Drakor move to heaven berapa episode

drakor move to heaven berapa episode

• Lee Je-hoon • Tang Jun-sang • Lee Jae-wook • Ji Jin-hee • Hong Seung-hee Country of origin South Korea Original language Korean No.

of seasons 1 No. of episodes 10 Production Producers Chung Jae-yun Kim Mi-na Camera setup Multi camera Running time 44-62 minutes Production companies Page One Film Number Three Pictures Distributor Netflix Release Original network Netflix Picture format 4K ( Ultra HD) Audio format Dolby Digital Original release May 14, 2021 ( 2021-05-14) Move to Heaven ( Korean: 무브 투 헤븐: 나는 유품정리사입니다; RR: Mubeu tu hebeun: Naneun yupumjeongnisaimnida) is a South Korean streaming television series directed by Kim Sung-ho and written by Yoon Ji-ryeon.

It is an original Netflix series, starring Lee Je-hoon, Tang Jun-sang, Ji Jin-hee, Lee Jae-wook, and Hong Seung-hee. The series follows Geu-ru (Tang Joon-sang), a young man with autism, and Sang-gu (Lee Je-hoon), his guardian.

Working as trauma cleaners, they uncover untold stories. [1] [2] The series was released worldwide by Netflix on May 14, 2021. [3] Move to Heaven won 3 awards including 'Best Creative Award' at 3rd Asia Contents Award. [4] Contents • 1 Synopsis • 2 Inspiration drakor move to heaven berapa episode 3 Cast • 3.1 Main • 3.2 Supporting • 3.3 Guest appearance • 4 Production • 4.1 Development • 4.2 Casting • 4.3 Filming • 5 Episodes • 6 Release drakor move to heaven berapa episode 7 Reception • 8 Awards and nominations • 8.1 Listicle • 9 References • 10 External links Synopsis [ edit ] Geu-ru ( Tang Jun-sang), who has Asperger syndrome, and his ex-convict uncle Sang-gu ( Lee Je-hoon) meet for the first time after the sudden death of Geu-ru's father.

Entrusted as Geu-ru's guardian, Sang-gu joins his nephew to help run the family trauma cleaning company "Move to Heaven", where in the course of business they uncover untold stories about the deceased while Sang-gu tries to deal with his painful past with Geu-ru's father as well as the traumatic incident that landed him in jail.

Inspiration [ edit ] Move to Heaven is inspired by the essay "Things Left Behind" by Kim Sae-byul, a former "trauma cleaner". Cast [ edit ] Main [ edit ] • Lee Je-hoon as Cho Sang-gu, [5] an ex-convict and Geu-ru's estranged uncle who becomes his guardian upon release from jail. He is blunt, smokes cigarettes, and moonlights as an underground MMA fighter.

He was sent to jail after putting his protégé Su-cheol into a coma during a fight. Despite his background, he is still entrusted to take care of Geu-ru after his release, and is instructed stay and work with Geu-ru for a three-month probationary period.

Although he initially does so for financial gain and appears to be ignorant of Geu-ru's condition, he slowly gets to know Geu-ru as they both work together as trauma cleaners for Move to Heaven, gaining a new outlook on life and allowing him to discover the truth about his half-brother and Geu-ru's father Jeong-woo, who he believes had abandoned him when he was still very young. • Tang Jun-sang as Han Geu-ru, [6] a 20-year-old with autism spectrum disorder who works as a trauma cleaner for Move to Heaven, over which he took following his father's death.

He is smart, has an incredible memory and is extremely logical, abilities which he uses to uncover untold stories about the deceased through the collection of their important personal belongings.

drakor move to heaven berapa episode

Following his father's practise, Geu-ru places the deceased's most important belongings in a yellow box, which he always insists on handing over to the next of kin; if they cannot be readily found or are unwilling drakor move to heaven berapa episode receive the box, Geu-ru always tries to find a way to pass it on regardless, often to Sang-gu's consternation.

Geu-ru also has a minor obsession with fish and marine life, since his parents regularly brought him to a giant aquarium as a child, and he continues to do so as an adult. When he feels panicked, Geu-ru recites facts about fish in order to calm himself.

Despite his condition, there are a lot of people surrounding him who understand his situation and try their best to help him and make him feel comfortable. Supporting [ edit ] • Ji Jin-hee as Han Jeong-woo, Geu-ru's father and Sang-gu's older half-brother, who shares the same mother with him. He was the founder and owner of Move to Heaven before his sudden death from cardiac arrest. Previously a firefighter in Busan, he rescued an abandoned infant, whom he and his wife later adopted and named Geu-ru.

After her passing, he taught Geu-ru everything about life and his job as a trauma cleaner, but kept his heart condition secret from him. He also treated Sang-gu like his own brother, but after Sang-gu's father died and Jeong-woo inadvertently abandoned him, they became estranged until Su-cheol tried to reunite them at his last fight.

Although Sang-gu refuses to see him when he tries to visit him in jail, Jeong-woo still entrusts his son's future care with him. • Kim Joo-yeon as Min Ji-won, Jeong-woo's wife and Geu-ru's mother, who died from cancer when he was a child. • Lee Moon-sik as Park Joo-taek, a waste disposal truck driver and a friend of Jeong-woo.

He is a close partner of Move to Heaven who helps them collect the unusuable garbage left by the deceased. A North Korean defector, he is amazed by Move to Heaven's work and always prioritized them when they need his service.

• Im Won-hee as Oh Hyun-chang, a lawyer and a partner of Move to Heaven. He was assigned by Jeong-woo to contact Sang-gu when he got discharged from prison and explains to Geu-ru and Na-mu the guardianship arrangement with Sang-gu.

• Hong Seung-hee as Yoon Na-mu, [7] Geu-ru's best friend and neighbour who joins and helps him run Move to Heaven after she becomes suspicious of Sang-gu's sudden presence in Geu-ru's life. However, her mother disapproves of her working as a trauma cleaner, and she does so in secret.

She has been fond and protective of Geu-ru since they first met when they were kids and is willing to take good care of him. • Hongseok as Park Jun-yeong, [8] a policeman and friend of Han Geu-ru and Yoon Na-mu. He is usually seen attending crime scenes where clean up by Move to Heaven is required, and is their first contact when the pair needs the help of the police.

