Gintama the final

gintama the final

The Gintama manga is authored by Sorachi Hideaki for Shounen Jump, while its anime adaptation was created by Sunrise/Bandai Namco. It is at its core a post-modernist comedy with period drama and science-fiction mixed in.

Meaning you not only see historical expies of samurai and ninja but also space monsters and aliens; all wrapped in a bundle that can make you laugh.

Sakata Gintoki (坂田銀時) is the founder of Yorozuya and a highly skilled samurai, who enjoys eating sweet things and picking his nose in public. Other than the name 'Gintoki', he is also referred to as Gin-chan or Gin-san, Yorozuya Danna aka Yorozuya Boss. When he cross-dresses, he is known as paako, complete with twin pony tails and big breasts. Sakamoto Tatsuma persists in calling him Kintoki. Official Web sites for the Gintama Series • TV Tokyo's Gintama Website • Website • Sunrise Website • Aniplex Website Other Gintama wiki sites (Other Lang) • 銀魂_(アニメ) Wikipedia (jap) • 銀魂 atwiki (jap) • 銀魂(2009年) livedoor wiki (jap) • 银魂 Wikipedia (chinese) • 银魂 Baidu Baike (chinese) Other Gintama wiki sites (ENG) • Manga publication update • Wikipedia Gin Tama Spring Season 2022 Anime Wikis TV Anime • A Couple of Cuckoos • AMAIM Warrior at the Borderline Part 2 • Ao Ashi • Ascendance of a Bookworm Season 3 • BIRDIE WING -Golf Girls' Story- • Black★★Rock Shooter: Dawn Fall • BUILD-DIVIDE -#​FFFFFF- CODE WHITE • Date A Live IV • Deaimon • Detective Conan: Zero's Tea Time • Fanfare of Adolescence • In the Heart of Kunoichi Tsubaki • Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai?: Ultra Romantic gintama the final Kingdom Season 4 • Komi-san wa, Komyushou desu.

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Gintama is a show that mixes both stupid nonsense comedy and deadset seriousness, an gintama the final mix. This anime can confuse you a little since theres no overall storyline or goal, the majority of the show is random stupidly funny episodes with the occasion extremely serious arc here and there that can seriously move you and make you question whether 'is this the same gintama I'm watching here?

The character bonds in Gintama are of nothing I've ever seen before, in my opinion it makes Fairy Tail's character bonds look like nothing compared to Gintama. The emotional basis cannot be compared to anything once you've seen this season.

About 300 episodes into the show it actually starts to change, you could say 'it gains a storyline' or 'the anime is actually starting to begin'.

Gintama takes a serious turn in this season which changes the entire world in the show which starts to make you think 'this feels like its gonna be the last season' but when I look back I believe the show really is starting to begin. This anime is very good, and it becomes perfect after you've watch this season.

gintama the final

I honestly think this season is underanked even considering the fact its currently sitting on position 6 of all anime (7/4/2016). This anime is worth the watch and becomes truely amazing if you decide to stick it out until reaching around episode 300, The show has a slow start but I highly recommend it to you.

Sofa14 Jun 2, 2019 10 Firstly, along with Code Geass this is my favourite anime of all time, and i can gurantee by watching this, you will be crying with laughter like someone i know whenever they watch this (, due to the halarious facial expressions and adult humour. Some say that it only gets funny after 20-50 epiosdes in, baring in mind there is 365+, but i was bawling with laughter before this.

The first epiosdes are also important in introducing the vast cast of characters, and by comparing them from the beggining and end you can see the large character change/development. Im also guessing most of you think this is just a comedy show about samurai in Edo, which tbf 75% is, but the other 25% is the serious arcs, where the fighting displayed is better than half the fighting anime out there, and can become quite emotional and is nicely weaved between the comedy arcs.

On the other side you have comedy and fighting arcs mixed, for example (cant rember the name so going with) 'toilet arc' around epiosde 75 ish?. Anywho, this is also one of the anime where all the charcaters are likeable and have long running jokes attached to them. The three main, Gintoki, Kagura, and Shinpachi(Glasses), are also fantastic to see in action and never fail to make you laugh, If you do decide to watch it and the first 0-40 episodes dont intrigue you, trust me when i say it progressivly gets so much better.

Finally due to the nature of the show, if your not in the middle of a fighting arc, you can leave and come gintama the final to watch it anytime as every epiosde is basically seperate with the exception of some arcs. Enjoy the show if you do watch it, and i gurantee you will be hooked.

if not you have no sense of humour. jk jk, just means its not for you, netherless i reccomend to everyone to give it a try. ReviewBonfire Nov 22, 2021 7 Gintama° This is the "greatest" and "most important" Gintama season of them all. Not only because it contains 2 of the best arcs, but also 2 of the biggest developments and twists in this anime that completely overturn the plot.

And honestly, I respect the author for those 2 creative choices that made this season sweeter for me. Unfortunately, this season is also practically the end of Gintama. In the sense that the quality already starts to drop massively here and reaches its nadir in later seasons. Humor is the same goldmine as in all other seasons. This creative and insane mind that created the silliest scenes again holds countless laughs.

And as much as I love Gintama, it breaks my heart. The studio did their best and I'm glad to have seen this work animated at all. However, it doesn't change the fact gintama the final the pacing on the studio's part is disastrously slow and spongy. They are aware of this from time to time and try to use it as a "joke".

From the viewer's perspective, it is less funny and resembles torture. However, this wonderfully amusing phenomenon only occurs in the "serious" arcs.

Especially in the Shinigami arc, which was barely convincing half the time. And then the "Farewell Shinsengumi Arc". This one undoubtedly had a huge build-up and the result was worth seeing. Add to that one of the biggest twists as far as shounen villains go and the true identity of the mastermind behind it all is revealed. As nice as it sounds, the pacing almost froze half of the fight scenes.

The dialogue was lightheartedly repetitive, the characters just run around, and there's no progress at all. It gets especially annoying as soon as there is a "character death" which is almost cannibalized to 10 minutes, where are we?

In Naruto? No. Not only does the death scene itself last almost 5 gintama the final. No, then someone farts, then everyone calms down, then someone cries, everyone calms down.

And in between, we see 3 identical backgrounds. I like the drama and found the character Deaths relatively sad, especially since I liked them a lot. But this over-dramatization almost reaches a theatrical level here. [Story 6] There is an enormous amount of development in the Gintama world, completely changing Edo bit by bit (excluding comedy episodes) You can also see what a clear impact the administration has on the entire planet. This becomes even clearer after the "person" behind everything is revealed, which was an impressive surprise for many viewers, including me.

Especially looking back that gintama the final author hinted at it several times but I ignored it. It's probably because you just don't expect such a twist in Gintama, which makes the shock factor greater. That being said, this season was the strongest in terms of "plot". Especially the "Assassination of the Shogun" arc revealed as many new aspects and as many new characters.

[Characters 6] The usual Gintama clowns are represented. In the comedy episodes, everyone shows their best side. And in the serious episodes, they gintama the final melodrama.

Especially the biggest representative of gintama the final Gintoki", he could almost replace Naruto in terms of "Talk no Jutsu". Only with the exception that Gintoki first breaks a few bones of his opponent after and before his talk, so I can still accept it somehow. Honestly, I like Gintoki much more in the comedy episodes.

The rest remained about the same. Shinpachi is still glasses, Kagura is still the best shounen female character, Zura is still active with his best character gag, as well as the man among men, Hasegawa. The new characters already met in the previous season, from the new military unit Mimawarigumi are also quite amusing with their special character traits. Isaburo in particular left a positive impression with his fluctuating personality between "executioner of politics" and "the guy you want to trade emails with".

His greedy partner was also an interesting substitute for Kagura. [Music 8] Some of the best ostsintros and outros still. Gintama impressively surprises in this area. [Animation 6] Fluctuating as always, this is the last good animated season though (aside from the slip arc), everything after that loses even more budget.

I at least liked that the fights still had some intensity, making you feel the force of the fight. Conclusion Gintama has conquered gintama the final hearts of many and I love this series. This season was the highlight of Gintama On the part of the "Real Story". Since everything has been said, I can't add anything more. Another good season of Gintama. [Enjoyment 10]
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Edit Synopsis Gintoki, Shinpachi, and Kagura return as the fun-loving but broke members of the Yorozuya team! Living in an alternate-reality Edo, where swords are prohibited and alien overlords have conquered Japan, they try to thrive on doing whatever work they can get gintama the final hands on. However, Shinpachi and Kagura still haven't been paid. Does Gin-chan really spend all that cash playing pachinko?

Meanwhile, when Gintoki drunkenly staggers home one night, an alien spaceship crashes nearby. A fatally injured crew member emerges from the ship and gives Gintoki a strange, clock-shaped device, warning him that it is gintama the final powerful and must be safeguarded. Mistaking it for his alarm clock, Gintoki proceeds to smash the device the next morning and suddenly discovers that the world outside his apartment has come to a standstill. With Kagura and Shinpachi at his side, he sets off to get the device fixed; though, as usual, nothing is ever that simple for the Yorozuya team.

Filled with tongue-in-cheek humor and moments of heartfelt emotion, Gintama's fourth season finds Gintoki and his friends facing both their most hilarious misadventures and most dangerous crises yet. [Written by MAL Rewrite] Overall 10 Story 10 Animation 9 Sound 10 Character 10 Enjoyment 10 Have you ever wanted to laugh gintama the final hard that it feels like you're dying? Well, then this season is no different from any of its predecessors.

The season dives straight into its main focus gintama the final is comedy and gives us all sorts of parodies and laughs that viewers can relate to other shows, which is what makes it so great. However, this season is not all laughs. As with this season, the show moves into some of the more serious arcs—a must see for any fan of Gintama. Besides starting out with heavy action, comedy is one of the best ways to make people continue watching a show.

To hook the viewers into the first few episodes is what the producers try to do each season. If you don’t start off with something funny in a show that is so well-known for its way of doing parodies and comedy, then there’s no way the viewers are going to continue watching. I mean, who doesn’t like a good ol’ DBZ parody to start itself off?

I know I do. If there’s one thing I didn’t like about how the season went is the skipping of some of the smaller arcs. Gintama has always been faithful at adapting all its arcs, but this season was quite different.

This may be due to pushing it for OVAs to sell, or maybe they just didn’t have the time slots available. That or something came up within the studio to make them adapt the bigger arcs earlier. With that, I guess we should talk about the highly anticipated arcs that a lot of people have been waiting for since the announcement of the season. Without trying to spoil, these arcs provide a lot to the watchers as to what’s happening to some of the most known groups/people in the Gintama franchise.

The first arc is the Shogun arc which obviously focuses on the Shogun himself but also his enemies. Compared to the other big arcs, I’d say this was a pretty good arc and rivaled some of the other ones from the past seasons. If you thought that was all for the gintama the final arcs, then think again!

