Koguma super cub

koguma super cub

Description Koguma is a koguma super cub young girl that gains friends, self-confidence, and the thrill of adventure after purchasing her Super Cub. She is a petite young girl with short black hair and blue eyes. She wears a midnight blue school girl outfit, white socks, and brown shoes. When riding the Super Cub, Koguma would wear her CLASSIC-V White Arai Helmet that she received for free due to her purchase of the Super Cub Edit Synopsis Koguma, a reserved second-year high school student, has nothing—no parents, hobbies, friends, or goals.

On her way home one afternoon, she visits a vehicle shop in hopes of acquiring a motor scooter. With only enough money to make ends meet, she is disheartened by the price tags and prepares to turn back. However, as she is about to leave, the shop's owner offers her a pre-owned Honda Super Cub for ten thousand yen. Believing koguma super cub the motorcycle will help brighten her monotonous world, she accepts the deal.

As Koguma journeys through her town koguma super cub small adventures with her Super Cub, she begins to build irreplaceable friendships and eagerly advances toward her new life. [Written by MAL Rewrite] Overall 8 Story 6 Animation 8 Sound 8 Character 8 Enjoyment 8 Watching Super Cub kind of feels like taking a bath. It's a bit plain and simple, yet never fails to soothe you even when you are having a bad time.

Super Cub revolves around high school student Koguma, a timid and lonely girl who has never had anything that she could cherish. As Koguma herself describes, she has nothing—no parents, no hobbies, no friends, and no goals. However, after buying a pre-used Super Cub, she finally finds something that even she could enjoy.

The anime chronicles the now adventurous days of Koguma's life, showcasing how vastly she has changed and continues to change. Super Cub seems like a simple CGDCT anime at first glance, and if you take the series at face value, it's likely that you won't change your opinion even after watching it. Most of the times, the characters of the anime simply travel around various places while riding their beloved scooter. Due to this and the seemingly unimaginative subject matter, it's easy to mistake Super Cub for another typical CGDCT, but in reality, there's far more to the show than just that.

The narrative of Super Cub is fairly simple, but the themes that surround it are surprisingly thorough. Unlike most of its predecessors, Super Cub consistently maintains a solemn tone throughout its 12 episodes, which complements the themes that it tackles. That doesn't mean this is a sad show, though. Despite the serious undercurrent, Super Cub is actually very relaxing to watch; partly because the atmosphere is charmingly calm and quiet, and partly because most of the events that occur in the anime are intrinsically light-hearted and easy to follow.

This casual approach to storytelling can be a double-edged sword, though. Koguma super cub Cub follows a rather basic storyline and mostly relies on the characters to move the plot forward, which places some obvious limitations on the potential scenarios.

Due to the apparent lack of "innovation", some parts of the show can feel a bit monotonous. There are other areas where the writing is very lacking—the prime example of this being the first half of episode 11 which suffers because of the characters' unusually irrational actions, and the fact that Koguma's unusual background is never explored koguma super cub it being the introductory point of her character.

Luckily, Super Cub balances this simplicity and makes up for its shortcomings with substantial characterization. The most compelling character of the anime is by far Koguma, koguma super cub protagonist of the story who is a bit of an oddball.

If you overlook the fact that her past is shrouded in mystery for no reason, she is surprisingly a very relatable character. Koguma's initial inability to find motivation in her life is something that resonates with me a lot, so seeing her gain confidence and create genuine friendships is uplifting to say the least. In a way, Super Cub is also a very encouraging show. The entire anime delivers a generally wholesome and optimistic message, and all of the main characters beautifully reflect that statement.

Koguma, Reiko and Shii—they all have something they love from the bottom of their heart, and they will do pretty much anything to protect that. At first, that something was simply Super Cub (Alex Moulton bike for Shii), but as the three grow closer through interactions, they gradually forge a precious and long-lasting bond that they don't want to lose either.

This is essentially what makes Super Cub such an encouraging experience. Seeing Koguma and the others wholeheartedly pursue their dreams honestly made me very motivated and electrified, something which very few shows can manage to do.

Additionally, all of our main characters display a remarkable degree of realism and relatability, because of which I quickly found myself rooting for them. For the most part, the script of Super Cub is fittingly simple and straightforward, but the lines are crafted in a way such that they are subtle and meaningful.

koguma super cub

While there aren't a whole lot of dialogues or monologues in the show which is understandable), ones that are there mostly exist for a significant purpose; they are relevant to the contemporary events and provide insight into the characters' emotions.

That said, some of the conversations about motorbikes can be a bit difficult to follow, especially if you are someone like me who has little to no knowledge of vehicles. But hey, this may be something bike enthusiasts can rave about. Suitably, Super Cub takes a bit minimalistic approach in terms of its soundtrack. There are quite a few scenes that are intentionally barren of music, which is a clever choice given how neatly it fits in with the calm ambience of the show.

Most of the other scenes are fittingly accompanied with tranquil piano music. The sound effects are pretty good; they add more realism to the environment of the anime. The opening song titled "Mahou no Kaze" is alright, and the same could be said about the ending "Haru e no Dengon" which is sung by koguma super cub voice actors of the main cast. Super Cub's animation is generally very beautiful, albeit the artstyle is a bit cutesy. Since the characters travel koguma super cub lot in the anime, the scenic designs are rather diverse, memorable, and beautifully animated.

Simple backgrounds such as school, shops, houses, etc. are nicely drawn as well, which has become an uncommon trait in anime nowadays. Occasionally, there are some odd uses of CGI, though (usually while the characters are riding or paddling), that don't really blend in with the background and are a little jarring to look at.

Besides that, I honestly don't have much to complain about. It's saddening that Super Cub hasn't gained much popularity—it's arguably one of the better anime of this season. Honestly, I didn't expect much going into the series, but it didn't take much time to win me over with its refreshingly calm nature. If you are a fan of the iyashikei subgenre, you will probably enjoy Super Cub as much as I did.

And who knows, you might even become inclined to buy an actual Super Cub. Overall 3 Story 2 Animation 2 Sound 3 Character 2 Enjoyment 4 Mild Spoilers in a marked section "I have no parents.

No money either. Nor do I have any hobbies, friends, or goals for the future. But, where I didn't have anything in my life before. now I have a cub." I have always considered myself as a Slice-of-Life enthusiast. I have hardly rated any Slice-of-Life anime lowly but Super CGI has done it. It has koguma super cub my streak and that isn't a good thing. I’m just going to begin with the art. Wow, the character designs are ugly.

Just take a look at how Studio Kai draws lines. The lines on Koguma's face makes me think that a cat showed up and scratched her face. Why did the cat do that? It probably couldn't handle staring at a moe blob anymore. Or maybe the cat had some of the Grappa that the anime staff added "Caution: too much makes it alcoholic and actionable." But there’s more… The lines drawn on the hair reminds me of someone who pulled out their sturdy fingernails before deliberately scratching a chalkboard!

My eyes cringe just as much as just looking at the characters of Super Cub. Continuing on, there is so much CG in this anime. I understand with the Super Cub but using CG for almost every background character and switching between animating the Cub motorbike rider as half 2D and half 3D is just too much.

Even if the CG is considered fine, I’m sure the blatant usage of reused animation will get anyone’s disapproval. The one scene that always gets reused is Koguma arriving at school. There will always be the presence of two girls walking together towards the right with two other male characters, one walking towards the camera and the other also walking to the right as the camera pans to the right koguma super cub Koguma arrives on her Super Cub. I should’ve counted how many times they used this one scene in particular.

Throughout this anime, there are many moments where Koguma is just driving around on her Super Cub for entire minutes. The same backgrounds were used so many times, especially at that one intersection and that road she sees outside of her classroom.

koguma super cub

All in all, the shots and scene durations all made this anime feel like I’m watching the same episode over and over. Speaking of loops, I did not care for the music. There is recycled 'sad' or 'peaceful' oriented music playing for Koguma as she drives around. But these scenes are so long and Koguma’s thoughts are so bland that I don’t care for the music.