Like Na-mu, he understands Geu-ru's condition and tries his best to help him. It is hinted that he has feelings toward Yoon Na-mu. • Jung Young-Joo as Oh Mi-ran, Na-mu's mother. She runs a small takeaway shop, located against Move to Heaven, with her husband. She disapproves of both her daughter's friendship with Geu-ru and her working for Move to Heaven.

• Lee Jae-wook as Kim Su-cheol, [9] Sang-gu's friend and protégé. 10 years ago, Sang-gu helped him out when he was beaten up by street thugs, inspiring Su-cheol to become a fighter and drakor move to heaven berapa episode becoming a champion boxer himself. After several years, he told Sang-gu that he wanted to retire from boxing so he could start a new life running a supply shop with his father and sister.

Unfortunately, he ended up being forced to participate in a rigged underground MMA fight against Sang-gu in order to get the money to do so. During the fight, after Su-cheol refused to concede, Sang-gu violently knocked him out, putting him into coma, and Sang-gu was sent to jail for it.

Sang-gu visits a still-comatose Su-cheol in hospital after his release, but he passes away soon after. Sang-gu later discovers Su-cheol was suffering from CTE, which was his real reason for retirement.

• Park Jung-Won as Kim Su-jin, Su-cheol's younger sister. • Jung Ae-Youn as Madam Jung, an associate of Sang-gu and an underground MMA fight organizer. She organized the fight between him and Su-cheol and, after his release from jail, persuades Sang-gu to continue fighting for her. • Choi Soo-young as Son Woo-rim, [10] a social worker who helps lonely citizens who don't have any other family.

drakor move to heaven berapa episode

She first crosses paths with Move to Heaven when they attend to the home of an elderly couple who have committed suicide together, and later contacts them to take care of Matthew Green's belongings. Sang-gu appears to drakor move to heaven berapa episode a crush on her. Guest appearance [ edit ] • Shin Soo-oh as Kim Yong-woo, [11] a murder suspect. (episode 4) • Yoon Ji-hye as Lee Ju-yeong, a public prosecutor. (episode 4, 10) • Kwon Soo-hyun as Soo-hyun, [12] a doctor.

(episode 5) • Lee Ki-young as Soo-hyun's father, a decorated military officer. (episode 5) • Jung Dong-hwan as Kim In-su, an elderly man who commits suicide alongside his wife.

(episode 6) • Yoon Joo-sang as Chairman No (episode 6) • Yoo Sun as Kang Eun-jeong, a newscaster. When she was a teenager, her parents fostered Korean children who were to be adopted by overseas couples. (episode 9) • Kevin Oh as Matthew Green, a deportee from the United States looking for his birth mother, whom he believes to be Kang Eun-jeong.

His birth name is Kang Seong-min. (episode 9) • Lee Re as "butterfly girl" [13] (episode 10) Production [ edit ] Development [ edit ] In September 2019, it was reported that Kim Sung-ho would direct a series for Netflix, the story of which is inspired by an essay "Things Left Behind" by Kim Sae-byul, a former "trauma cleaner". [14] Casting [ edit ] On 17 December 2019, Netflix confirmed the lead casting of Lee Je-hoon and Tang Jun-sang for the series. [6] On June 3, 2020, Netflix confirmed that Ji Jin-hee, Lee Jae-wook and Hong Seung-hee are to join the cast of the series.

[1] Filming [ edit ] As the infection due to COVID-19 pandemic was reported, the production of Move to Heaven, along with other Netflix original dramas, was stopped in late August 2020. [15] On February 25, 2021 Netflix announced its future plans and time line for forthcoming projects including Move to Heaven. [16] On February 25, 2021, new stills from the TV series were released. [17] Episodes [ edit ] No.

Title Directed by Written by Original release date 1 "Episode 1" Kim Sung-ho Yoon Ji-ryeon May 14, 2021 ( 2021-05-14) A factory intern’s fatal injury brings Han Jeong-u and Han Geu-ru to his room, where his goals for the future and love for his parents come into view. 2 "Episode 2" Kim Sung-ho Yoon Ji-ryeon May 14, 2021 ( 2021-05-14) Cho Sang-gu moves in as Geu-ru's legal guardian and new colleague. Geu-ru searches for a mother's message in her stash of cash and bank receipts. 3 "Episode 3" Kim Sung-ho Yoon Ji-ryeon May 14, 2021 ( 2021-05-14) A suit store owner reveals a mother's longstanding wish.

Sang-gu is reminded of his costly promise. The trauma cleaners arrive at a bloody crime scene. 4 "Episode 4" Kim Sung-ho Yoon Drakor move to heaven berapa episode May 14, 2021 ( 2021-05-14) A user manual for a device unseen at the crime scene keeps Geu-ru up at night. Geu-ru then found incriminating evidence which led to a conviction of the victim supposed boyfriend which amazes the prosecuting lawyer at Geu-ru's ability to remember her name card.

Sang-gu recalls the beating that his mother suffered while cleaning the house of the stabbing and later Sang-gu was told that he must make a loan payment by putting up either cash or his fists.

drakor move to heaven berapa episode

5 "Episode 5" Kim Sung-ho Yoon Ji-ryeon May 14, 2021 ( 2021-05-14) The trauma cleaners search for the loved one of a slain doctor to hand-deliver a box full of regrets, hopes and an unrealized future for two. 6 "Episode 6" Kim Sung-ho Yoon Ji-ryeon May 14, 2021 ( 2021-05-14) Sang-gu and Geu-ru try to give a proper sendoff to a doting couple who called Move to Heaven after deciding to leave the world together hand in hand. 7 "Episode 7" Kim Sung-ho Yoon Ji-ryeon May 14, 2021 ( 2021-05-14) Sang-gu begrudgingly took Kim Su-cheol under his wing 10 years ago, unaware that his mentorship would bloom into brotherhood and end in destruction.

8 "Episode 8" Kim Sung-ho Yoon Ji-ryeon May 14, 2021 ( 2021-05-14) Sang-gu is coerced into signing up for a fight in exchange for Geu-ru and the house deed.

