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• NPCs Paimon is an Paimon wish in Genshin Impact who accompanies the Traveler throughout their adventure in Teyvat as their guide. She met the Traveler by being fished out of a lake in which she mentions she would've drowned if the Traveler didn't save her. She is currently representing Genshin Impact as its mascot and is used as the icon for the game, its official website, and various social media accounts.

Contents • 1 Profile • 1.1 Personality • 1.2 Appearance • paimon wish Trivia • 2.1 Etymology • 3 Other Languages • 4 Change History • 5 References Profile Personality Paimon is bubbly, out-going, but almost a little too honest, somewhat naïve and occasionally comes off as rude.

She is obvious about who she likes and who she doesn't like, giving "ugly nicknames" to those who annoy her, frequently calling Venti the "Tone-Deaf Bard." She stands by what she thinks and tends to refer to herself from a third-person point of view. She loves eating; despite her small size, she can wolf down large amounts of food before feeling full. She is also well versed in the history behind many dishes. While she enjoys paimon wish products, she also states that her worst nightmare is being eaten by a particularly large slime.

[4] Paimon also has great enthusiasm for rare treasure and Mora. In contrast to her usual loud and immature demeanour, she shows a very different side of herself while helping the Traveler take care of Kichiboushi, where her mentoring role is compared to like a big sister or mother.

paimon wish

In particular she has the idea to present Dvalin's tale to the tanuki and handles most of the telling and moral guidance entirely on her own. Appearance Paimon has a petite body, giving paimon wish the look of a fairy. She has thick white hair cropped just above her shoulders, dark purple eyes, and light skin.

She wears a long-sleeved white jumper and a night-blue cape flecked with stars, and white stockings with white boots. Rose-gold embroidery and shapes are attached to her jumper, boots, and sleeves. Paimon's accessories are a dark blue hairpin, almost black, and a rose-gold crown that levitates above her head as though it was a halo.

Trivia • During the Closed Beta Tests, Paimon was used as a spokesperson, replying to the questions and suggestions that were asked on the official Facebook page. • It is hinted that she cannot swim, though when swimming in-game in water, she paimon wish above you just over the water.

• Paimon's nickname within much of the Genshin Impact community is "Emergency Food." This comes from one of the dialogue options when the Traveler first meets Amber in the Prologue quest Wind-Riding Knight. • Paimon's role paimon wish the mascot of Genshin Impact is similar to Ai-Chan, the mascot for Honkai Impact 3rd, another of HoYoverse's games.

paimon wish

• One of the Traveler's voice lines jokingly suggests that Paimon has more than one stomach, where one of them is made specifically for liquids. • Verr Goldet, the boss of the Wangshu Inn, describes Paimon as a "floating elf companion".

Notably, she is one of the few characters who remarks on Paimon's appearance - others tend to refer to her as a "mysterious flying pet" or some other similar term. • The term Verr Goldet uses in Chinese is 精灵 jīng​líng, which broadly refers to fantastical creatures like elves, fairies, and spirits. This term has also been used to describe Barbatos' original form before becoming an Archon, Klee paimon wish Alice's race, and the Lochfolk.

• The Starsnatcher describes Paimon as "talking fairy", or "talking mini Seelie" ( 会说话的小仙灵) in Chinese, though Paimon is confused by this remark about her. • The symbol on Paimon's clothing is an upside-down triquetra, one of the prominent symbols in Teyvat. She also bears the Celestial motif on her sleeves and boots. • Paimon's headpiece shares design elements with a fully-upgraded Statue of The Seven. The ring that forms around the statue at Level 10 has the same design as the ring that forms the base of her headpiece, while the vertical protrusion on her headpiece is a simplified version of the diamond-shaped leaf motif that appears upon upgrading the statue to Level 6.

• Paimon represents some parts of the gameplay system in Genshin Impact. • HoYoverse's official announcement and developer messages are sent by "P·A·I·M·O·N" in the mail system. This is different from Paimon's own mail, which paimon wish signed simply as "Paimon." • The pause menu is called the " Paimon Menu," and is indicated in-game by an icon resembling Paimon's head. • She shares the same birthday as Arataki Itto, June 1, International Day for Protection of Children, a widely celebrated paimon wish for children in countries such as Armenia, Burma, Cambodia, China, Ethiopia, Mongolia, Russia, and Portugal.

