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If you’re watching a movie on DVD or Blu-ray, you might have a subtitle track included, but usually only in one or two languages (if at all). Thankfully, there are several websites available online, where you can download subtitle tracks for movies, both popular and obscure. This lets you experience movies in an entirely different language to your own. OpenSubtitles With one of the biggest collections of movie subtitles on the internet (over five million, according to the opensubtitles itself), OpenSubtitles is probably the first site you want to try if you’re looking to download subtitles.

The site is a truly international affair, with over 50 different opensubtitles options to choose from, allowing you to search the site in languages from Aragonese to Vietnamese. Each upload comes with a movie name, upload date, comments, and an overall rating for the quality of the subtitles provided.

Using the prominent search bar at the top, you can look for subtitles that have been uploaded opensubtitles other users. An advanced search bar lets you search by age, rating, format, and more.

The site doesn’t just include movie subtitles, however. You can also download subtitles for TV series, as well as participate in the community forum, where users offer support and tips for finding the best subtitles.

Addic7ed As you can probably guess from the name, Addic7ed (meaning addicted) aims to be the one-stop shop providing subtitles to movie addicts. Like OpenSubtitles, it’s one of the subtitles sites that offer downloads for both movies and TV shows. You’ll need to sign up for Addic7ed opensubtitles be able to download subtitles. Once you’re signed in, you can search for movies using a search bar, or scroll through a drop-down menu. New releases are prominently displayed in an RSS feed at the top of opensubtitles page.

The site also offers a schedule, showing the next releases of your favorite TV opensubtitles to stay organized (with relevant links to subtitles provided). It also opensubtitles a FAQ and support forums to ask questions, along with tutorial pages to explain how to use subtitles with common programs. Like OpenSubtitles, Addic7ed is available in multiple languages, from Arabic to Swedish. Podnapisi While Podnapisi might sound like it serves the international market, this English-language site for movie subtitles is one of the cleanest and simplest to use.

The site boasts over 2 million subtitles for download, with over 58,000 movies and over 6,000 TV series available. Podnapisi is separated into clear sections, with the main page showing a shortlist of the latest uploaded subtitles, as well as sections showing the recently best-rated, most downloaded, and most commented-on uploads. Like other major subtitles sites, Podnapisi allows you to search using an advanced search tool, with options for keywords, years, language and more.

If you’re struggling, an active support forum allows you to ask questions and discuss the latest releases. A community effort to translate the site is currently underway, with other languages from Afrikaans to Xhosa available. YIFY Subtitles Named after the well-known piracy group and with their releases in mind, YIFY Subtitles is another simple-to-use site to download subtitles.

Unlike some of the other major sites, YIFY Subtitles only offers movie subtitles for download. Don’t let the link to the piracy group put you off—YIFY Subtitles are safe opensubtitles piracy-free, offering downloads in multiple languages. The front page offers a list of popular and recently released movies, along with categories separating movies by each language. If you want to look for a specific movie, the search bar should help, with an autosuggestion tool that lets you find a opensubtitles release as you type.

A page dedicated to each movie offers information on the movie, including length, release date, and rating, with available subtitles listed below. The site itself is free to use, with no registration required. The site handles available subtitles—you’re unable to upload your own.

DIVX Subtitles While the site looks and sounds like something out of the early 2000s, DIVX Subtitles is still a useful resource for finding subtitles to download, especially for older releases.

The site has been run since at least opensubtitles (and before that by a different owner). Updates for DIVX Subtitles continue to trickle through, especially for major releases and non-English movies.

You can search the site by keyword, language, format or rating, but you can also take a look at the latest uploads via the category page.


If you can’t find the subtitles for an older or foreign language movie, then DIVX Subtitles may be able to help. Many of the subtitles available on the site are in languages other than in English.


This makes DIVX Subtitles a useful resource if you’re struggling to watch English-language movies (or you’d like to improve your skills in other languages). Subscene Subscene has been around since around 2005, offering subtitles in various languages, including those specially designed for opensubtitles hearing impaired.

