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mj spider man

"If you expect disappointment, then you can never really get disappointed." ―Michelle Jones to Peter Parker [src] Michelle Jones-Watson, commonly referred to as MJ, is a student at Midtown School of Science and Technology, and soon-to-be student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who greatly enjoyed mocking all of her fellow students there, which included Peter Parker. Despite keeping her distance socially, Jones was eventually given the opportunity to take over from the departing Liz Toomes as captain of the Academic Decathlon Team, and began to open up more with her fellow teammates, which included Ned Leeds and Parker.

Jones was a victim of the Snap in 2018, but along with all other victims, was resurrected in the Blip five years later. Her affections were sought out by Parker and Brad Davis during Midtown Tech's trip to Europe.

When mj spider man deduced Parker's identity as Spider-Man, Jones helped discover Mysterio's fraudulence, by exposing him as the one who staged the Elemental crisis. Shortly after their trip to Europe, Jones and Parker began dating.

After their first date, Jones was horrified when The Daily Bugle showed a modified video of Mysterio and Spider-Man, claiming that Parker was responsible for the casualties of the Battle of London. With Parker's identity exposed, he and Jones tried to resume their normal lives, but this was thrown into jeopardy when Parker sought the help of Doctor Strange to make the world forget his identity as Spider-Man.

This resulted in visitors from other universes being sent to Jones'; she and Ned Leeds worked with Parker to track down and capture the rogue visitors, but then went against Doctor Strange in order to try and mj spider man the visitors instead of sending them to their deaths.

Ultimately, the majority of the visitors would betray Jones and her friends, who then encountered other versions of Parker from alternate universes. Jones and her allies successfully sent the visitors back to their home universes, but instabilities in spacetime caused by Doctor Strange's spell meant that Jones tragically had to forget her entire history with Parker. The two shared a kiss before Jones' memories were erased, resuming her life with a new acceptance into MIT.

Contents • 1 Biography mj spider man 1.1 Early Life • 1.1.1 Growing Up in New York • 1.2 2016-2017 Academic Year • 1.2.1 Awkward Lunch • 1.2.2 Decathlon Practice • mj spider man Liz Toomes' Party • 1.2.4 Field Trip to Washington, D.C. • 1.2.5 Unnecessary Detention • 1.2.6 Back to School • 1.3 Death and Resurrection • 1.4 2023-2024 Academic Year • 1.5 Summer Class Trip • 1.5.1 Italy • 1.5.2 Czech Republic • 1.5.3 Battle of London • 1.6 Return to New York • 1.6.1 Spider-Man Exposed • 1.6.2 Escape from the Public • 1.6.3 Interrogated by Damage Control • 1.6.4 Video Call with Parker • 1.6.5 Back for Senior Year • 1.6.6 College Admissions • 1.7 Incursions of Alternate Realities • 1.7.1 Locating Multiversal Men • 1.7.2 Meeting Multiversal Spider-Men • 1.7.3 Supporting Spider-Man • 1.7.4 Battle at Liberty Island • 1.7.5 A Forgotten Love • 1.8 College Bound • 1.8.1 Awkward Customer Service • 2 Personality • 3 Abilities • 4 Equipment • 4.1 Weapons • 5 Facilities • 6 Relationships • 6.1 Family • 6.2 Allies • 6.3 Enemies • 7 Appearances • 8 Trivia • 9 Behind the Scenes • 10 References • 11 External Links Biography Early Life Growing Up in New York Michelle Jones-Watson was born on June 10, 2001 in New York City.

[2] Jones had a difficult home life and she and her mother had not heard from her father in years by the time she had concluded her junior year in high school.

Jones developed a sarcastic, guarded demeanor as she grew, preferring to read her books and often had difficulty when trying to establish friendships. [3] However, her father eventually returned to her life. Jones also came to dislike being called by her last name, "Watson." [1] 2016-2017 Academic Year Awkward Lunch "We should probably stop staring before it gets creepy, though." "Too late.

You guys are losers." "Well, then why do you sit with us?" "Because I don't have any friends." ― Peter Parker, Michelle Jones, and Ned Leeds [src] Jones mocks Peter Parker and Ned Leeds Jones became a student at Midtown School of Science and Technology and a member of the Academic Decathlon team. At lunch, Jones was reading a sizable collection of novels while drinking tea.

She called her classmates, Peter Parker and Ned Leeds, "losers" for staring at Liz Toomes for too long. When Leeds then wondered why she always sat at their table, Jones simply replied that she didn't have any friends, and returned to reading her book. [4] Decathlon Practice Jones reading a book " He already quit marching band and robotics lab. I'm not mj spider man with him, I'm just very observant." ―Michelle Jones to the Decathlon Team mj spider man At Academic Decathlon practice, Jones continued reading while the team studied for Nationals, with Liz Toomes quizzing them.

When Peter Parker revealed he was dropping out of the team to focus on his internship with Tony Stark, Jones pointed out that he had already quit robotics lab and marching band. When her teammates were surprised at her knowledge of Parker's activities, Jones quickly denied paying any special attention to him, insisting that she was just very observant.

[4] After practice, Jones watched as the Decathlon team failed to convince Parker to come with them to Nationals. [5] Jones also read Of Human Bondage throughout the entirety of gym class, even while mj spider man was supposed to be doing curl-ups. [4] Liz Toomes' Party Jones attends Liz Toomes' house party "I can't believe that you guys are at this lame party." "But you're here too." ".Am I?" ―Michelle and Ned Leeds [src] Jones attended a house party held by Liz Toomes, the captain the Academic Decathlon team.

When Peter Parker and Ned Leeds arrived, she called them losers for attending while preparing a meal for herself. When Leeds pointed out that she was attending the party as well, Jones just gave them a quirky look and asked, "Am I?" before walking off.

[4] Field Trip to Washington, D.C. Jones prepares to go to Washington, D.C. " Damage Control. They're still cleaning up from when Captain America took down those skycraft carriers for no reason." "I'm pretty sure Cap was just trying to save us from tyranny." "Yeah. That's what they want you to think." ―Michelle Jones and Ned Leeds [src] Jones joined the Academic Decathlon team for the field trip to Washington, D.C.

to participate in Nationals. She questioned Mr. Roger Harrington on the timetable for the trip because she wanted to get in some light protesting while in the nation's capitol.

[4] Jones overlooking the Triskelion cleanup On the way to Washington, Jones approached Peter Parker and Ned Leeds as they noticed increased activity around the damaged Triskelion structure. She explained that the United States Department of Damage Control was still cleaning up the mess after Captain America caused the Helicarriers to crash for seemingly no reason.

While Leeds stated that Captain America did so to save them, Jones rebuffed him and declared that was just what the government wanted the public to think. [5] Jones at the Decathlon Nationals Much to the team's annoyance, Parker did not attend the Decathlon and Jones had to replace him. However, she managed to answer the last question correctly and the Midtown School of Science and Technology team won the Decathlon. The team was ecstatic and embraced Jones, much to her delight.

Jones tells Spider-Man of her friends' danger Following the competition, Harrington took them to the Washington Monument. Jones refused to go up to the top, not wanting to visit a building that had been built by slaves. While she waited at the bottom, an explosion at the top trapped her teammates in the Monument's elevator.

When Spider-Man arrived, Jones frantically informed him that her friends were in the elevator. [4] Unnecessary Detention Jones teases Peter Parker in detention "Why are you here?

You don't even have detention." "Oh, I know. I just like coming in here to sketch people in crisis." ― Andre Wilson and Michelle Jones [src] Jones sat next to Peter Parker when he was issued a detention for attempting to skip class.

After Parker left, Andre Wilson asked Jones why she was there, as she did not have detention. Jones answered that she enjoyed sketching people in crisis, teasingly showed Wilson a drawing she'd made of him.

[4] Back to School Jones asks Peter Parker where he is going "I don't know who he is. But I have my suspicions." ―Michelle Jones [src] Following the revelation that Liz Toomes' father was Vulture, she was forced to move to Oregon with her mother. In the wake of her leaving, Jones was made captain of the Decathlon team.

mj spider man

She told her teammates that her friends called her "MJ". When Peter Parker received a message and had to leave, Jones looked at him with suspicion and asked what he was up to. She then laughed, claiming that she was just kidding and did not care.

When Parker left however, Jones stared after him. [4] Jones being interviewed by Betty Brant Shortly after, Jones was interviewed by Betty Brant, an anchor of Midtown News, as to who she thought Spider-Man might truly be. Jones replied with one statement: although she was not sure, she had her suspicions. [5] Secretly, Jones was suspecting Parker to be the wall crawler. [6] Death and Resurrection In 2018, Jones was a victim of the Snap.

In 2023, Jones was restored to life in the Blip. [7] [8] 2023-2024 Academic Year Jones speaks with Peter Parker and Ned Leeds "What up, dorks? Excited about the science trip?" ―Michelle Jones to Peter Parker and Ned Leeds [src] Jones and her fellow restored classmates had to retake their junior year from 2023- 2024. In that time, the world steadily returned to normal, and Jones improved her overall social skills and relationships with the also-restored Ned Leeds and Peter Parker.

However, Jones also grew more suspicious that Parker was living a double life as Spider-Man, which she'd considered since the Washington Monument rescue.

Still insecure about the feelings for him she developed sometime before, she told herself that she only paid attention to him to see if this theory was correct. Along with Parker, Leeds, and other classmates, Jones planned on attending a school sponsored trip during summer break to Europe to visit various museums and sites of interest.

[6] Summer Class Trip Jones sitting next to Brad Davis "By the way, travel tip: You should probably download a VPN on your phone, just so that the government can't track you while we're abroad." "Smart.

Will do." ―Michelle Jones and Peter Parker [src] Before the plane ride, Jones defended Peter Parker from his rival Flash Thompson by telling the airline stewardess that since Thompson had been one of the Snap's casualties, he was sixteen, not twenty-one.

Parker himself had planned to tell Jones how he felt about her during the trip, but grew envious when his attempt to sit next to her on the flight resulted in her instead seated next to Brad Davis, a Snap survivor who, according to Leeds, was the most charming student in the school. During the flight, Jones and Davis watched some in-flight movies together, while an upset Parker watched on from his seat next to one of the chaperones, Roger Harrington.

[6] Italy Jones looking at Mj spider man Parker "'Boh', the most perfect word in the world, the Italians created it, and I discovered it." ―Michelle Jones to Peter Parker [src] After the plane landed in Venice, Jones and her classmates explored the city together, posing for some pictures with some Venetian pigeons in front of Saint Mark's Basilica for Brad Davis.

She also took a liking to an Italian slang word, "Boh", that could be defined as "Nothing", "I don't know", or "Leave me alone". As she chatted with Peter Parker as they explored the city, she noticed a small package he had bought and asked him what it was.

She smiled appreciatively when he answered "Boh." Jones exploring Venice Harrington realized too late that he had forgotten to book the museum for the students to tour, and the students were permitted to do some more exploring. At the docks of the Grand Canal, Jones noticed that the waterway's crabs seemed to be hurrying out of the water. Seconds later, Hydro-Man emerged from the canal.

Jones rushed away and reunited with her classmates and chaperones, but noticed that Parker was no longer with the group. Jones discusses Mysterio's rescue Jones and her class went to spend the night at the Hotel DeMatteis, where they watched a news broadcast about Hydro-Man's attack and the strange new superhuman who defeated it. She doubted a story Ned Leeds found online, that claimed a man named Morris Bench had recently been infused with water-related powers and translated the broadcast's description to her classmates as "l'uomo di misterio", Italian for "the man of mystery".

From this, Ned Leeds and Betty Brant took to calling the new hero "Mysterio". When Flash Thompson dismissed their rescuer as an inferior hero to Spider-Man, Jones mj spider man him why he idolizes Spider-Man so much. Thompson admitted that he saw Spider-Man as a personal role model, while also insulting Parker, who had caught up with the group. Parker and Jones shared a quiet moment together, in which he told her that he was looking forward to their arrival in Paris, specifically to see the Eiffel Tower.

Jones noted that she was also looking forward to it, as the Eiffel Tower was a personal favorite landmark due to the conspiracy theory that it was built as a mind-control device. [6] Czech Republic "I am Spider-Man, and I really messed up." "Wait, are you being serious right now?" ― Peter Parker and Michelle Jones [src] The following morning, Roger Harrington and Julius Dell abruptly mj spider man that they had spoken with the travel company and upgraded the group tour; Paris had been canceled and the students would instead be traveling to Prague in the Czech Republic.

Unknown to the chaperones and students, the "travel representative" Harrington and Dell had spoken to work for Nick Fury and had redirected the group to Prague because they wanted Spider-Man's help in defeating an Elemental, projected to appear there soon. After a quick stop in Austria, Brad Davis tried to show Jones a photo he had taken but was interrupted by a series of odd interjections by an unusually worried Parker.

While her classmates were distracted by some baby mountain goats that Parker claimed to have spotted, Jones watched through the seats, and Parker apparently leaped through the bus' overhead window. By the time the odd episode had calmed down, the photo had vanished from Davis' phone, and the class made their way to their new hotel, where Jones continued to observe Parker while Harrington told the class that they would soon be attending a regional festival.

Jones became suspicious of Parker realising that he might be hiding a big secret. Jones bonding with Peter Parker However, that was also subject to an abrupt change, when Dell and Harrington announced that the travel agency had given the entire class free tickets to a four-hour opera, much to the class' collective frustration.

In the near-empty opera house, Parker and Jones again made small talk. After playfully teasing Parker about a perceived gendered double standard in a compliment he paid her, Jones asked Parker if he would like to sit with her.

He sent a mixed message that he would like to, but would not be able to for whatever reason. Jones witnesses Molten Man's attack Curious about Parker's abrupt leaving, she followed him out of the opera house. As she wandered the streets of Prague looking for him, she suddenly came face-to-face with the Elemental illusion itself, known as Molten Man. She fled as Mysterio and an apparently new hero fought the creature, but in the process, she discovered an especially odd piece mj spider man debris - a small black camera covered in Spider-Man's webs.

Horrified that their kids had been at ground zero for mj spider man different Elemental attacks, the students' families called for the trip to be canceled. The itinerary changed once again for a flight back to the United States the following morning. As this would be their last night mj spider man Europe, Parker asked Jones out on a walk through the city. Jones reveals she knows Peter Parker's secret On the "date", Parker tried to confess his feelings for her, but she interrupted him, presuming he was about to reveal his secret identity to her.

Parker was flummoxed but admitted she was correct when she revealed the webbed-up camera. While she'd speculated about this for some time, the confirmation still came as a shock, and the social quagmire of the situation led her to indicate that her interest in him was purely to see if her theory was true, avoiding in admitting that having a crush on Parker was a partial reason in her watching him.

This devastated Parker, but before they could continue to discuss this, they accidentally activated the projector, and the Elemental known as Cyclone emerged. Parker and Jones deduced that it was actually an elaborate hologram and that Parker's new mentor and friend Quentin Beck, otherwise known as Mysterio, had deceived him, and was the true mastermind behind the Elemental Attacks. Jones standing next to Ned Leeds Parker and Jones raced back to the hotel, where Parker changed into his Stealth Suit as he and Jones explained the situation to Ned Leeds.

Parker headed to Berlin, Germany to warn Nick Fury about Beck's true nature, while Jones and Leeds told the teachers, class, and Parker's aunt that he would be staying with mj spider man there. Though Jones was uncomfortable with the elaborate lie, she stood by her friend and handed him the tell-tale and only piece of evidence against Beck; Cyclone's hologram projector. [6] Battle of London Jones arriving in London "I don't really have much luck when it comes to getting close to people.

Um. so I lied. I wasn't just watching you because I thought you were Spider-Man." ―Michelle Jones to Peter Parker [src] Unknown to Jones, Spider-Man was defeated in Germany and Mysterio redirected the class trip for the third time. Jones and the rest of the students flew to London, England the next morning with the intent of taking an afternoon flight back to the United States; Beck planned to stage his fifth and final attack in the city and use the ensuing chaos as a cover to kill Jones and anyone else aware of the truth about him.

After their arrival, Brad Davis interjected. In a bid to make himself look like a better romantic option for Jones than Parker, he again brought up the photo he had taken in Austria, in which he claimed that he had seen Parker in the bathroom with an older Mj spider man woman. However, Jones and the rest of the class found it strange that Davis would take a picture of Parker in the bathroom and doubted his story.

This effectively ended Davis' pursuit of Jones for the rest of the trip. Jones running from the chaos The fifth and final elemental attack began soon after, in which all the previous monsters fused into the Elemental Fusion, and wreaked havoc on the city. Knowing that Mysterio discovered Jones and Ned Leeds knew the truth, they ran to lead the villain away from their classmates, where they were joined by Flash Thompson and Betty Brant.

The four teenagers met Happy Hogan, who introduced himself as an ally of Spider-Man and was here to protect them while Spider-Man took on the false hero. Jones with Leeds, Brant, Thompson, and Happy Hogan After Hogan's jet was destroyed, the five hid in the Tower of London's Museum.

However, they were tracked by some of Mysterio's E.D.I.T.H. drones. The group did what they could to fight back, with Jones even grabbing a mace from one of the museum's display cases, and using it to smash one of the machines. However, they were overwhelmed and backed into a corner, with only the Museum's vault door between the drones and them. Fearing that she was about to die, Jones confessed that she regretted her brutal honesty and poor social skills, which isolated her from any potential friends.

Jones embraces Spider-Man Elsewhere in the city, Spider-Man thankfully defeated Mysterio and mj spider man the E.D.I.T.H.

mj spider man

glasses to recall all of the drones. Once the drones returned to space, Hogan handed Jones the contents of the small package Parker had in Venice - a necklace with a small glass pendant in the shape of her favorite flower; the black dahlia.

With the necklace in her pocket and the mace still in hand, Jones went back into the city, where she found an injured Parker on the Tower Bridge. They hugged each other and Jones showed Parker the necklace which had now become damaged, while he was dismayed that his gift for her was broken, she quickly kissed him, confessing to Parker timidly that she had misled him in Prague; she genuinely was interested in him for reasons that were actually not related to his double life, indicating to Parker she had a crush on him as well, much to his relief.

Parker apologized again that the necklace was broken, but Jones told him she didn't mind and said she liked it better this way. Jones and Parker tried their kiss again, marking the start of their relationship. After their embrace, Jones picked up the mace again and told Parker she should head back to the class, as she walked away she looked back to Parker, as he left the bridge too. [6] Return to New York Spider-Man Exposed Jones swinging with Spider-Man "You can put me down now!

You can put me down now!" "You okay?" "Whoo… Yeah! Yeah, I'm okay. Just. Never, never doing that again. I'm never doing that again." ―Michelle Jones and Spider-Man [src] After awkwardly returning the mace to the museum and boarding the flight with her class, Jones and Peter Parker arrived back to the Newark airport, now as a couple, holding hands.

On one of their first dates back in New York City, Parker decided to take Jones for a swing around Manhattan with his web-slinging. Once she decided to get up on Spider-Man, Jones was overwhelmed by the speed of Spider-Man's web-swinging, and what was intended to be a fun adrenaline rush, instead became a harrowing experience. Once she was back on the ground at the Madison Square Garden, Jones plainly told Parker that she never wanted to do anything like that again.

Jones sees the The Daily Bugle video Their date took an unexpected turn when they noticed a NY1 newscast on the Madison Square Garden MegaVision, reporting on a video published by The Daily Bugle. Speechless, Jones watched in shock as J. Jonah Jameson played edited footage of the Battle of London; a dying message from Mysterio claimed that Spider-Man was responsible for the attacks and had murdered Mysterio. To make matters worse, Mysterio concluded the message by revealing Spider-Man's identity and real name.

[9] Escape from the Public Jones gets surrounded by people at Madison Square Garden "We can't go to my place, my dad will kill you!" "Wait, I thought you said your dad really liked me." "Yeah? Well, not anymore!" ―Michelle Jones and Spider-Man [src] Immediately, people who were next to Jones asked her if she was Spider-Man's girlfriend.

Parker leaped down from the light post and rushed to Jones. As he did, the crowd increased and people began to push him, causing him to stumble into Jones. Jones grabbed onto him and Parker pushed his way out of the mass crowd to swing away.

Jones and Peter Parker make their escape through Times Square Jones held onto Parker as they swung through Times Square. Jones, who was scared and upset about swinging again, put her mj spider man over Parker's face, accidentally causing him to not see. He told her and she apologized. She then asked where they were going and he suggested her house, but she said her father would be upset to see him, now that his identity had been exposed.

Jones and Peter Parker on Queensboro Bridge Instead, Parker and Jones landed on Queensboro Bridge. As Jones tried to remain calm and keep her balance, Parker answered a face-time call from Ned Leeds. However, as Jones became fearful of the heights, she called out to Parker, cutting his call short as he tended to her.

Parker then told her to hang on and leaped down off the bridge into a subway station below. Jones and Peter Parker continue escaping As he swung through the station, they narrowly missed colliding into a train, much to Jones' horror. Parker took them into the sewer tunnel and helped Jones up through a sewer hole in mj spider man street in front of Delmar's Deli-Grocery. Parker then swung Jones to his apartment and opened his bedroom window to sneak inside.

Jones meets May Parker In doing so, they made noise, which caused Happy Hogan to open the bedroom door to find Parker undressed and Jones looking embarrassed.

May Parker then rushed inside, only to close the door, and reopen it to introduce herself to Jones, who greeted her. As Parker got dressed, Jones followed him out of his room. A neighbor popped his head inside through the open front door and asked if it was true that Parker was Spider-Man, but Jones told him now wasn't a good time and closed the door. She then joined them in the living room and as Parker demanded an explanation for May and Hogan's relationship, Jones alerted Parker to the television which had NY1 on breaking the news of his identity.

When May asked if the building on television was theirs, Parker opened a blind to reveal that the WLGJ helicopters had stationed outside. Following this, Jones left Parker's apartment and returned to her home.

[1] Interrogated by Damage Control "Miss Jones, then why do you want a lawyer if–" "Because I have nothing to hide." "Exactly.

