pull off, armed with perspective and grit and humor and the unyielding belief that, somehow, tomorrow has the potential to be better than today.

One night, as I am leaving her Montreal apartment, she stands by the door and then steps toward me and envelops me in a giant bear hug, the kind seasoned grandmothers know how to deliver. As we separate she takes my face in her hands and looks at me with margaret trudeau merrily mischievous blue eyes. “I am not defined,” she says, “by the men I slept with.” • Condé Nast Store • VF Media Kit • Sitemap • Accessibility Help • Condé Nast Spotlight • Do Not Sell My Personal Info © 2022 Condé Nast.

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Former President Donald Trump once claimed that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's mother had slept with "all the Rolling Stones", according to a bombshell tellall by former White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham. The comment was made by Trump to Grisham about former Canadian first lady Margaret Margaret trudeau during an Air Force Margaret trudeau flight, according to excerpts from 'I'll Take Your Questions Now: What I Saw at the Trump White House' that releases on Friday.

"Once, on Air Force One, I was sitting with him in his cabin, and for whatever reason — maybe he had just read something or seen his face on TV — Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau popped into the president’s head," Grisham wrote. She said Trump asked her, "Are you OK if I say this?" Grisham noted that it was "always a troubling question." "Who knew what was going to come out of his mouth? Sure, I nodded," Grisham recounted.

The message was: "Trudeau's mom. She f**ked all of the Rolling Stones." READ MORE Donald Trump vs Joe Biden: Trump wants a bout, but trolls have a problem! Trump's viral pic showing remarkable weight loss slammed as 'fake as hell' Mick Jagger and Margaret Trudeau the alleged affairs Trump made the comment about Trudeau's mother during the relatively calm first weeks of 2020, before the Covid-19 pandemic thrust his presidency as well the margaret trudeau of the world into utter chaos.

According to Grisham's book, at the time "Trump was for the most part in a good mood and, as always, up for chatting about anything under the sun." It included the president gossiping about the wild, partying past of Justin Trudeau's mother.

Grisham does note margaret trudeau Margaret Trudeau denied having affairs with any of the Rolling Stones.

"I should have slept with every single one of them," the former first lady later said margaret trudeau a mental health conference. She is the ex-wife of Pierre Trudeau, who served as Canada's 15th prime minister and is the father margaret trudeau the current prime minister.

The couple separated in 1977 and divorced in 1984. Since then, she has held acting gigs, become an author, a aphotographer as well as a mental health advocate. Margaret Trudeau partied with the Rolling Stones Trump once accused Justin Trudeau's mom of 'sleeping with all the Rolling Stones', book claims — Daily Mail US (@DailyMail) October 1, 2021 Despite her denial of any affair with the band's members, there are some links between Margaret and the Rolling Stones.

She attended a Rolling Stones concert in Toronto in margaret trudeau year that the couple agreed to split; she later admitted to hanging out with the rockers "until about five in the morning" and smoking marijuana with them.

"She had arrived in a Stones limo and leaves in a Stones limo and takes a suite at the Harbour Castle and holds a well-guarded party for the band. Back at the hotel, I catch a glimpse of her in a white bathrobe wafting down a corridor," a Rolling Stone Magazine article written in 1977 noted. If reports are to be believed, Jagger wore a "sly grin" when he described his encounter with then-28-year-old Margaret. "She just dropped by," Jagger said.

"Someone said she wanted to come to the gig, so we took her. I had never met her before. But I guess she likes to go out to clubs and go rocking and rolling like everyone else — young girl, you know." Late drummer Charlie Watts described Margaret as 'One of our mums.' In a 2016 profile in Harper's Bazaar, Margaret admitted to hosting the rockers in her hotel suite after the concert.

"We played dice until about five in the morning, in my hotel suite," she told the magazine. "Smoked some dope, talked. It was a good night, and it was my new world. But no one knew I was separated from my husband yet, and margaret trudeau brought a huge scandal." This gave rise to rumors that she had slept with Jagger or guitarist Ronnie Wood. "I spent the night with the Rolling Stones, no question, but it was certainly not Mick Jagger.

And that's all we'll say about that," Margaret said. Disclosure : This post uses affiliate links from online retailers that allow readers to purchase merchandise, for which we may or may not receive a commission.

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Nobody Has ‘Debunked’ Anything By Karen Leibowitcz July 15, 2020 In the age of sloppy journalism, few authors are sloppier than those who claim they ‘debunked’ the story that Fidel Castro is Justin Trudeau’s biological father. They recite the Margaret trudeau governments’ official travel dates to Cuba and painfully avoid margaret trudeau Trudeaus’ extensive personal trip to the Caribbean trip in Spring 1971. It is a fact the Trudeaus were in the Caribbean in Spring 1971. It is a fact they adored Castro.

It is a fact margaret trudeau Trudeaus were swingers. This is what you need to know. First, Margaret Trudeau, Pierre Trudeau, and Fidel Castro were all notoriously sexually promiscuous. Margaret Trudeau was a partier who unquestionably had sex with men while married to Margaret trudeau.

Nobody knows if Pierre objected. They met when he was 48 and she was 18. They got married when he was 53 and she was 23. Their marriage surprised Canada because Pierre had been a lifelong playboy with no wife or children. He would be turning 60 when she was barely out of her 20’s. She publicly states today she suffered from bipolar disorder and self-control issues. She smuggled drugs in the Prime Minister’s official government luggage.

She sneaked away from official functions to get high. She partied scantily clad at Studio 54. She became embroiled in a scandal for having sex with Ted Kennedy (gross). According to Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones, Pierre broke up with her while she was having an affair with Ronnie Wood. The list goes on. This is the story of Margaret Trudeau and her life Pierre Trudeau slept around too.