The interface is simple, with a prominent search bar at the top, and popular movies and forum posts listed on the front page. It offers regular updates from users, with a sign-up page allowing you to submit your own subtitles.

Both movie and TV subtitles are available, as well as subtitles for popular music videos. If you’re struggling with the site, you can post on the community forum.

This has hundreds of discussions, with posts in various languages offering discussions and tutorials. Each movie opensubtitles an individual entry page that lists information on the movie itself, like the year of release, with a list of subtitles organized by user-generated ratings and comments shown underneath.

Finding The Best Movie Subtitles These subtitles sites are useful, but they’re run by volunteers and are, in some cases, pretty ad-heavy.

Use your own judgment, but you may need to consider blocking ads on these sites to be able to make opensubtitles most use out of them. If you’re unable to find the right subtitles for opensubtitles movie, you could also consider creating video subtitles yourself instead.

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6 Ways to Fix • How Opensubtitles Factory Reset Windows 10 Without Opensubtitles Admin Password • What To Do When Your Second Monitor Is Not Detected • How To Setup Windows 10 Without a Microsoft Account
This step-by-step tutorial will show you how to use OpenSubtitles on the most popular streaming APKs.

As of this writing, OpenSubtitles is one of the most popular subtitle services available today. This opensubtitles a great tutorial especially for those who have trouble hearing audio and rely on subtitles when viewing content.

For those wanting to use OpenSubtitles within Kodi, check out our Kodi subtitles guide below. How to Use OpenSubtitles on Kodi This method works great on the most popular streaming devices including the Amazon Firestick 4K, Fire Opensubtitles, NVIDIA SHIELD, and many others. Below you will find both a video tutorial and screenshot guide for using OpenSubtitles.

We should mention that we tested this method on several of the most popular APKs. If you are using one of TROYPOINT’s Best APKs, then you shouldn’t run into any issues using this guide. Your online activity is actively tracked by your Internet Service Provider, app/addon devs, and government through your identifying IP address. Stream anonymously by using IPVanish VPN. Opensubtitles will encrypt your connection to the Internet and mask your IP address so you will remain anonymous.

EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT – SAVE 63% ON IPVANISH IPVanish backs their service with a 30-day money back guarantee. IPVanish allows you to use your account on unlimited Internet-connected devices Try IPVanish Risk-Free Now! Screenshot Guide We suggest watching the video tutorial above for important details and instructions not found in the screenshot guide below.


In the following screenshot guide, we’re using a free streaming application in conjunction with MX Player. 1.


Launch your preferred streaming APK that supports MX Player integration. Most opensubtitles. 2. Click the search icon in the upper right and chose a Movie or TV Show. We used Night of The Living Dead, which is one of TROYPOINT’s Best Public Domain Movies. 3. Once you choose a Movie or TV show select your preferred streaming link.

4. Scroll down and select “Open with…” 5. Choose MX Player. Remember you must have MX Player installed on your device opensubtitles to going through this tutorial. 6. After your Movie or TV opens, click the options icon (3 vertical dots) in the upper right corner of your screen. 7. Then scroll down and select Subtitle. 8. Click Online Subtitles. 9. Click Search. 10. When this menu appears, check the “Enter your search text” box. 11. After checking that box you will be prompted to search for subtitles using OpenSubtitles.

12. Then enter in the title of the Movie or TV Show you are watching and click Next. 13. Click the drop down option if it appears. 14. Then click OK. 15. Wait a few seconds or so while OpenSubtitles searches for subtitle options. 16. You should then see a screen appear similar to the screenshot below.

Typically we recommend just selecting the first option opensubtitles. 17. Once you select a subtitle option scroll all the way down and click Download. 18. Once you return to your Movie or TV Show, click the options icon again (3 vertical dots) in the upper right.

19. Select Subtitle. 20. Then click Open. Opensubtitles IPVanish Risk-Free Now! 21. You should then see your downloaded subtitles file opensubtitles. Click the file. 22.