Unless–" "I'm actually guilty of something? I'm aware of your tactics and my rights." ― P. Cleary and Michelle Jones [src] Jones, Ned Leeds, and May Parker are brought in by Damage Control Days later, Jones, along with May and Leeds, were taken by the Department of Damage Control to an NYPD precinct.

As they were being escorted in, they passed Parker and Jones and May both told him to not answer any questions without a lawyer. Jones was brought into the interrogation room first and was interrogated by Agent P.

Cleary. She told him that she was highly aware of his tactics and knew her rights, what she could say, opting to wait for a lawyer, as she knew very well how Cleary could easily manipulate her statements otherwise. Jones interrogated by Agent P. Cleary Cleary tried to get the statement of Jones, asking her why she would get involved romantically with a vigilante like Parker to risk her future, but failed as the strong willed Jones told him nothing.

[1] Video Call with Parker "Did you send in your applications yet?" "I literally just finished my MIT one. Can we imagine if we both got in? And Ned?" "Yeah.

But we'd have to get scholarships so that we could actually go." ―Michelle Jones and Peter Parker [src] Jones face-times Mj spider man Parker The night before senior year started, Parker video-called Jones, where they both discussed about their applications to their preferred institute, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. While Parker was hopeful that they could get into the institute, Jones wasn't sure about it mj spider man that they would have to earn scholarships so that they could get in, but Parker tried to make her feel better by saying that she has all the scores, all the grades, and basically everything needed to get into M.I.T, making Jones wonder whether or not he thought she was pragmatic.

Jones enjoys her conversation with Peter Parker Much to her happiness, Parker said while she was indeed pragmatic, that was one of the best things about her, making her wonder what were his other favorite things, which led to the duo joking around about her "relentless optimism", how she loved people, and Jones' "love for sports." After hearing a unique noise for a while, Jones discovered that the noise came from Happy Hogan, who decided to sleep with his CPAP machine who moved into the living room of his condominium.

Jones asks Peter Parker how it feels to be famous After some reluctance, Jones asked Parker whether he was ever relieved about not having to lie to anyone anymore about his dual life, feeling as though it made thing less complicated. Parker replied to Jones that ever since he got bit by that radioactive spider, that he only had one week where he felt normal was when she and everyone whom he wanted to knew about knew he was Spider-Man which was his aunt, her, and Ned.

Parker continued that everyone finding out his true identity ruined that for him, joking around how despite he is currently the most famous person in the entire world, he is still broke. Jones smiling at Peter Parker Then, Jones told him that she is excited to see him tomorrow, with Parker replying he feels the same. However, their special moments were ruined by Hogan who told them to wrap it up as he was trying to sleep, telling them he needs his eight hours of sleep, much to Jones and Parker's mutual shock as they learn he had been listening the whole time.

As, Parker was getting scolded by Hogan, Jones greeted Hogan, before the duo ended the call, to meet each other for their next day for senior year. [1] Back for Senior Year Jones returns to Midtown School of Science and Technology "MJ! MJ, we love you! MJ, are you going to have your Spider-Baby?" ―Random Weirdo [src] The next day, Jones returned to Midtown School of Science and Technology.

She met up with Peter Parker and Ned Leeds outside and walked together towards the building, and were joined by Flash Thompson. As they approached the building, crowds of pro- Mysterio supporters and pro-Spider-Man supporters were gathered on each side of the sidewalk, with NYPD officers doing crowd control.

One protestor was in support of Jones and called out to her. When they made it to the entrance, an officer separated her and Leeds from Parker and they were escorted in afterwards. [1] Jones reads the newspaper to Peter Parker At the end of the school day, Jones met with Parker on the school's rooftop and read a local newspaper detailing propaganda about Parker and his friends. As they enjoyed the time alone, they were soon joined by Leeds, who discussed Massachusetts Institute of Technology with them and the proposal of them living together in Boston.

Jones agreed with them that they deserved a new start. [1] College Admissions "This is so not fair. I mean, this is so not fair! I didn't do anything wrong. Well I mean, you guys didn't do anything wrong." "Expect disappointment and you will never be disappointed." ― Peter Parker and Mj spider man Jones [src] Jones working at Peter Pan Mj spider man & Pastry Shop Jones, needing some income, applied to and started working at Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop.

When she, Ned Leeds, and Peter Parker had received their letters in the mail from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, they met at the shop and opened the letters together. However, their excitement left them as they saw they had been rejected due to the recent controversy surrounding Parker. They were met by Flash Thompson, who walked in excitedly informing them he had been accepted and then asked why they were rejected. Jones ripped up her letter and was called back into work, while Leeds and Parker left.

[1] Incursions of Alternate Realities Locating Multiversal Men Jones, Peter Parker, and Ned Mj spider man at the New York Sanctum "I'm so sorry for dragging you in, but you just gotta help me find–" "But at least we could. you don't have to apologize, okay? You got us a second shot at MIT." ― Peter Parker and Michelle Jones [src] Mj spider man that day, Jones and Ned Leeds were found by Doctor Strange and brought to the New York Sanctum where they met with Peter Parker.

Strange told them that Parker had tampered with a spell causing universe-displaced people, within the Multiverse, who were aware of his identity to arrive in their universe. Parker apologized but Jones told him not too and was then told by Strange, who was impatient with them, to get started on fixing the problem. Jones speaks to Peter Parker He sent them to work in the Sanctum's undercroft, in which only Leeds seemed excited about.

Jones told Parker that next time he decide to act on something huge to include them for insight. Jones, Peter Parker, and Ned Leeds encounter Doctor Octopus She, Parker, and Leeds then began to work on Leeds' laptop, until they were interrupted by Doctor Octopus, an universe-displaced man with cyborg legs, who was inside the holding cell. They laughed at his name, which infuriated him, but he still went on to tell them that they were chasing ghosts as Norman Osborn had died in his universe.

Shortly, Leeds tracked down a flying anomaly noted outside the city by a military institution and Jones worked with him while Parker left to investigate. Jones and Ned Leeds aid Peter Parker via phone Jones and Leeds remained in touch with Parker via video call and tried to help him using Leeds' laptop, but once Parker came across Electro, they lost communication due to Electro's electricity powers. However, soon, Electro and Sandman appeared in holding cells in the undercroft, as well as a tree that had accidentally been brought with them.

Jones then received a phone call from Parker, who told her that he was going to stay behind to fix the power lines. Jones and Leeds stayed the night at the undercroft. Jones, Ned Leeds, and Peter Parker in the New York Sanctum’s undercroft The next day, Parker returned bringing Norman Osborn with him. Strange then appeared and prepared to conjure the spell, but Parker stopped him and stole the Macchina di Kadavus.

Moments later, he returned through an Inter-Dimensional Portal, and explained he had been inside a mirror place. He then tasked Jones with keeping the Macchina safe and told her to press the button if need be. Parker then gave Leeds Strange's Sling Ring, and Jones and Leeds left the Sanctum.

[1] Meeting Multiversal Spider-Men Jones and Ned Leeds waiting for any news "Prove it, that you're Peter Parker." "I don't carry an ID with me. You know, it kinda defeats the whole anonymous superhero thing." ―Michelle Jones and Amazing Spider-Man [src] Later, Jones went to Leeds' house and waited for the message of Parker.

They turned the television on and saw news reports about the destruction at a condominium, both knowing that Parker had been there and worried for mj spider man safety.

Jones told Leeds she was going to push the button on the Macchina to activate it, but just before she did it Leeds waved his arms in the air, stating he wanted to see Parker and have his opinion on the matter. Jones encounters an alternate Spider-Man Much to their shock, a spark of magic flickered in the air before them and Jones asked Leeds to repeat what he just did. Upon her instructions, Leeds conjured an Inter-Dimensional Portal using the Sling Ring.

To their excitement, they saw what appeared to be Spider-Man walking around an in an alley way. They called out to him and when he jumped through, they saw that he was another Spider-Man who was Peter Parker. Jones asks the other Spider-Man questions Startled and confused by this, Leeds and Jones asked who he was.

Leeds started to bring up the spell, and Jones stopped him from saying too much, before the Amazing Spider-Man deduced that his studies on multidimensional travel was real. Feeling suspicious, Jones threw bread at Amazing Spider-Man who replied that his Spider-Sense does not work when something harmless like bread attacks him, calling Jones a mistrusting person.

Nevertheless, Amazing Spider-Man proved himself to be one as he climbed around the walls of Leeds' house to clean up the cobwebs. Jones sees another alternate Spider-Man Jones told Leeds to try again and this time, another Spider-Man walked through. When Leeds had asked if he was another Spider-Man and why he didn't tell them that, in which he replied he kept his identity anonymous. After the two Spider-Men used their webbing on each other, they told Jones and Leeds where they mj spider man when they needed alone time, thinking that that was what Parker was doing after the attack he had mj spider man.

Through their words, Jones then figured out where Parker was most likely. [1] Supporting Spider-Man Jones comforts Peter Parker "Look at me. I'm here. I'm not going anywhere. We're gonna get through this, and we're gonna get through it together." ―Michelle Jones and Peter Parker [src] Jones and Leeds took the alternate Spider-Men to Midtown School of Science and Technology and went to the rooftop where they found Parker, crying and alone. They realised his aunt had died and comforted him, by hugging him.

Jones then introduced him to his alternate counterparts, who jumped down to meet him. Jones listened mj spider man Parker interacted with them, eventually agreeing to help the universe-displaced as planned. Jones speaks with Peter Parker at Midtown School of Science and Technology Jones and Leeds went with Parker and his counterparts into one of Midtown's laboratory rooms and watched as they concocted cures for the universe-displaced.

When Jones noticed that Parker was anxious, she comforted him and told him that they were in this together. When the cures had been made, Jones joined the group at a table and mj spider man as they made the plan. She then witnessed when the older Parker produced organic webbing, much to their shock. [1] Battle at Liberty Island Jones and Ned Leeds wait in Midtown School of Science and Technology "Are you okay?" "Yeah.

are you okay?" ― Amazing Spider-Man and Michelle Jones [src] Jones and Mj spider man were tasked with staying at Midtown's chemistry classroom to wait for Parker to hand them the Macchina di Kadavus. Leeds used the Sling Ring to conjure an Inter-Dimensional Portal to the Statue of Liberty and Parker handed Jones the Macchina.

Jones and Ned Leeds can’t close the portal However, Leeds was unable to close the portal, much to Jones' concern. She tried to give him advice, telling him to keep trying and asked why he mj spider man close it.

Leeds made several attempts, much was not successful. There voices carried throughout the Statue, making Lizard aware of them. Jones and Ned Leeds are attacked by Lizard Lizard then leaped up onto the scaffolding and ran at them, wanting the Macchina. Jones and Leeds then ran away into the laboratory, with Lizard in pursuit, destroying the laboratory in the process. Parker caught up to Lizard in an effort to stop him, but Lizard got away from him and continued to chase Jones and Leeds through another portal.

As they ran on the Statue's scaffolding, Leeds opened another portal, sending water rushing through into Lizard. Jones and Ned Leeds mj spider man met by Doctor Strange Jones found the cure and tossed it to Parker who was then able to give Lizard the cure and he reverted back to Connors. Leeds then opened another portal and Doctor Strange mj spider man through surprising them. Jones then gave the Macchina to Strange while Strange took back his Sling Ring.

Jones and Leeds went to another level of scaffolding to wait while Electro and Sandman were cured. Jones falls off the Statue of Liberty Shortly, Jones and Leeds then mj spider man Green Goblin's arrival. When the Goblin seized the Macchina, he planted a pumpkin bomb inside it. When Strange reclaimed it, the bomb detonated and released the unstable spell, causing a multiversal tremor.

The Statue's scaffolding fell and Jones and Leeds both lost their balance and fell. Jones was almost saved by Parker, but he was stopped by Goblin, who took him away on his glider. Jones is rescued by the Amazing Spider-Man Jones watched in horror as she continued to fall, but was rescued by Amazing Spider-Man. When he brought her safely to the ground, he asked if she was okay, and mj spider man she saw him become emotional, she asked him the same.

Jones then met with Leeds, and hugged him. Jones and Ned Leeds watch as Spider-Man fights Green Goblin Parker called out to them to make sure they were okay in which they nodded at him. They then watched in horror as he confronted the Goblin on the fallen statue of Captain America's Shield, nearly killing him. They watched as Parker was stopped by his older counterpart and gave the Goblin the cure. [1] A Forgotten Love Jones says goodbye to Peter Parker "I love you." ―Michelle Jones to Peter Parker [src] Afterwards, Jones reunited with Parker and was devastated to learn that the only way to stop the infinite amount of people in the Multiverse from arriving was for Strange to finish the spell mj spider man would cause everyone in there universe forget that Parker ever existed.

She tried to protest, but he said it was the only way and he came by to share one more moment with her and Leeds. Jones looks at Peter Parker one last time The three shared an emotional embrace one last time and Jones told Parker she loved him; right before Parker could say the same, she told him to save it for her mj spider man they reunited again.

Parker shared one more look with Jones before he swung away; Jones tearfully watched him leave before the spell took effect, erasing Parker from her memories. [1] College Bound Awkward Customer Service Jones continues to work at Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop "I don't really get excited about things, I kind of expect disappointment." "Because then you'll never actually be disappointed?" "Yeah, right. It's mj spider man. I don't know, it kinda feels different this time for some reason." ―Michelle Jones and Peter Parker [src] Jones continued working at Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop and was accepted at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, along with Ned Leeds.

Jones meets Peter Parker One day in early December, a young man came inside the shop. Jones smiled and waved at Leeds, who entered behind the young man. After she greeted Leeds, she asked the young man what he would like at the counter.

He introduced himself suddenly as Peter Parker and after a pause, ordered a coffee, albeit awkwardly. Jones gives Ned Leeds a donut Before making the coffee, Jones gave Leeds a doughnut as a congratulations on getting accepted to MIT and expressed excitement over it, with Leeds teasing Jones about her school spirit, to which she said if he told anyone she would simply deny it. Jones speaks to Peter Parker Jones proceeded on making the coffee and called Parker's name, which she had to repeat two times to get his attention.

After giving Parker the coffee, he asked Jones if she was excited for MIT, with her replying she was, which she admitted was weird for her because she is not usually excited for things because if she always expects disappointment she will never be disappointed, with Parker finishing mj spider man sentence, leaving her a little stunned.

Jones wonders if she knew Peter Parker As Jones and Parker exchanged a smile at each other, Parker grabbed his coffee but noticed Jones' band-aid on her forehead and asked if she was okay, gesturing to his own forehead.

Jones shrugged it off, remembering the recent event, and said that it didn't really hurt anymore. Jones then asked Parker if there was anything else she could help him with, as he replied "no" with a bittersweet smile and was on the edge of becoming emotional.

Parker thanked Jones for the coffee and walked out, but as he did, Jones watched after him, as she contemplated if he seemed familiar to her. [1] Personality "You're a deeply mistrusting person, and I respect that." ― Amazing Spider-Man to Michelle Jones [src] Michelle Jones considers herself to be a very observant person in general, noticing things others may not, and mj spider man keeps a close eye on Peter Parker.

She was aware of his academic situation, keeping tabs on which classes he'd neglected or which clubs he quit. During the Rescue at the Washington Monument, she observed Spider-Man as the hero climbed up the Washington Monument, after notifying him that her friends were up there.

Although she publicly deems Parker to be a loser, she chooses to sit with him and Ned Leeds at lunch, chided them for coming to Liz Toomes' party, gave herself detention just to sketch Parker, and gave Parker the middle finger during the homecoming dance. However, despite the other students occupied by the dance, she immediately noticed Parker leaving the dance after apologizing to Toomes, and later questioned Parker where he was going and what he was hiding, before brushing her earlier statements off and declaring that she did not care.

As Parker left the library, however, she gave him a glance, watching him leave. Jones was also able to deduce that Parker was Spider-Man by noticing a pattern in his behavior as well as evidence she found or observed, only confirming her suspicions mj spider man he confessed. However, it comes clear that after the class' trip through Europe, Jones developed a crush on Parker throughout her observations of him, though she perhaps tried to deny it at first, mostly by being mean towards him.

Her habit of documenting his schedules and drawing him in detention could just be her showing concern for his well-being and being fascinated by him. This is later confirmed in London, where she admits that she likes Parker and observed him; not just because she thought he was Spider-Man, but because of her mutual attraction to him.

Jones is generally a serious person, though she mj spider man possess a dry sense of humor, and is nearly always seen reading a book. She is a loner and claims not to have friends, though she soon comes to consider her Academic Decathlon team as friends. She has a tendency to speak out her feelings even if it offends someone, although she is aware of this habit.

Jones is also fascinated by morbid, yet otherwise controversial and macabre topics, with Parker saying that she like black dahlias, due to being fascinated by the Black Dahlia murder, and her mentioning a lot of conspiracy theories and propaganda, as well as memorizing gruesome historical events and practices from Europe.

Jones is very particular about her name. It is implied that she allows people to call her "MJ" when she feels that they are friends with her and "Michelle" only to those who she is merely aquainted with. Additionally, she does not seem too fond being referred to as "Miss Jones-Watson," instead preferring to be called "Miss Jones", implying that she disfavors one of her family names.

Over her lifetime, Jones has become accustomed to becoming disappointed in mj spider man to hide her true emotions upon issues, mj spider man shown when she was already expecting to be disappointed while filing out for MIT so she wouldn't be disappointed for herself. After having her memories of Parker wiped away and got admitted into M.I.T, she has finally reached a point where she isn't expecting disappointment or being unhappy, which caused Parker to hide his true identity in front of her.

However, during her talk with Parker and witnessing him leave the Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop, Jones felt that she knows him. Abilities "You're a smart young woman with a bright future ahead of her." ― P. Cleary to Michelle Jones [src] • Gifted Intellect: Jones is a smart, well-read, curious and observant individual, using her great intellect to help the Academic Decathlon Team in the Decathlon finals and win the competition.

She was later even chosen to replace Liz Toomes as team captain, when Toomes moved to Oregon. Jones was also smart enough to notice Peter Parker repeatedly wandering off on more than one occasion, and eventually figured out mj spider man he was Spider-Man. Jones also possesses a vast amount of knowledge in history, crime and conspiracy theories, given her fascination with morbid and controversial topics.

She quoted George Orwell's line, "The very concept of objective truth is fading out of the world" to Brad Davis when defending Parker. She was aware of P. Cleary's interrogation tactics as well as her civic rights. Parker mj spider man MIT's assistant vice chancellor that she and Ned Leeds are the two smartest people he has ever met in his entire life. After her memories of Parker were erased, she was admitted to the prestigious school.

" He didn't tell me. I figured it out. Like, a long time ago." ―Michelle Jones to Ned Leeds [src] • Investigator: Jones singlehandedly discovered Parker's secret identity as Spider-Man simply by noticing his odd behaviour and frequent mj spider man. • Bilingualism: Jones is fluent in her native English, and also understands Italian, as she regularly had to correct her chaperone Roger Harrington during the class trip to Venice and translated the news reports on Mysterio for her classmates.

Equipment Weapons • Mace: During the Battle of London, Jones grabbed a mace from one of the museum's display cases and used it to smash one of the Stark Industries Combat Drones. Following the battle, Jones jokingly (yet sincerely) mentioned to Spider-Man that she would hold on to the mace until she was certain that the fighting was over.

Facilities This section requires expansion • Midtown School of Science and Technology: Jones attended this school, but didn't really have any friends there. She would often watch others from the side-lines and examine their behaviour. It was here she met Peter Parker and Ned Leeds, who would both become her closest friends before becoming romantically involved with Parker. Jones was also apart of the school's Academic Decathlon Team. • Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop: To be added • New York Sanctum: Jones visited the Sanctum to assist Parker in sending multiversal visitors home.

She and Leeds set up a temporary base here and waited for Parker to transport the visitors to the Sanctum, watching his movements on a laptop via video call. Relationships Family • Father • Mother Allies • Midtown School of Science and Technology • Morita - Principal • Roger Harrington - Teacher • Andre Wilson - Teacher • Julius Dell - Teacher • Ned Leeds - Classmate and Close Friend • Flash Thompson - Classmate • Betty Brant - Classmate and Friend • Jason Ionello - Classmate • Brad Davis - Classmate • Josh Scarino - Classmate • Zach Cooper - Classmate • Yasmin Monette - Classmate • Tyler Corbyn - Classmate • Zoha Souliotis - Classmate • Sebastian Fedas - Classmate • Suzan Yang - Classmate • Peter Parker/Spider-Man - Former Classmate and Former Boyfriend • Liz Toomes - Former Classmate and Former Decathlon Leader • Abe Brown - Former Classmate • Tiny McKeever - Former Classmate • Cindy Moon - Former Classmate • Charles Murphy - Former Classmate • Sally Avril - Former Classmate • Seymour O'Reilly - Former Classmate • Bruce Banner/Hulk - Resurrector • Dimitri Smerdyakov • Happy Hogan • May Parker † • New York City Police Department • Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop • Sasha - Co-worker • Stephen Strange/Doctor Strange • Ned Leeds' Grandmother • Peter Parker/Spider-Man - Savior • Peter Parker/Spider-Man • Otto Octavius/Doctor Octopus - Temporary Enemy • Flint Marko/Sandman • Max Dillon/Electro - Temporary Enemy • Curt Connors/Lizard - Former Enemy Enemies • Thanos † - Killer • Elementals • Hydro-Man • Molten Man • Elemental Fusion • Quentin Beck's Crew • Quentin Beck/Mysterio † - Attempted Killer • William Ginter Riva • Gutes Guterman • United States Department of Damage Control • P.

Cleary • Foster • Norman Osborn/Green Goblin - Attempted Killer Appearances • Spider-Man: Homecoming • Spider-Man: Far From Home Prelude • Spider-Man: Far From Home • Peter's To-Do List (mentioned) mj spider man Spider-Man: No Way Home Trivia • In the comics, the nickname "MJ" mj spider man used by Mary Jane Watson.