Not only do we get one major roller coaster arc this season, but two. The other being the Shinsengumi arc which focuses on the Police force of Edo and two other “prominent” groups—the Joui rebels and the Mimawarigumi. Unlike the previous arc, this arc is more about emotion than it is about action.

While this arc does have action, I wouldn’t put it ahead of the arc before it in that sense. I still enjoyed this arc though because it shows us some backstory of some of the Shinsengumi, the Mimawarigumi, and even Gintoki. These two arcs go hand-in-hand as the former leads into the latter. Just what is in store for our beloved characters? Visually speaking, it has been up and down here and there.

Mostly a hit though. Like most shows, or at least ones that want to stand out in scenes, the visuals will go above and beyond then the usual to look when it needs to. The comedy arcs were also pretty good in terms of its animation, but there were times when the animation took a turn down and looked pretty bad.

Expect the animation budget to be really good during the action arcs, especially for the final two arcs. Thankfully it wasn’t bad when it needed to be so there’s nothing major I would note down. As for the soundtrack, it has been really good. The OST was done pretty well and matches the overall mood of what the scene is trying to portray to the viewer—whether its during comedy or action.

The OP/ED songs I have mixed feelings for because I’m mainly a fan of catchy songs, but they sounded good and is no different from past season. I’ve been mainly a fan of Gintama’s OP, but this season there was a few EDs I quite enjoyed more so than its OP counterpart, so props to the singers for that.

And just like that another season of Gintama ends. The waiting once again begins as per regular tradition.

If you haven’t enjoyed this season, then the season to come, which will most likely be the finale, is definitely not for you.

Gintama hasn’t changed one bit; it will continue being its same old self until it finally brings a closure to all the characters we love and find so hilarious. Overall 10 Story 10 Animation 9 Sound 10 Character 10 Enjoyment 10 Finally the season has ended and phew, what a journey it was. This season is the first one where I watched it as it aired.

I used to be one of those people who were pissed off because Gintama took too many spots on MAL's top anime page but never actually tried to understand why people liked it. I had always been hesitant to start because the premise didn't seem interesting at all but hey, it only took me 2 months to finish all the available episodes back in 2014 because once I started, I just can't stop. That's just how good this series is in its entirety.

Now to the review of this season! Art: 9/10 Well, Gintama had never been an anime with high budget so please don't expect ufotable's godlike level of animation. For a long-running anime though, I think Gintama has the better animation out there, and especially during the last arc, the animation was pretty top notch. The characters design and the setting has always been distinct (I've always been a fan of their portrayal of 'modern' Edo) and I always thought that Gintama has good art anyway so in this season it still deserves a high score.

Sound: 10/10 This is one of my personal favourite aspects of Gintama. I like how they could make a recurring theme to give off different feelings according to the scene they're accompanying. The new OSTs for this season are very good too, especially for the last two arcs (there is one theme song gintama the final a new character that I really like in this season, it gives me literal chill everytime I hear it haha).

Story: 10/10 This season started with a very controversial comedic episode which reminded us that Gintama won't ever be afraid to make jokes on pretty much everything. The episodes which followed are great too (the lottery one is still my fav though) and the comedic arcs in this season are among my favorites (soul switch arc, dekoboko arc, afro arc, feigned illness arc, confessional arc.).

They are very well written and always left us with an afterthought in a classic Gintama way. The serious arcs, particularly the last two, are among the best in the gintama the final series. The strength of the serious arcs in Gintama is that the pacing of the story is quite fast that our hype was always being kept at high. Also, as an anime-only watcher, a lot of the twist really caught me off-guard, and all I can say is despite some of the twists being typical shounen tropes, the way Gintama handled them are very tasteful.

I guess it's because Gintama isn't your typical shounen with teenagers as MCs, which bring us to its endearing characters. Characters : 10/10 The characters are the reason why I finished all the previous seasons in only two months. If you asked me when I started to love a particular character I would never be able to answer that; they were all slowly creeping on me.

Gintama's character are well-rounded. Nobody is perfect; in fact some of the characters are really gross that it may seemed impossible to love them at first, but given the time, they are all endearing in their own ways. I mean, I can sympathize with a gorilla stalker that sometimes walk gintama the final naked and a gross homeless old man who seemed to have no ambition in life. My other favourites includes the clumsy leader of a rebellious faction nicknamed "nobleman of fury" who keeps an alien (duck?) as a pet, an inhumanely strong little girl with a weird accent who always eats like there's no tomorrow, and a police officer who should have been arrested for exposing everyone with secondhand smoke and for ruining all the good foods in this world with his disgusting mayonnaise addiction.

The new characters this season are also memorable, but what hits me the most is the development of all the supporting characters. We've known them for 250+ episodes and we're very much already knew their personality traits.

However, Sorachi gradually exposed bits by bits of those characters so what I feel that watching Gintama is not about the characters growing, but me knowing them better. I don't know if this makes sense or not, but watching Gintama feels like knowing your friends better in life instead of rooting for a celebrity you've only seen on TVs.

So when they're hurt or something bad happened to them, the feels hit me as if something happened to someone I hold dear (okay this is getting out of hand because my inner otaku coming out but whatever).

So yeah, the supporting characters in Gintama are too good that they can probably lead their own series. That being said, the MC is by no means being overshadowed by them. Gintoki is deservedly the leader of the bunch, and this season just cemented the fact.

There are many instances where Gintoki shines as the best shounen MC I've ever seen, both because his persona and how he deals with his relationship with other characters. He handled all the cliche shounen tropes in a surprising manner that keeps me rooting for him (there's one moment in this season when it's shown that he's really emotionally strong and mature and that was something I rarely saw in shounen jump's heroes).

Gintoki though, has always been a contradiction; he had always been annoyingly talkative but actually he rarely said anything important, he gintama the final seemed greedy but when we think about it, he is actually very selfless.

In this season, I feel that Gintoki had opened up and showing his true self more (he's talking about his past more, and he's also openly expressing his wishes). All in all, his relationship with all the characters, especially with his Yorozuya family and the Shinsengumi, is the highlight for me in this season.

Enjoyment: 10/10 Hell yeah the fast pacing keeps the enjoyment and the hype real and high. If you still don't get it from my ramblings above I really enjoy this season. Wednesday had been the day I waited the most for these past year (even more than the weekends!) Oh, and the seiyuus is another highlight (especially Sugita and Nakai!) because without them masterfully voicing these weird characters, it won't feel the same.

I believe I will listen if Gintama was made into radio series, their voices are already the heart of Gintama. Overall: 10/10 Watching Gintama actually makes me very picky in watching other anime. It has a complete package that is hard to beat; I bet you it's not easy to make a series where you can laugh a little in between tears because they decided to put a slight comedy in an otherwise very emotional scene.

Or makes you laugh like a madman because sometimes it's too funny that you need to stop watching to collect yourself first. And this season just has that perfect mix of comedy and action (and drama gintama the final that I cemented it as one of the best series ever made. Overall 8 Story 5 Animation 8 Sound 8 Character 7 Enjoyment 7 EDIT: This was a review written for April Fools.

I wish to thank everyone for brightening my day with all the positive feedback and reactions, it really shows that Gintama has taught us to enjoy a good laugh.

gintama the final

The review will stay as is, since my opinions can still be found in it, just written in gintama the final backwards kinda way. ~ Ladies and gentlemen, feast your eyes upon the most overhyped anime of all time! Watch as our main protagonist uses his wooden sword of sentimentality, cutting into the bleeding hearts of all you emotional thinkers, corrupting your rotten brains with the stench of intellectual destitution! In this particular season of Gintama, the author’s masterplan finally takes shape.

Every episode of comedy filler, every laugh, and every smile it has pulled from your innocent lips, it was all a ploy to steal your souls. He can now freely attach your emotions to these characters of absurd fiction. With emotional manipulation the anime makes you care for a bunch of clowns, and then takes a darker turn as you become complacent. With superior animation it uses thrilling action-scenes and atmospheric direction, blinding you with pretty colors. The show’s visuals are fast-food for the soul, delicious upon tasting it, but ultimately detrimental to your IQ, making you more creative and in touch with your emotions rather than with your cold and logical side.

Allow me to wreak havoc on your lowly opinions, by pointing out Gintama’s greatest flaw of all, the horrendous writing and characters. The show has a tendency to make characters relatable and fascinating, only to retcon gintama the final so that you can retain those emotional connections, while the story just goes wherever it wants. It is one thing to play with expectations, but another to betray them by doing plot-twists that don’t live up to my personal golden standard.

Some characters will receive tragic backstories, only for it to be revealed that none of it mattered, because some current event undid it all or it was all a lie to begin with. Worst of all, on several occasions we see death-flags get raised, only to be ignored in the name of dramatic convenience, just so the few who DO die have more impactful farewells. I would call the author spineless, but that’d be an insult to invertebrates.

I would ask you all to make a drinking-game out of every time you notice plot-armor at play, or a character making an inspirational speech. When you all die of alcohol-poisoning I'll be left in a more agreeable world, one where only I rule over the anime-hegemony.

To summarize, Gintama has reached a level of worship among anime-fans like no other. To think that the social nature of gintama the final would override their ability to think logically, it makes me want to give up on everything.

Oh and happy April Fools. This show is awesome. Overall 9 Story 8 Animation 8 Sound 9 Character 9 Enjoyment 10 When it comes to sequels, It is gintama the final unclear whether it will live up to the quality of its previous installments, and in the case of the fourth season of Gintama fans can be assured: it maintains its defining traits.

There continues to be a great variety in the comedy offered, as well as its share of arguably one of the best consequent "serious" arcs in the entire series so far, expanding greatly upon the setting itself, as well as its cast of characters.

However, it must be mentioned that it comes with a slight controversy amongst the fans, the main concern being the inevitable conclusion the series is heading to, and with that, loosing in the process some of its main charm, the comedy, which mainly affects the last third of the season. Regardless of said matter, Gintama delivers in all of its main aspects in a very satisfying manner, where viewers can observe the culmination of the author's experience in the different aspects the anime has to offer.

~Story~ The story of the show follows a similar structure to its previous seasons, following the daily, both chaotic and amusing, lives of the beloved trio of the Yorozuya: Kagura, Shimura Shinpachi and of course Sakata Gintoki. The series is known for its great variety in comedy incorporating different genres from both the East and West, in addition to providing great referential comedy to the variety of different anime to its advantage - Kuroko no Basuke or Saint Seiya anyone?

These are often well executed, albeit being in some cases too repetitive. Naturally, it is not all referential comedy: it has its share of situational comedy, or just simple daily issues taken into a comedic stance: hiding pornmags, or even a marriage encounter. In various instances it also provides some social critique; what is more, this time around it is more universally centered, making it much more accessible to audiences unaware of japanese culture.

Examples such as paranoia over a lottery ticket, greedy shopkeepers, corruption amongst civil employers, you name it. Naturally it has its share comedic sketches mainly catered to the japanese viewers, which are arguably hilarious as well.