If prompted with this message, just click Replace. 23. That’s it! You can now enjoy subtitles when streaming media within your favorite APKs. For more tech and streaming tutorials like this one, be sure to sign up for the TROYPOINT Advisor with updates weekly.

This Advisor provides all the best cord-cutting tips to get the most out of your favorite streaming devices and more. Click the link below for your TROYPOINT Advisor Subscription: TROYPOINT Advisor This page includes affiliate links where TROYPOINT may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. Opensubtitles times, you opensubtitles receive a discount due to the opensubtitles arrangements made for our visitors. I will never promote opensubtitles that I personally don't use or recommend.

Purchasing through my links directly supports TROYPOINT which keeps the content and tools coming. Thank you! Troy is a 20-year technology professional and Internet security expert.

He started in 2009 which provides home technology tutorials, news, and reviews, focusing on cord-cutting.


Troy has enjoyed this hobby since 2002 when he modded the original Xbox and installed XBMC (now Kodi) so he could stream movies on his home network. The popular subtitle library site has been hacked in opensubtitles apparent ransom attack.

As first reported by TorrentFreak, the well-known website had login opensubtitles from over 7 million subscribers stolen from their database. OpenSubtitles stated in a blog post that a hacker reached out to them in August of 2021 claiming to have proof of the breach. In August 2021 we received message on Telegram from a hacker, who showed us proof that he could gain access to the user table of, and downloaded a SQL dump from it.


He asked for a BTC ransom to not disclose this to public and promise to delete the data. The post goes on to state that the hacker explained how he accessed the stored files and helped to opensubtitles the problem. Unfortunately, he did not hold up his end of the deal and in January of 2022 leaked the data from OpenSubtitles.

You can read the entire post from the site administrator below. OpenSubtitles Blog Post This isn’t the first instance of a popular website being hacked and it won’t be the last. Typically, the hacker demands payment from site operators after providing opensubtitles that data has been breached. Your online activity is actively tracked by your Internet Service Provider, app/addon devs, and government through your identifying IP address.

Stream anonymously by using IPVanish VPN. IPVanish will encrypt your connection to the Internet and mask your IP opensubtitles so you will remain anonymous. EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT – SAVE 63% ON IPVANISH IPVanish backs their service with a 30-day money back guarantee. IPVanish allows you to use your account on unlimited Internet-connected devices CLICK TO SAVE 63% MangaDex Hacked CatMouse APK Hacked While OpenSubtitles is a free service used by millions, there is also an option to register for an account.

If you previously registered for an OpenSubtitles account you will likely need to update your profile. IMPORTANT NOTE: TROYPOINT does not recommend creating an OpenSubtitles account as the service works just fine without registration.

You can learn how to implement OpenSubtitles (without signing up) onto a Streaming App or Kodi Addon using our guide below. How to Use OpenSubtitles on Popular Apps & APKs Update Your OpenSubtitles Account In the blog post created by OpenSubtitles noting the hack, they also stated it is important to update your profile if you have one.

Try IPVanish Risk-Free Now! Many users did not have strong passwords which means it was easy for the hacker to access their account information. If this was the case for you, here is what OpenSubtitles suggests you do: • change and and forum password (we are requesting this) • if you used password somewhere else, change it as well, especially important for emails and services where you have any payments opensubtitles personal details TROYPOINT suggests using a fake email opensubtitles anonymous email account when registering for various services and memberships online.

Best Fake Email Generators This in conjunction with a VPN is the best way to protect your data and privacy whenever you access the internet. This includes on various streaming devices such as Firestick, Fire TV, and Android.

Best VPN for Firestick/Android Be sure to stay up-to-date with the latest streaming news, reviews, tips, and more by following the TROYPOINT Advisor with updates weekly. This Advisor provides all the best cord-cutting tips to get the most out of your opensubtitles streaming opensubtitles and more.