• According to Spider-Man: Homecoming co-writer John Francis Daley, Michelle Jones was intended as a reinvention of Mary Jane Watson. [10] • Kevin Feige described this as a fun homage to Spider-Man's past adventures and his past love in the comics. [11] • Jones' birthday being June 10th is a reference to Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 #25, where Mary Jane Watson made her first appearance and was released on June 10, 1965, albeit the character's face is not shown.

• According to Zendaya, she wanted the character to be a new version of what Mary Jane represented. [12] • In Spider-Man: No Way Home, Jones' full last name is revealed to be Jones-Watson, bringing the character more closer to the comics counterpart. • Jones' literary tastes contain subtle allusions to either the plot or spiders. She was first seen reading Of Human Bondage by W. Somerset Mj spider man, in which the novel's protagonist is an orphan living with his aunt and uncle and has trouble fitting in at his new school, a situation similar to Peter Parker's life.

Later, she was reading Invitation to a Beheading, by Vladimir Nabokov, a novel in which a condemned man mj spider man his execution, accompanied only by a spider in his cell, as his peculiarity had made it difficult to blend into society, which strikes a tone similar to Jones, where her odd nature can make her a bit of a loner.

Finally, during the Rescue at the Washington Monument, she was wearing a shirt featuring Sylvia Plath, who wrote a poem called "Spider," and used spiders as images in other poems. • Jones' favorite flower is the Black Dahlia, after the murder of the same person.

• Jones likes churros. [13] Behind the Scenes • Michelle Jones-Watson in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a reimagined version of Mary Jane Watson, whose previous live-action incarnations were mj spider man by Kirsten Dunst and Shailene Woodley. • Director Jon Watts revealed in an interview with /Film that the primary inspirations for Michelle Jones were Allison Reynolds ( Ally Sheedy) from The Breakfast Club and Lindsay Weir ( Linda Cardellini) from Freaks and Geeks.

[14] • In regards to Michelle Jones' backstory, Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers originally wrote a scene for Spider-Man: Homecoming which heavily implied that she comes from a bad home, with no one to pick up her after classes or meet her at the bus after returning from Washington, D.C., leading to Peter Parker and Aunt May offering to give Jones a ride home.

Although McKenna and Sommers don't know if the scene was filmed or not, they think that this backstory is alluded to by the many things Jones says in Spider-Man: Far From Home.

[15] • Hayley Ainsley, Imogen Leaver, Aja Frary and Jade Bell were stunt doubles for Zendaya in the role of Michelle Jones. References • ↑ 1.00 1.01 1.02 1.03 1.04 1.05 1.06 1.07 1.08 1.09 1.10 1.11 1.12 1.13 1.14 1.15 1.16 1.17 Spider-Man: No Way Home • ↑ 2.0 2.1 Michelle Jones' Passport • ↑ 'Spider-Man: Far From Home' Team Considered a Donald Glover Cameo • ↑ 4.0 4.1 4.2 4.3 4.4 4.5 4.6 4.7 Spider-Man: Homecoming • ↑ 5.0 5.1 5.2 Spider-Man: Homecoming Deleted Scene • ↑ 6.0 6.1 6.2 6.3 6.4 6.5 Spider-Man: Far From Home • ↑ Avengers: Endgame • ↑ Joe Russo's Q&A about the plot of Avengers: Endgame in China • ↑ Spider-Man: Far From Home Mid-credits Scene • ↑ Your Complete Guide to the 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' Easter Eggs • ↑ Spider-Man: Homecoming Producers Say Twist to That Character Not What It Seems • ↑ Zendaya says her MJ in the MCU represents original Mary Jane character • ↑ Spider-Man App • ↑ ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming' Set Visit: Everything We Learned • ↑ 'Spider-Man: Far From Home' Team Considered a Donald Glover Cameo External Links • Mary Jane Watson on Marvel Database mj spider man Mary Jane Watson on Wikipedia Content Warning: This article contains spoilers for Spider-Man: No Way Home Although she hasn't been as involved in the action as all the other characters in the movie, that doesn't mean that Michelle Jones-Watson (Zendaya) isn't an important character to the MCU.

Not only has she been an instrumental figure in Peter Parker's story but she is also one of the funniest characters too as her dry wit and sarcastic nature has created many memorable moments.

Related: 10 Unpopular Opinions About Spider-Man: No Way Home, According To Reddit She certainly continued to create plenty of iconic moments in the newest installment, Spider-Man: No Way Home, too, only this time she provided a lot more sage advice. From her interactions with Doctor Strange to helping Peter defeat the villains, MJ's one-liners and quotes were just one of the best parts of the movie. 10 MJ To Doctor Strange About Manners: “I Know A Couple Of Magic Words Myself, Starting With The Word ‘Please’” Even magical superheroes need to be reminded of their manners now and again, and MJ is the girl for the job.

MJ isn’t someone to hold her tongue, and she speaks what’s on her mind. In this quote, MJ reminds Doctor Strange of the proper way to ask for help when he asks Peter and his friends to search for the rest of the multiverse villains.

This scene is funny in the sense that Strange is taken aback that she’s called him out, yet, he folds and does as she asks. Considering that Strange didn't take well to strangers, the fact that he gives in as easily as he does after her snipe proves that Michelle Jones is no ordinary girl.

9 MJ To Peter After They Are Detained: “Don’t Say Anything Without A Lawyer” In every MCU movie, the superhero has had their fair share of run-ins with the police, and Peter and his friends are not immune to this. After being detained for questioning about his vigilante adventures as Spider-Man, Peter is reminded of his right to a lawyer by MJ (and Aunt May), who never forgets to look out for Peter in his times of need.

She’s not naïve and can handle herself in situations of pressure, (which makes her an equal to Peter Parker and Spider-Man). 8 MJ To Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker After Meeting: “Crawl Around.” From the very first introduction of MJ, she was mj spider man very trusting and liked to ask a lot of questions. This is something that remains the same in the third movie as she remains skeptical of all the new visitors and their agendas.

This was also particularly seen when Ned brings the wrong Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) through the portal, where MJ demands that he show proof he is Spider-Man by ID or by crawling around the wall.

MJ’s cautiousness is her way of protecting her friends since Peter and Ned are too trusting and cannot see when they are being used or manipulated. 7 MJ To The Villains When Asked Where They Are Being Held: “A Wizards Dungeon.

There’s No Real Way To Sugarcoat That- It’s Literally The Dungeon Of A Wizard.” Funnily enough, this quote speaks to MJ’s comedic and sarcastic personality. In this quote, MJ informs the multiverse visitors that they are being held in a wizard's dungeon. She doesn’t hold back and doesn’t look to gloss over important situations. Related: 10 Characters In Spider-Man: No Way Home Who Deserved More Screen Time This scene was hilariously well-done in showcasing the seriousness of the multiverse collision, and the interactions between everyone.

MJ is hilariously truthful, even to those that are evil and villainous (which is what makes her and Peter so compatible). 6 MJ To Electro About Peter Not Killing Them: “That’s Not Who He Is” From all the previous movie adaptations, Spider-Man has had to face a number of enemies.

Although the Peters have tried their best to stop the villains mj spider man harming them, most of the battles they had did result in these enemies' death (which is why they believe it will happen again here).

However, in this quote, MJ explains to the villains that Peter will do whatever he can to help them because he hasn't got it in him to be a killer. Peter Parker does not believe that the bad guy should die, and MJ knows this.

Her understanding of Peter and his morals is something that bonds them together. 5 MJ To Peter About His Senses: “Is Your Tingle Tingling?” MJ is very attentive to Peter and this has been the case in the past few films. She is very observant and knows and understands Peter well.

In this quote, MJ becomes aware that Peter is sensing something when rounding up the multiverse villains and asks if he feels anything. These two are in sync body and soul, and this quote reinforces this observation. They each trust in each other and the bond that they share.

4 MJ About Her Expectations: “If You Expect Disappointment, Then You Can Never Really Get Disappointed” The character of MJ shares a different outlook on life and the world. She is not one to fully believe and trust in things, making her the total opposite of Peter and Ned. Related: The Most Shocking Moments In Spider-Man: No Way Home While Ned and Peter believe that everything will work out for the greater good, MJ believes that there should never be any expectations of something before it is final.

In this quote, MJ expresses that she holds no expectations of getting into MIT because if she’s rejected, she won't feel any disappointment. Although the audience did feel a little sympathetic towards her since they could tell she wanted the role, there's no doubt that the quote fit her personality best since it was quite realistic.

3 MJ To Doctor Strange About The Spell Mishap: “You’re Telling Us What To Do Even Though All Of This Is Kinda Your Mess.” Not one to mince her words, MJ lets it be known to Doctor Strange that he basically has no right to give orders when he is the one that performed the spell that landed them in the mess they were in. This quote from MJ signifies her stance behind Mj spider man and their relationship. Even though Peter is partly to blame for the multiverse collision, MJ remains loyal to Peter.

It’s hard not to like and admire MJ when she stands her ground. 2 MJ To Peter On The Multiverse Mishap: “Look At Me. I’m Here.

I’m Not Going Anywhere. We’re Going To Get Through This And Get Through It Together.” After the shocking death of Aunt May, Peter can’t help but feel as though he’s alone and has ruined his friends' lives. In this quote, MJ reassures him that he is not alone in his fight or in his life.

Although he has lost his last blood relative, he’s reminded that he still has a family in MJ and Ned. Family isn’t always blood but it’s a foundation built upon by people that trust and love each other, and this is what the three of them (Peter, Ned, and MJ) have.

1 MJ To Peter On Saying ‘I Love You’ For The First Time: “I Want You To Tell Me When You See Me Again.” With the decision to wipe everyone’s memory of Peter Parker, Peter chooses to say those three little words in his goodbye to MJ. However, she tells him to wait until they see each other again. Mj spider man this quote, fans are able to see the character development of MJ. Before, she was a pessimist, always expecting disappointment, and now she is optimistic that Peter will find her and help her remember not only him but their love as well.

It was quite a heartwarming thought that many fans hope will come true one day. NEXT: MJ’s 10 Best Quotes In Spider-Man: Far From Home, Ranked
“ I don't have much luck when it comes to getting close to people. So I lied. I wasn't just watching you 'cuz I thought you were Spider-Man.” ―Michelle confessing her feelings to Peter Parker [src] Michelle Jones-Watson (better known as MJ) is a character from Spider-Man: Homecoming and is the deuteragonist of Spider-Man: Far From Home and Spider-Man: No Way Home.

She is Peter's classmate and love interest, later becoming his girlfriend. Contents • 1 Background • 1.1 Personality • 1.2 Development • 2 Appearances • 2.1 Spider-Man: Homecoming • 2.2 Avengers: Infinity War • 2.3 Avengers: Endgame • 2.4 Spider-Man: Far From Home • 2.5 Spider-Man: No Way Home • 3 Relationships • 4 Gallery • 5 Trivia • 6 References Background Personality Michelle describes herself as observant and managed to figure out about Peter's double life as Spider-Man in during the events of the " Homecoming".

However, Michelle later reveals that she has never been able to admit her feelings about anything as she struggles to get close to people. This is why she often made fun of Peter, even though she liked him and lied to him about watching him because she thought he was Spider-Man.

Michelle always loved Peter from the start, but was too afraid to act on her feelings, especially when he liked Liz Toomes. Eventually, during the school trip to Europe, MJ has shown to have warmed up to making friends and is more confident than before.

Development Director Jon Watts revealed in an interview that the primary inspirations for Michelle Jones were Allison Reynolds from The Breakfast Club and Lindsay Weir from Freaks and Geeks.

[1] In regards to Michelle Jones' backstory, Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers originally wrote a scene for Spider-Man: Homecoming which heavily implied that Michelle comes from a bad home, with no one to pick up her after classes or meet her at the bus after returning from Washington, D.C., leading Peter Parker and Aunt May to offer her a ride home.

Although McKenna and Sommers did not know if the scene was filmed or not, they think that this backstory is alluded by the many things MJ says in Spider-Man: Far From Home. [2] Appearances Spider-Man: Homecoming Michelle in "Homecoming" Michelle Jones is a student at the Midtown School of Science and Technology.

She is a classmate of Peter Parker, and is a member of the school's Academic Decathlon team. Michelle called Peter and Ned Leeds losers for staring at Liz Toomes for too long.

When Ned asked why she sat at their table, she replied that she didn't have any friends, and returned to reading her book. Michelle read the book Of Human Bondage throughout the entirety of gym class, even while she was supposed to be doing curl-ups.

mj spider man

A member of the Academic Decathlon team, Liz Toomes, threw a party at her house. Michelle attended, but when Peter and Ned arrived, she called them losers for attending.

When Ned pointed out that she was attending the party as well, she gave them a quirky look and said, "am I?" Michelle joined the Academic Decathlon team for the field trip to Washington, D.C. to participate in the finals. She questioned Mr. Harrington on the timetable for the trip because she wanted to get in some light protesting while in the nation's capital. She correctly answered the last question of the Decathlon, winning the competition for the team.

On the way to Washington, Peter and Ned noticed increased activity around the damaged Triskelion structure, with Michelle explaining that Damage Control was still cleaning up the mess after Captain America caused the Helicarriers to crash for seemingly no reason. While Ned states that he did it to save them, Michelle rebuffs him and declares that this is what they want the public mj spider man think. After the Decathlon, Mr. Harrington took them to the Washington Monument.

Michelle refused to go up to the top, not wanting to visit a building that had been built by slaves. While she waited at the bottom, an explosion at the top trapped her teammates in the monument's elevator. When Spider-Man arrived, Michelle informed him that her friends were in the elevator. Spider-Man successfully saved the trapped Academic Decathlon team.

Michelle sat next to Peter when he was issued a detention for attempting to skip class. After Peter left, Coach Wilson asked Michelle why she was there, as she did not have detention. Michelle answered that she enjoyed sketching people in crisis, and showed him a drawing she'd made of him. Following the revelation that Liz Toomes' father was the Vulture, she was forced to move to Oregon with her mother.

In the wake of her leaving, Michelle was made the captain of the team. She told her teammates that her friends called her "MJ". When Peter received a message and had to leave, Michelle looked at him with suspicion and asked what was he up to. She then laughed and told him she was kidding and that she did not care. Shortly after that, she was being interviewed by Betty Brant, an anchor on the school's news team, as to who she thought Spider-Man might truly be.

Michelle replied that she wasn't sure but that she had her suspicions. Avengers: Infinity War While she does not appear in this film, she is revealed to have been among the half of the universe that was disintegrated by Thanos offscreen. Avengers: Endgame While she also does not appear in this film, she is resurrected offscreen by the Hulk. Spider-Man: Far From Home Michelle's first kiss with Peter Parker in "Far From Home" In Far From Home, MJ has shown to have grown closer with Peter and Ned, along with Betty, showing character development and has tried to make friends.

During the 2023-2024 school year, MJ developed romantic feelings for Peter and vice versa. She plans on exploring the countries along with her friends, whilst Peter tries to tell MJ her how he feels. MJ is the center of Peter's affection as well as his romantic rival Brad Davis, but MJ shows no interest in Brad. After the battle in London, Michelle finds an injured Peter on the bridge where she embraces him.

The teens check on each other's safety and she tells him she brought a weapon to help him fight Mysterio. MJ shows Peter the Black Dahlia necklace that Happy gave her (on Peter's behalf) and he expresses that he wanted to win her over with his plan. Touched, Michelle kisses Peter and tells him that she struggles to get close to people which is why she lied about only watching him because of his alter ego.

Peter apologises to MJ for the necklace being broken and she assures him she likes it better broken. Michelle and Peter express their feelings for each other with their first kiss and they return to New York as a couple. When they return home, Peter takes MJ on a swing around New York for their first date. Although MJ is looking forward to it at first, her mind changes during the swing where she is seen screaming her way around the city and soon asks Peter to put her down.

After their swing, MJ tells Peter she never wants to do it again as it scared her too much. The couple end their date with Peter waving to the people of New York, but things get out of hand when Michelle and Peter watch the breaking news on the Bugle news. Michelle and Peter watch on and she is left horrified to learn that not only her boyfriend has been framed for the attacks Mysterio caused back in London, but his identity as Spider-Man had been exposed as well.

Spider-Man: No Way Home mj spider man We're gonna get through this.and we're going to get through this together.” ―MJ to Peter [src] Michelle continues her relationship with Peter Parker, despite her, him and Ned getting shunned by the whole city. MJ works in a bakery during the Christmas season and joins Peter while he is on mj spider man run.

MJ hopes to get into MIT and is there for Peter when she finds out that his Aunt May died. MJ is also revealed to be officially called Michelle Jones-Watson (reference to Mary Jane Watson). She meets alternate versions of Peter Parker ( The Amazing Spider-Man and Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man), who help her and Peter over their grief because of Aunt May's death. Doctor Strange does a spell that makes MJ and Ned forget who Peter is, which breaks MJ's heart. They reaffirm their love for each other and share a passionate kiss before the mj spider man takes effect.

MJ watches heartbroken as Peter flies off while mouthing one final "I love you" in tears. He later tries to reconnect with MJ (and Ned), but decides not to when he sees the scar from the fall, before the spell happened. Relationships The Disney Wiki has a collection of images and media related to Michelle Jones. Trivia • In the comics, the nickname "MJ" is used by Mary Jane Watson. However, both Kevin Feige and Amy Pascal had stated that Michelle Jones is not Mary Jane Watson and the MJ initials were just a fun homage to Spider-Man's past adventures and his past love in the comics.

[3] In No Way Home, it is revealed that her real last name is Watson, furthering the Mary Jane comparison. • Jones' birthday being June 10th is a reference to Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 #25, where Mary Jane Watson made her first appearance and was released on June 10, 1965. • Michelle's birthday is exactly 2 months before Peter's, which is August 10, 2001. They are the only characters in their friend group to have their birthday's known and revealed. • Both Michelle and Mary Jane from the Sam Rami trilogy started dating Peter in the second movie and continue their relationship in the third.

• Although her surname is Jones, her passport in Spider-Man: Far From Home just says Michelle. • Michelle shares similarities to Megara from Hercules. - They both were very much loners and struggled to make friends as well as both stating they didn't have any friends when they introduced themselves to their eventual lovers.

They both have a cocky-type personality and both go by their nicknames - MJ for Michelle and Meg for Megara - even saying similar dialogue - that their friends call them by the nicknames if they had friends at that point. They both then start to warm up to the protaganists and bring out a warmer, more friendly and true in love side to themselves. • MJ and Peter's actors, Zendaya and Tom Holland, are dating in real life.

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When Fox decided to create the first ever feature film of the web slinger, in 2002, they chose Kirsten Dunst to take on the infamous role. She would go on to play the role for two more sequels. When they did the Spider-Man reboot, they ended up going a different route and did not even use MJ in the films. Luckily for us, Zendaya was cast for the latest Spider-Man reboot and has become our favorite MJ so far. Since Spider-Man loves to protect his identity, and his family, he would never allow any of the following images to hit the internet, if he could stop it.

15 MJ Rockin' That Midriff via mariesturges.com After avoiding Mary Jane for so long, Peter finally decided to please Aunt May by taking her out on a date. It was a revelation that would change his entire world as he finally got to see her true beauty.

He was lost to her and he knew it. He did mj spider man tell her he was Spider-Man– although she knew– because he did not want her to get hurt because of him. They started dating without him ever telling her the truth. via spidermancrawlspace.com Upon returning to New York and becoming a celebrity, Mary Jane starting hanging out with Peter again and winds up in his apartment the same time Puma tracks down Spider-Man to the same location.

Peter sensing the imminent danger, quickly gets MJ out of the apartment before fighting Puma while she listens from the hallway. This is important because it leads to the Mary Jane finally revealing she knew that Peter was Spider-Man but was interrupted by Black Cat, who Spider-Man had grown very close to while she was in Florida.

via pinterest.com By telling Peter that she knew he was Spider-Man, Mary Jane was hoping to grow closer to him but after finding out about Black Cat, she decided to leave New York again. Before she left, she wanted to talk to Peter and ended up telling him her entire story. In a shocker, Peter told her everything about his life and the two remained in New York where they started to grow close, for the 100th time.

via tumblr.com Aside from rebooting famous franchises, another popular thing comic books have been doing is creating alternate mj spider man which allow them to come up with all these new versions of the famous characters we all love. In one of the alternate universes, Mary Jane is actually Spider-Woman in Exiles. She was not only Spider-Woman, she was also a lesbian who fell in love with Sunfire.

via pinterest.com Marvel is going to make a Red Sonja movie, they just have to do it. She is easily one of the most popular characters we have yet to see on the big screen. In the comics, however, Red Sonja has already found herself involved in the Spider-Man world where Red Sonja's spirit ends up being put inside the body of Mary Jane Watson. This means we got a Mary Jane/Red Sonja combo and no one besides the hardcore fans know about it.

via imgur.com After graduating college, Mary Jane grows tired of Peter constantly leaving her to be Spider-Man so she ends up leaving New York. She headed to Florida to be with her Aunt Anna and help her move down there. She honestly just wanted to get away from Peter and that was the easiest route.

By the time she returned to New York, she was already a model and famous actress who was very popular with all the big name actors around, even dating some of them. via tumblr.com Since the 15th issue of The Amazing Spider-Man, Mj spider man May has been dedicated to getting Mary Jane Watson and Peter Parker together for a blind date. It actually turned into the comic series' longest running gags. Every time Aunt May would organize a get together with the two, Peter would always figure out a way to get out of it.

She was mentioned in the 15th issue but not even shown again for two years when she finally came out from behind the plant to reveal herself to the readers. via deviantart.com Originally, John Romita created Mary Jane Watson as a fun character and not necessarily the love interest she became to Peter Parker.

The plans were for Gwen Stacy to become his love interest but after they started writing, they quickly realized that her personality was just not enough for Peter Parker. It was almost as if Mary Jane Watson fought her way into the comics simply by existing and ended up turning into one of the stars of the entire series.

via wallhere.com When Mary Jane first met Peter Parker, she considered him too nerdy and not her type. But one night, the same night that Uncle Ben was shot, Peter Parker let down his guard while climbing out his window and changing into Spider-Man.