On a special day, Geu-ru leads Sang-gu down memory lane. 9 "Episode 9" Kim Sung-ho Yoon Ji-ryeon May 14, 2021 ( 2021-05-14) Matthew Green's search for his birth mother ends with a heartbreaking misunderstanding. Sang-gu sets out to enter his final fight. 10 "Episode 10" Kim Sung-ho Yoon Ji-ryeon May 14, 2021 ( 2021-05-14) Not yet ready to let Jeong-u go, Geu-ru runs away from home.

As their cohabitation comes to an end, Sang-gu’s qualification as a guardian is determined. Release [ edit ] The series was released on Netflix on May 14, 2021.

drakor move to heaven berapa episode

All 10 episodes, each with running time of around 45 to 60 minutes, are available for streaming. It became 11th South Korean Netflix original series released on Netflix.

drakor move to heaven berapa episode

{INSERTKEYS} [18] Reception [ edit ] Greg Wheeler of The Review Geek, rating the series 9 out of 10, opined that the series is a beautiful message conveyed through unique characters. Wheeler praised the performance of Tang Jun-sang, writing "Tang Joon-Sang’s acting is nothing short of extraordinary..." He also praised the soundtrack and wrote that it was "absolutely on-point." In summary he said, "With excellent acting, tightly written chapters and a careful, respectful and empowering view on death, Move to Heaven is a cleverly written and unique Korean drama", and concluded by saying that the show was an "...absolute must-watch this year.

Just be sure to have a pack of tissues ready to catch those tears!". [19] Rhian Daly of NME also praised the series, awarding it 5 out of 5 stars and called it a contender for one of 2021's best shows. [20] Awards and nominations [ edit ] Name of the award ceremony, year presented, category, nominee of the award, and the result of the nomination Ceremony Year Award Recipient Result Ref.

3rd Asia Contents Award 2021 Best Creative Award Move to Heaven Won [4] Best Actor Award Lee Je-hoon Won Best Writer Award Yoon Ji-ryun Won Best OTT Original Move to Heaven Nominated [21] Creative Beyond Border Nominated Best Newcomer - Actor Tang Jun-sang Nominated Asian Academy Creative Awards 2021 Best Actor in a Leading Role Lee Je-hoon Won [22] [23] Best Drama Series Move to Heaven Won Listicle [ edit ] Name of publisher, year listed, name of listicle, and placement Publisher Year Listicle Placement Ref.

NME 2021 The 10 best Korean dramas of 2021 3rd [24] References [ edit ] • ^ a b "NETFLIX ANNOUNCES CASTING OF JI JIN-HEE, LEE JAE-WOOK AND HONG SEUNG-HEE FOR NEW KOREAN SERIES MOVE TO HEAVEN". Netflix. June 3, 2020 . Retrieved November 30, 2020. • ^ Robinson, Jacob (November 9, 2020).

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drakor move to heaven berapa episode

Retrieved November 30, 2020. • ^ Moon, Ji-yeon (June 4, 2020). "[공식] 지진희X이재욱X홍승희, 넷플릭스 '무브 투 헤븐' 출연 확정" [[Official] Ji-hee Ji x Lee Jae-wook x Hong Seung-hee, Drakor move to heaven berapa episode to Heaven' confirmed].

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• ^ Patrick Frater (December 3, 2021). "Asian Academy Creative Awards: Full List of Winners". Variety. Retrieved December 5, 2021. • ^ "The 10 best Korean dramas of 2021". NME. December 21, drakor move to heaven berapa episode. Retrieved December 22, 2021. External links [ edit ] • Move to Heaven on Netflix • Move to Heaven at IMDb • Move to Heaven at HanCinema • Move to Heaven at Daum (in Korean) Hidden categories: • CS1 Korean-language sources (ko) • CS1 maint: url-status • Articles with short description • Short description is different from Wikidata • Use mdy dates from April 2021 • Articles containing Korean-language text • Pages using infobox television with unnecessary name parameter • Interlanguage link template existing link • Pages containing links to subscription-only content • HanCinema drama ID not in Wikidata • Articles with Korean-language sources (ko) Edit links • This page was last edited on 7 May 2022, at 20:10 (UTC).

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Dia bekerja untuk bisnis ayahnya "Move To Heaven." Tugas mereka adalah mengatur barang-barang yang ditinggalkan oleh orang yang sudah meninggal.

Suatu hari, ayah Geu Roo sendiri meninggal. Gue Roo ditinggal sendirian, tapi pamannya Sang Koo tiba-tiba muncul di hadapannya. Sang Koo adalah orang yang dingin. Dia adalah seorang seniman bela diri yang bertarung di pertandingan bawah tanah.

Dia masuk penjara karena apa yang terjadi pada pertarungannya. Sang Koo sekarang menjadi wali Geu Roo. Mereka menjalankan "Move To Heaven" bersama-sama. Show More GD = GoogledriveUB = Uptobox, MA = Mediafire, FI = FilesIM, MG = Mega, AF = Acefiles, SP = SharerPW, UC = Uptocloud, ZS = Zippyshare, MR = Mirrorace Jika Subtitle tidak ada, Silahkan Download Subtitle di Subscene Episode Download 360p Download 540p Download 720p Episode 01 GD - AF - MG - ZS GD - AF - MG - ZS GD - AF - MG - ZS Episode 02 GD - AF - MG - ZS GD - AF - MG - ZS GD - AF - MG - ZS Episode 03 GD - AF - MG - ZS GD - AF - MG - ZS GD - AF - MG - ZS Episode 04 GD - AF - MG - ZS GD - AF - MG - ZS GD - AF - MG - ZS Episode 05 GD - AF - MG - ZS GD - AF - MG - ZS GD - AF - MG - ZS Episode 06 GD - AF - MG - ZS GD - AF - MG - ZS GD - AF - MG - ZS Episode 07 GD - AF - MG - ZS GD - AF - MG - ZS GD - AF - MG - ZS Episode 08 GD - AF - MG - ZS GD - AF - MG - ZS GD - AF - MG - ZS Episode 09 GD - AF - MG - ZS GD - AF - MG - ZS GD - AF - MG - ZS Episode 10 GD - AF - MG - ZS GD - AF - MG - ZS GD - AF - MG - ZS Episode 01 – 10 [Batch] Drakor move to heaven berapa episode - MU - UB - MR - AF - SP GD - MU - UB - MR - AF - SP GD - MU - UB - MR - AF - SP Googledrive terkena Banned lagi !

