Nokia 3310

nokia 3310

With no Wi-Fi, no apps and no touchscreen, there's no way the 3310 can keep up to our hyperconnected modern lives, but it has two important saving graces: its rock-bottom price and its month-long battery nokia 3310. This isn't the phone you always carry to capture your every moment and splash it over social media.

But it is the phone you take away on those rough weekends where your pricey smartphone might get destroyed. Where you might not get to a plug to recharge for days at a time.

nokia 3310

It's the phone you give to your kid or your grandparent, or keep around as emergency backup. (It might also be the perfect phone to take to festivals so you can keep in touch with friends, without it popping out of your pocket when you're dancing your heart out.) At £50 -- which converts to about $65 or AU$85 -- the 3310 isn't the classic phone we loved brought into the modern day, it's more like a reimagining of an old friend.

More importantly, it's different enough from a smartphone to be a bit of fun, and I like it a lot for that reason. The phone first launched without 3G, nokia 3310 a new version now does have it and will be available globally in mid-October. +6 more See all photos The 3310 is available in most countries but it isn't going to be everywhere.

nokia 3310

It won't work at all in the US, and before you buy it, you should double-check to make sure it's compatible with your local carrier network. If it is, here are the six reasons why I think the new Nokia 3310 is a great addition to your mobile posse, and two ways it's also let me down. Why you want the 3310 1. It's got awesome battery life It turns out battery life isn't a problem when you ditch the massive touchscreen and all but the most basic of functionality.

Without modern features bogging it down, the 3310's battery life is superb. Nokia says it can last for up to a month on a single charge, and while I haven't been able to test this fully, it's managed to last a long weekend of taking photos, listening to music and playing Snake without needing charging. Heading to a festival this summer? The 3310 will easily get you through the whole muddy weekend without conking out, meaning you'll never be out of contact with your mates as you wait in line for drinks.

You could take it trekking through the mountains, give it to a friend who's visiting from overseas, or toss it into the car for a long road trip and know it'll be ready to go any time you need it. 2. Nokia 3310 cheap At only £50 in the UK, the 3310 is vastly cheaper than the fancy phone you probably already have in your pocket. Losing it would be a bummer, but replacing it is a drop in the ocean compared to the cost of replacing a new Galaxy S8.

+15 more See all photos 3. You won't need a case With a body made from stiff plastic and no massive glass touchscreen to protect, the Nokia 3310 can take a few knocks without waving the white flag. I repeatedly dropped my review model on grass, wood and concrete from pocket height and despite a few scuffs, it still works absolutely fine. 4. Nostalgia is a wonderful thing The original 3310 has rightly become nokia 3310 classic icon of mobile phone history, and while this modern iteration is slimmer and more rounded, it's a nokia 3310 successor to the 3310 we knew and loved in the early 2000s.

I adored my original 3310.

nokia 3310

Just looking at this new one brings back memories of texting my high school crush and cutting out all the vowels to keep the message under 160 characters so I didn't nokia 3310 to pay for two texts. I was a true romantic. Twice, during my testing of the 3310, strangers stopped me to ask to see it. That has never happened with my iPhone. 5. It's great for young kids It's cheap enough to give you a line of contact with your kids without you nokia 3310 that they'll lose it.

It's strong enough that you won't have to pay nokia 3310 replace a nokia 3310 screen. And since there's barely any internet to speak of, the only screen time you'll have to worry about is… 6.

Snake The classic game might come in colour now (it was black and white on the original 3310), but it's still Snake. Snake is great. How the 3310 could be better 1. Interchangeable covers The joy of Nokia's original 3310 -- not to mention the rest of the Nokia handsets from that era -- was the ability to swap in any number of bright fascias, festooned with patterns or, in my case, pictures of animals I liked.

When everyone had a 3310, being able to customise them so much made every one nokia 3310 our phones unique. Instead, you can buy the phone in blue, yellow, red or grey but you can't change it's colour later on.

Choose wisely. 2. Lack of apps will become a drag Yes, it's great having a phone with a battery you don't need to worry about, but its total lack of smart features means it's unlikely ever to become your main handset.