In some countries, it's a national holiday and fairs will be hosted for children; them sharing their birthdays on this date might relate to their childlike nature and soft spot for children.

paimon wish

• While mostly absent from Hangout Events, she does make an appearance in: • Barbara's Hangout Event: Wellspring of Healing • Noelle's Hangout Event: Chivalric Training • Bennett's Hangout Event: Fantastic Voyage • Paimon is mentioned in the descriptions of several Furnishing items: • Azure Crane • Black-Back Hound • Forest Boar • Inazuman Official Residence: Forcefulness • Inazuman Walled House: Refined Estate • Liyue Estate: Exquisite Mansion • Portable Stove • Veranda Corner: Pavilion's Watch • Paimon's exchange with Venti from Act II of For a Tomorrow Without Tears of her responding to Venti's "Hehe." with "What do you mean 'hehe'?" has been alluded to twice in the story, thus far.

Once during Date's Challenge with Date responding to Paimon with "What do you mean 'hehe'?!", paimon wish another as Traveler's response to the Paimon during Eight Locales Over Mountains and Seas: Two Cities' Recommendations. • Paimon is known by these aliases: • Emergency Food (by Traveler) • Floating elf companion (by Verr Goldet) • Floating child (by Albedo) • Little one (by Itto) • White Fur (by Kichiboushi) • Byemon (by Kichiboushi) • Spymon (by Kichiboushi) • Paimore (by Kichiboushi) • Human hatchling (by Tsumi) • Two-legged hatchling (by Xamaran) • Little One (by Urakusai) • My Little Helper (by Yae Miko) • Your Most Eminent Flying Companion (by Yanbo) • In the start of the game, the Traveler saved Paimon by fishing her out of water, even though fishing wasn't released until Version 2.1.

• Despite her omnipresence in marketing and player communication, Paimon is something of an enigma with regards to the plot and Teyvat as nothing about her prior to being fished out of the water is known, or even about her basic nature. Etymology • In the demonology grimoire The Lesser Key of Solomon, "Paimon" is one of the nine kings of Hell.

Other Languages Language Official Name English Paimon Chinese (Simplified) 派蒙 Pàiméng Chinese (Traditional) 派蒙 Pàiméng Japanese パイモン Paimon Korean 페이몬 Peimon Spanish Paimon French Paimon Russian Паймон Paymon Thai Paimon Paimon wish Paimon German Paimon Indonesian Paimon Portuguese Paimon Change History Contents • 1 Starglitter Exchange • 1.1 Rotation • 1.2 Current Monthly Items • 1.3 Permanent Items • 2 Stardust Exchange • 3 Purchase with Primogems • 4 Other Languages • 5 Change History Starglitter Exchange Starglitter All items are exchanged for Masterless Starglitter.

The shop offers 2 different characters, 5 weapons (one of each type), Character Ascension Materials, and Common Ascension Materials every month. Rotation Main article: Starglitter Exchange History There seems to be a fixed rotation of weapons and characters. 2 sets of weapons Royal Series and Blackcliff Series (every 2 months) and 12 Characters (every 6 months): Months Weapons Characters January & July Blackcliff Fischl Fischl & Xiangling Xiangling February & August Royal Beidou Beidou & Noelle Noelle March & September Blackcliff Ningguang Ningguang & Xingqiu Xingqiu April & October Royal Razor Razor & Amber Amber May & November Blackcliff Bennett Bennett & Lisa Lisa June & December Royal Barbara Barbara & Kaeya Kaeya Current Monthly Items Cost Monthly Limit Required Adventure Rank Intertwined Fate 5 None None Acquaint Fate 5 None None Ley Line Sprout 2 8 35 Chaos Core 2 8 35 Mist Grass Wick 2 8 35 Inspector's Sacrificial Knife 2 8 35 Fossilized Bone Shard 2 8 35 Chaos Oculus 2 8 35 Polarizing Prism 2 8 35 Concealed Talon 2 8 35 Deathly Statuette 2 8 35 Slime Concentrate ×3 2 25 35 Ominous Mask ×3 2 25 35 Forbidden Curse Scroll ×3 2 25 35 Weathered Arrowhead ×3 2 25 35 Lieutenant's Insignia ×3 2 25 35 Golden Raven Insignia ×3 2 25 35 Energy Nectar ×3 2 25 35 Famed Handguard ×3 2 25 35 Spectral Nucleus ×3 2 25 35 Stardust Exchange Stardust All items are exchanged for Masterless Stardust, and the monthly limits reset at the same time as other exchanges.