Click the link below to join the other opensubtitles Advisor subscribers. Free TROYPOINT Advisor This page includes affiliate links where TROYPOINT may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. Many times, you will receive a discount due to the special arrangements made for our visitors. I will never promote something that I personally don't use or recommend. Purchasing through my links directly supports TROYPOINT which keeps the content and tools coming.

Thank you! Troy is a 20-year technology professional and Internet security expert. He started in 2009 which provides home technology tutorials, news, and reviews, focusing on opensubtitles. Troy opensubtitles enjoyed this hobby since 2002 when he modded the original Xbox and installed XBMC (now Kodi) so he could stream movies on his home network.
We are opensubtitles upgrading API, make sure you have a look on new ​Open Subtitles REST API - not production ready Introduction ​ was developed for easy downloading and uploading subtitles for movies.

It supports some unique functions: • download/upload/search subtitles by OSDb protocol using special Hash • biggest multi-language subtitle database (website available in more than 30 languages) • no registration needed to download or upload subtitles • advanced search (by genre, imdb rating, opensubtitles • search for more than one language • search for many subtitles simultaneously ( ​multi-search) • get search results by mail or rss/atom • opensubtitles is "open" (you can get every page as XML) • support for third party applications (no need to visit webpage for downloading subtitles) • Media Player Classic ​ISDb support • can act as a subtitle server for other subtitle sites • we are looking for your feature requests (site is still in development, use this trac to report new ideas, bugs.) Programs using OpenSubtitles API • Programs using API • Programs using API (new) Developers • Read First Please • OSDb protocol • Opensubtitles RPC API Documentation, enhanced version (work in progress) • Hash Source Codes - you don't have to reinvent the wheel • Rar Source Codes (for reading RAR archives with store compression) • Movie Identification Links • ​OS Home Page • ​OS Forum • ​OS Blog • ​Contact OS • ​OPUS - Open Source Parallel Corpus • ​Universal Subtitles • ​Youtube subtitles downloader • ​Timed track formats • ​WebSRT • Color Of Woman 1.bölüm Opensubtitles Altyazı.srt ​ ( 68.3 KB) - added by guest 10 years ago.

• Limitless 2011 PROPER DVDRip XviD - {RedDragon}.srt ​ ( 91.8 KB) - added by guest opensubtitles years ago. • top ​ ( 81.8 KB) - added by guest 10 years ago. subtitle of top secret • History Of The World Part I - ​ ( 94.7 KB) - added by guest 10 years ago. • Opensubtitles ​ ( 51.5 KB) opensubtitles added by guest 10 years ago. Download all opensubtitles as: .zip
When the Korean movie Parasite won Best Picture at the Oscars, it was a big moment and paved the way for foreign-language films to get more exposure in English-speaking countries.

Knowing how to download subtitles for movies and TV shows may soon be a vital skill. Luckily, it’s not a hard thing to do, and opensubtitles following list of sites should provide you with subtitles for just about any movie you want to watch.

Here are some of the best sites to download subtitles. Note: Many of these sites are ad-supported, and some of the ads can be quite intrusive. We recommend using an ad-blocker when visiting them. Content opensubtitles 1.

Addic7ed • 2. Downsub (for Online Videos) • 3. English Subtitles • 4. Opensubtitles • 5. Subscene • 6. Subtitle Seeker • 7. • 8. OpenSubtitles • 9. Subdl • 10. TVSubs • 11. YIFY Subtitles • 12.


iSubtitles • Frequently Asked Questions Also opensubtitles 14 Apps to Watch Videos with Online Friends Subtitles are available in multiple languages for most titles. The best part is you can filter content based on release date to make it easier to find the latest TV episodes.

2. Downsub (for Opensubtitles Videos) Most of the entries in this list show how to download subtitle files for pretty much any movie or TV show you can think of, but this site does things a little differently. Downsub generates and downloads subtitle files for videos from YouTube, Vlive, Opensubtitles, Hotstar, and many others.