Not to mention the premise of some of the mini arcs presented: the hilarious gender bender arc and of course, the beloved Shogun gags - which once again are arguably of the best sketches of the entire series. However, this time around it is impossible not to mention the story oriented arcs in the season: these are a magnificent portrayal of the author's acquired experience over the years, expanding upon the Amanto and the mysterious Tendoshu that rule over Edo.

Its gintama the final arcs were often criticized for being a bit random and too over the top, yet this time this is not the case. Furthermore, the foreshadowing that was done in the previous seasons become very apparent and explained, in addition to providing a very satisfying flow of events: fast-paced when required, yet balanced and thoughtful when necessary to emphasize on the atmosphere and gravity of the various situations.

It ultimately works itself towards a great finale - or rather, another buildup, but to this later - with fantastic action across the board, with a minimal amount of "asspulls" action shōnen are well-known for. The battles are tense, the stakes are high, and it is in fact brutal as it can be: people die left and right, betrayal and disbelief are just some attributes that could be associated to it. ~Characters~ The cast of characters in Gintama remain largely unchanged, with some exceptions, yet this was to be expected, as the series is building itself towards its inevitable finale.

Instead, the anime expands on its characters by developing them, as well as further fleshing them out in a satisfying manner. Audiences are presented with the expansion upon Gintoki's past, and with that, his other comrades as well as his master - a wonderful and satisfying display to the character's personality, and of gintama the final the story as well. Not only that, it becomes apparent that all the story oriented arcs are in fact used as means to develop and flesh out various characters which initially remained clouded in mystery from the previous seasons: be it Sasaki Isaburou, the gintama the final of the Shinsengumi and its integrants, or even the shogun himself.

Naturally, for the more comedic episodes gintama the final are presented gintama the final the homeless Hasegawa Taizou, a great representation of society itself, meaning the hardships or the apathetic attitude towards life.

He is arguably one of the greatest characters in the series, alongside the noble and resourceful Katsura Kotarou.

Besides his outdated sense of humour and his fantastic personality, It is truly curious to see his evolution as a character throughout the series from being a radical terrorist to a more pacificist person in the quest to change Edo without causing unnecessary deaths. There is a downside to its cast though: for example, Shimura Tae remains pretty much the same throughout the entire series as a forceful woman, who can instantly change to a damsel in distress whenever the plot required it; in addition, the gags surrounding her persona remained the same, and ultimately got annoying.

As for the character interactions and relations, these are often very well handled because of the nature of the anime and the characters themselves that has been developed throughout its duration. This is however not always the case, as in some instances these were rather abruptly presented to the viewer, which in turn caused the whole scenario to feel unnatural.

Some of the characters actions occasionally conflict with their own ideals and personality as well, but as a whole, it could be said that it was satisfying. Now there are some issues to be held with the background gintama the final some of the characters: these follow the same formulaic approach which is usual in the series, which naturally may be bothersome for audiences. In some instances it could be said that the motives were either too predictable or convenient for story progression.

~Animation and sound~ The animation in Gintama was surprisingly consistent and well done considering the fact that it aired for a whole year. However, where it excelled was in its action scenes: the fights were incredibly dynamic and fast paced, accurate as well as fluid and detailed, never leaving any viewer bored throughout its entire duration.

This however has a cost to it, the backgrounds suffering in various instances from gintama the final quality character models, and the occasional still image that are displayed throughout the series. As for the art style itself, nothing new, it remains with the same standard as the previous seasons; character models are very simple as well, yet varied enough to easily distinguish its cast. What however stands out is the selection of soundtrack for the different scenes and atmospheres the anime was trying to portray: the usual tunes for the more relaxed and comedic moments, whereas for the serious moments the studio pulled out a great variety of soundtracks that matched wonderfully with the setting.

Metal songs, rock songs, gloomy sounds or the usage of percussion instruments which serve to inspire suspense and tension from the viewer, further enhancing the whole experience the show has to offer. Naturally, the voice gintama the final are of great importance as well, which retained their previous ones: Sugita Tomozaku as Gintoki, god-like voice of Wakamoto Norio or Tachiki Fumihiko as Hasegawa which greatly enhanced the characters personality, and with that, the comedy as well.

~Enjoyment~ The fourth season of Gintama was overall a fantastic experience which I personally doubted to be able to surpass that of its previous seasons, yet was pleasantly surprised. It managed to maintain its variety in jokes, the references and such, as well as displaying the one of the greatest subsequent story driven arcs with great characterization contained within.

This was all accompanied with a great usage of the soundtrack as well as the fantastic action scenes. It must be said that it did not reach the final conclusion, as the manga is still ongoing, and there were some chapters from the manga left out: this mainly affected the comedy parts.

This does not mean Gintama has no flaws: it does, and quite some in fact. There are some episodes that either were too repetitive on its theme to the point of being annoying, as well as the infamous episode where they literally turned into shit.

This was rather distasteful and off-putting for obvious reasons. Another problem that arises with the "serious" arcs are the integration of some of its characters: these are either at times useless/helpless for such situations, yet miraculously survive; or they're included just for the sake of it.

Other issue that fans may have with the series gintama the final the fact that due to its inevitable conclusion, the anime has gone past the point of no turning back. This in turn meant that the last third of the series had hardly any comedy in it, which may be an issue for some, as the comedy aspect is one of the main charms of Gintama.

All in all, despite the above mentioned problems, I still loved the series as a whole and consider it to be the best comedy anime I have watched so far; I have blurted out in laughter a great amount of times, which is the whole point of comedy.

It is very rare to find a series that can maintain this type of quality for over 300 episodes. For anyone who hasn't tried out the this sequel yet, I can highly recommend in checking it out, as it provides both great comedy and expansion upon the setting. Thank you for reading. • SKET Dance 3 Users • One Punch Man 2 Users • Grand Blue 2 Users • Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu 2 Users • Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan 2 Users • Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!

2 1 User • Drifters 1 User • Kokkoku 1 User • Noragami 1 User • JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 4: Diamond wa Kudakenai 1 User • Boku no Tonari ni Ankoku Hakaishin ga Imasu. 1 Gintama the final • Holo no Graffiti 1 User • Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou 1 User • Clannad: After Story 1 User • Heppoko Jikken Animation Excel♥Saga 1 User • Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch R2 1 User • One Piece 1 User • Steins;Gate 1 User • Trigun 1 User • Katekyo Hitman Reborn! 1 User • Gintama': Futon ni Haitte kara Buki Nokoshi ni Kizuite Neru ni Nerenai Toki mo Aru AutoRec • Gintama: Nanigoto mo Saiyo ga Kanjin nano de Tasho Senobisuru Kurai ga Choudoyoi AutoRec • Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch AutoRec • Gintama: Shinyaku Benizakura-hen AutoRec
Profile • Name: Kanna Hashimoto • Japanese: 橋本環奈 (はしもと かんな) • Born: February 3, 1999 • Birthplace: Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan • Height: • Blood Type: AB • Instagram: • Twitter: @H_KANNA_0203 Notes • Former member of J-pop group "Rev.

from DVL." Movies • Violence Action (2022) - Kei Kikuno • Karada Sagashi (2022) - Asuka Morisaki • Kingdom 2 (2022) - Karyouten • Lupin's Daughter - Lupin no Musume: Gekijoban (2021) - Mikumo Hojo • Kaguya-sama: Love Is War Final - Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Tensaitachi no Renai Zunosen Final (2021) - Kaguya Shinomiya • New Interpretation Records of the Three Kingdoms - Shinkaishaku Sangokushi (2020) - Lady Huang • From Today, It's My Turn!!

- Kyo kara Ore wa!!: Gekijoban (2020) - Kyoko Hayakawa • Yowamushi Pedal: Up The Road - Yowamushi Pedal (2020) - Miki Kanzaki • Our Story - Shousetsu no Kamisama: Kimi to Shika Egakenai Monogatari (2020) - Shiina Koyurugi • Signal 100 (2020) - Rena Kashimura • Kiss Me at the Stroke of Midnight - Gozen 0 ji, Kiss Shi ni Kite yo (2019) - Hinana Hanazawa • Kaguya-sama: Love Is War - Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Tensaitachi no Renai Zunosen (2019) - Kaguya Shinomiya • 12 Suicidal Teens - Jyuni Nin no Shinitai Kodomotachi (2019) - Ryoko • Kingdom (2019) - Karyouten • Gintama 2: Rules Are Made To Be Broken - Gintama 2: Okite wa Yaburu Tame ni soko Aru (2018) - Kagura • Psychic Kusuo - Saiki Kusuo no Sainan (2017) - Kokomi Teruhashi • Gintama (2017) - Kagura • Bring on the Melody!

- Haruchika (2017) - Chika Homura (Chika) • Assassination Classroom: Graduation - Ansatsu Kyoshitsu -Sotsugyou Hen- (2016) - Ritsu • Sailor Suit and Machine Gun: Graduation - Sera Fuku to Kikanju: Sotsugyo (2016) - Izumi Hoshi • Assassination Classroom - Ansatsu Kyoshitsu (2015) - Ritsu • I Wish - Kiseki (2011) Drama Series • Nemesis (NTV / 2021) - Tomomi Yotsuba • Influence (WOWOW / 2021) - Yuri Tozuka • Daughter of Lupin 2 - Rupan no Musume (Fuji TV / 2020) - Mikumo Hojo • From Today, It's My Turn!!

- Kyo kara Ore wa!! (NTV / 2018) - Kyoko Hayakawa • Final Cut (Fuji TV-KTV / 2018) - Wakaba Ogawara • MPD: Animal Unit - Keishicho Ikimono Gakari (Fuji TV / 2017) - Keiko Usuki • Water Gintama the final Yankees - Suikyu Yankisu (Fuji TV / 2014) - herself Comments Aerorabic Jun 21 2021 11:09 pm I Love Kanna Chan.

And all of her dramas! yeah, maybe some gintama the final dramas not have best plot, but now she have good dramas project. Like Influence and God of Novel. Hopefully in future, She will more shine and get award. :) And i wish she have one project RomCom drama with Yamaken or Oryo. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Soo Hyun Nov 22 2016 6:28 am Kanna-CHAN!!!! gintama the final are so cute!!! your nickname " beyond angelic beauty" is so perfect for you i really appreciated your beauty in water polo yankees!!!

i hope you really play the Kagura role perfectly since kagura is cute and cool at the same time! i hope you can pull that off!!

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Gintama jap.

銀魂 ( Gintama) Gatunek komedia, parodia, fantasy Manga Autor Hideaki Sorachi Wydawca Shūeisha Odbiorcy shōnen Drukowana w Shūkan Shōnen Jump Wydawana 2004 – 20 czerwca 2019 Liczba tomów 77 Telewizyjny serial anime Reżyser Shinji Takamatsu (odcinki 1–105) Yoichi Fujita (odcinki od 106) Studio Sunrise Stacja telewizyjna Animax, TV Tokyo Premierowa emisja 4 kwietnia 2006 – 7 października 2018 Liczba odcinków 367 Gintama ( jap.