Many times this music failed to impact me at all since most of it tends to follow a specific formula: 1. Find a cool 2-4 second part, then just keep looping it, 2. Take one finger and play something on the piano that sounds like a song, or 3. Combine 1 and 2! Very creative I say. This even applied to the opening! Koguma super cub start, we hear Duu 40 times in the beginning of the opening!

Koguma super cub won't be getting out of my head any time soon even if I duu try. Also, when the characters are talking with music playing in the background, I feel that the music is more important than the actual dialogue (which I can't quite disagree with this).

Most interactions between Koguma and others make me feel like I’m waiting in the elevator while trying to ignore the conversation next to me or I’m trying, and failing, to listen to my online Zoom lecture because I fell asleep. Finally to the plot of the anime. Sad girl gets a Super Cub and finally makes friends. I think that's all you need but I will persevere. Koguma is a girl living alone with no parents, income, goals, or koguma super cub.

She then makes an impulsive decision to buy a Super Cub without having a license. Thankfully, a sudden time skip happens so she can get her license real fast before getting a one minute driving tutorial from the seller. First off, where does she get her money to buy it? How did she learn road koguma super cub before learning what gasoline is? I have so many questions without any logical answers.

There is another person at her school who notices Koguma’s cub, therefore wanting to befriend Koguma. Moral of the story: Super Cub makes Super Friends. Koguma then learns more about her Cub and runs into possible issues of not having the right gear nor a full understanding of her Cub.

However, whenever these problems arise, there is always another random background character that shows up that just so happens to have the answer she needs. Wow, so realistic. Koguma is a very flat and basic character. As Koguma super cub continues to understand her Super Cub, the noises she makes whenever she runs into any issues has gotten on my nerves.

I’m sick of hearing her whining and I’m sick of her always looking at herself in the Super Cub mirror for no reason. How was she able to take care of herself for so long if she decided to buy a whole cub and not read the owner's manual (or even search up information about the vehicle) online?

Later, as she is able to meet a friend, she starts to smile more. Smiles like these in Slice-of-Life anime are generally meant to be touching for the audience since the character is finally portraying actual happiness past all that they have been or are going through. However this smile was not koguma super cub. It looked ugly and I did not ever feel for Koguma at all. This smile was not character development nor showing us more about her. It was a forced, placed in smile with no emotional impact whatsoever.

I have an easier time smiling with the opening song’s super creative background lyrics of Duus than with Koguma. Reiko is kinda better than Koguma. She is a Super Cub enthusiast who desired to be Koguma’s friend because of their similar interest in Super Cubs. Reiko is the bright, happy friend that contrasts Koguma’s sad, quiet character.

However, that's really it to her. She becomes such a side character that she's basically there for Koguma to have lunch in the same spot in their Super Cubs every single episode. [Spoilers] Reiko is revealed to dream about being able to climb Mount Fuji with her Super Cub. There's one episode dedicated to this where she is constantly trying and falling off her Super Cub all while boss battle inspired music is playing. Wow it's like the mountain is her final boss, it's as deep as the river in episode 11.

Two questions come up during the montage, why is she not looking for bumps in the road to avoid? Why doesn't she just slow down a bit? I think the real question is: Where did she learn how to drive? Sure the bumps and not being able to slow down can be because of the incline of the road but if she doesn't know how to deal with it, then why doesn't she practice and learn how to properly deal with these issues safely?

I'm sure off-roaders didn't just up and go one day to begin their new hobby up a steep mountain. They most likely build up to something more dangerous or risky. But no, Reiko decides to just go all the way. Also, why did the adults just keep letting her go on a road that is easy for her to fall to her doom?

Well she has a Super Cub so she'll be safe even if she herself is being unsafe about driving it. What Reiko really needs to do is pick up a new book about proper off-road driving instead of reading the same random one over and over in class. [End of Spoilers] Overall, this anime is one of the worst Slice-of-Life anime I have seen (To make sure I am clear, I have nothing against actual Super Cubs in real life). Honda really should’ve done better.

Now at least I know where to find a real life CG Super Cub if I really wanted to drive one. A character whose name I forgot once said, "Please save me again with your Super Cub." Let me rephrase it: Please save me FROM this Super Cub. Overall 7 Story 7 Animation 8 Sound 7 Character 8 Enjoyment 8 What's a bike for you? Well, it's a strange question, but at the same time, Super Cub questions this during his koguma super cub. It is peculiar that for some people is just another type of vehicle, which can be used for work or simply take us faster anywhere we want.

But is it just that? Koguma has an experience with a Super Cub, a kind of common motorcycle in Japan, which at the same time would not be such a great achievement for us, but that for her, it is a unique and incredible achievement. She lives in a region right away from the rest of the city, a quiet, morbid and often dark place. Koguma is a character that fortifies this melancholy perspective, from the first scene of the show, which defines all the simplor sentimental koguma super cub, but at the same time it is very shocking.

How can a high school be so shy and absorb the environment naturally and make it an external representation of the introspective of koguma?

Super Cub is a show that even with its financial limitations, was competent in his direction, which is honored. The Kai studio is not well known, even though I had some shows. This in specific was the first that really brings a better substantiality of the anime. Along with Koguma, we have Reiko and Shii Eniwa. Okay, it is normal to think that both will enter the life of Koguma and will soon disappear from the show, because the anime itself is combined in episodes that do not interconnect.

But no, Reiko for example is the first friend that Koguma has in her life. Even if for a simple comment on a school job, the two have the Cub in common. She is dreamer and aims to climb Mont Fuji with the bike. A dream impossible at first sight, but which represents her internal realization. Shii, another trio girl, also knows Koguma (this time with Reiko) by accident.

In a need to use the bikes of the pair, shii begins to be interested in this practice and what it has to offer. They are really simple attitudes that are not evidently interesting, but conceptualizes all the magic that Super Cub produces. Still on technical quality, the show is concise in the use of colors, contrasts and background sounds. Remember the Koguma scene linking the bike for the first time? This moment represents a change within the character itself with the outside world.

Koguma and her motorcycle right now became one. It's like the feeling of taking care of a pet. For Koguma, a motorcycle koguma super cub what brings a little happiness and rejoicing it in shady and cold days. It is immeasurable to see the character having his daily difficulties to finally give a rewarding smile. It is a unique emotion in the life of a young schoolboy, who had nothing, at the same time having a Cub represents absolutely everything.

Whether at work, in a rain, in a lack of fuel or even in an unknown place, the character slowly overcomes obstacles. Friendship with Reiko and Shii is also intensified in these minimal details. For Koguma, it's a huge challenge to get into and get new friends. Many people go through this uncomfortable sensation daily and koguma super cub character also represents a little of these people.

The message that the show brings is not just taking advantage of the small achievements, goes beyond that. Super Cub causes a strong connection with the public precisely by convincing us to accept and create changes, even if this koguma super cub be outside our comfort zone. The world is giant and has countless possibilities, only we just act as well.

Finally, the show is a very pleasurable structure and that teaches us, even with few dialogues or interactions. Even with problems in your artistic production, such as CG (which on some occasions could bother the visual environment), Super Cub is a great synesthetic experience. It's a show that knows how to be emotional and at the same time is realistic and at the same time is dreamer. It is liberating and aware of your human and personal characters issues.

They are aspects like this that I miss in the current animes. The highlight of a season with more than 20 or 30 animes is not in what is more quantitative in information and technical qualities, but in the minimum messages and the affection visible that the creators of the show had with history, animation, characters and everything The remainder that composes an audiovisual project. Of course, an anime like Super Cub needs a greater significance character during your events and I wait a lot for a better continuity, whether in the manga, in the light novel or even in a second season (I really really want this to happenit would be really good!!!).

But with only 12 episodes, it's a show that marked me and you can dial you too. It is an experience that many need to enjoy and have in their lives. Sometimes an anime like Super Cub can make you buy a bike, for example, or convince you to continue dreaming of traveling to a distant place. There are so many things an anime can offer, this is one more that certainly deserves applause for simplicity and impact.

