Is another level of bitch

is another level of bitch

Origin In the third episode of Euphoria season two, released January 23rd, 2022, Maddy criticizes Cassie, who is dressed in an outdated gingham dress. She tells Cassie she's dressed "like a country music star," to which Cassie replies, "In a good or bad way?" Maddy then responds, "Bitch, you better be joking" (shown below).

Spread Maddy's line quickly became a prominent reaction image on social media. For example, on January 26th, 2022, Twitter user @shylawittney [1] posted the image with the caption, "My bookshelf when I come home with new books," gaining over 15,000 retweets and 91,000 likes in one week (shown below, left).

Recaption memes followed shortly after. On January 30th, Twitter user @stay_prest [2] posted a recaption meme with the image joking about Taylor Swift's "All Too Well," gaining over 16,000 retweets and 133,000 likes in five days (shown below, right). From there, edits began growing increasingly different from the source material, as users added different backgrounds and dialogue for Maddy. For example, user @thefairyqueer [3] edited the scene to read, "You're a Wizard Harry!", gaining over 280 likes (shown below, left).

User 24swagdaddy [4] posted a Toy Story reference with the meme, gaining over 110 retweets and 850 likes (shown below, right). The meme was also covered by Mashable. [5] The Byrdes have is another level of bitch on their hands again in the first glimpse of the fourth and final season of “ Ozark” offered Saturday by Netflix as part of its Tudum global promotional event.

The 90-second clip released by Netflix is another level of bitch the couple at the heart of the series — Wendy and Marty Byrde, played by Laura Linney and Jason Bateman — washing themselves up in a bathroom sink. Both have blood and some kind of grit on their hands, hair and upper body. They appear to be back in Mexico working with the drug cartel family that has been integral to the series in recent seasons. Netflix did not disclose a premiere date but said the season would air next year.

If anything can top the explosive “bitch wolf” showdown between Emmy winner Julia Garner and showstopper Linney, it could be this final season.

Last we saw ‘Ruth Langmore (Garner) had left the Byrde family’s crime ring after Wendy Byrde (Linney) ratted out her own brother, a decision that swiftly lead to his demise. Horrified by the actions of Wendy and Marty, Langmore exits the whole operation an action which Wendy returns with this threat, “you don’t get to quit a drug cartel.” Reunited with what’s left of her family Langmore makes a new alliance with the exceedingly dangerous Darlene Snell (Lisa Emery).

We’ve yet to see what kind of chaos Langmore and Snell will sow in the back hills of the Ozarks, is another level of bitch we’re not optimistic that anyone will make it out of Missouri alive by the series finale. This last season is made up of 14 episodes with the first episode titled, “The Beginning of the End.” However, the new season will be split into two parts with release dates yet to be determined. Watch the first clip from “Ozark’s” final season below: Variety • About Us • Newsletter • Variety Events • Variety Archives • Variety Insight • Careers Legal • Terms of Use • Privacy Policy • California Privacy Rights • Privacy Preferences • AdChoices • Do Not Sell My Personal Information • Accessibility Variety Magazine • Subscribe • Print Plus Login • Advertise • Media Kit • Back Issues • Customer Service • Help VIP+ Account • Login • Subscribe • FAQ • Learn More Connect • Instagram • Twitter • YouTube • Facebook • LinkedIn
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• Reading Body Language 101 • Why Body Language is Important • Examples and Meanings • How to Read People • Body Language at Work is another level of bitch Presentation Cues • Interview Cues • Workplace Cues • Business Cues • Body Language of Emotions • Aggressive Cues • Confident Cues • Condescending Cues • Hidden Opportunities • Vocal Cues • Presidential Cues • Dog Cues • Resting Bitch Face • Advertising Cues • AI and Body Language • Body Language for Rapport • Mirroring • Proxemics • Head Behavior • Head Cues • Facial Microexpressions • Eye Cues • Nose Cues • Mouth Cues • Ear Cues • Read The Torso • Arms Cues • Torso Cues • Shoulder Cues • Neck Cues • Hand Gestures • Lower Body Language • Hip Cues • Leg Cues • Feet Cues • Flirting Body Language • Male Cues • Female Cues • Rules of Attraction • How to Flirt Do you ever get asked is another level of bitch like these on days you feel perfectly okay: • Are you angry?

• Is something wrong? • Did I say something to offend you? • Why don’t you smile more? If so, and you’ve probably already realized it, you may have “resting bitch face” (sometimes called RBF). What is a Resting Bitch Face?

Resting bitch face is a problem dealt with by women and the occasional man (Kanye West, I’m looking at you) that makes them look irritated, upset, or otherwise unhappy when they are feeling perfectly calm and just resting their face. It also happens to people who are too tired to smile all the time. When doing research for my book CaptivateI found a fascinating study on the science of the resting bitch face.

It revealed why some people look calm and relaxed when they’re feeling neutral while others look like moody is another level of bitch. ↑ Table of Contents ↑ What Creates Resting Bitch Face? Jason Rogers, a behavioral neuroscientist ran neutral pictures of celebrity faces through a face-scanning software to discover the differences between those who have resting bitch face and those who don’t.

He found that a typical neutral face will only register approximately 3% of hidden emotions. So, their faces do in fact look neutral. People with resting bitch face however show an average of 6% underlying emotions and most of that is contempt. Full contempt is shown when one side of the mouth is slightly raised. Some people’s mouths naturally raise on one side when they are resting, causing them to look contemptuous even though they’re feeling neutral.

This can cause lots of problems since people subconsciously have negative reactions to expressions of contempt because it is the universal facial expression for hatred and disdain. “Eastern European people are seen as very stoic and not showing a lot of emotion and … a lot of the people touted as having RBF are women.” — Abbe Macbeth, behavioral researcher If you want to learn more about contempt and why it plays such a big role in our perception of people, check out our article on The Science of Contempt.

↑ Table of Contents ↑ Resting Bitch Face is in the Angles People with resting bitch face also tend to have features that are naturally angled down. For example, some people have eyes that are downcast, making them look more tired and depressed while others have downward angled mouths that make them look perpetually upset.

The latter is what creates my resting bitch face. Notice how my lips are pointed slightly downward like a small frown. This is why people often think I’m upset when nothing is wrong.

Just like the features that create resting face, there are all sorts of slight variations in your face that send strong messages to the people you interact with. ↑ Table of Contents ↑ How to Get Rid of (And Cure) Your Resting Bitch Face in 7 Steps Having a resting bitch face and being constantly perceived as moody is super annoying. Here are 7 simple tricks to stop suffering from it. • When you are looking at someone, look up at them. This makes your eyes more open and less downcast.

• Use makeup to reshape your downcast eyes. For downcast eyes, women can use eyeliner and shadow to draw more attention to their upper eyes to make them appear more open. • Replace your neutral frown with a small smile.

If you have a naturally downcast mouth, slightly holding your cheeks up – it doesn’t have to be all the way into a smile – you can eliminate the appearance that you are frowning. • Use the eyebrow flash. An eyebrow flash is when you lift your eyebrows in recognition whenever you see someone.

The flash is a great way to say, “I recognize you and I’m friendly!” We do this to our friends and loved ones. Flash to appear more approachable. • Put your tongue to the roof of your mouth. Take your tongue and touch it to the back of your front teeth, similar to mewing. This will help relax your facial muscles and help with that slight smile. • Accessorize. A pair of eyeglasses (even fake ones) can drastically shift your appearance and even help mask your RBF. Try wearing eyeglasses and earrings that are fun, and wear brighter clothing—this will help counteract an unapproachable face.

• Own it. You are under no obligation to change your resting bitch face.

is another level of bitch

It’s a part of who you are and if you choose to embrace it, you can ensure the people who hang around you judge you based on your words and actions and not something as superficial as your resting face.

↑ Table of Contents ↑ 8 Famous Celebrities with Resting Bitch Face If you have resting bitch face, you are not alone. Here are some famous celebrities who have made their resting face famous. • Kristen Stewart has a resting bitch face. She has been repeatedly called-out on various websites for her RBF condition and even told to smile more. Source ↑ Table of Contents ↑ 7 Male Resting Bitch Faces (aka Resting Asshole Face) Yes, men can get resting bitch face, too… although in this case, let’s call it resting asshole face (RAF)!

And it might be more common than you think: • Neil Patrick Harris. “My resolution this year is to not scowl so much,” Neil Patrick Harris said during the 2018 Golden Globes. “I realize is another level of bitch even just pondering that, I’m scowling.