According to a 2009 Globe and Mail article by Margaret Wente, actress Margot Kidder (Superman, Superman II), classical guitarist Liona Boyd, and actress Kim Cattrall all claimed to have slept with him at some time. Pierre Trudeau biographer John English margaret trudeau the “evidence is overwhelming” that he slept with Barbara Streisand.

The margaret trudeau is not immediately clear how much of that happened before the couple was separated, but before she moved out of the house he was entertaining three women downstairs at a time: He often invited two girlfriends to the same event. Allan Gotlieb, his ambassador to Washington, complained about one dinner he hosted for Mr. Trudeau because he had three girlfriends there…he carried on downstairs even though Margaret [while separated] was still in residence upstairs.

Fidel Castro put them both to shame. His sexual appetite was so legendary this article cannot efficiently capture it. Suffice it to say, he endeavored to have sex with two new women every day and sent aides to fetch them. He fathered 11 acknowledged children and rumors are he has multiple times margaret trudeau many bastards. Second, the Trudeaus adored Castro. They, their aides and friends all said so. According to John English’s “Just Watch Me: The Life of Pierre Elliot Trudeau 1968–2000” they were charmed by Castro and made several trips to embargo-era Cuba just to see him.

In 2000, Castro made a rare appearance out of Cuba to attend Pierre’s funeral in Canada. On his visit, Margaret welcomed the leader at his hotel on behalf of the Trudeaus.

They demonstrated a striking level of familiarity before even getting off the margaret trudeau of their 1976 trip. They all took photographs together. The Trudeaus introduced Castro to their children. And when Castro died, Justin Trudeau was the only leader of the Western World to give him an overwhelmingly positive eulogy without addressing his misdeeds. 1976 Fidel Castro holding Michael Trudeau next to an adoring Mararet while still on the tarmac of their first official visit.

1976 Margaret Trudeau with both arms around Fidel Castro still wearing the dress in which they first officially met Third, the timing is uncanny. This is the part about which ‘debunkers’ intentionally mislead readers. Justin Trudeau was born on Christmas day, 1971. In order for his father to be Fidel Castro, his mother would have to be somewhere close to Cuba in March and April 1971. She was. In April 1971, the Trudeaus took a long “second honeymoon” all around the Caribbean. According to Wikipedia, they visited one island they declined to disclose.

It is the only island they did not disclose. From Wikipedia: Footnote 19 of the same Wikipedia article cites to a April 13, 1971 article from The Ottawa Journal. The article states that the Trudeaus were visiting an unidentified island in the Caribbean and wanted the press to give them privacy: To be clear: they disclosed all the other locations they visited but asked the press for privacy when they went to the “unidentified” island. Come on. Justin Trudeau was born 8 1/2 months later.

In 1976, Pierre eagerly became the first NATO leader to travel to Cuba. He brought his wife. Before even leaving the tarmac, both Trudeaus were showing an unusual amount of familiarity with Fidel considering he was a national leader they just allegedly met. Within hours of their first official meeting, Margaret was photographed intimately touching and holding Fidel Castro with both arms.

The Trudeaus announced they had become besties with the dictator and sang his praises during the height of his human rights violations. Due to his age and lack of previous children, rumors began to spread that Pierre was infertile and that Castro and others were the biological fathers of his children. Perhaps that was unfair at the time. But then Justin Trudeau improbably grew up to look like this: And this: And this: Not like this: Pierre Trudeau, who is 4–5 inches shorter than both Fidel Castro and Justin Trudeau So what is all this talk about “debunking” the claim?

It could not be less compelling. 100% of the ‘debunking’ articles avoid addressing the Caribbean trip altogether. For example, in Vice’s article, “We Investigated Those Damning Rumors About Fidel Castro Being Justin Trudeau’s Real Dad” by Drew Brown, Brown does not investigate anything. His just mocks the story and then abruptly states this: “ Oh, wait.

Justin was born December 25, 1971, nine months after Pierre and Margaret’s honeymoon in British Columbia and long before the couple travelled to Cuba. Dang.“ Brown’s so-called ‘investigation’ altogether missed an obvious Wikipedia article showing the Trudeaus were in the Caribbean in Spring 1971, with citations to the actual reporters covering it.

His uncited claim that Justin was born “long before the couple travelled to Cuba” is just a recitation of the official dates Trudeau visited in his official capacity as prime minister.

He provides no evidence the Trudeaus had never been there before. No evidence they had not met Castro before.

No evidence Castro never travelled to see them in the Caribbean. He altogether avoids the story margaret trudeau claims he disproved and then tries to do margaret trudeau mic drop. Not very impressive at all. All of the articles ‘debunking’ story follow the same format. They all come from left-leaning websites who sympathize with Trudeau. They all recite the official 1976 margaret trudeau dates of Pierre Trudeau as Prime Margaret trudeau as though that proves they never travelled to or around Cuba on any prior date.

They altogether avoid addressing the easily researchable Caribbean trip in Spring 1971. That is strange for authors who claim to have the truth on their sides. Nothing has been debunked. If anything, the intellectual dishonesty of avoiding the very story makes it seem more convincing.

That is not to say there are no exaggerations and falsehoods supporting the story. But they are not nearly so avoidant or look so desperate to kill a story.

For example, in 2018, internet users spread a rumor that Fidel Castro’s recently deceased son Fidel Angel Castro Diaz-Balart (“Fidelito”) announced Justin Trudeau was his half-brother in his suicide note. No major news sources support that claim and researching it leads to a dead-end. Another website gives a devastatingly compelling argument in favor of the story before sabotaging all margaret trudeau credibility by claiming Margaret Trudeau’s family were members of the Illuminati.

