Film hawkeye marvel

film hawkeye marvel

With Marvel’s Hawkeye series coming to Disney Plus, one of the most overlooked Avengers is going to be making his way to the forefront, finally. But with all the other plots film hawkeye marvel Avengers’ stories overshadowing the man ( Jeremy Renner), people may have ignored or forgotten his many contributions to the MCU’s ever-growing canon.

It’s true – Hawkeye, a.ka Clint Barton may not have any superpowers. But neither does Natasha Romanov, aka Black Widow ( Scarlett Johansson). Technically, neither does Iron Man ( Robert Downey Jr.)! Instead, he is but a man with a bow and arrow. Arrows that can explode, blind people, tie up enemies, short circuit electronics, etc… but just a man, nonetheless.

He is a hell of a shot, though. Having survived everything the Avengers have been through as a mere mortal makes him almost more impressive than the gods and supes with whom he’s been working alongside. Before we get to dig into Hawkeye’s own personal TV show, let’s take a moment to appreciate all he’s done in the MCU so far. Here is a chronologically ordered list of his appearances in the films thus far, so that you can follow his trajectory towards his solo outing on Disney Plus. Take a moment and appreciate a man with nothing but a bow and arrow, that has stood tall amongst nearly omnipotent beings, and survived to tell the tale.

RELATED: ‘Hawkeye’s Jeremy Renner and Hailee Steinfeld on Why They Loved Filming the Dialogue Scenes Between Clint Barton and Kate Bishop 1) Thor Image via Marvel Studios Hawkeye’s first appearance, although uncredited, took place in the Odinson’s first movie.

When Thor ( Chris Hemsworth) and his hammer, Mjolnir, are sent to Earth by daddy, S.H.I.E.L.D. erects a guarded perimeter around Mjolnir, which no one is able to lift, obviously. Thor eventually comes for it, and Philip Coulson ( Clark Gregg) has Hawkeye watch the Asgardian, ready to attack from a high vantage point should things go awry.

As he observes Thor trying his damnedest to lift Mjolnir, Film hawkeye marvel remarks, “Better call it, Coulson, ‘cause I’m starting to root for this guy.” However, Thor, no longer worthy to wield his weapon nor his powers, is unable to lift the hammer, and he is taken into custody without any intervention from the archer. Image via Marvel Studios Barton’s next role was in the very first Avengers movie. He is tasked by Nick Fury ( Samuel L.

Jackson) with watching over a S.H.I.E.L.D. research facility while scientist Erik Selvig ( Stellan Skarsgård) investigates the properties of the tesseract. As he tells Fury, he’s much better at keeping guard over things from high above, in his “hawk’s nest,” as coined by Selvig.

Unfortunately, when Loki ( Tom Hiddleston) film hawkeye marvel into the base, he uses his scepter, which contains the infinity mind stone, to place Barton under his control.

They steal the tesseract and travel to Stuttgart, where Loki uses Hawkeye to acquire iridium needed to stabilize the tesseract. After Loki is captured and taken aboard a S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier (intentionally), Barton and Loki’s other cronies invade the ship. Black Widow is forced to fight her most trusted friend, and she eventually knocks him out, breaking Loki’s mind control.

Later, Barton becomes a founding member of the Avengers, along with Black Widow, Captain America ( Chris Evans), Thor, Iron Man, and the Hulk ( Mark Ruffalo). He helps the team to defend New York City against Loki and an invading alien force of Chitauri, participating in the Avengers’ first team film hawkeye marvel.

Image via Marvel Studios While the first Avengers movie sidelined Hawkeye for most of its screen time as a mind-controlled zombie of Loki, Age of Ultron finally did right by the character and fleshed him out properly.

It is revealed in this film that Barton is a true family man, complete with a wife ( Linda Cardellini), three kids, and a farmhouse in the country. Further, he demonstrates his abilities as a mentor, inspiring Wanda Maximoff ( Elizabeth Olson) to join the fight against Ultron ( James Spader), telling her, “You go out that door, you're an Avenger.” This is the kind of inspiration that will carry over into his teachings of Kate Bishop ( Hailee Steinfeld) as the next Hawkeye in the upcoming series.

Other than joining the gang in demolishing Ultron’s army of robots, he goes a step further into the role of hero when he deboards an escape ship to rescue a stranded child. Unfortunately, Hawkeye and the child come under enemy fire. Their lives are saved by Wanda’s brother, the ultra-fast Quicksilver ( Aaron Taylor-Johnson), who speeds into the line of fire and sacrifices himself in the process.

After this tragedy, Barton chooses to retire from the Avengers and return to his family. Image via Marvel Studios Sadly, Clint Barton’s retirement doesn't last long. When the Avengers break allegiances over the signing of the Sokovia Accords, Captain America, taking the side opposed to the accords, calls in Hawkeye for help.

His first task is to break Wanda Maximoff out of the Avengers Facility, where she is unknowingly being kept prisoner by Vision ( Paul Bettany), per Tony Stark’s instructions. While Barton does his best to hold off Vision for as long as he can with his trick arrows and melee attacks, they both eventually agree that Barton cannot beat him. But Wanda can. Maximoff, still reeling from the lives taken by her unintended movement of the explosion meant for Cap at the beginning of the film, remains reluctant to leave, until Barton’s mentor powers break through her guilt and snap her back to reality.

This leads to Scarlet Witch’s temporary defeat of Vision, and her escape with Hawkeye to join the civil war. Film hawkeye marvel remainder of Hawkeye’s contributions to the film come mostly in the form of fighting the pro-accords Avengers alongside Cap and his followers.

After Spider-Man ( Tom Holland) enters the fray and takes Cap’s shield from him, it’s Barton who frees Rogers from Spidey’s film hawkeye marvel with an arrow. Further, Hawkeye’s care of his witchy ward extends to the battlefield, where he protects Maximoff from Iron Man’s attacks.

Hawkeye and everyone else on Team Cap get arrested and sent to the Raft. When Tony Stark visits, it is Barton who has the most to say about this supposed hero’s actions. When Stark tells Barton he should have thought of his family before he chose his alliances, Film hawkeye marvel cautions everyone to watch their backs, as Stark is liable to break them.

This is a clear reference to Tony’s friend James Rhodes aka War Machine ( Don Cheadle) who suffered spinal injuries during the civil war. Cap eventually shows up to spring his buddies, and Barton makes a deal to be placed under house arrest, allowing him to return to his family. Image via Marvel Studios While Hawkeye was benched during Avengers: Infinity War, he made a triumphant, but tragic, return in Avengers: Endgame. In fact, the movie opens with Barton’s entire family being wiped out of existence by Thanos’s ( Josh Brolin) infinity gauntlet snap.

This results in Hawkeye taking a dark turn to become Ronin, a character he once portrayed in the comics. Seeking nothing but death and vengeance, he cuts his hair into a groovy mohawk and goes on a killing spree of the criminal underworld.

That is, until Natasha Romanoff comes looking for him in Japan and talks him into joining the remaining Avengers’ efforts to undo the damage Thanos did. This effort requires Barton and the rest of the team to split up and go back in time to collect the infinity stones before Thanos can, via Ant-Man’s ( Paul Rudd) quantum physics Pym particle. Hawkeye and Black Widow are tasked with retrieving the Soul Stone, which unfortunately requires the sacrifice of a loved one.

Barton and Romanoff once more go head-to-head, but this time each of them fighting to be the one to take the fall for the other. It’s a heart-wrenching scene, but Black Widow wins out (or loses, depending on your perspective) and launches herself into the abyss to save Barton.

Hawkeye then takes his place in the major battle with Thanos and his space flunkies. Image via Marvel Studios Black Widow is a bit of an anomaly on this list, as it actually features Clint Barton, without having any actual screen time, taking his first actions in the MCU timeline as well as displaying what’s in store for him in the future. Black Widow is a movie that takes place directly after Captain America: Civil War, when Natasha Romanoff is on the run from the Film hawkeye marvel.

government. It includes many details of her life before working stateside, including her time teamed up with Barton. In The Avengers, Hawkeye and Black Widow speak briefly about a mission they had in Budapest. Black Widow finally sheds a little light on this event, as it features flashbacks wherein Barton’s voice can be heard over Romanoff’s earpiece. He tells her, during the mission, that he needs confirmation that Dreykov ( Ray Winstone), the head of the Red Room that bred Soviet assassins like Romanoff, is in a building she’s staking out.

She confirms such, despite Dreykov’s young daughter ( Ryan Kiera Armstrong) being at the scene. Afterward, the place is detonated with explosions. But more important is the post-credits stinger. Yelena ( Florence Pugh), Romanoff’s sister, visits Natasha's grave after the events of Avengers: Endgame, where she is approached by Contessa Valentina Allegra de la Fontaine ( Julia Louis-Dreyfus).

She hands Yelena a phone with Barton’s picture on it, claiming that he’s responsible for Romanoff’s death. She is tasked with killing him. It is now known that Pugh will be returning to play Yelena in Disney Plus's Hawkeye, so she will no doubt be gunning for Barton in the upcoming film hawkeye marvel.

And this is where Hawkeye stands in the MCU, prior to his big solo debut. Hawkeye will stream exclusively on Disney Plus beginning on November 24, 2021. It's no coincidence, perhaps, that Marvel Studios released " Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness" in the days immediately following the season finale (maybe series finale) of its Disney+ series, " Moon Knight." During Phase Four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we've seen some previous overlap between movies and streaming shows; however, in the case of " Black Widow" and " Spider-Man: No Way Home," they hit theaters between episode 5 and 6 of " Loki" and " Hawkeye," respectively.

"Multiverse of Madness" landed in U.S. theaters two days after the " Moon Knight" finale, and whether intentional or not, the movie acts as something of a palate cleanser, putting. The post Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Gives the MCU an Immediate Course-Correction After Moon Knight appeared first on /Film. See full article at Slash Film » • Permalink • Report this ‘Doctor Strange 2’ Illuminati Lineup and Characters: Here’s Who’s Who in the Secret Group • 06 May 2022 • by Andi Ortiz • The Wrap Warning: Massive spoilers ahead for “ Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.” We’ve met S.H.I.E.L.D, Hydra and S.W.O.R.D.

in the MCU, and now with “ Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness,” we’ve met the Illuminati. So, who exactly is in it? The “ Doctor Strange” sequel, now playing exclusively in theaters, introduces us to the secret society on Earth-838. Apparently, they were formed by Strange himself — at least, that universe’s version of him — to quietly keep tabs on things and maintain order in the universe. Among those things was Strange himself, as he revealed he had been dream-walking.

Obviously, the previews gave some hints as to who made up the secret society. Fans immediately caught onto Patrick Stewart’s voice; but he’s not the sole member of the Illuminati. So let’s run it down. Professor Charles Xavier As mentioned above, See full article at The Wrap » • Permalink • Report this The 7 Most Gnarly And Metal Moments Of Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness • 06 May 2022 • by Rafael Motamayor • Slash Film Warning: This article contains major spoilers for " Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Film hawkeye marvel The Marvel Cinematic Universe has always appealed to audiences of all ages, which is a reason why all tension is quickly cut with jokes.

This has changed somewhat over the years, especially with the Disney+ shows increasing the amount of violence we see on screen like in " Hawkeye," along with " Moon Knight" becoming the most brutal MCU project.

But give it to Sam Raimi to bring horror back to the MCU with " Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness." This is a movie that feels.

The post The 7 Most Gnarly and Metal Moments of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness appeared first on /Film. See full article at Slash Film » • Permalink • Report this Here’s Why ‘Moon Knight’ Had Barely Any MCU Connections • 05 May 2022 • by Adam Chitwood • The Wrap Those who tuned into the latest Marvel Disney+ series “ Moon Knight” were largely surprised to discover that the Oscar Isaac-led show was not only devoid of cameos from other Marvel Cinematic Universe characters, it barely even mentioned events that happened in other films and shows.

This wasn’t a complaint per se, but the Disney+ Marvel shows the preceded “ Moon Knight” – “ WandaVision,” “ The Falcon and the Winter Soldier,” “ Loki,” “What If…?” and “ Hawkeye” – all featured characters who already existed in the MCU and had plot points that connected to events that were occurring or had already occurred in the increasingly complicated MCU timeline.

“ Moon Knight,” film hawkeye marvel, was a six-episode deep-dive film hawkeye marvel the psyche of Isaac’s Marc Spector, a man suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder who has also sworn an oath to an ancient Egyptian god that gives him superpowers. And as head writer Jeremy Slater and the writers room See full article at The Wrap » • Permalink • Report this How film hawkeye marvel Marvel Tweet Could Complicate ‘Moon Knight’ and Oscar Isaac’s Emmys Odds • 04 May 2022 • by Clayton Davis • Variety “ Moon Knight” has taken off with film hawkeye marvel and superhero fans around the globe, raking in enormous numbers for Disney+ and Marvel Studios.

As a result, the two studios are gearing up for a hardy Emmys campaign with the show in the limited series categories, especially following the success of “WandaVision,” film hawkeye marvel co-led the tally for all series with 23 nominations (winning three) last year. However, a tweet shared from Marvel Studios’ official Twitter account could throw a potential wrench in their campaign. Created by Jeremy Slater, the entire promotional tour for “ Moon Knight” had the two major studios referring to the show as a “limited series,” with the presumption this would be a standalone television outing for the Marvel Film hawkeye marvel character.

However, on Monday, Marvel’s official Twitter page shared the trailer for today’s final episode, referring to it as “the epic series finale,” but the tweet was taken down See full article at Variety » • Permalink • Report this ‘Doctor Strange 2’ Star Xochitl Gomez Explains Why She ‘Might Cry’ Watching Her MCU Debut • 03 May 2022 • by Angelique Jackson • Variety Talk about a Sweet 16 to remember! “ Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” star Xochitl Gomez celebrated her birthday on April 29, and on Monday night Marvel fans lined up outside the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood surprised her with a spontaneous rendition of “Happy Birthday” to mark the occasion.

The film hawkeye marvel actor, who stars as America Chavez — the teenage LGBTQ+ Latina superhero who jumps through the multiverse via star-shaped portals — was visibly surprised and moved by the gesture, giggling in response to the chorus.

Gomez had just finished explaining to Variety that she was trying to keep her cool at the event when the singing began. “This is going to be like one of the lifetime experiences for me, honestly,” Gomez said about watching the finished film with fans.

“I know that Benedict [Cumberbatch] and Lizzie [Olsen] have gone to their movie premieres; they’ve seen themselves on the screen, but this is See full article at Variety » • Permalink • Report this Emmy Predictions: Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Limited or Anthology Series or Movie • 03 May 2022 • by Marcus Jones • Indiewire Last Year’s Winner: Julianne Nicholson, “ Mare of Easttown” Still Eligible: No. Hot Streak: It has been a while since the Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Limited or Anthology Series or Movie category has had any sort of streak.

The last time really was when Regina King had back-to-back wins for “ American Crime” in 2015 and 2016. It was the first time the category ever had a back-to-back winner. Since then, the category has had a mix of winners at every level, with different actresses from different projects at different networks being recognized.

An HBO win this year could start a hot streak though. Notable Ineligible Series: Sophia Di Martino and Gugu Mbatha-Raw, “ Loki” (submitted as a Drama Series); Lena Headey, “ The White House Plumbers” (the season will not air film hawkeye marvel time to be eligible); Lily Rabe, “ Love and Death” (the season will not air in time to be eligible) This article See full film hawkeye marvel at Indiewire » • Permalink • Report this Emmy Experts slugfest: Does ‘Succession’ have original score on lock?

[Watch] • 03 May 2022 • by Joyce Eng and Christopher Rosen • Gold Derby The Oscars may have sidelined a music category, but we don’t roll that way here. Gold Derby editors and Experts Christopher Rosen and Joyce Eng are here to devote a whole episode (or half of one) to the Emmy music categories.

Predictably, we start with our fave, “ Succession,” which film hawkeye marvel released its Season 3 soundtrack last week by Nicholas Britell. While Britell has won an Emmy for the legendary “Succession” theme, he lost the Best Music Composition for a Film hawkeye marvel award to Ludwig Goransson for “The Mandolorian” in 2020.

Goransson also won last year, but “The Mandolarian” is sitting out this cycle, so is it Britell’s time? And who would be his biggest threat? “ Loki”? “ Squid Game”? “ Euphoria”? “ Severance”? See Emmy Experts slugfest: Will Andrew Garfield continue his ‘Banner’ year with a win?

“ Euphoria” won Best Music and Lyrics in 2020 for “All for Us,” written by Labrinth, and the HBO See full article at Gold Derby » • Permalink • Report this 2022 Emmy Predictions: Supporting Actress (TV Movie/Limited Series) • 30 April 2022 • by Matthew Stewart and Paul Sheehan • Gold Derby After both losing the 2021 Best TV Movie/Limited Supporting Actress Emmy to Julianne Nicholson (“ Mare of Easttown”), Kathryn Hahn (“ WandaVision”) and Phillipa Soo (“Hamilton”) could face each other in the same category this year for their work in “ The Shrink Next Door” and “ Dopesick” respectively.

Hahn and Soo might also be joined film hawkeye marvel the 2022 lineup by two past recipients of the award: 2004 (“ Angels in America”) winner Mary-Louise Parker (“Colin in Black and White”) and 2013 (“ Political Animals”) winner Ellen Burstyn (“ The First Lady”). “ American Horror Story: Double Feature” costars Frances Conroy and Sarah Paulson are each looking to earn their respective third and sixth Emmy Awards nominations for the anthology series.

Other previous nominees seeking bids this year include Toni Collette (“ The Staircase”), Vera Farmiga (“ Hawkeye”), Margo Martindale (“ Impeachment”), and Shailene Woodley (“ The Fallout”). Scroll through our photo gallery of 2022 Emmy predictions for Supporting Actress (Limited Series).

See full article at Gold Derby » • Permalink • Report this Every Upcoming Marvel TV Show Coming to Disney Plus • 30 April 2022 • by Andi Ortiz • The Wrap Marvel fans have been itching for more episodes to binge on Disney+ since “ Hawkeye” ended in December.

And the good news is, more shows are coming — a lot more. At the moment, there are 12 new Marvel Studios series slated to premiere on the streaming platform in the coming months/years, along with two returning series.

Of course, it’s hard for anyone to keep track of 14 series in their head. So, we went ahead and compiled a film hawkeye marvel for you of every confirmed Marvel Film hawkeye marvel show currently in the works to premiere on Disney+. Below, you’ll find all the film hawkeye marvel we have about the MCU’s upcoming slate of TV shows, from “ She-Hulk” to “ Agatha: House of Harkness.” We’ve got release dates, episode counts and all the names you’ll become familiar with. Ms. Marvel Iman Villani as Kamala Khan in Ms.

Marvel (Marvel Studios/Disney+) Release Date: June 8 Cast: Iman Vellani, See full article at The Wrap » • Permalink • Report this ‘Better Call Saul’ Baddie Tony Dalton Teases Final Season Ending: ‘Let’s Burn the House Down’ • 29 Film hawkeye marvel 2022 • by Michael Schneider • Variety Tony Dalton says you’re not ready for where “ Better Call Saul” goes in its final season. As the first half of the 13-episode sixth season continues, Dalton warns viewers to brace themselves.

“No matter what they think is going to happen, people have no idea,” he tells Variety’s Awards Circuit Podcast. “I think that people are going to love it. This is the last season, so they pulled all the stops out. It’s all in, let’s burn the house down. Literally. They just really made sure that no stone is left unturned. There was some episodes that I read, that had me jumping up and down in the place that I got in Albuquerque.

It’s super exciting to see that how it’s all going to pan out. One thing is reading it, the other thing is filming it.” On this episode of the Variety Awards Circuit Podcast, See full article at Variety » • Permalink • Report this Marvel’s ‘Echo’ Disney+ Series Adds ‘Reservation Dogs’ Actress Devery Jacobs • 29 April 2022 • by Christopher Marc • The Playlist Marvel Studios continues to pump out a wave of series (content?) for Disney+, and one of the upcoming series is “ Echo,” a “ Hawkeye” spin-off show that focuses on the deaf character Maya Lopez, played by newcomer Alaqua Cox.

“ Echo” is being written and executive produced by Etan Cohen and Emily Cohen, who previously worked on “ Hawkeye.” As filming is underway, Deadline has revealed that Indigenous actress Devery Jacobs (“ Reservation Dogs“) has landed the role of Julie.

Continue reading Marvel’s ‘Echo’ Disney+ Series Adds ‘Reservation Dogs’ Actress Devery Jacobs at The Playlist. See full article at The Playlist » • Permalink • Report this Marvel-ous!

The Emmy race for limited series/TV movie actor is stuffed with 13 stars from the MCU • 29 April 2022 • by Kaitlin Thomas • Gold Derby Film hawkeye marvel limited series races are often some of the best and most competitive at the Emmy Awards because of the film hawkeye marvel talent these programs, which require only short, finite commitments, tend to attract.

That trend continues this year, but there’s also a fun through line in the race for Best Limited Series/TV Movie Actor. Currently, five of the top six actors (and six of the top 10) in Gold Derby’s combined odds are also veterans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

And there are 13 men in total who’ve appeared in the expansive comic-book universe across the entire field. When we first checked in on the limited actor race in February, “ Dopesick” star Film hawkeye marvel Keaton led the pack with his layered portrayal of a small-town doctor at the center of the opioid epidemic. The beloved actor, who joined the MCU in 2017 when he played Adrian Toomes, aka Vulture, opposite See full article at Gold Derby » • Permalink • Report this Moon Knight Makes Debut on Nielsen's New Top 10, Bridgerton Still Dominates • 29 April 2022 • by Matt Webb Mitovich • Disney+’s Moon Knight made a hero’s landing on Nielsen’s latest U.S.

ranking of streaming originals, while Netflix’s Bridgerton dominated the chart for a second straight week since its Season 2 release.

Bridgerton topped Nielsen’s ranking for the week of March 28 by amassing 3.2 billion minutes viewed across 16 total episodes. It thus joins Tiger King, Umbrella Academy, The Crown, Inventing Anna, Squid Game and Ozark as programs that have cracked the 3-billion-minute mark in a given week. More from TVLineTVLine's Performer of the Week (tie): Oscar Isaac and Michael MandoMoon Knight Recap: About a Boy -- Plus, See full article at » • Permalink • Report this How The Avengers Set up the Future of the MCU • 29 April 2022 • by Kirsten Howard • Den of Geek This article contains Marvel Cinematic Universe spoilers.

When Marvel Studios released The Avengers in 2012, they probably didn’t know that they were about to change the Hollywood film industry forever. The movie would go on to gross over 1.5 billion at the global box office, and it set the template for Marvel’s blockbuster MCU movie strategy over the next decade. Other studios tried and failed to replicate the movie’s superhero team-up success, but their output never quite earned the right to take a place at its side.

Only Marvel could beat Marvel. These days, The Avengers is an odd movie to talk about. Some of it seems almost quaint compared to the spectacles that Marvel have delivered film hawkeye marvel, and its once-beloved director – then at what would be the peak of his career – has fallen from grace.

A handful of the film’s big stars, like Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr, See full article at Den of Geek » • Permalink • Report this Emmy Predictions: Limited Series – We Could Have Six Nominees, if a Handful More Shows Are Submitted • 28 April 2022 • by Clayton Davis • Variety Variety Awards Circuit section is the home for all awards news and related content throughout the year, featuring the following: the official awards predictions for the upcoming Oscars and Emmys ceremonies, curated by Variety senior awards editor Clayton Davis; Awards Circuit Column, a weekly analysis dissecting the trends and contenders by television editor Michael Schneider (for Emmys) and Davis (for Oscars); Awards Circuit Podcast, a weekly interview series with talent and an expert roundtable discussion; and Awards Circuit Video analyzes various categories and contenders by Variety's leading awards pundits.

Variety's unmatched coverage gives its readership unbeatable exposure in print and online, as well as provide inside reports on all the contenders in this year's awards season races.

To see all the latest predictions, of all the categories, in one place, visit The Emmys Collective Visit each category, per the individual awards show from The Emmys Hub To see old predictions and commentary, See full article at Variety » • Permalink • Report this Nielsen Streaming Top 10: ‘Moon Knight’ Debut Misses ‘Hawkeye’ Target • 28 April 2022 • by Jennifer Maas and Selome Hailu • Variety Disney+’s Oscar Isaac-led “ Moon Knight” debuted with its premiere episode watched for 418 million minutes during the Marvel Cinematic Universe show’s first five days of availability, according to Nielsen’s newly released streaming rankings.

For the week of March 28-April 3, “ Moon Knight” didn’t make the ratings-currency company’s list of the Top 10 video on demand programs, though it landed at No.

6 for streaming originals. For comparison, “ Hawkeye,” Disney+’s most recent Marvel original series, drew 852 million minutes viewed of its first two episodes during the same time span after its Nov. 24 premiere. Both series were given a weekly rollout from Disney+, but it should be noted that while “ Hawkeye” had two episodes released on Day 1, while many viewers were home for Thanksgiving, only the first installment of “ Moon Knight” was dropped on its premiere day.

“ Moon Knight” centers on Steven Grant (Isaac), a mild-mannered gift-shop employee who becomes See full article at Variety » • Permalink • Report this Emmy Predictions: Supporting Actor in a Limited Series or TV Movie – Tim McGraw and Murray Bartlett Lead Cut-Throat Field • 28 April 2022 • by Clayton Davis • Variety Variety Awards Circuit section is the home for all awards news and related content throughout the year, featuring the following: the official awards predictions for the upcoming Oscars and Emmys ceremonies, curated by Variety senior awards editor Clayton Davis; Awards Circuit Column, a weekly analysis dissecting the trends and contenders by television editor Michael Schneider (for Emmys) and Davis (for Oscars); Awards Circuit Podcast, a weekly interview series with talent and an expert roundtable discussion; and Awards Circuit Video analyzes various categories and contenders by Variety's leading awards pundits.

Variety's unmatched coverage gives its readership unbeatable exposure in print and online, as well as provide inside reports on all the contenders in this year's awards season races.

To see all the latest predictions, of all the categories, in one place, visit The Emmys Collective Visit each category, per the individual awards show from The Emmys Hub To see old predictions and commentary, See full article at Variety » • Permalink • Report this 2022 Emmy Predictions: Best Limited Series • 27 April 2022 • by Matthew Stewart and Paul Sheehan • Gold Derby At last year’s Primetime Emmys, film hawkeye marvel Best Limited Series award went to “ The Queen’s Gambit,” giving Netflix its first win in the category.

The streamer has several new one-off series to submit this year, including “ Inventing Anna,” “ Midnight Mass,” and “ Maid,” the last of which appears to represent its best hope for a repeat victory.

It does, however, face stiff competition from HBO, which has produced six of the last 10 winners, including “ Chernobyl” (2019) and “ Watchmen” (2020). HBO could plausibly dominate the limited series category at this year’s Emmy Awards with such strong contenders as “ The Staircase,” “ Station Eleven,” and “ The White Lotus.” The network had two horses in the 2021 race with “ I May Destroy You” and “ Mare of Easttown.” Last year’s remaining two nominees, “ The Underground Railroad” and “ WandaVision,” streamed on Amazon and Disney+, respectively.

This time, Amazon has “ A Very British Scandal” while Disney+ has more Marvel See full article at Gold Derby » • Permalink • Report this Robotech Movie Coming From Hawkeye Director Rhys Thomas • 26 April 2022 • by Jenna Busch • Slash Film " Robotech," which was the American adaptation of three unrelated Japanese anime TV series edited into one, aired in the United States back in 1985. Though I was more of a " Battle of the Planets" sort of kid, I was certainly aware of it.

In the series, an alien ship crashed on Earth, and humans used the technology to create giant mecha to battle an looming alien invasion. Though there were failed attempts to make a film version of the anime before, film hawkeye marvel new attempt has just nabbed a director. According to Deadline, Rhys Thomas, who directed three of the six episodes of Marvel's Disney+ series " Hawkeye," will. The post Robotech Movie Coming From Hawkeye Director Rhys Thomas appeared first on /Film. See full article at Slash Film » • Permalink • Report this, Inc.

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and I have a bow and arrow. None of this makes sense. But I'm going back out there because it's my job." ―Hawkeye to Wanda Maximoff [src] Clinton Francis "Clint" Barton is an extremely skilled marksman, a former special agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. and one of the founding members of the Avengers. Known for his use of the bow and arrow as his primary weapon and an extremely keen eyesight and accuracy that earned him the codename Hawkeye, Barton had become one of the best agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., responsible for the recruitment of Black Widow, whom he developed a strong friendship with.

Assigned by Nick Fury into watching over the Tesseract, he was brainwashed by Loki and used as his pawn in his attempt to become king of Midgard. However, following their Attack on the Helicarrier, he was freed from Loki's mental controls by Black Widow and joined the Avengers to fight against Loki's Chitauri army in the battle of New York, ending Loki's invasion, before Hawkeye had returned to his work at a S.H.I.E.L.D.

Hawkeye continued to work with S.H.I.E.L.D. until its collapse following the HYDRA Uprising, he and the Avengers worked to bring down the remnants of HYDRA, eventually capturing Baron Strucker and ending the organization's threat to the world.

However, Hawkeye was pulled back into their fight as Tony Stark had inadvertently used HYDRA as well as some Chitauri technology to create Ultron. As Ultron tried to destroy their world, he allied himself with Pietro and Wanda Maximoff and Barton focused much of his efforts in convincing them to change sides while keeping all the Avengers safe by bringing them into his family home. During the final battle of Sokovia, Hawkeye's life was saved by Quicksilver's sacrifice, resulting in Barton retiring.

Despite living happily within retirement for a brief time, Barton was recruited by Captain America to help him during his fight against these newly produced Sokovia Accords, which forced Rogers to protect his friend Bucky Barnes from being arrested for a crime that he did not commit.

film hawkeye marvel

Feeling that he still owed a debt to Rogers and Maximoff, Hawkeye had joined in the clash of the Avengers, fighting against Iron Man who was in support of the Accords. Despite putting up a good fight, Hawkeye and most of their team were eventually defeated and imprisoned at the Raft under the order from Thaddeus Ross, only to be freed by Rogers.

Barton returned back to film hawkeye marvel and, after striking his deal with Ross, was then placed under his house arrest. In the wake of the Snap, Barton lost his family and went onto a grief-fuelled rampage against criminals for five years as a vigilante known as the Ronin. Having been found by Black Widow, Barton was then convinced to return to the Avengers in attempt to reverse the Snap. Hawkeye joined the team in enacting the Time Heist in order to obtain the Infinity Stones, during which he witnessed Romanoff sacrifice her life so Hawkeye could obtain the Soul Stone.

However, as the Avengers had succeeded in their goal, they were ambushed by Thanos, with Hawkeye being ordered to ensure Thanos could not get the Nano Gauntlet. Eventually, Thanos and his entire army were defeated, as Stark had sacrificed his life, allowing Barton to then return home with his beloved family, while he still mourned Romanoff's death. In 2024, Barton film hawkeye marvel to spend Christmas with his family, but was drawn into dealing with the Tracksuit Mafia after Kate Bishop stole and donned the Ronin suit, bringing with it the demons of Barton's past.

Barton reluctantly took on Kate as his protégé, as the pair navigated the increasing complication of the conspiracy. The pair had a film hawkeye marvel of clashes with the Tracksuits and their leader Maya Lopez, who wanted revenge on the Ronin. Barton was also hunted by Yelena Belova, who believed that he killed Romanoff, as well as helping Bishop uncover her mother's involvement with Kingpin.

Ultimately, Hawkeye had held back fighting Belova as he convinced her that her sister's sacrifice was her choice, that they could never have stopped. Ending the Ronin conflict, he made it home to his family, gaining a new partner in Bishop.

Contents • 1 Biography • 1.1 Early Life • 1.1.1 The Son of a Thief • 1.1.2 Day Out at the Fair • 1.1.3 Separated from his Mother • film hawkeye marvel Joining S.H.I.E.L.D. • 1.2.1 Recruited by Nick Fury • 1.2.2 Marrying Laura Barton • 1.2.3 Targeted by Marcus Scarlotti • 1.2.4 Recruiting Black Widow • 1.2.5 New Mexico Mission • 1.3 Chitauri Invasion • 1.3.1 Destruction of P.E.G.A.S.U.S.

• 1.3.2 Controlled by Loki • 1.3.3 Attack on the Helicarrier • 1.3.4 Regaining Control • 1.3.5 Battle of New York • 1.3.6 Avengers Assembled • 1.3.7 Eyes On Everything • 1.3.8 Last Stand • 1.3.9 Invasion Aftermath • 1.4 War on HYDRA • 1.4.1 Attack on the HYDRA Base • 1.4.2 Treated by Doctor Cho • 1.4.3 The Avengers Celebration • 1.5 Ultron Offensive • 1.5.1 Attack on Avengers Tower • 1.5.2 Avengers Argument • 1.5.3 Looking for Ultron • 1.5.4 Battle at the Film hawkeye marvel Yard • 1.5.5 Returning Home • 1.5.6 Place on the Avengers • 1.5.7 Nick Fury's Return • 1.5.8 One Last Project • 1.6 Striking Back • 1.6.1 Battle of Seoul • 1.6.2 Birth of Vision • 1.6.3 Battle of Sokovia • 1.6.4 Helping Wanda Maximoff • 1.6.5 Reinforcements • 1.6.6 Protecting the Key • 1.6.7 Rival Turned Savior • 1.6.8 Retirement with Family • 1.7 Avengers Civil War • 1.7.1 Rescue of Wanda Maximoff • 1.7.2 Recruiting Scott Lang • 1.7.3 Clash of the Avengers • 1.7.4 Fighting Former Comrades • 1.7.5 Winning a Film hawkeye marvel Battle • 1.7.6 Imprisoned in the Raft • 1.8 Becoming Ronin • 1.8.1 Losing Everything • 1.8.2 Massacring Criminals • 1.8.3 Massacre in Tokyo • 1.9 Time Heist • 1.9.1 Testing Time Travel • 1.9.2 Locating the Infinity Stones • 1.9.3 Retrieving the Soul Stone • 1.9.4 Losing his Best Friend • 1.9.5 Grieving Natasha Romanoff • 1.9.6 Blip • 1.9.7 Film hawkeye marvel on the Avengers Facility • 1.9.8 Battle of Earth • 1.10 Return to Family • 1.10.1 Barton Family Film hawkeye marvel • 1.10.2 Tony Stark's Funeral • 1.10.3 Christmas Trip to New York • 1.10.4 Dinner with the Family • 1.11 Return of Ronin • 1.11.1 Meeting Kate Bishop • 1.11.2 Attacked by the Tracksuit Mafia • 1.11.3 Going on the Run • 1.11.4 Search for the Suit • 1.11.5 Extended Stay in New York • 1.11.6 Forced into LARPing • 1.11.7 Captured by the Tracksuit Mafia • 1.11.8 Car Chase • 1.12 Gaining a New Partner • 1.12.1 Advising Kate Bishop • 1.12.2 Investigating the Tracksuit Mafia • 1.12.3 Bonding with Kate Bishop • 1.12.4 Threatening Kazi Kazimierczak • 1.12.5 Retrieving the Rolex • 1.12.6 Next Course of Action • 1.12.7 Facing Off with Maya Lopez • 1.12.8 Reunited with Kate Bishop • film hawkeye marvel Making Trick Arrows • 1.12.10 The Bishop Holiday Party • 1.12.11 Battle at Rockefeller Center • 1.12.12 Amends with Yelena Belova • 1.12.13 Home for Christmas • 2 Personality • 3 Abilities • 4 Equipment • 4.1 Uniforms • 4.2 Weapons • 4.3 Other Equipment • 4.4 Vehicles • 5 Facilities • 5.1 Prisons • 6 Relationships • 6.1 Family • 6.2 Allies • 6.3 Enemies • 7 Appearances • 8 Trivia • 9 Behind the Scenes • 10 References • 11 External Links Biography Early Life The Son of a Thief "My film hawkeye marvel never misses." ― Edith Barton [src] Clint Barton was born in Iowa [1] to Edith Barton.