Gunakan Alternatif link GD nya pakai Googlesharer AF, SP & MF Gunakan Link Batch jika link Per Episode nya matikarena Link Batch sudah di Fix. Dan Pastikan Googledrive kamu tersisa space kosong dipenyimpanannya Subtitle juga bisa kalian cari di Folder Googledrive Disini Download drakor Move to Heaven Episode 1 – 10 Batch, Download Drama Korea subtitle Indonesia BatchDownload Drama China Subtitle indonesia batchDownload Drama Jepang Subtitle Indonesia BatchNonton Drama KoreaNonton DramaDownload Drakor sub indoDownload Drakordrakorindodrakor indodrakor, drakor terbarudrakor romantisdrakor actiondrakor terbaik 2018drakor terbaik 2019, drakor komedi romantis, drakor secretary kimdrakor last empress, drakor vincenzo, drakor vagabond [email protected] Contact for Banner Drakorasia Download Drama Korea sub indo,Nonton Drama Korea sub indo, Drama China Batch, Drama Jepang BatchDrakor Asia Batch, Drakor Romantis, Drakor Komedi, Drakor Aksi BatchDrama Korea Batch, Drakor Trans TV Batch, Download Drakor Sub indo, Drakor Subtitle Indonesia Terlengkap, Drakor Sub Indo Terlengkap, Kdramaindo, Drakorindo, Nodrakor, Nonton Drakor, Dramaqu, Nonton Drakor Dramaqu, Kordramas.
Move to Heaven Episode 1-10 END + Batch • Title : Move to Heaven • Original Title : 무브 투 헤븐: 나는 유품정리사입니다 • Genre : Drama, Family, Life • Cast : Hong Seung Hee, Lee Je Hoon, Tang Jun Sang • Year : 2021 • Duration : 52 min.

• Type : Drama, TV Show • Episode : 10 • Country : South Korea • Director : Kim Sung Ho • Rating : 18+ Restricted (violence & profanity) • Score : 8.5 Move to Heaven – Geu Roo adalah seorang pria muda dengan sindrom Asperger Dia bekerja untuk bisnis ayahnya Pindah ke Surga pekerjaan mereka adalah untuk mengatur item yang ditinggalkan oleh almarhum orang Suatu hari Geu Roos sendiri ayah meninggal dunia sendiri Tapi pamannya Sang Koo tiba-tiba muncul di depannya Sang Koo adalah seorang pria dingin Dia adalah seorang seniman bela diri yang berjuang di pertandingan bawah tanah Dia pergi ke penjara karena apa yang terjadi pada saat dia melawan Sang Koo sekarang menjadi Geu Roos wali Mereka menjalankan Pindah Ke Surga bersama-sama Sumber AsianWiki Diadaptasi dari esai nonfiksi Hal-hal yang ditulis oleh Kim Sae Byul Episode 1 • 360p Gdrive GoogleDrive Zippy HxFile • 540p Gdrive GoogleDrive Zippy HxFile • 720p Gdrive GoogleDrive Zippy HxFile Episode 2 • 360p Gdrive GoogleDrive Zippy HxFile • 540p Gdrive GoogleDrive Zippy HxFile • 720p Gdrive GoogleDrive Zippy HxFile Episode 3 • 360p Gdrive GoogleDrive Zippy HxFile • 540p Gdrive GoogleDrive Zippy HxFile • 720p Gdrive GoogleDrive Zippy HxFile Episode 4 • 360p Gdrive GoogleDrive Zippy HxFile • 540p Gdrive GoogleDrive Zippy HxFile • 720p Gdrive GoogleDrive Zippy HxFile Episode 5 • 360p Gdrive GoogleDrive Zippy HxFile • 540p Gdrive GoogleDrive Zippy HxFile • 720p Gdrive GoogleDrive Zippy HxFile Episode 6 • 360p Gdrive GoogleDrive Zippy HxFile • 540p Gdrive GoogleDrive Zippy HxFile • 720p Gdrive GoogleDrive Zippy HxFile Episode 7 • 360p Gdrive GoogleDrive Zippy HxFile • 540p Gdrive GoogleDrive Zippy HxFile • 720p Gdrive GoogleDrive Zippy HxFile Episode 8 • 360p Gdrive GoogleDrive Zippy HxFile • 540p Gdrive GoogleDrive Zippy HxFile • 720p Gdrive GoogleDrive Zippy HxFile Episode 9 • 360p Gdrive GoogleDrive Zippy HxFile • 540p Gdrive GoogleDrive Zippy HxFile • 720p Gdrive GoogleDrive Zippy Drakor move to heaven berapa episode Episode 10 END • 360p Gdrive GoogleDrive Zippy HxFile • 540p Gdrive GoogleDrive Zippy HxFile • 720p Gdrive GoogleDrive Zippy HxFile • Home • Hide ads • Calendar • Lists • Feeds • Articles • Trailers • Forums • Contributors • Stars Leaderboard NEW • Shows • Top Shows • Most Popular Shows • Variety Shows • Upcoming • Reviews • Recommendations • Recommended For You • Add New Title • Movies • Top Movies • Most Popular Movies • Upcoming • Reviews • Recommendations • Add New Title • People • Top Actors • Add New Person Geu Roo is a young autistic man.

He works for his father’s business “Move To Heaven.” Their job is to arrange items left by deceased people. One day, Geu Roo's own father dies. Geu Roo is left alone, but his uncle Sang Koo suddenly appears in front of him. Sang Koo is a cold man. He was a martial artist who fought in underground matches.

He went to prison because of what happened at his fight. Sang Koo now becomes Geu Roo’s guardian. They run “Move To Heaven” together. (Source: AsianWiki) ~~ Adapted from the nonfiction essay "Things Left Behind" by professional trauma cleaner Kim Sae Byul.