I’m not mad. Apparently, I do this while I’m thinking,” he joked. ↑ Table of Contents ↑ How to Create a Resting Bitch Face Want a great way to nonverbally tell someone to move on?

Actress Emma Roberts perfected her resting bitch face for the television show, Scream Queen. Why? Because her character, Chanel, gives a lot of bitch face!

Here’s how to create the nastiest resting bitch face: • Narrow your eyes. Look like you’re really mad and get those between-the-brow furrows activated. • Purse your lips.

Tighten them and make your lips disappear. • Twitch your mouth as if you’ve got pent-up anger. • Make the exit. If you’re in a conversation, flip your hair and end the convo to avoid after-RBF awkwardness.

You can use the RBF to your advantage to fend off unwanted cat-callers, focus on your remote work without being distracted by others, or even make a bold statement with your biggest enemy.

↑ Table of Contents ↑ Other Resting Face Types Not all resting faces are bitchy. You can pretty much find all types of emotions in resting faces: • Resting Murder Face. The type of face you can only imagine a serial killer has. A stone-cold stare is a must. Jin from Korean pop group’s BTS with his upturned-lips.

is another level of bitch

Source • Resting Shade Face. The type of face that makes you look like you’re constantly up to no good. People with this face would do best to avoid going to convenience stores is another level of bitch 2AM. • Resting Sad Face. Do you look like you’re about to constantly cry, even if you’re engaged in a difficult math problem (or setting your goals)? You might have a resting sad face.

About Vanessa Van Edwards Vanessa is Lead Investigator at Science of People. She is the bestselling author of Captivate: The Science of Succeeding with People, translated into 16 languages. More than 50 million people watch her engaging YouTube tutorials and TEDx Talk.

Her much anticipated new book Cues releases on March 1st, 2022. This article made me laugh so many times looking angry irritated and like your about to tell somebody off 🤯 runs in my family on the female side I so agreed and approved of the things mentioned. As a teenager I was called a witch and people would randomly ask me if I was ok was I mad /sad but inside I felt confident and ok but my eyebrows naturally look angry and my mouth turns down when I’m relaxed so I can’t win.

Even as adult I try to keep my hair and eyebrows nice and my clothes colorful and people still ask about my health I just look this way give me a break! Thank you for your funny and entertaining and informative article I loved it. August 6, 2021 at 3:53 pm - • I’ve been told all my life that i seem grumpy or angry. When in reality im just a quiet person… I used to be this hyperactive talkative kid but once i hit 17 or so i just didn’t see the point.

Ever since then i just started talking less and less. In todays society being borderline mute and public with RBF is literally frowned upon and misunderstood. Like im not mad at all. I just don’t wanna talk to you.

Why cant i walk through a grocery store or clothes store without getting odd looks and whispers “what’s his problem”. Im 25 in the prime is another level of bitch my life and i have never had a gf mostly due to this fact.

Im one of the sweetest guys you will ever meet but due they care? No… Its all about appearance. Its just……… Uuuuugghhhh!!!! Uk what i mean? 😂😂 February 28, 2021 at 8:00 pm - • I have major resting bitch face. When I am waiting calmly and patiently in bank queues I have had staff run up to me to assure me they will serve me as soon as possible. My girlfriend tells me I have been miserable all weekend when I have been perfectly happy. My daughter thinks I am angry with her when I see her.

I can’t seem to quick it. If I smile at strangers, they look at me like I am a weirdo. January 31, 2021 at 4:35 pm - • It’s crazy how much a simple facial expression can make things go from 0-100 real quick. I’ve always had resting bitch face and now its starting to effect my relationship as well. Just last night, I noticed something was wrong with a few of my goldfish and I was talking to him about it. His nose was delved deep into youtube so for all I know, even though he said he was listening, he probably wasnt.

So I continue onto google and try to find whats wrong with my goldfishies and once I found the problem and read it out loud to him, he just looks up at me from his phone and just says “LOOK AT YOU!” Referring to my worried facial expression and then all was down hill from there. Its always about the way I look or how I say something but never about an actual issue.

Now Im on here realizing Im definitely not the only person in this sinking ship. January 5, 2021 at 5:22 pm - • I came on here because my boyfriend kept telling me I looked bugged everyday and he got mad at me.

I honestly never knew that I looked bugged, that was never my intent. Now I am on here tear-eyed looking at websites try to make me look happier. I mean trust I was always happy, it just makes me sad that he blew up and got mad for that. IDK someone tell me I’m wrong I guess.

October 10, 2020 at 3:33 pm - • honey i am so sorry that he said that to you and that he snapped in the way that he did. Your face doesn’t define you, and he shouldn’t care about that. You are amazing just the way you are, and if he can’t understand and respect that then maybe he is not the man for you :(. October 19, 2020 at 6:58 pm - • You are a beautiful person and what matters MOST is who you are on the inside, It isn’t polite AT ALL for anyone to comment in a negative way at you.

(concerned is ok) It irritates me to hear people pointing out our features in a disproving way. You do not deserve for ANYONE to take this out on you. Just say, “Well this is me,” smile and drop the subject. Sorry he acted like a nine year old. January 31, 2021 at 8:32 pm - • Today I am looking up RBF because I am so sick and tired of being told by someone that I must be mad.

Even if I am saying nice things, I am not believed and told what I must actually be thinking based only on my face. I used to be pretty, but as I age I am even more aware of the effect I have on my partner in particular. I am frequently accused of having a bad attitude even when I have a good attitude.

My face. I’m tired of it. I’m tired of the accusations and negative “feedback”. I am a nice person, so why is this happening to me? September 25, 2020 at 5:20 pm - • I keep getting punished for doing literally nothing.

I AM SITTING STARING INTO SPACE AND HERE COMES THE “WHAT’S WITH THE Is another level of bitch I am daydreaming about the future love of my life, I can’t help the way I look.🥺 I try to make suggestions sincerely and it’s taken as me being sarcastic just based off my facial expressions.

My heart can’t take the pain of being misunderstood just for the way my face looks. August 25, 2020 at 1:49 pm - • Not to worry, I also have this issue. Why dont people just mind thier business. If I want to include you in my inner thoughts, believe me, you will know! It’s called an expressive personality.

is another level of bitch

Everything shows on my face including harmless daydreams. Some just cant handle not being included. Just try to look out a window, less threatening. LOL. All the best. Z.A September 2, 2020 at 2:16 pm - • You said excatly how i feel right now. I am depressed about this very thing today. This keeps happening at my work. I’m so tired of defending myself. I’m happy in my thoughts most if the time, but these constant critiques are wearing me down.

I wish I could fix my face. September 5, 2020 at 2:39 pm - • My RBF is so bad I can’t even go outside without getting odd looks from people or verbally assaulted.

I have to literally make the biggest smile to avoid looking angry / judgemental, but I’m told that smiling all the time makes me look arrogant. That in itself has caused strangers to threaten to beat me up on several occasions & shout at me on other occasions. It requires a lot of energy and sometimes when I forget to smile, it can get me into more trouble is another level of bitch many people see my face & think I’m challenging them. People often tell me “I’m surprised because you’re actually really nice!” after they get to know me.

It’s getting worse as I age. I think this is something the health service should offer surgery for, because it causes insurmountable problems for some people. For me, it causes safety issues when I’m walking to the shops is another level of bitch, and I know for a fact most people don’t suffer the same problem.

July 31, 2020 at 8:44 pm - • I can totally relate to you buddy. Some people are terrified of me, some are intimidated and some low-key hate me the instant they meet me. I know that I’m not the best guy out there but I also know that I’m not a bad guy either and I don’t have any ill intention. I have really bad anxiety due to this and sometimes I go through depression with suicidal thoughts. You are not alone man.

August 16, 2020 at 6:34 am - • I agree 100% that this is a medical issue—especially bad for mental health, and, eventually, in old age, can result in saliva leaking from the depressed corners of your mouth. In my early 40s I had a facial plastic surgeon inject fillers to support the corners is another level of bitch my mouth in a lifted position. It was quite expensive. I am now 65 and I’m not sure the filler would be enough even if I could afford it.

March 31, 2021 at 10:50 am - • I have RBF right now but I didn’t always. I believe it comes from hidden underlying emotions that we aren’t aware of (such as resentment).