Mary Jane watched as he changed while climbing out the window and decided to keep it to herself for the time being. From that day on, she would never look at him the same. via darkstarshop.com After successfully convincing Mary Jane to stay in New York, Peter would eventually propose to her, for the second time in their lives.

And, for the second time in their lives, she said no and ran. She ran to Pittsburgh to be with her sister, who was in prison at the time. After dealing with her demons, and helping to get her sister out of prison, Mary Jane came back to New York and accepted Peter's proposal this time. They ended up getting married. via pinterest.com The truth behind why Mary Jane Watson's role turned into such a big one was because of the fans.

She was so popular with the readers that John Romita and Stan Lee had no choice but to include more of Mary Jane and less of Gwen Stacy. Most of what you have read about Peter Parker and Mary Jane's relationship was originally planned to be between him and Gwen Stacy.

via colossuscollection.com For a long time, readers believed that Mary Jane was deceased after boarding a plane to go to a modeling job and it exploded in mid-air. It took them almost two years before revealing that Mary Jane was not gone and that it was all a mistake.

Can you imagine what would have happened if they really did write off Mary Jane 40 years ago? via spidermancrawlspace.com Speaking of finest, Spider-Man fans still consider Kirsten Dunst's portrayal of Mary Jane Watson to be the most iconic for many reasons.

The most famous reason will forever be that infamous kissing scene where an upside-down Spider-Man gets his mask pulled down above his lips to kiss Mary Jane. Fans also loved how she was able to be a damsel in distress without seeming so hopeless. They could see that there was some good acting going on even with such a lousy script. via pinterest.com Have you ever found yourself searching for the most ridiculous things online?

If not for boredom, then maybe to win a bet or answer a question that has been floating in your brain for many years. The question we just had to get answered was how many issues Mary Jane Watson has appeared in and it came out to total 3,175 issues. via instagram.com As much as we all wanted to see Mary Jane Watson and Peter Parker live happily ever after, we just knew that was not possible given her personality and his secret identity as Spider-Man.

Even though she knew about his identity, Mary Jane began to hate Peter for constantly leaving their dates to fight bad guys. She resented him for choosing to be Spider-Man over Peter Parker.
Mary Jane Watson Name: Mary Jane Watson Alias(es): MJ Mary Jane Miss Watson Affiliation: Broadway Theater (formerly) Jazz Club Rank: Former Waitress Former Actress Jazz Club Singer Model Father: Phil Watson Spouse(s): Peter Parker Portrayed by: Kirsten Dunst First appeared: Spider-Man Last appeared: Spider-Man 3 " I said, 'Spider-Man.' I said, 'The great thing about M.J.

is when you look in her eyes and she's looking back in yours everything feels not quite normal. Because you feel stronger and weaker at the same time. You feel excited and at the same time terrified. The truth is, you don't know what you feel except you know what kind of man you want to be.

It's as if you've reached the unreachable and you weren't ready for it.'" ― Peter Parker [src] Mary Jane Watson, often shortened to MJ, is a former Broadway actress and the girlfriend of Peter Parker, as well as the ex-fiancée of John Jameson and an ex-girlfriend of Flash Thompson and Harry Osborn.

She was played by Kirsten Dunst in Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2 and Spider-Man 3. Contents • 1 History • 1.1 Spider-Man • 1.2 Spider-Man 2 • 1.3 Spider-Man 3 • 1.4 Spider-Man: No Way Home • 2 Personality • 3 Relationships • 4 Trivia • 5 References • 6 See Also History Spider-Man In the first film, she was dating the high school mj spider man, Flash Thompson, but breaks up with him at their high school graduation ceremony due to finding him to be a jerk.

Desperate to escape her abusive, alcoholic father, Mary Jane mj spider man to pursue a career in acting, but she secretly works as a waitresses at a diner after being rejected at an audition. Peter's best friend Harry Osborn is her mj spider man boyfriend after leaving high school, but when she was rescued by Spider-Man after being attacked by The Green Goblin, she became attracted to him. MJ kissing Spider-Man upside down. After he later saves her from several men in an alley, the two share an iconic kiss.

She grows distant from Harry and closer to Peter when she realizes how much he cares for her. After Harry sees Peter and Mary Jane holding hands, he gets angry and breaks up with her, much to Mary Jane's chagrin. Harry's father Norman Osborn, who found out Spider-Man's secret identity and his feelings for Mary Jane from his son. As his criminal alter ego, The Green Goblin, he kidnaps her while she was asleep and awaits for Spider-Man.

Then, Mary Jane regains consciousness and watches helplessly as Goblin destroys things. He later holds her over the Queensboro Bridge, telling Spider-Man that he must choose between her and a group of children caught in the Roosevelt Island tram car. Scared and wailing for her life, she dangles with Spider-Man along the tram car. Then, Spider-Man encourages her to climb down which she was terribly frightened to do but she persevered through. Just as she was close to the tram goblin disrupted the cord making her slide dangerously down, Spider-Man catches it as she hangs on for dear life.

Fortunately she's saved by the boat and Spider-Man. Spider-Man manages to save both Mary Jane and the children; however, The Green Goblin is killed in an ensuing fight. At Norman's funeral, Mary Jane tells Peter that she loves him and they kiss. Peter, who decides that for her protection they can't be together, gently rejects her. She was heartbroken and despondent, but as he leaves, she realizes that her kiss with Peter reminded her of the one she shared with Spider-Man and suspects that he's the superhero.

Spider-Man 2 Two years later, Mary Jane still wants to start a relationship with Peter who mj spider man resists because he fears for her safety. In her frustration, Mary Jane goes on mj spider man have a relationship with John Jameson, the astronaut son of The Daily Bugle publisher J. Jonah Jameson. Prior to this, Harry said that she was waiting for him. Much to Peter's delight, he sees her billboard picturing her modeling for a perfume near Joe's Pizza where he worked at before getting fired from it.

Mary Jane appearing on a perfume poster Later, Peter decides that being Spider-Man is not what he wants and now attempts to start a relationship with her. But Mary Jane pushes him away this time, because she's getting married to John Jameson, but secretly does indeed want a relationship with Peter, although she tries to convince herself otherwise.

She's also angry with Peter because he fails to see her star in The Importance of Being Earnest which John, Harry, and Aunt May have all seen (even her father went backstage, albeit to ask for money), yet Peter's absences also verifies her mj spider man that he's Spider-Man, but waiting for a chance of him admitting it or seeing him unmasked herself. When Peter does arrive to see it the first time, a Snooty Usher stops him for being late. The second attempt to see it, which is successful, when he tries to reconnect with her.

After Mary Jane kisses John, in a manner that is reminiscent of the upside-down kiss between her and Spider-Man from the first film, she realizes that she does not love John and still wants a relationship with Peter. Later, she meets Peter in a coffee shop where she asks for a kiss to confirm her belief that he is Spider-Man. She even asks him if he loves her which he falsely replies, "I don't", for the sake of his superhero responsibilities and her safety.

Just before Peter can kiss her, Doctor Octopus kidnaps her and runs away which Doctor Octopus takes her to an abandoned pier where Spider-Man confronts him. Spider-Man pulls his mask off in hopes of getting Doctor Octopus to come back to his human senses and Mary Jane sees that Spider-Man and Peter Parker are one and the same. After Doctor Octopus reforms and sacrifices himself to save New York, Spider-Man and Mary Jane share a moment together where Spider-Man finally admits that he does love Mary Jane, but cares more for her safety.

At the film's end, Mary Jane prepares to marry John Jameson, but she leaves him at the altar, goes to Peter's apartment, reveals that she is in love with Peter and is prepared to face whatever risks their relationship may bring as a result of his alter-ego. Spider-Man 3 Both Mary Jane and Harry now know that Peter is Spider-Man. In the film, Peter and Mary Jane are dating and Peter is intending to ask Mary Jane to marry him. When he reports the good news to his Aunt May, she was delighted and asks Peter to give her engagement ring as a gift to Mary Jane.

However, Peter becomes slightly overconfident due to Spider-Man's success. Meanwhile, Mary Jane's Broadway debut takes a turn for the worse when her performance gets bad reviews. Unaware of this incident, Peter accidentally pushes Mary Jane away, thinking that he understands her situation. She also begins a rivalry with Gwen Stacy for Peter's affections. Having been replaced on Broadway by her understudy and then having to work at a jazz club, Mary Jane and Peter's relationship worsens when Spider-Man is unexpectedly kissed by Gwen Stacy in front of a whole crowd of people the same way Mary Jane kissed Spider-Man in the first film.

When Peter attempts to propose to Mary Jane that same night, Gwen appears at the same restaurant and talks with him which it lead Mary Jane to being livid and leaves. Mary Jane, feeling alone and bewildered, calls Harry who recently lost his memory and hatred of Spider-Man after being defeated in an aerial battle as the New Goblin.

They renew their bond and in a moment of joy, Mary Jane kisses Harry. Realizing what she's doing, Mary Jane quickly leaves. The emotional turmoil restores Harry's memories and his mission to destroy Spider-Man as the New Goblin. He confronts MJ in her apartment and threatens to kill Peter if she does not break up with him. Following Harry's orders, she breaks up with Peter. Peter, heartbroken and upset, refuses to tolerate these tragedies and turns to the mj spider man suit which enhances his aggression.

One night, Peter decides to go to Mary Jane's jazz club with Gwen. He shows her up on stage by playing the piano and makes a big show of dancing with Gwen. Gwen, realizing that she was being used as a prop to make Mary Jane jealous, apologizes and leaves. Mary Jane is still visibly shaken when Peter confronts her at the bar, and he is assaulted by two of the club's bouncers.

A fight ensues and Mj spider man Jane tries to stop Peter. Thinking she's another bouncer, Peter accidentally strikes her which MJ fall to the ground.

Peter, realizing what the evil symbiote is trying to do, leaves the club. Peter tears the symbiote off his body at a church bell-tower. During the struggle, it falls on Eddie Brock standing below and creates Venom. At his apartment, Peter fears that even though the symbiote was responsible for current events, he may not be able to put Mary Jane first and gives his wedding ring back to Aunt May who convinces him that if he tries his best, he can put things right.

Meanwhile, Peter sees Mary Jane in her apartment and walks away, feeling that he'll never be able to date her again. Then, Mary Jane thought she saw something and decided that it would be best to go and see Peter in hopes of rekindling her relationship with him.

But, Venom kidnaps Mary Jane, holding her hostage at a construction site, where a climatic battle takes place between the team of Venom and the The Sandman against Spider-Man. Spider-Man was nearly killed as he was choked by Venom and hammered by Sandman which horrifies Mary Jane as she thinks her lover will be dead, but Harry Osborn, a.k.a.

the "New Goblin" managed to save Spider-Man by throwing a bomb in Sandman's head and knocking Venom aside. Then an ensuring battle begins. During the fight, Harry defeats Sandman, but is impaled by Venom with his own glider after jumping in the way of Venom attempting to impale Peter. After Peter defeats Venom, he goes over to the mortally wounded Harry, alongside whom Mary Jane is also present. Harry dies in Mary Jane's arms after mending his friendship with Peter.

After attending their friend's funeral, Peter and Mary Jane reconcile and dance together at the jazz club where she works. Spider-Man: No Way Home Sometime mj spider man the third film, Peter and Mary Jane eventually managed to reconcile and remained together in the end.

Peter mentions this to the Amazing Spider-Man and youngest Spider-Man while in their universe. She is also mentioned in passing by Norman Osborn, as well as by Dr.

Otto Octavius. When Peter meets that universe's MJ, he is pleasantly surprised that a counterpart exists in that world. Personality Mj spider man Jane Watson is a kind, funny, beautiful, sweet, cheerful, passionate, and energetic young girl. She ran mj spider man the stereotypical popular crowd in school, being surrounded by people who had enticing physical features and great skills in ways of preforming arts or sports.

Mary Jane is somewhat naive, but always knows what's going on. While MJ's closest friends and boyfriend were rude, snobbish, arrogant, vain and uncaring, she did not judge anyone based on looks or skills but rather by personality, Unlike her former boyfriend, Flash. She never bullied or judged Peter Parker, despite him being in the unpopular crowd.

Mary Jane herself was beautiful and drew attention from all the boys but never let it go to her head. Instead, she used her features merely as an advantage for acting and modelling mj spider man worked to develop independence and smarts.

Mary Jane sadly had faults that only brought herself down, such as insecurity and an urge to impress people she deemed important, both of which most likely came from her abusive, dirty father.

Mary Jane was also friendly towards Peter Parker despite him being an unpopular nerd. MJ had no one treat her with respect for anything other than her looks before mj spider man and Peter mj spider man a stronger friendship and might not have noticed until after high school graduation.

She even flirted with him and called him "Tiger". It is quite possibly because of this, Mary Jane became so smitten by Spider-Man so quickly and later fell for Peter, oblivious that they were one in the same, as he was very kind to her than just her looks. In the middle of the film, MJ was defined by three major personas: Her strong sense of generosity, her crush on Spider-Man and her extreme craving for some general affection. Combined these are what lead MJ to initiate a kiss with Spider-Man as it fulfilled all three traits at once.

After her kiss with Spider-Man, and before being insulted by Norman and Harry, MJ was shown to be a great deal happier and almost ecstatic, because it had perhaps been her first kiss with someone who loved her back for more than just aesthetic reasons and while she was kissing him, she most likely felt Spider-Man's love for her: something that would have enhanced the sensation of the kiss even more.

Relationships • Phillip Watson - Father • Madeline Watson - Mother • Spider-Man/Peter Parker - Boyfriend • New Goblin/Harry Osborn †- Friend and Ex-Boyfriend • Flash Thompson - Ex-Boyfriend • May Parker - Acquaintance • Gwen Stacy - Rival • Green Goblin/Norman Osborn †- Enemy • Doctor Octopus/Otto Octavius †- Enemy • Sandman - Enemy • Venom/Eddie Brock †- Enemy Trivia • During her childhood, her abusive father always told mj spider man that she was never worth anything and no man would ever want her, despite this, she has dated a few men in her life such as Flash Thompson, Harry Osborn, her ex-fiancée John Jameson and Peter Parker.

• Throughout the Spider-Man Trilogy, Mary Jane had always wanted to act on stage, this had had due to acting at a very young as implied by Peter. • Kirsten Dunst wore a red wig in the first film and had to dye her blond hair to red in order to play the role of Mary Jane Watson in Spider-Man 2 and Spider-Man 3.

[1] • Alicia Witt was considered for the role by Sam Raimi before Kirsten Dunst was cast. [2] • Kirsten Dunst won two MTV Movie Awards for the first movie; one for the Best Female Performance, and one for the Best Kiss. [3] • Elizabeth Banks auditioned for the role of Mary-Jane Watson before being cast as Betty Brant.

• Kirsten Dunst decided to audition for MJ after learning that Tobey Maguire had been cast, feeling the film would have a more independent feel. She earned the role a month before shooting in an audition in Berlin. • Kate Hudson and Tara Reid were considered for the role of Mary Jane Watson.

Hudson was a heavy favorite for the role but turned it down in order to appear in The Four Feathers (2002). • Alicia Witt, Mena Suvari, Kate Bosworth, Jaime King, Eliza Dushku and Elisha Cuthbert auditioned for the role of Mary-Jane Watson. Dushku's screen test can be seen on the DVD special features. • When the project began in the late 1980s, the role of Mary Jane Watson was considered for many actresses, including Jennifer Jason Leigh, Ally Sheedy, Jodie Foster, Natasha Richardson, Phoebe Cates, Tatum O'Neal, Bridget Fonda, Lori Loughlin, Diane Lane, Sarah Jessica Parker, Brooke Shields, Kyra Sedgwick, Justine Bateman, Nicole Kidman, Julia Roberts, Molly Ringwald, Jennifer Aniston, Uma Thurman, Jennifer Connelly, Winona Ryder, Christina Applegate, Cameron Diaz, Alyssa Milano, Tori Spelling, Neve Campbell, Tiffani Thiessen, Alyson Hannigan and Drew Barrymore.

But when the project eventually went into pre-production, all of them were considered too old for the part. References The Spider-Man Films wiki has a collection of images and media related to Mary Jane Watson (Kirsten Dunst).

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• Cameo appearance: • The Amazing Spider-Man mj spider man (June 1965) • First Full appearance: • The Amazing Spider-Man #42 (January 1967) Created by Stan Lee (writer) John Romita Sr.

(artist) In-story information Full name Mary Jane Watson Species Human Place of origin New York, New York, United States Supporting character of Spider-Man Notable aliases Mary Jane Watson-Parker, MJ, Spider-Woman, Red Sonja, Spinneret & Red Mary Jane Watson is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character was created by Stan Lee and John Romita Sr., mj spider man made her first appearance in The Amazing Spider-Man #25.

Since then she has gone on to become Spider-Man's main love interest and later his wife. Mary Jane is the most famous and prominent love interest of Peter Parker due to their long history, as she is also represented in most Spider-Man media and adaptations. Although she made a mj spider man first appearance in The Amazing Spider-Man #25 with a plant obscuring her exterior, Mary Jane's first official face reveal was in a cameo appearance The Amazing Spider-Man #42.

Designed and drawn by John Romita Sr., her entrance is regarded as one of the most iconic introductions in comic history, owing it to its build-up, her hyper-vibrant red hair and her most famous line, "Face it, Tiger. you just hit the jackpot!" Since then, 'Tiger' has been her most recognizable nickname for Peter Parker, spanning comics and media adaptations. Initially set up by Aunt May as a blind date, redheaded party girl Mary Jane "MJ" Watson was depicted in her early appearances as Gwen Stacy's competition.

Though Peter dated her briefly before Gwen, both of them broke it off as Peter saw her mj spider man, flakiness and 'life of the party' personality as shallow and MJ doesn’t want to be tied down by a man. She eventually became Peter's main love interest after Gwen's death at the hands of the Green Goblin. The pair formed a bond, as Mary Jane became a more open-hearted person. She and Peter got closer, fell deeply in love, had an on-off relationship for years and eventually married.

Despite their marriage being undone due to the timeline manipulations by the villain Mephisto, Mary Jane and Peter retained a close friendship and at one point they resumed their romantic relationship.

Starting from her memorable debut, Mary Jane Watson has earned a place in comic polls over the years—making her the most popular "non-powered" character in the Marvel universe and one of the best known female love interests in superhero pop culture. Kirsten Dunst portrayed the character in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy, Shailene Woodley had an uncredited silent cameo appearance as the character in the 2014 film The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Zendaya portrays mj spider man reimagined version of the character named Michelle Jones-Watson in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Zoë Kravitz voiced the character in the 2018 animated film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

Contents • 1 Publication history • 2 Fictional character biography • 2.1 Early history • 2.2 Marriage • 2.3 Pregnancy • 2.4 Marital problems • 2.5 "Civil War" • 2.6 "One More Day" • 2.7 New life • 2.8 "Spider-Island" and "Ends of the Earth" • 2.9 "Dying Wish" and The Superior Spider-Man • 2.10 All-New, All-Different Marvel • 2.11 Fresh Start • 2.12 Spider-Man Beyond • 2.13 Six Months Later • 3 Other versions • 3.1 What If?

• 3.2 The Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows • 3.3 Earth X • 3.4 Exiles • 3.5 House of M • 3.6 Mangaverse • 3.7 Marvel 1602 • 3.8 Marvel Zombies and Marvel Zombies Return • 3.9 MC2 Universe • 3.10 Spider-Island • 3.11 Spider-Man: Reign • 3.12 Spectacular Spider-Man magazine • 3.13 Peter Porker, the Spectacular Spider-Ham • 3.14 Marvel Universe vs The Punisher • 3.15 Age of X • 3.16 Spider-Gwen • 3.17 Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane • 3.18 Spider-Man: Fairy Tales • 3.19 Spider-Man: The Clone Saga • 3.20 Spider-Man: Life Story • 3.21 Spider-Verse • 3.22 Infinity Wars • 3.23 Incredible Hercules • 3.24 Ultimate Marvel • 3.25 King-Sized Spider-Man Summer Special • 3.26 New Fantastic Four • 3.27 Silver Surfer: Requiem • 3.28 Spider-Man never existed • 4 In other media • 4.1 Television • 4.2 Film • 4.3 Video games • 4.4 Novels • 5 In popular culture • 6 Collected editions • 6.1 Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane • 7 References • 8 External links Publication history [ edit ] Mary Jane Watson is mentioned in The Amazing Spider-Man #15 (August 1964), and is initially used as a running joke of the series, as Peter Parker's Aunt May repeatedly attempts to set her unwilling nephew up on a date with her.

Parker (also known as Spider-Man) consistently worms his way out of meeting Mary Jane who, aside from a brief appearance in #25 (June 1965) with her face obscured, is never actually seen until The Amazing Spider-Man #42 (November 1966). [1] Peter David wrote in 2010 that artist John Romita Sr.

"made the definitive statement of his arrival by pulling Mary Jane out from behind the oversized potted plant [that blocked the readers' view of her face in issue #25] and placing her on panel in what would instantly become an iconic moment".

[2] Romita has stated that in designing Mary Jane, he "used Ann-Margret from the movie Bye Bye Birdie as a guide, using her coloring, the shape of her face, her red hair and her form-fitting short skirts". [3] According to co-creator Stan Lee, he and Romita had intended for Gwen Stacy to be Spider-Man's one true love, and introduced Mary Jane "just for fun", but that "somehow, Mary Jane seemed to have all the personality, and much as we tried to make Gwen more attractive, we couldn't!

We, ourselves, felt that Mary Jane mj spider man up being not only more beautiful but more fun and more interesting, and we finally decided to let Peter end up with her, but it was. as though the characters had taken over!" [4] [5] The Amazing Mary Jane, comic book starred by Mary Jane Mary Jane Watson's unexpected popularity with readers after her debut changed the course of the plan for Gwen Stacy's character, who was intended to be the true love for Peter and was characterized as a sweet Daddy's girl in contrast to Mary Jane's '60s counterculture, vampy and liberated personality.

Fans surprisingly liked Mary Jane more and demanded for her to replace Gwen's role as Peter Parker's main love interest as readers found Mary Jane more exciting and that "no matter how we [i.e. Lee and his artist/co-plotter collaborators] wrote it, Mary Jane always seemed more interesting!" [6] [4] The names "Mary Jane" and "MJ" are also common slang terms for marijuana.

