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antares fast track

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From slight pitch correction to some cool robotic sounds, pitch correction software can be extremely useful.

antares fast track

T-Pain made this effect very popular, but it’s also been used by a lot of other artists such as Daft Punk, the Black Eyed Peas, and more. Auto-Tune can be used to achieve a lot of different effects and you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on the Pro version of the Software since there are a lot of free ones available.

In this post, I’ll go over the best free pitch correction plugins available for Windows, Mac, and even Linux. Now, out of all the plugins on this list, I think that the best ones are these five; Here’s a table with the best free auto-tune plugins (I only included 5 in the table, but there are more on the list).

Plugin Name Description Format Operating System Graillon2 Intuitive Interface. Some features require the premium version. 32/64-bit VST/AAX/AU/LV2 Windows, Mac OS MAutoPitch Great feature set and good all-rounder.

Free version comes with display ads. 32/64-bit VST/VST3/AAX/AU/ Windows, Mac OS GSnap Good All-rounder.

Can Snap to MIDI. 32/64-bit VST Windows, Mac OS, Linux X42 AutoTune Bias and Offset features. Also works on Linux. 32/64-bit VST/AU Windows, Mac OS, Linux AutoTune EVO Automatic and Graphical modes.

Best one overall. 32/64-bit VST/AU Windows, Mac OS Let’s get antares fast track Related: I also wrote an article about the best Pitch-correction/auto-tune plugins in general, not just free ones.

Graillon2 – (Win/Mac) The first thing you will notice when looking at Graillon2 is the way its interface is designed; It has this vintage vibe to it which is just fantastic to look at, plus it is designed in such a way that makes it easy for you to navigate through the settings. It is a very visual plugin since it has a display where you can see the notes that are being played as well as where Grallion2 is snapping/correcting them to.

This plugin is specifically designed for vocals and the pitch-shifting can be smoothly adjusted from minus 12 to plus 12 semitones. One cool feature is the “preserve formants” knob which, in theory, helps you preserve the tone and characteristics of the vocal track while shifting the pitch. In some cases, this ends up creating some issues, so make sure to play around with these settings to see what happens.

The speed knob is also pretty useful since it helps the notes antares fast track a little longer, reducing the pitch correction jumps. Grallion2 also allows you to choose how fast or slow the snapping occurs, which is done by adjusting the “smooth” knob. By adjusting the controls on the antares fast track bit crusher” section, you should be able to achieve some interesting growl sounds.

The typical controls such as dry/wet, low-cut, and output level adjustment are also included.

antares fast track

Lastly, the Pitch Correction module can be driven by MIDI, just like with GSnap. If you like the vintage look on this plugin and you need a good all-rounder, then Graillon2 may be the one for you. There is one important note though: It’s not completely free but rather “freemium”.

Basically, you won’t get its full functionality unless you buy it.

antares fast track

With the free edition, you only get the “pitch shifting” and “pitch correction” features. If you want the full version then it will set you back about $25, or you may also consider Melodyne 5 Essential. You can download it here. If you’re looking for the best free VST plugins in the world, I have a list of 225 of them here. MAutoPitch – (Win/Mac) Melda Productions is a renowned audio plugin company that created other free plugins such as the MRing Modulator, the MFlanger, MTremolo, and more.

You can find all these plugins in another post I wrote about the best Free Modulation Plugins, should you be interested. Even Deadmau5, who is a very famous electronic musician, uses these plugins, which is a clear testament to their quality.

MAutoPitch comes with the typical pitch correction features such as depth, detune and speed. However, it also includes some additional controls such as a dry/wet knob, a width knob that will allow you to control the stereo spread, and the keep- and shift-formants knobs.

How does Formant Shifting affect the sound? Formant Shifting allows you to make the sound deeper or higher, or in other words, “more masculine or feminine”.

However, keep in mind that this can alter the pitch if you go too far. Additionally, MAutoPitch allows you to choose between different scales such as; Chromatic, major, minor, and antares fast track, and this lets you set up the pitch correction in no time, or at least use it as a jumping-off point.

It antares fast track provides you with a visual display of what notes are being detected by the plugin. Even though it does have some amazing features and is definitely worth using, there are some cons to it: First of all, the free version comes with a banner on the bottom that is a bit annoying to look at.