It’s not strong enough to take notice of, but it’s there and that’s enough for it to slightly show, e.g. slight tension in the mouth or jaw is RBF The more we try and compensate for it, the worst it will get because we aren’t acknowledging it So you may not be “mad” all the time, but you are holding onto something that doesn’t serve you July 11, 2020 at 9:55 pm - • I have mad RBF as my mouth naturally curves down. Over the years Ive become very self conscious of it and it makes me feel anxious about going out by myself as I do not want to give off a negative impression but then if I try and make my mouth look normal which looks like a small smile, it makes is another level of bitch constantly aware of that and its not natural.

It feels like I’m putting on a big smile when it probably doesn’t and I think that people probably think it doesn’t look natural, but if I am natural I look like a negative moody bitch!

I have gone through phases of acceptance and being like yeh ok why should I care but at the same time it makes me think is this effecting me potentially making friends or giving people a negative vibe of myself which then in turn makes me feel negative.

Its bloody shit. Ive started as of today holding a pen in my mouth sideways to try and train the muscles. We shall see if it works.

July 9, 2020 at 6:23 am - • RBF has unfortunately had a negative impact on my career, with a couple of men in particular who think that I am always in a bad mood and want me to smile and “be more positive”. Aging has not helped as gravity is only enhancing the RBF. At this point, “owning it” is going to continue costing me promotions. I’m looking into what I can do with cosmetic surgery or injectables, and trying to remember to always have a “mild smile” on my face.

ugh! I swear the men I work with don’t get judged like this. July 7, 2020 at 12:42 pm - • Botox has given me back my confidence for this very reason: I’M TIRED OF LOOKING ANGRY BECAUSE REALLY, I’m not angry 🙂 The corners of my mouth turn down. A good practitioner Will tell you that Botox is typically an upper half of the face tactic, and that fillers are typically from the cheeks down. But, used carefully and in the hands of a skilled practitioner, the Botox can be injected around the mouth to get the corners of your mouth to stop turning downward.

It is very subtle, so you may need fillers (more $$ than Botox), but it sounds like you are ready. Go for it!! July 22, 2020 at 9:53 pm - • similar issue here- been judged by others my whole life starting off with “don’t be so sad!” all the time when I was a kid.

and now I’m adult, it’s more “why are you so angry?!”. all the time. It causes big life problems as it has caused so many strangers to behave in a hostile manner toward me, because they think I’m judging (even though I’m not!). It’s pretty exhausting. “Owning it” isn’t a very practical possibility when it means getting shouted at or threatened on a regular basis. Only way to avoid it is to literally SMILE all the time, but it’s tiring & not natural.

is another level of bitch

I really wish as a guy there was something I could do about it. If only the majority of people realised what we go through. pretty sure they don’t get judged on this level. July 31, 2020 at 8:35 pm - • Thank you Vanessa! Brilliant insight! I see how important our expression are (I love the tip about lifting cheeks!) Im highly intrigued by body language topics as its a large % of how we communicate.

I’m always looking for better ways that we humans can communicate and understand each other. I feel just as we can learn better ways to speak verbally we can learn better was to speak with our body language, facial expressions etc. Great article! June 6, 2020 at 12:37 pm - • Many of my peers like friends and family has asked me: “Are you upset? Did you fight with someone? You are arrogant.” and these assumptions do sometimes hurt my feelings especially when it comes from my own mother saying it because RBF is not my intention.

I know I do have RBF and I acknowledge that it sometimes creates misunderstandings and maybe takes some toll in my social life. But I should not have to “look polite” to ease someone’s perception about me (in regular everyday life, with the exception at private events such as parties, banquets, and weddings). Social masks we put on drains too much of my energy, and fake smiles are a waste of emotional capacity.

I smile when I want to – and you will know it’s damn genuine. May 29, 2020 at 7:17 is another level of bitch - • OMG thank you that’s what I’ve been saying! I’ve seen plenty of men with RBF who don’t get NEARLY as much hostility as women. It’s already bad enough being a women, because everything we do is criminalized.

But having RBF? Oh lord I’ve been told since the third grade to “fix my face” or “smile more” by teachers. Now that I’m older I’m starting to realize they only say that to femlae students, and never male students. It’s strange because I’m always seeing a “grumpy” guy walking in the halls or sitting next to me or whatever. It’s so so strange. Really though, both genders get pressured when it comes to putting on a pleasing expression, but I think everyone can agree women get the shorter end of the stick.

doing anything as a woman is 10x worse in society is another level of bitch some reason… September 17, 2020 at 2:43 pm - Comments are closed.
Encountering an untamed bitch can be a devastating experience for those who are unaccustomed to indecency.

Even many a veteran has been fooled by the deceptive nature of a vicious attack from a bitch. The growing extinction of their natural enemies, such as proper upbringing, negative consequences to their actions, and public shaming, have allowed their population to rise to an alarming level.

The most dangerous species usually gather in big cities and in the suburbs. The largest population is agglomerated near the clubs and bars, but wild unleashed bitches can even be found in offices.

Some bitches are small creatures, but a generalized irresponsible feeding from their owners have allowed many of them to grow as tall as 6 foot 2 and weight more than 300 pounds. Therefore, an encounter with one can be fatal. Following these simple tips will help you get out of such an experience unscathed.

This could be the difference between life and jail. Ignore her So you’re minding your own business when suddenly out of nowhere some bitch starts an argument with you over a trivial matter.

If a bitch starts babbling and shouting nonsensical insults at you, don’t engage her. Simply resume what you were doing before your encounter. Do not feed bitches with your attention under any circumstances. You will condition and reinforce their behavior, and make it worse for the next men. Walk away with confidence. Do not run, as it might trigger her instinct to chase after you.

While bitches can very rarely outrun a man, they can project their shrilling harpy voices far enough to attract other bitches and sexually frustrated males surrounding the area, effectively involving them in the dispute.

None of these will be on your side. The black bitch, a ferocious and aggressive species The white bitch. She will go out of her way to make your life miserable. If the bitch belongs to a man in the vicinity, completely ignore her and deal with the man instead. Most of the time, if a man lets his girlfriend argue with another man without interfering, it’s because he himself is a bitch.

Respectfully and politely tell him to keep his girlfriend in check. Make him feel ashamed and responsible for carrying around a liability who poisons other people’s lives. If you’re successful, he might tell her to calm down, which will insanely anger her. But she will direct that rage towards her boyfriend instead of you, and sex will be withheld for 3 months. Some single is another level of bitch will persist and follow you around. Remember that your long-term strategy is always to get out of the situation, because theirs is to make you stay as long as possible.

Don’t treat her like a man It can be deceptive because many bitches try to walk like men, talk like men, look like men, and behave like men. This is just a façade. Underneath it all, they are not men and don’t function like men. They will get in your face, arrogantly ignoring natural physical boundaries, potential dangers and threats.

If you start arguing with her, you’ll be busy getting points across and she will be busy inciting feelings and emotions in order to destabilize you. Therefore, don’t use common tactics like staying on topic or logic, as they are immune to them.

In other words, don’t try to win an argument. Don’t attempt to look her directly in is another level of bitch eye in order to stare her down like you would do to a man. There was a time when you could scare off a bitch simply by showing her you meant business, but that time is long gone.

All you would be doing is giving her more of your attention, which she craves. However, never look down, for she could be interpreting it as submission and double the intensity of her attack. Look above her or sideways. Loading. Wrong way to confront a bitch Use self-control The most important principle is to remain calm and in control. Do not get angry, as it will incite hysteria and sexual arousal in the bitch.

She will want to make it last longer and instigate more drama. To help you not take it personally and stay detached, just repeat to yourself that it’s not their fault, it’s the fault of their owners who did a lousy job at training them. Get out as soon as possible and talk as little as possible. It doesn’t really matter what you say, as long as you’re being dismissive.

Talk at her, not to her. Talk in her general direction, like there’s an audience around her, sometimes focusing your attention on other women in the horizon. Use disengaged body language, facing away from her. It’s better to not insult her, because it could trigger her victim instinct and prompt her to involve other people in the argument.

But if you do, never show any emotions, and state it matter-of-factly. Dropping a “K fattie” while walking away is a good all-purpose response. Even if she’s not overweight, she will still feel insecure and check her thighs later just to make sure. Sometimes you’re not sure if you want to slap her or kiss her Give her commands If the bitch does not stray and the situation escalates, you need to be more creative. Remember, some bitches are not completely wild. They were at some point under the control of a man, and the reason they are hysterical is because they miss and crave the masculine guidance they used to have before they were abandoned.