When asked about this, Stan Lee claimed it was purely coincidental, that he knew nothing about drugs and had never tried marijuana.

[7] Gerry Conway succeeded Stan Lee as writer of The Amazing Spider-Man in 1972. Conway pushed Mj spider man Jane to the forefront of the cast, and made her a serious love interest for Peter Parker. [8] Like Lee, Conway found Mary Jane to be more compelling than Gwen: "[Mary Jane] hadn't lost the edge that made her an interesting character.

Gwen didn't have an edge. She was just a nice person. I don't think she had a mean bone in her body, and wasn't likely to do something that was likely to screw things up for Peter, out of some misguided sense of self-aggrandizement, mj spider man Mary Jane was quite capable of doing—which makes her a much more interesting character". [9] In 1987, the character was married to Spider-Man in The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #21.

As a consequence, writer J. M. DeMatteis made Mary Jane and her marriage to Spider-Man one of the central themes of the critically acclaimed " Kraven's Last Hunt", published the same year as the wedding. DeMatteis commented that "'Kraven's Last Hunt' has a lot of darkness in it, mj spider man the story primarily is about Peter and his journey into the light and the power of simple human love.

The reason Peter makes it out is because he has Mary Jane in his life, and that is his salvation". [10] Marvel editor-in-chief Joe Quesada said that he feels the marriage ages the characters, making them less appealing to young readers, and lessens the dramatic, " soap opera" possibilities, but also stated that "divorcing or widowing, or annulling the marriage.

would only be worse". [11] He has also pointed out that the marriage itself was editorially mandated; Stan Lee decided to marry the characters in his daily newspaper strip and, even though the two were not even dating at the time in the comic book series, it was decided to marry them in the regular Marvel Universe as well.

In 2007, Quesada presided over the controversial " One More Day" storyline, which he also drew, in which Peter and Mary Jane's marriage is erased from history mj spider man everyone's memories by the devil Mephisto.

Quesada states he is an avid fan of the Peter and MJ relationship, and in several interviews has claimed that the alternate MC2 universe, in which Peter and Mary Jane are happily married, is a "natural progression" of the characters.

The erasing of Peter and Mary Jane's marriage was initially adopted in the newspaper strip as well, but due to negative reader reaction Lee later revealed it to be a bad dream. [12] Mary Jane remains Spider-Man's wife in the newspaper strip continuity. Although the marriage stayed erased, Mary Jane and Peter Parker became a couple again during Nick Spencer's run in Amazing Spider-Man.

She got a spin-of comic later, The Amazing Mary Jane, by Leah Mj spider man, Carlos Gomez and Carlos López. [13] Fictional character biography [ edit ] Early history [ edit ] Mary Jane is depicted as an extremely beautiful, green-eyed redhead and was the primary romantic interest of Peter Parker for the majority of the forty years between her first full appearance in 1966 and the One More Day story in 2007 (Peter and Mary Jane married in 1987). Initially, she competed with others for Peter's affection, most prominently with Gwen Stacy and the Black Cat.

Mary Jane's relatively unknown early life was eventually explored mj spider man The Amazing Spider-Man #259. [14] Early issues of The Amazing Spider-Man featured a running joke about Peter dodging his Aunt May's attempts to set him up with "that nice Watson girl next door", whom Peter had not yet met and assumed would not be his type, since his aunt liked her (in the Parallel Lives graphic novel an identical scenario is shown between Mary Jane and her Aunt Anna).

Mary Jane made her first actual appearance in The Amazing Spider-Man #25 (June 1965), although her face was obscured. However, she was seen by both Liz Allan and Betty Brant, who are both shocked by how attractive she is. It is not until The Amazing Spider-Man #42 (November 1966) that her face is actually seen.

In that issue, on the last page, Peter finally meets her, and he is stunned by her beauty even as she speaks the now-famous line: "Face it, Tiger. you just hit the jackpot!" [15] Mary Mj spider man face is shown for the first time, and her famous catchphrase is first uttered.

Art by John Romita Sr. From The Amazing Spider-Man #42. Peter begins to date her, much to the annoyance of Gwen Stacy. However, they eventually become irritated with each other and Peter subsequently chooses to date Gwen.

Mary Jane, who becomes Harry Osborn's love interest and girlfriend for about a year, remains a close friend to Peter and Gwen. Despite her enjoyment of mj spider man, her friendships, and dating, Mary Jane refuses to be tied down for too long.

When her relationship with Harry Osborn comes to an end, it has mj spider man impact on Harry, driving him to a drug overdose. [16] This in turn creates a boomerang effect, driving his father Norman Osborn to the brink of insanity, temporarily restoring his memories as the Green Goblin. [17] After the Green Goblin murders Mj spider man in The Amazing Spider-Man #121, Mary Jane attempts to comfort Peter.

Peter, who is distraught over the loss of Gwen Stacy, angrily confronts MJ about her seemingly flighty and carefree attitude. He questions her mj spider man to ever care about people like him and Gwen, and states "You wouldn't be sorry if your own mother died," unaware that her mother had actually died.

Mary Jane is hurt by Peter's comments. She attempts to leave, but hesitates as she approaches the door, and ultimately chooses to mj spider man with him.

[18] This served as a turning point in their relationship, and over the next couple of years, she and Peter become very close friends. Eventually, upon realizing the feelings that they share for one another, they decide to take their relationship to the next level, having sex in the process. [19] Their relationship has a few initial hurdles, such as MJ's hot temper and Peter's always dashing off to be Spider-Man.

Following the events of the original clone saga, Peter realizes that Mary Jane is the girl he has always loved, and the two begin dating again. Despite loving Peter, MJ does not wish to be tied down. Yet, she allows the relationship to progress and is left with a difficult decision when Peter proposes to her. [20] After taking a short time to consider, she turns him down. [21] Following a series of traumatic experiences involving Peter's absences and his costumed alter ego endangering his Aunt May, a spiritually exhausted MJ leaves New York for several months.

Peter meanwhile dates other women, most notably Felicia Hardy. MJ eventually returns, her behavior showing a marked change with her abandonment of her false front. Following an attack on Peter by Puma, she breaks down and admits her knowledge of Peter's secret identity in The Amazing Spider-Man #257.

After learning of her own family history in The Amazing Spider-Man #259, Peter finds a new respect for her and begins to truly understand her.

MJ makes it clear to Peter that knowing his identity changes nothing about her feelings, and that she only loves him as a friend, her best friend. [22] Despite the one-shot graphic novel Amazing Spider-Man: Parallel Lives and Untold Tales of Spider-Man #16 revealing that Mary Jane discovered Peter's secret when she noticed Spider-Man climbing out of Peter's bedroom window after his uncle's murder, many comics published before this revelation claimed that she had simply "figured it out", with the details of how and when left ambiguous to the reader.

After yet another period of reconsidering his priorities mj spider man life, Peter contemplates letting go of the Spider-Man mantle, with Mary Jane backing the decision, but his relationship with Mj spider man Hardy soon resumes.

Feeling lost mj spider man guilty, Peter visits Mary Jane and apologizes with an awkward kiss before heading to Berlin with Ned Leeds. Following Ned Leeds' murder at the hands of the Foreigner, a changed and bitter Peter returns to New York, where his lack of direction in life is not helped when Ned is framed as the Hobgoblin, and Felicia elects to leave Peter behind as she is tied to the Foreigner. Mary Jane returns to Peter, presumably to patch things up, but Peter surprises her with a second proposal of marriage, which MJ again turns down.

[23] She returns to her family to settle old debts with her father, with Peter following her. After aiding her sister in having her crooked father arrested, and aiding Peter against a Spider-Slayer, Mary Jane has an epiphany on marriage, and agrees to become Peter's wife.

[24] Marriage [ edit ] In spite of Peter and Mary Jane's mutual worry that they were marrying too early, Peter's concern for her safety, and her unwillingness to give up her "party girl" lifestyle, they marry.

[25] She adds Peter's surname to her own, making her Mary Jane Watson-Parker. They were, at that moment, really in love. Spider-Man wears his black costume mj spider man this time, but after Mary Jane is frightened by a stalking Venom, she convinces him to change back to his old costume.

[26] Mary Jane continues to model after her marriage, but is stalked by her wealthy landlord, Jonathan Caesar. When she rejects his advances, he kidnaps her, but she manages to escape. While Caesar is briefly incarcerated, he uses his powerful business connections within the city and has her blacklisted as a model.

She gets a role on the soap opera Secret Hospital, but is unhappy with her character's air-headed and mean personality. On top of that, Caesar, who has been released from prison and is still obsessed with Mary Jane, plots to kidnap her again—this time intending to whisk her away to a private island he owns in the Caribbean. After luring Mary Jane to an abandoned studio and threatening to kill her, Caesar is confronted by Officer Goldman, a policeman assigned to Mary Jane's original case against him.

mj spider man

Goldman then shoots Caesar dead, saving Mary Jane's life. Although she successfully petitions her boss to adjust her character's personality, a deranged fan tries to kill Mary Jane out of hatred for the actions of her soap opera character.

Mary Jane quits her job out of fear for her own mj spider man and returns to modeling. This, along with Peter's role as Spider-Man, triggers a growing divide. She briefly flirts with actor Jason Jerome, who tries to tempt her into a secret affair. She resists out of faithfulness to Peter, but her weak rebuffs fail to convince Jerome, and she realizes she is enticed by him in spite of herself. [27] However, she eventually realizes that her craving for romance can be filled by her husband as easily as an extramarital affair, and she pointedly rejects Jerome's advances while rebuking his behavior.

[28] Due to this stress, and the seeming return of her husband's parents, Mary Jane begins smoking (a habit she had quit in high school), only increasing the tension between her and Peter.

Peter ultimately convinces her to stop smoking when he tricks her into visiting Nick Katzenberg suffering heavily from lung cancer. When his parents are discovered to be fakes, Peter is unable to cope with the knowledge and disappears for a time.

Mary Jane visits her sister Gayle and her father for the first time in years, and finally reconciles with them. Meanwhile, Peter overcomes his problems on his own. When she and Peter reunite, both are happier than they mj spider man been in a long time. Pregnancy [ edit ] During the 1994–96 " Clone Saga" storyline, Peter's clone, Ben Reilly, appears.

Mary Jane discovers that she is pregnant. While she experiences some complications in her pregnancy, Reilly's scientist friend Seward Trainer helps her.

Peter and Ben are told by Trainer that Ben is the real Peter Parker, and Peter is the clone. After conducting the tests themselves (tests which Seward rigged) they confirm Seward's story. A disbelieving Peter, while arguing with Ben, strikes Mary Jane. After this, he decides to quit as Spider-Man, because the stress of his double life is endangering his wife and unborn child.

Peter, acting on hypnotic suggestion by the Jackal, attempts to kill Mary Jane, but is prevented by Ben Reilly (as the Scarlet Spider), his teammates the New Warriors, and Kaine. Later, Peter and Mary Jane leave New York and move to Portland, Oregon. They live there peacefully for several months, adapting happily to normal life after an accident causes subtle damage to Peter's genetic structure that disrupts his ability to use his powers.

However, they miss New York City and their friends, and move back, a strange illness culminating in the restoration of Peter's powers. During the Onslaught crisis, Mary Jane is scanned by a Sentinel robot, who detects genetic abnormalities in her fetus. [29] Soon afterward, when Mary Jane's baby is already past due, she is poisoned by Alison Mongrain, an agent of the Green Goblin.

Mary Jane's baby is stillborn. [30] Combined with Ben's death in a battle with the reborn Norman Osborn and the revelation that the tests identifying Peter as the clone were actually rigged as part of Osborn's plan to break Peter's spirit, Peter returns to the role of Spider-Man.

[31] Marital problems [ edit ] Mary Jane returns to college to major in psychology, but the stress of the ongoing manipulations of Norman Osborn take their toll. After the Gathering of Five incident and the return of Aunt May, Mary Jane begs Peter to quit being Spider-Man.

He is happy to do so for several months, but soon feels the tug of his great power and great responsibility to be a hero. Meanwhile, Mary Jane is offered a new modeling contract and reaches new heights of success. Peter becomes Spider-Man again behind Mary Jane's back, which puts strain on their marriage.

At the same time, she begins receiving lewd and threatening phone calls from an anonymous stalker. Mary Jane is flying across America when her airplane explodes in midair in Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 2 #13 (January 2000). Peter is shocked and goes into deep denial over her death. Although he is set up with several other women, and his mj spider man encourage him to move on, he believes she is still alive. Her mysterious stalker, an unnamed, telepathic mutant, has telepathically connected to Peter in some way, and wants to take over his life.

He kidnapped Mary Jane as part of his plan and held her hostage for several months. The stalker kills himself after finally gleaning enough of Peter's personality and morality to discover that he had done terrible things. Peter and Mary Jane are reunited in Peter Parker: Spider-Man #29 (June 2001). The stress of her captivity drives Mary Jane away. She moves to Los Angeles and immerses herself in acting — starring as the doomed love interest in the film Lobster-Man.

Although missing Peter after he fails to meet her on a visit back to Mj spider man York, she refuses to talk to him; Aunt May gets Peter to visit her in Los Angeles, [32] however the two remain separated. Peter's encounter with the supernatural Spider-Wasp Shathra eventually leads to the two of them flying to New York and Los Angeles to see each other.

Despite missing each other at their respective homes, they meet in an airport in Denver, Colorado where they reconcile after a brief encounter with Doctor Doom and Latverian terrorists. [33] "Civil War" [ edit ] During the events of the 2006–2007 " Civil War" storyline, when Peter and Mary Jane's apartment and Aunt May's house are burned down by Charlie Weiderman, and Spider-Man joins the New Avengers, Mary Jane and Aunt May accompany him to live in Stark Tower.

Mary Jane immediately feels at home with the New Avengers and is happy to finally be a part of Spider-Man's world. The Civil War events forced Peter to stage a secret transfer of Mary Jane out of Stark Mansion, feeling that with the loss of his secret identity and his doubts about Tony Stark's ideas, Mary Jane had become a hostage in a luxurious house. Now residing in a cheap motel, her whole life had been affected, from her increasing difficulties in finding a new job as an actress to her being an easy target and prey, along with Aunt May, for the superpowered foes of Spider-Man.

Peter, Mary Jane, and Aunt May are targeted by an assassin working for Spider-Man's old foe, the Kingpin. When Peter returns to the Parker family's motel hideout, the assassin takes aim at Peter and fires, but hits Aunt May instead. [34] Peter and MJ scramble to save Aunt May's life, rushing her from hospital to hospital while trying to maintain their fragile cover of anonymity. In trying to keep May alive and hidden from Spider-Man's enemies, they become fugitives on the run.

"One More Day" [ edit ] During the 2007 " One More Day" storyline, Peter is forced to decide whether he will accept Mephisto's offer to save Aunt May in return for wiping the knowledge and memory of Peter and MJ's life together as husband and wife from the face of reality, which would leave only a single, subconscious piece of their souls to remember their love and life together, allowing Mephisto to feast on the pain exhibited by those vestiges for eternity.

[35] MJ, despite loving Peter, accepts Mephisto's offer, but only with the caveat that Mephisto promises to restore Spider-Man's secret identity. She also asks to put his life back as it was and have a chance at happiness. Mephisto accepts these terms, and in the revised timeline, which begins at the end of The Amazing Spider-Man #545, and is further explained in the following issues, MJ and Peter were never married, never fell in love, but instead "dated seriously for years".

According to interviews conducted with then-Marvel editor-in-chief Joe Quesada, every story prior to this story remains canon (this would later be contradicted as the events of later stories imply MJ never fell pregnant). Quesada also stated that a gap of undefined duration occurred between pages in "One More Day", during which the couple separated. By the end of that period, MJ has moved to California to become an actress, but continues to visit New York from time to time.

In the epilogue to "One More Day", she attends a "coming home" party held by ex- Harry Osborn during one such visit, with Peter catching a small glimpse of her before she left, after ignoring her.

[36] New life [ edit ] At the end of The Amazing Spider-Man #560, as part of the " Brand New Day" storyline, Mary Jane makes her return as the girlfriend of actor Bobby Carr. In The Amazing Spider-Man #561, Mary Jane is seen getting into bed with Carr, and is later attacked by Paperdoll. Concealing herself in the panic room, Mary Jane observes a battle between Spider-Man and Mj spider man, and communicates with Spider-Man over the intercom.

Mary Jane says that she and Spider-Man made a great team "in another life" and longingly touches a monitor screen showing his face, hinting that she still has strong feelings and misses him. [37] Peter does not learn that Mary Jane is the girlfriend of Carr nor that she was mj spider man voice on the intercom. Mary Jane is seen at the conclusion of the issue contemplating a phone call to Peter, but is hesitant to do so. She is mj spider man for an autograph by Sara Ehret, an associate of Jackpot.

Mary Jane tells her she does not know when she mj spider man return to New York. She left a message on Peter's machine but it was cut off before she could say anything. [38] Mary Jane has been living on the West Coast pursuing her acting career. She returns to New York after Carr is found to be taking Mutant Growth Hormone for a movie role, supplied by the White Rabbit. Carr complains that now she would tell them all about his drug use. His shallowness makes MJ walk away from him and take a TV job, which takes her back to New York City.

Mary Jane and Peter agree to meet with each other. Peter does not remember when or where as he had been drunk, and is further delayed due to his activities as Spider-Man.

MJ also was drunk (while waiting for Peter to muster his courage in order to talk to her) and while she recalls mj spider man meeting she has overslept it. Issue 605 flashbacks to Mary Jane recalling a fight with Peter while he was dressed as Spider-Man, where she said that she did not care where he was and that he had a responsibility to their relationship. Peter begins to explain about his Uncle Ben, but Mary Jane interrupts him to say that he cannot let a single moment define his life.

In the 2010 " One Moment in Time" storyline, it is revealed that Mary Jane whispered to Mephisto that Peter would not agree to the deal unless Mary Jane tells him to make it, and that Mephisto will leave Peter alone forever when the deal is done. Mephisto replies "Agreed, as far as I'm concerned—this never happened." MJ did that to protect Peter.

In present time MJ shows up at Peter's door. They talk about how they have been acting towards each other lately and both agree they want to be friends. They recall how Peter missed what was supposed to be their wedding day due to his activities as Spider-Man, [39] leading MJ mj spider man demand that he retire from crimefighting. His refusal to do so convinced MJ that they must remain unmarried, since any children they might have would be endangered by his being a superhero.

[40] Mary Jane goes to check on Anna Watson, just in time to stop a hitman, who goes after her. Spider-Man saves Mary Jane and dispatches the hitman. Spider-Man brings the wounded Mary Jane to Doctor Strange, who performs a healing spell on her. Peter insists that Doctor Strange should make people forget he is Spider-Man. [41] Peter enters a protective shell to shield himself from the changes. At the last moment, he leaps out of the shield and pulls Mary Jane in with him so she will not mj spider man either.

Back in the present, Mary Jane explains that, although she still loves him, she is not strong enough to be at his side. She tells him he has to move on and find somebody who can be with him. [42] Peter soon begins a new relationship with Carlie Cooper. Though initially jealous, MJ decides to respect their relationship, and encourages Peter to reveal his secret identity only to her. [43] "Spider-Island" and "Ends of the Earth" [ edit ] During the " Spider-Island" storyline, much of New York City becomes infected with a virus that gives its inhabitants Peter's Spider-like abilities.

MJ, who didn't manifest any powers, finds herself caught in a series of riots across the city. [44] Saved by the intervening Future Foundation, MJ mj spider man locates Peter and Carlie, the latter having also been granted spider-powers.

MJ encourages Peter to use his civilian disguise when displaying his powers and rally the city against the chaos. She would later attain spider-powers herself mj spider man come to the aid of defenseless citizens, her prolonged contact with Peter during their relationship granting her a degree of immunity that protected her from Adriana Soria's mutative side-effects of the transformation. Peter successfully cures all of New York. [45] [46] Shortly after, Carlie Cooper breaks up with Peter, having deduced his secret identity.

Conflicted over her lingering feelings for Peter, Carlie confides in Mary Jane, and the two begin to bond over their experiences with Peter. In the 2012 storyline " Ends of the Earth", Mary Jane purchases a nightclub. [47] "Dying Wish" and The Superior Spider-Man [ edit ] Mary Jane remains in the role of best friend and confidant to Peter until he begins to take an interest in her romantically again. They mj spider man dating again.

Unknown to MJ, Peter has had his mind swapped by Otto Octavius. The real Peter Parker, trapped in his rival's dying body, breaks out of prison and attempts to switch back, only for his body to eventually give out on him mj spider man he can complete the procedure. As a last resort, Peter downloads all of his memories and experiences into Octavius' mind, convincing his foe to develop some sense of responsibility. [48] Octavius, as Peter, continues to date Mary Jane after this, but she begins noticing distinctly different character traits displayed by him, such as a heavy intake of alcohol and his rude behavior towards his loved ones.

[49] Octavius intends to become more intimate with her and makes several advances, only to be rebuffed each time. In desperation and frustration, Octavius relives Peter's memories with MJ, which infuriates Peter. After one of Octavius' Spider-Bots detect Mary Jane in trouble and saves mj spider man from the Vulture gang, Mary Jane moves to kiss him, but Octavius, who has by now developed genuine feelings for her, rebuffs her, and breaks up with her, though vowing to continue to protect her.

[50] Peter's mind is returned to his body, and informs Mary Jane that it was Octavius' mind in mj spider man of Peter's body for the past several months. Mary Jane tells him that she knows Octavius' actions were not Peter's fault, but she cannot let his dual life affect her anymore.

She recognizes and admires the choices Peter has made in his life, but now she wants to build her own life, mostly thanks to the successes she has enjoyed with her nightclub and her new relationship with Ollie. [51] All-New, All-Different Marvel [ edit ] As part of the All-New, All-Different Marvel event, Mary Jane Watson is in Chicago, Illinois hosting the opening of her newest nightclub Jackpot. Having ended her relationship with Ollie, Mary Jane had opened this nightclub after MJ's got destroyed during a superhero battle.