Congratulations, Super Cub, you convinced me. You're a show I needed. Overall 9 Story 7 Animation 9 Sound 8 Character 9 Enjoyment 9 There are many anime these days telling stories about self-discoveries. I'm talking about a type of show where a protagonist would undergo a dramatic change after meeting new people, experiencing new events, and changes themselves.

Super Cub's main protagonist Koguma is one such character, a lonely girl who takes up a Honda Super Cub and begins her own journey. Watching Super Cub is much more than just following a girl's life and her bike.

Let's remember that Koguma is very lonely and starts out the show friendless with no income, friends, or even a future. A person like this would need to set a serious path to build their own future if they even want to live in real life.

Her physical appearance is also lacking and can be labeled as an 'invisible kid' in class. So in essence, Koguma is often in the background and it's up to herself to stand out. It's a lot harder than it sounds as she has a repressed personality, one who even has difficulty speaking openly to others. The first few episodes shows that Koguma's social skills needs improvement but deep at heart, she is a friendly person. She just lacks friends. Luckily, fate allow her to meet new people such as Reiko.

In sharp contrast to Koguma, Reiko stands out in class as a beautiful girl and easily opens up to others. With a decent knowledge about Cubs, she forges a bond with Koguma through their similar interests. At first, Koguma also has trouble opening up to her but as the series verges on, they build a strong friendship. It's important to note that Koguma's own confidence begins to bloom after meeting Reiko. It's the type of relatable interaction you can discover koguma super cub anime and in real life.

Through their relationship, Koguma is able to interact with others and discover herself in ways she didn't even realize. With that in mind, you should know that Koguma and Reiko's character bond is among the most important in the show. Joining them is Shii Eniwa, a shy girl who meets both Koguma and Reiko with their shared interest in Cubs.

Unlike Koguma however, she has a future planned out with a dream to open a bakery shop. Together, these three are the heart and soul of this slice of life anime. With every episode, we follow their everyday life adventures and discover what they learn. It's interesting to note that even koguma super cub as slice of life, the anime contains a somber and lonely tone in the beginning of the anime.

koguma super cub

The first episode is especially noticable for the silence and slow pacing. It's almost an iconic representation of Koguma's personality, being alone in the world and without friends. After forging friendships koguma super cub Reiko and Shii, the anime begins to brighten more and develops a more charming mood of elegance.

As it should, Super Cub knows what it's doing when telling its stories. Even as as slice of life, the show has a deeper and real meaning when showing how lonely life can be when you have no friends or connections. Koguma's life is an example of what a person would be like in real koguma super cub if they remained friendless. It's thanks to discovering herself and friends that she becomes much more confident. But I won't lie. Anime like this doesn't have much of a linear storytelling or deep plot.

Even as a complex as seems at times, Super Cub remains fundamentally a simple slice of life show. Every episode shows what these characters goes through in the way we live our own lives.

It's very straightforward and remains realistic throughout every episode. A prominent element included into this show is the Cubs, where we get to see how the show's bikes functions.

koguma super cub

Every episode features these bikes and in the beginning, we also get to see how they are maintained on and koguma super cub the road. Unlike some anime about bikes, this show doesn't include sports competitions or rivalries. It's quite the opposite as the characters all share a common interest and it's what bought them together in the first place. Sometimes, the show may feel like an advertisment for selling a brand but deep down, Super Cub koguma super cub relatively a simple show that anyone can enjoy If you got the impression of a somber show in the beginning, then I don't blame you.

The first few episodes has a gloomy feel that represents Koguma's loneliness. In fact, I think the director and producers managed to capture the essence of her character through the show's unique artwork. It has a gray-like style of imagery and backgrounds stands out as static as her character moves with her bike. Koguma's character expressions is also noticable that undergoes changes with each episode.

As I mentioned before, this anime adapts a character's self discovery and the artwork brings its themes to life. Almost every season, there's that one show where we tend to overlook and forget easily. Super Cub may not be a mainstream anime but I dare say this is a dark horse of 2021. By that definition, the series knew exactly what it had in mind and followed a roadmap to show what a character journey and self discovery is about. Add in the bikes and we have this unique slice of life, one that may be somber at first, but is a reality check of how people can adapt and change.

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Contents • 1 Appearance • 2 Personality • 3 Background • 4 References Appearance [ ] Koguma is a petite young girl with short black hair and blue eyes.

She wears a midnight blue school girl outfit, white socks, and brown shoes. When riding the Super Cub, Koguma would wear her CLASSIC-V White Arai Helmet that she received for free due to her purchase of the Super Cub Personality [ ] Koguma is a taciturn young girl that gains friends, self-confidence, and the thrill of adventure after purchasing her Super Cub.

Background [ ] Koguma's father died when she was young and her mother left when she entered high school. She doesn't have any other relatives and lives by herself.

She also doesn't have any hobbies or any friends and is quite unnoticeable at school. During her second year in high school, she sees someone driving a scooter and realizes that with it it would be much easier to come and go to school. She ends up visiting a motorcycle shop and purchases an used cheap Honda Super Cub.

From that moment, her life changes as she gets more into the scooter which becomes her hobby. Reiko, a fellow scooter lover, hears that Koguma drives a cub and they become friends sharing same passion for cubs and soon meets others Eniwa Shii and her family members, they start sharing their passion for cubs. She finally believes that cub can do anything and it has changed her life and made it complete. Screenshot from the first episode of the anime; minute 7:54 References [ koguma super cub Koguma is a high school girl in Yamanashi.

She has no parents, friends, or hobbies, and her daily life is empty. One day, Koguma gets a used Honda Super Cub motorcycle. This is her first time going to school on a motorcycle. Running out of gas and hitting detours become a small source of adventure in Koguma’s life. She is satisfied with koguma super cub strange transformation, but her classmate Reiko ends up talking to her about how she also goes to school by motorcycle.

One Super Cub begins to open up a lonely girl’s world, introducing her to a new everyday life and friendship. Latest Release Date Group Release 12/10/21 Nainai Translations v1 ss 12/02/21 Nainai Translations v1c50 11/27/21 Nainai Translations v1c49 11/22/21 Nainai Translations v1c48 11/16/21 Nainai Translations v1c47 11/04/21 Nainai Translations v1c46 10/27/21 Nainai Translations v1c45 10/12/21 Nainai Translations v1c44 10/05/21 Nainai Translations c43 09/30/21 Nainai Translations v1c42 09/24/21 Nainai Translations v1c41 09/16/21 Nainai Translations v1c40 09/10/21 Nainai Translations v1c39 09/04/21 Nainai Translations v1c38-2 08/27/21 Nainai Translations v1c37
Description : In early summer, 2nd year of high school, Koguma's mom suddenly leaves, leaving only a note that says "Bye." She is alone, having no parents, no friends, no hobbies.

She silently reflects, "I don't have anything." But a chance encounter results in her buying a Honda Super Cub with a disturbing history, and a new life suddenly blossoms open. Chapter name View Uploaded • Chapter 34: Altitude Sickness 1,602 Mar 30,22 • Chapter 33: Cross Cub 2,394 Feb 13,22 • Chapter 32: Return Match 3,398 Dec 13,21 • Chapter 31.52: Raincoat 3,032 Oct 29,21 • Chapter 31.51: Club Room 2,370 Oct 29,21 • Chapter 31: Consultation 2,374 Oct 29,21 • Chapter 30: Confirmation 2,244 Oct 29,21 • Chapter 29: Course 2,382 Oct 29,21 • Chapter 28: Koguma And Emi 2,527 Sep 27,21 • Chapter 27: New Semester 2,412 Sep 27,21 • Chapter 26.6: Volume 5 Extras 2,132 Sep 27,21 • Chapter 26.5: Touring 2,410 Sep 27,21 • Chapter 26: Sakura 2,478 Sep 27,21 • Chapter 25.5: Preparation 2,028 Sep 27,21 • Chapter 25: Let's Go 2,277 Sep 27,21 • Chapter 24: Cat Road 2,241 Sep 27,21 • Chapter 23: How To Ride A Cub 2,198 Sep 27,21 • Chapter 22: If You Have A Cub 2,011 Oct 29,21 • Chapter 21.6: Volume 4 Extras 2,113 Sep 27,21 • Chapter 21.5: Haircut 2,119 Sep 27,21 • Chapter 21: Cub's Possibility 2,228 Sep 27,21 • Chapter 20: Windshield 2,268 Sep 27,21 • Chapter 19: Abrasive Wool 2,302 Sep 27,21 • Vol.4 Chapter 18: A Lunch For Three 7,399 Mar 01,21 • Vol.4 Chapter 17 5,925 Feb 12,21 • Chapter 16.5: Children With Hands 1,782 Oct 29,21 • Vol.3 Chapter 16: Shii-Chan 6,032 Feb 09,21 • Vol.3 Chapter 15: Douryoku "power" 5,947 Jul 29,20 • Vol.3 Chapter 14: Watashi No Cub "my Cub" 11,134 Oct 23,19 • Chapter 13.5: Their Weekend 1,765 Oct 29,21 • Vol.3 Chapter 13: Douge "mountain Pass" 9,316 Oct 22,19 • Vol.3 Chapter 12: Hitodasuke "helping Out" 11,770 Aug 25,19 • Vol.2 Chapter 11: Shuugaku Ryokou "field Trip" 15,253 Aug 25,19 • Chapter 10.5: Puncture 1,805 Oct 29,21 • Vol.2 Chapter 10: Baka Mitai "so Stupid" 15,034 Aug 25,19 • Vol.2 Chapter 9: Fujisan "mt.

