Soar meaning

soar meaning

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soar meaning

soar Past participle: soared Gerund: soaring Imperative soar soar Present I soar you soar he/she/it soars we soar you soar they soar Preterite I soared you soared he/she/it soared we soared you soared they soared Present Continuous I am soaring you are soaring he/she/it is soaring we are soaring you are soaring they are soaring Present Perfect I have soared you have soared he/she/it has soared we have soared you have soared they have soared Past Continuous I was soaring you were soaring he/she/it was soaring we were soaring you were soaring they were soaring Past Perfect I had soared you had soared he/she/it had soared we had soared you had soared they had soared Future I will soar you will soar he/she/it will soar we will soar you will soar they will soar Future Perfect I will have soared you will have soared he/she/it will have soared we will have soared you will have soared they will have soared Future Continuous I will be soaring you will be soaring he/she/it will be soaring we will be soaring you will be soaring they will be soaring Present Perfect Continuous I have been soar meaning you have been soaring he/she/it has been soaring we have been soaring you have been soaring they have been soaring Future Perfect Continuous I will have been soaring you will have been soaring he/she/it will have been soaring we will have been soaring you will have been soaring they will have been soaring Past Perfect Continuous I had been soaring you had been soaring he/she/it had been soaring we had been soaring you had been soaring they had been soaring Conditional I would soar you would soar he/she/it would soar we would soar you would soar they would soar Past Conditional I would have soared you would have soared he/she/it would have soared we would have soared you would have soared they would have soared to fly high.

Seagulls soared above the cliffs; Prices have soared recently. sweef, styg يُحَلِّق، يَحوم، يَرْتَفِع рея се elevar-se (vy)letět vysoko aufsteigen flyve højt; stige kraftigt πετώ, ανεβαίνω στα ύψη volar, remontar el vuelo, remontarse kõrgele lendama, tõusma بالا رفتن liitää korkeuksissa monter en flèche לִנסוֹק उड़ान भरना vinuti se u visine, dizati se nebu pod oblake szárnyal terbang tinggi fljúga í mikilli hæð volare; aumentare 舞い上がる (새가) 날아 오르다, (가격이) 급등하다 sklandyti, pašokti []lidot (augstu soar meaning strauji celties meluncur naik hoog vliegen sveve/fly høyt; stige kraftig wznosić się wysoko, iść w górę هواته ختل، هسكېدل، په هواكېدل elevar-se a se ridica парить; возрастать (vy)letieť vysoko visoko (po)leteti uzleteti flyga (sväva) högt, stiga [i höjden] บินสูงขึ้นไปในอากาศ yükselmek 高飛,飛漲,劇增 ширяти, високо літати اونچا اڑنا đạt ở mức cao 高飞,飞涨,剧增 As we approached, methought there issued from it a slight humming noise as from one of your Spaceland bluebottles, only less resonant by far, so slight indeed that even in the perfect stillness of the Vacuum through which we soar meaning, the sound reached not our ears till we checked our flight at a distance from it of something under twenty human diagonals.

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This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional. Synonyms & Antonyms for soar Synonyms: Verb • arise, • ascend, • aspire, • climb, • lift, • mount, • rise, • thrust, • up, • uprear, • uprise, • upthrust, • upturn Synonyms: Noun • ascension, • ascent, • climb, • rise, • rising Antonyms: Verb • decline, • descend, • dip, • drop, • fall (off), • plunge Antonyms: Noun • descent, • dip, • dive, • drop, • fall, • nosedive, • plunge Visit the Thesaurus for More Verb The temperature soared to 100 degrees.

Stock prices are beginning to soar. The oil shortage sent prices soaring. The nation's divorce rate has soared. The eagle soared above us.

Soar meaning hang glider soared in the air. The rocket soared into the sky. The ball soared out of the stadium.

soar meaning

The mountain soars over 20,000 feet above sea level. Noun the soar of the space shuttle never fails to inspire See More Recent Examples on the Web: Verb Which brings us to Matthew Stafford, the ex-Detroit Lions quarterback, the current LA Rams quarterback and the defending Super Bowl winner, who in the past year saw his trajectory soar into the clouds.

— Mitch Albom, Detroit Free Press, 24 Apr. 2022 The 7-foot-1, 245-pounder saw his stock soar during his first season at Auburn after transferring from North Carolina.