While I could live without Twitter on my phone and I don't really need 20 apps to edit one photo, I couldn't manage long term without Gmail or WhatsApp. For the newer phone of the same name, see Nokia 3310 (2017). Nokia 3310 Manufacturer Nokia Series Nokia 3000 series Compatible networks GSM (3310, 3315, 3350, 3390, and 3395) TDMA (3320 and 3360) First released 1 September 2000 ; 21 years ago ( 2000-09-01) (3310); 2002 ( 2002) (3360) Discontinued 2005 ( 2005) Units sold 126 million Predecessor Nokia 3210 (3310/3315) Nokia 5120 (3320) Nokia 5110i (3330 and 3350) Nokia 5160 (3360) Nokia 5190 (3390 and 3395) Successor Nokia 3410 (3310 and 3315) Nokia 3510 (3310) Nokia 3510i (3330) Nokia 3530 (3350) Nokia 3560 (3360) Nokia 3590 (3390) Nokia 3595 (3395) Nokia 2220 (3320) Nokia 2260 (3360) Nokia 2300 (3315) Nokia 1100 (3310) Nokia 3310 (2017)(revival) Nokia 800 Tough (spiritual) Related List of Nokia products Type Mobile phone Form factor Candy bar Dimensions 113 mm × 48 mm × 22 mm (4.45 in × 1.89 in × 0.87 in) Mass 133 g (4.7 oz) Operating system Series 20 CPU Texas Instruments MAD2WD1 (based on ARM7TDMI) Memory Built-in 1 KB Battery Removable BMC-3 ( NiMH) 900 mAh, or BLC-2 ( Li-ion) 1000 mAh Data inputs Alphanumeric keypad Display 1.5-inch backlit monochrome graphic LCD display 84x48 px, 64 ppi, 5 lines [1] Sound Monophonic ringtones SAR 0.96 W/kg (head) The Nokia 3310 is a GSM mobile phone announced on 1 September 2000, [2] and released in the fourth quarter of the year, replacing the popular Nokia 3210.

It sold very well, being one of the most successful phones, with 126 million units sold worldwide, [3] and being one nokia 3310 Nokia's most iconic [ citation needed] devices.

nokia 3310

The phone is still widely acclaimed [1] [4] and has gained a cult status due to nokia 3310 immense durability. Several variants of the 3310 have been released, including the Nokia 3315, 3320, 3330, 3350, 3360, 3390 and 3395.

The Nokia 3310 was produced at factories in Finland and Hungary. The 3315s were produced in South Korea for the Asia-Pacific market. A new mobile phone based on the iconic [ citation needed] 3310 design was launched in 2017. The new Nokia 3310 model comes with a comprehensive update over its predecessor, with a 2.4" color display, a 2 Megapixel rear camera and a microSD slot. [5] Inside a Nokia 3310 with the battery removed. The 3310 was developed at the Copenhagen Nokia site in Denmark and unveiled at the "Don't be bored.

Be totally board." lifestyle event in Oberhausen, Germany, as well as "Nokia Unplugged" concerts in the Asia-Pacific region. [6] It is a compact and sturdy phone featuring an 84 × 48 pixel pure monochrome display.

[1] It has nokia 3310 lighter removable 115 g (4.1 oz) battery variant which has fewer features; for example the 133 g (4.6 oz) battery version has the start-up image of two hands touching while the 115 g (4.05 oz) version does not. It is a slightly rounded rectangular unit that is typically held in the palm of a hand, with the buttons operated with the thumb. The blue button is the main button for selecting options, with "C" button as a "backspace", "back" or "undo" button.

[1] Up and down buttons are used for navigation purposes. The on/off/profile button is a stiff black button located on the top of the phone. Like its predecessor Nokia 3210, the 3310 was marketed as a customizable consumer-oriented handset targeting the youth.

[7] It is about a centimeter shorter than the 3210. [8] The 3310 is known for being reasonably durable due to its casing and construction, a feature which is often humorously exaggerated in online communities.

