Happy independence day indonesia 76

happy independence day indonesia 76

Happy Independence Day to our beloved country, Republic of Indonesia. While this year, the celebration would be held in a different way, owing to the pandemic, the festive spirit doesn’t need to simmer down. With some selected greetings, photos, messages and quotes which can be shared with your near and dear ones, you can keep up the patriotic spirit and mark the day. Berita terkini • Free Break-Fasting Package for UMY Students • 3 IPIREL Students Represent UMY in IUCC FPCI 2022 • IPIREL Visiting Lecture: Evaluating ASEAN (Commitment and Implementation of Human Protection) • Building International Peace Through Cultural Dialogue: The Misjudged Nuclear Power • IPIREL Visiting Lecture: The International Politics of State Recognition in a Transitional International Happy independence day indonesia 76 • February 2022 (1) 1 post • January 2022 (1) 1 post • August 2021 (3) 3 posts • May 2021 (2) 2 posts • April 2021 (2) 2 posts • March 2021 (1) 1 post • February 2021 (1) 1 post • December 2020 (2) 2 posts • September 2020 (1) 1 post • August 2020 (4) 4 posts • July 2020 (2) 2 posts • May 2020 (4) 4 posts • April 2020 (5) 5 posts • March 2020 (1) 1 post • February 2020 (1) 1 post • January 2020 (1) 1 post • December 2019 (2) 2 posts • November 2019 (5) 5 posts • October 2019 (5) 5 posts • August 2019 (3) 3 posts • July 2019 (1) 1 post • June 2019 (6) 6 posts • May 2019 (9) 9 posts • April 2019 (1) 1 post • February 2019 (3) 3 posts • December 2018 (4) 4 posts • November happy independence day indonesia 76 (1) 1 post • August 2018 (2) 2 posts • June 2018 (5) 5 posts • May 2018 (3) 3 posts • October 2017 (1) 1 post • September 2017 (1) 1 post • June 2017 (6) 6 posts • May 2017 (1) 1 post • January 2017 (1) 1 post • September 2016 (1) 1 post • June 2016 (7) 7 posts • May 2016 (3) 3 posts • December 2015 (12) 12 posts • November 2015 (7) 7 posts
The annual independence day national flag hoisting ceremony held in Merdeka Palace, Jakarta Official name Hari Ulang Tahun Kemerdekaan Republik Indonesia (shortened HUT RI) Observed by Indonesians Type National Significance Marks the proclamation of independence of Indonesia Date 17 August Next time 17 August 2022 ( 2022-08-17) Frequency Annual The Independence Day of Indonesia (In Indonesian formally known as Hari Ulang Tahun Kemerdekaan Republik Indonesia shortened "HUT RI", or simply Hari Kemerdekaan, and colloquially referred by the people as Tujuhbelasan, meaning "the Seventeenth") is a national holiday in Indonesia commemorating the anniversary of Indonesia's proclamation of independence on the 17 of August 1945.

[1] It was made a national holiday by government decree in 1946. [2] Ceremonies happy independence day indonesia 76 festivities are held throughout the country to celebrate this national day, including the flag hoisting ceremony conducted nation-wide and at Indonesian diplomatic installations abroad, local community competitions, with patriotic and cultural parades.

[3] Discounts are offered by participating shopping centres or businesses. [4] On 16 August, the president of Indonesia addresses the nation at the People's Consultative Assembly. [5] On 17 August, at 10.00 AM Western Indonesian Time all Indonesian national television stations broadcast the National Independence Day Ceremony live from the Merdeka Palace in Jakarta.

And earlier at 7 AM local time, cities and regencies throughout Indonesia conduct the flag hoisting ceremony at their respective city halls. Streets, public places and public transportation are filled with nationalistic and patriotic decorations and art dominating with the red and white color symbolizing the national flag of Indonesia throughout the month of August.