[2] Being a young mother living on the street with no money to support them, Edith became a petty thief, which she justified to her son as they were less fortunate. Growing up, Barton also developed a talent for marksmanship, something he had perfected to the point where he could never miss. [3] Day Out at the Fair "Did I do a good job?" "You did a great job." ―Clint Barton and Edith Barton [src] Barton at the fair with his mother, in 1984 In 1984, Barton attended a local fair with his mother, where they discussed Robin Hood, and the fact that he used a bow and arrow as his main weapon, much to Barton's intrigue.

Edith took the opportunity of being at the fair to steal from people, something Barton assisted with, taking a watch from someone. Barton went to the shooting gallery, but missed his first shot, causing him to realize that the game was rigged using magnets, so he adjusted his aim, hitting all of the targets without fail.

[3] Separated from his Mother Barton before helping his mother to steal "Mom, I'm sorry. I missed." "You never miss." ―Clint Barton and Edith Barton [src] That night, as they sat in their car, Barton asked whether they would get caught for stealing, but his mother assured him that she would film hawkeye marvel him, and that the money did not matter to that people they stole from. Barton then asked his mother to tell him about the dream house they were going to live in, although he was doubtful whether it would ever come true, so Edith made a promise that they were never going film hawkeye marvel sleep in the car again.

The next morning, Barton was tasked with distracting a gas station clerk so that his mother could steal some money from the register, but the plan failed when Edith was caught. Barton chooses to intentionally miss a shot The clerk went to stop Edith, so she grabbed his rifle out, but dropped it on the floor, so Barton picked it up.

Barton aimed the rifle at the clerk, and was told by his mother to shoot, but he could not do it, and instead shot the window. The police arrived and arrested Edith, and as she was escorted to a car, Barton apologized for missing, but she stated that he never missed.

[3] Now on his own, Barton did get to go to high school, but he never finished. However, he continued to possess his nature ability for marksmanship, becoming most proficient with a bow and arrow. film hawkeye marvel Joining S.H.I.E.L.D.

Recruited by Nick Fury In film hawkeye marvel, [10] Barton was hand-picked by Nick Fury for his skills, becoming one of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s most skilled agents. [6] Marrying Laura Barton " Fury helped me set this up when I joined. He kept it off S.H.I.E.L.D.'s files." ―Clint Barton [src] Barton worked alongside Laura, who also joined S.H.I.E.L.D. When she retired, [13] Fury, the only one Barton told of his relationship with Laura, excluded her from S.H.I.E.L.D.'s files in order to protect them, as well as setting up a farmhouse for the couple in Iowa.

Barton and Laura had two children, Cooper and Lila, who were raised in secrecy at the farmhouse. [6] Targeted by Marcus Scarlotti "An assassin, almost killed Barton a few years back." ― Bobbi Morse [src] During one of his missions for S.H.I.E.L.D., Barton had been targeted for assassination by Marcus Scarlotti, who came closer than anyone else to killing Barton, although he had still failed.

[14] Recruiting Black Widow Clint Barton's personal S.H.I.E.L.D. records "I was film hawkeye marvel to take her out. And when I got there, when it was time. I couldn't do it. I just had this feeling that she wanted out. Turns out, I was right." ―Clint Barton to Kate Bishop [src] Hawkeye was tasked with tracking down an assassin, known film hawkeye marvel the Black Widow, who had recently appeared on S.H.I.E.L.D.'s radar as a potential threat to global security.

Hawkeye was assigned to Russia, where he would carry out the assassination of Black Widow. However, once Hawkeye had tracked down Black Widow and confronted her, he saw her true potential and made a decision to let her live. [1] Black Widow provided S.H.I.E.L.D. with the information about the Red Room, a clandestine organization that operated using Black Widows, which forced her to work for them, so Hawkeye was assigned on the operation to take down the Red Room together with Black Widow.

Hawkeye and Black Widow tracked Dreykov, the leader of the Red Room, to his secret office in Budapest. They rigged the building with bombs and Black Widow used Dreykov's daughter to lure him there and gave Hawkeye a signal to detonate the bombs.

After both Dreykovs were seemingly killed, Hawkeye and Black Widow were confronted by the Hungarian Special Forces who engaged in a pursuit for bombing the building. Hawkeye and Black Widow engaged in a firefight with the operatives and spent the next ten days hiding in the city, two of which were spent inside the ceiling of a subway station, where they would bond and play games.

[8] Hawkeye and Black Widow during a mission With Dreykov killed, S.H.I.E.L.D. concluded that the Red Room was terminated, which allowed Romanoff to defect to the United States and join S.H.I.E.L.D., becoming Barton's partner.

Barton and Romanoff were assigned to the STRIKE Team: Delta, participating in numerous S.H.I.E.L.D. missions, such as the Abidjan Operation. During their partnership, Barton and Romanoff developed a close friendship, and Barton even told her about his family. She became a good friend to them, even adopting an aunt-like relationship with Barton and Laura's two children.

In return, Romanoff also told Barton about her past life with the Red Room as an assassin, [6] as well as her sister, Yelena Belova. [13] New Mexico Mission Hawkeye runs film hawkeye marvel to stop the intruder "Better call it, Coulson, 'cause I'm starting to root for this guy." ―Hawkeye to Phil Coulson [src] Barton was instructed by Nick Fury to go down into New Mexico and investigate an 0-8-4 that had been discovered.

Along the way, Barton found a gas station which was almost robbed until a suited man had intervened. Barton then arrived onto the site where he was put under the leadership of Phil Coulson. [5] Soon after his deployment at the site, an intruder had managed to successfully break into the compound and had fought his way towards their 0-8-4 that they were currently investigating. Hawkeye preparing to shoot down at Thor Barton was ordered to be their eyes up high and to use a gun, but Barton instead collected his compound bow.

Barton then claimed a vantage point suspended from a crane and watched from above as the intruder continued. Hawkeye then requested if he should fire, but Coulson wanted to see what the intruder would do, as Hawkeye then commented that he was starting to root for him. Finally, the intruder got to the 0-8-4 and attempted to steal it, as Hawkeye watched on. Hawkeye is ordered to stand himself down When the intruder failed to steal the 0-8-4 and screamed in complete frustration, Coulson had him arrested and ordered Hawkeye to stand down.

[15] Hawkeye then noticed a woman fleeing, as he decided to let the intruder go, so they could track him. Hawkeye was later called in as the Destroyer attacked Puente Antiguo, witnessing Thor regain his powers and defeat it. With the Destroyer defeated, Barton helped to transport it to Headquarters and discussed his next missions. [5] Chitauri Invasion Destruction of P.E.G.A.S.U.S.

Hawkeye observing the Tesseract's study "If there was any tampering, sir, it wasn't at this end." "At this end?" "Yeah, the cube is a doorway to the other end of space, right? Doors open from both sides." ―Clint Barton and Nick Fury [src] Barton was sent by Nick Fury to test the Helicarrier's security by breaking inside and accessing the Avengers Initiative database, only for him to be stopped by Black Widow. Barton and Fury later discussed their candidates, questioning their accountability.

[4] Following this, Barton was ordered to observe the Tesseract's study at the Main Facility of Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S., as he ensured Erik Selvig's history to ensure he was clean. When Fury came to view the facility himself, Barton discussed Black Widow's undercover work, before Fury left for the Arctic, leaving Barton with Selvig.

[5] Barton briefs Nick Fury about the Tesseract Sometime later, the Tesseract began acting strangely so Fury and Maria Hill were called in to inspect the situation during the evacuations of the facility, while Barton stayed up on a platform in the main facility, ensuring that the scientists film hawkeye marvel not tampering with the Tesseract in anyway, as he believed he could observe everything better from higher up.

Fury first demanded a report about the Tesseract's energy levels from Selvig, questioning what could be causing the unusual activity, before he spoke to Barton about his film hawkeye marvel on the situation, asking for a briefing on the team. Barton and Nick Fury witness Loki's arrival Barton confirmed that Selvig and his team were not a threat to them, having completed his background checks.

When Fury asked if he believed that the Tesseract had been tampered with, Barton responded that if there was, it was not at this end of the Tesseract; which confused Fury, as he asked Barton to explain his theory. Barton then explained that he viewed the Tesseract as a doorway from space which could be opened from both sides, something Selvig and the other scientist had been unable to figure out, only for their conversation to be cut short, as the Tesseract began emitting high levels of energy right beside them.

Barton is put under mind control by Loki Suddenly, the Tesseract opened a portal that brought Loki to Earth, who immediately attacked the base, killing several agents. Barton was just able to save Fury's life from a blast of energy from Loki's Scepter. Loki then used his Scepter to alter and control the minds of Barton, Selvig, and a handful of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents.

Under Loki's influence, Barton believed that he willingly worked for Loki and recommended that they evacuate the facility as the Tesseract was about to overload. Loki ordered Barton to shoot Fury before they film hawkeye marvel. Barton drives away with Erik Selvig and Loki Barton helped Loki steal the Tesseract and escape from the base towards S.H.I.E.L.D.

Jeeps. However, Fury managed to survive due to wearing a Bulletproof Vest and warned Hill of his betrayal, leading to a brief shoot out.

They managed to get into a jeep and were chased by Hill until she became trapped under rubble when the facility imploded. Fury managed to catch up with them film hawkeye marvel shot at them from a Helicopter, Loki shot the helicopter from the sky and Barton drove them away to safety. [1] Controlled by Loki Barton locates his next target for their plan "You admire Fury." "He's got a clear line of sight." "Is that why you failed to kill film hawkeye marvel "It might be.

I was disoriented. And I'm not at my best with a gun." ― Loki and Hawkeye [src] Barton then acted as Loki's commander at his safehouse, which Barton personally selected due to protective defenses.

Barton commanded various other mind-controlled mercenaries and workers and helping collect film hawkeye marvel materials that Erik Selvig needed to utilize the Tesseract. Selvig asked Film hawkeye marvel were he found all of the workers, to which he informed Selvig that S.H.I.E.L.D. a lot of enemies. Barton located a material that Selvig needed to complete his work.

Loki came to be updated on their work, while Selvig complimented the Tesseract's incredible power, Barton noted that it had shown him their next target, which he would require a distraction and an eyeball. Barton informing Loki about the Avengers When Selvig mocked the choice of hide-out, Barton explained that it was the most secure base that they could acquire. Barton told Loki that Nick Fury would be putting a team together to stop their plans, although Barton insisted that the team was more likely a danger to themselves.

Loki demanded to know everything about them, vowing to test them so he could rule the Earth. Loki questioned why Barton had failed to kill Fury, asking if it was because he admired him, but Barton argued he was disorientated and not at his best with a gun. Barton would go on to inform Loki all about the members of Fury's team, including the dangerousness of Hulk, Black Widow's past, and the power of Stark Tower. Barton manages to steal the Iridium for Loki Barton traveled to Stuttgart, Germany with Loki where he used his infiltration skills and knowledge of S.H.I.E.L.D.

to help to steal a store of Iridium needed to stabilize the Tesseract. While Loki attacked Heinrich Schafer and used a device to violently scan his eyeball, Barton silently shot several guards with his arrows before getting inside and using a hologram of Schafer's eyeball to gain access to the facility and successfully steal the iridium before escaping. Barton would then proceed to collect any other raw materials that would be needed for the portal with ease, while Loki allowed himself to be captured.

[1] Attack on the Helicarrier Hawkeye prepares to attack the Helicarrier "It's Barton, he took out our systems. He's headed for the detention level. Does anyone copy?" ― Nick Fury [src] Loki allowed himself to be captured by the Avengers, and Barton led a small group of mercenaries in an attack on the Helicarrier, using a stolen Quinjet to covertly approach film hawkeye marvel Helicarrier.

Barton destroyed an engine with film hawkeye marvel accurately placed explosive arrow and boarded the Helicarrier with film hawkeye marvel team of mercenaries with their task to destroy the Avengers by unleashing Hulk and freeing Loki so they could complete their plan to use the Tesseract to bring about the war on Earth.

Hawkeye shoots down at the Control Room Using the chaos onboard the Helicarrier to his advantage, Barton made his way to the control room and while mercenaries distracted the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents with grenades and gunfire, Barton fired a Hacker arrow at the controls where he further crippled the ship's systems, turning off the remaining engines and causing the Helicarrier to fall from the sky. Before he could cause more damage with explosive arrows, he was shot at by Nick Fury and Maria Hill, forcing him to retreat and continue his way through the Helicarrier to find Loki.

Hawkeye attempting to stab Black Widow As he continued to make his way through the Helicarrier, Barton was confronted by Black Widow; who snuck up behind him in an attempt to disarm him. The two old friends had a prolonged fight using Barton's bow and arrows, knives, and when the fight got dirtier – with teeth. Barton used all his top-level training to kill his former friend, including firing several arrows at her, although she was able to dodge them, as well as attempting to drive a knife into her neck while pulling her hair back.

Hawkeye film hawkeye marvel finally defeated by Black Widow In the end, Barton was no match for Romanoff's speed and quick-thinking, and eventually, she got the upper hand, disarming him and slammed Barton's head onto a steel pipe. The blow weakened Loki's grip on Barton's mind and he recognized Romanoff, calling film hawkeye marvel by her first name before she knocked him out with a final strong punch to the head, breaking his connection to Loki and restoring his mind.

He was then taken away by a S.H.I.E.L.D. team to be rehabilitated and cared for to ensure he was safe to continue working for S.H.I.E.L.D. [1] Regaining Control Natasha Romanoff helps Barton's recovery "You got to level out. It's gonna take time." "You don't understand. Have you ever had someone take your brain and play? Pull you out and stuff something else in?

Do you know what it's like to be unmade?" ― Natasha Romanoff and Clint Barton [src] Barton was arrested and tied down until Loki's control was completely gone and he was no longer a threat. With Natasha Romanoff looking after Barton in the recovery room, he was able to break free of Loki's control, although the experience still had an impact on Barton, which he compared to being unmade. Romanoff refused to tell Barton how many S.H.I.E.L.D. agents he had killed when he asked, telling him that Loki and Loki alone was responsible for the killings and he must not blame himself.

Barton joining the Avengers to stop Loki Satisfied that he was freed of his mind control, Barton resolved to help the Avengers fight back against Loki and stop his schemes of world domination. When Steve Rogers arrived to ask Romanoff if she could pilot a Quinjet, Barton told him he could. After Romanoff gave him the nod of approval, Rogers allowed Barton to join them on the mission, but first ensured that he had a uniform ready film hawkeye marvel go, Barton assured him they did and together they agreed to disobey the World Security Council and confront Loki head on as they had discovered he was hiding at Stark Tower.

[1] Battle of New York Hawkeye flies into the Battle of New York "Do you think you can hold them off?" "Captain, it would be my genuine pleasure." ― Captain America and Hawkeye [src] With their determination to stop Loki, the Avengers took control of a S.H.I.E.L.D.

Quinjet. Hawkeye flew Black Widow and Captain America to New York City just as the Tesseract portal opened. As Iron Man engaged the hordes of Chitauri that came pouring out of the portal, Hawkeye and Black Widow assisted by using the Quinjet's Gatling gun to shoot them out of the sky as film hawkeye marvel flew past.

They found Loki battling Thor on top of Stark Tower when they attempted to assist, Loki shot down the Quinjet film hawkeye marvel the team crashed on the ground.

Hawkeye begins battling the Chitauri army Hawkeye, Black Widow, and Captain America made their way to Stark Tower on foot and witnessed the Chitauri coming in from the portal and they all stayed on the ground to fight. Alongside Black Widow, Hawkeye fought the oncoming horde of Chitauri until the rest of the Avengers arrived. Hawkeye fired several trick arrows at the Chitauri while the civilians all clear out.

While Hawkeye and Black Widow fight the Chitauri, she reminded him that the situation of being similar to their mission in Budapest, which Hawkeye told her that he remembered Budapest differently.

[1] Avengers Assembled Hawkeye fighting alongside Black Widow "I have unfinished business with Loki." "Yeah? Well, get in line." ― Thor and Hawkeye [src] While Hawkeye and Black Widow took on the Chitauri, Captain America joined them and was soon followed by Thor. While Hawkeye was reloading his quiver with used arrow rods from before, Thor told the Avengers that the power protecting the Tesseract is impenetrable so the team decided to fight the Chitauri in the meantime.

When Thor discussed his desire to battle Loki, Hawkeye made it clear that he wished to kill him for revenge for the trauma he had suffered through, by telling him to get in line although Captain America told him to save that anger. Hawkeye reloading some of his arrows As Captain America told them the plan, they were interrupted when Bruce Banner arrived. Banner then transformed into Hulk to stop an incoming Leviathan, which Iron Man then blew up, so Hawkeye took cover behind a car to protect himself from the destruction.

The Avengers all stood together in a circle as they overlooked the city overrun with Chitauri soldiers. Captain America then formulated a plan, ordering Hawkeye to take up a position on a building's rooftop, calling out enemy movements. Hawkeye asked for a lift from Iron Man who told him to clench up while jokingly calling him Legolas.

[1] Eyes On Everything Hawkeye shoots the Chitauri from a rooftop "Stark, you got a lot of strays sniffing your tail." "Just trying to keep them off the streets." "Well, they can't bank worth a damn, find a tight corner." "I will roger that." ―Hawkeye and Iron Man [src] On the rooftop, Hawkeye was able to shoot many enemies out of the sky and used his skills in combat to kill any Chitauri who made it onto the roof, while advising the Avengers the best strategical maneuvers to defeat them.

Hawkeye assisted Iron Man in fighting the Chitauri and to use his maneuvering skills to force them to accidentally crash into the side of buildings.

Hawkeye also informed Iron Man that Thor was taking a squadron on sixth to which he joked that he was disappointed that he was not also invited.

Hawkeye destroys another Chitauri Chariot Hawkeye fought off all Chitauri that climbed the building and flying on the chariots, managing to casually shoot one out of the sky without looking. Hawkeye dodged a blast and then fired an arrow at a soldier flying on a chariot at a far distance that crashed into a Leviathan. While Captain America fought a hostile, Hawkeye informed him that a civilians were being cornered in a bank ready to be executed, to which Captain America told him that he was on it and went to rescue them single-handedly from the alien attackers.

[1] Last Stand Hawkeye taking aim at the Chitauri army "Hawkeye!" "Nat, what are you doing?" "A little help?" "I got him." ― Black Widow and Hawkeye [src] When Hawkeye witnessed Black Widow being chased by Loki on a Chitauri Chariot, she called him for assistance.

Delighted to get his shot at revenge against his own enslaver, Hawkeye loaded an explosive arrow out of his quiver and, taking his time to aim the perfect shot and fired it at Loki. However, Loki managed film hawkeye marvel catch the arrow and looked at it which made him smile smugly at the Avengers attempt to stop him.

Hawkeye shoots Loki down out of the sky The film hawkeye marvel disappeared when the arrow exploded in Loki's face and caused him to fall from the sky and crash land on Stark Tower, where he was promptly attacked by Hulk who beat the god into submission. As the battle became more intense, The Avengers found themselves starting to become overpowered by Loki's forces. As Hawkeye continued to fight the Chitauri, he found that he has almost exhausted his supply of arrows.

[1] Looking across New York City, Hawkeye spotted a young girl being targeted by the Chitauri in her penthouse, so Hawkeye fired an explosive arrow at the Chariot and destroyed it, much to the young girl's amazement. [16] Eventually, Hawkeye ran out of arrows and began to fight the Chitauri with his bow.

He then saw an incoming horde of Chitauri crafts heading in his direction. Hawkeye jumps off the top of film hawkeye marvel skyscraper He took his last arrow that was in a dead Chitauri, put it in his quiver, and turned it into a grapple. As the building was destroyed by the Chitauri, Hawkeye jumped off and shot the arrow while falling, and swung into a window to safety.

Eventually, with the combined effort of Black Widow, Erik Selvig, and Iron Man, the portal was closed and the Chitauri army was killed. After the battle, the Avengers went to Stark Tower to film hawkeye marvel Loki.

As Loki turned around, he saw the Avengers stand before him with Hawkeye taking aim at him. [1] Invasion Aftermath Hawkeye and Black Widow share a drink "Careful with that thing." "Yeah, unless you want your mind erased, and not in a fun way." ― Black Widow and Hawkeye to STRIKE [src] Iron Man then told them to stop with the posing and to get Loki up, as HYDRA agents who were infiltrating S.H.I.E.L.D. arrived to help take in Loki, the Tesseract and the Scepter. Hawkeye went to the bar and poured him and Black Widow a drink as they told Jasper Sitwell to be careful with the Scepter, stating that it could erase their minds, and not in the fun way, calling back to his recent experience influenced by Loki.

The Avengers have lunch together Hawkeye and Black Widow then relaxed together in Stark Tower as the STRIKE team left with the Scepter, as well as helping Thor, Iron Man and Hulk escort Loki and the Tesseract out of the tower.

[2] Later, the team decided to get some lunch together, so they took a breather at the Shawarma Palace, under Stark's recommendation. [17] During their meal, they were interrupted by War Machine, who arrived too late to help in the battle. [18] Barton and Natasha Romanoff mock Loki The next day the team, along with Selvig, gathered together at Central Park to send Loki back to Asgard with Thor and the Tesseract, where he would be punished for his crimes.

While Loki was in chains, Romanoff whispered something in Barton's ear about Loki's punishment, which caused Barton to grin. The team then went their separate ways, Barton leaving with Romanoff [1] to go back home to his family. [6] Barton and the Avengers go separate ways Along with Romanoff, Barton continued working for S.H.I.E.L.D., with Steve Rogers joining and working with Romanoff.

In 2014, S.H.I.E.L.D. collapsed, causing Barton to no longer be working for them and he did not join the new S.H.I.E.L.D. that was created from the aftermath.

[19] Instead, Barton stuck with the Avengers as they developed themselves into their own independent team, operating out of the remodeled Stark Tower, with Tony Stark's financing them and giving them new equipment. [6] War on HYDRA Attack on the HYDRA Base Hawkeye during the battle against HYDRA "I think we lost the element of surprise." ―Hawkeye to Avengers [src] With the rising threat of HYDRA, the Avengers were assembled once more, with the financial backing of Tony Stark they went out to target the cell of Baron Strucker, who they learned was now in possession of Loki's Scepter.

[6] Despite having briefly felt film hawkeye marvel about his place in the team, a mission in Sudan where Hawkeye had defeated Jensen had raised his confidence back up.

[20] The team then reassembled for an assault against Baron Strucker's main HYDRA Base in Sokovia. Hawkeye shoots arrows at HYDRA's bunker As the team charged inside Baron Strucker's base, Hawkeye rode in the back of a Jeep being driven by Black Widow, firing his arrows as they went while Iron Man and Thor flew alongside then and Captain America commanded the mission while riding his own weaponized motorcycle.

When the jeep was crashed, Hawkeye continued to fight, keeping himself at a safe distance, using explosive arrows to destroy many HYDRA bunkers and tanks which Strucker sent after them. Hawkeye realizes something is going wrong As Hawkeye destroyed a HYDRA bunker with an explosive arrow and assisted Black Widow in her fight against Strucker's soldiers, he also stated that they had lost the element of surprise for the mission. As he silently sneaked through the battlefield, Hawkeye took up position behind a tree and attempted to destroy another HYDRA bunker with an explosive arrow, but the arrow was strangely intercepted by a fast moving opponent, much to Hawkeye's surprise and confusion.

Hawkeye being ambushed by Quicksilver Hawkeye attempted to reload and fire again at the bunker, but before he could release the arrow, his attacker then returned and in the blink of an eye had managed to throw Hawkeye through the air as he then landed awkwardly in all the snow. As Hawkeye had recovered from the ambush, his attacker revealed himself to be Pietro Maximoff, who taunted Hawkeye for failing to see the attack coming before dashing off into the distance, while holding Hawkeye's arrow in his hand.

Hawkeye is shot and wounded by a cannon Annoyed as he had watched his attacker vanish into the distance to attack all of the other Avengers, Hawkeye had then launched up and aimed his bow, but before he could fire, he failed to notice the bunker which he had failed to destroy, was currently taking aim and he was shot in the side by a HYDRA Cannon, falling onto the ground, gravely wounded.

Black Widow had witnessed this assault and ran to his aid, while Captain America updated the team of Maximoff's arrival. Hawkeye gets medical aid by Black Widow Black Widow then patched up the wound while Hulk destroyed the bunker before he could continue shooting at them.

With Hawkeye in dire need of medical attention, Thor came to his aid and was able to get him back to the Quinjet to recover while the rest of their team continued with the mission and were able to capture both Baron von Strucker as well as the Scepter, although both of the Maximoff twins were still able to make their escape during all the ongoing chaos.

[6] Treated by Doctor Cho Barton's injuries being treated by Helen Cho "Oh, he’s flatlining. Call it. Time?" "No, no, no, I’m gonna live forever. I’m gonna be made of plastic." ― Tony Stark and Clint Barton [src] With his wound now threatening his life, Barton was returned straight back to Avengers Tower where Natasha Romanoff stayed by his side while all of his injured skin was repaired by Doctor Helen Cho using a device called the Regeneration Cradle, which replaced his damaged skin with plastic.

Joining them, Bruce Banner asked how Barton was doing, to which Tony Stark had jokingly stated that he was 'still Barton' and that he was thirsty. Barton commenting about his repaired skin Stark brought Barton a drink and he joked that he was already dying, to which Barton had insisted that he was going to live forever and be made out of plastic, as he continued to make his full recovery.

When Cho asked if he had a girlfriend who would notice the difference with his new skin, Barton claimed her that he did not have a girlfriend, not mentioning his wife before they discussed the upcoming celebration that Stark would be hosting in the Avengers Tower in a few days.

[6] The Avengers Celebration Barton speaking to Helen Cho at the party ""Whosoever be he worthy shall haveth the power." Whatever, man! It's a trick." "Please, be my guest." ―Clint Barton and Thor [src] Having fully recovered from his life-endangering injuries, Barton had then attended the party at Avengers Tower to celebrate their victory over Film hawkeye marvel. Enjoying the company of his fellow Avengers as well as some of their other allies including James Rhodes and Sam Wilson, Barton also spent time speaking to his life-saving doctor Helen Cho during the party.

Film hawkeye marvel challenges Thor's claims on Mjølnir Before long, almost all of the other guests had departed, which had left only the other Avengers, Rhodes, Cho and Maria Hill to continue enjoying the celebrations about their victory over HYDRA as well as Baron Strucker.

As they sat around and drank, Barton had voiced disbelief that Mjølnir could only be lifted by Thor, since he believed this to be nothing more than a trick and not an enchantment from Asgard created by Odin, which Thor insisted was the truth.

Barton trying and failing to pick up Mjølnir Thor then challenged Barton to lift his hammer, where everyone joked at him about lifting it, including Tony Stark who made a reference to Barton's injuries from their previous mission.

Barton acknowledged Thor of his first encounter of him, seeing him fail to lift the hammer. Barton then attempted to lift the hammer but had failed, laughing at the ridiculousness of the challenge. As the others continued mocking him, Barton had then challenged Stark to lift up the hammer.

Barton and Tony Stark deny Mjølnir's power Before long, all the others had attempted to pick up the hammer with no success: Film hawkeye marvel Banner had mocked his sudden transformation to Hulk, getting a little reaction from the others, while unbeknownst that Steve Rogers had moved it slightly during his own attempt, and Natasha Romanoff simply refused to take part in the challenge. Once everyone else failed, Barton and Stark claimed the game was rigged, which had simply left Thor to proclaim that they were unworthy.

[6] Ultron Offensive Attack on Avengers Tower Barton and the Avengers encounter Ultron " Cap!" "That was dramatic." ―Hawkeye and Ultron [src] The party was interrupted when a piercing screech rang through the room and a broken down and seemingly malfunctioning Iron Legion robot calling itself Ultron appeared.

Barton then watched as Ultron claimed that he had been created by Tony Stark to bring about peace, but he also believed that the only way to achieve peace was the extinction of the Avengers, viewing them as destructive and a danger to the world.

Barton avoiding Ultron's attack on the team When Natasha Romanoff questioned what Ultron's mission was, he told her that it was peace in their time and sent out a small army of Iron Legioners to then attack the Avengers, quickly subduing Steve Rogers by charging directly towards him at full speed. Barton found himself unarmed and was initially forced to hide film hawkeye marvel the sentries' assault, using his speed and agility to duck and dive out of the way of the blasts, leaping over and under the tables towards safety Barton throwing Captain America his Shield With Barton unable to film hawkeye marvel his weapons, he was forced to stay on the defense as Ultron film hawkeye marvel continued to try and kill him, with none of the Avengers able film hawkeye marvel do anything as one of the Ultron Sentries managed to steal the Scepter during all of the ongoing chaos.

Eventually, more of the Sentries were destroyed by the team's efforts until Barton had found Captain America's Shield and managed to throw it to Rogers to help him to defeat the last sentry, ending their brief battle. Barton watches Thor destroy Ultron's body With all of his Sentries finally destroyed, Ultron commented on how dramatic the whole battle had been as Barton watched on alongside the other Avengers.

Barton watched on in horror as Ultron claimed that the Avengers had only meant to save the world but not allow it to change, claiming that the extinction of the Avengers would film hawkeye marvel the world. Barton had then witnessed Thor throw Mjølnir in order to then finally destroy the original robotic body of Ultron apart. [6] Avengers Argument Barton during the Avengers' argument " He also said he killed somebody." "There wasn’t anyone else film hawkeye marvel the building." ―Clint Barton and Maria Hill [src] With the team confused and rattled after Ultron's attack, Barton had joined the rest of the Avengers to discuss what they had witnessed as they noted how Ultron had stolen the Avengers secret files, which then led Film hawkeye marvel Rhodes to fear he could gain access to America's nuclear codes.

As they discussed Ultron's motivations, Barton had noted how Ultron claimed to have film hawkeye marvel somebody although there was nobody else in the building.

Barton sees Thor confronting Tony Stark Although Barton stayed mostly silent during the ensuing argument on how this could have happened, he had witnessed the rest of the team's tempers being tested when Film hawkeye marvel Stark tried to defend his actions in film hawkeye marvel Ultron in the first place, which caused Thor to attack him by grabbing his throat while discussing how they would find both Ultron and the stolen Scepter.

The team eventually calmed back down and had then resolved to discover what Ultron's next step would be. [6] Looking for Ultron Barton giving an update to Laura Barton "I gotta go." "Who was that?" " Girlfriend." ―Clint Barton and Steve Rogers [src] Barton then used a few of his old contacts to find Ultron, but he had not heard from them so he called his wife to tell her he was alright.

While on the phone, Steve Rogers then came over and told him they may have found key information regarding Ultron's location which caused Barton to hang up the call. When Rogers questioned who Barton was speaking to, Barton simply claimed it to be his girlfriend, which he had previously stated to Helen Cho he did not have.

Barton looks at Baron Strucker files As Barton then joined the team, the Avengers discovered that Ultron had just managed to track down and brutally murder Baron Strucker in his prison cell, as well as stealing all of the Avengers files of Strucker before deleting them to keep them from tracking his movements. Barton was then also informed that Ultron had recruited the aid of Pietro and Wanda Maximoff in his quest as the team began finding ways of researching Strucker without any computer files.

Barton first learning about Ulysses Klaue They decided to go through all of their hard copy files that they have on him and any known associates which could help them find Ultron. As they looked through boxes of files, Tony Stark alerted them to one of Strucker's associates, Ulysses Klaue, that he knew back when he sold weapons several years earlier.

They had film hawkeye marvel discovered that he was connected with Wakanda, the source of Vibranium, which made them believe film hawkeye marvel this was where Ultron would be going to next. [6] Battle at the Salvage Yard Hawkeye sneaks onto Ulysses Klaue's ship "I've done the whole mind control thing.

Not a fan." ―Hawkeye to Scarlet Witch [src] Hawkeye then joined the team when they had located Ultron and the Maximoff twins on a ship off the coast of South Africa as Ultron was getting a supply of Vibranium from arms dealer Ulysses Klaue, taking Klaue hostage and cutting off his arm to take his Vibranium from him. While the other Avengers had confronted Ultron and the Maximoff twins directly, Hawkeye and Black Widow had stayed further back to provide cover, sneaking through the ship without being detected by Klaue's soldiers.

Hawkeye shoots at Ulysses Film hawkeye marvel soldiers Since peaceful negotiations quickly failed, Ultron and the Maximoffs attacked the Avengers, with Ultron and Iron Man battling through the skies, whilst at the same time Klaue sent his soldiers to attack both groups in revenge for losing his vibranium and his arm. Hawkeye had positioned himself onto a high vantage point, his specialty, where he could eliminate any enemies with great ease, firing multiple arrows at Klaue's soldiers before they could get close to his teammates.

Hawkeye takes out Ulysses Klaue's soldiers Hawkeye and Black Widow focused their efforts on battling Klaue's soldiers, Hawkeye taking down many soldiers as the other Avengers fought the Ultron Sentries. As the battle continued to fall towards the Avengers' favor as Hawkeye used his Pluse Arrow to knock out the last of Klaue's soldiers, Film hawkeye marvel Witch had then stepped onto the field and managed to entrance most of the Avengers with her power, causing them all to become distracted by some terrible visions.

Hawkeye manages to stun Scarlet Witch Just as Hawkeye overlooked the battlefield to ensure that there were no other soldiers loyal to Klaue out there, Maximoff attempted to entrance him as well. However, as soon as Maximoff got close to him, Hawkeye had incapacitated her with a Mind-Warping Arrow, not allowing himself to be put under mind control again, following all his experiences with Loki and the Scepter, as Hawkeye then prepared to take Maximoff into the Avengers' custody to be questioned.