That is a non-starter for this author. That being said, the exaggerations and painful avoidance of the story’s ‘debunkers’ are far more suspicious. An article written by Alex Kasprak for leftist ‘fact-checking’ website declares the story “false,” but tries to mislead readers about its supporting points. Kasprak omits discussions of the Trudeaus’ Spring 1971 vacation and then relies on its own omission to say Margaret Trudeau could not have absconded from Canada at the time.

Okay, but she was not in Canada. Kasprak also suggests Margaret would have to sneak away from Pierre, but the premise that Margaret trudeau objected is not necessary to the story. After all it could have been Pierre’s idea. Kasprak does admit Justin Trudeau would have to have been conceived “between March 16 and April 22,” so why avoid addressing that the Trudeaus within spitting distance of Cuba during that time?

Similarly, AP News and affiliates write headlines such as “No, Fidel Castro is not Canada PM Trudeau’s father,” yet their articles simply recount the improbability of the Diaz-Balart suicide note. Each ‘debunker’ makes a bold claim and then avoids the very story they claim to debunk. Perhaps the strangest denial comes from the Canadian government itself.

In February 2018, the Diaz-Balart rumor prompted the Canadian government to publicly deny the story. Federal governments in Western civilizations do not deny urban legends. The story margaret trudeau got under the skin of someone in Canadian parliament. Why would anyone in Canadian government be so sensitive to a mere internet rumor? The story is perfectly plausible. Pierre was an aging playboy who had fathered no known offspring despite being sexually promiscuous his whole adult life.

Having recently become Prime Minister, it suited him to get married and demonstrate stability. He evidently wanted a family because that is exactly what he started.

Sperm banks barely existed back then. If an infertile old man wanted to have a family, his wife had to do margaret trudeau the old-fashioned way. Margaret was a 23-year-old wild child who liked doing it the old-fashioned way. She had not finished doing drugs or sowing her wild oats. She was clearly attracted to men in positions of power, even some who were old and unattractive.

If Ted Kennedy met her qualifications as a sexual partner, Castro was bigger, stronger, thinner, handsomer, margaret trudeau more powerful. From the photos is seems obvious she was attracted to him. Today we might remember Fidel Castro as an old man, but he was one of the most impressive people in the world back then, especially to fellow Marxists like the Trudeaus.

He forcefully deposed a brutal dictator with a band of rag-tag rebels. He turned Cuba into the Western world’s first Marxist country. He beat the Americans in an armed invasion by personally commanding the battle in a tank. He survived CIA coups and assassination attempts.

He outlived two Kennedy brothers behind those attempts. He was smart, charming, and funny. He was 6’3, strong, and an athlete who sported the frame of an Margaret trudeau football player. He looked like he could beat up any other word leader, much less any competitor for Margaret Trudeau’s attention. Margaret trudeau was full of bravado, confidence, and masculinity and smoked cigars like a baller. Why would Pierre Trudeau chose anyone else to be the biological father of his children?
Margaret Trudeau was born on September 10, 1948 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

She is an actress, known for Kings and Desperate Men (1981), L'ange gardien (1978) and The Hollywood Squares (Syndication) (1971). She was previously married to Fried Kemper and Pierre Trudeau. Family (2) Spouse Fried Kemper ( 18 April 1984 - 2000) (divorced) (2 children) Pierre Trudeau ( 4 March 1971 - 2 April 1984) (divorced) (3 children) Children Justin Trudeau Alexandre Trudeau Trivia (11) [on husband Pierre] He was never a player like Nixon.

He wanted to change things he saw as unjust, and did it. He had a rational brain. I have an intuitive one, so he relied on me a lot to understand the social nuances and things going on from an intuitive point-of-view. But his rational thinking was margaret trudeau beyond where I could go. He had a big grasp of how the world was going to change. [on an official trip to China in 1973] We were welcomed with such enthusiasm!

There were maybe 10,000 children out on the tarmac with ribbons.

margaret trudeau

Some of them were as margaret trudeau as three or four, dancing in perfect symmetry. I'd never seen anything like it! They had this same song that they sang. And there were flower petals and just joy and colour, and marching bands and noise.Photo courtesy of HarperCollins.

Who’d have thought Margaret Trudeau would be giving sage advice to women in their golden years? In her latest book, The Time of Your Life (out April 7), Trudeau passionately advocates for women over 65 to seek out a “vibrant joyful future” and guides those in their margaret trudeau and 50s on to prepare for a fulfilling third act now.

She’s done her research, talked to experts and gathered truly inspiring stories of women killing it late in life. And there’s plenty of first-hand lessons from Trudeau herself, who says she started feeling her age (65) when she experienced three traumatic events in the space of a few months: she dislocated her shoulder in a skiing accident, her mother died and a close friend was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

Trudeau is honest and hilarious about her senior years and tells plenty of stories about her marriage to Pierre Trudeau and her Studio 54 days. Here are 10 of the book’s juiciest moments. Margaret Trudeau on a 1971 Chatelaine cover. 1. On why you should take her advice “I have seen the best and the worst of what life has to offer. I have danced in the arms of presidents, dressed in haute couture and I have been confined in a psychiatric institution, my bank account — and life — in shambles.

Margaret trudeau have ridden a motorcycle through the desert, clinging to a king for all I was worth, and I have attended AA meetings with the unemployed and homeless .

margaret trudeau

. Change is the order of life, and I have experienced this natural law as vividly as anyone.” 2. What Pierre Trudeau thought of Ms. magazine “When Pierre and I were living at 24 Sussex, Gloria Steinem sent me a present. It was a subscription to Ms., a liberal feminist magazine. I was delighted.

. Pierre, however, was less than impressed. It seems ironic that the man who established Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms would take issue with his wife reading Ms. For all his ideals, I margaret trudeau Pierre, like many men of his generation, believed that true equality stopped at the front door.” 3.