[9] Numerous videos also exist of the phone being put through increasingly-severe damage tests to test the phone's strength, including being dropped from a great height (sometimes while being protected with makeshift cases made from various objects), being crushed by heavy objects or being struck by vehicles or nokia 3310, many times of which the phone proved its record.

nokia 3310

{INSERTKEYS} [10] The 3310's reputation for durability led HMD Global to develop the Nokia 800 Tough with MIL-STD-810G standard compliance in mind. Features [ edit ] The Nokia 3310's main new feature introduced over its predecessors was a Chat function.

This is an instant messaging-like feature that works on standard SMS. [11] The 3310 was popular for SMS text messaging because of Chat and also because it allowed long messages three times the size of a standard SMS text message, at 459 characters. It also featured threaded SMS writing and voice dialing [12] for the quick dialing of selected numbers.

[13] The 3310 is known for having many features that were rare for the time. These include many utilities, such as a calculator, Nokia network monitor, stop watch and a reminder function.

It has four games: Pairs II, Space Impact, Bantumi, and the hugely popular Snake II. The Snake series of games had been popular on Nokia handsets since the late 1990s. [13] CNET remembered Space Impact, a shoot 'em up in which the player fires projectiles at oncoming aliens, as a mediocre game overall but impressive for fitting a mobile device with its complexity and length. [14] It was later recreated for other mobile devices. [15] The Nokia 3310 runs on Nokia's proprietary Series 20 software.

[16] The Nokia 3310 uses a MiniSIM (more commonly known as a standard SIM). Customization [ edit ] The Nokia 3310 can be customized with interchangeable Xpress-On covers, and thousands of different designs have been produced by various companies.

[1] It also has over 35 ringtones built-in with space for seven custom tones. These can either be downloaded, or composed by the user on the handset. The phone has various "profiles" that can set a number of preferences such as silent mode where the phone will not ring, useful for situations where it is inappropriate to do so. Screensavers can be made from received picture messages. Variants [ edit ] 3315, 3390 and 3395 [ edit ] An enhanced version of the 3310 is the Nokia 3315, which has some additional features: • A picture editor to edit pictures for use in SMS Picture messaging and screensavers on the phone • Timed profiles • Could use received ringtones as SMS tones • Fixed some of the bugs found in the 3310 • Automatic keypad locking after specified time • The right button, which finish the call, activates the key guard at the same time.

So keyguard may be "off" in settings, but it will be activated anyway every time you finish the call. To make a call, you always have to disable keyguard first (even if it says "off" in the settings menu) • Accidental emergency calls are not possible because keyguard is always "on" • Peanut-like interconnected silicon key mat • 3315s sold in Singapore and Malaysia had a blue backlight for the LCD screen and keypad, as opposed to green in other markets • Similar design to its successor, the Nokia 3410 The 3315 was also released in Australia.

Most versions of the 3310 could be upgraded to include the additional features of the 3315 by using a data cable. There are two North American variants of the 3310; one is the Nokia 3390, which operates on GSM 1900.

The Nokia 3395 is an updated version of the 3390, which includes the additional features of the Asian 3315 model, and it has poor reception if connected to a GSM 850 area. [ citation needed] WAP-enhanced models (3330 and 3350) [ edit ] Nokia 3330, a variant of Nokia 3310. The Nokia 3330 added a CSD-based [17] WAP capability, animated Screensavers, a pinball game named Bumper, and phonebook (stored in the phone memory as opposed to the SIM card in earlier models) with a 100-entry capacity to the model.

It also has the capability of downloading Java MIDP apps via WAP (such as Snake II mazes, Bumper tables, and Space Impact chapters). An Asia-Pacific only version, known as the Nokia 3350, was in essence an improved 3330 with WAP, rhythmic backlight alert, animated Screensavers, two-way Navi-Key, dedicated call and hang buttons, Chinese lunar calendar, and a 96-by-65-pixel screen.

Some 3350s have back covers that feature a photo-insert window, allowing users to put personal pictures from photographs, magazine cut-outs, etc. AMPS/D-AMPS-based versions (3320 and 3360) [ edit ] The Nokia 3360 and 3320 are related models designed for the U.S. and Canadian markets, respectively. They are externally similar to the 3310 and 3390, but they use Digital AMPS ("TDMA")/ AMPS technology rather than GSM.