Hawkeye being thrown aside by Quicksilver However, just before Hawkeye had been able to capture Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver charged in and threw Hawkeye through a window before he whisked her away to safety before she could be captured, with Hawkeye mockingly telling Quicksilver to run from him.

Hawkeye then tried to call the Avengers, but he did not receive a response as they were all under the effects of the hypnosis. He went to check on them, as he saw Black Widow defeated and barely conscious. Hawkeye comes over to assist Black Widow Having retreated outside, the Maximoff twins continued their mission and attacked Bruce Banner, which had caused him to transform into a rage-filled Hulk who charged to Johannesburg.

To defend the people, Iron Man flew in to confront Hulk, along the way Iron Man had asked if Black Widow would be able to perform her lullaby to calm him back down, before Hawkeye informed him that she was currently too weak and traumatized to join the fight, along with the rest of the team. [6] Returning Home Hawkeye flies the Avengers to his residence "Honey?

I'm home. Hi. Company. Sorry, didn't call ahead." ―Clint Barton to Laura Barton [src] The Avengers all gathered into their Quinjet, defeated by Ultron and the Maximoff twins. As Barton piloted the jet, Maria Hill had informed them that public opinion on the Avengers was unpopular due to the massive battle between Hulk and Iron Man in his " Hulkbuster" armor in the middle of South Africa; at the same time, many of the members were still suffering from the effects of Scarlet Witch's visions.

Barton bringing the Avengers into his home Hill stated that there was no information about Bruce Banner's arrest order yet but recommended that they lie low for the time being due to the effects of this most recent battle. Knowing the Avengers needed time to get away and recover before their next fight, Barton then decided to take the team back to his homestead, since no one would be able to find them there. Barton had then informed Tony Stark that he would be taking the team to a safe house for their recovery.

Barton introduces the Avengers to his wife Once the[Avengers arrived at his farm, Barton led them into his house, while the team was unsure of where they were. When the team entered, they found a pregnant woman, who was soon revealed to be Barton's wife, Laura. Barton immediately hugged his wife and chil dren. The rest of the Avengers were left confused as they were not aware of Barton having a family, which made Stark believe that they were film hawkeye marvel actually just S.H.I.E.L.D.

agents working undercover. Barton being reunited with all his children Barton then introduced the team to his family. Seeing how surprised they were at the revelation, Barton explained how Nick Fury had set up this hideaway for him when he joined S.H.I.E.L.D. and requested that the team keep his secret. While Natasha Romanoff spoke with Laura about when their new baby was due to be born, Thor decided to leave the farm to find Erik Selvig and investigate his vision in detail.

Barton and the others then began recovering during their stay. [6] Place on the Avengers Barton and Laura discussing the Avengers "You don't think they need me." "I think they do, which is a lot scarier. They're a mess." "Yeah. I guess they're my mess." ―Clint Barton and Laura Barton [src] As Barton then got changed, Laura felt Barton's chest where his skin had just already repaired with the Regeneration Cradle. Laura then informed Barton that some of the Avengers will have to sleep together which Barton knew would not go well, which lead to Laura asking about how long Natasha Romanoff and Bruce Banner had been seeing each other.

However, Barton was unaware of this, which Film hawkeye marvel found cute and jokingly called him "Hawkeye" for not seeing their relationship. Barton discusses his place on the Avengers Laura expressed her concern about whether Barton should continue being a member of the Avengers, which he initially believed meant that she believed they did not actually need him, but she instead had revealed that she felt they needed him too much, since all the others' teamwork leaves a lot to be desired and she did not believe that they would support him and all the work that he did.

As Laura touched her husband's chest, she noted that she could feel the difference. Barton doing some woodwork with his son Having settled in, Barton and the Avengers then spent some time at his Homestead trying to get their minds straight following their defeat at the hands of the Maximoff Twins in South Africa. Barton had then joined his two children outside and did some more woodworking with his son for a brand new crib for his unborn son, while also managing to convince Tony Stark and Steve Rogers to assist him by chopping some wood together while they had discussed their next battle.

[6] Nick Fury's Return Barton listening to Nick Fury's speech "So, what did they say?" " He's fixated on the missiles. But the codes are constantly being changed." ―Clint Barton and Nick Fury [src] As their team got back together, Nick Fury arrived after having been called there by Maria Hill.

That night Barton rejoined the rest of the Avengers as they gathered in his kitchen and spoke with Fury about regaining the motivation to fight back against Ultron.

Fury had also explained that Ultron had been unable to access America's nuclear codes due to someone blocking all his attacks. Barton had then teased Stark by beating him at darts, hitting the bullseye with multiple darts. Barton discusses Ultron's next possible act As Natasha Romanoff noted she had hoped Fury had more to offer, Fury gave them a speech to inspire them to get up and fight against Ultron, telling them to stand and fight as a team once again.

While they discussed what Ultron's next move against them could possibly be, Bruce Banner worked out that Ultron would create another body made of synthetic tissue using his stolen Vibranium, which would be mixed with the Regeneration Cradle, and would do this with Helen Cho's help. [6] One Last Project Barton promises Laura Barton he will return "I'm gonna finish reflooring that sunroom as soon as I get back." "Yeah, then you'll find another part of the house to tear apart." "No.

It's the last project. I promise." ―Clint Barton and Laura Barton [src] The team then made a plan to deal with the situation, Hawkeye going with Captain America and Black Widow to Seoul in order to confront Ultron directly before he could escape, while Tony Stark would go to NEXUS Internet Hub in order to learn more about why Ultron had been unable to access the nuclear codes.

While the team prepared to leave they collected their uniforms and their equipment ready for their battle against Ultron, Barton went to his wife to say goodbye. Barton sharing a farewell kiss with his wife Barton promised his clearly nervous wife that this would be his final mission with the Avengers and vowed that he would return and finish redecorating the house, although Laura had still film hawkeye marvel that he would inevitably find another project that he would start on after that.

They kissed each other goodbye and Barton left with the Avengers, taking control of the Quinjet and then flew their team to Seoul to search for Ultron, as well as the Maximoff twins, and finally end the war. [6] Striking Back Battle of Seoul Hawkeye overlooking Seoul to locate Ultron "You're not a match for him, Cap." "Thanks, Barton." ―Hawkeye and Captain America [src] Their team arrived in Seoul where Captain America departed from the Quinjet to do recon and had eventually found Helen Cho lying injured in the remains of her Laboratory.

They discovered Bruce Banner was right about Ultron attempting to build himself a body using the Regeneration Cradle. Flying overhead, Hawkeye and Black Widow searched for Ultron, Black Widow had suggested that he could be at a private jet taking off.

Hawkeye manages to spot Ultron's truck Before long, however, Hawkeye spotted a truck from the lab driving away, as he scanned the inside and confirmed that Ultron was inside along with the Cradle and several Ultron Sentries. Hawkeye informed Captain America of this and then told him that he could eliminate the driver, but Captain America film hawkeye marvel him, warning him of the danger of the stone. With little time remaining, Captain America then went to stop the truck himself, drawing out Ultron away from the cradle.

Hawkeye sees Captain America fight Ultron Captain America attempted to distract Ultron by engaging him film hawkeye marvel one on one combat as the truck drove through the roads of Seoul, hoping that this would ensure that he could not complete his plan of building his newest body inside the Cradle. Seeing that Captain America was facing Ultron alone, Hawkeye made it clear that he was film hawkeye marvel outmatched by the robot during their fight, something which Captain America was clearly frustrated to hear from his own teammate.

Hawkeye sending Black Widow into the fight While Captain America had continued fighting against Ultron on the roads, Hawkeye made his way through the city, eventually catching up to Captain America and prepared to drop Black Widow out of the Quinjet on a Motorcycle to aid Captain America and also obtain the cradle.

As Hawkeye dropped Black Widow, telling her to give Ultron hell, he navigated her towards the truck's current position but had no shot at it from the Quinjet, while giving Black Widow directions. Hawkeye is ordered to fire straight at Ultron Having managed to catch back up with the truck, Black Widow then returned Captain America's Shield and asked Hawkeye to draw away the Ultron Sentries who were currently guarding the truck so that she could then attempt to get inside.

Hawkeye made his way in front of the truck and began firing at Ultron, knowing that the Sentries would come after him in defense. Hawkeye then began to fly straight up, in the hope of leading these Ultron Sentries away from the others. Hawkeye dodges Ultron's incoming attacks As a result of this assault, however, Hawkeye had then found himself under attack by the Sentries, who were attempting to blast through the cockpit. However, Hawkeye film hawkeye marvel able to maneuver away from the Sentries, while spinning the Quinjet around to throw them off.

When Captain America removed Ultron from the truck and threw him onto a moving train, the Sentries went to return to the truck to protect it as Hawkeye had advised Black Widow make her next move soon.

Hawkeye stealing the Regeneration Cradle When the Sentries had returned to the truck, they attempted to fly it away. Hawkeye went to take out the truck since the explosion would be out of range of any civilians, but Black Widow alerted him that she was inside, much to Hawkeye's shock and frustration. Black Widow then informed Hawkeye to be ready to receive the cradle by lining up with the truck. With time running out, Hawkeye then advised Captain America that it was time to go while Black Widow freed the Cradle.

Hawkeye asking for Black Widow's location As Black Widow then jumped from the truck with the cradle, she was then grabbed by Ultron at the last second, but still able to deliver it to Hawkeye. Hawkeye then called out to her, worried for her safety and asked Captain America if he knew of her status. However, he ordered Hawkeye to take the cradle to Stark, much to Hawkeye's dismay as he pleaded to rescue her.

Hawkeye reluctantly left Seoul and headed to Avengers Tower, frustrated over leaving his film hawkeye marvel friend behind. [6] Birth of Vision Barton discusses finding Natasha Romanoff "Are you on our side?" "I don't think it's that simple." "Well, it better get real simple real soon." ― Steve Rogers, Vision and Clint Barton [src] Bringing the Regeneration Cradle back to Avengers Tower from Seoul, Barton first caught back up with Tony Stark and Bruce Banner who were getting prepared to study it.

Barton attempted to physically open the Cradle but was not able to. Banner asked if there was any word on Natasha Romanoff, but Stark confirmed that they had not heard anything.

Stark suggested that Romanoff might be using old school spy techniques to send out a message for Barton to search for. Barton manages to find Natasha Romanoff Taking Stark's advice, Barton then immediately began searching for Romanoff by working out where Ultron may have taken her, listening out for any Morse code messages being sent out through the airways which would not be heard by any of their high tech machinery.

Before long, Barton managed to find a signal she was sending over the radio waves which revealed her location to be in Sokovia, which confirmed that Romanoff was still alive, much to Barton's considerable relief. Barton manages to outwit Pietro Maximoff Having confirmed Romanoff was being held in the Facility which had been previously owned by Baron Strucker, he went to inform the rest of their team. However, Barton soon discovered that during the Battle of Seoul aftermath, Steve Rogers had also recruited both Pietro and Wanda Maximoff as they had betrayed Ultron.

Barton was present as Stark and Banner were confronted when they tried to upload J.A.R.V.I.S. into the same body Ultron had been creating. Barton stands smugly over Pietro Maximoff The realization of Stark's latest plan resulted in a massive argument breaking out, which Barton had stayed out of, although he remained close by.

When Pietro had then attempted to sabotage the machine by ripping out its wires, Barton was able to defeat him by firing his gun at the glass below his feet, causing it to shatter as Pietro fell and landed onto the floor by Barton's feet, as Barton mockingly repeated what Maximoff had taunted him during their other encounter. Barton witnesses the creation of Vision As tensions still rising between the Avengers, Stark and Rogers had finally begun to fight, with Rogers then using his shield to do more damage to the machinery, until they were interrupted by the sudden arrival film hawkeye marvel Thor who proceeded to use lightning to activate machine.

The being within jumped out and briefly attacked Thor until he looked out over New York City. Having calmed down, the being apologized and called itself Vision, much to Barton's surprise. Barton watches Vision giving Mjølnir to Thor As they spoke to Vision, Wanda noted how she had seen annihilation inside his head, to which Barton made it clear that he did not trust anything that either of the Maximoff twins had to say on any subject.

Barton then informed the team of Romanoff's current location back in Novi Grad while Vision claimed that he intended film hawkeye marvel assist them in fighting Ultron.

As proof of his honor, Vision simply handed Thor back his weapon while Barton and the rest of the team were shocked. Hawkeye collecting his weapons for battle As the team prepared for their mission, Barton collected his uniform and weaponry ready for the oncoming battle. Barton took a moment to look at the photograph of his family to remind himself of what he was fighting for. Barton then took control of the Quinjet and flew the Avengers into Sokovia while Rogers gave them a speech about what they had to expect from Ultron and vowing that they would protect all of the innocent people of Sokovia before confronting Ultron.

[6] Battle of Sokovia Hawkeye and Captain America in Sokovia " Ultron knows we're coming. Odds are we'll be riding into heavy fire. And that's what we signed up for. But the people of Sokovia, they didn't. So our priority is getting them out." ― Captain America to Avengers [src] The team soon located Ultron in Novi Grad where he had planned to continue his film hawkeye marvel schemes. Once the Avengers had arrived; Captain America made it clear that the first priority was to evacuate all of the civilians to ensure their safety.

[6] Hawkeye watches the Sokovian evacuation The Avengers landed and as they exited the Quinjet, Captain America had then noticed some graffiti written on a wall which Hawkeye had commented as not bad. [21] Hawkeye sat in the clock tower and overlooked the whole evacuation, watching as Scarlet Witch continued to use her mind control power to convince the people to leave while Hawkeye had ensured that the Ultron Sentries did not attack the people.

Hawkeye battles against Ultron's Sentries Eventually, Ultron made his move and sent out his armies of Ultron Sentries to attack the Avengers, targeting their fire at the civilians so the Avengers would have to prioritize protecting them over stopping Ultron directly. As the battle broke out, Hawkeye had stayed close to Maximoff and begun film hawkeye marvel the Sentries out of the sky with his arrows while Maximoff also created an energy shield to keep the civilians safe from Film hawkeye marvel However, they were soon overpowered.

Hawkeye witnesses Sokovia being raised up However, despite the best efforts of Vision to incapacitate Ultron, the A.I.

was able to activate his machine in the center of Sokovia which caused a massive Earthquake. As Hawkeye tried to understand what was happening, he watched on in horror as the ground around them shattered and Novi Grad began rising up into the sky, as Ultron had created his device with all the Vibranium which he stole from Ulysses Klaue to turn all of Novi Grad into his own destructive meteorite.

Hawkeye film hawkeye marvel another Sentry out the sky When one of the Sentries gave a speech about Ultron's plan to wipe out all of humanity with his meteorite, Hawkeye shot it out of the sky, only for another Sentry to continue the speech regardless. Following the orders of Captain America, Hawkeye and all the rest of the team engaged the robots in the major battle, while focusing on protecting the civilians.

As Maximoff had created more forcefields to defend the people from the blasts, Hawkeye engaged them all in battle. [6] Helping Wanda Maximoff Hawkeye fights the multiple Ultron Sentries "It doesn't matter what you did or what you were. If you go out there, you fight, and you fight to kill. Stay in here, you're good. I'll send your brother to come find you. But if you step out that door. you are film hawkeye marvel Avenger." ―Hawkeye to Film hawkeye marvel Maximoff [src] With the battle still raging across Novi Grad, which had continued to rise higher and higher into the sky, Hawkeye stayed close by Wanda Maximoff as even more Ultron Sentries continued attacking them.

While Hawkeye used his training from S.H.I.E.L.D. to avoid the Sentries' attacks and destroy as many as he could, he noticed that Maximoff was struggling to cope with such an onslaught. Hawkeye giving Wanda Maximoff motivation As they had swiftly become completely overwhelmed by the endless attacks from the Ultron Sentries, Hawkeye saved Maximoff and hid her in a building while she had her panic attack.

Maximoff believed everything that was happening was her fault, since she had sided with Ultron and helped him obtain the vibranium from Ulysses Klaue. As he saw this, Hawkeye tried to reassure her that nobody cared about that anymore and simply questioned if she was ready to continue their fight. Hawkeye giving Wanda Maximoff her choice Wanting Maximoff to make her choice, Hawkeye then noted that the entire city was flying and he was battling an army of robots with nothing but a bow and arrow.

Hawkeye finally managed to calm her down as he told Maximoff that he would continue to fight and it was her choice to stay or run, promising to go get her brother to help her if needed. However, he assured Maximoff that if she continued fighting, she would be an Avenger, before getting up and readying himself for the continued battle. Hawkeye attempts to fight off Ultron's army Hawkeye then loaded his bow and charged out of the door, leaving Maximoff to consider what he had said to her.

With Ultron Sentries still baring down on him, Hawkeye fired off arrows as swiftly as he could, destroying multiple robots across the city. However, the ongoing fight against Ultron's massive army of robots had taken its toll as Hawkeye had dived for cover, complaining about the amount of pain he was in before another onslaught of Sentries arrived.

Hawkeye witnesses Film hawkeye marvel Witch return Just as he became overpowered by the great number of Sentries that had him completely surrounded, Hawkeye's words proved effective as Maximoff stepped out of the door and rejoined him, destroying the robots with ease and confidence while he looked on. With Maximoff having finally gained his faith, Hawkeye called Captain America over the radio to tell him they had just cleared the area and learned that he was currently being overwhelmed at the bridge.

Hawkeye humoring shooting at Quicksilver Hawkeye and Maximoff began to make their way to the bridge to assist the rest of the Avengers, but before they could get back there, Quicksilver took his sister into his arms and ran to the center of the city, mocking Hawkeye by calling him an "old man" and telling him to keep up.

Irritated, Hawkeye then aimed his bow at Quicksilver as he jokingly considered shooting him, thinking no one would know since he could blame the speedster's death on Ultron, before jogging after them. [6] Reinforcements Hawkeye being reunited with Black Widow "The air is getting thin. If we go up much higher people will start dropping." "There are people in the city still hiding." ―Hawkeye and Scarlet Witch [src] Hawkeye eventually made his way to the middle of Novi Grad, where he reunited with Black Widow who had managed to escape from her imprisonment.

As Hawkeye took off his jacket, he gave Black Widow her weapons to fight. Hawkeye had then informed them that if the city got any higher the people would start collapsing. Captain America ordered Scarlet Witch to help get all the people hiding in the city out and Hawkeye told him that he would watch her back.

[21] Hawkeye helping the people of Novi Grad While the first wave of Ultron Sentries was pushed back, the team's attention turned to how they film hawkeye marvel get the people to safety without destroying the city. Suddenly, Nick Fury and Maria Hill arrived on a Helicarrier and sent in Lifeboats to bring all the citizens to safety. Hawkeye and Scarlet Witch took charge of the operation to load the people onto the Lifeboats while Iron Man and War Machine were both then ordered to protect them from more Ultron Sentries.

[6] Protecting the Key Hawkeye and the Avengers face off Ultron "What about the core?" "I'll protect it. It's my job." ―Hawkeye and Scarlet Witch [src] Hawkeye rejoined Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver at the center of Novi Grad as they regrouped with the other members of the Avengers. As everybody had arrived, Iron Man explained to film hawkeye marvel team that they had to protect the device's key from Ultron, since activating the key would cause the city to drop out of the sky, all while Ultron had gathered his entire army just outside the church, which completely surrounded the Avengers.

Hawkeye fights the army of Ultron Sentries As Hawkeye watched on, Ultron mocked the Avengers by claiming that having them all gathered in one place to face him was exactly what he had wanted. When Thor had furiously taunted him about the size of his army, Ultron responded by unleashing his entire army of the Ultron Sentries upon the Avengers and Hawkeye joined his team in putting all his energy in fighting against the seemingly unstoppable army of evil robots, firing his arrows as fast as he possibly could.

Hawkeye overpowering Ultron's entire army Despite doing his best to keep these Sentries at bay by shooting his many trick arrows at them, Hawkeye was forced to resort to hand to hand combat as he threw his bow aside and began using his arrows as his melee weapons to overpower the robot army.

Before long, the combined might of the Avengers pushed the army of Ultron Sentries back and with combined efforts of Vision, Iron Man, Thor as well as Hulk had destroyed Ultron's armor and sent him fleeing. Hawkeye film hawkeye marvel protecting Ultron's core With Novi Grad rising ever so higher, Captain America then ordered the team to fall back before the city could be destroyed in the sky to keep it from falling down to the surface of the Earth and wiping out all of humanity as Ultron planned.

film hawkeye marvel

Hawkeye questioned what would be done to protect the key, which Maximoff vowed to protect it, noting that it was her job to do so, repeating the words Hawkeye had said to her earlier. Hawkeye nodded and then made his escape. [6] Rival Turned Savior Hawkeye and Black Widow driving to safety "No, no, I’m fine. It’s been a long day." ―Hawkeye [src] With little time to spare, Hawkeye and Black Widow stole a car and drove to the Lifeboats ready to be taken to safety.

As they drove along, Hawkeye explained his plans to rework his home by fixing up the dining room to make more room inside for his children to play. As they parked, they overheard Hulk's roar and Black Widow went to calm him down and bring him to safety. Hawkeye looking around for the lost child While Black Widow was speaking with Hulk, Hawkeye had finally made it onboard one of the boats and attempted to leave Novi Grad behind.

However, as Hawkeye briefly paused in order to check that nobody was left behind in the city, he then heard the cries of a young woman whose brother was still missing somewhere in the city, as Hawkeye knew that he had to help and ran back to the remains of the city to find him and bring him to safety before it was too late.

Hawkeye protects a young boy from Ultron Before long, Hawkeye had managed to find the young boy trapped underneath the rubble and had managed to free him as he lifted the child up in order to bring him back to the Lifeboat. However, just as Hawkeye picked up the child, the Avengers found themselves under fire by Ultron who had stolen the Quinjet. Ultron then aimed directly at Hawkeye and the young boy in his arms, mercilessly firing a hail of bullets at them.

Hawkeye's life being saved by Quicksilver Seeing no way out, Hawkeye tried to use his body to shield the boy from harm, but, as a dash of wind went by, they found that none of the bullets had struck them.

Hawkeye looked up to see that they had all hit Quicksilver, who had run into the line of fire to save Hawkeye and was fatally wounded. Quicksilver told Hawkeye with a smile that he did not see that film hawkeye marvel before falling down.

Captain America ran over to their aid but Hawkeye confirmed film hawkeye marvel Quicksilver was dead. Hawkeye is film hawkeye marvel able to get out of Sokovia Hawkeye had ensured that the boy was reunited with his sister and Captain America then carried Quicksilver's body on the Lifeboat. Hawkeye refused medical attention as he claimed to be fine, as he then laid down beside his savior, exhausted by the battle.

Moments later, Ultron activated the key and the city began to descend, only to be destroyed by Iron Man and Thor, saving billions of lives. Shortly afterwards, the final Ultron Sentry had been destroyed by Vision, finally ending the war.

[6] Retirement with Family Barton returning home to his wife and ki ds "Clint?" "Says he's retired." ― Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanoff [src] Having promised his wife during the Ultron Offensive, Barton retired from the Avengers and returned home to his family.

Soon after, Laura Barton had given birth to their son, Nathaniel Pietro Barton, who had been named after Natasha Romanoff and Pietro Maximoff. Later, the Bartons sent a video for Romanoff to show off their newborn while she was working at the Avengers Compound. [6] Shortly after, Barton relocated film hawkeye marvel and his family to a new farmhouse.

[2] Barton has a loving hug with Laura Barton During his retirement, Barton played golf with his spare time, always hitting a hole-in-one due to his incredible marksmanship. Barton also would plan a waterskiing trip for his kids to go on around mid- 2016.

Nearly a year later, Barton had been informed by Romanoff about the new Sokovia Accords, a registration document created for enhanced individuals. When asked about signing, Barton told Romanoff that he was retired, allowing him to not need to sign these Accords. [7] Avengers Civil War Rescue of Wanda Maximoff Hawkeye breaks into the Avengers Facility "Guess I should've knocked." "Oh, my God, what are you doing here?" "Disappointing my kids." ―Hawkeye and Wanda Maximoff [src] During his retirement, Barton was called by Steve Rogers, who had become a fugitive due to defying the Sokovia Accords, and asked Barton to help rescue Wanda Maximoff from the Avengers Compound where Tony Stark had told Vision to supervise her.

Upon arriving at the facility, Hawkeye set off an explosion which distracted Vision while he got in. However, Maximoff had sensed a presence behind her, causing her to launch a knife towards the intruder. Hawkeye making his swift trap for Vision Fortunately, Maximoff saw it was Hawkeye and stopped the blade inches from his head, as Hawkeye pushed the knife away and joked that he should have knocked.

Maximoff then asked what Hawkeye was doing here, to which he claimed to be disappointing his kids. Hawkeye shot his Trap Arrows on both sides of the room and told Maximoff they had to go as Rogers currently needed their help, taking Maximoff's hand as they then attempted to leave. Vision stops Hawkeye and Wanda Maximoff Before they could get out, however, Vision returned to the room as he told Hawkeye that he should not be in there to which Hawkeye joked that he had retired for five minutes and it all went to shit.

While Vision started to approach Hawkeye and Maximoff, as he told Hawkeye to consider the consequences of his actions before he was stunned due to Hawkeye's electrical arrows.

With Vision incapacitated, Hawkeye started to leave, knowing that it would not hold him for long. Hawkeye tries to motivate Wanda Maximoff However, as he went towards the exit while they still could, Hawkeye had then noticed Maximoff's hesitancy to leave as she film hawkeye marvel in the same film hawkeye marvel, with Hawkeye becoming frustrated as he turned back to attempt to convince her to leave.

Film hawkeye marvel, however, then explained how she felt guilty following the fight against Crossbones earlier that week and felt that she should stay in their facility, to which Hawkeye mockingly told her to go back to school if she wanted to mope. Hawkeye desperately trying to fight Vision Telling Maximoff film hawkeye marvel if she wanted to make amends for her previous mistake while fighting Crossbones then she needed to get off her ass as Hawkeye attempted to get her to leave.

However, before he could, Vision used the Mind Stone to escape the electrical bondage. He approached Hawkeye, who fired an arrow, but that phased through Vision.

Vision then knocked Hawkeye away, with the now frustrated Hawkeye film hawkeye marvel by noting that he should have stretched first. Hawkeye readies himself for their next fight Seeking to use any weapon he could, Hawkeye had then equipped himself with his collapsible baton and prepared to fight the android.

All of Hawkeye's attacks were countered by Vision's ability to phase around objects. Hawkeye attempted to punch Vision several times in the head, but his attack was useless due to Vision's Vibranium skin. Hawkeye soon became overpowered by Vision, who broke his baton and captured him in a headlock which he could not escape from.

Hawkeye being almost subdued by Vision Vision then calmly stated to Hawkeye that he could not really defeat him, to which Hawkeye had agreed and noted that Maximoff could. Maximoff told Vision to let Hawkeye go and that she was choosing to leave, while Vision told Maximoff that he could not let her. Film hawkeye marvel proceeded to use her powers to control the Mind Stone in Vision's forehead and forced him to phase, which released Hawkeye and then caused Vision to fall to his knees by increasing his density.

Hawkeye and Wanda Maximoff escaping While Hawkeye recovered from their fight, he watched as Maximoff then pushed Vision several stories through the ground. Having taken a moment to look at the crater left by their battle where Vision could no longer be found, Hawkeye and Maximoff left the Avengers Compound. The pair then had to make one final stop on their way to help build up Captain America's team by recruiting Scott Lang, who had been recommended to join their Avengers team by Sam Wilson.

[7] Recruiting Scott Lang Barton reunites with Steve Rogers in Berlin "Cap." "You know, I wouldn't have called if I had any other choice." "Hey, man, you're doing me a favor.

Besides, I owe a debt." ―Clint Barton and Steve Rogers [src] Arriving there first, Barton and Wanda Maximoff waited for the arrival of Steve Rogers in Berlin as they arranged to meet in a quiet parking complex where nobody would see them.

When Rogers arrived, the two friends reunited as he told Barton that he would not have called him if there were any other choices, Barton and Steve Rogers discuss the issue But Barton insisted that he was doing him a favor, noting that he film hawkeye marvel Maximoff a debt following the death of Quicksilver.

When Rogers thanked Maximoff for rejoining them, she quoted back what Barton had said to her back at their Avengers Compound about how she needed to get off her ass and make amends for her past mistakes, which Barton had simply smiled about. Barton bringing Scott Lang to Steve Rogers When Rogers then asked about Scott Lang, who was asleep in their van, Barton woke him up and introduced him to Rogers, much to the amazement of Lang. They all then discussed the Winter Soldiers who were under the control of Helmut Zemo.

As they prepared to leave, they then heard the airport was being evacuated by Tony Stark. The group then suited up and made their way into the airport where they would depart to Siberia before Iron Man could stop any of them.

[7] Clash of the Avengers Hawkeye and Scarlet Witch standing by "Hey, Clint.” ”Hey, man." "Clearly retirement doesn't suit you." ― Iron Man and Hawkeye [src] As their plan went into effect, Captain America and his team headed to the Leipzig-Halle Airport where they had a helicopter waiting to take them to Siberia.

However, almost immediately Captain America got surrounded by Iron Man's team, as Spider-Man stole his shield and webbed his hands. Hawkeye, who had film hawkeye marvel a position inside the airport with Scarlet Witch, waited for his perfect opportunity and then shot film hawkeye marvel of his arrows, which cut straight through the webs on Captain America's hands and the Avengers began fighting.

Hawkeye and Maximoff avoiding explosions While many other members of the team were being located and then confronted, Hawkeye attempted to get Maximoff out of the danger zone.

However, while the pair of them were running towards a newer safe spot, Iron Man quickly located and went after the pair of them and fired several missiles near them, causing some large explosions which blocked their path, forcing them to stop. Hawkeye protected Maximoff from the flames as Iron Man confronted them. Hawkeye being confronted by Iron Man Having caught them, Hawkeye watched while Iron Man told Maximoff she may have hurt Vision's feelings when she had escaped from their Avengers Compound, which she denied while Iron Man insisted he locked her there to protect her.

Iron Man then joked about Hawkeye coming out of retirement while Hawkeye stated that he had played eighteen holes of golf and had managed to get eighteen holes in one, noting that he simply had not been able to miss once. Hawkeye fires multiple arrows at Iron Man With Iron Man briefly distracted by their conversation, Hawkeye had then fired a few arrows at him, only for Iron Man to dodge and easily destroyed them all. Unimpressed by the shots, Iron Man commented that this seemed to be the first time that Hawkeye had missed, only for Hawkeye to note that he had made Iron Man look behind him as he revealed that he was just distracting him so Maximoff could drop a bunch of cars on top of him from the car park, which allowed them both to then get away while Iron Man was still trapped.

[7] Fighting Former Comrades Hawkeye alongside Captain America's team "We're still friends, right?" "Depends on how hard you hit me." ― Black Widow and Hawkeye [src] While the conflict continued, Hawkeye and Scarlet Witch managed to make their way back to Captain America and his team, so they could get to the Quinjet that would take them to Siberia.

As their team ran together, Hawkeye spotted the Quinjet up ahead, but they were then stopped by Vision who shot a laser beam from the Mind Stone in front of them. Vision warned them to surrender as the rest of Iron Man's team regrouped. However, Captain America then told his group to fight regardless. Hawkeye manages to pin down Black Widow The battle between the Avengers began with the two teams charging at each other, Hawkeye firing several trick arrows at his former allies as one of his arrows managed to incapacitate Vision as Hawkeye had aimed his other arrows at Iron Man and Spider-Man.

Hawkeye and Black Widow then started to fight. He had managed to throw Black Widow to the ground, she questioned if they were still friends, which he had jokingly claimed that it depended on how hard she hit him. Hawkeye being assisted by Scarlet Witch As their clash still continued, Black Widow had then finally managed to get the upper hand due to Hawkeye holding back all his punches.

Taking advantage of Film hawkeye marvel unwillingness to really hurt her, Black Widow threw him off her and attempted to kick him in the head, only for Maximoff to save Hawkeye and then knock her out with her telekinetic powers, telling off Hawkeye for holding back. As the battle raged on, Hawkeye continued to fight against Iron Man's team.

Hawkeye about to fire Ant-Man on an arrow As Falcon was being attacked by Iron Man while they flew over the airport, Hawkeye teamed up with Ant-Man to assist their ally, firing one of his arrows with Ant-Man riding on it so he was able to crawl inside and disable Iron Man's armor from the inside.

As film hawkeye marvel, the arrow broke apart into several, smaller arrows, but was destroyed by Iron Man's repulsor blast, while Ant-Man had managed to then jump off the arrow, land on top of Iron Man and crawl inside his suit.

Hawkeye shooting his arrows at Iron Man While Ant-Man was still disabling the suit from the inside, Hawkeye had continued to fire more of his arrows in order to distract Iron Man while Ant-Man continued doing his work. Right as he prepared to fire back at Hawkeye, Iron Man's armor started to malfunction due to everything that Ant-Man had been doing, as Hawkeye made his way to film hawkeye marvel next fight as F.R.I.D.A.Y. had been able to locate Ant-Man and had then managed to harmlessly eject him out from the armor.

[7] Winning a Losing Battle Hawkeye telling Captain America their plan "As much as Film hawkeye marvel hate to admit it, if we are going to win this fight, some of us might have to lose it." ―Hawkeye to Captain America [src] As team Iron Man pressed in, Falcon had finally realized they could not win the battle and get everyone to Siberia.

While he was dodging an attack by War Machine, Hawkeye commented that some of them would have to stay behind and fight in order for Captain America and Bucky Barnes to get to the Quinjet. As the team made their way to the getaway vehicle, film hawkeye marvel discussed how to best distract Iron Man during the escape. Hawkeye fighting against the Black Panther In an attempt to cause a distraction so some of their team could get away, Ant-Man transformed into Giant-Man, causing chaos around the airport which allowed Captain America and Barnes to get away unseen.

While Giant-Man fought against Iron Man and War Machine, Hawkeye then faced-off against Black Panther in order to distract their enemies from noticing the escaping pair, with Hawkeye firing arrows at Black Panther who managed to simply avoid them. Hawkeye giving his name to Black Panther Hawkeye shot another two arrows at the closing in Black Panther, but he managed to catch these arrows in mid-air before they exploded film hawkeye marvel his face, with his Panther Habit absorbing the explosions.

Knowing that archery was not film hawkeye marvel best for face-to-face conflict, Hawkeye put away his bow and transformed it into a bo staff, before introducing himself to T'Challa, who claimed to not care. Resuming the attack, Hawkeye continued to distract Black Panther. Hawkeye is taken down by Black Panther Hawkeye managed to hold his own briefly but was defeated as Black Panther struck him in the face, broke his staff, and was knocked out, allowing Black Panther then chase down Captain America and Barnes.