Edit Translation • English • 한국어 • 日本語 • Русский • • Native Title: 무브 투 헤븐: 나는 유품정리사입니다 • Also Known As: Move To Heaven: I Am a Person Who Arranges Articles Left by DeceasedMove to Heaven: I Clean Dead People's PossessionsMove To Heaven: Naneun YoopoomjungrisaibmidaMubeu Tu Hebeun: Naneun Yoopoomjungrisaibmida • Screenwriter: Yoon Ji Ryun • Director: Kim Sung Ho • Genres: Life, Drama, Family • Tags: Uncle-Nephew Relationship, Autism, Death, Savant Syndrome, Mourning, Tearjerker, Life Lesson, Ex-convict, Cleaning And Organizing, Asperger’s Syndrome (Vote or add tags) • Country: South Korea • Type: Drama • Episodes: 10 • Aired: May 14, 2021 • Aired On: Friday • Original Network: Netflix • Duration: 52 min.

• Score: 9.2 (scored by 22,871 users) • Ranked: #3 • Popularity: #120 • Content Rating: 18+ Restricted (violence & profanity) • Watchers: 45,951 • Favorites: 0 Rewatch Value 10 Authentic Portrayal Of Asperger's As someone who who has been diagnosed with Asperger's herself and as a mother of a son who is diagnosed the same I felt compelled to drakor move to heaven berapa episode a review for this drama.

drakor move to heaven berapa episode

Tang Jung Sang is simply amazing and very authentic drakor move to heaven berapa episode the part of Gu Ru. I cannot stress that enough. Some people might try to disagree with me, but you have to understand, we all have different traits that manifest. Though I, as a female Aspie am totally different than Gu Ru, I still could relate to many traits that the character had and how they were acted out. My son is a lot more similar, though not as extreme, but he also has had professional therapy and has been raised by a mother who is also an Aspie.

In the drama, it is shown that Gu Ru's father was the one who worked with him throughout his life, so of course he would still have many issues, though his father did such a a wonderful job just by accepting him and loving him for he is and teaching him.

Honestly, the simple teachings his father gave to him were so very similar to how I have taught my son. His father was not autistic but still. He just knew how to get through to Gu Ru in such a patient, loving way. I mean, it is such a simple approach, how he shown doing things, but it is always the *right* way.

That is exactly how parents of autistic children should communicate. I saw so many traits, however, that my son had when younger, before the years of therapy began. (Not ABA. I just want to make that clear before anyone jumps on me. I am talking social skills.) For instance, as a child, my son, like Gu Ru, would talk robotically and stim much more drakor move to heaven berapa episode overwhelmed.

Also, he still walks very stiffly drakor move to heaven berapa episode won't make eye contact at all. Another thing that I must point out is very authentic is his ability to memorize what he sees. In my case, I cannot in the way he does, but I can memorize an accent if I hear it once and determine where the person speaking is from. My son can memorize languages and mathmatical concepts.

Again, our traits, while similar, can manifest differently. A number of shows and dramas have been coming out lately that make autism the focal point. I haven't seen all of them, but Move To Heaven nails it. I can also vouch because even though I have explained my and my son's differences to Gu Ru, I know quite a few just like him.

In fact, while watching, it is easy to think Tang Jung Sang actually has Asperger's, he is that good at acting it out. Anyway, on to the rest. The story is heartwrenching in so many ways, but deeply moving. The main focus is actually the relationship between Gu Ru and his long lost uncle. His uncle appears like a selfish, uncaring slob, but as the story progresses, we get to understand him more and see his heart soften for his nephew. As usual, Lee Je Hoon is excellent. He is such a great actor.

He can show a range of emotions and also, just like in Taxi Driver, he kicks butt in fighting scenes. I give this drama a 9 because it is wonderful, beautiful and doesn't screw up showing autism. I would have given it a 10 but I was kind of hoping for a certain plot twist and it didn't happen. Lol (What did happen was still good, I just really wanted the other thing. Haha!) Also, it left off with something like.not a cliffhanger but something you are left waiting to see what and if anything happens there.

It was totally on purpose as an opening for a possible second season on Netflix, I just hate it when they do that when nothing is confirmed. Don't leave peeps hanging! I do hope there is a Season 2. I will watch if there is. Read More Rewatch Value 10 ART OF APPRECIATING LIFE Move to Heaven drama is the kind of thing you need when you are desperately seeking the meaning of your life. The most important purpose of this drama is to change our perspectives about "grieving" to someone's demise.

Every other episode has it's beautiful message to deliver. This drama portrays important issues while celebrating people's life and showing both respect and shade to "death". It is so very wholesome and will truly evoke your emotions. So, if you're a worshiper of "slice of life" dramas,this drama is for YOU.

The drama starts with someone's misery hinting a tragic journey but the entire journey is just beautiful. Saying that it will make you cry tears of happiness will be an understatement because this is one of those heart-warming Kdramas out there. Simply, the drama consists several different stories that worked likes dots and connecting them made the drama complete. Ofc, it has its basic steady plot too which is appealing (you can read it in the synopsis).

This drama also emphasizes on how a dead can communicate with the living from what they've left behind. This particular thing have touched the core of my heart and I'm sure it's been mesmerizing for everyone too. The write has done very well in touching different forms if life in the guise of societal issues which will definitely fuel up the positive stances and enroute acceptance in people's midsets. The direction abd screenplay is simply like adding feather to a cap.

Good job in cinematography too. The crew has drakor move to heaven berapa episode a commendable job here. Then comes the cast. I swear to my happiness, the production has done a very good job in casting, be it the major characters or the guest characters, I would say they are the appropriate choice.

I was so happy seeing soooo many guest characters. Lee Jee Hoon, definitely one of the best Korean actors has once again won our hearts with his acting, played his character really well. Tang Joon Sang, being a newbie, I am sure this drama and his acting, will bring him enormous opportunity. He's so cute and was really good in playing someone with Asperger's syndrome.

drakor move to heaven berapa episode

I like Hong Seung Hee in Navillera (another slice of life heart-warming drama) though her screen timing was limited and here she did good too.

EVERYTHING FELT SO BEAUTIFUL. Let's talk about the ending. Let me say you that I am not okay with it. It has an open ending hinting for a new season but is that necessary? They could have closed the drama with the scene before the last scene too but they decided to extend it with a big twist.