Item Cost Monthly Limit Required Adventure Rank Intertwined Fate 75 5 None Acquaint Fate 75 5 None Adventurer's Experience ×3 8 100 10 Mystic Enhancement Ore 5 60 10 Mora ×10,000 10 30 10 Mora ×10,000 20 None 10 Black Bronze Horn 15 12 25 Dead Ley Line Leaves 15 12 25 Chaos Circuit 15 12 25 Mist Grass 15 12 25 Agent's Sacrificial Knife 15 12 25 Sturdy Bone Shard 15 12 25 Chaos Axis 15 12 25 Crystal Prism 15 12 25 Paimon wish Unguis 15 12 25 Dark Statuette 15 12 25 Dust of Azoth ×10 5 100 10 Slime Secretions 5 35 10 Stained Mask 5 35 10 Sealed Scroll 5 35 10 Sharp Arrowhead 5 35 10 Sergeant's Insignia 5 35 10 Silver Raven Insignia 5 35 10 Shimmering Nectar 5 35 10 Kageuchi Handguard 5 35 10 Spectral Heart 5 35 10 Heavy Horn 5 16 10 Dead Ley Line Branch 5 16 10 Chaos Device 5 16 10 Mist Grass Pollen 5 16 10 Hunter's Sacrificial Knife 5 16 10 Fragile Bone Shard 5 16 10 Chaos Gear 5 16 10 Dismal Prism 5 16 10 Concealed Claw 5 16 10 Gloomy Statuette 5 16 10 Slime Condensate ×3 5 15 5 Damaged Mask ×3 5 15 5 Divining Scroll ×3 5 15 5 Firm Arrowhead ×3 5 15 5 Recruit's Insignia ×3 5 15 5 Treasure Hoarder Insignia ×3 5 15 5 Whopperflower Nectar ×3 5 15 5 Old Handguard ×3 5 15 5 Spectral Husk ×3 5 15 5 Purchase with Primogems Item Cost Monthly Limit Intertwined Fate 160 None Acquaint Fate 160 None Other Languages Language Official Name Literal Meaning English Paimon's Bargains paimon wish Chinese (Simplified) 尘辉兑换 Chénhuī Duìhuàn Dust and Glitter Exchange Chinese (Traditional) 塵輝兌換 Chénhuī Duìhuàn Japanese スター 交 こう換 かん Sutaa Koukan Star Exchange Korean 더스트 라이트 교환 Deoseuteu Ra'iteu Gyohwan Paimon wish and Lite Exchange Spanish Gangas de Paimon French Échange astral Astral Exchange Russian Магазин Паймон Magazin Paymon Paimon's Shop Thai ร้านค้า Paimon Ran Kha Paimon Paimon Shop Vietnamese Đổi Bụi Ánh Sáng German Rares für Staub und Glanz Rarities for Dust and Glitter Indonesian Penukaran Paimon Paimon's Exchange Portuguese Barganhas da Paimon Paimon's Bargains Change History Version 2.6 • The following items were permanently added to Starglitter Exchange: • Deathly Statuette • The following items were permanently added to Stardust Exchange: • Dark Statuette • Gloomy Statuette Version 2.2 • Added limit of 100 per each Mora exchange.

