Forecasting love and weather

forecasting love and weather

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Teaser/Trailer Correlation Chart Main Cast • Park Min Young as Jin Ha Kyung • Song Kang as Lee Shi Woo • Yoon Park as Han Ki Joon • Yoo Ra as Chae Yoo Jin People at Meteorological Office • Lee Sung Wook as Uhm Dong Han • Moon Tae Yoo as Shin Suk Ho • Yoon Sa Bong as Oh Myung Joo • Chae Seo Eun as Kim Soo Jin • Kwon Hae Hyo as Ko Bong Chan People outside the Meteorological Office • Kim Mi Kyung as Jin Ha Kyung's mother • Jung Woon Sun (정운선) as Jin Tae Kyung • Jang So Yun as Lee Hyang Rae (Uhm Dong Han's wife) • Lee Seung Joo (이승주) as Uhm Bo Mi (Uhm Dong Han's daughter) Special appearances • Kim Jong Tae (김종태) as Choi Jong Tae (ep 1-2) • Oh Dae Hwan forecasting love and weather restaurant owner (ep 2) • Jun Bae Soo as Lee Myung Han (ep 6, 11-12, Shi Woo's father) • Seo Jung Yeon as Song Mi Jin (ep 11-13) • Yoon Bok In as Yoo Jin's mother (ep 12-13) Production Credits • Production Companies: NPIO Entertainment, JTBC Studios • Director: Cha Young Hoon • Screenwriters: Plot Forecasting love and weather, Kang Eun Kyung, Sun Young (선영) Episode Ratings See Forecasting Love and Weather/Episode Ratings External Links • Official site • HanCinema • English Wikipedia • Korean Wikipedia
Home › Netflix News › Netflix K-Drama ‘Forecasting Love and Weather’: Everything We Know So Far Netflix K-Drama ‘Forecasting Love and Weather’: Everything We Know So Far jTBC will kickstart their 2022 content on Netflix with the release of Forecasting Love and Weather in February 2022.

by Jacob Robinson @JRobinsonWoN Published on January 19th, 2022, 9:19 am EST February continues to get busier and busier with exciting K-Dramas, and the latest announced is the jTBC drama Forecasting Love and Weather, starring Song Kang. We have everything you need to know about Forecasting Love and Weather, including, the plot, cast, trailer, and Netflix episode release schedule. Forecasting Love and Weather is an upcoming internationally licensed South Korean Netflix Original romantic comedy series, directed by Cha Young Hoon and written by screenwriters Kang Eun Kyung and Sun Young.

When is forecasting love and weather Netflix release date of Forecasting Love and Weather? With the release of the series trailer we can confirm that Forecasting Love and Weather will premiere on Netflix on Saturday, February 12th, 2022. K-Drama fans will have a lot to look forward to on the weekends in February as the tvN drama Twenty Five Twenty One also premieres the same day.

Just like most k-dramas, Forecasting Love and Weather will have a total of 16 episodes. All of the episodes will air across eight weeks, with brand new episodes available on Saturdays and Sundays, before the series finale on Sunday, April 3rd, 2022. Episode run times are reportedly 60 minutes. Forecasting Love and Weather Episode Release Schedule Episodes of Forecasting Love and Weather will first premiere on the South Korean cable network jTBC before arriving on Netflix. Episode jTBC Broadcast Date Netflix Release Date 1 12/02/2022 12/02/2022 2 13/02/2022 13/02/2022 3 19/02/2022 19/02/2022 4 20/02/2022 20/02/2022 5 26/02/2022 26/02/2022 6 27/02/2022 27/02/2022 7 05/03/2022 05/03/2022 8 06/03/2022 06/03/2022 9 12/03/2022 12/03/2022 10 13/03/2022 13/03/2022 11 19/03/2022 19/03/2022 12 20/03/2022 20/03/2022 13 26/03/2022 26/03/2022 14 27/03/2022 27/03/2022 15 02/04/2022 02/04/2022 16 03/04/2022 03/04/2022 What is the plot of Forecasting Love and Weather?

At the Korea Meteorological Administration, Korea’s national weather forecast service, Jin Ha Kyung, has alienated herself, by choice, from the rest of her colleagues as she prefers to play things by the book, and keep personal and professional lives separate. However, when the free-spirited Lee Shi Woo is employed, he impresses Jin Ha Kyung, through his intelligence and his obsession with the weather, he slowly begins to break down the barriers that Jin Ha Kyung has built around her heart.

forecasting love and weather

Who are the cast members of Forecasting Love and Weather? Song Kang, the star of Netflix Original series Sweet Home and Love Alarm, will once again feature in the lead role of a romantic drama as Lee Shi Woo. This will be the fifth time that Song Kang has starred in a Netflix Original series.

