Ultima tensura

ultima tensura

Episode 35: Birth of a Demon Lord Ultimate Skill ( 究極能力 ( アルティメットスキル )arutimettosukiru) is the evolved form of Unique Skill and the final evolutionary stage of Skills in general.

Ultimate Skill Characteristics Ultimate skills, as the name implies, gives the wielder ultimate power to control the very laws of nature. The only way to counter an ultimate skill is with another ultimate skill. That is the absolute, unbendable rule of the world. Skills of this class may not be shared or copied.

Only one individual in the universe may own a skill of this class until its current user is either killed or somehow lost the skill in some way. Ultimate Skills Rimuru Tempest: • Raphael, Lord of Wisdom • Beelzebuth, Lord of Gluttony • Veldora, Lord of Storms • Uriel, Lord of Vow Veldora Tempest: • Faust, Lord of Investigation Luminous Valentine: • Asmodeus, Lord of Lust Yuuki Kagurazaka: • Mammon, Lord of Greed Chloe Aubert: • Sariel, Lord of Hope • Yog-Sothoth, Lord of Space-Time Trivia • In the story, the characters pronounce Ultimate Skills using only the being they reference and not the entire names used in the wiki and translations.

Meaning, it's "Ultimate Skill Beelzebuth" not "Ultimate Skill Gluttonous King Beelzebuth." This is due to the Japanese texts themselves. (See: Furigana and Ruby Characters) Chapter 70: Harvest Festival An Ultimate Skill ( 究極能力 ( アルティメットスキル )Arutimetto Sukiru) is the evolved form of Unique Skill and the final evolutionary stage of Skills in general. Ultimate Skills「 究極能力 ( アルティメットスキル ), Arutimetto Sukiru」are evolved skills that are nearly impossible to obtain.

Any beings (human, demi-human, monster, or demon) can obtain them. The specific requirements to obtain an Ultimate skill are quite vague. However, it seems that those of very high ability are able to develop them. The majority of Ultimate skill users are quite old (hundreds of years old). Although it is possible to quickly acquire an Ultimate Skill through becoming a True Demon King, this is not guaranteed. In order to acquire such a Skill, great willpower and control is needed.

An ultimate skill strength is such that it must be defended against with another Ultimate Skill/Ultimate Gift. A normal human's body can't handle the burdens of an ultimate skill's energy. Under normal circumstances, awakening is impossible.

That's why the modified body of an "Otherworlder" or ultima tensura physiques needed. But, at the end of one's training people will "Evolve." Their race aside, there certainly is a change. In other words, from a human to a sage. It is also possible to bestow skills close to Ultimate skills by one's master if he holds an Ultimate Skill by himself but in a much weaker form, known as Ultimate Gift.

In Chapter 190 of the web novel, as Rimuru pondered about ultima tensura nature and existence of skills, unique skills, and ultimate skills, he explained how even if some (unique) skills can be grouped together because of their similarity, none are identical. He also explained that it's possible for skills with the same name to have different performances and rules.

As such, the name of a unique skill (and also an ultima tensura skill) can be thought to be a 'label' given to a 'container' that has the probabilities of obtaining numerous effects. This can be thought of as a game skill capable of exhibiting 10 effects total, but the player has only 6 while the other 4 are grayed out or invisible.

An example of this would be Rimuru's Ultimate Skill Uriel and Chloe's Ultimate Skill Sariel both evolving from and having the properties of Infinite Prison. Another example would be Carrera's Abaddon that added Sandalphon's effect "Divine Edge" to itself, meaning that Extinction King Abaddon already had the "aptitude" for Divine Edge but simply didn't obtain/unlock it until that time.

Contents ultima tensura 1 Official Skill Series • 1.1 Sin Series and Virtue Series • 2 Unofficial Skill Series • 2.1 Lovecraftian Series • 2.2 True Dragon Series • 2.3 Weapon Lord Series • 2.4 Biblical References • 2.5 Persian Mythology • 2.6 Japanese Deities • 2.7 Goethe's Faust • 3 List • 4 Trivia • 5 References Official Skill Series Currently, the only officially used terms for the types of Ultimate Skills are the Sin Series and Virtue Series.