— Tom Green -, al, 3 Apr. 2022 Hycroft is a penny stock and saw its share price soar Tuesday on the announcement, jumping more than 92% in pre-market trading. — Chris Morris, Fortune, 15 Mar. 2022 Manufacturers saw demand soar when more people began working from home.

— Tim De Chant, Ars Technica, 14 Mar. 2022 After switching to a lottery, the school saw diversity soar, with more Black and brown students enrolled. — Jill Tucker, San Francisco Chronicle, 11 Mar. 2022 But until last month, one stark detail remained unpublished: Native Americans saw their jobless rate soar even higher than any of these groups to a staggering 28.6% that Soar meaning. — Alicia Wallace, CNN, 5 Mar. 2022 In 2020, the subscription video sector in the Asia Pacific region saw its revenue soar 34 percent.

— Karen Chu, The Hollywood Reporter, 1 Mar. 2022 The onset of Covid-19 changed the way people worked, shopped and dined, helping companies such as videoconferencing star Zoom Video Communications Inc.

and at-home workout provider Peloton Interactive Inc. soar. — Francesca Fontana, WSJ, 23 Apr. 2022 Recent Examples on the Web: Noun On the flip side, Kelsie Dolin and Betty Maxwell proved that some duet partners can help each other soar to new heights. — Charles Trepany, USA TODAY, 4 Apr. 2022 The city of Chicago plans to soar meaning available $12.5 million in prepaid gas and public transit cards as prices at the pump soar, Mayor Lori Lightfoot announced.

— Chicago Tribune Staff,, 1 Apr. 2022 Linke stopped a pair of shots to each side of her on the first two Point Loma shots and watched another two soar over the bar in the shootout. — San Diego Union-Tribune, 25 Feb. 2022 Turks are unable to make ends meet as the costs of potatoes, flour and chicken soar. — Soar meaning Post, 17 Dec. 2021 Berger, who had seen in-office costs for protective equipment soar, then set a deadline for shots. — Christine Spolar, CNN, 18 June 2021 We are easily charmed by the splash in the birdbath, the lift off of wings and the soar into the blue sky.

— Beth Thames -, al, 23 Nov. 2021 For the record, FanGraphs incorporated pitch framing into its WAR calculations a couple of years ago, which made Posey’s number soar. — John Shea, San Francisco Chronicle, 6 Nov. 2021 So dust off those benefits, get creative, and watch your employer brand soar. soar meaning Robert Glazer, Forbes, 24 Sep. 2021 See More These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word 'soar.' Views expressed in the examples do not represent the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its editors.

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The soar meaning of using a SOAR platform is to improve the efficiency of physical and digital security operations. What is SOAR? SOAR platforms have three main components: security orchestration, security automation and security response. Security orchestration Security orchestration connects and integrates disparate internal and external tools via built-in or custom integrations and application programming interfaces (APIs).

Connected systems may include vulnerability scanners, endpoint soar meaning products, end-user behavior analytics, firewalls, intrusion detection and intrusion prevention systems ( IDSes/ IPSes), and security information and event management ( SIEM) platforms, as well as external threat intelligence feeds. With all the data gathered comes a better chance at detecting threats, along with more thorough context and improved collaboration. The tradeoff, however, is more alerts and more data to ingest and analyze.

Where security orchestration consolidates data to initiate response functions, security automation takes action. Security automation Security automation, fed by the data and alerts collected from security orchestration, ingests and analyzes data and creates repeated, automated processes to replace manual processes.

soar meaning

Tasks previously performed by analysts, such as vulnerability scanning, log analysis, ticket checking and auditing capabilities, can be standardized and automatically executed by SOAR platforms. Using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to decipher and adapt insights from analysts, SOAR automation can make recommendations and automate future responses.

Alternately, automation can elevate threats if human intervention is needed. Download 1 Download this entire guide for FREE now! Playbooks are essential to SOAR success. Prebuilt or customized playbooks are predefined automated actions. Multiple SOAR playbooks can be connected to complete complex actions. For soar meaning, if a malicious Uniform Resource Locator (URL) is found in an employee email and identified during a scan, a playbook can be instituted that blocks the email, alerts the employee of the potential phishing attempt and blocklists the Internet Protocol (IP) address of the sender.

SOAR tools can also trigger follow-up investigative actions by security teams soar meaning necessary. In terms of the phishing example, follow-up could include searching other employee inboxes for similar emails and blocking them and their IP addresses, if found. Security response Security response offers a single view for analysts into the planning, managing, monitoring and reporting of actions carried out once a threat is detected.