[6] Contents • 1 The obligation to hoist the national flag • 2 The flag hoisting ceremony • 2.1 The national level • 2.2 The regional level • 2.3 International level • 2.4 Other independence day ceremonies • 3 Independence day festivities • 4 Independence day carnivals • 5 Gallery • 6 Themes • 7 See also • 8 References • 9 External links The obligation to hoist the national flag [ edit ] The Gapura is an archway of an entrance to a residential area in Indonesia.

Members of the community usually decorate it to welcome and celebrate the independence day According to the Constitution of Indonesia Act Number 24 Year 2009 concerning the National Flag, National Language, State Symbols and National Anthem Article 7 paragraph 3, it obliges every citizen of Indonesia to fly the national flag in front of their houses as well as on public institutions, office buildings, educational institutions, and on private and public transportation facilities throughout the country, as well as on Indonesian diplomatic offices abroad, on the 17 of August.

[7] Nowadays, the government requests the public to fly the national flag for a whole month in August (starting from the 1st till the 31st) to commemorate the Independence Day of the country.

happy independence day indonesia 76

{INSERTKEYS} [8] Independence day pennant flags known locally as Umbul-umbul Despite the obligation to raise the national flag, in August, community members also raise red and white pennant flags ( Umbul-umbul) and banners along streets and alleys and also decorate the community with shades of red and white as a representation of the colors of the national flag to celebrate and welcome the independence day, a custom which has been in practice for many years.

The flag hoisting ceremony [ edit ] A flag hoisting ceremony held in a school in Indonesia commemorating the Independence Day On the morning of 17 August, to commemorate Independence Day, the national Flag Hoisting Ceremony takes place at the Merdeka Palace in Jakarta hosted by the president of Indonesia accompanied by the vice-president to reenact the declaration of independence proclaimed by President Sukarno in 1945, held at 10.00 AM.

It is broadcast nationwide by state and private television and radio stations, and is broadcast live on YouTube by the State Secretariat and a number of Indonesian television networks. [9] The national level [ edit ] Starting at 09.00 AM Western Indonesian Time, the national independence day ceremony at Merdeka Palace is broadcast live nationally.


happy independence day indonesia 76

The ceremony is attended by distinguished guests starting from ambassadors and foreign defense attaches, former Indonesian presidents and vice-presidents, ministers with other government officials, prominent state figures, cultural figures including artists and celebrities, veterans, and other selected invitees from the general public.

The ceremony starts as the tri-services and police Guard of honour enters the palace forecourt at about 9.30 AM to the tune of a military band. The guards of honour are provided happy independence day indonesia 76 the headquarters battalions of the National Armed Forces, all composed of military policemen and women, with the HQ Detachment of the National Police. As the president and vice-president enters the palace, the Ceremony Commander ( Komandan Upacara), usually a colonel, leads the parade in the general salute to the president which is then followed by the remembrance of the proclamation of independence precisely at 10.00 AM accompanied by a 17-gun salute fired from the National Monument (Monas) by the Indonesian Army 7th Field Artillery Battalion.

Then, it is followed by the reading of the proclamation of Independence by the speaker of the People's Representative Council, a moment of silence known as Mengheningkan Cipta to remember those who have fallen in duty and then followed by a national prayer read by the Minister of Religious Affairs.

After the national prayer, the core event of the ceremony takes place as the National Flag Hoisting Troop (composed of high school students representing every province) marches into the main palace forecourt to raise the national flag with precision and discipline in drill. As they enter the complex, the national flag is presented to the color company of students, and they afterwards march to the flagpole for the raising of the national flag which is later accompanied by the playing of the national anthem Indonesia Raya.

After the national flag is raised, a fly-past is conducted by the Indonesian Air Force right above the Merdeka Palace and it is followed by an orchestral and musical performance by the Indonesian national orchestra the Gita Bahana Nusantara (under the Ministry of Culture) presenting Indonesian patriotic and traditional songs. The ceremony then is concluded by a general salute to the president and the honour guards exit the palace forecourt at noon.