Sin Series and Virtue Series The Sin and Virtue Series' Ultimate Skills are based on the Seven Deadly Sins and the Seven Virtues. They are regarded as high-quality Ultimate Skills.

The strongest individuals in the story either possess, desire, or at the very least have their attention drawn by one or more skills in these two series. As such it may be no surprise that the Sin Series requires a unique process to obtain (this is not shown for the Virtue Series). First, a seed manifests in powerful individuals exemplifying the sin in question. Once rooted, ultima tensura the sin is then nurtured by epitomizing it through one's thoughts and actions, it may blossom into the Ultimate Skill.

At that point, any concurrently budding seeds of the same type in other users will vanish instantly. Like all Ultimate Skills, only one user at a time may be in possession. These two series exist in opposition toward each other. For example, Justice King Michael rules over the Virtue Series, but if a user possesses equal or more Sin Series than Virtue Series skills, they can resist Justice King Michael's influence.

ultima tensura

There is no equivalent ruler of the Sin Series. Speculatively speaking, the natures of virtue and sin may represent some racial affinity. Namely, in how angels lack the will and are predisposed to a ruler for guidance, while demons are limited by evolution, perhaps thematically represented by a seed growing before realizing full power.

Certainly, there are no demons with a Virtue Series skill nor angels vice versa; in fact, the skills may reverse if the racial alignment changes, assuming Dino's case (explained below) can be applied to the Sin and Virtue Series.

Sin Series Virtue Series Prideful King Lucifer Hope King Sariel Greedy King Mammon Charity King Raguel Gluttonous King Beelzebuth Justice King Michael Lustful King Asmodeus Purity King Metatron Slothful King Belphegor Knowledge King Raphael Wrathful King Satanael Patience King Gabriel Envious King Leviathan Covenant King Uriel Two Ultimate Skills related to the above also exist: Sky King Lucifel used by the Seraphim Dino, which transformed into Fallen King Lucifel ultima tensura Dino transformed into a Fallen.

The first is not definitively explained, but the latter is a hybrid of Prideful King Lucifer and Wrathful King Satanael, hence their placement here. Unofficial Skill Series The following series can be organized within a consistent pattern, but aren't explicitly referred to in the text as ultima tensura formal Skill Series of the story's universe. Lovecraftian Series This is by far the strongest series of Ultimate Skills, referencing deities from H.

Ultima tensura. Lovecraft's mythos. They are attained by fusing two or more Sin and Virtue Series Ultimate Skills, by Ciel's skill upgrading abilities, or by bringing one's Sin or Virtue Ultimate Skill to the pinnacle of its usage. In the web novel, these seem to have an inferior "King" form, which can be upgraded into a "God" form, as is seen with Chloe O’Bell's Yog-Sothoth. There is also a "Lord" form, but their standing in the hierarchy of evolution is not expanded upon.

ultima tensura

• Void God Azathoth (used by Rimuru Tempest) • Abyss God Nodens (used by Guy Crimson) • Divine Flame King Cthugha (used by Velgrynd) • Divine Ice King Cthulhu (used by Velzado) • Chaos King Nyarlathotep (used by Veldora) • Space-Time King Yog Sothoth (used by Chloe O’Bell) • Space-Time God Yog Sothoth Hortz (used by Chloe O’Bell, evolution of Space-Time King Yog Sothoth) • Harvest Lord Shub-Niggurath (used by Rimuru Tempest) • Stellar Wind Lord Hastur (used by Ranga) True Dragon Series The True Dragons are powerful beings that may take almost any form.

Rimuru Tempest was able to absorb two of these Dragons - Veldora and Velgrynd and was able to turn them ultima tensura Ultimate Skills. As such, any of the remaining True Dragons are hypothetically convertible also into Ultimate Skills. Weapon Lord Series The Weapon Lord skill series confers mastered proficiency over a specific armament, according to the name of the skill. Beyond a technical skill boost ultima tensura this equipment (which other characters seem capable of naturally obtaining through training), it seems there is a power boost associated with the use of that gear as well.

These seemingly bland benefits contrast with the colorful and decisive advantages one otherwise expects from a skill belonging to the vaunted Ultimate class. In other words, these appear to be the least impressive Ultimate Skills—although being Ultimate Skills, which demand an extreme level from their user, their wielders are still superior to probably anyone lacking an Ultimate Skill or Ultimate Ultima tensura.