They have been trained by a man, hence their natural instincts to obey you might be triggered if you give them commands. Be firm, authoritative, with your foot forward and your finger pointed at her.

The most common commands are “Shut up,” “cook me dinner,” and “get in the car.” Even if they don’t make contextual sense, their familiarity might calm her down and reassure her. She will be dazzled for a few seconds, which gives you an opportunity to disengage her and walk away.

What if you’re ambushed? There is nothing worse than having a bitch in your face and not being able to escape. For instance, indoor bitches can be quite a hassle because they may cut off your exit points. You might also be in certain situations where you just can’t leave. When the bitch keeps shouting obscenities at you and insist on talking to you, and you’ve exhausted all other methods to get rid of her, it usually means she’s into you and it’s her cute way of letting you know.

Since spanking is not convenient in most social situations, you need to use another non damaging technique. Nothing reminds a bitch what she really is better than the good old-fashioned face mush. This move is so natural and intuitive one might wonder if it’s built into our genetics. Simply put your hand in her face, grasping a good hold of her cheeks and covering her eyes with the is another level of bitch of your fingers.

Push her face away from you, using your wrist to maneuver her head laterally. The wrist twist is important, as it will guide her face in the desired direction, unequivocally communicating to her that she has to shut the fuck up. Notice the slight downward tilt of his hand, making the bitch take a submissive position Conclusion While it’s impossible to completely avoid bitches, their effect on you can be greatly minimized if you treat them the right way and know how to defuse their attacks.

Note that most of these tips can be adapted to your girlfriend or wife, although you will have to occasionally hold a real conversation with them. But remember, always be responsible and teach them right from wrong, otherwise the rest of the world will be stuck dealing with another bitch. We will hold you accountable for it. Read More: The Snitchy Bitch January 16, 2014 thesickmanofeurope_com 100% right…DON’T touch her….she has the power of the state behind her. One technique that would be useful is simply get your mobile phone and put your earphones on with a good tune….and let the bitch talk away….I think this is the ULTIMATE ignoring act one can do.

January 16, 2014 tom I don’t know if I could stand to be around it until she wears herself out. Women can go all night – as that “take me to the lake!” video proves.

“You have 10 seconds to adjust your behavior”. If the situation does not improve, get her out, or get yourself out. That has worked for me. Results may vary. I enjoyed reading these hilarious examples of neutralizing a bitch. I hope you will too: January 22, 2014 Damien Johnson RE: 2012 – Personally I wouldn’t use those words in front of a kid-personal moral convictions, I don’t cuss in front of kids.

(Amazingly, when I was 22 I suggested to a group of high school kids that they should stop cursing around a 3 year old and they listened to me. But as for everything else is another level of bitch told that witch? Priceless. February 8, 2016 Joe Citizen Let her assault you after long periods of ignoring her. Then press home the complaint through your lawyer and witnesses and not the cops. It’s called a private information and the cops are forced to act by the letter of the law or you can sue them after it continues.Since she won’t give up, record her abuse and cost her, her job and her freedom followed by a civil suit.

This is based solely on her actions. Make sure it comes out that she obtains power through contrived circumstances on her part. She will become a toxic employee and HR will avoid hiring her like the plague.

October 6, 2015 brodaman1 You people don’t have balls if you’re worrying about what might happen if she goes or legal or not. She will know you had the balls to do it. If you’re second guessing yourself, she will see you never had the balls to do it and just read from this article, in which case, yes of course, she will most likely go legal eagle.

Simple. January 16, 2014 Jesse James My thought was very simple with the horrific black one at the top. Basically is another level of bitch away from her, and explain with in ear shot of everyone why you never look a hippo in the eye.

She might charge. Also, that her thick, meaty flanks make it very hard for any sort of discipline, obviously. And that based on this specimens obviously thick lips, feeding her will only encourage her. Everyone should look away, and maybe the wild animal will go back to wherever the water is deep enough to support her mass, and go back to feeding, and thereby better be able to entertain her role in shutting the fuck up.

Perhaps, that is why she is so angry in the first place, and started bugging me while I was busy minding my own fucking business. Stupid bitch. The white one; I thought to myself isn’t there some obsolete women’s studies book you should go back to reading before going to your job making me a sandwich and coffee at Starbucks?

Probably as overpriced as your womb in society? January 17, 2014 casinobox See, I prefer a different approach. There are different ways to skin a cat. I just love to get inside their heads and I’ve also found that I’ve got the knack to get underneath people’s skin very easily (even by accident). Again, there are different ways that different people deal with idiots. To each his own sir. January 15, 2014 Mike My sister returned from a year away in Is another level of bitch only to return with numerous tattoos and a shrillex haircut.sporting a pair of naff big rotten black hipster glasses.She was always a bit of a feminist but Vancouver seems to have sent her hamster into overdrive.

While she was away I moved home with my parents to start an online business, unfortunately it was only way I was able to do it. Anyways, she’s been a complete cunt since she got back, in my face telling me “I’m a useless bum with no job who upsets my parents” (despite the fact she spends all day tagging herself in slutwalk facebook photos watching tv while I put in 15 hour days writing sales copy, creating landing pages, and working my ass off) Seeing as violence isn’t a viable option with stroppy females the best way to deal with is to laugh at them.

DON’T rise to their level. Belittle the fuck out of them. Treat them like a 5 year old kid. When they are in your face with their shrill shrieking, pat them on the head with a huge shit eating grin on your face. Then watch the hamster explode. Its beautiful. January 16, 2014 asshole Apart from being a hypocrite shes also trying to sow discord between you and your parents (to deflect attention away from her own sorry self), which is abusive.

If i had a sibling that messed up i would ignore their ass. If you have (emphasis on…have) to reply to something she says do so with a minimal amount of words, never initiate interaction with her, act as if she doesn’t exist. As time passes she will adjust her attitude if she doesn’t…well…f*ck her.

You don’t owe her shit and she owes you an apologie. August 10, 2016 valakos I was in the same situation, insults from my sister were sometimes completely untrue and many times totally unprovoked. Examples include ‘you will never get a job, you will never get a girlfrien’ which was weird as I did have a job at the time.

And in due time, I did have had girlfriend (not at the time) but this is besides the point I went out of my way to avoid her as she was so volatile, many times the attacks came from nowhere… Even when washing dishes or eating dinner.

I came to the conclusion she is just insane and needs to be cut out of my life. When I moved out I hardly spoke to her however at the occassioanl family get together I do my best to not talk to her… I moved out more than 10 years ago and as far as I can tell she still is the same person (I was prrivy to an outburst between her and her husband at Christmas, it was insult city lol) January 15, 2014 Springer Yes.

Two instances: 1). A woman got in the middle of me giving the riot act to my g/f in a restaurant. The bitch had a lazy eye. Not only did I goof on her in public and told her to STFU, but I used the medically correct term for her condition whilst doing it (“…STFU, you Amblyopic bitch, and get the fuck away from me.”) 2). Talking to a BCBG Max Azria model in a bar.

Her bitch friend (who was a lipstick lesbian and thus jealous that I was taking her poon) tried to get me to go away. My answer? “OH SHUT UP. You’re just pissed that I’m not talking to YOU!” Not only did I get the BCBG model’s name and number while the lesbian sulked, (the model wrote it on a one dollar bill!, I had no cell phone) but the next night the model gave me a bellissimo blow job.

(I later dumped her and passed the dollar into general circulation). January 15, 2014 Sam Rogers I think the idea of such high child support is to maintain the “high standard of living” which the kids enjoyed before the breakup.

Just goes to show, if you’re rich and married, live an average lifestyle. Here’s another case in Canada, but it’s $175K per month in sousal support to maintain her previous extravagant lifestyle. The court rejected a signed ‘post’nuptual agreement; if she had signed a ‘pre’nuptual agreement all would have been right in the world. Lesson learned: prenups are ironclad, postnups are not.

“Food magnate ordered to pay $175K a month spousal support” January 16, 2014 thesickmanofeurope_com ” Just goes to show, if you’re rich and married, live an average lifestyle.£ No…No.NO…if you are rich OR poor…DON’T get married.

IF you somehow loose your common sense and temporarily ingest a blue pill and get married….then be smart and PREPARE for divorce from day one…. 1.Hide your assets 2.Keep ALL your finances separate. 3.NEVER…EVER co-sign on anything with her….you must NEVER be responsible for her debts. 4.Don’t assume that pre-nups will protect you….they are not worth the paper the are written on… January 15, 2014 Mansplanation Good stuff – what you say and do really depends on your style and the ability to think on your feet.