• The following items were permanently added to Starglitter Exchange: • Concealed Paimon wish • The following items were permanently added to Stardust Exchange: • Concealed Unguis • Concealed Claw Version 2.1 • The following items were permanently added to Starglitter Exchange: • Spectral Nucleus • The following items were permanently added to Stardust Exchange: • Spectral Heart • Spectral Husk Version 2.0 • The following items were permanently added to Starglitter Exchange: • Chaos Oculus • Polarizing Prism • Famed Handguard • The following items were permanently added to Stardust Exchange: • Chaos Axis • Crystal Prism • Kageuchi Handguard • Chaos Gear • Dismal Prism • Old Handguard Version 1.3 • The following items were permanently added to Stardust Exchange: • Dust of Azoth Version 1.0 • Paimon's Bargains was released.
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Paimon is a King of Hell presiding over 200 legions of demons. Paimon is very obedient unto Lucifer and he can grant paimon wish wishes to a magician that summons him. Practising occultist Carroll “Poke” Runyon has suggested that the origin of King Paimon can be traced to Mesopotamia, equating this demon with Isis, a Middle Eastern goddess.

paimon wish

Runyon’s connection paimon wish based on Paimon’s appearance (feminine features and riding a camel) and because “Paimon” meant a “tinkling sound” in an unspecified language, a reference to this deity. King Paimon Attributes: • Dates: June 11th – June 21st (Connolly)(Tikaboo)(Day Time) • Alternate Dates: April 30th – May 4th (Runyon) • Direction: West (The house of Paimon is Northwest) • Tarot: 10 of Swords • Planet: Sun • Metal: Gold • Element: Water • Color: Yellow • Plant: Bindweed • Incense: Frankincense • Zodiac: Gemini • Enn: Linan tasa jedan Paimon Paimon’s Sigil or Seal Paimon’s Enn Chanting & Mantra Paimon in The Lesser Key of Solomon Paimon is the ninth spirit described in Goetia or The Paimon wish Key of Solomon: The Ninth Spirit in this Order is Paimon, a Great King, and very obedient unto LUCIFER.

He appeareth in the form of a Man sitting upon a Dromedary with a Crown most glorious upon his head.

paimon wish

There goeth before him also an Host of Spirits, like Men with Trumpets and well sounding Cymbals, and all other sorts of Musical Instruments. He hath a great Voice, and roareth at his first coming, and his speech is such that the Magician cannot well understand unless paimon wish can compel him.

This Spirit can teach all Arts and Sciences, and other secret things.

paimon wish

He can discover unto thee what the Earth is, and what holdeth paimon wish up in the Waters; and what Mind is, and where it is; or any other thing thou mayest desire to know.

He giveth Dignity, and confirmeth the same. He bindeth or maketh any man subject unto the Magician if he so desire it. He giveth good Familiars, and such as can teach all Arts. He is to be observed towards the West. He is of the Order of Dominations.13 He hath under him 200 Legions of Spirits, and part of them are of the Order of Angels, and the other part of Potentates.

paimon wish

Now if thou callest this Spirit Paimon alone, thou must make him some offering; and there will attend him two Kings called LABAL and ABALIand also other Spirits who be of the Order of Potentates in his Host, and 25 Legions. And those Spirits paimon wish be subject unto them are not always with them unless the Magician do compel them. His Character is this which must be worn as a Lamen before thee, etc Paimon also appears in the following grimoires: Book of Incantations, Munich Manual of Demonic Magic, Clavis Inferni, The Discoverie of Witchcraft, Key of Solomon, The Magical Calendar, The Book of Spirits, The Book of the Office of Spirits, The Grimoire of Pope Honorius, The Book of Abramelin, The Book of Oberon, Pseudomonarchia Daemonum, and Dictionnaire Infernal.

Paimon doesn’t appear in the Bible. Paimon’s appearance Paimon in the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage Paimon: Is also frequently written “Paymon’, and sometimes “Paimonia’. Probably from Hebrew, POMN, = a tinkling sound or small bell. This is again derived from the Hebrew root POM, = to agitate, impel, paimon wish strike forward. The word POMN is employed in Exodus 28, 34; 28, 33; and 39, 25.

paimon wish

Paimon is also called by the Rabbins by the title of OZAZL, Azazel, which is a name used in Leviticus with reference to the Scape-Goat. Its derivation is from OZ, = a Goat; and AZL, = to go away. It has frequently been warmly discussed whether the word in question means simply the Scape-Goat, or whether it signifies a Demon to whom that animal was dedicated.

