Java chip frappuccino

java chip frappuccino

Java chip frappuccinos are some of the most delicious drinks you can get at Starbucks. But sometimes you don’t have the time or the budget to head to the coffee shop.

Do you have to forgo your favorite coffee drink? Java chip frappuccino news: you can easily whip up a java chip frappuccino at home! Saving money doesn’t have to mean missing out on flavor, and this recipe will prove it to you.

Keep reading to learn java chip frappuccino to make perfect java chip frappuccinos: What’s a Java Chip Frappuccino? A java chip frappuccino combines coffee, milk, and chocolate chips to form a creamy, caffeinated treat.

The chocolate chips lend it an interesting texture, and the coffee blends perfectly with milk and chocolate syrup. Be warned: this drink is more of a milkshake than a smoothie! But scroll down to find our tips on cutting some of those calories, making an even more decadent drink, or even turning this frappuccino into a kid-friendly treat.

Homemade Java Chip Frappuccino Variations The above recipe will produce a delicious chocolate and coffee frappuccino. But you can always alter it to better suit your diet or your taste buds! Here are a few simple suggestions to get you started: Want to make it a little healthier?

Frappuccinos aren’t exactly health foods, but you can make them a little healthier if you’d like. Try substituting a lower-calorie variety of milk like almond milk or skim milk. Cut back on the chocolate syrup or replace it with cocoa powder for a less sweet but still chocolatey drink. Or use lightly sweetened dark chocolate squares for a gourmet version! And you can never go wrong with fresh strawberries or raspberries on top of a chocolate drink. …Or a little less healthy?

If you’re really looking to treat yourself, you can take this frappuccino to the next level. Add a splash of Baileys Irish Cream, Kahlua, or homemade coffee liqueur for a delicious adult drink. Try increasing the chocolate-to-coffee ratio, or pour hot fudge over your whipped cream.

java chip frappuccino

There are a lot of tasty coffee toppings to try! What about a kid-friendly version? Java chip frappuccinos aren’t on the Starbucks kids menu because they contain coffee. But you can replace the coffee with chocolate milk for a fun, decaf treat! We also recommend the classic vanilla bean frappuccino — beloved by kids everywhere: Homemade Java Chip Frappuccino: Final Thoughts Ready to make your delicious dessert? We hope you enjoy this java chip frappuccino recipe as much as we do. It’s easy, affordable, and oh-so-tasty.

What’s not to love? RELATED RECIPES: • Delicious Mocha Frappe Recipe (Simple Steps) • How to Make Whipped Coffee Without Instant Coffee • How to Make Starbucks Cold Brew (Easy & Tasty) Featured image credit: wut studio, Shutterstock Table of Contents • What’s a Java Chip Frappuccino? • Easy Java Chip Frappuccino Recipe (Starbucks Copy-Cat) • Equipment • Ingredients • Instructions • Nutrition • Homemade Java Chip Frappuccino Variations • Want to make it a little healthier?

• …Or a little less healthy? • What about a kid-friendly version? • Homemade Java Chip Frappuccino: Final Thoughts PIN IT Java chip frappuccino LATER! I have the best copycat Starbucks recipe for you if you’re a coffee fan: Java Chip Frappuccino! It’s one of my favorites, and making one at home couldn’t be easier.

You’ll feel like a fancy barista when you try it. This blended beverage combines coffee, chocolate syrup, chocolate chips, and milk. It’s blended with ice so you get a frothy and cold drink with a kick of caffeine. I love to make one of these when I need a little pick-me-up in the afternoon. It gets me through the rest of the day!

Why This Recipe Works • I’m sharing all of my best tips for making a homemade Frappuccino! It’s just java chip frappuccino good as a coffee shop… actually, it’s better because you don’t have to sit in the drive-through to get one!

java chip frappuccino

• This is a java chip Frappuccino recipe, but it’s really easy to switch it java chip frappuccino to make other flavors. I have some ideas for you, so check out the variations section later in the post. • You don’t need a fancy coffee machine to make homemade Starbucks drinks – you can use a drip coffee maker and a blender to make them.

It’s really easy. Treat yourself to this cold blended coffee drink along with a slice of banana bread and you won’t miss the coffee shop at all! Ingredients • Cold strong brewed coffee – you can brew strong coffee ahead of time and chill it or make your own cold brew coffee!

• Whole milk • Ice • Chocolate syrup • Semi-sweet chocolate chips • Whipped cream and mini chocolate chips for garnish • Coffee maker • Blender • Measuring cups and spoons • Liquid measuring cup Recipe Steps Place cold coffee and milk, ice, chocolate syrup, and chocolate chips in the blender.