銀魂 Gintama; dosł. „Srebrna dusza”) – manga Hideakiego Sorachiego oraz adaptacja telewizyjna na jej podstawie. Akcja rozgrywa się w „kraju samurajów” wzorowanym na Japonii z okresu Edo, dwadzieścia lat po przybyciu na Ziemię kosmitów, zwanych Gintama the final, którzy ustanowili na Ziemi protektorat oraz zakazali walki na miecze, przez co zdegradowali siłę i znaczenie samurajów. Głównym bohaterem jest Gintoki Sakata – samuraj, który pracuje jako najemnik wraz ze swoimi przyjaciółmi – Shinpachim Shimurą oraz Kagurą.

Spis treści • 1 Fabuła • 2 Bohaterowie • 2.1 Yorozuya (jap. 万事屋) • 2.2 Shinsengumi (jap. 真選組) • 2.3 Frakcja Jōi (jap. 攘夷派) • 2.4 Kiheitai (jap. 鬼兵隊) • 2.5 Rodzina Yagyū • 2.6 Mieszkańcy Kabuki • 2.7 Klan Yato • 2.8 Oniwaban • 2.9 Mimawarigumi (jap. 見廻組) • 2.10 Pozostali • 3 Manga • 4 Przypisy • 5 Zobacz też • 6 Linki zewnętrzne Fabuła [ edytuj - edytuj kod ] Akcja Gintamy ma miejsce w Edo.

Japonia była nazywana ziemią samurajów do czasu kiedy z kosmosu przybyli Amanto i wprowadzili na Ziemi cywilizację oraz zakazali używania mieczy. Samuraje stanowiący niegdyś potęgę Japonii podupadli na sile. Anime opowiada głównie o losach Gintokiego, który jest najemnikiem. Dołącza do niego Shinpachi po tym, jak Gintoki uratował jego siostrę. Trzecią osobą należącą do organizacji Gintokiego jest Kagura, która należy do najsilniejszego klanu w całej galaktyce – Yato.

Gintama posiada kompozycję epizodyczną, nie występuje tu ciągła fabuła. Każdy odcinek zawiera zazwyczaj całkowicie inny wątek, a odcinki są ze sobą bardzo luźno powiązane. Wyjątkiem są występujące od czasu do czasu dłuższe epizody rozłożone na kilka odcinków. Bohaterowie [ edytuj - edytuj kod ] Yorozuya ( jap. 万事屋) [ edytuj - edytuj kod ] • Gintoki Sakata ( jap.

坂田銀時 Sakata Gintoki) Seiyū: Tomokazu Sugita [1] • Shinpachi Shimura ( jap. 志村新八 Shimura Shinpachi) Seiyū: Daisuke Sakaguchi [1] • Kagura ( jap. 神楽) Seiyū: Rie Kugimiya [1] • Sadaharu ( jap. 定春) Seiyū: Mikako Takahashi [1] Shinsengumi ( jap. 真選組) [ edytuj - edytuj kod ] • Isao Kondō ( jap.

近藤勲 Kondō Isao) Seiyū: Susumu Chiba [2] • Toshirō Hijikata ( jap. 土方十四郎 Hijikata Toshirō) Seiyū: Kazuya Nakai [2] • Sōgo Okita ( jap. 沖田総悟 Okita Sōgo) Seiyū: Ken’ichi Suzumura [2] • Sagaru Yamazaki ( jap. 山崎 退 Yamazaki Sagaru) Seiyū: Tetsuharu Ōta [2] • Katakuriko Matsudaira ( jap. 松平片栗虎 Matsudaira Katakuriko) Seiyū: Norio Wakamoto [2] • Kamotarō Itō ( jap. 伊東鴨太郎 Itō Kamotarō) Seiyū: Mitsuaki Madono [2] Frakcja Jōi ( jap. 攘夷派) [ edytuj - edytuj kod ] • Kotarō Katsura ( jap.

桂小太郎 Katsura Kotarō) Seiyū: Akira Ishida [3] • Elizabeth ( jap. エリザベス) Seiyū: Losowy staruszek, który akurat był pod ręką (odcinek 15 i 58), staruszek robiący anime (odcinek 50) [3] Kiheitai ( jap. 鬼兵隊) [ edytuj - edytuj kod ] • Shinsuke Takasugi ( jap.

高杉晋助 Takasugi Shinsuke) Seiyū: Takehito Koyasu [4] • Bansai Kawakami ( jap. 河上万斉 Kawakami Bansai) Seiyū: Takumi Yamazaki [4] • Matako Kijima ( jap. 来島また子 Kijima Matako) Seiyū: Risa Hayamizu [4] • Henpeita Takechi ( jap. 武市変平太 Takechi Henpeita) Seiyū: Chafūrin [4] Rodzina Yagyū [ edytuj - edytuj kod ] • Kyūbei Yagyū ( jap. 柳生九兵衛 Yagyū Kyūbei) Seiyū: Fumiko Orikasa [5] • Ayumu Tōjō ( jap. 東城歩 Tōjō Ayumu) Seiyū: Kōji Yusa [5] • Binbokusai Yagyū ( jap.

柳生敏木斎 Yagyū Binbokusai) Seiyū: Naoki Tatsuta [5] • Itsuki Kitaōji ( jap. 北大路斎 Kitaōji Itsuki) Seiyū: Kenji Hamada [5] • Tsukamu Nishino ( jap. 西野掴 Nishino Tsukamu) Seiyū: Yoshinori Sonobe [5] • Sui Minamito ( jap. 南戸粋 Minamito Sui) Seiyū: Hikaru Midorikawa [5] Mieszkańcy Kabuki [ edytuj - edytuj kod ] • Tae Shimura ( jap.

志村妙 Shimura Tae) Seiyū: Satsuki Yukino [6] • Otose ( jap. お登勢) Seiyū: Kujira [6] • Catherine ( jap. キャサリン Kyasarin) Seiyū: Yū Sugimoto [6] • Taizō Hasegawa ( jap.

長谷川泰三 Hasegawa Taizō) Seiyū: Fumihiko Tachiki [6] Klan Yato [ edytuj - edytuj kod ] • Kamui ( jap. 神威) Seiyū: Satoshi Hino [7] • Abuto ( jap. 阿伏兎) Seiyū: Hōchū Ōtsuka [7] Oniwaban [ edytuj - edytuj kod ] • Zenzō Hattori ( jap.

服部全蔵 Hattori Zenzō) Seiyū: Keiji Fujiwara [8] • Ayame Sarutobi ( jap. 猿飛あやめ Sarutobi Ayame) Seiyū: Yū Kobayashi [8] Mimawarigumi ( jap. 見廻組) [ edytuj - edytuj kod ] • Isaburō Sasaki ( jap. 佐々木異三郎 Sasaki Isaburō) Seiyū: Toshiyuki Morikawa [9] • Nobume Imai ( jap.

今井信女 Imai Nobume) Seiyū: Aya Hirano [9] Pozostali [ edytuj - edytuj kod ] • Shige Shige Tokugawa ( jap. 徳川茂茂 Tokugawa Shige Shige) Seiyū: Yūki Ono [10] • Shōyō Yoshida ( jap. 吉田松陽 Yoshida Shōyō) Seiyū: Kōichi Yamadera [10] • Tsukuyo ( jap. 月詠) Seiyū: Yūko Kaida [10] • Tatsuma Sakamoto ( jap. 坂本辰馬 Sakamoto Tatsuma) Seiyū: Shin’ichirō Miki [10] • Książę Hata ( gintama the final.

ハタ皇子 Hata-ōji) Seiyū: Kōichi Sakaguchi [10] • Tsū Terakado ( jap. 寺門通 Terakado Tsū) Seiyū: Mikako Takahashi [10] • Gengai Hiraga ( jap. 平賀源外 Hiraga Gengai) Seiyū: Takeshi Aono [10] Manga [ edytuj - edytuj kod ] W 76.

tomie wydawnictwo Shūeisha potwierdziło, że manga zamknie gintama the final w 77 tomach [11]. Kolejne rozdziały ukazywały się w czasopiśmie „Shūkan Shōnen Jump” wydawnictwa Shūeisha aż do 42. numeru wydanego 15 września 2018 roku [12]. Następnie wydawanie zostało przeniesione do magazynu „Jump Giga”, gdzie ukazały się trzy rozdziały (w numerach wydanych od 28 grudnia 2018 do lutego 2019) [12].

Potem wydawanie przeniesione zostało do darmowej aplikacji; ostatni rozdział mangi ukazał się tam 20 czerwca 2019 [12]. Przypisy [ edytuj - edytuj kod ] • ↑ a b c d 万事屋 ( jap.). [dostęp 2021-06-04]. • ↑ a b c d e f 真選組 ( jap.). [dostęp 2021-06-04]. • gintama the final a b 攘夷派 ( jap.). [dostęp 2021-06-04]. • ↑ a b c d 鬼兵隊 ( jap.). [dostęp 2021-06-04].

• ↑ a b c d e f 柳生一門 ( jap.). [dostęp 2021-06-04]. • ↑ a b c d かぶき町の住人 ( jap.).

[dostęp 2021-06-04]. • ↑ a b 夜兎族 ( jap.). [dostęp 2021-06-04]. • ↑ a b 御庭番衆 ( jap.). [dostęp 2021-06-04]. • ↑ a b 見廻組 ( jap.). [dostęp 2021-06-04]. • ↑ a b c d e f g その他 ( jap.). [dostęp 2021-06-04]. • ↑ Shueisha Confirms Gintama Manga Will End in 77th Volume ( ang.).

gintama the final, 2019-01-05. [dostęp 2021-06-04]. • ↑ a b c Gintama Manga's 'Final' Chapter Will Launch on June 20 (Updated) ( ang.)., 2019-05-27. [dostęp 2021-06-04]. Zobacz też [ edytuj - edytuj kod ] • Shinsengumi Linki zewnętrzne [ edytuj - edytuj kod ] • Recenzja anime Gintama na stronie • Oficjalna strona manga Gintama ( jap.) • Oficjalna strona serialu Gintama TV Tokyo ( jap.) • Oficjalna gintama the final serialu Gintama ( jap.) • Gintama manga w bazie Anime News Network ( ang.) • Gintama anime w bazie Anime News Network ( ang.) • Gintama w bazie IMDb ( ang.) • Gintama w bazie filmweb ( pol.) • العربية • Asturianu • Azərbaycanca • Bân-lâm-gú • Català • Čeština • Deutsch • English • Español • Esperanto • فارسی • Français • 客家語/Hak-kâ-ngî • 한국어 • Հայերեն • Hrvatski • Bahasa Indonesia • Italiano • Lietuvių • Bahasa Melayu • 日本語 • Português • Русский • کوردی • Српски / srpski • Suomi • Tagalog • ไทย • Türkçe • Tiếng Việt • 文言 • 粵語 • 中文 Edytuj linki • Tę stronę ostatnio edytowano 24 mar 2022, 15:41.