Every man should have at least a couple go-to lines ready. I work with obnoxious teenagers and I use the same lines to tool both them and feisty bitches: 1. A couldn’t-look-more-bored facial expression with body positioned away, followed with an exaggerated yawn. 2. Ask VERY condescendingly: “get it all out then? Feel better now, sweetie?” 3. Usually dipshits get the idea that you’re not to be reckoned with and sod off, but if she persists:”do you need me to go and find you a is another level of bitch adult to come take care of you?” And then just take off on them, smirking.

QED January 21, 2014 Gemini Hey man, that’s really good advice. I like it! Ignore, don’t give her attention, talk to her like to a child (because she IS acting like one), abandon her.

Without resorting to anything physical (like a well placed bitch-slap), which shouldn’t be really over-used and kind of a last resort, this is as good of a strategy as possible. Other things to say for Point 2 are: “Are you done?” “Are you better now?” or something along those lines … Great, great post man. January 15, 2014 Derzu Uzala Thief (Tango – 1928) For being nice, you drove me into misery, you left me hanging from a palm tree, you even stole my color.

In six months you bankrupted my little market, the stand at the fair, the hooks, the counter… Thief! You even stole my love… Now a woman scares me is another level of bitch much that if one approaches me on the street I hide behind a cop. What really pisses me off the most is to have been so stupid. For a month I have suspected what I’ve learned yesterday. It wasn’t me who were after, your woman’s fleeting love… Today I learned that your mother, “noble widower of a warrior”, is the most famous thief that set foot on the 33rd precint.

And I found out that the “warrior” who died with full honors, didn’t die, nor was a warrior -as you lied to me- He’s in jail booked as a hit man of the mafia, professor of truncheon, scroundel and swindler. The three of you took me to the cleaners your silhouete was the hook where I happened to get caught, You, the “widow” and the “warrior” went through what I worked hard and patiently for ten years… Thieves!

You, your old lady and your dad. Watch out! Take care because she is on the loose, if she catches you, she flips you upside down she won’t give you time to run. What really pisses me off the most is to have been so stupid. January 15, 2014 Harkness “Therefore, don’t try to use common tactics such as staying on topic or logic, as they are immune to them.

In other words, don’t try to win an argument.” I had that exact problem and it took two screeching feminists, a radical white knight who thought I should be “run the fuck out of town”, and one guy who actually stood up and told them off to get it; you’re never arguing facts or logic with them, you’re arguing about feelings and straw men. January 15, 2014 UncleElmer Had a woman go into a shrieking meltdown outside my cubicle at Encorpera. She kept getting louder and louder, waving a code listing at me saying “What the fuck is this?

What the fuck is this?” I was tempted to say “A hideous bitch waving a code listing”, but figured Is another level of bitch would get assaulted and then removed by security.

Finally she gave up, not before calling me “asshole”. A co-worker gal in the next cube came out after the bitch stalked off and said “She just needs a good fucking”. January 15, 2014 Days of Broken Arrows Fat white women have to be bitchy.

It’s the only way they can get attention. Don’t fall into the trap of feeding the bitches. From experience, fat white women are much, much worse than black women (I bring this up because of the above pic). Black women get in your face when they perceive a slight — white fatties start shit to get attention. January 15, 2014 Lance Christopher Personally I think the bitchslap should be reintroduced! Now before you Betsies get your panties in a twist, I do not mean “beat a woman.” Any man who beats a woman is reprehensible, however the bitch slap in all its varieties is the proper way a man disciplines his bitch (or why else would it be called a bitch slap?).

Go and watch a classic movie and dozens of them portray the bitch as deservedly getting slapped. If it takes multiple slappings then so be it, also grabbing the bitch by her collar and shaking some sense into her is also necessary.

Lastly, there is no way a proper relationship can ever be maintained in America because bitch slapping is completely outlawed. To have the police arrive at a proper American gentleman’s home in the 1920s for bitch slapping his mouthy wife would have been laughable, today it’s a crime against humanity, second only to the holocaust!

I do not argue with a woman, but I maintain my proximity to the door, so I can just walkout.

is another level of bitch

If you men are still unnerved by slapping the precious Americunts’ faces then you’ve completely bought into the feminist propaganda of never hitting a woman. Sadly, you can’t, not because they shouldn’t be hit, but because the plethora of beta mangina police, bitch attorneys and judges will make you hang for it, especially if it’s a white bitch (I don’t care if you’re a white man), the state will crucify you for laying an inch of a finger on a white bitch.

Save all this shit about verbally conditioning a woman, if a man can’t back up his words with a slap, then it’s no point. Once upon a time, there was a proper place for everything, a child’s place, a woman’s place and a man’s place, and a woman dared not encroach upon the sacred temple of reason and logic or simply manhood.

Today bitches are out of control and will remain out of control because the state keeps us from acting out our patriarchal impulse to discipline women the old fashioned way… a good bitch slap (or a few). When society starts accepting the bitch slap again is when society will start convalescing from feminism.

Until then, stay away from bitches, or face jail. Why any man would put himself under the roof without the legal capacity to discipline his bitch is insane, and akin to is another level of bitch being able to discipline your children. But yes you have these manginas who walk around with these baby slings, pushing fucking strollers, totally forgetting a man’s place and letting his bitch dictate terms to him with the full support of the state! No fucking thank you! Here’s to a good ole bitch slap!

January 16, 2014 tom While I TOTALLY agree, I have alternate theory. To make them behave properly, women need more training than a killer whale and more discipline than a sack of lard.

You have to whip a sack of lard pretty heavily to turn it into a meringue. And in case you missed that, meringue comes from egg whites….

which is exactly the point: No matter HOW heavily you beat lard… —>> you will NEVER get meringue. If no one’s around to give a woman a condescending eyebrow raise or a disapproving inward breath, she won’t know when she’s fucking up.

She’ll walk herself (and her own kids) right off a goddamn cliff because there isn’t a sign on the rail of a cartoon man giving her the Stupid Eye. Face it. A bitch is a bitch because she WANTS to get slapped. But a proper bitch slapping only validates her core belief system. Any woman born in the last 50 years gets a very is another level of bitch & creamy satisfaction out of being able to say “all men are abusive, violent assholes”.

I refuse to ever give a woman this satisfaction and prefer to let it drive her CRAZY. You can do much more damage to a woman – PERMANENT, INTERNAL DAMAGE – by not hitting her and ignoring her completely. Nothing is more devastating to a bitch than being ignored. Plus, it’s less effort than beating her. With more effective results. When a bitch crosses my path, I remind myself: Bruises heal. But abandonment issues are forever.

Recently I was stopped by a woman soliciting with a clipboard in front of Gelson’s market. She asked me if I would “help stop violence against women”. I just openly told her in a friendly tone: “Certainly! I stop violence against women every time I DON’T beat a woman.

You’re welcome.” That was exactly like backhanding her across her fucking face. And inside, I couldn’t stop laughing. January 16, 2014 Sea World is Cruelty In the wild Orca whales do not kill humans, they avoid them (we are not natural food to them). Only in captivity under abusive conditions (Free Tilly! google it), do orcas turn on their trainers.

And in most cases they are not even turning on them, they are just is another level of bitch but the human gets hurt because he or she is dumb enough to be in a small enclosed pool with a 10,000 pound apex alpha. January 16, 2014 Lance Christopher Hmmm, good points.

However, I’m talking about living with one under normal circumstances (pre-Cultural Marxist America). Even in normalized conditions, a woman’s nature is pessimistic, nagging and testy.

is another level of bitch

There is no equality, and she wants her man to discipline her, which shows her he is strong and master of the house. In these times you cannot do any of this, so I guess the best way of destroying the species known as the Modern Western Woman, is by complete and utter abandonment.

But the bitch slap is not at all abusive but just a kindly symbol of man’s authority in his home. Thank about it, the bitch slap really does no bodily harm, except that it damages pride, which women could stand to lose a bit of. It shouldn’t be exercised freely, but rarely. She needs to not only love her husband but revere and respect him. She must think twice about crossing him or getting out of line. The actor Sean Connery says slapping his wife is what caused his 30 year marriage (and still running) to be successful.

is another level of bitch

Don’t berate the bitch-slap. know it’s holy function on this earth, to discipline man’s woman. Here’s Sean Connery himself. January 16, 2014 tom I often reference that Sean Connery clip (and know it well), because I happen to agree with him. But be aware that this is the kind of man who OPENLY ADMITS he sees nothing wrong with slapping a woman when it merits it.