• Weapon Lord Axe (used by Aria) • Weapon Lord Bow (used by Mai) • Weapon Lord Hammer (used by Tolneod) • Weapon Lord Shield (used by Zero) • Weapon Lord Spear (used by Olca) • Weapon Lord Sword (used by Arios) • Weapon Lord Whip (used by Priscilla) Biblical References These mostly refer to archangels, fallen angels, demons, and other persons or beasts in Jewish/Christian writings. • Dominion Lord Melchizedek (used by Kazaream) • Mythical Beast Lord Bahamut (used by Kumara) • Extinction King Abaddon (used by Carrera) • Hell King Belial (used by Testarossa) • Poison King Samael (used by Ultima) • Sandalphon the Executioner (used by Tatsuya Kondou) • Temptation King Azazel (used by Diablo) Persian Mythology While humbly short, this series contains two skills that are unlike other Ultimate Skills.

Evil Dragon Lord Azi Dahaka is notable for its potential to evolve the user into an immortal True Dragon, while Creation Lord Ahura Mazda is the skill Veldanava used to create the universe itself and everything within it, a feat against which only a fully utilized Void God Azathoth, which had stored Nihility energy until the end of time and space, could debatably compare.

• Evil Dragon Lord Azi Dahaka (various users, most notably Vega and Zero) • Creation Lord Ahura Mazda (used by Yuuki) Japanese Deities These are used by the oni spirit executives of Tempest. They reference the god of the sun and storms, respectively below. The third god is of the moon, (Souei's Shadow Moon Lord Tsukuyomi) but is an Ultimate Gift bestowed by Rimuru rather than an Ultimate Skill.

• Blazing Sun Lord Amaterasu (used by Benimaru) • Tyrant King Susanoo (used by Shion) Other Ultimate Skills Goethe's Faust • Investigation King Faust (used by Veldora) • Illusion King Mephisto (used by Zegion) List Name Chapter Series User Wisdom Lord Raphael 70 Virtue Rimuru Tempest Gluttonous King Beelzebuth 70 Sin Rimuru Tempest Investigation King Faust 74 Goethe Veldora Tempest Storm King Veldora 74 True Dragon Rimuru Tempest Covenant King Uriel 74 Virtue Rimuru Tempest Prideful King Lucifer 83 Sin Guy Crimson Wrathful King Satan 83 Sin Milim Nava Lustful King Asmodeus 86 Sin Luminous Valentine Space-Time King Yog Sothoth 125 Lovecraft Ultima tensura Aubert Hope King Sariel 125 Virtue Chloe Aubert Purity King Metatron 131 Virtue Leon Cromwell Greedy King Mammon 132 Sin Yuuki Kagurazaka Justice King Michael 150 Virtue Rudra Nam Ul Nasca Charity King Raguel 150 Virtue Velgrynd Illusion King Mephisto 163 Goethe Zegion Sandalphon the Executioner 173 Angel Tatsuya Kondou Hell King Belial 178 Demon Testarossa Poison King Samael 179 Fallen Angel Ultima Extinction King Abaddon 179 Demon Carrera Slothful King Belphegor 186 Sin Dino Dominion Lord Melchizedek 189 Human Kagali Evil Dragon Lord Azi Dahaka 189 Zoroastrian Vega Creation Lord Ahura Mazda 189 Zoroastrian Yuuki Kagurazaka Weapon Lord 189 Weapon Various Scorch King Velgrynd 191 True Dragon Rimuru Tempest Void God Azathoth 191 Lovecraft Rimuru Tempest Harvest Lord Shub Niggurath 191 Lovecraft Rimuru Tempest Blazing Sun Lord Amaterasu 191 Japanese Benimaru Stellar Wind Lord Hastur 191 Lovecraft Ranga Mythical Beast Lord Bahamut 191 Arabian Kumara Temptation King Azazel 191 Fallen Angel Diablo Chaos King Nyarlathotep 191 Lovecraft Veldora Tempest Weapon Lord Hammer 197 Weapon Tolneod Weapon Lord Axe 197 Weapon Aria Weapon Lord Spear 197 Weapon Olca Weapon Lord Whip 197 Weapon Priscilla Patience King Gabriel 209 Virtue Velzado Envious King Leviathan 209 Sin Ultima tensura Tyrant King Susanoo 216 Japanese Shion Weapon Lord Sword 219 Weapon Arios Weapon Lord Shield 219 Weapon Zero Weapon Lord Bow 219 Weapon Mai Furuki Gourmet King Beelzebub 228 Demon Gerudo Fallen King Lucifel 233 Fallen Angel Dino Divine Flame King Cthugha 236 Lovecraft Velgrynd Divine Ice King Cthulhu 237 Lovecraft Velzado Space-Time God Yog Sothoth Hortz 238 Lovecraft Chloe Aubert Abyss God Nodens 249 Lovecraft Guy Crimson Trivia • In the story, the characters pronounce Ultimate Skills using only the being they reference and not the entire names used in the wiki and translations.