When a Belhilio is quickly killed by an energy blast from Madame Masque, people start to run away as Iron Man and Doctor Doom arrive to confront her. [52] With Mary Jane's assistance, Masque is apprehended, but during the fight the nightclub is irrevocably damaged. Three days later, Iron Man approaches Mary Jane Watson in Grant Park while she is mourning the loss of her club and offers her a job working for him.

[53] Mary Jane later waits for Tony Stark at Stark Tower, but their audition is interrupted by F.R.I.D.A.Y., who tells them that War Machine is missing.

Before Tony becomes Iron Man and flies to Tokyo, Mary Jane gives Tony the emergency number for Peter Parker. [54] It is revealed that Mary Jane declined Tony Stark's offer due to being uncomfortable around F.R.I.D.A.Y. [55] However, Tony sends F.R.I.D.A.Y. to plead Mary Jane to help him stop the board of directors from seizing his company while he's off on a mission. Mary Jane claims to the board of directors that she is the new mj spider man administrator, and she and F.R.I.D.A.Y.

convince the board that the company is in safe hands. [56] In the Amazing Spider-Man series, it is revealed that she has eventually accepted Tony's employment offer when she and Tony attend a Parker Industry event, making Peter very uncomfortable. Later, she catches up with Betty Brant and Harry Osborn, and the three discover that businessman Augustus Roman is actually the powerful being known as Regent who is imprisoning heroes and villains to add to his own strength.

Spider-Man and Iron Man try to stop Regent, but are defeated due to Regent's overwhelming power. With few options left, Mary Jane dons Peter's Iron Spider armor and uses her experience in Iron Man's suit and her brief spider powers in Spider-Island to assist Peter and Tony in battling Regent. During the fight, Mary Jane and Tony distract Regent long enough for Peter, Harry, and Miles Morales to release the rest of the prisoners.

Mary Jane's attitude towards Peter during her time with him reminds Peter not to let his work take priority over his loved ones. Spider-Man warns Tony not to take Mary Jane for granted as Peter did not realize he lost Mary Jane until after she moved on. [57] After " Civil War II", Tony was put into a comatose state and his body went missing due to his own covert machinations.

Mary Jane mj spider man with Riri Williams and Amanda Armstrong went on a search for him, and it was not until F.R.I.D.A.Y. made a calculated analysis that the A.I. duplicate of Tony would know exactly where to find him. However, Tony was continually complicating the search by sending them to other locations, believing he needed his privacy until he was finally ready.

After Peter's company went belly up, and he got a new career as the Daily Bugle's science editor, Mary Jane started being more supportive of Peter getting his life back on track.

After a less than stellar Alchemax demonstration, Mary Jane and Peter started being more romantically involved, but as Peter still wore his Spider-Man suit, Mary Jane was conflicted: she wanted Peter to stop being Spider-Man but people really counted on him and she did not want to be the one to do that.

She has Peter exit her apartment as Spider-Man so if anyone sees they will just think she was talking with him because she knows Stark. After Norman Osborn becomes the Red Goblin, MJ mj spider man a warning from Peter and adjusted Stark Tower's defences against a Symbiote intruder. However, because Venom arrived before Red Goblin, the defenses only injured Venom and had no effect on the Red Goblin.

Surviving with minor injuries after a short skirmish, MJ urged Peter to absorb the Venom Symbiote, which would give him the edge to stop his arch-enemy. She, along with others attacked by Red Goblin, were cured of his Carnage spikes by Flash Thompson with the Anti-Venom symbiote. Fresh Start [ edit ] As part of the Fresh Start relaunch event, Peter's personal life took serious knocks in both his civilian and heroic life: his doctorate was determined to be based on plagiarized work (due to him having received the doctorate when Doctor Octopus was controlling his body and the scientist used his own work) which led to him being fired from the Bugle, while the Kingpin tried to separate Spider-Man from other heroes by making him the only vigilante he would accept in the new anti-vigilante New York.

However, his personal life picked up when he began reconnecting with Mary Jane more regularly and they talked about recent events. Finally, Peter told Mary Jane that he needed her in his life once again, prompting Mary Jane to decide on a "fresh start" and resume her relationship with him one more time.

[58] As she and Peter resume dating, Mary Jane is encouraged by a returning Carlie Cooper to join a special support unit for associates, mj spider man and partners of superheroes run by Jarvis called The Look Ups. [59] Hesitant at first, Mary Jane eventually shares with the group her feelings for Peter, the loss of her job at Stark Industries, and her anxieties and occasional doubts about her importance to him.

Afterwards, Jarvis compliments Mary Jane and tells her she is indispensable. MJ lets Peter know this when they spend the night together shortly after Peter's battle with the Thieves Guild. Peter admits to Mary Jane that mj spider man revealed his secret identity once more to Felicia Hardy, but Mary Jane tells him that she is not envious of this and understands.

[60] After Peter's return as a college student, Mary Jane joined him for a dinner visit with the Connors family, as Peter and Curt discussed Peter's being Curt's teacher assistant job offer. While Peter was reluctant to take the offer, Mary Jane tried to argue he take it, as the chance could help him going forward. [61] While Peter is ill from fever, Mary Jane tries to care for him, but he goes running head long into danger as Taskmaster and Black Ant captured Mj spider man Connors' son, Billy, mj spider man she worriedly awaits Peter as he departs.

[62] As she waits, she tries to alleviate her anxiety unaware that an unknown entity ( Kindred) is stalking her to get to Peter; but Mj spider man does not hurt her, viewing her as an mj spider man. After waking up, she tripped on Peter's dropped clothing and broke a window, and as she was cleaning herself up Peter returned in his black suit (courtesy of Kraven) in a rushed panic believing some terrible had befallen her, but Mary Jane assured him that she was safe.

mj spider man [64] While attending a play with Carlie Cooper (Peter missing the planned date as he attempts to find the missing Curt Connors), Mary Jane gets unwittingly involved in an attack by the new Electro, who takes the lead actress hostage and attempts to ransom her online, only to change plans due to the low response to finding out how many people would pay to kill her. After Carlie causes a distraction, Mary Jane is able to switch places with the actress and trick Electro into a trap that knocks the villain mj spider man.

The subsequent popularity of Mary Jane's speech prompts new public interest in mj spider man former acting career, to the point that her old agent calls her about new offers.

[65] Mary Jane accepts one of these new offers, and with Peter's encouragement and support, heads off for a two-month stint in Hollywood filming a new movie. Peter had hoped to accompany Mary Jane to the airport, but he was forced to cancel those plans to help out his sister Teresa Parker.

By the time Peter's mission had concluded, MJ had departed. The two would have a conversation by phone later that evening where Mary Jane assured Peter she understood why he couldn't take her to the airport and gives him all her love.

It is revealed Peter had intended to propose to Mary Jane again had he been able to see her off. [66] Soon after filming started, Mary Jane discovered Mysterio's disguise as the movie's producer, who swore to her that this project was supposed to be an authentic depiction of his life. [67] At first grudgingly, Mary Jane cooperated with him when the Savage Six began attacking the project after the Vulture felt offended for the "unauthorized" usage of his person in the plot.

[68] During an appearance on a talk show, Mary Jane witnessed a sinister, oni-masked individual committing a murder, and was placed under witness protection. [69] Mary Jane ultimately returned to New York [70] amidst the chaos inflicted by Peter's allies the Order of the Web, who had been possessed by Kindred. Mary Jane is caught in a head-on collision but survives and is rescued by Norman Osborn.

Norman takes her back to Ravencroft where he reveals to her that he mj spider man now a changed man, cleansed of his sins, and that Kindred is his son Harry Osborn. [71] Mary Jane agrees to help Norman reach Harry and is brought to Kindred's lair, where she finds Peter and the Order of the Web are now captives.

Harry tortures Peter, demanding that he confess to something, but MJ tells Harry Peter has no recollection of the precise sin. She tells Harry she blames herself for his downward spiral and offers to sacrifice herself.

Norman suddenly attacks and seemingly cuts down Mary Jane with a pumpkin bomb, which enrages Harry. [72] A panicked Peter checks on Mary Jane, but she assures him the bomb is a blank and that this all part of the plan.

Kindred is ultimately captured by the alliance of Norman and Wilson Fisk. [73] Mary Jane decides to remain in New York and help Peter deal with the fall out of Kindred's attack. She takes him to the old theatre where she got her big break and encourages him to use performance art to vent out his frustrations. Peter does so and he eventually breaks down, MJ comforts him. After Peter heads off to attend class at ESU, Mary Jane discovers Mysterio was eavesdropping.

Mysterio asks Mary Jane if she will ever tell her boyfriend about their working arrangement, MJ tells him Peter has enough on his mind, and asks Mysterio about Kindred, suspecting he knows the truth, but Mysterio does not commit to an answer [74] Peter and Mary Jane eventually attend the premiere of MJ's new movie, and Peter is formerly introduced to Cage McKnight, still in the dark over his true identity.

MJ tells Mysterio she will tell Peter the truth later tonight. Peter has a surprise of his own as he is planning to propose to Mary Jane when the movie is over, but the Savage Six take the opportunity to attack, eager for a taste of revenge on Mysterio.

As the crowds mj spider man the movie theatre disperse, Mary Jane stops to help people who have fallen over, and stands her ground against the Tarantula. Peter switches to Spider-Man and comes mj spider man her rescue. Doctor Octopus and the four of his team then attack the theatre. Mysterio assists Mary Jane, exposing his identity to Peter and the Sinister and Savage teams.

Mary Jane confesses to a concerned Peter that she knew who Mysterio was all along and vouches mj spider man him. Mysterio tries to tell Peter that he and Mary Jane's deal with Mephisto is to blame for everything that is presently mj spider man, but Peter is far too distracted by the warring factions.

Otto offers Beck the opportunity to join the Sinister Six, as long as he helps them capture Mary Jane. Mysterio escapes, taking MJ with him, promising her that the 'devil will get his due' [75] Beck takes Mary Jane to his old studios, he reveals to her of his prior demise and descent into hell, but that he was offered a chance at renewed life by Harry Osborn. Beck did as instructed and 'did his bidding', in exchange, Kindred opened up new worlds for Beck to explore such as the Ultimate Universe.

Over time, the visits from Kindred became less frequent and Beck let his guard down, believing himself to be free, until Kindred had use for him again. Beck then reveals to Mary Jane that he was instrumental in helping her come to terms with Harry's 'death' in his guise of Doctor Ludwig Rinehart, although Mary Jane can barely recall this.

Despite Mary Jane's pleas, Mysterio remains loyal to Kindred's plan and leaves her to his master's mercy [76] Kindred unmasks to reveal the features of what appears to be Gwen Stacy, but is in actuality the husk of Sarah Stacy, the alleged daughter of Gwen and Norman Osborn.

Mary Jane learns Kindred is still Harry using Sarah's body as a host, and that she nor her brother Gabriel was never truly Norman or Gwen's child, but clones created by an A.I version of Harry. Mary Jane also discovers that Mysterio tampered with her memories disguised as her therapist, which led her to believe the cloned twins were Gwen's children. Kindred tells Mary Jane the time has come to face her own sins and opens a doorway to Hell. [77] Mary Jane flees into one of Kindred's portals and arrives at Sarah and Gabriel's home in Paris, where she tends to a stricken Peter.

She and Peter briefly banter until Norman arrives to warn them that Sarah and Gabriel are preparing to ambush them. As Peter holds his own against the twin Kindred, Norman admits to Mary Jane that he made a deal with Mephisto, to which MJ reacts with shock.

Norman's son Harry, now revealed to have been a clone of the original, arrives to help tip the scales in Peter's conflict with Kindred, but is eventually, and brutally, cut down and killed. Peter is also eventually buried under rubble. Mary Jane comes to his rescue.

mj spider man

Their unwavering commitment to one another rids the Kindred spirits of Mephisto's influence, and the Stacy twins are finally allowed to die. In Las Vegas, Doctor Strange is involved in a high stakes gambit with Mephisto to free the true Harry Osborn's soul from the grasp of the devil, Upon succeeding, Strange asks Mephisto why he has attempted to claim Peter Parker. Mephisto reveals he foresees a future where Peter will defeat him and end his reign over the Earth. As Doctor Strange departs, he reminds Mephisto that the love Peter shares with those closest to him will always enhance his life and make every one of them better.

The vision of Mephisto's future changes to mj spider man it is a red-headed Spider=Woman, not Peter, who ultimately thwarts the devil's reign. Mary Jane and Peter make their way home to heal and face the dawn of a new day together as a loving, and seemingly 'unbreakable', couple.

[78] Spider-Man Beyond [ edit ] In the wake of Harry's death, Mary Jane advises a grieving Peter to perhaps devote some time to properly process the loss and take a break from being Spider-Man. Before Peter can consider these plans though, he is caught up in a battle with the perilous U-Foes that incapacitates him, leading to his hospitalisation.

[79] His clone, Ben Reilly, contacts Mary Jane and May Parker. Mary Jane is angry with Ben, believing him to be responsible for Peter's predicament. Peter then slips into a coma, but not before giving Ben his blessing to take the reins as Spider-Man in his absence. [80] Peter eventually recovers and awakens from his coma, Mary Jane continues to look after him, and at one point saves him from a serial killer stalking the wards of the hospital [81] Peter's condition eventually draws out Felicia Hardy, and she and Mary Jane unite to save Peter from the clutches of criminal The Hood, who is need of his cloak.

They locate it at the headquarters of Tombstone. Mary Jane disguises herself as the Black Cat and retrieves the cloak, the two then return it to The Hood, where it ends up devouring him. Peter, asleep the entire time, awakes to find Mary Jane and Felicia present, but believes it to be a recurring dream he has of the two women and asks them to be 'gentle' with him.

Mary Jane and Felicia later joke about their mutual interest in Peter on the rooftops, with Felicia admitting how 'perfect' MJ is for Peter. Mary Jane returns home, where she is confronted by Ben Reilly's girlfriend Janine Godbe, aka Elizabeth Tyne, who is in possession of a hard drive provided by Otto Octavius that details the hidden agenda of the Beyond corporation, which presently employs Ben. Mary Jane takes Janine to the Daily Bugle, but they are confronted by the Queen Goblin, aka Doctor Ashley Kafka, Ben's psychiatrist, infected with all of the sin of Norman Osborn.

Ben Reilly makes the save, but due to the Beyond corporation tampering with his mind to make him more controllable, Ben has forgotten how to be selfless mj spider man responsible, so he decides to save what is most important to him only and flees with Janine, leaving Mary Jane to the mercy of Kafka.

[82] Before Kafka can use her 'goblin gaze' on Mary Jane to draw out her anxieties and innermost fears, they are interrupted by Felicia. Kafka instead uses her gaze on Felicia and its effects compel Felicia to suicide.

However, Felicia is saved by Peter. Mary Jane hands over Peter's costume mj spider man him and he suits up to confront Kakfa. [83] After Peter defeats the Queen Goblin, Mary Jane tells him to go and find his 'brother' Ben [84] Shortly afterwards, Peter fails to save Ben from the manipulations of the Beyond corporation, denying Ben a chance to reclaim his missing memories leads to Peter being soundly beaten by his former ally.

Mary Jane helps Peter grieve the loss of Ben as well as aid in his physical recovery. Weeks pass, and after completing a session at her apartment, Mary Jane asks Peter if he'd like to stay with her, not just for today, but for good, believing the time has come once more to share their lives together.

Peter readily accepts, only for the two to be interrupted by a mysterious being bathed in light. The being tells Peter a path of blood has led him to his door and that Peter must come with him. [85] Six Months Later [ edit ] Following an incident that decimates a section of Pennsylvania, Peter finds himself alienated from the superhero community and on bad terms with Mary Jane.

The two have broken up and Mary Jane is now dating a single father named Paul, with his kids seeing Mary Jane as a mother figure. [86] Sometime later, Mary Jane and her Aunt Anna have become brand ambassadors for medical treatments supplied by the mutant island nation of Krakoa, with an ailing Anna now suffering from dementia, Anna and MJ talk over MJ's recent invitation to the annual Hellfire Gala.

MJ later finds an intruder in her Aunt's house, the X-Men's former ally turned nemesis Moira MacTaggart, who attacks her and renders her unconscious, intending to take her place at the Gala by disguising herself as her [87] Other versions [ edit ] The Amazing Spider-Man: The Daily Comic Strip As a major character in the mj spider man strip version of The Amazing Spider-Man, Mary Jane is currently married to Peter Parker.

That "universe" focuses on the Parkers' personal lives and real-world villains rather than the superhero aspect, though several members of the classic "rogues gallery" still appear occasionally. In years past, Mary Jane's character constantly needed saving by Spider-Man.

This resulted in a complaint by a reader that saw the strip dropped by the Toronto Star in the late '70s and early '80s. Mary Jane being in constant danger is often because she has risked her life to save Peter by joining in his battles, facing off against Doctor Doom, Morbius, Sabretooth. and Doctor Octopus. Peter and MJ remain happily married despite all of these obstacles. MJ has also covered for Peter by taking photographs of his battles.

After taking a photo of Sabretooth, Peter suggested they share the credit for the photo, but MJ refused, insisting she was "just an actress". [ citation needed] Recently, Mary Jane's successful stint with her Broadway play "Picture Perfect", has given her and Peter financial stability, though Peter occasionally displays personal jealousy of MJ making more money, a fact MJ has teased him about whenever he contemplates quitting his regular job as a photographer, forcing him to reconsider to soothe his competitive ego.

Despite these hang-ups, Peter continues to supports his wife's job and ambitions unconditionally. The Parkers at one point discussed moving into a new house using the revenue she was earning from the play, but nothing so far has come of those plans. Mary Jane's play was eventually forced to temporarily close due to the theater needing much-needed maintenance. Producers of an old direct-to-video movie MJ starred in called Marvella eventually contacted her and offered her a contract to reprise her role, with a three-month filming schedule in New York.

The filming brought her and Peter into conflict with Peter's old foe Mysterio. [ citation needed] During the Spider-Verse event, the pair were visited by Morlun. Despite Morlun being a match for Peter's strength, MJ valiantly stands up to the intruder and encourages her husband. Due to the temporal instability affecting this reality, Morlun quickly realizes it will take weeks to accomplish a simple feat. The Master Weaver of the Inheritors then pulls him out of the reality, and privately elects to rebel against his masters, preserving this universe within a pocket dimension mj spider man safe from any further Inheritor attacks.

This action also prevents this universe from being affected by the reality-shattering events of Secret Wars, and thus it does not form a part of the patchwork planet Battleworld. [88] During production of Marvella II, a brainwashed Harry Osborn, in the guise of The Hobgoblin, attacked her and Peter.

The Black Widow, Natasha Romanov offered to serve as MJ's bodyguard for the duration of filming, but Mary Jane grew envious of the Black Widow spending time investigating Harry with her husband. Eventually Harry was stopped and Natasha made it clear to Mary Jane she had no interest in Peter romantically. [ citation needed] Following adventures in which she was pursued romantically by Sub-Mariner and Xanadu, Mary Jane learned that Marvella II had been given a theatrical release, and that she was to commence a publicity tour across the nation.

She and Peter journeyed to Los Angeles by car, stopping in New Mexico along the way to team with Rocket Raccoon against the likes of Ronan the Accuser and a Kree sentry. [ citation needed] Peter and Mj spider man briefly part ways when Peter decides to attend his Aunt's wedding to the Mole Man, while MJ moves forward with the tour. After an adventure with Mole Man (who calls off the wedding to rule over his people once more), Peter reunites with MJ in Florida where they help Bruce Banner battle The Lizard.

MJ resumes her tour while Peter returns to New York. During a battle with The Kingpin, Mary Jane's theatre is destroyed by a helicopter crash. MJ catches wind of this on the news, but is not angry with Peter. She returns home and tells Peter Marvella II was not received well critically and is projected to bomb. She suggests she and Peter spend time in Australia until her play can be moved to a new theatre venue.

When Peter was taken over by The Purple Man, Mary Jane teamed up with Luke Cage to free him. Afterwards, Peter and MJ headed off to Australia, at which point the newspaper strip concluded. What If? [ edit ] • A widowed Mary Jane appears in What If? Kraven killed Spider-Man. [89] • In What If? House of M, where Scarlet Witch removed the powers of all superheroes, Mary Jane is happily married to Peter and the two conceive their daughter May, mj spider man would later become a mother herself.

[90] • In What If? The Fantastic Four were killed by De'Lila the New Fantastic Four composed of Spider-Man, Hulk, Wolverine and Ghost Rider have stayed together and moved to Four Freedoms, where Peter's wife, Mary Jane became its mj spider man. [91] • In What If? Avengers lost the Operation Galactic Storm, Mary Jane was one of the many countless people killed by the Kree Empire. [92] The Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows [ edit ] Mary Jane Watson on the cover of The Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows vol.2 #1 (Oct.

2016). Art by Stanley Lau. Following on from the events of Secret Wars, where deadly incursions have laid waste to most of the multiverse, Battleworld, a mj spider man composed of the remains of alternate realities, is created by Doctor Doom and Doctor Strange, with each reality on the world divided into different domains.

In this domain called the Regency, Mary Jane is married to Peter and they have a daughter named Annie May Parker. Spider-Man is seemingly the only hero left in mj spider man domain after the powerful Regent (Augustus Roman) kills the Avengers and establishes himself as ruler of the domain, with Peter opting to retire as Spider-Man to raise Annie and live up to his vows as a father.

Peter didn't fight Regent initially to protect his family from Venom and ends up killing Eddie Brock in the process at Mary Jane's request. [ volume & issue needed] Eight years mj spider man, Mary Jane is still struggling as an actress, while her husband is forced to make money off of photos he cannot publish for fear of mj spider man The Regent's forces look bad.

Mary Jane takes Annie to school and instructs her not to reveal her powers in public even if the situation calls for it. However, they are forced to confront Regent eventually and stand their ground with some of the remaining heroes. After Annie gains a costume and assists her father in combat, Mary Jane obtains armor that acts similarly to Regent's tech which drained mj spider man powers of heroes to make him stronger in order to assist her family.