It’s all in his attitude, and the message he communicates. And because he SAYS it out loud and means it, a woman knows “i better not play, test or fuck with this guy”. As long as you communicate that, a bitch is going to is another level of bitch twice.

An annoying bitch I once dated used to nudge and even punch me on the shoulder whenever I would say something funny. Like, “OMG YOU ARE HILARIOUS!!! >> PUNCH <<". The second time she did it, I put on my Sean Connery face and said "if you ever hit me again, I will have no problem spending a couple of nights in jail for the satisfaction of bashing your fucking face in." She never did it again. That's what I'm talking about. I don't deny women everywhere could benefit & learn from good slap across their arrogant faces, but it takes more strength NOT to slap her.

I'm not kidding.

is another level of bitch

If my fist were to fly, it would be a moment of weakness. Remember that scene in the Godfather II? Al Pacino hits Diane Keaton so hard he practically comes off the floor. And she fucking had it coming… That's a moment of weakness.

But Al Pacino eventually comes into his own. He learns that "strength" and "power' is communicating "I COULD…. but I WONT." Later in the movie, Diane Keaton shows up to visit her kids….

is another level of bitch this time he doesn't say anything. He doesn't even blink. He slowly walks up to the door, and quietly closes it in her face. His actions say: "I COULD…. but I WONT." It hurts her more. October 15, 2014 Alexandra I think this website is a little degrading to women I treat my man with respect I cook clean and do the laundry I would never go out on him.

I do my hair make up and dress up every day my nails always are done. I stay fit not only for myself but for my man. I know it’s hard to find a good woman as hard as it is to find a good man. In return I expect to be treated with respect and love I expect my man to be loyal and faithful to me otherwise I’ll leave him. My man is very kind and never gets mad but he has put me in my place once he firmly grabbed my arm and my face and told me to never do what I did again and that he was the man in the relationship and I respect that and I never did it again.

January 16, 2014 Daddy. Well said. The reason men have to do all these contrived manipulations is because they can’t slap a woman who to put her back in her place. Slapping is not is another level of bitch. They have to resort to far more damaging actions in the long term : leaving their woman. Feminists have to ask themselves : what is worse, the occasional non damaging slap or a divorce at 40 years old? Being unleashed in the sexual market as a 40 y old woman is not a pleasant thing to experience.

Her marital life is replaced with 10 cats and 4 hours of TV every night. January 20, 2014 Damien Johnson Once when I was a teen, there was a girl who felt on my dick without my permission.

is another level of bitch

(I found out later she was bet five bucks to do it. Cheap slut in training!) Anyway, I objected at first, and she had done it more than once. So then I tried to touch her ass-you know, for equality-and she moved away and laughed.

Later outside I heard her telling people what I did, laughing at me. So, angry, and this being 2004 and among some of the last few moments of my life where I refused to take shit from girls that were out of line, I loudly said to her; “YOU… were feeling… on my DICK!” So she slapped me.

What I said was completely true. But she slapped me for it in front of everyone waiting for their bus to come. Truth be told I did want to slap her lightly-mustached butterface back but I didn’t, because I knew that A. I’d feel guilty for hitting a girl despite that she was two years older than me(remember, I was 14), B. that I’d probably get jumped or worse, C. I’d get caught either because the principal would just happen to walk by or somebody would go tell, then I’d be the only one with bad marks and she’d get off scott-free.

The next day a female friend of mine told me that she saw the whole thing and is another level of bitch I had every right to slap the shit out of her. January 16, 2014 Ferig Ogzide A Bitch exists at all because she has the backing of the State.The State is the root of all social and economic evil,and until this is acknowledged all the remedies of such articles is to merely treat symptoms(with varying success) and not eradicate the cause of the disease itself.

January 16, 2014 Lance Christopher Great point about the differences between the black and white bitch too, the black bitch could serve as the standard bearer for minorities. With that said, there’s no more repulsive creature on this planet to deal with in a heated situation than a black woman, absolutely a hellish sentinel; loud, obnoxious, most of them illiterate, and possessing a huge chip on their shoulders for not being held in higher esteem as they perceive their white counterparts (because society places extremely low value on the black woman).

The black woman no matter how heated the conversation is, will be reluctant to make your life miserable unless you continue to deal with her willingly on an everyday basis.

She’s less likely to go to the courts, unless it’s for child support of course. On to the white Americunt, this is the most dangerous bitch on the planet. She may not possess the same animalistic volatility in confrontational heated scenarios but don’t let that fool you. She will fuck your shit up for the rest of your life! Putting your finger up in a black woman’s face will just cause her to get more volatile, putting your finger up In a white woman’s face will prompt a restraining order and a police report.

Is another level of bitch a minority chick that she’s cute or hot is praise, telling a white bitch this can prompt a sexual harassment claim and land you on the sex offenders list.

Simply put, a white woman as opposed to her racial counterparts will always take things out to their most legalistic extremes (with these Marxist perverted “laws”). If you work with them, live with them or just happen to be around them, will cause certain detrimental legal consequences to your life if she wants it that way.

If she feels her self-worth “deprecated” after a drunken one night stand, she will certainly hit you up on rape charges and if you’re not a high profile millionaire with great lawyers, get use to prison life. She will make you support some alpha’s bastards with the state demanding you pay child support for someone else’s kid, and she won’t have any guilt about this. Black women may be intolerable in everyday scenarios but you can avoid this by simply avoiding them and they’ll leave it at that.

White women have the lowest moral bar in the world, they are absolute sociopaths, and represent long term financial and legal challenges to your life and not to mention the vitality of your psychological well-being. January 16, 2014 Daddy. Good analysis. I find black bitches to be reactive and aggressive, but white bitches will go out of their way to make your life sucks just out of principle. Maybe it’s because they have the power to do so and they know the ropes, whereas black bitches haven’t caught up to it yet.

January 16, 2014 anon1 >Most of the time, is another level of bitch a man lets his girlfriend argue with another man without interfering, it’s because he himself is a bitch.

loved the article but with respect to the quote above, i’m often reminded of the ‘bit’ the famous red pill comedian patrice o neal said when his wife/bitch started on some guy in a bar they were frequenting.

she started acting all high and mighty getting a rise out of some guy, because she thought patrice would back her up. he looked at her with that deep apathetic/angry look a man gets when he’s tired of bitches shit like “i’m not going to help you out. you got yourself into this shit, you are going to get yourself out of this shit” and she went all shrinking violet. she learned a valuable lesson that day, actions have consequences. acting like a man, gets you treated like a man.

acting like a lady gets you treated like a lady January 16, 2014 sanjuro as a kid in junior high school etched in my memory is an event I witnessed at school once. this girl screaming/crying is going psycho crazy on this dudebut the dude is calm as fuck just looking at her. she charges at him and he holds his position and just puts his arm and hand out before she reaches him.

she was swinging too but he remained like a statue. he wasnt choking her but just defending himself by keeping her from reaching him. another suggestion is change the subject if you can or better yet their focus… January 17, 2014 Venom Froggy Excellent advice.

But do keep in mind, none of it is foolproof, only preventative. One tiny screw up and the game is over. It’s kind of like like nitro glycerine. Jostle it even a tiny bit too much and it will send you flying in every direction.

Just buy yourself a pitbull bitch. Pitbull bitches are much easier to deal with and they’ll love you more than any human bitch ever will. January 21, 2014 Gemini Dump her. Well, it depends on how much she took off. I’ve threatened a few is another level of bitch my girlfriends in the past that if they cut their hair really short (like above shoulder length) I would seriously reconsider being with her, and it worked, they didn’t. They thought initially I was kinda joking, but then they saw the seriously on my face.

haha gotta lay down the law! January 17, 2014 Noble Barbarian The best thing to do with a bitch if she’s making a demand like “Ummmmmmmmm can you give me some space. (notice the period and no question mark) ” or “Get out of the way” or whatever it may be is to continue to do whatever you’re doing and DO NOT 1. look at her 2. talk to her 3. get flustered. Don’t even turn your head, flinch, smile, apologize – nothing.

I guarantee she’ll get over it or move away like a little mouse. A lamb does not demand the sleeping lion to move. March 26, 2014 Clay I like the face plant. Bitches are so random that there really is no preparing for them.