Meaning, it's "Ultimate Skill Beelzebuth" not "Ultimate Skill Gluttonous King Beelzebuth." This is due to the Japanese texts themselves.

(See: Furigana and Ruby Characters References
Welcome to the Tensura Mod Wiki! Welcome to the Tensura Wiki! This is a wiki for the Minecraft mod Tensura made by MinhEragon. Tensura is a fantasy-themed mod that is based on the series Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken, aka That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime.

The mod introduces the content from Web Novel, and mainly from Light Ultima tensura, Manga, and Anime. Ranging from the skills used by the characters all the way to the goblin settlements and much more, this mod really has something for everyone. The Mod is currently in the 1.16.5 ultima tensura and the development has been stopped. (More in our discord server) - Progression Guide - Quick installation guide • Download the latest Tensura mod from our CurseForge page • Place the Mod in your [Mods] folder in .minecraft • Start Minecraft Race Upon reincarnation, The Player will be presented with a choice, they can choose which race to reincarnate into.

There are 8 races to ultima tensura from: Human, Goblin, Orc, Slime, Lizardman, Vampire, Demon, and Wight. • The Demon race is only obtainable through picking the Random option. While race has its own advantages and disadvantages, some races have fewer and some have more. For the evolution paths, check the wiki page.

Human Humans have basic Player stats, while having between 2k and 200k magicules. They have a high spirit affinity, and therefore, are more likely to be chosen by Spirits.

They are also the only race that can become a [ True Hero] through obtaining a Light Spirit, instead of evolving to True Demon Lordship.

ultima tensura

Slime Slimes are physically weaker than most other races, but they have the Intrinsic Skill [ Absorb And Dissolve] as well as [ Self-Regeneration]. They have constant Jump Boost II and take no fall damage.

By using their Race key, they can open a 3x3 Spatial Storage. Goblin Goblins are the weakest of all the races, but they have the most evolutions and therefore, the most chances to evolve ultima tensura skills and gain magicules.

They have between 1k and 4k magicules and cannot use Iron level tools or above. They do, however, spawn with 3 Goblin Subordinates and can easily make friends with other goblins with their Race key. Orc Orcs are a warrior race, having higher stats than humans, and due to their affinity towards axes, ultima tensura deal 1.5x more damage when wielding an axe instead of a sword.

They cannot use a Diamond level or above Tools & Armour. If they have 0 hunger bars during evolution, they will gain the Unique Skill [ Starved]. Lizardman Lizardmen are a swamp-based race that excels in water. Along with their slightly higher stats, they can move faster in rain and water, additionally, they can also breathe in ultima tensura but lack the skills to use a Diamond level or above Tools and Armour.

Vampire Vampires have high stats and between 10k-15k Magicules. They gain the Intrinsic skill [ Vampirism], and Night Vision but get debuffed during the day. They also cannot regenerate naturally and have to suck the blood from meat in hand with their Race key. Wight Wights are the race of the undead creatures. They play fairly differently ultima tensura the other races due to their undead playstyle. They have low stats and between 7k-20k Magicules. They ultima tensura a constant Magicule Boost II effect, which increases their Magicule recovery speed.

They also possess every debuff an undead mob has, but instead of burning under direct sunlight, they gain Weakness V and Slowness III effects.