Due to all of the efforts of Hawkeye and Giant-Man, Captain America and Barnes had boarded the Quinjet and escape, despite the efforts of Vision and Black Panther. However, despite the team's success, all of Captain America's allies were then arrested.

[7] Imprisoned in the Raft Barton greeting Tony Stark inside the Raft "The Futurist, gentlemen! The Futurist is here! He sees all! He knows what's best for you whether you like it or not." "Give me a break, Barton. I had no idea they'd put you here." ―Clint Barton and Tony Stark [src] Following the Clash of the Avengers, Barton film hawkeye marvel all the other heroes who film hawkeye marvel Captain America were captured and taken to the Raft, where they were imprisoned for their role in destroying the airport and defying the Sokovia Accords by impeding Bucky Barnes' arrest.

When Tony Stark visited, Barton sarcastically applauded his arrival, taunting that "the Futurist" had just arrived.

Stark noted the Raft was built for criminals, to which Barton angrily claimed they were all now because of Stark trying to bring them down. Barton begins to mock Tony Stark's ideals Barton then noted how he, Sam Wilson and Wanda Maximoff had all become criminals now. However, Stark refused to take Barton's bait, casually replying that he did not make the former Avengers readily break the law, his calm attitude at his former friends being imprisoned enraging Barton.

Stark pointed out Barton should have thought of his family before he chose to join Captain America and walked off, furthering angering Barton with his dismissal. Barton calling out Tony Stark for his actions As Stark walked to Wilson's cell, Barton slammed on his cell wall and warned his friends to watch their back, as Stark was likely to break it; emphasizing his anger at his former teammate and making a clear reference to James Rhodes being seriously injured during their clash.

The Avengers leader, however, did not turn to look back at Barton for the remainder of his visit while he spoke with Wilson, also choosing to ignore Scott Lang as Lang then tried to insult him. Barton continuing his sentence in the Raft Unwilling to let his friends be imprisoned, Steve Rogers returned and infiltrated the Raft to free Barton and the others.

[7] While they celebrated their freedom, Barton decided to officially retire from the Avengers in order to care for his family. Barton and Lang had then made deals with the FBI to be placed under house arrest and agree to follow the Sokovia Accords as Thaddeus Ross demanded, with Barton returning to his Homestead until his house arrest was complete so he could live a peaceful life. [22] Becoming Ronin Losing Everything Barton teaching his daughter archery "You lost your family in the Blip?" "Yeah.

Like half the world." "God, that must have been devasting." "Yeah, there are no words." ― Kate Bishop and Clint Barton [src] In 2018, Barton, who was still under house arrest, was having a picnic with his family outside of his homestead. While Laura prepared lunch and his so ns played catch, Barton was teaching his daughter Lila archery. Barton guided Lila in how to shoot an arrow, a skill he had perfected, as his wife called out for what condiment they wanted on their hot dogs: mayonnaise or mustard.

Barton requested mustard for the two of them, joking with Lila how only her brothers preferred mayonnaise on hot dogs. Barton compliments Lila Barton's shooting Barton then watched as Lila took her shot, hitting the bullseye. He proudly congratulated his daughter, calling her "Hawkeye". As Lila went to collect her arrow, Laura called them over for lunch.

When Barton called for his daughter, he discovered that she was gone. Barton called out for Lila again, wondering where she had gone, but to no prevail. Confused by his daughter's sudden disappearance, Barton turned to where his wife and sons were, only to find them gone too. Barton discovers his daughter has vanished Starting to get very worried, Barton began to unsuccessfully search for his family around the homestead, unaware of what was happening.

Barton could do nothing but desperately, and with great fear, call out for his family. Barton would eventually learn in complete horror that his wife and children actually perished alongside half of the universe's population, all thanks to Thanos obtaining the six Infinity Stones to commit the Snap, despite the best efforts of the Avengers to stop him. Barton sees his whole family disappearing Even when the other Avengers were able to successfully track down Thanos to the Garden several weeks later, it became all for naught as Thanos had already destroyed the Infinity Stones, before Thor proceeded to behead him with Stormbreaker, leaving the Avengers in utter defeat as they could not bring back the victims of the Snap without the Infinity Stones' power.

This left Barton completely devastated, as any hope of saving his family appeared to be lost forever, due to the complete destruction of the Infinity Stones and the death of Thanos. [2] Massacring Criminals Ronin slaughters all of his many enemies "The Ronin brought a brutal form of justice to his victims, and his identity film hawkeye marvel to remain a mystery to film hawkeye marvel very day." ―Black Market Auctioneer [src] As a result of losing film hawkeye marvel family, Barton had embraced his grief and became Ronin, going on a path of vengeance against any criminals who had survived the Snap.

[2] Using a ninja suit and weaponry, including a retractable sword, Ronin massacred and destabilized many criminal organizations, including the Tracksuit Mafia. [9] Following a film hawkeye marvel from Wilson Fisk's informant, [23] Ronin attacked the Fat Man Auto Repair and killed the Tracksuit Mafia members inside, including William Lopez. [10] Ronin slaughtered some criminals outside of their car, using his sword to cut them down and stab them while they begged for mercy.

[11] In 2023, Ronin travelled to Mexico where he ruthlessly film hawkeye marvel all members of Mexican Cartel. This resulted in Ronin being sought out by the remaining Avengers, as James Rhodes, under orders from Natasha Romanoff, began investigating his actions.

[2] Massacre in Tokyo Ronin furiously fighting against Akihiko "テメェ、なぜこんなことをする? 私たち俺達はテメェに何もしてねえだろう!" [24] " 地球の半分。 タノスにやられ。 お前は何故。無事なのだ… [25]" ― Akihiko and Ronin [src] Ronin then found himself film hawkeye marvel Tokyo, Japan, where he planned to eliminate all members of the Yakuza faction there.

Despite the great numbers and rapid gunfire, Ronin managed to make his way through all enemies with great ease, going through a building where he headed for Akihiko, a Yakuza operative.

The two then found themselves in the streets, where Akihiko questioned Ronin on his actions, which he informed him that it was the fact they survived and half the population did not.

The two then drew swords and began to fight. Ronin after killing Akihiko with his sword Despite the duel being fairly even, Ronin was able to cut Akihiko's throat, causing him to beg for his life, promising to give Ronin anything he wanted. However, Ronin ignored his cries for mercy, stating that the only thing he wanted, which was his family, could not be given by Akihiko. He then finished off Akihiko, cleaned his sword, as he became aware of Natasha Romanoff standing behind him, telling her that she should not be there.

Barton is reunited with Natasha Romanoff But Romanoff believed that he should not either, but Barton informed her that it was all a part of a job that he believed he had to do.

Romanoff addressed how everyone he has murdered was not going to bring his family back, for which she then informed him a plan to bring everyone back. However, despite desperately wanting to be reunited with his wife and three chil dren again, Barton initially rejected the idea, not wanting to be given hope, only for it to be taken away if it failed. Barton is comforted by Natasha Romanoff Romanoff, clearly seeing her best friend in distraught and what he had become, apologized for not giving hope to him sooner.

She then comforted him by holding his hand. The two then entered the Quinjet and flew back to the Avengers Compound, in order to attempt to undo the actions of the Snap. [2] Time Heist Testing Time Travel Barton volunteering to test the Time Travel "Alright. I'm not ready for this." "I'm game. I'll do it." ― Scott Lang and Clint Barton [src] With Scott Lang giving the idea to use the Quantum Realm to travel back in time, the Avengers began to work on a way to successfully do so. Barton watched as Lang prepared to test the time traveling, to see if it actually worked.

However, after an accidental triggering of one of the last available Pym Particles, Lang stated that he couldn't do it. Barton then volunteered to do the test run and switched with Lang. Nebula then helped Barton into the Advanced Tech Suit as Bruce Banner instructed him on some experiences he may have during the test. Barton wears the new Advanced Tech Suit As they prepared, Rhodes and Lang expressed their thoughts on time travel, believing that changing the past changes the future, something Barton supported.

However, Banner tried to explain how time film hawkeye marvel actually worked, debunking all the examples of time travel seen in movies that Rhodes and Lang listed, stating that them going into the past is their future, and the present would be their past, which couldn't be changed by the new future.

Barton returning to his house in the past Barton stood on the platform and waited to be transported through time, via the Quantum Realm. Banner counted down to when he activated the machine, causing Barton to be sent into the Quantum Realm. Barton navigated his way through, coming out at his home, before the Snap. Barton took a moment to adjust to being back in the past, before approaching his house, where he picked up a baseball mitt. He then overheard his children, causing him to call out to his daughter to try and see her again.

However, he was sent back to the present just before he could, narrowly missing his daughter. Barton successfully returns from the past When he returned, he was temporarily discomforted by the travel, but quickly adjusted. Natasha Romanoff went to check on him and see if he was fine, which he told her he was. He then informed the Avengers that their plan had worked, and he had successfully traveled through time, as he had brought the mitt back with him.

He threw the mitt to Tony Stark and they all began to brainstorm about the Infinity Stones. Through this experience, Barton was given hope again, and was now back to himself, although the Ronin identity still stuck with him. [2] Locating the Infinity Stones Barton and James Rhodes listen to Thor "Not a lot of convenient spots to just drop in." "Which means we have to pick out targets." ― Tony Stark and Clint Barton [src] With the means of travel accounted for, the team then began brainstorming when and where they could retrieve the stones, addressing that they need to be specific where they travel to, as the stones have all crossed paths with most of them.

They decided to brief themselves on each stone and the history of where they've been. Thor told them about the Aether, but began to get off topic as film hawkeye marvel had film hawkeye marvel come to terms with some of the trauma in his life, including his mother's death. Barton listens to Nebula talk about Vormir Rocket Film hawkeye marvel then informed them about the Power Stone, which Peter Quill stole from Morag, and Nebula told them about the Soul Stone, and how Thanos also killed her sister there, too.

They then refined their plan to retrieve all six stones the best way possible, as there was a time when three stones were on Earth at once. They then split the Avengers into small teams, each responsible for a different stone. The Avengers finish the Time Heist planning They assigned three teams: Stark, Steve Rogers, Banner and Lang going to 2012 to get the Space Stone, Mind Stone and Time Stone, Thor and Rocket to 2013 to get the Reality Stone, and Barton and Romanoff were tasked with retrieving the Soul Stone, which they would do by going to Vormir in 2014 with Rhodes and Nebula, who would go to Film hawkeye marvel to get the Power Stone.

However, they only had enough Pym Particles to film hawkeye marvel them back in time, and back to the present, meaning this was their only chance. [2] Retrieving the Soul Stone Hawkeye walking to the Quantum Tunnel "Wow. Under different circumstances. this would be totally awesome." ―Hawkeye to Black Widow [src] The Avengers all then suited up in their Advanced Tech Suits and made their way to the platform, where Captain America gave them a speech about everything that had led up to that moment and how this was their only opportunity to change what had happened.

Hawkeye and Black Widow prepare to leave Hawkeye was given a shrunken down Benatar to take with him so film hawkeye marvel and Black Widow could travel to Vormir, which Rocket Raccoon made him promise to return without any damages, which Barton casually agreed to.

Bruce Banner then activated the machine and they all were transported to the Quantum Realm, where they each traveled to their designated time. Hawkeye and Black Widow on Morag in 2014 Hawkeye, Black Widow, War Machine and Nebula all successfully arrived in 2014 on Morag, where they enlarged the Benatar and waited for Nebula to lower the Benatar's Space Pod. Hawkeye and Black Widow then boarded the Benatar and said goodbye to War Machine, who asked them to watch over each other. They then departed Morag and headed to Vormir, to retrieve the Soul Stone.

Hawkeye and Black Widow travelling in space As they traveled to Vormir, which Nebula had set the coordinates for, making their only requirement to not fall out of course, the two best friends enjoyed the sight of space travel. They laughed with each other as Hawkeye mentioned that they had come a long way since being S.H.I.E.L.D.

agents, mentioning their mission in Budapest. [2] While the ship was on autopilot, the two had a deep conversation about their relationship. [26] Hawkeye and Black Widow locate Red Skull They soon arrived at the planet, which amazed Hawkeye, saying that what they were doing would be awesome if not for the circumstances. They then made their way through the planet, climbing up the mountain, which they found to be exhausting. When Black Widow called Rocket a "Raccoon", Hawkeye stated that technically he was not a raccoon, but she didn't care.

When they made it to the top of the mountain, they were greeted by the Red Skull, who alarmed them, causing them to draw their weapons at him. Hawkeye learning the cost for the Soul Stone The Red Skull informed them that he was a guide for those seeking the Soul Stone, so Black Widow demanded that he show them where it was.

However, he informed them that it is never that simple. They learned that the stone was at the bottom of the cliff, and then the Red Skull told them that they had to make a sacrifice of what they love for the Soul Stone. [2] Losing his Best Friend Hawkeye questions if the sacrifice is real "Tell my family I film hawkeye marvel them." "You tell them yourself." ―Hawkeye and Black Widow [src] Upon learning about the price to pay for the Soul Stone, Hawkeye and Black Widow took a moment to let the severity of the situation sink in.

Hawkeye felt as if the Red Skull may be lying, but Black Widow believed that he was not and that a sacrifice is necessary. Hawkeye deciding to sacrifice his own life She considered how Thanos arrived on Vormir and did not leave with Gamora, believing it not to be a coincidence with their current predicament.

They then repeated what Captain America had said before their mission "whatever it takes", before accepting that one of them needed to sacrifice themselves for the stone. Hawkeye decided that he would make the sacrifice, holding Black Widow's hand to comfort her in their final moments.

Hawkeye and Black Widow discuss sacrifice However, she then reciprocated the same gesture, making him realize that she intended on sacrificing herself. They then argued over which one it should be, neither wanting to willingly let the other die. Black Widow attempted to make her case, saying this is what she had been working towards all these years, and that she did not want Hawkeye to die.

However, Hawkeye told her he should do it, as he saw himself as too far gone, which she assured him that he is more than his worst moments. Hawkeye and Black Widow share an embrace However, when he told her that she should not try and give him a chance, she responded to the fact that he did for her when they first met. They then took film hawkeye marvel moment to embrace each other's friendship, resting their heads on one another, until Hawkeye took her off guard and threw her down so he could sacrifice himself.

He told her to tell his family when they were brought back, that he loved them. Hawkeye jumps off the cliff to sacrifice himself However, Black Widow gained the upper hand and threw him down, deciding to make the sacrifice herself.

She hit him with her Bite, causing him to get shocked. As she made a run for the cliff, Hawkeye ripped off the taser, drew his bow, and fired an explosive arrow near her, causing her to be thrown away from the cliff. He then made it for the cliff and jumped off, but Black Widow also jumped and grabbed him, shooting a grapple and attaching it to him, so he wouldn't fall, sacrificing herself.

Hawkeye watches Black Widow's sacrifice However, Hawkeye was able to grab onto her, but could not pull her up, without both of them falling. He got mad at her for stopping him from sacrificing himself. She asked him to let her go, knowing that there was no other way, but he couldn't bring himself to do it.

He desperately tried to get her to not do film hawkeye marvel, not letting go of her, as he did not want his best friend to die, but she felt the exact same and forced him to let go.

Hawkeye cried as he watched Black Widow fall to her death, helpless to do anything else. Hawkeye manages to obtain the Soul Stone With the required sacrifice being made, a light burst out and knocked Hawkeye out and teleporting him to a river.

Hawkeye soon awoke, confused on the new area he suddenly appeared in, sitting up in the water. He had obtained the Soul Stone, which appeared in his hand, but at that moment, all that he was thinking about was the death of his best friend. As he sat in film hawkeye marvel river, Hawkeye cried over her death. [2] Grieving Natasha Romanoff Barton returns without his best friend "It can't be undone!

Or that's at least what the red floating guy had to say! Maybe you wanna go film hawkeye marvel to him!

film hawkeye marvel

Okay, go grab your hammer, and you go fly and you talk to him! It was supposed to be me. She sacrificed her life for that goddamned stone, she bet her life on it!" ―Clint Barton to Thor [src] Regardless, Hawkeye had achieved his mission's goal, so he activated the Time-Space GPS and was momentarily transported back through the Quantum Realm, back to the present, where all the other Avengers safely returned.

There was an initial celebration from the other Avengers, which was interrupted when Hawkeye fell to his knees. The others saw Hawkeye alone and asked about Black Widow's whereabouts, but he was too film hawkeye marvel to respond, but they were able to understand what had happened.

Barton mourning Natasha Romanoff's death The remaining original Avengers gathered outside and let the news of their friend's death film hawkeye marvel in. However, Thor believed that Romanoff could too be brought film hawkeye marvel along with everyone else. However, Barton made it clear to him that there was no way to undo what had happened. Barton then got upset, stating that it should have been him that made the sacrifice. They then decided not to let their friend's death go without meaning, so they started working on making a Nano Gauntlet capable of wielding all Infinity Stones.

[2] Blip The Avengers discuss the Nano Gauntlet "Honey." "Clint?" ―Clint Barton and Laura Barton [src] With all the Infinity Stones in their possession, Tony Stark, along with Bruce Banner and Rocket Raccoon began creating an Nano Gauntlet that could house all of the Infinity Stones and allow the wearer to wield all them. When they were done, they discussed who should be the one to snap their fingers; Thor desperately believing he should do it, wanting to do something right.

Barton watches Hulk wield the Infinity Stones However, they came to the realization that Banner must be the one to do it, due to the levels of Gamma Radiation, and that anyone else would be killed from. As Banner was about to wield the gauntlet, each Avenger suited up and made sure to protect themselves from any blast, Barton stood by Stark, who had generated a shield in front of them. As Banner became overwhelmed by the Stones' power, he was able to snap his fingers, attempting to reverse the Snap and bring everyone back.

Barton gets a call from his resurrected wife Afterwards, Banner collapsed to the floor, and the gauntlet fell off. Barton kicked the gauntlet away, telling no one to move it. They then checked on Banner, when suddenly, Barton's phone began to ring. He checked his phone and saw that it was his wife calling, revealing that they were successful.

He answered the call and attempted to talk to his wife when suddenly, the Facility was attacked by Thanos, blasting Barton backwards, causing him to fall to the undergrounds of the facility. [2] Attack on the Avengers Facility Hawkeye awakes underneath the rubble "Oh, hey. I know you." " Father, I have the Stones." "What?" ―Hawkeye and 2014 Nebula [src] Hawkeye found himself under some rubble, having fallen through to the access tunnels of the Avengers Compound.

He took a moment to recover from the impact of the explosion, as he turned on a flashlight on his wrist to see where he was, calling out to the other Avengers. Hawkeye then noticed the Nano Gauntlet on the ground, when he then heard movement behind him. Hawkeye takes aim at all of the Outriders Hawkeye drew his bow and quickly turned around, firing a flare arrow towards the movement, where he caught a glimpse of the Outriders. He then grabbed the gauntlet, and ran from the creatures, trying to protect the Infinity Stones from falling into the wrong hands.

As Hawkeye film hawkeye marvel his way through the tunnels, he was finding himself about to be overrun by Outriders, so he started planting explosive arrows along the tunnel. Hawkeye tries to run from several Outriders The arrows then film hawkeye marvel off, causing the Outriders to be caught in the explosion, with Hawkeye just avoiding it. However, when he looked back, he noticed the Outriders were still alive and heading for him.

He then fired a grapple arrow from his Wristbow and scaled upwards to safety. However, this did not stop the Outriders, who continued to viciously go after Hawkeye, climbing upwards to get him. Hawkeye manages to defeats the Outriders He then drew his sword and began to fend off the ruthless creatures, slicing them in half as they leaped at him.

He then made it to the level above, eliminating all of them, screaming at the Outriders in his victory. Exhausted by his recent fight, Hawkeye laid down film hawkeye marvel rest for a moment, when he noticed Nebula approach him. Unaware that this was not the Nebula he had been working with, but the 2014 version of her from the alternate timeline, he handed the gauntlet over to her.

Hawkeye held at gunpoint by 2014 Nebula When Nebula revealed her true nature, Hawkeye attempted to stop her from giving the Gauntlet to Thanos, but he was unsuccessful due to her pulling a film hawkeye marvel out on him.

Before she could kill him, Nebula was stopped by Gamora and the Nebula from the present. When Nebula pulled her gun away from Hawkeye to aim at the present day Nebula, he moved to safety, as he watched present day Nebula kill the other Nebula. Confused by what just happened, Hawkeye then picked up the gauntlet and continued to protect it as he made his way out of the facility. [2] Battle of Earth Hawkeye protecting the Nano Gauntlet "Cap! What do you want me to do with this damn thing?" "Get those stones as far away as possible!" "No!

We need to get them back where they came from." ―Hawkeye, Captain America and Bruce Banner [src] When all the heroes returned to help fight against alternate Thanos and his massive army, Hawkeye stood amongst them as Captain America led the charge. During the battle, Hawkeye continued to protect the Infinity Stones, carrying the Nano Gauntlet around with him as he made his way through the battlefield. Not being able to properly fight while holding onto the gauntlet, Hawkeye managed to avoid numerous attacks from Thanos' army, with assistance from the other heroes.

Hawkeye fighting during the Battle of Earth Being in a position of danger with all of the Infinity Stones, Hawkeye asked Captain America about what he should do with the Stones. He told him to get the stones away from the battlefield, but Hulk interjected, telling him that they needed to get the stones back to where they got film hawkeye marvel. Ant-Man informed them that Luis' van was on the battlefield and could be used to get the stones back.

Hawkeye then made his way to the van, fighting off many hordes of Outriders with his sword and wristbow. As he pursued, he was spotted by Ebony Maw who sent more of the alien army towards him. As Hawkeye witnessed the aliens draw near, he was saved by Black Panther, who used his kinetic pulse to blast them away.

Hawkeye being assisted by Black Panther He then acknowledged Hawkeye, calling him by his first name, something he learned during the Clash of the Avengers, and told him to hand over the Nano Gauntlet. Hawkeye did so, knowing that he was faster and would be able to get past Thanos' army easier than he would. With the gauntlet out of his possession, Hawkeye was now able to fully join the fight. Hawkeye, along with all the other heroes were able to fight off Thanos' army, but it wasn't until Iron Man wielded all the Infinity Stones, that they were victorious.

All of alternate Thanos' army disintegrated, followed by Thanos himself. Hawkeye kneels out off respect to Iron Man However, this came at the cost of Iron Man's life, due to the immense power of the stones. [2] As Iron Man died on the battlefield, everyone gathered around him. Hawkeye saw his friend who he had fought beside many times, and out of respect, knelt before him as he mourned his death.

This was then followed by Black Panther, who noticed Hawkeye kneeling, proceeded by everyone else kneeling in front of the fallen hero. [26] Return to Family Barton Family Reunion Barton is finally reunited with his family "I hope families are reunited. I hope we get it back, in somewhat like a normal version of the planet has been restored, if there ever was such a thing." ― Tony Stark [src] Having been successful in bringing back those who died, as well as defeating Thanos, Barton took a Quinjet and returned to his homestead, where his family was now alive.

Barton and his wife kiss as they reunite As Barton approached his house, Lila, Cooper, and Nathaniel came outside and reunited with their father, holding each other in their arms. After hugging his children, Barton looked over and saw his wife.

He and Laura walked over to each other and embraced one another. Now that his family had been brought back, Barton could return to film hawkeye marvel retirement. [2] Tony Stark's Funeral Barton's family attend Tony Stark's funeral "You know, I wish there was a way. that I could let her know. that we won. We did it." "She knows. They both do." ―Clint Barton and Wanda Maximoff [src] Barton and his family all attended the funeral for his friend and fellow Avenger, Tony Stark, along with all of their allies at Stark’s home.

Barton, along with Pepper Potts and her daughter, Happy Hogan, James Rhodes, and the remaining original Avengers, gathered inside Stark's home, where they watched a recorded message Stark left before the Time Heist. They film hawkeye marvel then stood outside with their allies as Stark's Arc Reactor was sent adrift in the lake.

Barton and Wanda Maximoff jointly comfort Afterwards, Barton reunited with his close friend Wanda Maximoff and confided in her about his desire to be able to let Natasha Romanoff know that they were successful in bringing everyone back. Maximoff assured him that Romanoff knew, as well as Vision.

The two then comforted each other over the loss of those close to them. Afterwards, Barton and his family returned home. [2] At some point, Barton told Laura about his time as the Ronin. Due to the amount of explosions and loud noises he had been subjected film hawkeye marvel over the years, Barton became hard of hearing, requiring him to wear a hearing aid in his left ear. [16] Christmas Trip to New York Barton watches Rogers: The Musical "You know it's fine if you don't wanna watch the show.

I mean. I know everyone misses her, but she was your best friend." ― Lila Barton to Clint Barton [src] In December 2024, Barton took his children on film hawkeye marvel trip to New York City, while Laura remained at the farmhouse so he could spend time with the children alone. They attended a performance of Rogers: The Musical after being invited. However, Barton became uncomfortable during the show, due to it retelling events he was a part of, including the Battle of New York, and turned off his hearing aid briefly.

The inaccuracy of portraying Ant-Man in the battle film hawkeye marvel further irritated him. Additionally, the constant reminders of Natasha Romanoff made it hard for Barton to watch it, so he decided to leave the film hawkeye marvel. Barton film hawkeye marvel comforted by his daughter While in the bathroom, Barton was approached by a fan for a selfie, but he refused due to it being an inappropriate time for it.

Barton then went outside, and was soon joined by Lila, who told him they could leave, understanding that the loss of his best friend was still affecting him. When Cooper and Nathaniel came out, they decided to get dinner at a Chinese restaurant.

[16] Dinner with the Family Barton having dinner with his children "There's a thousand things to do. It's going to be amazing, but the most important thing is that we're going to do it all together." ―Clint Barton to his children [src] While eating their dinner, they were called by Laura, who wanted to check on them, and they then made plans to do Christmas activities together. Once the food was finished, Barton was approached by the waiter, who gave them more to eat, and claimed that the meal was on the house, as a thank you for the film hawkeye marvel Barton and the Avengers had done during the Chitauri Invasion, which made Barton somewhat uncomfortable.

Changing the subject, Barton suggested that they go see the largest Christmas Tree that New York City had to offer, which excited Nathaniel Barton as they all got up to leave and enjoy the rest of the evening.

[16] Return of Ronin Meeting Kate Bishop Barton with his children in the hotel room "You're Hawkeye!" "Who the hell are you?" "I'm Kate Bishop." ― Kate Bishop and Clint Barton [src] After bringing his children back to the hotel room, Barton witnessed in a NY1 report that someone had been spotted wearing his Ronin suit while rescuing a dog, forcing him to leave to deal with it.

Barton finding and confronting Kate Bishop Barton tracked down the individual, who was engaged in a fight with the Tracksuit Mafia, so he fought off and defeated the group with ease. Barton then dragged away the new Ronin, and unmasked film hawkeye marvel, only to discover she was young, so he did not hurt her. [16] Kate Bishop introduced herself to Barton, who asked where she go the suit from, but she was unable to answer, being shocked to be meeting her hero.

Hearing sirens coming, Barton decided to help Bishop, and escorted her back to her apartment to question her further. [9] Attacked by the Tracksuit Mafia Barton questions Kate Bishop about the suit "The person that wore this suit made a whole lot of enemies. All right? And the Tracksuits are just one of them." ―Clint Barton to Kate Bishop [src] As they walked back to her apartment, Barton had began to question Kate Bishop about the situation. Barton told Bishop to take off the Ronin Suit, and she explained how she took from a black market auction, and wore to fight the Tracksuit Mafia.

Stepping inside the apartment, Film hawkeye marvel was greeted by the golden retriever, although Bishop claimed that the dog did not actually belong to her. Bishop asked if Barton could sign her bow, but he continued to question her, asking if she was injured, and figuring out if anyone saw her face or connected her to the suit, to which she said no one had.

Barton is attacked by the Tracksuit Mafia Bishop then realized that she came to her apartment earlier to drop off the retriever, which led the Tracksuits to them, and they began throwing Molotov cocktails inside the building. Barton was able to catch one and throw it back at the Tracksuits, and Bishop fired an arrow at them. Barton saw that the Ronin suit was amongst the fire, but after Bishop failed to put the flames out, they were forced to leave it and escape from the burning building.

[9] Going on the Run Barton and Kate Bishop escaping the Mafia "So, what's the plan now? Let me guess. We're going to your safe house?

Is it in Avengers Tower?" "No. Tony sold that. A few years ago." ― Kate Bishop and Clint Barton [src] Barton, Kate Bishop and the golden retriever made their way to the subway station, where they caught a train to get away from the Tracksuit Mafia, and headed to get some supplies. As Barton bought some items from a store, he tried to think of a place to hide out in, with Bishop suggesting Avengers Tower, but Barton informed her Tony Stark had sold it years ago.

Bishop decided to take Barton to her aunt's apartment, and he told her to stay there and clean her wounds as he headed back to her apartment to retrieve the Ronin suit. [9] Search for the Suit Barton finds that the Ronin suit is missing "Did you get the suit?" "No." "But you have a lead." "What makes you say that?" ― Kate Bishop and Clint Barton [src] When he arrived back at Kate Bishop's apartment, Barton discovered that the Fire Department of New York City were already there.

Disguising himself as a firefighter, Barton snuck into the apartment and looked for the Ronin Suit, but discovered that it was gone. Heading back outside, Barton noticed a NYC LARPers sticker on a firetruck. Barton cleans Kate Bishop's wounds Barton returned to Kate Bishop, who had cleaned her wound incorrectly, so he did it for her, telling her that he was unable to recover the Ronin Suit. Barton then investigated the NYC LARPers, discovering via social media that Grills had taken the suit and was wearing it.

Receiving a text from Lila, Barton told her to pack her things, but knowing that he would not be able to leave with them, as he had to stay to deal with the situation. [9] Extended Stay in New York Barton says goodbye to his children "Your problem is branding." "No, my problem is you.

And this ninja suit, and the people trying to kill you 'cause of it. It's a problem that I am going to solve today, so I can go home film hawkeye marvel my family." ― Kate Bishop and Clint Barton [src] The next morning, Barton said goodbye to his children, but when Lila Barton became concerned about his disappearance the night before, he assured her that everything would be fine, and that he will make it back home for Christmas.

Barton walks with Kate Bishop Film hawkeye marvel then headed back to Kate Bishop, where they watched NY1 news talk about Bishop as Ronin, suspecting her being connected to the death of Armand Duquesne III. Barton attempted to get Bishop to stay put for safety, but she insisted upon leaving, as he went to find the suit. As they walked together through Times Square, Barton explained to Bishop that he was deaf in his left ear, as well as them discussing his public recognition as Hawkeye, with Bishop stating that Barton's problem was branding.

Barton says goodbye to Kate Bishop Barton claimed that he was not trying to sell anything as Hawkeye, but Bishop informed him that people wanted sincerity, as he could inspire, much like he inspired her. After walking her to the front of Bishop Security Headquarters, they exchanged numbers, which Barton said was only for emergencies, and split ways, with Barton saying it may be the last they would see of each other, despite Bishop wanting to learn more from him. [9] Forced into LARPing Barton participates in LARPing "You're a superhero in real life.

This is as close as I'm ever gonna get to being one. Just work with me. Let me kill you." "And I fought Thanos." ― Grills and Clint Barton [src] Barton arrived at Central Park where the LARP was being held, but was unable film hawkeye marvel enter, so he begrudgingly decided to participate so he could get to the suit. After being told the rules and provided with armor, Barton made his way through the park, where he fought off a bunch of LARPers using his superior fighting ability.

Barton gets the suit back from Grills He then came across Grills, so Barton told film hawkeye marvel to hand over the suit, but Grills promised he would return the suit if Barton would let him "kill" him in a duel. Barton was initally against porlonging his LARP experience, but when Grills said that this was his only chance to be a superhero, Barton complied.

They then held a duel, where Barton allowed Grills to "kill" him, and he finally reclaimed the suit, expressing that he enjoyed the experience to Grills.

[9] Captured by the Tracksuit Mafia Barton checks in with his wife "Now, the suit. She put it on by accident. She didn't know what it means. She's not Ronin." ―Clint Barton to Maya Lopez [src] Barton called up Laura to let her know that he will be missing his flight, and should only need another day in New York City.

Laura asked how it was going with the Ronin suit, so he told her he got it back, but he had to sort things out with the Tracksuit Mafia, promising to still get home for Christmas. Barton explained that he was going to do a catch release, which Laura noted was one of Natasha Romanoff's old moves. She then told him that they were building gingerbread houses, with him saying he'd slow them up if he was there.

Barton and Kate Bishop get captured Barton waited outside, and was soon surrounded by the Tracksuits, who he let take him into their van. They put a bag over his head, but he told them he could still see. They then took him back to their hideout. In their warehouse, Barton informed them that he was not who they were after, which the Tracksuits stated was Kate Bishop, but Barton attempted to deny knowing who she was, and asked to speak with their boss.

At that moment, Bishop crashed through the skylight, but because she was immediately held at gunpoint by the Tracksuits, she got herself and Barton tied up. [9] Barton is frustrated by Kate Bishop Being tied to a kiddie ride, Barton and Bishop were taunted by the Tracksuits through to the morning, as they were forced to ride on the coin-operated horses.

When the Tracksuits moved away from them, Barton explained to Bishop that he was close to clearing her name from the Ronin suit until she got herself caught. They were then faced with the leader of the Tracksuits, Maya Lopez, who noticed Barton's hearing aid and asked if he was deaf like her, but he explained that he was only hard of hearing, so she used Kazi Kazimierczak to translate.

Barton is confronted by Maya Lopez Lopez called out Barton's reliance on technology with needing the hearing aid, suggesting he might be better without it. Barton proceed to explain that Bishop was not Ronin, and only wore the suit by mistake, but Lopez was unconvinced, stating that Ronin could still be out there.

Having moved past that part of his life, Barton told Lopez that Ronin was dead, killed by Black Widow, but she still didn't believe him, so she questioned Bishop, letting Barton begin to free himself. Barton fighting against Maya Lopez While the Tracksuits talked amongst themselves, Barton told Bishop to harness her over-confidence as he commenced his escape, resulting in Barton being chased in the warehouse by the Tracksuits.

Barton skillfully evaded several of the Tracksuits, but was matched when fighting Lopez, who destroyed his hearing aid. Barton managed to reclaim his bow and quiver, which allowed him to subdue Lopez by shooting two arrows next to her head, free Bishop, and defeat the rest of the Tracksuits. [10] Car Chase Barton attempts to speak with Kate Bishop "We're out of the regular arrows." "What do you mean, we're.

Oh, my God, trick arrows?" ―Clint Barton and Kate Bishop [src] With the Tracksuit Mafia still coming after them, Barton and Kate Bishop rushed outside and attempted to steal a car, bickering about who would drive and who would shoot, with Barton being unable to hear Bishop, due to his hearing aid being broken.