At 5 PM Western Indonesian Time, the National Flag Lowering Ceremony takes place at Merdeka Palace hosted by the president and vice-president of Indonesia. The ceremony is usually preceded by marching band, musical and traditional dance performances usually broadcast live since 4 PM. The lowering of the flag is conducted by the second group of the National Flag Hoisting Troop and the national flag is given back to the president after being raised at the palace forecourt.

The regional level [ edit ] The independence day commemoration ceremony taking place at Banjarbaru City, South Kalimantan On 17 August, the national flag hoisting and lowering ceremonies are also conducted in every city and regency throughout the country with the local Mayor or Regent as the guest of honor (for the ceremony conducted at the city or regency level), and the provincial governor as the guest of honor (for the ceremony conducted at the provincial capital city level).

The flag hoisting ceremony takes place earlier in the morning, which is at 7 AM local time for the regional level before the national level at Merdeka Palace in Jakarta commences. The flag-lowering ceremony is conducted at about 5 PM local time. International level [ edit ] On 17 August, Indonesian embassies and diplomatic offices around the world conduct the Flag Hoisting (in the morning) and the Flag Lowering Ceremony (at the afternoon) local time. After the flag hoisting ceremony, Indonesian embassies abroad usually also held some festivities, including cultural performances, music show, singing contests, competitions, and organising tent bazaar; happy independence day indonesia 76 Indonesian foods, handycrafts, souvenirs and various products.

During this event, bazaar and festivities usually invites Indonesian expatriates and also foreign Indonesian culture enthusiasts. Other independence day ceremonies [ edit ] Other than the national and regional flag hoisting ceremonies conducted by the government, schools, private sectors, offices, corporations, and other organizations throughout the country also conducts the flag hoisting ceremony to commemorate independence day.

It is usually done a couple of days after 17 August while some organizations or institutions conduct it on 17 August. Independence day festivities [ edit ] Panjat Pinang, a popular independence day game in Indonesia Independence Day is regarded as an important public holiday in Indonesia, and to celebrate independence day, it is filled with joyful community competitions organized by localities throughout the country (locally known as lomba tujuhbelasan meaning "independence day competitions").

After witnessing the National Flag Hoisting ceremony in the morning, in the afternoon people usually participate in such activities. Some areas organize these competitions a couple happy independence day indonesia 76 days or weeks after 17 August, usually organizing it on a weekend. Children are participating in some competition Traditional games and competitions usually held to commemorate independence day are: • Krupuk-eating race, krupuks are hang on the thread and competitors must race to eat them hands free.

• Panjat pinang, it is a famous independence day game usually conducted at villages or communities throughout the country. The game is done by using a greased pole and putting precious prizes on top, and participants must climb the pole to get the prizes. • Community Marching, known locally as Gerak Jalan is done where participants wear unique uniforms and march in a synchronized manner.

This is done to compete between members of a neighborhood and is usually participated by adults. [10] • Bicycling carnival, known locally as Sepeda hias is participated by children riding their bicycles decorated in the Independence Day theme with red and white and the winner would be announced for the best decorated bicycle.

[11] • Marble in spoon race, usually for children. A marble is placed in a spoon that being bitten by the competitor. Competitors must balance the marble while walking along the line and race towards the finish line. • Sack race • Bottle fishing, nail is tied with a thread that tied on the waist and hanged from competitor's behind. Competitors must place the nail bait into the bottle and tried to pull or "fish" the bottle.

• Wooden clog race • Musical chair or fight over seats • Tug of war • Coin biting • Pillow fight • Hitting the kendi terracotta jar blindfolded, similar with piñata • Balloon bursting • Balloon dance • Orange dance • Searching for coins in flour • Inserting thread into needle race • Colouring competition • Flag race, usually for children. Several small flags are placed in a bottle in one side and empty bottle is placed on the other side. Each kids must race to place these flags put it in the bottle on the other side one by one.

• Catching the eel race • Sarong football or daster football, a football competition among men, made more difficult by wearing sarong or daster (woman casual home dress, usually worn by moms).