Demon Demons spawn in the Spirit World and have similar stats to those of the Vampire race. They have the Extra Skill [ Magic Sense] and a constant Magicule Boost II effect. In the Nether they gain Speed, Strength, Regeneration, Resistance, and Instant-Mine Buffs. Using the Race ultima tensura, they can open a gate to the Otherworld, after 20 minutes they will be returned. Gate generation costs magicules. The Skill Menu To open the Skill Menu, press [B] (default keybind).

The top left is your race, in the middle is the number of souls you possess, and on the far right is your name (if you were named by another player, the name displayed will be the one they gave you rather than your username). On the left top side, you can see five different stats. By default, only the Magicule stat will be displayed, the other will be "Unknown".

You need an Analyst Skill such as [ Great Sage] or [ Great Wiseman] to see all the stats. The five stats are the following : • EP (or Existence Points) : Signifies your total strength. It's the sum of your Physical Points, Equipment Points, and Magicules. • Equipment Point : Signifies the strength of your equipment (e.g. Armor). • Physical Point : Your physical statistics (e.g. Health Points). • Magicule : The amount of Magicules that you currently possess.

• Max Magicule : The maximum amount of Magicules you can have at a time. Some skills increase your maximum amount while killing certain bosses (read on) gives you a huge boost. In the bottom right side, you can see 4 different icons.

By default they are blackened, and will become visible if the player possesses the proper skills to unlock each. The four icons are the following : • Forging Table : Used for crafting Magical Items from the Mod.

• Synthesis&Separation : Can combine or separate items.

ultima tensura

• Reinforced Anvil : Used to Evolve Metals. • Spatial Storage : Gives you from 9 to 36 inventory slots (depending on the ability) that you don't lose on death. On the right side of the menu, a black rectangle takes most of the space, with four distinct icons to be seen in it. Each icon correspond to a skill group and is where one can see what skills they possess.

Each group can only be accessed if the player possesses at least one skill of that category. The four skill groups are the following : • Extra skills : Evolved into Unique Skills. • Intrinsic skills : Racial skills that can be obtained through plundering or through being part of the relevant race. • Unique Skills: More powerful than [Extra Skills] and [Intrinsic Skills].

• Ultimate Skills: To-Be-Added feature, comprised of the most powerful skills in the mod and the Tensura world, able to bend specific laws of the world to the will of the user. (The feature will be added in Tensura:Reincarnated) When the player enters one of these skill groups, the icons in the bottom-left corner are replaced by a different GUI with three empty spaces that the player can use to choose what skills they want to equip.

You can have up to 3 skills equipped at the same time, do that by clicking on one of the 3 empty spaces in the bottom-left corner and then on an unlocked skill.

Clicking on ultima tensura red X next to them will unequip all equipped skills, in case one wants to clear their equip list. Magicule rates after reincarnating 70%: 2k->6k 25%: 4k->13k 4%: 9k->100k 1%: 100k->200k Bosses Charybdis A Picture of The Boss "Charybdis" Charybdis (1000HP or 500❤️) is a flying Boss Monster surrounded by Megalodons (30HP or 15❤️). It is very durable and its attacks do a lot of damage. It is also invulnerable to arrows.

Charybdis can very rarely be found in its cave. With [ Investigator]one can do /analyst search Charybdis to search for Charybdis. If a Charybdis cave is in a 500 block range, the ability will tell you.

On death, it will drop a Charybdis core which will increase the maximum magicules by a random amount between 10k-180k Orc Disaster Evolution of the Orc Lord, a terrible monster with 700HP or 350❤️, this demon lord can spawn other orcs to fight for it.

It is ultima tensura blocks high (6m) and possesses armor and a long blade. On death, it will give the Player a [Demon Lord Seed], as well as the Unique Skill [ Starved] if the player has a skill plundering ability.

To "summon" it, an Orc Lord must kill another entity. Players usually use Skeletons or other ranged monsters for that purpose by having them shoot the player and accidentally hit the Orc Lord. Spirit Protector Colossus Ultima tensura personal bodyguard of the Demon Lord Ramiris found in the Labyrinth, the Colossus has 200HP or 100❤️ and leaps to his enemies dealing leap-damage to everyone in close proximity.

On death, it will drop a block of Magic Steel and a portal to the spirit room will open where the Player will have a chance to summon an elemental Spirit.