The Tracksuits then came outside, forcing Barton to drive them away, only to soon be pursued by numerous vehicles. Barton and Kate Bishop driving away Bishop retrieved Barton's quiver full of arrows to fight against the Tracksuits, but Barton warned her that there were only trick arrows left, much to her excitement. Unsure of what each arrow did, Bishop fired different ones to varying effects, from an explosive arrow to a plunger arrow. In order to let Bishop shoot better, he drove backwards, eliminating each of the vehicles.

Leaving just the one Maya Lopez was driving. Barton and Kate Bishop take aim together The chase led to a bridge, where they were caught up to by Lopez's car, so Barton fought off Tomas while driving, until Bishop fired a smoke screen arrow, allowing them to get clear momentarily.

Noticing that the road was blocked by traffic and that Kazi Kazimierczak was driving straight towards them, Barton told Bishop to shoot an arrow upwards, as he shot an arrow containing Pym Particles at it, enlarging the arrow, and destroying the approaching van. Barton and Kate Bishop escape the Mafia Out of arrows, Barton rushed over to collect the plunger arrow and quickly returned to Bishop, all while under fire from the Tracksuits.

Barton and Bishop jumped off the bridge, and as they fell, both holding onto the bow, Barton released a grapple so they they could swing over to a passing train, which they stuck to with the plunger arrow.

They entered the train, and Barton acknowledged Bishop's claims of being one of the world's greatest archers, having been impressed by her efforts. While catching their breath in the train, they both noted that they needed to get back to the dog.

[10] Gaining a New Partner Advising Kate Bishop Barton talking to his son on the phone "It comes with a price." "What does?" "This life you wanna live. To really help people. I mean, try to help people, anyway.

Comes with a lot of sacrifices. And some things you'll lose. forever." ―Clint Barton and Kate Bishop [src] They film hawkeye marvel to Kate Bishop's aunt's apartment, with Barton still unable to hear.

The next morning, he was called by Nathaniel, but because he could not hear him, Bishop wrote down what he was saying, so Barton could understand. Barton assured his son he'd be home for Christmas, and thanked Bishop for helping him. Bartons talks about being a superhero Barton, Bishop, and the dog went to a audiologist to get his hearing aid repaired, where Bishop joked about it being good Barton wasn't called "HawkEar." They then went to get breakfast together, where Bishop talked about how she was finally doing what she had dreamed of, and being who she was supposed to be, with Barton noting the day he felt the same thing.

But, Barton informed Bishop that the superhero life comes with a price of sacrifices and losing people. Barton discusses his costume recognition However, Bishop responded that there were things to be gained from being a film hawkeye marvel, like trick arrows and cool costumes. This led Bishop to film hawkeye marvel that his branding probelm was due to his costume needing to be more recognizable, but Barton explained that his job for the last twenty years was to not be recognized as she showed him a drawing of a potential purple costume with a winged helmet, an idea which he dismissed immediately.

Barton claims that he is not a role model Bishop then began to talking about Ronin, belieiving Barton couldn't say their identity because it was someone close to him, so Barton returned the conversation back to his costume, saying he could never wear something flashy, as he had to be a ghost, and that his wife would divorce him if he did. Barton's main reason was because he was not a role model, much to Bishop's disagreement, recounting how he left his family to help her because she was in danger, stating that now they were in this together as partners.

[10] Investigating the Tracksuit Mafia Barton tells Kate Bishop about Kingpin " They started small, but grew. Or at least the guy at the top, he'll do anything to grow the operation." "I thought Maya was the boss." "No, there's someone above Maya. Someone you don't wanna mess with." ―Clint Barton and Kate Bishop [src] As they walked the dog in Central Park, Barton and Kate Bishop dicussed the Tracksuit Mafia, with Barton explaining their operation, in that they started small, but being controlled by Kingpin allowed them to grow.

Barton told Bishop, Kingpin was not to be messed with because of his past with Ronin, revealing that Ronin took out his suppiler and the upper management of the Tracksuits. Barton speaks with Kate Bishop in the taxi Barton questioned what the Tracksuits were after at the auction, expressing his displeasure that things from the Avengers Compound were out in the world.

They then talked about Jack Duquesne's possible connection to the Tracksuits, with Barton not being convinced by Bishop's theories, so they decided to get more evidence from her mother's files. Barton is discovered by Jack Duquesne The three snuck into the Bishop Residence, which Barton was amazed by the size of the home, and they headed to the computer. Barton told Bishop to search up Kazi Kazimierczak, where they found that he was an employee of Sloan Limited.

Hearing something, Barton went to look around the house as Bishop looked at the files, but he was soon stopped when he was caught by Duquesne, who held Barton's sword to his throat.

[10] Barton is questioned by Eleanor Bishop Duquesne kept the sword trained on Barton until Bishop told him to stop, with Eleanor joining them, calling out that he was an Avenger. They all then sat down, and Bishop explained to her mother that she was working with Barton on a case, claiming that they were friends and partners, something Barton was hesitant about. After Dequesne thanked Barton for film hawkeye marvel the world, Bishop revealed that they used Eleanor's computer to get information, which Barton confirmed to Bishop's mother.

Barton speaks with Eleanor Bishop Satisfied with what she was told, Eleanor went to escort Barton out, which allowed him to secretly steal back his sword. Before he left, Eleanor told Barton that Bishop was not a superhero, and that she did not want her daughter to be killed no matter how good she was at it, bringing up Natasha Romanoff's death.

Eleanor then asked if Barton had any kids, explaining that she couldn't lose Bishop, and asked him to forget the case, film hawkeye marvel Barton said he couldn't, and promised to keep Bishop safe. Barton is given information from his wife Barton texted Laura, asking if she could look into Sloan Limited, and she called him back not long after to say that it was a front for the Tracksuits, and that Duquesne is the CEO.

With this development, Laura realized Barton would need another day there, as he explained that he needed to ensure that Bishop was safe. Laura then spoke in German so their children wouldn't hear and asked if the Rolex was stolen from the Avengers Compound. He wasn't sure and asked her to check its transmitter. [11] Bonding with Kate Bishop Barton is joined by Kate Bishop and Lucky "Have you ever heard of boomerang arrows?" "What? Why would I ever want to use a boomerang arrow?" "Because they come back." ― Kate Bishop and Clint Barton [src] Barton returned to the safehouse, and proceeded to tape frozen items to his body so he could recover.

But he was interrupted when Kate Bishop arrived to celebrate Christmas with him, bringing decorations, movies, and sweaters, knowing that he was missing out on being with his family. Barton discusses using boomerang arrows Barton informed Bishop that she was right about Jack Duquesne, so they decided to make a plan to bring down the Tracksuit Mafia while also having a Christmas celebration.

Bishop told Film hawkeye marvel they had to get the NYPD and the Tracksuits no longer after her, while also figuring out how Duquesne was involved.

Bishop asked about getting more trick arrows, but Barton told her he didn't have any more, just a few arrowheads, which made Bishop suggest a boomerang arrow, much to Barton's confusion. Barton teaching Kate Bishop film hawkeye marvel skill As they decorated the tree, Bishop enquired about the possibility of splitting an arrow down the middle with another arrow, so Barton revealed that he had done it a few times.

film hawkeye marvel

Barton also revealed that he was able to knock someone unconscious with a coin, but when Bishop casted doubt, he proved himself by snapping a coin film hawkeye marvel the TV and turning it off, impressing Bishop. She asked Barton to teach her, so he did, and Bishop was able to succesfully turn the TV back on. Barton talks about Natasha Romanoff Bishop asked Barton what was the best shot he ever took, which he answered was the one he didn't take: when he met Natasha Romanoff. Barton was uneasy about sharing the story, but decided to tell Bishop, detailing how he was assigned to kill Romanoff, but seeing that she wanted to get out, he spared her and gave her a chance.

Barton stated that Romanoff was the best there ever was, but attempted to hide his grief by claiming that his job was about managing loss. As they watched It's a Wonderful Life, Barton's sadness grew, as he was reminded of how he was unable to be with his family. Barton reveals he is Ronin to Kate Bishop Bishop deduced that Barton had lost his family from the Snap, and asked if it was during that time that he met Ronin, only to then realize from Barton's silence that he was Ronin.

Barton explained to Bishop that he resorting to hurting people as that was what he was trained to do, as he was a weapon, despite his time doing good as an Avenger.

Bishop attempted to comfort Barton by saying his mistakes were behind him, but he corrected her in that they were tied to him and his family. Barton thanked Bishop for what she did for him, and they got some sleep, with Barton reflecting on his past. [11] Threatening Kazi Kazimierczak Barton informs Kate Bishop of the plan " She's chasing a ghost. I think you know that.

But I can't convince her of that. And I'm guessing you're the only one who can. This is the final warning." ―Clint Barton to Kazi Kazimierczak [src] The next morning, Barton informed Kate Bishop that he was going to talk with Kazi Kazimierczak, and that she had been tasked with tracking down his trick arrows from the NYC LARPers, as they had been collected and stored in a NYPD facility.

Barton threatening Kazi Kazimierczak Barton headed to Fat Man Auto Repair, where he broke into Kazimierczak's car, locating and removing all stored weapons. When Kazimierczak got inside, Barton told him that he wanted to leave the city, and therefore needed the Ronin situation to be over. Knowing that Kazimierczak understood the operation, and that Kingpin wouldn't be wanting the attention, Barton told him to get Maya Lopez to stop her obsession with Ronin, as it was only going to lead to more people dying.

[11] Retrieving the Rolex Barton reclaims his trick arrow heads "I cannot be your partner if you don't tell me what's going on." "You're not my partner. Do you understand that? You never were." ― Kate Bishop and Clint Barton [src] Barton regrouped with Kate Bishop, who told him that his arrows would be brought to them soon, and that she made a deal with the NYC LARPers to get them material for new costumes, including ones for Barton and Bishop.

Laura texted Barton back to tell him the rolex wasn't destroyed, providing its location, so he and Bishop left, collecting the arrows from Wendy Conrad. Barton scouts the apartment building Barton and Bishop headed to the location and scouted the apartment building on a rooftop opposite. Barton told Bishop that a rolex stolen from the black market auction was inside one of the apartments, and he proceeded to call out his plan for entry only to discover that Bishop was gone, already making her way inside.

Bishop ignored Barton's plans, and instead took the elevator, telling a resident that she was partners with an Avenger. Barton observes Kate Bishop's infiltration As Bishop approached the apartment, Barton kept watch from the rooftop, listening in as she told him about strobe lights that went off. Barton told Bishop about the Rolex, and how it could blow the cover of his friend if the Tracksuit Mafia figures out who owns it.

Bishop found the watch, but also spotted a note about Barton's family, but was told to get out of the building when Barton realized it was Maya Lopez's apartment, as the lights were a silent alarm for deaf people. Barton is attacked by Yelena Belova However, at that moment, Barton was attacked by a masked person, who he initially believed to be Lopez, until Bishop revealed she was in the room with her.

Barton quickly fired a zip line arrow, allowing Bishop to return to the rooftop, as he continued to fight against his opponent, who pulled a gun on Bishop, so Barton stood in front of her.

Lopez knocked the attacker away and began fighting Barton, but when the masked person threw Bishop off the roof, Barton rushed to save her. Barton decides to protect Kate Bishop When Barton reached over the rooftop, he saw Bishop dangling, which reminded him of his final moment with Natasha Romanoff, so he decided to cut her down so she would no longer be put in danger.

Now by himself, Barton fought against Lopez and the masked person at the same time, being greatly outmatched. He was soon assisted when Bishop returned, shooting a shockwave arrow that threw them all aside, as well as getting rid of Lopez after she got shot in the shoulder. Barton rejects Kate Bishop as his partner With just the masked person left, Barton resumed their fight, managing to remove her mask, revealing her to be Yelena Belova, who then stunned him with her Bite.

Bishop aimed her bow at Belova but did not shoot, allowing her to film hawkeye marvel. Bishop asked Barton why he didn't fill her in as his partner, but he rejected that they were partners, telling her he was doing it alone, due to the severity of a Black Widow assassin being hired. Bishop refused this, but Barton, not wanting to lose another partner, demanded she leave for her own safety, taking her bow from her.

[11] Next Course of Action Barton being invited to stay at Grills' place "I do my best every day to earn what you gave me. I just wanna say I'm. I just wanna say I miss you. And I'm so sorry for what I'm about to do." ―Clint Barton [src] Exhausted from his previous encounter, Barton headed to Grills' apartment, and as they ate pizza, he was invited by Grills to stay at his place. Grills then told Barton that Missy had dropped off the costumes for him and Kate Bishop, but Barton was too tired to look at them.

Barton "speaking" with Natasha Romanoff The next day, Barton determined to find a way to end the conflict with Maya Lopez was to stop the Ronin identity, despite all that has happened for him to move past it. So, Barton went to the Battle of New York memorial site, which he used to "speak" to Natasha Romanoff, recounting her sacrifice, expressing how he wished things played out differently. Barton stated that he had worked to earn the chance she had given him to be better and that he missed her, but now had to return to his old ways to settle his conflict.

Barton updates Laura on what he has to do Barton tracked down Ivan Banionis, and shot an arrow at him that had a note hidden inside, asking Lopez to meet him at Fat Man Auto Repair alone. That night, before the meeting, Barton called Laura to tell her that in addition to still needing to stay longer, Lopez stealing the rolex meant she knew information on all of them, and that if things didn't end, Kingpin would get involved.

Understanding the severity, Laura supported Barton in what he needed film hawkeye marvel do, knowing what he had planned. [23] Facing Off with Maya Lopez Barton becomes the Ronin one more time "We're weapons. But when you're filled with rage, it makes you blind. It could be used, film hawkeye marvel be manipulated. Trust me, I know." ―Clint Barton to Maya Lopez [src] Putting on the Ronin suit, Barton arrived at Fat Man Auto Repair, which was surrounded by the Tracksuit Mafia, who Maya Lopez had positioned all around the area.

Barton anticipated this, and snuck up behind Kazi Kazimierczak, who had taken a sniper position, immediatley knocked him out, and proceeded to stealthily eliminate the remaining Tracksuits on the ground.

Barton fighting against Maya Lopez Leaving just Lopez standing, Barton drew her fire so she would run out of ammo, and then confronted her. The two clashed, with Lopez stealing Barton's sword, which he managed to disarm off of her, resorting it to hand-to-hand.

The fight was evenly matched, but it was when Barton mananged to film hawkeye marvel his sword and knock Lopez down that it finally ended.

Barton held his sword to Lopez, and unmasked himself so he could tell her that if she ever came after him or his family, he would kill her. Barton informs Maya Lopez of the truth Barton attempted to explain to Lopez that they were the same, but she retorted that he was a monster, leading to Barton to elaborate that they were both weapons.

He then continued that being filled with rage only made them blind, and therefore easily manipulated, just like he was when he killed her father, revealing that an informant tipped him off under orders from Kingpin, who wanted William dead. [23] Reunited with Kate Bishop Barton is almost killed by Maya Lopez "Clint, this is my mess to clean up. You should go home, you should be with your family.

You can still make it in time for Christmas." "Kate, you're my partner. Your mess is my mess. I'm not going anywhere until this is finished." ― Kate Bishop and Clint Barton [src] At that moment, Maya Lopez caught Barton off guard, and dropped him to the ground, snatching his sword off him. But when she went to kill him, an arrow that had been shot by Kate Bishop knocked the weapon out of film hawkeye marvel hands, allowing Barton to retreat.

Barton and Kate Bishop get back together Barton ran down an alleyway, where he was reunited with Bishop, and he asked what her escape plan was, only to discover that she had film hawkeye marvel for an Uber to drive them away. During the car ride, Bishop informed Barton that the masked attacker was Natasha Romanoff's sister, Yelena Belova, which surprised Barton.

They then got out of the car, and as they walked down the street, Barton handed Bishop back one of her arrows, and film hawkeye marvel resumed their partnership. Barton learns that the Kingpin has returned They went to Grills' Apartment, and had breakfast, where they watched a new trick Grills had taught the dog, when Bishop recieved a text from Belova.

She revealed that the person who hired her to kill Barton was Eleanor Bishop, much to Bishop's shock, so she showed Barton her phone. Bishop asked him who was the person with her mother in the video sent by Belova, which Barton revealed was the boss of the Tracksuit Mafia, Kingpin. [23] Barton calls Kate Bishop his partner After they watched the video, Barton, seeing that Bishop was having a hard time processing this information, told her to calm down, as they needed to focus on helping her mother, because Kingpin would come after her in a big way.

Bishop told Barton that it was her mess, and that he should return home to his family for Christmas. But Barton refused, stating that they were partners, and as such, he would not leave her until they had ended the conflict together.

[13] Making Trick Arrows Barton says they need more trick arrows "You know, you don't have to do this. It is part of the job. It's always inconvenient. It's lonely. You will get hurt. Heroes have to make some tough decisions.

So, if you're gonna do this. I just wanna know you're ready." ―Clint Barton to Kate Bishop [src] On the train, Barton expressed sympathy for Bishop's situation, but she responded that they needed to stay focused on what was to come that night. Barton agreed, mentioning that they were going to require a lot more trick arrows. Barton film hawkeye marvel making more trick arrows The two returned to Grills' Apartment, and began manufacturing an arsenal of new arrowheads with various capabilities to equip them in the film hawkeye marvel battle that awaited them.

As they worked together, Barton got Bishop to label the arrows, as per her recomendation, and asked about the party's attire. He told her that she didn't have to go through with their plan, due to the inconvenience film hawkeye marvel would bring to her life, warning her that there will be some tough decisions to be made, and she needed to be ready.

Barton learns of his impact on Kate Bishop Bishop then revealed to Barton that during the Battle of New York, she witnessed him fighting the Chitauri, and jump off the building, despite his lack of superpowers, which inspired her and helped her to not be afraid.

Barton listened as Bishop praised his contributions to the idea of being a hero not having to mean that you were super, but instead willing to do what film hawkeye marvel right, no matter who you were, which made Barton smile. Bishop then confirmed to Barton that she was ready, and they film hawkeye marvel for the night. [13] The Bishop Holiday Party Barton and Kate Bishop film hawkeye marvel at the party "This is some Christmas." ―Clint Barton [src] That night, Barton and Bishop got dressed in formal attire, while secretly wearing their new costumes underneath, and got the NYC LARPers to go disguised as waiters and bring their equipment, and headed off to the Bishop holiday party.

Once inside, they looked for Eleanor Bishop, while Barton also got Bishop to analyze their assets and threats. Barton is attacked by Kazi Kazimierczak While scouting the party, they noticed that Jack Duquesne was there, having been bailed from prison, and Barton gave Bishop an earpiece so they could be in contact as he walked around the room.

After Bishop reported in that she found her mother, Barton spoke with Wendy Conrad, where he discovered there was a sniper in the other building, so he quickly blocked the shot with a tray just in time. Barton ordered the LARPers to get everyone to safety, as he went to get his equipment. Barton equips himself with his bow Barton retrieved his equipment from Orville, and told him to find Eleanor, as he went downstairs so that he could draw the fire away from the people. Taking out his bow, Barton opened a window and shot a smoke arrow at Kazi Kazimierczak, forcing him to leave his sniper position.

Barton checked in with Bishop, who warned him about Yelena Belova coming down the building, allowing him to avoid being shot by her as she passed. Bishop also informed Barton that the Tracksuit Mafia had arrived. Barton notices the Tracksuit Mafia arrive Barton began planting explosives in the room to take out the Tracksuits when they arrived, but before film hawkeye marvel could detonate them, Kazimierczak ambushed him, and the two began to fight.

As the Tracksuits got closer, Kazimierczak was strangling Barton, but he managed to break free and reclaim his bow to set off the explosives, taking out the Tracksuits and Kazimierczak. Noticing that more were coming, Barton decided to jump out the window, but the line broke, causing him to fall into the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree.

[13] Battle at Rockefeller Center Hawkeye is stuck in the Christmas tree "Is it time?" "It's time. All right, Kate. Let's give 'em hell." ― Kate Bishop and Hawkeye [src] Hawkeye informed Kate Bishop that he was stuck in the tree, where he witnessed Grills, Wendy Conrad, Missy and Orville in their LARP costumes helping the people get to safety.

Bishop then told Hawkeye to hang on as she shot an acid arow at the tree, causing it to fall, landing Hawkeye on the Rockefeller Center ice rink. Hawkeye surrounded by the Tracksuit Mafia Film hawkeye marvel getting up, Hawkeye found himself completely surrounded by the Tracksuit Mafia. But before he could draw his bow, Bishop came in to rescue him by shooting mulitple arrows to release steam around the area to cover them.

Hawkeye used a magnet arrow to remove all the guns from the Tracksuits, and took off his shirt to reveal his costume, much to Bishop's excitement. With the Tracksuits coming down to face off with them, Hawkeye gave Bishop some of his trick arrows, and told her to give them hell, as they prepared to fight.

Hawkeye and Kate Bishop stand together They partnered together as they proceeded to unleash their trick arrows, eliminating the incoming Tracksuits with great ease. Hawkeye and Bishop managed to film hawkeye marvel off the countless Tracksuits, but more of them kept coming, so they fended film hawkeye marvel off with their fighting ability. Hawkeye picked up Bishop's bow and handed it to her as another wave of Tracksuits arrived, so they continued shooting arrows at the last few enemies.

When one of the Tracksuit's truck was heading straight for them, Bishop grabbed a Pym Particles arrow, and shrunk it, leaving them confused on what would happen to the tiny Tracksuits, which Barton said he'd ask Scott Lang about.

Hawkeye shoots at Kazi Kazimierczak Having defeated all of the Tracksuits, Hawkeye and Bishop made their escape, learning of Eleanor Bishop's whereabouts, so Bishop went to go after her. But, before they could leave, they were shot at by Kazi Kazimierczak, so Hawkeye told Bishop to go, as he grabbed an arrow, shot it at Kazimierczak, and then shot another one, which split the first arrow in half, taking out the two Tracksuits next to him. Kazimierczak managed to catch the arrow, but before he could open fire, Hawkeye was tackled by Yelena Belova.

[13] Amends with Yelena Belova Barton defends himself from Yelena Belova " She made her choice. We're gonna have to find a way to live with that." "I loved her so much." "Me too." ―Clint Barton and Yelena Belova [src] As Yelena Belova stood over Barton, she said that before she killed him, she wanted to know what happened when Natasha Romanoff died.

Barton, meeting Belova for the first time, told her that she would not believe him, due to the circumstances of the event, but stated that Romanoff sacrificed herself to save the world. Belova did not believe Barton, and began attacking him. Barton tries to convince Yelena Belova Barton defended himself against Belova, but did not fight back, instead trying to convince her that he was telling the truth, and that nobody killed Romanoff.

Barton managed to restrain Belova, and once film hawkeye marvel reiterated that Romanoff sacrificed herself, and she could not be stopped, but Belova still thought he was lying. Belova questioned why her sister would sacrifice herself for Barton, which he responded that he didn't deserve it, and that he fought her for it.

Belova then began ruthlessly beating Barton with her baton. Barton makes amends with Yelena Belova Belova pulled her gun out, but Barton did Belova and Romanoff's secret whistle, which made her pause and ask how he knew that. Barton revealed that Romanoff told him about Belova, telling the story of when they had to leave their home, as film hawkeye marvel as assuring her that Romanoff always loved her. Belova wished that she could have stopped Romanoff's demise, but Barton claimed that no one could have stopped her, and they both expressed their love for Romanoff.

Belova was convinced by Barton, and helped him up, and they parted ways. Barton and Kate Bishop talk after the fight With the conflict finally over, Barton regrouped with Kate Bishop, and told her that a few times in his life he had encountered someone who had made him better in every way, although he initally joked that he meant Missy for making their new costumes, but he was referring to Bishop.

Barton acknowledged what Bishop had gone through, and how she took on Kingpin by herself, admitting he was proud of her. They then held hands, and Barton remembered that they had to walk Lucky. [13] Home for Christmas Barton brings Kate Bishop to his home "Brought home a couple of strays." "Hi." "This is Kate." ―Clint Barton and Kate Bishop to Laura Barton [src] On Film hawkeye marvel day, Barton headed home to be with his family, letting Kate Bishop and Lucky come with him and stay, as she was now alone.

As they got out of the car, Bishop asked Barton if it was ok that she was there, but he assured her that his family was excited film hawkeye marvel meet her. Barton is finally reunited with his wife Barton's children came out and welcomed him home, and he introduced them all to Bishop.

Barton went inside and was reunited with his wife, who he hugged, and expressed that he had missed her, and introduced Laura to Bishop. As their children opened presents with Bishop, Barton sat down with Laura, where he gave her rolex, which he was able to recover, joking that she needed to take better care of her stuff, which she commented he did too, referring to his Ronin suit.

Barton and Kate Bishop burn the Ronin suit Being reminded of this, Barton asked Bishop to help him outside with destroying the Ronin suit.

After Barton doused it with lighter fluid, Bishop lit a match and set the suit on fire, and asked whether she should say a few words. Bishop then wanted to hear Barton's thoughts on some superhero names for herself, such as "Lady Hawk," "Hawk Eve," "Hawk Shot," and "Lady Arrow," but Barton thought they were all terrible.

Instead, Barton came up with his own idea for them to share the name "Hawkeye." [13] Personality "You know what I've done. You know what I've become." "I don't judge people on their worst mistakes." "Maybe you should." "You didn't." ―Hawkeye and Black Widow [src] Clint Barton is a brave operative with a deadpan focus; dedicated to his job of protecting the innocent. Through his years of being with S.H.I.E.L.D., Barton had made himself one of their best soldiers and marksmen, and had shown great loyalty and dedication to whatever his objective is, and always gets the mission done, as he will fight until the end and then keep fighting.

However, despite this commitment, Barton has proven himself to be a maverick, disobeying orders in order to do what he believes is right as well as seeing through whatever he does his own way. When Phil Coulson gave Barton orders to use a gun to take aim at Thor but he chose to grab a bow, his signature weapon, as he knew that he is at his best with it.

However, two people Barton has ultimately shown to follow completely are Nick Fury and Steve Rogers due to their qualities he holds to value. He admires Fury's clear line of sight, something Barton maintains in situations and respects Rogers' ability to always fight for what is right. This is why Barton, even while under the influence of Loki, managed to spare Fury, and chose to help Rogers during the Avengers Civil War.

In addition to this, Barton trusts Rogers' leadership of the Avengers and performs as the ideal soldier in battle, following his orders and strategies, as seen when he took the Regeneration Cradle to Avengers Tower, despite wanting to save Black Widow, and requesting for Rogers' plan during the Battle of Earth when he was protecting the Nano Gauntlet. Though commonly misjudged and underestimated as one of the most underpowered Avengers, with his ability to blend in with his environment, his stoic professionalism, and ability to see and assess from afar, Barton is often valued by his superiors for his ability to keep an eye on people and assess situations.

For this, he was able to figure out that the Tesseract could be activated from another location, as well as know the weaknesses of the Avengers and how to exploit it when under Loki's influence. He was also able to stay alert and level headed during the Battle at the Salvage Yard and not succumb to the effects of Scarlet Witch, unlike the other Avengers, who were easily subdued due to their more reckless approach.

In fact, it is Barton's near anonymity that makes him more effective, as being away from the public spotlight allows him to work better as a ghost.

It is because of this that Barton can even understand when he is outmatched and accept it and use his skills to benefit him. When he went to rescue Wanda Maximoff, he knew that he could not defeat Vision, despite placing traps to stop him but instead had Wanda defeat him. When he was being chased by a group of Outriders, despite knowing he could not outrun them Barton endured with protecting film hawkeye marvel Infinity Stones.

During the Avengers Civil War, Barton also understood that in order for them to win, some of them had to sacrifice themselves and be arrested, including himself. For Barton, this is not a tough call, as he is willing to sacrifice himself for what is right. That is why he went back to save a Sokovian boy who was missing, even though Barton himself was safe from the near destructing country because for Barton, he needs to make sure that everyone is safe no matter how the fight is going.

So even though there was a massive army of aliens attacking, Barton went to rescue a bus filled with civilians who were trapped, rather than fight them off with Black Widow. And when he and Black Widow were informed that one of them had to sacrifice themselves in order to obtain the Soul Stone, Barton didn't hesitate to allow himself to be the one to do it, especially in order to save his best friend and redeem himself for his actions.

Or when he discovered that Kate Bishop was in danger due to his past actions, he gave up possibly being with his family for Christmas to protect her from danger. Despite his professionalism and approach to missions, Barton is a humorous and often sarcastic person and is able to not take things too seriously, even in the midst of a battle where he can sometimes be overwhelmed.

Whether it be fighting aliens, robots or even fellow Avengers, Barton will constantly make a joke or bring levity to a situation, mainly when he is fighting alongside his best friend and partner, Black Widow, one of the few people who not only understand Barton’s level of banter, but is also able to keep up with it. This is due to their many years of working together, which developed into a strong friendship, where the two could be completely comfortable with each other. As a result, Barton trusted her with the secret of his family, and she told him about her dark past.

And when both were compromised, the other film hawkeye marvel for them as they recovered. Because of their closeness, they often stay together in situations as that's how they work best. This allows them to frequently not be serious as seen in the Battle of New York where both of them made jokes about the situation, when the two were casually having a conversation during the chaotic Battle of Sokovia. And when Barton lost his family, he had become more hardened, which Black Widow tried to help him through.

However, this was partially restored once he was given hope, and he continued to joke with his friend during the Time Heist, as seen when the two were on Morag, waiting for Nebula and War Machine, jokingly being impatient. Barton's humor is occasionally used to compensate for him being overwhelmed in situations that include people like Thor, a literal god. However, despite his ability, or lack thereof, Barton is respected and valued in the Avengers, being seen as equal to them, being able to confidently express doubt about Thor’s hammer, but also open to be made fun of, all in good sense as they are all friends.

And when the team planned to retrieve the Infinity Stones and bring everyone back, Barton was seen as essential in order for the whole team to be together. Barton is mainly the one who makes the jokes at a constant, even in moments of pain, seriousness or conflict, such as the Avengers Civil War, or when Red Skull revealed the cost for the Soul Stone, not initially believing him, or when he was having an emotional moment with Bishop.

For this, Barton is seen as the jokester of the team. Because of this, Barton can sometimes be seen as more immature than the other Avengers, as well as being cocky and always feels the need to be competitive with anyone who acts as a challenge. When he was easily bested by the enhanced Quicksilver, Barton then happily participated in a rivalry with him, despite it being childish as he is much older than the adolescent.

He also uses his perfect aim to show off, such as hitting a moving target without looking, especially towards those who appear to be more powerful or better than him, mainly Tony Stark. While Stark casually threw darts, Barton decided to hit the bullseye with three darts at the same time, right next to Stark’s head, disarming the usually confident and always-in-control billionaire. He is also seen to be very revengeful and does not take kindly towards being betrayed or manipulated.

After regaining control from Loki’s influence, Barton was then motivated to fight by the thought of killing his former enslaver. During the battle against Loki, even though focusing on protecting others and stopping the attack, Barton seized the moment to get revenge by exploding an arrow right next to the God of Mischief, defeating him.

And when he learnt that his family was being targeted by Maya Lopez, Barton threatened to kill her if she ever went after them. However, Barton is not as immature when the person who wrongs him is someone he trusts. For Barton, trust is very important, but when Stark, a man who Barton was good friends with and even revealed his secret family to him, had a hand in fighting against and arresting him, Barton became furious and lost his respect for him, even to label him as someone who can never be trusted.

However, this would change over the years as they worked together again to reverse the Snap, which resulted in Stark's death. Uniquely, Barton is quite compassionate for an assassin, as he sees the good in people and who they could be, rather than who they were.

For this, Barton is seen as a better man, then a good soldier. When he was ordered to kill Black Widow, he made the call to spare her, recruiting her for S.H.I.E.L.D., and developing a great friendship with her, while others would only see her as a merciless assassin, beyond redemption.

From this, Barton developed a strong partnership with Romanoff, caring for her deeply at all times, as seen when he would go to check on her when she was affected by Wanda Maximoff and frustrated when Ultron captured her, causing him to not stop searching for her. When the two were faced with the realization that one of them would have to sacrifice themselves for the Soul Stone, Barton could not bring himself to allow her to do so, forcing himself to be the one, to only be stopped by Romanoff, who also didn't want to allow her best friend to die, wanting to give him another chance, as he did for her when they met.

And after Romanoff's death, Barton was left broken, and finding it hard to accept. This connection is also seen with Wanda Maximoff, one of the other people Barton possesses a close bond with. Much like Romanoff, he inspired Maximoff to move past her conflicted history and do good and help fight with the Avengers against Ultron.

Since her brother's death, ultimately saving Barton, he has felt some responsibility towards Wanda, him being a father figure towards her, guiding her and making sure she does what is right. That is why he was happy to rescue her from the Avengers Compound, giving her the opportunity to make amends for her actions. Despite both of them being at either end of the scale in regards to powers: Wanda being incredibly powerful and Barton being a regular man with a skillset, this does not come into play within their relationship, but rather they see past that and focus more on accepting the reality of their situations and doing what needs to be done.

Despite wanting to stay in retirement and away from the superhero life, Barton saw the potential in Bishop and decided to take her on as his protégé and then partner. Through this new partnership, Barton connected well with Bishop, as she was only just older than his own children, and he adopted a father-like relationship with Bishop, who had lost her own father when she was young.

However, he also respected Bishop as an equal, felling comfortable with her to reveal some of his personal stories and secrets. When Bishop was left all alone, Barton decided to let her stay with his family for Christmas, embracing her as his partner, which was something he was hesitant to do initally, still mourning Romanoff, which was why he previously sent her away to protect her.

Barton is a very loyal, caring and dedicated person who would do anything for the people he cares about. But the most important people in his life, are his family, who are very supportive in his role as an Avenger. Being a loving husband and father, Barton thinks about his family before a battle, motivating him, and would call them afterward to tell them he is fine. However, because he cares so much about them, he decided to retire to be with them.

Although, if he was ever needed, Barton would also go to help his friends if they asked him, especially Wanda, but this has also been shown for complete strangers, too. Barton being a compassionate person and a family man goes hand in hand with each other and is what separates him with the other Avengers.

It is the experience of being a husband and a father that makes him the man he is. Due to this, it was the death of his family that caused him to fall into a state of grief and rage that fuelled his path of vengeance, becoming extremely ruthless, murdering those who he saw as deserving of death. Because without his family, the only thing that was important to him, he was reduced to only his skillset used for killing people.

Despite seeing his actions as necessary at the time, Barton believed himself to have gone too far for redemption. However, he was able to overcome this, mainly due to honor his best friend who still believed in him, and sacrificed herself to bring everyone back, including Barton's family.

Therefore, he took comfort when Wanda told him that she would have known that they would have been successful. Although still not over the death of his best friend, it was through meeting Bishop that helped Barton, and made him be better.

Barton's place on the Avengers can be misconceived, with him not having any powers, but in fact, he is incredibly vital to the team's unity.