Also, the pitch correction isn’t the best overall since there’s some unintentional snapping to unwanted notes occurring at times, even after you set the notes and the scales perfectly and all the settings are in place. Lastly, MAutoPitch also includes a limiter, which should help you keep your sound from clipping. All in all, it’s a great free plugin that antares fast track make a great addition to your arsenal!

You can download it here.

antares fast track

Looking for Vocoder VSTs? Here’s a post I wrote about the best ones. GSnap – (Windows) GSnap gives you the ability to control the notes that it snaps to through MIDI. This means that if you need to correct a singer’s performance through pitch correction you can play the notes on antares fast track MIDI keyboard and feed these notes into the plugin, and GSnap will now use those notes as a guide and will correct the pitch to whatever notes are in the MIDI file. This will also prevent unwanted snapping to other notes.

If you don’t want to control the plugin through MIDI, then you can set any scale you’d like or control it by turning certain notes on or off.

The interface is fairly antares fast track to use and understand: On the left, you can see the original notes and the ones it’s snapping to, which will not only give you a visual representation of what’s going on but also allow you to fine-tune everything more easily. It has a 12-knob control system which is divided in the following way; • Detection: Min Freq, Max Freq, Gate, and Speed knobs.

• Correction: Threshold, Amount, Attack, and Release knobs. • MIDI: Pitch bend, Vibrato, Vib Speed, and Calibrate knobs. All of these knobs antares fast track you edit everything with precision and accuracy. It also features a gate that gives you the ability to select on what parts the plugin actually affects the sound, like for example; If you only want to affect the louder parts, or more importantly, if you don’t want the plugin to trigger on any unwanted noises that might be part of the track and just the vocals.

Even though G-Snap may be a fantastic freeware vocal tuning plugin, you may want to consider the famous Auto-Tune by Antares. It offers a couple of different versions that sell at very different price points as well. I’d recommend starting with Auto-Tune Access.

You can download it here. Are you looking for a new DAW? Here’s a list of the best DAWs currently available! Logic Pitch Correction – (Mac Only) If you’re a Mac user, then you’re probably producing your music on Logic Pro and guess what?

It comes stock with a pitch correction plugin that actually works quite well, although it hasn’t been updated in quite some time now. Just like most other pitch correction antares fast track, this one has a really simple workflow where you put the plugin first in the chain, and then you select a scale and the notes you want it to snap to.

In addition to this, this plugin can show you the notes that are being hit by the performer and how out of tune they are, making it simple for you to detect what needs to be corrected. Even though it’s outdated and lacks some of the features we take for granted on other pitch correction plugins, this one doesn’t use a lot of CPU resources, making it ideal for anyone who runs a low-end machine or who needs to load multiple instances of the plugin.

Note: As I mentioned, you need to get Logic Pro to use this plugin. KeroVee – (Windows) KeroVee was created back in 2010 by the Japanese company “g200kg”. The whole point behind this software was to create a precise vocal pitch adjustment plugin without focusing too much on the other effects that can be achieved; like a robotic sound. This is why KeroVee is an excellent alternative for anyone who just wants to apply some subtle and precise adjustments to their vocal tracks.

Similar to Gsnap and Graillon2, you have the option to route the MIDI notes to KeroVee. This will allow the plugin to use these notes as a guide to properly snap the notes from the singer’s performance to where they should be. Using MIDI to guide the plugin is great, however, this might take some time to set up, and this is why KeroVee also allows you to select the notes you want it to correct to- or not, through a simple clickable interface; Enable the ones you want it to snap to or disable the ones you don’t want it to snap to, and that’s it!

KeroVee shares a lot of parameters with most other autotune plugins, however, there is one that’s unique to it which is the “ nuance” control; The “ nuance” knob lets you select whether or not to keep the vibrato of the original sound, making the vocals sound more natural while still being autotuned.

Note: If set to max, even the smallest vibrato will trigger the correction, resulting in a mechanical sound. There are loads of other typical controls and features available with this plugin like Tunespeed, formant shifting, panning, volume, etc. As I mentioned earlier, KeroVee is excellent for fine-tuning the vocal track and doesn’t really emphasize too much on achieving robotic sounds.