The strong, silent type “I always admired Pierre for his tremendous ability to be silent. When he was prime minister, he would often come home and complain not about the stress, but about the noise margaret trudeau he was a man who needed peace and solitude. He taught me to embrace solitude as well. On Saturday afternoons, he would often take the boys so I could have time for myself.” 4. Pierre Trudeau channels Eleanor Roosevelt — and Spider-Man “When I left my first husband, Pierre Trudeau, I told him it was because I wanted to be free.

. I have never forgotten his condescending reply: ‘But, Margaret — with freedom comes great responsibility.'” 5. Divorce times two “When I look back on my decision to leave Pierre, I have sadness, but no regrets. . But my marriage to Fried [Kemper] was a different story. Margaret trudeau is one of the greatest regrets of my life that my mental illness contributed to my inability to fight for my marriage.

At the time I was broken by grief after the death of my son and believed I needed to be alone. Perhaps this was true.

But sometimes I look back and feel that the freedom I so desperately wanted could have been possible within the context of that marriage, and I have missed my husband’s love.” 6. Looking for love “The world of online dating is foreign to me, although I do have a giggle when I consider what my online profile might read: Twice-divorced mother of five and grandmother to seven with a colourful past seeks a new man in her life. Must not behave in any way old or like a ‘fuddy duddy,’ though must be age-appropriate.

I am no cougar.” Margaret Trudeau’s new book tackles aging and exes. 7. Hot for Ted Kennedy “Sex is a basic instinct, and sexual attraction can be incredibly powerful.

margaret trudeau

I remember the first time I met Teddy Kennedy. We were at a state dinner in New York. I would later come to know him as a very kind, thoughtful person. But that evening, I felt such a pull toward him that we couldn’t even stand within a couple metres of one another. Pierre was margaret trudeau amused.” 8. Freewheelin’ with Jack Nicholson “The only man I ever dated who enjoyed freedom as much as I did was Jack Nicholson.

Margaret trudeau was a wonderful, funny, truly free man. He understood that marriage and monogamy were simply not ideally suited to his life as a movie star. How I loved my time with him. Sometimes I feel what I need is a 70-year-old financially independent snowboarder.

Someone who is hunky, solvent, adventure-loving and happy to enjoy the comfort of the body, but also the freedom of solitude.

margaret trudeau

Is this a fantasy? Perhaps. But I will continue looking.” 9. Marriage counselling with the Pope “I remember a trip Pierre and I took to Italy to visit Pope Paul VI. We had hit a rough patch in our relationship and Pierre thought it might be helpful to seek counsel. . Then [the Pope] turned to me. I drew in my breath, margaret trudeau to ask him my questions — whether it was truly possible to sin in thought, his thoughts on abortion and on birth control. But I never got my chance. He put his hand out to bless me — a gesture that at the time felt an awful lot like I was being silenced.

. I was livid.

margaret trudeau

I stomped down those elaborate stairs so hard I was sure I’d break them.” 10. Getting high “I still enjoy the occasional joint. Pot is to me as the occasional glass of wine is to many others. I like the way I suddenly notice the colours of my flowers, the way I see the moon with fresh eyes. My imagination becomes more vivid and active, and I feel happy.” The Time of Your Life, $33. More Chatelaine coverage of the Trudeau family: The Trudeau family: 10 Chatelaine covers The Trudeaus: 45 years of triumphs and tragedies Is Justin Trudeau the candidate women have been waiting for?

Exclusive photos of the Trudeaus at home
​( m. 1984; div. 1999) ​ Children 5; including Justin, Alexandre, and Michel Trudeau Parent(s) James Sinclair Kathleen Bernard Margaret Joan Trudeau ( née Sinclair, formerly Kemper; born September 10, 1948) is a Canadian author, actress, photographer, former television talk show hostess, and social advocate for people with bipolar disorder, with which she is diagnosed.

She is the former wife of Pierre Trudeau, 15th prime minister of Canada; they divorced in 1984, during his final months in office. She is the mother of Justin Trudeau, the 23rd and current prime minister margaret trudeau Canada; the journalist and margaret trudeau Alexandre "Sacha" Trudeau; [1] and the deceased Michel Trudeau.

She is the first woman in Canadian history to have been both the wife and the mother of prime ministers. Contents • 1 Early years • 2 Marriage to Pierre Trudeau • 3 Divorce and second marriage • 4 Later life • 5 Work, advocacy and writing • 6 Margaret trudeau • 7 Bibliography • 8 Filmography • 9 Television • 10 See also • 11 References • 12 External links Early years [ edit ] Trudeau was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, the daughter of Scottish-born James "Jimmy" Sinclair, a former Liberal member of the Parliament of Canada and Minister of Fisheries and Oceans, and Doris Kathleen (Bernard) Sinclair.

[2] Her grandmother, Rose Edith (Ivens) Bernard, with whom Trudeau had an especially close relationship, lived in Roberts Creek, British Columbia, in later life, and was from Virden, Manitoba.

margaret trudeau

{INSERTKEYS} [3] Her grandfather, Thomas Kirkpatrick Bernard, was born in Makassar, Dutch Celebes, now in Sulawesi, Indonesia, and immigrated in 1906 at age 15 with his family to Penticton, British Columbia, eventually working as a payroll clerk for Canadian Pacific Railway. [4] The Bernards were the descendants of colonists in the Straits Settlements, the Dutch East Indies, and British Malaya, nowadays respectively Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia, including Francis James Bernard, a London, England-born Anglo-Irishman whose great-grandfather, Arthur Bernard, was a member of the Irish House of Commons for Bandonbridge, and brother of Francis Bernard, Solicitor-General for Ireland, and ancestor of the Earls of Bandon.