But in Rabbinic Demonology it is always used to mean one of the Chief Demons. Paimon in the Pseudomonarchia Daemonum Paimon is more obedient in Lucifer than other kings are. Lucifer is heere to be paimon wish he that was drowned in the depth of his knowledge: he would needs be like God, and for his arrogancie was throwne out into destruction, of whome it is said; Paimon wish pretious stone is thy covering (Ezech.

88.). Paimon is constrained by divine vertue to stand before the exorcist; where he putteth on the likenesse of a man: he sitteth on a beast called a dromedarie, which is a swift runner, and weareth a glorious crowne, and hath an effeminate countenance. There goeth before him an host of men with paimon wish and well sounding cymbals, and all musicall instruments.

At the first he appeereth with a great crie and roring, as in Circulo Salomonis, and in the art is declared.

paimon wish

And if this Paimon speake sometime that the conjuror understand him not, let him not therefore be dismaied. But when he hath delivered him the first obligation to observe his desire, he must bid him also answer him distinctlie and plainelie to the questions he shall aske you, of all philosophie, wisedome, and science, and of all other secret things.

paimon wish

And if you will knowe the disposition of the world, and what the earth is, or what holdeth it up in the water, or any other thing, or what is Abyssus, or where the wind is, or from whence it commeth, he will teach you aboundantlie. Consecrations also as well of sacrifices as otherwise may be reckoned. He giveth dignities and confirmations; he bindeth them that resist him in his owne chaines, and subjecteth them to the conjuror; he prepareth good familiars, and hath the understanding of all arts.

Note, that at the calling up of him, the exorcist must looke towards the northwest, bicause there is his house. When he is called up, let the exorcist receive him constantlie without feare, let him aske what questions or demands he list, and no doubt he shall obteine the same of him. And the exorcist must beware he forget not the creator, for those paimon wish, which have beene rehearsed before of Paimon, some saie he is of the order of dominations; others saie, of the order of cherubim.

There follow him two hundred legions, partlie of the order of angels, and partlie of potestates. Note that if Paimon be cited alone by an offering or sacrifice, two kings followe him; to wit, Beball & Abalam, & other potentates: in his host are twentie five legions, bicause the spirits subject to them are not alwaies with them, except they be compelled to appeere by divine vertue.

Pop culture (spoiler alert) Paimon made a great entrance into mainstream culture with Hereditary, a popular 2018 horror movie. The plot is centered around a family haunted by a Paimon worshipping sect that has a mightily worriesome agenda. I shall say no more. How to Summon King Paimon According to famous grimoires, Paimon can be conjured by performing a magic summoning ritual.

Reasons for summoning Paimon are usually: • knowledge of all Arts and Sciences • he can reveal the nature of Reality and Mind • provide the magician with Dignity (reputation) • turn any person into the Magician’s servant or dependant • provide good familiars (servants and friends, either spiritual or physical) Aleister Crowley depicted summoning King Paimon The summoning paimon wish contains the following steps: • Getting into a trance state through meditation, chants, creating a magic atmosphere with incense, candles etc.

• Chanting Paimon’s enn and/or gazing at his sigil • Contacting Paimon and asking for a favor • Ending the ritual Here is a full guide for summoning Paimon. King Paimon Offering In the Goetia it is written: “.if thou callest this Spirit Paimon alone, thou must make him some offering” Demonolators and some paimon wish present offerings to King Paimon to appease and befriend him.

Others claim that no offering is necessary. Some common offerings include money, jewelry, precious metals, candles and incense. I’ve been conducting rituals for clients for many years. Now, I present you with the opportunity to REQUEST Paimon wish RITUAL directly on this website. My clients tend to be ambitious people from all walks of paimon wish. There is one thing they all have in common: the desire for fast or immediate results through magical means, rather than having to practice for weeks, months or even years before receiving the results through their own practice.

Sometimes my clients are also not comfortable dealing with dangerous spirits on their own or lack the necessary items and solitude to even conduct these rituals. Regardless of your primary motivations, you can now hire me to do the dangerous and difficult part of the equation for you, while you reap the rewards. See you on the other side!

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