You can download it here. Related: Here’s a post with the best Antares fast track Plugins currently available. X42 Auto-Tune – (Win/Mac/Linux) X42 Auto-Tune is intended to correct the pitch of a voice singing slightly out of tune.

It works by resampling and looping the signal and does not include formant correction, which means that it should be used to correct small errors only and not really to transpose a song or to correct big mistakes.

Even though it is a very simple pitch-correction plugin, it actually does a decent job at what it’s supposed to do. The interface is very easy to navigate, it can be controlled via MIDI, or you can input a fixed number of notes in antares fast track key and the plugin will correct to the notes on that key.

antares fast track

It comes with a “ Bias” knob that controls how long the original note lasts before it corrects it to either the ones you selected from the scale or the ones input through MIDI. This allows it to go off-tune a little making the performance feel more realistic and natural.

Similar to the “Bias” control you also have the option to use antares fast track “ Offset” feature that gives you the option to adjust how far from the note the singer is allowed to go before it gets corrected. Both of these parameters are designed to keep the vocal recording sounding more human and natural.

If you’re looking for a very simple and easy-to-use pitch-correction tool that focuses mainly on subtle changes, then X42 Auto-Tune might be a great alternative for you. You can download it here. Looking for free Piano VSTs? Here’s a post I wrote about the best ones. Auto-Tune Evo – (Windows) Auto-Tune Evo by Antares Audio Technology has been released in February of 2018 and has been rising in popularity ever since then.

It’s got a great set of features such as pitch correction in real time, for live performances, vibrato controls and Humanize.

Auto-Tune Evo was created, like most auto tune plugins, with vocals in mind; However, it can also be used with most monophonic instruments as well; e.g. bass. It has two basic modes; Automatic and Graphical.

With the Automatic Mode you give Auto-Tune some basic information about the track and that’s it, it will do the rest or its own. With the Graphical Mode you can go through the entire track manually and tell Auto-Tune exactly where it needs to apply some correction and how much. While using the Graphical Mode might be a lot more work and definitely not for everyone, in antares fast track experience I’ve found that you get a much more transparent and realistic sound, and the common artifacts associated with tuning tend to be less noticeable.

Automatic Mode is excellent if you’re going for that T-Pain style of sound, or if you just want to quickly adjust a track. It really comes down to what sound you’re going for and how much time and energy you’re willing to invest into it.

Regardless of what mode you’re going to be using, antares fast track first thing you’ll need to do is set up the “ Input Type”, like Soprano, Alto/Tenor, Low Male, Instrument and Bass Instrument. Another feature is the Key and scale selection where you can tell Auto-Tune the precise key of the song.

antares fast track

Lastly, the Formants control will keep as much of the original characteristics of the vocals if switched on. If you want a versatile and good-sounding plugin that is good for both beginners and advanced producers, then definitely give it a antares fast track. You can download it here.

Looking for free Drum VST plugins? Here are the best ones. AutoTalent – (Linux) If you’re a Linux user, then this one’s definitely for you! Autotalent is an open-source and real-time pitch correction plugin that allows users to specify the notes that the singer should be hitting, and then AutoTalent will do the rest.

Not only can it correct the pitch but it can also be used to create effects like those T-Pain effects. Now, don’t be fooled by the simple- and stripped-down look of the interface, since it’s actually a very capable plugin, and you can use it for some light pitch correction or to achieve a full robotic auto-tune. It includes all of the typical parameters that other auto-tune plugins have, such as; Formant shifting, selecting a scale or notes for the plugin to use or to exclude, and more.

However, it provides one feature that most auto-tune plugins don’t; The Vibrato section. This section can help you add some vibrato to the vocals to give it a more natural sound, and of course you can go overboard and use it as an effect.

All in all, Autotalent is an extremely useful and fully-featured auto-tune plugin, plus it’s for Linux users who don’t have that many alternatives when it comes to plugins and music production software. You can download it here. Voloco – (Windows, Mac) If you’re looking for an Auto-Tuner that is capable of slight- and in-depth correction, then Voloco might not be the right one for you.