Ifrit Shizue is an NPC with a low spawning chance, when killed, Ifrit will ultima tensura spawned. Ifrit (125HP or 67.5❤️) is a Fire Spirit, and a pretty strong one at that. He will spray fire and shoot fireballs at you, as well as spawn multiple clones of himself.

ultima tensura

After beating Ifrit, Shizue will spawn again, this time she will be on the floor, dying, the player can take the Unique Skill [ Degenerate] as well as her mask. Demon Lordship When the player reincarnates, they have a 5% chance to obtain a Demon Lord Seed. Alternatively, the Player can obtain the Demon Lord Seed from killing the Orc Disaster.

Once you obtain a Seed, you will need to kill at least Soul Amounts [default: 10,000 souls]. Once you got those, you will be offered to become a demon lord, to accept, do "/evolution demonlord". If you do not want to become a Demon Lord, you will have to gain Soul Amounts x 2 [default: 20,000 souls] in total, and the game will then force you to become one.

If you ultima tensura have a Seed, you will need Soul Amounts x 10 [default: 100,000 souls] instead. Once you do become a Demon Lord, you will have a [Demon Lord's Haki] effect on you, your max magicule will also be multiplied tenfold. Obtaining and Upgrading Skills Upgrading Skills By using the command /upgradeskill, some skills can be upgraded at the cost of EXP levels (only works for Researcher, Sage, Shadow Step, and Spatial Travel).

Advancement You will get a Unique Skill for many kinds ultima tensura advancement you got before being reincarnated (achieving the advancements after reincarnation will not grant you the skill). • Predator: Complete the new "Food Relationship" advancement - a new advancement: Complete by completing "Balanced diet" without trading, curing any villagers, taming, breeding any mobs, or summoning any golem.

• Berserker : Monsters Hunted (Kill one of every hostile monster) • The Chosen One : Totem + Hero of the Village + Kill Dragon + Create Beacon (not full) + Kill an Elder Guardian with a trident • Severer : Arbalistic + A throwaway joke + Sniper Duel + Two Birds, One Arrow + Uneasy Alliance • Healer : A Furious Cocktail + Zombie Doctor • Lion's Heart : Return to Sender + Uneasy Alliance + Withering Heights + Voluntary Exile + Who's the Pillager Now?

• Researcher : Suit Up + Cover Me With Diamonds + Enchanter + Full Beacon • Ruler : Summon Iron Golem + tame an animal + Beast master (a new advancement: tame all tamable animals) • Degenerate : Two Birds, One Arrow + A Complete Catalogue + Two by Two • Traveler : Adventure Time + find End City + Find Fortress + Remote Getaway + Great View From Up Here • Shadow Striker : Sniper Duel + Assassin of the night • Greed : Forbidden Fruit + Underwater Beacon + Enchanter + Create Full Beacon + Elytra + Full Diamond Armor • Pride : Create Full Beacon + Dragon Egg • Musician: Music Fan - a new advancement: Complete by having every single music disc in the inventory.

Reincarnation When reincarnating, they will be given one of the Unique Skills from ultima tensura advancements if completed, or one random Unique skill, with a 5% chance of obtaining another Unique skill.

The player also has a 5% chance to spawn with a Demon Lord Seed.

ultima tensura

Skill Plundering/Copying When a player has a skill such as a Predator or Usurper, they can steal/copy the skills of their targets. The higher the user's analyst ability, the higher the success chance. To check which skills you can take, do /predationlist Format: Mob - Skill • Blaze - Combustion • Dolphin - Ultima tensura Propulsion • Guardian - Water Current Control • Elder Guardian - Water Manipulation • Drowned - Water Blade • Tempest Serpent - Noxious Breath • Tempest Serpent / Cave Spider - Heat Sense • Black Spider - Thread Manipulation • Shulker / Armoursaurus - Body Armor • Evoker - Magic Jamming • Witch - Magic Sense • Evil Centipede - Paralyzing Breath • Vex - Shadow Step • Evoker - Sage • Creeper - Black Lightning • Charybdis - Magic Jamming + Ultraspeed Regeneration + Gravity Manipulation • Ifrit - Combustion + Ranged Barrier • Other Player - Skill equipped in their main skill slot ( Passive skills cannot be plundered from other players) All items (6) • # • A • B • C • D • E • F • G • H • I • J • K • L • M • N • O • P • Q • R • S • T • U • V • Ultima tensura • X • Y • Z • Other • Browse • Paid Stories • Editor's Picks • The Wattys • Adventure • Contemporary Lit • Diverse Lit • Fanfiction • Fantasy • Historical Fiction • Horror • Humor • LGBTQ+ • Mystery • New Adult • Non-Fiction • Paranormal • Poetry • Romance • Science Fiction • Short Story • Teen Fiction • Thriller • Werewolf YOU ARE READING Tensura's "Information Book" Random A sort-of book that contains some pieces of information regarding Tensura's universe, power, skills, and/or characters.