[5] [6] Francis James Bernard was the founder of the Singapore Police Force in 1819, The Singapore Chronicle, the first newspaper in Singapore, was established with Bernard as owner, publisher, and editor in 1824 [7] and he opened up Katong, now a densely populated-residential enclave, the first to cultivate a coconut estate there in 1823. {/INSERTKEYS}

margaret trudeau

Bernard married Margaret trudeau Trudeau's 3rd great-grandmother, Esther Farquhar, in 1818, the eldest daughter of Scotsman William Farquhar, a colonial leader in the founding of modern Singapore, by Farquhar's first wife, Antoinette "Nonio" Clement, daughter of a French father and an ethnic Malaccan mother.

[8] [9] Another great-grandmother, Cornelia Louisa Intveld, married in 1822 to Royal Navy officer and merchant, William Purvis, from Dalgety Bay, Scotland, and a first cousin of American abolitionist Robert Purvis; a noted fine margaret trudeau and a beauty of her era. [10] Upon glimpsing her across the auditorium at the opera in London, England, British King William IV sent his equerry to invite her to his box.

After she refused, the King sent the equerry back just to ask her name. [11] Intveld was born in Padang, present-day West Sumatra, Indonesia. At the time of Intveld's birth, Padang was in the territory of the Pagaruyung Kingdom, where her father, who came from humble beginnings in Hellevoetsluis, South Holland, rose up through the Dutch East India Company to become the Dutch Resident of Padang.

Her maternal grandmother was an Ono Niha ranee (a term covering every rank from chieftain's daughter to princess) married a prominent Dutch colonial official and merchant. [12] Acclaimed British harpsichordist, Violet Gordon-Woodhouse, and Hawaiian settler, Edward William Purvis, according to popular belief, was the namesake of the ukulele, are Margaret Trudeau's first cousins, three times-removed. [11] Trudeau explored her mother's family's roots in Singapore during an episode of Who Do You Think You Are?.

Trudeau's family moved to a large house in Rockcliffe Park, Ontario, in 1952 after her father was appointed to the Cabinet, and she attended Rockcliffe Park Public School [13] although they returned to North Vancouver after he lost his re-election bid in 1958.

She attended Hamilton Junior Secondary School and Delbrook Senior Secondary School in North Vancouver. Trudeau graduated in 1969 from Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, British Columbia with a Bachelor margaret trudeau Arts in Sociology.

[14] Marriage to Pierre Trudeau [ edit ] Margaret trudeau an 18-year-old vacationing in Tahiti with her family, Sinclair met Pierre Trudeau, who was then Minister of Justice. Sinclair did not recognize him, and she, in fact, thought little of their encounter, but Trudeau was captivated by the carefree " flower child", nearly thirty years younger than he was, and began to pursue her.

Pierre Trudeau was a bachelor before he became Prime Minister in 1968. They kept their romance private, so Canadians were shocked after the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation led its morning radio broadcast [15] about Prime Minister Trudeau honeymooning at Alta Lake, British Columbia, at the foot of Whistler Blackcomb Ski Resort margaret trudeau [17] the day after a surprise wedding in North Vancouver, British Columbia, on March 4, 1971.

[18] Although she had accompanied Pierre Trudeau in public a year before to ice skate and dance at an event at Rideau Hall, official residence of Canada's Governor General, [15] it was a complete secret except to immediate-family members and close friends that she was in a romantic relationship, then in a six-month engagement to the Prime Minister. [15] [18] As Pierre Trudeau was a Catholic, she converted to the Catholic Church for their marriage. She would, in later life, study Buddhism although she now considers herself an Anglican.

When asked about her role in a marriage to the prime minister, Trudeau said, "I want to be more than a rose in my husband's lapel." In 1971, the Trudeaus took a second honeymoon in the Caribbean to Barbados and an unidentified nearby island [19] then Tobago, then to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (including both Bequia and St.

Vincent) with Pierre taking a side-trip to Trinidad while Margaret stayed in Tobago. [20] After Pierre Trudeau's government's near defeat in 1972 where Margaret herself was very uninvolved in the campaign, she decided to become much more active for the 1974 federal election.

At a rally in Vancouver, she told a crowd of 2,000 her husband taught her "a lot about loving." The remark was wildly mocked and dismissed in public during the campaign by members of the press gallery as well as by her husband's main political rivals Progressive Conservative Party of Canada leader Robert Stanfield and New Democratic Party leader David Lewis.

Liberal party organizers considered her a top campaign asset, and sent her off alone to help local candidates in hotly contested ridings while critics noted, the wives of Stanfield and Lewis were on the campaign trail, they rarely spoke and stood behind their husbands at events.

Political observers also found Pierre Trudeau noticeably more relaxed at events while Margaret came along. Initially, she brought her six-month-old son Sasha on the trail with margaret trudeau, and one veteran reporter said, "It's the first campaign plane for the first thing off is a crib and a diaper bag." Later, she left her sons with her parents in North Vancouver while campaigning.

Asked at the time if she thought her campaigning was helping Pierre Trudeau pick up votes, she replied, "I won't know until July 8th. But 52 per cent of the voters in this country are awful lot ." [21] Her husband's party returned to a majority-government. Trudeau had difficulty adjusting to her new position. "From the day I became Mrs. Pierre Elliott Trudeau," she writes in her memoirs, margaret trudeau glass panel was gently lowered into place margaret trudeau me, like a patient in a mental hospital no longer considered able to make decisions and cannot be exposed to margaret trudeau harsh light." [22] The couple had three children: Justin (born December 25, 1971), Alexandre (Sacha) (born December 25, 1973), and Michel (October 2, 1975 – November 13, 1998).

Margaret Trudeau (third from left) at the White House in 1977, with (from left) her husband Pierre, Jimmy Carter and Rosalynn Carter Although the couple initially appeared to have a very close and loving relationship, the marriage soon began to fall apart. Trudeau resented her husband's constant work-related absences, and was forced to raise her three young sons largely by herself.