It’s a Netflix Original debut for actress Park Min Young, who has starred in some very popular k-dramas over the past decade in the likes of When the Weather Is Fine, What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim, Queen for Seven Days, and many others. Park Min Young will play the role of Jin Ha Kyung. Below is the forecasting love and weather cast list for Forecasting Love and Weather: Role Cast Member Where Have I Seen/Heard Them Before?

Jin Ha Kyung Park Min Forecasting love and weather When the Weather Is Fine - Her Private Life - Remember: War of the Son Lee Shi Woo Song Kang Sweet Home - Love Alarm - Nevertheless Han Ki Joon Yoon Park Search - Birthcare Center - Legal High Chae Yoo Jin Yura Radio Romance - Hip Hop Teacher - After The Show Ends Bae Su Ja Kim Mi Kyung It’s Okay to Not Be Okay - V.I.P.

- Her Private Life Jin Tae Kyung Jung Woon Sun Happiness Oh Myung Joo Yoon Sa Bong Private Lies - Hi Bye, Mama! - Arthdal Chronicles TBA Yoo Ji In Give Love Away - I Love You - Myung Wol the Spy TBA Bae Myung Jin Inspector Koo - Two Cops - Dr.

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forecasting love and weather

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forecasting love and weather

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Will Park Min Young and Song Kang get back together in “Forecasting Love and Weather”?

The JTBC romance drama is about the work and love lives of people who work at the Korea Meteorological Administration, Korea’s forecasting love and weather weather forecast service. Park Min Young stars as the frosty Jin Ha Kyung, who does everything by the book and is fastidious about keeping her personal and professional lives separate, while Song Kang stars as the free-spirited and determined Lee Si Woo, who boasts an impressive IQ of 150 but only cares about the weather.

Spoilers Previously on “Forecasting Love and Weather,” Jin Ha Kyung and Lee Si Woo experienced turbulence in their relationship. They faced all kinds of trials and tribulations, and despite their breakup, they still had feelings for one another. Newly released sills hint that the ex-couple may get back together. The photos capture Jin Ha Kyung and Lee Si Woo’s desperate embrace. He tells her something sincere before locking her in a hug as if he can’t control his overwhelming emotions. This scene is from the preview for episode 15 where Lee Si Woo confessed, “I still like you so much.” With just two episodes until the end, viewers are eager to find out how their relationship will progress.

Episode 15 of “Forecasting Love and Weather” will air on April 2 at 10:30 p.m. KST. While you’re waiting, watch Song Kang in “ Beautiful Vampire“: Watch Now Source ( 1)
Summary Episode 14 keeps the romantic leads at a crossroads, with everything still to play for as we approach closer to forecasting love and weather ending.

This recap of the Netflix K-Drama series Forecasting Love and Weather season 1, episode 14, “Migratory Anticyclone,” contains spoilers. Read the recap of the previous episode. While we approach nearer to the end of this story, the healing process for the forecasting love and weather romantic leads continues.

The romantic story has been surprisingly unpredictable. I genuinely believed it would be nearly wrapped up by now, but it’s not. Anyway, let’s recap episode 14. Forecasting Love and Forecasting love and weather season 1, episode 14 recap Episode 14 opens up with Ha-kyung narrating about the pleasant weather in Seoul and the migrating anticyclone.

However, she’s heartbroken after her recent break-up with Si-woo. She has to pack Si-woo’s things in her apartment to make the situation more awkward. And then we return to the problem in the last episode. Si-woo tells Ha-kyung that their colleagues have found out that they were dating.

Everyone knows, and it’s no longer a secret. Even Ha-kyung’s mother knows and asks many questions to her daughter about Si-woo. They are in a completely new situation, just after they have broken up. Episode 14 offers a fresh blow. As for the other relationship, Ki-jun tells Yu-jin to take her time and makes it known that he’s calm about postponing their marriage certificate. He promises to put in more effort, and he’s eager to make it work.

There’s a lot of chatter at the weather station about Si-woo and Ha-kyung dating. There are a lot of rumors that they are still dating, which is forecasting love and weather after they’ve just broken up. Ha-kyung tells Si-woo that colleagues will stop talking about them after some time. Ki-jun isn’t enjoying the rumors circling either, as it involves his ex, who used to date his wife. And surprisingly, Ki-jun talks to Si-woo about it but in a compassionate way; this character is developing positively as we approach closer to the end of the season.

He tells Si-woo that the gossip will be more about Ha-kyung because she’s a woman and asks him to be courteous and not be an a*****e like he was. He asks him to seriously consider whether he wants to break up with her. He obviously senses that Si-woo is making a mistake. The weather station analyzes the migratory anticyclone, and they need to warn the farmers. After the meeting, Si-woo asks his colleagues to support him and Ha-kyung’s relationship. Si-woo tells Ha-kyung that they should keep it a secret about their break-up for now to stop the gossip.