It also includes post-incident soar meaning activities, such as case management, reporting and threat intelligence sharing. Benefits of SOAR SOAR platforms offer many benefits for enterprise security operations ( SecOps) teams, including the following: • Faster incident detection and reaction times.

The volume and velocity soar meaning security threats and events are constantly increasing. SOAR's improved data context, combined with automation, can bring lower mean time to detect ( MTTD) and mean time to respond (MTTR). By detecting and responding to threats more quickly, their impact can be lessened. • Better threat context. By integrating more data from a wider array of tools and systems, SOAR platforms can offer more context, better analysis and up-to-date threat information.

• Simplified management.

soar meaning

SOAR platforms consolidate various security systems' dashboards into a single interface. This helps SecOps and other teams by centralizing information and data handling, simplifying management and saving time. • Scalability. Scaling time-consuming manual processes can be a drain on employees and even impossible to keep up with as security event volume grows. SOAR's orchestration, automation and workflows can meet scalability demands more easily. • Boosting analysts' productivity.

Automating lower-level threats augments SecOps and security operations center ( SOC) teams' responsibilities, enabling them to prioritize tasks more effectively and respond to threats that require human intervention more quickly. • Streamlining operations. Standardized procedures and playbooks that automate lower-level tasks enable SecOps teams to respond to more threats in the same time period. These automated workflows also ensure the same standardized remediation efforts are applied organization-wide across all systems.

• Reporting and collaboration. SOAR platforms' reporting and analysis consolidate information quickly, enabling better data management processes and better response efforts to update existing security policies and programs for more effective security.

A SOAR platform's centralized dashboard can also improve information sharing across disparate enterprise teams, enhancing communication and collaboration. • Lowered costs. In many instances, augmenting security analysts with SOAR tools can lower costs, as soar meaning to manually performing all threat analysis, detection and response efforts. SOAR challenges SOAR is not a silver bullet technology, nor is it a standalone system. SOAR platforms should be soar meaning of a defense-in-depth security strategy, especially as they require the input of other security systems to successfully detect threats.

Soar meaning is not a replacement for other security tools, but rather is a complementary technology. SOAR platforms are also not a replacement for human analysts, but instead augment their skills and workflows for more effective incident detection and response. Some other potential drawbacks of SOAR include the following: • failure to remediate a broader security strategy; • conflated expectations; • deployment and management complexity; and • lack of or limited metrics.

Compare the benefits and limitations of SOAR platforms. Important SOAR capabilities The term, coined by Soar meaning in 2015, initially stood for security operations, analytics and reporting.

It was later updated to its current form in 2017, with Gartner defining SOAR's three main capabilities as the following: • threat and vulnerability management technologies that support the remediation of vulnerabilities, providing formalized workflow, reporting and collaboration capabilities; • security incident response technologies that support how an organization plans, manages, tracks and coordinates the response to a security incident; and • security operations automation technologies that support the automation and orchestration of workflows, processes, policy execution and reporting.

Gartner expanded the definition further, refining SOAR's technology convergence to the following: • security incident response platforms, which include capabilities such as vulnerability management, case management, incident management, workflows, incident knowledge base, auditing and logging capabilities, reporting and more; • security orchestration and automation, which include integrations, workflow automation, playbooks, playbook management, data gathering, log analysis and account lifecycle management; and • threat intelligence platforms, which include threat intelligence aggregation, analysis and distribution, alert context enrichment and threat intelligence visualization.

SOAR vs. SIEM While SOAR soar meaning SIEM platforms both aggregate data from multiple sources, the terms are not interchangeable. SIEM systems collect data, identify deviations, rank threats and generate alerts.

SOAR systems also handle these tasks, but they have additional capabilities. First, SOAR platforms integrate with a wider range of internal and external applications, both security and nonsecurity. Second, whereas SIEM systems only alert security analysts of a potential event, SOAR platforms use automation, AI and machine learning to provide greater context soar meaning automated responses to those threats. Many companies use SOAR services to augment in-house SIEM software.