As the other members either have extraordinary powers or are beings beyond human, Barton grounds the team and makes sure that they stay focused and helps them to be better. However, despite this, Barton still can seem very overwhelmed by the other members. However, he does not let that stop him. Barton is able to address the absurdity of his situation, such as fighting against an army of robots with a bow and arrow, but he keeps fighting anyway.

From this, Barton is able to understand his place amongst the Avengers, usually taking a high vantage point, assessing the situation, and keeps up with the Avengers, showing to be confident in his place. Abilities "I gave you this detail so you could keep a close eye on things." "Well, I see better from a distance." ― Nick Fury and Clint Barton [src] Clint Barton's main ability is his extraordinary talent in marksmanship, with a particular specialty in archery.

Barton's unique skills have made him a core member of the Avengers, and one of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s best agents prior to the fall of the agency. His situational awareness is extremely superb, as during Battle at the Salvage Yard, he was the only one who could sense Scarlet Witch's presence and immediately incapacitate her before she was able to mind control him, while others like Black Widow, enhanced human like Captain America, and even extremely powerful beings like Hulk and Thor failed to do so.

Barton was the first person to come to Bruce Banner's mind when the latter realized the Avengers would require "all hands on deck" in the fight against Thanos and his army. In addition to his skills, Barton is an excellent mentor; under his tutelage, his daughter would become an expert archer to the point where she can hit a bullseye with ease. "Just can't seem to miss." ―Hawkeye to Iron Man [src] • Master Marksman: Hawkeye lining up a shot in the wind Hailed as the world's greatest archer, Barton is an outstanding all-around marksman, extremely skilled in wielding both conventional firearms and archery bows with unerring accuracy due to his keen eyesight and impeccable hand-eye coordination.

Barton is able to make extremely precise and perfect shots from virtually any angle, physical position, or state of motion. He is capable of firing multiple arrows in a few seconds, strike enemies' weak points with extreme accuracy and directly hit small targets in the greatest of distances, and even precisely shoot down a Chitauri Chariot without even looking at it.

Barton was able to aim and hit many Chitauri troopers and Ultron Sentries in the head. Barton has film hawkeye marvel eyesight than any normal human being, allowing him to see more clearly, further and in low light. He is also a left-handed bowman, meaning he holds the bow with his right hand and draws the string with his left, [27] although he did once hold his compound bow with his left hand while drawing the string with his right when he aimed an arrow at Thor, implying he is ambidextrous.

During the Clash of the Avengers, he fired three arrows at Iron Man simultaneously. Barton sometimes uses a Wristbow, which he can wear on either arm. Barton is also capable of throwing any projectile with the same unerring accuracy, both in direct aim and complicated rebounds or interactions, as seen with him scoring a bullseye with three darts simultaneously thrown in a far distance without effort, and perfectly throwing Captain America's shield with similar precision.

Barton also used shuriken when going under a samurai-inspired guise, taking down enemies at long range with perfect accuracy. During his retirement, he often played golf where he claimed to hit a hole-in-one every single time, proving that he is also able to make perfect shots with projectiles that don't require throwing or shooting. He claimed, and later proved, to have been able to split up one of his own wood arrows that he released from the middle by releasing a second arrow, even Kate Bishop failed to do so.

He also claimed he could use a Christmas decoration to knock somebody unconscious from twenty feet away, or accomplish the same feat with a quarter or a nickel. He demonstrated this by flicking the Christmas decoration at a TV's power button with extreme accuracy to switch it off without even looking at the target.

film hawkeye marvel

"I was a weapon. I was aimed by the right people at the right targets." ―Clint Barton to Kate Bishop [src] • Master Martial Artist: Hawkeye fighting against Black Widow Barton is an extremely skilled and formidable hand-to-hand combatant and martial artist, having trained extensively in various film hawkeye marvel of martial arts as an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., making him one of the most powerful and best fighters on the planet.

His fighting style appears to be composed of Eskrima, Muay Thai, Karate, Judo, Taijutsu, Kenjutsu, Shurikenjutsu. When brainwashed by Loki, he could fight the extremely skilled Black Widow to a standstill, only losing when the latter resorted to guerrilla tactics to best him in combat. He could swiftly incapacitate Scarlet Witch in close quarters, successfully avoiding her mind manipulation powers. In the Avengers Civil War, he later fought evenly against Black Widow again and was able to swiftly pin her down, but it should be noted that Maximoff interrupted their duel and called Barton out on pulling his punches.

He also managed film hawkeye marvel temporarily hold his own against the film hawkeye marvel stronger Black Panther during the airport fight. Barton also managed to bring down many Chitauri troops and Ultron Sentries while fighting alongside the other Avengers, using his bow and arrows as melee weapons for close quarters. After the Snap, Barton began using a sword, which he integrated seamlessly into his fighting style, and considerably improving his efficiency in close range combat, and demonstrated prowess enough to kill Outriders with it.

Even after he retired for more than a year, his combat skill does not seem to have any regress. He was able to swiftly take down several members of the Tracksuit Mafia while rescuing Kate Bishop, using his scarf as an improvised weapon. He was even able to go toe-to-toe against Maya Lopez even though he was caught off guard by her. He later fought Maya and Yelena along with Kate Bishop's help. • Knife Mastery: Barton is highly skilled at using a knife in combat, being able to fight equally against the extremely skilled Black Widow with his film hawkeye marvel dagger.

According to his S.H.I.E.L.D. file, he is also trained in throwing knives. Barton can use similar weapons, such as improvising knives with arrows as stabbing weapons, as well as his collapsible shuriken.

• Staff Mastery: Barton is extremely skilled at using a staff or a baton in combat, and also using his bow as a melee weapon in the manner of an improvised staff or transforming it into an actual bo staff. He was able to hold himself against Black Panther in the Avengers Civil War which film hawkeye marvel has great skill in wielding it, although he was ultimately being defeated.

He also used a collapsible baton against Vision, but his weapon was broken against the synthezoid's exterior. • Sword Mastery: Ronin fighting Akihiko with his sword Barton is extremely skilled at using a sword in combat and demonstrated an enormous level of skill with a sword when he went under a samurai-inspired guise. Barton was able to easily gain the upper hand during his fight against Akihiko and kill him without any difficulty. He was also able to use his sword to slice through several Outriders who were rapidly approaching him with ease in conjunction with his Wristbow.

With the New York City Live Action Role Players, Barton easily stayed "alive" against several roleplayers to reach Grills, whom he dueled and notably blocked the latter's sword from behind without even looking. • Master Acrobat: Hawkeye aiming while flipping Barton is an highly skilled acrobat, gymnast, and aerialist, capable of complex acrobatic maneuvers.

Barton was able to react and successfully evade Loki's attacks by jumping out of the way before it hit him. He could also fire a grappling hook arrow and swing through a window, deftly flip off the roof of a car and over an Ultron Sentry, and fire an arrow while jumping backward.

During the airport battle, Barton evaded a blast from War Machine mid-air after jumping and rolling onto storage crates. When the Avengers Compound was attacked, Barton was able to fight off all of the Outriders while scaling upwards, jumping off the walls and even turning and slicing one in half while in mid-air. "My job is to be, number one, a ghost." ―Clint Barton to Kate Bishop [src] • Master Spy: Barton is one of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s greatest spies, being highly skilled in espionage, intelligence gathering, stealth, infiltration, and sabotage.

Nick Fury had him test the Helicarrier's security by breaking inside and accessing the Avengers Initiative database. Under Loki's control, he was able to stealthily eliminate security guards. When his best friend was captured by Ultron, he used his training in espionage to locate her distress signal over the radio. He also easily infiltrated the Avengers Compound to rescue Wanda.

As a civilian, Barton easily disguised himself as a firefighter to search for his old suit in Kate Bishop's apartment. "A man whose talent appears to be-" "Killing." ― World Security Council Member and Nick Fury [src] • Master Assassin: Barton slaughtering members of the Yakuza Barton is one of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s greatest assassins, having once been assigned to kill Black Widow, a notorious master assassin in her own right, and was assigned to be a special agent in S.H.I.E.L.D.'s investigation of the item that was found in New Mexico, having been able to neutralize Thor in the event that Phil Coulson had ordered it.

Barton was also able to fight off other assassins such film hawkeye marvel Marcus Scarlotti, who made a name for himself just by coming close to killing him.

While under Loki's mind control, Barton stealthily eliminated the armed security guarding the museum in Stuttgart holding Iridium.

Barton also swiftly killed many Chitauri, HYDRA operatives, Ulysses Klaue's mercenaries, Ultron Sentries, and Outriders. After his family's death, Barton dedicated himself to using his ability to murder any criminals that survived the Snap. Barton was able to eliminate a whole gang of Mexican Cartel gangsters without them even being able to pull out their guns in retaliation, a feat which Romanoff initially believed to be the work of an entire rival gang.

He was even able to take down numerous enemies who were all firing at him when he targeted the Yakuza, showing his skill in weapons other film hawkeye marvel archery, such as throwing stars and swords. Barton's killing instinct frightened James Rhodes to the point where he reconsidered trying to find him.

Ultimately, he proved his worth alongside the Avengers one last time by effectively killing several Outriders after Thanos demolished the Avengers Compound. • Gifted Intellect: Nick Fury has referred to Barton as one of the sharpest men he knows during his debriefing of the Tesseract. Barton is highly intelligent, at least on par with Romanoff and Rogers, but not quite as scientifically inclined as Stark or Banner.

Regardless, his wife understood the importance of his role on the Avengers, whom he described as "[his] mess." With his ability to blend in with his environment, his stoic professionalism, and ability to see and assess from afar, Barton is often valued by his superiors for his ability to keep an eye on people and assess situations.

For this, he was able to figure out that the Tesseract could be activated from another location, as well as know the weaknesses of the Avengers and how to exploit it when under Loki's influence. He was also able to stay alert and level-headed during the Battle at the Salvage Yard film hawkeye marvel not succumb to the effects of Scarlet Witch, unlike the other Avengers, who were easily subdued due to their more reckless approach.

Barton sees the potential in individuals, as he spared Black Widow and had her defect to S.H.I.E.L.D., and inspired Maximoff film hawkeye marvel join the Avengers. "Kate, you always want to prioritize a quick exit over a quick entrance so when things go sideways, and they usually do, you have an exit strategy." ― Clint Barton to Kate Bishop [src] • Expert Tactician: Barton was recruited to S.H.I.E.L.D. and had often been put in charge of high level operations due to his leadership abilities, strategic prowess and has been trained in military tactics.

Barton was able to command a team of operatives under the unwitting control of Loki to heist a vault in Germany, steal several other raw materials and infiltrate the Helicarrier with esteemed success, often using diversions to accomplish his goals. During the Battle of New Film hawkeye marvel, Stark asked Barton for tactical input on evading Chitauri Chariots.

Victoria Hand has even stated that Barton does not usually require an extraction plan on film hawkeye marvel S.H.I.E.L.D.

missions due to his competence and ability to formulate his own escape plans. [28] When tasked with rescuing Wanda Maximoff from the Avengers Compound, Barton formulated a well orchestrated plan to distract Vision, break into the facility, trap Vision and rescue Maximoff.

Barton even had countermeasures in place when the plan didn't go accordingly, which was to get Maximoff to defeat Vision with her abilities.

Clint is very smart with how to use his trick arrows, knowing when it is the best time to use these arrows. He plans out his trick arrow attacks ahead of time, making sure to grab his plunger arrow right before jumping off the bridge and sticking it to the top of a train to get away from the Tracksuit Mafia.

He had the idea of using the Bishop Holiday Party as a cover to take down the Tracksuit Mafia. • Expert Engineer: Barton making his own trick arrows Barton is skilled with microelectronics, being able to make his own trick arrows with technology from Stark Industries' and Pym Technologies, the complexity of which are not dissimilar to Stark's own designs.

• Expert Thief: Barton is a skilled thief, being able to steal a firefighter's suit from a fire truck without anyone knowing, and steal back his sword from Jack Duquesne using his coat as a cover. From a young age, he and his mother worked film hawkeye marvel a duo of pickpockets, as he once easily stole a man's film hawkeye marvel in 1984. [3] He is also able to hotwire a car during the escape from the Tracksuit Mafia's compound.

He also broke into Kazi Kazimierczak's car, and being able to find and confiscate all the weapons in his car, including his pistol, knife and box cutter under the seat. "Can you fly one of those jets?" "I can." ― Steve Rogers and Clint Barton [src] • Expert Pilot: Barton is an accomplished pilot, able to fly a Quinjet even when a fierce battle was going on and even receiving cargo into the Quinjet while piloting it in mid-air. Barton was also the one usually piloting the Avengers Quinjet before he left the team.

• Multilingualism: Barton is fluent in his native English, as well as Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Japanese, and German. His fluency in Japanese is such that he could converse with Akihiko on a native level. He also knows Morse code, as he tracked Romanoff's signal in Sokovia, and he learned some American Sign Language after he became partially deaf from his years of dangerous activities. Equipment Uniforms "You got a suit?" "Yeah." "Then suit up." ― Captain America and Hawkeye [src] • S.H.I.E.L.D.

Uniform: Hawkeye's first uniform, worn when he was working with S.H.I.E.L.D., consisted of a black short-sleeved shirt with two breast pockets and pants with knee guards.

It also has a thigh holster on his left leg. When using his bow, he wore a glove on his left hand and an arm guard on his right forearm. Hawkeye wore this while under the control of Loki when he attacked the Helicarrier. • Tactical Uniform: Hawkeye wearing his Tactical Uniform The second uniform was worn during missions for S.H.I.E.L.D.

as apart of STRIKE Team: Delta. It is a black sleeveless suit with a maroon arrow pattern and a zip down the front. It also has a S.H.I.E.L.D. logo on the right breast. It has a finger glove on his left hand and an arm guard on his right forearm. He would keep this suit during his time as an Avenger but with no S.H.I.E.L.D. logo. • Masked Uniform: The third uniform was worn when Barton was assigned by Nick Fury to break into the Helicarrier and access the Avengers Initiative database in order to test its security.

He sported a fully black uniform with a black mask and green goggles to cover his identity. To maintain maneuverability, the uniform only has a Wristbow attached to his right arm. • Winter Uniform: The fourth uniform was the same as film hawkeye marvel tactical one but with a coat over it with the same black and maroon pattern.

The coat has a zip that goes from the top to the middle, with a long skirt in the front. This was worn during missions in cold weather due to his Tactical Uniform having no sleeves. Hawkeye used this uniform during the War on HYDRA, due to the location of the bases being in cold environments. Hawkeye later wore the uniform again during the Battle of Sokovia, but took off the jacket when the city was raised into the atmosphere.

• Stealth Uniform: The fifth uniform was a different design from his previous ones. It is black with a purple tinge. There is a sleeve on his right arm with a glove, while only a finger glove and arm guard on his left arm. It also has a thigh holster on his left leg. Hawkeye used this suit when breaking into the Avengers Compound, utilizing it's more subtle, darker look to go in unnoticed. He then kept this uniform during the Avengers Civil War. • Ronin's Suit: Barton wears his Ronin Uniform in Tokyo The sixth uniform resembled that of a samurai, with a primarily black suit with gold outlines throughout it.

It features a black mask with a gap over the eyes, a hood, and armor on the arms and legs which protect him from blades. There is a belt that contains his shurikens, as well as a back holster for his sword. • Avengers Uniform: The seventh uniform was worn when Barton reunited with the Avengers for the Time Heist, which was an altered version of the Ronin's Suit with a slimmer style without the gold armor, mask and hood. Barton kept his sword and projectiles, but also returned to his Hawkeye moniker with a new bow and quiver and a finger glove and Wristbow on his left hand.

• Advanced Tech Suit: This suit was designed in order to time travel through the Quantum Realm safely. It is a white, red and black suit that materialize around the wearer's regular clothes, managing to be summoned when time travel is required again, and disappear when no longer in use. It has size-shifting adaptability down to subatomic levels and a wrist gadget that allows for displacement through time and space. • Hawkeye Suit: The eighth suit was worn when Barton partnered with Kate Bishop, who tasked Missy with creating them new suits in order to improve Barton's brand as a superhero.

It is black with purple sleeves and arrow symbol on the chest, and has a glove for the left hand. It is also much lighter and comfortable than Barton's previous uniforms, being able to be worn under a suit with no problems.

Weapons • Recurve Bows: Hawkeye nocking another arrow in battle Hawkeye is seen with two separate recurve bows: the first is seen while he is under Loki's mind control and in the direct aftermath at the Battle of New York.

It is a heavily customized Hoyt Buffalo in 'blackout' colors and is capable of folding on film hawkeye marvel for easier transport and concealment by way of added hinges located by the tiller adjustment bolts. It also has multiple buttons on the bow's grip which are capable of selecting specific arrowheads stored in his mechanical quiver.

A laser sight to assist in targeting can also be found on the riser. The film hawkeye marvel recurve bow Hawkeye uses is the Hoyt Gamemaster II, seen in film hawkeye marvel hands during the Avengers' attack on the HYDRA Research Base and War against Ultron. Like the Hoyt Buffalo he used before, the customized Gamemaster II has several selector buttons on the grip so Hawkeye can choose the arrowhead he needs. The bow has the capability to transform into a bo staff which can be used for close quarters combat.

The bow was destroyed by Black Panther during the Clash of the Avengers. Once he rejoined the Avengers for the Time Heist, he was equipped with a new bow. • Specialized Quiver: Hawkeye equipping his quiver before battle Hawkeye's quiver was supplied with a multitude of different arrowheads in the bottom. By dialing up an armament setting from control on his bow, Hawkeye could cause the quiver to affix these special arrowheads.

This effectively increased the capabilities from conventional arrows to explosive arrows, a grapple film hawkeye marvel, and more. • Trick Arrows: Hawkeye has a number of trick arrows, utilized to perform specific tasks. • Compound Bow: When Thor broke the perimeter S.H.I.E.L.D.

had set up around Mjølnir, Hawkeye was one of the agents who responded to Phil Coulson's order to neutralize him. Although Coulson requested that a firearm is film hawkeye marvel for the job, Hawkeye chose the Mathews Apex 7 compound bow instead. Hawkeye aimed at Thor from an aerial position in a crane but ultimately did not fire.

• Wristbow: Hawkeye used once the Wristbow as his weapon during a security exercise to test the security systems of the Helicarrier, where he was disguised as a mercenary who had to battle Natasha Romanoff. [4] Hawkeye used a newer model of the Wristbow during his time after the Snap that contained several smaller arrows that he could fire with ease if he wasn't using his bow.

• Heckler & Koch P30: Hawkeye carries a Heckler & Koch P30 as his main sidearm, holstered on his left leg during any of his missions. He used it to fire at Loki when he arrived at the Joint Dark Energy Mission Facility, but his rounds had no effect on his Frost Giant durability and Asgardian armor.

He attempted to use it on him again, but was quickly intercepted. After being brainwashed by the God of Mischief, he used it to fire at Nick Fury and at Maria Hill's car while he escaped from the facility with Loki. • Beretta Cheetah: Barton resorted to using one of these guns to confront Pietro Maximoff at Avengers Tower, shooting it to the glass floor below Maximoff and making him fall to the floor below.

• Heckler & Koch VP9: Barton carried a new pistol during the Rescue of Wanda Maximoff and the Clash of the Avengers, but he kept it holstered not to harm his former allies. • Smith & Wesson SW99: Barton confiscated Kazi's sidearm from the latter's car and disposed of it.

• Rifle: In 1984, Barton and his mother attempted to rob a convenience store. When his mother and the owner struggled over the rifle behind the counter, it fell on the ground an Barton picked it up. His mother told him to "wing," the owner, but Barton shot through the window instead, intentionally missing becaue he did not want to hurt him.

"I need eyes up high, with a gun." ― Phil Coulson [src] • Remington 700PSS: Hawkeye initially reached for his Remington 700PSS sniper rifle when ordered by Phil Coulson to target Thor, although he ultimately chose to use his Mathews Apex 7 compound bow. • S.H.I.E.L.D. Arsenal: Hawkeye had access to a room of weapons at the S.H.I.E.L.D.

Crater Investigation Site. Other than his sniper rifle, he had a Beretta 92FS, a Walther CP99, a Colt M1911A1 with a tactical flashlight, an FN P90, an M16A4 fitted with a C-More red dot sight and KAC railed handguard, and a short-barreled SIG-Sauer SG552 with pronged flash hider, standard diopter sights and the stock folded. • Hawkeye arming himself with his dagger Blades: Hawkeye often carries a blade with him, holstered on his right leg during missions. Hawkeye possessed a dagger made by knife manufacturer Busse, and was made specifically for Hawkeye, with an arrow and bullseye symbol designed on it.

Hawkeye used this blade while fighting with Black Widow on board the Helicarrier during his mission to rescue Loki while brainwashed. Hawkeye also had a throwing knife holstered during the Avengers Civil War, although he never used it. He also used a different dagger while operating as Ronin and later during the Time Heist and Battle of Earth. He confiscated Kazi's knife and box cutter from his car. • Captain America's Shield: When the Avengers was initially attacked by Ultron at the Avengers Tower, Barton assisted in the battle by locating Steve Rogers' shield and throwing it at him, so Rogers could then finally destroy the last remaining Ultron Sentry.

• Arrow Case: Hawkeye uses an arrow cartridge capable of holding nine collapsible arrows. He stores a case on the outside of each leg, which easily comes off and quickly expand the nine arrows. • Baton: Barton carried a collapsible metal baton hidden under his quiver. He tried to use it to attack Vision, but it shattered in half against the android's Vibranium skin once he had increased his density. • Retractable Sword: Hawkeye holding up his Retractable Sword Going under a different guise after the Snap, Barton started using a different an assortment of weaponry, similar to that of a samurai, including wielding a retractable sword when going around killing criminals who survived.

Barton continued film hawkeye marvel wield the sword when he was reunited with the Avengers, fighting against Thanos and his army. In the aftermath of the Battle of Earth, Barton left the sword on the battlefield.

Later he reclaimed it from Jack Duquesne. • Shuriken: Going under a different guise after the Snap, Barton started using a different an assortment of weaponry, similar to that of a samurai, including shuriken when going around killing criminals who survived. Barton used this weapon to throw at enemies that were not at close range. • Foam Sword: While begrudgingly attending a LARPing event to retrieve the Ronin Suit, Barton used a foam sword as part of his roleplay and during film hawkeye marvel "fight" with Grills.

• Kate Bishop's Bow and Quiver: After assessing that the risk was too high for his work partner, Kate Bishop, Barton took away her bow and quiver, to stop her from following him.

[11] Other Equipment • Ankle Monitor: Due to Barton violating the Sokovia Accords, he had an ankle monitor while being placed under house arrest at his homestead by the FBI. • Hearing Aid: After the countless battles and explosions Barton participated in, he is partially deaf.

Fortunately, Hawkeye is only hard of hearing in his right ear, allowing him to use a hearing aid on that ear which can fully restore his hearing. Vehicles • Quinjet: Hawkeye flying the Quinjet in New York Hawkeye has used a Quinjet for transportation to travel around the world and take out threats during active missions as an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

and as a member of the Avengers. When Loki attacked New York, Hawkeye told Captain America that he could film hawkeye marvel a Quinjet and flew him and Black Widow to the battle, where he assisted taking out multiple Chitauri Chariots until it was shot down by Loki. When the Avengers were assaulting HYDRA bases, Hawkeye flew them into battle and later to the Salvage Yard to apprehend Ultron.

Hawkeye flew the Quinjet to his farmhouse and later piloted it to assist during the Battle of Seoul, successfully obtaining the Regeneration Cradle when it became airborne. Hawkeye would then fly all the Avengers to Sokovia to put an end to Ultron's plans. When his family was returned from the Blip, Hawkeye took a Quinjet to fly back to his home to be reunited with them. "We need these vehicles." ―Clint Barton to Maria Hill [src] • Jeep: During the Destruction of Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S., Loki stole the Tesseract and brainwashed Hawkeye and Erik Selvig into serving him.

The three of them fled the scene in a Jeep they stole with Loki sitting in the back. During the Attack on the HYDRA Research Base, Barton and Black Widow used a Jeep to film hawkeye marvel the HYDRA soldiers and move around faster. When all the Avengers regrouped to attack the HYDRA soldiers, Black Widow crashed the jeep as she and Hawkeye jumped out to continue fighting on foot. "You promise to bring that back in one piece, right?" "Yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay, I'll do my best." ― Rocket Raccoon and Clint Barton [src] • Benatar: During the Time Heist, Hawkeye and Black Widow were assigned to go to Vormir, so Hawkeye was given the Benatar, which was shrunken down, to use to get to the planet.

Once Nebula separated the Space Pod from the ship on Morag in 2014, Hawkeye and Black Widow entered the ship and headed to Vormir, where Nebula had set in the coordinates, leaving them to just fly the ship to the planet. When the mission was complete, Hawkeye returned the ship to the present day. Facilities "Safehouse?" "Let's hope." ― Tony Stark and Clint Barton [src] • Clint Barton's Homestead: Barton returning home to see his children When Barton joined S.H.I.E.L.D., Nick Fury ensured his family's existence would be a secret, set up a farm for them to live.

After being defeated by Wanda Maximoff, Barton brought the Avengers to his home so they could recover. When Nick Fury arrived and motivated the Avengers, Barton made a promise to his wife that he would retire from the Avengers. Barton kept his promise and proceeded to spend time with his family, including his new born child Nathaniel Barton. After the Avengers Civil War, when Barton escaped from the Raft, instead of being a fugitive, Barton decided to make an agreement with Thaddeus Ross film hawkeye marvel he would go under house arrest for two years.

"Where am I going?" " New Mexico." ―Clint Barton and Nick Fury [src] • S.H.I.E.L.D. Crater Investigation Site: Barton was called in to New Mexico to provide some extra security at an 0-8-4 when taking his first vacation since joining S.H.I.E.L.D.

While there, an intruder attempted to make his way to the 0-8-4, Barton was instructed to take a vantage point above. Barton, wielding his bow, proceeded to obtain film hawkeye marvel position above, waiting for the order to take the shot.

Barton, along with the rest of the S.H.I.E.L.D. team, departed from New Mexico after the 0-8-4 had been removed by the previous intruder. "Not only are you guarding the most important object film hawkeye marvel S.H.I.E.L.D.'s possession, but I also want you keeping tabs on Dr. Selvig for me." ― Nick Fury to Clint Barton [src] • Joint Dark Energy Mission Facility: Hawkeye and Nick Fury seeing Loki's arrival Barton was called by Nick Fury to guard the Tesseract at their main facility of Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S.

When the Tesseract began to act up, Fury arrived at the facility, where Barton gave his report, including the theory that the Tesseract could be activated from a secondary location. His theory was proven to be right when Loki arrived and attacked the facility.

The facility began to collapse on itself and Barton was enthralled by Loki. Barton, under Loki's control, assisted him in escaping with the Tesseract. "No wonder you chose this. this tomb to work in!" "Well, the Radisson doesn't have three layers of lead-lined flooring between S.H.I.E.L.D.

and that cube." ― Erik Selvig and Clint Barton [src] • Loki's Hideout: Under Loki's control, Barton provided him with a facility that wouldn't be able to be uncovered by S.H.I.E.L.D.

As Erik Selvig used the facility to work on a device to stabilize the portal, Barton, who had recruited enemies of S.H.I.E.L.D., proceeded to search for various raw materials to build the device. At the facility, Barton informed Loki of everything he needed to know about the Avengers. • Avengers Tower: Barton along with the film hawkeye marvel of the Avengers After the collapse of S.H.I.E.L.D., Tony Stark decided to fund the Avengers, redesigning Stark Tower as a new headquarter for the team.

After being injured during an attack on HYDRA, the team returned to the tower, where Barton was tended to by Helen Cho using the Regeneration Cradle. Afterward, the Avengers held a party at the tower which fell under attack by a newly created Ultron. The Avengers then proceeded to search for Ultron in the tower, going through their files until they came across Ulysses Klaue.

• Avengers Compound: In 2016, Barton went to the Facility to pick up Wanda Maximoff. In 2023, Barton was brought by Natasha Romanoff to the Facility where film hawkeye marvel reunited with the other Avengers. He and the others then planned the Time Heist. Afterwards, they mourned Romanoff's loss, watched the initation of the Blip, survived the attack by an alternate Thanos, and participated in the battle.

This section requires expansion • Moira Brandon's Apartment: Barton used Kate Bishop's Moira Brandon's apartment as a safehouse during his time in New York City tracking the Tracksuit Mafia.

• Grills' Apartment: Barton stayed at Grills' home in New York City after temporarily ending his partnership with Bishop. Prisons "Yeah, well, you knew they'd put us somewhere, Tony." "Yeah, but not some Supermax floating ocean pokey, you know.

This place is for maniacs, it's a place for-" "Criminals." ―Clint Barton and Tony Stark [src] • Raft: Barton is visited by Tony Stark in the Raft Having been defeated by Iron Man's team, Barton, along with Sam Wilson, Wanda Maximoff and Scott Lang were taken to the Raft.

When Tony Stark visited the incarcerated heroes, he and Stark had a heated discussion about the Sokovia Accords. Barton, along with the rest of his allies, was freed by Steve Rogers. • KB Toys Store: After Barton intentionally let film hawkeye marvel get captured by the Tracksuit Mafia in order to meet their boss, he was held prisoner at their hideout, located in an abandoned toys store. However, Barton managed to free himself of his restraints twice and escaped.

Relationships Family • Harold Barton † - Father • Edith Barton - Mother • Laura Barton - Wife and Former Colleague • Cooper Barton - Son • Lila Barton - Daughter • Nathaniel Barton - Son Allies • S.H.I.E.L.D. (First Incarnation) - Temporary Enemies • Phil Coulson † • Victoria Hand † • Bobbi Morse • Tyler • Convenience Store Clerk • Erik Selvig • NASA • Avengers - Former Teammates and Friends • Steve Rogers/Captain America - Former Leader • Tony Stark/Iron Man † - Temporary Enemy • Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow † - Best Friend and Partner • Bruce Banner/Hulk • Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver † - Former Enemy and Savior • Film hawkeye marvel Maximoff/Scarlet Witch - Close Friend • Vision † • James Rhodes/War Machine • Sam Wilson/Falcon • Scott Lang/Ant-Man • Peter Parker/Spider-Man • Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel • Nick Fury's Crew • Nick Fury - Former Superior • Maria Hill - Former Superior • Cameron Klein • Helen Cho • Costel • Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier • Guardians of the Galaxy • Peter Quill/Star-Lord • Thor - Former Teammate and Friend • Rocket Raccoon - Former Teammate • Nebula - Former Teammate • Drax the Destroyer • Mantis • Groot • Johann Schmidt/Red Skull • Gamora • Masters of the Mystic Arts • Stephen Strange/Doctor Strange • Wong • Golden Tribe • T'Challa/Black Panther - Temporary Enemy • Shuri • Dora Milaje • Okoye • Jabari Tribe • M'Baku • Wakandan Royal Guard • Border Tribe • Brunhilde/Valkyrie • Aragorn • Korg • Miek • Einherjar • Ravagers • Kraglin Obfonteri • Howard the Duck • Hope van Dyne/Wasp • Pepper Potts • Thaddeus Ross - Temporary Enemy • Kate Bishop/Hawkeye - Fan, Partner, and Close Friend • Lucky • NYC LARPers • Missy • Grills - Friend • Orville • Wendy Conrad • Moira Brandon • Jack Duquesne • Yelena Belova - Former Attempted Killer • Rocky • Maya Lopez - Former Attempted Killer Enemies • Marcus Scarlotti - Attempted Killer • Red Room • Dreykov † - Attempted Victim • Antonia Dreykov - Attempted Victim • Destroyer † • Loki † - Former Enthraller • Schäfer Sicherheitsdienst • Heinrich Schäfer † • Chitauri • Leviathans • Chitauri Gorillas • HYDRA • Alexander Pierce † - Former Superior • Wolfgang von Strucker/Baron Strucker † • List † • Jensen • Jasper Sitwell † - Former Colleague • Brock Rumlow † - Former Colleague • Jack Rollins - Former Colleague • Ultron † - Attempted Killer • Ultron Sentries • Ulysses Klaue † • Klaue's Mercenary • Tracksuit Mafia - Targets • Wilson Fisk/Kingpin • William Lopez † - Victim • Kazi Kazimierczak • Ivan Banionis • Tomas • Enrique • Dmitri • Mexican Cartel - Targets • Yakuza - Targets • Akihiko † - Victim • Nebula † - Attempted Killer • Thanos † • Outriders • Black Order • Ebony Maw † • Cull Obsidian † • Proxima Midnight † • Corvus Glaive † • Sakaarans • Eleanor Bishop Appearances Appearances for Hawkeye In chronological order: • Black Widow Prelude (flashback) • Black Widow (flashback) • The Avengers Prelude: Fury's Big Week • Thor • Thor Adaptation • The Avengers: The Avengers Initiative • The Avengers • The Avengers Adaptation • Thor: The Dark World Prelude • Iron Man 3 Prelude • Hawkeye • Season One • Never Meet Your Heroes (flashback) • Avengers: Age of Ultron Prelude - This Scepter'd Isle • Avengers: Infinity War Prelude (flashback) • Avengers: Endgame (alternate timeline) • Spider-Man: Homecoming (drawing & mentioned) • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

• Season One • Pilot (mentioned) • The Hub (mentioned) • The Bridge (figure) • Avengers: Endgame (alternate timeline) • Hawkeye • Season One • Partners, Am I Right?

(flashback) • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. • Season Two • A Fractured House (mentioned) • Avengers: Operation HYDRA • Avengers: Age of Ultron • WHiH Newsfront • Season Two • AVENGERS IMPACT: A WHIH Newsfront Special Report (footage) • WHIH Newsfront: The Cost of Saving the World (footage) • WHIH Newsfront: The Avengers and The White House (footage) • WHIH Newsfront Exclusive: President Ellis Discusses the Avengers (picture) • Captain America: Civil War • Spider-Man: Homecoming Prelude • Captain Marvel Prelude (footage) • Black Widow Prelude (flashbacks) • Black Widow (footage & mentioned) • Avengers: Infinity War Prelude • Avengers: Endgame (alternate timeline) • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

• Season Five • The Real Deal (figure) • Avengers: Film hawkeye marvel War (mentioned) • Avengers: Endgame • Hawkeye • Season One • Echoes (flashback) • Partners, Am I Right?

(flashback) • Avengers: Endgame • Spider-Man: Far From Home (picture) • Black Widow (picture & mentioned) • Hawkeye • Season One • Never Meet Your Heroes • Hide and Seek • Echoes • Partners, Am I Right? • Ronin • So This Is Christmas? • Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (mentioned) • Loki • Season One • Glorious Purpose (footage) • For All Time. Always. (archive audio) Trivia • In the comics, Hawkeye is the ex-husband of Bobbi Morse and married a woman named Laura in the Ultimate comics.