Various sports competitions are also held such as soccer, badminton, volleyball, table tennis, etc. Independence day carnivals [ edit ] Independence parade carnival in Bantul, Yogyakarta On Independence Day, parades or carnivals take place on streets in cities and villages across the nation. They might take the form of a modest carnival, organized by local people, where children and sometimes adults wear patriotic clothes, or traditional ethnic costumes.

happy independence day indonesia 76

Some larger parades might be held and organized by provincial, regency, or municipal governments, staged in main thoroughfares of cities. Some places may hold independence day carnivals not precisely on the 17 of August, but usually on a Saturday or Sunday following the 17 of August.

The parade and carnival usually feature marching bands, decorative floats, patriotic parades and cultural carnivals featuring traditional costumes of various ethnic groups of Indonesia.

They usually start in Merdeka Square by the National Monument, parading through capital main avenues; Thamrin and Sudirman avenues, passing Selamat Datang Monument and the Gelora Bung Karno Sports Complex. In recent years however, the main national carnival has not been staged in the national capital, but in provinces with regional cities taking turns hosting this national event.

happy independence day indonesia 76

In 2017, for example, the national independence carnival was staged in Bandung, West Java. [12] Year Date Location Theme 2015 22 August Pontianak Hutan ( Forest) 2016 21 August Danau Toba Air ( Water) 2017 26 August Bandung [13] Pegunungan dan Kota ( Mountain and City) 2018 not held 2019 18 August Jakarta [14] — Gallery [ edit ] Festivities and activities celebrating the Independence Day of Indonesia: A road-side painting in Jakarta celebrating and commemorating the 40th Anniversary of the Independence Day of Indonesia in 1985 Themes [ edit ] Independence Day themes are announced by the central government to accompany the annual independence day which alternately changes every year.

Independence day themes have been announced as follows: Year Independence Anniversary Theme Translation 2005 Dengan Semangat Proklamasi 1945, Kita Perkokoh Persatuan Dan Kebersamaan Menuju Indonesia yang Aman, Adil, Demokratis, dan Sejahtera With the Spirit of the 1945 Proclamation, We Strengthen Unity and Togetherness Towards a Safe, Fair, Democratic, and Prosperous Indonesia.

2006 Dengan Semangat Proklamasi 17 Agustus 1945, Kita Tingkatkan Rasa Kebangsaan dan Kebersamaan untuk Membangun Indonesia yang Bersatu, Aman, Adil, Demokratis, dan Sejahtera. With the Spirit of the Proclamation of 17 August 1945, We Increase the Sense of Nationalism and Togetherness to Build a Unified, Safe, Fair, Democratic, and Prosperous Indonesia.

2007 Dengan Semangat Persatuan dan Etos Kerja, Kita Percepat Pertumbuhan Ekonomi dan Penanggulangan Kemiskinan untuk Mewujudkan Keadilan dan Kesejahteraan Bagi Rakyat Indonesia. With the Spirit of Unity and Work Ethics, We Accelerate Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction to Materialize the Justice and Prosperity for the Indonesian People 2008 Dengan Semangat Proklamasi 17 Agustus 1945, Kita Lanjutkan Pembangunan Ekonomi Menuju Peningkatan Kesejahteraan Rakyat, serta Kita Perkuat Ketahanan Nasional Menghadapi Tantangan Global With the Spirit of the Proclamation of 17 August 1945, We Resume Economic Development Towards the Enhancement of People's Welfare, and We Strengthen National Resilience in Facing Global Challenges.

2009 Dengan Semangat Proklamasi 17 Agustus 1945, Kita Tingkatkan Kedewasaan Kehidupan Berpolitik dan Berdemokrasi serta Percepatan Pemulihan Ekonomi Nasional Menuju Indonesia yang Bersatu, Aman, Adil, Demokratis, dan Sejahtera. With the Spirit of the Proclamation of 17 August 1945, We Increase Maturity in Political and Democratic Lives and Acceleration of National Economic Recovery Towards a Unified, Safe, Fair, Democratic, and Prosperous Indonesia.