• Tekst udostępniany na licencji Creative Commons: uznanie autorstwa, na tych samych warunkach, z możliwością obowiązywania dodatkowych ograniczeń. Zobacz szczegółowe informacje o warunkach gintama the final.

• Polityka prywatności • O Wikipedii • Korzystasz z Wikipedii tylko na własną odpowiedzialność • Wersja mobilna • Dla deweloperów • Statystyki • Komunikat na temat ciasteczek • •Running time 110 minutes Country Japan Language Japanese Box office ¥1.7 billion (Japan) [1] Gintama: The Movie: The Final Chapter: Be Forever Yorozuya ( 劇場版 銀魂 完結篇 万事屋よ永遠なれ, Gekijōban Gintama Kanketsu-hen: Yorozuya yo Eien Nare) is a 2013 Japanese animated film produced by Sunrise based on the Gintama manga and anime series.

It was directed by the director from gintama the final anime series Yoichi Fujita and based on a story by Hideaki Sorachi, Gin Tama 's original author. [2] It stars Tomokazu Sugita, Daisuke Sakaguchi, Rie Kugimiya among others. The film focuses on the freelancer samurai Gintoki Sakata in a time travelling story where he encounters older personas of the people he met in Edo. The Final Chapter was first announced August 2012 although major details were not released until early 2013.

Although the film has been marketed as "Final Chapter" Sorachi and Fujita did not confirm it was the last gintama the final production from Gin Tama; the former wrote the story with the concept of the series' ending. Two themes were provided by the bands SPYAIR and Tommy heavenly6, with latter's song having already been used in the television series.

Contents • 1 Plot • 2 Cast • 3 Production • 3.1 Music • 3.2 Changes • 4 Release • 4.1 Box office and sales • 5 References • 6 External links Plot [ edit ] While working gintama the final a cinema, Gintoki comes upon a "movie thief" (a figure in Japanese culture often depicted as a man with a video camera as a head, stand in as someone who illegally film in cinemas). After scolding the movie thief for his actions, he finds himself warped into another world via the camera lens.

In this world, 5 years have passed, and not only has the land of Edo changed into an apocalyptic wasteland, but it is stated Gintoki has died. The movie thief, or Time Thief the time machine, explains mankind is close to extinction, and gives Gintoki an item to disguise himself. After the Time Thief is damaged by criminals, Gintoki encounters his freelancer comrades: Shinpachi Shimura, who has turned into a cool samurai with no trace of tsukkomi, and Kagura, who has changed into a beautiful woman with no Chinese speech pattern.

The future's Gintoki is assumed to have died as a result of the "White Curse." Kagura and Shinpachi have been trying to deal with their leader's disappearance and Gintoki, disguised thanks to the Time Thief, tries to help them overcome their sadness. Gintoki, Kagura and Shinpachi go to the execution of the Shinsengumi leader Isao Kondo, Joi terrorist Kotaro Katsura and mechanic Gengai Hiraga.

Kondo and Katsura gintama the final saved by their underlings Sogo Okita, Toshiro Hijikata and Elizabeth who have joined forces to form a new group opposing the bakufu while Gengai is revealed to be an imposter. Interacting with the new group Gintoki learns the White Curse was started by a group of sorcerers known as Enmi ( 厭魅) who Gintoki's Joi faction fought in a previous war.

gintama the final

Gintoki was infected with a virus which had undergone an incubation period and the future's Gintoki disappeared while fighting it. One victim of the White Curse is Shinpachi's sister, Tae, who is close to her death. In order to cure her, Gintoki's friends go to search for the Emmi.

Gintoki finds and kills the Emmi who is revealed to be the future's Gintoki who set this series of events off to be killed by his past self. Despite the death of the future Gintoki, the White Curse does not stop. Gintoki used the repaired Time Thief to go back to the past and kill his past self from the war, the White Demon, before the virus goes into incubation. However, the White Demon is actually Taizo Hasegawa in disguise.

It is revealed that Tama is the Time Thief who was used by the people from the future to stop Gintoki from erasing his existence and help him defeat the Emmi before the curse starts.

Together with his friends and the last generation of the old Jouishi (Katsura, Takasugi, Sakamoto, and the white demon otherwise known as the Gintoki from the past) fight against the Emmi.

Finally, Gintoki and the white demon defeat the Emmi, stopping them from starting the curse. Gintoki reunites with the Yorozuya and then him and his friends return to their own timeline, all promising to meet again. The ending scene consists of the original members of the Jōi watching from a cliff.

At the end of the story, after the credits end, it shows that Gintama the final, Shinpachi, and Kagura meeting together even after the past gintama the final changed. Cast [ edit ] Daisuke Sakaguchi (left) and Rie Kugimiya expressed difficulties with their alternative incarnations of Shinpachi and Kagura, respectively. The cast from the TV series returned to voice the characters with: • Tomokazu Sugita as Gintoki Sakata.

A freelancer samurai travelling across time to find the source of the virus. Gintama the final expressed satisfaction with the script. [3] • Daisuke Sakaguchi as Shinpachi Shimura. Gintoki's apprentice of samurai who has grown into a skilled warrior in the future. Sakaguchi found it felt like the story fitted the series. Due to Shinpachi's portrayal as a stronger character, Sakaguchi commented it was difficult voicing him for the movie.

[3] • Rie Kugimiya as Kagura. A young girl gintama the final grew into a quite skilled fighter in the future. Kugimiya shared similar feelings about her work as the older Kagura based on her calm dialogue despite sharing several traits from her common persona.

[3] • Mikako Takahashi as Sadaharu / Otsuu-chan • Susumu Chiba as Isao Kondo • Kazuya Nakai as Toshiro Hijikata • Kenichi Suzumura as Sogo Okita • Tetsuharu Ōta as Sagaru Yamazaki • Akira Ishida as Kotaro Katsura • Satsuki Yukino as Tae Shimura • Fumiko Orikasa as Kyubei Yagyu • Yū Kobayashi as Ayame "Sacchan" Sarutobi • Yūko Kaida as Tsukuyo • Kujira as Otose • Omi Minami as Tama • Yū Sugimoto as Catherine • Fumihiko Tachiki as Taizo Hasegawa • Bin Shimada as Gengai Hiraga • Kōji Yusa as Ayumu Tojo • Kōichi Sakaguchi as Musashi-Like Man • Takehito Koyasu as Shinsuke Takasugi • Shinichirō Miki as Tatsuma Sakamoto • Akira Kamiya as Future Elizabeth • Tsutomu Isobe as Emmi • Kōichi Yamadera as Time Bandit Production [ edit ] The movie was announced in August 2012 in Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine where the manga was published.

The gintama the final came alongside the confirmation the story was being written by Hideaki Sorachi. [4] The television series used to show part of its logo until revealing the full title during March 2013. [5] [6] Although it was titled "Final Chapter", Sorachi said the manga series was not ending and he believed it could refer to the film being Sunrise's last production based on the series.

Having been told by Sunrise about the film's title and material, Sorachi wrote a story that could be considered the end of the series. [7] Additionally, director Yoichi Fujita commented they would make a continuation if it became a hit.

[8] Music [ edit ] The film uses two musical themes: the gintama the final theme "Genjō Destruction" ( 現状ディストラクション, lit. "Present state Destruction") by SPYAIR and the ending theme "Pray" by Tommy heavenly6. While "Pray" was previously used as the series' first opening theme, "Genjō Destruction" was composed for this movie and its single was released on July 3, 2013. [9] SPYAIR had previously contributed with two other themes for the TV series.

SPYAIR read the script of the movie and later had a talk with Gintama the final in order to get an idea for "Genjō Destruction." They learned the theme was going to be used in a fight scene and thus worked to compose a high quality song in order to make it match with the movie.

[9] A twenty-three theme CD soundtrack was released on July 3, 2013 by Aniplex. [10] Changes [ edit ] The Anime Book for the 2nd Gintama movie had a bonus part where it showed off the storyboards of the original version of movie 2 where there were 3 additional scenes that were cut from the final version.

These scenes include: all the future versions of the Gintama characters, with the exception of Gintoki, Tae, and the ones who don't feature in the film having dialog. A conversation with Gintoki and Gengai after Gintoki met his future self, and the most important one, a cut scene that would have explained how the memories of Gintoki came back to the others, with Tama, having saved pictures of Gintoki and using gintama the final to show everyone around giving them back the memories of Gintoki.

Additionally, there were two further changes made, a different version of the opening and a different version of how Gintoki and Future Gintoki talk would have gone down. [11] Release [ edit ] In December 2012 at Jump Festa the cast from the Gintama anime series commented they were not sure when the film was going to be released due to delays from the script.

[12] The delay to Summer 2013 was confirmed in January 2013 in an episode from the TV series. [13] An anime event titled "Soul of Silver" was made to promote the movie in Osaka.

The DVD featuring videos and interviews from event was released on October 23, 2013. [14] A novelization of the film by Ohsaki Tomohito was released by Shueisha on July 8, 2013. [15] The film premiered in theaters on July 6, 2013.

[16] A preopening was made at Ryogoku Kokugikan on June 29, 2013 with a fan event featuring appearances by the voice actors from the series. [17] Movie goers can buy special flavored popcorn representing the characters of Gintoki Sakata, Kagura and Toshiro Hijikata. [18] Additionally, all of them are given notepads with "Volume 0-style" cover made by Hideaki Sorachi.

gintama the final

{INSERTKEYS} [19] Box office and sales [ edit ] The movie debuted in the Japanese box office fourth earning ¥281,776,256 (US$2,821,707) on 127 screens. [20] Oricon reported in August 2013 that it sold over one million tickets surpassing the ticket sales from the previous Gin Tama film. [21] By the end of 2013, the film grossed ¥1.7 billion ( $17.42 million) at the Japanese box office. [1] It was released in DVD and Blu-ray format on December 18, 2013 by Aniplex.

The two are available in both regular and limited editions, the latter including a bonus extra CD. [22] A week after its release, the Blu-ray sold 38,783 units in Japan, [23] while in mid-January 2014 it reached a total of 44,778 units sold. [24] References [ edit ] • ^ a b "2013".

Eiren. Japan Motion Picture Producers Association . {/INSERTKEYS}

gintama the final

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gintama the final

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gintama the final

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• ^ "Japan's Animation Blu-ray Ranking, December 16–22". Anime News Network.

gintama the final

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Edit Synopsis Two years have passed following the Tendoshuu's invasion of the O-Edo Central Terminal.

Since then, the Yorozuya have gone their separate ways. Foreseeing Utsuro's return, Gintoki Sakata begins surveying Earth's ley lines for traces of the other man's Altana. After an encounter with the remnants of the Tendoshuu—who continue to press on in search of immortality—Gintoki returns to Edo. Later, the regrouped Shinsengumi and Yorozuya begin an attack on the occupied Central Terminal. With the Altana harvested by the wreckage of the Tendoshuu's ship in danger of detonating, the Yorozuya and their allies fight their enemies while the safety of Edo—and the rest of the world—hangs in the balance.