He doesn’t want to hear hurtful things about her. Ha-kyung tells him that’s the price for dating a colleague. She feels they should bear the consequences.

Both characters find this split painful, and it’s upsetting to watch. We want the best for them. Yu-jin is given a prestigious assignment due to another journalist’s maternity leave.

forecasting love and weather

The male colleague that offers her the assignment tells her that having a baby destroys a woman’s career. Yu-jin is irked by this theory. She tells Ki-jun about the column she’s in charge of but then drops the bombshell she can’t celebrate and drink because she’s 12 weeks pregnant.

forecasting love and weather

What a twist and one that we hope is wrapped up by the end of the season! The ending As the episode draws closer to the end, Ha-kyung meets Ki-jun and Si-woo meets Yu-jin.

Ki-jun tells Ha-kyung that he wasn’t prepared to have a child, and he’s worried about whether he’ll be a good father. Yu-jin tells Si-woo she is dismayed that Ha-kyung is not prepared. Si-woo feels that Yu-jin really loves Ha-kyung if she’s so upset about their conversation about children.

With the conversations evolving, Ha-kyung delves into her break-up with Si-woo, and feels she isn’t good enough, but Ki-jun refutes that idea. She then tells him to stop drinking, buy some flowers, and return home to his wife. Si-woo tells Yu-jin that his parents blamed him for existing in this world and their pitfalls.

forecasting love and weather

He opens up even more and states that his father blames him for his mother dying due to the hardships. This thoroughly explains his strained relationship with his father. When Yu-jin returns home, Ki-jun surprises her with celebratory gifts. However, Yu-jin reveals she wants an abortion because they are not prepared, which stuns Ki-jun. These two have not been aligned for a while, and this is another example.

As the episode ends, Si-woo looks up at Ha-kyung’s apartment, but then her mother finds him and asks where his daughter is.

forecasting love and weather

Ha-kyung is at the hospital, and she receives an update on Si-woo’s father — he has been in an accident, but there seems to be something more ominous going on with his health. Meanwhile, her mother wants a chat with Si-woo.

Episode 14 keeps the romantic leads at a crossroads, with everything still to play for as we approach closer to the ending. What did you think of the Netflix K-Drama series Forecasting Love and Weather season 1, episode 14? Comment below. You forecasting love and weather watch this series with a subscription to Netflix.The adorable K-drama Forecasting Love and Weather has just concluded on Netflix with the release of episode 16, here is your ending explained breakdown.

Fans of Korean romantic comedies have been spoilt for choice over forecasting love and weather past month, with the likes of Thirty-Nine, Business Proposal and Twenty-Five Twenty-One all dominating our Netflix front pages. However, this weekend marked the season finale of another very popular Korean series, Forecasting Love and Weather.

The rom-com, set in the Korean Meteorological Administration, shows just how unpredictable love can be, come rain or shine. The series has just released its final 16 th episode on Netflix, with fans around the world now reacting to that beautiful snow-capped ending of Forecasting Love and Weather.

• BUSINESS PROPOSAL: Episode 11 release time and preview 13872 Forecasting Love and Weather ending explained After getting some good advice from Director General Ko on how he got the top accuracy score, Director Kim is feeling much more optimistic about her career at the KMA.

Yet she isn’t alone, with forecaster Kim revealing to forecaster Oh that she has also decided to stay with Chief Team Two, instead of transferring to the policy department.

We also get to see Ki-Jun and reporter Chae having a very cute moment as the now-expecting mother-to-be craves forecasting love and weather grapefruit drink. However, when Director Jin returns home, she finds her mother sitting outside her front door shivering from the cold. Jin then explains to her mother why she and Si-Woo decided to break up, but she falters when she reveals that the passcode for her apartment is the day the two first met, March 14 th.

What Jin doesn’t know is that her mother has already had a very similar conversation with Si-Woo, leading to her wishing that the two would get back together. “Stop trying to predict tomorrow’s weather. Observe today’s as well. Look at the sky every now and again, enjoy the breeze on a rooftop, and gaze at the person you love. Why bother looking for tomorrow’s answers when you can’t even live in the present? Life is short you fools.” – Mrs Bae, episode 16. We then see a short montage of the time that Jin and Si-Woo have spent together over the past year, from when they first met to their first kiss and eventual breakup.

The montage ends when Jin arrives at the Seoul Observatory to witness the ‘first snow’ of the year, where Si-Woo is already waiting. • TWENTY FIVE TWENTY ONE: Ending explained for hit K-drama This content could not be loaded I am going to miss this drama so much.