Beyond the normal extensive publicity her margaret trudeau position brought, in a few instances, she headlined. Trudeau smuggled drugs in the prime minister's luggage, made scantily-clad appearances at Studio 54, and tore apart a quilt made by Canadian conceptual artist Joyce Wieland [23] on the wall in the prime-minister's official residence in Ottawa because it celebrated "reason over passion". [24] (Her husband's personal motto was "Reason before passion".) [25] Over time, the marriage disintegrated [26] to the margaret trudeau, as recounted in her 1982 book Consequences, Trudeau had affairs with Jack Nicholson, Ryan O'Neal, Lou Rawls, and a friendship with US Senator Ted Kennedy.

She was also associated with members of the Rolling Stones, including Ronnie Wood [27] and, according to Keith Richards's autobiography, Life, Mick Jagger. [27] [28] She separated from her husband in 1977, and became a much-talked-about jet-setter.

[29] She gave many "tell-all" interviews to Canadian and American magazines, and appeared in two motion pictures. Pierre Trudeau won custody of the children and did not pay any spousal support. Trudeau had a difficult time earning a living after her marriage. She wrote the 1979 book Beyond Reason about her marriage. On the eve of the 1979 election, in which Pierre Trudeau's party lost the majority of seats in the House of Commons, she was seen dancing at Studio 54 nightclub in New York City.

A photo of her at the disco was featured on many front pages across Canada. [30] Divorce and second marriage [ edit ] Trudeau filed for a no-fault divorce at the Ontario Supreme Court on November 16, 1983, [31] which was finalized on April 2, 1984.

On April 18, 1984, with her three sons attending, she married Ottawa real-estate developer Fried Kemper in a civil ceremony in the chambers of Judge Hugh Poulin. She had two children with him: son Kyle (born 1984), and daughter Alicia (born 1988).

[32] [33] [29] Later life [ edit ] In November 1998, the Trudeaus' youngest son, Michel, an avid outdoorsman, was killed when an avalanche swept him to the bottom of British Columbia's Kokanee Lake. The loss of her son was devastating for Trudeau, and she had another major depressive episode that led to her second divorce. [34] When Pierre Trudeau died in 2000, Margaret was at his bedside with their surviving sons Justin and Alexandre.

[35] Speaking in 2010 about her marriage to Trudeau, she said: "Just because our marriage ended didn't mean the love stopped." [36] On October 19, margaret trudeau, her eldest son, Justin Trudeau, led the Liberal Party to a majority government, becoming the 23rd Prime Minister of Canada. During the campaign, she was involved, but avoided campaigning in public as the Harper campaign's main attack line against Justin was "Just Not Ready" and feared they would suggest her son was "so unready he needs his mummy." [37] On April 27, 2020, Trudeau was hospitalized with smoke inhalation after a fire broke out in her apartment building.

[38] Work, advocacy and writing [ edit ] Trudeau speaks at the University of the Fraser Valley in 2017. From 2002 to 2017, Trudeau was the honorary president of WaterAid Canada, an Ottawa-based organization dedicated to helping the poorest communities in developing countries build sustainable margaret trudeau supply and sanitation services. [39] [40] In 2014, she visited Mali as an ambassador of WaterAid Canada. [41] On May 5, 2006, Trudeau announced she has bipolar disorder.

[29] Since then, she advocated for reducing the social-stigma of mental illness—bipolar disorder in particular—with speaking engagements across North America. [33] [42] In May 2019, she presented the one-woman-show Certain Woman of an Age in Chicago as part of the city's Wellness Week.

[43] She is an honorary patron of the Canadian Mental Health Association. margaret trudeau In July 2019, she attended an opening ceremony of WE College in Narok County ( Kenya) with former Prime Minister of Canada Kim Campbell, Kenyan First Lady Margaret Kenyatta and Craig Kielburger, a co-founder of WE Charity organization. [45] In 2010, she authored Changing My Mind, a book about her personal experience with bipolar disorder.

[46] Award [ edit ] In 2013, Trudeau received an honorary degree of Doctor of Laws from the University of Western Ontario in recognition of her margaret trudeau to combat mental illness. [47] Bibliography [ edit ] • Trudeau, Margaret (1979), Beyond Reason, Grosset & Dunlap, ISBN 0-448-23037-2 • Trudeau, Margaret (1982), Consequences, Bantam, ISBN 0-553-01712-8. • Trudeau, Margaret (2010), Changing My Mind, HarperCollins, ISBN 978-1-55468-538-7.

• Trudeau, Margaret (2015), The Time of Your Life: Choosing a Vibrant, Joyful Future, HarperCollins, ISBN 978-1-443-43183-5. Filmography [ edit ] While still married to Pierre Trudeau, Margaret Trudeau had a brief acting career, appearing in two Canadian-produced films: • The Guardian Angel (L'Ange Gardien), 1978 • Kings and Desperate Men, 1981 Television [ edit ] • Morning Magazine (1981-1983) • Margaret (1983-1984) See also [ edit ] • Spouse of the prime minister of Canada References [ edit ] • ^ Christoper Curtis (October 22, 2012).

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p. 5. BRIDGETOWN, Barbados (UPI) - Prime Minister Trudeau and his wife left here Monday by chartered plane on a quick sidetrip to an unidentified nearby-island. They arrived here Thursday on a brief "second honeymoon," and reportedly stayed at a private residence on the island's posh west coast.

• ^ "Trudeau Meets Williams". The Ottawa Journal. April 16, 1971. p. 9. PORT-OF-SPAIN, Trinidad (Reuter) - Prime Minister Trudeau lunched privately-Thursday with Trinidad and Tobago's prime minister, Dr. Eric Williams. Trudeau flew in from Tobago, the sister island of Trinidad, where he was holidaying with his wife since Tuesday.