The information is LN-based, thus WN has nothing to do with this. Free to use by everyone.

ultima tensura

Those who want to write a Tensura fanf. # information # lightnovel # rimuru # rimurutempest # skills # slime # spoilers # tenseishitaraslimedattaken # tensura # thattimeigotreincarnatedasaslime # tssdk # ultima tensura # veldora # velgrynd • • • Latest Source: Volume 16 Name : Ultima EP : 2,668,816 Race : Majin (lit. Demon God). Seven Primordial Demons---Devil Lord Blessing : Rimuru's Blessing Title : Pain Lord ~ABILITIES~ MAGIC SKILL Ultimate Skill Samael (Lord of Poison) • [Thought Acceleration] • [Universal Perception] • [Demon Lord's Haki] • [Space-Time Manipulation] • [Multi-dimensional Barrier] • [Weak Point Detection] • [Death Poison Generation] • [World of Death] RESISTANCES Physical Attack Nullification Status Ailment Nullification Spiritual Attack Nullification Natural Elements Nullification Holy-Demonic Attack Resistance
Contents • 1 Appearance • 2 Personality • 3 Chronology • 4 Relationships • 5 Trivia • 6 Gallery • 7 References Appearance Ultima takes the appearance of a cute and beautiful girl.

She has middle length purple hair tied into a side ponytail, as well as purple fingernails. She wears a black military uniform with a skirt, with an armband on her left arm. She is shorter than both Carrera and Testarossa. [1] Personality As a common trait for demons, ultima tensura a battle maniac. She usually acts cutesy, but is actually cunning, cruel and sadistic. She is also very egocentric and gets mad easily. Chronology She was recruited by Diablo who was looking for subordinates to help out with chores.

ultima tensura

At first, Rimuru thought she wasn't strong but Raphael quickly corrected him. She energetically introduced herself ultima tensura pledged loyalty to Rimuru. She was so cute ultima tensura Rimuru doubted that she as a demon at first. The unnamed Ultima then gained a physical body by fusing together with an Emulated Soul and inhabiting one of the many homunculi bodies prepared by Rimuru. Her skeleton was slightly sculpted to retain her beauty, and gold was mixed in to turn the magisteel into Orichalcum.

After she gained the body, Rimuru named her along with her two servants and 200 soldiers. The 2 servants were named Veyron and Zonda. Ultima and Veyron evolved into Demon Peer while Zonda has his limit as an Arch Demon released.

She was then assigned to be Chief Prosecutor of the Public Prosecution Office in Tempest. She accepted the job happily and was looking forward to it. [2] Relationships Rimuru Tempest She was doubtful of Rimuru and wanted to kill him, but after he named her Ultima and gave her a body, she became extremely loyal. Carrera She's constantly at odds with Carrera.

ultima tensura

In the Underworld, they were always competing and battling with each other. Now they are competing for Rimuru's attention, while bickering with each other on daily basis. Their daily fights even become a subject of ultima tensura. Testarossa In ultima tensura Underworld, they were always competing and battling with each other.

Now they are competing for Rimuru's attention. Diablo In the Underworld, they were always competing and battling with each other. Now they are competing for Rimuru's attention. She's often beaten up by Diablo together with Carrera for their bickering. Trivia • She was named after the Ultima GTR supercar. • She was shown in The Ways of the Monster Nation spin-off manga in chapter 42. • She addresses herself as "boku(僕)", a pronoun that is more commonly used by males.

• ç ´æ»…ã®ç‚Ž=ニュークリアフレーム(Nuclear Flame) Gallery

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