It’s designed to be used as a creative tool, which is why you only get access to 6 presets that you can’t even edit, and that’s it. Each of these presets affects the audio in a slightly different way. However, they are all optimized to achieve the “T-Pain” auto-tuned vocal effect. Naturally, since it antares fast track feature any more controls than changing the presets, setting the Key, and adjusting how much correction you want, Voloco is extremely easy to use. The interface is extremely clean and easy to understand which, if you’re new to auto-tuners, is great news.

Voloco is a fun plugin to have, especially for coming up with new ideas, but it’s not the most in-depth auto-tuner. Still, I find it easy to recommend to beginners! Lastly, you can also download a mobile version for your phone that you can use to sing over other songs you have on your device and Voloco will adjust your performance to the song’s key.

You can download it here. BeatLab Autotuna (Ableton Only) BeatLab Antares fast track is only compatible with Ableton, which is a shame since it’s a great vocal processing tool, and it’s also the reason why I put it last on this list. The original Autotuna antares fast track a lot harder to use since it made you select the notes that you wanted it to snap to as well as de-select the ones that you didn’t want it to snap to, or you were able to import a scale.

With the BeatLab version of Autotuna you can select different already built-in scales and patterns, how much or how hard it should be correcting the sound, and more. Other features include a dry/wet control, amount control & correction settings.

antares fast track

The only drawback to Autotuna, aside from only working on Ableton, is that it’s a fairly basic pitch correction tool that won’t let you do too much in-depth tweaking. If you require something more powerful, then Graillon2 would be a much better alternative. BeatLab’s autotune comes as part of a free Max4Live pack, which features pitch & time machines that comes with a range of other plugins that you can use creatively for sound design.

You can download Autotuna here. Soundtrap (Online DAW; Browser only) Sountrap is a free to use platform that works just like any regular DAW with a couple minor limitations, but this is to be expected since it’s browser-based. Soundtrap offers plenty recording and mixing features and of course, Auto-Tune is one of them (a very limited version).

antares fast track

You can choose how Heavy or Light the effect should be (Heavy sounds more robotic), and then you can select the notes Auto-Tune should snap to by clicking on them. Otherwise, all the major and minor scales can also be selected. I have to say that the lighter settings do work quite well, but when I tried the “Heavy” one on my vocals, even though it sounded robotic and pretty usable, there were some annoying artifacts present.

How to use Sountrap’s Auto-Tune: • Hover your mouse over the track you want to tune. • Click on Edit and select Auto-Tune. • Choose all the parameters and click on save. After this, it will process the track which will take a couple seconds and you will be able to hear how the effect sounds.

If you don’t like it then click on cancel to further adjust it, and if you like it simply click on “Use it”. Top 3 Free Autotune Plugins Out of all the Auto-Tune plugins on this list, I’d have to say that Graillon2 and MAutoPitch are by far the best freeware pitch correction plugins you can get. They offer a lot of features, they sound great, and they give you more control over the track itself than most other plugins. Budget yet premium Alternatives While the plugins I will list now aren’t free, they also won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

If you have antares fast track money to spend and want a higher quality pitch-correction tool, then these are my recommendations: • Auto-Tune Access: The more affordable and stripped-down version of the famous Antares Auto-Tune. • Melodyne 5 Essential: This is the most basic version of Melodyne, but it should be enough for most people. • iZotope Nectar 3: While more advanced, it’s definitely antares fast track of the best alternatives.

Learn how to use AutoTune properly Even though there’s nothing wrong with learning how to use this kind of software all on your own, learning from someone can be quite useful as well. Here’s a course about vocal music production where they also teach you how to use Autotune, Vocoders, etc. Conclusion Quality software doesn’t necessarily need to come at a premium price… All of the plugins on this list are more than capable of delivering excellent pitch-correction while still offering other features, and all of this completely for free… Since they are free, I’d recommend you try them all out and choose the one that suits your needs the most.

I hope this information was useful! Have a great day! Frequently Asked Questions Is autotune Evo free? For years now I've been interested in music production.

antares fast track

I've worked in a music studio a couple of years back and now I mostly record at home and try to learn as much as I can about producing music and about the gear that is required to do so. This is something I really enjoy doing. The whole point of this Website is to help you and others learn more about how to produce music, especially from home.
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