2010 Dengan Semangat Proklamasi 17 Agustus 1945, Kita Sukseskan Reformasi Gelombang Kedua, untuk Terwujudnya Kehidupan Berbangsa yang Makin Sejahtera, Makin Demokratis, dan Makin Berkeadilan. With the Spirit of the Proclamation of 17 August 1945, We Succeeds the Second Wave of Reformation, to Materialize a More Prosperous, More Democratic, and More Equitable National Life.

2011 Dengan Semangat Proklamasi 17 Agustus 1945, Kita Tingkatkan Kesadaran Hidup dalam ke-Bhinneka-an untuk Kokohkan Persatuan NKRI, Kita Sukseskan Kepemimpinan Indonesia dalam Forum ASEAN untuk Kokohkan Solidaritas ASEAN.

With the Spirit of the Proclamation of 17 August 1945, We Enhance Life Awareness in the Diversity to Strengthen the Unity of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia, We Succeed Indonesia's Leadership in the ASEAN Forum to Strengthen ASEAN Solidarity. 2012 Dengan Semangat Proklamasi 17 Agustus 1945, Kita Bekerja Keras untuk Kemajuan Bersama, Kita Tingkatkan Pemerataan Hasil-hasil Pembangunan untuk Keadilan Sosial Bagi Seluruh Rakyat Indonesia.

With the Spirit of the Proclamation of 17 August 1945, We Work Hard for Common Progress, We Improve Equitable Development Results for Social Justice for all of Indonesian People 2013 Mari Kita Jaga Stabilitas Politik dan Pertumbuhan Ekonomi Kita Guna Meningkatkan Kesejahteraan Rakyat Let's Keep Our Political Stability and Economic Growth to Improve People's Welfare 2014 Dengan Semangat Proklamasi 17 Agustus 1945, Kita Dukung Suksesi Kepemimpinan Nasional Hasil Pemilu 2014 Demi Kelanjutan Pembangunan Menuju Indonesia yang Makin Maju dan Sejahtera With the Spirit of the Proclamation of 17 August 1945, We Support the Succession of National Leadership (from the) Results of the 2014 Election for the Continuation of Development Towards a More Advanced and Prosperous Indonesia 2015 Ayo Kerja Let's Work [15] 2016 Kerja Nyata Real Work [15] 2017 Kerja Bersama Working Together happy independence day indonesia 76 2018 Kerja Kita Prestasi Bangsa Our Work, Achievement of the Nation [15] 2019 SDM Unggul, Indonesia Maju formerly Menuju Indonesia Unggul Superior Human Resources, an Advanced Indonesia formerly Towards Superior Indonesia [16] 2020 Indonesia Maju Indonesia Advances [17] 2021 Indonesia Tangguh, Indonesia Tumbuh Tough Indonesia, Growing Indonesia [18] See also [ edit ] • ^ "Independence Day 2019 and 2020".

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happy independence day indonesia 76

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happy independence day indonesia 76

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happy independence day indonesia 76

Retrieved 21 April 2020. • ^ Fitria Chusna Farisa (17 June 2021).

happy independence day indonesia 76

Meliana, Damianty (ed.). "Pemerintah Umumkan Logo dan Tema HUT ke-76 RI". Kompas.com (in Indonesian). Retrieved 19 June 2021. External links [ edit ] • Youtube: The Full Coverage of the National Independence Day Ceremony at Merdeka Palace Jakarta 2019 • Special Report - The 73rd Anniversary of the Proclamation of the Republic of Indonesia in 2018 on YouTube video • Youtube: Independence Day Carnival at Bandung, West Java in 2017 • Timeline • Hinduism-Buddhism era • Spread of Islam • Portuguese era (1512–1850) • VOC era (1603–1800) • French and British era (1806–1816) • Dutch East Indies (1800–1942) • Japanese occupation (1942–45) • National Revolution (1945–49) • Liberal democracy era (1950–57) • Guided Democracy (1957–65) • Transitional period (1965–66) • New Order (1966–98) • Reformasi (since 1998) Hidden categories: • CS1 Indonesian-language sources (id) • Articles with short description • Short description is different from Wikidata • EngvarB from August 2020 • Use dmy dates from August 2020 • Infobox holiday fixed day (2) • Articles containing Indonesian-language text • Commons category link is on Wikidata Edit links • This page was happy independence day indonesia 76 edited on 15 March 2022, at 07:23 (UTC).