Idk what's in the writer's mind but I am looking forward to it. I was actually wishing there'd be more episodes given that it's soooo good, but am drakor move to heaven berapa episode happy because in most of the cases the dramas with extended seasons ended up getting messed. I really really hope it won't happen with MOVE TO HEAVEN. ***** Read More
Tentang Sinopsis – Move To Heaven ini merupakan kisah dari Han Geu-Roo yang telah menderita sindrom Asperger dan pamannya Jo Sang-Koo.

Mereka berdua bertemu melalui kematian ayah dari Han Geu-Roo dan akhirnya menjalankan bisnis pembersihan trauma bersama. Drama ini akan ditayangkan di channel Netflix Drama pada 14 Mei 2021 mendatang. Cerita diadaptasi berdasarkan esai nonfiksi “Things Left Behind” (Ddeonan Hooe Namgyeojin Geotdeul) yang ditulis oleh pembersih trauma profesional Kim Sae Byul. Diterbitkan untuk pertama kalinya pada 20 Juli 2015 oleh Chungrim.

Pada tanggal 16 Desember 2019, aktor tampan dan terkenal Lee Je-Hoon telah mengkonfirmasi akan tampil sebagai pemeran utama di drama tersebut. Lee Je-Hoon sebelumnya pernah membintangi drama Korea “Where Stars Land” dan serial “Tomorrow With You”. Di tahun 2021, Lee Je-Hoon membintangi drama “ Taxi Driver“. Sedangkan di drama ini, Ia akan memainkan karakter Sang Goo. Selain Dia ada juga aktor Tang Jun Sang yang akan bermain.

Dia juga sebelumnya tampil sebagai pemeran pendukung drama seri “Crash Landing on You”. Selain mereka berdua ada juga Sooyoung yang jadi pemeran Geunyoung di drama Korea “ So I Married an Anti-Fan“. Diketahui kalau sebelumnya drakor ini akan tayang pada tahun 2020 namun ditunda sampai 2021.

drakor move to heaven berapa episode

Baiklah, langsung saja bisa Kamu simak Plot Cerita dan Sinopsis Move To Heaven selengkapnya. Detail Tentang Drama • Judul: Move To Heaven • Judul Lainnya: Move To Heaven: I Am a Person Who Arranges Articles Left by Deceased • Judul Korea: 무브 투 헤븐: 나는 유품정리사입니다 / Move To Heaven: Naneun • Genre: Drama • Negara: Korea Selatan • Sutradara: Kim Sung-Ho • Penulis Skenario: Yoon Ji-Ryeon • Rumah Produksi: Netflix, Page One Film, Number Three Pictures • Jumlah Episode: 16 Episode • Durasi: 50 menit / EP • Stasiun TV: Netflix • Masa Tayang: 14 Mei 2021 • Jadwal Tayang:Hari Jumat, Pukul 14:00 WIB (UTC+7) Daftar Isi • Sinopsis Drama Move To Heaven: • Daftar Pemain Move To Heaven: • Download Move To Heaven Sub Indo Full Episode Sinopsis Drama Move To Heaven: Han Geu-Roo yang diperankan oleh Tang Jun Sang adalah seorang pria muda dengan sindrom Asperger (sulit bersosialisasi).

Han Geu-Roo kini bekerja untuk bisnis ayahnya “Move to Heaven.” Mereka mempunyai tugas untuk mengatur barang-barang yang telah ditinggalkan orang yang mati. Suatu hari, ayah Han Geu-Roo sendiri meninggal. Gue-Roo ditinggalkan sendirian, tetapi pamannya yang bernama Jo Sang-Koo diperankan oleh Lee Je-Hoon tiba-tiba muncul di depannya. Jo Sang-Koo adalah pria yang berkarakter dingin. Dia adalah seorang seniman bela diri yang bertarung dalam pertandingan bawah tanah.

Dia pernah masuk penjara karena apa yang terjadi pada pertarungan Dia sebelumnya. Jo Sang-Koo sekarang menjadi wali Han Geu-Roo. Mereka menjalankan “Move To Heaven” bersama. Daftar Pemain Move To Heaven: PEMERAN UTAMA • Lee Je-Hoon sebagai Jo Sang-Koo • Tang Joon-Sang sebagai Han Geu-Roo • Sooyoung sebagai Son Yoo-Rim • Hong Seung-Hee sebagai Yoon Na-Moo PEMERAN PENDUKUNG • Kim Doh-Yon sebagai Lee Eon • Yoon Ji-Hye sebagai Joo-Young • Jung Suk-Yong sebagai Young-Soo • Jung Young-Joo sebagai Mi-Ran • Lee Moon-Sik sebagai Joo-Taek • Lim Won-Hee sebagai Hyun-Chang • Jung Ae-Youn sebagai Madam Jung • Shin Soo-Oh sebagai Kim Yong Woo • Ji Jin-Hee sebagai Han Jung-Woo • Lee Jae-Wook sebagai Kim Soo-Cheol • Koo Ja Keon sebagai Polisi Cheongwon • Oh Ji Young sebagai Pemilik kafe • Yoo Sun • Park Ji Ye LINK SINOPSIS DRAMA KOREA MOVE TO HEAVEN 2021 EPISODE 1 – 16 TERAKHIR LENGKAP • Sinopsis Episode 1 : Recap • Sinopsis Episode 2 : Recap • Sinopsis Episode 3 : Recap • Sinopsis Episode 4 : Recap • Sinopsis Episode 5 : Recap • Sinopsis Episode 6 : Recap • Sinopsis Episode 7 : Recap • Sinopsis Episode 8 : Recap • Sinopsis Episode 9 : Recap • Sinopsis Episode 10 : Recap • Sinopsis Episode 11 : Recap • Sinopsis Episode 12 : Recap • Sinopsis Episode 13 : Recap • Sinopsis Episode 14 : Recap • Sinopsis Episode 15 : Recap • Sinopsis Episode 16 : Recap Download Move To Heaven Sub Indo Full Episode Drama Korea Move To Heaven Subtitle Bahasa Indonesia bisa Kalian temukan dan download melalui aplikasi Netflix yang ada di smartphone Kalian gaes.