Like the Asian 3350, they include two dedicated call and hang buttons and two soft keys. {/INSERTKEYS}

nokia 3310

They also feature an infrared port. Unlike the 3390, the 3360 and 3320 do not support voice dialing. At 136 grams each, they are also slightly heavier than the 3390, which weighs 119 grams. Legacy [ edit ] The Nokia 3310 has a reputation of great durability, and many Internet memes have been made calling the phone "indestructible" or "the Nokia Brick" and praising its durability compared to modern smartphones.

[18] In a retrospective piece, TechRepublic called the Nokia 3310 "a big tough cockroach of a phone" and praised its "legendary durability".

[19] In November 2015, the Nokia 3310 was chosen as one of the first three "National Emojis" for Finland. The emoji is referred to as "The Unbreakable", as the phone was known for its aforementioned toughness and durability.

[20] Revival [ edit ] Main article: Nokia 3310 (2017) On 14 February 2017, it was reported that a revived version of the 3310 would be unveiled at the 2017 Mobile World Congress in Nokia 3310 by HMD Global Oy, the Finnish manufacturer with rights to market phones under the Nokia brand, forecasting a price point of €49. [21] [22] On 26 February 2017, the modernized version of the 3310 was launched at a price of €49.

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nokia 3310

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nokia 3310

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nokia 3310

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Also known as Nokia 3310 Dual SIM with dual-SIM card slots Network Technology GSM 2G bands GSM 900 / 1800 - SIM 1 & SIM 2 (dual-SIM model only) GPRS Yes EDGE Yes Launch Announced 2017, February Status Available.

Released 2017, May Body Dimensions 115.6 x 51 x 12.8 mm (4.55 x 2.01 x 0.50 in) Weight 85 g (3.00 oz) Build Glass front, plastic back, plastic frame SIM Single SIM (Micro-SIM) or Dual SIM (Micro-SIM, dual stand-by) Flashlight Display Type TFT Size 2.4 inches, 17.8 cm 2 (~30.3% screen-to-body ratio) Resolution 240 x 320 pixels, 4:3 ratio (~167 ppi density) Memory Card slot microSDHC (dedicated slot) Phonebook Yes Call records Yes Internal 16MB Main Camera Single 2 MP Features LED flash Video nokia 3310 Selfie camera No Sound Loudspeaker Yes 3.5mm jack Yes Comms WLAN No Bluetooth 3.0, A2DP GPS No NFC No Radio FM radio USB microUSB 2.0 Features Sensors Messaging SMS Games Yes Java No Audio/Video player Battery Type Li-Ion 1200 mAh, removable Stand-by Up to 744 h Talk time Up to 22 h Music play Up to 51 h Type Dual-SIM model Stand-by Up to 600 h Talk time Up to 22 h Misc Colors Warm Red (Glossy), Dark Blue (Matte), Yellow (Glossy), Grey (Matte) SAR EU 0.71 W/kg (head) 1.49 W/kg (body) Price About 60 EUR Disclaimer.

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Nokia is a registered trademark of Nokia Corporation. HMD Global Oy is the exclusive licensee of the Nokia brand for phones and tablets. Nokia Corporation is not a manufacturer, importer, distributor or retailer of the Nokia-branded products offered by HMD Global Oy.
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2 Up to 22 hours talk time 3 Up to 31 days stand by time 4 Pre-installed system software and apps use a significant part of memory space. 5Battery has limited recharge cycles and battery capacity reduces over time. Eventually the battery may need nokia 3310 be replaced. HMD Global Oy is the exclusive licensee of the Nokia brand for phones & tablets. Nokia is a registered trademark of Nokia Corporation. Variations on offering may apply, check local availability.

nokia 3310

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All rights reserved. Nokia is a registered trademark of Nokia Corporation. HMD Global Oy is the exclusive licensee of the Nokia brand for phones and tablets. Nokia Corporation is not a manufacturer, importer, distributor or retailer of the Nokia-branded products offered by HMD Global Oy.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Drop Test from 1,000 Feet! - VS. Nokia 3310