Blend until smooth. Drizzle about one tablespoon of chocolate sauce down the inside of each glass. Pour the drink into the glasses and garnish each drink with whipped cream and chocolate chips. Tips for the BEST Copycat Frappuccino Use a dark roast coffee for this drink and brew it stronger than you would for a regular cup of coffee. Or you can use your favorite cold brew coffee. Use very cold coffee and milk for the best cold and frothy Frappuccino. The colder, the better!

I like to put them in the freezer while measuring the other ingredients, so they are very chilled. When you blend the drink, stop to stir it a few times. This will ensure the chocolate chips are blended into the drink and not at the bottom when you serve it. When you add the chocolate to the glasses, drizzle down the inside side of the glass. If you’re feeling fancy, turn the glass while drizzling to create a swirled pattern.

Variations Mocha Frappuccino: Skip the chocolate chips and add your desired amount of chocolate sauce to the blender with the other ingredients to make a chocolate coffee drink.

I like a few tablespoons. Garnish with whipped cream, shaved dark chocolate, or mini chocolate chips. Vanilla Java Chip: Make the coffee Frappuccino as instructed, but add a tablespoon or so of vanilla syrup when you blend the ingredients.

Pumpkin Spice Java chip frappuccino Skip the chocolate syrup and chocolate chips and add some pumpkin spice syrup when you blend the other ingredients. Garnish with whipped cream and a sprinkle of pumpkin spice. Are you ready to sip on this homemade Starbucks Frappuccino? You’ll love how much you’ll save, and you’ll LOVE how good it tastes! Java chip frappuccino Java Chip Frappuccino is one of my favorites – I hope you try java chip frappuccino soon.

More Coffee Drinks! • Learn how to make a Caramel Macchiato that’s just as good as the expensive coffee shop version! • Treat yourself to a Dalgona Coffee which is a frothy whipped coffee drink. • Are you a Starbucks PSL fan? You can skip the drive-through and make your own Pumpkin Spice Latte at home!

• A White Chocolate Latte is a great way to start the day or a cozy drink to sip on for an afternoon treat! Calories: 459 kcal (23%)Carbohydrates: 70 g (23%)Protein: 7 g (14%)Fat: 16 g (25%)Saturated Fat: 9 g (56%)Polyunsaturated Fat: 1 gMonounsaturated Fat: 5 gTrans Fat: 1 gCholesterol: 14 mg (5%)Sodium: 124 mg (5%)Potassium: 557 mg (16%)Fiber: 4 g (17%)Sugar: 54 g (60%)Vitamin A: 213 IU (4%)Vitamin C: 1 mg (1%)Calcium: 176 mg (18%)Iron: 4 mg (22%) © Julie's Eats & Treats ® We are not dietitians and recommend you seek a nutritionist for exact nutritional information.

The information in the nutrition box is calculated through a program and there is room for error. If you need an accurate count, I recommend running the ingredients through your favorite nutrition calculator.
My hubby and daughter are addicted to these things, so I tried to find out how to make them at home.

Couldn't find on 'zaar but found elsewhere on the web, so posting here for safe keeping (and easy find!). Edited to add -- you will want to add some milk or cream to this in order to make it creamy (unless you just want a pure coffee drink!). In our house we add milk, cream, or even a touch of vanilla ice cream -- depending on what we have.

"My hubby and daughter are addicted to these things, so I tried to find out how to make them at home. Couldn't find on 'zaar but found elsewhere on the web, so posting here for safe keeping (and easy find!). Edited to add -- you will want to add some milk or cream to this in order to make it creamy (unless you just want a pure coffee drink!).

In our house we add milk, cream, or even a touch of java chip frappuccino ice cream -- depending on what we have." • recipes The Discovery Family of Networks • HGTV • DIY Network • Food Network • Cooking Channel • Travel Channel • HGTV Poland © 2022 Discovery or its subsidiaries and affiliates. Java chip frappuccino rights reserved • Advertise • AdChoices • Privacy Notice • Visitor Agreement California Privacy Notice CA Do Not Sell My Info The Java Chip Frappuccino is a puzzling drink.

It’s so incredibly confusing! Java coffee is originally Arabica coffee grown in the Indonesian Island of Java, and it’s quite potent. Starbucks, though, uses the term for anything not even related to Java, because, let’s face it, it sounds cool. Today we’re making a copycat version of the Java Chip Frappuccino, and there are some challenges ahead, so let’s take a look at the recipe.