Between the end of Civil War, Barton took the identity of Ronin, while letting Kate Bishop keep the Hawkeye alias in his honor. • In Captain America: The Film hawkeye marvel Soldier, Avengers: Endgame, and Black Widow, Natasha Romanoff wore a necklace with an arrow pendant as a symbol of her friendship with Barton.

• In Captain America: Civil War, the scene where Barton fires a trick arrow with Ant-Man on the arrowhead is based on the cover of Avengers Vol 1 #223. • Barton is a fan of Pat Benatar's Hit Me with Your Best Shot. [29] • In Captain America: Civil War, when Barton quips, "I knew I should have stretched" when fighting Vision, that is a reference to a running joke called the 'Renner Stretch' that started when Jeremy Renner would stretch whenever he got nervous.

Behind the Scenes • Hawkeye is the only Avenger from the first film that did not appear in a Phase Two movie prior to Avengers: Age of Ultron, or Avengers: Infinity War; however, he was mentioned in the latter. • Jeremy Renner is left-handed, but since the character is ambidextrous he is shown shooting from his right hand in Thor and his left hand in The Avengers.

However, he usually uses his left hand to pull back on the arrow. • Hawkeye was originally going to appear in Captain America: The Winter Soldier before his appearance was scrapped by directors Joe and Anthony Russo.

• Jeremy Renner was uncredited for his appearance in Thor and for his voice acting in Black Widow. • Jensen Ackles was approached for the role of Hawkeye in The Avengers, but turned it down due to scheduling conflicts with Supernatural. • Alex Chansky, Adam Brashaw, Kyle Mclean, Mark R. Miscione, Richard Burden and Joseph Roark were stunt doubles for Jeremy Renner in the role of Hawkeye.

• Aaron Worthington was a stand-in and a double for Jeremy Renner in the role of Hawkeye. • Hawkeye is the only Avenger from the first film that has not received his own solo movie.

The movie was planned but never reached development. [30] • However, he received a TV series, being the only Avenger from the first film to get one. • Joss Whedon had a detailed backstory for Hawkeye written up for The Avengers, but was unable to even reference any of it, due to time constraints.

During the early planning stages, Barton was envisioned to be depicted as a circus performer, trained by criminals, who manipulate him into fighting the team, essentially a modernized version of his 616 comic book counterpart. • Hawkeye was previously planned to debut in Iron Man 2. • In the original script for Captain America: Civil War, Hawkeye was going to appear much earlier in the story, assisting the transport of Bucky Barnes to Berlin. In this sequence, he had dialogue with Barnes about being brainwashed, telling Barnes the story of when he was brainwashed by Loki in The Avengers.

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Strange Movies Planned Post-'Avengers,' Says Kevin Feige External Links • Hawkeye on Marvel Database • Ronin on Marvel Database • Hawkeye on Wikipedia • Ronin on Wikipedia Avengers Captain America • Iron Man • Black Widow • Hulk • Thor • Hawkeye • Scarlet Witch • Quicksilver • Vision • War Machine • Falcon • Spider-Man • Rocket Raccoon • Captain Marvel • Nebula • Okoye • Ant-Man • Action • Adventure • Crime Series based on the Marvel Comics superhero Hawkeye, centering on the adventures of Young Avenger, Kate Bishop, who took on the role after the original Avenger, Clint Barton.

Series based on the Marvel Comics superhero Hawkeye, centering on the adventures of Young Avenger, Kate Bishop, who took on the role after the original Avenger, Clint Barton. Series based on the Marvel Comics superhero Hawkeye, centering on the adventures of Young Avenger, Kate Bishop, who took on the role after the original Avenger, Clint Barton.

Former Avenger Clint Barton has a seemingly simple mission: get back to his family for Christmas. Possible? Maybe with the help of Kate Bishop, a 22-year-old archer with dreams of becoming a Super Hero. The two are forced to work together when a presence from Barton's past threatens to derail far more than the festive spirit.
Cover art of Hawkeye vol.

3, #5 (April 2004) Art by Carlos Pacheco and Jesús Merino Publication information Publisher Marvel Comics First appearance As Hawkeye: Tales of Suspense #57 (September 1964) Film hawkeye marvel Goliath: Avengers #63 (April 1969) As Golden Archer: Captain America #179 (November 1974) As Ronin: The New Avengers #27 (April 2007) Created by Stan Lee Don Heck In-story information Alter ego Clinton Francis Barton Place of origin Film hawkeye marvel, Iowa Team affiliations Avengers Avengers Academy Defenders Great Lakes Avengers New Avengers Film hawkeye marvel Avengers [1] S.H.I.E.L.D.

Thunderbolts West Coast Avengers Wild Pack World Counter-terrorism Agency Partnerships Mockingbird (ex-wife) Kate Bishop Black Widow Notable aliases Golden Archer, Goliath, Ronin Abilities • Master archer and marksman • Expert tactician, acrobat and hand-to-hand combatant • Using a variety of trick arrows • As Goliath: [2] • Superhuman film hawkeye marvel and durability • Size and mass manipulation Hawkeye Hawkeye's first self-titled comic book and first appearance with Mockingbird on the cover of Hawkeye #1 (September 1983).

Art by Mark Gruenwald. Series publication information Format Limited series Genre Superhero Publication date Vol. 1: September 1983–December 1983 Vol. 2: January 1994–April 1994 Vol. 3: December 2003–August 2004 Vol.

4: August 2012–July 2015 Number of issues 4 ( Vol. 1) 4 ( Vol. 2) 8 ( Vol. 3) 22 ( Vol. 4) Main character(s) Clint Barton / Hawkeye Bobbi Morse / Film hawkeye marvel Creative team Writer(s) Vol.

1: Mark Gruenwald Vol. 2: Chuck Dixon Vol. 3: Fabian Nicieza Vol. 4: Matt Fraction Vol. 5 Jeff Lemire Artist(s) Vol. 1: Mark Gruenwald Vol. 2: Scott Kolins Vol. 3: Stefano Raffaele Joe Bennett Vol. 4: David Aja Vol. 5 Ramon Perez Hawkeye ( Clinton Francis " Clint" Barton) is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Created by writer Stan Lee and artist Don Heck, the character first appeared as a supervillain in Tales of Suspense #57 (September 1964) and later joined the Avengers as a superhero in The Avengers #16 (May 1965).

He has since been a prominent member of several Avengers teams, founding the West Coast Avengers, briefly marrying and subsequently divorcing Bobbi Morse / Mockingbird, adopting the Ronin alias after his death and resurrection before mentoring Kate Bishop as his successor as Hawkeye. He was also ranked at #44 on IGN's Top 100 Comic Book Heroes list. [3] Jeremy Renner plays the character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe films Thor (2011), The Avengers (2012), Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015), Captain America: Civil War (2016), and Avengers: Endgame (2019), the animated series What If.?

(2021), and the television series Hawkeye (2021). Contents • 1 Publication history • 2 Fictional character biography • 2.1 Avengers • 2.2 Marriage to Mockingbird • 2.3 Thunderbolts • 2.4 Death and House of M • 2.5 Return and New Avengers • 2.6 Dark Reign and Siege • 2.7 Heroic Age • 2.8 Shattered Heroes • 2.9 Civil War II • 2.10 Occupy Avengers • 2.11 Secret Empire • 2.12 Fresh Start • 2.13 Freefall • 3 Skills and abilities • 4 Supporting characters • 5 Other versions • 5.1 Age of Apocalypse • 5.2 Amalgam Comics • 5.3 All-New Hawkeye • 5.3.1 Earth-13584 • 5.4 Warp World • 5.5 Marvel Mangaverse • 5.6 Marvel Zombies • 5.7 MC2 • 5.8 Old Man Logan • 5.9 Queen's Vengeance • 5.10 Secret Wars • 5.11 Ultimate Marvel • 5.12 What if?

Dark Reign • 5.13 X-Men Forever • 6 In other media • 6.1 Television • 6.2 Film • 6.3 Marvel Cinematic Universe • 6.4 Video games • 6.5 Theatre • 6.6 Podcast • 7 Reception • 8 Collected editions • 9 References • 10 External links Publication history [ edit ] Hawkeye was introduced as a reluctant villain in Tales of Suspense #57 (Sept.

1964). After two more appearances as a villain in Tales of Suspense #60 and #64 (Dec. 1964 and April 1965), Hawkeye joined the ranks of the Avengers in The Avengers #16 (May 1965). He became a perennial member of the team and has made numerous appearances in all five volumes ((vol. 1) (1963–1996), (vol. 2) (1997), (vol.

3) (1999–2004), (vol. 4) (2010–2013), and (vol. 5) (2013–present)), including special issues and Annuals, as well as in The Ultimates.

However, Hawkeye's presence in the Avengers—both the team and the series—was sporadic for nearly a decade starting in early 1973. Steve Englehart, the Avengers writer at the time of Hawkeye's departure, explained, "When I had Hawkeye quit the Avengers, I liked him, but I wanted to try a different approach, so his leaving fit in with what I was trying to do." [4] Hawkeye featured prominently in the limited series West Coast Avengers #1–4 (Sept.

1984–Dec. 1984) as founder and team leader, before appearing in the ongoing title of the same name, which ran for 102 issues (including eight Annuals) from Oct. 1985–Jan. 1994. The title was renamed Avengers West Coast from #46 (Aug. 1989). Hawkeye also starred concurrently in almost every issue of Solo Avengers, which ran for 40 issues from Dec. 1987–Jan. 1991 (the title was renamed Avengers Spotlight from #21 (Aug.

1989)). From film hawkeye marvel to 2002, Hawkeye featured significantly as team leader in issues #20–75 and Annual 2000 of the title Thunderbolts, written by Kurt Busiek and Fabian Nicieza. He appeared as a supporting character in Avengers Academy from issue #21 (Jan. 2012) through its final issue, #39 (Jan.

2013) and as team leader in Secret Avengers from issue #22 (Feb. 2012) through its final issue, #37 (Feb. 2013). Hawkeye appeared in vol. 2 (2013) of Secret Avengers by Nick Spencer and Luke Ross.

[5] Hawkeye appeared as a regular character in the 2010-2013 Secret Avengers series, from issue #21.1 (March 2012) through its final issue, #37 (March 2013). Hawkeye featured in the Marvel crossover event House of M (2005). He later appeared (as Ronin) in the New Avengers series from issues #26–64 (2007–2010) plus The New Avengers Annuals #2 (2008) and #3 (2010). Continuing as Ronin, the character played an important part in the crossover event Secret Invasion #1–8 (2008).

The company-wide crossover event " Dark Reign" saw Hawkeye feature prominently in New Avengers: The Reunion #1–4 (2009) and Dark Reign: The List - New Avengers #1 (2009). He later went on to feature in the Siege #1–4 (2010) crossover event. Hawkeye has appeared in numerous solo adventures over the years.

He appeared in Hawkeye #1–4 (1983), written by Mark Gruenwald (which was the character's first encounter with Mockingbird and the villain Crossfire). Hawkeye then appeared in Hawkeye (vol. 2) #1–4 (1994) and Hawkeye: Earth's Mightiest Marksman #1 (1998). In 2003, Hawkeye had a short-lived ongoing series, Hawkeye (vol.

3) #1–8, which was soon cancelled. Writer Jim McCann and artist David Lopez had another unsuccessful attempt at an ongoing series with Hawkeye & Mockingbird #1–6 (2010).

The series did, however, turn into two limited series, beginning with Widowmaker #1–4 (2010–2011) and then Hawkeye: Blindspot #1–4 (2011). A fourth volume of Hawkeye began in August 2012 by the creative team of writer Matt Fraction and artist David Aja, which features a partnership with his protege, Kate Bishop, which was met with critical acclaim.

[6] As part of the All-New, All-Different Marvel relaunch, a new series entitled All-New Hawkeye began in March 2015, written by Jeff Lemire with art by Ramon Perez, which only lasted 5 issues, then a second volume which continued the previous story ended after 6 issues.

Over the years, Hawkeye has made guest appearances in numerous Marvel titles, the most notable being Daredevil #99 (1973), Incredible Hulk vol. 2 #166 (1973), Marvel Team-Up #22 (1974), Ghost Rider #27 (1977), Marvel Team-Up #92 (1980), Marvel Fanfare #3 (1982), Captain America #317 (1986), Contest of Champions II #3-5 (1999), Fallen Son: The Death of Captain America #3 (2008), War Machine vol.

2 #8-10 (2009), Young Avengers Presents #6 (2008) and Captain America: Reborn #3-6 (2009–2010). Post- Civil War II, Hawkeye starred in a new solo series called Occupy Avengers written by David Walker and penciled by Carlos Pacheco. [7] Kate Bishop starred in the fifth volume of Hawkeye.

[8] However, the book was cancelled with its 16th and final issue in early 2018. [9] Fictional character biography [ edit ] Clint Barton was born in Waverly, Iowa. At a young age he lost both of his parents in a car crash. After six years in an orphanage, Clint and his brother Barney Barton ran away to join the Carson Carnival of Traveling Wonders.

[10] Clint soon caught the eye of the Swordsman, who took the young boy on as his assistant. Along with the help of Trick Shot, the Swordsman trained Clint to become a master archer. [11] Clint later found the Swordsman embezzling money from the carnival. Before he could turn his mentor over to the authorities, Clint was beaten and left for dead, allowing the Swordsman to escape town. [12] Clint's relationship with his brother Barney and Trick Shot soon deteriorated as well.

[13] Clint adapted his archery skills to become a star carnival attraction, a master archer called "Hawkeye", otherwise known as "The World's Greatest Marksman". He spent some time as a member of Tiboldt's Circus, [14] before joining the Coney Island Circus. He witnessed Iron Man in action and was inspired to become a costumed hero. However, after a misunderstanding on his first outing, Hawkeye was accused of theft and believed to be a criminal.

On the run, the naive Hawkeye met Black Widow, a spy for the Soviet Union, with whom he fell in love. Mindlessly following Black Widow, Hawkeye aided her attempts to steal technology developed by Tony Stark (Iron Man). In one of their battles with Iron Man, Black Widow was seriously injured. Hawkeye rescued her and fled the battle to save her life. But before Hawkeye could take her to a hospital, Black Widow disappeared.

Hawkeye decided to be a "straight-shooter" from then on. [15] Avengers [ edit ] Hawkeye later rescues Edwin Jarvis and his mother from a mugger.

In gratitude, Jarvis invites Hawkeye to Avengers Mansion and stages a confrontation to allow the archer to clear his name and gain the trust of the Avengers. [16] Hawkeye is then sponsored by his former enemy Iron Man, who sees that he is serious about becoming a hero. Led by Captain America, Hawkeye joins the team along with Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch to form the second incarnation of the Avengers.

[17] Almost straight away, Hawkeye clashes with his fellow Avengers. His romantic intentions towards the Scarlet Witch are met with hostility from her brother, Quicksilver. Hawkeye rebels against Captain America's leadership (due to his past problems with authority figures), but over time comes film hawkeye marvel respect him as a mentor and a friend.

[18] When the Swordsman attempted to join the Avengers, Hawkeye warned them of his previous history with the villain. [19] Clint Barton as the second Goliath on the cover of Avengers #63 (April 1969). Art by Gene Colan. Hawkeye enjoys many adventures with the Avengers and proves himself a hero on numerous occasions.

However, when his bow breaks during a crucial moment in a battle, Clint decides to adopt the Goliath costume and identity, succeeding Hank Pym. [2] Barton (as Goliath) was later approached by his brother Barney Barton who was now a big-time racketeer.

Barney had learned of Egghead's plans to construct an orbiting laser death-ray to extort money from the United States and film hawkeye marvel to the Avengers for help.

The Avengers confronted Egghead's allies, the Mad Thinker and the Puppet Master. Tragically, Barney died in the ensuing battle; [20] It was later revealed that Barney Barton was actually an undercover FBI agent. [21] Soon after this encounter, Egghead hires the Swordsman to capture Goliath (thinking him to be Pym instead of Clint). Clint defeats and captures both criminals, finding justice for his brother at last.

At the conclusion of the Kree-Skrull War Clint resumes the identity of Hawkeye with a new costume. After several adventures, Hawkeye quits the Avengers after a bitter rift with the Vision over the affections of the Scarlet Witch. Barton returns to his original Hawkeye costume and strikes out on his own. [22] For a time, Hawkeye film hawkeye marvel from one adventure to the next.

He attempts to return to the Black Widow and briefly battles her current love, Daredevil. [23] Hawkeye later assists the Hulk against the monster Zzzax. [24] He then follows the Hulk back to the mansion of Doctor Strange, where film hawkeye marvel a skirmish, Hawkeye joins the "non-team" the Defenders for a short period.

[25] He returns briefly to the Avengers to attend the wedding of the Vision and the Scarlet Witch. [26] Together with the Two-Gun Kid and Ghost Rider, Hawkeye defeats the monster the Manticore. [27] Hawkeye returns to the Avengers when the current members of the team begin to mysteriously disappear. [28] The remaining Avengers discover it to be the work of the Collector of the Elders of the Universe.

After his teammates were all defeated, Hawkeye single-handedly defeats the Collector, [29] and joins the team for the final battle against Korvac. [30] Afterwards, Hawkeye's victory is dashed when the Avengers' new film hawkeye marvel liaison Henry Peter Gyrich, limits the roster and replaces him with the Falcon, in an attempt to make the team more "politically acceptable".

After initially failing to find work in his civilian identity, Hawkeye gains employment with Cross Technological Enterprises as the Head of Security. He defends the company against the Shi'ar villain Deathbird, [31] Mister Fear, [32] and sabotages a plot by C.T.E. employee Ambrose Connors. [33] Hawkeye then returns to Avengers mansion several months later for a brief visit "induced" by the heroine Moondragon [34] before rejoining for a sustained period.

[35] Hawkeye returns to Carson Carnival of Travelling Wonders to aid Marcella Carson, the owner's daughter, against the Taskmaster. He defeats the villain with the help of Ant-Man. [36] Later, Hawkeye inadvertently avenges the death of his brother. The villain Egghead, having been exposed for framing Henry Pym, attempts to shoot Pym but Hawkeye jams the barrel of the weapon with an arrow. The weapon is an energy pistol and explodes, killing Egghead instantly.

[37] Marriage to Mockingbird [ edit ] Returning to work for Cross Technological Enterprises as Head of Security, Hawkeye meets the former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Barbara "Bobbi" Morse, also known as the hero Mockingbird.

Together, they discover that Crossfire, cousin of the company's original owner, was hatching a plot to destroy the superhero community via an aggression-inducing sonic weapon. Hawkeye and Mockingbird manage to defeat him (although Hawkeye is rendered 80% deaf when he uses a sonic arrow to counter Crossfire's weapon) and the two heroes get married shortly afterwards.

[38] At the direction of then-Avengers chair the Vision, Hawkeye (now using a hearing aid) and Mockingbird travel to Los Angeles to establish a west coast branch of the Avengers, known as the West Coast Avengers.

[39] While searching for a base of operations, Hawkeye and Mockingbird battle a vengeful Crossfire, who had recently broken out of prison. They manage to defeat the supervillain, aided by former actress Moira Brandon, who later allows her mansion to become the new Avengers Compound.

[40] On one of the West Coast Avengers adventures, when the team was lost in time, Mockingbird was kidnapped by an Old Western hero called Lincoln Slade, the Phantom Rider. The Phantom Rider drugs Mockingbird, convinces her that they are in love, and forces her to engage in a sexual relationship.

Mockingbird soon regains her senses. In the resulting battle between the two, Mockingbird allows the Phantom Rider to fall to his death. [41] Afterwards, when Mockingbird confesses what she did, Hawkeye is stunned that his wife would allow a man to die instead of facing justice. Their relationship becomes frayed as Mockingbird leaves the West Coast Avengers and separates from Hawkeye. [42] Hawkeye is challenged to a duel to the death by his former mentor Trick Shot.

Hawkeye reluctantly accepts the challenge and wins. Trick Shot reveals that he is dying of cancer and wants to die honorably in battle. Film hawkeye marvel, instead of granting his former mentor's wish, promises to fund his medical care. [43] Later, when Crossfire places a bounty on Hawkeye's right arm, Trick Shot (whose cancer had gone into remission) returns to aid his former pupil. Along with Mockingbird, the two archers defeat an army of supervillains looking to lay claim to the bounty.

[44] After this altercation with Crossfire, Hawkeye tells Mockingbird that he was wrong to blame her for what happened with the Phantom Rider. The pair soon reconcile. [45] After being shot while confronting criminals, Hawkeye adopts an armoured version of his costume to battle the gangs of Los Angeles.

[46] The West Coast Avengers are then caught in the middle of a supernatural battle between Mephisto and Satannish. The team are able to defeat the two demons and force film hawkeye marvel back to their own realms.

However, Mephisto retaliates by firing energy blasts at the escaping West Coast Avengers. Mockingbird sacrifices herself to save Hawkeye and dies in her husband's arms. [47] Embittered by Mockingbird's death, Hawkeye leaves the team, which is disbanded almost immediately afterwards. [48] Hawkeye isolates himself in the Canadian Rockies to separate himself from the world. He is soon forced to battle film hawkeye marvel Secret Empire. He manages to defeat Viper, the leader of the Secret Empire, and her hired supervillains, Javelynn and his old mentor Trick Shot.

[49] Hawkeye returns to the Avengers [50] just prior to the battle with the entity Onslaught, in which the Avengers (including Hawkeye) are apparently killed. [51] Franklin Richards, however, transported them all to a pocket universe where the heroes led altered lives.

[52] The heroes eventually learned the truth and they were returned to their own universe. Hawkeye's hearing was fully restored because, when Franklin Richards recreated the heroes in the new universe, he based them on how he remembered them.

[53] Thunderbolts [ edit ] When the Avengers returned, they were abducted by Morgan le Fay [54] and later they fought the Squadron Supreme. [55] Then Hawkeye aids Avenger trainees Justice and Firestar to defeat the Taskmaster and Albino.

[56] but he later resigns the team to assume leadership of the first generation of the Thunderbolts, who had broken away from the influence of Helmut Zemo. [57] Disguised as Dreadknight [58] he contacted the team and later he trained them in the fashion of former teammate Captain America, to try to shaped them into a cohesive fighting unit.

The Thunderbolts take on threats like the Masters of Evil, [59] Graviton, [60] and the Scourge of the Underworld. [61] Hawkeye begins a romantic relationship with fellow Thunderbolts member Moonstone who Hawkeye is film hawkeye marvel to be a good influence on. [62] Later, Hawkeye and the Thunderbolts travel to Hell to save the soul of Mockingbird.

They defeat the demonic Mephisto, but Hawkeye is unable to find his wife. [63] To ensure that his Thunderbolts are given full pardons, Hawkeye allows himself to be arrested in their place.

The Thunderbolts' past crimes are erased on the condition that they retire from costumed heroics. The team reluctantly agrees. [64] Later, when Hawkeye had gotten out of prison, the team comes back together to defeat Graviton once again. Convinced that they are ready to be heroes in their own right, Hawkeye hands leadership of the Thunderbolts to Citizen V (whose mind was actually under the control of Baron Zemo) and leaves the team.

[65] Death and House of M [ edit ] Hawkeye joins the Avengers once more, and begins a brief romantic relationship with team member the Wasp. [66] He also embarks on some solo adventures where he uncovers a plot to steal an ancient artifact in Laos, [67] and investigates the murder of a former Soviet colonel. [68] The Scarlet Witch, driven mad by her powers, causes a Kree warship to appear film hawkeye marvel the skies of New York.

The Avengers, surprised by the appearance of the spacecraft, spring into battle. During the battle, Hawkeye's quiver of arrows is set on fire. Knowing that the explosive arrows were going to blow up faster than he could remove them, Hawkeye flies into the engines of the Kree warship, destroying the spacecraft and sacrificing himself to save his teammates.

[69] A past version of Hawkeye is also plucked from time by the Time Variance Authority to serve as a juror in a case involving former Avengers teammate She-Hulk. She-Hulk tries unsuccessfully to warn Hawkeye as to his future. [70] When the Scarlet Witch inadvertently alters reality, Hawkeye is resurrected with no memory of previous events.

[71] When young mutant Layla Miller gives several heroes (including Hawkeye) the ability to remember, he is horrified at the Scarlet Witch's actions. Hawkeye shoots Wanda in the back with an arrow. In retaliation, one of her recreated children wipes Hawkeye from existence, killing him once more. When the Scarlet Witch's reality is eventually undone, Hawkeye is still presumed dead. However, the recently formed New Avengers find his bow and arrows on the site of the old Avengers Mansion, pinning up an article about his death.

[72] Return and New Avengers [ edit ] Unknown to the New Avengers, Hawkeye is resurrected once reality was restored. He seeks out Doctor Strange who offers Hawkeye shelter while he comes to terms with his new life. Against the advice of Dr. Strange, Hawkeye eventually travels to Wundagore Mountain and finds the Scarlet Witch living a normal life with no memory of her past and apparently without mutant abilities. The two become intimate and Hawkeye then leaves Wanda to her normal life.

[73] Returning to the United States, Hawkeye learns about the assassination of Captain America. He confronts Tony Stark, who then offers Hawkeye the Captain America shield and costume to continue the legacy. Hawkeye is later inspired by the words of Kate Bishop, whom he met while hiding his identity, and rejects Stark's offer. [74] Hawkeye returns to see Dr. Strange and meets the New Avengers. The team invites Hawkeye to join the team.

Hawkeye accepts, and accompanies the team on a mission to Japan to rescue Film hawkeye marvel. However, leaving behind his Hawkeye identity, Clint Barton takes on the disguise of Ronin. [75] Echo, the original Ronin, later gives Barton her blessing to adopt her old identity. [76] Clint later meets Kate Bishop again, but this time reveals his true identity, much to Kate's surprise. Impressed with Kate's skill with a bow, and the fact she reminds him of himself at her age, Clint blesses Kate to continue using the Hawkeye codename.

[77] Clint (as Ronin) was part of the New Avengers team that head to the Savage Land after a tip from Spider-Woman that a Skrull ship had film hawkeye marvel landed there.

Emerging from the crashed ship was a selection of heroes claiming to have been abducted, one of film hawkeye marvel was Mockingbird. Clint believes that she is the real Mockingbird until Mister Fantastic's invention film hawkeye marvel that the heroes from the Skrull ship were all imposters. Later, after the war for Earth was won, Clint is reunited with the real Mockingbird, who was revealed to have been held captive by the Skrulls for years. [78] Dark Reign and Siege [ edit ] Clint attempts to help Mockingbird as she tries to adapt to life back on Earth.

He accompanies her to Zaragoza, Spain, to battle Monica Rappaccini and the hordes of A.I.M. in an effort to deactivate a "dirty bomb" designed by the evil scientific group. Despite their years apart, Clint and Mockingbird battle with comfort and understanding.

They manage to defeat A.I.M. and foil their evil plot. [79] At the conclusion of the Skrull war, S.H.I.E.L.D. is dissolved and Norman Osborn is placed in power of national security.

[80] Osborn creates his own team of villainous Avengers by stealing the costumed identities of previous Avengers. The supervillain assassin Bullseye joins the team and takes on the Hawkeye mantle. [81] Watching the Avengers news coverage on television with the rest of the New Avengers, Clint is stunned to see the events taking place. Clint unmasked himself on network television and publicly denounces Osborn's regime. [82] He is later elected as the leader of the New Avengers and makes toppling Osborn and the Hood from power his number one priority.

[83] Clint argues that the only way to beat Osborn is to kill him, although the rest of the team disagrees. Clint attempts to storm Avengers Tower single-handedly to achieve his goal. He defeats the Dark Avengers, but is captured and arrested when, after failing to kill Osborn, he is attacked from behind by Ares. [84] Clint was imprisoned and tortured at the hands of Mentallo. He was later freed by his teammates, and apologized for his actions. [85] Clint aids Captain America, Falcon and Black Widow as they battle the Red Skull and his henchmen to rescue Sharon Carter and the time-displaced Steve Rogers.

[86] Captain America later leads the New Avengers (including Clint) against Osborn's forces as they attempted to lay siege to Asgard. [87] Heroic Age [ edit ] After the events of Siege, Steve Rogers puts together a new team of Avengers.

Clint joins the team and returns to his Hawkeye identity [88] (although he encourages Kate Bishop to keep the Hawkeye identity as well).

film hawkeye marvel

{INSERTKEYS} [89] He and Mockingbird are also members of the New Avengers, [90] although Hawkeye later leaves the New Avengers when he receives an Avengers priority call from the main team, claiming that he was only there to spend time with his wife. [91] Hawkeye aids Mockingbird and her anti-terrorist organization, the World Counter-terrorism Agency. Together, they thwart Crossfire's illegal arms operation, and encounter Lincoln Slade's descendant, Jaime Slade, who later goes onto become the new Phantom Rider.

[92] Crossfire and the new Phantom Rider team-up to battle the heroes. This feud has its casualties with Mockingbird's mother being severely wounded [93] and the death of Hamilton Slade, [94] both at the hands of Crossfire. Hawkeye leaves the W.C.A. after it becomes clear that his relationship with Mockingbird has become too strained.

However, he quickly rejoins after being informed by Steve Rogers that a kill list of international spies includes Mockingbird. [95] Hawkeye and Mockingbird team up with the Black Widow to take on the mysterious new Ronin and the Dark Ocean Society.

[96] The new Ronin is later revealed to be Alexei Shostakov, the former Red Guardian and ex-husband of the Black Widow.

[97] During the final battle with the new Ronin, Hawkeye receives a strong blow to the head. When the battle is won, he assures Mockingbird and Black Widow that he suffered no ill effects from the blow. [98] The blow to the head that Hawkeye received proves to be more serious than first thought. While battling the Lethal Legion with the Avengers, Hawkeye's aim is shown to be faltering.

After the battle, Tony Stark, Donald Blake and Steve Rogers examine Hawkeye to discover what is causing it. Their diagnosis is that Hawkeye is steadily losing his sight and will soon go blind. Iron Man provides Hawkeye with technology that should stall the blindness. Later, Trick Shot arrives at Avengers Tower on the brink of death. Trick Shot tells Hawkeye that he was forced to train another archer, one who was as good as Hawkeye, before dying in his arms.

[13] Hawkeye was later ambushed by his brother (who was revealed to have been the one trained by Trick Shot) who now goes by the name Trickshot. [99] Barney manages to subdue Hawkeye and bring him to Baron Zemo. [100] Baron Zemo had the brothers duel to the death. Hawkeye (despite going blind from a previous injury with the third Ronin) managed to best Trickshot in battle. Before teleporting away, Baron Zemo transferred Trickshot's criminal funds over to the "victor" Hawkeye, then taunted the hero for turning his brother against him.

In custody, Trickshot agreed to a bone marrow transplant to save his brother's sight, but only so he could battle Hawkeye again in the future. [101] Shattered Heroes [ edit ] Following the Fear Itself storyline, the Avengers Academy is reopened in Palos Verdes at the former West Coast Avengers headquarters, where Barton accepts an offer to become a teacher.

[102] The character receives a new costume in Avengers vol. 4 #19 (Nov. 2011). [ citation needed] Cullen Bunn, writer of Captain America & Hawkeye, stated the costume was influenced slightly by The Avengers film. [103] In 2012, Hawkeye becomes the leader of the Secret Avengers. [104] The 2012 critically acclaimed Hawkeye vol. 4 solo series [105] focuses on Hawkeye defending an apartment building from the Tracksuit Mafia with the assistance of Kate and his brother Barney.

[106] This series also reintroduces Hawkeye as a deaf character after a mercenary known as Kazi the Clown jammed two of Hawkeye's arrows into his ears.

Hawkeye became a member of the New Avengers led by Sunspot at the request of S.H.I.E.L.D., who are suspicious of Sunspot's activities and want Clint to spy on them. However, during a conflict, Hawkeye is fired from S.H.I.E.L.D. due to deciding to side with the New Avengers against them and following Songbird's betrayal of the team as a S.H.I.E.L.D.

double agent. [ citation needed] Civil War II [ edit ] During the Civil War II storyline, Hawkeye shoots Bruce Banner in the head with an arrow in light of Ulysses' vision of a rampaging Hulk standing over the corpses of the dead superheroes. During the Avengers-presided trial, Hawkeye stated that Bruce Banner approached him and asked for Hawkeye to kill him if he ever became Hulk again.

[107] He is acquitted of all charges and his actions heavily divided the superhero community in the Ulysses conflict. {/INSERTKEYS}

film hawkeye marvel

{INSERTKEYS} [108] [109] Occupy Avengers [ edit ] After Civil War II, Clint starts traveling the country and focuses his efforts towards helping the underprivileged with community based problems in an effort to redeem his actions from the event, beginning with the water supply in Santa Rosa. He eventually gains the aid of the Red Wolf of Earth-51920 to help him fight for those who cannot defend themselves.

[110] Secret Empire [ edit ] After Captain America leads Hydra's takeover of the United States as part of the " Secret Empire" storyline, Hawkeye becomes the leader of the few free heroes left in the country (the others are either trapped outside Earth's atmosphere, trapped in New York behind a Darkforce shield, or working with Hydra).

[111] After Rick Jones is able to send information to the heroes revealing that Captain America has been "brainwashed" by the Cosmic Cube Kobik to believe that he has been a Hydra agent since childhood, Hawkeye is one of the heroes favoring the idea that they can recover the fragmented cube and use it to restore Rogers to normal, in opposition to the Black Widow's plan to just kill Rogers and stop him.

[112] Despite their opposing viewpoints, Hawkeye falls back in love with Black Widow and is devastated by her supposed death at the hands of the evil Steve Rogers. [113] Fresh Start [ edit ] Shortly after Natasha's supposed death, a number of her enemies have been killed off. Hawkeye and Winter Soldier start investigating the trail of bodies left behind to uncover the mysterious assassin and determine if Black Widow is still alive. [114] They eventually discover that she was cloned by the Black Widow Ops Program following her death.

When Winter Soldier and Hawkeye arrived at the Red Room, the Black Widow clone dropped her cover where she began to kill her superiors, liberate the recruits, and destroy all the clones and Epsilon Red. When the authorities arrived, Black Widow left the Red Room where she left a note for Hawkeye to stop following her and for Winter Soldier to join her in ending the Red Room.

[115] During the Fresh Start relaunch, Clint and Kate decided to revive the West Coast Avengers following an attack by land sharks in Santa Monica. For that, they recruited America Chavez and Kate's boyfriend Johnny "Fuse" Watts, who helped in the mission, and were eventually joined by Gwenpool and Kid Omega. Given their lack of funds, the newly formed team tried to get financiers by starring in a reality show following their exploits. [116] Freefall [ edit ] After successfully arresting the Hood, Clint is outraged to learn that the court let Parker walk free while sending his underlings to jail.