Fuji" 19,318 Aug 25,19 • Vol.2 Chapter 8: Reiko No Natsu "reiko S Summer" 13,823 Aug 25,19 • Vol.2 Chapter 7: Log Cabin 15,562 Aug 25,19 • Vol.1 Chapter 6: Courier 17,441 Aug 25,19 • Vol.1 Chapter 5.1: Art Of The Super Cub Ln, By Hiro 16,365 Aug 25,19 • Vol.1 Chapter 5: Kiwotsukete "be Careful" 17,158 Aug 25,19 • Vol.1 Chapter 4: Reiko 19,566 Aug 25,19 • Vol.1 Chapter 3: Dokonidemo Aru "it S Everywhere" 18,595 Aug 25,19 • Vol.1 Chapter 2: Gasu Ketsu "out Of Gas" 20,770 Aug 25,19 • Vol.1 Chapter 1: A Girl Who Has Nothing 25,663 Aug 25,19 MANGA BY GENRES Latest Newest Top view ALL Completed Ongoing ALL Action Adventure Comedy Cooking Doujinshi Drama Fantasy Gender bender Harem Historical Horror Isekai Josei Manhua Manhwa Martial arts Mature Mecha Medical Mystery One shot Psychological Romance School life Sci fi Seinen Shoujo Shoujo ai Shounen Shounen ai Slice of life Smut Sports Supernatural Tragedy Webtoons Yaoi Yuri
First light novel volume cover スーパーカブ ( Sūpā Kabu) Genre Slice of life ( Motorcycling) Serial novel Written by Tone Kōken Published by Kakuyomu Original run March 1, 2016 – December 2, 2021 Light novel Written by Tone Kōken Illustrated by Hiro Published by Kadokawa Shoten Koguma super cub Kadokawa Sneaker Bunko Demographic Male Original run May 1, 2017 – April 1, 2022 Volumes 8 + 1 ( List of volumes) Manga Written by Tone Kōken Illustrated by Kanitan Published by Kadokawa Shoten Magazine Comic Newtype Demographic Seinen Original run December 29, 2017 – present Volumes 6 ( List of volumes) Anime television series Directed by Koguma super cub Fujii Written by Toshizō Nemoto Music by Tomohisa Ishikawa ZAQ Studio Studio Kai Licensed by Funimation Muse Communication Original network AT-X, Tokyo MX, TV Aichi, KBS Kyoto, BS11 Original run April 7, 2021 – June 23, 2021 Episodes 12 ( List of episodes) Manga Super Cub Rei Written by Sakae Saito Published by Kadokawa Shoten Magazine Comic Newtype Demographic Seinen Original run April 29, 2022 – present Super Cub ( スーパーカブ, Sūpā Kabu) is a Japanese light novel series, written by Tone Kōken and illustrated by Hiro.

Originally serialized online as a web novel on Kakuyomu from March 2016 to December 2021, Kadokawa Shoten have released eight volumes and one reserve volume from May 2017 to April 2022 under their Kadokawa Sneaker Bunko label. A manga adaptation with art by Kanitan has been serialized online since December 2017 via Kadokawa Shoten's Comic Newtype manga website. It has been collected in six tankōbon volumes.

An anime television series adaptation by Studio Kai aired from April 7 to June 23, 2021 on multiple television networks across Japan and on Funimation internationally. The anime series has received generally positive reviews. Contents • 1 Overview • 1.1 Plot • 2 Characters • 3 Media • 3.1 Web serialization • 3.2 Light novels • 3.3 Manga • 3.3.1 Super Cub Rei • 3.4 Anime • 3.4.1 Episode list • 4 Reception • 5 See also • 6 Notes • 7 References • 8 External links Overview [ edit ] The series is set in the Mukawa area of Hokuto in Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan.

The story follows Koguma, a lone, gruff girl with no hobbies or interests. After an encounter with a Honda Super Cub 50, she begins to grow and her world expands beyond herself. The novel promotional posters and the official novel site promote the commemoration of 100 million units sold for the Koguma super cub Super Cub.

[1] Plot [ edit ] The main character is Koguma, a girl without parents, hobbies, or friends. While riding her city bike to school one day, Koguma decides she'd like to get a motorized bike of some sort.

She then resolves to get a Honda Super Cub from a local dealer. Because of this, she eventually makes friends with Reiko and Eniwa. Characters [ edit ] Koguma ( 小熊) Voiced by: Yuki Yomichi [2] The main character. Koguma is a junior in high school in Hokuto, of medium build with short, black hair and plain features, and koguma super cub gets average grades in school.

Her father koguma super cub when she was very young, and her mother disappeared when Koguma entered high school. As she doesn't have any relatives, she relies on a stipend for living and school expenses, and she lives by herself in an apartment building in front of Hinoharu Station. She doesn't have any hobbies or any friends in school, where she pretty much disappears into the background in class. When she buys a Super Cub to use to commute to school, her life begins to change little by little.

Because of her isolation, she has a very brusque way of speaking with others. Her name literally translates as "little bear cub". Her full name has yet to be mentioned in the story, and she prefers to be called by her first name.

Reiko ( 礼子) Voiced by: Ayaka Nanase [2] In the same class as Koguma, Reiko is tall, with long, black hair and a sense of style. Her father is a city councilman, her mother manages a catering business in Hachiōji, and they both live in Tokyo. Reiko lives by herself in a log house the Mukawa area of Hokuto, an area with many vacation homes.

Her appearance is very reserved and beautiful, in contrast to Koguma's. She does very well in school and is good at sports. Despite standing out a lot in their class, Reiko shows no interest in anything but Cubs. After seeing Koguma going out for lunch and all over on her Cub, she began forming a friendship with her. She is considered an extremely knowledgeable enthusiast regarding Cubs, and is very good at modifying them.

She has a vast collection of option parts for Cubs at her log house to make sure she always has them on hand, and also has connections for sourcing parts for Cubs.

While her favorite Cub is a restored MD90, it was wrecked during her second year summer vacation to Mount Fuji, and she subsequently acquired a CT110. Shii Eniwa ( 恵庭椎, Eniwa Shii) Voiced by: Natsumi Hioka [2] A classmate of Koguma and Reiko, she was in charge of the annual cultural festival. She has medium-length hair that is depicted as pale bluish-gray in images from the novels and manga, but grayish in the anime.

While Hiro illustrates her with a koguma super cub under her right eye, Kanitan omits this in his illustrations for the manga. She's slightly shorter than Koguma super cub, and hasn't changed in height since junior high school. After Koguma and Reiko helped her out of a pinch during the cultural festival by using their Cubs, their Cubs piqued her interest and she's hung out with them ever since.