According to Starbucks, their chocolaty Frappuccino contains Ice, Milk, whipped cream and coffee.

java chip frappuccino

We can handle that. But then it also contains mocha sauce (which we’ll substitute with chocolate syrup) and the mythical Frappuccino Chips, and that’s a bit of a problem for us home baristas. Frappuccino chips are made of over twenty ingredients, including some unappetizing sounding things like unbleached unenriched wheat flour, palm kernel and palm oils. At the end of the day, and after a thorough examination, I concluded Frappuccino chips can be substituted with the combination of chocolate chips and chocolate chip cookies.

Yes, we’re drinking our cookies today. According to Starbucks, this drink will bring us “endless java joy,” and although I’m not sure what that is, I guarantee our home-cooked version is nothing less than java-licious.

java chip frappuccino

Our Java Chip Frappuccino will be better than the original because we’ll make ours with Java coffee. You can get it in any coffee specialty store, some supermarkets or online. You’ll love the stuff! Look for a medium or dark roast.

For the milk, you can use your favorite; I’ll make mine with whole milk. All those chocolate chips and cookies will thicken the drink, so the milk won’t affect your Frappuccino’s final texture much. Here’s the thing with Starbucks mocha sauce. You can buy it for about five bucks, and it’s good for twelve drinks. But look closely, and you’ll notice it’s just sugar, cocoa, water and preservatives, so any chocolate sauce or syrup will work equally well.

If you want to go original, by all means, do so. I promise this Frappuccino will be the most fun to recreate. So, get your ingredients ready and let’s give it a shot, let’s make our very own Java Chip Frappuccino. • Nutrition Facts • Serving Size 1 • Amount per java chip frappuccino • Calories 798 • % Daily Value* Standard DV • Total Fat 42 g 78 g 53.85% • Saturated Fat 26.2 g 20 g 131% • Cholesterol 103 mg 300 mg 34.33% • Sodium 243 mg 2300 mg 10.57% • Total Carbohydrate 93.2 g 275 g 33.89% • Dietary Fiber 3.4 g 28 g 12.14% • Total Sugars 71.8 g • Protein 14.5 g 50 g 29% • Calcium 411 mg 1300 mg 31.62% • Iron 3 mg 18 mg 16.67% • Potassium 779 mg 4700 mg 16.57% • * The % Java chip frappuccino Value (DV) tells you how much a nutrient in a serving of food contributes to a daily diet.

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java chip frappuccino

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Jump to Recipe - Print Recipe This copycat recipe for Starbucks’ Java Chip Frappuccino is the real deal! It gives you all the delicious mocha flavor of the store-bought drink at the fraction of the price. Smooth, creamy, and full of chocolate and coffee flavor, this homemade Frappuccino blended beverage takes less than 5 minutes to make with a few simple ingredients.

When it comes to Starbucks’ blended beverages, this creamy and chocolaty Java Chip Frappuccino is hands down one of the best. The bitter coffee, java chip frappuccino chocolate sauce, ice and milk are blended into a delicious and rich beverage.

Perfect for the hot summer days! With just one sip, you’ll understand why so many people love this drink.

java chip frappuccino

It’s incredibly easy to make, and this homemade Java Chip Frappuccino tastes just like the one from Starbucks! The best part? You can make a healthy version and adjust according to your own personal desired sweet level. Easy Java Chip Frappuccino Recipe (+VIDEO) What is Java chip Frappuccino?

Java Chip Frappuccino is a popular blended coffee drink at Starbucks. It’s described on Starbucks’ website as a blend of “mocha sauce and Frappuccino® chips with coffee, milk and ice”, then topped “with whipped cream and mocha drizzle to bring you endless java joy.” What’s in a Java chip Frappuccino? Original Starbucks’ Java Chip Frappuccino contains ice, milk, coffee Frappuccino syrup, Java chip frappuccino chips, whipped cream, and mocha sauce.

We have recreated the flavor by using some simple and easily accessible ingredients: coffee, milk, ice, chocolate chips, chocolate sauce, and whipped cream. Best coffee for Frappuccino First things first. I recommend using really strong coffee so that the coffee flavor won’t be hidden behind a java chip frappuccino of milk and chocolate. Try to avoid coffees with other flavors such as fruity and floral, as these will stand out when the coffee is iced.

Brewed coffee works best if you have time, otherwise you can use instant coffee mix (or even decaf if you prefer). If you use the mix, make sure to dilute with less water so that it’s very concentrated. It’s best to chill your coffee before mixing it with ice. Just pour it into a jar and pop it in the refrigerator until it’s really cold.

Milk: Use whole milk for the best results, as the flavor of the reduced fat milk will be diluted when mixed with ice. For a healthier version, you can use nonfat milk or almond milk, but it’s better to add a small amount of heavy cream. Chocolate Sauce: After some experiments, we found that chocolate sauce or chocolate syrup works great for this recipe.