Pastikan sudah berlangganan dan download aplikasinya ya. Watch Move To Heaven on Netflix Di Netflix ini sudah ada Sub Indo, English, dan Malay lho. Tertarik untuk nonton serial ini? Namun untuk Kalian yang maunya gratisan bisa juga melalui link alternatif, namun hal ini tidak resmi ya. Seperti di situs link download drakorid, drakorindo, ombergagi, serialdrama, narashika, dan agendrama.

Silahkan coba cari-cari sendiri di pencarian ya.
noneShare: Drama Korea adalah tontonan yang menyenangkan, tapi terkadang butuh komitmen untuk bisa menikmatinya. Tidak semua drama Korea langsung menohok dari awal. Ada beberapa yang memang sengaja mengatur tempo sehingga hook-nya baru terasa di episode kedua atau ketiga. Ini cukup jadi pekerjaan berat bagi sebagian orang karena durasi drakor cukup panjang, dengan rata-rata satu episode berlangsung sekitar 80 menit atau bahkan dua jam.

Artinya, satu episode drakor setara dengan menonton Before Sunset. Vincenzo, misalnya, adalah salah satu drakor terbaru yang banyak dibicarakan. Saya juga menikmatinya, karena Vincenzo ini sangat menghibur. Namun, durasi per episode yang hampir 1,5 jam menjadi salah satu alasan kenapa saya menunda-nunda untuk menontonnya. Karenanya, ketika Move To Heaven dirilis, saya tidak segera mencicipi. Sampai akhirnya saya melihat bahwa durasi per episode hanya maksimal satu jam.

Dan ternyata menonton drakor itu adalah salah satu keputusan terbaik yang pernah saya lakukan. Move To Heaven bercerita tentang Han Jeong-U (Ji Jin-Hee) dan anaknya Han Geu-Ru (Tang Joon-Sang), yang menjalankan bisnis pembersih trauma. Mereka menyediakan jasa untuk membersihkan tempat tinggal orang yang sudah tiada, terutama mereka yang sebelumnya tinggal sendirian atau memang sudah tidak mempunyai keluarga.

Pekerjaan ini memang tidak mudah, tapi baik Jeong-U maupun Geu-Ru menjalankan profesi mereka dengan bahagia. Ini bukan spoiler, tapi Jeong-U meninggal dunia akibat serangan jantung selepas mereka melaksanakan pekerjaan mereka.

Jeong-U adalah seorang duda yang tidak memiliki keluarga lagi. Meninggalkan Geu-Ru adalah sebuah hal yang tidak ia inginkan karena anak laki-lakinya itu memiliki sindrom Asperger.

Masuklah Cho Sang-Gu (Lee Jee-Hoon) ke dalam cerita. Sang-Gu adalah adik tiri Jeong-U yang baru saja keluar dari penjara.

Tidak seperti kakak tirinya yang penyabar, telaten, dan berkelakuan baik, Sang-Gu adalah seorang petinju bawah tanah yang urakan, seenak udel, dan tidak pernah mengurusi siapa pun, apalagi anak berkebutuhan khusus. Hadirnya Sang-Gu dalam dunia Geu-Ru akhirnya mengubah hidup keduanya dan mengajarkan kita apa itu arti move on.

Baca juga: Drama Korea ‘Navillera’ dan Mengejar Mimpi Saat Lanjut Usia Move to Heaven Salah Satu Rekomendasi Drakor Terbaru 2021 Move To Heaven adalah sebuah drama yang sangat halus. Sesuai dengan bisnis yang dijalankan oleh karakter utamanya, treatment drama Korea ini begitu lembut sehingga efek setelahnya benar-benar terasa. Namun, drakor ini juga punya premis komedi klasik: Masukkan dua karakter yang berseberangan dalam satu ruangan, dan voila!, Anda akan mendapatkan komedi situasi yang paten.

Salah satu hal yang paling mencolok dari Move To Heaven adalah dia tidak extravaganza. Tidak ada yang berlebihan di sini, semuanya tipis-tipis. Kalau kamu biasanya gemas melihat dua karakter dalam drama Korea yang membutuhkan waktu sekitar 120 detik hanya untuk berciuman (karena pembuatnya harus menggunakan sudut 360 derajat ditambah dengan slow-motion setiap sepuluh detik sekali), kamu akan menyukai Move To Heaven karena tidak ada pengadeganan yang lebay, melainkan sangat realis. Bahkan ketika pembuatnya harus mengenalkan karakter-karakter yang kurang baik, penggambarannya sangat membumi.

Dari segi teknis, drama Korea Move To Heaven sangat memanjakan mata dan telinga. Gerakan kameranya begitu lembut dan palet warnanya menghangatkan penglihatan. Perhatikan bagaimana sutradara Kim Sung-Ho mengadegankan proses krja Geu-Ru—penuh drakor move to heaven berapa episode dan mendayu-dayu tapi tidak pernah jatuh ke level melodramatis.

Musiknya juga tidak ada yang heboh atau balapan dengan adegan untuk memanipulasi emosi penontonnya. Tanpa musik yang memedih-medih, Move To Heaven sudah menyentuh. Itu karena skripnya yang brilian. Baca juga: Kim Yeo-jin, Aktris Drama Korea ‘Vincenzo’ yang Juga Seorang SJW Penulis Yoon Drakor move to heaven berapa episode mengisi Move To Heaven dengan kisah-kisah yang sangat humanis.

Tokoh-tokoh yang ditemui oleh Geu-Ru dan Sang-Gu setiap episodenya luar biasa menarik dan sangat variatif, dengan kisah dan drama mereka yang tidak kalah menariknya dengan drama inti. Jangan kaget kalau kamu (seperti saya) tiba-tiba berurai air mata ketika menyaksikan salah satu episodenya karena pasti akan ada satu kisah yang membuatmu terhubung secara emosi. Drama Korea Move to Heaven mendefinisikan ulang makna keluarga dengan cara yang sangat menghibur tanpa kehilangan maknanya.

Dengan casting yang sempurna, Move To Heaven adalah sebuah drama korea yang sangat saya rekomendasikan buat kamu. Buat yang tidak terbiasa menonton drama Korea, Move To Heaven akan membuat prasangka buruk kamu terhadap drakor sirna. Dan bagi pencinta drama korea, bersiaplah berkenalan dengan karakter-karakter menggemaskan yang akan menghangatkan hati kamu.