Her house is about halfway on Reiko's route to school. Her parents run a German-style bakery and coffee shop named BEURRE (literally " butter" in French). She plans to open a shop when she grows up, and she studies hard to learn how to be a barista.

She saved money so she could buy a used espresso machine to help her learn and start her own business. Due to an accident during the winter of her junior year, where Koguma rescued her from a fall into a river, she gained great affection for Koguma and her Cub. She rode an Alex Moulton bike until the river accident, after which she purchased a light blue Little Cub. Media [ edit ] Web serialization [ edit ] Super Cub was originally serialized online as a web novel on Kakuyomu from March 2016 to December 2021, [3] before being picked up for publication as light novels by Kadokawa beginning in May 2017.

Light novels [ edit ] No. Release date ISBN 1 May 1, 2017 [4] 978-4-04-105663-9 2 October 1, 2017 [5] 978-4-04-105960-9 3 May 1, 2018 [6] 978-4-04-106466-5 4 December 1, 2018 [7] 978-4-04-107081-9 5 July 1, 2019 [8] 978-4-04-107082-6 6 December 1, 2019 [9] 978-4-04-108919-4 reserve November 1, 2020 [10] 978-4-04-110871-0 7 March 31, 2021 [11] 978-4-04-110872-7 8 April 1, 2022 [12] 978-4-04-112036-1 Manga [ edit ] A manga adaptation with art by Kanitan has been serialized online since December 2017 via Kadokawa Shoten's Comic Newtype manga website.

It has been collected in six tankōbon volumes. No. Japanese release date Japanese ISBN 1 May 25, 2018 [13] 978-4-04-106961-5 2 December 10, 2018 [14] 978-4-04-107852-5 3 August 10, 2019 [15] 978-4-04-108468-7 4 March 10, 2020 [16] 978-4-04-109032-9 5 February 10, 2021 [17] 978-4-04-111087-4 6 September 25, 2021 [18] 978-4-04-111558-9 Super Cub Rei [ edit ] A spin-off manga by Sakae Saito, titled Super Cub Rei, began serialization on the Comic Newtype website on April 29, 2022.

The manga focuses on the character Reiko years before she met Koguma and Shii. [19] Anime [ edit ] An anime adaptation by Studio Kai was announced on November 20, 2019.

[20] The television series is directed by Toshiro Fujii, with Toshizō Nemoto handling series composition, Tōru Imanishi designing the characters, and Tomohisa Ishikawa and ZAQ composing the music.

[2] It koguma super cub from April 7 to June 23, 2021 on AT-X, Tokyo MX, TV Aichi, KBS Kyoto, and BS11. [21] [22] [23] The opening theme song, "Mahō no Kaze" ( まほうのかぜ, Magical Wind), is performed by Akane Kumada, while the ending theme song, "Haru e no Dengon" ( 春への伝言, A Message to the Wind), is performed by the main cast members Yuki Yomichi, Ayaka Nanase, and Natsumi Hioka. [24] The series ran for 12 episodes. [25] Funimation licensed the series, [26] koguma super cub new episodes on Wednesdays.

[27] A Blu-ray box set containing all 12 episodes in the series was released in Japan on August 25, 2021. [28] A Blu-ray collection will be released in North America on May 31, 2022. [29] Episode list [ edit ] No. Title [30] [a] Directed by [30] Written by [30] Original air date [32] 1 "The Girl with Nothing" Transcription: " Nainai no Onna no Ko" ( Japanese: ないないの女の子) Yūjirō Abe Toshizō Nemoto April 7, 2021 ( 2021-04-07) Koguma, a girl who lives alone without parental support and little money, struggles while pedaling her bicycle on her daily commute to school.

Noticing the motorcycles passing her, she goes to a nearby motorcycle shop. She is about to leave, due to the high prices, when the owner offers her a used green Super Cub for 10,000 yen, due to its three previous owners "having been killed riding it," according to Shino, the shop owner.

koguma super cub

Koguma buys it anyway, gets a motorcycle riding license, and the owner also gives her a koguma super cub helmet and riding gloves. She takes it riding that koguma super cub to a convenience store, only to be unable to start the bike. Consulting the owner's manual, she finds that her Cub has run out of fuel, and switches to the reserve tank, enough to get her to the nearest gasoline station.

2 "Reiko" Transcription: " Reiko" ( Japanese: 礼子) Atsushi Usui Toshizō Nemoto April 14, 2021 ( 2021-04-14) Koguma gets to know more about her Cub, such as finding its helmet holder.

In a home economics class, she makes a drawstring bag for her helmet and gloves. When her classmates ask her about her bag, she mentions her Cub, which draws the attention of a girl, Reiko, who sits a few seats away from her. Koguma initially agrees to show Reiko her Super Cub but, feeling awkward, later tries to leave without being noticed. She returns to fetch her drawstring bag, but Reiko has already got it for her.

Reiko praises her Cub and riding gear, and shows that she also rides a Cub ― a modified MD90 Postal Cub ― to school. Despite Koguma's awkwardness, the girls start eating lunch together near their Cubs. Reiko talks of the possibilities a Cub could give her, such as the freedom to travel anywhere. After school that day, Koguma travels to a supermarket beyond the gas station she usually visits.

She then looks forward to her next side trip with her Cub. 3 "Things Received" Transcription: " Moratta Mono" ( Japanese: もらったもの) Kazuya Aiura Toshizō Nemoto April 21, 2021 ( 2021-04-21) Thanks to Reiko's connections, Koguma is able to get a motorcycle box for her Cub from one that's about to be turned into parts.

koguma super cub

In addition, one of her teachers gives her a front basket that he no longer needs. Koguma finds the wind hurts her face when riding above 35 kph, so she asks Reiko for help. The visors they find online are too expensive, but Koguma notices the safety goggles worn by one of the construction workers renovating the library.

She visits the local hardware store the construction worker mentioned and buys some goggles as well as a chain lock. The feeling of riding with the goggles is so good that she even dreams of it that night. Reiko notices the grin on Koguma's face the next morning, saying that it's the feeling of wearing a visored helmet for the first time.

Later that day, Reiko gives Koguma her phone number. 4 "The Job" Transcription: " Arubaito" ( Japanese: アルバイト) Fumiaki Kataoka Toshizō Nemoto April 28, 2021 ( 2021-04-28) Koguma gets koguma super cub first summer job as a courier for her high school. During that time she learns how and when to change the engine oil on her Cub.

After getting soaked by a summer rainstorm, she reluctantly buys an expensive rainsuit. She racks up over a thousand kilometers on her Cub, while experiencing riding beyond her usual route. On the evening of her last day on the job, Reiko, coming back from a long riding trip, invites her over to her cabin. 5 "Reiko's Summer" Transcription: " Reiko no Natsu" ( Japanese: 礼子の夏) Arata Nishizuki Toshizō Nemoto May 5, 2021 ( 2021-05-05) As Koguma takes her Cub into Reiko's log house, she sees her Postal Cub in a battered shape.

As they talk over okonomiyaki, Reiko tells Koguma of her summer vacation. She was working at the resupply base of the Subashiri Trail at the foot of Mount Fuji as an assistant and scout ahead of the resupply vehicle's ascent to the summit.

However, her real reason for applying for the koguma super cub is to try to climb the summit with her Postal Cub, something only two people, with high-performance off-road bikes, have previously done.

koguma super cub

Due to her inexperience, rough terrain and altitude sickness, she crashes on every attempt. Her boss, while supportive, wonders why she keeps on attempting it. On her final attempt, she crashes a few meters from the summit, cracking her Postal Cub's engine. She is happy, nonetheless, to find herself near the summit, as her Cub is carried down aboard the trail transport vehicle.

After hearing her story, Koguma thinks climbing the mountain on a motorbike as ridiculous. Later, Koguma is surprised to find out that her "cursed" Super Cub hasn't killed anyone, as Reiko knows about the origins of her Super Cub: the first owner koguma super cub from drinking too much, the second one fled town to escape his debts, and the third one lost his license.

koguma super cub

Koguma spends the night at Reiko's place. The next day Koguma tells Reiko that she's aiming for her Class 1 Drivers' License (what Koguma currently has is only a permit), with a week left in their vacation. 6 "My Cub" Transcription: " Watashi no Kabu" ( Japanese: 私のカブ) Kazuya Aiura Toshizō Nemoto May 12, 2021 ( 2021-05-12) By the end of summer vacation, Koguma gets her license and has Shino-san modify her Super Cub's engine, re-boring it to increase its power, turning it into a Type-II Motorcycle.