Fulfilling the wishes of their teacher, Shouyou Yoshida's former students unite and relive their pasts one final time in an attempt to save their futures.

[Written by MAL Rewrite] Overall 10 Story 10 Animation 10 Sound 10 Character 10 Enjoyment 10 Its finally over. The story that I learned so many things from, the story which had a deep impression in my soul, my very silver soul. It was the best farewell imaginable. The art was top notch as it was shown in the trailers. The story was heartbreaking yet heartwarming at the same time. I don't think there will be another anime which engages me more than Gintama for the rest of my life.

The characters of Gintama always seemed real to me more than any other anime. I laughed with them, I cried with them. like Gintoki, my soul has been colored by every one of them. They left a very deep impression on me and I truly hold them dear not only in gintama the final heart but from the bottom of my soul. The sound and themes were awesome specially Wadachi as it somehow resonates with the whole story. To those who want to watch Gintama: start it right now. it is a slow burner but I am sure you won't regret it as you progress forward, seeing this beautiful yet cruel story.

To think that it's over really brings tear to my eyes. It showed me desires, bonds and aspirations that I thought could never be shared through an anime. Thank you Hideaki Sorachi for creating some of my most precious memories Thank you for showing me what is the purest color of a person's soul I am grateful to you for the rest of my life.

Overall 2 Story 0 Animation 0 Sound 0 Character 0 Enjoyment 0 Ah, Gintama, you used to be great a long time ago, what happened? "The Final" epitomizes the fall from grace of an anime that started losing steam along with its self-awareness.

I'll go straight to the point: My main concern about this movie (which also applies to the second half of Gintama as a whole) is that it deviates from what made it actually gintama the final on first place. Making fun of most anime tropes through witty parodies and non-stop references?

Nah, let's became one of the things we used to laugh at (a standard, uninteresting battle shounen) instead. How ironic. As such, "The Final" ends up carrying the flaws that marked the second half of the story: an overly ambitious, yet very generic plot filled with some of the most cheesy dialogue i've ever heard. Jesus, a good chunk of these one-liners made me physically cringe.

It was a faithful adaptation, that's for sure; but when the only thing that's left is a half-baked mess, there's not too much to do. A comedy show like this could've managed to provide a way better closure with a more simple ending, without relying on most of the common places that were constantly mocked during its earlier seasons. They should have tried to tie up some of the remaining plotholes on a less pompous manner. You know, some short but probably better written arc on the vein of Yoshiwara and Benizakura.

Yeah, those were the good ol' days. But it seems like Sorachi got a bit too ambitious and things went out of hand. And i don't usually complain about production values, but i'd be lying if i said it wasn't lackluster in that aspect. The animation looks ugly, cheap and clunky.

The close-ups and transitions made me felt like i was watching some kind of cheap soap opera. In retrospective, it made me appreciate a bit more these episodes which consted of a single frame with a lot of dialogue: at least that was more creative, entertaining and true to itself than whatever they were trying to pull off with this movie. Gintama was an anime on which i invested a considerable amount of time, and has been with me since the last year of highschool.

It easily became one of my favorite series back then. The only thing that's left to say is that i'm disappointed with how it ended up being a unremarkable, washed out battle shounen. Overall 10 Story 9 Animation 8 Sound 10 Character 10 Enjoyment 10 This movie has everything that makes a classic Gintama: parody, toilet humor, drama, sword action, tears and blood, top notch DOES song, self deprecating humor and jokes that piss off Japan’s PTA.

It managed to utilize such a large ensemble of characters incredibly well, although some had only time for a cameo. We laughed and we cried and we laughed again. (I’ve only ever gintama the final the audience laugh this loud in the previous Gintama movie!) The animation was beautiful, although you could tell where they saved on the budget as it wasn’t always so even, but it has a very unique touch to it when the budget is on.

This movie has heart, and more importantly it has SOUL. And IF they don’t troll us again and it’s really the final Gintama, it’s an awe and some way to leave. Overall 9 Story 9 Animation 8 Gintama the final 8 Character 9 Enjoyment 9 Story 9 It was a great blend of drama and comedy as always. I would say that the parody scenes of a particular anime at the beginning was fucking epic and hilarious.

Those madlads gintama the final the studio pulled it off. Anyways, it was a great conclusion to the anime. I am really happy I was able to see it in the theaters. For the manga readers who know the conclusion of the story, there are bonus scenes that don’t exist in the manga. You should check them out. Art 8 The art quality was great and it might have been the best it ever was throughout the series.

There are news that the manga author Sorachi himself drew some of the key animations. Sadly I wasn’t able to tell which ones they were. But I have to say the animation was fluid and beautiful for every gintama the final. Sound 8 The soundtrack was great. In one scene, the music was loud and had too much noise but I guess maybe it could’ve been because of where I was sitting in the theater.

Except the new songs from Spyair and DOES, most of the songs were the traditional soundtracks you have probably heard before. Bonus When you go see the movie, you can get one of the character drawings of Demon Slayer drawn by Sorachi.

I got the Shinobu one, and it was pretty cool. For the lucky Gintama fans living in Japan, if you haven’t received one yet, go get them now! • Shingeki no Kyojin: The Final Season AutoRec • Natsume Yuujinchou: Ishi Okoshi to Ayashiki Raihousha AutoRec • Hataraku Saibou!! AutoRec • Natsume Yuujinchou Movie: Utsusemi ni Musubu AutoRec • Hajime no Ippo AutoRec • Hajime no Ippo: Rising AutoRec • Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu 2nd Season Part 2 AutoRec • Violet Evergarden Movie AutoRec • Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Movie 2: Lagann-hen AutoRec • Made in Abyss Movie 2: Hourou Suru Tasogare AutoRec • Jujutsu Kaisen (TV) AutoRec • Kizumonogatari II: Nekketsu-hen AutoRec • Seitokai Yakuindomo Movie 2 AutoRec • Vinland Saga Season 2 AutoRec • Shiguang Dailiren AutoRec • Josee to Tora to Sakana-tachi AutoRec • AutoRec • Gintama Movie 2: Kanketsu-hen - Yorozuya yo Eien Nare AutoRec • AutoRec • Mushishi Zoku Shou: Suzu no Shizuku AutoRec • Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan 2 AutoRec • World Trigger 2nd Season AutoRec • Yinhun x He Wei Dao AutoRec • Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu: Sukeroku Futatabi-hen AutoRec • AutoRec • 3-gatsu no Lion 2nd Season AutoRec • Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan - Tsuioku-hen AutoRec • Seishun Buta Yarou wa Yumemiru Shoujo no Yume wo Minai AutoRec • AutoRec • Gintama: Shinyaku Benizakura-hen AutoRec • Gintama.: Shirogane no Tamashii-hen - Kouhan-sen AutoRec • Golden Kamuy 3rd Season AutoRec
Running time 104 minutes Country Japan Language Japanese Gintama: The Very Final, known in Japan as Gintama: The Final ( 銀魂 THE FINAL), is a 2021 Japanese animated action comedy film produced by Bandai Namco Pictures.

Based on the Gintama manga and anime series, the film acts as a conclusion to the anime series storyline. It was directed by the director from the anime series Chizuru Miyawaki and based on a story by Hideaki Sorachi, Gin Tama 's original author. It stars Tomokazu Sugita, Daisuke Sakaguchi, Rie Kugimiya among others. The film was released on January 8, 2021.

An anime special Gintama: The Semi-Final, tied into the film, premiered on January 15, 2021 on dTV online service, with the second episode released on January 20.

[1] This bridges the gap between the end of the TV anime and the movie. Contents • 1 Plot • 2 Cast • 3 Production • 4 Reception • 5 Notes • 6 References • 7 External links Plot [ edit ] Gintoki, Takasugi and Katsura fight past the Tendoushuu forces, who have taken over the Terminal. The mothership at the top of the terminal is absorbing large amounts of Altana and channeling it into the body of the child Shouyou in gintama the final to resurrect him and obtain true immortality.

As the group is attacked, they split up into two, with Katsura holding on to Shouyou's heart. Katsura and Hitsugi engage in a fierce battle, and the latter eventually stabs and destroys the heart, revealing that he had no intention of reviving the child; he only wanted to free Utsuro from the curse of immortality.

Without the heart, Shouyou would only be able to regenerate and maintain his body temporarily. In the terminal, the Shinsengumi, Hyakka, Oniwabanshu and the rest of the Kabukicho residents fight the rest of the Tendoushuu army, while Matsudaira shoots down the ships outside.

Then Gintoki reunites with Kagura and Shinpachi and they rush towars the top of the terminal. In the meantime, Takasugi reaches the Tendoushuu's ship to find that Shouyou has been revived and killed off the rest of the Tendoushuu. Shouyou's only wish is to put an end to himself and Utsuro. Takasugi begs Shouyou to return to Shoka Sonjuku with him. Shouyou apologizes for not being able to save his disciples, the ones that he truly wanted to protect.

As he approaches Takasugi, the latter stabs him, revealing that Utsuro's blood has taken over his body as well. This causes a large explosion at the top of the Terminal. Gintoki is separated from the others and faces off Utsuro, now manifesting in Takasugi's body, Utsuro comes to a realisation that Takasugi did not stab Utsuro earlier.

Instead, supported by Oboro whose blood also runs through his body, Takasugi stabbed himself. The body that Utsuro saw lying on the ground was himself. Gintoki and Utsuro fight each other.

With a final stab and in a human body, Utsuro is no longer immortal and dies. Gintoki holds a dying Takasugi in his arms, who tells him that Gintoki has won again and he dies. Shinpachi and Kagura rescue the wounded Shouyou. Shouyou tells everyone to evacuate the Terminal via Sakamoto's ships, who was about to blow up due to the massive amounts of Altana that is escaping it. Shouyou said that he could use the Altana in his body to cancel out the energy bursting out of the Terminal.

Shinpachi and Kagura join him and Katsura stays behind as well. He tells Gintoki, via a radio handed to him by the Shinsengumi, that he has gintama the final his childhood covering up for Gintoki and Takasugi whenever they made mischief, and he couldn't leave until he did that again.

As Shouyou disappears, Gintoki tells him that he wanted to show his teacher what he has been doing since then – running the Yorozuya with his friends. Some time in the future, Tama wakes up with memories of what has happened given to her by Tamako. She walks around the city, which has now transformed into Tokyo. After the final battle, Gintoki returned to the Yorozuya.

Much of their old friends have remained the same and Tama watches as they celebrate at Snack Smile. Sakamoto writes to Gintoki and informs him that Katsura met up with the remnants of the Kiheitai. Matako scoured the land for Altana gates and found a baby that has emerged from one of the holes. Tama runs to the location where the Yorozuya used to be, only to find the spot empty and the surroundings replaced by futuristic buildings.

However, she spots Hasegawa who tells her that machines has taken over the world and humans are mostly unemployed like him. Suddenly, the Yorozuya kick him in the face and reveal that this was a sham ending.

Tamako has been fed false memories by Hasegawa and the illusion around them shatters. The Yorozuya is still around and Gintoki tells her to wipe her tears away.