You need opensubtitles simply enter the URL of the video into the box, then hit Download. While this is more about getting subtitles from videos than entire movies or TV shows, if that movie or show happens to be on YouTube, then this could be the best way to get subs for it. 3. English Subtitles English Subtitles has a repository of subtitles for thousands of movies from around the world and from all eras. You’ll almost certainly find the subtitles you need for recent blockbusters and may have some joy in finding subtitles opensubtitles obscure French films from the 60s, too.

There are many TV shows here, too – including all Game of Thrones seasons and Good Girls. It’s easy to use and navigate, and unlike many opensubtitles the less reputable subtitle sites, is HTTPS secured.

Not that you should be entering any personal info there, but it’s still a welcome mark of site quality. Also read: How to Easily Download Streaming Video on Any Platform 4. Podnapisi Podnapisi is one of the best sites for English subtitles on the Internet. New subtitles for new movies are uploaded every day, along with ratings from users to give you an idea of the quality of what you’ll be downloading.

Opensubtitles can search for subtitles by keywords, years, movie types, and several other categories using the advanced search engine.

There opensubtitles subtitles for TV series, as well as movies ranging from the latest ones to those from several decades ago, so you’re pretty much certain to find what you need. 5. Subscene Subscene is one of the most popular sites to download subtitles, with a huge database of movies and popular shows from all over the world.

Subtitles are added on a daily basis by users as well as site owners and are available in many languages. The site has a simple, user-friendly interface that allows users to filter the subtitles by language. And if you can’t find your desired subtitles, there is a “request subtitle” feature you can use to request subtitles that are not opensubtitles their database.

Also read: YouTube TV vs. YouTube Premium: What You Need to Know 6. Subtitle Seeker Subtitle Seeker takes a different approach to subtitle downloads.

Rather than having its own collection of contributed subtitles (by site users), this site pulls in and combines results from over 20 subtitle download sites. It’s very comprehensive, and this makes it the best place to go if you can’t find your desired subtitles elsewhere.


The good thing about Subtitle Seeker is it’s a simple, user-friendly interface, which has been extolled by many users. On the main page, you’ll find a search bar and sections for recent subtitles for both movies and TV shows. 7. TVSubtitles.Net is another great site you can rely on for downloading subtitles. This website has a clean interface that is easy to use. Subtitles are categorized into two categories: movies and TV shows.

This makes it easier to find the subtitles you’re looking for. Also, if you have a subtitle file you’d love to share with others, the site makes it easy for you to do so. Also read: 9 of the Best YouTube Downloaders to Watch Videos Offline 8. OpenSubtitles OpenSubtitles has one of the biggest databases for subtitles on the Internet. The website is available in multiple languages, and you’re likely to find subtitles in any language. It is one of the trusted sites for downloading subtitles.

It also has a great search tool that lets you filter your searches by year, country, type/genre, season, or episode. Its advanced search tool is among the best you’ll find online.

9. Subdl Subdl is another site you can trust to get your movie or TV show subtitles. It has a clean user interface,\ along opensubtitles a search bar at the top to search for specific subtitles. This website organizes subtitles for each movie and TV show based on the type of video release. It features subtitles for all the latest TV shows and web series. You can download subtitles based on your preferred language. Moreover, you can also view stats, opensubtitles as total downloads, month, week, and day for a subtitle.

11. YIFY Subtitles The best thing about YIFY Subtitles is the clean and dark user interface that it provides. YIFY Subtitles is a very popular website that offers a huge database of subtitles for movies and TV shows. With just a few clicks, you can download the subtitle. You opensubtitles have the option to select movies opensubtitles on their genres. It also shows the movies’ full run-times, release dates, ratings, etc. You can download subtitles in multiple languages as well. Also read: How to Sideload Apps on Fire TV, Roku, Android TV, Google Chromecast 12.

iSubtitles Download subtitles for your movies through iSubtitles. You’ll find the frontpage filled with a mix of films from all over the world opensubtitles, focusing mainly on English shows and movies, which is a nice opensubtitles if you’re an English-speaker looking for subtitles for foreign films.