She and Peter defeat the tyrant and resume their peaceful family life with Annie. [ volume & issue needed] In the follow-up series, Mary-Jane uses a modified version of the armor she used in the fight against Regent, which now replicates Spider-Man's powers and allows her to assist her family as Spinneret. However, every time she taps into Peter's powers, it weakens him significantly. She now operates her own clothing store in addition to being a mother and superhero.

[ volume & issue needed] In an attempt to spare Peter from this, Mary Jane learns of a bio-enhanced suit in the possession of old family friend Liz Allan, and acquires it from her. However, the suit is revealed to be the Venom symbiote, which briefly attempts to take control of Mary Jane and use her against Peter, attempting to gain revenge for Peter killing Eddie Brock.

Peter mj spider man the Regent tech to weaken the symbiote, allowing Mary Jane to retaliate and bring the symbiote under her control.

The symbiote is eventually destroyed in their final battle with the Green Goblin and she continues raising Annie into her teenage years, designing a new costume for her older daughter in the process. Mary Jane takes the moniker Spinneret and Annie goes by Spiderling. [ volume & issue needed] It's implied that the 616 Peter, Mary Jane, and Regent retain memories of their counterparts from this Battleworld.

[93] The Parker family of this world finally meet the Peter Parker of Earth 616 in the 2018 event Spider-Geddon. Peter suggests they look after the now infant and helpless Inheritors, but the Parkers stress to him that taking care of one kid is enough.

[94] The adventure also reveals their daughter Annie is part of the Spider-Scroll prophecy, the "Pattern Maker". Earth X [ edit ] In this reality, Mary Jane ended up getting a severe mj spider man instead of superhuman abilities when the Terrigen Mists unlocked the Celestial Seed inside of Humanity.

She died shortly afterward, but later reappeared as an illusion cast by the Spiders-Man to Peter. She also took care of a younger version of May, who would be bonded with the a symbiote in a few years time. [ volume & issue needed] Exiles [ edit ] In Exiles, Mary Jane is Spider-Woman, a member of the Avengers. Mary Jane is a lesbian who fell in love with the reality-hopping Mariko Yashida, the ill-fated Exiles member Sunfire.

The two enjoy a romantic relationship, albeit one interrupted by Sunfire's dimensional jumping responsibilities. The main threat these Avengers face is Phalanx-versions of most of their friends and millions of innocent humans. [95] Sunfire manages to return to Mary-Jane for some time, although none of their friends know how long this will be. They resolve to enjoy whatever time they have left, which ends when dimensional energies snatch Sunfire away again during an almost shared bath.

[96] House of M [ edit ] The 2005 House of M crossover series version of Mary Jane is a world-famous actress, and she is one of the few humans that the mutant population likes. She has co-starred in movies with Spider-Man, who has led the mutant population to believe that he is a mutant, when in fact he is not. In her latest movie, she plays Spider-Man's real-life wife, Gwen Stacy.

[97] Mangaverse [ edit ] In the Marvel Mangaverse, Mary Jane Watson is Spider-Woman, a new initiate into the Spider-clan (of ninjas), with her boyfriend (Peter Parker) showing her the ropes. [98] In the 2005-'06 New Mangaverse five part limited series, they join several other heroes in combating a superhero massacre.

They are also among the last surviving heroes at the end of the series. [ volume & issue needed] Marvel 1602 [ edit ] Marvel 1602, an eight-issue limited series set in the Elizabethan era, was published in 2003.

Its popularity led to the publication of two sequels: 1602: New World and Spider-Man: 1602. The character of Marion Jane Watsonne is introduced in Spider-Man: 1602 #3. The Watsonne family are a theatrical troupe, originally from the same village in Scotland as Peter Parquagh. Marion, an actress, must pose as a boy in England, because women are not allowed on the stage. In France, where Peter sees her, she is under no such restrictions.

Marion encounters Peter when he saves the life of her brother, Graeme. After a brief stint as mj spider man troupe's acrobat, Peter is kidnapped by Baron Octavius (this reality's version of Doctor Octopus). When he escapes, he discovers the troupe has been hired by Octavius and moved to Vienna.

mj spider man

With her family locked in the dungeon and herself being used as bait to lure Peter into a trap, Marion and Peter are reunited. After a violent battle with several 1602 versions of the Green Goblin, the Lizard, and Bullseye, the two find happiness with each other and presumably wed, but Peter is eventually killed by Morlun.

On a final note, a preserved sample of Peter's blood mj spider man found 400 years later and becomes the basis for the Super-Soldier formula that would create Captain America. mj spider man volume & issue needed] Marvel Zombies and Marvel Zombies Return [ edit ] In Marvel Zombies, an infected Peter Parker arrives home to save Mary Jane and Aunt May but he loses control and eats them instead.

After he has eaten, Peter is consumed by the guilt and grief of what he has done to the last two people who ever loved him, refusing to take off his mask so he won't have to look himself in the eyes again. This guilt is a major plot point. Marvel Zombies Return: Spider-Man reveals that MJ was zombified after Peter ate her.

She reappears in an alternative reality and is later seen being eaten by a zombified Sinister Six that the original zombie Spider-Man accidentally created when he succumbed to his hunger while trying to stop his enemies. [99] MC2 Universe [ edit ] Mary Jane Watson on the cover of Amazing Spider-Girl #8.

In the MC2 universe, which depicts an alternative future timeline for the Marvel Universe, Mary Jane remains married to Peter Parker. Peter's original clone Kaine reunited Mary Jane with her baby daughter in this continuity. Kaine had found the child living with agents of Norman Osborn. Mary Jane's daughter became Spider-Girl, alias May "Mayday" Parker. Many years later, after a complicated pregnancy, Mary Jane would give birth to a baby son, Benjamin. She is a respected fashion designer and businesswoman, secretly opening a store selling Spider-Girl related merchandise to pay for May's and Ben's educations.

She has recently become a guidance counselor at May's school, where she learns of the anti-mutant group Humanity First. She also becomes a mother figure to April Parker, the unstable symbiotic clone of Mayday for a time. [ volume & issue needed] While caring for Baby May, Alison Mongraine became quite attached to the girl. Because of this, she returns years later to make contact with May. May and Mary Jane forgive Alison, who sincerely regrets her crime and loves the girl like her own child.

[ volume & issue needed] During the Spider-Verse event, the Parkers come under attack from Daeomos, brother to Morlun, and a member of a powerful dimension-hopping family of parasites called Inheritors, who, like Morlun, feed on the animal totems of the living.

As Daemos brings the Parker home crashing down around them, Mary Jane hands over Baby Benjamin to her daughter and instructs her to keep him safe, while she elects to stay behind and assist her husband in delaying the Inheritor. Mary Jane is heard to scream off-panel as Mayday evacuates the house with her brother.

Peter is shown to have perished at Daemos' hand. Mayday is saved by other Spider-Men from alternate realitys who have been trying to rescue as many Spiders as possible from the Inheritors, and she vows to kill Daemos and avenge her fallen family.

It is later mj spider man Benjy is the "scion" sought after by the Inheritors who will play a major part in a prophecy that will lead to their defeat. Ultimately, Baby Benjy is rescued and Mayday instead shows mercy to the Inheritors when she is presented with an opportunity to slay that family's own father, Solus.

[ volume & issue needed] When Mayday returns to her home dimension, she discovers Mary Jane and her boyfriend Wes are alive, MJ having managed to pull Wes out of the house before it collapsed. MJ confirms to Mayday that her husband is dead but that he would be glad to know his family are safe and sound.

MJ suggests Mayday wear her mj spider man costume in his honor. Mayday decides to retire from being Spider-Girl and becomes Spider-Woman. [ volume & issue needed] In Spider-Verse Team-Up #3, while in hiding on a radiation-ravaged Earth inhabited by an alternate version of Peter's Uncle Ben, a grieving Mayday confesses to this Ben that she hopes that there is a version of her and her brother out there in the multiverse that will wake up to loving and thriving parents.

This was intended as an attempt by the original Spider-Girl creative team to assure readers of the character that there exists the possibility of the Parker family they followed for Spider-Girl 's twelve years in publication remaining alive and untouched by the events that have befallen this version of Mayday.

[ citation needed] In Spider-Geddon, in reaction to witnessing a romantic kiss mj spider man the Peter and Mary Jane of the Renew Your Vows reality, Mayday makes mention that her mother desires nothing more than to kiss her husband one last time. It is revealed at the conclusion of the story that the mystical Spider-Totem known as The Other has resurrected the fallen Peter.

[94] Spider-Island [ edit ] In the Secret Wars Battleworld version of Spider-Island, Mary Jane, Carlie Cooper, Betty Brant, and Sharon Carter were mutated into spider monsters by the Spider Queen and were used as bait for the resistance, as they also had bombs and tracking devices implanted in them.

Spider-Man, Agent Venom, and Iron Goblin manage to subdue them and use Curt Connors' Lizard formula to mutate them into reptilian humanoids which freed them from the Spider Queen's control while the Vision removed the bombs from them just before they exploded. [ volume & issue needed] Spider-Man: Reign [ edit ] In the alternative future seen in Spider-Man: Reign, Mary Jane died of terminal disease due to prolonged exposure to Peter's radioactive body fluids, her last words being "Go." as he leaped out of a window to respond to mj spider man.

It is believed that Mary Jane was trying to say "Go get 'em, Tiger". After her death, Peter buried his red and blue costume with her, wearing a black suit until his retirement. However, with the coming of the Sinner Six (and thanks to some encouragement from the tentacles of the now-deceased Doctor Octopus), Peter reclaims his original suit from Mary Jane's coffin and returns to his life as Spider-Man.

[100] After the Six are defeated and the WEBB surrounding New York is destroyed, Peter visits Mary Jane's grave, assuring her that he'll be with her again some day, but, for now, he still has his responsibility. [101] Spectacular Spider-Man magazine [ edit ] In the UK based Spectacular Spider-Man Magazine, which is aimed at considerably younger readers, Mary Jane is Peter's love interest, but possesses no existing knowledge of his dual identity.

A look into the future revealed she eventually marries Peter and has a daughter with him, Mayday, who is active as Spider-Girl. This is the third official continuity to incorporate Spider-Girl into the mythology (besides Earth X and the Spider-Girl title). [ volume & issue needed] Peter Porker, the Spectacular Spider-Ham [ edit ] Peter Porker, the Spectacular Spider-Ham, Tom DeFalco and Mark Armstrong's anthropomorphic parody of Spider-Man, features "Mary Jane Waterbuffalo".

[102] Marvel Universe vs The Punisher [ edit ] After her husband becomes the first infected in an exposure of a chemical that turns humans into cannibalistic brutes, Mary Jane and Aunt May try to take refuge at a safe haven offered by a priest, though she is kidnapped by Stilt-Man.

Through unknown means she is eventually returned to the side of Spider-Man (now dubbed 'Patient Zero') and joins his tribe, despite not being infected. After a few years she becomes pregnant with Patient Zero's child; late in her pregnancy she is abducted by the Kingpin and taken hostage.

Patient Zero sends the Punisher to rescue her, but he is captured and tortured for the location of Patient Zero. Mary Jane threatens to kill herself so that she will not reveal Patient Zero's location, but the Kingpin calls her bluff. Eventually Deadpool creates a distraction that allows her to free Punisher, who annihilates all of the cannibals and kills Kingpin.

Mary Jane is reunited with Patient Zero, but is left distraught when Punisher kills him. Grieving, she is sent away from Manhattan by Punisher. [103] Age of X [ edit ] When the Anti-Mutant group known as the Human Coalition decided to also target the Mutates, Peter send his pregnant wife Mary Jane away to France in order to ensure her safety.

[104] Spider-Gwen mj spider man edit ] In Edge of Spider-Verse #2 and the ongoing Spider-Gwen series, Mary Jane of Earth 65 is shown to be the leader of a band called the Mary Janes, of which Gwen is a member. [105] The band becomes a national sensation via downloads, though due to Gwen's double-life as Spider-Woman, inner-turmoil strikes the band.

After a failed search for a new drummer to replace Gwen, Mary Jane and fellow band member Glory beg her to come back. [106] Eventually, she starts to suspect that Gwen is Spider-Woman, but her bandmates dismiss her claims. Her theory is proven correct when Gwen reveals her identity to them. [ volume & issue needed] Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane [ edit ] In Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane, Mary Jane is still a teenager and the book is primarily a teen drama rather than a superhero comic book, [ citation needed] although it takes place in a superhero universe with Spider-Man playing a prominent role.

In this continuity, Mary Jane is the most popular girl at Midtown High (her high school in Queens, NY) and even has the title of homecoming queen. She is briefly infatuated with Spider-Man and the two go on a date.

After their date, she realizes that she would much rather be with Peter Parker. The ongoing series was preceded by two four-issue limited series, Mary Jane and Mary Jane: Homecoming, intended to appeal to female manga readers and the fans of the Mary Jane novels.

[ volume & issue needed] Spider-Man: Fairy Tales [ edit ] Issue #1 of Spider-Man: Fairy Tales mimics the fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood. In this version of the fairy tale, Mary Jane's character mimics that of Little Red Riding Hood, and Peter is one of the woodsmen. Peter is not very strong but he is fast, agile, and "can climb better than most anyone." Working together, Peter and Mary Jane manage to kill the evil wolf.

The two later become engaged. In issue #4, a gender-reversed version of Cinderella, Mary Jane is a servant girl in the house of Sir Osborn, and is in love with Peter Parker.

Peter, in the Cinderella role, does not realize this and disguises himself as the "Prince of Arachne" to win the hand of Princess Gwendolyn. Mary Jane discovers Peter's secret identity and aids him. Spider-Man: The Clone Saga [ edit ] In this alternate take on the Clone Saga, Mary Jane and Aunt May are infected by virus from the Jackal, but thankfully are cured by Peter and Ben Reily when near death.

Mary Jane later gives birth to their daughter May, but Alison Mongrain kidnaps the baby. Luckily the baby is returned to them. [107] Spider-Man: Life Story [ edit ] Spider-Man: Life Mj spider man features an alternate continuity where the characters mj spider man age after Peter Parker becomes Spider-Man in 1962. In 1977, Mary Jane is Harry Osborn's fiancée and runs a discothèque called "Studio 54." When Peter attends one night to support her, she drunkenly lashes out at him for not taking action in his personal life after he questions her relationship with Harry, revealing that she knew Peter was Spider-Man in the process.

A year later, Harry breaks up with her and leaves her with a massive fortune after he accidentally killed Peter's wife, Gwen Stacy. After Peter and Gwen's clones leave New York to begin a new life, she comforts Peter in his apartment. By 1984, she is now married to Peter and gave birth to two twins named Benjamin and Claire. She grows intolerable of Peter's absences as Spider-Man as she takes care of the twins and the elderly May around the time where Peter acquires the black suit.

After Peter nearly lets the symbiote take over him while attacking Kraven, she leaves him and takes the twins with her. For the next 11 years, she raises the twins as a single mother in Portland while Peter continues to be CEO of Parker Industries and Spider-Man in New York. After he allows his clone Ben Reilly to take over his life in 1995, he returns to her and the children.

In 2006, Peter returns mj spider man New York mj spider man after Morlun kills Ben to draw the vampire out to him and prevent Tony Stark from taking over his company. As Iron Man forces Peter to participate in the Civil War, Morlun arrives at the Parker residence in Portland and attacks the Parker family.

After Benjamin deduces that Morlun is vulnerable when feeding off life force, he allows Morlun to briefly feed of him to protect his mother and allow Claire the chance to impale the vampire on a tree. While he survived the encounter, Morlun's attack cripples him for life. In 2019, Mary Jane and their children say goodbye to Peter for the last time before he goes into space and sacrifices himself to save the world from Doctor Mj spider man reign.

During his final moments, he imagines Mary Jane telling him everything will turn out fine. Shortly after Peter's funeral, Mary Jane meets with the new Spider-Man, Miles Morales, and gives him Peter's original suit to give the hero a "fresh start" after Otto Octavius took control of his body.

[108] Spider-Verse [ edit ] • In Edge of Spider-Verse #4, Sarah Jane appears as is the next-door neighbor of Patton Parnell (the universe's Peter Parker).

[109] • In Earth-001, the Inheritors home dimension, Mary Jane Watson appears as a Great Hall Guard. [110] Infinity Wars [ edit ] During Infinity Wars, when the universe was folded in half, Mary Jane is fused with Marlene Alraune. She is the assistant of Peter Spector ( Arachknight), who is the CEO of his company.

Sometimes she aids him in some occasions, since she knows his secret identity. [111] Incredible Hercules [ edit ] In alternate universe where the Amazonia conquered the world and the females became the dominant gender, Mary Jane was a female version of Spider-Man wearing an identical costume to Spider-Girl and was part of the Avengers, which consisted of Spider-Woman (Mary Jane), Ms.

Fantastic ( Sue Storm), White Phoenix ( Jean Grey) and Wolverine ( Laura Kinney). [112] Ultimate Marvel [ edit ] Mary Jane Watson of Mj spider man (Ultimate Marvel). Art by Mark Bagley. This version of Mary Jane, first appearing in Ultimate Spider-Man #1, attends Midtown Mj spider man School with Peter Parker and Liz Allan. Originally known as "Mary" to her friends, she later picks up the "MJ" nickname.

Unlike the original MJ, Ultimate Mary Jane is a brilliant student and expresses her true feelings instead of masquerading as a party girl. She has an eruptive temper and has even physically attacked some of the bullies at her school, resulting in a detention. At one time, MJ had expressed her wish to become an actress, then a "teacher who cares".

She now has an interest in journalism. She and Peter begin dating in Ultimate Spider-Man #13. In that issue she becomes the second person to learn of Peter's secret identity and the first Peter reveals it to. She mends Peter's spare Spider-Man costumes, once calling herself the Betsy Ross of superheroes.

Although Peter and MJ love each other very much, Peter's Spider-Man identity places a strain on their relationship. The relationship is further complicated when Gwen Stacy enters their lives. [ volume & issue needed] Later, Peter began to fear for Mary Jane's safety more than ever when the Green Goblin kidnaps her and flings her off the Queensboro Bridge in a twisted attempt to gain Peter's allegiance.

MJ survives, but the experience leaves her traumatized. She later grows angry and jealous when she believes that a new girl, Gwen Stacy, has feelings for Peter.

MJ ends their relationship in issue #32, although the pair soon reconciles in issue #41. When MJ's father reads her diary and finds her referring to something as the "bridge incident", he tells MJ that she is not allowed to see Peter anymore. Furious, she runs away to an old factory but Peter finds her. MJ's parents separate soon after. [ volume & issue needed] In the Hobgoblin arc (#72-78), it was revealed that Harry and Mary Jane engaged in a brief romance around the same time Peter was bitten.

Then, long after his father is gunned down as the Green Goblin, Harry tells her that Peter "killed his father." After realizing his life as a superhero will always endanger MJ, Peter ends their relationship in issue #77. Shortly thereafter, Mary Jane goes out with a character named Mark Raxton. After one date, however, she changes her mind, resolving instead to prove herself to Mj spider man and to get him back. When Raxton asks what MJ finds so special about Parker, she simply replies "Everything." She has since shown difficulty in moving on from Peter and in dealing with the state of their friendship, especially after Peter has dated Kitty Pryde.

However, Peter has shown an interest in reconciling their differences, and becoming friends again. [ volume & issue needed] As part of the Clone Saga arc, MJ is kidnapped from her bedroom by a facially disfigured clone of Peter Parker who is determined to give her powers so that she is no longer in danger from his enemies. He pumps in her bloodstream an unquantified amount of OZ. Upon learning this, she becomes very angry and transforms into a huge, red, goblin-type creature (referred to by Bendis as Ultimate Demogoblin [113]).

However, when the real Peter Parker and Spider-Woman show up, she calms down and resumes her original form, just in time for Peter to render his clone unconscious. MJ is taken to the Fantastic Four's Baxter Building and when she wakes up, she is afraid and angry, causing another transformation. However, when she spots the Peter clone who is in the building, she calms down once again and reverts to her normal self.

She is then given what is believed to be a cure for the effects of the OZ formula. [ volume & issue needed] During the epilogue of the Clone Saga arc, Peter and MJ rekindle their romance, much to Kitty's dismay. Although MJ seems physically cured, [114] her ordeal has left her badly traumatized, and she suffers from panic attacks and is haunted by the scarred visage of Peter's disfigured clone.

Sue Storm suggests that Peter keep a close eye on MJ and seek a psychiatrist to help her. In issue #107, MJ sees Peter talking to Kitty and it angers her. Her hand starts to tremble and her fingernails briefly become claws but she calms down, indicating that her cure might not be mj spider man or complete, but was never explored further. In issue #112, it is seen that Mary Jane daydreams a scene where she fights against Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four in her mutated form.

[ volume & issue needed] Mary Jane decides to actively pursue a career in broadcast journalism, and she mj spider man a series of on-location webcast reports in New York with Peter as her cameraman. She constantly messes up her surname, causing her to lose her temper, much to Peter's amusement. She eventually helps Kitty Pryde track down Peter when he is captured and unmasked by The Shocker. [ volume & issue needed] In Death of a Goblin, when Spider-Man asks why they can't cure Harry and Norman, one of the S.H.I.E.L.D.

agents tells Peter that the cure for OZ does not work. [ volume & issue needed] Later we do see Mary-Jane's hand start to transform, though she controls it. [ volume & issue needed] Bendis announced on his mj spider man message boards that the third Ultimate Spider-Man Annual had been approved following a long period of consideration, as the story deals with what is described as a "heavily controversial topic".

Fans have speculated that this will prove to be Peter and MJ exploring a sexual relationship despite their young age; thus far, the only hints of sexual intercourse have been brief encounters interrupted by changes in circumstance (e.g., Aunt May bursting into the room before they can kiss) and an attempt by Wolverine to make some sort of advance to her when he was briefly trapped in Peter's body.