In the future, SIEM vendors are expected to add SOAR capabilities to their services, which means the market for these two product lines will merge.

soar meaning

Many SIEM vendors offer SOAR capabilities in their SIEM products. Other products, such as email security gateways, endpoint detection and response ( EDR), network detection and response (NDR) and extended detection and response (XDR), are also adopting SOAR capabilities. SOAR vendors Gartner's 2020 SOAR market guide provides a list of representative vendors and their products, including the following: • Anomali ThreatStream • Cyware Virtual Cyber Fusion Center • D3 Security D3 SOAR • DFLabs IncMan SOAR • EclecticIQ Platform • FireEye Helix • Fortinet FortiSOAR • Honeycomb SOCAutomation • IBM Security Resilient • LogicHub SOAR+ • Micro Focus ArcSight SOAR • Palo Alto Networks Cortex XSOAR • Rapid7 InsightConnect • ServiceNow Security Operations • Siemplify SOAR Platform • Splunk Phantom • Swimlane SOAR • ThreatConnect SOAR Platform • ThreatQuotient ThreatQ • Tines This was last updated in March 2021 Continue Reading About SOAR (security orchestration, automation and response) soar meaning Top benefits of SOAR tools, plus potential pitfalls to consider • How to use SOAR tools to simplify enterprise infosec programs • Automating incident response with security orchestration • SOAR requires a set of comprehensive instructions and a competent builder • Top 6 SOAR uses cases to implement in enterprise SOCs Related Terms PA-DSS (Payment Application Data Security Standard) Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS) is a set soar meaning requirements intended to help software vendors develop secure .

See complete definition security posture Security posture refers to an organization's overall cybersecurity strength and how well it soar meaning predict, prevent and respond to . See complete definition What is cyber hygiene and why is it important?

Cyber hygiene, or cybersecurity hygiene, is a set of practices individuals and organizations perform regularly to maintain the . See complete definition Dig Deeper on Security operations and management • SIEM vs. SOAR vs. XDR: Evaluate the differences Search Cloud Security • Cloud security still needs a lot more work, say European experts Security and privacy remain a stumbling block for cloud computing, according to information experts at the Trust in the Digital .

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• Cal Poly Pomona pursues digital student experience The public university's digital experience initiative, which builds upon its use of ServiceNow, aims to soar meaning students focus on .

soar meaning

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Often, these soar meaning. • 5 macOS management software options for the enterprise While Windows desktops are still the leading OS in the enterprise, organizations have adopted macOS desktops, and each OS .

soar meaning

• How to create a custom ISO for Windows 10 A custom Soar meaning for Windows 10 can make desktop deployment and installation much simpler. IT allows admins to including applications. Search Cloud Computing • Understand AWS Regions vs. Availability Zones It's easy to forget about data centers when you run workloads in the cloud.

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More examples • Share prices have soared to a new all-time high in a day of frantic trading on the stock market.

• The popularity of such bands has soared in recent years. • Property prices have soared in the last two years. soar meaning Pollution levels are soaring all the time. • Soar meaning across Europe, wherever you look, marriage is in decline and divorce rates are soaring. Bilingual Dictionaries • English–French French–English • English–German German–English • English–Indonesian Indonesian–English • English–Italian Italian–English • English–Japanese Japanese–English • English–Polish Polish–English • English–Portuguese Portuguese–English • English–Spanish Spanish–English
What does the word soar mean?

According to Collins English Dictionary, and the American Heritage Unabridged Dictionary of the English Language, the word soar is a verb that means to fly upwards or rise into the air, to glide while maintaining a consistent altitude by using ascending air currents, or to increase or rise in size or volume.

The suffixes ing, s, and er can be added to the end of the word soar to create the word forms like the past participle and present participle soars, soaring, and the related word soarer. The pronunciation of soar is sɔr.

soar meaning

Many things can soar, including stock prices due to an oil shortage, the means of a glider, productivity in workflows, a level of security orchestration, valor soars, a deep transported mind can soar to new places, a startled hawk, and more. Many different languages also contain words that mean soar.

soar meaning

You may notice that some of these words look and sound similar to each other. These are called cognates, which are often formed when two words have the same root or language of origin like Latin or Greek.

soar meaning

This list of translations of soar is provided by Word Sense. • Dutch: zweven‎ • Russian: пари́ть‎ (impf), вита́ть‎ (impf) • Maori: tauihi‎ • Mandarin: 翱翔‎ (áoxiáng), 高飛‎, 高飞‎ (gāofēi) • French: planer‎ • Armenian: սավառնել‎ • German: schweben‎ • Turkish: süzülmek‎ • Spanish: planear‎ • Japanese: 舞う‎ (まう, soar meaning, 翔る‎ (かける, kakeru) • Polish: szybować‎ soar meaning, poszybować‎ (pf) • Finnish: liitää‎, liidellä‎ • Portuguese: pairar‎, planar‎ What are synonyms and antonyms of the word soar?