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happy independence day indonesia 76

The list was compiled by British website Mornings.co.uk. They used TripAdvisor user review data collected in Nov [.]
• Kota Padang • Kab Pesisir Selatan • Kab. Limapuluhkota • Kab. Sijunjung • Kab. Solok Selatan • Kota Payakumbuh • Kota Padang Panjang • Daerah Lainnya • Happy independence day indonesia 76. Tanah Datar • Kab.

Agam • Kota Bukittinggi • Kab. Pasaman • Kab. Dhamasraya • kota Pariaman • Kab. Padang Pariaman • Kab. Pasaman Barat • Kab. Kepulauan Mentawai • Kota Sawahlunto • Kota Solok • Kab Solok SEMANGATNEWS.COM – Hai sobat! Kali ini kami akan membagikan caption atau quote ucapan kata-kata bijak HUT Kemerdekaan RI ke-76 yang cocok digunakan di tengah pandemi ini dalam bahasa inggris. Saat ini, Seperti yang kita ketahui peringatan hari kemerdekaan Indonesia dirayakan ditengan situasi pandemi covid 19.

Sehingga pemerintah pun membatasi aktivitas masyarakat untuk menekan angka penyebaran Covid-19. Walaupun ditengah pendemi, perayaan Hari Kemerdekaan Indonesia tetap harus dilakukan walau hanya dirumah saja. Nah, sebagai salah satu cara untuk menyemarakkan kemerdekaan di tengah pandemi yaitu dengan cara saling berbagi ucapan selamat melalui sosial media.

Kali ini kami akan membagikan contoh caption atau kata mutiara ucapan selamat Hari kemerdekaan RI ke 76 pada 17 Agustus 2021 dalam Bahasa Inggris. Dalam caption yang akan kami bagikan terdapat kata-kata bijak dalam Bahasa Inggris sekaligus maknanya. Baca juga: Bingkai Foto HUT RI ke-76 Full Screen 16:10, Cocok untuk Status WA (WhatsApp) Instastory dan Media Sosial Lainnya Berikut Inspirasi caption atau ucapan selamat Hari kemerdekaan Indonesia ke 76 dalam Bahasa Inggris Caption Hari kemerdekaan Indonesia ke 76 dalam Bahasa Inggris # “Thousands laid down their lives so that our country can celebrate this day.

Never forget their sacrifices. Happy Independence Day!” Artinya: Ribuan orang mempertaruhkan nyawa mereka agar negara kita dapat merayakan hari ini.

Jangan pernah lupakan pengorbanan mereka. Selamat Hari Kemerdekaan!” Halaman: 1 2 3 Ditag 17 Agustus caption Hari Merdeka ke-76 Indonesia caption hut RI 76 contoh ucapan Happy Independence Day Inspirasi kata kata bijak di hari kemerdekaan Kata kata mutiara ucapan selamat hari kemerdekaan quote hut ri 76 ucapan 17 Agustus bahasa inggris Ucapan HUT RI ucapan selamat hari kemeerdekaan
Happy 76th Independence Day to Indonesia. Today Indonesia is 76 years old. The only wish that i can say is i hope the covid19 virus is completely gone from here.

We used to celebrate Independece day with parade and lot of fun games but due this situation we don't do any of those. It's sad but we can't do anything. But gladly lots of store like clothing store, food, etc give discount so at least we can hunting the happy independence day indonesia 76

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