Koguma's class goes on a class trip to Kamakura, but she gets a fever on koguma super cub morning of their koguma super cub, only to recover a few hours later. Mortified, she suddenly gets the idea of riding her Cub to Kamakura, via the Subashiri Trail and through the Shonan Bullet Road, arriving at the inn just before the class tour bus, to the surprise of her classmates. Koguma gets a scolding but Reiko defends her, and she is allowed to continue with the trip. The next day, during free time, the two sneak out to ride in tandem along the Shonan Bullet Road.

Reiko reveals that her Postal Cub is too heavily damaged during her mountain climbing attempts at Fuji to be repaired, and she is planning to buy a Hunter Cub.

Reiko says it is a discontinued model, but parts are ubiquitous, as are those for Koguma's Super Cub. Kogama says that's good news because she wants to ride it forever. 7 "The Girl of Summer-Sky Aqua" Transcription: " Natsuzora no Iro, Mizuiro no Shōjo" ( Japanese: 夏空の色、水色の少女) Hisashi Isogawa Toshizō Nemoto May 19, 2021 ( 2021-05-19) While Reiko is koguma super cub about breaking in her new Hunter Cub, the committee for their class' Italian-themed school festival bar, which is being organized by Shii Eniwa, announce that they need help moving materials and equipment from Kofu, since the teacher is unable to drive them.

The two plan to ignore this, but Koguma takes it as a challenge when a committee member says motorbikes can't carry fragile equipment. Koguma borrows a rig from Reiko that allows for carrying fragile equipment, while Reiko ties a hauling cart to her more powerful Hunter Cub for the heavier items. They transport the equipment and the bar is a success. Shii thanks the two with a cup of coffee each, and expresses her own desire to ride a Cub sometime in the future.

While returning the cups, Kogama reflects that Shii, who initially appeared a "pale, washed out blue" is more the pale blue of a summer sky. 8 "Shii's Place" Transcription: " Shii no Basho" ( Japanese: 椎の場所) Atsushi Usui Toshizō Nemoto May 26, 2021 ( 2021-05-26) Shii invites Koguma and Reiko to her parents' cafe, which ― despite its French name and Tyrolean-style exterior ― serves German bread and Italian espresso inside an American diner-themed interior.

They also meet Shii's father and mother, who are obsessed with Germany and America respectively, which Shii is seemingly embarrassed by despite her own dream of running an Italian espresso bar in the future.

Shii's father treats them to some coffee as thanks for helping Shii during the cultural festival. Koguma and Reiko became regulars at the cafe. Meanwhile, Koguma and Reiko ready themselves for winter by buying accessories for their Cubs to protect them from the cold.

koguma super cub

Reiko doesn't initially like the gaudy handlebar covers, but find them effective and eventually buys a pair. 9 "In Ice" Transcription: " Kōri no Naka" ( Japanese: 氷の中) Shigatsu Yoshikawa Toshizō Nemoto June 2, 2021 ( 2021-06-02) Slowly, Koguma and Reiko are able to winterize their Cubs. During lunch break, Shii, who started hanging around with them, gives her mostly-unused abrasive wool coat to the two. With their home economics teacher's help, they turn the coat into a liner for Koguma's coat, stockings for Reiko, and a thermos cozy for Shii.

They are very hesitant, however, to install windshields on their Cubs; but after trying a Cub with a windshield installed, they decide to get and install one for each of their Cubs. 10 "Snow" Transcription: " Yuki" ( Japanese: 雪) Shigatsu Yoshikawa Toshizō Nemoto June 9, 2021 ( 2021-06-09) Winter break has begun and Koguma is finding it difficult to ride on the snow.

On her way to Reiko's place, she sees Shii riding her bicycle into town entering the cat trail by the railway. Reiko, who has also installed leg shields on her Hunter Cub, has obtained tire chains for their Cubs from a business that was closing. The two of them test the new tire chains riding on a koguma super cub field.

Later, Reiko and Koguma visit Shii's cafe and notice she has given part of it an Italian theme. They are told by her father that she aspires to be more like them and has been riding her Alex Moulton bicycle more often as a consequence, using it for shopping trips and scouring the town for anything that would be useful for her Italian cafe project. That evening, as Koguma is about to enter her apartment, she receives a call for help from Shii, who has fallen into the river below the trail she's been using.

11 "A Distant Spring" Transcription: " Tōi Haru" ( Japanese: 遠い春) Fumiaki Kataoka Toshizō Nemoto June 16, 2021 ( 2021-06-16) Koguma finds Shii, helps her out of the river and takes her to her apartment by carrying her on the Cub's front basket. She also calls Reiko to recover Shii's phone and bicycle from the river, and to meet them at her apartment. They spend the night in Koguma's apartment, where Shii gets upset when Reiko tells her that her bicycle is too damaged to be repaired.

Shii expresses her dislike of winter, pleading to Koguma to make it spring ― something Koguma says that ever her Cub can't do. They return Shii to her home the next day, to the relief of her parents.

School begins again, and Reiko and Koguma notices that Shii's Italian cafe project seems to be put on hold as Shii goes to school in koguma super cub granny bike that is unsuited to her. After final exams, while the two are visiting Shii's cafe, Koguma mentions the koguma super cub blossoms have begun in Kagoshima.

Reiko proposes a trip as a way of cheering Shii up. Koguma begins to refuse, but changes her mind when she recalls that Shii was the koguma super cub who previously overtook her when she was struggling on her old bicycle, indirectly introducing her to her Cub.

Koguma realizes that she has been the one chasing after Shii, not the other way around. 12 "Super Cub" Transcription: " Sūpā Kabu" ( Japanese: スーパーカブ) Toshiro Fujii, Shigatsu Yoshikawa, Hisashi Isogawa, Kazuya Aiura Toshizō Nemoto June 23, 2021 ( 2021-06-23) Koguma, Reiko, and Shii go on a road trip with the Super Cubs to see the cherry blossoms in Kagoshima, with Shii riding in tandem with Reiko. They travel through several prefectures, passing by sights such as Lake Biwa, the Tottori Sand Dunes, and Sakurajima.

Their trip ends at Cape Sata, where the cherry blossoms are in full bloom. They return to Hokuto to find the winterscape gone and the cherry blossoms have arrived. A few days later, Shii introduces her new Little Cub to Koguma and Reiko.

Koguma then ponders in retrospect, how her life changed after she got her Super Cub. Reception [ edit ] The Asahi Shimbun described the first novel koguma super cub a realistic story told with simple and honest language, showing the changes in the life of Koguma as she expands and explores the world opened up to her after she buys the Super Cub.

[33] The anime series received generally positive reviews. Briana Lawrence at The Mary Sue described the first five episodes as "a warm hug delivered at 20 MPH", praising the series for its celebrations of small victories in the life of Koguma and how those change the character's outlook on life.

[27] At Anime News Network, Mercedez Clewis called it "the anime to watch this year", going on to call the first episode "a masterpiece of a premiere", full of "a lot of truly beautiful moments where.[the art and colors].come together to make really striking, evocative scenes". [34] Another Anime Review was mixed regarding the setup of the series.

While praising the beautiful animation, they complained about possibly "lazy writing and/or sloppy production" due to Koguma's living situation. However, they praised the overarching plot of Koguma finding her world opening up due to her purchase of the Super Cub bike, ending with "There’s a lot to love here, folks." [35] In his review for Motor Biscuit, a motorcycle enthusiast website, Matthew Skwarczek praised the details showing Koguma learning how to use and take care of her bike, stating the "show gets motorcycle riders".