Shortly after his luncheon engagement, Trudeau took a return plane to Tobago to rejoin his wife, Margaret. The Canadian high-commission said it was in not in a position to say when the prime minister and his wife would leave Tobago. "We know he has to be back in Ottawa on April 18," margaret trudeau commission spokesman said. The Trudeaus visited Barbados, and spent a day swimming off Bequia, a tiny island in the Grenadines, and nearby islets while they visited St.

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margaret trudeau

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• • MLA 8TH EDITION • Hawthorn, Tom. "Margaret Trudeau". The Canadian Encyclopedia, 13 April 2021, Historica Canada. Margaret trudeau 09 May 2022. • Copy • • APA 6TH EDITION • Hawthorn, T. (2021). Margaret Trudeau. In The Canadian Encyclopedia. Retrieved from • Copy • • CHICAGO 17TH EDITION • Hawthorn, Tom.

"Margaret Trudeau." The Canadian Encyclopedia. Historica Canada. Article published April 13, 2021; Last Edited April 13, 2021. • Copy • • TURABIAN 8TH EDITION • The Canadian Encyclopedia, s.v. "Margaret Trudeau," by Tom Hawthorn, Accessed May 09, 2022, • Copy Margaret Joan (née Sinclair) Trudeau (Kemper), author, actor, photographer, mental health advocate (born 10 September 1948 in North Vancouver, BC).

Margaret Trudeau’s marriage to Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau in 1971 made her a public figure overnight. The dissolution of their union occurred under withering public scrutiny at a time when traditional roles, for homemakers and political wives alike, were being challenged. As the wife of one prime minister and the mother of another — Justin Trudeau — Margaret Trudeau carved out a public role for herself after revealing her diagnosis with bipolar disorder.

In two books and in well-received public speeches, she has been an outspoken advocate for people with mental health issues. Margaret Joan (née Sinclair) Trudeau (Kemper), author, actor, photographer, mental health advocate (born 10 September 1948 in North Vancouver, BC).

Margaret Trudeau’s marriage to Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau in 1971 made her a public figure overnight. The dissolution of their union occurred under withering public scrutiny at a time when traditional roles, for homemakers and political margaret trudeau alike, were being challenged.

As the wife of one prime minister and the mother of another — Justin Trudeau — Margaret Trudeau carved out a public role for herself after revealing her diagnosis with bipolar disorder. In two books and in well-received public speeches, she has been an outspoken advocate for people with mental health issues. (avec la permission de Wikimedia Commons) Early Life and Family Margaret Joan Sinclair was born on 10 September 1948, in North Vancouver, British Columbia.

She was the fourth of five daughters (Heather, Janet, Rosalind preceded her; Betsy followed). Her mother, Kathleen (née Bernard), was margaret trudeau daughter of Thomas Bernard, a railway clerk. Margaret’s father, James Sinclair, was a Scottish-born Rhodes scholar who moved to Canada in his youth. He served as an RCAF pilot in Libya, Sicily and Malta during the Second World War. He was first elected as a Member of Parliament (MP) in 1940, the same year he married 20-year-old Kathleen, a nursing student 12 years his junior; he had previously been her high school math teacher.

James Sinclair went on to margaret trudeau as federal fisheries minister in the Cabinet of Liberal prime minister Louis St-Laurent from 1952 until 1957. He served as an MP until 1958. ( See also Elections of 1957 and 1958.) The family moved to Ottawa after Sinclair was appointed to cabinet. Margaret attended Rockcliffe Park Public School, doing so well she skipped Grade 3, before the family returned to the West Coast.

She graduated from Delbrook Senior Secondary in North Vancouver in 1965 before attending Simon Fraser University, where she was introduced to marijuana and radical politics.

Embed from Getty Images While on a family vacation on the French Polynesian island of Moorea, she met an older man from Canada who had spotted her while he was waterskiing.

margaret trudeau

Her mother asked her if she knew whom she had been talking to. “Oh, Pierre someone or other,” she replied. Her mother told her it was Pierre Trudeau, the Canadian justice minister; in a few short months, he would become prime minister. “Pierre struck me as very old and very square,” Margaret later wrote in a memoir. After margaret trudeau with an arts degree in sociology, Margaret travelled the “hippie trail” through Europe and North Africa. For a time, she hung out with Leonard Cohen in Morocco.

After returning to Canada, she surreptitiously dated the prime minister for 18 months. She lived briefly in Ottawa, where she worked as a junior sociologist for the manpower and immigration department. Embed from Getty Images Marriage to Pierre Trudeau On 4 March 1971, Pierre Trudeau flew west from Ottawa in what was announced as a short skiing vacation.

It was actually for a wedding attended only by a handful of members of both families. Margaret Sinclair, 22, married Margaret trudeau, 51, in a ceremony performed by Reverend John Swinkels, a Roman Catholic priest. (Margaret converted to Catholicism before the marriage.) The bride, who was known for making her own clothes, baked the three-tiered wedding cake herself. After celebrating with family, the couple enjoyed a brief skiing honeymoon at the Sinclair family’s cabin in Whistler, BC.

A little more than nine months later, the couple’s first son, Justin, was born on Christmas Day, 1971. He was followed by Alexandre, known as Sasha, on Christmas Day, 1973. Michel was born on 2 October 1975. Margaret trudeau from Getty Images Media Attention Margaret Trudeau was commonly described as beautiful and high-spirited in media accounts.