During this time, he is also dating Linda Carter. Shortly afterwards, someone dressed as Ronin begins attacking and robbing the Hood's facilities around New York. Hawkeye's allies initially believe he's taken up the Ronin identity again, but Clint convinces them otherwise when he fights Ronin in person and attends a F.E.A.S.T. charity gala that he donated to around the same time Ronin fought Hood's men and Spider-Man.

Hood's tech support Bryce Bandau is able to deduce that Clint is Ronin. Clint takes Bryce to his apartment and reveals he pulled off being in two places at once with a small time machine that sent him forward in time for one hour.

He uses Hood's money to hire Bryce as his own tech support and to keep him silent for his activities as Ronin while enacting social change as Hawkeye. Since the time machine broke during his fight with Spider-Man, Clint steals a robotic replica of himself from S.H.I.E.L.D. and hires a Skrull to impersonate him to keep up the ruse. [117] As Hood continues to slaughter criminals to find Ronin, Clint struggles to maintain his relationship with Linda and continuing to lie to the other heroes.

This comes to a head when Hood hires Bullseye, who murders the Skrull and Bryce before stealing Clint's Ronin costume to frame him for murdering police officers and attacking Captain America.

Clint puts on Bullseye's costume and defeats him in the Hudson Rail Yards where he finds out that Hood has put a bounty of $3 million on him and plans on revealing Ronin's true identity to the public. Clint puts on his classic Hawkeye costume and steals Hood's bounty money to prevent the other criminals from interfering in his battle with Parker.

He defeats Hood by robbing Parker of his powers with Count Nefaria's help. As the police arrive, the criminals watching the fight consider killing the wounded Hawkeye, but Fancy Dan convinces them to let Clint go claiming "He's one of us now. Even if he doesn't know it yet." [118] Skills and abilities [ edit ] While Clint Barton has no superhuman powers (with the exception of the period when using Pym particles as Goliath), he is at the very peak of human conditioning.

He is an exceptional fencer, acrobat and marksman, having been trained from childhood in the circus and by the criminals Trick Shot and Swordsman. This includes considerable strength, as an employee of Cross Technological Enterprises found out when he tried to use the superhero's 250 pounds-force (1,100 newtons) draw-weight bow and found that he could not draw back the string to launch an arrow.

[119] Hawkeye has also been thoroughly trained by Captain America in tactics, martial arts and hand-to-hand combat. Hawkeye excels in the use of ranged weapons, especially the bow and arrow and carries a quiver containing a number of customized "trick arrows".

As Ronin, he shows great proficiency with the katana and other melee weapons. He has gained a reputation for being able to "turn any object into a weapon", and has been seen using items such as tin plates, coins, sticks and other debris to great effect against his enemies. Hawkeye is also known to use a "Sky-Cycle" as his mode of transportation.

The Sky-Cycle is modelled after a commercial snowmobile and is fitted with anti-gravitational technology. It is voice-operated and has an auto-pilot steering system. The original Sky-Cycle was custom made for Hawkeye by Jorge Latham while employed by Cross Technological Enterprises. [10] Latham was later employed by the West Coast Avengers and built several more. [120] Supporting characters [ edit ] Main article: List of Hawkeye characters Other versions [ edit ] Age of Apocalypse [ edit ] In the Age of Apocalypse timeline, Hawkeye relocated to Europe and was a pilot for the Human High Council, piloting Tony Stark when he went to collect Don Blake after a mission in Wakanda.

[ volume & issue needed] Amalgam Comics [ edit ] Hawkeye and the DC Comics archer Green Arrow were combined into two different characters in the Amalgam Comics universe. One of which is an archer named Hawkeye who is Clint Archer, a man who developed his extraordinary archery skills through ardent study at a monastery in Tibet.

His skills are strong enough to have him become a member of the Judgment League Avengers. Despite being named Clint, having the superhero alias Hawkeye as well as the costume, and being a master archer, his mask and costume colors are from Green Arrow, and his Tibetan monastery origins are similar to that of the Connor Hawke version.

[ volume & issue needed] Oliver Queen in the Amalgam universe is Goliath (Clint's second superhero identity), who was aided in the development of his growth serum by Hank Pym. The two of them are also in a love triangle with their fellow Judgment League Avenger, Canary (a combination of DC Comics' Black Canary and Marvel's Mockingbird, the respective love interests of the two archers in their main universes), whose name is Dinah Barton.

[121] All-New Hawkeye [ edit ] In All-New Hawkeye, Clint and Kate give up Project Communion (Inhuman orphans with powerful and dangerous psyonic abilities) to Hydra after failing to protect them. An alternate future is shown where Clint and Kate split up for twenty years.

An older Clint has retired from heroics and just spends time with his new dog, Lucky 2, until the middle aged Kate arrives and forces Clint to help with a mission. Kate at this point has made an entire organization stemmed from the Hawkeye name, and is generally recognized as the Hawkeye by other heroes and villains due to Clint's absence.

She and Clint attempt to rescue the Project Communion children from the Mandarin and Maria Hill while utilizing Kate's connections to other superheroes like Marvel Boy and Captain America Chavez. However, Hill has them cornered and kills one of the subjects, leading them to regret splitting up twenty years ago.

This future was averted in the main story as they successfully rescued the children in the past. The older Hawkeye still uses hearing aids, and objects to Kate's suggestion of wearing Pym-Plants due to his experience with Ultron.

[122] Earth-13584 [ edit ] On Earth-13584, Hawkeye appears as a member of Spider-Man's gang. [123] Warp World [ edit ] During the events of " Infinity Wars," Gamora used the Infinity Stones to fold the universe in half, resulting in the creation of Warp World, where characters and histories were merged.

Hawkeye merged with Hellcat to become Cat's Eye, who became partners with the Green Widow (an amalgamation of Black Widow and She-Hulk). [124] Marvel Mangaverse [ edit ] Hawkeye appears as a member of the Avengers. He is said to be an expert marksman and wears some sort of design collaboration between his new costume and his Ultimate incarnation. When Doctor Doom attacked an international conference Doom kills Hawkeye off panel and he is seen with half of his body obliterated.

Captain America and the Vision were also killed. [ volume & issue needed] Marvel Zombies [ edit ] In Marvel Zombies Hawkeye was one of the first heroes zombified by Sentry, and goes on a rampage with the other zombified Avengers.

During the fight against Magneto, he manages to hit him with an arrow, but Magneto severs Clint's head with Colonel America's shield. 40 years later his head is discovered by T'Challa's grandson and given the Wasp's robotic body as it appears his hunger has diminished. He is killed by a rampaging Hulk and given a funeral with the other fallen heroes. [125] MC2 [ edit ] In the MC2 universe, Hawkeye is retired due to his blindness, but he continues to serve as a combat trainer for new heroes.

[126] Old Man Logan [ edit ] Set fifty years in the future, an old and blind Hawkeye hires Logan to help him deliver a secret package to New Babylon (formerly Washington D.C.). He's had three ex-wives, the third of which was Peter Parker's youngest daughter, Tonya.

He had a daughter with her named Ashley; after learning that Ashley has been captured by the Kingpin after attempting to overthrow him as a new Spider-Woman, alongside a new Daredevil and Punisher, Clint convinces Logan to take a detour with him to rescue her.

However, upon doing so, Ashley immediately decapitates the Kingpin and reveals that she too is a supervillain, known as Spider-Bitch, having had herself captured and lured her father there in order to allow her the opportunity to take over as the new Kingpin. After Ashley subsequently attempts to kill him, Clint is rescued by Logan and they resume their quest, briefly lamenting his failed relationship with Ashley while drinking at a bar.

As it turns out, Clint was delivering a batch of Super Soldier Serums to a supposed underground league planning to form a group similar to the Avengers, but it turns out it was a set-up by the Red Skull, which results in Clint's death.

[127] This version of Hawkeye received his own miniseries titled Old Man Hawkeye, which explores Hawkeye's life five years before the events of Old Man Logan as he is losing his vision and decides to use what remains of his eyesight to hunt down the Thunderbolts and Baron Zemo in revenge for their aligning with the Red Skull to kill the other Avengers.

In this effort, he is aided by Kate Bishop and hunted by Marshall Bullseye. [128] Queen's Vengeance [ edit ] In one Avengers storyline titled "Queen's Vengeance," Morgan Le Fay caused a reality distortion wave that set the time period in a medieval setting and the Avengers to be brainwashed into an elite guard known as the Queen's Vengeance, who protected Morgan. Hawkeye was renamed Longbow and his design is an amalgam of his classic costume and a medieval hooded, bearded archer (bearing a strong resemblance to Robin Hood).

He was the second Avenger to break free from the illusion with interference from the first one, Captain America, who ambushed Clint because Clint's strong feelings towards the Avengers was enough to break him free from Morgan's curse.

[129] Secret Wars [ edit ] There had been different Hawkeyes seen during the " Secret Wars" storyline: • In Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows, Hawkeye is the leader of the resistance in S.H.I.E.L.D. to stop Regent's rule. He was one of the few survivors of Regent's onslaught, but lost his eye in the process (giving him two similarities with Nick Fury). He has a grudge against Spider-Man for not choosing to aid the Avengers in their time of need as Spider-Man was more concerned with saving his family.

In the final battle against Regent, he tries shooting an arrow at Regent with an inhibitor chip to disable most of his powers but Regent inherited Peter's Spider Sense and stopped it. He gave the arrowhead to Annie Parker before she went to save her father, and thanked the Parker family as he and the rest of the heroes arrested Regent. [130] • In the Secret Wars version of House of M, Hawkeye is one of the remaining humans that is being hunted down by the mutants and Sentinels with Black Cat and Misty Knight.

They attempt to assassinate King Magnus and Hawkeye uses a specialized arrow to disrupt Magnus' magnetic powers. However they are forced to work with Magnus when Quicksilver and Namor take over the throne, and despite Magnus reclaiming his powers and title, he chooses to spare the resistance for their help. [131] • In Civil War, Clint is now the new version of Venom and is on Captain America's side. He is part of Peter Parker's strike team to obtain something for Beast's machine, and defeats King Ock (a brain-dead Kingpin who killed Doctor Octopus and stole his tentacles) using the club of the deceased Elektra.

[132] • A 2099 version of Hawkeye appears as part of Alchemax's Avengers team in Secret Wars 2099. His name is Max and his DNA was mixed with a hawk giving him claws and wings. [133] Ultimate Marvel [ edit ] Main article: Ultimates The Ultimate Marvel imprint title the Ultimates features a version of Hawkeye who uses a cover story of being a former Olympic archer to hide his conviction of an unexplained murder charge when he was recruited by Nick Fury into the Ultimates program, a government sponsored program made up of humans with extraordinary abilities and super-human operatives.

During his time with the Ultimates, most, if not all, of his missions were of the Black Ops variety in which he partnered with the Black Widow, who turned out to be a traitor to the group and killed Barton's wife and children. [ volume & issue needed] Seeking revenge, Hawkeye tracked down the Black Widow, passing herself off as a wounded civilian after the invasion, and executed her. [134] As addressed in "Ultimates 3", it was shown that the events during the invasion left him brooding and emotionally devastated, seeming almost to have a "death wish", and his brash, morally ambiguous and borderline sadomasochistic behavior became even more of an issue.

[ volume & issue needed] While Hawkeye is traditionally just a normal human trained to a high level of skill, Ultimate Hawkeye was altered via some type of experimental optical surgery.

His superhuman accuracy also extends beyond archery, to anything he can throw like 616 Bullseye, to the extent that he once escapes captivity by pulling out his own fingernails to use as weapons. Whether or not his teammates know of his augmentations is unknown, with the exception of Nick Fury, who has confirmed his knowledge, but it would appear that, in Hawkeye's favor, they remain unaware of his full abilities.

[135] It has also been remarked that before the "Ultimate Hawkeye" miniseries, he claimed to need to wear corrective goggles to see properly, but it appears that that too may have been a ruse.

[ volume & issue needed] What if? Dark Reign [ edit ] In What if? Dark Reign #1, Clint Barton succeeds in killing Norman Osborn. The superhero community then hunts him down for his crimes, while the public and the government turn completely against superheroes.

While Mockingbird gives him what he needs to escape, he ends up being shot and killed by a mentally unstable man who wants to prove a point against superheroes, leaving Victoria Hand completely in charge of H.A.M.M.E.R. [136] X-Men Forever [ edit ] Hawkeye was a member of the Avengers when they went after the X-Men in response to accusations that they had been involved in the deaths of Tony Stark and Beast, nearly being killed by Sabretooth before Shadowcat convinced him to spare the archer.

He subsequently witnessed the destruction of Avengers Mansion and the apparent death of the Avengers. [137] In other media [ edit ] Television [ edit ] • Clint Barton / Hawkeye appeared in The Marvel Super Heroes animated series, voiced by Chris Wiggins. [138] • Clint Barton / Hawkeye appeared in the Iron Man animated series, voiced by John Reilly. [139] This version is a member of Force Works. • Clint Barton / Goliath makes a brief cameo appearance in the Fantastic Four animated series episode "To Battle the Living Planet".

[ citation needed] • Clint Barton / Hawkeye appeared in The Avengers: United They Stand animated series, voiced by Tony Daniels. [ citation needed] This version is a member of the Avengers.

• Clint Barton / Hawkeye appeared in The Super Hero Squad Show animated series, voiced by Adrian Pasdar. [139] • Clint Barton / Hawkeye appeared in The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes animated series, voiced by Chris Cox.

[140] This version is initially a member of S.H.I.E.L.D. before joining the Avengers. • A younger version of Clint Barton / Hawkeye appears in the Iron Man: Armored Adventures animated series, voiced by Andrew Francis. [139] This version is initially a freelancer before joining S.H.I.E.L.D.

• Clint Barton / Hawkeye appears in the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series, voiced by Troy Baker. [141] This version is a member of the Avengers. • Clint Barton / Hawkeye appears in the Avengers Assemble television series, voiced again by Troy Baker. [142] This version is a member of the Avengers.

• Clint Barton / Hawkeye appears in the anime series Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers, voiced by Eiji Takemoto. [ citation needed] • Clint Barton / Hawkeye appears in the Guardians of the Galaxy animated series, voiced again by Troy Baker. [139] This version is a member of the Avengers. • Clint Barton / Hawkeye appears in the Marvel Future Avengers anime series, voiced by Kiyoshi Katsunuma in Japanese and Christopher Corey Smith in English. [143] Film [ edit ] • Clint Barton / Hawkeye and his son Francis Barton both appear in the animated film Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow.

• Clint Barton / Hawkeye appears in the anime film Iron Man: Rise of Technovore, [144] again voiced by Troy Baker. [ citation needed] • Clint Barton / Hawkeye appears in the anime film Avengers Confidential: Black Widow & Punisher, [145] voiced by an uncredited Matthew Mercer. [ citation needed] • Clint Barton / Hawkeye appears in the animated special Lego Marvel Super Heroes: Avengers Reassembled, voiced by Troy Baker.

[139] Marvel Cinematic Universe [ edit ] Jeremy Renner portrays Clint Barton / Hawkeye in the live-action Marvel Cinematic Universe films Thor, The Avengers, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Captain America: Civil War, and Avengers: Endgame, as well as the live-action Disney+ series Hawkeye. [146] Additionally, Renner voices alternate timeline versions in the animated Disney+ series What If...?. [147] Video games [ edit ] • Clint Barton / Hawkeye appears as a playable character in Spider-Man: The Video Game.

[148] • Clint Barton / Hawkeye appears as a playable character in Captain America and the Avengers. [148] • Clint Barton / Hawkeye appeared as a support character in Venom/Spider-Man: Separation Anxiety. [149] • Evil clones of Clint Barton / Hawkeye appeared in Marvel Super Heroes In War of the Gems. [150] • Clint Barton / Hawkeye appears as a playable character in the PSP version of Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, [151] voiced by Nolan North. [139] [152] He also appears in the downloadable "Heroes and Villains" version for the Xbox 360.

• Clint Barton / Hawkeye appears as a playable character in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, voiced by Chris Cox. [153] Additionally, his Ronin identity appears as an alternate costume. [154] • Clint Barton / Hawkeye appears as a playable character in Marvel Super Hero Squad Online, voiced by Sam Riegel.

[ citation needed] • Clint Barton / Hawkeye appears as a playable character in the Facebook game Marvel: Avengers Alliance. [ citation needed] • Clint Barton / Hawkeye appears as a playable character in the 2012 fighting game Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth, voiced by Troy Baker. [ citation needed] • Clint Barton / Hawkeye is available as DLC for LittleBigPlanet, as part of "Marvel Costume Kit 6".

[155] • Clint Barton / Hawkeye appears as a playable character in the MMORPG Marvel Heroes, voiced again by Chris Cox. [139] [156] [157] Additionally, his Ronin identity appears as an alternate costume. • Clint Barton / Hawkeye appears as a playable character in Lego Marvel Super Heroes, [158] voiced again by Troy Baker. [139] • Clint Barton, as Hawkeye and Ronin, appears as a playable character in the iOS game Marvel: Contest of Champions. [159] • Clint Barton / Hawkeye appears as a playable character in Marvel Avengers Alliance Tactics.

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[159] • Clint Barton / Hawkeye appears as a playable character in Lego Marvel's Avengers, voiced by Jeremy Renner. [ citation needed] • A teenage version of Clint Barton / Hawkeye appears in Marvel Avengers Academy, voiced by Gus Sorola. [160] • Five versions of Clint Barton / Hawkeye appear as playable characters in Marvel Puzzle Quest. [161] • Clint Barton / Hawkeye appears as a playable character in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, voiced again by Chris Cox. [139] [162] [163] • Clint Barton / Hawkeye appears as a playable character in Marvel Powers United VR, voiced again by Chris Cox.

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stage show. [167] This version is a member of the Avengers. Podcast [ edit ] Old Man Hawkeye appears as in the podcast Marvel's Wastelanders: Old Man Hawkeye, voiced by Stephen Lang.

[168] Reception [ edit ] Hawkeye was ranked as the 45th Greatest Comic Book Character of All Time by Wizard magazine. [169] IGN also ranked Hawkeye as the 44th Greatest Comic Book Hero of All Time opining that only it takes a special kind of hero to parade around in blue and purple and battle deadly villains with nothing more than a satchel of arrows and only Hawkeye can successfully pull it off, [170] and as #9 on their list of "The Top 50 Avengers" in 2012. [171] In 2013, ComicsAlliance ranked Hawkeye as #27 on their list of the "50 Sexiest Male Characters in Comics".

[172] The fourth volume of Hawkeye has received favorable reviews for its focus on what Hawkeye does when he's not an Avenger, playing up his status as the " everyman" on the team. Praising the series in an article titled, "How did Hawkeye become Marvel's best comic?", The A.V.

Club wrote, "Spider-Man has long been considered Marvel's superhero everyman, but Hawkeye has stolen that title with this series." [173] Comics Alliance's Chris Sims summarized it as, "For (Hawkeye), everything that happens in the book is a pain, but it's something he deals with because he wants to help the people around him, to the degree that he's driven to do so even on his days off from literally saving the world." [174] In 2013, Hawkeye was nominated for five Eisner Awards, [175] winning two: Best Cover Artist and Best Penciler/Inker, [176] and nominated for seven Harvey Awards, winning one.

[177] In 2014, Hawkeye was nominated for five Eisner Awards, [178] winning two, [179] and nominated for five Harvey Awards, [180] winning one. [181] One of the series' most well received issues was the "Pizza Dog" issue (No.

11), which is told from the perspective of Barton's dog, Lucky. Wired Magazine said of the issue, "The conceit is a high-concept, high-wire act for a comic to carry off, but Fraction and Aja stick the landing with a poise and grace that deserves full marks ...

It manages to be both a functional murder mystery loaded with noir sensibilities – from the bloody paw prints that blot across the cover to a rooftop gun scuffle with neighborhood thugs – and a book that is as entertaining as it is experimental and worth reading a time or ten." [182] In 2012, the mother of 4-year-old Anthony Smith contacted Marvel because her son would not wear his hearing aid, as superheroes do not have to.

Marvel responded with a custom comic book of the superhero Blue Ear for Anthony, and also pointed out that for years Hawkeye was deaf and used hearing aids. [183] Collected editions [ edit ] Hawkeye's solo appearances have been collected in a number of trade paperbacks: Title Material collected Publication date ISBN Hawkeye Hawkeye Vol.1 #1–4 June 1988 978-0871353641 Avengers: Hawkeye Hawkeye Vol.1 #1–4, Tales of Suspense #57, Marvel Super Action #1, Avengers #189, Marvel Team-Up #95 March 2010 978-0785137238 Hawkeye & Mockingbird: Ghosts Hawkeye & Mockingbird #1–6, Enter the Heroic Age #1 January 2011 978-0785144182 Avengers: Hawkeye: Earth's Mightiest Marksman Hawkeye Vol.

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Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, and Thor have all had solo movies and been given plenty of focus during team-up flicks. Even Black Widow, who also suffers from getting overlooked at times, is given more respect by Marvel.

RELATED: 10 Most Powerful MCU Villains With No Superpowers Fans have noticed the lack of spotlight he gets as they've made it the subject of many of their best Hawkeye memes. However, during Clint Barton's lengthy spell in the series, he's still managed to shine.

Which begs the question, in what movie did he make the most impact? 5 Thor (2011) Hawkeye's introduction into the MCU is less glamorous than most.

Instead of having a full movie dedicated to him or participating in a memorable action sequence, he simply makes a cameo in 2011's Thor. When the God of Thunder is fighting through an abundance of S.H.I.E.L.D's operatives, Barton is perched up high, aiming his bow at the titular character.

He never fires an arrow during the scene, nor does Thor even realize he's there. The rest of the movie is about Thor living among humans and improving as a person. His brother, Loki, on the other hand, spends his time scheming in Asgard. Hawkeye's presence doesn't have any impact on the main plotlines of the movie. It seems the only reason he is there is to show people that he exists before the first Avengers film. Captain America: Civil War isn't about the Earth's mightiest heroes defending themselves against one of the strongest villains in the series.

Instead, it's focused on the disharmony within the Avengers caused by the Sokovia Accords and accusations made against Bucky. RELATED: Marvel: 10 Hilarious Hawkeye Memes That Hit A Bullseye The main group gets split into two, with Captain America and Iron Man serving as the leaders of each. Hawkeye joins Cap's team. However, he doesn't stick out in the movie as there's no specific Barton plotline.

Even Steve Rodgers convincing him to come out of retirement and join his side happens off-screen. In this case, Hawkeye's minimal role is understandable as most of the adventure is about Captain America versus Iron Man, and the archer isn't super close with either of them.

If Natasha Romanoff was the person facing off against Rodgers, Barton would probably play a larger part. Barton is absent for one of the best MCU movies in Infinity War, but he returns for its equally good sequel, Endgame. However, the Hawkeye in the fourth Avengers adventure is very different. Heartbroken over the loss of his family, Barton becomes an angry vigilante known as Ronin. His new persona and thirst for revenge help him stand out amongst the crowd.

RELATED: Marvel's Avengers: 10 Hawkeye Skills You Need To Unlock As Soon As Possible The main plot revolves around the remaining heroes trying to bring back their friends while stopping Thanos from wiping out those left.

The biggest contribution Hawkeye makes to the cause is when he and Romanoff go to Vormir to retrieve the Soul Stone. Yet, he still isn't as prominent in the overall narrative as Captain America or Iron Man. Certain heroes needed big roles in Endgame, though, as it's their last appearance in the MCU. Hawkeye should still have future chances to shine. The first Avengers movie is an interesting one for Hawkeye. For the first half of the film, he's fighting on the wrong side as Loki uses his Scepter to control Barton's mind.

While film hawkeye marvel the weapon's spell, he serves as Loki's second-in-command and helps the villain with his evil invasion plan. He might not be in control of his mental facilities, but he does play a significant role in the early parts of the movie. Once he gets free will again, his influence on the plot diminishes. However, he participates in the Battle of New York and kills plenty of Chitauri in the process.

film hawkeye marvel

As his only appearance before the first Avengers was the cameo in Thor, he deserved more non-mind controlled screen time to establish himself.

Still, by the end of the film, it feels like he deserves his place in the Avengers team. If only he'd have gotten one shot in on Loki as revenge for the Scepter incident. Unlike in the first Avengers, Hawkeye manages to avoid getting his mind messed with in the sequel.

Unfortunately, though, his allies' thoughts are compromised by Wanda Maximoff. When the team is mentally down, Barton takes them to his home to lay low. While there, fans learn film hawkeye marvel about the archer than they had ever done before. For instance, Barton has a wife and children. Plus, the Avengers' time at his place is significant to the overall plot as that's where they get over their defeat and plan their next move. Later in the movie, Barton makes himself useful once again as he convinces Wanda to contribute to the war against Ultron.

The superhuman woman goes on to cause plenty of heroic destruction before dealing one of the biggest blows to the main antagonist. Overall, Hawkeye has an important role to play in the movie, even if it's still in a supporting capacity. NEXT: 10 Marvel Characters That Could Debut In The MCU's Next Phases• Earn points for what you already do as a Marvel fan and redeem for cool rewards as a Marvel Insider. (Points/Rewards program available to U.S.

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• Get the latest news, original content, and special offers from Marvel. • Join Now Marvel 101 Steven Grant - Marvel 101 - Marvel Studios' Moon Knight Mild-mannered museum gift shop employee Steven Grant faces a film hawkeye marvel as he is unable to differentiate between his waking life and his dreams.

Learn more about Steven Grant in Marvel Studios' Moon Knight, now streaming every Wednesday on Disney+. Marvel Studios’ “Hawkeye” stars Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye, who teams up with another well-known archer from the Marvel comics, Kate Bishop, played by Hailee Steinfeld. The cast also includes Vera Farmiga, Fra Fee, Tony Dalton, Zahn McClarnon, Brian d’Arcy James and newcomer Alaqua Cox as Maya Lopez. “Hawkeye” is helmed by Rhys Thomas and directing duo Bert and Bertie.

“Hawkeye” debuts on Disney+ Nov. 24, 2021.
Jeremy Film hawkeye marvel Clint Barton has been a key character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and here's a complete timeline of Hawkeye's story. As one of the original members of the Avengers, Hawkeye's importance to the MCU has long been slightly smaller than his teammates.

Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor all received a trilogy of movies that were integral chapters in the Infinity Saga. Hulk and Black Widow each received solo movies of their own, although at very different stages of Marvel Studios' shared film hawkeye marvel.

Marvel's sharpshooter has unquestionably taken a back seat to the other Avengers in that regard, which has meant much of his individual story hasn't been thoroughly explored. Marvel Studios finally decided to change Clint Barton's MCU fortune by giving him a Disney+ show.

Hawkeye's development came as part of Marvel's plans to expand their content to Disney's streaming service and highlight characters who otherwise haven't received major movie roles.

It's in Hawkeye that viewers will get the first chance to see Clint's normal life in more than fleeting glimpses. This will also be an opportunity to show what a Hawkeye-level MCU threat is like and introduce Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld) to the world.

Hawkeye's story is confirmed to take place after Avengers: Endgame, which arguably gave Hawkeye one of his biggest roles to date. Related: What Kate Bishop's "Avengers-Level Threat" Could Be In Hawkeye As Clint Barton's MCU story continues to grow, let's take a look back at everything Marvel Studios has revealed about Hawkeye's life to this point.

This will include details from all five of his MCU movie appearances, ranging from Thor to Avengers: Endgame, and cover everything from his childhood to his role in reversing Thanos' snap. The Origin of Hawkeye The MCU hasn't revealed many details about Clint Barton's life prior to becoming a superhero. It was presumably during his younger days that Clint's fascination with a bow and arrow began, though, leading to him training to harness this skill.

This would be when his incredible marksmanship began to blossom. In the comics, these skills came after being trained by Jack Duquesne aka Swordsman, who Tony Dalton plays in Hawkeye. At the same time that Clint was becoming one of the world's best archers, he also met and fell in love with Laura. The two of them are believed to have gotten married at this stage in Clint's life, and before he was recruited to join SHIELD. Even though Clint doesn't have any superpowers, Nick Fury personally recruited him to join SHIELD, where Clint quickly became one of the spy organization's best agents.

This could've played a factor in Fury helping set up an off-books safehouse for Clint and Laura to start a family in Missouri.

It was during these early days with SHIELD that Hawkeye proved his resourcefulness with his bow and arrows, but he also is skilled with guns and in hand-to-hand combat. As Hawkeye climbed through SHIELD's ranks and gained more trust with Fury, Clint was sent to Budapest to track down the assassin known as Black Widow.

This mission didn't go as planned, though, as Clint recruited Natasha Romanoff to betray the Red Room and join SHIELD. Clint helped Natasha take down General Dreykov and the Red Room (or so they thought), which then allowed them to become SHIELD agents together and start their long-lasting friendship. Hawkeye officially joined the MCU in 2011, film hawkeye marvel Jeremy Renner made his first appearance as Clint Barton in Thor.

film hawkeye marvel

The solo film for the god of thunder only included Hawkeye for a small role that was meant to help introduce him ahead of The Avengers. Clint's involvement in the story sees him sent to New Mexico by Nick Fury to help observe a mysterious object that has crashed outside the small town of Puente Antiguo. He was called into action by Phil Coulson, who was overseeing SHIELD's observation station, after Thor began infiltrating the base.

Clint was ready to fire away on the Asgardian prince to try and stop him, but Coulson ordered him to not shoot out of his own curiosity about Thor's ability to pick up Mjolnir.

Related: Marvel Just Made The Biggest Hawkeye's Criticism So Much Worse Even though Hawkeye's arrows wouldn't have had any impact on Thor, his appearance in the solo movie paved the way for what would come next. Clint's distant encounter with Asgardians and the cosmic side of the MCU led Fury to use him as a guard of the Tesseract once SHIELD obtained it. This led Clint to set up shop at the Joint Dark Energy Mission Facility in Nevada as part of Project PEGASUS.

He spent most of his time observing the Tesseract and those who interacted with it, like Dr. Erik Selvig, from up in his "nest." Of course, this also put him in a position to play an integral role in The Avengers next. Hawkeye Joins the Avengers Film hawkeye marvel the time came for Hawkeye to be part of the MCU's original Avengers team, The Film hawkeye marvel gave the character an unexpected journey to get there.

Since he was stationed as a guard of the Tesseract, Clint was there when Loki used the Infinity Stone to travel to SHIELD's base. The god of mischief liked Barton's bravery and decided to put the archer under his mind control as a result. This means Clint worked against SHIELD and the Avengers for most of The Avengers, as he even helped lead the attack on the Helicarrier. It was during this escapade that Black Widow knocked Hawkeye out, which allowed for Loki's mind control to fade.

Once Clint was free of Loki's mind control, Hawkeye took his rightful place as a member of the Avengers. He, Black Widow, and Captain America flew to New York to confront Loki, and they arrived just as his Chitauri army started to attack. Clint's piloting skills were tested in this mission, as he managed to safely crash the Quinjet so he, Natasha, and Steve Rogers could get in on the fight.

Despite just having his bow and a few trick arrows, Hawkeye proved to be quite resourceful during the Battle of New York. His actions solidified why he belonged on the original Film hawkeye marvel roster and proved why he had become such a valuable member of SHIELD in the past. Sokovia, Ultron & Hawkeye's Retirement Following his first adventure with the Avengers, the MCU hasn't revealed much about Hawkeye's life before the events of Avengers: Age of Ultron. These few years would be when he and Laura continued to grow their family and have a few of their children, but Clint was otherwise still working for SHIELD before its collapse in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Hawkeye appeared to spend part of his time following SHIELD's downfall working with the Avengers to take down what remained of Hydra. This included hunting down Baron von Strucker, which led to Clint getting shot by a Hydra soldier. Related: Hawkeye Perfectly Counters His Own Age of Ultron Criticism During the main section of Avengers: Age of Ultron, Clint takes on a more prominent role as the Film hawkeye marvel attempted to make amends for sideling him in the first film.

This included introducing his family and allowing the other Avengers to meet them for the first time, with Natasha's knowledge of them being the lone exception. After taking part in defeating Ultron, it was Hawkeye's family that brought him to retire from active duty with the Avengers. This came at the perfect time as he and Laura welcomed Nathaniel Pietro Barton to the family.

Captain America: Civil War Hawkeye's retirement at Avengers: Age of Ultron's ending proved to be short-lived. Following the film hawkeye marvel of the Sokovia Accords and Iron Man and Captain America taking different stances on it, Clint was drawn back into the superhero world.

He is used by Steve Rogers to go break Scarlet Witch out of her unofficial Avengers HQ film hawkeye marvel, which included trying to get the best of Vision. Once he and Wanda Maximoff escaped, they then helped get Ant-Man to Germany to participate in the airport fight of Captain America: Civil War. It was due to Clint's involvement in the Team Iron Man vs Team Captain America fight that he found himself in trouble. This act meant breaking the Sokovia Accords and landed him as a prisoner of The Raft under Thunderbolt Ross.

However, Captain America and Black Widow came to rescue him and the other imprisoned Avengers. Once Clint was free, he agreed to a plea deal with the government to avoid further punishment. This meant being on house arrest for the next two years and sitting out the fight against Thanos' invasion in Avengers: Infinity War.

While this did mean Clint got to spend a lot more time with his family, this also led to him being present when they vanished from existence as part of Thanos' snap. Hawkeye as Ronin, Thanos' End Game Clint Barton watching his family disappear at the start of Avengers: Endgame sent him down a dark path.

He lost his heroic ways and determined that it was unfair so many criminals survived the snap while his wife and kids didn't. This led Clint to abandon the Hawkeye mantle and his traditional bow and arrow. He went on to spend the next five years wearing a black and gold costume, wielding a katana, taking on the name of Ronin, and traveling the world to kill various criminals. Clint's actions weren't lost on the Avengers, as Black Widow and War Machine followed his massacres and attempted to find him.

This led to Black Widow eventually locating him in Japan and bringing him back to the Avengers with film hawkeye marvel chance to save his family. Related: Ronin's Past Explains How Kingpin Can Appear In Hawkeye Hawkeye then participated in Avengers: Endgame's Time Heist and is paired up with Black Widow as they travel the timeline to obtain the Infinity Stones in the past.

This meant Hawkeye and Black Widow going to Vormir to retrieve the Soul Stone, although they were not privy to the information that it could only be acquired by trading a soul for a soul.

Clint and Natasha fought about who should be the one to die, and even though he tried to be the one to give up his life to bring back his family, Black Widow ultimately died on Vormir. This allowed Hawkeye to survive and reunite with his wife and kids after Thanos' defeat.

They attended Tony Film hawkeye marvel funeral together, with Clint knowing his family very well could've been at his funeral if the events played out differently. It was also Hawkeye's time as Ronin that put him on Contessa Valentina Allegra de la Fontaine's radar, and him being blamed for Black Widow's death is what puts Yelena Belova on his trail during Black Widow's post-credits scene.

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