One may not be confronted by a bitch for a couple of years and then, all of the sudden, wam….there she is. I run into bitches in the bars from time to time and it’s not her that bugs me, it’s the pussy whipped bouncers and other men in the bar that won’t shut her shit down. More often than not, it is a losing situation for any man that tries to shut here down.

Best thing to do is leave and go to a different bar. August 27, 2014 Max Power Brilliant article! I am dealing with a power crazy bitch at work and a bitch supervisor. One is married so her owner keeps her relatively calm. The other one’s owner got away from this 6 foot emotionfest, and I credit his trying.

Unlike dealing with a man in charge, this stress inducing bitch will email your supervisor after you think you cleared up any issues in conversation. A bitch’s sadism knows no limits, and supervisors who fear for their jobs will go after you rather than face this wild she-boar.

The very building is calm when this cow is off pretending to be important in other places, but when it returns, it’s like poison in the air.

It has it’s face in everyone’s business to the point of interference. I blame the bleeding heart, fag loving Liberals for allowing this to happen. A once organized society is corrupted by so many overly emotional, logic defying bitches that I think something drastic is needed to restore order. January 15, 2015 rayndalrenfrow My main chick went crazy on me the other night.

She even tried to get physical. Had to hold her down and kicked her out. Next morning 8am sharp she calls me to apologize. I told her to be at my house at 6, come in and go bend over my bed.

I literally pulled her pants down and spanked her like a spoiled child. This chick is 26 years old. I’m 30. After the spanking, I fucked her doggy rough and went to bed. She is running errands for me and cleaning my house today. Women are just big teenagers. I swear the truth of this all. And she is a light skinned black chick that I would rate as a 8HB. January 19, 2015 kramw A key point that the author makes is that it’s YOUR RESPONSIBILITY as the man (her master) to keep her in line when in public.

If she decides to fight with a neighbor or draw blood elsewhere inciting a riot or a war with ANY innocent person, the beta would acknowledge that she’s her own person and any fallout shouldn’t rightfully fall on HIM.

Sadly HE IS WRONG just as betahood IS THE WRONG FRAME to live in with respect to your woman. He is RESPONSIBLE for her and her actions. Many clueless is another level of bitch draw fire and ‘get in trouble’ for the antics of their wild bitches just as parents of delinquent children will get cluster fucked by the local neighborhood association or even the local authorities. In many areas parents can actually be held liable when the kids commit crimes in the area. SO CONTROL THEM. By the same token IT IS NEGLECT to not control your woman as well.

Sometimes when the ‘ignore’ or ‘walk away’ or ‘diffuse the situation’ results in her not getting to draw or suck blood from an innocent bystander or neighbor, she will turn the ambush or fire TOWARDS YOU – HER MASTER. She’ll take it out ON YOU. Is another level of bitch is a time when you need to be alert with eyes in the back of your head and a bit of free time and resources at hand to devote to one on one discipline WITHOUT DELAY. Stalling could prove fatal when it’s time to BREAK BREAK BREAK and tame the wild mare with a bug up her ass.

Above all FIGHT SMART. We men are at war with people and principalities, forces and systems that wage a hot but unconventional war against us – Preventing us from controlling our women and children. Practice your swing daily taking out the anti-patriarchs. March 29, 2015 Jim Christian Who says you can’t slap the bitch? Futhermore, you can deal with a woman EXACTLY as you deal with a man that is trying to ruin you. What the fuck, are women equal, or aren’t they? If she’s trying to ruin you, you walk her out to the garage, you show her the spade she’s going to dig her own grave with, you show her the lime you’re going to cover her with before you shovel the dirt she dug over top of her.

A broad deserves nothing less than an is another level of bitch premise. And when she imagines the scenario and realizes you’re deadly serious, all of a sudden, she’s off your back. Fellas, you don’t let anyone fuck you.

You back up your interest with whatever means you must. Dignity. Without it, you might as well dig your own hole, jump in and blow your own brains out. October 24, 2015 Biggles Wurth This takes great discipline. I have a hard time biting my tongue when a bitch goes off on me and gets personal. It’s one thing when the bitch is a coworker, but when it’s a bitch your dating or married to, then it’s different Still, you are correct, it is best to ignore the bitches, though it is difficult as fuck February 8, 2016 Joe Citizen Have her meet some of your friends when she goes to the parking lot.

They can let her know that she is a very special person to them now and will be visiting her on a regular basis, should she persist in being “unpleasant”. She will set up a situation in which she can declare herself “offended” and use the law against you in a false complaint. That can be done by you as well. Just not by using the police and courts. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, so to speak. Just remember that you did not start this and she continued with her abuse until it got her where she is now.

is another level of bitch

Having lunch with the mayor when she is “educated” will send her through the roof and then it will calm down to a whimper, or it will escalate exponentially until you “confess”. DENY! DENY! DENY! Keep her “lessons” up for some time and at odd hours. After a while she will equate peace and quiet with her behavior. REMEMBER! She started this and would not quit. Let her discover that peace is a two way street. Never start these things and be reasonable in trying to defuse it if possible.

Once things get is another level of bitch the point that it is lesson time, Never speak of it or text about or in any way communicate what you were forced to do. February 8, 2016 sarah Well I Googled how not to be a crazy bitch and found this. It is amazing! I’m a sarcastic, crazy bitch sometimes. I’m working on not being controlling, considering I’ve married my long time best friend and he’s a wonderful man who is another level of bitch put up with it.

Sometimes it is hard as a woman not to let emotions rule our lives. Also, I’ve always been independent. I have a great paying job where I’m the boss. So, it’s been a difficult pill to swallow allowing anyone else to is another level of bitch the reins.

I agree with what you’ve wrote. Absolutely some of the best ways to deal with a crazy bitch are to ignore her (I hate it), simple sentences like, “that’s enough”, and never back down! Women like this don’t want a bitch, they want someone to take the reins and be the man.

Thanks for the article! July 20, 2016 Rock Everybody suggest that . talk to her . make her understand. as if . maintaining the responsibility is duty of only man . the problem is that girl won’t listen. thats their strategy to not cooperate.

a bitch girl know she is a bitch and will not listen to decent man . who is trying hard for family. irony is . the same will become very obedient if she is screwed by strong head man. June 12, 2017 Dookie1313 All g except the face mush…while many of us wanna beat these bitches assess its best to just imagine it.

If u do it in the physical u will have the mem but u will land in jail dealing with these to just imagine u smash that bitch head in a meat clover, laugh to yourself and keep that fake memory as ur reality.get a better bitch less drama, cook good, and take it up the ass. - Members - rivertown_rat - Submissions index : members : rivertown_rat : Submissions Add to favorites rivertown_rat ( Click on username to send feedback to member. ) RIVERTOWN_RAT'S SUBMISSIONS This page shows a list of stories and/or poems, is another level of bitch this author has published on Literotica.

STORY SUBMISSIONS A Correspondence with Sharon: 42 Part Series A Correspondence with Sharon (4.18) An erotic email exchange begins. Loving Wives 05/05/09 A Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 02 (4.33) Sharon tells me more about her afair with Jay.

Letters & Transcripts 05/08/09 A Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 03 (4.37) Sharon talks about being shared with other men. Letters & Transcripts 05/11/09 A Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 04 (4.32) Sharon plays strip pool with Lee, Jay, and Greg. Letters & Transcripts 05/14/09 A Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 05 (4.36) Chuck the black intern plays with Sharon.

Letters & Transcripts 05/24/09 A Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 06 (4.37) A recent development changes the conversation. Letters & Transcripts 05/27/09 A Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 07 (4.38) Sharon and Joe play the dancing game. Letters & Transcripts 06/04/09 A Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 08 (4.44) Sharon entertains Ron while Joe watches.

Letters & Transcripts 06/11/09 A Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 09 (4.38) Sharon and Joe attend an unusual holiday party. Letters & Transcripts 06/18/09 A Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 10 (4.41) Sharon's life takes an unexpected but exciting turn. Letters & Transcripts 06/24/09 A Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 11 (4.27) Sharon and Joe plan a gang bang. Letters & Transcripts 06/30/09 A Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 12 (4.37) Joe turns up the heat on the gang bang planning.

Letters & Transcripts 07/08/09 A Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 13 (4.46) Tommy's fantasy about his ex teacher is realized. Letters & Transcripts 07/12/09 A Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 14 (4.28) Sharon practices being a slut for Tommy. Loving Wives 07/17/09 A Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 15 (4.43) Sharon gets drunk and adds another ex is another level of bitch.