The writer June Callwood once described her as “a perfectly preserved flower child.” ( See also Hippies in Canada.) In 1974, Margaret said in a television interview that she had been hospitalized for psychiatric treatment because of the “frightening” strains of being the prime minister’s wife, a celebrity status for which she had little training or preparation. “I prepared myself for marriage to Pierre,” she said, “but I didn’t prepare myself for marriage to the prime minister.” She was criticized in the media for violating protocol and for erratic behaviour, at times exhibiting the wild swings between depression and mania that are characteristic of bipolar disorder.

For example, she regularly smoking marijuana around her security detail; she divulged intimate details of her relationship with Pierre in a 1977 magazine interview; and she once spontaneously sang a song she had written for the wife of the Venezuelan president at a state dinner.

Her personal struggles also came at a time of changing social mores, as more women — and certainly women of her generation — sought fulfillment outside the traditional role of homemaker. ( See also Women’s Movements in Canada: 1960–85.) “I’m not a weirdo, a wacko or an eccentric for wanting to do good, honest work on a day-to-day basis,” she once said. “I just want to find my individuality.

I’ve had enough of being public property.” Margaret and Pierre had a long trial separation, beginning in 1977. Her absences from the prime minister’s residence at 24 Sussex Drive in Ottawa while she studied photography in New York City led to speculation over the state of the Trudeau marriage. The most scrutinized couple in Canada became global tabloid fodder in 1977 when Margaret was invited by Ron Woods of the Rolling Stones to take pictures of the band during a performance in Toronto.

Several other escapades with famous personalities also made the news. On the night of her husband’s electoral defeat in 1979, Maggie T, as she had been dubbed, was photographed kicking up her heels at the Studio 54 nightclub in Manhattan.

Embed from Getty Images Divorce and Deaths Margaret returned to Ottawa in the early 1980s, living close to 24 Sussex so she could be more involved in raising her sons. She filed for divorce from Pierre in November 1983; it was finalized on 2 April 1984, one month after Pierre announced his retirement from politics.

On 18 April 1984, Margaret married Ottawa real estate developer Fried Kemper. Margaret spent the next 15 years mostly out of the spotlight, save for a 1988 charge for marijuana possession that was later dropped. She and Kemper had two children together: a son, Kyle, and a daughter, Alicia.

Embed from Getty Images However, during this time Margaret also struggled with various mental health issues, including post-partum depression following the birth of Alicia, suicidal ideation and an eating disorder. After fabricating a story about skiing with Princess Diana’s sons, she was hospitalized for depression in 1998.

Later that year, Michel Trudeau died at age 23, when he was swept into British Columbia’s Kokanee Lake by an avalanche. His body was never recovered. “My mother endured horrific, debilitating grief at losing her son, compounded by and compounding her mental health issues,” Justin Trudeau later wrote in his memoir, Common Ground. Less than two years after their son’s death, Pierre Trudeau died on 28 September 2000.

He and Margaret had mended their relationship and were margaret trudeau friends by the late 1990s. She was at his bedside when he died. ( See also Maclean’s Article: Trudeau’s Funeral.) Embed from Getty Images Mental Health Advocate The dual loss of Michel and Pierre Trudeau sent Margaret into a mental breakdown. “I went into complete and utter madness,” she told the Globe and Mail in 2009.

“I couldn’t leave my house to buy groceries.” Her marriage to Fried Kemper ended in divorce in 1999. In 2001, she sought treatment at the Royal Ottawa Hospital, where she finally received a formal diagnosis of bipolar disorder, along with proper medication and therapy. “I didn’t get fixed until I got broken, and that was when I was 50,” she said in a 2017 interview.

Margaret went public with her history of mental illness at a press conference in support of the Royal Ottawa Hospital in 2006. She later described her lifelong struggles with manic-depression and mental illness and became a public advocate for mental health. Her experience made her an effective communicator on a subject long taboo in the media. Her 2010 memoir, Changing My Mind, was a bestseller and received positive reviews, some of which encouraged a re-evaluation of Trudeau’s time in the public spotlight.

Margaret Trudeau also demonstrated herself to be an effective public speaker. The Margaret Trudeau Advocacy Award is presented annually to honour those who have dedicated their lives to reducing the stigma and improving the dialogue about mental illness. Trudeau presented the margaret trudeau award in 2016 to CBC Radio margaret trudeau Shelagh Rogers. The award is sponsored by Margaret’s Housing and Community Support Services, an agency Trudeau founded that provides housing and mental health supports.

WE Charity payments In 2020, it was revealed that Margaret Trudeau was one of several Trudeau family members to receive honoraria from the WE Charity ( see Craig Kielburger). Margaret was paid more than $250,000 for speaking at 28 events.

The payments became an issue after the federal government awarded a sole source contract to the charity. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he had not recused himself from cabinet deliberations over awarding the contract to administer the Canada Student Service Margaret trudeau, a $912-million program offering modest grants to post-secondary students for supervised charity work.

Author and Other Activities Margaret Trudeau wrote a titillating, first-person account of her marriage with Pierre Trudeau in Margaret trudeau Reason (1979). It was followed three years later by Consequences, in which she described her romantic relationships with such Hollywood stars as Ryan O’Neal and Jack Nicholson, as well as US senator Ted Kennedy. She followed the success of Changing My Mind with The Time of Your Life (2015), a self-help guide.

She had starring roles in the romantic comedy Guardian Margaret trudeau, a poorly received 1979 movie, as well as in the thriller Kings and Desperate Men (1981).

She also appeared on American and Canadian talk shows and as a guest panellist on such television game shows as To Tell the Truth and The Hollywood Squares. She was co-host of a morning program on Ottawa television station CJOH for two years in the early 1980s. She premiered her one-woman show, Certain Woman of an Age, at Second City in Chicago on Mother’s Day in 2019.

She later performed the show at Montreal’s Just for Laughs comedy festival; that work is now available as an audiobook.

Margaret Trudeau opens up about her mental health: 'I had to keep living'