It’ll bring amazing flavor and texture to the drink. You can use store-bought chocolate sauce or homemade version. Mocha sauce also works great if you’d prefer to make it more original.

java chip frappuccino

Chocolate Chips: I like to use semi-sweet chocolate chips. You can use dark chocolate chips if you’d like to reduce the sweetness level. Also use high-quality chocolate chips which will blend and taste better. Ice: It may seem not java chip frappuccino, but the amount of ice can change the whole experience. Adding more ice will make the Frappuccino thicker (but not creamier). How to Make Java Chip Frappuccino at Home • Prepare your coffee roast and let it chill in the refrigerator.

• Loosely drizzle chocolate sauce inside of each glass and set aside. • Add ice, coffee roast, milk, chocolate sauce, and chocolate chip into a blender. • Secure the lid and start to blend on low speed for about 30 seconds, and then on a max speed for about 10 seconds or until the mixture is evenly smooth.

• Pour into individual glass and top with whipped cream. Drizzle with chocolate sauce. Serve and enjoy this creamy and delicious coffee drink immediately. Tips for Making the Perfect Java Chip Frappuccino • Make sure to chill your java chip frappuccino until it’s very cold before making the drink.

• You can start with slightly less ice, which will produce a thinner drink. You can always add more to make it thicker. • The color of your drink depends on the color of the coffee you use. So use darker coffee if you prefer a darker look. • To make it more creamy and more ice cream like, use half-and-half or heavy cream instead of whole milk.

• To decorate the wall of the glass with chocolate sauce, hold your glass in one hand and hold the sauce bottle in another. Rotate the glass slowly while you lightly drizzle the chocolate. You can place the glass with drizzle into the freezer to let it set. Java chip frappuccino Do I Order a Java Chip Frappuccino at Starbucks? If you’d like to try this drink at Starbucks, here are some tips on how to order it: Choose a size: Starbucks has its own name-specific sizing: • A tall is the equivalent of 12oz.

(340 calories including whipped cream) • A grande is 16oz. (470 calories including whipped cream) • A venti is 26oz. (600 calories including whipped cream) Customize the flavor: If you want your drink extra sweet, you can ask for extra pumps of syrup (you’ll need to pay more). You can also order a sugar-free syrup flavor for a healthier version. For the coffee-based Frappuccino, two types of the base are available: regular (tastes like maple syrup) and light (meaning skinny).

The light base is not 100% sugar-free but is mostly sweetened with Splenda. It cuts calories but also change the taste drastically.

Choose the liquid base: For the milk options, you can choose among nonfat, 2% milk, soymilk, and half-and-half. You can also ask for almond or coconut milk. If you want less caffeine, order half-caf or decaf (with no caffeine). Java Chip Frappuccino Calories without Whipped Cream If you’d like to reduce the calorie intake, you can make or order Java Chip Frappuccino with nonfat milk and without whipped cream.

This will yield a drink with 240 calories for a tall-size (instead of 340 calories for the regular one). Blender Recommendations • I have several blenders, and Vitamix is my favorite one. • If you make Frappuccino or smoothies a lot, it’s worth investing in java chip frappuccino good one. But a regular blender such as this works well too. It’s not as fast as a high-powered bender, but it’s a good option for the price.

More Starbucks Copycat Drink Recipes You’ll Love: • S’mores Frappuccino • Mango Dragonfruit Refresher • Strawberry Acai Refresher • Iced Golden Ginger Drink This copycat recipe for Starbucks’ Java Chip Frappuccino is the real deal!

It gives you all the delicious flavor of the store-bought drink at the fraction of the price. Smooth, creamy, and full of chocolate and coffee flavor, this homemade Frappuccino takes less than 5 minutes with a few simple ingredients. • ▢ 1 cup strong brewed coffee chilled (use darker color coffee if you prefer a darker drink) • ▢ 2 cups ice cubes java chip frappuccino more for serving. use 1 cup ice if you prefer a thinner consistency. For a thicker consistency, you can always add more to the blender later) • ▢ 1 cup milk whole fat for the best results • ▢ 4 tablespoons chocolate chips semi-sweet for the regular sweet level.

Use dark chocolate chips if you prefer a less sweet drink. • ▢ 4 tablespoons chocolate sauce or chocolate syrup.

java chip frappuccino

Plus more for topping • ▢ whipped cream
Jump to Recipe Last Updated on March 7, 2022 by laurenpacek This post may contain affiliate links. A Nerd Cooks may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. More information can be found here. This Starbucks copycat Java Chip Frappuccino is frosty cold, and the coffee and chocolate flavors play so well together. All in all, it's a pretty delicious sweet treat with a buzzy kick. My husband and I have been known to pick up one of these drinks when visiting Starbucks, particularly in the warmer months.