However, by the end of the story, Peter, despite knowing that he and MJ love each other, knew that they aren't ready to go to the next level of their relationship, so the idea is postponed. That issue shows that Mary Jane has a knack as a detective, as she figured out that a police officer was on the take from someone, whom the NYPD has dubbed " Mysterio", and has the crooked cop set up surveillance equipment at the police department after Peter informed MJ of the police chase.

Mysterio later escapes, but not before vowing to get even with Spider-Man.

mj spider man

{INSERTKEYS} [ volume & issue needed] In the six months since the events of Ultimatum, Peter and Mary Jane have once again broken up and become estranged. Mary Jane especially has become withdrawn and consumed in her work for the school webcast. Although Peter was now in a relationship with Gwen Stacy, he and MJ started to repair their friendship. Gwen eventually broke up with Peter, realizing he loved MJ more.

Her appearance has also drastically changed as she now has much shorter hair and wears glasses. She would gradually ditch this look as she and Peter reunited as a couple. Peter would later seemingly perish in battle with Norman Osborn and the Sinister Six while saving his Aunt May's life. Mary Jane contemplated writing a tell-all exposé on how Fury had failed Peter after his death, but abandoned the idea when she saw Fury's genuine remorse at how he had failed to protect Peter.

[ volume & issue needed] When the Peter Parker of Earth-616 briefly crossed into the Ultimate universe, Gwen called Mary Jane to inform her about his presence, but even after seeing the older Peter leave the house, MJ was unable to bring herself to talk to him, running away when Peter noticed her. [115] It is eventually revealed that Peter somehow survived his fateful ordeal, waking up in an abandoned lab in San Francisco.

Peter made his way back to New York and reunited with Mary Jane. The two dug up his grave to find no body in the casket. After reuniting with Aunt May and Gwen, and meeting up with Miles Morales, Peter helped his successor confront Norman Osborn, who indicated his OZ formula had effectively granted any infused with it immortality, himself and Peter included.

Upon defeating Osborn, Peter elects to leave New York, with Mary Jane deciding to travel with him, and the two depart the city in her family car. [ volume & issue needed] During the Secret Wars (2015) event and the tie-in " Ultimate End", the Ultimate Universe was destroyed by a reality-breaking Incursion and formed part of the patchwork planet Battleworld. Despite appearances from Miles, 616 Peter, Ganke, Gwen and Aunt May, both Ultimate Peter and Mary Jane are absent from the story.

[ volume & issue needed] At the conclusion of the 2017 event Spider-Men II, it is revealed that the Ultimate Universe had been restored to the multiverse and that Peter has returned to New York with Mary Jane and had now fully reestablished himself as Spider-Man ( Miles Morales having been integrated into Earth 616 history following the events of Secret Wars). Mary Jane makes a brief appearance contacting Peter to let him know he is late for a party.

[ volume & issue needed] King-Sized Spider-Man Summer Special [ edit ] Mary-Jane plays a starring role in Un-Enchanted Evening, a 23-page out-of-continuity short story in the King-Sized Spider-Man Summer Special. In the tale, MJ and her friends Millie the Model and Patsy Walker accidentally end up in the middle of a plot by Enchantress to kidnap and brainwash Clea, She-Hulk, Jean Grey, Scarlet Witch, and Patsy, turning them into her personal army.

In the final confrontation between the heroines and Enchantress, MJ and Millie save the day when they distract her long enough for Clea to magically bind and gag her, effectively neutralizing her spell-casting abilities. [ volume & issue needed] New Fantastic Four [ edit ] One of the Ages of Apocalypse created when Apocalypse warped the main universe, on this universe where the X-Men, Fantastic Four, Avengers and Doctor Doom were almost killed, Mary Jane is married to Peter, who is a member of the New Fantastic Four along with Wolverine, Hulk, Ghost Rider.

She and Peter also have a daughter named May. [116] Silver Surfer: Requiem [ edit ] In the reality where Silver Surfer died due to coating breaking down, Mary Jane is seen where she is still married to Peter. [117] Spider-Man never existed [ edit ] In a world where Peter Parker had never existed, everyone who had known him in the main universe appears more successful, with Mary Jane becoming a successful actress and starring in the blockbuster film Rescue.

[118] In other media [ edit ] Television [ edit ] Mary Jane Watson in the Spider-Man: The Animated Series • Mary Jane Watson appeared in the 1960s Spider-Man animated series episode "The Big Brainwasher", voiced by Peg Dixon.

Unlike her comic book counterpart, this version is the niece of police captain Ned Stacy. • Mary Jane Watson appeared in the 1990s Spider-Man animated series, voiced by Sara Ballantine. She first meets Peter Parker in the episode "The Return of the Spider-Slayers" after May Parker sets Peter up on a blind date.

At the time, Peter's primary love interest was Felicia Hardy and he did not look forward to meeting Mary Jane, but is left speechless upon meeting her. In season three's finale, the Green Goblin discovers Spider-Man's secret identity, kidnaps Mary Jane, and takes her to the George Washington Bridge. Spider-Man tries to save her, but she falls into a dimensional portal created by the Goblin's stolen time dilation accelerator and is presumed dead. In season four, she seemingly appears alive and well at the site of the bridge before resuming her relationship with Peter, who eventually reveals his secret identity and proposes to her.

In season five, Mary Jane and Peter subsequently marry, but she is kidnapped by Hydro-Man. While in captivity, Mary Jane discovers she possesses water-based powers like her abductor, along with the fact that they are actually unstable clones created by Miles Warren. Not long afterward, Mary Jane and Hydro-Man's bodies begin to break down and disintegrate. In the series finale, Madame Web promises to help Spider-Man find the real Mary Jane.

• Mary Jane Watson makes a minor appearance in the Spider-Man Unlimited animated series, voiced by Jennifer Hale. • Mary Jane Watson appears in Spider-Man: The New Animated Series, voiced by Lisa Loeb. This version is the on-and-off girlfriend of Peter Parker and has shorter hair than other incarnations due to production-related difficulties related to rendering long hair at the time. • Mary Jane Watson appears in The Spectacular Spider-Man animated series, voiced by Vanessa Marshall. [119] Introduced in the season one episode " The Invisible Hand", she is part of an arranged date to Midtown High's Fall Formal set up by May Parker, which Peter initially dreads before he meets Mary Jane face-to-face.

Afterwards, she transfers to Peter's school and enters a short romantic relationship with Mark Allan. • Mary Jane Watson appears in the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series, voiced by Tara Strong.

[119] [120] This version, like her Ultimate Marvel incarnation, is a childhood friend/best friend of Peter Parker and an aspiring journalist who dreams of reforming Daily Bugle Communications and rehabilitating Spider-Man's reputation due to J.

Jonah Jameson's slander. During seasons one and two, she initially thinks that Peter and Spider-Man are separate individuals, attends Midtown High School as a student, and is friends with Harry Osborn and Flash Thompson. Mary Jane is also an occasional target of super-powered individuals that Spider-Man encounters. After making sporadic cameos in season three, she returns in a supporting role in the fourth season three-part episode "The Symbiote Saga". As Spider-Man, Captain America, and the former's fellow S.H.I.E.L.D.

trainees combat the Carnage symbiote, Mary Jane joins Cloak and Dagger in traveling to Midtown High to help evacuate New York's citizens, but she gets transformed into the Carnage Queen and given a mind control device built by Hydra agent, Michael Morbius. Spider-Man, the Patrioteer, and Agent Venom encounter and subsequently fight her before Spider-Man destroys the mind control device. After the Carnage Queen attacks Morbius, the three heroes reveal their secret identities to her, allowing Mary Jane to regain control and break free of the Carnage symbiote, though traces of it remained within her.

[121] In the three-part episode "Spider Slayers", Dr. Curt Connors experiments on Mary Jane, allowing her to gain control of her symbiote and become Spider-Woman to help the Web Warriors fight the Spider-Slayer synthezoids. In the two-part series finale, "Graduation Day", she attends S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy as a new student. • An alternate reality version based on Mary Jane's Marvel Noir incarnation appears as Spider-Man Noir's potential love interest and ally in the episode "The Spider-Verse" [Pt.

3]. The Green Goblin uses her as bait to steal Spider-Man Noir's DNA, though she is able to help the latter defeat the villain. The episode "Return to the Spider-Verse" [Pt. 2] reveals she was killed as a result of a gang war between Joe Fixit and Hammerhead. The former tried to save her, but she gave her life to save others. • Mary Jane Watson appears in the animated series Marvel's Spider-Man, voiced by Felicia Day.

[122] She first appears in the episode "Venom" as Midtown High School's mascot, helping Spider-Man defeat the Venom symbiote. She later makes a full appearance in "Amazing Friends", where she visits Peter and May Parker.

In "Spider-Man Unmasked", Mary Jane helps convince Peter to reconcile with Gwen Stacy and Anya Corazon about keeping his identity as Spider-Man a secret from them.

In "Maximum Venom", she is invited by Peter to attend a dance at Horizon High to celebrate Max Modell's rehiring. The series concludes with the two apparently beginning a relationship. • Mary Jane Watson appears in the Marvel Rising franchise of animated shorts and television specials, voiced again by Tara Strong.

Like her Earth-65 counterpart, this version is part of a rock band and a friend of Gwen Stacy's. Film [ edit ] • Mary Jane Watson appears in the Spider-Man live-action film trilogy directed by Sam Raimi (2002–2007), portrayed by Kirsten Dunst. • In the 2002 feature film Spider-Man, Mary Jane is introduced as Peter Parker's childhood and high school crush, and ex-girlfriend of Flash Thompson.

Desperate to escape her abusive, alcoholic father to pursue a happier future, she breaks up with Flash after they graduate and becomes a waitress to support her fledgling acting career. She dates Harry Osborn, Peter's best friend who knows of Peter's interest in her, but notes that Peter has never asked her out.

She first develops an attraction to Spider-Man after the latter repeatedly rescues her, first from an attack by the Green Goblin and later from thugs in an alley, after which they share a kiss. She also grows closer to Peter, and in response, Harry breaks up with her.

When the Goblin deduces Spider-Man's identity, he kidnaps Mary Jane and holds her hostage, but Spider-Man rescues her. Mary Jane later says she loves him, but Peter rejects her out of fear that a relationship between them would endanger her. The heartbroken Mary Jane realizes that her kiss with Peter reminded her of the one she shared with Spider-Man. • In the 2004 sequel Spider-Man 2, Mary Jane, frustrated at Peter's reluctance to be with her and apparent lack of commitment, begins a relationship with John Jameson.

Deciding that being without her is too high a cost, Peter resolves to abandon being Spider-Man despite the fact that Mary Jane accepted a marriage proposal from John at the time. However, she comes to realize that she does not truly love John. After Doctor Octopus kidnaps Mary Jane, Spider-Man rescues her, during which he is unmasked in front of her, confirming what she suspected. Refusing to let the potential dangers get in the way of their happiness, Mary Jane breaks up with John and begins a relationship with Peter.

• In the 2007 film Spider-Man 3, Peter decides to propose to Mary Jane, but their future is complicated by her professional setbacks, a rivalry for Peter's affections in the form of Gwen Stacy, manipulation by the vengeance-seeking New Goblin, and Peter's behavioral changes brought on by his encounter with an alien symbiote. After he disposes of said symbiote, it falls into the hands of photographer Eddie Brock, turning him into Venom.

He kidnaps Mary Jane, but Spider-Man defeats Venom, destroys the symbiote, and rescues Mary Jane. In the end, Peter and Mary Jane reconcile. • In October 2012, Shailene Woodley was confirmed to play Mary Jane Watson in the 2014 live-action film The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

[123] Director Marc Webb explained the absence as "a creative decision to streamline the story and focus on Peter and Gwen and their relationship". [124] Despite this, Woodley was planned to reprise the role for future installments, starting with The Amazing Spider-Man 3.

However, Sony's deal with Marvel Studios and Disney resulted in the Amazing Spider-Man series' cancellation and these plans being unrealized. • Zoë Kravitz provided the voice of Mary Jane Watson in the 2018 animated film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. In the film's main universe, she was married to Peter Parker prior to his death. An alternate reality version of Peter Parker that ends up in the main universe was previously married to his version of Mary Jane, but they divorced due to Peter's fears of having children with her.

After a run-in with the widowed Mary Jane and working with Miles Morales to return to his universe, the alternate Peter becomes inspired to win his former wife back. [125] • In the live-action Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) films Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017), Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019) and Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021), the nickname "MJ" is used by a character named Michelle, an original character portrayed by Zendaya.

[126] Producer Kevin Feige described this as "a fun homage" to Spider-Man's past adventures and his past love. [127] According to Spider-Man: Homecoming co-screenwriter John Francis Daley, MJ is intended to be a reinvention of Mary Jane Watson. [128] In Spider-Man: No Way Home, the character's full name is revealed to be 'Michelle Jones-Watson'. [129] Video games [ edit ] Main article: Spider-Man video games Mary Jane Watson has appeared in numerous Spider-Man video games.

• In The Amazing Spider-Man vs. The Kingpin, Mary Jane is kidnapped by the titular villain and suspended over an acid tank. If Spider-Man defeats the Kingpin in a timely manner, he is able to save Mary Jane. If not, she will fall to her death, causing Spider-Man to vow revenge as Kingpin is arrested by the police. If Spider-Man loses, both he and Mary Jane die. • Mary Jane Watson appears in Spider-Man's endings in Capcom's Marvel Super Heroes and Marvel Super Heroes vs.

Street Fighter. • Mary Jane Watson appears in the 2000 Spider-Man game for the Dreamcast, Nintendo 64, and PlayStation, voiced by Jennifer Hale. [119] Believing Spider-Man has turned evil, Venom kidnaps Mary Jane in an attempt to get revenge, holding her hostage in the sewers until Spider-Man rescues her. • Mary Jane Watson appears in Spider-Man: Mysterio's Menace. • Mary Jane Watson appears in the 2002 Spider-Man film tie-in game, voiced by Cat O'Conner while Kirsten Dunst provided her likeness.

• Mary Jane Watson appears in the Spider-Man 2 film tie-in game, with Kirsten Dunst reprising the role. [119] Similarly to the film, she is unaware of Peter's secret identity until the end. A brief additional storyline sees Peter being tempted to abandon his interest in Mary Jane due to the possibility of a new relationship with the Black Cat, but he eventually abandons this idea after realizing the importance of civilian life. {/INSERTKEYS}

mj spider man

• Mary Jane Watson appears in the Ultimate Spider-Man video game, voiced by Andrea Baker. She helps Peter Parker research the villains he fights. In the Nintendo DS version, the player must save an unnamed character with Mary Jane's clothing and hair color. • Mary Jane Watson appears in Spider-Man: Battle for New York. • Mary Jane Watson appears in the Spider-Man 3 film tie-in game, voiced by Kari Wahlgren [119] while Kirsten Dunst provides her likeness.

• Mary Jane Watson appears in Spider-Man: Web of Shadows, voiced by Dana Seltzer. [119] She is caught in the crossfire of a fight between Venom and Spider-Man and ends up hospitalized.

Despite this, she appears frequently throughout the game. In one of two Red Suit endings, she either joins Spider-Man in web-slinging across New York or fails to answer his phone call, during mj spider man he apologizes for his actions and begs for her forgiveness.

In one of two " Black Suit" endings, she abandons him entirely for using the aforementioned suit in one while Spider-Man vows to reclaim her in the second. • Mary Jane Watson appears in Spider-Man: Edge of Time, voiced by Laura Vandervoort. [130] While he was in the year 2099, Spider-Man discovers records of Mary Jane's death back in his time during an accident at Alchemax and forces his successor, Spider-Man 2099, to save her.

He succeeds, averting her death and ensuring her safety. mj spider man Mary Jane Watson appears in Lego Marvel Super Heroes, voiced by Tara Strong. • Mary Jane Watson makes a cameo in Lego Marvel's Avengers. • Mary Jane Watson appears in Spider-Man Unlimited, voiced again by Tara Strong. [119] She initially appeared as a non-playable character before several playable versions appeared in later updates.

[131] • Mary Jane Watson appears in Marvel Avengers Academy. She appears as part of the "Spider-Man" event, and is later given the Iron Spider armor. • Mary Jane Watson appears in Marvel's Spider-Man, voiced by Laura Bailey.

mj spider man

{INSERTKEYS} [132] Similarly to her Ultimate Marvel counterpart, this version is an investigative reporter for the Daily Bugle. She and Peter were in a relationship months before the game's plot, with MJ being aware of his dual life as Spider-Man, but her frustrations with his over-protectiveness led to them breaking up. Her reporting duties cause her and Peter to cross paths after months without contact, and she offers to work with him as a full partner to investigate the power vacuum left behind by Wilson Fisk's arrest.

In the process, she and Peter struggle with defining their relationship romantically and as a crime-fighting duo as their work brings them closer together. Three months after the story's conclusion, she and Peter rekindle their relationship.

She is also featured as a playable character during various investigative stealth gameplay portions of the story. [133] During The City That Never Sleeps DLC, she assists Peter in stopping Hammerhead and the Maggia before leaving for Symkaria to report on and raise awareness for the civil war taking place there. Novels [ edit ] Romance novelist Judith O'Brien wrote two young adult novels featuring a teenage Mary Jane in 2003 and 2004, with illustrations by Mike Mayhew.

This version is a shy, insecure girl who knew Peter Parker from elementary school and deals with anorexia and peer pressure. • The first novel is a retelling of Spider-Man's origin story from Mary Jane's point of view.

After learning Norman Osborn had injected a super drug known as OZ into the spider that bit Peter Parker and into sports drinks sold to their classmates, Mary Jane joins Peter in exposing Norman. [134] The novel was successful with teenage girls who were not familiar with the comics, but was met with criticism from core fans due to its characterization and changing continuity.

• The second novel, Mary Jane 2, relates Peter and Mary Jane's continuing relationship and the emergence of Gwen Stacy, who develops feelings for Peter after Mary Jane gives her a makeover. [135] In popular culture [ edit ] • American actor and musician Childish Gambino references Mary Jane and Aunt May in his song "Shadows" from his second studio album Because the Internet. • In Just Jack's 2007 single "Writer's Block", Mary Jane is mentioned with the verse "I'm lovin' Mary Jane, flyin' with Lois Lane".

• Scarlet Pleasure, a Danish R&B band, features the Spider-Man and Mary Jane couple with the line "There's no Peter Parker without Mary Jane" in their 2018 song "Superpower". • "I'm Peter Parker and I love Mary Jane, she's always in my brain, if I told her, would she feel the same?" is the chorus for "I'm Peter Parker and I Love Mary Jane", a song by party punk band Porno Arcade from their 2018 album Gypso. • American singer-songwriter Weird Al Yankovic's "Ode to a Superhero" is a song dedicated to Spider-Man, with the lyrics mentioning Harry Osborn and Peter Parker's crush, Mary Jane Watson.

• "All Things Go" by Chiddy Bang has the lyrics "And we be Peter Parker in love with the Mary Jane". • Smash Mouth's "She Turns Me On" has the lyrics " Lois Lane, Mary Jane, we may never get home". • Indie pop singer Noelle Bean contains the lyrics "Like Superman and Lois Lane, you're Peter Parker and I'm your Mary Jane" in her song "Lois Lane".

• Filk and rap artist Luke Ski has a song titled "Peter Parker" with the lyrics "Loves his Aunt May, Mary Jane, yeah he'd like, to meet her, Get the girl, save the world, and his name is Peter". • Indie rock band Professor Caffeine & the Insecurities has a song titled "You're My Mary Jane, Not My Gwen Stacy" in their 2015 EP Comic Book. • Rock band Onara has a song titled "Mary Jane" with the lyrics "You know I'm your Peter Parker and I'll never be no Bruce Wayne, and I don't want no Wonder Woman, I only want my Mary Jane".

• British hip-hop artist MF Doom references Spider-Man and Mary Jane in his single "Kon Queso" with the verse "In love with Mary Jane, she's my main thing, pulled her right from that web head, what a lame brain". • Are You Johnson?, a 2015 album by musical artist Don Strange, includes a song titled "Spider-Man and Mary Jane". • American rapper Logic alludes to both Mary Jane and marijuana with the lyrics "Pass the Mary Jane like I'm runnin' a train with Peter Parker" of his 2018 song "Warm It Up".

• Rich Homie Quan makes a cheeky allusion to Mary Jane as well in his song "Still Going In". • Shibuya Sunrise's song "Jackpot (Face it Tiger)" is about Peter Parker and Mary Jane's love story, with the chorus having the "Face it, Tiger, we hit the jackpot" lyric as a reference to Mary Jane's first words to Peter.

• The O.C. has an episode where Seth Cohen wears a Spider-Man costume and kisses Summer Roberts upside-down, a homage to the famous upside-down kiss in the rain between Peter and Mary Jane in the 2002 Spider-Man film. • Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory quotes Peter's declaration of love to Mary Jane from the 2002 film on a date with Amy. • The television show Heroes has its character, Hiro Nakamura, refer Charlie as his "one true love, like Spider-Man's Mary Jane". • In The Simpsons episode " Married to the Blob", a featured song called "Comic Book Guy's Lament" includes the line "I've always been happy, to call myself single, no Mary Jane, or Lois Lane, with whom I co-mingle, you could say that I was, an unstackable pringles, I've got original, sign by Siegel and Shuster, but they don't satisfy, in the way that they use to".

• Marge Simpson and Homer Simpson from The Simpsons recreated the Spider-Man upside down kiss as well. • The 2004 film Shrek 2 features heavy pop culture references, including a scene where Fiona kisses Shrek, who is hanging upside down—which was meant as a homage to the Spider-Man kiss. • Chrissy Teigen and John Legend re-enacted the upside down kiss, with Teigen as Spider-Man, in the show Lip Sync Battle.

• Popular comedy web television series One Day at a Time has one of its characters reference Mary Jane as "Peter Parker's girlfriend". Collected editions [ edit ] Title Material collected Published date ISBN Amazing Mary Jane: Down in Flames, Up in Smoke Amazing Mary Jane #1–6 October 2019-March 2020 978-1302920272 Amazing Spider-Man: Beyond Vol.

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mj spider man

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MJ Finds Out Peter Is Spider-Man

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