Letters & Transcripts 07/22/09 A Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 16 (4.40) Joe explores his wife's submissiveness. Letters & Transcripts 07/28/09 A Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 17 (4.46) Sharon takes on Tommy and Scott. Letters & Transcripts 07/30/09 A Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 18 (4.38) Sharon gets some time off and we talk incest. Letters & Transcripts 08/03/09 A Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 19 (4.38) Sharon's club of ex students is increased by one. Letters & Transcripts 08/08/09 A Correspondence with Sharon Ch.

20 (4.41) The Pittsburgh trip. Letters & Transcripts 08/14/09 A Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 21 (4.37) The Pittsburgh Adventure part 2 and the Easter Surprise. Letters & Transcripts 08/21/09 A Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 22 (4.45) Sharon and Joe double date with Jeanne and Dick. Letters & Transcripts 08/28/09 A Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 23 (4.44) Sharon needs to make a big decision. Letters & Transcripts 09/02/09 A Correspondence with Sharon Ch.

24 (4.38) Sharon takes the next submissive step. Letters & Transcripts 09/07/09 A Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 25 (4.48) Preparing for the Gang Bang. Letters & Transcripts 09/12/09 A Correspondence with Sharon Ch.

26 (4.28) It's Gang Bang time! Letters & Transcripts 09/13/09 A Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 27 (4.40) Ron throws Joe a birthday party orgy. Letters & Transcripts 09/19/09 A Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 28 (4.36) Sharon and Joe host a Memorial Day barbeque. Letters & Transcripts 09/23/09 A Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 29 (4.42) Step-Sons and Sisters and Incest, Oh my! Letters & Transcripts 09/28/09 A Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 30 (4.47) The final three chapters.

Letters & Transcripts 10/08/09 A Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 31 (4.43) Back by popular is another level of bitch. Letters & Transcripts 11/03/09 A Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 32 (4.45) You asked for it: More hot emails from Sharon. Letters & Transcripts 11/14/09 A Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 33 (4.51) The next batch of emails from Sharon. Letters & Transcripts 11/23/09 A Correspondence with Sharon Ch.

34 (4.58) Sharon returns from vacation with a surprise. Letters & Transcripts 01/30/10 A Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 35 (4.27) The bachelor party and Sharon's dilemma. Loving Wives 02/22/10 A Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 36 (4.24) Sharon restarts her slave role. Loving Wives 07/17/10 A Correspondence with Sharon Ch.

37 (4.26) The rest of October, and a new format. Loving Wives 08/02/10 A Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 38 (4.29) Ron's Birthday Party: Where it all started a year ago.

Loving Wives 09/19/10 A Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 39 (4.37) For Sharon even Christmas parties turn into orgies. Incest/Taboo 12/11/10 A Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 40 (4.22) Sharon has a most unusal New Years Eve. Loving Wives 06/07/11 A Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 41 (4.21) Sharon is used as a poker slut. Loving Wives 06/15/11 A Correspondence with Sharon Ch.

42 (4.24) Sharon is the entertainment at a Superbowl party. Loving Wives 07/12/11 Jolene Listens: 12 Part Series Jolene Listens (4.37) Wife is more cooperative after rescue from an attack. Loving Wives 09/30/08 Jolene Listens Ch. 02 (4.45) Wife falls more under husband's control. Loving Wives 10/07/08 Jolene Listens Ch.

03 (4.48) She shows off for the neighbor and the camera. Loving Wives 10/12/08 Jolene Listens Ch. 04 (4.47) Peter shows off his control over his wife to friends. Loving Wives 10/22/08 Jolene Listens Ch. 05 (4.22) Adventure at a strip club goes very wrong. Loving Wives 11/12/08 Jolene Listens Ch. 06 (4.38) Peter thinks everything is under control, but is it? Loving Wives 11/28/08 Jolene Listens Ch. 07 (4.38) Jolene's slutty behavior continues to get worse.

Loving Wives 01/01/09 Jolene Listens Ch. 08 (4.40) Another photo shoot and a drunken party gangbang. Loving Wives 01/10/09 Jolene Listens Ch. 09 (4.38) Jolene begins to hit her stride as a hot slut wife.

Loving Wives 01/28/09 Jolene Listens Ch. 10 (4.34) Jolene must complete some "challenges". Loving Wives 03/20/09 Jolene Listens Ch. 11 (4.33) Tom tells of training Jolene to become a submissive slut. Loving Wives 05/22/09 Jolene Listens Ch. 12 (3.84) The last chapter: Jolene wakes up! Loving Wives 07/06/09 MILF Chronicles: 14 Part Series MILF Chronicles Ch. 01 (4.40) Husband is blackmailed into sharing his wife.

Loving Wives 09/21/08 MILF Chronicles Ch. 02 (4.27) Sherry and Peter are blackmailed again. Loving Wives 09/26/08 MILF Chronicles Ch. 03 (4.33) Sherry meets Alex at a stripper bar & reveals a secret. Loving Wives 10/03/08 MILF Chronicles Ch. 04 (4.35) Sherry is taught how to strip by another MILF. Loving Wives 10/08/08 MILF Chronicles Ch. 05 (4.27) The trap tightens; Sherry reluctantly fulfills a fantasy.

Loving Wives 10/11/08 MILF Chronicles Ch. 06 (4.37) Serry and Peter attend their first full MILF club event. Loving Wives 10/18/08 MILF Chronicles Ch. 07 (4.28) Sherry goes to the beach with Marc and is given away. Loving Wives 11/02/08 MILF Chronicles Ch.

08 (4.34) Sherry is exposed and used by her new masters. Loving Wives 11/07/08 MILF Chronicles Ch. 09 (4.30) Sherry is pushed to her sexual limits, and beyond.

Loving Wives 11/13/08 MILF Chronicles Ch. 10 (4.29) Jill recalls how she was blackmailed into the MILF club. Loving Wives 12/02/08 MILF Chronicles Ch. 11 (4.36) Yvonne and Mike's ensnarement. Loving Wives 01/15/09 MILF Chronicles Ch. 12 (4.30) Sherry is forced into a stripping contest.

Loving Wives 03/03/09 MILF Chronicles Ch. 13 (4.35) Yvonne becomes a student and teacher again. Loving Wives 04/09/09 MILF Chronicles Ch. 14 (3.96) The final chapter: Payback.

Loving Wives 06/25/09 Training Tina, Days: 13 Part Series Training Tina, Days 01-02 (4.31) I train a friend's wife to be a submissive slut. BDSM 02/06/10 Training Tina, Days 03 (4.46) I train a friend's wife to be a submissive slut. BDSM 02/10/10 Training Tina, Days 04 (4.42) I train a friend's wife to be a submissive slut.

BDSM 02/22/10 Training Tina, Days 05 (4.51) I train a friend's wife to be a submissive slut. BDSM 03/17/10 Training Tina, Days 06 (4.57) I train a friend's wife to be a submissive slut. BDSM 06/23/10 Training Tina, Days 07 (4.50) I train a friend's wife to be a submissive slut. BDSM 06/28/10 Training Tina, Days 08 (4.58) I train a friend's wife to be a submissive slut. BDSM 07/16/10 Training Tina, Days 09 (4.50) I train a friend's wife to be a submissive slut.

BDSM 07/29/10 Training Tina, Days 10 (4.59) I train a friend's wife to be a submissive slut. BDSM 09/01/10 Training Tina, Days 11 (4.49) I train a friend's wife to be a submissive slut. BDSM 09/28/10 Training Tina, Days 12 (4.46) I train a friend's wife to be a submissive slut. BDSM 11/18/10 Training Tina, Days 13 (4.48) I train a friend's wife to be a submissive slut. BDSM 02/02/11 Training Tina, Days 14 (4.53) I train a friend's wife to be a submissive slut.

BDSM 05/24/11 Transforming Tina: 4 Part Series Transforming Tina Ch. 01 (4.36) A birthday party for Karlo turns into a gang bang. Loving Wives 09/03/11 Transforming Tina Ch. 02 (4.36) Tina meets Nina. Loving Wives 09/20/11 Transforming Tina Ch. 03 (4.44) Tina has a guest master for the evening. BDSM 01/07/12 Transforming Tina Ch.

04 (4.37) Tina is used by Anna and some friends. BDSM 09/08/12 Travel Nightmare (4.34) Couple runs into trouble boarding a cruise is another level of bitch. NonConsent/Reluctance 10/28/09 If you find any problems with this profile, please report it to the webmaster.

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