There are many different words that one can use in place of the word soar. These words are called synonyms. Synonyms are words that mean the same thing as a given word or phrase, and that can be used interchangeably.

soar meaning

One might choose to use a synonym to expand their own vocabulary, to avoid repeating themselves, or to choose a word that makes the most sense for the context. The below list of synonyms for soar meaning word soar is provided by Power Thesaurus.

• sprout • climb onto • arise • jump • take off • fly off • flies • upsurge • lift off • glide • increase • hang • get out of bed • levitate • ascend • get steeper • wheel • climbing • be situated • mushroom • be located • overshadow • shoot up • climb • flew • zoom • soar meaning • towering • multiply • rocketing • balloon • widen • take to the air • flown • drift • blow • climb up on • go through the ceiling • overtop • rear • scale • proliferate • mount • go sky-high • go through the roof • fly • climb up • skyrocket • aspire • overlook • surging • go uphill • sail • rise • go up • sailplane • wing • uprise • build up • rise up • get up on • surge • swell • come up • leap • overhang • enlarge • rise rapidly • spiral • rising • flying • push up • towers • lift • heave • plane • heighten • soar up • advance • snowball • extend • get up • float • tower • take wing • escalate • shoot • towered • levitation • move up • blast off • grow • expand • intensify • clamber • loom • rocket • increase rapidly • spread • hover But what if someone wanted to use a word that meant the opposite of soar?

In this case, they would use an antonym, or opposite word. An antonym is a word or phrase that means the opposite of a given word or phrase. The below list of antonyms for soar is also provided by Power Thesaurus. • dwindle • peter out • saunter • subside • degenerate • drop rapidly • fall promptly • deliver • lessen • fall all at once • slump • decrease • drop suddenly • drop • descend • soar meaning all of a sudden • capsize • fall immediately • fall down • decrease abruptly • plunge • weaken • fall off • nosedive • drop promptly • dive • ebb soar meaning decrease immediately • become smaller • decay • die out • become less • disappear • fell • drop all of a sudden • flatten • fall suddenly • contract • wallow • dismount • dent • sinking • decline • fade away • fall • drop abruptly • plummet • fall rapidly • drop all at once • drop immediately • decrease rapidly What is the origin of the word soar?

According to Merriam-Webster, the word soar has been used since the 14th century c14 as the Middle English soren. This word comes from the French s’essorer, Middle French essorer and Old French essorer, from the Vulgar Latin exaurare/Vulgar Latin exaurāre, the Latin ex and Latin aura/Greek aurā. How can the word soar be used in a sentence? The word soar can be used in many different sentences in the English language. Below are a few examples of soar (sɔːr) to help get you started.

The breezes soar through the stadium at an exalted level as the thunderous power of Lady Gaga singing the national anthem flowed through the bonds of the golden microphone. The Washington Post journalist was thrilled to be at the game.

The engine power analysts soared to new heights when they made a new discovery about the visible movements of the pinions on the airplane. The way they swoop and yield was enlightening. The mountain soars high above the sea level, creating an ominous mood as the terrified flock of vultures soar meaning on the currents of air around it. The pump prices began to soar as the summer months approached, reaching a higher point due to demand as well as the stock market.

The glider plane soared above Princeton University and made a slight humming noise, even in the perfect stillness of the vacuum of air above the school. The vulnerability management automation and detection alerts platform soared with soar meaning capabilities when the engineers updated it after the misfortune regarding the incident response activities.

The popularity of Samuel Taylor Coleridge and John Milton soared.

soar meaning

Overall, the word soar means to fly or glide. This word can be used literally or figuratively. Sources: • Soar synonyms – 918 Words and Phrases for Soar - Power Thesaurus • Soar antonyms – 276 Opposites of Soar - Power Soar meaning • Soar definition and meaning soar meaning Collins English Dictionary • soar: meaning, origin, translation - Word Sense • Soar - Definition of Soar - Merriam-Webster Kevin Miller is a growth marketer with an extensive background in Search Engine Optimization, paid acquisition and email marketing.

He is also an online editor and writer based out of Los Angeles, CA. He studied at Georgetown University, worked at Google and became infatuated with English Grammar and for years has been diving into the language, demystifying the do's and don'ts for all who share the same passion!

He can be found online here.

Soar Meaning