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koguma super cub

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koguma super cub

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• Privacy policy • About Wikipedia • Disclaimers • Contact Wikipedia • Mobile view • Developers • Statistics • Cookie statement • •Super Cub is a Light Novel series written by Tone Koken and illustrated by Hiro. Originally a web novel that ran from 2016 to 2021, it koguma super cub later serialized in Kadokawa Shoten's own Kadokawa Sneaker Bunko label from 2017 to 2022, and compiled into 9 volumes.

It also received a manga adaptation in December 2017 drawn by Kanitan and serialized in Kadokawa's Comic Newtype website. An anime adaptation by Studio Kai premiered in April 7, 2021. The series is koguma super cub licensed (outside of South and South Eastern Asia) by Funimation.

Koguma is a lonely girl without parents, money, friends, hobbies, or plans for her future. After many days of going to her school with her bike, she resolves to get a motorbike.

She then buys a Honda Super Cub from a local dealer, and her world begins to change, from going to places she never knew, to making new friends. A realistic Slice of Life story set in the real world area of Mukama, in the city of Hokuto, Yamanashi, Japan. Super Cub has examples of the following: • Ace Custom: Downplayed, but over the course of the story, Koguma koguma super cub things to the original Super Cub to suit her needs, including a front basket and rear cargo compartment, a re-bored engine, and handle covers and a windshield for cold weather.

• Adaptation Explanation Extrication: • In contrast to the manga adaptation and the original light novel, the anime does not provide any details on why Koguma lives such a lonely spartan life, merely mentioning that her parents are gone without explaining why. This is likely to preserve the pacing and tone of the first episode, since providing exposition rather than Show, Don't Tell would likely have slowed things down a bit.

• In the anime, Koguma says that wearing her school uniform to work might be dangerous, and asks for permission to wear her gym uniform instead. In the light koguma super cub, the narrator explains that the hem on Koguma's vest (which she wears instead of the blazer in the summer) might flail in the wind, resulting in her potentially wearing them out or causing an accident.

koguma super cub

The teacher instead thinks that "dangerous" means that someone might get a peek at her panties, so he comes up with the idea of her wearing a gym uniform instead. • Amazingly Embarrassing Parents: Toward the end of Episode 8, Shii insists that Reiko and Koguma leave before the customers start coming in. Moments, later, the real reason why she wants them to get going is revealed- her mother pulls in and enters the store, looking like a 1950s U.S.

housewife and being short enough that she barely looks older than her daughter. • Answer Cut: Midway through the second episode, Koguma struggles to recall the name of the classmate who also rides a motorcycle, and the scene then cuts to the title card for the episode, "Reiko." • Bland-Name Product: • In contrast to the front-and-center Honda products, when Koguma buys a watch from a store, they're called "Kaiso" watches as opposed to the actual Casio brand name.

• Reiko searches for information on helmets and face shields with a search engine called "Goggles." • Bookends: • The series begins with Koguma giving a monologue on how she doesn't have any parents, money, hobbies, friends or goals. The end of the series has Koguma repeat that monologue, only for her to say that her "days of nothingness" have changed a little, in part because of the Super Cub. koguma super cub The series begins with Koguma buying her Super Cub.

The series ends with Shii buying a scooter. • Boring, but Practical: • After finding that getting a new helmet or even a face shield for her old one is too expensive for her liking, Koguma instead decides to protect her eyes with a simple pair of safety goggles.

• When Koguma and Reiko are faced with the potentially difficult and expensive task of winterizing their Cubs, Koguma goes with cheap handlebar covers, which prevent the breeze from blowing up their jacket sleeves. Reiko is initially turned off, but finds that they're a good choice in the end.

• Slightly later on, as the temperatures continue to drop and the handlebar covers don't prove enough to fight the cold on their own, Koguma insists on taking a protective measure that Reiko is extremely reluctant to resort to.

What is this measure? Quite simply, a windshield. • Call-Back: In Episode 10, Reiko and Koguma joked about carrying Shii in her respective Cubs, with Koguma saying she could be in the front basket of hers. Cue the next episode, and Koguma is forced to carry Shii in her Cub like that to get to Koguma's house quickly.

• Chekhov's Gun: When Koguma buys her Super Cub, the owner slips something into a locked compartment for her. When she runs out of gas, she finds out that it's the user manual.

• Chekhov's Gunman: Shii passes Koguma on her bicycle in the first episode. • Class Trip: Koguma and Reiko go on one together, but when Koguma gets sick with a fever and recovers just too late to catch the bus, she catches up with her Cub. • Cliffhanger: Koguma super cub 10 ends with an injured Shii trapped in a stream and calling Koguma for help. • Close on Title: • Episode 7 ends with the title card, as Koguma uses the phrase in the title to describe Shii.

• Episode 12 also ends with the title as Koguma talks about how life changed after she got her Super Cub. • Cluster F-Bomb: After failing to climb Mt. Fuji on her Super Cub for the umpteenth time, Reiko pounds the ground and yells "Damn it!" repeatedly. • Courier: Koguma gets a summer job transporting documents between schools. Reiko namedrops the "courier" term and discusses the kind of job they do. • A Day in the Limelight: Episode 5 focuses on Koguma super cub working at her summer job and trying to climb Mt.

Fuji on a scooter. • Deadpan Snarker: Surprisingly, Koguma of all people. After she buys the Super Cub, which supposedly caused the deaths of three of its riders, for the low price of 10,000 yen(roughly $100 US, and less than a tenth of what the other motorbikes cost), the store owner throws in a helmet and gloves for free.

Koguma then asks how many people the helmet and gloves killed. • "Eureka!" Moment: As Reiko searches for information on helmets and face shields in the library, Koguma sees a worker wearing goggles and a face mask, and realizes that she has an alternative way to protect her eyes from the wind. • First-Name Basis: Reiko is solely addressed by her first name, regardless of how the people speaking with her are.

The same goes koguma super cub Shii, whose surname, Eniwa, is only revealed by her caller ID. • Genki Girl: Reiko and Shii for a tomboyish and girly types respectively.

• Huge Schoolgirl: Reiko, who is the tallest and most imposing among the trio. • Foreign Culture Fetish: Shii's family are all big on different Western cultures. Shii herself loves Italy, her father loves Germany, and her mother loves America, to the point she dyes her hair blonde and dresses like a 50s housewife in public (to Shii's mortification).

• Fun Size: Despite being only slightly younger than Reiko and Koguma, Shii is so short that she can ride in a Cub's front basket. It seems to run in the family, as her mom is also positively tiny. • Get a Hold of Yourself, Man!: Koguma does this once to Shii to keep her awake while rescuing her from the cold river.

Justified because if you are in that situation, sleeping and/or losing consciousness is the worst thing you can do due to hypothermia.

• Iyashikei: A sterling example of the genre with its slow pace and emphasis on small personal victories as a lonely girl learns to enjoy koguma super cub. • Last-Name Basis: Koguma is only known by her surname.

• Leave the Camera Running: The show starts as it means to go on: with a lengthy, lonely Slice of Life scene where Koguma makes breakfast. The end of the episode has an almost identical scene, except this time she looks out her window and smiles at her Super Cub. • Like an Old Married Couple: By the Episode 6 of the anime Koguma and Reiko are already well settled into this dynamic.

• Meaningful Name: Koguma's name 小熊 literally means "small bear," and she rides a Super Cub motorbike. • Minor Living Alone: Koguma, as she doesn't have any parents or relatives, she receives a stipend for living and has a scholarship to attend school.

Reiko too, but she seems to just prefer it that way. • Mood Whiplash: • Episode koguma super cub starts particularly lighthearted as Koguma and Reiko spend a day fooling around in a snowy plain. At the end of the episode Koguma gets a phone call from Shii asking for help, after the latter has crashed her bike and is trapped in a river while the evening temperatures are plummeting. • Episode 11 begins with a serious tone as Koguma rescues Shii from the river and take her home to warm koguma super cub.

Reiko retrieves Shii's phone and Alex Moulton bicycle from the river, but is sad to report that while the former is fine, the latter is not.

Then the mood turns funny again when Koguma hangs up Shii's clothing to dry. including her underwear. • Next Sunday A.D.: The anime's timeframe is set just slightly ahead of its airing schedule. Koguma gets her motorbike license on April 26, 2021 (almost 3 weeks after the episode aired) and continues onward throughout the year.