Gintoki, Shinpachi and Kagura rush off to an urgent job, but have apparently forgotten what the task was supposed to be. But whatever it is, they would get it done – after all, they are the Yorozuya. In the final edition of Ginpachi-sensei, Sorachi Hideaki makes a cameo to answer unresolved questions, including if Gintoki is half-Amanto due to his silver hair (no, it is just a manga) and if the baby was really Takasugi (they take a vote but did not come to a conclusion).

Cast [ edit ] Character Japanese English Gintoki Sakata Tomokazu Sugita Michael Daingerfield Shinpachi Shimura Daisuke Sakaguchi Cole Howard Kagura Rie Kugimiya Jocelyne Loewen Kotaro Katsura Akira Ishida Joe Daniels Shinsuke Takasugi Takehito Koyasu Kyle Colby Jones Isao Kondo Susumu Chiba TBA Toshiro Hijikata Kazuya Nakai TBA Sogo Okita Kenichi Suzumura TBA Shoyo Yoshida / Utsuro Kōichi Yamadera Adam Gibbs Production [ edit ] The film was announced in August 2019 by the manga's 77th volume.

[2] The film, titled Gintama: The Final, premiered on January 8, 2021. [3] [4] It adapts the finale of the original manga, combined with new story elements. [5] Spyair performs the film's theme song "Wadachi" ( 轍~Wadachi~, lit. "Tracks"), while Does performs an insert song.

[6] A Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba card illustrated by Sorachi, depicting Tanjiro Kamado and the Hashira, were given to the theatergoers in the film's first week of screenings. [7] [8] An anime special, Gintama: The Semi-Final, which ties into the film, premiered on January 15, 2021 on dTV online service, with the second episode released on January 20. On May 1, it was announced that the Blu-ray release would go on sale on August 4, 2021, with the Gintama: The Semi-Final episodes bundled.

[9] Eleven Arts screened the film in North American theatres, under the title Gintama: The Very Final, in both Japanese with subtitles and dubbed into English from November 21–22, 2021. [10] Reception [ edit ] Anime News Network praised the film's gags but lamented how several of the subplot of the series were not properly closed as a result of using several characters.

[11] IGN was more positive, comparing the narrative to two other popular shonen manga series Naruto and Jujutsu Kaisen for how Gintoki and his friends deal with the Shoyo and Utsuro in their final gintama the final "distilling a major conflict into a massive good-versus-evil showdown helps it to become interesting even for those who aren't as up to date on the saga as others"- [12] Crunchyroll felt the animation felt more a Dragon Ball film rather than Gintama as a result of Toei working on it but still praised for retaining a humor and style reminiscent of the comedy Konosuba.

[13] Yahoo panned the movie for being too difficult to follow unless the audience has knowledge about previous Gintama events and found some jokes did not feel appealing. Nevertheless, he praised fight scenes which would appeal to the fans of samurai series Rurouni Kenshin and Afro Samurai.

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• ^ "Gintama: The Final". Anime News Network. Retrieved January 19, 2022.

gintama the final

• ^ "Gintama: The Very Final Review". IGN. Retrieved January 19, 2022. • ^ "REVIEW: Gintama THE VERY FINAL Is the Very Best of the Wacky Franchise". Crunchyroll. Retrieved January 19, 2022. • ^ "Gintama: The Very Final review: A fitting though confusing tribute to a Shounen icon's end". Tahoo. Retrieved January 19, 2022. External links [ edit ] • Official website (in Japanese) • Gintama: The Very Final at IMDb • Gintama: The Very Final at Anime News Network's encyclopedia • Aikatsu!

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Gintama: The Movie: The Final Chapter: Be Forever Yorozuya Season {{{season}}}, Episode {{{number}}} Air date July gintama the final, 2013 Directed by Yoichi Fujita Episode guide Previous Gintama: A New Retelling Benizakura Arc Next Gintama THE FINAL Gintama: The Movie: The Final Chapter: Be Forever Yorozuya (劇場版 銀魂 完結篇: 万事屋よ永遠なれ, Gekijōban Gintama Kanketsu-hen: Yorozuya yo Eien Nare) is the second movie of the Gintama anime franchise.

It premiered in movie theaters on July 6, 2013. Contents • 1 Introduction • 2 Summary • 3 Characters • 4 Trivia Introduction [ ] During a job, Gintoki is thrown five years into the future by an android time machine, where a deadly virus has ravaged the planet and Edo is in ruins.

As he tries to find a way home, he is forced to solve the mystery of both the virus' origins and his future self's mysterious disappearance. He must also contend with the effects both have wrought on some of the Gintama cast.

Summary [ ] Gintoki stops the Movie Thief from illegally recording a Toriko movie and angrily chastises and beats it up outside the room.

After forcing it to apologize to the (real) audience, Gintoki realizes that his constant bullying has both broken its camera head and made it cry. Apologetic, Gintoki later decides to help the thief illegally record another movie, earning the wrath of Shinpachi and Kagura. The Yorozuya trio have been hired as security detail for an old movie theater showing porn and shows both audiences movie theater etiquette and rules.

This includes a mini film strip bonus set of the porn movie scene which the trio take. The Yorozuya realizes that during the introduction, the camera-headed man was sneakily fleeing but the group catch him. Gintoki decides that he alone will see what the thief recorded and takes him to the theater's bathroom. The moment he presses play, he is surrounded by a white light. The scene shifts to the middle of a battlefield where both Amanto and humans were fighting during the Joui Wars.

This leads to a large downed airship where a robed man, the last of a group, fights Gintoki on the ship's deck with his tendril-like ribbons.

The figure was able to slash the Shiroyasha once before being beheaded. The bleeding, tired Gintoki leaves the carnage (his blood mysteriously glows for a second). The figure, revealed to be a machine, watches the soldier leave and gives him a solemn prediction and warning before dying, while Gintoki looks back solemnly: "There you stand, soaked in blood.

The splitting image of a demon. After failing to defend your comrades, you chose the path of carnage. But your monstrous hands. In time, they will even take those you hold dear, and crush them to oblivion.

That is the price a demon pays. Devouring both beloved and hated, you will be left to howl in solitude, alone in this world, Shiroyasha." Shinpachi narrates the usual overview of the Gintama setting, while a confused Gintoki tries to understand what was going on. Except Shinpachi deviates when he describes Gintoki.leading to the silver-haired man's grave.

Horrified, he angrily berates Sunrise for doing a "final" movie but stops when he has no idea where he was. He tries to deny his surroundings until he hears footsteps and hides behind his grave with the Movie Thief.

The figure is an older Otose paying respects and while talking to the grave, reveals that it's been five years since his death.

Gintoki is also shocked to see that Edo is in ruins. He wanders around central Edo in a daze, seeing death, destruction and destitution around him. The camera-headed machine reveals that it was a time machine created gintama the final this future and sent to the past to bring him here.

The planet is in a state of decay due to a quarter of the population dying and another third fleeing. Its master wishes for Gintoki to save this world but before Gintoki can demand more infomation, its camera head is accidentally thrown into the street where it is run over.

With the last of its energy, the Time Thief places a mole-like device on his forehead to disguise him and tells him to find Gengai. It adds that he was not alone as he will find help. Gintoki is then surrounded by a motorcycle gang of mohawk punks wearing masks due to a "white plague". They demand his money and clothes but when he refuses they decide to attack him.

They are interrupted by a robed figure who fights the punks with a familiar "Lake Toya" wooden sword and tells Gintoki to flee. The gang (and Gintoki) are horrified to see that the figure is Shinpachi of the Yorozuya; another person joins who is revealed to be Kagura and her pet Sadaharu, of a separate Yorozuya. Gintoki is shocked to see that Shinpachi and Kagura have grown to be capable fighters, are more adult-looking and no longer maintain their old habits. The thugs decide to retreat.

The two immediately confront each other on who is the better Yoruzuya but Gintoki quickly breaks it up. Remembering that he has a different appearance in everyone else's eyes, Gintoki's cover story is he's a country boy that was helped by "Gintoki" some time ago, who told him some of his life's story and gave him his signature outfit, going by the name Chinpo.

The group visits Otose's bar and seeing Kagura's and Shinpachi's antagonism, Gintoki asks about it. Otose answers that since future Gintoki's death, the two fought over who could take his place as Edo's "protector", even with the sorry state of the world now, and separated.

It was even to the point that they had forsaken their identities as the alien foreigner and the straight man. Otose adds that everyone changed in these five years. This includes seeing the future Hasegawa (who somehow aged progressively to an elderly man despite being in his early forties), Catherine (who grew a beard) and Tama (who became a tank-like robot).

Otose admits that even with future Gintoki gone, his friends were still here. Later at night, Gintoki visits the apartment and sees it empty and covered in dust. He asks what happened to Edo and about this plague.

Kagura answers the virus began in Edo and quickly spread around the world. It kills people in a month, with no known origins and no cure; its name "White Plague" is from the virus turning its victims hair white. Those who can afford it quickly flee the planet, leaving behind the poor, the infected, the opportunists and the hardy. Future Gintoki disappeared before the plague became rampant, researching about it and revealing that the virus was man-made from nanomachines.

Gintama the final and Shinpachi believe that he was still alive somewhere, trying to find a way to cure it. Even though the past will never return, the two wished to make sure that there will be a place their boss can return to.

Relieved, Gintoki requests Shinpachi and Kagura to reform the Yorozuya with him so they can finish Future Gintoki's job and to find Gengai for the camera robot.

The two gintama the final not thrilled with the request although Kagura is surprised that Sadaharu had quickly warmed up to the "stranger". Far away on a rooftop, a robed figure with the same appearance as the one shown in the Joui War battle watches.

The next day sees Shinpachi, Kagura, Gintoki and Sadaharu walk towards a bridge where a crowd has gathered due to a public execution. Gintoki is horrified to learn that not only has Gengai been slated for execution today, but also Katsura and Kondou as well.

Kagura states that they were all arrested independently five years ago due to the same event. After future Gintoki vanished, both Gengai and Katsura had snapped, with the old mechanic drinking heavily and the moderate terrorist, now dressed like Takasugi, joining the extremist Jouishishi. The two wanted men were separately caught after being seen modifying a Colonel Sanders statue into a robotic Takasugi clone with lit cannons and bombs.

Unfortunately, the statue was a disguised Kondou during his Tae-stalking moments and he took the blame for destroying the district with said explosives. Gintoki angrily tries to kill Katsura and Kondou for being fools yet is held back by Kagura. Suddenly the three men are saved by the former Shinsengumi and Katsura's Jouishishi, who had teamed up to save their leaders.

With the distraction, Kagura, Shinpachi and Gintoki try to save Gengai from being beheaded but due to the younger two's antagonism, Gintoki accidentally beheads Gengai. While the three argue, the head is revealed to be a bomb and explodes. During the night in an inn, the Shinsengumi and Jouishishi celebrate their leaders' return and their team-up to bring about a new era. They also celebrate the help of the Yorozuya, surprised that they were reforming although Hijikata, Okita and Katsura dismiss "Chinpo" as a poor replacement.