And why not? They're really good! I had long considered them to be a treat that I had to buy, not one that I could make. However, it turns out that they're actually really easy to make! If you have a blender, you can whip up one of these frappuccinos in no time flat. Table of contents • What is a Java Chip Frappuccino? • Ingredients • How do you make a Starbucks Java Chip Frappuccino?

• Recommended tools • Other coffee-laden drinks • Frequently Asked Questions • Share your creations and follow me on social media! • Pin this recipe for later! What is a Java Chip Frappuccino? A Java Chip Frappuccino is a blended iced coffee drink make popular by Starbucks. Starbucks' website describes it as a blend of "Frappuccino chips with coffee, milk and ice" that is topped off "with whipped cream and a mocha drizzle to bring you endless java joy." So there you have it!

Ingredients • Espresso: It all starts with espresso. Delicious, strong, caffeinated espresso. • Milk: I've made this recipe with cow's milk and with oat milk, but can't speak to how it turns out with other non-dairy milks. • Chocolate syrup: Use whatever chocolate syrup you like. I opted for a dark chocolate syrup. • Chocolate chips: I used semi-sweet mini chips.

Semi-sweet because I didn't want an overly sweet drink, and mini because they looked cute as a garnish on top of the whipped cream. • Whipped cream: For topping! • Ice: Nothing fancy. Just ice. How do you make a Starbucks Java Chip Frappuccino? As I said above, this recipe starts with espresso.

Ideally, you'd use espresso made with an espresso machine. I have a Nespresso Vertuo java chip frappuccino am pretty much obsessed. This isn't an ad, I just really like it. But, you know, get at me, Nespresso. 😉 So, if you don't have an espresso machine, you do have another option: strong coffee. Just use an equal amount of very strong coffee. Regardless of whether you use espresso or coffee, you'll want to cool it before making your frappuccino.

I stash java chip frappuccino in the java chip frappuccino until it is chilled. When you're ready to make your frappuccino, take the chocolate syrup and drizzle it around on the inside of the glass you'll be drinking out of.

Get artistic with it if you feel like it. My effort wasn't particularly pretty, but meh. It did the trick! Next, you'll add the espresso, milk, chocolate syrup, chocolate chips, and ice to your blender. You'll want to blend everything on low speed for about 30 seconds, and then on high speed for another 10-20 seconds until everything comes together and is smooth.

After that, just pour the java chip frappuccino into the glass that you pre-drizzled with chocolate sauce. Top that off with a healthy dose of whipped cream. Add a bit more chocolate sauce.

And add sprinkling of chocolate chips on top of that!

java chip frappuccino

Recommended tools • An espresso machine - I have a Nespresso and LOVE it • A blender - my Ninja has been going strong for about 10 years now! • Chocolate syrup • Reusable metal straws - not mandatory, but I really like mine Other coffee-laden drinks Any other coffee fiends in the house?

I know you're out there. Check out these recipes - some from me, some from friends - to get your coffee fix. • Gingerbread Lattes from A Nerd Cooks • Iced Lattes from A Nerd Cooks • Homemade Cold Brew Coffee from A Nerd Cooks • Irish Cream Cold Brew from Masala and Chai • Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew from Sweet Tea and Thyme • Iced White Mocha - Starbucks Copycat from Bake and Bacon • Pumpkin Pie White Russian from The Gourmet Bon Vivant Frequently Asked Questions Can I get a Java chip frappuccino Chip Frappuccino without espresso or coffee?

Sure can! I suggest substituting some more milk and chocolate sauce for the espresso. Share your creations and follow me on social media! Subscribe to the A Nerd Cooks Newsletter to have updates sent straight to your inbox. I love seeing when you share my recipes! Please tag me on Instagram @anerdcooks so I can enjoy them virtually with you! You can also find me on Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. I'd love to know what you thought of this recipe!

Don't forget to leave a comment and ⭐️ star rating below! Instructions • Drizzle a bit of chocolate syrup around on the inside of the glass that you'll be drinking out of. • Pour the espresso, milk, chocolate syrup, chocolate chips, and ice java chip frappuccino into a blender. Put the lid on the blender and blend on low speed for 30 seconds. Blend again on high speed for 10-20 seconds, until the drink is smooth. • Pour the frappuccino into the prepared glass.

Garnish with whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and chocolate chips.

Bobby's java chip frappe