While you can opensubtitles the search feature, you can also browse by country, genre, or original movie language. The only downside of iSubtitles is that it is only for movies – not TV shows. You’ll need to use another option if you want TV show subtitles as well. Also read: Which Roku Streaming Device Should I Buy? Bonus: VLC Not technically a website, but given that VLC is the most widely-used video player on PCs and isn’t filled with oft-annoying ads like many websites tend to be, it’s worth mentioning.

By using VLC, you can download subtitles straight into whatever movie you’re watching at that moment. With the movie open, simply click “View” at the top of the VLC window, opensubtitles click “VLsub” and search for that movie’s subtitles. Want to dabble more with VLC? Here’s how to use VLC to transcode media files and a little guide on how to use your Android phone as a VLC remote.

You may also want to learn how to rotate a video in VLC. If VLC isn’t quite right for you, and you’re a Mac user, try out Elmedia instead.

It’s a free media player that also supports subtitles. There is even a sync delay option to better deal with sync issues. Frequently Asked Questions 1. How do I use subtitles? After you’ve downloaded the subtitles, which should be an .SRT file, open the app you’ll be using to watch the show or movie.

Within the menu, you should see an option for subtitles. Navigate to your SRT file to upload it. If all goes well, it should sync automatically. Please note that some media players don’t support subtitles unless they’re already inserted into the video.

For instance, DVDs opensubtitles have subtitles would be fine. Always check that your media player supports SRT files. 2. Why are my subtitles out of sync? Subtitle files aren’t always perfect.


If they’re off by even a few milliseconds, it’s incredibly annoying to deal opensubtitles. However, you can manually adjust the timing to get your files back in sync. Opensubtitles media players have this option built in.

For example, VLC and Elmedia both offer subtitle editing to adjust the timing exactly to where you need it. In VLC, open your video and SRT file, then, go to “Tools -> Track Synchronization” to make changes.


In Elmedia, open the menu and go to “Settings -> Subtitles -> Subtitles Delay.” You can also use the free online tool SubShifter. You may need to play around with the file to get the timing just right, but it is a useful free option.

Another downloadable option is SubSync. 3. What are the different subtitle formats? In most cases, if you download subtitles, you’ll opensubtitles encounter SRT, SUB, and IDX files.

For single languages, SRT files are best. If you want multiple languages in a single file, you’ll opensubtitles SUB and IDX files.


However, it’s important to opensubtitles that SRT is the more widely accepted format. Naturally, this excludes subtitle formats that are already hard encoded into a file. A few other formats you may find include SSA, TXT, VTT, SBV, TTML, and DFXP. Some of these are specific to certain sites and apps. For instance, SBV is what YouTube supports if you’re uploading subtitles.

A plain text file, or TXT, serves well when an SRT isn’t available. 4. How can I get my subtitles to load automatically? Many media players that support external subtitles will load them automatically. You only have to opensubtitles one thing: name the subtitle file the same as your video. For example, if I was loading subtitles for XYZ Movie, my video might be called “xyz_movie.” I’d then need to also name the subtitle opensubtitles “xyz_movie.” Don’t change any file extensions.

You can keep everything in the same folder to make it easier to stay organized. Wrapping Up These are some of the best sites to download subtitles for movies, Opensubtitles shows, and web series. One important thing, which we have already mentioned, is that some websites are filled with ads, so make sure you have an ad-blocker installed to avoid unnecessary interruptions. If you’re streaming movies and shows, many legal services offer subtitles, which are usually pretty well synced.

If you’re watching on YouTube, learn how to turn subtitles on. Crystal Crowder Crystal Crowder has spent over 15 years working in the tech industry, first as an IT technician and then as a writer.

She works to help teach others how to get the most from their devices, systems, and apps. She stays on top of the latest trends and is always finding solutions to common tech problems.

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