Kagura and Shinpachi deny being reformed and Shinpachi coldly brushes off Kondou's questions about Tae before they both leave. Katsura and the Shinsengumi trio agree that the two were still reeling from their boss' death. Sometime later, Katsura stands in the veranda looking out in the rain, lamenting his failure of protecting future Gintoki's world.

He tells Gintoki that his future self realized that the plague was the same as the one created by a group of Amanto mercenaries, who used it to bring untold carnage of ally and enemy alike, named the Enmi. An eavesdropping Hijikata adds that their magic was in reality killer gintama the final that parallel the present plague's symptoms. Gintoki had wiped out the Enmi himself during the Joui Wars but there may have been a survivor. Before he disappeared, Gintoki had visited Katsura to reminisce about the past, something out of character for him to do and the terrorist laments on not seeing Gintoki's burden.

Present Gintoki quietly looks out the veranda and sees an Enmi in the distance. Shocked, he rushes out in the pouring rain onto the streets but sees no sign of the figure. He notices Kagura and Sadaharu sitting out in the rain with sad faces. At the same time, Shinpachi visits the hospital to visit Tae, who has become the victim of the White Plague. Kondou, who has secretly followed Shinpachi to the hospital, is stunned by the scene. Kyuubei, Tsukuyo and Sarutobi also visits Tae, trying to cheer her up.

The weakened woman is happy for the visits but is saddened that everyone is drifting apart, mainly due to the missing glue that was Gintoki. She wishes for the samurai to return so she can see him one last time before she dies but Sarutobi tells her off for her pessimism and tearfully demands that Tae stay alive long enough to see Gintoki again.

Present Gintoki arrives to liven the atmosphere before remembering that he was still in disguise. The nearly blind Tae believes "Gintoki" has returned and Shinpachi, Kagura and Kondou pretend that the Yorozuya was back together to save this world for her sake, making her happy. After leaving the hospital, Gintoki notes that the two arguing youths had defaulted to their respective identities and they emphatically deny it.

The three then went their separate ways. Gintoki returns to Otose's bar to see the real Gengai alive, well and drinking away, as both he and Otose were fully aware of Gintoki's real identity.

While the men share a drink, Gintoki admits that he has no idea at the moment on how he can fix the future and is still struggling to understand how he died. Gengai, who spent the five years in hiding creating the Time Thief, reveals that the person who summoned Gintoki was his future self.

Before disappearing, he had asked Gengai to create it and use it to bring back his past self if he ever vanished, so his past self can find a way to save the world if he could not. In the early hours, Gintoki secretly thanks his future self and decides to help. Shinpachi and Kagura, dressed in their old clothing styles, join in, along with the Shinsengumi, Jouishishi, Yagyuu school, Hyakka and Sarutobi to find the Enmi and keep their promise to Tae.

They all spent the next few days searching but with no leads and no success. While resting, Kagura asks Gintoki about his plans after saving the day and he answers that he will return home. Kagura then wonders if future Gintoki will return and becomes upset of how alike they both were (as she was not aware that they are the same person) but adds that when their boss returns, they will remind him of their temporary member who helped save the world.

Kagura and Shinpachi notice that present Gintoki held the bonus theater prize but are interrupted by a call from Gengai. He tells them that after repairing the Time Theif, it was immediately stolen by the Enmi and both were now hiding in the Terminal ruins.

The Yorozuya split up to search for the mercenary and Gintoki was the first to find it. The two fight but Gintoki notices that the Enmi can somehow read all his moves. Gintoki was forced to think of a plan that lets himself be gintama the final up and then play dead to get the Enmi close enough. As the Enmi makes his finishing blow, Gintoki strikes and succeeds in hurting the Enmi. The Enmi states how happy it was that it was finally free and reveals itself to be .

the future Gintoki! Gintoki stares in horror at his dying future self, who reveals that the incurable virus originated/will originate from him. The mercenary Enmi were really the nanomachines they control and when Gintoki killed the leader, he was infected by them.

Yet instead of him dying, the machines laid dormant, rebuilding their minds and studying his DNA for the next ten years to perfect their plague before infecting the unsuspecting world. By the time future Gintoki realized what was happening, it was too late as they begun to take over his body.

He was able to retain himself long enough to gintama the final Gengai about the time machine and reminisce with Katsura before attempting to kill himself.

But by then, the Enmi took complete control and Gintoki was forced to watch the world descend into chaos and death for the next five years until his secret plan came to fruition. He tells his past self to finish the next phase, and with his words of "Gintoki being the only one who can defeat himself", dies with a smile.

The Time Thief tells Gintoki that the next phase of the plan was for him, after killing his future self, to be sent to the past, fifteen years before during the Joui Wars, and kill his past self after he defeats and starts being infected by the Enmi.

Gintoki readily accepts the task, knowing that in doing so, he will cease to exist and as a consequence, save the world. He apologies to Shinpachi and Kagura for not coming back, but the two arrive behind him and the machine. They show their movie bonus gintama the final, telling him that it was a last memento of their boss and they had hoped that it would become a complete set again.

They tearfully call out to him to stay, revealing they realized that "Chinpo" was Gintoki. Discarding the disguise, he says goodbye and wishes that they would remember him and to be well in the new future. He is gintama the final in light and Shinpachi and Kagura rush toward him.

The two find themselves in the new future with a restored Edo. Wondering where Gintoki was, they happened to find Hijikata to ask him, but are stunned to hear that he never heard of Gintoki and did not recognize them. In the past, present Gintoki and the Time Thief stand on a cliff overlooking the beginnings of that battle.

The Time Thief apologies to Gintoki for having him pragmatically save the world by erasing his existence. Gintoki thanks it, giving his theater bonus to the machine with a message of "Thank You" to his fellow members of the Yorozuya before running into the battlefield.

In the future, Kagura and Shinpachi breakdown when they see Gintoki's apartment being something else. The two gintama the final as they proclaim they did not want this future without him. Just as Gintoki stabs his past self, Shinpachi and Kagura's memories were reset.

The two wonder why they were crying and notice the Time Thief, rusted and battered due to living through the fifteen years after running out of energy for time jumps. It tells them that it was now here to save Gintoki and revealed itself to be Tama.

In the past, GIntoki is relieved that everything is finished, but the person he stabbed was not his past self. it was Hasegawa! Hasegawa had gotten past Gintoki and some of the Jouishishi faction drunk some time before, making them hungover before the battle.

The Madao felt responsible and decided to enter the battle disguised as Gintoki, meaning that not only was the Shiroyasha not participating, but the Enmi was still alive! Gintoki berates the older man for ruining the plan to save the future but Hasegawa tells him that he had actually succeeded, that he actually came from that future.

Joining him was the Yorozuya, Shinsengumi, Katsura and his Jouishishi faction, Tae, Kyuubei and her school, Sarutobi, Tsukuyo and her Hyakka and Tama.

Tama was able to restore everyone's memories of Gintoki thanks to her memory banks and after Gengai repaired her and the time machine camera, sent her and the groups back to the past at this moment, determined to restore Gintoki's future. Grateful, he tells them off for altering his gintama the final but is glad that he can be by their side. The Amanto army begins gintama the final attack, and are pushed back by, the future group, lead by Gintoki, Shinpachi and Kagura as they rush to the Enmi ship.

Gintoki is first confronted by the four women who berate him for disappearing but are gintama the final overall to see him again; Tae is happy that everyone has returned to normal, including her brother and Kagura. The Enmi leader is surprised to see the strength of the future army and sends its men to battle. They begin to send out their curse tags but an explosion from Katsura's bombs destroy them.

The Shinsengumi and the Jouishishi work together to stop the Enmi from activating gintama the final curse, while Hijikata, Okita, and Kondou pave the way for the Yorozuya to reach the top of the ship. They do so and Gintoki strikes at the Enmi leader as they land in the abandoned command room.

The Enmi leader recognizes present Gintoki as the Shiroyasha, "repeating" the premonition and starts attacking him with its curse seals. It is surprised to see him still standing and continues its assault. Gintoki slowly walks towards it, confirming the leader's words as his skin starts to be covered in markings.

Realizing his immunity thanks to already being infected, the Enmi physically fights him. Gintoki states that even if they cursed him and even if he destroys everything, the people he cared for will stop him.

Gintoki holds the leader in place as Shinpachi and Kagura jump from the roof to stab it into the wall. It suddenly goes berserk, its curse ribbons capturing the two youths and expelling its multiple cores outside. It commends Gintoki for using his cursed body as a shield so his comrades can deal the finishing blow but mocks him for being unable to stop it from activating its curse and save them. He tells Gintoki that the samurai will have to watch the world get destroyed.

The curse cores start to reach the future group until three very familiar men (past Takasugi, Sakamoto, and Katsura) cut them down, allowing both the past and present Gintoki to stab the last core within the Enmi leader, killing it.

The Joui 4 vanish and the Yorozuya sees some of the others climbing the ship to meet them. Since they had changed the past, Shinpachi and Kagura wonder what the new future will bring.

Tama agrees before destroying the time machine camera. Yamazaki wonders why she did this until Okita points out that that the Shinsengumi spy was fading away. Tama answers that due to the altered timeline, both the time machine and they themselves will not exist and so they, in a way, will return to the future.

Yamazaki, Tama, and Hasegawa are the first to vanish, while some of the others decide to take advantage of the situation. Hijikata decides to finally arrest Katsura while Okita gleefully stabs Hijikata in the behind before all three fade. Kondou and Toujou decide to proclaim his love to Tae and promote feminine clothing to Kyuubei respectively before both women kick them off the ship then fade away. Sarutobi decides to proclaim her love to Gintoki but Tsukuyo beheads her and holds the head for ransom before both women fade.

With everyone gone, Kagura, GIntoki, Sadaharu, and Shinpachi give each other one last hug, promising and hoping that they will meet each other again in this new future before fading.except for Shinpachi as just his glasses disappeared.

On a cliff face overlooking the battlefield, the Joui 4, who were watching the entire scene, leaves the site. Past Gintoki looks back and smiles. After credits, it was revealed that the Yoruzuya did indeed meet each other again in the new future and the scene ends with another usual day at Kabukicho. Characters [ ] • Yorozuya Gin-Chan • Sakata Gintoki • Shimura Shinpachi • Kagura • Sadaharu • Hasegawa Taizou • Otose • Catherine • Tama • Hiraga Gengai • Jouishishi • Katsura Kotarou • Elizabeth • Shinsengumi • Kondou Isao • Okita Sougo • Hijikata Toushirou • Yamazaki Sagaru • Shimura Tae • Yagyuu Kyuubei • Toujou Ayumu • Tsukuyo • Hyakka • Sarutobi Ayame • Sakamoto Tatsuma (cameo) • Takasugi Shinsuke (cameo) Trivia [ ]

Gintama the Final is Perfect