It’s the best drama. The stories are believablemature and realistic and very relatable to the times we live in. I love the comparisons to the weather. #ParkMinYoung #ForecastingLoveAndWeather.— rosemarypark (@rosemary_par) April 3, 2022 The two star-crossed lovers can barely hold their smiles back as they reminisce about their relationship.

forecasting love and weather

“So, I hope you don’t hate or resent the storm that you’re in. All storms are bound to recede. Everyone has their own storm. But if someone is by your side when you’re going through one, wouldn’t you feel safer? I wish that someone could be you.” – Director Jin, episode 16. The scene then switches to poor forecaster Shin, who is busy drowning his sorrows with several empty bottles of Sake. He apologised down the phone to Tae-Kyung and ends up breaking down in tears as he says that she was his first love.

However, her prince in shining armour finds his feet the next morning, when he goes to her house to give Tae-Kyung the first forecasting love and weather of her book, which he has published himself. In fact, the entire team say their goodbyes on a high note; with the now-heavily pregnant Chae deservingly putting her boss in his place, forecaster Um getting a family breakfast, forecaster Oh showing her support for her husband’s studying and forecaster Kim giving a seminar to the new trainees.

Si-Woo is now living with his dad and the two seem to have built a better relationship, with Director Jin looking appreciative at her team working hard on the KMA centre floor. The episode and the series conclude with Si-Woo and Jin ditching their parents, who were sitting very awkwardly together meeting each other for the first time.

• WEDDING: Hyunbin and Son Ye Jin’s guest list breaks the internet This content could not be loaded Kdrama fans next week be like: #TwentyFiveTwentyOne #BusinessProposal #ForecastingLoveAndWeather #ThirtyNine— Saranghaeyo Oppa (@SaranghaeyOppaa) March 29, 2022 By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected] In other news, What is the SDN List in Ozark season 4 part 2 and is it a real thing?
Both tvN’s “Twenty Five, Twenty One” and JTBC’s “Forecasting Love and Weather” saw their viewership ratings rise for their final episodes!

On April 3, the series finale of “Twenty Five, Twenty One” achieved the highest ratings of the drama’s entire run. According to Nielsen Korea, the final broadcast scored an average nationwide rating of 11.5 percent, taking first place in its time slot and setting a new all-time high for the hit show.

“Twenty Five, Twenty One” also remained first place in its time slot among the key demographic of viewers ages 20 to 49, with whom it scored a nationwide average of 7.0 percent for its final episode. Meanwhile, “Forecasting Love and Weather” earned an average nationwide rating of 7.3 for its own series finale, marking a significant rise in viewership from its penultimate episode the night prior. KBS’s “ The King of Tears, Lee Bang Won” also saw a notable increase in viewership for its latest forecasting love and weather, rising to an average nationwide rating of 10.7 percent for the night.

After premiering to a strong start the night before, KBS 2TV’s new drama “It’s Beautiful Now” climbed to an average nationwide rating of 24.6 percent for its second episode. Finally, OCN’s new thriller “ A Superior Day” scored an average nationwide rating of 0.8 percent for its fourth episode.

Are you sad to see “Twenty Five, Twenty One” and “Forecasting Love and Weather” come to an end? Share your thoughts with us in the comments! Watch full episodes of “The King of Tears, Lee Bang Won” with subtitles here… Watch Now …and A Superior Day” below! Watch Now Source ( 1) ( 2) ( 3) ( 4) ( 5)
AYOINDONESIA.COM- Simak link streaming dan link download nonton Forecasting Love and Weather episode 13 akan dibagikan dalam artikel ini.

Penonton disarankan jangan mengakses situs yang tidak resmi seperti LK21, IndoXXI dan Rebahin. Dama Forecasting Love and Weather yang dibintangi oleh Song Kang dan Park Min Young telah mencapai episode 13 pada malam ini 26 Maret 2021. Kehidupan dari para pekerja BMKG serta kisah cinta rumit antara SOng Kang dan Park Min Young mulai memasuki babak baru. Forecasting Love and Weather menceritakan tentang pekerjaan dan kehidupan cinta orang-orang di Administrasi Meteorologi Korea.

forecasting love and weather

Park Min Young berperan sebagai Jin Ha Kyung seorang yang sangat terorganisir melakukan segala sesuatu dengan buku dan menjaga kehidupan pribadi dan profesionalnya secara terpisah. Drama Forecasting Love and Weather memiliki cerita yang berbeda dan unik karena tidak hanya terfokus dalam kisah romansa.

Namun lingkungan pekerjaan dari BMKG korea, bagaimana cara kerja serta kehidupan dari pekerjanya sangat diperlihatkan dalam drama ini. Belum lagi setiap karakter ditampilkan memiliki kisah yang rumit dan pekerjaan yang sulit. Ada yang harus meninggalkan keluarga karena urusan kerja, hingga membuat hubungannya dengan keluarga menjadi tidak dekat.

forecasting love and weather

Song Kang is not the only guy at Park Min-young’s door