• Non-Uniform Uniform: Reiko wears a cardigan under her uniform's blazer, and takes the blazer off during class. Shii wears a slipover sweater while often forgoing the blazer and wears a shorter skirt than usual.

• No OSHA Compliance: The girls won't win any awards in the safety department, frankly speaking. Well, they at least follow the basic rules, but Koguma drives Shii around on a cargo pad during the school festival, which is explicitly forbidden in Japan, and without the required year of a driving experience (well, at least the latter wore a helmet), Reiko and her Fuji escapades are the story unto itself — her original Cub didn't survive them after all, — and Shii serves her friends caffè corretto with grappa koguma super cub it, which is conducive both to the underage drinking and DUI.

note At least the narration notes that the liquor amount is small and thus legal/unactionable. • And then there's the whole story with Shii's falling into the stream and her subsequent "rescue", which is wrong on so many levels that it's scary. The girls basically lucked out on this. • Painting the Medium: The first episode is almost entirely static, silent, desaturated shots to emphasize how dreary Koguma's life is. When her Super Cub makes her feel alive again, the image gets colorful and music starts to play.

• Parental Abandonment: Koguma's father died when she was young, her mother then wasted much of the inheritance money he left behind, they moved from Tokyo to Mukama, and then her mother ran away in the middle of the night and abandoned her leaving only a slip of paper saying goodbye.

All this adds up to why she lives alone in a town she's not familiar with and has no friends. • Reiko also lives separately from her family, though at least they are mentioned offhandedly couple of times. • Product Placement: For the Honda Super Cub motorbikes, both in the novel's promotional posters and in the official website. Later, cans of Honda Ultra G1 Engine Oil are also prominently featured.

Koguma also buys a rainsuit from an Up Garage auto parts store. • Public Domain Soundtrack: Soft piano renditions of Claude Debussy's “Clair de Lune” and “Arabesque No. 1” can be heard in the first episode. • Koguma super cub Episode 11, Antonio Vivaldi's Four Seasons's Winter Movement is heard while Koguma is driving to rescue Shii. • The Quiet One: Koguma is rather quiet early on, and Reiko does almost all the talking in their first conversations.

• Reality Has No Soundtrack: Koguma's life is silent and empty until she koguma super cub climbs onto her Super Cub. • Real-Place Background: Taking place in Yamanashi Prefecture, many of the areas visited in the story are real places.

As Laid-Back Camp is set in the same region, it has lead to Friendly Fandoms between the two shows. • Rewatch Bonus: If you watch Episode 1, you may notice a girl passing Koguma on her bike. If you look closely after watching to the end of the series, you'll realize that it's Shii on the bike, since Shii is shown more clearly in a late series flashback. • School Festival: In Episode 7, Koguma and Reiko use their Cubs koguma super cub transport some supplies to their class's cafe for the festival after their teacher is unable to make the delivery due to being busy.

• School Uniforms Are the New Black: In a variation on this trope, Koguma is asked to wear her uniform on her summer courier job, since it falls under school business. Koguma points koguma super cub that the uniform is less than practical and asks for permission to wear her gym uniform on the job.

• Second Year Protagonist: All three of the main characters start the series as second-years in high school, and the anime takes place over the course of a year- from the start of their second year to when the cherry blossoms bloom again the following spring. • Shameless Fanservice Girl: Reiko isn't shy to appear in front of her friends in just her panties (episode 11) or completely naked (episode 12) after coming out of a bath; much to the shock of Shii and the disgust of Koguma.

• Shout-Out: • A scene in Episode 5 when Reiko walks to her red Cub is modeled after a famous shot from the AKIRA movie. • A blink and you'll miss it shot ◊ in Episode 6 has a sign for Asahigaoka, where Non Non Biyori is set. • Show, Don't Tell: The anime often uses visual cues and character reactions to convey the information, rather than telling outright. For example, in the scene in Episode 5 in which Reiko's boss helps her with her altitude sickness, he doesn't say he climbed Mt.

Everest; instead, you see a photo of him with his fellow climbers. • Situational Sociability: Koguma super cub can be relatively brusque in most situations, as seen when Koguma greets her in the morning, but becomes a Genki Girl when talking about motorcycles. • Surprisingly Realistic Outcome: • As a result of the Super Cub's fuel gauge being hidden, Koguma makes a rookie mistake and ends up running out of gas.

Luckily for her, she's able to use the reserve fuel to get some more gas and makes a point of checking the fuel before heading out.

• Koguma is advised to change the Super Cub's oil at 100, 500 and 1,000 kilometers after she first buys it. Koguma super cub hits the first milestone just before starting her courier job, and hits the other two before the end of summer vacation, since you tend to rack up a lot of mileage when you use your motor vehicle for work. • Reiko makes one last valiant effort to climb Mt.

Fuji on her Super Cub, recalling everything she's learned during the process and with exciting music playing. but tips over once again and damages her Cub, forcing her to call for a pickup. Sometimes, determination isn't enough to surpass your and your equipment's limitations. • Koguma takes her bike to meet up with the class trip, and ends up getting a lecture due to how risky doing so was.

• The Stoic: Koguma from the very start. • Tall, Dark, and Snarky: Well, Short, Dark and Snarky, because, surprisingly, it's Koguma who turned out to be a boundless well of sarcasm. koguma super cub The Theme Park Version: Shii's family business is either "transnational" or "scattershot" in theme, depending on the charity of the description — It has a French name, a Tyrolean-style building, and is both a bakery that serves German bread, a British-style sandwich counter, and a diner decorated to look like an American Greasy Spoon.

(And Shii hopes to one day switch out the German bread for Italian.) • That's because all family members have different Foreign Culture Fetishes.

Her father is a Germanophile, while her mom is a fan of all things American (and probably also British), and Shii herself, on her part, is a huge Italy buff. • Title Drop: Episodes 7 and 9 have Koguma drop the title while monologuing, at which point the respective titles of the episodes are shown. • Wham Line: Episode 10 ends with Shii calling Koguma, only able to say one thing- " Help me." Crucial Browsing • Genre • Action Adventure • Comedy • Commercials • Crime & Punishment • Drama • Horror • Love • News • Professional Wrestling • Speculative Fiction • Sports Story • War • Media • All Media • Animation (Western) • Anime • Comic Book • Fan Koguma super cub • Film • Game • Literature • Music And Sound Effects • New Media • Print Media • Radio • Sequential Art • Tabletop Games • Television • Theater • Videogame • Webcomics • Narrative • Universal • Applied Phlebotinum • Characterization • Characters • Characters As Device • Dialogue • Motifs • Narrative Devices • Paratext • Plots • Settings • Spectacle • Other Categories • British Telly • The Contributors • Creator Speak • Creators • Derivative Works • Language • Laws And Formulas • Show Business • Split Personality • Stock Room • Trope • Tropes • Truth And Lies • Truth In Television • Topical Tropes • Koguma super cub • Censorship • Combat • Death • Family • Fate And Prophecy • Food • Holiday • Memory • Money • Morality • Politics • Religion • School
Contents • 1 Appearance • 2 Personality • 3 Background • 4 References Appearance [ ] Reiko has long black hair and eyes.

She wears a white and black school girl outfit and shoes. Personality [ ] Reiko is a scooter bike otaku, she has an extensive amount of knowledge on scooters of all makes and models. Background [ ] Reiko is in the same class as Koguma. Her father is a city councilman and her mother runs a company and both live in Tokyo. Because of that Reiko lives by herself in a vacation log house at the Mukawa area of Hokuto.

Reiko has excellent grades and is good at sports, but despite that her only interest is Cubs for which she is an extremely knowledgeable enthusiast. When she heard that Koguma rides a cub, she approaches her and wants to see it. As they start eating lunch together and talk about Cubs, they form a friendship. During the second year summer vacation, she attempted to fulfill her dream and climb Mount Fuji with her cub MD90, but ended up wrecking it.

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Super Cub - Koguma doing her first Change Oil of her supercub

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