Move To Heaven dapat disaksikan di Netflix
Baca juga: Nama-Nama Drakor Terbaik dan Terbaru, Lengkap!

Sinopsis singkat Move To Heaven : Geu-Roo (Tang Joon-Sang) adalah seorang pria muda dengan sindrom Asperger. Dia bekerja untuk bisnis ayahnya yang bernama “Move To Heaven.” Tugas mereka adalah mengatur barang-barang yang ditinggalkan oleh orang yang sudah meninggal.

Suatu hari, ayah Geu-Roo meninggal. Gue-Roo ditinggal sendirian, tetapi pamannya Sang-Koo (Lee Je-Hoon) tiba-tiba muncul di depannya.
JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com - Netflix Original Series kembali mengeluarkan serial drama Korea terbaru yang berjudul Move to Heaven.

Serial ini resmi dirilis di aplikasi layanan streaming Netflix pada 14 Mei 2021 lalu. Dengan total 10 episode, serial ini mengikuti cerita bisnis penghapus trauma yang bernama Move to Heaven.

Setelah ditinggalkan oleh ayahnya, bisnis tersebut kini dijalankan oleh Gae-ru (Tang Jun-sang) bersama walinya, Sang-gu (Lee Je-hoon), yang baru saja keluar dari penjara. Mengulik kisah memilukan dari para tokohnya, berikut beberapa drakor move to heaven berapa episode menarik seputar serial Move to Heaven. Baca juga: Sinopsis Move to Heaven, Jasa Penghapus Trauma yang Tayang 14 Mei 2021 1.

Terinspirasi dari sebuah esai Serial yang digarap Kim Sung-ho dan ditulis oleh Yoon Ji-ryeon ini diadaptasi dari sebuah esai berjudul Things Left Behind. Esai tersebut dibuat oleh Kim Sae-byul yang merupakan salah satu pembersih trauma di Korea Selatan.

Berbagai kisah nyata dari pengalaman Sae-byul menjadi pelajaran hidup yang menarik dan akhirnya diangkat ke serial drakor.

Baca juga: Tayang 14 Mei di Netflix, Ini Pemeran dan Karakter Drama Serial Move to Heaven 2.

drakor move to heaven berapa episode

Dibintangi aktor ternama sebagai pemeran utama Move to Heaven sendiri berhasil menarik perhatian penggemar drakor saat hari pertama perilisannya. Selain jalan ceritanya yang unik, Move to Heaven juga turut menggandeng aktor ternama sebagai pemeran utamanya. Aktor Lee Je-hoon drakor move to heaven berapa episode tengah membintangi drakor Taxi Driver dipilih sebagai pemeran utama karakter narapidana. Selain Lee Je-hoon, Tang Jun-sang juga turut menunjukkan kemampuan aktingnya dalam serial Netflix ini.

Baca juga: Emosionalnya Lee Je Hoon hingga Tang Jun Sang Saat Bintangi Move to Heaven 3. Sindrom Asperger yang diidap oleh Gae-ru Mengangkat profesi unik sebagai pembersih trauma, serial ini turut menyorot suatu sindrom yang diidap oleh tokoh utamanya. Gae-ru diduga memiliki sebuah sindrom yang bernama Asperger. Sindrom Asperger sendiri tergolong gangguan spektrum autisme yang berdampak pada kemampuan Gae-ru dalam berinteraksi dengan orang lain.

Di balik sindromnya itu, Gae-ru memiliki kemampuan analisis yang tinggi serta dapat menghafal nama-nama hewan yang hidup di dalam akuarium. Baca juga: Sinopsis Eden, Serial Anime Pertama di Netflix Original Series 4. Choi Soo-young SNSD hingga Hong-seok PENTAGON jadi cameo Beberapa wajah familiar bintang ternama Korea Selatan turut andil menjadi pemeran pembantu dalam serial Move to Heaven.

Aktor Ji Jin-hee yang membintangi drakor Designated Survivor: 60 Days mendapatkan peran sebagai ayah Gae-ru. Selain itu, anggota girl group SNSD, Choi Soo-young, ikut berperan sebagai pekerja sosial yang nantinya akan bertemu dengan para pembersih trauma. Beberapa selebriti seperti Lim Won-hee, Jung Young-joo, Kevin Oh, dan Yang Hong-seok dari PENTAGON juga menjadi cameo dalam serial besutan Netflix ini.

Itulah beberapa fakta menarik dari serial drama Move to Heaven yang kisah menariknya dapat Anda tonton di Netflix. Berita Terkait Sinopsis Phantom Detective, Lee Je Hoon Dihadapkan pada Dua Pilihan Sinopsis Move to Heaven, Jasa Menghapus Trauma, Segera di Netflix Sinopsis Move to Heaven, Jasa Penghapus Trauma yang Tayang 14 Mei 2021 Emosionalnya Lee Je Hoon hingga Tang Jun Sang Saat Bintangi Move to Heaven Tayang 14 Mei di Netflix, Ini Pemeran dan Karakter Drama Serial Move to Heaven Berita Terkait Sinopsis Phantom Detective, Lee Je Hoon Dihadapkan pada Dua Pilihan Sinopsis Move to Heaven, Jasa Menghapus Trauma, Segera di Netflix Sinopsis Move to Heaven, Jasa Penghapus Trauma yang Tayang 14 Mei 2021 Emosionalnya Lee Je Hoon hingga Tang Jun Sang Saat Bintangi Move to Heaven Tayang 14 Mei di Netflix, Ini Pemeran dan Karakter Drama Serial Move to Heaven Privasi Stray Kids Diganggu, JYP Entertainment Ambil Langkah Hukum https://www.kompas.com/hype/read/2021/05/19/175202566/privasi-stray-kids-diganggu-jyp-entertainment-ambil-langkah-hukum https://asset.kompas.com/crops/h4NYmURqOJ-ATQilCZzwHUua4h8=/2x1:999x666/195x98/data/photo/2020/03/10/5e67ae7b98575.jpg

Move to Heaven

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